Monday, May 31, 2021

"The Sun is Merely One of His Ornaments, Shining in the Sky, and Giving Witness of His Being."

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It's all quiet on the Vaccine Front; not a word, not a peep today. Outside of the public eye, but not entirely so, there is another revolutionary storm building. Legislators and concerned citizens are beating the bushes in their respective states and uncovering authenticated fraud in the past election. At some point, these legal briefs will find their way to court. How quickly that happens depends on the world situation and how bad the trouble gets in the streets. It could then be that the election results are overturned in critical states, and once the ball starts rolling... well, I don't know, do I? No... I don't.

What I can say with a degree of certitude, is that we are in for an electrical storm field of thought instability around the world. This is a result of the pressing insanity of runaway Materialism. A disconnect is appearing in vulnerable minds. If you are not rooted in something real, the winds of change can blow you right out of your socks, whether you wear any or not.

At present, The World is being intimidated by specters. These are large shadow shapes born from manipulated imaginations. They loom over the populace. One is a virus, several are social and political forces. Fear adds substance and dimension to their form. Negative emotions are POWERFUL and when guided by stronger minds of ill intent they can be fatal. Just because they are insubstantial wraiths, does not mean they cannot become corporate in appearance for the weak and timid.

A film producer was fired in England over ANONYMOUS emails that accused him of sexual intimidation, grooming, all the lesser offenses when they don't have much to begin with. A number of women, (or maybe even only one person who isn't female) who were promised stardom didn't get it and Hell hath no fury, etc. Then, the main actor, who was in a series called “Afterlife” Ricky Gervais said, with manufactured shock, “I didn't know!” He was Shocked and Appalled; why... I never. He said the proper authorities had it in hand and they would take care of it. Then he washed his hands entirely of the fellow. Oh brave and stalwart heart, Ricky!

I don't know that this guy was not a sleaze. Given the business he is in, he's probably culpable, of... from what I can see, being a sleaze. Isn't that one of the costs of admission? You give up your integrity and honor for sham and pretense? I thought that was understood. This is not the critical issue. The critical issue is that they are anonymous. It could be anyone who made the complaint about events some years in the past.

This is what happened during the witch hysteria and in The French Revolution. If you wanted what someone had, or you were jealous of them, or they had offended you in the past, you accused them under the panic of the times. Then they were hanged, or burned, or lost their heads. This also happened during The Inquisition. We are watching the germination of the same mindsets of those times. Political Correctness is an offspring of Bolshevism.

All of the nonsenses of Gender, and color, and religions, and political positions, devoid of thought, as all of them are, are perspectives that are groomed into the human psyche by those who get enjoyment from doing so. They also get wealth and power. They get whatever it is that they want from the display cases of life. The Usual Suspects are at it again. Their ambitions have been long in the planning stages and now they are full bore into the application of them. Their foolishness makes me laugh, though their works do not. ALL POWER is borrowed from The Divine. So they think to lead an assault on The Sun? The Divine is many, many magnitudes of power greater than The Sun, which is merely one of his ornaments shining in the sky and giving witness of his being.

The absolute absurdity of material aspirations continues to astound me. I'm guessing when you don't get it, you don't get it. Much of the time, they do not want to get it because that puts an end to all of their vain imaginings.

I see events every day that leave me in awe of the ignorance it took to bring them off, and then the backstory which attends them, mocks them, and leaves them stripped of all justification to follow. People are celebrated for a day, a week, a month, a few years, until their sell-by date appears. This is followed by the agony of trying to appear relevant, especially when you were not relevant in the first place. Sooner or later, it is supermarket openings and appearances at Off-Broadway charity functions as a keynote speaker. It's one thing to be an alcoholic or a junkie. It is another thing entirely to be a power addict. The utter futility takes my breath away.

It changes your world when you begin to discover how The Ineffable penetrates and contains everything; is the life current itself in every temporary, ambient form. To KNOW that God is consciously resident everywhere... well; what can you say about it? There is another futility for you, with a more positive aspect.

They are systematically, like locusts and mind vermin, devouring the landscape. They are tearing at the foundations of all the principles that make sanity and stability possible. Heh heh... little do they understand that they are only a wrecking crew for appearances. They are a mere demolition crew. Once they have finished, the heavy equipment comes with the builders of the new foundations of the Ageless Principals.

Crazy people are destroyed by their own madness, just as the divinely inspired are nurtured by theirs. God is a secret spring in the human heart. One is fed by it. One listens for it within. After a time you can hear it flowing. With time and patience, you will find your way to The Water.

I should tell you that Immortality and many other curious metaphysical phenomena MOST DEFINITELY exist. One can come into the possession of this, and many other curious metaphysical phenomena without even looking for it, should you be looking for something else that comes with it. The ways of the hidden cosmos are Byzantine, labyrinthine, and confusing to those who have made themselves unwelcome. You don't get past the door wardens without a pass. In many cases, your pass will let you into certain places but not to others. The nature and appearance of your pass, changes as you change. After a time, your pass is woven into your being. You have become self-evident.

Something is brewing. Something is ALWAYS brewing, in Heaven, and all points South. The plots vary extremely, depending on the objective of the plot. Most plots make Heaven laugh because they are so self-serving. It is far better to embrace a plot already tested by time and circumstance.

And so... we have yet more to do here, but we will leave off with what I have to say and include some Bhagavad Gita and a few links.

Today I celebrate the fallen who served with honor in The Spiritual War that continues to this day.

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Here are some links that have come my way;

The REAL History Channel:
Heads up, Satan. Incoming!

Well... it is The Petri Dish.

Here is a portion from Bhagavad Gita;

As fire reduces wood to ash,

In the same way, O Arjuna,

The fire of knowledge does reduce

To ashes all karma–know this.

Whose undertakings are devoid

Of plan and desire for results,

Whose actions are burnt in the fire

Of knowledge–him the wise call wise.

Released from desire and anger,

With thoughts restrained, those ascetics

Who know the Self, find very near

The bliss of Brahma-nirvana.

With intellect set in patience,

With the mind fastened on the self,

He gains quietude by degrees:

Let him not think of any thing.

Whenever the unsteady mind,

Moving here and there, wanders off,

He should subdue and hold it back–

Direct it to the Self’s control.

Controlling sense, mind, intellect;

With moksha as the supreme goal;

Freed from desire, fear, and anger:

Such a sage is for ever free.

He, disciplined by yoga, sees

The Self present in all beings,

And all beings within the Self.

He sees the same Self at all times.

Those who direct their thoughts to Me,

Worshipping Me with steadfast mind,

For them I secure what they lack

And preserve that which they possess.

Of them, the wise man, e’er steadfast,

Devoted to the One, excels;

Supremely dear am I to him,

And he is dear to Me, as well.

At the end of his many births

The wise man takes refuge in Me.

He knows: “All is Vasudeva.”

How very rare is that great soul!

When he completely casts away

All the desires of the mind,

His self satisfied by the self,

He is called “of steady wisdom.”

He who abandons all desires

Attains peace, acts free from longing,

Indifferent to possessions

And free from all egotism.

He who agitates not the world,

And whom the world agitates not,

Who is freed from joy, envy, fear,

And worry–he is dear to Me.

The same in honor and disgrace,

The same to friend and enemy,

Renouncing all undertakings–

He has gone beyond the Gunas.

He who is content in the Self,

Who is satisfied in the Self,

Who is pleased only in the self:

For him there is no need to act.

He has nothing to gain by acts;

Nothing to gain by inaction;

And no need of any being

For any purpose soever.

Content with what comes unbidden,

Beyond duality, envy,

The same in success or failure,

E’en though acting, he is not bound.

Pronounced as four syllables.

The hearts of all beings, causing

Them by His Maya to revolve

As if mounted on a machine.

O Bharata, with all your heart

Take refuge in Him; and you shall

Surely attain unto supreme

Peace and the eternal abode.

He, Who seated in Arjun’s car,

Spoke the Gospel to Arjuna

And removed his distress, may that

Embodiment of Grace save us!

Om Tat sat.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"It is HIS JOB to GUIDE YOU Through the Collapsing Archetypes of the Passing Age."

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I am gratified that all of what Mr. Apocalypse said to me, near ten years ago, is transpiring. On the other hand, I am not pleased that people have to go through the Suffering they have created for themselves. I am gratified because Mr. Apocalypse is an agent of Heaven, and that means he has the imprimatur of God. This means that LIFE-EXISTENCE is to be set in order. When conditions are what they have become, it is VERY difficult to make this omelet without breaking any eggs.

One of the mechanisms being employed for setting it in order is a general insanity high and low. It is the insanity in high places that we shall explore today. Also... because the people at the bottom are generally taking their cues from the people on top. They seem to think if you are at the top of the dung-heap, you can see a lot further. The persistent problem for them is that they are looking in the wrong direction, and that is why they are losing their minds. They are losing their grip on reality because it was NEVER real in the first place. Now it has moved up to a critical gradient. It has moved from False... to Absurd. Next comes Ridiculous.

This little gem caught my eye. Le Flop... as he is known among the informed, pulled another flop special recently, so he had to do another public relations stunt to offset the previous public relations disaster; not to mention his also recent Michael Jackson routine in honor of his liege lord, China (it's a form of kowtowing genuflection). I use this example to illustrate how they are losing their grip on their identities BECAUSE the public is being made more and more aware of the truth BEHIND the crap they have been buying into. It is going to take some wickedly funny turns soon. You can literally see the residents of Famous Land, tuning up for their part in the Cacophony Symphonic in G#-Dissonant. I should point out that I haven't seen a basketball game in a long time. This just happened to be in the news.

Yet another recent miscue has the Usual Suspects working the con from another angle. From the Land of Batshit and Buggery, comes their own version of how to put up a credible front. This is what passes for credible in the State of Fruitcake. Then, we have an example of what has become common in these times. Here you see the Purpose of Demonstration in full flower. They are DETERMINED to lose their shit in spectacular fashion in what I am beginning to call, Earthquake Deliverance Land. This is what happens when the fix is in and the nation's most populous state commits La La Land Hari Kiri. I'm pretty sure you can get the traditional seppuku knife on eBay.

These are all random conditions and happenings, taken from a MUCH LARGER collection of recent events. A literal, infernal cornucopia of tumbling, Stupid and Malicious, are set to worship their Enslaver (that is the opposite of Savior) by acting out in stupid and malicious ways. Well... they have their space to do it in, AND they have the fixed destiny that awaits the conclusion of their Teaching Moment. Speaking of teachers, the Teacher's Union head, also a member of the Usual Suspects, said the following at the urging of Mr. Apocalypse. As you probably know, the teachers have been on paid leave for a year, except for a little Zoom action toward the end. They are mostly pissed because the medical workers got the rock star status.

The public is SLOWLY catching on to the strange preponderance of a particular group of people, represented at every level of command in most industries. Yet... something more is taking place too. Every international corporation and The Media, The Education System, The Political Area, AND sundry are mostly all in harness to Wokeness, Sexual Depravity, and Surgical Nightmare. This has to be coming as some sort of Divine Imperative for the Purpose of Demonstration.

One of the next pandemics is Suicide, but that's just one of the centipede's legs. Guru Bawa once said, “Toward the end, cannibalism will be a norm.” Crazy doesn't just go into remission. Crazy gets CRAZIER! And... the possessed demonstrate their craziness in a unique and personal manner. The BIG DEAL here is that YOU should not be laid low by the fear of uncertainty, which is our present climate. YOU should not become overwhelmed by any despairing state of mind.

I notice among certain readers that Doubt and other afflictions are resident. I notice it even more so in the evidence I get of the outside world. YOU do not have to be concerned with any of this. What YOU have to be concerned about is keeping your focus upon The Indwelling Ineffable. It is HIS JOB to GUIDE YOU through the collapsing archetypes of the passing age. If YOU have problems acclimatizing yourself to that, then you do not have enough Faith. This is understandable, given the conditions of these times, BUT... all of this is APPEARANCES and much of it is not relevant to you. Are you among the Crazy as a kindred spirit? No... YOU are not! IF it does not pertain to you then it is not something for you to be concerned with. The Judgment of Heaven is PRECISE, accurate, and meticulous.

God is NOT like other people that you know; the ones who have let you down, or betrayed you, or committed crimes on you... whatever the offense of weakness that was visited upon you by those who KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO, that is NOT the case with God. God... The Divine... The Ineffable... God as we dimly perceive him is NOT like anyone else. God is understood, to some degree, by his QUALITIES. God's qualities are the definer of his nature.

Do not confuse God with Religion. Religion is the material celebration of the clothes God ONCE wore. It celebrates the statements made a LONG TIME AGO by The Divine, suitably altered for the profit of The Clergy. It is really just a business for the profit of priests who use Human Guilt to fill their coffers. When I say 'priests', I mean those of every form of Religion who do not walk in the footsteps of the one who founded their faith. Unless you do as Christ said... about forsaking all and taking him utterly, you are NOT a Christian in the way I understand it.

There are people for whom every hour of every day is devoted to The LIVING God. You are not likely to run into them very often because they are not engaged in self-promotion and personal gain. They do not publicize what they do in the public thoroughfares because that is not the reward they are after. They are after The Lord rewarding them in private. Religions are, for the most part, the worship of a dead God.

God, the single and almighty, is a LIVING GOD. He is present RIGHT NOW, but if your attention is on OTHER INTERESTS, God is not likely to drop in for tea. ONLY the sincere need apply and believe me, He knows. He will try you severely to temper your metal. Remember the pruning of the metaphorical grape vines? Getting into constant contact with the Master of All Things is not the same as responding to a wedding invitation, even though it is about a wedding; a chymical wedding. Any of us could get an ordinary wedding invitation unless we are one of Lord Shiva's personifications. He's always around, but he doesn't get invited to celebrations because of what he is a reminder of.

No one wants to be reminded of their mortality when they are in a celebration. Shiva usually sits on the hillside and WATCHES the festivities. Why did I make that digression? It will apply where it applies.

Pedestrian entertainers celebrate their craziness:

Of course, that's only the fascia, the false-front. The real motive is to be in the public eye and generate SYMPATHY. The Hollywood Royals are doing that this minute. This is a craziness that is moving like a wildfire through the pedestrian mind. As you have probably seen, people will do almost anything to get in front of the camera. I have always thought one should develop their talent(s) first before they step into the public eye, but that's just me. Apparently... and The Kardashians have proven it to be so, one can be internationally famous with no talent whatsoever. Now it seems one can be a singer, a dancer, anything they wish, and they don't have to be able to sing, or dance. They simply have to exercise their terminal cuteness and remember, they are victims.

If one cannot see what is going on in front of them and what is brewing for the morrow, this would have to be intentional (for some reason). The World is a large magnet. There's something for everyone, whether they want it or not, whether they like it or not, and it ALWAYS ends in disappointment and regret. This is NOT THE CASE with Heaven and Heaven can hear you. The TRUE POWER of Prayer, and The Imagination, and so many other qualities are FAR, FAR beyond what is generally known about them; just like the power of Thought and The Mind. Understood and used correctly, there is little they are not capable of.

If you see people losing their minds all around you, you do not have to lose yours as well (reminds me of a Kipling poem). Yes... it is a complex and disordered picture, BUT... YOU are NOT in the picture.

If you take God at his word and aspire, and desire The Presence ONLY... more than everything else, which is temporary anyway, and loses its savor after a while, you will have fulfilled the primary requirement to be onward and inward bound. Quite simply, Desire the presence and counsel of God MORE THAN anything else and it WILL come to the attention of the angels, who are on the lookout for EXACTLY THAT. The rest is merely the process of becoming. God has you covered (he's got you surrounded) on every side, from the inside to the outside. All you have to do is let him do his work, and for you that means; don't be a hindrance. Don't block the light. ♫ this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ♫

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Saturday, May 22, 2021

"The Avatar is Going to Wash The World and Our Interior Galaxies with Healing and Energizing Light!"

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We've been talking about the apocalypse, and Mr. Apocalypse, and The Avatar for some years now. Initially, there was no more than The World going through the usual routines of its wash and spin cycles. It's like everyone talks about the apocalypse (not really) but no one knows what it is. There is a sense that it involves dramatic and significant changes, but it's similar to the Abominable Snowman. Everyone has heard about it but no one you know has ever seen one.

Mr. Apocalypse is a personalization of the apocalypse, just the way that God personalizes himself in order to appear here. The entity that spoke to me over a series of days in Italy identified himself as such. He is a real character. It was a little like Mr. Cool in a black leather jacket speaking scripture. The Avatar is another matter and I don't know much more about him than that he is a Cosmic intensification of Higher Love and Conscious and intelligent Light, who embodies all the Hope, and Faith, and Prayers of the multitudes, in their desperate struggles for Understanding. In the end, it becomes a personal matter, and those in possession of the genuine article are not able to say much. At the same time, their presence and radiance speaks volumes about what might happen if one PERSISTS.

Now we are hearing a lot more about The Apocalypse, and not so much about The Avatar, who usually comes in under the radar, because he only shows up in times of great need, which means that the confusion and chaos are redlining. People already have a great deal on their minds. Still... prior to his arrival in person, the atmosphere begins to undergo big transformations, with a decidedly different effect on the main camps of human endeavor.

Those in the Selfless Service camps, by degrees, begin to experience validation and encouragement, which they previously had to take on Faith. Soon the Faith becomes the Substance of things formerly unseen. In the other case, as light begins to break into every area of darkness and shadow, a sense of Great Apprehension grows among them. All of their plots begin to be inexplicably exposed, and all of their negative industries are turned against them. What used to work, no longer works, and you can see this in the world all around you. This accounts for their more forceful efforts as they race against Time and Destiny to accomplish what they WILL NOT and CANNOT accomplish.

At the very forefront of it all, and with the greatest pervasiveness, is the exposing, revealing, and uncovering, which are the classic definitions of what an apocalypse brings. Life and Death musical chairs are being played by The Boys in the Back. Discussions are held concerning who should be thrown under the bus. Mooring lines are seen to tremble as dark figures scurry to the shore from boats rendered unseaworthy due to the apocalypse.

My definition of an apocalypse is a time in which you see and hear about remarkable things that weren't happening before. The Winds of Fate begin to blow out of The North. The firm ground seems no longer firm. There is a sense of trembling uncertainty there. Where before, malefactors could count on human stupidity and greed, to fill their coffers and become cannon fodder in their wars for profit, something fundamental has been changed. Yes... there is a hardcore contingent of Stupid that seems unreachable by the Force of Awakening, and that brings us to the other main player, The Awakening. From one area, you see people who were previously not paying attention are now paying attention. Apocalypses are ALWAYS attended by a force of Awakening. You want Abbot, then you get Costello. You want Laurel, well Hardy comes with Laurel.

The Awakening has a negative impact on negative people who call themselves, Woke. Their wokeness is a travesty upon actual Awakening.

The Great Reset Nimrods, and their fellow travelers in the exclusive clubs, are overtaken by a nameless Fear. It breathes on them, right at the nape of the neck. It whispers and disturbs. Guns don't work as a defense against what cannot be seen, and which bullets cannot harm. No amount of money or other concessions does any good. Threats don't work, neither does stamping your foot. Walls, both real and virtual, once seeming impregnable, are no longer. Now the integrity of their structure is failing. Leaks appear in the dykes. Mayor Light-in-the-Head is developing cracks on the surface of her Formica, and so many people are being thrown under the bus that the bus is now unable to move and they have sent out for tank treads.

You see what is happening most clearly in the mental and emotional disturbances appearing in the lives of the self-celebrated, and formerly impervious to public scrutiny. Usually, throwing a few people under the bus would serve to protect the real nasties. NOT ANYMORE. “Oh, no Precious!”

Now... the hip response for every B-C-and D-list celebrity is to come out as non-binary, or Gay, or whatever they think of next, for the purpose of distraction. I think that non-binary actually means, 'it doesn't add up.' The pressure to do this must be pretty strong, and you can't be very bright to begin with for you to get sucked into it. Demi Ho-Vato combines both male and female into her name. This should be a clue to something... something... Huh! What!

The apocalypse can most clearly be seen in the COVID Bullshit fallout. Look at the fellow's eyes. He possesses what is known (in my lexicon) as piercing intelligence.

Luc Montagnier
Luc Antoine Montagnier, French virologist and joint recipient, joint 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

- “vaccines don’t stop the virus”, argues the prominent virologist;
“they do the opposite - they feed the virus”

Here is a case where intelligence seems to not be an issue.

Jimmy Featherbrain
Jimmy Featherstone's ultimate goal?
To look like a real-life version of a Ken doll, Barbie’s male counterpart.

Yes... corporate America is in a fight to the death to see who can outdo the other in pandering and inanity. Someone is breathing down their necks; could it be The Central Bankers? Hmm...

I'm guessing most of you have seen this?

If not, well... there you go. Then there is that fantastic irony for which an apocalypse is notorious. Meanwhile, there are many events that you ARE NOT hearing about, but which you WILL hear about. There are stages to an apocalypse, which are similar to the stages in filmmaking. What this means is- you ain't seen nothing yet. We just moved from the preliminary, introductory period of the apocalypse into the ♫ get your motor running ♫ phase. That will take a certain amount of time before it makes a big jump into the ♫ born-to-be wild ♫ period, followed by the All Hell breaks loose finale. That last part can sound intimidating but it is only for our Contemporary Robespierre's, Danton's, and sundry.

As the fabricated inflation moves in, at the behest of The Nation Killers, and their central banker buddies, there will (naturally?) be shortages and the ever-present and popular; just brimming under the surface, Eyes Wide Panic. It doesn't take much to let Panic out of its cage. The breath bursts get shorter and more rapid “is it hot in here, or is it just me?” “I can't breathe” Nothing you can see has its knee on your neck, and when it is speaking it is for your ears only.

Psychologists would call that your conscience, but your conscience, like many another feature of your interior schematic, are LIVING THINGS. You get dramatic proof of this when the personality splits into factions, and you will be seeing more of that as well. I don't want to be an alarmist, but I can tell you with some authority that freaky shit is on the menu. Mr. Apocalypse does not mess around. He told me all about what he plans to do with the intransigent and possessed. Apparently, a great deal of humor (for those who find these things funny) will be present in the outworking of his agenda in the lives of those with a dark agenda. It's all very simple though. The Darkness cannot abide the light. It runs away, quicker than you can see sometimes.

The Avatar is bringing rushing rivers of light across the manifest plane. We haven't seen anything like this since the last people who did and have since been long forgotten. Nothing of the dark and negative has any hope of survival. The Avatar is going to wash The World and our interior galaxies with healing and energizing light. In locations where this light is less than welcome, it is going to have a less than salutary impact. As we have maintained here for some time; the fires that the saints dance in is the same fire that the wicked fear like nothing else.

The Wicked are aware that conditions... sometimes... are subject to change, but they never expect the changes to come while they are here. Let the people it happens to worry about it! It is similar to those living on earthquake fault lines. Sure it can happen, and sure, it has happened, but it's not going to happen now. I love the grandeur of Nature; the mountains and deserts, the forests and the shorelines, but I would not build my house on the shoreline. One can get a better understanding of the effect of the invisible upon the visible by giving some attention to Feng Shui. You learn a little about dragons and such.

The Red Cross will not accept blood donations now from the vaccinated. Come Fall there could well be troubles beyond imagining for some. I pray this is not true and I KNOW the power of God can heal ANYTHING. Maybe that is what it will come down to. God be with you one and all.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

"Very Simple People have Found God, and Rained down Love and Beauty on Everyone They Met."

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Everything... EVERYTHING in this life, in or out of this life, hinges on one inflexible dynamic. There is NO OTHER. You are either resistant to or serving God. That is the be-all and end-all of EVERYTHING and the whole of the story of your life; what has been, what could have been, are based on this, and how effective or ineffective you have been at it; how consistently or inconsistently you have applied yourself.

If you are ignorant of God, that is, apparently, no excuse (grin). The whole of this and every life you have and lose... is ALL about how you handled this. There is ONE component that you must possess and without which you are lame, halt, and blind. That is Love. Love is quite a bit more than an emotion you express to indicate affection. Love holds everything in the universe in its proper place. It is the primary and supreme attractor. It also dissolves everything accordingly. All the dissolving is about the melting away of the temporary, to reveal the eternal, concealed behind appearances.

These are mere words here. Something other than words can be found in them, but Understanding is required. On the Tree of Life, at the very pinnacle, is the Sephiroth, Kether. Kether is the manifest location of God Almighty and is the pure consciousness of The Divine. God, of course, is also beyond this and exists in concentrations of ever more luminous light called Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. One can talk about these but... contemplation with the intention of Realization is the best method.

Just below Kether (The Crown), are the other two points of the first, and superior triad. They are Chokmah and Binah, which are Wisdom and Understanding. Back when we first began to talk about needing Understanding, well... this Supernal triangle shows how important it is. Wisdom and Understanding are the Father and Mother God of it all. They emerge from the incomprehensible singularity of Kether.

It is not my intention to provide blueprints of the Kabbalah, especially since the exoteric aspect, and some portion of the esoteric, has been hijacked by scoundrels. You have to find a system that appeals to you and CONTINUES to appeal to you. This is ONLY one of them. This is important because if you do not Love it, if it does not inspire you, you can expect little in the way of Understanding. Also... unless you have a tutor, a guide, you cannot understand the deeper implications. It is said that the doors of arcane wisdom are permanently shut against the Profane. Much as it may seem an arduous task to acquire it, you MUST have Purity. If you do not have Purity there are specific entities in the invisible that will assure you of a whole lot of bad highway when you meet them, as you SURELY will if you persist.

Will is a very important component of the whole, and if you have no more than a pedestrian Will, you are in for a Season in Hell. Here I should point out, as has been the case here many times, all will is borrowed from God. When it is purely channeled there is NOTHING that cannot be accomplished. When it is perverted to personal ends, it WILL conclude in tragedy.

In the book, “Zanoni”, there is a character, a painter who aspires to occult knowledge. His name is, Glyndon. Zanoni is an immortal. He has an associate that he has known for centuries whose name is, Mejnour. Please forgive me if I am not entirely precise here. It has been a while since I read it last. I usually don't recommend it to people because of the floral language that is present, most especially in the first 60 pages or so. It is a dense read to get through because it takes some time to get to the point. Most people would not be 'attracted' enough to slough through it. It is not as bad as, The Pilgrims Progress, but I know many people who never finished it and that is a shame because of what the story brings forth in a profound and beautiful way. It is one of the finest expressions of Real Love to be imagined.

The book was written by Bulwer Lytton and there is even a Bulwer Lytton Award that is given out each year for bad writing, excessive purple prose, and the like. It's kind of like The Raspberry Awards for films. I am not affected by that, myself, because I know what the intention is. At the beginning of the book, in the author's introduction, he states that the manuscript was put into his hands by a Mysterious Stranger; an implied Rosicrucian, who wrote Zanoni, and Lytton agreed to put it in order for publication; so the story goes. It is a love story of a higher-order AND... I've gone well past the point I had in mind (grin). Let me say it is a cautionary tale and that is where Glyndon surfaces as an example. As I remember, he first approached Zanoni, who wanted no part in taking him on. Perhaps he saw more deeply into the young man and noted the dangers that attended him in the form of an unstable character.

For whatever reason, Mejnour did take him on as a student. Perhaps it was Karma. I don't know, because Mejnour was a great deal more serious about the pursuit of Knowledge than was Zanoni. Love was the more compelling attraction for Zanoni. In any case, Glyndon got to fooling around one day in the laboratory, while Mejnour was away, and had a truly unfortunate experience among the beakers and clay jars. If one does read this book, one SHOULD... absolutely take into consideration what happened to Glyndon, and... what it was in Mejnour's and Zanoni's power to do in the aftermath. A VERY SERIOUS point is made. NO ONE should enter into such studies who is lacking in character and PURITY.

There is a great deal of arcane truth in the book if you can abide all the flowers crawling up the walls and place your attention on the stones of the building over which the flowers grow; perhaps even make your way inside the building itself. On the matter of higher and more profound truths, you DO NOT discover them on your own, and the PERSONAL force that drives you to do so is no friend to you. They are REVEALED to you. It DOES NOT happen any other way, not in any complete sense. Purities boon companion, and without whom Purity does not travel, is Humility. Volumes could be written on this matter, and I am neither skilled nor informed enough to do so. I can infer and suggest. I can be indirect. We treat with Cliff Notes Spirituality here, and as simply as I am inspired to present it, it is within Safe Parameters.

Let us come full circle. You EITHER serve or oppose God. There is nothing more to it. Some will say, “I don't oppose God.” Ah... but you do. Nearly all of us do until we do not. We are Rocks in the Stream that the water of God's love eventually wears away. It wears away the false self of the Personality, to reveal the Individuality, over vast reaches of time, or very quickly if you are ENERGETIC. The main problem is a lack of Determination and Consistency, which is why you MUST Love doing it. It really is hopeless otherwise.

Think of it... every situation and condition in your life is the offspring of serving or resisting God. The real Irony and true Tragedy of it all is that EVERYTHING we want is accessible through loving and serving God. Otherwise, you get The Bitter End. Nothing tastes right. The Joy takes wings and goes looking for a more suitable residence. All that is meaningful leaves, a bit at a time, and... occasionally all at once.

The World is a Hard Knocks school of learning. The blows are softer or miss entirely if you roll with the punches that turn to nudges and hunches. Once you are set, irrevocably on the right course, the ministrations of the invisible become more and more tender. Loving God is Good Judgment, whatever little you may Understand about it. Very simple people, people who could not read or write, found God and rained down beauty on all they met. Knowledge and Intelligence can be fierce obstacles to UNION with The Divine. Being told that we must become as a little child, SHOULD tell us ALL we need to know on the matter.

The purpose of these writings is to nudge and hint when it is not simple and direct. We do not go into exhaustive detail here, generally, because it is... exhaustive. Some like to chart vast cosmologies filled with intricate complexities. I see no useful purpose in this. Love God and everything will take care of itself. Any number of times, Heaven has told me, “Visible, it is not your job to fill in the blanks and handle all those peripheral matters. That is MY JOB. I take care of the details. Your job is to pay attention and direct your attention to me. Your job is to grow and spiritually evolve, as I tend you in my garden."

You either go along with the Divine Program or you have your own program. Good luck with that, and with the Purpose of Demonstration that you will INEVITABLY experience. There are Positive and Negative expressions of the Purpose of Demonstration. Do you really want to be an object lesson on what not to do?

EVERYTHING that you turn over to God, God WILL handle. Everything you claim for your own will be left for you to handle; good luck with that also. Seek to employ UTTER RELIANCE upon The Divine. You have been told this so many times by so many bonafide sources who have come and gone across the centuries. Why is it so hard to get it? This is because you have an enemy within. This enemy is potentially... your best friend. I am speaking of The Mind, that mind you consider to be a separate entity and it certainly is not. You can make it seem so, nearly everyone does, and that is how you get all these inmates who are confined in the Penitentiary of the Mind. You could, just as well- OR EVEN BETTER, be in a glorious amusement park, with a single attraction that is infinitely diversified, ever new, ever more wonderful, and forever beyond the reach of words to describe or explain.

One can talk about doing something, as most everyone does. It is often more convenient and less arduous to chatter like magpies. You don't get anywhere, but you do have plenty of company. Conversely, you can do it and not cease doing it, and you will have less time to talk about it. Leaving good footprints and being a good example speaks more loudly and with greater certitude than mere words ever could.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

"And Ready to be Poached on the Fiery Sidewalks of Happenstance Armageddon."

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The whole facade is crinkling, crumbling, and beginning to scorch at the edges. The main players are like the anthropomorphic card-creatures in Alice and Wonderland. When coincidence gets chronic and Irony gets top billing, you know that the characters, intended for the cosmic Purpose of Demonstration, have been groomed to the destiny of their kind. You can expect The Fates will not hold the discontent until Winter.

It is amazing to see what happens when the incompetent, who also do not care about anyone or anything but themselves, come into states of temporary power, far beyond the normal reach of their Peter Principle. It all falls apart, and there is no long reach of waiting before it begins to happen in real-time; Inflation is going through the roof. George Soreass has an army of workers in all the Latin American countries, promoting and funding human caravans, complete with t-shirt banners. Georgie-Boy is one of the main frontmen for the Rothschild, Satanic cabal. The destruction of America is the driving impetus behind the efforts. Loot and pillage and then move somewhere else. That is a tactic they have employed for centuries.

The streets of the blue cities are battlegrounds for the Armies of Antifa and the Armies of the Insane. They are joined in a coalition of sexual degenerates and reincarnated Jacobins, hysterical females and men in fear of them, Flat Earth numskulls and ambulatory (once human) tattooed graffiti skins, pierced, and ready to be poached on the fiery sidewalks of happenstance Armageddon. In the broken-heartland, where Faith and Sanity still walk the Earth, they wait, and they wonder, and they prepare, as the assault on Christianity, Sanity, and Well-Being mounts.

It NEVER fails to amuse me when those driven mad, imagine that they will assault Heaven and rule in its stead. The Divine has more power in the dirt under his fingernails than all the armies that have EVER been combined. It's not a contest.

♫ We are standing on an endless horizon,

with our faces turned into the blazing sun,

and we have come to Armageddon,

just to find the battle won ♫


They have been waiting and preparing for the day, around The Middle East, to deal with the interlopers who hijacked Palestine, and who possessed no ancestral rights to the land. The DNA tells the tale. Sooner or later Justice will come. I am no fan of wild-eyed fanatics of any stripe, whether they be those driven mad from oppression, or those mad with a blood-lust for the whole of humanity, of which they are not a part. As history has proven, again and again, those leading the push for equality, so that they can be first among equals, as Bolshevism has already proven to the tune of tens of millions murdered, are the first to be sacrificed once the revolution has been accomplished, and The Revolution NEVER turns out the way the revolutionaries intended. They are remembered as the ink stains on the pages of history, when the inkwell was spilled to remind us that blood looks black under the moonlight. For some reason they need to remind or be reminded of this, the author said with a metaphorical twist.

Meanwhile, the obsessed and possessed move from one party favor to the next. Some sad and unfortunate number of them move from appetite to appetite, until they manifestly resemble what they have consumed.

I have discovered much darker hungers (no... not personally), in the form of entities who come into human residence to experience their passion. They are the ones who hung the Vacancy sign in the windows of their stolen eyes, seeking the final, candied fossils from the Roach Motel at the End of the World. They've been marinating in sugar substitutes for a long time.

Heroes are still busy being born and inspired to speak the truth. I love what he had to say about the Common Cold and COVID. I liked him when he played for Dallas, now I like him a whole lot more.

All across this country, people are wondering what to do in the face of the epidemic insanity that is a far greater threat than the COVID Hoax was ever dreamed of being by Dr. Falsie, who was part and party to the orchestration and financing of the whole thing to begin with. They sure love rubbing your noses in it, don't they?

What is it about that atavistic cowardice in the human heart, which convinces the fearful to lick the boots of their oppressors? It really is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, unless you are on your knees before the rightful king. Hostages to Fortune... Hostages to Fortune, whether it is kindred, or wealth, one's celebrity or community standing. Whatever renders you into the role of one defeated and seeking succor from the psychopaths who threaten you, it is enough to bring upon you extended misfortune beyond what you can presently imagine. You don't know who you're dealing with!!!

Your fear and fealty are literal intoxicants to them. It sends them into killing frenzies, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. Any INFORMED revolutionary KNOWS that you cannot have a successful revolution without the Middle Class. You either gain their support (by ANY MEANS necessary) or manipulate their fear and confusion. You threaten what they have. You must have their tacit (or otherwise gained) approval. This is what the War on Christianity is all about. This is what the Inflation and unruly streets are all about. This is what the perversion of the culture and the arts and the sexual dynamics of the people are all about. Terrify and then subjugate and pacify. You must destroy the village to save it, or simply destroy it because it makes you feel good. They love the smell of rotting corpses in the noonday sun. UNDERSTAND THIS; they do evil for the sheer joy of it.

So... that's one side or various perspectives all from the same side. There is another side and that is the one where God reigns victorious, should you be fortunate enough to permit him to reign victorious within you. You are EITHER utterly reliant upon the divinity within, or you are subject to the despot without. “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!” “If God be for us, who can be against us?” “For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

That happens to be true if YOU are TRUE. Let us return to Alice and Wonderland; “'Who cares for you?” said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!' That is The Personality, as far as OUR WORLD is concerned. Everything that is wrong here, or goes wrong here is due to The Personality, divorced in its thoughts and understanding from The Individuality. The holy self-righteous will tell you that Lewis Carroll was a pedophile, with no shred of evidence except some photographs. Certainly, there would be a smoking musket? There is not. This is what comes of history in the hands of the revisionists, who change history to suit their agendas. A certain demographic among us are masters at this, though you have to be an incurious fool to believe them. Only God knows the intentions of the heart.

Meanwhile, a bloodthirsty murderer, Che Guevara is made into a hero, and Michel Foucault is idolized by the shrunken heads, seeking validation for their outrages. Then we have, Allen Ginsburg, Jacques Derrida, and a host of others from the same human septic tank, presently influencing the youth from beyond the grave. They are the rightful replacements for Socrates. I could go on about this, chapter and verse, but it is not my nature to spend too much time categorizing animated fecal matter.

We... are better than this. Set your standards high and embrace seemingly impossible ideals, holding them ever before the mind's eye, as you slog through the trenches of this deluded and blinded world. You WILL realize that ideal! I assure you of this. However far off or impossible it might appear at this time, it is a certainty for the determined heart. The power of The Ineffable is LIMITLESS and it expresses IN and THROUGH us, IF we PERMIT it to. You do not need to jockey for a place at the trough. There is finer dining available to you. Heaven has set the table and you are invited to the feast, should you prove victorious over The Personality.

The journey of millions of miles, and many lifetimes, begins with the first step and there are STATIONS all along the route, to reassure and guide you. I KNOW this from personal experience. Be it on my head if I lie. I do not lie. I am, it is true, woefully ignorant and no one at all in the trendlines of the time. I have no ambition to be anyone significant in this carnival of carnality. Why diminish my place and fortunes ELSEWHERE, by taking a mess of pottage as my due? I am not inspired or driven to feed with the buzzards and jackals. They have their cuisine and I have mine. I prefer to be nourished in the secret oases in the wilderness that is this world. Faith can do much more than move mountains.

It's a funny thing about hindsight, how we can see so clearly what we should have been and done. Foresight seems to be running a distant second to hindsight in these times. If we only knew that the easy way IS the hard way, we'd make better choices.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Sunday, May 09, 2021

"Religion is a Wardrobe Where Hang the Clothes God Wore Before. The Past is Past."

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Remember my mention of Babylon? Here is an article that amounts to a press release by the people promoting these sybaritic escapades as high art, I'm assuming- by low people. I imagine Ishtar dancing through the streets of Babylon, dancing through the minds of the modern-day Babylonians like a sugar plum fairy.

I was thinking about The Empire of Fantasy that Fundies live in. I doubt that many of them know about these things; all modern traditions are ALWAYS grafted into more ancient traditions. I don't know about the credibility of all that is written in that link, nor do I think God would ever call himself Yahweh, or Jehovah. These are alphabetical sigils of Gematria. They speak to the combination of certain forces. They aren't a name so much as a series of letters with numerical correspondences; attempts to describe the indescribable.

With every religion, there are, 'those in the know' and 'those who don't need to know', as well as 'those who are unable to know'. The quality of the character of the proponents defines the religious system itself. Some are more bad than good and some more good than bad, but Wisdom and Revelation exist beyond these training wheel parameters.

Parts of the Bible can be understood in several different ways, depending on the facility of the mind of the one contemplating them. People are separated by their levels of understanding. Initiates never make up more than a small part of the population, but they have a lot to do with the qualities of Heaven being represented in human living zones. There are dark workers as well and the two groups parry and fence through time, OR SEEM TO. This is because it is much darker sometimes than others and one can get the sense that the light went somewhere else. This is not so. The way things seem is not the way that they are, and appearances are a lie.

God is ALWAYS supremely in control and there is NEVER a time that God is not supremely in control. It is the doubt of this that leads to all the fear and speculation. Shadows are NEVER as powerful as the light that casts them... EVER; “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow.”

Christianity cannot agree on Christ and the simplicity of the love has been swallowed up in an intricate series of convolutions that have more to do with controlling people than with setting them free. They cannot agree on a doctrine and corruption soon intrudes. The Reformation was, in part, due to the sale of Indulgences by the Catholic Church and in the whole, to it being corrupt. Then, The Reformation schismed and splintered into sects beyond count. These days it is a personality cult with the preacher or priest adapting to the forms of the neighborhood, “we come in peace and we speak your language.” They are steadily moving into the land of grunts and whistles.

There is a force in motion in our times that you need to be alert to. That is the force that shapes the tools we use to communicate. They also seek to shape the manner in which our thoughts are constructed and who limit what is possible through various tactics of deceit. These are times when The Intuition becomes of incalculable value. It is always priceless, but sometimes it can be in short supply. You HAVE TO prime the pump.

If you don't do the work. If you don't prepare the ground you will be unable to construct the lure that attracts God to you. Yes, there are timeless ways in which God can be attracted, like a bee to a flower, and all of them have something to do with love and the quality of the love. It is true we don't do anything of ourselves because all power is borrowed, but we can make the effort not to obstruct its free passage through us. It comes down to what you want more than the presence of God, and that is the world you see defined around you, by the measureless numbers of souls chasing enchantments.

One of the worst and most toxic barriers to gaining the presence of God is RELIGION. Religion is a blind. Religion is a wardrobe where hang the clothes God used to wear, but God is a LIVING CREATURE and he changes his clothes to suit the needs of the times. God has moved on from these relics and tortured teachings, from all those coffin-bound glitter suits, all that pomp and circumstance is not about the glory of God but about the glory of man, badly imitating that which is beyond his reach and understanding.

If you want to rise to the heavens, you have to cast the ballast out of the balloon hamper. You have to make yourself light, and that surely is a double entendre of some kind. I think they call it building the Body of Glory, the incorruptible body, the body Christ appeared in after Resurrection. His whole effort was about making it possible for us to be like him. His disciples talked about it being possible for anyone who could change and put off the old man. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

I'm going to add a further portion of that chapter from 2nd Corinthians;

“For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.

Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit. Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: (For we walk by faith, not by sight:) We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”

He is talking about the Body of Glory. He is talking about being absent from God IN the body and present with God with the body gone from the consciousness. The body is a dead thing, a dying thing, but for mysterious reasons, we cling to it. We embrace mortality and reject immortality. We LITERALLY wrap our arms in our self-wrought prison bars to resist our liberator. When seen from outside ourselves, it seems ludicrous to be so, but when we are trapped in it, we cannot see it.

The body is the anchor that keeps us here on this plane, and we have senses that register the externals. When this is ALL that you experience over the course of a lifetime, you can get buried in the matter of it. When you depart from here you travel in a subtle body which also has its senses that register things apart. Each subtle body has its own apparatus for perception. You can ONLY see what you are aware of, on the level where you are conscious of it.

Talking about these things, often enough, is pointless. There are no comprehensive descriptors for what lies beyond this bandwidth, like talking about swimming to someone who has never seen a body of water. You can talk about spiritual things to a garden slug, but the garden slug has its own imperatives.

I seek the company of angels because angels are the ones who are close to God and I cannot come into the presence of God without the assistance of angels who have him surrounded on all sides (grin). Angels move among us all the time in disguise. However, if you treat everyone as a citizen of Heaven, this will be the world you image into being and you will become a desirable contagion from bringing the Kingdom of Heaven wherever you go.

There are portals HERE on this plane that lead to higher planes. There are inward portals and external portals. We have spiritual wormholes but you have to know where to look. Of course, if you do not possess the NECESSARY amount of virtue you will not be able to see them. JOB ONE is to eliminate your vices and increase your virtues. The QUICKEST way to do this is to be selfless and engage in selfless service. Once you give up the idea of possessing material things, you can begin to acquire spiritual things. It is said you already have them. They ONLY need to be rediscovered.

Break the stupor of the dream!

And a warm and enduring flow of love for The Divine Mother! I was telling my friend that I don't celebrate something on a given day that I should be celebrating every day. My friend said, “Like Christmas.” “Exactly,” I replied since I have long believed that every day is (can be) Christmas.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

"Have You Heard About Flat Earth? Let Me Get You One of our Brochures."

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The homeless are not all homeless because life is pissing on them, or because of bad breaks, being temporarily inconvenienced, or princes and princesses in disguise, although... you could say that, cause there is a way that that is true. Many of them are mentally ill. They are the wreckage that washes up on the shores of Advanced Materialism. We've come so far, technically in such a short time that people sleeping rough now are doing far better than some people with homes once did, and there are many other countries where large amounts of the population WISH they could be homeless here.

Homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual perversity (the new normal), suicide, MENTAL ILLNESS, which is behind all of the aforementioned. It is as if there is a magical gas that permeates the planet and concentrates in certain areas. It is a kind of sleeping gas and it comes with dreams more real than you find 'chasing the dragon', which I have had a passing familiarity with. I wasn't asleep and the gas didn't work on me so I needed occasional escapes from the people affected by the gas.

This is what happens when you follow your appetites and desires. Imagine the sound of an animal in a trap, an insect in a web. You get stuck to this thing, with the sticky fluid of attachment, and then it eats you, soon... or at its leisure over the course of a lifetime.

I got a question; why are the reptile brains saying that the vaccinated have to continue to wear masks as if they didn't get vaccinated? Doesn't that prove that the vaccine is as bogus as the Geriatric Flu? Now they want you to wear two masks for something you didn't even need the first mask for. I was in direct contact with someone who had COVID and I got nada. Yes, I do and always have had a VERY strong immune system, so does everyone who persistently searches for God, even though we know God is not lost or misplaced, BUT STILL!!! Observation and even cursory inquiry prove it is about as toxic as the common flu, or a cold.

My thought is that if you are OLD or in POOR HEALTH, COVID, or ANYTHING can complicate your state and trigger pneumonia, etc. If you're not it is meaningless. I want to know how it is that a pack of scoundrels can compel the world to cooperate in this fraud? Take a look at all the people wearing masks in public. I'm not talking about the people who have to or they will lose their job. I'm talking about the people who go along with the program, NO MATTER WHAT THE PROGRAM IS. That's who AND WHAT is responsible; collective human ignorance.

Have you been seeing all those media shots of burial grounds in India? They are saying that COVID, more accurately known as The Geriatric, Bad Immune System Flu, is decimating India and they can't keep up with the cremations. The story with India and This Elite Cabal Hoaxing (with malicious intent) is complicated, you'll need to research it on your own. However... these photos look like (and probably are) taken in Varanasi at the cremation grounds. It shows a couple of guys standing around by burning ghats. Where's the crowd? It's probably the same people that weren't occupying those hospital beds at the NHS and elsewhere.

They are pushing pandemic again. Meanwhile, they are slowly, and soon not so slowly, losing their strength, their grip, their influence. They are losing ground and will be so losing it from now on. As the Power of the Avatar increases and intensifies, their power recedes. It's simple physics. It's like Yin and Yang. It's like ebb and flow, but... it is going to ebb and flow in a seldom seen and unique fashion soon. You don't want to miss it. The reason I say that is that I suspect many people will miss it, depending on what their attention is turned to. Oh, perhaps... everyone will see the big flash of light. Many will briefly wonder and then go back to what they were doing. People who don't know what they are talking about will explain it all to you, and it will be Dueling Theories; center ring, and the main stage.

We are dealing with mobsters in all areas of the corporate economy. Do you remember what Coca Cola and United Fruit got up to in South America in the middle of the last century? They had assassination squads that dealt with resistance to their interests. Coca-Cola sells poison. It is REALLY bad for you and does not have a positive side. Most people have no idea what Coca-Cola can do. We used to use it to clean the battery contacts on our cars. Of course, you can rationalize anything. The obesity epidemic (a real concern) is largely caused by diet sodas. (Here is a later example of Coca-Cola still going strong.)

How's that for irony? Some will argue the point. They won't be arguing with me. I don't care if someone rejects the truth. I might think it's a bad idea and hope they get better, but rejecting the truth is an even bigger epidemic than obesity. You could say that obesity is a certain result of conspicuous consumption in a material fever. You could say all kinds of things. I certainly do. I would assume there are others but... is what you say True? I don't know. Here is a powerful and quick read on related health issues.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

A friend of mine has a relative with a child who is GRADUATING from pre-school... heh heh. Wow! Huh? Imagine that. She'll be moving into the rarefied air of Kindergarten in the Fall. So... guess what language the child is learning when it gets to Kindergarten? Mandarin Chinese. True story. You would think, Spanish; given that the relative lives in a border state, as do I. Doesn't that sound a tad... strange? Menacing? I find it hard to believe even though I know it is so. This should tell you a great deal, concerning the various interests at work in these times.

The prevailing theme that I observe trending in the world at this time, is the varieties of mental illnesses. Material culture will make you sick in the head, and the head can convince all the other body parts to go along with it. Mental illness is contagious. I wonder if this 'shedding' phenomenon is not some kind of psychosomatic mind game. Of course, some will disagree with this. How wonderful for you! Have you heard about Flat Earth? Let me get you one of our brochures.

Personally, I don't know, but I do know a few small things about how things work, and what causes them not to work, or winds up as the wrong tool in the wrong hands. It all makes me wonder, but not for long, because none of it is my business. I have OTHER business.

Paraphrasing the Bhagavad Gita, it says, one should do their own work and not the work of others. It says it is not a good thing when you do. Leaning to mind one's own business is harder in these times than it might have been in the past, but it is a wonderful thing to discover at any time. With some people, you might as well be speaking a foreign language, even when you both speak the same language. With some people, you don't have to say anything to be comfortable in their company. You need to be able to discriminate in this, or, at best... you will waste a lot of your time. At worst you could find yourself in Bad Company, ♫ until the day I/You die ♫

You can get serious at any time. You can cut the shit and go to the heart of it (song lyric?) at any time. Why humanity procrastinates as they do... here again, there are many theories. In fact, in this case, many theories may all be true. Whatever the reason... time goes by, you weaken and die. Then you come back again, and again, and again. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is hard and gets harder. It really depends on the amount of strength you borrow to resist the inevitable. It is, certainly, a fool's game. It is said that if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise. They don't tell you what that might mean; the cost of it.

I'm done tilting at windmills. I have no beef with anyone. They are doing what they do and they don't know any better. Sometimes they do know and then you have a Bad Seed. Omar Khayyam talks about it;

“They say there is one who threatens he will toss to Hell. The luckless Pots he marred in making -- Pish! He's a Good Fellow, and 'twill all be well.”

Who knows what spiritual judgment is? All I know is not to presume it or seek to employ it upon others. If you substitute Pish for Pshaw into the line, the search engine will say Shakespeare is the source. Hmm. Khayyam was here well before The Bard.

I can't say I know what Right and Wrong are but I know them when I see them. Even so, I would never have more than part of the story because it all came from another time when I was probably not present, and then there is the invisible world as well. Just think about how much we presume is so and don't actually know. The entire psychological profile of some people is based on a lie embraced that had branches, offspring... permutations one upon the other. We have to cut away, melt away, somehow eliminate that lie from the subconscious. That's where God and his/her angels come in.

God in singular fashion is indefinable and as IT or THAT concentrates behind the indefinable it becomes even more indefinable. So God becomes Father and Mother, two faces of the same power. Then God begets and begats (grin). He sends his son into the manifest realm of The Mother and tells a tale, an allegory of timeless truth, in immortal living form, to guide the dedicated and sincere to another state of being, in another world of unsurpassed beauty that shines forever, in self-perpetuating splendor. Ah... the wonder. The splendid celebration of living song singing in the blood!

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