Thursday, January 11, 2024

"I Don't Recommend Trying to Do It All Yourself, but... Certainly You Will Find Out Anyway, Cause... Everyone... Does..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is what Material Culture does to people...

...and it accounts for the endless wanting because even in the getting... that which is gotten... is not The Balm of Gilead that is sought after... for the cessation of want, and... the comfort of not wanting. Being here is wanting, even if it amounts only to wanting to get out of here. When the force of Materialism gets ratcheted up... wanting intensifies. Either you have a remedy for this or you don't.

I have a remedy that I apply to the situation of wanting, and it works, but... it is not for everyone because not everyone... not even most people... hardly even some people want wanting to go away. For most, it is a thriving experience. They put a lot of effort in... during other appearances here... in order to get The Keys to The Candy Store.

Yeah... Okay... I can see it. Sweetness is a main attractor, no matter whether it is a candy bar... a puppy... a Lamborghini... or the girl that is draped over it. Sweetness is a relative thing. However... I happen to know that there are two different planes of experience one can get their sweetness fix on.

I've been there, and... done that... to the point that both doors are open all the time, but I rarely go into the main theater of experience, on... the... ground... floor... because it's too crowded and I don't like the company. (grin)


This is a verity; as above... so below. It is a provable verity, but... most people do not want to climb to the heights for the experience. It's too much trouble when you can get all your tooth decay or... whatever other condition... or STD... appears down here. Oh well... it's all a part of the process. STDs are one thing and heartbreak is another. The latter is a requirement during your residence Down Here. Get your heart broken enough times and you might just climb that mountain.

In The Legitimate Tarot... and not one of the dozens and dozens of latter-day iterations that have come out in recent decades... there is the 9th Trump, called The Hermit. It represents the sense of touch... as it is experienced on the higher octave of possibility. Though he seems to be alone on a mountaintop, he is actually engaged in an intense super sensual experience that physical sex cannot come anywhere near. I happen to know this to be true, and... anyone could who is similarly motivated.

Every experience you have Down Here is mirrored on the plane above, where the experience is much more intense and far less messy.

The reality of the life of a conscious and informed yogi is not at all what most people might imagine it to be. It is not an existence of forced austerity; not the yoga I know and practice. Regardless... real yogis... real spiritual practitioners of whatever persuasion... exist in a place that is quite different than appearances might make it out to be.

I was supposed to write a Petri Dish today, BUT... that's not what's coming through the portal, so... we apologize to those who might have been expecting more entertainment or something of a different perspective.

Perhaps I should explain what I mean about all this, in terms of my own practices. I'll keep it simple, though it is not always simple when dealing with breathing and mind-imaging. However... that end of things tends to take care of itself once you're in the right hands. I don't recommend trying to do it all yourself, but... certainly you will find out about that anyway, cause... everyone... does.

I believe in a Supreme Enjoyer. This is a tenet of a certain branch of spiritual thought, though I am non-denominational, and I follow only some of the prohibitions of any tradition. I do follow the strictures of The Brotherhood, and those are only common sense... or would be... should you happen to possess any... here in the later days of a dying age.

I believe in moderation... though I can scarcely be said to have employed it in earlier times. However, as Blake so presciently noted; “The Palace of Excess leads to The Temple of Wisdom.” this applies in the same sense that... if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise... (after a protracted period of suffering in the interim) besides, in many cases, I was supposed to do what I did, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I believe in a Supreme Enjoyer and... I also believe that that enjoyer is resident in me. That enjoyer lives and breathes and has his being within me. He's in everyone or... you... would... not... be... alive. However... when you are not consciously connected to this enjoyer, there's no communication there. An effort is being made at communication but... it is not by you... in many cases.

The key feature here is that YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT. For some it will be harder and for some... easier. It will depend on efforts you have made in the past.

Likely, you have made efforts or you would not be reading this... unless you are one of The Hall Monitors who works for The Big Guy; the smoke and mirrors Big Guy. The guy who makes you think you are The Big Guy... when he is resident in you... because The Supreme Enjoyer has been pushed aside, and you won't actually enjoy anything as long as that is the case. It will be an illusion.

So... The Hermit on The Mountain is in a state of sexual ecstasy... provoked by The Union... as it occurs... when one is in congress with The Indwelling, as opposed to The Usual Bump and Grind. I am not here dumping on sexual interaction. It is necessary for our coming and going here. However... that which has been in the mind of most practitioners... during the process... has resulted in an en-masse presence of some pretty poor excuses for a human being, so... that bears thinking about too.

Here I should point out that... in order to directly contact The Indwelling... one has to cease all carnal action in The Mind for a... period... of... time. This will also preclude it from occurring down below. It's in The Mind that the process of wanting is arrested, otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit! Yes... a temporary period of austerity is required for The Hook-up.

It is normal to desire union with others... because a long time ago... you were divided in yourself... from yourself, and that other side of you... is wandering around, and... looking for this side of you too. Everybody thinks they have found the missing part of themselves... until they find out differently, and... except for the occasional hummingbird's teeth, that's how it goes.

This is why one would seek to unite with The Indwelling... because it is precisely in this manner that one's other side is finally brought into range. Once you are complete, you are complete, and you have no real attraction for what's going on Out Here anymore.

So... The Supreme Enjoyer engages in all of the activities that we engage in Out Here, BUT... in a deeper... more intense, and... more comprehensive manner. You become God's plaything when this happens, and... it can be scary on occasion until one has finessed the surrender.

It's near impossible to convince most people that what I am talking about here is true. It's pointless to bother, BUT... now and again it is worth it... for the ones who are in a position to find out the truth of it. Nonetheless, you have to climb that mountain. There's no getting around that, and... to climb that mountain... you have to become like one of The Wise Virgins who have put aside oil for the lamps.

Obviously, what I am saying here is true, given that Christ is The Bridegroom and our souls are The Bride. Alchemical treatises are filled with such references and Real Tantra is too. All legitimate religions contain reference to this, though it is often worded in metaphors and parables.

This applies to all the activities one engages in Down Here; eating... sleeping... excreting... mating, AND SUNDRY. They ALL have their parallels on the higher plane; As Above... So Below... BUT... BUT... how much finer it is! Oh!!! It is much... much finer.

In every age... a few evolve into an understanding of this. Even then... few of them persist to The Mountaintop. Many are called and few are chosen, BUT... anyone can prevail who prevails. Do you really want to experience the disappointment AGAIN... when you get to The Man at The Gate, and he points out that you failed again, so... it's back to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon?

This happens over... and over... and over... again. We've only had limited space to explore this, and I apologize for that, but... the truth is that if simple and brief mention doesn't work, it is unlikely that volumes and volumes will work either. At least that is what the evidence indicates.

End Transmissions.......

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Let's go for light-hearted with a vein of serious innuendo today. I found this pretty inventive and amusing.

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Primordia said...

Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you Les. Of course, you're totally right. I abstained for 7 months, meditated every day, and had my kundalini awakening on Easter Sunday. There's nothing of the Earthly plane that can touch that. God bless and thanks again for your daily counsel.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Also, Rusty/Ben is hilarious. People oughta check out more of his stuff. He's a great musician/philosopher, too. Angel in the devil's clothes.

Visible said...

Thank you for turning me on to him. He's an interesting fellow. I love the subtlety though many may not see it as such.

Anonymous said...


LTPTButtons mentioned him a year or so ago, so i checked him out and spent the rest of the evening and watched oh, i dunno, 6 or 8 videos, or whatever; it was about 3 hours. Rusty is a sardonic satirist of an hilariously twisted inclination.

Have you made an appointment with him yet, LTPTB?



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nope. He's hilarious, brilliant, kinda cute, has more guts than most, and has he recovered from his alleged alcoholism yet? He's got some of the best Christmas songs out there. I learnt about Krampus due to one of these songs. The line that sticks with me is 'Please don't eat my parents', though I really wish someone would. And doesn't it get more real than this:

No prob, LV.

word bird said...

Sheikh Imran beautifully describes 'lamp oil' with Morris (RIP) in this short clip. It's unclear why the Sheikh limited his comments on the subject.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It Evens Out into The Still... Serene... and Enveloping Wonder of The Moment as it Really Is in The One Mind at All Times."

Gorn said...

A good round of striding is like yoga for me.
Unable to do it so much lately with the Volar Portex Tolar Porvex.
Got in a good one last night with several layers of clothes and put some table scraps out for the deer.
The comrades of the FUSA New Civility hive are unhappy with the results of the egalitarian workers utopia, these things happen when destroyers dupe dullards with dreams of Wakanda.
They can put on the soiled bloody garments of righteous cause and start purging the deplorable kulak untermenschen scum who block the golden Magic Soil utopia by existing.
Yankees always gonna Yankee.



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