Monday, January 29, 2024

"In Reality, this Should Be The National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, So Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Saturday. I was in the kitchen getting a cup of tea, (but not a Madeleine) when my friend told me that today is National Chocolate Cake Day. Then I said, Well, you know what else today is? It's National... Celebrate The Biggest Lie of The Twentieth Century... Day.

It makes me think of that wandering tome of the endlessly subjective; “Remembrance of Things Past.” by literary poofta, Marcel Proust. I don't... at this time... know if he was also responsible for the hair treatment that bears his name. However... the title of his book made me think about the title of another book... as yet unwritten... called Remembrance of Things that Never Fucking Happened. I suggest you get a copy.

I don't write posts on Saturdays. I do often write them on Sunday morning, BUT... I thought it was fitting to acknowledge this great and enduring act of subterfuge, that was created as a cover story against the greatest act of murder ever committed; The Bolshevik Revolution, which was still going full steam at the same time. It was The Bolsheviks that built the phony after-the-fact evidence at all the so-called death camps. We know this now OR... you should know this if you have been paying attention.

Here we see the fruits of The Apocalypse in action. Lies and myths... designed to profit those we are not permitted to criticize.. are all falling, as Mr. Apocalypse uncovers and reveals them, and Lady Awakening grants us an understanding of them.

It has always amused me how the more widely known truth-tellers would hedge their commentaries on this massive charade. They might say that the numbers were fudged, but... but... millions still died in gruesome ways... yadda yadda!!! I'll tell you who died in gruesome ways, it was the German people after The Russians rolled in... after Dresden was leveled... after The Clown Circus at Nuremberg.

It's all because of who controls The Money, and... it... still... is.

I used to shake my head at the tortured language that was used by those who had important investments in their own celebrity and form of livelihood. They could not afford to have those you are not allowed to criticize come after them. I made sure to never have ANYTHING that I feared to lose... enough to compromise my integrity in that way. If I were to lose my connection to Truth... what little may be inclined to hang around with me, I... MIGHT... AS... WELL... BE... DEAD.

Now we see Gazacide. Now we see the professional-victim racketeers become ten times... a hundred times more vicious... than their oppressors (whoever they might have been) ever thought of being. They are target-shooting people waving white flags. They are bombing enclaves... protected zones where The Palestinians have fled for sanctuary; where The Monsters sent them.

They tell them they must leave... wherever it is that they are, and before they can even get to their feet... The Monsters shell the encampments. They murder women and children, and... they dance... and... they laugh about it.

Everywhere... in The World... you see mealy-mouthed politicians hemming and hawing about what a terrible thing it is, but that Israel needs to protect itself from the people whose land they stole... the people they herded into concentration camps... the people they are now starving to death.

No one says anything because THEY... control... The... Money, AND... THEY serve The Prince of Darkness, and... all the suits in formation... shit themselves with fear... over a bigger mirror image of themselves. They look into the reflecting pool of their own corruption and are astounded when they see how evil they are. Here is that moment of revelation, now... come... to... term.

Can anyone doubt that something transforming and revolutionary is about to come upon The World? Surely... surely... a great change is upon us? Surely... The Hand of God is about to move over the oceans and shake the Earth between them? Surely... that hand is already in motion. Whenever you see those who pretend to righteousness and justice... openly conspire against them both, you know that Heaven has already begun to move in earnest.

Right before our eyes... we are being separated into camps. We are either in the camp that obeys... fears... and serves The Temporal Order of Outright Criminal Monsters OR... we are in revolt... in our hearts... in our minds, and... in our speech and actions.

People are still defending The Kosher Killer Vaccines! People are dropping dead all over the place and talking heads sneer and mock the truth of the matter. They do it for money and to maintain their postures of subservience... hoping that their Satanic Master will pat them on the head, saying; “good little orc... good demon... good little monsters; now tell me... where are the children? I am hungry.”

This should be National Lying Sacks of Shit Day. This should be the National Day of Moral Blindness. This should be a day of mourning for the loss of our human credentials. In reality, this should be the National, I'm not Going to Take this Shit Anymore, so Kiss My Long-suffering Ass... Day.

Oh! It's coming good friends and neighbors! The Walls of Denial are breaking up before the relentless pressure of the waters of Divine Light. The lies are catching fire, and the mouths of the liars are set aflame as they speak them. The Citadels of Evil are crumbling! Heaven help you if you are standing in their shade.

Whenever life reaches a level of the ridiculous, when even fools can see the foolishness of it, you should know that we are on the precipice of great and irresistible change. It should be GLARINGLY apparent; the state of The World. The Minions of Evil scurry in all directions trying to halt the tide of apocalypse and awakening. They seek to blot out The Sun. The Sun is their enemy. Anyone who has The Sun for an enemy has lost the battle before it even begins.

They are aggressively working to shut down food production. They are warring against travel and the means of travel. They know the hour has come. They know they are to be unmasked, BUT... but... maybe... just maybe they can burn Samara to the ground before they arrive. Soon... blind panic is going to be sown in their ranks. I... KNOW... THIS. They are creatures of Destiny who do not know what Destiny means.

Everywhere... madness is afoot. Schemes and Plans that have been in operation for generations are falling apart. They will flee to their Oppidum World beneath The Surface World.

Do they not realize that Lady Nature is turned against them? Do they not realize that she is a living... conscious... being? Her chains have been broken. Do they not know that every living thing is their enemy now? Do they really imagine they can contend with The Enemy Within???

Fools! Mad intoxicated fools! They shake their fists at The Sun. They war against the very powers that gave them life! They imagine that they can build their own world... outside the confines of this world. Little do they realize the truth that... indeed... they are building their own world, and it is...indeed... below The Surface World, and... it is already populated by every monstrous creature they birthed into being by their terrible acts against everyone else.

Just as The Great Master, The Christ... went to prepare a place for us, their master has created a place for them too. Everything is in perfect working order. Everything is just as it should be, regardless of whether it is as you... or they... wish it to be. It is... what It is, AND ever shall be.

On this day of toxic remembering, I'll tell you what I am remembering. I am remembering what a steaming load of bullshit it is. I rank it right up there with false memory... recovered memory...historical revisionism... the real disinformation and misinformation that The Dark Side gets its bread and butter from and... ♫ mammaries... from... the... corners... of... my mind. Swollen... twirling... hypnotic pasties... for the mesmerized and blind. And... if they had it all to do again... tell me... would they? Oh! You bet they would ♫

They have come to The Rubicon... a blank wall of darkness... filled with glory holes, and hungry mouths... in search of an opportunity... for servicing the accounts of damned souls... with poisoned cups raised to their lips. They toast each other in a moment of awful recognition... as they see that this is not the place they expected. This is not what they were told awaited them.

It's not all bad. It's not all crazy everywhere. Let me leave you with something I know to be true... above and beyond the vast ocean of things I do not know, and which... is the only thing that you or I ever need to know and that is... (drum roll) The Greatest Commandment; “Thou shall love The Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, (will) and with all your mind.”

Why is this so important? Why is it The Greatest Commandment? Here is an illustration of the interplay between Metaphysics and Physics. Metaphysics... which overshadows Physics, and... which flows into Physics, and... gives it the whole of everything known to Physics... contains, in the form of Ageless Wisdom... the key to understanding this commandment.

Love is The Great Attractor. Everything in your life is there because you attracted it AT THE LEVEL at which you feel, and comprehend Love. The Divine, which is The Source of Every Good Thing... is made thereby... into The Great Attraction because The Divine is The Source of Every Good Thing.

So... if you Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, (will), and mind, you are loving God more... than... anything... else, AND... AND... you are then attracting The Divine... The Greatest Attraction... into your life more than you are anything else. How could you want anything more?

Please think about that.

End Transmission.......

Jacob Boehme on The Christ.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

"I Don't Know what The Extenuating Circumstances are; The Devil MADE Me Do It? Either Way... You Still Got Dead Kids."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Someone smashed a painting down on the head of The Wicked Witch from The AshkeNAZI Coven. Marina is not pleased... we suspect, BUT... we are! Oh yes! We are very pleased. Soon these clowns will not be able to go about in public. Already they are guarded by suits who hem them in on all sides.

Have you seen a photo of Marina? She is 77. Obviously, rejuvenation efforts have been made on her behalf... though I will say... as an appreciator of true art; you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

She and her agent were seen scurrying away... terrified... somewhere. I'm guessing the WiFi there was interfering with the continuity of her magic encircling spell. You really have to be up on modern tech if you are going to be a modern Satanic celebrity. It's likely she arranged the whole thing herself. She is a performance artist, isn't she? Nothing is worse for an artist than to have no talent and be forced to maintain their celebrity with shock and outrage.

I would like to hope that Elon is not what he probably is. Listen from the 17:00 minute mark of this video.

I didn't listen to what preceded it. I want to hope Elon is Zorro dressed up like somebody else but Hope is pretty much for losers. Hope is for The Hopeless. It's a cocktail mixer that makes bad shit palpable. I don't walk around shuffling my feet and looking all hopeful. I am certain. I don't know how that sorts out with Hope, but some things I am certain about, and the rest I will find out about anyway; like... it... or... not.

Then there is the matter of his girlfriend, Grimey who is also into Satanic shit disguised as art. It is really well disguised... because I can't see the art at all. I don't know how she concealed it but conceal it she did. Possibly that is the art she engages in; hiding the art. Maybe there was no art involved, and that would account for why I can't find it. Then there is the transhumanism angle, which dovetails right into Schwab and his butt-boy Harari.

You see, it's all connected. It's connected to... what is like it... until it moves past the critical digit on The Dial. and then... it is connected to something else. At the level of Infernos, it is all connected to things that are inflamed by Carnal Desire. When it moves outside the range of the bandwidth of Carnal Desire and transforms into Aspiration, it is connected to an illumined group consciousness... where each component harmonizes with the collective possession of The Word of God.

One guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. This other guy snatches a kid and sacrifices him to The Devil, but... there are extenuating circumstances. I don't know what the extenuating circumstances are; The Devil MADE me do it? Either way... you still got a dead kid.

That is how I see the difference between Schwab and Elon. They are still child-murdering transhumanists... actually... or potentially... right? Elon is likable. Schwab is not. Elon... possibly... does useful stuff. Schwab does not. There's still a dead kid in the room though. Maybe it was for the greater good? Maybe The Kid's name is Damien? Maybe The Kid is really a midget that killed a bunch of real kids and someone had to put him down? Are those extenuating circumstances, and... what am I supposed to do with these dead kids?

Why are these dead kids not in the arms of Kid Cudi?

Why is Kid Cudi not lying dead in his own arms? Why have they not erected one of these statues in Gaza? There are all sorts of good questions that I haven't gotten around to answering, and... to be honest... probably will not answer... because there are no answers for these things... other than them being made not to exist.

Elon was at the Auschwitz theme park yesterday. He got some Maus ears and a music box crematorium that churns out real butter for those people who can't believe it's not butter, while it plays some loops from that new song by The Dead Kids called, “I can't believe there's no DNA in the ashes. This spectrometer is shit.”

The rumor that Elon was carrying around a portable gas spectrometer with him to check for human remains is... apparently... untrue, according to the people who started the rumor.

Now they are saying he just got a brochure that has everything you ever wanted to know about Auschwitz. It's a kind of Auschwitz for Dummies... that includes photos of the theater groups... the swimming pool... the hookers and casino nights; the usual for The Usual Suspects... who had their own currency... that they printed according to their own standards of convincing the suckers it is real..

Elon was wearing a helicopter beanie that vibrated at the same frequency as one of Bill Gates's genetically altered mosquitoes. It had a Star of Davida on it, which is the same as a Star of David except the bottom triangle goes in and ends at an interior point... somewhere below a hypothetical navel. It is in memory of all the transgender inmates who were denied sex change operations while incarcerated. There are two stories that are given concerning the why's and why nots of that.

One is that there was no technology because Mengele hadn't gotten around to it yet. The other is that there were only two sexes at the time. Now we know that... that... was only Nazi disinformation, but we didn't know at the time; neither did The Dead Kids.

HOWEVER... if you are looking for dead kids there is a bumper crop in Gaza, cause this is harvest time, and the threshers... shredders... and reconstitution machines are working 24-7. Some people are into knock-offs that aren't real dead kids, but... only look like them. You can get them at any of the death camp merchandise booths, but they are not the real thing. You have to go to Gaza for that. Oops! You can't go to Gaza, but... you can definitely buy them on Israeli eBay.

If you are only after the organs. They got that too. You can order them at The 23 and Me website, but... you need to use the Tor Browser. It's illegal to ship organs by Fed-Ex, if you are anywhere outside of Israel, and most of the volume sales take place in Ukraine. They have Amazon-sized warehouses there, and lots of dead kids fitted up with Chatty Cathy apps and AI tech. You would never know they were dead until you hit the Decompose button.

Speaking of dead kids, I wonder about people like Bill Gates... Hillary Clinton and others. Are they evil to start with OR... did they get filmed in something set up for them? They would have to have been inclined that way, BUT... then again... they wielded a lot of power... financially... politically. They were desirable plums for those whose intentions are the destruction of all that is human... in and around us.

Bill says stupid things like this.

Then there's this Frazzledrip thing... that came from Anthony Weiner's laptop... where Hillary cut the face off a young girl and put it over her own. Then you see things like this.

You add in all those missing emails... pizza-talk... government officials, and... there's a whole lot of smoke. Frankly; my interests do not lie in finding out dark and nasty things about people... no matter who they are. I'm certain such things happen though.

I am a student of occult history. I know about Elizabeth Bathory... Giles De Rais... I know that there are many... among the rich and powerful... that will do anything to hold on to it, AND... to get more. It is like a fever-madness that takes hold of these people, and chief among their obsessions is the desire for their youth to be returned. This brings us round to Adrenachrome.

Personally... I do not chase after the tales going around about all these people executed in mysterious military tribunals at Guantanamo. I've little time for Epstein and Israeli honeypot operations... Satanic ceremonies... lunch with The Devil.

What I know is that IT ALL GOES ON INSIDE YOUR HEAD and that external ceremonies are ONLY about attracting demonic intelligences into your mind. The Good seek to attract angels and The Bad attract demons. I don't think angels are nearly as impressed with magical rituals as they are with one being pure of heart OR engaged in a passionate love for The Divine.

Anyone who thinks attracting demons is a good idea does not know much about demons. Anyone who imagines they'll get away clean from such encounters is truly stupid. I've been deep into invisible things at the risk of everything, BUT... I knew I was protected because my intentions were pure. I suspect these things were arranged for me... and I only thought I was involved... on my own recognizance. It's best to leave these things in the hands of The Divine... PERIOD.

The worse conditions and appearances get... the more desperate people are to believe... the more inveigled they are by false hope. Then it is easy to sell them on Nephilims... Archons... Flat Earth Bullshit... aliens... gender nonsense... hatred of the other guy... yadda yadda.

Whether some of these things were once relevant to people who are no longer here, I can't say. Whether Hillary is wearing human skin masks... whether Bill Gates is on The Dead Kids video tape... or all those cops and inconvenient witnesses died of natural causes; no one dies of natural causes because death is a product of having fallen into, and believing in something that wasn't/isn't real. Whether this or that... or the other thing... is or is not... I don't know and I... DON'T... CARE.

What I do know, among the few things that I do know... is that EVERYTHING is under the control of a REAL central intelligence that penetrates every particle of existence... seen or unseen. If you are right with it... you are good to go... anywhere, and you have forever to do it in. If you are not right with it, that explains why you are here and everything you are going through, on... your... way... to getting right with it.

That's it!!! That's the whole thing. Everything else is just stuff and nonsense... talking to itself... in the place it is presently lost in. It's all just a fantasy of separation in search of the missing part(s). I have found that part, and... subsequently... there is nothing left for me to look for... because... it is all... either present... or... on the way.

End Transmission.......

Look what we found about The Sun being the source of The Awakening!

"The light and the power of Christ arises within His children in the interior foundation and illumines the whole course of their life. Within this fountain of light is the kingdom of God in man. He who is not in possession of it cannot bring it into himself by means of any creed, opinions, or theories; but if he possesses it, then from that fountain will arise many streams of pure love."

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Friday, January 19, 2024

"They're at Some Point on That Spiral Stairway to The Heavens and Beyond, and I've No Wish to Piss over The Railing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There are two solutions I know of, and I have used both of them to chase The Devil. One is to laugh at him because he can't abide scorn. The other is the certainty of mind that he does not exist, though... no separated mind can pull this off because the very existence of a separated mind creates The Devil. That said, here is something for all you gamer-heads out there.

Try to be first in line to win an authentic soiled mattress; now being marketed as meditation cushions.

Connecting the dots will get you killed, just ask Anne Heche; oh... right, you can't.

Well... ask that lady who was feeding her information for that film she was making. Right... right... you can't ask her either. The writer at that link is a sensationalist. Everyone... these days... seems to be jockeying for greater influence... more face-time before The World. This does not... immediately... delegitimize what she is saying; not at all. This might give you a little more background.

I heard something about former Indiana representative Jackie Walorski, who was... supposedly feeding information to Anne Heche. She's dead too. Lots of people are dead who got involved in exposing pedophilia high up in the ranks of The Powerful. Some die. Some don't die. It seems like it matters who you were talking to, and what you found out about specific events and people.

I found Stew Peters to be a tad questionable... at first... for a while. So many of them seem to come out of The Alex Jones- David Icke School of Yellow- Handwringing- Journalism. Now I find Peters to be a man of courage and conviction (for the moment). I seem to be a little off in my initial... superficial... scanning of personalities here and there. Time will tell and we shall see.

I know some of the readers are fans of some of these people. I've been watching them since they came on The Scene. I have a special aversion to those who tell half-truths... who peddle science fiction that never actually shows up, but just gets mentioned over and over... people who have all kinds of name currency but do not mention the actual perpetrators... like Jones, and who seems very much in league with them... almost as if they were his handlers.

I've read the books written by the former soccer player and they are well done, BUT... why are there these constant outtakes from Matrix Creature Land, and deliberate twisting of established metaphysical traditions associated with Ageless Wisdom?

Perhaps I was wrong about this guy?

All through this speech, my heart kept saying, Right on! Oh Yes! Spot on! Of course, it is just a man talking. Words are cheap. However... he is speaking to the psychopath elites at The WEF. This is... pretty much... IN YOUR FACE! Time will tell and we shall see!

Well, I expect The World to change for the better. In fact, I know it is going to, despite the resistance of the monsters seeking the greatest harm for the greatest number of people. Simultaneously, Israel... The Satanic Banker Nation .. is destroying itself before our eyes. Massive change... regardless of all efforts to restrain and suppress it... is motoring on.

Why did I do so much name-dropping and link insertion in this posting? There seems to have been a sea change all of a sudden... brought about by those forces so recently loosed in The World. Ever since I was told about them... The Face of The World has been going in and out of focus, like the video game creatures at the Miami mall.

One of my problems is that I pay serious attention to what people say. I also give them a lot of rope. It might take years for me to get around to being turned off by someone and deciding to comment on them (though I can develop first impressions real quickly.) By that time I am no longer in doubt. I realize this makes me into some kind of pain in the ass, because of all this, trust but verify stuff. I can't help it.

When I was very young I got inoculated against cat-scat fever and certain narratives will not stick in my head. It armors you (the inoculation) against attractive fantasies... wishful thinking... hope. I don't care for hope. It renders too many lazy people hopeless. I have Certitude instead, and Blessed Assurance. They are more in line with this perspective I have HAD developed for me. I didn't develop it myself.

These front-line... media face-time... people get a lot of name recognition. Money and influence come with that, and eventually, they have to try to stay ahead of all the people coming up on them in the rearview mirror; younger... hungrier sell-outs, looking for a virtual corner to be hookers on... with drive-by... surf-by suckers, and a line of regular clientele. It gets to where these people will say anything while talking out of both sides of their mouths. Money fucks you up. I see it over and over.

I don't have a lot of money, BUT... I ALWAYS got by... somehow. The outfit I work for has more currency than all the currency ever printed. They can be quite cheap about handing it out. There is no loaning or borrowing. It's outright giving, BUT... you only get what you need. The rest you are SUPPOSED to give away.

The outfit I work for is very much against corruption of any kind because Immortality is their real currency, and... if you are going to get your hands on that, you have to be able to eschew everything else of a corrupting nature.

It is incredibly tough to get through the minefields of worldly attractions. And speaking from my own personal experiences, you can get dumped into The Shit over, and over, and over again. You get to the point where you are sure you are going to die from old age before all the incredible things you went through add up to anything. Then... one day... the winds shift. One day the whole thing turns around... real slow at first, BUT...then YOU SEE!!! You see that you are on the other side of The Minefields.

You see that none of any of it matters anymore. There's something going on inside you that is so engrossing... so intoxicating... so all-encompassing... that there is no need for anything else ever again. All attraction links and wiring to external phenomena have been short-circuited. There's no juice and no glueboards. There's no drive. There's no one pestering you about anything. You don't have to be anywhere. You don't have to do anything, and there is nothing that can disturb you because... IT REALLY IS ALL UNDER CONTROL!!!

You get this total... sense of conviction... that The World is The Thing of Lesser Importance. Nothing about any of it is a big deal. It's just weather. I know I say that a lot, BUT... it's just weather going by... coming and going... out there! OUT THERE!!! Not... in... here.

They have their reward. It keeps coming into my head; they have their reward. Everywhere I look, it's... by their works or... as you sow so will you reap... or... some bit of scripture that has been transformed into palpable... living... truth. It's not just words anymore. Words are what all these other people are getting up to... turning words into money that amounts to chump change. What's a few million here and there? It's chump change. It's being bought off cheap.

There is a whole other world going on inside of The World that appears to be The Thing. It's not The Thing. It's the distraction from The Thing. The World is The Danger Zone, and The World inside The World is The Sanctuary. That mouse would be fine if it never left its hole; metaphorically speaking, since it's a mouse, and it has to leave its hole. That's its nature. I am not a mouse... though... by comparison with The Thing Itself, I am much smaller than a mouse.

I am an infinitesimal fragment of The Thing Itself and that is fine with me. I would get smaller but this is as small as I can get, for... the... moment. All of these other people seem like cartoons to me. They are also like the weather... just going by...making their way.. toward what that is I do not know, BUT they are getting what they thought they were after. That is how it works. You get what you are after, and... that is what you get. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

It could be the most wonderful thing that ever there was... if you were after The Thing Itself. Then you would be on an infinite journey of discovery that moves from Splendor... to Glory... to places where there are no words that can describe what it is anymore. You move into a sense of identity that is not altered by temporal change. Otherwise... you're Out There, and you take your chances. Sooner or later though... yeah.

I don't want to criticize these people. For all I know... they mean well... as far as they are able to know what that means. They are simply on a specific bandwidth that involves specific and predictable stages of change. One way or another... they are at some point on the great spiral stairway, and I've no wish to piss over the railings (even when I have) of that winding stairway to the stars, and the heavens... and beyond.

I feel sorry for everyone who wants something out of The World. They are... without a doubt... going to be disappointed. Yet they keep coming back and doing it over and over again, which is my definition of insanity, and eventually... The World gets to reflect that... in the terminal stages of Material Culture. That's where we are now. For some reason I feel really... really good. It's not about any of that. I suspect it is about what all of that is concealing, and that it will soon... no longer... be able to conceal at all.

End Transmission.......

More Jacob Boehme. This is truly God-Intoxicated and divinely inspired writings. You can't go wrong taking him at whatever level you may be capable of.

"Thus the divine principle in man furnishes the intellect with light and life in the same sense as the sun reflects his light upon the moon. An intellect which has been deserted by God will perish after its accumulated strength is exhausted. Only that which God knows in us remains permanent."

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

"Voices Trail... Like Moonbeams into Shadows. It Gives The Shrouds of The Hungry Ghosts... an Ambergris Glow."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Do you doubt this is so?

Of course, it's so. Confirmed? Yes, it's confirmed. All along they told us not to believe our lying eyes.

New forces from The Celestial Plane have been released upon The Earth, inwardly and outwardly. Suddenly Mr. Apocalypse has more than a walking stick, and Lady Awakening's alarm clock has a ringer. The World is slipping from their grasp.

Now... suddenly Trump is wearing a white hat (literally), and the mainstream media is covering him in a nearly normal manner or... what passes for normal for them.

It's almost like the whole thing was scripted. It is our contention it's been scripted since before the election was stolen. It's our contention that conditions have gone sideways since then by intention... in order to create the present climate of a desperate need for change.

I suspect this is true, but... not in the way the scriptwriters from The Club we are not members of intended. Even now... all the players think it is going their way. They're 3 steps ahead of us and believe we are 4 steps behind. They'll be singing the songs of Come Hither... right up to The Gates of Perdition and beyond... their voices trailing away like moonbeams disappearing into shadows. It gives the shrouds of The Hungry Ghosts an ambergris shine in The Darkness.

The Face of God... as it materializes into form... in its closest approximation of our expectations... will reveal itself exactly according to the specifications of whether we are naughty or nice. Will it be Santa Claus or... Santa Claws? It's in times like this when a little dyslexia goes a long way.

Lack of Gratitude is a ticking time bomb. I'm walking in the sunlight and singing Con Te Partirò.

(we're all blind who have not learned to see within... because nothing around us makes any sense at all.) I sing to the heavens because there is nothing prosaic about my romance.

I'm not mistaking the temporary visage for the eternally unseen... ever... again. All love songs for me are love songs to God... because there is no other love. Everything we covet with our eyes here... is based on what shines in the eternal invisible since the dawn of time. All our mistaken impressions have been watered down into a profane fantasy of something we can no longer remember.

Ah... the soaring rapture beneath this cathedral of the stars... The Lord of The Sky... shining too bright to see... with every newly awakened day. It never ends. It is always there... the glorious skies... and the concealing weather... the demonic chemtrails... are only a brief moment in time.

Here at the ground level, we muck our way through ancient antagonisms... in search of something more. There it is!!! Lifetimes ahead... it seems... or... in an instant... we discover ourselves on that day that never ends... where The Sun never arrives at mid-day... because then it would have to descend, but... it will not descend... ever again.

It will simply grow brighter and brighter... until the splendor swallows us entire... into an unshakable unity, and then we will shine as well... having uncovered the light within. Ah! What a Christmas morning that will be... there... where the thunderbolt illuminates The Tree of Life, and... we are in The Garden again.

All this nonsense here below. I see a man slapping himself in the face for years uncounted. He screams, but the silence mocks him. A tree has fallen in the forest of his delusion but it will not wake him. His dreams of rapine and murder... of ruthless ambitions... and dangerous pride... there he stands on the precipice he cannot see. His eyes are closed and he fears to open them. There is reason enough for that. He has made God into a precise image of himself.

What horrors he will see... if he opens his eyes, and looks into the mirror of The World he has created around him. We make love like angry goats, rutting monsters into form, and so we have this world of the moment... populated by monsters... whose anger is so great... it trembles with such a fury... that it creates a fire to burn The World. We have degenerated far... far down the labyrinthine roads... into madness, and... Ariadne has given us no thread to follow our way back.

This is what we made, and it is a cry for help. It is a cry of collective pain, and it has reached The Heavenly Spheres... as it always does... two thousand years... across the space... of a tiny catch in The Life Breath of God. It comes and goes like waves coming to the shore. It will not be denied. It does not matter what a mess we have made of things here. This was all planned too. We were let out to play but no one taught us how to play before they let us go.

Life instructs us through pain; Don't go that way. It hurts! Life spins in an endless kaleidoscope of seductive shapes... that draw us in... and trap us in the sticky efflorescent webs of materialized desire. We hang there... immobile... because every effort led to more of the same.

Finally... Death... in great compassion... comes to free us of our most recent effort to find what we were looking for... out there... somewhere. Somewhere that we never have, and never will... find it. That is what The Search teaches us; that... it... cannot... be... found... out... there.

Off we go again... into the recycle bin... to get a new (and improved) form that will prove... yet again... that all our plans and inventions were folly. The myths and fables teach us, but no one remembers past the point... where The World divides into opposites... in The Dance of Attractions. Don't go that way. It hurts! We go though. Surely this time it will be different. Don't touch that! It will burn you... but we do. We do it over, and over, and over again.

He got rich, only to learn how poor he is. Nothing he desperately needs can be bought with the money he has. He has a warehouse full of money that only buys useless things. She got famous only to learn that the whole world would hump her leg... non-stop... even if... after a time... The World has to close its eyes just to get through it. He became powerful in order to learn he was powerless.

Now... they think they can live forever... if they download their consciousness into a cyborg unit, but The Soul is wise to that bullshit and refuses to follow along. They hope to remove every sign of age from their face... so as to perpetuate the repulsive ugliness they formed of themselves... due to their utter lack of any understanding of beauty or... grace... or charity and generosity which... along with other qualities are THE ONLY SOURCES of beauty the awakening eye will ever see.

Okay!!! Let us force the eye to see what we demand it must see, regardless of what actually appears. Here at least... it actually helps that appearances are a lie. Look at the lovely visage Schwab, Gates, and Soros sculpted of themselves with the chisels of wasted time upon their faces. Look at the hideous mess that all of them have made out of themselves. They will return here again, already looking like that. They won't have to create it again. Now they can make it even worse.

Soon enough... they will be reborn... as the animal equivalent... of what their thoughts shaped out of the form of their flesh... under the guidance of the avarice... cruelty... wicked ambitions... angers and lusts... that drove them forward to the terrible place their poisoned imaginations visualized for them... powered by The Separated Will... that made it possible for them to shake their impotent fists at the heavens they cannot reach by planes... trains... and automobiles. These are the real velvet ropes that they cannot pass.

As ye sow... so shall ye reap... above and below... cross the wide and the deep... of the endless landscapes... of burning sands... under a merciless sun... that really wishes them the best if they only knew, but they wish no one the best except for themselves, and here it is that they learn... through the loneliness designed by a heart bereft of love. What can you attract without Love? Absolutely nothing worth having.

When you are going down the toilet you circle the drain by degrees going down. You see something you never saw before, and soon it becomes commonplace. Then you again see something you never saw before, and before you know it, that too becomes commonplace. Things happen that never happened before... they become routine. Something else happens, and it becomes routine. Such is the nature of the descent of those who walk into darkness where what they seek is to be found.

THE SAME PROCESS repeats if you are going up. You see things you never saw before and they become commonplace, and again... and again... wonder upon wonder... joy... birthing joys transcendent.. splendor upon splendor of lights... brighter... denser... more conscious and alive. I experience this as each new day passes, just as I did the other when I was pressed into the murk for The Purpose of Demonstration as a rite of passage.

We get what we are due, what we deserve. There is a magical agency that records everything we think and say and do. We reap it in the short term and we reap it over the course of lifetimes, but... we shall not escape the fruits of our industry, and now? Now comes a great transitioning and judgment on form as The Archetypes transform in aspect. Vaya con dios!

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis has constructed his latest for your consideration

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English lyrics for Con Te Partirò

When I'm alone
I dream on the horizon
And words fail
Yes, I know there is no light
In a room where the sun is absent
If you are not with me
At the windows
Show everyone my heart
Which you set alight
Enclose within me
The light you
Encountered on the street

I'll go with you
To countries I never
Saw and shared it with you
Now, yes, I shall experience them
I'll go with you
On ships across seas
Which, I know,
No, no, exist no longer
With you, I shall experience them

When you are far away
I dream on the horizon
And words fail
And yes, I know
That you are with me
You, my moon, are here with me
My sun, you are here with me

I'll go with you
To countries I never
Saw and shared it with you
Now, yes, I shall experience them
I'll go with you
On ships across seas
Which, I know,
No, no, exist no longer
With you, I shall experience them again
I'll go with you
On ships across seas
Which, I know,
No, no, exist no longer
With you, I shall experience them again
I'll go with you

Thursday, January 11, 2024

"I Don't Recommend Trying to Do It All Yourself, but... Certainly You Will Find Out Anyway, Cause... Everyone... Does..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is what Material Culture does to people...

...and it accounts for the endless wanting because even in the getting... that which is gotten... is not The Balm of Gilead that is sought after... for the cessation of want, and... the comfort of not wanting. Being here is wanting, even if it amounts only to wanting to get out of here. When the force of Materialism gets ratcheted up... wanting intensifies. Either you have a remedy for this or you don't.

I have a remedy that I apply to the situation of wanting, and it works, but... it is not for everyone because not everyone... not even most people... hardly even some people want wanting to go away. For most, it is a thriving experience. They put a lot of effort in... during other appearances here... in order to get The Keys to The Candy Store.

Yeah... Okay... I can see it. Sweetness is a main attractor, no matter whether it is a candy bar... a puppy... a Lamborghini... or the girl that is draped over it. Sweetness is a relative thing. However... I happen to know that there are two different planes of experience one can get their sweetness fix on.

I've been there, and... done that... to the point that both doors are open all the time, but I rarely go into the main theater of experience, on... the... ground... floor... because it's too crowded and I don't like the company. (grin)


This is a verity; as above... so below. It is a provable verity, but... most people do not want to climb to the heights for the experience. It's too much trouble when you can get all your tooth decay or... whatever other condition... or STD... appears down here. Oh well... it's all a part of the process. STDs are one thing and heartbreak is another. The latter is a requirement during your residence Down Here. Get your heart broken enough times and you might just climb that mountain.

In The Legitimate Tarot... and not one of the dozens and dozens of latter-day iterations that have come out in recent decades... there is the 9th Trump, called The Hermit. It represents the sense of touch... as it is experienced on the higher octave of possibility. Though he seems to be alone on a mountaintop, he is actually engaged in an intense super sensual experience that physical sex cannot come anywhere near. I happen to know this to be true, and... anyone could who is similarly motivated.

Every experience you have Down Here is mirrored on the plane above, where the experience is much more intense and far less messy.

The reality of the life of a conscious and informed yogi is not at all what most people might imagine it to be. It is not an existence of forced austerity; not the yoga I know and practice. Regardless... real yogis... real spiritual practitioners of whatever persuasion... exist in a place that is quite different than appearances might make it out to be.

I was supposed to write a Petri Dish today, BUT... that's not what's coming through the portal, so... we apologize to those who might have been expecting more entertainment or something of a different perspective.

Perhaps I should explain what I mean about all this, in terms of my own practices. I'll keep it simple, though it is not always simple when dealing with breathing and mind-imaging. However... that end of things tends to take care of itself once you're in the right hands. I don't recommend trying to do it all yourself, but... certainly you will find out about that anyway, cause... everyone... does.

I believe in a Supreme Enjoyer. This is a tenet of a certain branch of spiritual thought, though I am non-denominational, and I follow only some of the prohibitions of any tradition. I do follow the strictures of The Brotherhood, and those are only common sense... or would be... should you happen to possess any... here in the later days of a dying age.

I believe in moderation... though I can scarcely be said to have employed it in earlier times. However, as Blake so presciently noted; “The Palace of Excess leads to The Temple of Wisdom.” this applies in the same sense that... if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise... (after a protracted period of suffering in the interim) besides, in many cases, I was supposed to do what I did, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I believe in a Supreme Enjoyer and... I also believe that that enjoyer is resident in me. That enjoyer lives and breathes and has his being within me. He's in everyone or... you... would... not... be... alive. However... when you are not consciously connected to this enjoyer, there's no communication there. An effort is being made at communication but... it is not by you... in many cases.

The key feature here is that YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT. For some it will be harder and for some... easier. It will depend on efforts you have made in the past.

Likely, you have made efforts or you would not be reading this... unless you are one of The Hall Monitors who works for The Big Guy; the smoke and mirrors Big Guy. The guy who makes you think you are The Big Guy... when he is resident in you... because The Supreme Enjoyer has been pushed aside, and you won't actually enjoy anything as long as that is the case. It will be an illusion.

So... The Hermit on The Mountain is in a state of sexual ecstasy... provoked by The Union... as it occurs... when one is in congress with The Indwelling, as opposed to The Usual Bump and Grind. I am not here dumping on sexual interaction. It is necessary for our coming and going here. However... that which has been in the mind of most practitioners... during the process... has resulted in an en-masse presence of some pretty poor excuses for a human being, so... that bears thinking about too.

Here I should point out that... in order to directly contact The Indwelling... one has to cease all carnal action in The Mind for a... period... of... time. This will also preclude it from occurring down below. It's in The Mind that the process of wanting is arrested, otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit! Yes... a temporary period of austerity is required for The Hook-up.

It is normal to desire union with others... because a long time ago... you were divided in yourself... from yourself, and that other side of you... is wandering around, and... looking for this side of you too. Everybody thinks they have found the missing part of themselves... until they find out differently, and... except for the occasional hummingbird's teeth, that's how it goes.

This is why one would seek to unite with The Indwelling... because it is precisely in this manner that one's other side is finally brought into range. Once you are complete, you are complete, and you have no real attraction for what's going on Out Here anymore.

So... The Supreme Enjoyer engages in all of the activities that we engage in Out Here, BUT... in a deeper... more intense, and... more comprehensive manner. You become God's plaything when this happens, and... it can be scary on occasion until one has finessed the surrender.

It's near impossible to convince most people that what I am talking about here is true. It's pointless to bother, BUT... now and again it is worth it... for the ones who are in a position to find out the truth of it. Nonetheless, you have to climb that mountain. There's no getting around that, and... to climb that mountain... you have to become like one of The Wise Virgins who have put aside oil for the lamps.

Obviously, what I am saying here is true, given that Christ is The Bridegroom and our souls are The Bride. Alchemical treatises are filled with such references and Real Tantra is too. All legitimate religions contain reference to this, though it is often worded in metaphors and parables.

This applies to all the activities one engages in Down Here; eating... sleeping... excreting... mating, AND SUNDRY. They ALL have their parallels on the higher plane; As Above... So Below... BUT... BUT... how much finer it is! Oh!!! It is much... much finer.

In every age... a few evolve into an understanding of this. Even then... few of them persist to The Mountaintop. Many are called and few are chosen, BUT... anyone can prevail who prevails. Do you really want to experience the disappointment AGAIN... when you get to The Man at The Gate, and he points out that you failed again, so... it's back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon?

This happens over... and over... and over... again. We've only had limited space to explore this, and I apologize for that, but... the truth is that if simple and brief mention doesn't work, it is unlikely that volumes and volumes will work either. At least that is what the evidence indicates.

End Transmissions.......

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Let's go for light-hearted with a vein of serious innuendo today. I found this pretty inventive and amusing.

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Monday, January 08, 2024

"Devoid of Introspection. They are All Members of That Vast and Dissonant Boy Band of Dipshits Looking to Get Paid."

God Poet Transmitting.......

They have been pushing this thing about giants that once roamed The Earth... much more frequently... much more persistently than in the past. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. What difference does it make? Dinosaurs once roamed too. So? Opportunistic archaeological discoveries are placed in The Media. It's popping up everywhere. What difference does it make, if... they're... not... walking... around now? Are they suddenly going to appear? It's a government-financed op.

Around the 1st of January... at a Miami Mall... there... allegedly... appeared giant shadow creatures, but we have no pictures... no video; in today's world? Bullshit! It's another government op. They got the holographic projection tech at a high level now, and they are about to spring The Alien Thing because... it's an election year, and they need to shut the process down because they are going to lose. Even a lot of bad guys want them gone now.

All you have to do is look at this character and... something's off.

He says they were stopping everyone coming out of the mall, and by implication seizing all the video and such, but this guy and his girlfriend just slipped away? The whole vibe here is bullshit, and he gives a backstory about why he and she were in Fla. Yadda yadda. It's a put-up job; part of an opening salvo into a bullshit tsunami.

You'll probably fast-forward this like I did. Who does her nails? One of the creatures from The Mall?

You can expect ever-increasing amounts of this static... designed to create expectation, and uncertainty... in the minds of the dumbed-down... still walking around... soon to be melted down... Soylent Green ingredients of the future. You can expect free-ranging cannibals and territorial-centric vampires too. NONE... OF... IT... IS... GOING... TO... WORK.

There will be hoopla from the official government organs of misinformation, and... the alternate disinfo organs of Mr. Bombast Hypertension, Alex Jones... who looks like his head is going to explode any minute. They better hope he is never in the same room with Robert Kennedy Jr. There could be a chain reaction.

If you spend your life peddling half-truths for The Bullshit Patrol, you eventually wind up sounding like a frog.

Then... there is David Icke... talking bout the Saturn Matrix... Star Wars crap. Saturn... in conjunction with the other planets... have always been vehicles for specific powers... that translate into human action... through accord and discord... due to their placements for the purpose of The Grand Scheme of Things... sequenced according to The Celestial Clock.

Anyone who bothers to read about The Rishis and The Elohim, which is the same group of entities seen from East to West, should have some idea of... the setup and follow-up of creation... going through its paces from there to here, and... from here to what's coming up, and ALL OF IT goes down in The Present.

Consider your sources. If you are getting your information from The Material Scientists... you are getting half of The Helix... representing the extent of their knowledge... for as far as it has gotten them to this point. If you are getting your information from The Righteous Metaphysicians and INFORMED Alchemists, you are getting a more complete picture.

Personally, I find Jacob Boehme... Basil Valentine... Thomas Vaughn... Paracelsus... Plato and a host of similar great minds are much more credible. They were foully disparaged in their times, by the usual Nimrods and Status Quotidians...who might know some amount of what is going on outside of them, but... likely (no doubt certainly) missing true perspective... even within the sensory bandwidth. They are... regardless... completely devoid of introspection. They are all members of that vast and dissonant boy band of dipshits... looking to get paid.

If you don't do what you do for the higher love of it... if ulterior motive... in search of material gain... is your real driving force... you are bound for the Ignominy Dustbins of history. We are presently observing the influx of The Cosmic Cleaning Crew, dismantling and vacuuming up The Old... in order that The New can be erected; ♫ here... there... and everywhere ♫

Whenever a long-standing system... of siphoning the lifeblood of the people, and suppressing their freedom of thought and movement... is about to be brought down by command of The Invisible Hierarchy... their representatives are compelled... through fear of loss... to resort to ever more desperate and ridiculous efforts to maintain their stranglehold on the lives and affairs of others.

So it is that you start getting rumors of aliens... and giants... and insta-pop-up enemies of The State... external and internal. Crises intensify... in order to justify martial law... so that elections can be suspended, and The Land of The Free can be made into The Land of Tyranny. Fuck that noise!

I'd like to say that I have inside information, and... maybe I do, BUT... it's information that is widely available, if- you- know- where- to- look, and... even better when you have a little birdie to sing in your ears; or an interior voice... that makes the clouds disappear... in your head.

Once your own nature is revealed to you, it is not hard to read The Living Book of Nature and understand the laws that organize the way things work... for those who are inclined to participate... in The Great Work... of bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This is the single... collective... effort of everyone who is connected to the net of group consciousness... that unites the hearts and minds of all the selfless servants... at work around The World... visibly, and... invisibly.

I know that some of you are apprehensive about how it's all going to work out. Many of you really do think... the nasty sonsabitches... in charge of turning all our dreams to shit... are going to be able to pull it off... knock us off... or put us in camps. Your mindset and emotional climate of the moment... is directly dependent on the degree of your ability... to rely on The Divine, and... stop listening to synchronized Creatures of The Black Lagoon... croaking in The Swamp of a poisoned subconscious... puppeteered through telepathic invasion.

I don't know what goes on in other people's heads. My head and heart are the official residence of The Indwelling. You see, I have a choice... that I make constantly... to allow The Individuality to operate THROUGH The Personality, without let or hindrance of any kind. The Personality is willful... being as it is... the home of The Separated Will. It is fighting all the time to get you lost in the wastelands of appetite.

If you want to wrestle with it... you will lose. It's like fighting with The Beast Nature. On its own plane it is stronger than you, so... you must finesse it. You must teach it to dance... to run and to fetch... to halt, and... be still.

This is accomplished through an interior discipline of The Mind, which is the operating system for The Personality. It is a long process. It can be an extremely long process. It can also be very quickly done. It depends on what kind of wiggle room you are permitting... what degrees of latitude you extend. As long as you are cutting deals to get along, you are going to have this problem.

Solving The Problem is how the wise man rules the stars. For most... they are dealing with whatever arrangements... The Planets got into... so that the karma they brought with them... can be acted out. Once you have risen above this dynamic by ceasing to want... by ceasing to attract and repel... you are outside of the magnetic interactions of The Desire World of Dreams. It's all hunger, my friends, so... put it on a leash!

It is altogether possible to have an incredibly good time here. I do, and I'm not the smartest guy in the room. Then again... it's not about smarts... it's about negotiating the way through... by walking in and out of the department stores... with the same amount of nothing you walked in with; metaphorically speaking.

When I eat, I am delighted to consciously consume The Body of God... with extreme and enduring gratitude. When I breathe, I am engaged in a joyful process of incoming prana... transforming my material being with a particular fire, that streams impersonal love through the out-breath. I allow The Resident within to live and move and have his being in me. I die daily... so that the immortal aspect of my being can live forever. It's a simple thing, but ah! How difficult we make it.

There is no I... not really. There is only whatever is manifesting through you at the level you presently occupy. EVERYTHING... except The Divine... is in a state of flux... a state of change. Try to occupy the highest level by letting the highest part of yourself act through you at all times, in selfless accord and unity with everything else. This does not mean agreeing with everything else. It simply means not making it your business to contend with it; unless that is your business. (grin)

It is not as hard as so many people are making it out to be. It is ALWAYS difficult when you are not completely committed. When you are completely committed, it is a breeze. It is the act of sailing on The Winds of God. Aliens and giants are the stuff of Hollywood. Probably they are resident somewhere, but what has any of that got to do with you except to serve as a distraction? You don't have enough distractions?

End Transmissions...

Some more solid gold from the coffers of Jacob Boehme.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2024

"A Key Factor to Making it Through The Chaotic Moments of Cosmic Change is Who and What You Allow to Influence You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Ah! The first Petri Dish of the new year. I thought about changing the name to “Body-Bags for 2024.” That is because there are going to be a lot of casualties this year. I'm not talking about The Stupids and Suicide by Vaccine. I'm not talking about all the poisons in the food... the water... the air, and... The Hive Mind. I'm not talking about war or TikTok challenges.

I'm talking about The Culling of Evil. I'm talking about the big names that are going to be getting invited Downtown, and it's not an invitation. It's a vast and invisible... sweeping EMF... from The Spiritual Plane... that is going to be doing a lot more than humming a few bars from... ♫ Swing Low... Sweet Flaming Dumpster... coming for to carry THEM home ♫

Yes... there will be a version of The Court of The Last Judgment convening in mid-air, BUT a great many of the name players who imagined they would be here, will be... elsewhere.

There is this thing about Evil that doesn't get the press that it ought to, and that is why those who are Evil often do not know about it. Certain rules of The Road apply, DEPENDING on what mile marker of The Road you find yourself at. If you are in the run-up to The Apocalypse and The Great Awakening... one set of rules apply. If you are in The Apocalypse... attended by The Great Awakening, everything changes, and there is this particular feature that goes into action.

It is the appearance of The Alternative Vehicle to The Glory Train... bringing in The Sheaves... the gathering of The Righteous... the actual Rapture; not The Hollywood/Council of Nicaea version. This alternative vehicle is The Flaming Dumpster, already mentioned. It is The Gone Dead Train. It is The Ship of Fools. It is the summing up, and being found wanting collective of those who chose The Road More Traveled.

Initially, it is a companion vehicle, right up to the point where they depart from each other at a specific juncture and... go their own way; ♫ you can go your own way ♫

A lot of people are expecting a Great Reset... a New World Order... a 1984 Redux... some version of Gotterdamerung. Most especially, those personally engaged in bringing it about are expecting it. They seem to run the governments and by extension, The Catamite Press and Media. So, they seem to control all the information that relentlessly streams into The Hive Mind. They are supremely over-confident, and... they have been shaped that way by the one who created The Purpose of Demonstration (for them) to begin with.

These are the people of whom it has been said; “They never saw it coming.” These are the people who have been leading The People... down The Garden Path... into a wasteland of torment, and who discover that it was they... themselves... who were being led into a wasteland of torment... designed for them by their thoughts, (descending into) their emotions, and (shaping) their actions, (then materializing) into the fulfillment of their works.

When you know there is a Divine Being who rules over creation... how is it that you can have any doubt in outcome? Hmm... maybe you do not know that there is a Divine Being who rules over creation? So... you're what? Hoping to contract with Oppidum?

What happens when whatever you are protecting yourself from happens to the people servicing the Quipment?

The Rich are different alright, and in Times of Material Darkness many people admire them and wish to emulate and be around them. I compare it with the presence of superficially beautiful women who have nothing inside. They are vacuous and vapid. They are a kind of Lady in The Lake, who is submerged in her self-interest with no room for anything else. When you reach for her, she pulls you under. Why do you think they are called Arm Candy? It's not your teeth that rot.

A man thinks how fine it would be to be with her. If by some bad accident of fate, he accomplishes this, he grows to rue the day. Vanity.... what a burden it is, and... what a fool's errand... when the most deserving personalities around; The Sun... The other Devas of Nature... The Angels. They are all infinitely more deserving of admiration, and they care nothing for it. They live to serve others. In fact, that is what makes them immortal by Divine Fiat. Give yourself away, each and every day, and there will be no end to you.

“The World Virgin is sometimes shown standing between two great pillars--the Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry--symbolizing the fact that Nature attains productivity by means of polarity. As wisdom personified, Isis stands between the pillars of opposites, demonstrating that understanding is always found at the point of equilibrium and that truth is often crucified between the two thieves of apparent contradiction.” This has given me a lot of thought; how elegantly composed it is, and... how true.

How do you think the people who got rich and powerful got that way? First... they wanted it more than anyone else and were willing to go to greater lengths than others to get it. They also had methods for holding on to what they possessed, and which had also (in most cases) possessed them. There is an intelligence that lives in the minds of those who have accumulated riches. They are the Yakshas that serve Lord Kubera, or whatever name he goes by in The West.

And before anyone gets around to telling me about it... Yes! Not all wealth results in corruption. All of those who are spiritually illuminated are as wealthy as they choose to be. Heaven and Earth BOTH are theirs. However... and this is a big HOWEVER... there are many who have risen to a high spiritual state who have fallen a very long way due to not keeping their priorities straight.

Also... not all physical beauty is a trap, BUT... unless you have achieved incorruptibility; the flesh is heir to corruption... it is the inescapable destiny of those who live under the governing forces of Time and Gravity.

However... in Times of Material Darkness, it is pretty much a given that the worst among us have stolen the majority of material wealth from everyone else and are looking, all... the... time... to get more. Witness what they accomplished during The Scamdemic.

Wealth is fine so long as you remain a Steward and don't catch Denethor Syndrome. Beauty is a wonderful thing as long as you possess the necessary Grace to carry it. Everyone who is a lover of The Divine becomes beautiful as a natural progression... enjoys perfect health... and has as much of anything and everything that they could ever need.

The problem... like all problems... starts with WANTING. If you can manage that, you're good to go, and keep on going, while remaining absolutely motionless at the same time, once Action and Inaction have defined their intrinsic nature to you. All this is a part of True Science, unlike what is presently masquerading as Science to The Highest Bidder.

A key factor to making it through the chaotic moments of cosmic change is who and what you allow to influence you. The False Controllers have a variety of tactics to bring you low... to bring you into submission; they use Fear... The Promise of Gain... The Force of Applied Uncertainty... and whatever works for the needs of the moment. As long as you are in a state of WANTING.

When you... truly and sincerely... want nothing... or only one thing... and that thing is the source of everything, you're not only good-to-go, you're already gone.

The Greatest Commandment is a great deal more than it first appears to be; “you shall love The Lord your God with all your heart... all your soul... all your strength, and with all your mind.” I put it in contemporary vernacular. You will note... if you go to the search engines... that they have eliminated 'all your strength' from the lineup. THEY are constantly rewriting The Bible.

Why they would remove that section, I do not know, but it appears that they have. You can substitute Will for Strength if you wish. They are the same.

This is not a commandment to slavishly and... without thought... be absolutely devoted to The Almighty. Well... it is and it isn't. What it is... is to your great advantage... if you choose to employ it as a constant in all you think... and say... and do. It is what I do, and it works for me. What you are then doing is loving the source of all good things as the primary driver of everything you get up to. IT IS AN ATTRACTOR!!! It draws the ineffable to you.

Is this not what Love does in any case... depending on the quality of your love? Up to a certain point on The Dial, it emits Heat, and heat can drive a person right out of the room. You have to adjust the level of heat to a permanent state of Warmth. You'll figure it out, although... you do not have to figure it out if you leave it in the hands of The Almighty to explain it to you.

Don't confuse Desire with Love. They are not the same.

When you become UTTERLY DEPENDENT on The Divine you have done all you can do. The rest is up to The Divine, and... I can personally assure you he will take notice. It is the single thing he looks for in us; that we love and depend on The Divine... however we imagine he/she/it to be... for everything. There is a probationary period that one must endure. It weeds out the dilettantes and self-interest junkies. It's not complicated, folks.

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