Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Now Begins our Most Significant Week in the Manifest.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's one week until the 'to be hijacked elections' are supposed to take place. It stands to reason that at some point in the next seven days a bombshell, or several bombshells, are going to go off in the American political landscape. I do not know what these will be composed of. One of them will certainly have to do with the emails but I don't know what shape it will take. I suspect that the Trump camp has got some things up its sleeve but they want to wait until no amount of following spin will possess the amount of time necessary to undo the damage. I feel pretty confident saying this. I have this strong impression that the Trumpsters are sitting on some seriously damaging information. You've got to love The Apocalypse in times like these.

The latest news is that Huma Abedin is seeking immunity. How real all of this is, I don't know. When I read things like Hillary has a predilection for underage girls, it makes me scratch my head. It isn't like I put anything past these people but sometimes I get the feeling people are reaching and more than willing to believe anything whether it is true or not. I'm not saying it isn't true, what I am saying is that, “I don't know.” Still, there is a lot of chatter going on about the emails and sundry. Suffice to say that we can be certain there is a lot more known by those in a position to know than we are being told.

I have been feeling a certain uneasiness for two days now. I've no idea what it pertains to but I feel sure something is about to rise to the surface and it is going to be significant. There are so many agendas at work and many who are employed by our oppressors and abusers have had it with the Satanic behavior of their employers. I don't know what we are looking at but it's “hour has come round at last.” We are definitely living in interesting times.

There are so many ways to look at the state of the world in this period. If you are a Satanist, a materialist, an atheist, a fear driven entity, or any permutation of similar perspectives, it is either, as Dickens put it; “the best of times and the worst of times.” On the surface it certainly has the appearance of being a time for plunder or flight. On the one hand, those orchestrating or promoting the chaos are confident that they can steal and murder at will, under the darkness being generated for that purpose. On the other hand, certainly some amount of people are looking for a place to weather the sum of their fears. They want some place to hide. I don't know where that might be. Maybe they do. Many are already in that bunker mentality with all those guns and footstuffs. Certainly the agents of the dark side have got their boltholes put together.

None of these folk have a plan for anything Lady Nature may come up with. For myself, I know that the almighty is screening a movie that was written out of the combined destinies of every life form on the planet. This has been going on for such a length of time that no human mind can measure or comprehend the extent of it. No human mind can comprehend the extent of one go round of Yugas; a Kalpa, whut is that?

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks it is. All that matters is what it really is and the essence and detail of that has been long known to those so informed of the warf and woof of the process. It was all delineated back in the time of the Rishis. The nature of existence and the protocol of existence were all mapped out and remain to the present for any inquiring mind to peruse at their leisure. Of course there are and will be many arguments to the contrary. The separated human mind is capable of endless arguments, depending of what that separated mind wants to realize out of it. It is of no importance to me what others wish to believe. All that is important to me is what is true. I make no claims to be in possession of this information. What I can say is that I have been convinced of the divine architecture of existence and it is only important for me to recognize this and seek to align myself with it. Experience has proven to me that when I go along with the inner voice and rely on the certitude of the presence of the ineffable, things go well for me. When I rely on my own imperfect awareness of circumstance then I find out what is what and what is not.

It is never an easy thing to talk about what one only has a partial understanding of. It is next to impossible to discuss the ineffable when it exists forever beyond the parameter of words. This is the telling argument for Faith. “Faith is the substance of things unseen.” We are here to find ourselves and nothing more. Surely we can give our time and attention to all manner of pointless exercises and some of them have a long enough shelf life as to seem convincing to many. The evidence of the life successes of those who have prospered in the material world stand as examples for the ambitious and those who believe that, “he who dies with the most toys wins.” This is certainly not true. It wouldn't even be true if there were no invisible hierarchy or worlds beyond this one. If you are dead forever then what is the point of the toys?

The good and bad news is that this is not a one time event; life on this Earth. The cyclicity of Nature is consistent in all of its productions and an unwavering theme of justice and balance runs through the whole. Richard Dawkins can roll out all of his specious arguments, as can the rest of those whose primary intention is to kill our faith, or provide justifications for bad behavior, as is the motive behind the machinations of all those Tribe representatives, who work to bring about the managed chaos that is the ongoing game plan of their dark master. If it gets intense or seems hopeless at times, this is all permitted for the purpose of seeing what we will do in such moments. The witness watches and the actors perform. Strive always to keep the goal uppermost in your mind. The bumps and bruises, the treacheries and disappointments of this world are temporary. The possibilities and potential are everlasting.

You will become the sum total of your investments. You will be representative and emblematic of what you put your Love and industry into. It matters not if it took you all this time to find out what the right road was. It matters not if you made a passel of mistakes in your time of ignorance. I am living proof that redemption awaits, without respite, for so long as you remain here and the opportunity to try again, should you fail and fail and fail, will always be there. You can make remarkable strides right from the point at which you sit in this moment. You can rouse yourself with an optimism that you may have not previously believed to exist. Extreme measures of physical effort are not required of you. We are talking about mental work and the ability to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. Anyone who has attempted this has discovered that it is not easy. This is why people chant. This is why people seek to pray without ceasing. This is why people attempt to practice the presence of God. All the many disciplines are for this single purpose. My version is to 'cast out thought'. Then what is permanent in the mind, prior to all thought, will reveal itself given a consistency of effort in this respect. Then... in the emptiness of that place, I get to say, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” over and over and over.

For each of us the time required will vary. You have to be equal to what is necessary for you. Ultimately there is only one thing you need to remember; if you do not quit, you cannot fail.

It doesn't matter what Hillary does or what Trump does or all those thousands of people who pass you by in the supermarkets and department stores, on the sidewalks and in the park, on the highway in their cars, or who populate the astral plane when you dream. It only matters what you do and which, of all the desires that come and go in your being, is uppermost in your mind. Once you can reduce the chatter of all those unimportant desires, the power invested in your single greatest desire will increase to impressive proportions.

Once you can concentrate so that all other thought is excluded from your focus, you can accomplish amazing results. 'Concentration is the secret of the magical art'.... “All magic lies in the will.”

I am not here to promote magical enterprise. My understanding of and application of this dynamic is much different than the common understanding of the medium which, works equally for good or ill, depending on the intention of the practitioner. My employment of magic- should that even be the correct term- is to come into the presence of the ineffable and nothing else. So... I suppose it wouldn't be magic really but... the results... should one succeed, could certainly be called magical.

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Visible's recent reading of "The Way to The Kingdom"
(3 videos, which should play consecutively)

.... and a fourth instalment, uploaded 1 November 2016


Visible said...

Here is-

The Way to the Kingdom; chapter 4.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Been waiting for this Kalpa to end forever. I'm convinced I'm going with it, and it'll be nice to finally get access to my Akashic Library Card full force again. Ya ken, this has got to be the longest week of my life.

Hereticdrummer said...

like good wine you get better and better with age Vis. I can't wait for your next hard copy book. Be well Brother.

torus said...

Post 9/11, I'm amazed that there's still enough Shinola in the world to slather on all the shit. 9/11 is really an all-purpose lubricant. Those towering dildos of New York are just rammed up Clinton's and Trump's ass. And they have to squeeze and dance around the issue in humble obeisance.

"She keeps a loaded handgun
In her pretty cabinet
'Let them eat fake' she says
Just like a marionette
A built in memory
For CNN and Wikileaks
At anytime a provocation
You can't define

Caviar and house arrest
Not well versed in netiquette
Extrodinarily dyke!

"She's a killer queeeeen
Osama, Bin Ladeen
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

Anonymous said...

Speechless amazed.
Thank you Brother.
Much love.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was exciting. Great writing.

Mike from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

you know, if you did one of these videos in demonstration mode, saying nothing at all for 90 minutes and nothing but the sound of my tinnitus (but with more variation) it would pass for one of the Paranormal Activity movies. maybe it's just me and my less tidy happy hippy hut being jealous here.
[ director's cut... at 45 min a pillow slides on it's own along the carpet towards where the dog had been ]
... just jesting.

Anonymous said...

The certain unease you say you have been feeling is precisely how I have been experiencing the psychic atmosphere during the last 3 days. Like a lull before a big reveal. I await

torus said...

But why give this week or the 8th of November more attention than any other week? Trump or Clinton, it's just more Shine-ola. Shine-ola on shit. "Shit" being used in the modern hipsters parlance ala, "it's da shit". The "real deal" was 9/11, a transparently obvious controlled demolition. You just had eight years Barack 'Shine-ola'. And damn, I think even Michael Moore is voting for Trump. But nobody is going to be making America "great again", as she has been diminishing the quality of life of others for too long now to make "greatness" a viable option. I venture a slow and continued unraveling of the quality of life versus swift changes via "nuclear war" as being more likely. To the melody of 'Hava Nigila' now; "Have some, some more Shine-ola..."

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
I am sorry to react this way because I love your consciousness so much, and your heart is in the right place. My spirit rebels when you read claptrap from sanctimonious Yankee scoundrels like Joseph Benner. Your own consciousness is so far beyond his. I have his "The Impersonal God"on my bookshelf but never found his writing to impact me. Am I rebelling against Christ or just against his concept of Christ? Your voice loses sincerity as you read him, you sounding like any two bit Yankee fundamentalist fraud.
Common now, we both know Moses, David, and even Yosua son of Joseph are literary fiction. Sure they could be put to good purpose for simple minds but they have equally been applied to horrendous injustice and murder.
Thankfully as the book says "other sheep have I which are not of this fold". Even Hari Krishna is more spiritually advanced if you can bear the blissful ignorance of Bakti Yoga.
With love
Ray H

Anonymous said...

I’ve not seen much on this, but there is serious speculation that Assange was poisoned by that lil’ canadian bacon cheese chicken Pamela Anderson and rumoured to be deceased or detained at least. This has been going around for a couple of weeks now AND Wikileeks lawyer and director are now confirmed ded.



Visible said...

Hopefully then you will avoid listening to it and that, I think, will solve your problem. What being a Yankee has to do with anything I don't know. Seriously though, simply avoid the videos. You are far outnumbered by those who are really enjoying it and I have to go with majority rule. I recognize that it is archaic and dated but there is much of value there and I will be reading a great many books this way; The Kybalion is next and after that Ruby Nelson's "Door of Everything" and then something else. You've been moving into Curmudgeon County for some time and a certain amount of biliousness attends this kind of process so I am understanding of your vituperation. In any case though, just avoid listening and watching. That should solve your difficulty. You are welcome to send in a recommendation for reading.

By the way, I am reading this book because of certain portions that are yet to appear and which I have never seen the like of anywhere and also to introduce the meditations at the back of the book. I recognize that some will be made aghast at my reading this book. I can live with that. There is a method to my madness. Perhaps you will see and perhaps you will not and the time will come when I am doing far less reading and a lot more spontaneous off the cuff commentary. I'm simply warming up a at the moment.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
I am glad you took that well. I had to shut it off after video 2, suffering symptoms like saccharine poisoning. Kybalon would be something to look forward to.
Curmudgeon country? my fave. How about some Lysander Spooner or Stephen Crane?
With tough love
Ray H

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


There is critical information in the book. Granted, it could be delivered in a paragraph instead of a chapter; but still. . .it is there. Parts of the book do rub me the wrong way, like assigning Source a gender, and kingdoms are for the world, not the next realm, but that is how people understand it. There are so many analogies in the book, but any mystic worth his/her/its weight in nose hairs should be able to see right through to what is actually meant. I listen to each reading as it comes up, and with some chapters it's like, 'I already know this stuff, but I'll keep listening anyway, just in case', other chapters, effect me like, 'Yup, been there, done that, hopefully won't do it again' so far, and I wait for the new information that may be completely new to me in later chapters. I am one of the majority enjoying the series, along with my flat mate.

Anonymous said...

"My version is to 'cast out thought'. Then what is permanent in the mind, prior to all thought, will reveal itself..."
That's very good Les. Wow. The place where all thought comes from. Best I've seen it explained. I came closest I ever did the other day, laying closed eyed and still in an MRI machine for 45 minutes, listening to the rhythmic clanks and clicks and bangs. I wasn't trying to.
It was like suddenly I began to think without words, just visuals, images of long past. It was exquisite.
I'd like to work on that. But it is work, and I'm a lazy sort. Thank you Les for your words/inspiration.
And thank you God for the preview.

As far as your word 'magic'. Well, words are imperfect tools. 'Magic' is generally defined as a way mortals attempt to exploit 'forces', or to bend the divine to do our will.
But we here all understand that is not what you are talking about. Here it is simply Love.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Look like wandering in the maze. We crossed the limit of 2 degrees several years ago. I have a question. Do you like to play. From what age you count limit of 2 degrees temperature increase? Someone can solve this riddle?
It does not change anything. Solar panels are also dangerous. You have a plan B?
You are blinded in the dark times, destroying the one light. We have a problem with our evolution. Rather than develop, we go back. You have the wonders of technology and science but your technique and science can not understand how it was created ancient Egypt. Such a curiosity Egypt is not Egypt, the Israelites and the place of origin is not Israel. The history of the world is more colorful. The Vatican has stolen our pure culture and roots. Jesus lived about 2,500 years ago. I can easily prove it. Idea! where she was by now our civilization if the Vatican does not manipulated our history.
I'd love to write something more, but the greedy eyes watching my every move. Instead of helping people sell information even more greedy. I found every dollar of debt 157,000,000,000 who has our civilization. Ease of operation mathematical knowing how corrupt the system works.

David Fiske said...

I loved this post Vis. One needs to be like those toys that whenever they get knocked down come back to upright right away.Stay well centred and let the winds of change fly around one. We had the driest summer where I live for 65 years. I called it a summer from hell. Our lake dropped 3 feet, peoples wells ran out. It was difficult to keep the garden irrigated as my pump down in the lake got above water. And then we had the most beautiful fall I've had since immigrating to Canada. Still warm and trres in glorious leaf. Recently dug all my parsnips which will store all winter and currently planting some 300 garlic (6 types) my vote that I'll be around to harvest them in late July. And if I'm not well hurrah, no unfinished business, meditation teaches one how to let go. I've had a wonderful life. So much craziness somewhat tired of all of it. Wheat and chaff time.

torus said...

Aggressive Truth said; "We have a problem with our evolution. Rather than develop, we go back."

Last night, a coworker had a hockey game called up on one of our many computer terminals. The second time I passed by it the screen read;


It's not that subtle really. No less subtle than the consistently sour faces of Chinese women, who always looked pissed-off at having to tote their Victoria's Secret, Gucci, and The Bay bags.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
I have been meditating on why I mentioned "Yankee" and it comes down to this. As a Canadian I get to feel superior to all you Americans none of who are able to get over your exceptionalism. Make America Great again? No, from our eyes you have always been a nation of bullies, thugs and murders.Yet we also have envy at some level.
In this I am like the leper in the leper colony who feels so superior because he has one or two more fingers left than any of the others. I see that but still it gives me a different samskara to deal with. One of the 5 ego impediments, pride.
With love

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

In Consideration of the Supreme Importance of Love.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

RayH, and even the illusion of pride.
Because in 2005, 'O Canada' sailed into The Yehuda Triangle(New York-London-Tel Aviv)
and out sailed Zio-America Jr.
Ernst Zundel told me so..

mike m said...

Please vote Trump, what do you have to lose? Get it?

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show just went up...

Unknown said...

"It is the best of times and the worst of times"...this saying has eerily been playing in my head over and over this week and last week... a fitting description for what we are currently experiencing.

Thank you always Les, for your refreshing words -




Joseph Brenner

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