Saturday, May 22, 2021

"The Avatar is Going to Wash The World and Our Interior Galaxies with Healing and Energizing Light!"

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We've been talking about the apocalypse, and Mr. Apocalypse, and The Avatar for some years now. Initially, there was no more than The World going through the usual routines of its wash and spin cycles. It's like everyone talks about the apocalypse (not really) but no one knows what it is. There is a sense that it involves dramatic and significant changes, but it's similar to the Abominable Snowman. Everyone has heard about it but no one you know has ever seen one.

Mr. Apocalypse is a personalization of the apocalypse, just the way that God personalizes himself in order to appear here. The entity that spoke to me over a series of days in Italy identified himself as such. He is a real character. It was a little like Mr. Cool in a black leather jacket speaking scripture. The Avatar is another matter and I don't know much more about him than that he is a Cosmic intensification of Higher Love and Conscious and intelligent Light, who embodies all the Hope, and Faith, and Prayers of the multitudes, in their desperate struggles for Understanding. In the end, it becomes a personal matter, and those in possession of the genuine article are not able to say much. At the same time, their presence and radiance speaks volumes about what might happen if one PERSISTS.

Now we are hearing a lot more about The Apocalypse, and not so much about The Avatar, who usually comes in under the radar, because he only shows up in times of great need, which means that the confusion and chaos are redlining. People already have a great deal on their minds. Still... prior to his arrival in person, the atmosphere begins to undergo big transformations, with a decidedly different effect on the main camps of human endeavor.

Those in the Selfless Service camps, by degrees, begin to experience validation and encouragement, which they previously had to take on Faith. Soon the Faith becomes the Substance of things formerly unseen. In the other case, as light begins to break into every area of darkness and shadow, a sense of Great Apprehension grows among them. All of their plots begin to be inexplicably exposed, and all of their negative industries are turned against them. What used to work, no longer works, and you can see this in the world all around you. This accounts for their more forceful efforts as they race against Time and Destiny to accomplish what they WILL NOT and CANNOT accomplish.

At the very forefront of it all, and with the greatest pervasiveness, is the exposing, revealing, and uncovering, which are the classic definitions of what an apocalypse brings. Life and Death musical chairs are being played by The Boys in the Back. Discussions are held concerning who should be thrown under the bus. Mooring lines are seen to tremble as dark figures scurry to the shore from boats rendered unseaworthy due to the apocalypse.

My definition of an apocalypse is a time in which you see and hear about remarkable things that weren't happening before. The Winds of Fate begin to blow out of The North. The firm ground seems no longer firm. There is a sense of trembling uncertainty there. Where before, malefactors could count on human stupidity and greed, to fill their coffers and become cannon fodder in their wars for profit, something fundamental has been changed. Yes... there is a hardcore contingent of Stupid that seems unreachable by the Force of Awakening, and that brings us to the other main player, The Awakening. From one area, you see people who were previously not paying attention are now paying attention. Apocalypses are ALWAYS attended by a force of Awakening. You want Abbot, then you get Costello. You want Laurel, well Hardy comes with Laurel.

The Awakening has a negative impact on negative people who call themselves, Woke. Their wokeness is a travesty upon actual Awakening.

The Great Reset Nimrods, and their fellow travelers in the exclusive clubs, are overtaken by a nameless Fear. It breathes on them, right at the nape of the neck. It whispers and disturbs. Guns don't work as a defense against what cannot be seen, and which bullets cannot harm. No amount of money or other concessions does any good. Threats don't work, neither does stamping your foot. Walls, both real and virtual, once seeming impregnable, are no longer. Now the integrity of their structure is failing. Leaks appear in the dykes. Mayor Light-in-the-Head is developing cracks on the surface of her Formica, and so many people are being thrown under the bus that the bus is now unable to move and they have sent out for tank treads.

You see what is happening most clearly in the mental and emotional disturbances appearing in the lives of the self-celebrated, and formerly impervious to public scrutiny. Usually, throwing a few people under the bus would serve to protect the real nasties. NOT ANYMORE. “Oh, no Precious!”

Now... the hip response for every B-C-and D-list celebrity is to come out as non-binary, or Gay, or whatever they think of next, for the purpose of distraction. I think that non-binary actually means, 'it doesn't add up.' The pressure to do this must be pretty strong, and you can't be very bright to begin with for you to get sucked into it. Demi Ho-Vato combines both male and female into her name. This should be a clue to something... something... Huh! What!

The apocalypse can most clearly be seen in the COVID Bullshit fallout. Look at the fellow's eyes. He possesses what is known (in my lexicon) as piercing intelligence.

Luc Montagnier
Luc Antoine Montagnier, French virologist and joint recipient, joint 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

- “vaccines don’t stop the virus”, argues the prominent virologist;
“they do the opposite - they feed the virus”

Here is a case where intelligence seems to not be an issue.

Jimmy Featherbrain
Jimmy Featherstone's ultimate goal?
To look like a real-life version of a Ken doll, Barbie’s male counterpart.

Yes... corporate America is in a fight to the death to see who can outdo the other in pandering and inanity. Someone is breathing down their necks; could it be The Central Bankers? Hmm...

I'm guessing most of you have seen this?

If not, well... there you go. Then there is that fantastic irony for which an apocalypse is notorious. Meanwhile, there are many events that you ARE NOT hearing about, but which you WILL hear about. There are stages to an apocalypse, which are similar to the stages in filmmaking. What this means is- you ain't seen nothing yet. We just moved from the preliminary, introductory period of the apocalypse into the ♫ get your motor running ♫ phase. That will take a certain amount of time before it makes a big jump into the ♫ born-to-be wild ♫ period, followed by the All Hell breaks loose finale. That last part can sound intimidating but it is only for our Contemporary Robespierre's, Danton's, and sundry.

As the fabricated inflation moves in, at the behest of The Nation Killers, and their central banker buddies, there will (naturally?) be shortages and the ever-present and popular; just brimming under the surface, Eyes Wide Panic. It doesn't take much to let Panic out of its cage. The breath bursts get shorter and more rapid “is it hot in here, or is it just me?” “I can't breathe” Nothing you can see has its knee on your neck, and when it is speaking it is for your ears only.

Psychologists would call that your conscience, but your conscience, like many another feature of your interior schematic, are LIVING THINGS. You get dramatic proof of this when the personality splits into factions, and you will be seeing more of that as well. I don't want to be an alarmist, but I can tell you with some authority that freaky shit is on the menu. Mr. Apocalypse does not mess around. He told me all about what he plans to do with the intransigent and possessed. Apparently, a great deal of humor (for those who find these things funny) will be present in the outworking of his agenda in the lives of those with a dark agenda. It's all very simple though. The Darkness cannot abide the light. It runs away, quicker than you can see sometimes.

The Avatar is bringing rushing rivers of light across the manifest plane. We haven't seen anything like this since the last people who did and have since been long forgotten. Nothing of the dark and negative has any hope of survival. The Avatar is going to wash The World and our interior galaxies with healing and energizing light. In locations where this light is less than welcome, it is going to have a less than salutary impact. As we have maintained here for some time; the fires that the saints dance in is the same fire that the wicked fear like nothing else.

The Wicked are aware that conditions... sometimes... are subject to change, but they never expect the changes to come while they are here. Let the people it happens to worry about it! It is similar to those living on earthquake fault lines. Sure it can happen, and sure, it has happened, but it's not going to happen now. I love the grandeur of Nature; the mountains and deserts, the forests and the shorelines, but I would not build my house on the shoreline. One can get a better understanding of the effect of the invisible upon the visible by giving some attention to Feng Shui. You learn a little about dragons and such.

The Red Cross will not accept blood donations now from the vaccinated. Come Fall there could well be troubles beyond imagining for some. I pray this is not true and I KNOW the power of God can heal ANYTHING. Maybe that is what it will come down to. God be with you one and all.

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Anonymous said...

Les, not only are magnets sticking to the vaxxed, but when they pass near Bluetooth enabled devices, the devices try to connect to them! Watched a video about that yesterday. I will find it and post a link here.

Anonymous said...

Bluetooth is trying to pair with the vaxxed now. Here is the link:

Visible said...

That link appears not to be working.

Anonymous said...

A very reassuring post. That divine light is being felt by many indeed. I was walking at Govardhana Hill, the mountain Krishna lifted, and it was fully desolate, like I was the only person there when usually there are 1000s of people a day. While looking at Govardhana, which is said to be directly the body of God, I got the distinct feeling or message "this is the end of the world. And the new world is going to be amazing. Everything is going to be alright". Anyway during this lockdown times, best to focus on developing the inner spirituality. The external world might get quite ugly soon...

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for this 'predictive' column. Appreciated!

It is curious how your description of The Apocalypse / The Avatar dovetails with my experiences. Mine is a little more hands-on and utilitarian. Each time Higher Self and Others cleans an Unseen baddie, that entity is removed from a controlling or influencing position on us, Down Here. Do that enough times, and a great 'gap' opens-up in the oversight/regulation/domination structure. Rather than the bad-guy 'organism' moving forward as a whole, it begins to fracture. Chaos grows, but in this case it is a good chaos. The baddies no longer are directed From Above.

So, I take the growing anarchy/disarray/discord as a Good Thing.

What has not generally appeared yet is the 'replacement' for the bad-guy structure. It will involve Unity rather than discord. It will involve Decency rather than coarseness/crudeness/gracelessness. It will be based more on Love/Joy than fear/anger/sadness. It will be interesting to see how the 'new' structure sorts-out. And, how much it penetrates into the non-physical.

The additional question is how many high-level, good-guy entities will show-up, Down Here. And how 'subtle' they will be. It will be a question of how to guide without causing submission. I am sure that true good-guys will not desire/require worship of themselves. Tricky.

Interesting Times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One,

You share your basking in the sun with everyone, without personal expectations.
We fill our unfulfilled expectations on the good news from the time out zone.

There are those moments when we tickle God's fancy and feel it is so....
Or more to the point, those timeless spaces where we allow ourselves to tune in to the positive love channel long enough to feel good about just being.

If we try in any way to repeat the unrepeatable peek at Reality, we fail and fall back on our own efforts, feeling the missed connection.

In calmer reflections, we realize that we were simply letting the light through without censorship.
We were caught off our guarded post, halting the policing of our thought habits just long enough to let our spirit slip through
Epiphany emerges and stays only as long as we don't freak out, trying to maintain our usual identity in our cribbed babyhood of soul development.

Mr. Apocalypse does not mess around. He told me all about what he plans to do with the intransigent and possessed. Apparently, a great deal of humor (for those who find these things funny) will be present in the outworking of his agenda in the lives of those with a dark agenda

Humor leavens, lifts us up to a perspective above the painful realities of the state of the human race.
The sheer mound of the deep shit to which possessed human hosts have descended, takes our breath away in shame and repugnance.

Only from a higher place can we release the collective stupid without shattering our hearts.

So, prepare to laugh the asses off the stage!

The demonic demonstration playing for far too many millennia is ending, the entire set is being struck, the props are going the way of all dust and we are here to participate in the transformation from passive victims to active co-creators!

We have had our power co-opted and used to generate the tragedy long enough!
Now we are privileged to regenerate in divine comedy, as the trance of terminal seriousness is broken for good.
Will we be broken for God?

Let go of our proud castles which have imprisoned us?
Trapped by our own choices, tethered to our places with nothing more than the pseudo-pinions used to keep domesticated elephants chained?

Now THAT is hilarious!
So cowed by our own dark imaginings that we conformed to corruption in order to merely survive, we believed falsely.

Yes, the joke is on us who fell before false idols
BUT the cosmic joke is on those who traded in their souls for trinkets of nasty experiences of power over others as proxies of congealed corruption!

The way that the Apocalypse is playing out the darkness is RICH with irony and layers of comeuppance!

We should avoid getting stuck on anything right now.
Especially not on details which are being surfaced faster than can be distracted from by conjured crises.

Stand on our holy ground and observe the patterns play...
Watch the warp of the weave and not the individual threads and be in awe at the love behind it all: that the darkness permitted for a season was merely a backdrop to a splendor which beggars our imagination!

More twists and depths than Dostoevsky, more reveals than any mystery novel, more inclusive of all the subplots than any magnum opus!

We get to feel like we are there, like the best conceivable virtual reality show, because we chose to be here in person, embodied, feeling one with the entire planet.
Unless we are among the blindered minions with tunnel vision, stuck in the bowels of the earth, feeling only fear and isolation as the cleansing light penetrates the dung pile....

Find our own deep breaths then turn to our neighbors and help them breathe deeply again. Only those welded to a particularly self-centered outcome are holding their breaths.

The Apocalypse can be fun, as long as we are playing for the home team! (grin)

We may breathe easy in the bosom of the One, who holds all life in an Idea of Freedom and laugh out loud in delight as the Idea comes to fruition!

Chinese Sneakers said...

Your writing, my dear Sir, has been in very good form of late.

And so it continues with this piece, which is both lucid and prosaic, humorous and searing, at once hopeful and damning.

Eye know well that you aspire most of all to be spiritual (and a worker for God), but eye will always regard you first and foremost as a literary stylist who turns a phrase like no other living writer. You make reading such a joy and a dangerous adventure at the same time. Would only the rest of the world knew or kept up to you.

Would just like to pick out a couple of real beauties and bump them up for further consideration:

1) "Leaks appear in the dykes. Mayor Light-in-the-Head is developing cracks on the surface of her Formica, and so many people are being thrown under the bus that the bus is now unable to move and they have sent out for tank treads."

2) "As the fabricated inflation moves in, at the behest of The Nation Killers, and their central banker buddies, there will (naturally?) be shortages and the ever-present and popular; just brimming under the surface, Eyes Wide Panic."

Eye read all-day every-day, and if the last twenty years of my efforts have revealed any writing equal to even these two quotes, eye can't recall it.

Much appreciation.

With a half glass full, cheers.

Anonymous said...

I thank God for your thoughts everyday, Detlef

Anonymous said...

Powerful Post full of insight and hope.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic post!!

Had me gripped till the end

Like a good novel

You really are wonderful

Well I will say that makes me feel much better

Here’s to the Aquarian Christ

May he be on our hearts upon arising every day
May we have faith


Anonymous said...
Updated link to Bluetooth story. Sorry for the typo.

Anonymous said...

My second post on this Petri Dish.
It seems the whole covid, mask ,vaccine shit show is unraveling at the seams. It is finally dawning on me that perhaps this had to happen to wake people up . Now,finally, thankfully I see tremendous push back against all of the pandemic horror show. Note only that but the push back has begun on the race theory communists and the cancel culture fools. I am so proud of the people who are taking a huge stand and putting it all on the line for our American way of life. The least I can do is resist in my own personal way. I am no Joan of Arc but I certainly can do my part. I threw the mask away a long time ago and will not get the jab and it wasn’t easy to resist because of the pressure.. I can only imagine the bravery of todays hero’s , those who battle on the frontline for us. Even if I only do a small part and keep praying I am thankful I can do that much. Vis, your posts , this one in particular , inspire me to look beyond what appears to be. Yes, it is happening, The Awakening has begun. I can feel it.

Visible said...

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