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"Have You Heard About Flat Earth? Let Me Get You One of our Brochures."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The homeless are not all homeless because life is pissing on them, or because of bad breaks, being temporarily inconvenienced, or princes and princesses in disguise, although... you could say that, cause there is a way that that is true. Many of them are mentally ill. They are the wreckage that washes up on the shores of Advanced Materialism. We've come so far, technically in such a short time that people sleeping rough now are doing far better than some people with homes once did, and there are many other countries where large amounts of the population WISH they could be homeless here.

Homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual perversity (the new normal), suicide, MENTAL ILLNESS, which is behind all of the aforementioned. It is as if there is a magical gas that permeates the planet and concentrates in certain areas. It is a kind of sleeping gas and it comes with dreams more real than you find 'chasing the dragon', which I have had a passing familiarity with. I wasn't asleep and the gas didn't work on me so I needed occasional escapes from the people affected by the gas.

This is what happens when you follow your appetites and desires. Imagine the sound of an animal in a trap, an insect in a web. You get stuck to this thing, with the sticky fluid of attachment, and then it eats you, soon... or at its leisure over the course of a lifetime.

I got a question; why are the reptile brains saying that the vaccinated have to continue to wear masks as if they didn't get vaccinated? Doesn't that prove that the vaccine is as bogus as the Geriatric Flu? Now they want you to wear two masks for something you didn't even need the first mask for. I was in direct contact with someone who had COVID and I got nada. Yes, I do and always have had a VERY strong immune system, so does everyone who persistently searches for God, even though we know God is not lost or misplaced, BUT STILL!!! Observation and even cursory inquiry prove it is about as toxic as the common flu, or a cold.

My thought is that if you are OLD or in POOR HEALTH, COVID, or ANYTHING can complicate your state and trigger pneumonia, etc. If you're not it is meaningless. I want to know how it is that a pack of scoundrels can compel the world to cooperate in this fraud? Take a look at all the people wearing masks in public. I'm not talking about the people who have to or they will lose their job. I'm talking about the people who go along with the program, NO MATTER WHAT THE PROGRAM IS. That's who AND WHAT is responsible; collective human ignorance.

Have you been seeing all those media shots of burial grounds in India? They are saying that COVID, more accurately known as The Geriatric, Bad Immune System Flu, is decimating India and they can't keep up with the cremations. The story with India and This Elite Cabal Hoaxing (with malicious intent) is complicated, you'll need to research it on your own. However... these photos look like (and probably are) taken in Varanasi at the cremation grounds. It shows a couple of guys standing around by burning ghats. Where's the crowd? It's probably the same people that weren't occupying those hospital beds at the NHS and elsewhere.

They are pushing pandemic again. Meanwhile, they are slowly, and soon not so slowly, losing their strength, their grip, their influence. They are losing ground and will be so losing it from now on. As the Power of the Avatar increases and intensifies, their power recedes. It's simple physics. It's like Yin and Yang. It's like ebb and flow, but... it is going to ebb and flow in a seldom seen and unique fashion soon. You don't want to miss it. The reason I say that is that I suspect many people will miss it, depending on what their attention is turned to. Oh, perhaps... everyone will see the big flash of light. Many will briefly wonder and then go back to what they were doing. People who don't know what they are talking about will explain it all to you, and it will be Dueling Theories; center ring, and the main stage.

We are dealing with mobsters in all areas of the corporate economy. Do you remember what Coca Cola and United Fruit got up to in South America in the middle of the last century? They had assassination squads that dealt with resistance to their interests. Coca-Cola sells poison. It is REALLY bad for you and does not have a positive side. Most people have no idea what Coca-Cola can do. We used to use it to clean the battery contacts on our cars. Of course, you can rationalize anything. The obesity epidemic (a real concern) is largely caused by diet sodas. (Here is a later example of Coca-Cola still going strong.)

How's that for irony? Some will argue the point. They won't be arguing with me. I don't care if someone rejects the truth. I might think it's a bad idea and hope they get better, but rejecting the truth is an even bigger epidemic than obesity. You could say that obesity is a certain result of conspicuous consumption in a material fever. You could say all kinds of things. I certainly do. I would assume there are others but... is what you say True? I don't know. Here is a powerful and quick read on related health issues.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

A friend of mine has a relative with a child who is GRADUATING from pre-school... heh heh. Wow! Huh? Imagine that. She'll be moving into the rarefied air of Kindergarten in the Fall. So... guess what language the child is learning when it gets to Kindergarten? Mandarin Chinese. True story. You would think, Spanish; given that the relative lives in a border state, as do I. Doesn't that sound a tad... strange? Menacing? I find it hard to believe even though I know it is so. This should tell you a great deal, concerning the various interests at work in these times.

The prevailing theme that I observe trending in the world at this time, is the varieties of mental illnesses. Material culture will make you sick in the head, and the head can convince all the other body parts to go along with it. Mental illness is contagious. I wonder if this 'shedding' phenomenon is not some kind of psychosomatic mind game. Of course, some will disagree with this. How wonderful for you! Have you heard about Flat Earth? Let me get you one of our brochures.

Personally, I don't know, but I do know a few small things about how things work, and what causes them not to work, or winds up as the wrong tool in the wrong hands. It all makes me wonder, but not for long, because none of it is my business. I have OTHER business.

Paraphrasing the Bhagavad Gita, it says, one should do their own work and not the work of others. It says it is not a good thing when you do. Leaning to mind one's own business is harder in these times than it might have been in the past, but it is a wonderful thing to discover at any time. With some people, you might as well be speaking a foreign language, even when you both speak the same language. With some people, you don't have to say anything to be comfortable in their company. You need to be able to discriminate in this, or, at best... you will waste a lot of your time. At worst you could find yourself in Bad Company, ♫ until the day I/You die ♫

You can get serious at any time. You can cut the shit and go to the heart of it (song lyric?) at any time. Why humanity procrastinates as they do... here again, there are many theories. In fact, in this case, many theories may all be true. Whatever the reason... time goes by, you weaken and die. Then you come back again, and again, and again. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is hard and gets harder. It really depends on the amount of strength you borrow to resist the inevitable. It is, certainly, a fool's game. It is said that if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise. They don't tell you what that might mean; the cost of it.

I'm done tilting at windmills. I have no beef with anyone. They are doing what they do and they don't know any better. Sometimes they do know and then you have a Bad Seed. Omar Khayyam talks about it;

“They say there is one who threatens he will toss to Hell. The luckless Pots he marred in making -- Pish! He's a Good Fellow, and 'twill all be well.”

Who knows what spiritual judgment is? All I know is not to presume it or seek to employ it upon others. If you substitute Pish for Pshaw into the line, the search engine will say Shakespeare is the source. Hmm. Khayyam was here well before The Bard.

I can't say I know what Right and Wrong are but I know them when I see them. Even so, I would never have more than part of the story because it all came from another time when I was probably not present, and then there is the invisible world as well. Just think about how much we presume is so and don't actually know. The entire psychological profile of some people is based on a lie embraced that had branches, offspring... permutations one upon the other. We have to cut away, melt away, somehow eliminate that lie from the subconscious. That's where God and his/her angels come in.

God in singular fashion is indefinable and as IT or THAT concentrates behind the indefinable it becomes even more indefinable. So God becomes Father and Mother, two faces of the same power. Then God begets and begats (grin). He sends his son into the manifest realm of The Mother and tells a tale, an allegory of timeless truth, in immortal living form, to guide the dedicated and sincere to another state of being, in another world of unsurpassed beauty that shines forever, in self-perpetuating splendor. Ah... the wonder. The splendid celebration of living song singing in the blood!

End Transmission.......


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty!

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
They do begat and begat, having Created All.... funny that, the only gotten great great great-granddaughter, she was made flat...hmmmm
they do need to announce their plans, filming of the series finished day before the event 201.... hmmm...
and an article on 'intuition' i found useful.....
as for me in the Big Enchilada a post from a chat today... Feliz 5 de Mayo, Batalla de Puebla, where Zaragoza and a bunch of chingona, furious women with farm implements as weapons, defeat Napoleon III and his mercenary army in his attempted invasion !!! Yes, en Ingles !!! the power of the mammal female furiously defending their Home ....
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear hug

Thomas said...

A real fine post, Vis! Wholesome and nourishing.

I am convinced that this "shedding" thing is a deep-state-induced mass-hysterical nocebo-phenomenon. I have yet to see a credible biological reason for why the Corona spike-protein should be anymore dangerous when coming from someone else's body (if they even do that!) than they are when they are released as the immune system breaks generic Corona-particles apart. And it always seems to be presented without any understanding that the bad guys are really fucking evil monsters, who enjoy torturing people with fear and delusions, and love creating chaos and mayhem, and use all the psychological manipulation tools they have available, so... Seems like total bullshit to me.


I've also been thinking about this avatar-business you write about. The last paragraph in your post really rings true to me. I can see God doing that, yeah! But... then I'm thinking: IF there is an avatar, I believe it would make sense for him/herself (does it have to be a he?) to stay hidden. One thing would be to avoid the attention of the bad guys (would that matter?), and another would be more in line with what Lao Tzu says about when the best kind of leader is gone, the people will say: "we did this ourselves!". And I'm also thinking - on a planet with 7 billion (!) people, it just doesn't seem right that one single person should be publically crowned ruler of the entire world, or something like that... I mean, beauty demands (I ascribe true, transcendent Beauty the same weight of authority as e.g. Truth and Love) that *all* who feel called to serve God during these strange times should do so freely, by their own volition! This would also make their service so much more genuine and... unique, I guess :)

This is also in line with what Yogananda says - that God could easily force the whole world to return to Him, but that He wishes His children to do it freely, because it pleases Him like that. So it becomes a play, I suppose. I find that to be a very appealing move of God's, and I trust Yogananda, so... :) - I can also see that if it done like this, it makes soul learning far, far more efficient, in the sense that everyone will have to use their own discernment, intuition, creativity, strength and will - and thus will be in better training for whereever we're going afterwards.

God is wonderful, oh, so wonderful like that! I really hope it is something like these wonderings of mine. We shall see, perhaps! But the sense of hope that things will be all right in any case is still there, thank God!

Hey, speaking of Lao Tzu, I am currently reading a translation of Richard Wilhelms translation of the I Ching. His version was published in 1923, and he spent 10 years translating it, with the help of some old Chinese sages-of-a-kind. Apparently, his is the authoritative translation. It's good, I must say. Anyways, he writes that Lao Tzu studied the I Ching deeply, and that many of his most profound aphorisms are inspired by the I Ching. I don't think I ever saw you mention the I Ching, so I'm wondering if you have an opinion on it?

Thanks for the post! :)

Visible said...

I believe, pretty strongly that The Avatar will come in a rolling wave into the human heart. Some won't let him in and some will. He might be a stand-alone unit in some location but the radiance of his being will ignite a body of us, at a wide reach, into the performance of his will.

Gabriella Espinosa said...

Another beautiful post! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

From your mouth ( words) to the ears of the Ineffable... paraphrasing an old saying...

You may try The Witter Bynner translation, and also Thomas Cleary with commentary by Liu I-Ming.... same author did the Taoist I-Ching translation from its inner work context...all available on-line free...

Finding an accomplished teacher from either the Northern or Southern branches of Taoism, is another theme .....
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing for todays Petri dish, I am getting very frustrated with the maskers. It has become like a child’s teddy bear for them. An immature attachment believing the mask is a talisman of sorts . It will keep them SAFE. Safe and “out of an abundance of caution ‘’ they will continue with the charade only they don’t know its a charade. The Jab is another problem for the wise and awake among us. It seems , unless things change quickly ,a vaccine passport will be the Oder of the day, I’ll be ordering in. You’re correct when you say it is not your job to wake people up. I have been ‘told’ that as well. How can so many intelligent people buy this whole warped b s scenario. I feel betrayed by them. So many selfish reasons for the jab.. I want to travel! Really? How many people gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy in this great country of ours and yet , you (know who you are) wanna travel. Nope, cant give that up. It’s sickening, Yes, I am angry , I try not to be , I pray not to judge ,but every mask wearer , every jackass who asks me if I got my shots sends me around the bend.They don’t know what the hell they are even talking about. They think it’s an immunization vaccine. I would very much like to know what causes this kind of mentality. Why are humans so disappointing? The CCP almost owns US. Bad is good , down is up , boys are girls, white is bad and the alphabet soups are corrupt. Dear God, I know you do things in your own time, but its getting really hot down here. So please hurry . Thank you

Visible said...

I'm guessing you are hoping (some of you) that this is true. I certainly am.

Anonymous said...

a link to the best presentation i have seen so far, about the subject...
NEEDS to become the viral video...
In order to exercise whatever 'free will' , the one exercising it needs to be informed of the options...much like checking a map to see which roads lead to the destination, or schedules of airlines , costs etc to choose which one to take to one's destination.
Many people suffer from arrested development, more like toddlers, choosing to do what the 'authority' says... the essence from Mas and Mas Visble's last posting., in my perception is to choose wisely one's authority
the word ovid in latin is sheep, and sheep get sheared of their wool, and eventually consumed, the destiny of what awaits the c-ovid terrified, compassion for them is truly challenging when they make their baa baa voices from just a few feet away.
May Visibles intuition be correct... in the meantime ' out of function at Armageddon junction', and trusting that the Y in the road that is available includes the apocalypse without armageddon.
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

anon said...

shedding of the ovid vacc is in pfizer's own study documents.
curious why you doubt it when many other vaccs shed

Visible said...

Wow! You're right, who would distrust Pfizer? I don't know what I was thinking. On second thought I don't think I'll think about it at all. However, since COVID is no worse than any other flu and much less toxic than some unless you are old or weak and then ANYTHING can get you; how does that translate into a vaccine that does... what?

I see. I've learned that when someone creeps in anonymously, hiding, basically, because if one were known it would reveal all manner of things. I know bullshit when I encounter it. It's siddhi I have. Scat!

Anonymous said...

Here's a thread with 60 pics and screen shots of people who died after taking the vaccine.

The real numbers are probably 100 times that, as the VAERS site admits less than 1% of people report it

Anonymous said...

Holy Magic Underpants!

Thomas said...

Good Grizzly;

Ya - Witter Bynner translation of the Tao is a *true* gem. I think I read it the first time some 10 years ago, on Visibles recommendation in a post. But here I was wondering about the I Ching, which is older. The translation I'm reading is supposed to be just the straight text, with no interpretation save for ease of understanding (although apparently Confucius had a hand in shaping it into the form it has, as did some others).

It's a curious document! It started out as a scrying/oracular tool (and is also used for that by some), but was then elaborated with words of deep wisdom. As far as I understand it, it separates life into 64 different signs, which I think we can call "modes of transformation". Each of these 64 signs can change into the other 63, giving a wealth of different combinations, and there are also nuances according to how they are changing, and whether they are at rest or in movement (they are not always in transformation). I would also guess that there is a fluid time-scale on them - that sometimes they move slowly, other times quickly. The words of wisdom are then connected to the different signs, describing what is the wise way to act in a situation where a mode is moving in a certain way. I get the sense that it is somehow a crude description of the causal world, but I have no idea. It is very interesting, in any case.

Thomas said...

@Anonymous 8:14

Given that ˜925 million vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, that's almost nothing. According to the available data, the vaccines are not dangerous in themselves. But they are certainly unnecessary for the vast majority, especially as there are better remedies, and they are also part of a satanic agenda. They are a mild form of ritualistic rape, and the deluded elites plan want them to create a central, digital, real-time health-database for greatly increased surveillance.

Anonymous said...

I was in an early trial for this parallel vaccine "study", where they simultaneously rush pre-clinical, phase I, II all at the same time. An early to mid-recipient of the GALT, a gut lymphocyte administered vaccine. There is not, nor will there be any "informed consent" involved or anything resembling it in such trials. Independent contractor, like your neighborhood sellouts living on your dime conduct such unethical studies for their own financial gain, such that there absolutely no traces to the original sources, researchers or funding "nonprofits" involved. I can tell you it was intensely painful and lasted a very long time and still lingers. I wasn't the first nor will be the last, sometimes consider myself "lucky". Likely, there are far worse experiments for you to involuntarily participate in.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention the "shedding" thing. I was pondering it the other day (not for long) and told myself "I don't know" but what would Jesus do? It's obviously not something that would bother him. I've never done anti-social distancing, masks or the OCD hand washing so I'm not going to bother with being afraid of shedding.
As to trying to wake people up (I still do the 6am morning prayer) it's frustrating but I struggle not to speak up on encountering the craziness of people believing talking heads in the media rather than their own 14+ months of personal experience which must be screaming at them that there is no plague threatening to scythe them down at any minute. I keep trying to be silent but sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the diaper brains in adult bodies.
Your blogs are a zone of calm and sanity...bit of life saver really.
Thank you

Anonymous said...


yea this is getting to be too much. I hope God steps in soon at some point and crushes these demons, because this is now affecting innocent people too

Visible said...

Heh heh. I bounced a post because I don't want Flat-Head Earth Trogs to hijack this space with their bullshit. However, this one I should have posted and listen up whoever you are, you can repost your comment because it is so far round the bend that the readers here will enjoy it. He/she/it says that all the troubles in the world are caused by the Helios. They are responsible for ALL the hurt and suffering in the world. Flat Earthers do none of these things. They are all gentle and sweet. Why, they are cuddly little lambs. That is the latest switchero in their tactics. They won't quit but they also won't win. Next posting I will have some interesting things from and about Huxley.

Anonymous said...

And they were pushing the wearing two masks not so long ago. Wearing two masks for covid is like wearing two swimming suits to protect you from pool pee.

They're keeping the fear stoked to stave off an abrupt, politically consequential blowback over the hyperbolic covid absurdities.


Visible said...

Flat Earth discussions ARE NOT permitted here. You may not like this. Your EMPLOYERS may not like it, BUT... that's it. You know you are full of shit. I know you are full of shit. The rest of the readers know you are full of shit and NO ONE here wants to hear about it. Go somewhere that people dribble down their chins and need to be changed twice a day, or more. That is your audience and they are easily reached. Just tell their families that you are a transgender therapist for geriatrics working on their next life.

However, you try to slip this crap in I will catch it. You will be catching something else, sooner or later. Hopefully, whoever dropped you off on this planet will come back for you.

Anonymous said...

Well here's some good news. India will have a huge shortage of vaccines until at least July. The CEO of the largest vaccine production company in India fled to the UK. He claims he was being threatened and so on. So that buys a few months time at least. Hopefully divine intervention will protect India. Yea there's a lot of rude, nasty, obnoxious people in India. There's also a lot of devotees of the Supreme Lord. And Krishna says he always protects his devotees. Hopefully an act of God puts an end to this horrible lockdown and pandemic hoax.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"None of Us are in Direct Contact with God. Angels are the Step-Down Transformers of God."

Clothcap said...

The Spanish Flu was caused by solar radiation. As far back as the 1600's medics knew the flu came from space, and later knew it was the Sun. Nowadays we know that the flu outbreaks are caused by each increase in the density of broadcast radio frequency (electro smog). Check to prove me wrong. This is the reason why it can't be cured. It was latched onto early on as a money spinner by selling snake oil cures, nowadays vaccines. Corona virus (corona is the name for the electromagnetic field esp. around HT cables) which is an exosome is produced by cells when they are damaged. Cells also use them to remove unused and waste parts from the cell. Exosomes produce bubbles that very likely contain a fragment of its contents to identify what it is carrying. These bubbles appear to be what everyone is arm waving about, prions, folded proteins. Personally, not least because of the timing, people have found DARPA hydrogel and strange fibres in swabs, I think the swabs are causing the problems. Hydrogel is used to gain entry and be ignored by the body's defences, eventually dissolving and releasing its contents, be it a nanite, sarin or modified bat exosomes. Until what the swabs are causing is identified, treat "shedding causing a pandemic" arm wavers with extreme caution.
The arm waving is to slow the spread of awareness of the harm swabs are doing, imo.



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