Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles

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This is blog posting 1075 and then there’s 104 radio shows. I looked at the computer screen this morning and said, “Oh no, not another blog post (grin)”. It’s not the blog posts that bother me so much. It’s the times I have to say something about someone and I don’t want to but I can’t help myself. When I see seriously safe writing like this, it bothers me and when that same writer talks about meeting Gaddafi and how he is crazy and dangerous and should be gone and that same writer talks about the beauty of The Arab Spring and how he supports it I start to get those George Soros Shingles all over my body and they won’t go away until I say something. It’s also known as Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles and only people troubled by the seeming absence of clarity and truth catch it for some reason and it hurts like regular shingles, or so I hear; I’ve never had the regular kind.

I don’t want to get into more about me again; I’ve felt the need to do that lately, mostly because some people don’t read carefully. They see some hot button item and they go off without studying the totality of my approach. Or maybe they just don’t want to get it and lack the objectivity to consider the facts and the figures on the merits. I don’t know what the problem is but I suspect it has to do with degrees of awakening in concert with the level of personal courage that is possessed by the reader. Regardless of the force of awakening acting upon the planet in these times, most of the population remains in a deep slumber and accepts the main stream Pabulum, no matter how insipid, ridiculous or patently untrue it may be.

I don’t want to point out certain things but that is the very nature of what I do and all I ask is that people meet what I say with intelligent refutation. Lately I am hearing from people who tell me, “Yes, some Jews were involved in 9/11 but certainly Israel had no part in it. I ask them to explain to me what is stated in this link and I don’t hear from them again. That is because you can’t refute or explain away what you find there, all fingers point at Israel, in tandem with rogue elements in various intelligence agencies.

I do not profess to possess the whole truth on anything. My motto is “I don’t know” and I don’t. I am always left with the most seeming conclusions and in the case of 9/11, it’s a slam dunk when it comes to those culpable. The thing is, most people do not have the courage to call it like it is. They want some kind of workable compromise that leaves them off the hook for the licks taken when it comes to recognizing and pointing out the hard truths that call down the wrath and marginalization that comes with stating that the emperor is naked. For so long as the majority of people can not and will not call it like it is, they will remain the victims of those who prey upon, herd and manipulate them. Their living conditions continue to worsen but somehow they imagine that it will all go away one fine day like it was never here to begin with. Possibly that respite will arrive in the grave or whatever lies beyond but I suspect it does not, because if you can’t see clearly here then you probably can’t see clearly somewhere else either.

The world, in its totality, is an expression of the beliefs held by the populations. In times of pervasive ignorance and darkness it can be a stifling affair for some of us. People don’t want to know. They’ll argue from whatever uninformed point of view they have settled on but they won’t look more deeply for the truth, because the truth is a dangerous area of endeavor. You never know what you’re going to find out and it changes you. It makes accepting the same old same old harder and harder to do. You will become disenfranchised from your fellows. It comes with the territory.

I know that Gaddafi is a dictator. Saddam was a dictator too but that is precisely the type of government desired by the majority of those peoples who live in tribal conflicts that go back for generations. The alternative is chaos and we’ll be seeing some of that now. Libya, in fact, had one of the highest standards of living in the Arab world. The water system, now destroyed by ZATO (Zionist Armies of Total Occupation) was a marvel of these times. Gaddafi didn’t want to play bend over and take it from the international bankers and he wanted an African currency that would militate against the routine debt enslavement of the bankers, which is in operation around the world and is the source of so much of the troubles of the present day.

I’m not saying that Gaddafi is a great human being. I don’t know the man. What I do know is what he has done and intended to do. He is and was a better man for his people than Bwak! Obama is for his. The Lockerbie Bombing was not carried out by Libya. It was carried out by the same government terrorists that carry out all of the horrible events in these times. Gaddafi is not and was not treating his subjects the way Israel treats the Palestinians. Who is the greater evil? Gaddafi doesn’t export terrorism, Israel does. Why should there be such a serious disconnect in the minds of the wider public? The force of materialism, implemented by those who worship it as a god and a means of social control is the reason. Materialism is a darkness of consciousness and those who subscribe to it are going to be buried in it. It is a coffin for the practitioners of unbridled appetite.

We live in a world of Twits with cellphones who chatter like chipmunks on a dead log. The scale of awareness and active insight has been reduced to an elementary level and survival has been made the premium concern, even while those entrusted with securing it are looting the store in front of their eyes and they won’t see it because that is going to scare them more than all of the things that presently confront them. Armed insurrection is not the answer, thought that is coming. A simple stepping away from the predatory industries in which they are employed and tormented by is all that it takes. Entire nations have to step away and sit down until the machine stops turning.

I don’t like to make predictions because I am often wrong, as I have been with the timing of Iran being attacked. Everything moves much more slowly than I expected but I suspect that is all about to change. I do predict that the next two months are going to include the most tumultuous events yet seen. I hope I’m wrong but that is how it looks to me. It looks like it is going to go terribly sideways all over the place. Now we are hearing dire things about this comet Elenin, as well as Nibiru, Planet X and what have you. I don’t know what to make of it so I will do my usual wait and see.

I’m an optimist most of the time. It’s how I’m made. I’m an optimist due to what I hear from my invisible friends. This doesn’t change the approach and immediacy of spectacular change on the horizon. There are two critical problems that seem to be without a solution. One of them is that collection of insane vampires, whose means of operation threatens us all ...and they are not going to stop what they are doing until they are stopped. The other is the vast expanse of the sleeping public, who are determined not to awaken because of what they consider to be the responsibility and personal cost that comes with rising from their sleep.

The cosmos is a precise and irresistible machine that is like no watch that has ever been built. It moves inexorably according to its own mysterious vision of what will be. You can’t argue with it and you can’t affect it, except to embrace the change, which may ameliorate the severity of the changes that have to be employed to bring about what is coming. I have no questions about the existence of something beyond our comprehension that orchestrates the events, within the theater of our existence. It’s been proven to me over and over again. Others may contend and argue about it but had better meet it in the middle. Personal resistance is like screaming into the mouth of a hurricane and expecting to be heard and expecting some kind of effect as a result. It takes little imagination to visualize what the hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami’s response will be.

People tell me that I must be mistaken about their sacred cows. Others tell me I should embrace the celestial harmony and retreat into contemplation, while doing nothing because that will have the greatest positive effect on everything else. Neither of those things seems to be the appropriate course of action to me, however well they may work for others. I’ve got my dharma and the course of my life has made that clear to me. The only thing anyone can say with any authority is, “we shall see”.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Talking bout the Baboon Red Ass of Pornographic Need

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Well... I must say that I am torn between extremes on the approach of Sweet Irene. I don’t wish disaster on anyone but then again, where does one stand on matters concerning those who do wish, support and provide no opposition to calculated disasters visited on others, far off in the plundered regions of corporate holocaust? Each and every day, millions of Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians and the like, living in the occupied lands of The Crown Colonies, turn their heads away, or stoke the dark chemical fires of naked greed, or turn their baboon red ass of pornographic need into support of the torture, dismemberment and murder of those in their way, no matter how many thousands of miles out of their way they may be. So if Irene comes up on America like a scorned Columbian wife and rips that brittle stone phallus to the ground, I’m going to stand up and applaud her demonstration of the impotent bankrupt symbols of a land that doesn’t exist.

How honest should I be? Part of me wants to see a wall of charging water slam into Wall Street and wash the fountain pen killers out of their pricey suites, so that they can be barbecued by the homeless on refrigerator grills, somewhere in the labyrinth of the subway tunnels, where they’ve been forced to live out of the sight of those still in a position to continue on as serfs and servants to the predators in their midst. I’m probably fooling myself about that because the storm surge will wash those tunnels clean and all that will be left are legions of rats bobbing on the insecure islands of bloated bodies, like polar bears on melting ice floes; should such a condition actually exist, outside of the government’s special effects lab over at The Global Warming film studios.

This is what I don’t get. Back in the Vietnam era there was such a public uproar over the illegality of one more imperialistic kill frenzy that they stopped the war. Now conditions are many, many times worse and you have the internet. The wars are multiple. The domestic conditions are a horror story. The economy is a yo yo performance by a blind man with advanced Parkinson’s disease and everything belongs to the people with the phone number of the Ringwraith, Homeland Security goons. Here’s just one of the mysterious mindfucks taking place across the length of the land of the free. There are many, many stories like this and they all involve low level functionaries, acting on the orders of someone unnamed but probably the same people producing the wars; poverty, famine and disease, as well as the reality TV shows.

Across the land you may see a few thousand outraged citizens, reacting to the extreme pressure of armed, uniformed thugs, who often look like what they resemble except they’re still standing on two feet, unfortunately. Meanwhile, tens of millions bend over and wait, or press forward in a frenzy to emulate those who are dressing them up in bondage gear for the big sleepover in the Pulp Fiction pawn shop. If the people don’t rise up then the people will go down with the rest of it and they deserve no less.

Lady Nature is not impressed with Bennie the Boy Lover’s speaking engagements. She blew his hat off his head and then sent wind; rain, thunder and lightning as a ‘get the fuck off the stage’ request. Then she rattled the eastern seaboard, cracking the pyramid top of the monument, knocked the spires off of one of the cathedrals of the rich and shook the ground all the way up. Now she’s coming in a reverse cowgirl to ride the coast hard and put it away wet. How’s that for turnaround? How’s that for ‘bend over and wait’? You don’t want to do anything about the vile shit your government is up to? Well there’s another government with boots on the ground that’s had enough of your indifference and face stuffing, horizontal expansion complacency. If there’s ever been a time for fire and floods, this is it.

Like I said, I don’t wish disaster on anyone but what do you do about people who wish disaster on themselves, no matter how long overdue it may be? Part of me is saying, “Hold off Vis, let it happen and then turn on the compassion machine”. Part of me is saying, “Kick the living shit out of them”. Anyone objecting to that is a feckless, sexless automaton who’s long on advice from a distance and short on action from any perspective.

Of course, all the people this applies to aren’t reading this; they’re getting the Fox News enemas on schedule though, they like the cool refreshment of it; the tickling excitement of the entry that speaks of bigger things to come. Yes, a vast army of Mr. and Mrs. Potato heads are marching to the potato chip factory, cause someone offered them two bags of chips for the price of one. This is why there’s no action or applied inaction like there ought to be which, simply comes down to stepping away from the machine on every level and watching it slow down and stop. Why exercise your power though when the real thrill is having the power exercised on you and... there’s always the possibility you’ll miss your dead animal lunch and I know you want flies with that. You’re going to get flies.

You never said anything when they got rid of posse comitatus and all the other protections. You never questioned the absurdity of three skyscrapers falling at the speed of free fall into their own footprints, as the real terrorists concocted their Al Qaeda boogeyman so that they could build up a national army of faceless contractors for the purpose of what? Was the purpose to protect you from a non existent Al Qaeda? No, the purpose was to protect them from you, while they took everything you had and then either killed you or something worse. The irony of it, the real joke on both of you is that you had no plans to object anyway. They could have saved themselves a lot of your money but they actually thought you had more sand than that.

Now that Lady Nature has her powers back, which I happen to know for a fact, there’s going to be all kinds of ground waking adventures from someone who does give a shit. It can’t be said that you don’t deserve what’s coming for you but, maybe you’re bending over and waiting for that too. When the instructions come for you to pack up your shit and move to the FEMA camps, for your own protection, you’ll be waiting in line ahead of time, like the sunstroke victims of Bennie the Boy Lover.

I’m past wondering if it’s something in the water; frequencies in the air, television, genetics, I don’t know. Some of us are made differently. I’ve got no problem seeing what’s afoot and has been. That goes for the main body of readers here too. What is it? I don’t have a clue.

So “c’mon Irene” wash the country clean.

I’ll admit that I’m concerned she might lose some force when she hits land (this closed with, "now back to reality" spoken at the end by a long time press thug). All I can hope for is that she hits category 4 or 5 before that happens. If the hand of the cosmos is guiding this; it guides everything so what am I thinking? Since the cosmos is guiding this, can you go for maximum damage? Call it a long overdue wakeup call. Turn New York City into a waterpark. They’ll be charging admission to the rides within a day and they will have those rides too. Mostly, I guess I am asking that you hit the money machine. I’m asking that you get surgical and play ‘wack a weasel’. I want them so obsessed with the fluctuations of the market that they can’t leave their desks no matter what they see from the window.

It could be just a big bust and it might not work even if it is not, because their perception of everything will be contained in the enema bag feeding that follows the event. They’ll go back to yelling at each other and following orders, no matter what those orders are. They’ll defend their oppressors and strive among themselves to be filmed committing charitable acts, or sending money they don’t have to people like this, I know they left a lot of names off the list.

When stupid can be reached by no normal means, then stupid must be informed in any way that becomes necessary. There may be no cure for stupid. It might be one of those closed systems where only stupid gets in and only stupid gets out.

I’ll just sit here in my schizophrenic tug of war about the right position to hold and maybe speculate on the possibility that a true aftershock might come around right in the peak of the hurricane.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alex Jones, Mike Adams and the 9/11 Litmus Test

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Well now, boys and girls. I’m kind of in Hobson’s Choice-land today. This has come up on my radar and I am bound to engage it. I have no choice, even though I might seem to have a choice. Let me digress for a moment.

My good friend Roy and I were in Uberlingen at the lake this weekend. I like to get away with Roy, when I can, to have conversation. Roy is from India and a native of that land. For some reason we can sit and talk for hours and it’s all good. Roy is a very bright fellow of spiritual inclination. He’s also very well read and honest as the day is long. He told me a story this weekend, which was distressing to me to say the least. His father was a soldier and his father told him the tale. I spoke about it on the radio show this Sunday night.

Roy told me that Gandhi was not at all as he is made out to be and that he actually wanted the British to stay and worked to that end and that it was Chandra Ghosh who drove them out, even though they didn’t actually leave, they just went underground and behind the scenes. I haven’t researched this and have no idea of how true it is. As with all things, I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle but actually, at right angles to everything else.

I mention this because it is possible that all of our assumptions concerning everyone are wrong and that brings me to today’s brief.

I’ve appreciated the writing of Mike Adams and even went so far as to put a link to his site on my sites. Without even knowing why, I was uneasy about this and an event occurred, that had nothing to do with Mike Adams, except for the coloration and presentation of his link. It resulted in the link being removed, shortly before I read his commentary in the first link of this article.

Let’s move on the Alex Jones for a moment. I’ve never been that fond of his work because of the wild, bombastic presentation and also because a lot of the things he says are drenched in hyperbole and often don’t ring true to me in their totality. I didn’t think much about it. We all prefer some to others and I left it at that. It’s not my job to judge people on the elements of their style, given that people will also judge me the same way; regardless of whether I do or don’t (grin). I recognize that it is my certitude that Israel did 9/11 which keeps me off of the larger web sites and any number of various perspectives contributes as well. I’m fine with that. I don’t want to play in their sandbox anyway, lest I get infected by, or associated with the lies that rise out of their sand.

It’s a solid and incontrovertible fact that Alex Jones fails the 9/11 litmus test. If you want to see some of the things said about him, it’s there to be seen. I linked ‘Alex Jones is’ so that you could see the drop down menu but apparently it picked fraud on its own (grin). All you need to know about Alex Jones and 9/11 can be found here. We KNOW that Israel and assorted psychopaths did 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world. If you are a major media figure whose foundation of reportage is the truth then YOU MUST address what is presented in the last link and which can be found in varying degrees of minutiae all over the place. There’s no argument for Israel not doing it. Alex Jones also says that the Saudis control Hollywood. You don’t need more than borderline intelligence to see what this and his other antics imply.

Now we have this cloying love-fest by Mike Adams; his joined at the hip, - ‘soldiering on, on behalf of all humanity’ epistle to Dipshit. That would be you, if you buy it. I do not want to have to say what I am saying here. I didn’t want to find out that Israel did 9/11 or anything else. I just wanted to know the truth and that is where it led me, convincingly, to the point that if you don’t accept it, something is wrong with you.

Let’s be clear, money and influence are at work here and if you tell the truth about 9/11 you have no wide reach radio show and you have no money coming in from your efforts, which will not see the light of day in any case, given who controls and owns the medium. If you’ve got questions and you haven’t read the link entitled, “All the Proof in the World, Israel did 9/11” then read it.

Alex Jones and his sidekicks have money and influence and they are welcome to it. It’s a poor substitute for integrity and honor but that is how some people are made. I am not made like that and most of the people who come here are not made like that. Truth is an acquired taste. It’s not for everyone. It’s an acid and it will burn you. It will strip you. It will make you vulnerable and it will eventually make you look at yourself, which is the primary effort of singular importance that so many of us avoid. Truth is a living force. You can’t ever really see it 'full on' as I have stated many times, when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

Please understand that I don’t want to say the things I feel I have to say. I have no choice, as I’ve said. If enough people were saying it, or rather, not saying the things they do say, then I wouldn’t have to say these things. If people weren’t being murdered and oppressed by those proclaiming to give them life and to free them and... if the majority of the world didn’t believe these liars and mass murderers, then I wouldn’t have to say these things. As a result I do.

Israel is not a nation; it is a crime syndicate, seeking to operate under a national sovereignty. The residents of Israel are the descendants of those who were responsible for the mass murders of The Bolshevik Revolution and a host of crimes before and after; as well as monstrous lies that they have employed to defend and justify all sorts of horrible actions. They are not the sole players in the terrible offenses against humanity in this hour but they are a very major player, made all the more intensely vile by their limited numbers. If you don’t know this, you are stupid or self blinding, due to self interest or cowardice. If you purport to tell the truth and you are engaged in a large effort in the ‘so called’ alternative media and you avoid the principal reality of that which it is your duty to expose, then you are an agent of these forces and not a counterpoint to them.

Mr. Apocalypse is going to be bringing this matter to the attention of those who need it done and it will be done by whatever degree of severity is necessary to make it understood.

Do not imagine that just because the hand of the cosmos is hidden at this late hour that it is not present. Do not imagine that things will continue to be what they have been for too long. It is not about the possession and operation of external forces of power and control. It is not about our vast disparity of resources, as the peoples of the world, in relation to the dark empire. It’s about routing. Power comes from one source, in a way that is physically represented by the sun in the sky. This same principle exists at a frequency and in a dimension that is not available to the senses and it permeates our lives, no matter what you are inclined to call it. When the time comes for the transfer of power, from the representatives of the old way of doing business, to the hands of those representative of the new way of business, it will happen and there’s nothing anyone can do about it and I don’t care how many guns and bombs and how many deceived soldiers and police in uniform are under your control. It won’t make any difference. If necessary, those very forces will be turned against you in a heartbeat.

Let the killers go right on killing and let the liars go right on lying. Let the greedy and acquisitive go right on accumulating the resources and property of those too weak to defend themselves against the theft. Let the arrogant and mighty in their seats of power go right on in their pitiful charade. This is all for the purpose of demonstration and revelation.

I can’t imagine what any of the subjects of this post could say in respect of the evidence presented. I cannot imagine them reading it and point by point refuting it. My guess is that they wouldn’t go near it and just let it slide because they have their audience and as long as that is the case, someone will be listening to them but it won’t be me. One might profit from a visit to a physics site for an elementary study of frequencies and rays. May good fortune rain upon those whose beings are open to the descent.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When the Music's over it Turns into Shit

An introductory disclaimer; I realize that this posting may not sit well with everyone but I suspect that’s true of all of my work. Once I left Woodstock, NY for a few years and during that time a friend of mine rose to a certain prominence in the town and as a result he knew a lot of people. He was good friend and I let him know I was coming back and he went around and announced it to a lot of people. After I arrived, he said to me, “Wow! I never knew... people either really, really like you or they really, really don’t like you”. He asked the people who didn’t like me why that was and they really didn’t know except to say occasionally, “It’s those things that he says”. I’d had this long running TV show in the town and in NYC too and I was a little more radical than I am now but I was younger too and that was also the format; socio-political commentary of a comedic and satirical bent. You’ll see some examples shortly, since I’m going to put a number of them online. Anyway, though you may be fans of the medium I will be trashing, I hope you will see beyond that to the possibility of the connections I will try to make.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

In the course of my travels I came across this and this too. We well know that the Synagogue of Satan controls the music industry and we can speculate that the word is out among all of the entertainers ‘allowed’ to be in the business, not to comment on wars and anything else that the ones running things don’t want them commenting on. One can also assume that those entertainers permitted to be heard and known, are selected for the qualities of self-interest, banality and a propensity for the enjoyment of dark shit. The majority of them are sell-outs in every sense of the word and that makes them whores for the money and the lifestyle.

Hip Hop and Rap are basically a black thang with a lot of white wannabes and acolytes of many colors who like that machismo, ‘bitches and ho’s and bling’ construct and the celebration of guns and murder as a rite of passage into manhood, without actually reaching it. On the female end, it’s either banality or slutwork and that’s now celebrated in gatherings and demonstrations in defense of sluthood. This is primarily because materialism debases the feminine principle, while also seeking to inject it sexually into the male population for the performance of it. Once again, one can look at the listing of the members of The Tribe, who control every gay organization and sometimes are exclusively on the boards of directors. I’m not seeking to diminish anyone who has particular attractions. We all go through this at some point, just as we are all born of every color and religion, so that we can see that the one is unimportant and that the other is the same thing, peddling a different suit of clothes. I’m talking about ‘programmed agendas’ and all you have to do is look at the MSM on any given day and you will see this cause highlighted, as if it were more important than wars, poverty, famine or anything else you can bring up.

Now they have taken this skewered putsch of multiculturalism and enforced sexual politicization and injected it into the minds of people like that fellow from Norway, convincing him that it’s the product of Muslims and other targeted groups, when in fact it is almost totally promoted by the Zionist chosen people agenda that he killed all those people in the defense of. They need to put ‘clueless and stupid’ on his headstone because apparently he was to dumb to catch on to it.

One can go back to the slave trade into the new world and see the stamp of The Tribe, named in the captain’s logs of the day. There’s a video out on it too. You may not care for the man who did it but that’s not the point. The point is, is it true? This brings me to the involvement of The Tribe in the black neighborhoods for decades as slum lords and pawn shop operators and in the theft of profits and copyrights of black musicians. Asians have now moved into certain areas of commercial operation that were once the exclusive province of The Tribe but then they’ve moved up into more global efforts of world enslavement. I mention this because it would be a good thing if black artists were a little more familiar with what’s been happening to them. There’s only Farrakhan who makes it public and we know how he’s perceived for his truthfulness.

I’m on record any number of times for not damning a whole race (if race it is) for the profligate activities of some, much to the chagrin of those who jump on my case for not doing so but my research and experience have proven certain things to me and that’s just how it is. That won’t spare me anything but that’s not what I’m about. If something is true, then it’s true and all I ask is that any and all prove it otherwise rather than resort to ad hominems in lieu of argument but... they don’t have a defensible argument, do they?

Anyone, who by this time, does not know that Israel and those intelligence services that they corrupted over time were behind 9/11 is a fool or a coward. Anyone who prefers a lie because they think their survival is based on it is also a fool and a coward and deserves being proven otherwise. The list of offenses committed against the global community by Israel and their central bankers is immense and impressive and it’s been going on for a long time and the founding of Israel was for no other reason than to give a sovereign legitimacy to a world wide crime organization.

The control of the media grants control of the culture. The control of the money flow grants control of society and nations and is the breeding ground for all wars for profit by those controlling these functions. The control of the art world grants a further control over the lives of the peoples of the world and it also controls the messages in the music and the lifestyles that adapt out of it.

One of the greatest ironies is that the world’s biggest group of blockheads, the fundamentalist Christian, is the reservoir for canon fodder for wars against themselves and any enemy defined by those who perverted their scriptures to accomplish this. If there’s a poster boy for bone dead stupid it is them. They can’t be reasoned with under any circumstances. They are brain dead zombies who march into spiritual corruption and war, to the music of Hell, constructed by those who seek to destroy them and who attack their symbols and lives relentlessly each day and which is patently obvious. Neither their god nor their Jesus actually ever existed except as a mask for the evil one who operates through their religion, with ongoing amusement at their incredible blindness to what should be obvious and is not, at least to them.

I can’t stand Rap or Hip Hop and I leave the area if I hear it. I’m not fond of a number of things and these are two of them. You might like these things and that doesn’t mean anything to me. Each of us has the freedom of choice to enjoy what we enjoy until we don’t anymore and that’s how I see it. I’m just stating a personal preference. All art comes out of the sexual force at some level of sublimation. In a time of materialism it is an in your face dynamic of intensifying perversity until whenever it reaches its limit or the natural and supernatural forces that be have had enough of it.

To understand anything in this world, all one has to do is study the sex force and how it differs from culture to culture and religion to religion in the practice and suppression of it. In some rare instances channeling applies but that would be an anomaly. Present day cultures under the darkness of materialism promote license as freedom and one is encouraged to exhaust and destroy themselves under the banner of their right to express themselves by wasting their forces in the service of that which consumes them in their weakness.

You can look at contemporary diet; education, interests and entertainments, or any example and see what’s taking place and you can even see what the inescapable result of the various practices and performances of all of it will lead to. These cultures and nations cannot endure given the direction they are headed in. You are looking at the death throes of millions and the death rattle is the music and also the approved soundtrack for what is taking place. You are literally dancing to the beat of your own destruction. You can tell me it’s not that bad and you can tell me it’s not that way but rather than tell me anything, take off your blinders and take a good look and pull together all of the seemingly disparate things which are and observe the whole cloth of which it is collectively woven.

We are all either involved in what is destroying us or engaged in preparation for what will replace what cannot continue under any circumstances. To paraphrase an immortal quote, the proper and essentially important, primary study of humanity is our self.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wild Suicide of the Untouchables

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Well, well ...the moment teeters back and forth, as they try to keep the pretenses alive, until they’ve got their troops and mechanics in place. It’s a funny thing about the bad guys. They maneuver things into a certain pass, just like they have in times past and they are so confident that it will keep right on working, like it always did and it never occurs to them that their time is over. So they keep right on exposing themselves, as the apocalypse keeps right on exposing them and they think they’re too powerful and too capable of turning us all against each other that they don’t even give a shit. Well, neither does the cosmos, after a certain fashion.

It’s amusing to watch their pathetic efforts against Ron Paul, who just keeps coming. They’ve never allowed anyone to mess with their money. They killed Kennedy over it and they attempted to assassinate another who wanted to mess with their money and they compromised and ruined another one and saddled him with a war because he was weak and vacillating and god knows what else they’ve done but... everything is different now. They just don’t see and they’re not equipped to learn. The most telling truth about them is that they already had most of everything. All of their scams worked and if they had just backed off a little; if they were capable of that, they might have been able to just run the clock for some time longer but they just couldn’t help themselves and that’s how they screw up in the end. They push it to the extreme and never realize that the extreme is a balancing act gone wrong. As Lao Tzu said, “you can only pull a bow so taut until you repent of the pull" and so it goes.

In former times it would never have come out that the police were responsible for the killing of a young man who wasn’t any actual danger. They caused the whole scene and they’ve been busy pushing the river because they believe the river will cover their sins and carry them past the point of retribution. The times are filled with irony as you hear someone say, “You’d think they were killing someone every week. It’s not like that” and then you see that number of deaths in captivity of 333 and you think, by god, they have been. They don’t learn. You go back to the Magna Carta and how that came about. You look at the conditions that preceded the French Revolution. You look at these times and the encircling power grid of infrastructure, institutions, cant and creed that can no longer sustain what they have brought about and there is no further point they can address themselves toward because it’s reached critical mass. As clever and devious as they have been, all they have accomplished is to entwine themselves in their own snares and it’s hard to run when you’re tied to the things you are trying to run away from, while attempting to carry the dead weight of everything you’ve stolen, when there is nowhere to escape to. It’s ludicrous but they just don’t see. They just don’t see.

Of course they don’t see. They’re not supposed to. That’s the beauty of it. The tragedy of it is that they are killing so many people on the way. They are killing so many people and for what? For what they have too much of already; they think they are whittling the opposition down and it never occurs to them that there isn’t really any opposition en masse. However, they will succeed in awakening the rage of that which they had contained for so long, without ever realizing that it takes less than 10% of the people in a concerted effort to change anything in this world. As they jockey back and forth, screwing over their associates, in order to be the preeminent totem at the top of the landfill, it never occurs to them that their associates are a real and present danger to the complexity of their plots and that the combination of treachery and bad faith will make heroes out of the second best slimeballs among them.

They publicize their outrageous lies around the world and it never occurs to them that they convict themselves in doing so because everything has to be based on something and when you’re based on nothing, just like your money out of thin air, you have no substance to defend yourself with. They literally pull it down upon their own heads and imagine they will get away with it, when they are the architect in chief of their own ruin. It’s not pretty, but neither are they. They celebrated and profited from the banal and mediocre, as if that were transferable to those transfixed by the sight of it and never realize that the trivial shit they were manifesting, as a distractive side view, of what is really happening will turn out to be the most telling evidence of their criminal nature. They just don’t get it and that’s how it should be.

All of us who see what they are up to and those who are waking up to it by the day and the hour, would gladly let them off the hook, if they were to have an epiphany in respect of what they’ve done. We’d be glad to see their recognition of their offenses and their open regret for what they were about, if they could only come to that understanding. We are all woven of the same cloth and the quality of mercy is not strained but... they just don’t see it.

I’ve said it a number of times and I will say it again. It doesn’t matter how many guns and standing armies you have. All power comes from the same place. The power to do good and evil, have a single source. When an age is changing into another age and especially when you are at a time when the entire clock has gone all the way around, the permission of the power to act according to what has been, is redirected toward what will be. When the juice is taken away and channeled toward that which was formerly pounded and pummeled, there is no longer any pull left in the fingers on the trigger. There is no longer any authority to continue. There is no longer any base to come forward from. There is no longer the will to power because there is no longer any power there. The myrmidons hear nothing but static on the radio. The true believers no longer have the blueprint for their misguided faith. The walking dead are no longer walking. Their dogs are no longer barking. They no longer understand what it is they were trained to protect because it no longer looks like what it was because it never was and now it really isn’t.

In the end they are left holding the worthless symbols of everything they have stolen and they have set the whirlwind in motion by taking the homes and livelihood of the sleepers that made it possible for them to operate. Now they have nothing and like the monkey with the mango in its hand who can’t let go of the fruit in order to escape, they are trapped by the very thing that brought them to where they are. They already have more mangoes than they could ever eat. They are truly mad and corporations are people. I guess that explains the Supreme Court and how widespread the understanding is of what they made into law at the behest of those controlling them and they have their job for life; so long as there is life. They sit in impervious insolence upon the dead braches of the tree of life like insolent vultures, thinking that they can never be touched because of what they represent, while they have compromised it beyond the point that it can protect them.

I spend no time thinking about what they have created for themselves or what the fitting punishment might be. I wait upon the opportunity to welcome them back into the fold. Neither you nor I am like them. We understand the tale of the Prodigal Son. We wouldn’t have this perspective if we hadn’t been there ...and someone showed us mercy too. What this last gasp of a dying age has brought before our eyes is the vision of all of those who couldn’t make it past the attractions that were so important that they would torture, imprison and kill their fellows just to possess it and they already had more than they will ever use or need.

It’s a hard row to hoe. It is the dead Earth of their former footsteps that they poisoned by their passage upon it. It’s that empty field with no company but Saturn; grist for the millstones of eternity. The density of matter creates heat and that is the nature and conditions of Hell. The beauty and the tragedy of existence is that there is no lasting death. There is only change.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Black Swan is on the Wing

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Monday is here but I am six hours ahead of the US and it is morning here, so there’s no news to speak of yet. There will be. This is a little dated, by about a week, Max Keiser nails the situation; a little mellower than he has been of late. It’s clear as crystal that the root of all evil is exactly that and those in whom it is blooming are the enemy of humanity. The bankers are the problem. The bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert a greater control over social and political structures. The bankers create and finance the wars on both sides of the conflicts. The bankers orchestrate famine, poverty and want. The bankers control the policies that control the media and the education system that is operated to maintain ignorance in the public so that they can be shorn like sheep. The bankers launder the drug money and keep drugs illegal. The bankers are the problem.

The international banker is the scum of the Earth and they have to be brought to account. What will accomplish this? There are several possibilities. One of them is a real run on Wall Street, where the public goes into their offices and dispenses frontier justice on their person. The other is some kind of cosmic intrusion of forces that I won’t begin to speculate on and the other is some kind of financial miracle in which they actually wind up broke but I don’t know how something like that would work. The most likely is a combination of the first two, where the second channels through the first. Once the cost of food, lodging and fuel hits a certain point, the public will be universally galvanized by the force that builds up from the pressure of their asses against the wall.

We can be there in a few days. Once the system begins to collapse, it will have its own speed of free fall and things will move at a spectacular rate of change. It will be like the way weather can suddenly transform in the South Seas. At the point when this begins to occur the probability of global conflict will accelerate to maximum thrust. This is the primary truth about imperial currency activity, when the money goes south, violent attention goes east.

Yes, maybe it will all just limp along on crutches, while plastered with Band-Aids but that goes contrary to the mathematics. You can spread the numbers only so thinly or you can only press them together so much and you’re going to get holes appearing in the net all over the place or you are going to get implosion. Do I have any idea of what I am talking about? It is possible that I do not. There’s an area where allegorical poetry gains a mystical influx of metaphysical certainty that is no different from theoretical physics, where theory is just another word for things we don’t want to accept as inevitable. Maybe freedom’s just another word for no one left to screw.

It stands to reason that sooner or later, the public will have no further option but to declare open season on the bankers. They’ll be hunted down as the ‘be all and end all’ of everything dangerous and wrong. They are a plague and a pestilence as bad as any epidemic. They are the whiskey and yellow fever blankets on the reservations of ordinary life. They are anthrax masquerading as Sweet and Low. They are the long standing source of the majority of humanities problems and have little competition except for the ubiquitous presence of ignorance and impossible dreams. Whoever these bankers are that is who they are.

When the shit hits the fan, as it is going to do at any moment, the guilt of the bankers is going to stand out like zits on a beauty queen. The transformation in the mind of the public is going to be immediate. People watch the news and though it is nothing more than garbage and lies, the players have all been seen there. They’ve been seen in Congress and they’ve been seen wherever the lies created to defend them have been publicized. They are a known quantity.

There is no argument of any kind that can be used to generate sympathy for the bankers, who are either behind or finance every outrage against the public that is in existence. Now their day is at hand and they show no signs of having any kind of a clue. They sit at their vanities and admire their image like Marie Antoinette. They whoop it up like Louis the sixteenth in Versailles, surrounded by gold leaf wallpaper and sycophants, while they diddle the sons and daughters of a dying empire that they brought to this pass.

There is mercy to be found here but none of it can be for the bankers who have acted with none, in their intentional efforts to beggar, mutilate, maim and destroy anyone and everyone who is not them. That mercy is for the public who like Lefty, “only did what he had to do”.

I try to get my heart and my head around it. I try to see an out for everyone but the only out I can see for the bankers is, ‘out of our lives’ and marched still living through the Gates of Hell, where they can reunion with the banker in chief. I’m not the judge or executioner. I’m an observer who’s never had enough money to even think about banks in the first place. People like me aren’t all that affected by changes in conditions, where we don’t own anything in the first place. There’s no house to take, no job to lose, no salary attending it, no car in my name, no stocks or bonds, no savings or loans. How do I do it? I rely on invisible means of support and you can argue all you like about the feasibility and actuality of it, it is and it works. I don’t recommend it for anyone who can’t generate the faith to make it so, by having gone through what is required to possess and generate it. I do work all the time and I collect nothing from the government or society for my upkeep, so let’s not bring that up.

I’ve had jobs and cared for myself and others on the way to here but no job or possession has had the pull to saddle me to the system. When the choice had to be made, then whatever got cut loose rather than tightly grasped. Now the bankers tightly grasp what is going to turn into flaming coals in their hands. Judgment is going to cry out from the Earth they walk upon and have plundered at will. That will is now going to be drained away into fear and apprehension. Their fortress walls are going to fall away. Their protectors are going to turn on them. Their holdings are going to dissolve and spill from their fingers like a handful of sand. I wouldn’t want to be a banker today, or on any other day.

The existence of a system has kept them safe. This corrupt system has allowed for some kind of life for those preyed upon until now. Now it has turned upon those whose compliance had been forthcoming for so long. Soon that compliance will be gone and there are not enough police and armies to quell what is going to rise out of the midst. Maybe I’m wrong about this but like everything else, we’ll see.

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Unheimlich and Strano

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My goodness, is this so? I guess it has to be. As I’ve said many times, if something horrible and heinous and violent is taking place, you can track it to Israel and Zionism pretty much refero. Now we have Sue Rabbitt Roff promoting organ sales to pay down student loan debts and I suspect this ties into the request that the elderly should arrange to die for the good of those who still don’t have enough. Coincidentally, one of her children is a doctor and the other is a music producer (snicker). You can’t find any information (or I couldn’t) about her genealogy but you have to assume the obvious until proven different.

I spent a little time yesterday, reading the feedback from Israel and international Ziolandia about whether Norway deserved what they got. It was interesting to see this collection of perpetual victims talking about how the world has been down on them for so long and there’s never any reason given. Of course you can study what all the countries who threw them out had to say about why it was done and the sheer number of countries, which amounts to about every country in the world and sometimes more than once, indicates that something was happening that wasn’t in the best interest of the country expelling them. People can argue till they are blue in the face and look like Smurfs but it doesn’t change a thing.

As Victor Hugo said, “there’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. A whole lot of ideas have arrived on the doorstep of the world, with the arrival of the Aquarian Age and I don’t think I have to list any of them because you have only to look at the reality of the world and the lies of the controlled media to notice the vast abyss that lies between them and is making hungry noises about what’s it’s got an appetite for. I can hear the world’s stomach rumbling from way down in the abyss and it’s got something to do with the devil’s children as an antipasto. Seriously, there are only two possible directions. One direction is that the most evil people on the planet actually take over the Earth and sacrifice everyone else on the barbie of the burnt offering altars and, that’s never happened because it isn’t permitted according to the sanctity of the Gaia force or, the worm turns into the refracted light of a new time frame of being, accompanied by the changes (no matter how severe) that are needed to accommodate the change.

I’m not about revenge or schadenfreude. I spend a lot of time looking out for snails and slugs on the ground so I don’t crunch them. If a little creature gets caught in the house, I make it a point to relocate it. The Devic Realm is my special area of interest and attraction and the human kingdom doesn’t get any less, except that they are more defenseless in The Devic Realm than in the human kingdom. We’re not very nice these days because the darkness within has too much contact and sympathy with the darkness without. It’s the times but the times are changing and that always means the arrival of judgment.

One of the reasons I am not more widely read and linked by more sites is because I believe in a divine presence. Let me restate that; I am convinced and certain of divine presence and not shy about saying so. This annoys that vast segment of intellectual, preeminent false self types, who see themselves as gods in their own sphere of being and who object to being usurped by something that might require humility and selflessness of them. They’re out for number one and in contention with all the other number ones, whose existence and contributions smell more like number two.

I had someone with the likely name of Mudgett (probably lives in a Dickens novel) who is pissed that Jeff Rense links my work. According to him, I just spout the same old new age crap, even though I am no fan of the new age contingent, who like to run around dressed up in white and charge big money to hear themselves talk, as they take all the credit for what they can do, as if they generated it somehow, which they didn’t or maybe they did, given the general authenticity. Mudgett says that he’s going back to Alex Jones who is the real deal. I informed Mr. Mudgett about Alex Jones but have no sanguine hopes that he’ll accept the reality of the alternative news, Huckster, Zio-Troll in Chief, whose place in the Rothschild payroll is beyond dispute.

I don’t mind being dismissed by the rank and file self worshipping authorities on nothing. The cosmos has its own way of doing business and I’ll take what comes in that regard. We’ll see what’s what in the long run; likely to be the short run now and we’ll all have to make our peace with it, one way or another. What I suspect and think I know but won’t outright claim to, is that what appears to be mysterious to us actually makes sense on every level, once the ‘I factor’ has been removed and once the item or concept can be seen in a clear and detached way, according to whatever modality it is being studied in.

Conscious life and the life we define in respect of the appearances presented to us, based on what we expect or fear from them, has the dynamic of a Mobius strip. The rational sense interpreting mind can only view one half of the Mobius strip. That’s the parameter of its perceptual range. In order to view the other half, the intuitive factor has to come into play and that doesn’t involve precise knowing in any empirical sense but neither does the other. We just fool ourselves about that and that is why there are so many theories and perspectives and related sciences that attempt to make meaning out of anything. It’s like the argument between evolution and intelligent design. The understanding of the actual course of evolution is flawed and presumptive and the actual understanding of intelligent design is not intelligent. It’s generally based on fundamental ignorance, associated with a control agenda that favors the manipulative infrastructure of greed heads and power junkies. They can go fuck themselves and they will (grin). Pardon my language but I wanted to be precise. Brevity doesn’t hurt either, nor does plain speaking.

I don’t know how many people are aware that Thomas Paine was imprisoned in France or that Ben Franklin got him out but without really being all that motivated, it seems. I don’t know how true all that is, since it’s attributed to Monroe actually affecting his release but I think Franklin was in the mix at some point. I point this out to indicate that our heroes weren’t always heroes and some were more heroes than those given a more pervasive and common agreement of the state. You’ll have to use your intuition to see what I’m driving at.

We’re short on name recognition heroes these days but there are many toiling in the underbrush and time and transformation is going to bring those efforts to light “as time goes by”. We all need to remember that what matters most is who and what sees what we do with our lives and remember that our lives have been going on and are going on at this moment. We are not so much responsible for success and failure as it applies to the way the world may see us but we are responsible for what we do in terms of the cosmic perspective. It’s the cosmic perspective that is in charge of promotions and demotions and not the fickle heart of a mercantile world.

It never fails to intrigue me as I go about my days and watch the march of the masses and their psychopathic herdsmen in their ‘same as it ever was’ promenade into the looming unknown. I don’t know what’s waiting out there but I do know what’s waiting in here and you have to cast your lot with something. If you think you can rely on your own powers for much of anything, you will eventually find out the truth of it and whether or not there is a single motive power or whether we are riding into the station under our own steam. Have a good day.

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