Friday, July 30, 2021

"It's Nature's Way of Helping Us Out by Remembering Which Way we Came In."

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Something VERY odd is taking place in the Dis-United States of America. Everywhere you turn, there are talking heads with shrill and strident voices, panicked eyes, and bad hair, who are speaking from a hidden teleprompter, and they all say the same things, and they are all provably WRONG!

The NEW mask-hysteria is operating in an automatic clamp-down fashion. These are people who are told what to say and told what to do. They are not leaders and legislators. They are people who are told what to say and do. If you EVER doubted the existence of a Deep State, doubt it no more. You might not be able to see them but you can see what they say and do, through their agents on the ground.

The Mindless Babbler, hard-ridin' Biden has been put away wet-brain style. If ever there were someone who needed to forget the things they did, he's on the shortlist. He is also on The Short Bus. It's Nature's Way of helping us out by remembering which way we came in.

We now know, conclusively, that the past presidential election was out and out fraud. Have you not wondered why it is that so many bright minds on The Other Side have stepped back and self-muted? There are people at every level of government and cultural prestige. There are MANY souls now imprisoned for having gotten caught up in a Deep State operation at The Capitol, which was being run by FOREIGN and DOMESTIC intelligence services, in tandem with The FBI and local law enforcement. We also now know this conclusively. Federal law enforcement is CRIMINAL

The MAIN PROBLEM is Stupid People. Materialism makes people stupid AND selfish, and you can see it in operation any day, especially in urban settings. Let's say you have a kitchen at your place in the city. The sink is loaded with dishes and fast food containers. It's been like that for some time. As a result, an entire culture (and I do mean... Petri Dish culture) has risen within the ruins of recent, and not-so-recent feasts. They get VERY busy when the lights are off, BUT... when you turn the lights on you see them scurry and scramble for safe harbor. American Culture is like that kitchen sink.

An apocalypse is like the kitchen lightcoming on. You didn't realize the trouble you were in until you wereable to see it. Times of Apocalypse are times of SEEING. You don't have to work at seeing it. The seeing comes as an accessory of The Apocalypse. Unless you have been in an apocalypse at some previous time (and you have not, not in THIS life) then you are unaware that The Apocalypse comes IN STAGES. Each one is more powerful and comprehensive than the stage preceding it. Apocalypses are Cosmic Events, they are not of human construct. They arrive at appointed times. Every so often, but not very often, A Grand Apocalypse occurs, and it doesn't back off until its work is done.


So it is that a cabal of different, loosely affiliated, gangster coalitions, banded together to orchestrate a series of events, in order to perpetuate the state of Stupid. One thing you can know about Stupid is that it is EASILY LED. This explains the COVID NONSENSE and The Killer Vaccines. The chemistry of the vaccines is like time bombs, set to GO OFF at a later date. The migrant surge, also orchestrated by these gangster coalitions are a part of the scheme and the blatant arrangement of dropping migrants off at different parts of the country, who have been PROVEN to be affected by COVID, are left untreated (not that it actually needs treatment) and can be compared to LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE.

There is NO sane nor reasonable justification for the deranged and mentally ill to be permitted to camp on public beaches for THE PURPOSE of intimidating the people who come there, or have businesses beach-side. Billions are poured into this rank Stupidity, and there are NO IMPROVEMENTS and no end in sight. Except for those few victims of The System who couldn't manage through these trying times, the REST OF THEM are drug and alcohol crazed, or just crazy or lazy. This ENTIRE nation-wide drama is being INTENTIONALLY caused and arranged by Low Satanists in High Places, with compromised Powers and Principalities.

Okay... enough with The Bad News. Considering what I have viewed in recent times, I have included VERY LITTLE of it here. From sociopathic gender-bending to the pressure of social media to conform to the unconformable, and from sorrow to despair; from dark to darker, THEY have and continue to be active like the denizens of that culture in the sink.

I am becoming more and more sure that certain forces are letting the present administration bury itself in the fecal tracks of history. It's an Ali rope-a-dope, going on out of view, just as do the machinations of The Dark Side. They are going to let it get worse and worser (nice syntax, visible) until someone, or several someones' come riding in on a (racist) white horse (Like Kalki).

It is easy to doubt the powers of Heaven when you see Hell on Earth, gestating like those pods in the film, Alien. It's easy to lose your faith and your way in these slippery times. You SHOULD know better. Yes... this is an intense drama, and when you are only out for yourself to begin with, the future looks increasingly grim. Don't let it get you down. There is more than enough power in YOU ALONE to banish ALL of the forces of darkness closing in, at least in your own auric envelope.

Here we see the essential nature of Karma and the densities of Samskara that inhabit your consciousness. For some, it is their Karma to be blind and oblivious and Materialism greatly affects this state of mind. Some eyes, and hearts, WILL NOT open. The complexities and intricacies of WHY are beyond my ability to expand on here. It might be very hard to imagine a Golden Age appearing out of this climate of confusion, BUT... it will. Certainly, not everyone will be present for this. They are not present for it now, nor shall be in these times. They are headed for The Wardrobe Department on The Moon. They will be meta-scientifically suited up for a series of lives in the age to come. It is The Way of Things.

People can argue about these issues till the breath leaves their bodies. So many of us are caught up in our own arguments with ourselves, BEFORE we begin to argue with others. We can't hear The Still Silent Voice Within. The clamor is too much. Many do not care one way or the other. They want what they are after and THEY WANT IT NOW! Parts of the country are becoming uninhabitable by anyone still sane. An intelligent mind might think it UNWISE to be there. They've shut down The World so there is nowhere to flee to, UNLESS... you have MONEY. That's no guarantee of a good outcome either.

Underground warrens are being built in this country and around The World for the wealthy to hide in when the time comes, as it SURELY WILL for them. That is Karma too. You can't escape your Karma but you can meet it ahead of time, and there is ALWAYS the chance that some compassionate being might release you from your obligations as such. This has happened many times already but you don't hear about it on the news.

There ARE portals to other planes of existence. There ARE real sanctuaries. There ARE powerful agencies working on our behalf RIGHT NOW. A sane person would seek to align themselves with one of these agencies whose sources are all the same. People, generally, are becoming less sane by the day. There are people so Stupid that they trust the government to look out for them. What we have is an intrusive, malign, and incompetent government. The titular head of this government says it all while saying nothing at all. He... and the randy porn-shop-Indian that plays backup to him, speak volumes about their credibility and ability. They are, as a cockney might put it, 'off their tits'.

I sincerely wish for it all to work out for everyone. This I KNOW cannot happen. Go the way of Heaven and Heaven WILL BE with you. As Lao Tzu said, though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Wherever you are being LED TO is where you will arrive at. The destination varies widely depending on who is doing the leading. It is IN YOUR HANDS to secure sanctuary if you choose. This may not include saving your life, but your life is far less important than you think. You pop in and out of existence for eternity, until you are able to opt-out of popping in.

The Christ said;

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”

That's Karma! If in Christ you find the answer (and you can) then that is good. If... in The Amitabha Buddha, or Krishna, or another, you find the answer (and you can) then that is ALSO good. Each of them is a portal into an enduring Heaven, a place for you to get your ongoing priorities aligned. You will have done much good work simply to get there. If your intention is righteousness, it is there to be found, AND all of it... the cosmos itself, in miniature, IS WITHIN YOU RIGHT NOW!!!

People have a truly hard time accepting and understanding that they have ONLY themselves to blame. The good news is that once you are no longer wrong, you are right. We are, en masse, caught up in a Bad Magic Show. We can step away at any time. If one door closes, another one opens.

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Vaccines and COVID

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"The Mark of the Beast is Written into the Fabric of their Being. Otherwise, So Is The Mark of Heaven."

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We will do something different today. A friend sent me this video.

I see something now and then that stops me in my tracks. This can be disconcerting if I wasn't moving in the first place (grin). I had such an event watching this video. There was an odd parallel to this. Last night, I was talking with my friend about The Mark of God and The Mark of the Beast. We are ALL the property of something, and the owner does mark his possessions. I suppose it is like your mother sewing your name into your underwear before you go to summer camp or Bohemian Grove for that matter.

The lady who created this video has seen behind the veil to some extent, although she misses the real connection to the iconography of Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhism and Hinduism generally. In those traditions, they have benefic deities and wrathful deities. They radiate according to the plane that is specific to them, be it Carnal, or Higher Mind. Perhaps you have seen the cover to one of my albums, “Almost A Capella”. It shows a similar presence to her Totem images.

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Most importantly one must remember that EVERY plane of action in the manifest has GUARDIANS, watchmen, doormen, and the female equivalent as well. As The Avatar comes down the planes into material presence, he DRIVES all the long-entrenched villains DOWN into The Material Plane for JUDGMENT. This is why many public figures, celebrities, and hoi poloi film extras are losing their minds because the one who was operating them got evicted from his Place of Power. This soon gets remedied for the now homeless entities who then take up residence in whatever form is AVAILABLE, and suitable for their purposes. Since this leaves a great many others rudderless, you are seeing people losing it in all manner of ways.

Again, I have to mention the Battle of the Morannon in the Lord of the Rings. This was the final battle of this particular war and it served as a distraction to take The Eye of Sauron off of his kingdom and to focus it on the conflict at hand. Then The Ring went into the flaming lava, accompanied by Gollum. This DEFINITELY got Sauron's attention and his mind left the battle immediately. Once this happened, the armies that Gandalf, Aragorn and Sundry were facing, LITERALLY lost their minds and went running off in all directions because no one was at the helm any longer. Something very similar to this is taking place now, here.

Any reader who has come here with any frequency is familiar with my appreciation for Phrenology. Once you have seen this video you will know why. Also... coincidentally, but not a coincidence, I don't believe in coincidence; EVERYTHING is connected... anyway... I received an aura camera, and here too, I have been able to see more similarities and associations. Several different modalities for seeing beyond the temporal have come to my attention in the same space in time. This can be no accident.

The lady who presents this video shows inarguable evidence of this POSSESSION that I have been writing about. She doesn't go very far with it at all, but the point is still made that 'there is more to Heaven and Earth than has been dreamed of in our philosophies' to paraphrase The Bard.

When I had my Kundalini experience at a cabin in the Virginia woods, I saw many similar images, although they were not menacing. The one controlling the experience for me had total command of all the elements of the event. You can think of Benefic and Wrathful Deities as a force operating at a particular frequency. If you were able to dial UP the vibration of a Wrathful Deity, it would turn into a Benefic Deity.

Wrathful deities and demons are how the force expresses itself at that level. It is the same with angels. You communicate with that which is relevant to your level of awareness. It seems imperative for all to raise their level of awareness, so as to be able to take advantage of the incredible bounty of Heaven. Heaven is a cornucopia of blessings flowing endlessly. One must be in tune with Heaven to be able to profit from this.

I'm not going any further with this now. I prefer that you see this video and reach your own conclusions. I don't doubt it at all because I have already seen these at other times in altered states. I AM NOT promoting this. I am leaving it to you to come to your own conclusions. Thank you for your time.

End Transmission.......

Now, I have some links for you. Yes, I know that some of the images are disturbing but they indicate Trends and Intentions and I try to be aware of what they imply;


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The Fat Girl's Guide to Being #Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-in-the-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini

Paperback, Slim Edition

Very Fat Very Brave, slim paperback edition

Thursday, July 22, 2021

"The World is a Carnival of Deception, Awash in Promises that Do Not Materialize."

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During the campaign last year, Joe Biden couldn't fill a small room. He was assisted by Safe Spacing, COVID, the media, and mostly... didn't show up anywhere at all. His massive public support can be seen here at this town hall meeting.

They've established that Fauci was involved in the funding of COVID-Wuhan. He even admits he's dirty, just not THAT dirty. No... not that dirty, but much more so than that.

You don't want to be a low life in an apocalypse. Initially, as you can see with Antifa, BLM, the sexual de-evolutionary revolutionaries, and the campus Chi-Com atmosphere, as well as the carrion-feeder media, and the powerful influence of the entertainers and the fashion industry, it's all good at the moment. This is not going to last and already they are turning on each other. I have observed that where there is no integrity there will be no loyalty. People always think the high life will last forever. What lasts the longest is the wreckage and corruption of their abused forms.

The World is a carnival of deception, awash in promises that do not materialize. If they do, they appear in different forms than expected. If they seem to be what they say they are, they fail to satisfy. Nothing you can possess will fill the emptiness of The Soul... ignored. It is VERY important to be aware of the levels of your being which you feed. If it is all about the lower end, then the higher end will starve. If it is all about the higher end (far less likely), the lower end will starve. Excessive consumption on the gross plane, AND cruel austerities on the other, are both undesirable. You have to be headed in the right direction AND your car has to be in good running order.

It seems that parts of this country are becoming more and more unlivable if you happen to be sane. You can't fix a homeless problem by making your warm-weather beaches and avenues available for residence and then catering to all their personal needs. This simply means that everyone like this will migrate there. This is the same thing with Open Borders' immigration, and you can't put the country back to work if you are paying people more than what they would earn to just stay home. Of course, all of this is happening for a reason. Various consortiums have gathered together in a loose alliance to subjugate The West. The Usual Suspects are using the usual tools to create enough of a climate of confusion and doubt to take over the country.

Sexual perversities, nightmare surgical procedures, toddlers with masks, CRT, and every other assault on Reason and Common Sense are ALL financed by The Usual Suspects, who are using people of various colors as their frontline performers. I've been thinking of sending a film treatment to Hollywood called, The Semitic Pretender. It's about people who claim to have certain DNA rights to a country that was already occupied by the people who DO LIVE THERE... or did. Anyway, this Semitic pretender is kind of like The Cisco Kid, all dressed up like a Rhinestone Cowboy, looking like a neon sign that has lost its mind. He comes into a town and sets everything right, brings his people in and kicks everybody else out, and then he rides out of town. As he is getting to the edge of town, his horse rises up on two legs and he yells, “Hi Ho Holocaustia”, cause we are borrowing a little bit from The Lone Ranger, and we can't use, “Hey Poncho! Hey Cisco.” That doesn't work somehow.

I'm going to include a couple of statements here. One is from Shankara and it is about people like me, of which there is a number who come here, AND I AM CERTAIN that you have questions about why you are not already THERE. Why does it take so long? What is the point of my hanging around like this since I already think I know all the stuff I don't actually know? The other statement is from Mikhail Aivanhov and it is about the RESOLUTION of Heaven's will upon Humanity. He says we are very close to this now. He said this more than several decades ago.

He uses the simile of a potter's wheel

“The ego's job is to go on incessantly spinning the wheel of The Mind and making karma-pots; new ideas to act on, fresh desires to pursue. When this pointless activity stops, no more pots are made, but for a while, the wheel of the mind goes on spinning out of the momentum of its past karma. This is an anguishing period in the life of every mystic: you have done everything you can: now you can only wait with a kind of impatient patience. Eventually, for no reason anyone can understand, the wheel does come to a stop, dissolving the mind-process into Samadhi.”

This comes about for those engaged in selfless service. When one is no longer concerned about personal gain, one stops creating karma. Then the wheels spin, and spin, and finally do not spin, and one has, Triumph in The Mind. I found this comment in Eknath Easwaran's translation of The Bhagavad Gita, on page 39 of the introduction.

Mikhail Aivanhov;
(this is from the book “Spiritual Alchemy.”)

“The day will come, and it is already near when Evil will be expelled from this Earth. The archangel Mikhael will come and lay hold of The Dragon and bind him in The Bottomless Pit for a thousand years. That is the time of the harvest. All the evil in us is part of the Cosmic Evil and when this (in the form of The Dragon) is cast into The Bottomless Pit, it will take with it all the evil that is in us. It is then that there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth for this purification will be accomplished with great heat and suffering. The invisible world will send fire to purify The Earth and it is then that the tares within us will be separated from the wheat. At the moment, the Earth is already under the fire and he who has allowed a lot of tares to grow within him will suffer terribly, for the fire that must come will penetrate everything. But he who has much wheat will rejoice; he will be like a lamp and his flame will become brighter and brighter, for the fire from Heaven which will consume the tares, will only illuminate the Son's of God's Kingdom.”

As we have said here a time or two, 'the very fire the sinners are tormented by is the same fire the saint's rejoice in'. The confirmation aspect is COMFORTING.

The Awakening and the Apocalypse, the coming of The Avatar, of which the first two are predecessors of the last... It ALL ties together. The implication of a Golden Age becomes more credible.

You must understand that all of these thoughts come by way of analogy because of the difficulty of explanation. More and more I am finding DIRECT evidence of what I have already been told. My friends, there is not that much in life that feels better than confirmations of Faith, at least for me.

Stop concerning yourself with fearful images that HAVE NOT APPEARED. You can stock the basement or the attic with food. You can get guns and candles, generators and what-all. It is far better to be prepared within. Life is CHANGE. Sometimes the changes are pleasant and sometimes they are painful, these are the fruits from the tree of experience. DO NOT let yourself be misdirected downward into apathy and despair. The knowledge alone that God is REAL should fill you with waves of joy. This is why your perspective on the matter MUST BE Visceral!

Think it through... God is ALL powerful. God is REAL. God is compassionate, and forgiving beyond human understanding. God ACTUALLY Loves you! Yeah though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death... Fear no evil!!!!

Here is The Great Invocation;

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.”

There is MUCH to reflect upon in those two statements included earlier here today. Don't let THE WAY THINGS LOOK affect THE WAY THINGS ARE for you. The ineffable is ALL POWERFUL. Whatever impossibility you might imagine for The Divine is child's play for him. Take EVERY concern that you have and lay it before The Divine and it will be processed ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. If we INDEED create the world we live in, according to how our mind interprets it, according to what we are after, according to the names we give to form... well then, why not have it as a blissed-out serenade to the heavens? Why not dance under the starlight, and the shining magnificence of the lights that shine as portals to your own unlimited potential?

It's simple. Look at what The Sun does and emulate it. Understand the dynamic between the interaction of The Sun and The Moon and much about your own nature will be revealed.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, July 19, 2021

"You Need Angels and The Illumined as Step-Down Transformers for The Love of God."

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This world comes into being through PRECIPITATION. So does our personal world. It starts as an idea in The Mind. Then it becomes a blueprint/schematic. Then it goes through the formative process, and then it becomes the thing itself. It is in the same way that we are Authored, or created. We engage in the same creative steps as THE Creator. Why does the world we create not resemble the finer kingdom of THE Creator? We have among us, many badly inept and incompetent creators. Conversely, there are those who are resident here in an atmosphere of Paradise. They carry The Kingdom of God with them wherever they go and dispense it to ALL life.

Our life is a gift, and we are gifters as well. Too often, in times of Material Darkness, the gift we bring is an undesired gift, and we litter the trail we have come by with our gifts, that are not gifts but burdens. As we learn, through suffering, to emulate our creator, we come to live in his finer kingdom and we can dispense that kingdom as we pass through the Veils and Vales of Suffering.

Our physical bodies are a collective of systems and each system is a collective of cells that are living beings, evolving just as we are in the body of our creator. If we think well of these cells and encourage harmony between our systems and the cells that compose them, we become capable of remarkable expressions; call them what you will.

A plan, long in the planning, was set into motion by The Dark side at the turn of the century. Their signal dish, so far, has been 9/11. They've sponsored selective mayhem since but not on the scale of 9/11. This ruined air travel for those of us who care about ambiance. Then the Loony Tunes, Tavistock graduate, Shoe Bomber caused added humiliations for us. This was all the inception to crowd control. First, we had the psychopath, Bush. Then we had the sociopath and sexual reptile, Obama. Then we got something that THEY did not plan on, and a war for control ensued. Next, a phony pandemic was created out of the common flu and so much force came down about it that they actually convinced just less than half of the population to, 'possibly' suicide themselves. In the process of this PACIFICATION, there was a major election and it was hijacked by a Communist insurgency.

9/11 was orchestrated by Israel and rogue intelligence agencies from America and other countries. You can read all about it on the right-side menu of this blog. They are still much engaged in their plot and subterfuges.

As the inarguable proof of a stolen election is disseminated far and wide, powerful forces will be set into motion (powerful forces are ALREADY in motion), to shock The World into submission. I DO NOT know what shape it might take. I do know it has to be a biggie. A desperate war is taking place at this moment. Most of it is out of public view. Certain forces have been at work on their plan for generations. They stand now on the precipice of victory in their minds. They WILL do or say ANYTHING to keep it moving. I call it a precipice because it is just that. They THINK they will seize the moment, as so many before them also thought, but... as Lao Tzu said, “The World is a sacred vessel and at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes.”

Then there is the matter of what Heaven wants, and whatever might be wrought by Lady Nature.

It does not matter how much money you have. It does not matter how big your armies are. It does not matter how much power you imagine that you possess. Those are all Useless Things. The powers of Light are far, far in advance of ignorant armies, sophisticated weaponry, money, or WHATEVER. It is the invisible world that THEY have to be concerned with, not us. Everything significant is taking place outside of the physical senses.

I will tell you a little about Shambhala today. All I know is a little, but it is a significant feature and of great use to those who seek after it. Researchers have contended about the location of Shambhala for a long time. Nicholas Roerich set out to find it and so have others, including The Reich. It is not a physical place but a dimensional space and the gate, the entry point, is in a secret chamber of The Human Heart, near where it connects with The Soul. Yes... that is how you get to Shambhala, through a portal in the heart. This will lead you to both Inner and Outer Shambhala.

Think of it as something like a video game in your mind. If you've ever played video games, you find that they can be VERY difficult, and there are so many levels to reach. Actually, the progression of human awareness, up the divine column of light, is infinite. You have eternity to look forward to and it is UP TO YOU how you spend that time.

Actually, you can get ANYWHERE by traveling within. Many pundits and experts like to argue about these subjects, even though they know little about them. Certain mindsets are not permitted to access certain knowledge and information. The way is closed. The Queen of Heaven is hidden from the eyes of the corrupted. She is a REALLY good friend to have; given that she weaves the spell of Maya that binds us to the ceaseless actions of The Gunas. She can ALSO free us.

Perhaps a deeper explanation of The Gunas might be useful. Think of Tamas as darkness, illusion and ignorance. BUT ALSO think of it as The Collective Unconscious. Think of Raja Guna as energy, movement, and action, BUT ALSO as The Self Conscious Mind, and think of Sattva Guna as goodness, selflessness, peace, and harmony, AND ALSO as The Superconscious Mind. You would not go far wrong with that. The whole of the manifest world is the interplay of these RELENTLESS forms of expression. It is ceaseless. The Key is to aspire to the higher and transform the ones below. That might apply to all kinds of conditions.

Why am I talking about these arcane things? No matter what we are engaged in, we are engaged in a dance between these gunas that is determined by our level of awareness. There are those who work to manipulate appearances and all appearances come into being by the same interactive process. Depending on your level of awareness, on that depends the level of bondage and confinement, or freedom that you are experiencing.

You can do something about your state of being. You can improve it a GREAT DEAL by aspiring to the higher and transforming the ones below. You DO NOT have to have your fears come upon you, MOST ESPECIALLY if you have changed your fears into FAITH. What is fear anyway? As well as a paucity of Love, it is always about the unknown and the unexpected. Fear comes about when we have a misinformed perspective about that which we do not understand. It also comes about... depending on where we place our reliance and dependence. Let God take care of the details! Stop trying to do what you are not equipped for, and keep finding out to your dismay.

You CAN HAVE angels in your proximity. You attract them the way you attract anything. You find out what they like and you become that. How do you get closer to God? You emulate him and like attracts like. Imitation is the most sincere form of appreciation. I prefer that to “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I guess it depends on the circles you run in (grin); or would that be 'ran' in'?

Angels are an extension of the will and presence of God. You could no more get close to God himself than you could fly into The Sun. Of course, you can fly into The Sun in one of your more subtle bodies. You need angels and the illumined as step-down transformers for the love of God. The presence of God is visited upon you by his emissaries. He is present in you as a TINY shining particle of conscious light; whether you are conscious of it or not.

This explains why loving God is the swiftest means to The Kingdom. It explains why simple minds can often grasp the essentials better than the overly educated. That can actually be a liability because you CANNOT enter the presence of The Illumined thinking you know anything at all BECAUSE YOU DON'T. There is a reason it is called The Cloud of the UNKNOWING! It is best to let go of all you think you know so that YOU CAN BE INFORMED.

Guru Bawa used to say, “How can I put any water in your buckets when they are already filled? You have to empty your buckets.” If the water in your buckets is polluted by low-level desires, how can you comprehend the higher arc? Or the higher-archy for that matter? All self-importance must be evicted. It is an awful burden to begin with. You can't get closer to the shining light if you insist on your own light shining instead. It is not your light. It doesn't work like that. It isn't even the right light. We need to get our inner lamp lit by the one who can do it. We set up waves of interference all around ourselves. We set up a network of conflicting systems because we THINK we know what we are doing, and we DO NOT. Eventually, we become the prisoners of our own Star Wars defense systems, caught in a web of fearful paranoia.

I find it impossible for me to say directly what I mean. I can only hope some parts will be indicative of what I intended but was unable to say.

It's about to get VERY... VERY INTERESTING.

End Transmission.......

Some links for you today. I have too many to include. This happens after every weekend when I do not post. I will get them in over the course of the week.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

"The More Intensely You Love God, the More Heaven Opens for You."

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Well... it is going off all over the place these days. South Africa is in freefall. Very strange events are going on in Academia.

There... we seem to have a merger of Virtue Signaling and Hypocrisy in equal measure. Meanwhile, ♫ the streets are alive with the sound of madness ♫ I could wonder at things like that. Is there a Manchurian Candidate Army now loose in the urban jungles? Is it random? Is it a bad reaction to toxic culture? Have the days of a Stand on Zanzibar come at last? I don't know but I think it is what happens when moral decay begins to dance on the avenues. When traditions fail at last. When religious systems are drained of all virtue. When our leaders are spiritually bankrupt and utterly corrupt, this is what you get. This is NOT how it was in King Janaka's time. Then again, we do not have a King Janaka.

Recently... Mr. Apocalypse is getting directly hands-on. I'm going to leave out the rest of the links and put them at the end. I sense that putting a lot of links in a posting tends to interrupt the natural flow and I began leaving them for the end. Today, for whatever the reason, there are a few here, in the beginning, to set the stage for what is to follow. There are interesting links concerning COVID and the Vaccines, which is a great name for a rock group. I'll put them in their own grouping. I am choosing these links carefully for your attention, or they have been sent to me by a professional. They form a real-world picture of present and EMERGENT trends. Okay... the pedestrian concerns are handled, on with the show!

You should be able to see it falling apart in slow-motion and time-lapsing sequences IF you are anywhere near the more concentrated population centers. This includes suburban enclaves as well. It can be troubling to watch people abandon their Reason and lose control of themselves. As we have mentioned any number of times, you are surrounded by invisible entities at all times, and some of them, and maybe a lot of them, depending on your behavior, are seeking to hijack your being for joyrides. This is of critical importance to us but seldom does anyone even become aware of it or show any interest in it. “It will make me look crazy!” Being crazy is a whole other animal than looking crazy, though I admit they often go together. The ones you really need to look out for are the ones who don't appear to be crazy.

I want to return again to the idea that we are ALL possessed in one fashion or another. The single most important aspect of this is that you can CHOOSE who and what it is that possesses you. Artists are possessed with their imaginations and what they envision. I once spent 24 hours in Dupont Circle Park writing a poem. I assume I was under the spell of Black Beauties. I can't remember having done anything but write the poem during that time. It came to 80-some pages and eventually became condensed, and then... I think it was forgotten (grin). My point is that we can get caught up in an idea and that is a form of Possession. There are good ideas and bad ideas. There is self-interest and selfless interest.

One MUST recognize one particular FACT about Self-Interest and Selfless-Interest. They are both roads and they both lead somewhere. You have to give serious consideration to this. Selfless-Interest is The Way of Heaven. Self-Interest goes in another direction. Many... given the choice, consciously choose the way of Self-Interest because it is directly tied to Appetites and Desires. The level of Materialism also weighs in on a person because it shapes the world around them. It takes a near superhuman effort to turn away from this path that so many others are on. Were it not for Divine Assistance, I don't think anyone would be successful at it, Furthermore, you have to want this, and wanting this involves the discipline of Not Wanting. It's not for everyone.

Why would I choose this path? Everything else has dissatisfied me. Everything else lacks a certain indefinable something that makes life worth living. Without it, my life is empty. This may not be so clear in one's youth but the older one gets the more one is made aware of this. It explains so many people in the rocking chair of regret on their front porch at the end of their life... if they have a porch. The youth-FULL are looking ahead. The elders are looking back. Neither of them is looking at NOW. This is humanity's relationship with Time. It is the tool by which we measure our suffering. What about children? Ah... yes... they are in the NOW.

It's puberty that affects the transition in children. It splits and divides the world. This leads to all the mating rituals and entanglements that follow. Some things that are very easy to get into are very hard to get out of. It took me most of my life to get back to where I was when I was free for a few brief years. After that, I continued to behave as if I were free and it pissed people off, especially girlfriends (ALERT! Hetero-normative gender explicit language in use. If you are triggered... hmm... who cares?)

This happens to everyone but differently in each case. Some knuckle right under from the get-go. Some fight the good fight all life long. Most make whatever degree of compromises life forces on them, or that is how they imagine it, that life did it to them. They did it to themselves. We all do, but it takes a level of bravery to acknowledge it and take responsibility for it. I don't see it as being noble and it certainly doesn't get treated that way. I see it as an essential survival skill. How can I ever get out of what I've gotten into unless I understand that it is I who got me here? Also... it makes your cry for help from Heaven sincere.

The World is going to get VERY rocky for a time. It is possible that places will disappear or become unlivable, except for those who can survive there. Buzzards and eagles, cockroaches, and honey bees have different priorities and flourish in different environs. In some places the jackals get fat. In the Iran-Iraq war, hundreds of thousands, millions even (over time) died and there was no way to deal with the corpses in places where one could well become a corpse. As a result, rats grew to as much as 27 pounds. That is nature responding to opportunity. Very hard and very bad things have happened on this planet and they may happen again in this transition period. Tamerlane used to build concrete walls with people trapped in them. They cried and screamed until they died. I could tell you horrible tales but I will stop here.

It does not mean any of these things are going to happen to you, but they could well happen to someone. These are uncertain times and certain demonstrations are called for. This will involve those committed to the experience, either by Karma or Desire. Make yourself a friend of Heaven, NOW! How does one do this? It is a simple matter. Behave as if you were in The Kingdom of Heaven and carry it wherever you go. If you need a literal guidebook then take the life of Jesus Christ as a model, or Buddha, or any number of examples that are to be had. Paramhansa Yogananda is a good example and he has had a marked influence on my life, as has Mikhail Aivanhov and Swami Vivekananda. You MUST have an Ideal. This is what inspires your spiritual evolution. Act as if you are in Heaven and you will be in Heaven, following the mandatory probation periods, which... again... vary according to the Karma of the person.

I am putting in the links that I include because they are snapshots of the times, and they are INDICATORS of the direction of the culture. Think of it as signposts and directional guides. Avoid places that are trouble zones, unless you have a Samara appointment and you won't know about that until you get there. If I had the funds, I would build a completely self-sufficient living space with Geothermal and other energy sources, in some rural zone backed up against national parklands. In the meantime, I carry with me all that I will need wherever I may be, as I am also carried by the one I follow, like a VW Bug in the slipstream of a tractor-trailer. Everyone sees their lives through the lens of whatever authority they have put in charge of it. Usually... this is themselves, and God is perfectly okay with letting people do this. How else are they going to find out?

I choose to leave my life COMPLETELY in the hands of the ineffable, come what may. At the same time, I try not to be stupid. It is an act of teamwork, this Dancing with the Divine. Certain things are in our court. Life is testing, which leads to refinement, which leads to ever greater and greater refinements, and it is shaped by what you love. In some cases, uninspired refinements lead to Pretense and self-importance. I advise against these states. One should NEVER lose the sane perspective that they are nothing in the scheme of things, while... at the same time, being a harmonious part of it all.

It is always a good idea to be Mindful. There are certain times when it is a necessity and the difference between suffering and sanctuary. We give lip service to The Divine but this does not impress God. I suspect, though I do not know, but... I STRONGLY suspect that what impresses God is Purity, Humility and Gratitude. Above all is LOVE, of course, and the more intensely you love God the more Heaven opens for you.

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Friday, July 09, 2021

"The Creeping Insanity in the Hijacked Minds of the Out-to Lunch Bunch."

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Day by day, you see The Creeping Insanity comes more fully into its own, in the hijacked minds of the Out-to Lunch Bunch. NO LONGER THE BOSS... Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce Springorangadangabeerstein is going to do a podcast with Obamabananadana. He's also DEMANDING that his misguided fans have the complete series of Death-Zines. At first, he wasn't going to let Astra-Zeneca Zombies into his Bruce on Broadway thing. Is he going to sing show-tunes? I'll bet he can do a light's out “I Feel Pretty.”

Once I saw those earrings become standard cosmetic appliances for him, I knew he had caught the Metrosexual Flu. They don't have a vaccine for that. I loved 2nd Cousin Brucie's work up to and including The River. After that, he moved to Beverly Hills and went Hollywood. It was cringe-worthy for me when I saw the last two documentaries about him (OF COURSE THEY WERE ABOUT HIM!). What embarrassments! Mr. Apocalypse is at work at every level of life and Bruce is no more immune to it than anyone else.

It's getting around to the final curtain call for Brucie. Mayhap the vaccine will see to that. It's time for a whole passel of INFLUENCERS to head to the other side. I see The Pope's name on The List. I see Little Georgie Sorrows. I had seen Rumsfeld. I don't see him anymore. I remember having one of those Doors of Perception moments when I was in Italy and I SORT OF did a remote viewing on the power players of the time and two of them stood out for me. First Obama was way darker spiritually than I had expected and Rumsfeld was a black hole, just a yawning emptiness. That got my attention for a minute or two, and then I moved on through the landfill.

I see Prince Sharles on The List and Dame Elton John. I see a great deal of suicide, almost like a group-grope kind of. (Young man! Do not end your sentences with a preposition!) It's a cultural thing, where they form ad hoc collectives, and ad ham-hoc collectives as well. Rumor has it that some of these events will be catered affairs like you would see in ancient Rome when the out-of-favor flavor was told to go and kill himself in his bath. That was a mostly patrician activity. Now we've going to get large hot tub events, or they could get one of those heated coils that they use in prisons for warming up coffee, except they would need one about ten feet long. Plug it in and drop it into the Olympic size pool and call all your friends for a departure party. Yes... I am being SOMEWHAT facetious here, but only somewhat. I fully expect to see Suicide become a trend. Coming events will create the motivation.

I see Lady Gag-Me's name. She should check out soon after her final recording entitled “Died that Way”

Heaven's Gate is opening, into the fields of answered prayer. Out of the prisons of Disneyland, out of the television's eye, up through the tunnel of mortality to The Light up Ahead, the light up ahead.

They are talking about Coming for You! They are looking to hire an army of door knockers, using the Jehovah's Witness model. It's worked so well all these years. You know what they say... “if it ain't broke, steal it.” They are REALLY serious about getting everybody on The Death Train. I think a lot of it has to do with creating an organic 5G portal out of you. That's why all those magnetics are in the vaccine and people can stick spoons to their skin and impress their friends. It's a step up from lighting your farts, so that's evolution for you.

I see a lot of names on this list. Sure... they are all going to die anyway, but perhaps sooner than they think. None of them think they are going to die anyway. Otherwise, they would NOT do what they do. I seem to remember the stork of Dharma asking one of The Pandava Brothers what the greatest mystery in life is. He said, “it is that men see others dying all around them and do not think that they themselves will die”; power of The Dreamscape is what it is.

I'm not going to list any more names. Something doesn't feel right about that. Of course, I could be wrong... Nah... heh heh.

It is about time for The Pope and some number of other agents of darkness to ♫ break on through to the other side ♫ The Supernal Realm has a Destiny Clock and some of the names are in red, not black. I do realize those are the colors of the religion they all belong to. There are blocks of names in red. Most of them don't ring a bell. I'm guessing they are The Boys in the Back. No way of telling if they are still boys, or making a cross-feces transition to a lower order of being. If you don't think Heaven operates with a surgical precision, you are not paying attention.

Hey! It's The Petri Dish. Sometimes I have to get out on a limb before I saw it off. I have included a great many links, which I don't really want to comment on, but my posting them should be comment enough. There are, in fact, so many links I have to split them up for two postings. So if there are links missing that you think should be there, I'll have them up on Monday, provided I am not on The List and unable to do any further posting. Sooner or later, I am going to be asked to take an ACTUAL walk that I won't be coming back from, (not immediately anyway) and I am VERY grateful about that. Maybe I can do something like The Dread Pirate Robert did. We'll see.

None of these things matter, not really. It doesn't matter if Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce stays around or checks out. He has all the lasting capacity of an automobile hood ornament from one of his early songs. History is not kind to most artists, especially the really successful ones who bend a trend or two and... having bent themselves appropriately (or inappropriately) they last for a few seasons and then it's as if they were never here. I feel truly sorry for Brucie. I feel sadder than I might have after seeing those last two documentaries. Bob Dylan and some others are going to be in the human memory for a much longer time.

I'm guessing there are people out there who don't like Bob Dylan. Someone was raging at me in ALL CAPS over at The Truthseeker about the last Origami (I think that was the one). He was slathering on, in virtual red-face, about Phoenician Jews. He took exception to my mention of The Beatles being visited briefly by angels. This is a COMMON event for INSPIRED artists, whether they are aware of it or not. We don't SEE THEM so, certainly, it isn't happening. Materialists don't believe in angels. I have direct evidence of them, so they can wail out of the back winds of the atmosphere they weave in their passing. I probably won't notice. Somehow he connected The Beatles with Phoenician Jews. I am guessing he is one of those people that read certain writers, like Zecharia Sitchin and get all their talking points from them, rather than engaging in tedious Self-Inquiry.

People... I don't know anything about Phoenician Jews, or Annunaki, or Reptile shapeshifters, or those people in the volcanoes that L. Ron Hubbard conjured up for the Science Fiction crowd. L Ron was a really terrible writer but that's beside the point. He took his fantasies and wove them into a facsimile of reality, appropriate to his poisoned imagination. He used to sail around on his Big Boat with a slew of vacuous but superficially pretty women. ALL OF THEM had signed Billion Year Soul Contracts to serve The Man in the afterlife, like the servants killed when a Pharaoh dies, so they can serve him in the world beyond. I think they killed the pets too. I don't think L. Ron iced the ladies.

There was a BIG earthquake near Lake Tahoe. Interestingly, I have been getting internal readings that concern the Lake Tahoe area for some time. Hmm... no one thinks too much about Lake Tahoe when they think about big quakes (or do they?). Dutchsinse says that the next rumble will be down San Diego Way.

I didn't say much about God today, did I? Well... if we make God Real, we become real also. Let's leave it at that for the moment. We'll have Origami on Monday and that will be a stadium full of words about God.

Planetary rainbows break upon the shore. I see a mysterious island, rising from the mist, rising like a curtain, halfway across the ocean of life and death. Moving out of the darkness, a spiraling stairway around a column of light. Easy does it, steady as she goes, Easy does it, you are very close to The Light Up Ahead...

End Transmission.......

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