Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hermit Crabs of Leviathan

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today is the yearly high mass, the holiest day of the year, in which they celebrate everything that is wrong with everything. Today they celebrate the cause and effect of the thing that hasn't swallowed us yet. Today they tramp through the glitter pool swamps. The shining confetti of shredded dreams, swirls in the air like the trembling invisible wake of departing ghosts. The tattered wraiths are blown back and forth over the display cases and into the food courts by the winds of a fierce hunger, to own and possess glimmering, airbrushed shit, the metaphorical fired bricks that wall us into the darkness with our cask of Amontillado. Drunk on the wine of folly and ignorance we will see the light no more. We did not see the light to begin with.

Tractor trailer, sloth junkies are motoring down the wide lanes of stuffed animals and transformer gods in search of Meagan Fox's sex appeal; whoops, she called Michael Bay, Hitler. She'll have to move on to another kind of hard faced porn, pole dancing like Demi Moore back to the future, chased down the endless narrow corridors by the lines on her face, like the character in the Edvard Munch painting. The manikins are weeping tears as if they were plaster saints in a Central American cathedral. You should only look that good and that's the point. The forever Botoxed icons which never age; a single expression of timeless indifference on their faces. You know you want to take her home with you and you don't mind buying the outfit she's wearing if that's the cost of the affair. Later you can cross dress to your hearts content and satisfy yourself with the mail order implement, looking for the signs of life and arousal in the sightless eyes. You know she's in there. You know he's in there and you know you're definitely in there somewhere.

Huge and heavy bodied bankers hang like massive anchors and millstones around your neck. These are the hermit crabs of Leviathan. These are the carpet bagging, vampires booked through to Brazil. They'll be dancing in Rio this winter but for now you're inflamed with manikin love. Two very different things will put the roses in your cheeks. It's one thing for you and another for the bankers. T.S. Eliot was a banker, lest we lose perspective on the mysterious origins of art.

Modern life has been mined with glue boards. Marley's chains are rattling down the boulevard. The heat is rising from the press of bodies and spontaneous combustion is a real concern. The regulating thermostat is broken and the material fire cannot be contained. It's like time pressed together by fantastic force; flames and smoke and it's all a joke.

Black Friday is here. The slow and weak are trampled into a Starbucks confection beneath the feet of dangerous and deranged shoppers, all Hell has broken loose. You want to be wider than a wide screen at Best Buy. You want to be heavier than a piano as you part the crowds like a Spanish galleon. It's Totie Fields as the figurehead on the prow of the ship and you're plugged in to her Twitter feed. You've got everything you need. The bankers and the merchants and the media of greed have gathered in the vestibule with cattle prods and guns. You're tin ducks in the carnival... clink clink... clink clink, clink clink. You can't pronounce phrontistery, you've forgotten how to think.

Wide jaws baby, wide jaws for the monsters of appetite. Open up and swallow your face. Did the manikin just blink? It's going to get ugly pretty soon and beautiful, in strange remote places, where they don't put umbrellas in your drink. It's a mathematical certainty. These are the simple laws of physics that are now as mysterious as a Geisha's eyes. It's what happens when you can't tell Aristotle from Johnny Walker on a bottle. They're both philosophers after all. What difference does it make? That's the mantra of the age; 'what difference does it make' and 'it don't matter to me'. Somehow you got the idea that if it is there it must be authentic and real. All these cities and lights are too powerful to deny. That's real concrete under your feet. People in uniforms are directing traffic. The check out girl is wearing a name tag. The contracts are filled with official terms. Why would anyone lie? They're wearing suits for Christ's sake. They got expensive furniture. Look at that potted plant. It's real. Nothing beats the convincing truth of a corner office and wall to wall windows. If you're buying, I'm selling. We're all alchemists here. I can turn the ink of a Mount Blanc pen into blood on the floor of The Congo. I can make a phone call and kill ten thousand people, halfway around the world ...and still be home in time for dinner.

Thanks fucking giving has turned into thanks fucking buying of crap with no value for people with no taste. Life is a Coca Cola enema and now you've got a carbonated erection with no time delay, in a free fall, time lapse world. Time to go and hump something till it screams out your name. Real passion is top dog power and kitten submission in a death tango. If you can't master yourself, you can definitely do the next best thing and master someone else. You can set the traps for terminal seduction and jackhammer the bitch into giving up her secrets and then, yeah, then you can build that shining city on the hill, surrounded by an endless landfill of all the junk you bought on Black Friday that wound up there on forgotten Monday.

The hermit crabs of Leviathan are closing in. Their mandibles are clicking, while your kids are tricking for Jerry Sandusky and Jeffrey Epstein. The latter is home free and the former looks like toast, maybe it has something to do with genetics and certain bloodlines with the right hocus pocus. Here at home base central, all we want to do is piss off the language police and the brute force mathematicians, who can expand will o' the wisp numbers, while reducing them on the entrance signs to sardonic theme parks and populate the world, with endless ranks of survivors, from bloody cluster fucks that they authored so that they can stand there with their hands out, while guilt tripping people so incredibly stupid that they can hardly manage to go to the bathroom without an attendant. All this gets accomplished, while the population figures show an increase over the questionable time period. I think it's about time for me to start doing infomercials. I deserve a condo on the beach, just for having escaped the iron maiden of self deception as a defense against my own survival; while you are dead on arrival.

Later on next month when you are laid back in your lounging chair, with those dreams of sugar plums and your Kim Kardashian blow up doll nestled in the hollow of your arm, you can reflect on how life is good and 'it doesn't get any better than this'. Never mind the cold winds of January that herald the approach of inescapable doom. Come February you'll be out on an empty sidewalk, pimping the Kim doll for a McDonald's breakfast with a 'will fuck for food' sign around her neck, like something out of “The Search for One-Eye Jimmy”. Of course you're hungry. You're eating for two.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber; the even more watered down versions of Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake are what you get, along with Lil' Kim and P. Diddy. They are the official Olympic recording artists for your apocalyptic shuffle into an unmarked grave. Lady Gaga is Mother Mary transformed into The Whore of Babylon with crotchless panties. Not only can you bang the mother of god but she swallows too. She's going to swallow the whole world through her gaping maw. You get what you turned it into. You get what you turned it into. You get what you turned it into. If you turn a house cat into a man eating tiger, or a plowshare into a Glock 9 then you know what's on the menu come feeding time. That's okay, real men don't care and real women are already with someone else.

Tell me people, what does it look like? What does this world you manifested out of low end desires look like? Speculate with me where you think something like this ends up. Where do cheap toys go? What happens in places where life is cheap? You want mass destruction? I can get it for you wholesale; cheaper than stolen. They're wearing that t-shirt that says “Trust me” on the front and “hasta la vista” on the back. But you're down with that.

Of course you need Prozac and liquor in an industrial drum. Of course you need deodorants and perfumes. Your diet sees to that. It's a tragic irony that in the time where you most need to wake up, you most want to go to sleep, so you don't have to see any more. That's not a blind man (speaking of irony) tapping his stick. That's Mr. Apocalypse and he's putting on the Ritz, with the Wakey, Wakey Truth Machine. That's the unfortunate thing about the truth. It will wake you up, as all of us have seen at one time or another. You can lie to others but it is imperative that you are honest with yourself. The relative degree of potential harm between the two is substantial.

It doesn't matter what others do. It does matter what you do, in terms of the result. It doesn't matter what others think. It does matter what you think. It doesn't matter what others say but it does matter what you say because you are the only one walking in your shoes and your shoes are magnetized by your thoughts and words and deeds. They take you from one train to another. Some people reverse their directions after a long way down the wrong road. It happens. Transformation can come in the blink of an eye, once the eye has opened and can actually see.

Some windy mindless night
the splintered streetlamps glow
will shine and light our faces in some
very awkward places
...if I were free to action
and you were free to stay
we'd climb some lofty mountain
and blow the world away.

End Transmission.......

By the way, "The Search for One Eye Jimmy" is a classic of cinema verite.


Turtle JaMMin' said...

Holy Shit!!

this is hardcore bro

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Outstanding!!! So far beyond everyone else living and dead that you can't see them from here. They're going to rebuild the library at Alexandria just to host your work.


John C (UK) said...

I know, it's coming and there is fuck all I can do about it. I am trying to make peace with myself but it is harder than it sounds

Peter of Lone Tree said...


"Yes," I said, "for the love of God!"

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!! Tears my brother.... I was wet with tears. One just has to read this fast and furious, if you can see through the tears. Now that's what I call Friday-Fare. Thank you for that series of belly laughs!!!

Anonymous said...

John C (UK), Friday, November 25, 2011 2:44:00 PM
How do I make peace with myself

w/v lisin


Visible said...

For those looking to visit with us in the new year I would suggest contacting Amarynth through the website and letting her know of your intentions. They've found shared hotel type (I haven't got the details) rooms for 15 dollars a day and apartments for 400 a week, which I suppose more than one person could go in on. It appears a lot of things will be happening in January but I'll be in the area through February except for a trip to Panama sometime in between.

DaveS said...

Good feces!

Why buy their crap when you can collect all you want for free from the tank of a portable toilet?
Basically the same shit...

Peace and happy buy nothing day.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It really is that bad. Isn't it?

Most every high holiday a holocaust for the animals who shudder in extra sensory fear of what's coming for them, right on schedule.

The small talk of the humans, between soul killing bites, is of killing of another sort.

"Kill the idolators," chant the idolators.

And that they do.
And that they do..

I wonder if lemmings and bison and sheep and cows and pigs dream of humans?

I mean besides the nightmares..

John C (UK) said...


Acceptance of what is and has been

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Another cosmic rockin rant Judge Viz !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a departing blast from LV and antidote
for "Black Friday." No Im not going
shopping.... tried to get staples
at the supermarket that was closed
yesterday & the shelves were pretty damn bare..... just a preview of things to come on a daily basis.
Just a bunch of double wides in their XXXXL Dallas Cowboy tees saying "Oh them Cowboys, they pulled it off!" I hear beer and hotdogs are the only staples have haven't gone up 20% in price since last year.... gotta feed the bread and circenses.
Well thanks for the antidope to GF
afore you go "on the road". Happy Trails, altho I dont think we'll be having a very "happy new year."
wv: Lakeda

gurnygob said...

You’re on fire today Les. Shit you just set the world on fire with this one. (Pure genius.) Patrick will have a field day with this one, can’t wait.


kikz said...

well, it's pepper spray in wallyword, somewhere in the bowels of LA...

competitive shopping was the term used.

they still haven't found 'her' to arrest 'her'...

amarynth said...

Updates to Visible Visits now posted here. We don't want to clutter and de-focus the blogs with all the details.

If you register there in the community, make sure your email address is correct (you can fake all else) and you'll get email updates.

Come on down, bring instruments, bring yourself, bring a full and brimming heart and lets see what we see.

If there is anyone with extra cash that would like to sponsor someone for this event ... let us know. We have one sponsor already and we're grateful that one more person is able to come.

Anonymous said...

Already some hilarious youtubes up on the rampages of Good Flyday...or is it black flyday? Even drudge links to one of two women fighting over a $2 waffle maker, her pants are down and her double wide ass sticking out. lol
My son always watches these in Germany and thanks the good lard that he expatted from Amerikwah. Always a good laff for the Germans at the biergartens. So far no one seems to have died like the other year in the trampling, although some got peppersprayed. When things collapse big time, one better be lock and loaded.

est said...

jonathan swift
just threw
up his hands
decided to do nothing today
so that's exactly what i did

slept real late barely woke
hardly ate drank or smoked

did not buy nor did i sell
no eye of the needle or eternal hell

didn’t conceive a child today
nor plant a tree or act in a play

didn’t save the world in any way

except for the peace in my heart

Andjres said...

Reality is stranger than fiction:

"Witnesses described the frenzied scene to the Los Angeles Times, detailing how shoppers-gone-wild tore down video game displays, trampled merchandise and shoved each other for the deeply-discounted goods.

"People started screaming, pulling and pushing each other, and then the whole area filled up with pepper spray.

Anonymous said...

wow Les is magically Visible,
and wonderfully hot,
with Gratitude.

siamkatt said...

"Transformation can come in the blink of an eye, once the eye has opened and can actually see"

How true, to my mind the best part of the post Les. According to the laws of physics, a turnabout requires a force but well worth the effort. Well said (as usual)

Visible said...

I just thought I would ask if there are any travel agents out there who might be knowledgeable and would like to possibly help me out with some of the complications of my moving around to different locations across a time frame.

Anonymous said...

Les and Companeros

By all that is wholly. You sure can pick em, Les. Even the grouchiest Marxists hafta be a bit abashed by this now annual tradition of marching materialism on steroids and stiletto heels.

Shit. More than one noted psychological observer has equated this cornucopious cacophony of toys in the head accumulation mania as merely another form of anal retention ~~as if bigger and better and nicer and newer piles of shit wouldn't end up stinking the place in the end.

The now ancient adage of those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad has become so self-evidently obvious that even the totally afflicted should be able to see it ~ or at least suffer olfactory sensations akin to that night patrol in World War One, deep in no-man's land and ordered to dig in ~only to discover that their entrenchment tools were mostly hitting putrefying corpses.

Yes, the deathmachines are winding up their calliopes with dirges as the New World Order set their sights on Syria and Iran. the latest demonizations by the 'free press' and the mainscream media empires of Zion. Meanwhile, the mesmerized munchkins of the secured Homeland belch and fart from too much GMO turkey with all the cheap, corporate trimmins as they watch an off-side tackle of a Dallas Cowgirl by one of the armored myrmidons of militaristic corporativity celebrating the rites and rituals of the primary religion of the terminally bloated.

What does it matter when the foremost matters in life to the wage serfs and their overlords is this dog eat dog immersion in gluttony and the latterday reincarnations of gladiatorial spectacles in the Coliseum where the final score is Lions 15 Christians 0? Vendors of cheap wine and gaudy trinkets enjoy their field day as the thumbs go up or down and the spectacle quickens the total collapse of what is taken to be Imperial glory.

My Northwoods Thanksgiving dinner yesterday evening after a productive afternoon with chainsaw and wheelbarrow consisted of steamed winter squash (a hubbard varietal) over chunks of cheese and butter and topped with salt and balsamico. There are occasions where even one individual can strike a bit of a cosmic balance when massive multitudes go on a wingding. Call me a whiteman version of the Cheyenne Contrary if you will, but it felt good to be grateful to the production of my own garden and not to the endless chains of commerce unbridled.

Les, it would be nice to join you and the gang down south of the border, but somebody's gotta feed the cats n' dogs and keep the homefires burning as the Great White North asserts itself. After your few days off from the blog, you have returned in full thunder over these past couple days. It can only be imagined, or perhaps fantasized, what level you will have attained in your future emanations and sharings on this site. It's been one helluva trip getting turned on and inspired to add a bit to the badinage by reading your incredible musings.

Thanks for laying the literary foundations for the history of the denouement as to be established in the libraries of the Golden Age post Apocalypse. May your travels not be travails and may you be meted your fair share of meetings of the minds during the fast approaching season of wintering in Meso America. Avatar.


William Freeman said...

Jesus, where do you get this stuff from, Les?
You frighten me sometimes.
The more you write the more I think "that's Mr. Apocalypse and he's putting on the Ritz, with the Wakey, Wakey Truth Machine"....and he means me. Yes, deservedly so.
Compared to this....yes, I'm still asleep.
Fucking hell.
You are THE poet.


William Freeman

lightandlongshadows said...

I'm uncertain whether I'm laughing because I'm crying or crying because I'm matter. Mostly a deep sense of relief has set in with the knowing that "this too shall pass". This absurd fever will break soon enough. The only desire i have at the moment is to become as quiet and still as possible. The louder the cacophony grows outside, the louder the call for harmony becomes inside.
bliss all

Anonymous said...

Truth is paramount. One thing that was branded into my head and heart growing up as a Seventh Day Adventist was that one could never lie. So when I was "put on trial" for accusations of using drugs I just told the truth to them yes I used drugs and got insights, used psychedelics. I was thrown out ("disfellowshipped") at 20yo for drugs and living in sin. They were yammering about how Satan was whispering in my ear but I said to them, "Satan doesn't yammer about love and unity and peace, he just
doesn't do that."
Psychedelics taught me that well, yes, SDA and Muslims and Catholics can mean very well, but they just... can't SEE. If only they could see! Being thrown out of an authoritarian Xtian sect was the best thing that ever happened to me though... I was able to grow, evolve. They should read their bibles and korans more carefully and would see they are way off course.
But give SDA their due. Most will refuse draft and killing. Most were medics who were drafted in WW2.
Like Quakers, they take the commandments seriously.
Check out Buddhist "Right Livelihood" (samyag-ajiva, eight fold path) on the five types of business you should avoid:
1)Business in weapons that kill.
2)Business in human beings (child slavery, prostitution)
3)Business in meat.
4)Business in intoxicants.
5)Business in poisons (trading
in toxic products that kill.)

Anonymous said...

yes sir lord visibles,and thankyou mr appocalypse.....and am sorry.......
I have been in a sort of buying delirium zombified hell myself over the last few weeks,i have undertaken the task to build a camper with probably not enough money or time to do it in,,after spending evenings wondering what the hell i am going to do it is now eventually coming together fortunately have nearly finished buying things as this passtime definately leaves me in a zombified hellish sort of state for a while .....
so let me say to anyone else going on extreme buying things sessions with not enough money,and to many other things to do,its boring unconvincing and its crap,,,,
your time would be better spent following along on the path of the great gypsy caravan of truth with mr appocolypse and his wonderous flying truths weaving in all directions ,,this would be a far better pursuit.....

once again thankyou mr appocolypse and to you lord visibles

respects and gratitudes...neil

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,
You Sir, are the cat's meow and the dog's woof.
Yesterday I stated to my family members...."Happy Fucking Thanksgiving..A day on which we celebrate the theft of land and genocide of 56 million native Americans".
The way that you can lay this stuff out and verbalize my exact feelings is awesome beyond measure. I sometimes feel I would go crazy without your voice of reason in my ear. What really get's me is the knowledge of the place of love all these violent words come from.
My gratitude....Mr Visible.


Anonymous said...

and to any bewildered university student unemployed person or nomadic type individual,basicly anyone really,.....
i will soon be doing a course of how to turn an old van into a five star studio flat with real battery lighting and also water in bags running water system
with real lighter socket electrics aswell
also with this free course you would be getting the how to get round europe on basicly no money at all
trail aswell,

thankyou again mr appoccolypse

grattitude and respect...neil

Alpha Silex said...

That was awesome. Didn't get to read yesterday's post until later last night and as usual, was blown away how close it sounded to discussions I've had with some random, decent people I came across while traveling the last two days. I was out of town to see Chris Cornell's acoustic show which was great. Excellent pieces of writing and much thanks.

Anonymous said...

old wise elder flower
birds and the loaves
skylarks and butterflys
wind of the toes
clothing of purpose
deep deep inside
springtime and summer
earth and sunrise
sky hearted virtue
gratitude deep respect
the great great all things
energizing effects
in essence of positive
sail to the moon
where the star river
the mighty truths bloom


Anonymous said...

am sorry to mr apocalypse for spelling his name wrong so many times.....


Anonymous said...

I been standing at the crossroads of Armageddon and Shamballah, waiting for the thrilling conclusion of this slow-motion train wreck for nigh onto 41 years now. Just like a stumblebum drunk, flailing off balance, the fruitless attempt to avoid the inevitable only makes the final fall harder. All things must pass, eh? Only, please survival supplies will outdate soon and I'm well past tired with my day job. Klaatu Barata Nicto; In Flagrante Delicto or for our friends in Japan: "Glow Now, Pray Later!" Prepare for Assimilation!!!

Anonymous said...

streams of trinkets
waves of fair
meadow essence
hold of care
lighted pathway
streak of truth
blooming flower
note of flute
sweeping forwards
rolling by
dynamic strand
reach of sky
binding eachway
round and through
the heart of earth
deep in you


Anonymous said...

It is getting weird L. Just read an article about J.Liebermann wanting to add a terrorist detector button (?) to blogger and another article about a woman pepper spraying fellow shoppers at a China Mart in the People's Republik of Kalifornia to keep them from the video games. I got a giftcard for China mart on Thanksgrifting eve and used it for gas the parking lot was totally full. The temples of consumerism are bustling but don't tell the rugged inviduals that consumers don't have any rights.

Anonymous said...

As I said yesterday, I am grateful to not be in the USofOz. It certainly is no "heaven" here but we don't have Thanksgiving or Black Friday. A few of my children spent some time in Amerika but only one is left because they couldn't stand the materialism and the school system... The one left is just waiting for his wife to open her eyes. Wish him luck.

Love from Lebanon where

Anonymous said...

They could be giving that imported shit away and I wouldn't be there. The imported emerald ash borer is keepin my chainsaw and I mighty busy. The forest doesn't look the same without the trees...
Peace from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

That was great, thank you.

The only thing I acquired today was a perfectly good bicycle thrown like trash into a ditch. It's a Murray Ultra Terrain, probably of big box store origin. Some wheel truing and one shifter replacement should get it back on the road. Peculiar synchronicity to get something free on this day of infernally induced commerce. I thank God for separating me from the idolatry and giving me a nice gift to hone my bicycle repair skills on.

Anonymous said...

my problem with you Visible, is that I understand what you are saying. Wish it wasn't so, but the ride sure has it's moments, no?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"Roger Anthony, 61, died after an officer blasted him with a stun gun as he rode home on his bicycle." Yet another reason to avoid overamplified music and protect my hearing. I'm already partially deaf. There but for the grace of God go I.

Anonymous said...



Rabbit said...

Definately outstanding. ......

I kept having to stop and examine my head to make sure I was not tripping. I'd like to see you top this effort. Not that I'll be surprised, nothing surprises me anymore. Well said Les.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

simply at your best.

cinema verite deined as
"a technique of documentary filmmaking in which the camera records actual persons and events without directorial control: introduced in France in the 1950s."

sounds like real life, except for the directorial control (grin).

looking at the imdb comments, One Eyed Jimmy is love it or hate it affair. like life.

wv: refcjcp. this one forces me to observe the Sabbatical Sunday. pass

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Zombie Children from Dead Weight City.

Anonymous said...

"Later on next month when you are laid back in your lounging chair, with those dreams of sugar plums and your Kim Kardashian blow up doll nestled in the hollow of your arm, you can reflect on how life is good and 'it doesn't get any better than this'. Never mind the cold winds of January that herald the approach of inescapable doom. Come February you'll be out on an empty sidewalk, pimping the Kim doll for a McDonald's breakfast with a 'will fuck for food' sign around her neck"
LMAO, thank you Vis.

Visible said...

It's a fantastic movie, one of the funniest I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Wow and Wow! You have put the feeling that I have had since the beginning of the year into words. I thought it was over when my 16 year old daughter passed in April by her own hand. However with the way things are going I am beginning to think she really knew what was coming for the rest of us. You hit the nail on the head.

fjb said...

brilliance, pure brilliance...

Susan said...

you certainly outdid yourself with this one. Holy cow!! The truth and your insight are shining brightly. Thank you for keeping with writing this great poetry. It is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

This was yet again another nice post. How many farewells ya gonna make? I am glad you're still around, because I gotta be honest. My wife passed away on Nov. 3rd and after a two week drunk of jack daniels and jim beam and johnny walker, I sobered up enough to quit crying and went to a couple of your posts. They seemed to be speaking to me and truly helped me out. Thanks again Vis. You're doing a fine job and I for one, am a big fan. over and out. ....Jimmy

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Jimmy….

I feel your pain…. Fuck the rest....face down drunk in your own puke bubble is really the appropriate response to finding one self in this age in time and on a fucked up planet like this one.


Rick S said...

Man invents time
creates the future
and in preparation
dies in the present

Yikes, did I say that?



Joseph Brenner

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