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"What do You do When Old Scratch Comes a Calling? What do You do Indeed?"

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I have what might be considered a problem and I hope the reader can help. Let me know if I am missing something here. I have a friend who was a member of Les Visible and The Critical List back in the 80s. We released 4 albums; 5 if you consider one that was a mix of two of them. One was a double album. In the early 90s, Bernard Stollman of ESP Records, affiliated with Sony/CBS and Rounder Records released two of our works; “Jews from Outer Space” and “Too Old to Rock and Roll” being the slimy and evil reptile that he is, he had the engineers fuck up the recordings to the extent that they were unlistenable. The engineers who had worked with Jefferson Starship and Hot Tuna apologized to me for what got done BUT... Bernard and his wife, Flavia, were deaf to reason. They did what they did on purpose. The albums were released in every Tower Records outlet in the world and sunk like a stone. It was a bitter disappointment.

Ed Sanders of The Fugs, who had also been shafted by Bernard, begged me to not let Bernard release my work but... I would not listen to him. I had big hopes at the time; OH HOW WRONG I WAS. We had digital masters and the work, cutting edge as it would have been at the time, might have really done well. I had other people at me to promote the music as well but I went with Bernard because I had a previous history and earlier on had been signed to Columbia Records through him. Bernard screwed and cheated many of the classic black jazz artists of the past and he got hold of some amount of Billie Holiday as well. He is notorious in a field where you really need to distinguish yourself to stand out among the offal. I did not know this at the time.

While I was in Europe, I discovered that Bernard has taken the digital masters that I sent him (but which he never used) and placed them with a San Francisco music distribution venue. I got them transferred to me (or I hope that's the case) and they were sending me dribs and drabs for a while and now for almost ten years, nothing. I don't know what they did with the other contributors to the work. I gave them the names and addresses but I have learned that NEARLY EVERYONE in the music business is a thief and a scoundrel. I tried to reason with Bernard but he is evil all the way down into that place where once his soul may have dwelt. When you are around him you notice the cold that radiates off of him. He has almost no personality; bloodless... I think, is the term. Something very wrong lives in him and has for a long time.

Fast forward to the present. One of the former members of the band has a vendor business on Maui and he has met a lot of celebrities this way and he is ALWAYS looking for an angle to gain from this but so far not much has gone down. He's hung out with them and ridden around with them; Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steven Tyler of Arrowsmith and others, he has met and socialized with. Now he had managed to run into probably the biggest female star in the business. I'm not naming names here, imagine what you will. Apparently, this star has heard my song, “Alcohol” and likes it well enough to want to record it. Over the course of time this 'friend of mine' has been reworking the tune, changing the music and altering the lyrics and all of that is in order to put his stamp of ownership on it. Originally, his contribution was part of the background conversation of people drinking in a bar, while I sang the song, giving it the atmosphere of a cocktail lounge. Although in truth, I wrote this song, I gave copyright and authorship of the song to certain other members of the band. It seemed like the fair thing to do.

They all have authorship on most of the other songs on the albums. Some more so, some less. However... if anything ever does come of any of it, they stand to profit equally with me. I have known for some amount of time that MY DAY WOULD COME. I've been told this interiorly. Late in the game though it may be, it may also be considerable; probably will be. I don't care about any of that and will most certainly give most of it away and YOU CAN HOLD ME TO THAT. I have formed a church and gotten my ministry degree and shortly I will form that church legally and disburse whatever comes to me through that. I will form a board of directors from close personal associates that I would trust with my life and in some cases it has come to that. I know where it will be located and I know, pretty much, what is going to come of it, in terms of activities and the like.

This friend of mine wants to shop the song to this international artist and given her reach, the return could be considerable and then there is the unique tenor of the song that would render it to classic status. You can listen to it at the end of this posting. I am quite sure that this friend DID NOT play the original and very likely overstated his place in the creation of it. Like many of my songs, it leaped full-blown from my mind and I was singing it acapella probably moments after its composition. The double album we recorded, Not Politically Correct, got written in whole across one weekend in a tequila haze. Franklin and I knocked it out in no time. Franklin was the genius musical end, keyboards player, drummer and arranger and recording engineer, vocal backup group, and it wouldn't have gotten done anywhere near as well as it was without him. This other friend made significant comedic contributions but not at the same level as Franklin. There were a number of other top-level musicians involved now and then and a number of ladies who sang in parts. Some may chime in here after reading this.

Most of the collaborations were extemporaneous flights of imagination. A couple got created and recorded at the same time, spontaneously. There were some wild times back in the day.

My friend is hammering on me about me signing off on the song so that this artist can record and release it; no doubt, HIS VERSION of it. The song has a VERY personal meaning to me and I don't want it messed with lyrically AT ALL. He doesn't like that but it is what it is. It is perfectly fine as it is but then he would have less opportunity to claim a greater part in its creation than he EVER had. People get stars in their eyes and they pursue recognition and fame AT ALL COSTS. They have no idea of the price of it and often don't even care. People would and have, thrown their lives away for a taste of fame and fortune. I am not like this. I've met many famous people and even watched some of them destroy themselves, like my friend, Richard Manuel.. I've no great interest in celebrity. I don't aspire after a hairnet of mosquitoes and flies following me everywhere. You need to be a certain kind of clueless and self fellating creature to appreciate the climate you have to endure.

Also... the artist seeking to record this tune is very spiritually BENT. One might say Satanic. I don't care to associate with her but on my friend's behalf I would permit him to cut a deal BUT ONLY WITH THE ORIGINAL LYRICS. I'm guessing this is causing him grief but there it is. He's still going to get the same amount of money, whatever that is BUT... he won't be able to claim a greater authorship the way he wants to. That is a big deal to him. The idea of being able to hang out with these useless wastes of space is a big deal to him. Me? I would run the other way. I KNOW God and my guardian angel are going to take care of me in due time and protect me too. I don't need to run after these morally and spiritually bankrupt characters with my tongue hanging out of my mouth AND FOR SURE... they are going to try to screw us. That I am certain of cause that is how they are made. It is what they do. By their works you can MOST DEFINITELY know them.

My friend reads the Bible and loves Jesus Christ but for some reason there is a cognitive disconnect when it comes to Mammon and his backup dancers. I try to explain to him but he is hearing impaired in that regard. IT INTERFERES WITH WHAT HE WANTS. I recently did some things for him that came at a considerable cost to me but I won't go into that because I absolutely abhor those freaks who pull out their pocket change and distribute it and then have it announced to the world what fine people they are. As it says in the Bible, when you do such things do them in secret. Do not go trumpeting it in the marketplace like the publicans; THEY HAVE THEIR REWARD. There are any number of readers who know how I personally operate and I don't have much respect for people who behave any other way. There are so many wonderful folk out there who do their level best and we never even hear about them but God knows... GOD KNOWS...

I did this song on the stage at Woodstock 20th right before Richie Havens came on, I think he followed me and a riot broke out in the audience because people had brought kegs to the event. I put down my guitar and broke into the song and the riot stopped and for the rest of the evening you could hear people screaming out, “Alcohol!!!” That was a memorable moment (grin).

So... I don't know if I am doing the right thing here but I don't see where it matters if she has to sing the original lyrics. I am certain his are no improvement, since that is not his forte by any stretch and because I KNOW WHY he would have changed the lyrics and I don't care for that.

We shall all get our due sooner or later. It is foolish, stupid, dangerous, and doomed to failure to push the river. God is a master of timing and I pretty much knew when my guardian angel appeared and announced his/her identity that all sorts of changes were on the menu. My particular angel presents as either. I cracked up a couple of days ago when I thought about using the right pronouns... heh heh.

Okay... a little something different today, eh?

Well... well... this is ULTRA STRANGE. The song had disappeared off of the website (the only one to vanish) and I had to ask The Elf to put it back in. He couldn't figure out what had happened. Enemy Action? I won't speculate but it is weird.

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Baa Baa Pocketnet have you any stool? Yes sir Yes sir, a ton or more for you. One for the webmasters and one for the cat people and one for the thin man who lives in the steeple Baa Baa Pocketnet!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

"Love is a Heat and Wisdom is a Light and When the Two Combine= the Result is Truth."

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We have so many experts on what existing things and conditions are, yet... very few of them comment on the origins of what brings material change or sets behavior patterns. It's like the wind. We all know it's there. We can feel it. We can see what it does but we can't see it. We are usually unaware of what brings the wind in the first place. It's The Sun that brings the wind. We can see The Sun but we cannot see what brings The Sun.

We are moved by impulses; thoughts form out of ideas in our minds and go through a motive or formative process and you can find yourself by the seashore, in the mountains, in prison, at the head of a nation, appearing on stage before thousands of adoring fans, or the object of public scorn and... chances are, at some point in time, you will experience a variation on all of them and so many, many more. Cause and effect. Action and reaction, up and down, in and out; the pulsing dynamic sex act of the cosmos, replicating in sinuous, winding, serpentine wonder, through every thought, word and deed. Swing to the left and swing to the right. ♫ You put your left foot in, You pull your left foot out, You put your left foot in and shake it all about, then you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around ♫

What we tend to routinely overlook is what is familiar to us. This is why most accidents happen within a mile of your home. You have more than one resident in your being, regardless of the cosmic imperative that everything is simply an adaptation on the same thing, endlessly replicating. Besides the guy or girl who goes here and there doing this and that, or thinking it is that guy or girl, there is another You, watching it all. You have certainly run into this entity at some point in your life. There are a number of scenarios that might bring this being forward for a moment. This entity is the significant presence in your life, that other character is a temporary amalgam of planetary forces, arranged in a schematic that VIBRATES at a constantly changing frequency because it is always changing due to the massaging influence of Cause and Effect... Action and Reaction. One day you are crawling across a floor and then one day you are leaning on a cane.

What was that Riddle of the Sphinx? If you are familiar with the story of Oedipus then you know the story; "What has one voice and is four-footed, two-footed and three-footed?" That is one version. Here is the other version; “What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening?” Why are there two versions? The first one is the traditional riddle. Some ancient god, as legend has it, in its various tellings, set it outside the city of Thebes as a punishment for having offended the deity. It would appear before all travelers and ask the riddle. If the traveler could not decipher it, The Sphinx would then strangle and eat the wayfarer. Every feature of the tale has a meaning that is different than the literal meaning; the riddle, the strangling, the devouring; these are all symbolic.

Consider this self that is the witness that is antecedent to the temporary, everyday personality. When the consciousness of any of us discovers the true indwelling, the true indwelling displaces the temporary and consumes it. This could happen immediately= RARE, or it could happen in stages= more common. This is a rough draft of the concept because I'm moving right along and expect the reader to fill in the blanks... LITERALLY. The True Self is a magic mirror that everyone who encounters it sees themselves in, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. So it follows that some will be much attracted and others very much repelled. It (literally) comes with the territory. I am more than passing familiar with this. When the Kundalini rises in a person, it is a devouring fire and it consumes EVERYTHING it comes into contact with and assimilates it. This throws whatever life may have been present previously into complete chaos, in relation to The Ordinary.

This Kundalini action is in the West just as it is in the East but we don't recognize it as such. One example was The Shakers. You have probably heard about them, or at least about their furniture. It is interesting to note that they were celibates. That didn't bode well for their perpetuation as a society but it does tie into the yogic tradition and what is demanded of those seeking the awakening of 'The God Force'. They literally 'shook with the spirit.' Kundalini.. and here I proffer a VERY simplistic model for the purpose of my point, can travel in only one of two directions. It is intimately connected to, one might say it is the same as, the sex force. So.. it is either moving outward into manifestation and material progeny OR... it is going upwards and manifesting spiritual progeny. One direction results in mortal death and the other in immortality, should it travel far enough. I omitted a great deal.

Irrespective of whether it travels far enough in any particular incarnation, IT WILL travel far enough in a succeeding incarnation. Once activated it is unstoppable and LIFE will arrange for its passage as AN IMPERATIVE.

Once in a lucid dreaming event, I found myself in a room below the paws of The Sphinx, where an initiation was taking place. I only remember brief images from that experience. I was surprised to learn, many years later, that due to modern technology, a room was discovered in that exact location BUT no one, for no clear reason given, has been allowed to investigate this. There are all kinds of articles and even graphics on this search page.

There are two schools of science that have been extant for a very long time. One is empirical science (slow and cumbersome and often in error) and the other is Initiatic Science (precise and unchanging). You could say that one is conventional and the other is ageless; like conventional wisdom and ageless wisdom. There are SO MANY parallels of forces moving in opposite directions. Knowledge of these is critical to one's advancement in understanding. For instance, there is that road that leads to death and the road that leads to eternal life. All the great teachers have spoken of them.

How existence works and ALL OF its permutations... HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO INITIATES SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL. Why is this knowledge not common knowledge? Part of the reason is the damage that could be done if certain information fell into the wrong hands. We have seen the effect of even the lesser degrees of Arcana, in the various cabals devoted to controlling the rest of us. We are presently witnessing (in most cases without even knowing what we are looking at) a war between competing interests. One wants to keep humanity in a state of enforced ignorance and one wants to liberate humanity into an age of wonders and liberty. This is what happens IN AN APOCALYPSE. The Force of Awakening is A REAL FORCE. They just shut down the whole world because of it but their efforts will prove abysmally futile.

We are on the verge of the most incredible leap in technology that has existed up to this point. This leap is not just technological but it is also a leap in consciousness. The level of human awareness is about to visibly move the needle. This is not good news for those grown fat in their feasting upon us, but it is all in the divine scheme. It is irresistible change on the doorstep. It is an illuminating light in the Event Horizon. Humanity has a collective Kundalini and it is being agitated. Love is a heat and Wisdom is a light and when the two combine... the result is Truth.

There is very good news here for everyone who would desire to take advantage of it. Nothing more is required of you than to BE OPEN TO THE IMPRESS of The Incoming. You can surrender to and celebrate this moment of cosmic change OR... you can resist it. Some amount of us, according to our nature, will do one or the other. Just as the real definition of free will is to either cooperate with or resist the Divine Will, you can either ride in the car or be run over by it.

In order to learn about God we have to discover ourselves. The more we know about the deeper issues of our being, the more we know of our divine origin; Gnothi Seauton! I cannot tell you how VERY IMPORTANT is the present opportunity that lies before you. It is why I mention it ALL THE TIME. You have a chance, by Grace and the generous nature of The Divine, to make a quantum leap spiritually. If this is of interest to you, common sense suggests looking into it.

You WILL LEAVE HERE. It is only a matter of time and none of you know how much remains on your meter. If you are ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, UNQUESTIONABLY going to leave here; does it not seem reasonable to find out what your options are upon departure? Does it not sound reasonable to make preparations in advance? Should you not prepare even more comprehensively for this journey than for a trip to the store or another state or country? Interestingly, though you would generally pack items for your trips to another state or country, in this case... you would unpack. You divest yourself of everything that will hold you back from reaching the finest and most rarefied location. You have to toss the ballast out of the balloon if you want to soar.

These postings are not manuals. They are urgings and encouragements. They are affirmations and suggestions. We each have to make our own arrangements. Every situation is different. One thing you should know that is different today than it was yesterday is that you now have one less day to prepare.

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(the musical bridge is clunky and not very good and that is why I don't think I have ever posted this one but the message is right on)

Let me see, it was here a moment ago. Oh! There it is= Pocketnet.

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Here is another excerpt from:

The Real and Apparent Man. From Volume 2 in the section Jnana Yoga.

I know it is a bit lengthy but in reality is should take no more than 15 minutes to read.

Man, therefore, according to the Vedanta philosophy, is the greatest being that is in the universe, and this world of work the best place in it, because only herein is the greatest and the best chance for him to become perfect. Angels or gods, whatever you may call them, have all to become men, if they want to become perfect. This is the great centre, the wonderful poise, and the wonderful opportunity — this human life. We come next to the other aspect of philosophy. There are Buddhists who deny the whole theory of the soul that I have just now been propounding. "What use is there," says the Buddhist, "to assume something as the substratum, as the background of this body and mind? Why may we not allow thoughts to run on? Why admit a third substance beyond this organism, composed of mind and body, a third substance called the soul? What is its use? Is not this organism sufficient to explain itself? Why take anew a third something?" These arguments are very powerful. This reasoning is very strong. So far as outside research goes, we see that this organism is a sufficient explanation of itself — at least, many of us see it in that light. Why then need there be a soul as substratum, as a something which is neither mind nor body but stands as a background for both mind and body? Let there be only mind and body.

Body is the name of a stream of matter continuously changing. Mind is the name of a stream of consciousness or thought continuously changing. What produces the apparent unity between these two? This unity does not really exist, let us say. Take, for instance, a lighted torch, and whirl it rapidly before you. You see a circle of fire. The circle does not really exist, but because the torch is continually moving, it leaves the appearance of a circle. So there is no unity in this life; it is a mass of matter continually rushing down, and the whole of this matter you may call one unity, but no more. So is mind; each thought is separate from every other thought; it is only the rushing current that leaves behind the illusion of unity; there is no need of a third substance. This universal phenomenon of body and mind is all that really is; do not posit something behind it. You will find that this Buddhist thought has been taken up by certain sects and schools in modern times, and all of them claim that it is new — their own invention. This has been the central idea of most of the Buddhistic philosophies, that this world is itself all-sufficient; that you need not ask for any background at all; all that is, is this sense-universe: what is the use of thinking of something as a support to this universe? Everything is the aggregate of qualities; why should there be a hypothetical substance in which they should inhere? The idea of substance comes from the rapid interchange of qualities, not from something unchangeable which exists behind them.

We see how wonderful some of these arguments are, and they appeal easily to the ordinary experience of humanity — in fact, not one in a million can think of anything other than phenomena. To the vast majority of men nature appears to be only a changing, whirling, combining, mingling mass of change. Few of us ever have a glimpse of the calm sea behind. For us it is always lashed into waves; this universe appears to us only as a tossing mass of waves. Thus we find these two opinions. One is that there is something behind both body and mind which is an unchangeable and immovable substance; and the other is that there is no such thing as immovability or unchangeability in the universe; it is all change and nothing but change. The solution of this difference comes in the next step of thought, namely, the non-dualistic. It says that the dualists are right in finding something behind all, as a background which does not change; we cannot conceive change without there being something unchangeable.

We can only conceive of anything that is changeable, by knowing something which is less changeable, and this also must appear more changeable in comparison with something else which is less changeable, and so on and on, until we are bound to admit that there must be something which never changes at all. The whole of this manifestation must have been in a state of non-manifestation, calm and silent, being the balance of opposing forces, so to say, when no force operated, because force acts when a disturbance of the equilibrium comes in. The universe is ever hurrying on to return to that state of equilibrium again. If we are certain of any fact whatsoever, we are certain of this. When the dualists claim that there is a something which does not change, they are perfectly right, but their analysis that it is an underlying something which is neither the body nor the mind, a something separate from both, is wrong.

So far as the Buddhists say that the whole universe is a mass of change, they are perfectly right; so long as I am separate from the universe, so long as I stand back and look at something before me, so long as there are two things — the looker-on and the thing looked upon — it will appear always that the universe is one of change, continuously changing all the time. But the reality is that there is both change and changelessness in this universe. It is not that the soul and the mind and the body are three separate existences, for this organism made of these three is really one. It is the same thing which appears as the body, as the mind, and as the thing beyond mind and body, but it is not at the same time all these. He who sees the body does not see the mind even, he who sees the mind does not see that which he calls the soul, and he who sees the soul — for him the body and mind have vanished. He who sees only motion never sees absolute calm, and he who sees absolute calm — for him motion has vanished. A rope is taken for a snake. He who sees the rope as the snake, for him the rope has vanished, and when the delusion ceases and he looks at the rope, the snake has vanished. There is then but one all-comprehending existence, and that one appears as manifold.

This Self or Soul or Substance is all that exists in the universe. That Self or Substance or Soul is, in the language of non-dualism, the Brahman appearing to be manifold by the interposition of name and form. Look at the waves in the sea. Not one wave is really different from the sea, but what makes the wave apparently different? Name and form; the form of the wave and the name which we give to it, "wave". This is what makes it different from the sea. When name and form go, it is the same sea. Who can make any real difference between the wave and the sea? So this whole universe is that one Unit Existence; name and form have created all these various differences. As when the sun shines upon millions of globules of water, upon each particle is seen a most perfect representation of the sun, so the one Soul, the one Self, the one Existence of the universe, being reflected on all these numerous globules of varying names and forms, appears to be various. But it is in reality only one. There is no "I" nor "you"; it is all one. It is either all "I" or all "you". This idea of duality, calf two, is entirely false, and the whole universe, as we ordinarily know it, is the result of this false knowledge. When discrimination comes and man finds there are not two but one, he finds that he is himself this universe. "It is I who am this universe as it now exists, a continuous mass of change. It is I who am beyond all changes, beyond all qualities, the eternally perfect, the eternally blessed." There is, therefore, but one Atman, one Self, eternally pure, eternally perfect, unchangeable, unchanged; it has never changed; and all these various changes in the universe are but appearances in that one Self. Upon it name and form have painted all these dreams; it is the form that makes the wave different from the sea.

Suppose the wave subsides, will the form remain? No, it will vanish. The existence of the wave was entirely dependent upon the existence of the sea, but the existence of the sea was not at all dependent upon the existence of the wave. The form remains so long as the wave remains, but as soon as the wave leaves it, it vanishes, it cannot remain. This name and form is the outcome of what is called Maya. It is this Maya that is making individuals, making one appear different from another. Yet it has no existence. Maya cannot be said to exist. Form cannot be said to exist, because it depends upon the existence of another thing. It cannot be said as not to exist, seeing that it makes all this difference.

According to the Advaita philosophy, then, this Maya or ignorance — or name and form, or, as it has been called in Europe, "time, space, and causality" — is out of this one Infinite Existence showing us the manifoldness of the universe; in substance, this universe is one. So long as any one thinks that there are two ultimate realities, he is mistaken. When he has come to know that there is but one, he is right. This is what is being proved to us every day, on the physical plane, on the mental plane, and also on the spiritual plane. Today it has been demonstrated that you and I, the sun, the moon, and the stars are but the different names of different spots in the same ocean of matter, and that this matter is continuously changing in its configuration. This particle of energy that was in the sun several months ago may be in the human being now; tomorrow it may be in an animal, the day after tomorrow it may be in a plant. It is ever coming and going. It is all one unbroken, infinite mass of matter, only differentiated by names and forms.

One point is called the sun; another, the moon; another, the stars; another, man; another, animal; another, plant; and so on. And all these names are fictitious; they have no reality, because the whole is a continuously changing mass of matter. This very same universe, from another standpoint, is an ocean of thought, where each one of us is a point called a particular mind. You are a mind, I am a mind, everyone is a mind; and the very same universe viewed from the standpoint of knowledge, when the eyes have been cleared of delusions, when the mind has become pure, appears to be the unbroken Absolute Being, the ever pure, the unchangeable, the immortal. What then becomes of all this threefold eschatology of the dualist, that when a man dies he goes to heaven, or goes to this or that sphere, and that the wicked persons become ghosts, and become animals, and so forth? None comes and none goes, says the non-dualist. How can you come and go? You are infinite; where is the place for you to go? In a certain school a number of little children were being examined. The examiner had foolishly put all sorts of difficult questions to the little children. Among others there was this question: "Why does not the earth fall ?" His intention was to bring out the idea of gravitation or some other intricate scientific truth from these children. Most of them could not even understand the question, and so they gave all sorts of wrong answers. But one bright little girl answered it with another question: "Where shall it fall?" The very question of the examiner was nonsense on the face of it. There is no up and down in the universe; the idea is only relative. So it is with regard to the soul; the very question of birth and death in regard to it is utter nonsense. Who goes and who comes? Where are you not? Where is the heaven that you are not in already? Omnipresent is the Self of man. Where is it to go? Where is it not to go? It is everywhere. So all this childish dream and puerile illusion of birth and death, of heavens and higher heavens and lower worlds, all vanish immediately for the perfect.

For the nearly perfect it vanishes after showing them the several scenes up to Brahmaloka. It continues for the ignorant. How is it that the whole world believes in going to heaven, and in dying and being born? I am studying a book, page after page is being read and turned over. Another page comes and is turned over. Who changes? Who comes and goes? Not I, but the book. This whole nature is a book before the soul, chapter after chapter is being read and turned over, and every now and then a scene opens. That is read and turned over. A fresh one comes, but the soul is ever the same — eternal. It is nature that is changing, not the soul of man. This never changes. Birth and death are in nature, not in you. Yet the ignorant are deluded; just as we under delusion think that the sun is moving and not the earth, in exactly the same way we think that we are dying, and not nature. These are all, therefore, hallucinations. Just as it is a hallucination when we think that the fields are moving and not the railway train, exactly in the same manner is the hallucination of birth and death. When men are in a certain frame of mind, they see this very existence as the earth, as the sun, the moon, the stars; and all those who are in the same state of mind see the same things.

Between you and me there may be millions of beings on different planes of existence. They will never see us, nor we them; we only see those who are in the same state of mind and on the same plane with us. Those musical instruments respond which have the same attunement of vibration, as it were; if the state of vibration, which they call "man-vibration", should be changed, no longer would men be seen here; the whole "man-universe" would vanish, and instead of that, other scenery would come before us, perhaps gods and the god-universe, or perhaps, for the wicked man, devils and the diabolic world; but all would be only different views of the one universe. It is this universe which, from the human plane, is seen as the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, and all such things — it is this very universe which, seen from the plane of wickedness, appears as a place of punishment. And this very universe is seen as heaven by those who want to see it as heaven. Those who have been dreaming of going to a God who is sitting on a throne, and of standing there praising Him all their lives, when they die, will simply see a vision of what they have in their minds; this very universe will simply change into a vast heaven, with all sorts of winged beings flying about and a God sitting on a throne.

These heavens are all of man's own making. So what the dualist says is true, says the Advaitin, but it is all simply of his own making. These spheres and devils and gods and reincarnations and transmigrations are all mythology; so also is this human life. The great mistake that men always make is to think that this life alone is true. They understand it well enough when other things are called mythologies, but are never willing to admit the same of their own position. The whole thing as it appears is mere mythology, and the greatest of all lies is that we are bodies, which we never were nor even can be. It is the greatest of all lies that we are mere men; we are the God of the universe. In worshipping God we have been always worshipping our own hidden Self. The worst lie that you ever tell yourself is that you were born a sinner or a wicked man. He alone is a sinner who sees a sinner in another man. Suppose there is a baby here, and you place a bag of gold on the table. Suppose a robber comes and takes the gold away. To the baby it is all the same; because there is no robber inside, there is no robber outside. To sinners and vile men, there is vileness outside, but not to good men. So the wicked see this universe as a hell, and the partially good see it as heaven, while the perfect beings realise it as God Himself.

Then alone the veil falls from the eyes, and the man, purified and cleansed, finds his whole vision changed. The bad dreams that have been torturing him for millions of years, all vanish, and he who was thinking of himself either as a man, or a god, or a demon, he who was thinking of himself as living in low places, in high places, on earth, in heaven, and so on, finds that he is really omnipresent; that all time is in him, and that he is not in time; that all the heavens are in him, that he is not in any heaven; and that all the gods that man ever worshipped are in him, and that he is not in any one of those gods. He was the manufacturer of gods and demons, of men and plants and animals and stones, and the real nature of man now stands unfolded to him as being higher than heaven, more perfect than this universe of ours, more infinite than infinite time, more omnipresent than the omnipresent ether. Thus alone man becomes fearless, and becomes free. Then all delusions cease, all miseries vanish, all fears come to an end for ever. Birth goes away and with it death; pains fly, and with them fly away pleasures; earths vanish, and with them vanish heavens; bodies vanish, and with them vanishes the mind also. For that man disappears the whole universe, as it were.

This searching, moving, continuous struggle of forces stops for ever, and that which was manifesting itself as force and matter, as struggles of nature, as nature itself, as heavens and earths and plants and animals and men and angels, all that becomes transfigured into one infinite, unbreakable, unchangeable existence, and the knowing man finds that he is one with that existence. "Even as clouds of various colours come before the sky, remain there for a second and then vanish away," even so before this soul are all these visions coming, of earths and heavens, of the moon and the gods, of pleasures and pains; but they all pass away leaving the one infinite, blue, unchangeable sky. The sky never changes; it is the clouds that change. It is a mistake to think that the sky is changed. It is a mistake to think that we are impure, that we are limited, that we are separate. The real man is the one Unit Existence. Two questions now arise. The first is: "Is it possible to realise this? So far it is doctrine, philosophy, but is it possible to realise it?" It is. There are men still living in this world for whom delusion has vanished for ever. Do they immediately die after such realisation? Not so soon as we should think. Two wheels joined by one pole are running together. If I get hold of one of the wheels and, with an axe, cut the pole asunder, the wheel which I have got hold of stops, but upon the other wheel is its past momentum, so it runs on a little arid then falls down. This pure and perfect being, the soul, is one wheel, and this external hallucination of body and mind is the other wheel, joined together by the pole of work, of Karma.

Knowledge is the axe which will sever the bond between the two, and the wheel of the soul will stop — stop thinking that it is coming and going, living and dying, stop thinking that it is nature and has wants and desires, and will find that it is perfect, desireless. But upon the other wheel, that of the body and mind, will be the momentum of past acts; so it will live for some time, until that momentum of past work is exhausted, until that momentum is worked away, and then the body and mind fall, and the soul becomes free. No more is there any going to heaven and coming back, not even any going to the Brahmaloka, or to any of the highest of the spheres, for where is he to come from, or to go to? The man who has in this life attained to this state, for whom, for a minute at least, the ordinary vision of the world has changed and the reality has been apparent, he is called the "Living Free". This is the goal of the Vedantin, to attain freedom while living. Once in Western India I was travelling in the desert country on the coast of the Indian Ocean. For days and days I used to travel on foot through the desert, but it was to my surprise that I saw every day beautiful lakes, with trees all round them, and the shadows of the trees upside down and vibrating there. "How wonderful it looks and they call this a desert country!" I said to myself. Nearly a month I travelled, seeing these wonderful lakes and trees and plants.

One day I was very thirsty and wanted to have a drink of water, so I started to go to one of these clear, beautiful lakes, and as I approached, it vanished. And with a flash it came to my brain, "This is the mirage about which I have read all my life," and with that came also the idea that throughout the whole of this month, every day, I had been seeing the mirage and did not know it. The next morning I began my march. There was again the lake, but with it came also the idea that it was the mirage and not a true lake. So is it with this universe. We are all travelling in this mirage of the world day after day, month after month, year after year, not knowing that it is a mirage. One day it will break up, but it will come back again; the body has to remain under the power of past Karma, and so the mirage will come back.

This world will come back upon us so long as we are bound by Karma: men, women, animals, plants, our attachments and duties, all will come back to us, but not with the same power. Under the influence of the new knowledge the strength of Karma will be broken, its poison will be lost. It becomes transformed, for along with it there comes the idea that we know it now, that the sharp distinction between the reality and the mirage has been known. This world will not then be the same world as before. There is, however, a danger here. We see in every country people taking up this philosophy and saying, "I am beyond all virtue and vice; so I am not bound by any moral laws; I may do anything I like." You may find many fools in this country at the present time, saying, "I am not bound; I am God Himself; let me do anything I like." This is not right, although it is true that the soul is beyond all laws, physical, mental, or moral. Within law is bondage; beyond law is freedom. It is also true that freedom is of the nature of the soul, it is its birthright: that real freedom of the soul shines through veils of matter in the form of the apparent freedom of man.

Every moment of your life you feel that you are free. We cannot live, talk, or breathe for a moment without feeling that we are free; but, at the same time, a little thought shows us that we are like machines and not free. What is true then? Is this idea of freedom a delusion? One party holds that the idea of freedom is a delusion; another says that the idea of bondage is a delusion. How does this happen? Man is really free, the real man cannot but be free. It is when he comes into the world of Maya, into name and form, that he becomes bound. Free will is a misnomer. Will can never be free. How can it be? It is only when the real man has become bound that his will comes into existence, and not before. The will of man is bound, but that which is the foundation of that will is eternally free. So, even in the state of bondage which we call human life or god-life, on earth or in heaven, there yet remains to us that recollection of the freedom which is ours by divine right. And consciously or unconsciously we are all struggling towards it.

When a man has attained his own freedom, how can he be bound by any law? No law in this universe can bind him, for this universe itself is his. He is the whole universe. Either say he is the whole universe or say that to him there is no universe. How can he have then all these little ideas about sex and about country? How can he say, I am a man, I am a woman I am a child? Are they not lies? He knows that they are. How can he say that these are man's rights, and these others are woman's rights? Nobody has rights; nobody separately exists. There is neither man nor woman; the soul is sexless, eternally pure. It is a lie to say that I am a man or a woman, or to say that I belong to this country or that. All the world is my country, the whole universe is mine, because I have clothed myself with it as my body. Yet we see that there are people in this world who are ready to assert these doctrines, and at the same time do things which we should call filthy; and if we ask them why they do so, they tell us that it is our delusion and that they can do nothing wrong.

What is the test by which they are to be judged? The test is here. Though evil and good are both conditioned manifestations of the soul, yet evil is the most external coating, and good is the nearer coating of the real man, the Self. And unless a man cuts through the layer of evil he cannot reach the layer of good, and unless he has passed through both the layers of good and evil he cannot reach the Self. He who reaches the Self, what remains attached to him? A little Karma, a little bit of the momentum of past life, but it is all good momentum. Until the bad momentum is entirely worked out and past impurities are entirely burnt, it is impossible for any man to see and realise truth. So, what is left attached to the man who has reached the Self and seen the truth is the remnant of the good impressions of past life, the good momentum. Even if he lives in the body and works incessantly, he works only to do good; his lips speak only benediction to all; his hands do only good works; his mind can only think good thoughts; his presence is a blessing wherever he goes. He is himself a living blessing. Such a man will, by his very presence, change even the most wicked persons into saints. Even if he does not speak, his very presence will be a blessing to mankind. Can such men do any evil; can they do wicked deeds?

There is, you must remember, all the difference of pole to pole between realisation and mere talking. Any fool can talk. Even parrots talk. Talking is one thing, and realising is another. Philosophies, and doctrines, and arguments, and books, and theories, and churches, and sects, and all these things are good in their own way; but when that realisation comes, these things drop away. For instance, maps are good, but when you see the country itself, and look again at the maps, what a great difference you find! So those that have realised truth do not require the ratiocinations of logic and all other gymnastics of the intellect to make them understand the truth; it is to them the life of their lives, concretised, made more than tangible. It is, as the sages of the Vedanta say, "even as a fruit in your hand"; you can stand up and say, it is here. So those that have realised the truth will stand up and say, "Here is the Self". You may argue with them by the year, but they will smile at you; they will regard it all as child's prattle; they will let the child prattle on. They have realised the truth and are full. Suppose you have seen a country, and another man comes to you and tries to argue with you that that country never existed, he may go on arguing indefinitely, but your only attitude of mind towards him must be to hold that the man is fit for a lunatic asylum. So the man of realisation says, "All this talk in the world about its little religions is but prattle; realisation is the soul, the very essence of religion." Religion can be realised.

Are you ready? Do you want it? You will get the realisation if you do, and then you will be truly religious. Until you have attained realisation there is no difference between you and atheists. The atheists are sincere, but the man who says that he believes in religion and never attempts to realise it is not sincere. The next question is to know what comes after realisation. Suppose we have realised this oneness of the universe, that we are that one Infinite Being, and suppose we have realised that this Self is the only Existence and that it is the same Self which is manifesting in all these various phenomenal forms, what becomes of us after that? Shall we become inactive, get into a corner and sit down there and die away? "What good will it do to the world?" That old question! In the first place, why should it do good to the world? Is there any reason why it should? What right has any one to ask the question, "What good will it do to the world?" What is meant by that? A baby likes candies. Suppose you are conducting investigations in connection with some subject of electricity and the baby asks you, "Does it buy candies?" "No" you answer. "Then what good will it do?" says the baby. So men stand up and say, "What good will this do to the world; will it give us money?" "No." "Then what good is there in it?" That is what men mean by doing good to the world. Yet religious realisation does all the good to the world. People are afraid that when they attain to it, when they realise that there is but one, the fountains of love will be dried up, that everything in life will go away, and that all they love will vanish for them, as it were, in this life and in the life to come.

People never stop to think that those who bestowed the least thought on their own individualities have been the greatest workers in the world. Then alone a man loves when he finds that the object of his love is not any low, little, mortal thing. Then alone a man loves when he finds that the object of his love is not a clod of earth, but it is the veritable God Himself. The wife will love the husband the more when she thinks that the husband is God Himself. The husband will love the wife the more when he knows that the wife is God Himself. That mother will love the children more who thinks that the children are God Himself. That man will love his greatest enemy who knows that that very enemy is God Himself. That man will love a holy man who knows that the holy man is God Himself, and that very man will also love the unholiest of men because he knows the background of that unholiest of men is even He, the Lord. Such a man becomes a world-mover for whom his little self is dead and God stands in its place. The whole universe will become transfigured to him. That which is painful and miserable will all vanish; struggles will all depart and go.

Instead of being a prison-house, where we every day struggle and fight and compete for a morsel of bread, this universe will then be to us a playground. Beautiful will be this universe then! Such a man alone has the right to stand up and say, "How beautiful is this world!" He alone has the right to say that it is all good. This will be the great good to the world resulting from such realisation, that instead of this world going on with all its friction and clashing, if all mankind today realise only a bit of that great truth, the aspect of the whole world will be changed, and, in place of fighting and quarrelling, there would be a reign of peace. This indecent and brutal hurry which forces us to go ahead of every one else will then vanish from the world. With it will vanish all struggle, with it will vanish all hate, with it will vanish all jealousy, and all evil will vanish away for ever. Gods will live then upon this earth. This very earth will then become heaven, and what evil can there be when gods are playing with gods, when gods are working with gods, and gods are loving gods? That is the great utility of divine realisation. Everything that you see in society will be changed and transfigured then.

No more will you think of man as evil; and that is the first great gain. No more will you stand up and sneeringly cast a glance at a poor man or woman who has made a mistake. No more, ladies, will you look down with contempt upon the poor woman who walks the street in the night, because you will see even there God Himself. No more will you think of jealousy and punishments. They will all vanish; and love, the great ideal of love, will be so powerful that no whip and cord will be necessary to guide mankind aright. If one millionth part of the men and women who live in this world simply sit down and for a few minutes say, "You are all God, O ye men and O ye animals and living beings, you are all the manifestations of the one living Deity!" the whole world will be changed in half an hour. Instead of throwing tremendous bomb-shells of hatred into every corner, instead of projecting currents of jealousy and of evil thought, in every country people will think that it is all He. He is all that you see and feel.

How can you see evil until there is evil in you? How can you see the thief, unless he is there, sitting in the heart of your heart? How can you see the murderer until you are yourself the murderer? Be good, and evil will vanish for you. The whole universe will thus be changed. This is the greatest gain to society. This is the great gain to the human organism. These thoughts were thought out, worked out amongst individuals in ancient times in India. For various reasons, such as the exclusiveness of the teachers and foreign conquest, those thoughts were not allowed to spread. Yet they are grand truths; and wherever they have been working, man has become divine. My whole life has been changed by the touch of one of these divine men, about whom I am going to speak to you next Sunday; and the time is coming when these thoughts will be cast abroad over the whole world. Instead of living in monasteries, instead of being confined to books of philosophy to be studied only by the learned, instead of being the exclusive possession of sects and of a few of the learned, they will all be sown broadcast over the whole world, so that they may become the common property of the saint and the sinner, of men and women and children, of the learned and of the ignorant. They will then permeate the atmosphere of the world, and the very air that we breathe will say with every one of its pulsations, "Thou art That". And the whole universe with its myriads of suns and moons, through everything that speaks, with one voice will say, "Thou art That".

Friday, April 17, 2020

"In the Time of The Grand Apocalypse there Came the Pandemic of Restless Sleep Syndrome."

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Any time now, they are going to announce that the pandemic is over; not that it ever really began but... they have come to term on their Test Run. What they have next in mind I do not know. What we do know is that The Awakening is a real event. Microsoft released an ad with Satanist Marina Abramovic. It got a few hundred upvotes and MANY thousands of downvotes. That is amazing evidence of SOMETHING and that something is evidence of The Awakening. I call this Satanist a Satanist, based on the infallible rule of cosmic law; 'BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM.”

There should be no surprise about this, coming as it does on the heels of Bill Gates, taking to his heels from Microsoft and his eyebrows deep complicity in The Coronavirus Hoax. The world is waking up and there is nothing that the Powers who Wish they Were Somewhere Else can do about it. Why this should come as a surprise to anyone in the time of a Grand Apocalypse is beyond me; it's probably the result of Restless Sleep Syndrome.

I referred to a curiosity in yesterday's posting about those who are 'inclined' to go bad becoming worse than they were and those who are 'inclined' toward Good becoming better than they were. This is due to the pressure of The Awakening coming down on all of us, with various levels of force, depending on what is needed. This awakening is all about evolving us, in hot-housing fashion, accelerating our evolution to a new sense of identity, while leaving behind our old curmudgeonly carnal self-involved identity. There are many who are attached to their sense of who they think they are, however... VERY FEW of us know who we are. So it should come as no surprise when certain personalities start acting out and going into attack mode upon others because of the rising fear taking place within them. You are going to begin to see a degree of combativeness from various quarters, as the unevolved personalities fight for their existence. This is futile. Just as you cannot fight City Hall, you assuredly cannot fight The Supernal Realm.

As the chorus line from that great blues tune of the same name states;

“You got to move. Cause when the Lord gets ready, you got to move.”

We need to be more understanding in these times when people lash out at us from the darkness of their fear. I have been as guilty of reacting as anyone. We have to be on our guard. The means by which we are suckered into reacting are quite slick. It comes for us where we are weakest. I have been the victim of Slander and False Witness to the extent that it might have cost my life had I been without my invisible protections. As a writer on the internet, I have had what I said taken completely out of context, or been accused of saying things I never said. Because of my past history I am overly sensitive in this regard and I wish to apologize for not seeing what was happening ahead of time. Of course, agents of the Infernal Realm were out to compromise me and I fell for it.

You have my promise that I will seek to be more measured and circumspect in the future. There are ways of being masterful and gracious, instead of hot-headed and I am aware of these alternatives. Since it is bound to happen again; indeed, this very posting will bring the very thing of which I speak, let us see how I do from here on out.

Since we are on the subject, let me clarify something I said that was been taken to mean something other than what was intended. I used the word, “abstinence”. Here is the setting in which I presented it;

“Certain luminous beings attach themselves to us, when we have accumulated the necessary virtue to make ourselves habitable to them. The SAME IS TRUE of more maleficent entities, which are drawn by our lower passions and weaknesses. This is why PURIFICATION is so important and that is achieved through austerities, abstinence, prayer and most certainly, GRACE. The same way that ants and other insects are attracted to a dirty kitchen, the same thing happens to us internally. “Success is Speedy for the Energetic””

I did not mention sex. I hadn't actually been thinking about sex when I wrote those words. Given the casual way that so many people relate to it in these modern times, certainly it would apply. Someone reacted to it out of all proportion to my intent. I responded without thinking. I could have handled it so much better. It is IMPORTANT to recognize that words can both Heal and Harm and we must use caution when employing them. It came to my attention that Abstinence is often connected to sexual activity and I can see how that got inferred when it was not the case.

We live in a world of the senses and MOST PEOPLE due to ACCOMMODATION, presume that what you see is all there is. This is not the case at all. The senses perceive on a narrow bandwidth. There is a much wider bandwidth one might perceive on but Materialism has closed those avenues off for most of us. However, the reports of Clairvoyants reveal an entire other world that is populated by many a curious life form. Here is a Christian take on the matter and the author makes many good points. My point was that when one becomes 'cleansed' of the qualities that attract low-level entities, one is no longer troubled by them.

A great deal of care goes into everything that I write. Unless it is said, the reader should not assume it was intended. We tend to read into things what we want to see and that does not mean they are really present. I have nothing against sex. Jesus said, “All men take not this word, but they to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs, who were born so from their mother’s womb: and there are eunuchs, who were made so by men: and there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. He that can take, let him take it.” In the early part of my life I was very promiscuous. At that period of time there was all sorts of latitude for casual encounters. I explained it away to myself by saying that I was a poet and musical persona and THAT CAME WITH THE TERRITORY. However... it was ALWAYS GOD I WAS SEEKING UNION WITH and eventually, that overcame all earthly longings. I still seek sex but I seek it with the divine. I assure you that this kind of sex is FAR MORE intense and incredible than anything physical contact can provide and I speak again from experience.

This is what works for me and I hope it continues for all eternity. I have no further attraction for this activity in the pedestrian sense but... I DO NOT PRESCRIBE THIS FOR OTHERS. There would be no human population without it and it can be a wonderful thing. I am grateful beyond measure, or the possibility to express, that I have been able to come to this understanding, but it is ignorant to proclaim it as a virtue and to fall short of self-containment. The Catholic Church gives us all the evidence we need of what happens otherwise.

What I was trying to explain in the last posting is that there are forces who are out to get us, to corrupt and confuse us and to enslave us in terrible fashion and one MUST BE ON GUARD. I have been the unfortunate recipient of terrible ordeals. That is what it took for me to wake up. I can see so much more clearly now than I ever did once. I am also aware of what others are going through and it pains me to see it. Lifetimes of suffering can be the fruit of folly and poor judgment. Some things are all too easy to get into and much harder to get free of, like becoming entangled in a thicket of briars.

Celebrities account for some of the most thoughtless people on the planet. Because of their narcissism and self involvement they cannot see past it and they are seduced into all sorts of diabolical behavior. Many of them are sociopaths and they are now significant role models for the young. This is how people like Marina Abramovic become popularized. If she possesses any talent beyond self-promotion, I have not seen it. There are powerful occult practitioners off-camera in the corridors of influence and power and they wield great clout. It accounts for the music videos we get and that epidemic of one-eyed fashion shots. They direct and control the content in music and films. NONE OF THIS is accidental but PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP and the forces that once thought they had the whole matter in hand are LOSING THEIR GRIP. They now find themselves in the same position as Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. These forces are no longer under their control. It could well be why they had to shut down the world recently through their phony virus. They KNOW what is happening but they are powerless to stop it. This is good news for the rest of us.

We are entering into the time of real signs and wonders. The spirit of God is moving over the landscape of the human soul and none of us will remain unchanged following its passage. The unknown and incomprehensible is working through the known and comprehensible and there will be such a tsunami of awakening, the like of which none of us have seen in this life. There will be other tsunamis as well. The Earth is going to shake and tremble and the affairs of the powerful dissemble to no avail and are tossed into disarray. Let those who are mindful give heed to the inner voice for it will surely speak. It IS surely speaking.

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It was a long and windy road for the nits making lice in the Pocketnet. There was a fearful itching and scratching but it was a phantom of unknown origin. Still... Pocketnet, with all of its archaic Window's 3.1 construction remained.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

"Appetite and Desire have Transformed the Mind into a Penitentiary with a Killing Floor."

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There is a silly song, I can't remember much of it right now, except for the key lyrics, ♫ I am my own grandpa ♫ I think Willie Nelson did it. It got me thinking about REINCARNATION again.

I thought about the '50s, as life evolved from Norman Rockwell into Ozzie and Harriet land, some American man was living The Formica Life in Harmon Cove Secaucus with his wife and two normal children and one happy dog ...and then? It was the tumultuous 60s, with all that passion so raw and new that got homogenized by Disco and The Metrosexuals in the '70s, which led into the decade of Greed and Cocaine, which was the 80's ...and then? It went sideways into Whinerville, accompanied by a soundtrack of dissonant music, where all the musicians were on Heroin; that was the 90's … and then? It's been Rap, saccharine crap and sexual dysfunction for the last 20 years; a nation that had most definitely lost its way but... it's all been a progression as Materialism went into its death throes.

How is it that so many similar souls showed up in each decade and were either the trendsetters of the culture or the unconscious mimics by reflex and reaction? Did it happen by itself? Was it orchestrated by The Boys in the Back? It was probably a combination of both, under the baton of The Divine Conductor, as the planets rubbed up against one another and set the vibrational resonance of each singular movement, in the endless symphony of the manifest. They plays the music and we dances to it. That is what the planets do. They send out powerful signals of perpetual change and... there is a point to it but the objective is well past the understanding of any particular life so... IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE in the limited context of a single incarnation.

People come here and they have the programmed life experiences that are the fruit of previous visits, where they got what they wanted but more often did not and then returned for another go. In most cases, it's scripted and the actors seldom have the objective awareness that allows them to step back and wonder about what it all means. It's a tightly wound spiral that rises imperceptibly, as the hand of evolution SLOWLY... SLOWLY shapes the consciousness toward that far off moment of epiphany.

How come so many people with similar perspectives, form into group think collectives and then hash it out through that particular lifetime with those who arrived with a different agenda? Then it shifts direction as The Sun radiates into the planetary forces and sets yet another tone, across a specific time period, until it changes yet again. Local conflicts and global conflicts come and go and ALWAYS... there are trends coming in and trends fading out and it's all a result of the lifeforms reacting to the intricate clockwork of planetary changes, as they endlessly rub up against each other in new ways.

Obviously, we are here to learn and conditions are presented that force us to do so. For some... an amount of learning does take place and their next appearance contains all the elements for continuing education. Then there are those who have not learned and they are then presented with the same lessons in a divergent setting; maybe this time it will take. If not... then new adaptations appear and will continue to ...until the lesson is learned. Karma is all about arranging situations to demonstrate the realities of Cause and Effect.

Sometimes the power of desire and appetite is so great that the one possessed by it is willing to bear the costs of the encounters. On other occasions, the life force says to itself, “It's just not worth it.” Sooner or later, clarity will arrive. This is a large and complex world and if you take the time to study what is going on, you can see people trapped in vicious spirals of behavior everywhere you go. This level of perception requires cultivation to see it as it is.

Simultaneously people are living at a wide variance of experience from one another, even while engaged in the same patterns of experience and expression. It is all about the different levels of control that people have over themselves, or DO NOT HAVE, as the case may be. There are people who make the Pillsbury dough Boy look like he's anorexic. There are people eating in a sane manner. There are people having sex with dozens of partners every day and those abstaining altogether. There are people having a glass of wine or two with their dinner and those who start the day with a pint of Old Overcoat, or that perennial favorite, Winner's Cup. There are no winners at the bottom of the Winner's Cup.

There are people living in palaces and people living in storm drains AND EVERY ONE OF THEM put themselves where they are and it is very likely that those living in the storm drains were previously living in palaces because that is how Karma and Reincarnation operate. It's all about the lessons and the key feature is to learn your lessons AS FAST AS YOU CAN. I had a rough go with some number of permutations before Clarity appeared. In no way was it a walk in the park but I count all of the difficulty and suffering as of no account now, given the results of the moment.

CHANGE IS AT ITS HARDEST IN THE BEGINNING. There are invisible entities that have an investment in your habits. They do not take kindly to their sustenance being cut off. They will make a racket. YOU let them in and YOU have to kick them out. However... you are ALWAYS stronger than they are. You evict them by standing guard at the gateway of your mind and refusing them entrance. This is how they accessed you in the first place. First the fire was lit in your real or metaphorical belly and then the advertisement appeared in your mind. As long as you are a victim of these forces, you are crippled and confined. Once you have taken back the throne of your kingdom, you are master of all you survey and of which 99% is best left alone from thereon; IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF IT.

Nothing is worth having but the peace of mind you experience from not wanting any of it. Tranquility and Serenity comes when the jabbering entities of your appetites and desires have been silenced. It's hard work, which is why, in this age of convenience and immediate gratification, few are moved to embrace it. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it is dark along the way.

There are REAL vampires that do not fit the usual descriptions, though... if you could see them they would assuredly scare the shit out of you. They DO NOT have a pleasant appearance. They look like what they are. The function produces the form. If you are at low energy and confused, they are the responsible parties. Meanwhile, they are shadows with no substance. It is only by feeding them for a period of time that they gain substance.

As soon as anyone begins to make the effort, helpers appear but you still have to walk it and that is why so many falter on the way. If the means were understood, one could turn the whole process over to the helpers but you have to know how to do that. If you cannot properly visualize the help you need, The Sun is right there and can be befriended by emulation. Most people think The Sun is just a ball of fire in space that lights the place up each day. It is far more than that. It is a CONSCIOUS BEING, with a formidable army of angels at its command. It is also the source of ALL manifest life and form. It is the material evidence of the Spiritual Sun that placed it there. Is there anywhere a greater symbol of confidence than The Sun? Yet... you have access to a power within that is equal to it.

Why is there such a mass of hypnotized zombies populating this Earth? What is it that has hypnotized them? It is Desire and Appetite. One who has made themselves independent of these persistent forces is FREE. There is nothing wrong with sampling life as you pass by. There is everything wrong with having it sample you until you have run out of samples. People are being literally eaten alive by the fires of Appetite and Desire. They worship at these altars and everything they do is directed toward feeding these monsters, who like fire itself, NEVER HAS ENOUGH.

Anyone who takes a day and watches TV can see what the force of Materialism is all about. Observe The Media and consider the message. It is non stop. “They Live” was not just a movie. It is a reality. It was poorly written, directed and acted but the point was made. WHO stopped John Carpenter from remaking it? It was announced that he was doing it. Now that has been erased and IMDB has said, for a long time now, “it's in development”; no details whatsoever.

The Devil is The Mind. It is your worst enemy but potentially your best friend. Stand guard at The Gateway and let NOTHING in until The Real shows up. It's there alright but its behind the clutter of furniture, broken toys and whatever else makes up the present jumble of perpetuating confusions that passes for your mind.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Some thoughts from Swami Vivekananda on- It's a bit long but WORTH IT.


“What question has been asked a greater number of times, what idea has led men more to search the universe for an answer, what question is nearer and dearer to the human heart, what question is more inseparably connected with our existence, than this one, the immortality of the human soul? It has been the theme of poets and sages, of priests and prophets; kings on the throne have discussed it, beggars in the street have dreamt of it. The best of humanity have approached it, and the worst of men have hoped for it. The interest in the theme has not died yet, nor will it die so long as human nature exists. Various answers have been presented to the world by various minds. Thousands, again, in every period of history have given up the discussion, and yet the question remains fresh as ever. Often in the turmoil and struggle of our lives we seem to forget it, but suddenly some one dies — one, perhaps, whom we loved, one near and dear to our hearts is snatched away from us — and the struggle, the din and turmoil of the world around us, cease for a moment, and the soul asks the old questions "What after this?" "What becomes of the soul?"

All human knowledge proceeds out of experience; we cannot know anything except by experience. All our reasoning is based upon generalised experience, all our knowledge is but harmonised experience. Looking around us, what do we find? A continuous change. The plant comes out of the seed, grows into the tree, completes the circle, and comes back to the seed. The animal comes, lives a certain time, dies, and completes the circle. So does man. The mountains slowly but surely crumble away, the rivers slowly but surely dry up, rains come out of the sea, and go back to the sea. Everywhere circles are being completed, birth, growth, development, and decay following each other with mathematical precision. This is our everyday experience. Inside of it all, behind all this vast mass of what we call life, of millions of forms and shapes, millions upon millions of varieties, beginning from the lowest atom to the highest spiritualised man, we find existing a certain unity.

Every day we find that the wall that was thought to be dividing one thing and another is being broken down, and all matter is coming to be recognised by modern science as one substance, manifesting in different ways and in various forms; the one life that runs through all like a continuous chain, of which all these various forms represent the links, link after link, extending almost infinitely, but of the same one chain. This is what is called evolution. It is an old, old idea, as old as human society, only it is getting fresher and fresher as human knowledge is progressing. There is one thing more, which the ancients perceived, but which in modern times is not yet so clearly perceived, and that is involution.

The seed is becoming the plant; a grain of sand never becomes a plant. It is the father that becomes a child; a lump of clay never becomes the child. From what does this evolution come, is the question. What was the seed? It was the same as the tree. All the possibilities of a future tree are in that seed; all the possibilities of a future man are in the little baby; all the possibilities of any future life are in the germ. What is this? The ancient philosophers of India called it involution. We find then, that every evolution presupposes an involution. Nothing can be evolved which is not already there. Here, again, modern science comes to our help.

You know by mathematical reasoning that the sum total of the energy that is displayed in the universe is the same throughout. You cannot take away one atom of matter or one foot-pound of force. You cannot add to the universe one atom of matter or one foot-pound of force. As such, evolution does not come out of zero; then, where does it come from? From previous involution. The child is the man involved, and the man is the child evolved. The seed is the tree involved, and the tree is the seed evolved. All the possibilities of life are in the germ. The problem becomes a little clearer. Add to it the first idea of continuation of life. From the lowest protoplasm to the most perfect human being there is really but one life.

Just as in one life we have so many various phases of expression, the protoplasm developing into the baby, the child, the young man, the old man, so, from that protoplasm up to the most perfect man we get one continuous life, one chain. This is evolution, but we have seen that each evolution presupposes an involution. The whole of this life which slowly manifests itself evolves itself from the protoplasm to the perfected human being — the Incarnation of God on earth — the whole of this series is but one life, and the whole of this manifestation must have been involved in that very protoplasm. This whole life, this very God on earth, was involved in it and slowly came out, manifesting itself slowly, slowly, slowly. The highest expression must have been there in the germ state in minute form; therefore this one force, this whole chain, is the involution of that cosmic life which is everywhere. It is this one mass of intelligence which, from the protoplasm up to the most perfected man, is slowly and slowly uncoiling itself. Not that it grows.

Take off all ideas of growth from your mind. With the idea of growth is associated something coming from outside, something extraneous, which would give the lie to the truth that the Infinite which lies latent in every life is independent of all external conditions. It can never grow; It was always there, and only manifests Itself. The effect is the cause manifested. There is no essential difference between the effect and the cause. Take this glass, for instance. There was the material, and the material plus the will of the manufacturer made the glass and these two were its causes and are present in it. In what form is the will present? As adhesion. If the force were not here, each particle would fall away. What is the effect then? It is the same as the cause, only taking; different form, a different composition. When the cause is changed and limited for a time, it becomes the effect We must remember this. Applying it to our idea of life the whole of the manifestation of this one series, from the protoplasm up to the most perfect man, must be the very same thing as cosmic life. First it got involved and became finer; and out of that fine something, which wet the cause, it has gone on evolving, manifesting itself, and becoming grosser. But the question of immortality is not yet settled. We have seen that everything in this universe is indestructible. There is nothing new; there will be nothing new.

The same series of manifestations are presenting themselves alternately like a wheel, coming up and going down. All motion in this universe is in the form of waves, successively rising and falling. Systems after systems are coming out of fine forms, evolving themselves, and taking grosser forms, again melting down, as it were, and going back to the fine forms. Again they rise out of that, evolving for a certain period and slowly going back to the cause. So with all life. Each manifestation of life is coming up and then going back again. What goes down? The form. The form breaks to pieces, but it comes up again. In one sense bodies and forms even are eternal. How? Suppose we take a number of dice and throw them, and they fall in this ratio — 6 — 5 — 3 — 4. We take the dice up and throw them again and again; there must be a time when the same numbers will come again; the same combination must come. Now each particle, each atom, that is in this universe, I take for such a die, and these are being thrown out and combined again and again. All these forms before you are one combination. Here are the forms of a glass, a table, a pitcher of water, and so forth. This is one combination; in time, it will all break. But there must come a time when exactly the same combination comes again, when you will be here, and this form will be here, this subject will be talked, and this pitcher will be here. An infinite number of times this has been, and an infinite number of times this will be repeated.

Thus far with the physical forms. What do we find? That even the combination of physical forms is eternally repeated. A most interesting conclusion that follows from this theory is the explanation of facts such as these: Some of you, perhaps, have seen a man who can read the past life of others and foretell the future. How is it possible for any one to see what the future will be, unless there is a regulated future? Effects of the past will recur in the future, and we see that it is so. You have seen the big Ferris Wheel* in Chicago. The wheel revolves, and the little rooms in the wheel are regularly coming one after another; one set of persons gets into these, and after they have gone round the circle, they get out, and a fresh batch of people gets in. Each one of these batches is like one of these manifestations, from the lowest animals to the highest man.

Nature is like the chain of the Ferris Wheel, endless and infinite, and these little carriages are the bodies or forms in which fresh batches of souls are riding, going up higher and higher until they become perfect and come out of the wheel. But the wheel goes on. And so long as the bodies are in the wheel, it can be absolutely and mathematically foretold where they will go, but not so of the souls. Thus it is possible to read the past and the future of nature with precision. We see, then, that there is recurrence of the same material phenomena at certain periods, and that the same combinations have been taking place through eternity. But that is not the immortality of the soul. No force can die, no matter can be annihilated. What becomes of it? It goes on changing, backwards and forwards, until it returns to the source from which it came. There is no motion in a straight line. Everything moves in a circle; a straight line, infinitely produced, becomes a circle. If that is the case, there cannot be eternal degeneration for any soul. It cannot be. Everything must complete the circle, and come back to its source.

What are you and I and all these souls? In our discussion of evolution and involution, we have seen that you and I must be part of the cosmic consciousness, cosmic life, cosmic mind, which got involved and we must complete the circle and go back to this cosmic intelligence which is God. This cosmic intelligence is what people call Lord, or God, or Christ, or Buddha, or Brahman, what the materialists perceive as force, and the agnostics as that infinite, inexpressible beyond; and we are all parts of that. This is the second idea, yet this is not sufficient; there will be still more doubts. It is very good to say that there is no destruction for any force. But all the forces and forms that we see are combinations. This form before us is a composition of several component parts, and so every force that we see is similarly composite. If you take the scientific idea of force, and call it the sum total, the resultant of several forces, what becomes of your individuality? Everything that is a compound must sooner or later go back to its component parts. Whatever in this universe is the result of the combination of matter or force must sooner or later go back to its components. Whatever is the result of certain causes must die, must be destroyed. It gets broken up, dispersed, and resolved back into its components.

Soul is not a force; neither is it thought. It is the manufacturer of thought, but not thought itself; it is the manufacturer of the body, but not the body. Why so? We see that the body cannot be the soul. Why not? Because it is not intelligent. A corpse is not intelligent, nor a piece of meat in a butcher's shop. What do we mean by intelligence? Reactive power. We want to go a little more deeply into this. Here is a pitcher; I see it. How? Rays of light from the pitcher enter my eyes, and make a picture in my retina, which is carried to the brain. Yet there is no vision. What the physiologists call the sensory nerves carry this impression inwards. But up to this there is no reaction. The nerve centre in the brain carries the impression to the mind, and the mind reacts, and as soon as this reaction comes, the pitcher flashes before it.

Take a more commonplace example. Suppose you are listening to me intently and a mosquito is sitting on the tip of your nose and giving you that pleasant sensation which mosquitoes can give; but you are so intent on hearing me that you do not feel the mosquito at all. What has happened? The mosquito has bitten a certain part of your skin, and certain nerves are there. They have carried a certain sensation to the brain, and the impression is there, but the mind, being otherwise occupied, does not react, so you are not aware of the presence of the mosquito. When a new impression comes, if the mind does not react, we shall not be conscious of it, but when the reaction comes we feel, we see, we hear, and so forth. With this reaction comes illumination, as the Sâmkhya philosophers call it. We see that the body cannot illuminate, because in the absence of attention no sensation is possible. Cases have been known where, under peculiar conditions, a man who had never learnt a particular language was found able to speak it.

Subsequent inquiries proved that the man had, when a child, lived among people who spoke that language and the impressions were left in his brain. These impressions remained stored up there, until through some cause the mind reacted, and illumination came, and then the man was able to speak the language. This shows that the mind alone is not sufficient, that the mind itself is an instrument in the hands of someone. In the case of that boy the mind contained that language, yet he did not know it, but later there came a time when he did. It shows that there is someone besides the mind; and when the boy was a baby, that someone did not use the power; but when the boy grew up, he took advantage of it, and used it. First, here is the body, second the mind, or instrument of thought, and third behind this mind is the Self of man. The Sanskrit word is Atman. As modern philosophers have identified thought with molecular changes in the brain, they do not know how to explain such a case, and they generally deny it. The mind is intimately connected with the brain which dies every time the body changes.

The Self is the illuminator, and the mind is the instrument in Its hands, and through that instrument It gets hold of the external instrument, and thus comes perception. The external instruments get hold of the impressions and carry them to the organs, for you must remember always, that the eyes and ears are only receivers — it is the internal organs, the brain centres, which act. In Sanskrit these centres are called Indriyas, and they carry sensations to the mind, and the mind presents them further back to another state of the mind, which in Sanskrit is called Chitta, and there they are organised into will, and all these present them to the King of kings inside, the Ruler on His throne, the Self of man. He then sees and gives His orders. Then the mind immediately acts on the organs, and the organs on the external body. The real Perceiver, the real Ruler, the Governor, the Creator, the Manipulator of all this, is the Self of man.

We see, then, that the Self of man is not the body, neither is It thought. It cannot be a compound. Why not? Because everything that is a compound can be seen or imagined. That which we cannot imagine or perceive, which we cannot bind together, is not force or matter, cause or effect, and cannot be a compound. The domain of compounds is only so far as our mental universe, our thought universe extends. Beyond this it does not hold good; it is as far as law reigns, and if there is anything beyond law, it cannot be a compound at all. The Self of man being beyond the law of causation, is not a compound. It is ever free and is the Ruler of everything that is within law. It will never die, because death means going back to the component parts, and that which was never a compound can never die. It is sheer nonsense to say It dies.

We are now treading on finer and finer ground, and some of you, perhaps, will be frightened. We have seen that this Self, being beyond the little universe of matter and force and thought, is a simple; and as a simple It cannot die. That which does not die cannot live. For life and death are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Life is another name for death, and death for life. One particular mode of manifestation is what we call life; another particular mode of manifestation of the same thing is what we call death. When the wave rises on the top it is life; and when it falls into the hollow it is death. If anything is beyond death, we naturally see it must also be beyond life. I must remind you of the first conclusion that the soul of man is part of the cosmic energy that exists, which is God.

We now find that it is beyond life and death. You were never born, and you will never die. What is this birth and death that we see around us? This belongs to the body only, because the soul is omnipresent. "How can that be?" you may ask. "So many people are sitting here, and you say the soul is omnipresent?" What is there, I ask, to limit anything that is beyond law, beyond causation? This glass is limited; it is not omnipresent, because the surrounding matter forces it to take that form, does not allow it to expand. It is conditioned be everything around it, and is, therefore, limited. But that which is beyond law, where there is nothing to act upon it, how can that be limited? It must be omnipresent. You are everywhere in the universe. How is it then that I am born and I am going to die, and all that? That is the talk of ignorance, hallucination of the brain. You were neither born, nor will you die. You have had neither birth, nor will have rebirth, nor life, nor incarnation, nor anything.

What do you mean by coming and going? All shallow nonsense. You are everywhere. Then what is this coming and going? It is the hallucination produced by the change of this fine body which you call the mind. That is going on. Just a little speck of cloud passing before the sky. As it moves on and on, it may create the delusion that the sky moves. Sometimes you see a cloud moving before the moon, and you think that the moon is moving. When you are in a train you think the land is flying, or when you are in a boat, you think the water moves. In reality you are neither going nor coming, you are not being born, nor going to be reborn; you are infinite, ever-present, beyond all causation, and ever-free. Such a question is out of place, it is arrant nonsense. How could there be mortality when there was no birth? One step more we will have to take to come to a logical conclusion. There is no half-way house. You are metaphysicians, and there is no crying quarter. If then we are beyond all law, we must be omniscient, ever-blessed; all knowledge must be in us and all power and blessedness.

Certainly. You are the omniscient. omnipresent being of the universe. But of such beings can there be many? Can there be a hundred thousand millions of omnipresent beings? Certainly not. Then, what becomes of us all? You are only one; there is only one such Self, and that One Self is you. Standing behind this little nature is what we call the Soul. There is only One Being, One Existence, the ever-blessed, the omnipresent, the omniscient, the birthless, deathless. "Through His control the sky expands, through His control the air breathes, through His control the sun shines, and through His control all live. He is the Reality in nature, He is the Soul of your soul, nay, more, you are He, you are one with Him." Wherever there are two, there is fear, there is danger, there is conflict, there is strife. When it is all One, who is there to hate, who is there to struggle with? When it is all He, with whom can you fight? This explains the true nature of life; this explains the true nature of being. this is perfection, and this is God.

As long as you see the many, you are under delusion. "In this world of many he who sees the One, in this everchanging world he who sees Him who never changes, as the Soul of his own soul, as his own Self, he is free, he is blessed, he has reached the goal." Therefore know that thou art He; thou art the God of this universe, "Tat Tvam Asi" (That thou art). All these various ideas that I am a man or a woman, or sick or healthy, or strong or weak, or that I hate or I love, or have a little power, are but hallucinations. Away with them I What makes you weak? What makes you fear? You are the One Being in the universe. What frightens you? Stand up then and be free. Know that every thought and word that weakens you in this world is the only evil that exists. Whatever makes men weak and fear is the only evil that should be shunned. What can frighten you? If the suns come down, and the moons crumble into dust, and systems after systems are hurled into annihilation, what is that to you? Stand as a rock; you are indestructible.

You are the Self, the God of the universe. Say — "I am Existence Absolute, Bliss Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, I am He," and like a lion breaking its cage, break your chain and be free for ever. What frightens you, what holds you down? Only ignorance and delusion; nothing else can bind you. You are the Pure One, the Ever-blessed. Silly fools tell you that you are sinners, and you sit down in a corner and weep. It is foolishness, wickedness, downright rascality to say that you are sinners! You are all God. See you not God and call Him man? Therefore, if you dare, stand on that — mould your whole life on that. If a man cuts your throat, do not say no, for you are cutting your own throat. When you help a poor man, do not feel the least pride. That is worship for you, and not the cause of pride. Is not the whole universe you? Where is there any one that is not you? You are the Soul of this universe. You are the sun, moon, and stars, it is you that are shining everywhere. The whole universe is you. Whom are you going to hate or to fight? Know, then, that thou art He, and model your whole life accordingly; and he who knows this and models his life accordingly will no more grovel in darkness.”

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