Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wild Suicide of the Untouchables

I apologize for my absence.
My computer went down and I just got it back.

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Well, well ...the moment teeters back and forth, as they try to keep the pretenses alive, until they’ve got their troops and mechanics in place. It’s a funny thing about the bad guys. They maneuver things into a certain pass, just like they have in times past and they are so confident that it will keep right on working, like it always did and it never occurs to them that their time is over. So they keep right on exposing themselves, as the apocalypse keeps right on exposing them and they think they’re too powerful and too capable of turning us all against each other that they don’t even give a shit. Well, neither does the cosmos, after a certain fashion.

It’s amusing to watch their pathetic efforts against Ron Paul, who just keeps coming. They’ve never allowed anyone to mess with their money. They killed Kennedy over it and they attempted to assassinate another who wanted to mess with their money and they compromised and ruined another one and saddled him with a war because he was weak and vacillating and god knows what else they’ve done but... everything is different now. They just don’t see and they’re not equipped to learn. The most telling truth about them is that they already had most of everything. All of their scams worked and if they had just backed off a little; if they were capable of that, they might have been able to just run the clock for some time longer but they just couldn’t help themselves and that’s how they screw up in the end. They push it to the extreme and never realize that the extreme is a balancing act gone wrong. As Lao Tzu said, “you can only pull a bow so taut until you repent of the pull" and so it goes.

In former times it would never have come out that the police were responsible for the killing of a young man who wasn’t any actual danger. They caused the whole scene and they’ve been busy pushing the river because they believe the river will cover their sins and carry them past the point of retribution. The times are filled with irony as you hear someone say, “You’d think they were killing someone every week. It’s not like that” and then you see that number of deaths in captivity of 333 and you think, by god, they have been. They don’t learn. You go back to the Magna Carta and how that came about. You look at the conditions that preceded the French Revolution. You look at these times and the encircling power grid of infrastructure, institutions, cant and creed that can no longer sustain what they have brought about and there is no further point they can address themselves toward because it’s reached critical mass. As clever and devious as they have been, all they have accomplished is to entwine themselves in their own snares and it’s hard to run when you’re tied to the things you are trying to run away from, while attempting to carry the dead weight of everything you’ve stolen, when there is nowhere to escape to. It’s ludicrous but they just don’t see. They just don’t see.

Of course they don’t see. They’re not supposed to. That’s the beauty of it. The tragedy of it is that they are killing so many people on the way. They are killing so many people and for what? For what they have too much of already; they think they are whittling the opposition down and it never occurs to them that there isn’t really any opposition en masse. However, they will succeed in awakening the rage of that which they had contained for so long, without ever realizing that it takes less than 10% of the people in a concerted effort to change anything in this world. As they jockey back and forth, screwing over their associates, in order to be the preeminent totem at the top of the landfill, it never occurs to them that their associates are a real and present danger to the complexity of their plots and that the combination of treachery and bad faith will make heroes out of the second best slimeballs among them.

They publicize their outrageous lies around the world and it never occurs to them that they convict themselves in doing so because everything has to be based on something and when you’re based on nothing, just like your money out of thin air, you have no substance to defend yourself with. They literally pull it down upon their own heads and imagine they will get away with it, when they are the architect in chief of their own ruin. It’s not pretty, but neither are they. They celebrated and profited from the banal and mediocre, as if that were transferable to those transfixed by the sight of it and never realize that the trivial shit they were manifesting, as a distractive side view, of what is really happening will turn out to be the most telling evidence of their criminal nature. They just don’t get it and that’s how it should be.

All of us who see what they are up to and those who are waking up to it by the day and the hour, would gladly let them off the hook, if they were to have an epiphany in respect of what they’ve done. We’d be glad to see their recognition of their offenses and their open regret for what they were about, if they could only come to that understanding. We are all woven of the same cloth and the quality of mercy is not strained but... they just don’t see it.

I’ve said it a number of times and I will say it again. It doesn’t matter how many guns and standing armies you have. All power comes from the same place. The power to do good and evil, have a single source. When an age is changing into another age and especially when you are at a time when the entire clock has gone all the way around, the permission of the power to act according to what has been, is redirected toward what will be. When the juice is taken away and channeled toward that which was formerly pounded and pummeled, there is no longer any pull left in the fingers on the trigger. There is no longer any authority to continue. There is no longer any base to come forward from. There is no longer the will to power because there is no longer any power there. The myrmidons hear nothing but static on the radio. The true believers no longer have the blueprint for their misguided faith. The walking dead are no longer walking. Their dogs are no longer barking. They no longer understand what it is they were trained to protect because it no longer looks like what it was because it never was and now it really isn’t.

In the end they are left holding the worthless symbols of everything they have stolen and they have set the whirlwind in motion by taking the homes and livelihood of the sleepers that made it possible for them to operate. Now they have nothing and like the monkey with the mango in its hand who can’t let go of the fruit in order to escape, they are trapped by the very thing that brought them to where they are. They already have more mangoes than they could ever eat. They are truly mad and corporations are people. I guess that explains the Supreme Court and how widespread the understanding is of what they made into law at the behest of those controlling them and they have their job for life; so long as there is life. They sit in impervious insolence upon the dead braches of the tree of life like insolent vultures, thinking that they can never be touched because of what they represent, while they have compromised it beyond the point that it can protect them.

I spend no time thinking about what they have created for themselves or what the fitting punishment might be. I wait upon the opportunity to welcome them back into the fold. Neither you nor I am like them. We understand the tale of the Prodigal Son. We wouldn’t have this perspective if we hadn’t been there ...and someone showed us mercy too. What this last gasp of a dying age has brought before our eyes is the vision of all of those who couldn’t make it past the attractions that were so important that they would torture, imprison and kill their fellows just to possess it and they already had more than they will ever use or need.

It’s a hard row to hoe. It is the dead Earth of their former footsteps that they poisoned by their passage upon it. It’s that empty field with no company but Saturn; grist for the millstones of eternity. The density of matter creates heat and that is the nature and conditions of Hell. The beauty and the tragedy of existence is that there is no lasting death. There is only change.

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Anaughty Mouser said...


Relieved to learn your absence was only a computer glich (grin).

"They no longer understand what it is they were trained to protect because it no longer looks like what it was because it never was and now it really isn’t."

This description correctly depicts soldiers and worldly minions, but it also describes life in general for everyone who 'wakes up'. What we thought was meaningful and worth putting off gratification to achieve - as adolescents, shows itself with awakening to be nothing - absolutely nothing of eternal value.

We've been hoodwinked into chasing rainbows that were not only misleading, they were not even real rainbows.

We've been chasing a mirage that can never give true happiness even if it was real.

As you have pointed out the truth to real peace and happiness is within not outside us.

Peace brother and thank you.


Alpha Silex said...

Les, I have been looking forward to and reading your posts for the last year or so. I made the mistake of sending you a message a while back, as I was overwhelmingly inundated with the massive influx of "new" energies. I'm sure it came off as bizarre, to say the least and it doesn't surprise me that I never received a response from you. I'm an Aquarius, Sagittarius rising born in the year of the tiger. I have a stellium of 3 planets, along with the sun in Aquarius and a few months ago realized that there was a divine grand triangle prominently displayed in my birth chart. I am one of the messengers for the Age of Aquarius, as I feel you are. I'm a highly intelligent man who has been ridiculed, punished and ostracized, indiscriminately since I was aware this time around. None of these statements are being made to glorify myself, but they are facts, no matter what anyone on this maggot infested turd which is about to get ejected from the Supreme Divine being's sphincter thinks. I was placed in 8th grade classes, as an experiment, in the first grade and some sources state that I have an IQ on par with what Plato's was considered to be. 1/28/1974. I think it would benefit the both of us to talk, Les and I hope that you respond to my attempts to talk with you. I also welcome anyone else who reads this and is compelled to interact. My e-mail is I welcome any and all of your responses.

MIH said...

Truly, we see that part of us we claim to have forgiven because we want to be forgiven but now it is legion – and we fear because we feel we have not forgiven. Yet we could not claim to forgive if it were not true. Doubt cannot anchor itself internally, and you must make a place and time that is not in you to accuse of deception. Forgiveness changes nothing; we merely stop making a place of judgment.

Zebedee said...

I'm still getting over the Mr Apocalypse and his walking stick.

How you can talk about the same thing, over and over, with such eloquent consistency is beyond me.

I guess that's why I keep coming back.....for my fix.

Thanks Les for keeping me sane in these unsane times.

Video of reason said...

Stefan Molineux, The True News

Disenfranchised youth with nothing left to lose. London riots coming to N.America:

Anonymous said...

via deana

Spot on as usual, Les.

It sure makes me wonder if these people have ever heard of pendulums and Cosmic Law - that once a pendulum has reached the apex of its swing, it will hover for a second or two before it begins its inexorable swing downwards, before setting off the swing towards the other apex.

I share with you, and majority of the people here, a really strong intuition that the cosmic pendulum is now at the hover stage, our present Kali Yuga age, which equates to me as the time when all the empires the world has ever known, seen and unseen, have been in their full pride and hubris. Cosmic time is not the same timeframe as that of puny man, but different and more accurate, - taking longer, I suppose.

I find myself metaphorically holding my breath, waiting for the beginning of the downwards swing...

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Wow... massive resonance here. And again, some of what Jesus said came to my mind:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Implicit in Jesus' words are the curses/woes for those that behave in exact opposite to what Jesus spoke.

Yet as Vis noted, the "evil" just don't see it; unless and until Father Creator opens their eyes and ears, they cannot see it. If, in His infinite mercy, Father does open their eyes and ear, then I will joyfully and tearfully welcome them back into the fold...

Until that time, I can only watch in amazement as they continue to fill their cups with the abominations they will later be required to drink. And I even find myself feeling sorry for them... though with caution, for I know these people have been playing those roles assigned them by Father according to His perfect purpose.

Anonymous said...

Lawson is ruining his credibility maintaining there was no video fakery on 9/11. He should stop. He did such great research on the lies of the 6 million gas chamber holocaust.

9/11 video fakery (one of several thousand videos available):

Anonymous said...

ahh that good good place
in the vastness of existance
that binds the whole circumferance
resonating truths persistance
the winding of the whole
a well of evers goodness
a passage through the horrors
bright the torch of fullness
the energizing principle
depth of strong foundation
guiding allways forward
at the root of concentration
the timelessness beyond
embrace of ancient feilds
the union of the universe
lifes medicine always heal


Visible said...

Messages sent to me at Facebook don't even get seen, much less responded to, if that's where you sent it. I probably should read an answer them but for some reason I don't. I hate to say it but I don't really have the time to engage in conversations most of the time because I'm always doing something and I'm always behind. The truth is that anything meaningful that any of us could say is already resonating in our common mind and the rest of it's just... something, something.

I know people get pissed and annoyed at me because I don't get back to them, or do link exchanges, or whatever the request is but... hmmm... well, I don't know what to say. I'll try to improve at that but it's not easy. Now I have to go do the radio show.

Anonymous said...

“We have a saying in our language: If someone throws a smaller stone (at you), you should respond with a bigger stone,” the Iranian president said, adding, “we will defend ourselves within our capabilities.”

The gauntlet is cast. Them got 'em (nukes). Where, from who, and how, are now secondary.

Woe unto America to cross this line in the sand against a country who has never attacked another nation in hundreds of years.

United States of America, israel is NOT your friend. And if it is your half brother through the money-changing patriarch Rothschild, you had better think long and hard before attacking peaceful Iran.

Because if you do - you will lose, everything.

Anonymous said...

I like the bold font you are now using!

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

I cant but help seeing things as a modern day reworking of Tolkiens classic "lord of the rings".
The futile pursuit by the self styled evil ruling elite, to secure the source of all that is powerful is about to come crashing down and like you say Les "they just dont see it".

Blinded by the utmost greed and avarice and to the total detriment of both people and planet, they have sown the seeds of their own downfall.
"Give it to us we wants it precious"

And just like Gollum and anyone else that wielded the ring of power for long enough, they have been consumed by madness, not understanding that such a bane cannot be responsibly borne by mortal men.It should be called the Gollum syndrome.
Still they will learn the hard way when Mr Apocalypse and stick come their way,and so realise all that glitters is not gold.

Here's to the happy ending.

Denny said...

Alpha Silex 12:33 00 PM

Do you need a manager..? There's gotta be money to made here doing the circuits...

A maggot.

Anonymous said...


‘Tis turning the other cheek!
No! Not your bottom;
‘Tis not about being weak!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Hi All

I had to do a double take when I stumbled upon this yesterday.

Guillotine display stuns Rothschild's 'tent city'

An unamed official from the Knesset is rumored to have said "Let them eat matzah balls". But this has yet to be confirmed.

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

I think it's the browser. It looks fine to me in Firefox but it might be something else somewhere else. Anyway, my tireless elf is working on it and forgive me for trying to make things look better and only succeeding in making them worse (life).

Now on to the broadcast, yes, I am dragging my feet. I didn't sleep last night, the full moon does that to me so I'm not steady in the saddle but I've got a good horse (grin)

Anonymous said...

"THEY" cult--after making a financial mess, the heat is on them and presto they change into Christians ( Wasp names and Jueus religion). After awhile ,the cycle repeats itself and the zoombie cult reappears. Present doomsday time ,it's going to be a bigger mess---WWIII will be at USi's borders--millions will die and aftermath--they will cry croc tears, 60 million poor innocent, unwanted helpless " they" died by Ron Paul'ss regime:^/

DaveR said...

Greetings everyone!

The changes to the font come across on my 'puter just fine. Firefox 6, Vista. I like it.

Next, to ProctorSilex up there: I think this is a remarkably beautiful planet, sometimes breathtakingly so. It seems the ugly bits are where people have stunk up the joint, but that's just my opinion. If you don't like the neighborhood you're free to move elsewhere.

Why anyone would want to join into discourse is beyond me. Some throw stones at beehives too.

The changes are coming very "fast and furious" and this pesky intertube thingy is really making it difficult to continue business as usual. It's also going to be surprisingly difficult to squelch, though they will try. Every one should read up on and download information of peer-to-peer networking which can eliminate the need for central servers. Nothing short of a huge EMP will stop the net then. Is this what was meant by the 'Net of Indra'?

The US military invented the Internet, and despite their being used as corporate enforcer, it appears their little invention may be the only thing that does defend and preserve our freedoms. As such it may be the greatest of all military innovations, and perhaps the device that will take us to a sort of planetary mind. Eventually we may all stop killing each other over pieces of dirt and rock.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

At times your poetic take on the essence of all that is leaves me breathless: this is one of those times. Shukran.

Anonymous said...

"they will succeed in awakening the rage of that which they had contained for so long, without ever realizing that it takes less than 10% of the people in a concerted effort to change anything in this world."

Yes!!! But just one person is needed, by any percent he or she changes so change comes to this world.

Les happy Bday!!! One of your best posts ever! A full moon sure helps put it all together.

Its good the hear u saying and showing your willingness to return lost souls beck to the fold. You have been doing this for a lifetime but its sure a good time to show others how u been doing it.

Its soooo much better to rant and rave on the lost by giving them over you hand. Love it man!

Just one thing man, you keepin saying "cant, wont, dont want to" about the lost darkend ones. U just think that as u cant really know. Just remeber as u put it, someone showed u mercy? Its the frodo gollum story?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

"They killed Kennedy over it and they attempted to assassinate another who wanted to mess with their money"

Yep, JFK would have changed the world if he had lived. His brother who would have followed in his footsteps had to be eliminated too, and they couldn't take any chances with that son of his. How much more proof do the zombies need. Well, they probably forgot most of this. Such is the case when you don't have control of your mind (911 litmus test).

"All of their scams worked and if they had just backed off a little"

They know they have more than they could ever spend but what they don't have yet is complete control. They need to bankrupt most everyone to get this power. Broke people are too busy fighting for survival to concern themselves with much else. When you are sleeping under the bridge and don't know where your next meal will come from there isn't much reflection on the political situation. You know things are bad but with empty pockets what chance do you have of changing anything.

"killing of a young man who wasn’t any actual danger"

I love this one in a sadistic sort of way. Six fucken pigs beat a helpless guy to death. Not one of them said hey man back off you will kill that guy. No they all joined in like a pack of animals. Protect and Serve, what a cynical fucken lie. This is your police force. Anyone who cooperates with these bastards is a fool. Best to leave them alone just like you would a rattlesnake. You are paying for this "protection" let them prove themselves to you. Fuck it.


Joe Bageant said...

...Nearly all of that one percent are connected to the largest and richest corporations. Just before the economy blew out, these elites held slightly less than $80 trillion. After the blowout/ bailout, their combined investment wealth was estimated at a little over $83 trillion.

To give some idea, this is four years of the gross output of all the human beings on earth. It is only logical that these elites say the only way to revive the economy, which to them consists entirely of the money economy, is to continue to borrow money from them.

However, the unasked question still hangs in the air: Does the money economy even exist anymore? Is it still there? (was it ever?) Or are we all blindly going through the motions because:

A: we do not understand that, for all practical historical purposes, it's over.

B: we do not know how to do anything else so we keep dancing with the corpse of the hyper-capitalist economy.

C: the right calamity has not come down the pike to knock us loose from the spell of the dance.

D: we're so friggin brain dead, commodities engorged and internally colonized by capitalist industrialism that nobody cares, and therefore it no longer matters.

This is multiple choice, and it counts ten points toward survival, come the collapse.

If there is no economy left, what the hell are we all participating in? A mirage? The zombie ball? The short answer is: "Because the economy is a belief system, you are participating in whatever you believe you are."

Personally, I believe we are participating in a modern extension of the feudal system, with bankers as the new feudal barons and credit demographics as their turf. But then, I drink and take drugs.

Whatever it is, the money economy is the only game in town until the collapse, after which chickens and firewood may become the national currency. The Masai use cattle don't they?

At the same time, even dumb people are starting to feel an undefined fear in their bones. When I was back in the States last month, an old high school chum, a sluggard who seldom has forward thought beyond the next beer and Lotto scratch ticket, confides in me:

Joe Bageant con't said...

"I can't shake the feeling that something big and awful is going to happen. And by awful I mean awful."

"Happen to what?"

"Money, work, our country. Shit, I dunno."

"Probably all three," I opined. "Plus the environment."

"Cheerful fuck, ain't ya?"

Some in the herd are starting to feel a big chill in the air, the first winds of the approaching storm. Yes, something is happening, and you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. John Q. Public?

However, the most adept economists and other court sorcerers are going along as if nothing too unusual is happening - calling it a recession, or more recently a double-dip recession (don't you love these turd-balls, making it sound as harmless as an ice cream cone - gimme a double dip please!) or even a depression.

But no matter what it is, they smugly assure us, there is nothing happening that the world has never seen before. Including the insider scams that ignited the catastrophe. It's just a matter of size. Extent.

OK, it's a matter of scale. Like the Gulf oil spill. We've seen spills before, just not this big. But over the next couple of years as the poison crud circulates the world's oceans, the Deep Horizon spill will prove to be a global game changer, whether economists and court wizards acknowledge it or don't.

Anything of global scale, whether it is in finance, energy, foreign aid, world health or war contracting, is accompanied by unimaginable complexity. That makes it perfect cover for criminal activity. Particularly finance, where you are always close to the money.

Jim Kunstler, never at a loss to describe a ludicrous situation, sums up the paper economy's engineering of our collapse nicely:

"Wall Street - in particular the biggest 'banks' - packaged up and sold enough swindles to unwind 2500 years of western civilization. You simply cannot imagine the amount of bad financial paper out there right now in every vault and portfolio on the planet...the people fabricating things like synthetic collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) had no idea what the fuck they were doing - besides deliberately creating documents that nobody would ever understand, that would never be unraveled by teams of law clerks...and were guaranteed to place in jeopardy every operation of the world economy above the barter level."

Anonymous said...

What a c@nt of a Full Moon - buckle up kids, alignment hell this week...

WV Cull ono

Uh huh

No conceit in my family, I got it all! said...

Alfa Silex,

Are you related to the family corporation who produces glass measuring cups and Corning ware?

another maggot

P.S. Nothings exceeds like excess!

Anonymous said...

“However, they will succeed in awakening the rage of that which they had contained for so long, without ever realizing that it takes less than 10% of the people in a concerted effort to change anything in this world.”

Thanks for pointing that out, Les. This is what gives me hope. And how much sweeter would it be if humanity could get the job done without any divine intervention?

That being said, bring on those benevolent benefactors. Why take any chances?


Visible said...

Let's be gracious when we can manage.

Alpha Silex said...

Silex says to Denny and all others who enjoy casting stones from behind the safety of their computers: Don't shoot the messengers. We are not just messengers, but managers of the newborn Age which is about to fire back and send all you unenlightened pond scum back to where you belong. Get your popcorn ready pond scum and buckle your seatbelts. The ride down the sewer WILL be quite bumpy and unsettling for you. Just remember that YOU asked for it. Peace all.

Visible said...

Homer' I wanted to repost your comment about Kali that you just put up at streams of consciousness but I went to the usual post and it wasn't there. Could you put it up here for the benefit of the readers?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is Ron Paul in favor of a one world currency based on gold? That is the zionist Rothschild NWO plan - the present economic armageddon is being used to make us ask for it.

A one world currency gives the political power, everywhere the currency is used, the the private individuals controlling the issuance and usury of the currency.

The Zionist Rothschild IMF/World bank has 500 billion dollars of gold bullion in the Swiss BIS.

I hope Ron Paul is NOT advocating a one world currency based on gold because we world become debt serfs to the zionist bankers permanently.

Anonymous said...

wow even from a psycho hateworthy critic like myself, this is powerful writing. I definitely could NOT have said it better.

Visible said...

Alpha Silex, you know I just stepped in to defend your right to speak and you do this. Come on now people. This doesn't get us anywhere and Denny isn't a bad guy. He's just passionate like we all are and we all make mistakes, every fucking single one of us and one of the cornerstones of wisdom is to realize this and cut people slack cause that is just us on a different day. We are all the same person wearing a different mask. It's when we let our personalities become a stained glass window that we really shine and not by our own light.

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 5.9.17


According to the Vedic injunctions, only an aggressor can be killed. If a person comes with an intent to kill, one can immediately take action and kill in self-defense. It is also stated that one can be killed if he comes to set fire to the home or to pollute or kidnap one's wife.

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 5.9.18


Intolerant of the offenses committed, the infuriated goddess Kālī flashed her eyes and displayed her fierce, curved teeth. Her reddish eyes glowed, and she displayed her fearsome features. She assumed a frightening body, as if she were prepared to destroy the entire creation. Leaping violently from the altar, she immediately decapitated all the rogues and thieves with the very sword with which they had intended to kill Jaḍa Bharata. She then began to drink the hot blood that flowed from the necks of the beheaded rogues and thieves, as if this blood were liquor. Indeed, she drank this intoxicant with her associates, who were witches and female demons. Becoming intoxicated with this blood, they all began to sing very loudly and dance as though prepared to annihilate the entire universe. At the same time, they began to play with the heads of the rogues and thieves, tossing them about as if they were balls.


It is evident from this verse that the devotees of goddess Kālī are not at all favored by her. It is goddess Kālī's work to kill and punish the demons. Goddess Kālī (Durgā) engages in decapitating many demons, dacoits and other unwanted elements in society. Neglecting Kṛṣṇa consciousness, foolish people try to satisfy the goddess by offering her many abominable things, but ultimately when there is a little discrepancy in this worship, the goddess punishes the worshiper by taking his life. Demoniac people worship goddess Kālī to obtain some material benefit, but they are not excused of the sins performed in the name of worship. To sacrifice a man or animal before the deity is specifically forbidden.

To read complete translations and purports..


SB 5.9.17
SB 5.9.18

Visible said...

Okay, there's a poll on the front page to determine how the reader feels about the changes in the font and the the bold type I'm using. I think it's a browser issue so keep that in mind.

Visible said...

Thank you Homer. May the reader pay heed to what is more real than the world we think we live in and where the power lies.

kikz said...

well done les :)

joe bageant ... a communique frm the beyond....... ?

hmmmm...ghost in the machine.... :)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"attempting to carry the dead weight of everything you’ve stolen"

did someone say "Albatross, Albatross"?


wv: phyleak . truth starting to come out at a fundamental level.

Anonymous said...

re: the poll, the bold type makes it much more difficult to read.

wv: stinc - not here to cause one of those

Visible said...

See I can't get my head around that. How can bold type make something harder to read. It defeats the very purpose of it's existence. It's a browser problem. I use Firefox so that is what I operate out of. It's really too bad that I am not omnisciently comprehensive of all of this. I just hack through the underbrush and hope I'm headed the right way because it's not the underbrush's fault and I don't want to hack more than I have to.

It's like gambling, only fools indulge in it and if you have to engage then you might as well grasp the realities of poker, at least you have a chance then depending on the wisdom of your choice of opponents.

I could tell some great tales about backgammon which I used to really be into but don't even think about anymore. Boy are there some backgammon tales. That's another one where you can control what happens depending on the wisdom of your choice of opponents. It occurs to me that there are so many things that I don't do anymore and I never even saw them leave.

amarynth said...

Like I said before .. if you want to do with these blogger blogs what the elf is trying to do, it is not doable - not on this software. It will keep breaking as it was not made for this.

I don't care about the font. It prints out very very ugly .. try and print it to a .pdf and see what it looks like.

I also do not like it that your stuff is floating around in free dropbox accounts.

I also do not like it that the logos that you show, are 'made-over' in the elf's image. If I was the owner of a big site and someone 'made-over' my logo to suit their own color scheme, thus confusing and negating the hard work that I did to make myself recognizable with specific colors and words, I would not be very happy.

Tell the elf please to put his files in the right places. The overall stats and workability of all this internet work together depends on that.

Tell the elf please while he is about it, to get back to standard practice so that those with blackberries and other mobile devices can read your blogs. I have a new internet phone and when I wait for something or another, I'd really like to read the blogs.

My frog is that I don't mind ugly sites ... refer Rense and many others. What I cannot stand, is sites that do not work and bad bad technical work - even in the Apocalypse.

This was my Wild Suicide and yes, completely grumpy today.

bholanath said...

Interesting take on Goddess Kali and Her devotees in the "purport", but it smacks of the usual Vaisnav arrogant ignorance with regard to all things Shaivite and Shakta-bhakt.

"It is evident from this verse that the devotees of goddess Kālī are not at all favored by her."
I suppose that would include Sri Ramakrishna? and the millions of pretty sane fellow devotees?

"It is goddess Kālī's work to kill and punish the demons."
Any friend of Kali knows that's not all She does.

"ultimately when there is a little discrepancy in this worship, the goddess punishes the worshiper by taking his life."
Pretty standard paranoid programming in ALL 'priest'-ridden religions. Tired of 'sins', 'discrepancies', and finger-pointing yet?

"Demoniac people worship goddess Kālī to obtain some material benefit, but they are not excused of the sins performed in the name of worship."
Means like trying to finagle material benfit from, oh, say...Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Krishna, Lakshmi, Raam...while holding prejudiced attitudes? That pretty much sums up the state of 'religion' in this Yuga in general.

"To sacrifice a man or animal before the deity is specifically forbidden."
And rightly so, as by millions of Kali devotees, some of the sanest humans you'll ever meet. And yes, there are ugly exceptions.

Kali/Durga is neither exclusive nor a light-weight, and She's engaged in 'demonstration-purposes' work as we speak.
Just sayin'....

DaveR said...

I just entered a poll vote for what it's worth. My take on it is that it looks to me like you guys not only made the font bold, but you made it larger as well. Also the Verdana and/or Arial boldness don't seem to change the spacing much so the words seem crowded, which slows things down. As a graphic designer (12 years) I can say that if everything is bold, nothing is bold.

Did you hear the one about the guitarist who turned up so loud that the other guitarists noticed?

So, go with the larger font, but drop the bold and see how that goes for a bit. I, myself, wouldn't mind a wider column so I don't have to scroll so often, but I've no complaints, per se. Then too, when the font was smaller I just pushed a couple buttons and it got bigger for me to read, so WTF. If you want to make it more easily readable, use a serif font. The serifs increase readability. It's counter-intuitive but true. Those little suckers provide subtle cues for the eye that the brain interprets quickly.

Anyway, I'm going back to figuring out how to set up crowdfunding for my music. When I do I'll post it here in shameless self-promotion. We'll see if it gets past the censor (grin).

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I've been a faithful reader of yours for quite some time, and will continue to be because your writing is superb and overflowing with truth.

I don't comment often, but lately, you've been mentionning the undoing, so to speak, of the "elite" and I must say - it's a mystery to me where and how you see this. I don't see it. I don't.

My work-place, my friends, most of my family remain resolutely asleep and the military-industrial-pharmaceutic complex hasn't even begun to point its big guns at us.

In addition, you also say here that we'll forgive "them" if they repent/take "them" back into the fold, etc. If you're using the royal "we" fine, otherwise, count me out.

Thanks for all you do.


Rob in WI said...

Seems like things are getting a bit testy in the comments. "The truth is that anything worth saying is already resonating in our collective mind is just something..". Beautiful; why I keep reading. I've never tried to contact you, but you seem to express a certain wisdom, that few of us comprehend. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I like the new font, post was excellent, thanks from the heart, love to you.
Mo visible

amarynth said...

Visible, you had some grand words to say about a trades person some time ago - and I agree and concur. You won't mess with that man's judgement, because he knows his stuff.

This stuff is like the tool and die man's stuff.

Excepting, the tool and die man has a tool, and die. This internet stuff has hundreds of tools and dies.

Let the tool and die man do the tool and die work. And don't worry about bold text being harder to read or not. When the tool and die man knows what he is doing, the text (and the color) is the least of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Go for walks late at night when it is less busy. I cut through a strip mall that has a bar, sandwich shop, quick-mart, going in one side behind the shops and out the other. Last night for some the reason the cops were there shining lights at the other end as I passed the sandwich shop. Thought to myself get the sir yes sir ready gonna be fucked with. Exited out the strip mall and walked along the side of the road. Had a black shirt on and blue knee length shorts, the moon was full. The cops came out on the road still shining spot lights and rolled right past!? Went on my merry way, didn't have any contraband or party supplies on me but started walking a little slower and let the pent up air out, heart rate slow down as they rolled past. Either they didn't see me or just weren't in the mood, whatever I'll take it. People can laugh and scoff all they want there are some forces in this world we can't see that can help us.

Robert Bonomo said...

Another great job Les, keep it comin. I wanted to give my two cents on what is coming, and I think it is very much out of the box.. When money is free, why not buy people en masse? That is what I believe is coming. You either have a spiritual life, or a material one, but you can't really have both, you heart has to be one place or another. The vast majority of people would do anything for money, that's is what they will get. Here is my take on it, love to here your feedback What QE3 Will Look Like

Anonymous said...

“It's when we let our personalities become a stained glass window that we really shine and not by our own light.”

Pulling a gem like that out of the comments… I’m stupefied……………….


My vote said...

I also find the bold face a bit harsh on the eyes.
(Unabashedly) "I preferred the former".

ChewyBees said...

Wow, there's an issue with Internet Exploder, who'd have thought?

I have to remind myself throughout my day, every day, that my negative, tear it down, destroy it, harm it, beat it, kill it, teach it a violent lesson thoughts are powerless.

Unless I am ready and willing to go the whole way, pure evil, just like the very people we all rail against and read this post to continue to expose, all of that bull crap isn't worth the price of compost.

Awareness is no longer about revealing your enemies. It is and has to be about choosing the path that will guide you. If you choose anger and hatred, a lust for violence and death, then you are no greater a minion than you were before. To gain power from that you would need resources so monumental that even your dreams of the winning lotto ticket are a thimble full.

Now take the versa. It is love. You must find a way to treat that which you find offensive with love. It doesn't mean you appreciate it, or accept it, or love it as if it were beneficial. You must attack it with love.

How else are you going to do anything about it? Are you going to kill everyone the Internet tells you to find offensive? Are you going to place pathetic re-presentatives in place of your authority as some kind of buffer? Are you going to consume yourself and those around you with the fires of hatred, the exact scenario your enemy desires?

I get angry too. I want the power to destroy that which harms the earth, my family and me. But I also know that power exists in 2 separate and distinct forms. I choose the form of my power, and I must always choose love, for the other side of it, evil, is a pit of despair and loneliness...

Visible said...

Well, I am sincerely sorry for my part in this because it was all my idea, all of it. We'll see about getting things into a more commonly accepted order.

About the Kali quote, I didn't see all those things which is typical for me. I only saw what I wanted hilighted in respect of the bad players about. Ramakrishna is very high in my pantheon. Double sorries all round from me.

Alpha Silex said...

Hello guys, I tried to post something along these lines earlier and it didn't post. Les, and all on here: I'm truly sorry for coming off the way I did. It wasn't intentional, but I've been feeling the vibrations for so long and sometimes it overwhelms the expression of my true intentions. I'm thankful for you guys and my mask has been so dented that I don't know how to even say anything to anyone, anymore. Let's all thank the ONE and True "God" that these damned halloween costumes are finally being disintegrated. Thank you guys, please accept my apologies and realize that I'm just another wary wanderer who comes in peace, the truest incarnation. God speed all, Infinity, here we come!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The reason these tyrants like Hitler always go too far is because, while they act like god, they are mere men who will die. So men are not operating on a long term scale and rush to achieve their delusions before they die. If Hitler hadn't attacked Russia the Nazis may very well have succeeded...but Adolph would never have lived to see it.

est said...

i used to sit half the night
in a cafe down town

writing obtuse verses
on scraps of paper

while up
at the other end
of that diner
was a composer

as we passed
he knew my question

what symphony
did you write tonight ?

did you put me in it ?

Anonymous said...

"(don't you love these turd-balls, making it sound as harmless as an ice cream cone - gimme a double dip please!)"

Joe- We are truly living in the time foretold by Mr. Orwell. I actually scare myself when I think too deeply on it because it really is that fucking scary/freaky.

Shell Shock was too harsh a word for the untold traumas experienced in war; now it's Combat Fatigue.

It's not the wanton slaughtering of innocents, no, it's just collateral damage, casualties... Anything to make it sound less awful (and more indirect) than it actually is.

Don't you just love what these massive humanitarian arseholes do with words?

William Freeman said...

Hi Les,
yes the new font is easier to read. The poll asks for easier or harder, but doesn't ask for less or more pleasant. Before, the typo had a quiet, literary quality befitting Patrick Willis voice, now it's talking in a loud and urgent voice, almost Alex Jones like. I think I liked it better before, but that's just me. I'm using Firefox 3.6.19, don't like the new one. Zooming out once takes the sting out somewhat.


William Freeman

Annsie said...

Why the hell is everyone moaning about the font and colours for Jaysus sake.. Bigger picture please.. Thanks Les Great post as always

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


thank you for your due diligence.

I saw in that quote all you said, and more.

The perspective intended of the quote is an acknowledgement of the devotional perfection of Kali Maa, in no denouncing Shaivite and Shakta-bhakt or even inferring such a thing.
In fact it supports the intense devotion Kali Maa exhibits in execution of her yuga dharma.

If inclined, a person might easily take this.

You and I and everyone here, Ramakrishna and Prabhupada, Kali Maa and Shiva, Hanuman and Ganesha, Rama and Krishna, all serve someone.

All respect to you,
Lord Maheshwara ki Jaya!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

i missed you and everyone that visits your blog during the technical difficulties...

i have to disagree "we are as one conciousness"...yes, divine true beings are as one conciousness...but,

the demonic ones created by the evil demigod in control of this dimension are NOT of the same conciousness and never will be...they are souless demons created from stolen divine energy...that have rejected the Light over and over and over...

much power will be used to clear the evil energy patterns which have kept this plane locked into the state of confusion and ignorance that one finds...

these souless demons were created by their master Satan to uphold the dimension he trapped and severed from the rest of creation...

for too long this plane has been under the control of sons of darkness who mockingly said that such a time would never arrive...for too long the evil archons have foolishly proclaimed that which they claimed would never happen...

but lo...their worst fears are becoming their new realities...this plane is being wrested from the controlling grasp of evil and restored back to the Divine order from which it was initially seized...

the only reason we have any beauty at all in this dimension is the fact that this was a divine dimension until the evil takeover...and massive amounts of divine energy was poured into this dimension to try to rectify this evil abberation which to this day has rejected ALL attempts to assist in turning to the Light...

this is Satan's playground and has rejected the Light...and used stolen divine energy creating demonic souless ones...we are NOT all onotoligically the same...although we all need a human body to express in this dimension...

evil is not a fad...or a garment or a temporary learning experience...evil is an essence of beingness totally opposite to the Divine essence and totally destructive...

the work at this level now involves distributing the new Father energy sufficiently so that all to be awakened will the rescue mission can the energy is spread...physical changes will occur all over the globe...the people will focus on the changes and on the unusual events which beg consideration of a spiritual...a supernatural explanation...

in the New True Light all will be exposed in their ontological nakedness so that no degree of deception can be possible let alone tolerated...all will be revealed for exactly what they are...they will be unable to put on a mask...or a false aura...or hide their intention for one second...those awakened can no longer be fooled...

it will appear that the world will be turned topsy-turvy by this Light...but the fact of the matter is that the world is topsy-turvy now...the Light will show how crooked it really is the false light of Satan which distorts the distortion and makes this dimension appear normal...

the ones who respond to the new Father energy will become fearless warriors the likes of which will have never been seen...for they will be charged with an energy never before witnessed on this plane...

Best Wishes Always

Denny said...

Alpha Silex 9:44 00 PM

A wise man once said: "Laughing is good for you, physically, mentally and spiritually".

Don't take it all so seriously.

Pond scum.

Annsie said...

Funnily enough Laurie, everyone one else has spoken of the return of the feminine energies to the planet, you are the first to speak of it as Father energy... It's why I thought you were a man. Just sayin....

Neko Kinoshita said...

Compassion in the Petri Dish, who da thunk it?

Color change gives better contrast, nothing else to say, except that I will find a way to read what you put up, one way or another.

Too much dust blowing through right now, so I'll leave it at that and try to keep my nose cool and moist.


Denny said...

Hi Les,

Reading each of your posts is like sitting down to the main course in a 5 star restaurant with the comments being the dessert.
My most sincere compliments to the chef(s).

Anonymous 5:12 00 AM

"People can laugh and scoff all they want, there are some forces in this world we can't see that can help us"...

No need to question this. If what you've written was not true I would not be here now writing these words. The "help" you refer to appears during certain "decisive" moments of our life, especially when we are too young to be able to understand the nature of the circumstances we find ourselves in. "Divine Intervention" is a fact, and I've experienced it a number of times

Laurie 5:19 00 PM

Inspiring as always...

wv: "madmess"

That just about sums it all up.

Anonymous said...

RE: The Font
I voted for the current font. My computer is old and slow, as am I. My eyesight is diminishing. I am able to read and see it more clearly; without glasses. Also, before the comments were included in the font change, it was easier to find the comments if not partitioned to a comment section. Generally, I read LV’s offering of the day and return periodically to read the comments. I have a small screen (I cannot afford to upgrade and am barely scraping by as it is), so I am obliged to do a lot of scrolling to get to the comments. It is for these reasons I appreciate the font. However, as I have come to depend on this place for sustenance and appreciate it for as long as it is here, I will take it however I can get it.

bholanath said...

Inside the LC - Part 19 is up:

Anonymous said...

hey alpha silex....peace and respects
much nicer when we are ourselves,
i look forward to your comments sir...

after a hard days work on the slave wagon
coming back here and reading the comments has made my day,

thankyou people

much love to everyone,


MIH said...

If you take the battle you perceive as ongoing between good and evil to heart then you assume ascendance of the devil over God. Your insistence that war can settle disparity is precluded by the belief that you are more worthy and they should suffer; claiming God will power the warriors on your side ensures you’ll never, ever, have to forgive the vile reflection His killers destroy. Truly, this vision is the last gasp of Satan, and merely a continuation of his craftiness.

Devil – the rejection of God – is you. Satan is the body with a name and a special past of a certain family in a particular time of a distinct planet orbiting itself with a sun around a mysterious galaxy which will differentiate even further between them, and you. Satan is you, the one Child of God, fragmented and judging the pieces differently. War, even the kind where the name of God is invoked, is Satan’s illusion. The reality of God is that the Child forgives the illusion the Child made.

In the end internal identity is found to be the opposite of superficial identity. The body with a name has a sex, and that which the body is not, spirit, necessarily appears as the other unincorporated essence. A step further and you are both and free from searching the world for wholeness. Another step and there is only one. You condemn the world for being exactly as the body, and as such it is the symbol of your separation from inner identity.

Anonymous said...

government delusion
warmongers gold
laden with falsity
cold hearts are cold
vampires are shadows
in the use of mistrust
the truth pierce's deep
divine is all love
freedom inspires
a lift of the wind
wings of a hummingbird
all sunlight springs
streams and the rivers
a dynamic charge
paradise waiting
life fills all hearts


Anonymous said...

warmth of living paradise
golden river beam
fountain of eternity
ancient starry stream
chrystalising clarity
hold of sun and moon
deepening intensifying
universal loving bloom
atuning of the atmosphere
flight across the sea
liberation cultivating
tip the tops of tree
swirling feilds of summer
tempest of a height
in contemplation of the motions
dynamic is the light


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

allow me to do a double post and plonk this Gordon Duff in .
- through WRH. covers the bases, except the Divine aspect.


wv: comet. and I'm gone (Lucy in the sky).

ps I think all vowels should go the way of the bold font, Tettragramaton style. THNK HWTH WLLB LKNG HRDT HLYR LTTRS NPLC RGHT WYUP (oops).

Anonymous said...

Vis and All ,

I love you guys, Thanks!!

Still here and reading you all, always.

Laurie, -- beautifull ...

walking hawk

Dr. Alpha Silex said...

Thanks for the good vibes sent out from you guys on here and offline. Silex loves you too, Denny. I'm getting you a top of the line Proctor Silex coffee pot for Christmas. Makes delicious, steaming cups 'o pond scum too. Perfectly percolated for you Apocalyptic pond scum pleasure.

9/11 was an inside job said...

Sorry this isn't hotlinked. But, and this is a huge but, please view this 60 second eye-witness video from a helicopter pilot live on the day of 9/11.

'There was an explosion in the building before it began to come down just as there was in the first one which came down 30 minutes ago.'

An explosion? How does a pancake collapses cause explosions before they begin to collapse?

They don't.

Controlled demolition.

On 9/11 please tell the truth.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Whores to the Right of Me, Whores to the Left of Me.

Anonymous said...

Let the chariot remember it is neither the driver or the navigator, but instead, the physical platform launching Divine action. Seperation and crashes occur when the chariot forgets; death cannot whisper to the occupants.

namuh v.0h said...

"It is love. You must find a way to treat that which you find offensive with love. It doesn't mean you appreciate it, or accept it, or love it as if it were beneficial. You must attack it with love." - ChewyBees

Well put. Political astuteness is important in our awareness of reality. Though, sometimes our righteous anger seems to turn to hatred & a desire for revenge. This can be an evil trap: "Are you going to consume yourself and those around you with the fires of hatred, the exact scenario your enemy desires?" - ChewyB's

Spiritual 'reality' is as (or more) important than political reality. We should see clearly the wrong, yet see that it is mostly a result of ignorance & short sighted greed. Most people are not evil, they are simply ignorant, or living in denial (wooed by the shiny flashy baubles of this world).

There is a spark of the divine in all (a few soulless evil ones may exist, but), most just haven't seen the light. The great leveler is that none of us are perfect; as we forgive ourselves, so we can forgive others (forgive our debts & our debtors); even if they haven't repented (learned & changed). As with love, that doesn't mean you accept them, or befriend them; but, you can forgive and love them.

Owing to this life being a learning experience, the righteous will not be afraid to admit a mistake & learn from it, and Not repeat those mistakes. Nothing more can be asked of a human.

I am of the mind that one should never kill, except in cases of self-defense. I have often thought, the perfect punishment & learning experience for those who haven't repented (turned whistleblower, witness) would be to spend the rest of their lives facing all the people they have wronged in trials & spitting forums. If people's spit dries up, they can spend the rest of their lives cleaning up the DU & landmines their evilness has spread around the world.

Whistleblowers (those who have seen the light) are our only hope in this world. TPTW have all the power and guns; Do not think we can fight them in any normal fashion. Whenever I remember I repeat "I'm sorry, I forgive you, I love you." Acts of love and forgiveness are the paths to enlightenment, and our only hope of overcoming the evil. That doesn't mean you are a pacifist, righteous anger is profound, self-defense our right; making a better world our vision.

Anonymous said...

lot of soldiers killing themselves folks,the governments are not looking after them of which we allready knew anyway,soldiers need to know they will be cared for in the communitys,thats us little people,,they need to know the people dont blame them for the atrocitys and stuff,

soldiers try and keep your heads up,read lots of things,try and not think of the situation whatever it is,you have had unnatural conditions imposed on you,bad bad trauma,if you find yourself stuck in that moment of trauma over and over,try to take an observer position over it,,,,I dont know,,,,,I'm just trying to help,,,above all please stop commiting suicide

remember the people dont blame you they blame the oligarchal tyrant emperialist scum filth........

sorry mr visibles am whored out on the slave wagon,
also to poetry but i love that
well I suppose I love love and poetry helps to explore,

am sorry to everyone.....

respect and gratitude...neil

Anonymous said...

sorry my last comment was supposed to be on smoking mirrors......

am tired out....peace neil

Anonymous said...

Gings,thoses BAD guys just keep getting BADER and BADER.
I must be one of them.
As for tomarse 9;39 you have Hitler
all wrong man,our history was writen by thoses BAD guys.
You know,the ones with all the money and the big nose,
The ones who want to take over the world.



Joseph Brenner

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