Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Trivialization of the Wasted Mind

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I started another Petri Dish 3 days ago, by this time it seems I should begin another; the mind moves on and it wasn't all that good anyway (grin))

Let's talk about the trivialization of modern life and what it results in; results that are horrific beyond imagining in some cases. Let us consider that those under the spell of the trivial and superficial are only a short walk off a busted pier into psychopathy. My suspicion is that the reader will be able to make this great cognitive leap on their own to see the implications and possibilities unsaid. If not it will probably get discussed here or in the comments section.

Today (and on many days) while driving to an appointment and back (or somewhere), I was struck again by the amount of people walking around with a cellphone in their ear. Not so many years ago there were no cellphones. What did people do then, play pocket pool? You can't drive by a bus kiosk without spotting a gaggle of teenage girls, thumb shagging their cellphones, while bouncing one knee over the other in a combined cyborg masturbation event. The phone isn't imbedded in their head yet, like something out of a Hellraiser sequel but it will be, count on that. With very few exceptions I'm on the phone long enough to take care of whatever business got me there and then it's Hi yo Cisco!

With alarming frequency, 'for those so engaged', you hear about this fellow or that lady stepping off the sidewalk with their earbuds in place and getting transubstantiated into a composting potential. I don't know if transubstantiation works in reverse but just about everything else does so, I suppose you can turn gold into shit as well. This happens to people driving too, when the music, earbudded or speaker rendered, drowns out the sound of car horns, human screams and certainly farts that may take place inside the auto but this does not affect the smell. There's a message to be had here and once again I trust the reader to make that great cognitive leap.

People play video games on their phones and computers and arcade machines and this is accelerating exponentially so that for many people it's all there is to life and most of the video games have to do with killing people, creatures, whatever. Some portion of these people go on to be drone operators, while themselves being drones of a type. When you kill someone on a screen it isn't real but something is, though it may have been lost in the translation and experience a long time ago.

Porn and the engagement with it is so widespread at every level of society that most people would be awed by the pervasiveness of it, that is, if they weren't watching it themselves, which they probably are and therefore- and there's another message here- wouldn't be that aware of other people doing it. I like the human form and can imagine appreciating an artful rendering of an ancient practice but what porn I have seen in former times is banal, perfunctory, gross and poorly performed. Why? Because it is a trivialization of something that can't be really enjoyed because some part of ourselves knows about the sacred mystery of the whole affair. A great many people don't have much awareness of this, except for the guilt, which is how the subconscious reacts to the trivialization of this ancient and beautiful art. Insecurity in the performance, premature ejaculation, the inability to kiss and so many features of this unfathomably intricate and yet stunningly simple process, all come out of the trivialization of it, which might have come about due to desire instead of love but if you can't master your horse, that is what you are going to get as well as all of those other things that happen when you and your horse are not effectively communicating. Some may dispute some portions of what I just wrote but that is because I don't have the time and space to get more deeply into many of these things or I would be writing for a long, long time and it wouldn't be a blog posting in any case; would it?

Trivialization and being desensitized have a symbiotic relationship, once again something is moving in reverse. Both of them are two of the main conditions of our time. Human life is cheap and we've become desensitized to that. Sex has more to do with dominance and manipulation than whatever the heck it might have once been a medium for. This extends into every other area of life. What else accompanies all of this? Bad diet does. Next time you have rusting contacts on your car battery, pour some Coca Cola on it. I won't go near commercial soft drinks and you shouldn't either, especially now that it comes in those plastic bottles. This is the number one cause of the negative feminization of the male principle. This shit messes up your hormones. I'm not sure you can make new hormones but then again, you can just step on her foot.

Trivialization and desensitization make it possible to not give a damn about other people dying for the forces of the marketplace. They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of. I suspect that if things were allowed to continue as they do, you could see a human being drop down onto all fours in the space of a lifetime. It's one of the things to also keep in mind if you are what you eat and you consider reincarnation. Does this mean I might come back as vegetable? It doesn't work like that but otherwise it does and it's something to keep in mind when you feed on the direct next or previous life form. The food of the gods is what the person becoming one has for lunch and dinner.

These things also lead to not giving a shit about how you affect other people and why shoving, pushing and panic are epidemic. While I'm on the subject from several angles, let me say that I have no prejudice about people with extra weight. I've known heavy people who move like a dancer and whose energy is not compromised by it, nor is their attitude. When I talk about obesity in the occasional humorous way (although some might not be laughing) it has to do with contemporary indulgences that are ubiquitous and it's no surprise that Mississippi and Alabama are numbers two and one respectively. I can't explicate and apologize in every post for lack of comprehension on the readers part, or lack of detail and fuller explanation on the writers part. However, let me say that I don't really mean to hurt people's feeling unless a transforming motivation is the result. Anyway, enough of that. I'm trying as best I can.

I don't wear jewelry. I try not to eat bad food and the only time I have a cellphone is where I live when there is no phone due to the extreme financial slamming I take there. I try across the board not to engage in any of the things mentioned and many not mentioned here today. I know this is the case with many of the readers too. In a connected digression I must say it is odd to hear from so many readers how they don't have the pocket change to buy my book. I'm talking about twenty people or more and how many didn't write in to tell me this? I'm not trolling for bread or the book either. By now the majority of the readers know where I'm coming from. I'm just surprised to hear it for myriad reasons, which I once again expect the reader to make the cognitive jump for the understanding of. I am sorry for those readers, the good news though is that we gave away half of the book and if you come around here on a regular basis you pretty much get whatever the book had to say.

Many of you need to become more prosperity conscious. I'm not talking about chanting for a new car or excessive possession of the very type being presently exemplified by the worst among us and proclaimed from pulpits of new age snake oil sales people in whatever version they may have which is directly linked to their own prosperity. I'm talking about an abiding confidence in the beneficence of the universe. You may not immediately see a connection between this latter part of the posting and the early part but it is there so make that cognitive leap.

Trivialization, desensitization and all of their bad relatives spells the death rattle of the culture; make no mistake about it. It is happening right in front of your eyes. What is not happening in front of your eyes are all the good things taking place off the radar, in the human heart for those open to it, in the dawning of the mind for those open to it and in some cases emergent in widespread movements, compromised and non compromised. So, we are seeing some of it but not what is also following in its footsteps. It is all collectively individual as well. The world is moving in two separate directions, passing each other by on their way to the bridge of destiny. The thing about the bridge of destiny is that it is reached on a winding road surrounded by dense forest and you don't see it until you are right on top of it. Ironically the sign that says, “bridge is out”, in the cases where it applies, is often obscured for some reason but the signs from earlier back down the way they came, were plain to be seen but obscured for other reasons having to do with powers of perception and the cloaking force of desire, depending on the level of purity and impurity demonstrated by the attendant smoke.

The trivia and banality of network TV needs no delineation or examples. The contents of the general conversation require none either. The tightening of the screws of endless laws prohibiting free speech, behavior and thought itself, is apparent and directly tied to these concerns as well; make the cognitive leap. The Dead Sea salt beauty care manufacturers are deeply employed in all of these things, while carrying out production in Palestine and pretending otherwise, while also pretending to be those people and there's very little beauty in any of it but a clear message for those not suffering from brain fog. We're all working for someone and you can track it back and up or down the line to specific forces that make the expression of what they represent, in archetypal essence, self evident, depending on whether any particular self is evident and depending on what is or is not mistaken for the self.

Leave good footprints and make them count; cave, cave deus videt. Know thyself and thou shalt no longer be trivial.

End Transmission.......

I never did mention that this weeks radio show is available for download. It is.


Anonymous said...

everyday i ride the bus to work surrounded by people earphones in jabbing at their phones no one is looking out the window at the world going by all self contained in their little solitary worlds as for people writing you that they can't afford $15 for your book ,really?most decent books here go for $50 upwards

DaveS said...

We are what we think we are, aren't we? And so many don't know what they are, they let their polluted media define who they are. Sad...

Keep on keepin' on. Your words are always worth reading, they flow and form ideas in ways I might not have noticed without your help.


Anonymous said...

It sure seems like a sick experiment. Even the deer are getting fat and slow with a belly full of round up corn. No need to chip us when most will pay to have their heads radiated and movements tracked. Plastic inside the cans instead of outside where they rust. The age of communication and so few saying anything worth hearing. Peace from Minnesota

Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks again Les
LLP xxx

amarynth said...

Thank-you again Visible. Good and solid stuff and I am in so much agreement about the food part of it. More or less the 'rule' that we follow - if it comes out of a can or a plastic bottle or a shrink wrapped package or a heat closed bag fried in rancid oil - don't buy it (excepting if it is good coffee!) In our house, we once bought a case of coke to clean the tiles in an outside verandah. It worked really good as a better alternative to an acid type cleaning thing.

This sentence here: "They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of. "

I don't get it - am I obtuse or is there a word missing?

Anonymous said...

5 billion cellular phones on the planet, according to latest estimates.

Cellphones are microwaving the brain tissues of billions of people on the planet. I use mine sparingly--the phone, that is.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thank you. Astounding as always. You are the literature of our age.

I would gladly buy a book (will someday). It is on my list. First, dentist.

It took me 16 years to be able to stop driving cars. I don't miss the damn things and rejoice in never having to talk to a mechanic. I gave up tobacco (scream); when I started smoking, a pack was twenty-four cents. I lived off the grid for seven years in a treehouse; very cool.

No cell phone, vegan, extreme poverty (but I am equipped to cope, so far).

Faith is my feast.


Machiventa Melchizedek

Visible said...

No words missing, I was playing with more interesting sentence structures-

"They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of."

There are no real limits of the degree of stupidity one can go to and by increments and of late we have been accomplishing it more rapidly; poetic license.


Madocello, I believe I misspelled your name recently, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

funny....i was just pondering a culture where people are more curious about anal sex than astral projection and then you wrote about it....

katz said...

Today, at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, we will have an emergency preparedness drill. Yes. I've just gotten a phone call about this, and was told not to panic, bc it is only a drill.

So, I'm going to be desensitized to an emergency siren and all the attendant notice that "Homeland Security" (and I use that term lightly) has to bring, especially considering the money spent (on the concept of a system where "Homeland" a term of art not American, can generate with American Tax Dollars).

Meanwhile, on 11/11/11, the Palestinians are going to be going up for a UN vote on their statehood. It seems to me that the US position that peace has to come from talks between Israel and the PA is totally desensitized to the various attacks on unarmed civilians and punitive measures used against unarmed people, who are now living in destitution.

How desensitized are we that we can allow any US official to pontificate with words signifying that the only peace has to come from the one state that is employing tactics that defy the 4th Geneva Conventions, and the ONE state in the ME which has nuclear arms, and refuses to allow any inspections or disclose what they have?

How desensitized are we that the US feels confident enough to liar, bald faced to the world, while the entire world knows it's a lie?

How many times do we have to endure another ridiculous position that defies logic, facts and is counter-productive to society, as a whole.

Whether it's first person shooter video games, or even just "Angry Birds" where you abuse small cartoon birds as the goal, you are desensitized.

The cows that try to sell you on chicken, rather than hamburgers are desensitizing you to the fact that chicken is also a sentient being.

It's the first part of a plan to do the unconscionable:
1. Desensitize the victim to the act/situation that you know is wrong, but want to impose.

DaveR said...

"They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of."

Canis Poetam, caveto!

Visible said...

And then there are the people looking to combine anal sex and astral projection.

You close your thighs, only for a moment and the moments gone.
All I do, doesn't mean a thing if I'm not doing you.
Lust in the wind. All we are is lust in the weeeeyyyyind.

Erik said...

Hmmm Vis,

"deus videt" ..why the third person, or is that trivial ...? (grin)

Neko Kinoshita said...

This would all be very interesting if I wasn’t too numb to care...

(I hope you guys know sarcasm when you see it.)


Anonymous said...


Reincarnation seems the cruelest trick of all. Returning to this realm without the benefit of your previous experience only to slog through a veritible mine field of lies, deceptions and traps. The seed of mankind thrown on barren rocks.

Generations of evil preceed us with a solid plan to engulf the innocent on arrival at the station. Tagged and processed at birth with the appropriate stickers and pedegree's. Dicks clipped. Tracking device installed. Even a certificate of ownership. Injected with mind dissolving vaccines at birth many don't see two years of age with an intact mind.

Evil triumphs over and over and over again. My heart is not satisfied insuring my own soul. There seems to be something very selfish about that. It's the I'm okay you're okay. I got mine baby. So many I love, so many so lost.

A miracle, blessing or curse to see beyond it all.

Something's very wrong on this level. Very wrong. I'm really mad at something. I vaguely know. These are just my feelings and they never go away. If I were the creator I'd ................................

Welcome to the farm boys and girls

God help us.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you might considering adding 'carpenter' to your identity, Les. You have nailed it again: The ultimate reality of contemporary Amerikkkan Kulchur: That arcane, inane and insane nexus between trivialization and desensitization.

A desensitized and trivialized macro-culture now being beamed and broadcast to the entire planet as something to be emulated. And it is. Busy fingers on the tiny key indicators; eyes enrapt with flickering images designed by the Tribal gestalt-descendants of Edward Bernays' mind-control successes, with whatever "merci, en passant" to Onkel Ziggy. No! Not Stardust. That one would be transcendental deformation in service of desensitization copulatively concupiscent with trivialization. They are of a piece, but not the peace up here between the trees of the Northwoods.

So where do we go with the arcane, inane and insane pairing of desensitization and trivialization? We should ask where these manias and mindless mesmerizations arise.

Desensitization is the easy one. Mind-control 101. Careful observers noted millennia ago that a subtle rearrangement of secondary sexual identity patterns could be achieved by way of a rather simple physical operation on that most highly sensitized and nerve-ending rich portion of the male human anatomy -- the foreskin.

"Here's to the wound that never heals" quoted my old buddy Hooper Super Duper Pooper Scooper post-sauna some decades behind the present. He was quoting his fellow Welchie, Dylan Thomas, i seem to recall. Irony of the matter was that in the process of sauna i noticed that my friend, perhaps since he was less than a day old and not fully bonded with his mother, has also been sporting a wound that never heals.

The effect of neonatal circumcision is primarily psychological. It has a dire effect on individuality and inculcates deep sexually-centered fear right there in the ol' lizard brain-- the fight or flee center of the unconscious, indeed preconscious mind. Bereft of the sign of his man-hood, the boy develops only partially in his individuality, generally seeking out others with the same wounding and forming a pack, a gang, a team of wounded weenies.

General George Patton, quite aware of his own multi reincarnative warrior status, ordered that his 3rd Army troops undergo circumcision, had they not already suffered the unkindest cut. Patton understood something about the psychological conditioning of the process, which included the transformative patterning of creating more ferocious warriors.

Neonatal circumcised status has been the reality of the majority of American males born since approximately 1941. Before that general dating, the operation was performed on fewer than half of newborn males. By 1951, the statistic had jumped from around 52% to something like 88%. Now, in your own minds, correlate the accelerative desensitization process in American society since 1959 when the first wave of the new male majority congratulated outta highschool. Consider the dominant current American religion: NFL Football.

By now every wounded weenie on this blog has been at least nicked by a 'fight or flight' reaction to my revelation of a deep source of their own personal desensitization stimulus. Don't take it personal. It is not meant as another cut. Rather, consider it as another of Ariadne's Threads ~~ a means of transcending through the labyrinth.

The nexus: Desensitization and trivialization continues in part two.


Alpha Silex said...

That was awesome. I've been saying a lot of the same things for a while now. I like technology and enjoy my cellphone, but I don't see many people actually talking on them anymore. They've become an army of textarded, egocentric zombie-bots who no longer possess the capacity for authentic, human communication or empathy. The line for the upcoming iImplant will be a sight to see. Last summer, I was in the car with a friend and he pointed out a car with four late teen girls, all texting at the same time. I then said that they're probably texting each other. Maybe they just didn't want to talk about anal asstral projection, out loud. God forbid, they interrupt the Lady Gagme playing on their iCrap device.....I still give everyone I come across a fair shake, but it's getting tougher and tougher, as each day passes. I'm finding that most of the time, it's just not worth it. I'm very thankful this forum exists, so I can hear what the few REAL people left are thinking and feeling. The harmonic frequencies have been off the charts the last 24 hours. It's time to asstral project the hell out of here, I think. It's been funny watching my cat stare at the kundali steam, pouring off my skull.

Rob in WI said...

Like most developments over the past 120 or so years, promoting trivialization and banality is described openly in the protocols of zion. The motivation and projected outcome are also made clear.
The progression of the agenda has been very evident to me since first studying the protocols, and other documents supporting zionist supremacy, during the 1960's. Is the study of this subject itself a triviality?
Be well, Visible and friends, Rob

Anonymous said...

-stickman sez-

Trivialization, the fellow Easy Rider biker buddy of desensitization is uber-dominant in all major outside influences on American individuals. It is a very inside outsider. First babysitter is the good ol' boobtoob. Sometimes mama is right there with the toddler. More ofter Mama's off to work and the toob is at daycare. Or, in more affluent households, or the lumpen ones, mama is carrying on her current affair or is vicariously doing the same by way of her fave Soap.

Check out the home page of Yahoo. Ya, ya want yahoos to check in and you run all kindsa names and faces of popkultch her-ros and heroes and ya suck em in by the swampload.

Les, you tell it well about the earbuddies and the busy little fingers and all the other incredibly connective disconnects. Inversion is the rule. Atomization is the tool. Perversion is the school.
Sexual perversion is something else these days. No, i'm not ragging on matters of personal pubacious preferences here. The perversion is systemic and virtually universal. You gotta be crazy to survive and endure in such a definably insane environment. There is no there, there. No here, here for most Americans ~ and evidently Brits as well judging from this bit from the Beatles. "Strawberry Fields Forever" was a parody of pastoral vision. It was the name of another of those dreary suburban housing estates on the fringes of Liverpool.

Sub Urbia. Below or beneath the Urbs (the city). Children of a Lesser God, as it were. The place where nothing is real. Even the goddamn grass has been had by Scotts Herbicide. Man oh man, and those little tykes roll around in that closely circumcised green grass and then hie on indoors for a nice cool refreshing drink of Spleenda sweetened Diet Coke made with the purest of fluoridated water.

Was i talking about perversion? Get the picture? Most of you already have it or you would not be here on the Les Visible blog in the first place. Maybe i can be a bit useful in the crosscurrent corrective reknitting process initiated by one who is more Visible but less ensorcelled by day to day hermitage amidst the spruces, the pines and the willows by day and living in a cathouse by night.

So trivialization and desensitation stroll off hand n' hand down the primrose path of personal preference hand-jobbies as they can only handle that for which they have been constantly and consistently programmed.

Yes, there is blame and you all ken where i would go with that judgement call. The goys and burls are not all blameless themselves. But you gotta blame them some, at least on a mass basis, for always taking the easy way out, for going along with the crowd, for following the herd. Baaaaaa.

The blue suede soul Loafer said...

Got the dough
Soon eat'll be bread
Maybe wheel get round to breaking some together one day. The whole chain, gang.

So far your "crumbs" have made me so phat that Hum ♫ sure of nothing and everything else looks just as improbable toot toot ♫

Anonymous said...

Les et al

They say they're about to shut off communications for 30 minutes (dunno if that's phone too). We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Visible @ 5:01

I seemed to have spelled it wrong today.

Darn those cell phones.


Visible said...

Ahahahahaha, Mandocello and here I was feeling bad that I hadn't properly remembered your name and you misspelled your own name! That is too funny. I can definitely see myself doing something like that and have.

Stickman, Susanne was reading the comments at, I think the recent Smoking Mirrors, but she generally checks in. Sometimes I think she does a lot of this on the sly so as not to give me the impression that she is as interested in what I do as she might be (grin). Anyway, this morning she was talking about some of the posters. I won't list names because other names don't get listed and then they might feel bad and there are so many other reasons why something like that could happen... yadda yadda. However she mentioned you in particular and how impressed she was. That's high praise indeed because she is very sparing that way and I think it's one of the reasons the divine paired me up with her.I put in my two cents about it which was more of the same.

Visible said...

My god, it is to weep. and I am not ashamed to say that I did. Anyone who doubts you live in a police state is fool. I saw all of this coming in '99 and that is when I made the decision to leave the country. I started announcing it at my gigs several months before God sent Susanne to me and who happened to be from the very country I was intending to visit. Through my association with Susanne there was no need for visas or anything else. I knew it was coming when I saw Bush junior for the first time. Then I looked at who was giving him money and I said, "Oh shit". I could see the evil in his eyes right off and I knew the country that was coming would put me back in jail soon enough and I wouldn't be able to do what I do today.

I mention this to the occasional reader who implies that I am a coward for running away and speaking from afar as if I was never engaged in the things I have been for decades and which landed me in prison several times and which in each case was a designed entrapment. I proved that the last time. But you can't reason with some people who are probably not even doing any of what they demand of others.

Ah well, anyway you can see what's up and all that beautiful food tossed out from a family picnic with friends and forced to pour bleach on it. Then to hear the chef say he couldn't talk for the moment until he got his composure back, what beautiful restraint and simple elegance.

Be well people

Visible said...

I just responded to a comment in a conversational exchange between Gregory and Sovereignty and I thought it was at one of the recent blog posts but then I couldn't find it so I'm going to post something concerning it. I wrote this a few years ago. The two were talking about the lazy boy/Barcalounger angle of automatic salvation for the fundies and I was reminded of this previous posting.

I'll probably catch some static and no one will laugh, like usual (grin) and maybe they shouldn't cause it wasn't written with that intention, that's just something that happens at Petri Dish. Anyway, I don't think I've ever posted 3 comments in a row so I believe I will back off now and go watch a movie or something.

Rob in WI said...

Kudos for reminding us of the role male genital mutilation plays in our development. Indeed, "a wound that never heals.

Alpha Silex said...

Lost it when I read that title, gonna have to steal that one from you and use it sometime. But the real question here is, does Jesus love you, if you don't supersize it? I had visions of Lady Gagme, when you described Pollyanna's cock sticking out the slit of the skirt. As if I don't think about that enough. Was it pulsating like a suckfish though her fishnet stockings. *Sighs*, I love her/him. She/he's SO dreamy.....

Robin Redbreast said...

Loving the improved tone
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

I comment on articles in our local paper Les and one article, a few days ago, with the heading 'Violent video games a concern' caught my attention - my comment:
'With the advent of Jedi being noted as a religion on our census forms it is high time to include ethics as part of our school curriculum.
It should not only be an opt out for students who want to avoid religious studies but have full subject status in our schools. Hopefully this may encourage kids to avoid dehumanising video games in the future...
... But then again the future may require that its citizens have the capacity to become drone pilots, able to wipe out entire civilisations from afar. God forbid.'
All to do with 'The Trivialization of the Wasted Mind.'


Anonymous said...

sentiment fingers
candle tip glow
drawing in symbols
of dynamic flow
diamonds and feathers
high of a sense
patterns and seashells
maker of mends
honey and willow
spirals and stars
round on the passages
swirling the heart
longing and giving
where the birds sweep
circles of paradise
wholesome and deep


tip of an aim

natures high waves
of hickory
heart of all one

Alpha Silex said...

I have heard of this woman before and came across this video a little while ago. I highly recommend you all to check it out, if you haven't seen this.

Tony said...

Yes I must agree Les, I think you bring out the very best from stickman. It is as if you two are one in the same at times. I find myself looking up little quotes or words he mentions as you conjure up the same curiosity in all of us.

I found his writings from this blog especially informative.

Thank you to the both of you. Beacons of light shinning through the shit from the tube. Mind you I still reach for the remote as often as I click on that Smoking Mirrors though! I hope to curb the tube and delve into a more Visible mind state.

Rob in WI said...

anon@7:41/P Wed,
Interesting rant. Would you please identify the "more visible" presence that we should be sharing time with?
Please don't reply "if you don't know, you're an ignorant sheep". That's a bit worn out.

gurnygob said...

shit, I can’t believe that. Fuck me; people in the US are really living under the jackboot. I don’t often get angry but, I mean come on, this can’t be true, is it? Fucking unbelievable. Sorry for cursing but where I come from someone would have got head-butted for breaking up a picnic like that.

gosh Les, you really like those born again Christians or is it just Christians in general? I sometimes go to one or two born again YouTube channels, to spread the word you know, but all I ever get is abuse. They get a hard-on every time the word Israel is mentioned and they mention it way beyond what would be considered healthy for any man. If it not Israel then it the rapture. They hate everybody except the Jews and I would be surprised if 90% of them ever even heard of the New Testament let alone read it. They are a strange bunch indeed.


Pete said...

The world is mostly pennies. They add up if diligently saved.

Anonymous said...

wall street wall street
monger of famine
bringer of genocide
domain of a savage
poisoner of children
taker of fair
slaver of consciousness
breeding despair
ravishing everything
broken up top
talking division
ruthlessness locks
cold and diverted
to failure of hate
the pig of wall street
tied to hells gate


Anonymous said...

Her child said to me, "In this game you can cut off your opponent's arms and kill him with his own arms." On hearing this I felt deep sadness and loss; a young mind debauched and ruined by these demonic games.

dadaylos said...

cave deus videt
Beware! God sees

The treasure

Robin Redbreast said...

Lovely prose Anonymous (12:03am)

Whilst sometimes
We waste
Our mind
And get caught
Up in the web of
We also
Do try
To be
Which helps
To disperse
The internal
Negative chatter
Giving way to freedom.

LLP xxx

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Surrounded, as we are, by banal and obnoxious media content, we like to find instead media content that nourishes the intellect, the heart, and the soul. With that in mind, I invite you to visit a blog in which I have linked four Youtube videos of the paintings of Nicholas Roerich. (I did not make the videos.) Websearch "Living for Scenery Gregory Fegel" which will bring you to the comments page of the blog. Click on the blue words "Living for Scenery" and that will take you to the blog itself. The Roerich videos are at the bottom of the page. They will take you into world of serene beauty.

In 1980, I lived in the Kulu Valley in the Himalayas near the Roerich Estate. Roerich, who was born in Russia, designed stage sets and costumes for Diaghilev's famous Ballets Russes. Roerich provided the concept and story of the "Rite of Spring" ballet, for which Stravinsky wrote the music and Nijinsky prepared the choreography, and which premiered in Paris in 1913. To see a video of a performance of the "Rite of Spring" with Roerich's original stage scenery and costumes, websearch
"Rite of Spring - Mariinsky Ballet" - Parts 1,2,3, and 4.

From 1924 to 1928, Roerich and his family traveled on horseback throughout the Himalayan region, including Kashmir, Ladakh, Tibet, Sikkim, China (Sintzian), Siberia, Altai, and Mongolia. That expedition provided inspiration for hundreds of Roerich paintings, and also the travel books "Shambhala," “Heart of Asia” and “Altai-Himalaya.” Roerich and his family settled in the Kulu Valley, where Roerich lived for the remainder of his life.

"I admire sincerely by Your art so much that I can say without exaggeration that never have landscapes made such a great impression on me." - Albert Einstein (Letter to the Roerich Museum, 1931.)

"His remarkable paintings amaze you by richness and subtle feeling of color and, first of all, wonderfully reproduce mysterious greatness of Himalaya’s nature. And he oneself by his appearance and nature it seemed to some extent was filled with a soul of the great mountains. He was not verbose, but he radiated the restrained might, which as if filled with itself all surrounding space. We held in high respect Nicholas Roerich for his wisdom and creative genius." - Indira Gandhi (Interview, 1975.)

Anonymous said...

I see it as a paradox, meaning an inaccurate summation of what life is about. Firstly, is known observation; let's observe known real humans of the past as a measurement of what a human is. A human is not that great. Great humans tend to be great at one thing, and otherwise they are a jerk. A human can paint, or write, or whatever, and beyond that they were some drunken jerk who cheated on their wife. The point is, no real humans are 'ideal' so what is even the topic of ideal humans? It is a subjective fantasy thing.

Secondly, the actual paradox: even if an ideal human could exist, or if you are trying to become this superman anyway, you are still bound to the truth that everyone else is not a superman along with you. The problem becomes, while you remain attached to these other people, while you and the world are one, while 'most of you' is crappy other people, how can you be ideal?

Also, I would not be so quick to leap headfirst into the whole 'cosmic glory universe' stuff. There is more than a reasonable chance that life is exactly what it appears to be. You are some mammalian primate that will live and die on some meaningless ball of dirt in some meaningless corner of the universe and one day your whole species will vanish and it would be like humans never existed at all. The meaning of life very well might be, "Enjoy your limited time like a masturbating teen girl with a phone up your ass", because it may turn out that all your suffering and introspection was nothing but the REAL masturbation. Your self flagellating quest for idealism was nothing more than a narcissistic fantasy that cheated you out of some mindless entertainment.

No shortage of people bragging about freedom from ego, who always get the last word in.

- Droog

Anonymous said...

‘Master’ Baits!

‘Master’ baits: “master your horse!”
Caligula’s horse?!
‘Tis naught but a horse – of(f) course!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Droog, sounds like the name of a troll. Not only are you a moron but you are generic disinfo. Nothing you gave as evidence against the author appeared in the essay and that you are wrong on all counts is beyond doubt. Go back to your meat puppet world and drown in your base materialism and ignorance.

Gadaffis Duck

Anonymous said...

I have bad news,

breaking emotionally, to generate that tantrum? Not a good sign for you. Honestly, please, go into detail on how your vile little outburst was the work of an intellectual on the winning side of an equation.

Also, Droog, is from 'A Clockwork Orange'.. means friend I think, probably from Russian. It has been years since I read it. The idea just popped into my head. Les wanted 'names' for some reason.

I would like to thank you though. I am in tune with my human nature, and breaking you emotionally did give me a moment's chuckle. Not any pride in it though. I can catch little fish all day long.

Anonymous said...

I had been thinking, but thought it was too obvious, and now I see it is not too obvious.

In a basic study of people 'being wrong' - what do WRONG PEOPLE have in common?

People who are wrong, generally believe they are right.

Simple enough idea?

One should always consider the reverse of what they think when they are sure they are right. The irony is quite true; thinking you are right is a likely sign of being wrong.

I never let being right get in the way of disproving myself. I bring this up because some people CLEARLY are terrified of the idea of considering their own righteousness as misguided error.

Any idea that can't stand up to some vivisection clearly wasn't much of an idea to begin with.

- Droog

Anonymous said...

No shortage of people bragging about freedom from ego, who always get the last word in.

- Droog

Love this quote!!

Droog, you are a realist. There is one error, I see. Some of us are not jerks. But, then again, that is kind of a jerky thing to say.

LOL!!!! If you can't laugh at yourself, what are you gonna do?

katz said...

Amaryth said she is in agreement about the food part of it. More or less the 'rule' that we follow - if it comes out of a can or a plastic bottle or a shrink wrapped package or a heat closed bag fried in rancid oil - don't buy it

a couple years ago, we started going to the local farmer's vegetable auctions and then canning the produce. you should see my stockroom today! I'm so proud of it. the local paper got wind of it and did a front page story on my canning.

the food is so much better w/o the preservatives and stored in glass. plus, my daughter forages for wild wineberries, apples, pears and wild plums to make the best juices and jellies/jams. we have eliminated corn syrup.

it's a fun hobby. I highly recommend it to everyone. there are scores of food blogs out there. you should check out Tigress in a Jar, and Food in Jars. I even saw that some corporate cooking show woman stole that lady's ideas, and presented them as her own on the Food channel.

Jamie Oliver is correct about products and ingredients. He said that if you cannot recognize the products listed in the contents, do not buy it. you would be surprised how aware you get just from reading ingredient lists on food that is processed.

my next change will be to only buy local cruelty free meat from a local farm. right now, I have stocked for price, but you can tell the difference right away, when you get decent meat, as opposed to the grocery store chain kind of food.

we also have a small garden and boxes in our yard. we have planted all kinds of fruit trees, and now have a dozen fig trees, half a dozen plums, some peaches and some apples, two pomegranates, and a few kiwi tree/vine things. plus, we put in a lot of raspberries and boxes of asparagus. okra grows well, and brussel sprouts are easy and tough.

anyway, it's a great way to save money and have fewer chemicals to give you cancer....notwithstanding the nuclear disaster going on in Fugishima, which will kill us all.

Robin Redbreast said...

Hear hear Gadaffi's Duck!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis. when I saw junior Bush (the moronic frat boy) the first time I also new a shit storm was on the horizan. Then I would hear self proclaimed republicans say they thought he was wonderfull. I felt like it was a twilite episode. That seems like a life time ago now.

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

"In a connected digression I must say it is odd to hear from so many readers how they don't have the pocket change to buy my book. I'm talking about twenty people or more and how many didn't write in to tell me this?"

It's bs. They could scrounge up a measly $15 if they really wanted to. They just choose not to, and offer up a lame excuse. This, coming from somebody who did fork over the $15 and bought your book. :) (it's beautifully formatted, by the way. Very lovely to look at, and compliments the words and ideas found in it.)

The same people who feign poverty about not even having $15 for a book probably own a TV, have cable, have a cell phone, computer, and probably spend money on some form of junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, movie rentals, music downloads, video games, beauty supplies, clothes / shoes / accessories, etc. at some point in any given month. They pretend they don't have even a spare dollar, but they do.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Droog: If life were truly meaningless and purposeless, your lifestyle and philosophy would be as meaningless and purposeless as any moralist's or ascetic's. If the moralists and ascetics are enjoying their idealistic fantasies, why not leave them to it and go practice your hedonism? You're burning daylight, dude. If there is no ideal, why are you trying to convince us of your ideal?

We experience as much suffering from our attitudes and behavior as we can tolerate before we eventually decide to control ourselves. We learn from our experiences, and we modify our attitudes and behavior accordingly. It's called developing maturity. Belief or faith is like seeing a glass as half full or as half empty. Deists are optimists and Atheists are pessimists.

You haven't broken anyone emotionally here. You've only broken wind. As for getting in the last word, there is no last word, and you have only yourself to blame for exiting the conversation early.

bholanath said...

Gregory -

Thanks for the link and mention of Roerich. I've lived in Manali, Dungri, Vashisht in '84 and 2007, and the museum is one of my all-time fave places to visit.
No painter captured the quality of light of those mountain areas like Nicholas did. I'm partial to his paintings of monks with bears (grin).


Anonymous said...

Greg, I have a great idea. Punish me, by not gracing me with your wisdom. You are that fake enlightenment jerk who always gets the last word, so - make it a good one, and then punish me by never helping me again with your whatever. You're not insightful. Stop using me as your foil to seem interesting.

Robin Redbreast said...

Oh to be anon....

I'm with Greg
Who speaks more truth


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous Nov 10 6:27 PM: You made it clear from your previous post that you think Visible and most people who post comments here are "fake enlightenment jerks." If you don't want to hear an argument, you'd be smart not to diss people for philosophizing, when that's all you're doing.

Visible said...

And doing it badly while brutally exposing himself. My thought was this is one of those kind of traffic accidents you just want to turn your head around from. Plus he's showing up on the other blogs attempting to make himself look like another anonymous. My take is that this particular anonymous has good reason to be so; probably just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

make a hormone? hehe, had to think for a second to get that one. would you like a glass of wine with that?

finished The three Initiates - Kybalion commentary, I will need to track down the original. many things in there that have been here, including degrees, above/below, mind stuff.. and not least, concomitant action (concomitant almost wrong word as that implies a lesser).


wv: sless. of trivia and wasted minds and literary nit picking , I couldnt care sless.

katz said...

one of these anonymous persons said that he/whomever didn't think that people are really that broke, they can't afford 15 bucks for a book.

that's not true I have to give food away all the time to regular middle class people. everyone is cash broke, running on credit cards, and chasing the mortgage and the costs of the kids. my next door neighbor used to be a stock broker, then a mortgage broker, then an insurance broker, and then out of work for two years and starving to death. he sold his house at auction and went to live w his mother. he was a proud man, so I had to make up reasons to hire him to do things.

one of my friends has two kids in private school, and won't put them in public school. so, when she takes in a bunch of kids from africa for the summer for her church, she has to put all the costs on credit cards. she and her husband don't make enough to cover all the payments due, including the car, utilities, mortgage, etc.

there is no more savings for so many people. and don't let it kid you, there are so many more stories I could tell you about people being broke.

and it affecting those you would presume are well off. I know of several legal firms that are running on empty. I know one really successful lawyer who is losing all his property bc it's all leveraged against itself and the whole dominoes are falling down.

I consider myself lucky and blessed. but, I'm not spending half of what I used to on anything that I can cut out.

I know a doctor who was without electric and water, and had to move into a neighbor's back property in a trailer to live.

in fact, several adult children are forced to live with their parents, even though they are in their thirties.

and, divorce causes so much more stress than it used to. now the houses are underwater, and there is nothing to split, so everyone walks away broker than shiiit.

well, anyway, I honestly think that nobody really knows how bad it is bc everyone covers it up out of embarrassment.

there is no doubt. the middle class is under attack. and the middle class is the backbone holding up everyone else.

one of my clients, who was a builder of green houses in a fancy county went from 270K per year to ZERO, bc no more contracts to build green houses came along. she ran more than sixty thousand dollars on one credit card to live. she had gotten a million and a half house out of the divorce, but it still held an eight-hundred-fifty thousand dollar note on it, and she couldn't make the payments so she rented it out and moved into a small apartment.

people who blame the victims get to me. I don't see any reason to say in any arrogant way that people can afford a book, when they have no idea what is going on out here.

people need to start speaking of it so that it become known.

that is why everyone is out protesting right now. this whole thing has gone way too far.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Was going to post a response to another fine post by the Judge... exceeded the word count and decided to put it on my own blog... see "Clarifying Underlying Life Assumptions Which Are Presently Killing Us" at

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

11/11/11 Arrives.

Spandex Jackets and Golden Dildos for All said...

Perusing the comments section of some blogs yesterday and found something interesting. In 2000 there were 7 countries with no rothschild bank now only Cuba, Sudan and Iran don't have one. The war against terror (T.W.A.T) was very convenient for the bankster scum. Last night watched the documentary Inside Job and couldn't help but thinking how nice banksters would look swinging from the nearest tall tree.



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