Monday, January 08, 2024

"Devoid of Introspection. They are All Members of That Vast and Dissonant Boy Band of Dipshits Looking to Get Paid."

God Poet Transmitting.......

They have been pushing this thing about giants that once roamed The Earth... much more frequently... much more persistently than in the past. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. What difference does it make? Dinosaurs once roamed too. So? Opportunistic archaeological discoveries are placed in The Media. It's popping up everywhere. What difference does it make, if... they're... not... walking... around now? Are they suddenly going to appear? It's a government-financed op.

Around the 1st of January... at a Miami Mall... there... allegedly... appeared giant shadow creatures, but we have no pictures... no video; in today's world? Bullshit! It's another government op. They got the holographic projection tech at a high level now, and they are about to spring The Alien Thing because... it's an election year, and they need to shut the process down because they are going to lose. Even a lot of bad guys want them gone now.

All you have to do is look at this character and... something's off.

He says they were stopping everyone coming out of the mall, and by implication seizing all the video and such, but this guy and his girlfriend just slipped away? The whole vibe here is bullshit, and he gives a backstory about why he and she were in Fla. Yadda yadda. It's a put-up job; part of an opening salvo into a bullshit tsunami.

You'll probably fast-forward this like I did. Who does her nails? One of the creatures from The Mall?

You can expect ever-increasing amounts of this static... designed to create expectation, and uncertainty... in the minds of the dumbed-down... still walking around... soon to be melted down... Soylent Green ingredients of the future. You can expect free-ranging cannibals and territorial-centric vampires too. NONE... OF... IT... IS... GOING... TO... WORK.

There will be hoopla from the official government organs of misinformation, and... the alternate disinfo organs of Mr. Bombast Hypertension, Alex Jones... who looks like his head is going to explode any minute. They better hope he is never in the same room with Robert Kennedy Jr. There could be a chain reaction.

If you spend your life peddling half-truths for The Bullshit Patrol, you eventually wind up sounding like a frog.

Then... there is David Icke... talking bout the Saturn Matrix... Star Wars crap. Saturn... in conjunction with the other planets... have always been vehicles for specific powers... that translate into human action... through accord and discord... due to their placements for the purpose of The Grand Scheme of Things... sequenced according to The Celestial Clock.

Anyone who bothers to read about The Rishis and The Elohim, which is the same group of entities seen from East to West, should have some idea of... the setup and follow-up of creation... going through its paces from there to here, and... from here to what's coming up, and ALL OF IT goes down in The Present.

Consider your sources. If you are getting your information from The Material Scientists... you are getting half of The Helix... representing the extent of their knowledge... for as far as it has gotten them to this point. If you are getting your information from The Righteous Metaphysicians and INFORMED Alchemists, you are getting a more complete picture.

Personally, I find Jacob Boehme... Basil Valentine... Thomas Vaughn... Paracelsus... Plato and a host of similar great minds are much more credible. They were foully disparaged in their times, by the usual Nimrods and Status Quotidians...who might know some amount of what is going on outside of them, but... likely (no doubt certainly) missing true perspective... even within the sensory bandwidth. They are... regardless... completely devoid of introspection. They are all members of that vast and dissonant boy band of dipshits... looking to get paid.

If you don't do what you do for the higher love of it... if ulterior motive... in search of material gain... is your real driving force... you are bound for the Ignominy Dustbins of history. We are presently observing the influx of The Cosmic Cleaning Crew, dismantling and vacuuming up The Old... in order that The New can be erected; ♫ here... there... and everywhere ♫

Whenever a long-standing system... of siphoning the lifeblood of the people, and suppressing their freedom of thought and movement... is about to be brought down by command of The Invisible Hierarchy... their representatives are compelled... through fear of loss... to resort to ever more desperate and ridiculous efforts to maintain their stranglehold on the lives and affairs of others.

So it is that you start getting rumors of aliens... and giants... and insta-pop-up enemies of The State... external and internal. Crises intensify... in order to justify martial law... so that elections can be suspended, and The Land of The Free can be made into The Land of Tyranny. Fuck that noise!

I'd like to say that I have inside information, and... maybe I do, BUT... it's information that is widely available, if- you- know- where- to- look, and... even better when you have a little birdie to sing in your ears; or an interior voice... that makes the clouds disappear... in your head.

Once your own nature is revealed to you, it is not hard to read The Living Book of Nature and understand the laws that organize the way things work... for those who are inclined to participate... in The Great Work... of bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This is the single... collective... effort of everyone who is connected to the net of group consciousness... that unites the hearts and minds of all the selfless servants... at work around The World... visibly, and... invisibly.

I know that some of you are apprehensive about how it's all going to work out. Many of you really do think... the nasty sonsabitches... in charge of turning all our dreams to shit... are going to be able to pull it off... knock us off... or put us in camps. Your mindset and emotional climate of the moment... is directly dependent on the degree of your ability... to rely on The Divine, and... stop listening to synchronized Creatures of The Black Lagoon... croaking in The Swamp of a poisoned subconscious... puppeteered through telepathic invasion.

I don't know what goes on in other people's heads. My head and heart are the official residence of The Indwelling. You see, I have a choice... that I make constantly... to allow The Individuality to operate THROUGH The Personality, without let or hindrance of any kind. The Personality is willful... being as it is... the home of The Separated Will. It is fighting all the time to get you lost in the wastelands of appetite.

If you want to wrestle with it... you will lose. It's like fighting with The Beast Nature. On its own plane it is stronger than you, so... you must finesse it. You must teach it to dance... to run and to fetch... to halt, and... be still.

This is accomplished through an interior discipline of The Mind, which is the operating system for The Personality. It is a long process. It can be an extremely long process. It can also be very quickly done. It depends on what kind of wiggle room you are permitting... what degrees of latitude you extend. As long as you are cutting deals to get along, you are going to have this problem.

Solving The Problem is how the wise man rules the stars. For most... they are dealing with whatever arrangements... The Planets got into... so that the karma they brought with them... can be acted out. Once you have risen above this dynamic by ceasing to want... by ceasing to attract and repel... you are outside of the magnetic interactions of The Desire World of Dreams. It's all hunger, my friends, so... put it on a leash!

It is altogether possible to have an incredibly good time here. I do, and I'm not the smartest guy in the room. Then again... it's not about smarts... it's about negotiating the way through... by walking in and out of the department stores... with the same amount of nothing you walked in with; metaphorically speaking.

When I eat, I am delighted to consciously consume The Body of God... with extreme and enduring gratitude. When I breathe, I am engaged in a joyful process of incoming prana... transforming my material being with a particular fire, that streams impersonal love through the out-breath. I allow The Resident within to live and move and have his being in me. I die daily... so that the immortal aspect of my being can live forever. It's a simple thing, but ah! How difficult we make it.

There is no I... not really. There is only whatever is manifesting through you at the level you presently occupy. EVERYTHING... except The Divine... is in a state of flux... a state of change. Try to occupy the highest level by letting the highest part of yourself act through you at all times, in selfless accord and unity with everything else. This does not mean agreeing with everything else. It simply means not making it your business to contend with it; unless that is your business. (grin)

It is not as hard as so many people are making it out to be. It is ALWAYS difficult when you are not completely committed. When you are completely committed, it is a breeze. It is the act of sailing on The Winds of God. Aliens and giants are the stuff of Hollywood. Probably they are resident somewhere, but what has any of that got to do with you except to serve as a distraction? You don't have enough distractions?

End Transmissions...

Some more solid gold from the coffers of Jacob Boehme.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Yeah I guess I fall into the I don't know category still. I watch it, see the potentials, and then wait to see how it plays out. I hope it gets checked but given this article and what it reviews, it sounds like they already have done the legal twostep to screw asset owners out of their assets by favoring the corporations that hold the records to those assets.

"Small wonder the epigraph for this chapter is a quote from Sun Tzu (which is just as applicable to today): “All warfare is based on deception.” This also covers the topic of the next chapter: “Security Entitlement,” of which Webb writes (p. 9): “The greatest subjugation in world history will have been made possible by the invention of a construct; a subterfuge; a lie: the ‘Security Entitlement.’”

And indeed, having informed one that, since their inception more than 400 years ago, these “tradable financial instruments” were recognised, by law, as personal property, he hits the reader with the news that this is not the case any longer. In practice, Webb explains, this implies that even if, wishing to avoid the complications of a car dealership possibly going bust after purchasing a car on an installment plan, one has bought it for cash, this will no longer work. Security entitlements have been changed legally to permit creditors of the bankrupt car dealership to seize your car as an asset that still belongs to the dealership.

Webb sums this legal coup up as follows (p. 10): “Essentially all securities ‘owned’ by the public in custodial accounts, pension plans and investment funds are now encumbered as collateral underpinning the derivatives complex…” The “protected class” have legally stolen all our assets from us even before the anticipated (and engineered) global financial implosion occurs (if it does). Moreover, through additional legislation, this has been ‘harmonised’ to ensure that “secured creditors” be guaranteed that their assets be protected through “cross-border mobility of legal control of such collateral” (p. 16). Furthermore, ‘safe harbour’ provisions were made timeously to protect the ruling class (p. 32):

In 2005, less than two years before the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, ‘safe harbor’ provisions in the U.S. Bankruptcy code were significantly changed. ‘Safe harbor’ sounds like a good thing, but again, this was about making it absolutely certain that secured creditors can take client assets, and that this cannot be challenged subsequently. This was about ‘safe harbor’ for secured creditors against demands of customers to their own assets.

It gets worse. It turns out that, if something called Central Clearing Parties – tasked with providing “clearing and settlement for trades” in a variety of financial transactions – is insufficiently capitalised to prepare for the eventuality of failing, and such a failure occurs, “it is the secured creditors who will take the assets of the entitlement holders. This is where it is going. It is designed to happen suddenly, and on a vast scale.” Webb goes on to disabuse readers of the belief that the so-called “Bank Holiday” ended the Great Depression (Chapter VIII), and of believing Ben Bernanke’s promise, in 2002, that the Federal Reserve “won’t do it again” (i.e. make its mistakes regarding what led to the Great Depression). Instead, he cautions (p. 46):

Is the Fed indeed ‘very sorry?’ Can one believe the promise that ‘we won’t do it again?’ They have studied the lessons of the past in detail; however, their purpose has been to prepare a new and improved global version for the spectacular end of this debt expansion super-cycle. That’s what this book is about."

Quoted from here:

Lets hope it gets checked, but not real sure how they reverse their legalese encumbrences...

Guess we'll see how things shake up.


Visible said...

Another reason I consider myself remarkably fortunate is that I'm not involved in any of that except for a pittance from Social Security. Well... the good news is that it's all going to fall down, and the even better news is that it's going to fall down on them. This is really going to blow their minds because they will see it coming... both the evidence in front of them and The Voice in their heads is going to be a kind of play-by-play that they can't escape. it never occurred to them that the whole thing was alive, and that just because it never stood up and kicked their asses all this time, DID NOT MEAN that it couldn't do so, and it is going to do so. That is one of the key features of this time... it is not going to be like it always was before.

Doesn't matter to me whether anyone believes this or not. We'll see, won't we?

0 said...

Yep, either way time rolls on.

We are on the upswing in yuga timelines so one would think it would be improving. Its not like we're in dwapara headed into kali, but just exited kali headed into dwapara.

The whole play of yugas seems to directly relate to where our solar system is in relation to the galactic center over time. Kali being furthest from the center and satya being the closest to the center. It is interesting that it swings like a pendulum back and forth, never resetting to start at kali after reaching satya, it has to walk back thru the other ones to reach kali. At least thats what makes sense to me given the details asserted about them.

One wonders if the avatar is not an army of avatars when the swing is back towards increased integration, after the seasons of deintegration have completed. I could see it being a single avatar during changes headed towards zero, but when the sums are headed towards infinity wouldn't the all seed "all hands on deck" for the event? I dunno.

Your assessment keeps reminding me of the Love death and robots episode called The Swarm. Everything is left alone till it detects the threat, then it Birthes a species to deal with the threat, as needed. Heres a review, its better to just watch the episode tho.

If the consciousness that watches over this creation is aware and observing the play then it makes sense that it will produce that which will balance the equation and restore harmony.

How long do you think it will take? we looking at accountability this year? or is it gonna take a decade to see accountability? Whats your invisible friends say?

Paying attention for a couple decades has been an effort. I forego socializing to avoid external bias due friends or social interactions. I don't know that I care to keep paying attention if its just a multi-decade observation of it all going to Pot.

Just noted the site deleted 100 trillion from US assets over this past weekend, which had the result of tumbling the 2028 assets per citizen to about 100k less than the asserted liabilities per citizen. Before this change, the forecast showed citizens having roughly double the assets to liability in costs by 2028. It seems like they have these things viewable to get people to Hope something is being done somewhere. Then as the time draws close, the forecasts are directly manipulated.

All that noted, yeah, if we're still here, We'll See. Hope its not gonna be drawn out.


0 said...

Thought you might dig this track. Enjoy!

Enter One, by Sol Seppy


TotoFromOz said...

I sniffed bullshit straight away, their mall alien rampage. So over this F-ed-up world. Comfortably numb.

TotoFromOz said...

I've long had that little birdie singing in my ear...that interior voice. But mein gott the spiritual warfare pounding me from everywhere lately is too much. I'm really close to beaming myself up & away. My breaking point is disappointingly near.

Visible said...


It is exactly at times like this that one must take heart and realize that everything external is... weather and weather is always changing. It is at times like this also... coming past the holidays into the teeth of the winter, that weather especially bears down on (can bear down on one). This is a regular feature in existence at this specific time of the year.

We must have faith during the passage of this period of time because Spring is coming and both Nature and God might well surprise us yet in many ways. I have a strong suspicion that those seeking to plow us under are now running scared and have redoubled their efforts to mess with us by extension.

It turns out right. It may be hard to understand how this could be so, but I have some idea of what The Divine intends; not the details, but the broad strokes of it, if it's anything like previous episodes of Evil trying to gain the upper hand, and getting several swift ones to the ribs. I'd suggest a confidence that appearances might not suggest, simply because appearances are a lie. May God help you in this hour of need.

Anonymous said...

“The Great Work... of bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.”

Another juicy post. On that topic above... A few years ago I was, of all places, in an elevator. The doors closed, the lift began its journey and a wave went through me. A thought-form with a sober, humbling frequency that conveyed the message 'Heaven is coming to earth.' It was the kind of delivery that reaches into the heart, bringing relief like a deep breath of fresh air, almost provoking tears due to its energy's contrast to the dull, corrupted swamp fumes that encircle much of reality on earth.

In that brief vision it was as if the power of that higher reality will amplify its presence in our own; a merge of dimensions. I can see why some may not survive it. Including parts of myself, if they struggle to surrender. But so be it. It matters not. What matters, and brings a deep consoling after this lifetime of witnessing so much insanity, is that this higher, heavenly reality will have its way. Whether this scrappy human ego and body can ride the wave or not.

Part of my definition of God is a consciousness that knows what is, what aligns with, the highest good for all. Thank God for God, so to speak. Though I am not the purest vessel for it, I can at least spend my life in awe of it with whatever acts of gratitude I am capable of. I know that word, God, triggers some people - due to abuse from religious types, or just conflict within themselves. But once you see that divine presence as that which knows what is best, it's really not all that hard to see why it is worthy of every ounce of love. I may fail at that regularly in practice, but it remains true. And I appreciate hearing it echoed in your posts.

M in the North.

Asil said...

Dear Mr Visible,
You are an oasis in the desert, like Guelta d'Archai in the Sahara. For us who seek some truth and solace we can always read what you have to say. Regarding the comment section, I particularly liked your reply to Toto from Oz. Such a comforting thought that all this is like winter bearing down on us, all the while knowing that spring will soon arrive. I really like some of the people who respond to you. I was thinking you should have a chat room - where we could all meet up sometimes Anyway, Visible sounds like all is well with you and I am glad of it. God is our true Father, the Trinity exists, Jesus is our brother who comes to our assistance, the Holy Spirit gives us strength and Mary is our loving Holy Mother who love us, no matter what. Love you, Lisa

0 said...

Its an interesting idea, that of Self-checking out.

The argument that prevented me from acting on such was that who knows what might evolve if one persists till Nature drops ones form instead of self dropping ones form. That and I miss my moms Dad, my grandpa, who did self checkout when I was about 12-13. I don't want to do that to my own kids/grandkids. I may not be much for myself, but I am something to them.

Best to ride the ride to its natural end, whatever/whenever that may be.

That doesn't mean I don't bounce off the ceiling of wanting out, it just means I recognize it as it is and let it go and keep on keeping on anyways. Its curious what each one deals with while seeing so many who act like they don't deal with anything.

May they who feel such things find the all and feel the all finding themselves in return. The all looks after its own.


word bird said...

Speaking of Saturn and Elohim/Yahweh, in 'Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self', C. G. Jung writes "According to Irenaeus, the Gnostics held that Sophia represents the world of the Ogdoad, which is a double quaternity. In the form of a dove, she descended into the water and begot Saturn, who is identical with Yahweh."

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"It is Like a Murmuration of Starlings... as Evil is Expanded into a Million Points of Darkness that Swarms as a Single Entity."



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