Monday, November 28, 2011

Managed Perception and the Nature of Central Banks

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Wars and rumors of wars are in the process, with Pakistan and Iran, as the linchpins to global upheaval and mass disorder. We are on the brink, with the central bankers and their minions, in various fields of play, set to give new meaning to the terms, mass murder, genocide and eugenics. They fouled up the works of global economy and now they want to eliminate the victims and witnesses, before the world en masse can rise up against them. This is a war against humanity, being waged by the few, from Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., London and Corfu, by way of Switzerland, Belgium and other loading zones, where the big trucks and lorries that carry the funds, are bound for the nations who need the money to engage in mutually assured destruction.

We hear a lot about overwhelming debt. We hear a lot about crushing economic conditions around the globe. What we never hear is who this debt is owed to, until we see massive bailouts being engineered by political tools and then we see that the money goes to banks; banks that are owned by hideous conglomerates like Goldman Sachs, Rothschild and the like. These people print money out of thin air and then loan it out. None of this is real. It's just managed perception. The world is in 'imagined' and manipulated crisis. All the industries that pump out all of the things that people buy are still there, or- in the case of America- can be there again. All of the buildings are still standing, except for the World Trade center buildings that were brought down by the same bankers, indirectly, through their operatives in Israel and the United States. All of the people are around, except for the ones murdered by the state. All of the transportation vehicles are still in operation. All of the utilities are still working. The entertainment (if you can call it that) industries are still going on about their business. Everything is as everything is, except for perception.

Non existent money is owed to the people who printed it. The value of the money is in danger because of wild-assed speculation through derivatives, hedge fund operations and people betting for and against anything and everything and also doing their best, through their agents, to make what they are betting for and against happen. The money is in trouble because of unbridled greed. The balance that keeps things in order has gone missing, as the consequence of all the money jumping into the overloaded pockets of bankers and those who work for them.

The solution is simple. Every country should tell the bankers to take a hike and crash and burn and new currencies should immediately be proffered, based on whatever it is people want to collectively consider valuable. The hoarded excesses of the manipulative and psychopathic overlords, should be wiped out in the interest of returning balance. Iceland should be the guidon and standard behind which all following nations should march. If you don't do it you are basically saying, “Go ahead and destroy me, I deserve it.”

Ruining the central banks doesn't have to amount to much except for the loss of their right to print counterfeit money and charge you interest on it, while in the process of enslaving you. Every country can nationalize their banks and kick the ancient and enduring ursurists out of the industry. Om Tat Sat-isfying. All this derivative nonsense is just fantasy paper. Wipe it out. Set it on fire. Turn it to ash. We're talking about a momentary hiccup in the stream of things. Where's Iceland at now? Why can't we all be Iceland? Just do it, as the commercial says and... isn't this what Occupy Wall Street is supposed to be all about?

War? Everyone who is sane should just walk away from their posts in all the aggressor nations. You're only working for the banks. You're not working for your country and look how your country treats you when you're done. Everyone working for a mendacious corporation, who still has any contact with their soul should either just walk away or gum up the works; silent revolutionaries on the march, everywhere around the world.

I do not believe that it has to go where it looks like it wants to go because 'it' doesn't want to. 'They' want it. The world does not operate or continue unless the people operate and continue. You're not getting any support from your leaders. They are all getting paid by the bank to oppress and rob you. It's a simple affair. All the complicated explanations are coming from the people who are employed by the banks. They work for your worst enemy, besides your own mind. The police and law enforcement are their private domestic army. Who is screeching for greater oppression? Who is screeching for war with Muslim nations? The simple and irrefutable answer is the Zionist mare's nest and their mouthpieces. Who owns 96% percent of the media, that is the information arm of world disinformation and perception control? The truth is anti-Semitic and those employing this heavy club of slander are not even Semitic, which is the whole point behind historical revisionism in the first place. Who is beating the war drums? That is irrefutably the Zionists and those employed by them. Who runs Homeland Security? That would be Joe Lieberman. Butch Napolitano and John Pistole work for him. Who owns the central banks? That would be the Zionists. This is why they set up the anti-Semitic knee jerk, reactive machine ahead of time to fend off critical reaction to what they are up to. It's very simple. It is not complicated.

Who is the main enemy of the people? The central banks are. All of the other fiends and foes are employed by them or take their marching orders from them. Who owns the manifest system? The Zionist banks. They hold the paper on everything and they pay the people who make the laws that protect them and allow them to flourish. The main engine of control is the control of perception, which is why they own the media, the art world, the entertainment industry and the main publishing houses. Of course I know all of this from personal experience, being a recording artist and a novelist among other things. If you don't have Hail Satan(!) tattooed on your forehead in magic ink, you don't get in the door. How did they manage to get their hands on all of this? They control the presses that print the money. “Jews are only 2 percent of the population, but at Ivy League schools they account for 23 percent of students”. It's not complicated people. It's simple. It might be dangerous to say it and it might be a bad career move; given who controls the career potential, at all affected industries but it's the truth. The truth is unwelcome. The truth is not an honored guest. The truth gets hammered, although the truth is invulnerable in essence. The only place it gets hammered is in people's minds because of the war for controlled perception.

In my next novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine”, I have an orthodox Jew as one of the detectives. I have a host of reasons for this, which the intuitive and perceptive will be able to suss out on their own. Because he is a sympathetic character, the usual suspects who seek to wholesale the entire group, are going to accuse me of pandering, unless they pay attention to what the character says, because everything you are reading here is in the book and... much more (we may well have the first ten chapters up for you to sample shortly). Novels for me are nothing more than vehicles to express ideas. I happen to know that all Jews are not bad. Some of them are exceptional warriors for the good of all but... in times of darkness they are proportionally dark. It's like the tale of The Golden Calf. The relative population of Jews is not accidental. Being born as a Jew, or anything, is not accidental. Jews are born with certain talents and perceptions, for a reason and are let loose to see what happens. That's never a good thing in Kali Yuga but I am not here to dispute the wisdom of the cosmos, nor am I here to argue with anyone about why I think what and as I do. I'm just here to state and give my brief and clear reasons. Whether I am wrong or not, time will tell and history will judge. I've no reason to argue anything that I can prove in no time at all and which is self evident for anyone honest enough to see it in the first place, whose perceptions are not controlled. People will and do argue, despite hard, cold and overwhelming evidence. Only a fool argues with people like this. There are also those who do not possess the sand or acumen to tell it like it is and who have equipped themselves with the requisite denial to limp along, crippled by their own dishonesty and lack of moral courage. They sold their asses for a seat at the table; if that makes sense, because it is hard to sit down if you don't have an ass. The internet was created for people like me and the irony is that those most terrifically exposed and convicted by it can't destroy it because they are dependent on it even more than I.

It's not complex. It's very simple. What you are going to do about it is another matter altogether. It's up to you. Everyone is getting the broadcast internally, with relative signal strength. Those of us who rely on it for our support and sustenance are getting a stronger signal. Anyone can fine tune the dial if they want to. Anyone can hear if they are okay with hearing what will result in their having to change and answer the call on whatever level they are capable of doing.

The force of darkness is much as Sauron is depicted in The Lord of the Rings. I read the whole trilogy in two days, while I was incarcerated in The John Howard Pavilion for The Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, a few floors down from where Ezra Pound one lived. It remains as the fictional account of things that has had the greatest and most lasting impact on me. Sauron never has any shape. We only see him as a lidless eye. He takes his shape in the form of the people he possesses and operates through. That's the same way it is here. In reality, Sauron has no power over those who are not susceptible to him. You have to have the necessary magnetic lodestones inside you to be brought under the sway. These can also be termed, shortcomings. Even these are of no effect, should you be under a protective mantle. It's all for the purpose of demonstration. We'll be seeing all of that soon enough because, irrespective of what we do or do not do, conditions are going to arrive and events are going to occur, regardless.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hermit Crabs of Leviathan

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Today is the yearly high mass, the holiest day of the year, in which they celebrate everything that is wrong with everything. Today they celebrate the cause and effect of the thing that hasn't swallowed us yet. Today they tramp through the glitter pool swamps. The shining confetti of shredded dreams, swirls in the air like the trembling invisible wake of departing ghosts. The tattered wraiths are blown back and forth over the display cases and into the food courts by the winds of a fierce hunger, to own and possess glimmering, airbrushed shit, the metaphorical fired bricks that wall us into the darkness with our cask of Amontillado. Drunk on the wine of folly and ignorance we will see the light no more. We did not see the light to begin with.

Tractor trailer, sloth junkies are motoring down the wide lanes of stuffed animals and transformer gods in search of Meagan Fox's sex appeal; whoops, she called Michael Bay, Hitler. She'll have to move on to another kind of hard faced porn, pole dancing like Demi Moore back to the future, chased down the endless narrow corridors by the lines on her face, like the character in the Edvard Munch painting. The manikins are weeping tears as if they were plaster saints in a Central American cathedral. You should only look that good and that's the point. The forever Botoxed icons which never age; a single expression of timeless indifference on their faces. You know you want to take her home with you and you don't mind buying the outfit she's wearing if that's the cost of the affair. Later you can cross dress to your hearts content and satisfy yourself with the mail order implement, looking for the signs of life and arousal in the sightless eyes. You know she's in there. You know he's in there and you know you're definitely in there somewhere.

Huge and heavy bodied bankers hang like massive anchors and millstones around your neck. These are the hermit crabs of Leviathan. These are the carpet bagging, vampires booked through to Brazil. They'll be dancing in Rio this winter but for now you're inflamed with manikin love. Two very different things will put the roses in your cheeks. It's one thing for you and another for the bankers. T.S. Eliot was a banker, lest we lose perspective on the mysterious origins of art.

Modern life has been mined with glue boards. Marley's chains are rattling down the boulevard. The heat is rising from the press of bodies and spontaneous combustion is a real concern. The regulating thermostat is broken and the material fire cannot be contained. It's like time pressed together by fantastic force; flames and smoke and it's all a joke.

Black Friday is here. The slow and weak are trampled into a Starbucks confection beneath the feet of dangerous and deranged shoppers, all Hell has broken loose. You want to be wider than a wide screen at Best Buy. You want to be heavier than a piano as you part the crowds like a Spanish galleon. It's Totie Fields as the figurehead on the prow of the ship and you're plugged in to her Twitter feed. You've got everything you need. The bankers and the merchants and the media of greed have gathered in the vestibule with cattle prods and guns. You're tin ducks in the carnival... clink clink... clink clink, clink clink. You can't pronounce phrontistery, you've forgotten how to think.

Wide jaws baby, wide jaws for the monsters of appetite. Open up and swallow your face. Did the manikin just blink? It's going to get ugly pretty soon and beautiful, in strange remote places, where they don't put umbrellas in your drink. It's a mathematical certainty. These are the simple laws of physics that are now as mysterious as a Geisha's eyes. It's what happens when you can't tell Aristotle from Johnny Walker on a bottle. They're both philosophers after all. What difference does it make? That's the mantra of the age; 'what difference does it make' and 'it don't matter to me'. Somehow you got the idea that if it is there it must be authentic and real. All these cities and lights are too powerful to deny. That's real concrete under your feet. People in uniforms are directing traffic. The check out girl is wearing a name tag. The contracts are filled with official terms. Why would anyone lie? They're wearing suits for Christ's sake. They got expensive furniture. Look at that potted plant. It's real. Nothing beats the convincing truth of a corner office and wall to wall windows. If you're buying, I'm selling. We're all alchemists here. I can turn the ink of a Mount Blanc pen into blood on the floor of The Congo. I can make a phone call and kill ten thousand people, halfway around the world ...and still be home in time for dinner.

Thanks fucking giving has turned into thanks fucking buying of crap with no value for people with no taste. Life is a Coca Cola enema and now you've got a carbonated erection with no time delay, in a free fall, time lapse world. Time to go and hump something till it screams out your name. Real passion is top dog power and kitten submission in a death tango. If you can't master yourself, you can definitely do the next best thing and master someone else. You can set the traps for terminal seduction and jackhammer the bitch into giving up her secrets and then, yeah, then you can build that shining city on the hill, surrounded by an endless landfill of all the junk you bought on Black Friday that wound up there on forgotten Monday.

The hermit crabs of Leviathan are closing in. Their mandibles are clicking, while your kids are tricking for Jerry Sandusky and Jeffrey Epstein. The latter is home free and the former looks like toast, maybe it has something to do with genetics and certain bloodlines with the right hocus pocus. Here at home base central, all we want to do is piss off the language police and the brute force mathematicians, who can expand will o' the wisp numbers, while reducing them on the entrance signs to sardonic theme parks and populate the world, with endless ranks of survivors, from bloody cluster fucks that they authored so that they can stand there with their hands out, while guilt tripping people so incredibly stupid that they can hardly manage to go to the bathroom without an attendant. All this gets accomplished, while the population figures show an increase over the questionable time period. I think it's about time for me to start doing infomercials. I deserve a condo on the beach, just for having escaped the iron maiden of self deception as a defense against my own survival; while you are dead on arrival.

Later on next month when you are laid back in your lounging chair, with those dreams of sugar plums and your Kim Kardashian blow up doll nestled in the hollow of your arm, you can reflect on how life is good and 'it doesn't get any better than this'. Never mind the cold winds of January that herald the approach of inescapable doom. Come February you'll be out on an empty sidewalk, pimping the Kim doll for a McDonald's breakfast with a 'will fuck for food' sign around her neck, like something out of “The Search for One-Eye Jimmy”. Of course you're hungry. You're eating for two.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber; the even more watered down versions of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake are what you get, along with Lil' Kim and P. Diddy. They are the official Olympic recording artists for your apocalyptic shuffle into an unmarked grave. Lady Gaga is Mother Mary transformed into The Whore of Babylon with crotchless panties. Not only can you bang the mother of god but she swallows too. She's going to swallow the whole world through her gaping maw. You get what you turned it into. You get what you turned it into. You get what you turned it into. If you turn a house cat into a man eating tiger, or a plowshare into a Glock 9 then you know what's on the menu come feeding time. That's okay, real men don't care and real women are already with someone else.

Tell me people, what does it look like? What does this world you manifested out of low end desires look like? Speculate with me where you think something like this ends up. Where do cheap toys go? What happens in places where life is cheap? You want mass destruction? I can get it for you wholesale; cheaper than stolen. They're wearing that t-shirt that says “Trust me” on the front and “hasta la vista” on the back. But you're down with that.

Of course you need Prozac and liquor in an industrial drum. Of course you need deodorants and perfumes. Your diet sees to that. It's a tragic irony that in the time where you most need to wake up, you most want to go to sleep, so you don't have to see any more. That's not a blind man (speaking of irony) tapping his stick. That's Mr. Apocalypse and he's putting on the Ritz, with the Wakey, Wakey Truth Machine. That's the unfortunate thing about the truth. It will wake you up, as all of us have seen at one time or another. You can lie to others but it is imperative that you are honest with yourself. The relative degree of potential harm between the two is substantial.

It doesn't matter what others do. It does matter what you do, in terms of the result. It doesn't matter what others think. It does matter what you think. It doesn't matter what others say but it does matter what you say because you are the only one walking in your shoes and your shoes are magnetized by your thoughts and words and deeds. They take you from one train to another. Some people reverse their directions after a long way down the wrong road. It happens. Transformation can come in the blink of an eye, once the eye has opened and can actually see.

Some windy mindless night
the splintered streetlamps glow
will shine and light our faces in some
very awkward places
...if I were free to action
and you were free to stay
we'd climb some lofty mountain
and blow the world away.

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By the way, "The Search for One Eye Jimmy" is a classic of cinema verite.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Highway of The Thresher with the Rotating Teeth

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I had intended to write a piece in consideration of the gay phenomena and, indeed, began it and got halfway through it, only to discover that it requires a deeper consideration on my part to effectively present it. My main focus is on the metaphysical aspects of that and other attendant venues of the times. We already know about the political hammer and tongs and who sits almost exclusively on the boards of all of the major organizations. I'm going to demur for a week or so and let the piece simmer and set. Then we'll slip it into the oven and see if we get a souffle or a Crème Brulee and whether or not I should have diversified and used a blow torch on the latter. I see a very clear explanation for the whole matter but I tend to look at things metaphysically and I am certain some of what I will say hasn't been said before; at least I haven't seen it in my travels through the word jungles of the world; later for that.)

I haven't had much to say about Occupy Wall Street, which may seem surprising, given that it dovetails as a social and political phenomenon right into my sweet spot; to use a baseball phrase. The truth is that I don't know what Occupy Wall Street is, although I am continuously astonished by how dead right all of the unofficial spokespeople and mysterious organizational planners are, in going about what they say and do. I don't pay a great deal of attention to Little Georgie Sorrows and his worldwide webathon to make the world safe for Zionism, managed revolution and mind control. He's a sick fuck from Hell, if only due to the bodies littering the highways of his global peace initiatives and color coordinated shark scarf agendas. Little Georgie and his rap partners are the great whites that prowl the oceans of the human condition, seeking whom they might devour.

I've said it again and again and will say it again; everyone is here for a particular reason in this time. That means the good guys, the bad guys and the overwhelming percentage of either or, still more or less unconscious of what is going on around them. They are unconscious, due to programming and appetite. Some will awaken as the months go by and some will sleep until they are awakened by the rude hands of cosmic agency, which has been left with no alternative.

A great many of us who danced to The Beatles and hit the highway of life in search of something more expansive and unshackled, were born with Uranus in Libra. This was one of the major players in the eccentric nature of the sixties and seventies. It was about personal freedom and it was also the seed impulse for sexual experimentation and those alternative practices that have emerged in a big way since.

Uranus went into Aries in March and is going to stay there for much of this decade. Uranus is the planet of revolution, among other things and Aries has more bikers and road warriors born under that sign than any other. Of course, there's a lot more to Aries than this and there is always the higher octave of a sign; for instance, unevolved Scorpios are symbolized by a scorpion and evolved types by an eagle. This is because the sexual force, when brought to a certain level in the consciousness, attended by changes in the body, grants vision in all its applications. You might equate it with the opening of the third eye as well.

I'm not going to get too deeply into the astrological aspect of all of this, cause my good friend Michael Rivero might not want to publish this if I do (grin). However, let me say just a few things about the science before I go. None of these so-called divining sciences are absolute and completely comprehensive. They are indicators. A lot has to do with you and that is why a sage mind once said, “a wise man rules the stars”. This is true. Astrology is only as effective and precise as the person applying it and there are any number of people who attempt to read fortunes with The Tarot, instead of changing their fortunes through focused meditation. There are a lot of people who pick up the newspapers and look for their daily astrological prediction, without tumbling to the fact that it applies to over half a billion other people. Astrology gets a bad rap due to the ignorance of the people using and abusing it, on both ends of the equation. The people getting their read on it from the mass twitter mindset are getting garbage and engaged in wishing and hoping or fear and trembling. Why people do not take the trouble, as I and others have, to actually study the operation of cosmic forces before they have an expert opinion is beyond me. One would think one would want to know something about a subject before spouting off. It's like the people who drink and haven't taken drugs, who are certain they are bad for you. Certainly pharmaceutical drugs are often bad for you, but as someone who has regularly taken forbidden comestibles for over forty years, I beg to differ. I've got a PHD and an MD in that (grin). As my good friend Mark Twain was fond of saying, "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

My purpose in bringing up astrology is simply to state, beyond question, that cosmic forces have arranged themselves in a certain order and what is happening bears out the informed interpretation of that. Certain conditions are going to be present and fixed. What is not fixed is our response to it. Here is a little exercise that will assist anyone; atheist or believer or the wider uncertain. Cast out of your mind every thought that enters into it. Do this for a few days, you can still manage what you are engaged in usually. Accompany this with a short outward burst of breath through your nose, as if you were snorting. See what happens. I have just given you the key to something indescribably profound, with tremendous ramifications. That begs the question; how many will actually employ this? That is why I say, “we are the problem”, not all the shit that surrounds us and we have access to the power for change beyond what anyone can imagine. We are the thing that power expresses itself through, if we allow it and have come to a state where we possess the qualities necessary for the demonstration.

Many of the people at Occupy Wall Street are there because of an internal urging that they may not fully understand, including what planetary combination of forces is behind it. Some are being compelled out of their former existence because of a basic personal honesty, like that retired Philadelphia police captain. There is going to be a whole lot more of that and some of it very surprising as the forces of epiphany hammer on the door of ordinary denial. The brutal attacks on members of the armed forces who have been attending Occupy gatherings is going to set off a tsunami of response from that community, juxtaposed with the poor opportunities for employment on their return and the constant attack on promised and assumed services and... their having been lied to all down the line.

It's going to get nasty shortly and people are going to get killed and that is going to ramp up the entire spectacle. It can't help getting nasty, baring mysterious cosmic interference, because of the psychopathic nature of those opposing the need for legitimate change. However, these ass-hats are going to be swept aside as the tide continues to swell. The pepper spraying of an 84 year old woman has been seen around the world and the picture tells the tale of premeditated intention in respect of the act.

Absurdity is the final destination of the machine robots and vicious, insidious legislation, in order to populate the already constructed internment camps, on US soil, for the purpose of stifling dissent and as an opportunity for various corporations to make a few bucks, is being pressed into existence by some of the usual Zio-Nazi psychopaths like Chuckie (from the horror movie of the same name) Schumer; congressional Zio-weasel Lehtinen (who is also pushing for the rapidly and magically reproducing hollowcost survivors and she's also a Scientology tool) and Hell-Bitch, Jane Harmon. They intend to railroad this through to the desk of who else? Smoking Joe Lieberman of course. These are some seriously nasty customers and the cosmos is constructing an industrial can of Whoop-Ass for them as I speak. Never fear that all is as it should be in consideration of all the things that should not be. One day they'll all be hanging in the smoke sheds of Satan, being turned into still living, human jerky for his occasional snacking; “Um-mm hmm schmeckt gut”! Then I think he farts but I'm not clear on that yet.

I suppose this could all be seen as threatening language but I myself have no intention of being engaged in anything like that. I don't have to be and I don't eat jerky, unless it's made out of tofu, which I do intend to manufacture in my soon to be constructed Tofu Factory concept as soon as the money is right. I'm going to get into explaining all that at the Les Visible blog shortly, just in case any guilt ridden multimillionaires are cruising through this article.

I guess what I am trying to communicate here is that none of us should worry about what may or may not come. Life is a terminal exercise in most cases so, spend it on something that counts. See it as an investment in the First International Bank of Karma. See it as a punctuation point on a life well lived. See it as proof to yourself that you know there is more to all of this than you will ever get and the intention is benevolent. Too often we have faith in all the wrong things. Fear is a form of faith. Think about it. As I have mentioned once before long ago, we're too much caught up in the shadow play on the walls of “Plato's Retreat”. It's time to stop shadow boxing. It's never time for confrontation, except in terms of the unassailable truth, meeting up with the transparent and insupportable lies that it eats for lunch.

All of this is for the purpose of demonstration. Life is for the purpose of demonstration and based on the game of Hide and Seek, which the cosmos constructed for its own amusement. Play the game with passionate abandon or become fully absorbed in the stillness of a gameless state. Don't get caught in between because that is the highway of the thresher with the rotating teeth.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Occupy Wall Street, by way of Occupy Fleet Street, is turning into, You're all Meat Street. As expected, The Forces of the Last Gasp have dispatched their faceless, assault bots, with their black motorcycle helmets into the parks, plazas and sidewalks of this debauched culture and looted landscape; into the dying cities of materialism, on their homeward bound course, which is the eventual destiny of this particular format, marching into its own particular entropy, which is its final destination. Imperialism has its denouement, as do all of the other temporary forms, grafted on to the original tribal state. Every one of these systems has their perversion specialists and money manipulation experts and we know who they are in present day, in tandem with it being, “same as it ever was”.

The police and the military work for the money men. The perversion specialists warp the culture through facetious and gratuitous laws that transform perception by legal decree; it's the law, it must be right. The police and military are those whose conscience has adapted itself to the performance of any and every outrage in exchange for a paycheck. They are enforcing the law and the law must be right. Meanwhile, there are those in the police and military, who still retain a semblance of conscience and know they are being screwed the same way as those they are hammering with their batons. In this time of awakening, many with guns in their hands are waking up to the injustice of the torture and murder of goat-herders and villagers in foreign lands. They did it for the bankers and bankrupt slogans, whether it is Semper Fi, Seig Heil or In Hoc Signo Vinces. There are no parasites as insidious, vile, venal and cold as the bankers. They are the original satanists. Stop the bankers and you stop the clocks, you stop the wars, you stop the poverty, you stop the inequality, you stop every evil financed by them and they are considerable.

It's a simple thing, the same way that the war against the Muslims is about Muslim bankers not charging interest because Usury is the king of pain in the lands of the oppressed that extend from sea to poisoned sea; also courtesy of the bankers, who never met an environmental disaster they didn't like. First they destroy it and then they muster another industry that pretends to clean it up. They manufacture diseases in order to make the practice of medicine a high profit industry. They manufacture laws that make the private prison industry a high profit scam. They destroy the educational system to graduate ignorance and stupidity for the purpose of assimilating propaganda and social control. They take every potentially good thing and rework it for maximum profit. They outlaw every positive methodology, to destroy the possibility of competition, with the varieties of bad shit that interfaces with all kinds of other bad shit that has put us all in the shit where we are now.

It's a simple thing people. Let's look at the pharmaceutical industry by example. The pharmaceutical industry kills and makes infirm more people that the illegal drug industry has ever done since back in the day when they were providing all of the drugs that are now illegal. I'm pretty convinced that The Harrison Act came about because certain forces, in the bed with international bankers, saw how much profit could be gained from opium once it was prohibited. To comprehend why that is you only have to go back and study The Boxer Rebellion and The Opium Wars and the results and you can fast forward to The Afghanistan War if you like as well. Of interest, is the fact that part of the Boxer Rebellion was about the influx of the satanic Christian missionaries into Chinese culture. There are two Christianities, always keep that in mind and one of them has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

Okay; western medicine is allopathic. That means it treats the symptoms and not the cause. Who is the biggest purveyor of symptom suppressants and sundry? Why, that would be the pharmaceutical industry. Who profits from shutting down all natural healing techniques and substances? Why, that would be the pharmaceutical industry.

I want to show you how wide the net of vicious enterprise extends. I suppose I am speculating a bit here now, but given all we know, it sounds as plausible as anything. What industry is most responsible for poor health on the part of the western populations? That would be the food industry in tandem with the chemical industry. Hmmm, isn't the pharmaceutical part of the chemical industry? The food industry employs researchers and scientists to mess around with the dynamics of Lady Nature. They employ financial experts to figure out how to lower costs and maximize profits, which means using palm oil and soy oil instead of more expensive but healthier components. Now, consider the sweetener substitutes that I don't actually have to get into. Extrapolate out into genetically modified foods and let your imagination take you on an excursion of speculation. Now, consider that those who invest in the food industry are almost certainly involved in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry and you can suppose, assume, or outright claim that there is little doubt that they make food which makes people sick, to send profits to another arm of the bloodsucking octopus that straddles the globe but; there's no conspiracy. Nah, there's no conspiracy among the money men around to world to maintain this abusive system and to look for new ways to make it worse, if only there is some greater profit to be gained.

Every religion except for the one that operates under The Talmud, espouses mercy, charity, peacefulness, compassion and attendant virtues, yet... yet... what do we see promoted from the pernicious pulpits by the twisted priests of most of them? Why are we in a time of religious wars that serve the interests of bankers? Look to your ministers people. Look to your philosophers and pundits of the moment who are given so much media face time by the people who own the media for one reason; to keep the truth buried under a landfill of lies for the purpose of profit.

In a time of darkness, the mind of darkness is preeminent, via the reports of the senses and the propensities of the mind and heart of the one interpreting them. Factor in the mass mind and peer pressure and you have a a dark and viscous soup, as sticky as tar and difficult to extricate from. It's no wonder that people feel trapped, have given up, or are completely unaware of what is happening to them. If it were not for the benevolence of the cosmos and the appearance of Mr. Apocalypse with his walking stick, we'd be toast.

It's not an accident that Rick Perry forgot his lines at the debate. It's no surprise that Strauss Khan is much deeper into the goblin night than just being a serial abuser. It's no surprise that so many things are coming to light and that the efforts of the damned are being frustrated at every turn. Some would say, “No, they had all of this planned a long time ago. They can't be stopped.” I beg to differ and I submit that no one has ever pulled it off in recorded history and not before that either,. It always gets to a place like this first. The place of the summing up.

The Sandusky Affair, which will prove to connect all over the place, to all sorts of people, has been exposed by a tap from Mr. Apocalypse's walking stick. Mr Apocalypse is dancing across the world's stage like Gene Kelly. He's singing in the rain. He's wearing mirror shades. He's humming an old Robert Johnson tune. He's on his way to the crossroads to collect on some debts. It's is a wonderful irony that those who have spent their lifetimes putting people into debt and operating off the principle of debt, are now going to find themselves very, very deeply in debt and unable to resolve it, except in a most timeless and ancient fashion.

It's all under control and beautifully so. There's nothing unpredictable, except for those of us, most of us, who can't predict what is coming because; why spoil the surprise? In the meantime, that uncertainty is meant to provoke and inspire us to be better than we might have been in the process.

Keep holding the truth to be self evident and it will certainly become so, sooner or later, once it burns away the rubbish and rags that conceal it. It's all about the right kind of desire and aspiration. This is what burns away the veils. Some say that passionlessness is the key but that's just another way up the mountain. You're either climbing it or you are at the base camp arguing with the experts.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well then, "You're nothing but a Pack of Cards".

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Well, surprise, surprise! Nothing happened on 11/11/11. However, as Cool Hand Luke would say, “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand”. Then again, all kinds of something might have happened but we just don't know about it. The point of my mentioning this goes to what I have been saying lately about no one being able to predict anything. This is the irony of The Apocalypse. While an unveiling, uncovering and awakening is definitely taking place, our ability to see into the future and to compute and predict is becoming more and more cloudy and off into left field. In a cosmic sense, I take this to mean that we should pay more attention to our own internal concerns and less attention to the world around us, unless you are crossing the street or smoking a joint in public; that's mostly for you Crown Colony residents (grin). I don't smoke pot so, don't go there. Of course, I would if I felt like it but it doesn't do for me what it does for you. I'm monogamous these days in terms of comestibles of that order. Of course, that means, it is less available due to my location than anything else is. There's a term for this condition that is something like Murphy's Law but I don't know what it is.

I made that little digression for a reason. I usually have a reason for the things I do. They may not always appear rational to others but that's not my concern. My concern is how it impacts on the invisible because everything visible comes from there. Most of us, who are not in some kind of Karmic groove, notice that repeating difficulties and conditions that return from the past, consistently show up in the moment. Another feature that runs along with this, like a partner in crime, is what happens when you try to change yourself. Ordinarily things run along in your resident personal pathway, like they generally do. For whatever reason, you decide to change yourself, quite possibly because of the way things tend to run along in your 'resident' personal pathway. Maybe if you alter the resident, the scenery will change and life might gain more meaning and contain more joy. As you attempt to do this, you find that all of a sudden, your circumstances and all attendant features becomes complicated, difficult and resistant. It's always hardest when you are trying to change. Some of us are not trying to change and that brings me to the point of this posting.

Ages come and go and because they are a little over 2,000 years, maybe 200 more years (which I consider the period of actual change between one age and the other), we don't notice the transition, except in critical phases because no one we are presently familiar with (of course, I don't know that and present company excepted) knows anyone who is living beyond the ordinary span of human life. Those who can and do, have to disappear themselves at intervals and then reappear again. This coming age is unlike the last several because this is the end of a 26,000 year grand cycle and the beginning of another.

We don't even have a record of much beyond 4,000 years, or two ages. I mention this to give some idea of just how important this period of time is. That is why so many people are here at this time. Everyone wants to be here but most of them forgot why, once the world got their attention.

Big Change is coming, probably because “Small Change got Rained on (grin)”. Nations, cultures, financial processes, laws and most manifest things are resistant to change. One of the reasons why bad people put so much effort into making bad laws is that they require more than that amount of work to undo them and just as much to amend them. This is one of the primary considerations of those who make laws to advance their own interest, as opposed to serving the interest of the community for which they got into that position to do so. This is why the rest of you can Bend over and Wait.

We have mostly noticed how what looked like it was coming, has been taking a lot longer to arrive than we thought it would. We have mostly noticed how events like the big false flag and the pending attack on Iran, as well as other anticipated occurrences, have not happened already, like many of us expected them to. We have also noticed how immediately discredited, recent smaller false flags have been, at least as far as those of us not getting our news entirely from the crass media are concerned. This also emphatically implies that those in positions of power and influence around the world, are also increasingly aware of what really happened. It is becoming more and more difficult for the bad guys to effectively justify their actions. Occupy Wall Street is a global reaction to the result of our collective access to information. Given that this is an apocalypse, that is going to increase and increase. Our awareness of what the world is engaged in and our awareness of our own inner workings and composition, are going to be in simultaneous operation; whether you like it or not. It's better to embrace that with ardor and gratitude, cause it's coming no matter what and it is already in process inexorably.

This is the difference between ease and difficulty and the reason we have difficulty changing ourselves, is because of our level of commitment. It's not just that our circumstances become difficult, it is that we are resistant to the very thing we are attempting to accomplish. This is because the subconscious has its own take on things that the conscious mind is unaware of and that is who needs to be impressed in order to achieve effective change. There are timeless and ancient ways to make your subconscious your best friend, instead of your most consistent enemy. As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

The world leaders and the bankers and all of their underlings and operatives, also came here for this period to play their roles. This got chosen for them based on previous behaviors. Your position in the mix is also dependent on that. Wake up and smell the bodies burning. What are they burning with? Desire; the quality of which determines the amount of smoke in your mirror. This is one of the major keys of existence. Buddha said, “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire”. Desire is also the agent of cosmic will. Friend? Enemy? It's your call. If you can't resolve this personal matter, you will be unsuccessful at everything outside of you, or partially successful due to the inconsistency of your effort, by degrees expressed in results.

What is extant in Israel and within the minds of her 'conspirators' around the world, is a unique capacity to accomplish certain things based on an ancient understanding of how the world works, which is the key to manipulating it. Just because you don't see it, which is the purpose to begin with, unless you have those special sunglasses, doesn't mean it isn't in full time operation. As the song says, “What's puzzlin you is the nature of my game”. You get born as a member of one group or another and certain abilities are inherent. How they are put to use is another thing and it is why I don't wholesale groups of people. It stands to reason that in the Kali Yuga the percentages in all groups would slant toward the negative depending on 'the degree' of their innate focus on the material world.

Because of this you can say with uncomfortable assurance that someone is out to get you and because of one's own internal confusions, the critical truth that someone very much wants to help you gets missed. Because of the times and because of intrinsic human nature, we tend to see the negative first, which is why we so often miss the windows of opportunity. When you begin to learn to look at every problem as an opportunity for gain of some order, you have arrived somewhere that we all really want to be. It's as simple as understanding the potentially amicable relationship between your two parts.

Let me get back to that practice of ancient arts by the enemy upon your perception of the world. Right now, subliminal advertising is going on everywhere any of us may happen to be, in the world of artifice; cities, towns, living rooms and sundry. These applied magics can work in two ways, so there are good guys and bad guys, but this is the Kali Yuga and so naturally most of the time, all we see are the bad guys and this leads to us often labeling the good guys as bad guys. This is a set trap, or, think of it as a minefield and each wrong step leading to an explosion of confusion. You wouldn't be confused if there wasn't so much smoke being generated by your desire body, which is being consciously manipulated by applied magics. This is why historical revisionism and fabrication are so important. This is why telling you what is bad for you is good for you is important. This is why healing is not the primary consideration of allopathic medicine. This is why war is presented under the guise of patriotism and legitimate threat, when it's nothing more than a business modality.

The problem with our situation and the difficulty of change, is all based on our personal investments and belief structure concerning what we want and who we think we are; “better the devil you know”, so to speak. Nothing is more dangerous and inconvenient to the goals and desires of those manipulating us than a simple awareness of how things really are. This negates the influence. You don't even, necessarily have to do anything, all you have to do is be aware. That is the intention of The Apocalypse and why it is your friend, unless you are working against the interests of humanity and then, then it is definitely not your friend and why it has an ominous tang to it. You should not have this sensation. You should look at it as a reunion with a long absent loved one. The cosmos is positively operative on your behalf if you are operative on its behalf and what goes around comes around.

Consider the line from Alice in Wonderland, “You're nothing but a pack of cards”. That is relevant and powerful as an observation and an awareness. It's the difference between realizing you are dealing only with a shadow and not substance. Fear is what makes a shadow larger than the thing that casts it and fear originates from confusion in this case. I think we've covered enough ground for the moment. It's a beautiful day outside today and perfect for a walk with the dogs in Nature.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Trivialization of the Wasted Mind

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(I started another Petri Dish 3 days ago, by this time it seems I should begin another; the mind moves on and it wasn't all that good anyway (grin))

Let's talk about the trivialization of modern life and what it results in; results that are horrific beyond imagining in some cases. Let us consider that those under the spell of the trivial and superficial are only a short walk off a busted pier into psychopathy. My suspicion is that the reader will be able to make this great cognitive leap on their own to see the implications and possibilities unsaid. If not it will probably get discussed here or in the comments section.

Today (and on many days) while driving to an appointment and back (or somewhere), I was struck again by the amount of people walking around with a cellphone in their ear. Not so many years ago there were no cellphones. What did people do then, play pocket pool? You can't drive by a bus kiosk without spotting a gaggle of teenage girls, thumb shagging their cellphones, while bouncing one knee over the other in a combined cyborg masturbation event. The phone isn't imbedded in their head yet, like something out of a Hellraiser sequel but it will be, count on that. With very few exceptions I'm on the phone long enough to take care of whatever business got me there and then it's Hi yo Cisco!

With alarming frequency, 'for those so engaged', you hear about this fellow or that lady stepping off the sidewalk with their earbuds in place and getting transubstantiated into a composting potential. I don't know if transubstantiation works in reverse but just about everything else does so, I suppose you can turn gold into shit as well. This happens to people driving too, when the music, earbudded or speaker rendered, drowns out the sound of car horns, human screams and certainly farts that may take place inside the auto but this does not affect the smell. There's a message to be had here and once again I trust the reader to make that great cognitive leap.

People play video games on their phones and computers and arcade machines and this is accelerating exponentially so that for many people it's all there is to life and most of the video games have to do with killing people, creatures, whatever. Some portion of these people go on to be drone operators, while themselves being drones of a type. When you kill someone on a screen it isn't real but something is, though it may have been lost in the translation and experience a long time ago.

Porn and the engagement with it is so widespread at every level of society that most people would be awed by the pervasiveness of it, that is, if they weren't watching it themselves, which they probably are and therefore- and there's another message here- wouldn't be that aware of other people doing it. I like the human form and can imagine appreciating an artful rendering of an ancient practice but what porn I have seen in former times is banal, perfunctory, gross and poorly performed. Why? Because it is a trivialization of something that can't be really enjoyed because some part of ourselves knows about the sacred mystery of the whole affair. A great many people don't have much awareness of this, except for the guilt, which is how the subconscious reacts to the trivialization of this ancient and beautiful art. Insecurity in the performance, premature ejaculation, the inability to kiss and so many features of this unfathomably intricate and yet stunningly simple process, all come out of the trivialization of it, which might have come about due to desire instead of love but if you can't master your horse, that is what you are going to get as well as all of those other things that happen when you and your horse are not effectively communicating. Some may dispute some portions of what I just wrote but that is because I don't have the time and space to get more deeply into many of these things or I would be writing for a long, long time and it wouldn't be a blog posting in any case; would it?

Trivialization and being desensitized have a symbiotic relationship, once again something is moving in reverse. Both of them are two of the main conditions of our time. Human life is cheap and we've become desensitized to that. Sex has more to do with dominance and manipulation than whatever the heck it might have once been a medium for. This extends into every other area of life. What else accompanies all of this? Bad diet does. Next time you have rusting contacts on your car battery, pour some Coca Cola on it. I won't go near commercial soft drinks and you shouldn't either, especially now that it comes in those plastic bottles. This is the number one cause of the negative feminization of the male principle. This shit messes up your hormones. I'm not sure you can make new hormones but then again, you can just step on her foot.

Trivialization and desensitization make it possible to not give a damn about other people dying for the forces of the marketplace. They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of. I suspect that if things were allowed to continue as they do, you could see a human being drop down onto all fours in the space of a lifetime. It's one of the things to also keep in mind if you are what you eat and you consider reincarnation. Does this mean I might come back as vegetable? It doesn't work like that but otherwise it does and it's something to keep in mind when you feed on the direct next or previous life form. The food of the gods is what the person becoming one has for lunch and dinner.

These things also lead to not giving a shit about how you affect other people and why shoving, pushing and panic are epidemic. While I'm on the subject from several angles, let me say that I have no prejudice about people with extra weight. I've known heavy people who move like a dancer and whose energy is not compromised by it, nor is their attitude. When I talk about obesity in the occasional humorous way (although some might not be laughing) it has to do with contemporary indulgences that are ubiquitous and it's no surprise that Mississippi and Alabama are numbers two and one respectively. I can't explicate and apologize in every post for lack of comprehension on the readers part, or lack of detail and fuller explanation on the writers part. However, let me say that I don't really mean to hurt people's feeling unless a transforming motivation is the result. Anyway, enough of that. I'm trying as best I can.

I don't wear jewelry. I try not to eat bad food and the only time I have a cellphone is where I live when there is no phone due to the extreme financial slamming I take there. I try across the board not to engage in any of the things mentioned and many not mentioned here today. I know this is the case with many of the readers too. In a connected digression I must say it is odd to hear from so many readers how they don't have the pocket change to buy my book. I'm talking about twenty people or more and how many didn't write in to tell me this? I'm not trolling for bread or the book either. By now the majority of the readers know where I'm coming from. I'm just surprised to hear it for myriad reasons, which I once again expect the reader to make the cognitive jump for the understanding of. I am sorry for those readers, the good news though is that we gave away half of the book and if you come around here on a regular basis you pretty much get whatever the book had to say.

Many of you need to become more prosperity conscious. I'm not talking about chanting for a new car or excessive possession of the very type being presently exemplified by the worst among us and proclaimed from pulpits of new age snake oil sales people in whatever version they may have which is directly linked to their own prosperity. I'm talking about an abiding confidence in the beneficence of the universe. You may not immediately see a connection between this latter part of the posting and the early part but it is there so make that cognitive leap.

Trivialization, desensitization and all of their bad relatives spells the death rattle of the culture; make no mistake about it. It is happening right in front of your eyes. What is not happening in front of your eyes are all the good things taking place off the radar, in the human heart for those open to it, in the dawning of the mind for those open to it and in some cases emergent in widespread movements, compromised and non compromised. So, we are seeing some of it but not what is also following in its footsteps. It is all collectively individual as well. The world is moving in two separate directions, passing each other by on their way to the bridge of destiny. The thing about the bridge of destiny is that it is reached on a winding road surrounded by dense forest and you don't see it until you are right on top of it. Ironically the sign that says, “bridge is out”, in the cases where it applies, is often obscured for some reason but the signs from earlier back down the way they came, were plain to be seen but obscured for other reasons having to do with powers of perception and the cloaking force of desire, depending on the level of purity and impurity demonstrated by the attendant smoke.

The trivia and banality of network TV needs no delineation or examples. The contents of the general conversation require none either. The tightening of the screws of endless laws prohibiting free speech, behavior and thought itself, is apparent and directly tied to these concerns as well; make the cognitive leap. The Dead Sea salt beauty care manufacturers are deeply employed in all of these things, while carrying out production in Palestine and pretending otherwise, while also pretending to be those people and there's very little beauty in any of it but a clear message for those not suffering from brain fog. We're all working for someone and you can track it back and up or down the line to specific forces that make the expression of what they represent, in archetypal essence, self evident, depending on whether any particular self is evident and depending on what is or is not mistaken for the self.

Leave good footprints and make them count; cave, cave deus videt. Know thyself and thou shalt no longer be trivial.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

The Uptown Pepperoni for your Pizza from Hell

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“Oh, a storm is threat'ning
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away

War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away”.

The dominoes are trembling. The politicians are dissembling. The bankers are coalescing. The people are emerging. The waters are surging. The impacted colon of a dense material culture is rumbling from the dietary obscenities of epidemic obesity and the double wide, sloth-mind of the TV watching potato heads are going to need two airline seats to fly out of something they have no intention of leaving. The cosmic mother is grieving for the Winnebago warriors with all four wheels trapped in the unmapped sands of the wrong road they got lost on. Cries of “Je suis perdu” are alerting the predators waiting on the results of fatigue and hunger to do their work. Khadaffi was a hero and Netanyahu is a jerk.

Billionaires are lying and used condoms are drying on the media washlines like latex jerky; Rocky Mountain hiking treats for the monsters running into the wild of their hidden fortresses to be surrounded by Nature who despises them. Where did all these ZioNazis get the money from? They got it from you because you let them whip your appetites and delusions into the fecal Dairy Queen soft ice cream cones you’ve acquired the taste for. It’s all good to the last drop and the last thing to drop is you.

Weird shit has become the order of the day; the house special of the Kali Yuga age. You want flies with that? What else is going on? What other mad, strange exhaust fume highs are fueling the dark behaviors of poisoned men and women, doing the demon tango behind closed doors? We can only imagine and hope not to. How crazy are they? The evidence is in front of you everywhere. They press and press onward into a greater and more uniformed darkness. The transparent lies continue, only occasionally accompanied by the names of authors, because most of the lies are written by shills from the Gollum nation of Israel. Reuters and AP are warehousing factories of nothing but lies for the mass ranks of the sleeping people tossing in fear and nightmare on their burning beds. Wake up you sleepyheads, wake up!

Everywhere you look the information tells the tale. The moment approaches. The cosmic Sarajevo awaits and Arch Duke Ferdinand stands in the crosshairs of destiny in spades. Fort Sumter is in barricade like David Koresh surrounded by propane tanks and thirteen year old girls. Janet Reno has morphed into Janet Napolitano groping children for pornographic effect. Butch Napolitano and John Pistole are raping the people with hungry hands. The back story on Napolitano is revealing in heavy, innuendo dripping with irony. Does it matter what she is Behind the Green Door? Does Pistole’s name imply the same? It’s a murder of crows on a crumbling highway lined with corpses, Budweiser beer cans and McDonald’s Styrofoam containers blowing in the wind, with Bob Dylan missing because the angels left his head. He’s at a fashion show with Paul McCartney counting their bread. There are armies marching, I can hear the footsteps. I cannot see the insignia. I don’t know who they work for and neither do they.

You can see what has been and what is to be, if you have the time to study the process and progression of long term satanic intention. Who has the time when you are running out of time? Who has the time when you are running in place? You are the faceless consumers of trivia and superficial crap. You are a disgrace and an embarrassment to your promise and potential. What is coming for you is not incidental.

The forces of the underworld are massing in the side streets with their black bloc instigators, seeking to kill the uprising of the small mass awakening of the few who occupy the parks, hoping the world will see and hear them over the roar of the Jerry Springer show they inhabit, to the distress of their better angels. It is a time of darkness. It is a time of unfortunate sleep. It is a time of denial and refusal to see what might prove to be their salvation from the coming tribulation. It is a time of dense blindfolds and digital cattle prods. It is a time of running panic when the transformation and transition knocks upon their door. It is a time of who am I and what did I come here for, only too few are asking and too few even care. It is a time of wonder and confusion. What is here and where is there?

Quo Vadis America? Quo Vadis Europe and The West. The drug lords are a Coca Cola plant in Tijuana and the White House is a subsidiary of Taco Bell. You can tell what’s cooking in the salmonella kitchens by walking around back and standing by the vents. You can tell it by the smell. It’s the end result of what we wanted, the mystery meat from the flaming dumpsters. We’ve sliced the pig nostrils really thin. It’s that proscuitto from the hog lagoons of Italy and North Carolina. It’s the uptown pepperoni for your pizza from Hell. It’s the antipasto from Purgatory. It’s the Rockefeller oysters wrapped in the flesh of our animal god; the totem animal of our times and the mask upon our humanity in this Animal Farm where life imitates art. It’s that bang that ends with a whimper. It’s the wind tunnels of shaping plastic. It’s not an air kiss, it’s a fart.

Somewhere Cool Hand Luke is cutting the heads off of parking meters with no failure to communicate. Somewhere the time holes are opening in the real life Time Bandits sequel and someone has the map. The Supreme Being is getting ready to gather up the evil and the toaster oven is going to explode in the hands of the clueless parents who will touch it anyway. The moment it goes off the blender will start working again. Somewhere, like right here, it is still to have and have not and somewhere the enduring among us asks “Is that all you got”? Somewhere Lon Chaney is going to get his hands on Dick Cheney. Somewhere the Bush’s will be burning and a thundering voice will speak from the flames. Somewhere John the Baptist gets his head back and Salome will be returned to the dark streets, blowing sailors for small change. Somewhere the sages are communing on a distant mountain range. Somewhere Love lies bleeding from the wounded hearts of the few. That true suffering and sorrow is our redemption and the substance of the Holy Grail.

Longing and desire never end. It’s what we long for that marks our fate. It is our capacity to turn down the flame into a blue white concentration of our essential nature and reveal the cornucopia of good things beyond imagining. It is where the windows of heaven open and pour out a blessing too big for you to receive; the memory of a quote from the last book of The Old Testament for those who are into that kind of thing.

We have come to the precipice, surrounded by the edifice of Ozymandias. We are in the returning wreckage of the Colossus of Rhodes. We are the lost ashes of the burning of the library of Alexandria, reforming by invisible decree. We are the prophecy of the long forgotten, you and me.

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