Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Lost Week Between Them and Arrivederci Pancho

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We are 'now' in the day(s) of the birth of the light. This means that every 24 hours, we will have around one minute more of daylight each day, until its opposite number arrives and we get one less minute each day, until we wind up where we are, at this moment, again. There's a lot to be said and thought about that; ways in which meaning can be derived that will impact directly on our lives, no matter how subtle it may seem at first consideration. Light is like water, it leaks into and through the cracks. One could make the same argument for darkness. One could say that relative good and evil bring their own atmosphere, to live in the alterations made in our makeup, by our life experiences and how we reacted to them.

We are the sum total of everything we went through and what we defined it all as. This means that the very same experiences might have and do result in entirely different individuals coming into being. It is all due to what we tell ourselves it is. We have convinced ourselves of something and it became true for us (relatively) and... that is all it is, until our life experiences and the meaning we give them changes. Ah life... more light... less light. It comes and goes. We come and go. In between times, we act like it all makes sense and we ride the waves or get pounded by them. Apparently it doesn't matter how good you are at anything to begin with. You had to get thrown and tumbled and roiled through the white water in order to get there. If you finally became really good at anything, you had to push the limits of the possibilities of experience placed upon you by your fears. It is one thing to overcome fear through its displacement by love, it is quite another to walk right up on it and with nothing but your confidence, go through everything necessary to master that particular physical force, which is so much greater than your own. You Tube is filled with the records of spectacular and painful failure, on the way to some level of competence or... not. You Tube is filled with examples of that as well.

AND noting that the more things change in favor of those who do not have our best interests at heart, the more the agendas stay the same. When did partisan hatchet pieces like this get def ined as journalism? They don't even pretend anymore. We need to keep in mind that there are some very angry and formerly privileged types, who are sensing that the tides have changed and there is no limit to what they might do in order to keep their Fantasy Island construct of existence alive. Many conditions and circumstances have changed in recent years. Tinker Bell was once a beautiful fairy that twitted around from one Disney Studio to another. Now she's got biker tattoos on both shoulders, teeth filed down to razor sharp points and an arsenal of weapons, only some of which are psychological. Peter Pan is trolling the Santa Monica docks with a skateboard, in a pink tutu with a Dirty Sanchez. It ain't like it was.

Goofy used to be just a cartoon dog until he got into meth and my how it has all changed since the halcyon days of yore. Goofy can be thankful for Obamacare and dentures. Given possession of both, you become almost like a super hero, minus the outfit. The only people with outfits are all friends of Peter Pan and they don't like you. Of course, there's always Orange County, Bakersfield, Fresno and parts of Big Sur. I'm guessing there's a lot more than these but I'm slow lately, what with the festivity of the times and all.

We can feel the mischief spiraling around and whenever you see manufactured bullshit like this you know they're getting ready to do something nasty. Yeah... it just all starts happening magically. Then, as if by more magic, you see this kind of 1984 assaults on the truth. How big a lie this phony holocaust was is fuzzy around the edges but that it is a lie is beyond dispute. They're working over time to turn the attention away from the evil they do across time and space. Like this last example, it makes you want to laugh out loud. It's becoming very clear to them that exposure is on the menu and they don't like it one bit. So they are calling out their big guns to stifle dissent because the daily awakening keeps pointing its finger at Israel being behind 9/11 and the Holocaust being used to guilt trip and blackmail the nations of the world. I can't help but think that all of this, everything we are encountering, is somehow connected to the presence of the Avatar. The good that is emerging and the agitated avoidance dances of the long term evil actors, are both the result of the relentless coming of the blessed one who will, in automatic fashion, elevate the better nature in our core and disintegrate the evil, as well as the hosting mechanisms, should they not surrender their evil to the light.

If anyone needs further proof of forces operating below the level of self conscious awareness, you only need to ponder this remarkable phenomena streaming across the country in this festive season, all within a certain time frame. It seems there were similar events in the UK. Is this being generated from some dark hierarchy on the astral plane? Is it the result of certain planetary forces exerting their influence upon human affairs? Is it just the ultimate, logical result, of materialism, sinking ever deeper into collective outbreaks of madness? They don't seem inclined to stop.

Well... these are the images that pass before my eyes, in that lost week (it always seems like a lost week) between Christmas and New Years. There are all those echos of things past and rumblings of things to come. I suspect that even the most world shaking events leave large areas of the world untouched and for those of us not wrapped up in the productions, we are not seduced into the drama as if it were our own.

It's been said that even in the midst of life, great change is always around us. That's not anything like the quote I'm reaching for but maybe you get the idea. I'd been feeling in a strange limbo across recent days and last night I heard from Susanne that my dear friend Pancho had passed on. She thought I would be grief-stricken by this event but I was immediately happy for him that he was free of his seizures now and I had already known that I would not see him on this plane again. I don't know why people always expect me to be sad when someone leaves here. I am nearly always glad for them. I've seen some small part of what waits on the other side and by comparison there is no comparison to here. I've also seen some part of where you might hope and pray you never find yourself and... you don't have to. That will all depend on what you did with your time here and how you treated others. That last part weighs heavily upon the outcome.

My friend Pancho was a true friend to me. He was the dog in the Tarot card, The Fool. I knew it as soon as I saw him. We were pretty inseparable for the duration, until I had to leave. I look at the losses I have experienced in recent years and I know that had I not been able to just let go entirely that these losses would have haunted me to this day and well beyond ...but my capacity to hold on to anything is gone. Every sequence is like a dreaming episode, no different than what happens each night. It's all ephemeral. How can that be when it seems so real? This is a mystery that many have pondered for a very long time. There are some who live outside this world of dreams, while still being seen to move in it. Their job is to give some small indication of what lies beyond and the effect of what lies beyond expresses itself through them and it affects people in the dream. Often it serves to make them restless for something more. It awakens a strange hunger for some indefinable something that exists outside, or beyond the dream but cannot be found in the dream land. We all know about this something beyond because it is what we are looking for, in everything we pursue here and our consistent and lasting disappointment in everything is proof positive that it is real; if that makes any sense. What we have acquired and passed on may not be real but something is.

There are large forces moving like sea monsters in the depths below in this ocean of humanity. You can see the competing trends of thought at war for predominance. There are so many people. They are pressed up against each other. They are gridlocked on the highways. They are consumed in the heat of desire for... things. Without divine intervention this cannot end well. I know that divine intervention can and does exist on an individual basis because I have experienced it. I suspect it can also exist on a much larger scale but we have yet to see it.

I don't know that I have ever been closer to anyone as much as I have been to Pancho. I knew immediately that he was in a far better place and I heard about that in no uncertain terms. I suppose all I have to say, what I really want to say, is that redemption and salvation are real and there for anyone who might seek after them, with the right amount of sincere effort. I will not meet a great many of you and some of you have been a part of my life for years. Some of you will pass before I do and I will certainly disappear, while some number of you remain ...but what I know is that those of us that share in the true resonance of the ineffable will meet again in splendorous rooms that are filled with light and we will share in such a friendship and fellowship the like of which, we have never known before.

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I will not say, “rest in peace, Pancho.” I don't know what that means. I will say, “play and cavort now in the iridescent meadows of my dear friend, Lord Ganesh, who is the regent of the land from which you came and whose company you now keep. I will see you again my friend. I will see you there.

In this Christmas season... a few words from Vladimir Putin.

And our Christmas Radio Broadcast.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Perfect Love Shall Surely Cast out Fear.

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You'll remember how when I first mentioned the Oakland fire I said there was something strange about the photos of people? It's bringing Pulse nightclub flashbacks to me. Have they found a cause for that fire? I got a feeling about this and it ties in to the owner too and him not being there and some of the conflicts 'the mob' (that controls the art and sex scene) has on eclectic living and creative spaces.

Let's be circumspect (and fabulous!) There is a plot about many of the events going on in the world today... a denouement and (double entendre alert!) a climax. Yes... I can be humorous, because I have no fear of the darkness. I have walked into the darkness with a light and seen both the darkness and the light that led me. I believe in the almighty and unassailable ineffable. What have I got to fear? “Yeah though I walk in the valley of the 'shadow' of death...” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” My friends, I ask that you let this flame into your heart at this moment and never let that flame go out. It is the eternal flame. It is the flame of love. Love displaces fear. They CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. Where there is Love there can be no fear and what often goes unacknowledged, where there is Fear there can be no Love. If we could just get that we would have it all.

The highest love is also impersonal. However, though we must, at the highest point, Love one another, we are not required to love the sin. To be successful at this requires that we understand that we have misunderstood the meaning of the word sin. It's original meaning is, 'missing the mark'. I hope that makes the whole thing easier because the word sin causes us to associate our understanding of the word with the one we assume to be the originator (original sin)- ourselves. However, missing the mark brings the impulse to forgiveness (“forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”) and by forgiving we also set the possibility for ourselves.

This sounds suspiciously like an Origami.

You'll note there is some degree of snark here already.

I'm learning something. I used to play this game at being abrasive and reactive cause I thought it humanized me. It might have done that but it did it in the worst way. Recently the ineffable told me, when I feel that need ever again, to employ humor would be the right way to go about it all; it all, except when love precludes it. Love overrides everything (this really does sound like an Origami- but it's my blogs and I can cross dress (represent) if I want to, even if I was never in Oakland (as far as you know).

Here are a few clues; the world is the world is the world. Some might hear that and go, “Sure, uh huh.” They don't make the association of deeper meaning. What this is saying is that though change is a constant in the manifest world (and several worlds above it), it is unchanging in the scenarios it presents. Even if the outcome may vary from player to player. They will, of a certainty, find themselves all with the same outcome in time. So... even though it is ever changing in sounds and colors and forms, it is unchanging in the lessons taught. This means to be completely successful or successively tragic, one must live archetypally. This also means that even when it is successful in outcome, it will be occasionally tragic in its progressions. I speak from experience and you will find, on the whole, that is consistent with me. Take the good and useful that you find and apply it because it is good and useful in outcome. Take the tragic and telling and learn, without having to experience it, if you take me at my word (“sounds like you are waxing subjective, visible.” “Yes, but I am archetypal.)

We are all archetypal if we choose to be. You don't have to be exceptional. You just have to be an exception. If you can live large, you can live archetypally. Living large is not to be mistaken for the common use of the term, even though it will have episodes of that. It is meant to directly indicate that you are open to both sides of what 'living large' really means; great triumphs and great failures, great joys and great sorrows. Missing the mark means, except under special conditions, that you will be given the chance again and even under special conditions, even when you are sent back to being a rock, you will get the chance again. It will take a while though. In the case of the rock it will take a great while and require you to be re-ensouled, having lost your previous one, through some unfortunate accident or arrangement. In the case of an accident of fate, when you have been put in an unfortunate role at the command of the ineffable, you will be saved upon departure and sometimes transformed in your progress through the role. Saul of Tarsus brings us just one example of that and Hindu tales are full of these. As for unfortunate choices, such tales exist in many different venues and they also exist in many different venues.

Love is the greater healer, if you are open to it and... if you are open to it. Love is presently sweeping the world. Many of those who have been sucked into immoral experiences and brought low by drugs and alcohol are finding redemption through the approaching spirit that is touching some hearts sooner and other hearts later and all hearts ultimately; visible is watching a film called “Hillsong, Let Hope Rise” at the moment. Yes, it is traditional Christianity but many are only capable within established forms. Some of us (myself) are led on more arcane paths.

I do not denigrate these, as in my ignorance, I once did. I celebrate everyone who comes to an epiphany. Some have a high bottom, as they say in recovery programs and only an established format will do. I am glad they found it. I have finally learned to love others, despite seeming formerly, irreconcilable differences and... as I have learned to do this, my circle of possibility has grown. I no longer mock what I once previously scorned. This is because I have needed to be forgiven as well. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

Those who have committed great wrongs are required to commit great good to the last jot and tittle. Some number of the more righteous lives you might see in these times are among them.

You can perhaps imagine that some of these established Christian movements are going to run afoul of certain elements. The good news is that these elements will expose themselves as a result. As you watch this film you will see how pervasive this movement is and you might wonder why you haven't heard of it. That leads back to these other elements. This posting is not routed by watching the film. We started off prior to. You will see that all colors and types are being assimilated into this movement. It is altogether possible that there are some amount of false prophets in this movement but... the sincerity of most of the flock is not to be questioned and many have been saved by the false passions of charlatans and their salvation is none the less real and sincere as a result.

You can't help but see some real expressions of faith and sincere effort in this film. You might not see this film or the several others they have made. You might want to read about them and these people. There's a true beauty in parts of this movie. It might offend you in parts or your natural suspicion of established mediums and mechanisms but you cannot deny that they are reaching a lot of people. I only downloaded this film by accident because of the title (it fits in the area of my own work and I love my work so much that it fills the totality of my days) and I only started to watch it at the point where it gets mentioned. One of the things I love is the wide range of personalities reached.

Unlike some, I have no doubt whatsoever about the existence of Jesus Christ, even though I haven't had the experience that many have had of Christ. I have had parallel experiences and certainly in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I have seen, literally, the holographic forms of the deities of each and many times. Ergo, though I have had a very difficult life, I have been given great evidence of God. As you may know here, I am a sincere fan of Paramahansa Yogananda. He was and is, seriously true and bonafide. He wrote a double volume entitled, “The Second Coming of Christ.”

“It's not worth it for what we are being paid but it is worth it for what we are doing.” I just heard this in the film and it brought me near tears to hear this. Oh how well I know this to be true!!! Man! The song that just follows that quote. I take exception to the phrase, “there is no other name” because I know better but after a fashion this phrase is true; “No man cometh unto the Father but by me” because Christ is the heart of the universe and Christ is Love and also one must keep in mind that there are other translations to this phrase. Also, most people do not get the distinction between Jesus and Christ. Jesus was a man and Christ is a station.

This movie is really inspiring. I wish I could sing so many of the songs that I wrote for the almighty; that my songs would have a larger audience to hear them but... the ineffable has told me directly that he/she knows for whom I wrote them and that is enough and that I also should not concern myself with that aspect because he will see it be done and that it is he who has concealed them to this point. God does not disappoint and God has all power. We should never fear that our better efforts will not be known at a wider reach, “faith is the substance of things unseen.”

My dear friends, I know that many of you have dreams unrealized but you will see them accomplished to the degree that they reflect the will of almighty god (and often when it seems not to be), simply persevere in your efforts and it will be done unto to you; “according to your faith be it unto you.” I believe this to the point that I KNOW IT. Just because we say here often, “I don't know.” it does not apply to everything, nor did it apply to the one who set this understanding convincingly in my mind. Be it unto you as well!

This really sounds like a Visible Origami.

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I'll close with the lyrics to one of my songs which I did a bad recording of. One of my limitations is as an engineer and I suck as a musician and a musical arranger. I have had to do most of my recordings all by myself, either playing or programming all of the music under degrees of inspiration given. That's how it has gone for the moment. What gets said here is only partly about me. It is about you too.

"Point me out a Star"

Light me a candle
Point me out a star
Take me to your mystery
And show me who you are

Come and take me with you
To the things that time forgot
Anything is possible
Yes that's what I've been taught

This old world is mean as sin
Where all the fools get taken in
But I love you I love you more
Than anything I came here for
And we can make our world so small
That it does not exist at all
Except for Love
Except for Love and that's all

Take me to the Limits
Of the love inside your heart
You're the diamond of the dawn
On which my new life starts.

No one knows the answer
To the reasons why we are
The beauty is the mystery
So point me out a star

This old world is mean as sin
Where all the fools get taken in
But I love you I love you more
Than anything I came here for
And we can make our world so small
That it does not exist at all
Except for Love
Except for Love and that's all

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Pizzagate is Real and True to the Depth and Degree of the Depravity.

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The world is such a strange place, even if all we get is the surface read on events that have much deeper implications. If you read the article and look at the pictures you might get what I am talking about and if you puzzle over people not being able to make it to the ground floor because the second floor is composed of pallets joined together, your mind might have crossed terrain similar to my own. You might also get the idea that people are living there and the idea that it is Oakland might reinforce that possibility. Now two Oakland professional sports teams, the Athletics and the Raiders are doing memorial statements for this event. I must say I'm puzzled. It just happened and already there's a mourning train heading down the tracks. They don't even know how many people died and no details on what happened (this part of the post was written right after it happened. For all I know, the article has been considerably fleshed out since. They tend to do that; adding as new information comes in.)

More and more information will emerge.

Some things don't change though, even if they remain consistently beneath the radar. It will not stay below the radar and that is in the hands of Mr. Apocalypse. I don't know how he is going to handle it but I know it will be ingenious and happen at the most inopportune moment for the bad guys. I know this because he told me so. How do you think the name Mr. Apocalypse came up? Of course all kinds of people hear voices in their head and only some of them are institutionalized. Then again, we're all institutionalized in one fashion or another.

It seems like certain forces want to create untenable conditions in cultures worldwide. It seems that the best way to control the public mind is to control the flow of information. Why was I left off the list again? My sites directly proclaim that Israel did 9/11 and that the Holocaust is a lie. Certainly on the latter, our sites are rare indeed. It could be we are so small that that accounts for it or it might just be one of those supernatural conditions that exist around here (grin).

It; whatever 'it' is, is coming at last in this pending and trending year. All the icons and figureheads are in place. Trump is in the wheelhouse with a pack of savvy insiders that he promised we wouldn't have and as for 'draining the swamp', the truly darkside bottom feeders are undisturbed; Mammon's Minions, it's atheist footsoldiers, it's Palestinian genociders, Middle East landgrabbers and mass murdering international banker- behind the scenes rulers of governments and nations, continue in their blood sacrifice rituals.

All of this tripping around is to bring us to a consideration of this new internet sensation, Pizzagate. The Crass Media is going berserk trying to discredit it and no doubt also has an army of drones who are posting things that can't be true in order to delegitimize that which may well be true. There are a great many dense and long winded investigatory and accusatory articles about John Podesta and his brother (who are very close associates of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation) which delineate the associations with the Podesta Brothers with pedophilia and also exhibit associations between these people and many another who have links to pedophile groups and international traffickers of the same. I will give you one link. You read it and be the judge. Take note of the art in the Podesta home, the mention of the murder of a crusader against pedophilia and all kinds of strange connections as well as the bizarre case of Marina Abramovic.

Am I informed about this matter? No... I am not. Do I know for a fact that high level politicals, military leaders, justice and police hierarchy, the super wealthy and influential in business and entertainment are engaged in child sex, ritual murder of children and participation in Satanic ceremonies? Yes I do. If this article doesn't make you better informed then I don't know what will. Of course, this has been going on for awhile but Mr. Apocalypse has only been on the scene for a short time and active for even less time. I encountered Mr. Apocalypse about 5 or 6 years ago during a series of Ayahuasca experiments that went on for as much as a week at a time and which happened on several occasions. My experiences in these periods were of a level of intensity that has seldom been matched in my life and I have had some of the most intense spiritual and revelatory moments. Let us say that they have predominated over every other sort of experience in my life to a marked degree.

In respect of this Pizzagate thing, let me give you a couple more headsup. We'll provide this for your informed consideration or 'now informed' consideration and then this tidbit for your further informed consideration:

We'll follow it with Monica Petersen; this link is from psy-ops site, Snopes that are professional debunkers of the Truth. This is also being parroted by (as well as Pizzagate) The Washington Post, owned by Tribe Member, Jeff Bezos and The New York Times owned by Tribe member Sulzberger. You might want to check this out too. You'll note places where they say he isn't one and you will note other places that say he (Carlos Slim) is. Let's just say there are too many connections to miss between, Tribe pedophiles, compromised and privileged Gentile pedophiles and Satanic activity. You may not draw all the connections provided in this paragraph nor see all the available evidence but we've got to fill in some of the blanks on our own and the amount of dead people besides Danny Casolaro is truly impressive.

And... hmmm... this just in:

I hope you will take the trouble to read all of the Pizzagate link put into this posting. If you have any doubt of the proof of fire where there is smoke then you are a moron or worse; much worse. A far far more minuscule amount of information would still suffice.

How evil are these people? How dark indeed are their deeds? It is far worse than anything shown or discussed with these people whose currency states, 'In Satan we Trust'. Whatever evil you have gained confirmation of here, you may be sure it is greatly in excess of that. It is hard to get your head and heart around these things. If you are not like this then how can you visualize the depth and degree of the depravity?

Let us take a progressed look at that debacle in Oakland. Here is Karma fer sure. I feel sorry for this fellow because whatever his present life may show it is evidently not about that, however one can be left lingering in speculation for a considerable while, given that he went with his children that night to stay in a hotel. You will note that the buttboy (and girl) reporters who did the due inquiry discovered nothing good to say about the fellow, nor are we given any references concerning the persons giving their side of the coin, except for a single reaction from the one assailed for this unfortunate event. The point is to damn him and on that account I have nothing to say, either pro or con because I do not know this fellow. I only sense what I feel from the impact and effect of what I am being told by those known to lie as a vocation; which does not mean they are lying here; rather let me say, even if they are lying and they probably are, this only factors in to the Karma at work.

We've given you more than usual in terms of content for reflection so we will bow out a few paragraphs early. I'll close with something seen in passing and I'll be taking a look at it next month. Of course, I have nowhere near 400,000 dollars but I'll check it out anyway. I might have 400 dollars. You never know. I've been looking into churches and church properties, some of them remarkably cheap and I wonder if that is because of the zoning but there are ways around that if you know where and how to look and apparently you don't even need it in a lot of places and Oakland is certainly one of them. Why am I looking at church properties in the first place? Because you never know.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

A Temporary Hiatus from the Usual Petri Dish.

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Welcome dear friends to The Petri Dish, that steaming and shallow bowl of excrescence. It is here that we poke at certain noxious compounds and seek to isolate and define the elements. Today and for the past week we have been limping along because Blogger/Google has gone after those of us foolish enough to use their system. The Elf has been working overtime to migrate us to our own island in the sun and we should be there soon. Once he gives me the go ahead I will be working out of that format exclusively. This is a temporary setback and I and the elves thank you for your patience and kindness to us. Christmas is coming and we hope to make a new era of excellence our gift to you. In the meantime let us remember that all things pass and one day I will actually be 'les visible'. You have no idea how much I look forward to that. It's been no picnic here with all these metaphorical ants, bears and predatory anti life entities who are in turbo mode due to our passage in this apocalypse. NEVER has there been a time of greater 'spiritual' trial because of this being the time of the harvesting of souls.

It is the great harvesting of souls that accounts for the enormous population of humankind at this time. It is as if every soul that has ever been is putting in an appearance. We know internally and we certainly knew prior to our arrival, that this is a truly momentous period of time. The opportunity for quantum leap evolution has never been greater and I draw your attention to the great portal that has opened due to our geographical position in the Milky Way. Many conditions are aligned as they have not been in God knows when or shall be again aligned as only God knows when.

What has the vast majority of humanity done about this opportunity? They have immediately immersed themselves in the largest hog wallow of materialism that has been since God knows when.

I will speak here only of myself at the moment. No one who comes here can doubt that whether I really love the ineffable or not, I certainly talk a good game and it is transparently and painfully obvious that combining a 'professed' love for the ineffable is not a good move materially, unless you are milking the lumpen proles for their nickels and dimes. Talking about God has never been a profitable exercise in the manifest because the ineffable is antithetical to the tyranny of the manifest, as it is demonstrated through the persona of Mammon, who is the manifest shadow self of the divine. In other words, Mammon is the funhouse mirror image of the divine. It is the imperfect presentation of that which cannot be presented, only experienced.

People who come here don't know much about my financial state. I don't imagine that anyone thinks I am rich. The truth is that I get a 350 dollars a month pension and whatever comes in donation wise. Sometimes that amounts to nothing at all and sometimes it might be more than my pension but not often. There are no paid ads on my sites. I do not use Google Sense, or any other regular income generator and that- given the traffic- would probably be more than I get now and there are other mechanisms that, if I were into that sort of thing would boot the take even higher. However, as a result of my doing it the way I do it, I don't make lists like this. I don't feel like this list is an authentic expression of what is true. I just notice I'm not on it (grin).

The reason I mention what I did in the last paragraph is that I took a stand with myself about how I would conduct myself in this life. I've made many an error in judgment and been reckless a few times when I could have been more circumspect. That's something we all deal with to a greater or lesser degree during our time here ...but one thing I can be confident about and even pat myself on the back about is that I am not about the money.

Somewhere along the line I made the decision to leave my fate and fortunes in the hands of the ineffable and... you know what? Every time I have been anywhere near extremity, the almighty stepped in and provided what I needed. I look at my available finances at various points in my life and I cannot see how it was that I made it through, when the actual numbers said I should not have but I did. There was some sort of gestalt that occurred and you can't find it on paper. It isn't there when you add up the numbers. Something magical happened.

Whenever I needed to leave somewhere and go somewhere else, a doorway appeared. Sometimes that doorway led to trauma and trial but another door always opened and it led into something wonderful, as my present situation affirms as so. I attribute this, entirely, to having left my fate and fortunes in the hands of the ineffable. It was a leap of faith and initially it looked like a fool's gambit but... the more I stuck with it the more trustworthy it became and now... years past whenever it was that the decision got made, it has become easier and easier as it goes. Sure, I got smacked around and jerked around, stolen from, slandered (when the truth would have served better in all respects). Irrespective of all of this, the dogs may bark but the caravan moves on. People can have whatever theories they wish about how it has inexplicably worked out for me. The truth is that God is real and in order to experience this as a living reality, you must PROVE IT by living it. If you don't put your money or lack of money where your literal or figurative mouth is you will never know.

You can tell yourself that this is true but if you do not prove it to be true it will not be true for you. You can write and say all kinds of things about what is real and what is not. You can proclaim whatever you wish to the world at large but if you do not live it, it will not live in you.

I come here today to say these things because the trends of the times in which we find ourselves are telling me that the day will come when all of us will wish we had paid more attention to the rock solid reality of the existence of the almighty and paid less attention to our fears and apprehensions concerning the appearances of this constantly changing material world. “Where your heart is, there will be your treasures also”

I want the reader to know that I have proven certain things to be true in my life and so have others across the centuries. I have not demonstrated this in any way to the extent that many others have but I have demonstrated it enough to convince myself and this is what we must all do. We must convince ourselves because that is who generates all the doubt that there may be in our life. Fear comes out of doubt and fear is the Love killer and without Love one cannot interact with the ineffable who is Love entire in all of its inexplicable components. Love is the womb of all the qualities of God. Love is the birth canal of Wisdom and Understating. Love is the shining and single diadem in the crown of the divine. Love is the ever expanding, indefinable and interpenetrating particles of light that exist between every other particle that is manifest and unmanifest. Love is what splits itself into countless expressions of itself, for the purpose of experiencing itself and in the never ending pursuit of itself, can only be known in the unity of all and which gathers together every one of these expressions for the celebration of that unity.

Love is not only what exists between every particle of existence and which transmits the resonance between all of them but is also the light within every particle and without which there would be no life in any of them. You cannot prove any of this to yourself unless you give yourself away for the express purpose of seeing if the ineffable will give yourself back. You can't prove omniscience of the ineffable and the benevolence of the ineffable, unless you put your visible and invisible being completely in the hands of the ineffable, with no regard for your well being or safety. Unless you do, the ineffable cannot prove it to you. I am telling you it works and that is why I have not pursued material security and that is why I have not relied on any personally constructed safety net because the ineffable is my safety net.

There will always be difficulty in the beginning and you might wind up broke and homeless and you might not but... even if you do you will not stay there. There is no telling in which manner the ineffable may test you and to what degree the ineffable will test you. Every case is different. It all depends on how long it takes for the ineffable to believe that you are sincere and unshakable in your reliance. As soon as that is established you are good to go or to not move at all.

You don't have to do any of this the way I did it (and given the mistakes I have made, I hope you don't) but... you do have to do it. You don't have to give away everything you own; quit your job and walk out on the highway and hitch the nowhere highway like Quixote in Spain. What you have to do is let go of all these things in your mind, as if they were not there at all and recognize that wherever you are is where you are supposed to be, until you are somewhere else. You have to recognize that no matter where you go or what you do, you will take yourself with you and that whoever you are, you are no one at all until the ineffable illuminates your being with his own presence. Until the ineffable lights you up you will be in darkness and so long as you carry any attachment to the things of the world with you, that attachment will cast a shadow over your ability to truly see. Regardless, so long as your heart is suffused with the love of the ineffable, you will be led, you will be guided and angels will mark your passage and protect you through it all.

Death has no meaning and is of no account whatsoever by comparison with the suffering you experience on your way to it. You die thousands of times in any life. Death is liberation from whatever particular manifestation of the false self you may find yourself trapped in when there is no other possible exit.

I hope in this hiatus period that some portion of these words may serve you on your way. Given that we are sitting here in limbo at the moment, I thought we would temporarily depart from any discussion of temporal shit and Shinola. Godspeed to you one and all.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

To Sip a Glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Kalifa.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sipping a glass of Cheval Blanc at the Burj Khalifa; supposed to be meeting with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in an hour or so here, unless I haven't finished this posting and in that case he will have to wait. I expect he'll come waltzing in wearing a dishdasha. Later on we're going to have a picnic in the desert. There's no word on whether any Shamals are in the area. Then it will be dinner at that underwater hotel in the Persian Gulf. They're building an indoor city here that will contain replicas of New York City, London and Paris. Five hundred new skyscrapers are under construction and the Dubai airport has recently passed Heathrow as the busiest airport on the planet. They've been industriously building custom made islands out in the gulf; space is at a premium here.

Steve Bannon looks like the reincarnation of one of those personality types from the American Revolution, phrenologically speaking. Reincarnation is a big player in the dramas of the moment on the big stage. The big stage is whatever the backdrop may be when the cross-eyed media turns its attention that way and it is populated by a bunch of well dressed zombies with grave dust in their hair, so as to give them that distinguished look and an air of gravitas, while they are selling their asses for whatever the market will bear; John King? Wolf Blitzer the white septic telephone.

Steve Bannon doesn't like neo-cons and that will render anyone holding that perspective an anti-Semitic, even though Khazars and AshkeNAZIS are not Semitic. Word has it that the neo-cons are being given their marching orders and that means some kind of a Khazar exodus. You will remember that the formerly oft noted Paul Wolfowitz stated that the word Neo-con was anti-Semitic. That's a dead giveaway of something.

Suffice to say that- at the moment- there is going to be a purge; a Saturday Night Massacre of dual national, domestic traitor types who will not be identified by type or species, due to the uproar that will ensue in the Tribe owned mass media, which was set up for that purpose a long time ago. The same applies to publishing, so that the historical record can be improvised at will and concerning the moment to moment false appearances of life going by in the present, well... that's what the entertainment business is for.

My secretary just slithered in to let me know that Maktoum is waiting. He's early and I'm busy so... later for that. I'm a seasoned diplomat, as a result... No worries. I know better than to send him a bottle of the Cheval Blanc. Elon Musk; heir to 'the' Alberta musk oil fortune sent me a case last week and I'm about halfway through it at this point. Anyway...

I'm having a brain freeze at the moment from hearing names like John Bolton, Rudolph Giuliani and that guy with the square head. I can't remember his name right off. None of them are Khazars but they are all neo-cons, I think. So... yeah, I'm confused. I'll bet they are even more confused over at Foggy Bottom, where the ratio of neo-con to Genitalia has got to be even, if not two to one. It's going to be non stop Hava La Gila Monster over there shortly, I suspect.

It should come as no surprise to anyone but those who happen to be surprised that the worm is about to turn and that means Nutjob City is going to go up overnight, in a kind of Levittown -just add water- way. Surely you know that the degree of mental illness in the general population has been increasing at an alarming rate over recent years and that is due to the impact of materialism on the mind of the populace. The greater the pressure of materialism, the more pervasive the spread of insanity. Up to the present there has only been sporadic outbursts of insanity and a good number of those have been fabricated, orchestrated or didn't even happen, like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing. Some have been individual acts of madness (Tavistock-MKUltra) like Virginia Tech and other venues of violence. Some are mass engagements like those of the Furries and flash mobbing crowd assaults. All of them are expressions of false or fantasized selves, acting out under the force of materialism. Most of them have their rise through sexual pathologies. Here is a classic example and you will note the mention of Tavistock in the article. Most of you should know what Tavistock is. It is to be expected that more and more, these phenomena are going to be taking a decidedly aggressive tone. The latest national expression has been the outbreak of Hillarititis. Examples of this are taking place across the country, thanks to the largesse of George Soros.

Manikin challenge has evolved out of planking. So this is what has happened culturally. We've gone from 'planking', laying stretched out and stilled in a completely submissive posture to 'manikin challenge' where you stand still in a frozen posture. What happens when you go to a search engine to find out about it is... it brings up this choice, repeated over and over with almost no other options (I couldn't find any), and the arriving search results are, “The Manikin Challenge the latest fad to fill up your social...” and every page you hit brings you this. Hmmm???

Trump is going after the Fed. What happened to the last people that went in that direction? It was probably something along these lines. Somebody doesn't want particular subjects looked into. I listened to Fox financial news for an hour this morning. Trump is really zoning in on solutions. No wonder he got elected. Time will tell and we shall see.

“Lord Visible, Mr Maktoum is getting very upset about sitting in the waiting room.” “Right Cherry, we've all got to wait somewhere, sometime.” “Lord Visible, yes... but he's the ruler of Dubai.” “Baby, it will be okay, trust me. Now come over here and give me some sugar (sound of lips bussing a cheek).” “Lord Visible, I don't know if this kind of thing is appropriate.” “Don't worry about it darling, it worked out for Trump.” “Didn't they just make all of that up?” “Sweetheart, they make everything up.”

You got to laugh... or maybe cry? I think it works best if you do them together. I am not unfamiliar with this format. In ancient Greece there was a time when philosophers would walk on opposite sides of a river at the same time (there were a lot of philosophers running around). One of them would be laughing at the follies of the world and the other would be weeping; true story. Before we make anything out of the world, we have to make something of our self. How is that going to work when we don't know what we should be to make the world harmonize around us? Simple, really... invoke into your being that to which the world automatically harmonizes itself, since that invokee is in natural accord with everything and that which is unnatural is transformed by it automatically in every case. Presto Profundo!!! This should be as clear and productive of Certitude as anything could be if... it happens to be true. It is true. Step out into the night and observe the shining bodies in space, moving in symmetry through their courses. Go and do likewise. If you want to argue about it, argue with yourself; as if that isn't already happening. Yeah but... Yeah but... Yeah but... Stick around, someone will show up to argue with you.

It's how the world works and the world doesn't change. The only thing that changes is how the world presents itself. It's job is always to come around with a new expression of the same old same old to distract you. The thing behind the machinations of the world never changes period, while the world only seems to. Invest yourself in the changeless eternal and it will invest itself in you. Now watch what your mind does when you think about this. Right! The mind looks to find a way around it because the mind, thinking itself in control, convinces you that it is. The mind doing its own thing is your worst enemy. The mind under your control is your best friend. Solve this obvious and transparent problem and you won't have any problems that don't solve themselves. A mind under control is in submission to that which shines the light of realization upon it. A mind under its own control reflects the darkness of its own ignorance and the world around you reflects the latter, as you can see walking through it; or not see, should you be in the same condition. Conversely, you can shine your reflected light into the darkness that surrounds you and make a difference ...instead of being one more example of the utterly forgettable.

Want to heal the world? Heal yourself... uh oh... you can either figure that out or have it figured out for you and there are two basic locations where you get some version of it. We're all commissioned (inescapably) to discovering what that might be. Well?

Now I got to go deal with Mr. Maktoum. He wants to finance my idea of drilling a hole all the way through the Earth and piping sunlight to the other side. This seems a little more viable than towing icebergs to the Middle East. At least that is what our technical people are saying. “Cherry, send him in.” “Yes Lord Visible.” “and knock off the Lord Visible, visible is fine.” Okay, ...visible.”

“Ah Mohammed, please... have a seat.”

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I'm going now right to the reading of the second part of Chapter 9 of The Way to the Kingdom and then on to The Kybalion.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sidestepping the Darkness and Stilling the Reactive Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting;

George Soros is, without a doubt, one of the most evil men on the planet at this time. We must remember that he works for someone and it has been rumored that that someone is the Rothschild banking family. The Rothschilds operate through a number of front men, preferring to remain in the shadows where they can suckle at the teats of darkness. To say that the Rothschilds are evil is to render the word evil meaningless, given that their performance of evil so dramatically outdistances our understanding of the word. It's been said that the Rothschilds have an empty chair at their dining table in Corfu for their lord and master, Satan. It is to be naturally and by simple logic assumed that George Soros serves the same agency.

All over the world today, George Soros is making war on humanity and the money is there; his patrons print it out of thin air and it was through this process that they were able to buy up all of the media, most of the publishing, the art galleries (who set the tone for what passes as art), the entertainment industries and all manner of ancillary enterprises.

Mother Rothschild said, "If my sons did not want war, there would be no war."

I used to live in a small town in Germany, not far from Basel Switzerland, the birthplace of Zionism. I used to wander around in Basel. Occasionally I would pass a memorial to his residence. It is a known fact that the Rothschilds were deep into the creation of Israel. This had nothing to do with giving a homeland to people who never lived there. It was all about setting up a sovereign nation where their criminal activities could go unpunished; putting an imprimatur upon their relentless malfeasance Malfeasance meaning, 'wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

Since their hijacking of Palestine through the propagation of a fictitious holocaust they have visited injury after injury upon the original inhabitants, driving 700,000 of them into exile through mass murder, well poisonings and assorted mayhem. Today they have them herded in the world's largest open air concentration camp, where they use them for target practice and routinely bomb the living shit out of them on certain Jewish low holy days, in order to provide blood sacrifices for demonic entities, whom they serve. They have also made war on many countries in the Middle East and also attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Through this they were able to have Homeland Insecurity created and run by one of their double agents, Michael Chertoff. They single handedly ruined air travel and caused the atmosphere of the country to descend into paranoia and gloom; all of which they blamed on Muslims who had nothing to do with it.

Just as Donald Trump was elected because the American people finally became able to see through Hillary Clinton's disingenuous and malicious bullshit; not to mention her horrific plans for the future, the world at large is going to be made more and more aware of the lies of a group of people that has held the world hostage for a considerable time. It was back stage mostly and now through unbridled arrogance they have stepped on to center stage. Their whining and conniving is no longer convincing. Mr. Apocalypse is twirling his cane. He's lifting up the covers and revealing what lies beneath. He's going in people's minds and then out of their mouths; convicting them in their own words. He's everywhere he needs to be, doing a necessary job.

The despicable creatures who run show business have populated the screens and airwaves with the most artistically challenged mutants the world has ever seen. They've blackballed the gifted from the music business and filled it with profane dumpster-mouthed, toilet heads, twerking their way to ignominy. As the level of talent and ability, limbos in the crevasses created to make it possible for them to go under the bar, a larger and larger amount of the public are waking up to it.

'They' put this odious shit out and more and more people are no longer appreciating the taste of their chips and dip.

It's true that some are violently resistant to waking up. There is a particular demographic of predators, social justice warriors, alternative sexual acrobats and stone cold materialists; not to mention the faithless, indifferent and atheistic, who are one thing on their own and at some turns antagonistic to each other but... collectively, even at cross purposes, they add up to a much more significant amount than they do individually. Nonetheless, when Mr. Apocalypse taps his stick, all kinds of people might wake up quick; like it or not.

Our job is to help spread the word with what grace and restraint is at our command. It matters not if it is rejected or scorned. Time bombs and depth charges are left in your wake. There's no harm in getting a thousand stickers that say “Israel did 9/11” and putting them up in public restrooms and wherever they may be seen. There's nothing wrong with being ingeniously clever about bringing things to the people's attention and you don't have to be around to explain anything later. It's the thought that counts. If you don't stay in command of your own consciousness, someone else is in command of you.

It really helps to see the whole spectacle of existence as a movie, a stage play or a dream. I don't mean in an abstract sense, a philosophical sense or an intellectual sense, I mean to really believe that you are living in a dream or a movie and realizing that the part you play can have everything to do with whether you awaken from it, or are seduced into a deeper sleep or a more robotic reactive pinball consciousness.

Of all the things we need to gain control over, our reactive mind is one of the biggies. Gain control of your reactive mind and you are close to Buddha mind. Supremacy in the mind being Buddha Mind and victorious in the heart being the Christ Station. Various forces war for control of the different aspects of our being and unless we are proactive we are definitely reactive. Upon deep reflection you will discover that most of your encounters are reactive. This is not to say aggressively reactive but impulse reactive. So much of what takes place in us is carried out without thought. We just do things as we are accustomed to doing them and the right or wrong of that, the efficacy or lack of it, is predicated on how we came to be that way in the first place. Much of what has been patterned into our being came about through telepathic invasion from our parents (who were not always right), our environment; as we struggled to fit in and in some cases, struggled to stay alive. Of course the educational system is devoted to programming false information into our heads.

When we are capable of reaching a non reactive consciousness, we come into the neighborhood of that alchemical state of motionless Mercury (my particular paraphrasing there) and that leads to other states and the mind can become a perfect reflective device. Reflective of what? I suppose of anything but for me it would be the ineffable, or rather an extension of the ineffable; an intermediary, lest I get burned to a cinder for presumption (grin).

So... despite the presence of psychopathic, blood drinking demons like Soros and his overlords, we are only in harm's way if we put ourselves there. When we can be deceived by their transparent and fatuous lies, then we can be manipulated and drafted into their army of dupes, to fight or protest or be used in whatever devious manner they want to use you in. Their power comes directly from a center that can be neutralized from within your own being.

I'm hearing that Trump plans on reopening the 9/11 inquiry. Since we know that Israel did 9/11, hopefully he knows the danger he puts himself in if he does this. That is, unless he simply plans on running a diversionary course in some direction of deceit. Far too many know that the official report is a lie. Fewer of us know that it was Israel but the number is still significant. He will define himself by this. Meanwhile, Israel will pull out all stops to silence him. It all depends on what the ineffable wants out of it. I'm guessing this is all riding in a sidecar, along with the ever rising general awareness that we have been lied to and preyed upon and been our own worst enemies in the bargain.

Regardless... don't let where everyone else is at and what everyone else does be your guide in this life. The world is always at a departure from truth, simply because it is a world of appearances to begin with. The deeper you look within, the more conscious you become of something, or someone, looking back at you.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Trumpster Jumps out of the Dumpster to be Commander in Chief.

Dog Poet with Mind Blown.......
Wow! Just... Wow! . Here's an interesting consideration. I had been going around the last several days, saying to my friends, that Trump was going to win. It was just a feeling, but it was a strong one. Then last night came and I didn't think Trump was going to win at all. What I began to feel during the election coverage was that the puppetmasters had switched sides. There was no visible, monumental election fraud, like we saw in 2000. There were some strange isolated examples of legerdemain, like some unknown voting in someone else's name before they got there but... otherwise nothing and no outrage or threat from the Dems about this sort of thing or insistence on recounts. That there was no chicanery of this sort is what is very, very unusual. It is as if they knew that Trump had it in the bag and let it follow in its course.

I don't want to rain on anyone's happiness about what happened ...and Pollyanna is dancing in the new meadow of possibilities... brilliant, dew kissed, green grass ...fruit trees in bloom with the promise of fruit to come. It is a consummation that most of us most definitely would like to see come about.

That Trump could have said the inexplicable things that he said and that the airwaves could be inundated with the virulent attack ads that scrolled endlessly across the screen, with Trump, in his own words, saying what he said and... he still got elected? It is testimony to the general disgust and hatred that a greater portion of the voting public felt toward Hillary or... it was something else.

“Strange days have found us.”

I was glad that Hillary went down. Even if there is no real hope, as far as reality goes, for the future that will only find us where it always does, in the present and colored and shaped as it always is... by the past; it is very very good that Hillary is not going to get sworn in come January 20 or whenever it is. It is especially good for the Supreme Court because of the way Hillary's court would further seek to twist human sexuality beyond recognition. Presently, these nine vultures are a study in advanced depravity. It can always get worse. Of course they are Noahide junkies as well.

The true reality of our situation is that those who have the gold make the rules. The greater reality is that the ineffable is the one pulling the strings and leading people in the directions they insist on going in for the purpose of enduring examples of what is not the direction to be going in. This is a dream and the dream has a choreographer. Certainly one of the forces that set the GPS coordinates is our desires. We are all led ...and/or frustrated... through the fulfillment of our desires and thereby taught the value and meaning of our desires. This is the essence of existence, the lessons learned, via the experiences we are put through, based on the desires that drive us. Ultimately there is only one valid and meaningful desire and that is to be reunited with our true self; the god self that seeks us all through the experiences we pass through. When we begin to seek this self it exponentially increases the speed of reunion. At this point it is all regulated through sincerity and determination, as well as certitude and these loop around, creating and turning into one another as needed.

One might think of the truly desirable and eternal qualities of the ineffable as like poles that magnetize each other and then produce another pole that generates another pole and so on and so on, until you have a vibrating schematic in which these archetypes play off of one another and become the environment in which awareness moves toward that indescribable totality that we are able to come into possession of should we be driven to this to the exclusion of all other motivations.

A goodly portion of the things said by Trump are incredibly over the top. Some of it seems to be an expression of comedic satire, as if he were blowing himself out of all proportion and yet... people seemed either to miss it entirely or to dismiss it. It could be that the public is catching up to what lying swine the crass media is.

Once again I have to fall back on the understanding that the ineffable is in complete control of everything, either through permission given or impulse generated; desire is the agent of god's will. People have a certain idea of what is good and evil, without knowing that these do not even exist except in a relative sense and they are in a state of flux at all times. This is why we have the concepts of God and the Devil. These are perceptions that people have according to their ideas of good and evil. They believe there are two antagonist forces but there is only one force that has many applications and the positive or negative impact of them is determined by the perspective and intention of the person who imagines they are wielding them.

There are many stages of awareness and your stage of awareness is based in the quality of your desires and the amount of them. It is best to weave all of your desires together because all of the objects of your desires which appear to all be something different from the rest are all based on the desire for completion; regardless of what you may think it is, it is about completion and the hope that the experience or acquisition of it will bring you peace. That is what sex is about, unfortunately sex and everything else is only temporary. Sex, in a way is seeking after death. That is why the French call the orgasm- le petit morte. So, really, the whole thing is about what direction you point your sexual force in. Is it down and out or in and up? Will you wind up down and out or will you find your way in and up? It's a personal thing.

Men and women in search of sensation are burned up in it. That fire will consume you and it does consume most. The problem is not that you will not get what you want. You will get what you want at some point but... will you still want it after you get it? The soul. Your real being, cannot be satisfied with anything but reunion with its source and however many disappointing and agonizingly painful lives you may have to experience before you discover the truth of this is what it is. That is how it is. We must all come to terms with this and we will come to terms with it sooner or later. Later, to me, does not seem like the best option.

Is the best option for America and the world Donald Trump? This is not my concern. I did not promote or support him and I did not oppose him either. I don't know him well enough to have a formed opinion. I've seen a few things and having lived in New York I have been familiar with Trump for a long time. To me he was one of those mega business men with a massive ego. This is certainly how he presented himself. I knew that he loved the company of women. He bought the Miss America pageant and used to have the contestants to his compound at Mar a Lago for dinner. I don't find women of that type to be attractive according to my tastes but... to each their own. I'm passing no judgment on these women. It is just that their personalities and life goals are at a great variance from my own.

I don't think Donald and I would have a great deal in common but that makes neither of us wrong or right. For all I know he might accomplish some good and useful things. His reign has not even begun yet. Time will tell and we shall see. I do presume that under no circumstances would he be worse than Hillary. I know that a good portion of the country is relieved that he won and all the celebrities and gender neutral bathroom Nazis, social justice warriors and strange creatures from another dimension are not pleased and that pleases me. I suspect that all this gender bending madness is going to move into slow motion. That is a very, very good thing.

I believe that the Tranny bathroom issue and the brain washing of elementary school children about alternative sexual mores and the fascist aggressions of these sexual provocateurs has simply pissed off a large percentage of the American public. The endless wars and the bizarre security nightmares created by Michael Chertoff and his Israeli henchmen who did 9/11 has also pissed off a lot of people. Maybe they hope Trump will change the way things are. I hope he does.

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Visible's reads from "The Way to The Kingdom"
Chapter 10

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Now Begins our Most Significant Week in the Manifest.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's one week until the 'to be hijacked elections' are supposed to take place. It stands to reason that at some point in the next seven days a bombshell, or several bombshells, are going to go off in the American political landscape. I do not know what these will be composed of. One of them will certainly have to do with the emails but I don't know what shape it will take. I suspect that the Trump camp has got some things up its sleeve but they want to wait until no amount of following spin will possess the amount of time necessary to undo the damage. I feel pretty confident saying this. I have this strong impression that the Trumpsters are sitting on some seriously damaging information. You've got to love The Apocalypse in times like these.

The latest news is that Huma Abedin is seeking immunity. How real all of this is, I don't know. When I read things like Hillary has a predilection for underage girls, it makes me scratch my head. It isn't like I put anything past these people but sometimes I get the feeling people are reaching and more than willing to believe anything whether it is true or not. I'm not saying it isn't true, what I am saying is that, “I don't know.” Still, there is a lot of chatter going on about the emails and sundry. Suffice to say that we can be certain there is a lot more known by those in a position to know than we are being told.

I have been feeling a certain uneasiness for two days now. I've no idea what it pertains to but I feel sure something is about to rise to the surface and it is going to be significant. There are so many agendas at work and many who are employed by our oppressors and abusers have had it with the Satanic behavior of their employers. I don't know what we are looking at but it's “hour has come round at last.” We are definitely living in interesting times.

There are so many ways to look at the state of the world in this period. If you are a Satanist, a materialist, an atheist, a fear driven entity, or any permutation of similar perspectives, it is either, as Dickens put it; “the best of times and the worst of times.” On the surface it certainly has the appearance of being a time for plunder or flight. On the one hand, those orchestrating or promoting the chaos are confident that they can steal and murder at will, under the darkness being generated for that purpose. On the other hand, certainly some amount of people are looking for a place to weather the sum of their fears. They want some place to hide. I don't know where that might be. Maybe they do. Many are already in that bunker mentality with all those guns and footstuffs. Certainly the agents of the dark side have got their boltholes put together.

None of these folk have a plan for anything Lady Nature may come up with. For myself, I know that the almighty is screening a movie that was written out of the combined destinies of every life form on the planet. This has been going on for such a length of time that no human mind can measure or comprehend the extent of it. No human mind can comprehend the extent of one go round of Yugas; a Kalpa, whut is that?

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks it is. All that matters is what it really is and the essence and detail of that has been long known to those so informed of the warf and woof of the process. It was all delineated back in the time of the Rishis. The nature of existence and the protocol of existence were all mapped out and remain to the present for any inquiring mind to peruse at their leisure. Of course there are and will be many arguments to the contrary. The separated human mind is capable of endless arguments, depending of what that separated mind wants to realize out of it. It is of no importance to me what others wish to believe. All that is important to me is what is true. I make no claims to be in possession of this information. What I can say is that I have been convinced of the divine architecture of existence and it is only important for me to recognize this and seek to align myself with it. Experience has proven to me that when I go along with the inner voice and rely on the certitude of the presence of the ineffable, things go well for me. When I rely on my own imperfect awareness of circumstance then I find out what is what and what is not.

It is never an easy thing to talk about what one only has a partial understanding of. It is next to impossible to discuss the ineffable when it exists forever beyond the parameter of words. This is the telling argument for Faith. “Faith is the substance of things unseen.” We are here to find ourselves and nothing more. Surely we can give our time and attention to all manner of pointless exercises and some of them have a long enough shelf life as to seem convincing to many. The evidence of the life successes of those who have prospered in the material world stand as examples for the ambitious and those who believe that, “he who dies with the most toys wins.” This is certainly not true. It wouldn't even be true if there were no invisible hierarchy or worlds beyond this one. If you are dead forever then what is the point of the toys?

The good and bad news is that this is not a one time event; life on this Earth. The cyclicity of Nature is consistent in all of its productions and an unwavering theme of justice and balance runs through the whole. Richard Dawkins can roll out all of his specious arguments, as can the rest of those whose primary intention is to kill our faith, or provide justifications for bad behavior, as is the motive behind the machinations of all those Tribe representatives, who work to bring about the managed chaos that is the ongoing game plan of their dark master. If it gets intense or seems hopeless at times, this is all permitted for the purpose of seeing what we will do in such moments. The witness watches and the actors perform. Strive always to keep the goal uppermost in your mind. The bumps and bruises, the treacheries and disappointments of this world are temporary. The possibilities and potential are everlasting.

You will become the sum total of your investments. You will be representative and emblematic of what you put your Love and industry into. It matters not if it took you all this time to find out what the right road was. It matters not if you made a passel of mistakes in your time of ignorance. I am living proof that redemption awaits, without respite, for so long as you remain here and the opportunity to try again, should you fail and fail and fail, will always be there. You can make remarkable strides right from the point at which you sit in this moment. You can rouse yourself with an optimism that you may have not previously believed to exist. Extreme measures of physical effort are not required of you. We are talking about mental work and the ability to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. Anyone who has attempted this has discovered that it is not easy. This is why people chant. This is why people seek to pray without ceasing. This is why people attempt to practice the presence of God. All the many disciplines are for this single purpose. My version is to 'cast out thought'. Then what is permanent in the mind, prior to all thought, will reveal itself given a consistency of effort in this respect. Then... in the emptiness of that place, I get to say, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” over and over and over.

For each of us the time required will vary. You have to be equal to what is necessary for you. Ultimately there is only one thing you need to remember; if you do not quit, you cannot fail.

It doesn't matter what Hillary does or what Trump does or all those thousands of people who pass you by in the supermarkets and department stores, on the sidewalks and in the park, on the highway in their cars, or who populate the astral plane when you dream. It only matters what you do and which, of all the desires that come and go in your being, is uppermost in your mind. Once you can reduce the chatter of all those unimportant desires, the power invested in your single greatest desire will increase to impressive proportions.

Once you can concentrate so that all other thought is excluded from your focus, you can accomplish amazing results. 'Concentration is the secret of the magical art'.... “All magic lies in the will.”

I am not here to promote magical enterprise. My understanding of and application of this dynamic is much different than the common understanding of the medium which, works equally for good or ill, depending on the intention of the practitioner. My employment of magic- should that even be the correct term- is to come into the presence of the ineffable and nothing else. So... I suppose it wouldn't be magic really but... the results... should one succeed, could certainly be called magical.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The End of the World or the Birth of a Golden Age.

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Most readers probably don't know that I belong to a number of organizations. One of them is the Alien Sexual Surrogate Chlamydia Lepers of Western Nebraska or ASSCLOWN for short. I've never been in Nebraska but I don't see where that has anything to do with it. Yes... I said all I want to do is talk about the divine but one can lose their sense of humor along the way and we couldn't bear that here; we really couldn't. I apologize to those sensitive souls who've got some kind of Vegan spirituality and who believe that eating honey is stealing from the bees (seriously, they believe this) and ergo, believe that any form of scatological referencing or profanity or even any inference toward profanity is a big no no.

I've met illuminated spiritual masters with broken fingernails and dirt under them and who said the 'F' word now and again. One in particular that I remember was so far past anything I have gotten close to that he was and is beyond my comprehension. I should be careful what I say because I invariably wind up contradicting myself. I say all I want to do is talk about the divine and that is true and the next thing I know I am writing a paragraph like the first one above. Part of it is, I think, to demystify the whole mystery because for me it will always be a mystery unless it dissolves into love. True love is not something that lends itself to explanation. It cannot be explained. It can only be experienced and it does not reside within parameters of the reasonable or logical. It is why the most sane among us appear to be insane and why everyone else looks insane to them.

So it is that we will most likely ramble about from one unrelated subject to another. They are all related and sometimes antagonistic to one another on the surface, while harmoniously integrated below the surface. It is all one at a particular level and seemingly not one at all on another level. It is a conundrum and as has been said in many ways, a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in something else but... I can't remember at the moment (grin).

The election is about two weeks away and most certainly certain signal events will be taking place in the interim. There are a lot of theories out there, concerning a coming gotterdammerung-Armageddon-end of the world... birth of a golden age. Theories are piled upon theories but no one knows anything and those who know a portion of it, because they are engaged in causing it, don't know the consequences of their acts. They know what they intend but they do not know what might emerge and descend.

It is certain that the divine is the all in all and every separate part and what holds all of the parts together and what is apart... what is deep asleep and what is fully awake. It looks through our eyes and hears through our ears, all the while that we imagine we are doing the same. It is the witness of all our thoughts words and deeds, seen and registered through our own consciousness. It is forever and ever. It is eternally present and always has been and our evolving personalities move from life to life, in search of the perfection, of the arrival of the everlasting presence within. Of course, in many cases, in most cases, we are not in search of this, while we are in fact in search of this but do not know it.

Our days go by, filled with all the mundane pursuits of this material age. We don't notice ourselves changing and adapting to the world around us, which is always changing but, despite the appearances of the external, doesn't really change at all. It might change its clothes from day to day but the body concealed beneath it all is the same. The seasons come and go. We come in here bright eyed with wonder and sometimes gruesomely abused, due to whatever the lessons are that we have been sentenced here to learn and sometimes an easy ride is the worst thing that can happen because we acquire no depth whatsoever. We flit across the surface, ultimately knowing no more than we arrived here knowing and then only thinking that we know it.

With true concentration, every object and being will deliver up its innermost secrets to the penetrating eye. What do we find in this world? We find that the world and the forces of the world work to destroy our concentration or to place it upon pedestrian things devoid of meaning and value.

We hear that God loves us and we hear that God is love but for the most part these are merely statements barren of all the real profundity and impact of the term. God most assuredly loves us beyond our ability to comprehend it. Yet it is true and if one could realize this, even in part, one would be swimming in joy and bliss. To the degree that we can open our hearts and minds to the certitude of God's presence, to that degree we will come into possession of the understanding.

It just takes devotion and a consistency of aspiration. It takes being unrelenting in one's drive to the center of the source of all things. One can observe those who have succeeded in all of the endeavors that are here to be engaged in. All of these people apply similar expressions of devotion, consistency of aspiration and unrelenting drive. They are simply directing it to their own purposes. I see no upside to any of these things. Surely, one can attain to a more prosperous lifestyle and rub shoulders with important people, bask in the adulation of those who are haphazard in their efforts or just not motivated but... these are all temporary things and they will pass.

Yesterday the TV was on. I've been checking in here and there to see what is on these days. It has been decades since I have paid any attention to network, or even cable TV. So... last night I was watching something called Entertainment Tonight, or somesuch and while I was listening to some drivel about a particular Kardashian, I was swept up into a fugue state and my inner teacher said, “I want to show you something.” Suddenly I was in a space where I could feel this person at the point where they become aware of what they are and how they spent their life and a dreadful despair descended on me. It was truly frightening. It was empty and there was nothing that had any meaning and there was no avenue of hope to be found.

Later I was musing on Kanye West and wondering at the magnitude of his success, counterpointed by his utter lack of any talent whatsoever. I've looked at some of his lyrics and am dumbfounded by the exceptional banality and lack of any inspiration whatsoever. It was bad... much worse than I thought because I often can't tell what these people are saying and I usually leave wherever I am if such noise comes on, or turn it off if I can and I heard the other day that he was collaborating with Paul McCartney and I hear about him interacting with all sorts of people that I wouldn't imagine would give him the time of day and then it came into my mind how it is that he is able to be so prominent and successful with no talent at all. The inner voice then said, “they are here to lead humanity astray and so they are protected in their efforts and given a shine of fool's gold upon their persona that makes them glow in the eyes of the deluded.” It was said in such a way and accompanied by a following series of images that I clearly saw how this was so.

All of these impostors are here to lead humanity astray and there are powerful forces that assist them in this. It is magic and not good magic by any stretch of the imagination. They glitter and they slither and they suck in the hearts and minds of the unwary who never suspect what is taking place.

As I switched around the channels I could see again and again what was taking place and what the intention is. I am sure it has been there all along but my own eyes were veiled from the deeper meaning of it all. For some reason that particular veil has been removed and it is as clear as clear can be.

The power of these events on my mind was not insignificant and I can still feel the tremble of the echo of it all. It was unsettling to say the least and horrifying at times. I was fine and I knew this but experiencing some of it was... disturbing. Day by day... my friends... we come closer to whatever epiphany awaits us... each and every one.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

All Things in and Out of Time

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I have spent this whole morning today, since 5:00 Am, reading about and listening about Ken O'Keefe and Zen Gardner and in all that time, the thing that came most immediately to my eyes and my heart and my mind was my saying over and over to myself, “thank god I am not in this situation.” As is well known to anyone who has followed my career (such as it has been) I have had some major episodes. I can honestly say that more than half of them were not my fault; given that I was just playing myself but everyone else wasn't playing along. Thankfully, I have never played in the big leagues like this. I've always been small time and small time suits me just fine. I have tried my best to talk about the almighty; the ineffable, the divine, the Mother, the whatever it is or has been that has stood as an image for me. Irrespective of whatever errors I have ever made, my love of God is inviolate. I have never gravitated toward money, material success or anything in the manifest, given the limitations of the bandwidth. As I like to say, 'it is what it is.' I want to point out that this is no judgment on either of these fellows. I am in no position to judge, nor do I know all I would need to know even to have an opinion. I only mentioned it because it was what I was up to trying to figure it all out. Finally I just walked away. The truth of it will find its way to wherever it needs to go.

All the darkness in this world and all the light that streams through the cracks, convinces me of one thing; god loves us one and all and... it is up to us whether we cash in on that (pun intended) or we cash out. In the end it is simply what currency you put your faith in. I've always believed, “In God we trust” but I have yet to find God looking back at me from a piece of paper. Ultimately all governments are corrupted by those entrusted with overseeing the obligations that they bypassed on their way to power. Of all the ugly perfumes that waft through this world, power and the pursuit of it are among the most noxious. The idea that you can lord it over your fellows has been to me the worst efforts one can make. The Soviet Socialist Republic was an example of that. I could talk about Mao but no one cares about the Chinese, except the Chinese. I, of course, do care about the Chinese and much of what I most deeply believe comes out of the more ancient aspects of their culture. I meant that only in the way that people, in these times, have trouble identifying the individuality and rights of others unless those others come out of their own demographic.

Everything looks the same, except when it is not the same. I believe in all of us, regardless of race, color, creed or religion. I have had my ass saved by so many diverse personalities who were not of my persuasion by virtue of race, color, creed or religion. 'It is what it is.'

I have been watching videos and listening to radio interviews and it is a suffocating fact that eventually... it will overwhelm you. So it has been for me today. I am supposed to get on the road shortly but I have yet to because of planetary concerns (grin). There is a troll named Salvatore who has been on my case in the nastiest fashion lately. He's come out of nowhere and has no credentials here of any kind. This morning he was howling at me about being a liar because I was talking about driving to Camden with a close friend who had hurt her foot and needed to go to the hospital and the doctor she had to see was 75 miles away. He said that Camden is not in the west and since I was supposed to be out west looking for somewhere to live, I was a liar. I had already written about why I had not left and even posted astrological discourse about it, yet... none of this mattered to him. There was even a response from the astrologer (Bob) in the posting where I mentioned this. It is because of the uniformed lunacy of his commentary that I have not allowed his comments into print. If you want to criticize me you have every right and if you will verifiably identify yourself I will let you but... if you completely ignore the information given and take off on a shrieking loon fest that is already demonstrably proven to be a load of excrement, due to printed evidence to the contrary, I'm not going to give you a forum. This guy REALLY doesn't like me. Well... that is going to come with the territory.

Personally, I have always been of the opinion that it doesn't matter what others think about you. What matters is the legacy you leave behind you. What matters is how history remembers you and most importantly what kind of friends you made on your way and who they are. Life is, at times, excruciatingly long and regrettably short. It takes turns and twists we never imagined it would take before it started to twist and turn. Who among us thought we would be where we are now that this is where we are? What are we to think about what lies ahead? If we have done the best that we can then it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate. Even if we have not it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate but it is also my belief that the laws of Karma, which we in the west know as Newton's Third Law, has a certain preeminence over everything, save for grace and the good offices of a legitimate guru.

There are some terrible events taking place in the world these days.

You won't hear about this on the nightly news because the same people doing this have near total control of the media. There was a time when I was getting somewhere, or it looked like it, and I was getting tens of thousands of hits on youtube. One of them was well over a hundred thousand and then I went back on a particular day and there was only 4,000 something. I watched this happen to all of my collaborations with Patrick Willis. I hear regularly that people cannot access my sites at work and on those rare occasions when I used to check web site ratings I was in Siberia. I've never been affected by this in the slightest and I thank god for that. It is easy to become outraged and angered at one's perceptions of the world's unfairness but getting angry, ever, at something you cannot change is a fool's gambit. What I am getting to is that I am incredibly and immeasurably grateful and in most cases it is not because of what I am but because of what I am not.

I am not spraying skunk juice on defenseless people whose land got stolen by the people who are doing it and who have no right to even be there. These people do. The whole world knows some amount of things about this sad and tragic spectacle but very few people know anymore than the invidious lies being told about the subject. Those of us who do know are helpless to do anything about it. The best we can hope for on our own behalf is to set a good example; to live according to principles that seem to have gone out of vogue. In the heartland of this country are some truly decent people who, within the parameters of their understanding, are trying to do the right thing but they don't know what the right thing is. Their hearts tell them one thing and the totally perverted airways tell them something else. They love their country and want to protect it and also all the things they believe it was built on and stands for are lies. It puts them in the unfortunate position of sincerely seeking to defend something that doesn't exist and which is done in their name and financed by their tax dollars; a nation of psychopaths are spraying skunk juice into the homes and apartments of people simply trying to live.

I am not doing so many things and I am grateful and I know that many of the readers who come here are grateful that the same is true about them. The point is that it is not always what we are that counts as much as what we are not. There is determined and focused action and there is determined restraint. The complexity of existence and the rules that control it are beyond the scope of any intellect. We can only know what we know depending on whom we are hosting within and that is the sum of it all and that is why I say you can only go so far without a guide. As we progress on a personal level, the quality of the indwelling increases in relation to it. There is no limit to what is possible for us. There are only the limits that we place upon ourselves and we will surely place such limitations if we believe we can achieve it on our own because the personal self has boundaries of awareness that it cannot pass beyond. Only God can know God. Only when God awakens within you can you see existence as it really is.

This whole world is God's playground and God uses it for no other purpose than to find himself or herself in us. In the beginning the almighty split into countless particles and each of them were designated for the form and function they came into being for and from there the incredibly complex and Byzantine progression went on and on. Even rocks have a level of consciousness. The great key to the mystery of existence is awareness and the principle upon which it is all based is electromagnetism. It is all the result of attractiveness. What I call the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Love God! It is as simple as that. Love God and whatever the course of your journey may be, you will arrive safely home. I am on the last book of The Aghora Trilogy. As if the second book wasn't enough, this one absolutely will reduce you to surrender and Bhakti as the only safe path to travel.

My friends, I am officially on my way and I will see some of you and then I will see the rest of you at some time and in some place; hopefully, in the short term it will be at the place my friends and I chose to live once we find it as this journey is supposed to show us. All things in and out of time.

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We'll see if I can get a radio broadcast out before I leave (grin)