Thursday, July 22, 2021

"The World is a Carnival of Deception, Awash in Promises that Do Not Materialize."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

During the campaign last year, Joe Biden couldn't fill a small room. He was assisted by Safe Spacing, COVID, the media, and mostly... didn't show up anywhere at all. His massive public support can be seen here at this town hall meeting.

They've established that Fauci was involved in the funding of COVID-Wuhan. He even admits he's dirty, just not THAT dirty. No... not that dirty, but much more so than that.

You don't want to be a low life in an apocalypse. Initially, as you can see with Antifa, BLM, the sexual de-evolutionary revolutionaries, and the campus Chi-Com atmosphere, as well as the carrion-feeder media, and the powerful influence of the entertainers and the fashion industry, it's all good at the moment. This is not going to last and already they are turning on each other. I have observed that where there is no integrity there will be no loyalty. People always think the high life will last forever. What lasts the longest is the wreckage and corruption of their abused forms.

The World is a carnival of deception, awash in promises that do not materialize. If they do, they appear in different forms than expected. If they seem to be what they say they are, they fail to satisfy. Nothing you can possess will fill the emptiness of The Soul... ignored. It is VERY important to be aware of the levels of your being which you feed. If it is all about the lower end, then the higher end will starve. If it is all about the higher end (far less likely), the lower end will starve. Excessive consumption on the gross plane, AND cruel austerities on the other, are both undesirable. You have to be headed in the right direction AND your car has to be in good running order.

It seems that parts of this country are becoming more and more unlivable if you happen to be sane. You can't fix a homeless problem by making your warm-weather beaches and avenues available for residence and then catering to all their personal needs. This simply means that everyone like this will migrate there. This is the same thing with Open Borders' immigration, and you can't put the country back to work if you are paying people more than what they would earn to just stay home. Of course, all of this is happening for a reason. Various consortiums have gathered together in a loose alliance to subjugate The West. The Usual Suspects are using the usual tools to create enough of a climate of confusion and doubt to take over the country.

Sexual perversities, nightmare surgical procedures, toddlers with masks, CRT, and every other assault on Reason and Common Sense are ALL financed by The Usual Suspects, who are using people of various colors as their frontline performers. I've been thinking of sending a film treatment to Hollywood called, The Semitic Pretender. It's about people who claim to have certain DNA rights to a country that was already occupied by the people who DO LIVE THERE... or did. Anyway, this Semitic pretender is kind of like The Cisco Kid, all dressed up like a Rhinestone Cowboy, looking like a neon sign that has lost its mind. He comes into a town and sets everything right, brings his people in and kicks everybody else out, and then he rides out of town. As he is getting to the edge of town, his horse rises up on two legs and he yells, “Hi Ho Holocaustia”, cause we are borrowing a little bit from The Lone Ranger, and we can't use, “Hey Poncho! Hey Cisco.” That doesn't work somehow.

I'm going to include a couple of statements here. One is from Shankara and it is about people like me, of which there is a number who come here, AND I AM CERTAIN that you have questions about why you are not already THERE. Why does it take so long? What is the point of my hanging around like this since I already think I know all the stuff I don't actually know? The other statement is from Mikhail Aivanhov and it is about the RESOLUTION of Heaven's will upon Humanity. He says we are very close to this now. He said this more than several decades ago.

He uses the simile of a potter's wheel

“The ego's job is to go on incessantly spinning the wheel of The Mind and making karma-pots; new ideas to act on, fresh desires to pursue. When this pointless activity stops, no more pots are made, but for a while, the wheel of the mind goes on spinning out of the momentum of its past karma. This is an anguishing period in the life of every mystic: you have done everything you can: now you can only wait with a kind of impatient patience. Eventually, for no reason anyone can understand, the wheel does come to a stop, dissolving the mind-process into Samadhi.”

This comes about for those engaged in selfless service. When one is no longer concerned about personal gain, one stops creating karma. Then the wheels spin, and spin, and finally do not spin, and one has, Triumph in The Mind. I found this comment in Eknath Easwaran's translation of The Bhagavad Gita, on page 39 of the introduction.

Mikhail Aivanhov;
(this is from the book “Spiritual Alchemy.”)

“The day will come, and it is already near when Evil will be expelled from this Earth. The archangel Mikhael will come and lay hold of The Dragon and bind him in The Bottomless Pit for a thousand years. That is the time of the harvest. All the evil in us is part of the Cosmic Evil and when this (in the form of The Dragon) is cast into The Bottomless Pit, it will take with it all the evil that is in us. It is then that there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth for this purification will be accomplished with great heat and suffering. The invisible world will send fire to purify The Earth and it is then that the tares within us will be separated from the wheat. At the moment, the Earth is already under the fire and he who has allowed a lot of tares to grow within him will suffer terribly, for the fire that must come will penetrate everything. But he who has much wheat will rejoice; he will be like a lamp and his flame will become brighter and brighter, for the fire from Heaven which will consume the tares, will only illuminate the Son's of God's Kingdom.”

As we have said here a time or two, 'the very fire the sinners are tormented by is the same fire the saint's rejoice in'. The confirmation aspect is COMFORTING.

The Awakening and the Apocalypse, the coming of The Avatar, of which the first two are predecessors of the last... It ALL ties together. The implication of a Golden Age becomes more credible.

You must understand that all of these thoughts come by way of analogy because of the difficulty of explanation. More and more I am finding DIRECT evidence of what I have already been told. My friends, there is not that much in life that feels better than confirmations of Faith, at least for me.

Stop concerning yourself with fearful images that HAVE NOT APPEARED. You can stock the basement or the attic with food. You can get guns and candles, generators and what-all. It is far better to be prepared within. Life is CHANGE. Sometimes the changes are pleasant and sometimes they are painful, these are the fruits from the tree of experience. DO NOT let yourself be misdirected downward into apathy and despair. The knowledge alone that God is REAL should fill you with waves of joy. This is why your perspective on the matter MUST BE Visceral!

Think it through... God is ALL powerful. God is REAL. God is compassionate, and forgiving beyond human understanding. God ACTUALLY Loves you! Yeah though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death... Fear no evil!!!!

Here is The Great Invocation;

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.”

There is MUCH to reflect upon in those two statements included earlier here today. Don't let THE WAY THINGS LOOK affect THE WAY THINGS ARE for you. The ineffable is ALL POWERFUL. Whatever impossibility you might imagine for The Divine is child's play for him. Take EVERY concern that you have and lay it before The Divine and it will be processed ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. If we INDEED create the world we live in, according to how our mind interprets it, according to what we are after, according to the names we give to form... well then, why not have it as a blissed-out serenade to the heavens? Why not dance under the starlight, and the shining magnificence of the lights that shine as portals to your own unlimited potential?

It's simple. Look at what The Sun does and emulate it. Understand the dynamic between the interaction of The Sun and The Moon and much about your own nature will be revealed.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"Don't let THE WAY THINGS LOOK affect THE WAY THINGS ARE for you".

I am so glad you said that. Amidst all the hysteria of the madding crowd, I watch and observe, more or less unaffected. My priority is my relationship with God and nothing else matters. "Impatiently patient" describes my position well. At least I try to stay in that state of mind as often as possible. Constant reinforcement of a positive lifestyle and a daily spiritual practice are paramount to success.

Thank you, Visible, for the constant update on all things I wish I didn't need to know and then some which you provide in the almost daily links. But thank you utmost for all your encouragement to keep the faith and never give up (on God and yourself).

Love, Priscilla

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the quotations. Appreciated!

Vis: "Nothing you can possess will fill the emptiness of The Soul... ignored."

Yep. Each person comes Down Here to fill certain unfilled 'reservoirs' in each person's Soul with the experiences that can only be gathered on Earth Plane. In this lifetime, you came for A,B,C-class experiences. Your Soul will not be satisfied with X,Y,Z-class experiences. Your Soul will classify that lifetime as a failure (no judgment; just a factoid) and send you back for a 'repeat' lifetime - to obtain those A,B,C-class experiences. It's easier to get those experiences the first time around. Listen to your Soul. (If you finish A,B,C 'early', you can either leave early by some socially-acceptable death, or apply to your Soul for Bonus Experiences to forestall other lifetimes.)
Vis: "As we had said here a time or two, 'the very fire the sinners are tormented by is the same fire the saint's rejoice in'."

In my experience, it comes down to adjusting to the rising Frequencies. Earth Plane is rising in frequency (a good thing), due to various things going-on in the Unseen. Some people equate that with a new age, a dimensional shift, or such. Cool. On the personal level, it comes down to what one is Holding. Dense times allow holding of certain frequencies of pain. As the frequencies rise, that pain cannot be held in one's energetic body, so they are forced out - to feel through. In the long run, that is good; in the short run, not so pleasant.

To run with Vis' analogy, the 'Saints' are the ones who either never accumulated the pain (including emotional pain) or who dug-deep-inside and felt them through. Gone, in advance. Those folks just feel the pleasure in the rising frequencies. The 'Sinners' preferred to ignore what was inside them (held pain) until it was required to come-forward and be felt-through by the rising frequencies. Not much fun, especially if the frequencies 'jump' rather than 'ramp-up'.

Same frequency rising, different personal experiences. Choose your game...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'Tis hard to be fazed when one knows they volunteered for this crap, and they know they are only passing through. 'Tis a long journey, and though I spend much of my time cussing out my choice of going through this; I know it will be worth it in the end.

A dozen virtual nose pets and a couple o' snorfles to your nose for this post.

Anonymous said...

LTPTB, does noses mean roses? Curious minds would like to know.

robert said...

Visible One,

The intimate relationship you have with You, one on one with the One, extends effortlessly in written communion with all fractal aspects drawing near....

If we INDEED create the world we live in, according to how our mind interprets it, according to what we are after, according to the names we give to form... well then, why not have it as a blissed-out serenade to the heavens? Why not dance under the starlight, and the shining magnificence of the lights that shine as portals to your own unlimited potential

Standing on the shoulders of giants?

Or being the confidante of a Being who carries on all things and brings us along the way, though we drag ourselves in the mud before takeoff?

Knowing that we are but a surface element of an infinite mirror laser based within in a deeper well than we can yet imagine, aimed at a star invisible to the eye.

We get burned when we try to brake ourselves down from the speed of love
We experience great pain when we attempt to break away into separation from what cannot be divided.
We try so many limited conceptions on for a size too tiny to hold joy enough to share.

Yet we are loved throughout the dregs we create in our deliberate ignorance.

We are one cell of an infinitely large giant, yet we are directly in touch with the significant feeling which conveys the idea that there is always more to our story.

We are carried on the shoulder of an all-powerful Father
We are nurtured in the bosom of an unconditionally loving Mother
We are the beloved child wasting time trying to prove worthy of where we already are.

We are waking up to the error of our ways and seeing the One way uniquely designed for our maximum expansion.

Will we burst our vain delusions of abandonment and let our minds grow large enough for Spirit to fly within us without hitting boundaries of false identities?

Will we choose in each moment to give ourselves away to make way for a Passion which we were taught to fear by the fearful?

Can we keep our minds tuned to the center channel without help from inner guidance?
Then will we accept guidance or fall prey to external entrancements?

All we ask of ourselves has been too little to invite an all seeing eye to envision us.
We sit in our own way in a sit down strike all because we see only our failures to be more.

When will we stand the pressure to sprout our seed into full blossum?

Right now we sing a tune worth singing as soon as we open our hearts to mind the majesty of the One Creation broken up into experiences for us to gather into our hearts.

The illusion machine is cranked to the point of its own destruction and delusion will fall at the speed of gravity, in the blink of a tear-filled eye....

The shift accelerates instantaneously, leaving the dark design in the dust.

We move on unlimited
We are One, again.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"We are All Food. Everything is Food for Something, or Fuel for Something."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I belong to The Holey Order of the Septum. A nose is a nose is a nose. It's really a joke, but it's a Hell of a lot of fun talking like noses are all that matter. We have our own language, greetings, used to have nose pet orgies at one of our shops before the owner went into full CEO mode.

Anonymous said...

"My friends, there is not that much in life that feels better than confirmations of Faith, at least for me."

I relate a great deal my friend!!!

Justin Virden



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