Monday, March 30, 2020

"David Wilcock. Does he Know What he is Talking about? You Tell Me."

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Hmmm... I want to do this right. I can't abide slander, or specious accusations of people absent facts. I've been and am a victim of this myself. It comes with the territory. You either soldier on and ignore the dogs barking, or you fade into the woodwork. I've chosen to soldier on and... since in my case there are nothing but insinuations and fabrications based on an absence of substance, it is actually a help to have detractors, most especially when they are unable to chapter and verse ANY authentic criticisms, or only criticisms that carry no weight for being only personality issues. There's no one who isn't taken to task for issues of presentation and style. These are irrelevant matters, matters of taste and preference. One person wants onions on their sandwich and one person doesn't. Who cares if someone parts their hair on the right, or has no hair at all?

I provide this basic introduction to this issue of Petri Dish because I am going to talk about someone else, mindful of the fact that I will have four fingers pointing back at me through the whole event. I want to talk about David Wilcock because... he is putting out multi-hour videos that include some pretty outrageous claims.

I haven't watched the whole video linked here. I am not motivated to that end. Thankfully, he gets to evidence of what I am talking about, right at the get-go, saying... that the internet and your phones are going to be shut down for 3 days and the reason for that is (drum roll) the bad guys are going to be getting arrested. I suppose this means the Deep State, the international pedophile networks among the elite and Satanic.

He lets us know that he has 2 New York Times best-selling books, that he's been a font of hush hush info for 25 years and that highly placed, but unidentified sources, who trust only him, have told him all of this and in some cases these same sources have been told by as many as five other unidentified people so... somehow... this is supposed to verify it all. Along with this video comes the occasional swooshes of dramatic sound and there was a flashing notification that he's connected to some TV show called Ancient Aliens. He's vague as all get out and I suspect its going to stay that way. I'm not going to listen to this whole thing. He sounds OFF to me but this is just a perception and I want that understood at this point. I am only talking about my perceptions and I COULD BE WRONG. I don't think I'm wrong about the perceptions but I might be wrong about believing these claims aren't going to happen the way he says they will.

I should say that I am not a fan of David Wilcock. I consider him an opportunist and a grandstander and he's been wrong so many times about so many things... if you put 'David Wilcock is a fraud' into any search engine, you will get a near endless stream of people who think he is a fraud and they have their reasons. Some of these reasons I know to be valid but it is IMPORTANT that you know that I don't like David Wilcock and the evidence of the years has rather reinforced that rather than changed it.

I suggest to simply listen to the guy for half an hour or so and see what your gut tells you. It's better that I don't get into the reasons why I think he's out for himself. It's better if you form your own opinion. You will notice in the streaming comments to the right of the video that the donations given are streaming across the top of the page. So far... still watching the video, he is digressing all over the place and mentioning things he thinks are important, such as Prince Phillip, who says he wants to reincarnate as a virus... WTF? I'm watching him slip into the same tedious information that so many people keep repeating in order to stay relevant. Did I mention that Wilcock says he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

Rich people are conspiring to control the world. Wow! What an eyeopener eh? The amount of speculation and reaching going on in this video is excessive. I can't get away from the relentlessly nagging suspicion that Wilcock is a sensationalist, tooth and nailing it to stay relevant BUT... here is the thing about THE AWAKENING presently taking place. NO ONE IS CONTROLLING THIS BUT THE ANGELS OF GOD.

What Wilcock is saying in this video is more of the same thing he's been saying for years. There are people everywhere on the internet making wild claims about this kind of thing. Someone said that Tom Hanks did not have Coronavirus in Australia but was under arrest for pedophilia and that Oprah and all sorts of other people were GOING DOWN in a few days. IT DID'T HAPPEN!!! I've been hearing this kind of thing for what seems like forever and IT NEVER HAPPENS.

Now... he's really way off in left field, stating the obvious, rehashing old info and boring me to tears but I'll keep it going in case something interesting gets said. What is it that so many people don't get about this guy? I was told this video was full of all sorts of powerful information. Not so far. It's Lucy with the football folks.

For years now, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Sorcha Faal (such a fool), Jim Stone, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and others have been playing you like a violin. Some of them are making A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY!!! Occasionally they tell the truth. Most of the time it is like infotainment and shilling for products and harassing the public for MONEY!!! AND FEARMONGERING. Don't forget the fearmongering.

How often have you heard this or that rumor from official sources, never identified, loaded down with woo woo and have it not happen? How many times are we going to be told that Planet Niburu is right around the corner? How many times are we going to hear about the Anunnaki, the reptile overlords, the UFO's riding six white horses, as they pop in and out of view, are going to change the world? Of course there are UFO's. I had one land right in front of me WITH WITNESSES but... what did it amount to? How has anything you have heard about ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS, improved your life??? How are you better off today from anything you heard about any of this?

OKAY... OKAY... what if... this time... time #3492, he's right? I will be overjoyed! No one wants to see justice on this plane more than me BUT none of these things have proven true YET. Sure, pedo rings of minor players have been rounded up. Bill Barr and John Durham were supposed to come down with indictments months ago. Where are they??? MAYBE... this time, that perfect storm will occur. It has to happen sometime; doesn't it? I EXPECT all kinds of revolutionary change to take place this year. It's a given, with the stakes what they are, that some very surprising things are going to occur.

People like Wilcock and the rest of them are standing before an enormous dartboard with hundreds of names and places. They close their eyes and throw the darts. They NEVER run out of darts. By now, the dartboard looks like the shit discovery map in San Franshitco. There are sightings everywhere. There are practically no open spaces on that map. Surely a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. Surely a retarded monkey will type out a real sentence on the typewriter... eventually.

On and on he goes about mysterious sources that he can't name but TRUST HIM, they are LEGIT because a bunch of other people that he also can't name, also say it's legit. PEOPLE!!! I want these things to be true. I want these no good predators rounded up and locked up and MAYBE, this time it is going to happen. It could have already happened. Wilcock said it could be in the next few days. Well... a few days have passed now. What am I to think? It could be on Easter. That would be a timely date.

Somehow... people are constantly being taken in with hopeful projections because THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! I want to believe too.

Here's what I think happens. Mr. Apocalypse is a real personification of a real force and he is working through all sorts of secondary persona. Angels of God are circling the world, enforcing the will of God. It is a new age and The Avatar is descending, precipitating down the planes and at some point a massive waking up is going to take place. The final straw gets laid on the camel's back. The linchpin domino is tipped. Critical Mass gets reached. It will happen. So... if you keep saying it is going to happen... If you keep saying for years it is going to happen... at some point you will be right. Something is going to happen at some point.

Yes... this Coronavirus thing is suspicious as can be and no doubt there is a real battle taking place off-camera. It is apparent that President Trump is frustrated and had better watch himself. They are trying as hard as hard can be to bring him down and THEY NEED TO. It is a matter of their survival.

You should make up your own minds. Watch a half an hour of the video anyway. Heck... watch the whole thing. See if you don't see what I was seeing. This is video #3 and the others are hours long too. On what planet does it take that many hours to tell the truth? Everything Jesus Christ said, which is in The New Testament, could be said in that time period, with room to spare.

Some of us are not asking for money and don't have millions of dollars (could this be remotely true?). Some of us are not so polished and can sometimes be abrasive and surely everyone is not going to like us. I have to deal with my own conscience. I have to answer to The Lords of Karma. I have to answer to God for what I say and do. It makes me careful. I really think some of these other people need to be careful. What could be the point of announcing all of this? Doesn't this alert the bad guys (who are probably laughing about it)?

Twenty years ago I was a firebrand. Lots of people liked that. Ten years after I had toned it down and more and more mention of God entered into my commentary, pissing off the atheist webmasters who don't like God brought up. Now it's today and God gets mentioned all the time but... less today than usual. I don't know about these people that have been named here today. I don't have mysterious people feeding me secret information. I'm just a person seeking to serve God and sharing the experience with the reader. I have NO INFORMATION about anything specific.

I DON'T KNOW and we are going to have to leave it at that. My friends, make up your own mind and 'BE NOT DECEIVED, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.' That verse does not mean for me what it means for all those other folks interpreting it. What it means to me is that THE DEVIL works for God. Everyone works for God, whether they know it or not because God weaves everything into his intended tapestry of creation for The Purpose of Demonstration.

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Ahoy matey! There be Pocketnet hereabouts and Jim be smart from eating paint chips. Come ye on over to that scrolling litany of news bites and informational effluvia; that be Pocketnet.

I should point out to the reader that these days I post a great many things at Pocketnet that don't make it to the blogs. Some of it is pretty funny and the site is MUCH EASIER to access these days.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Moonwalking with the Shadows on the Walls of Plato's Cave.

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Wandered around the news sites this morning and then scrolled down the lineup at Pocketnet. It seems that these are the days of 'the same old same old' and becoming reminiscent of the Idiocracy garbage avalanche.

I don't mean to demean anyone trying to provide insight and information, concerning the state of the world and the causes of those states in these uncertain times BUT... it just made me more and more tired and I learned nothing that I wasn't already misinformed about.

What I know about the world is that it is composed of appearances and appearances are a lie. It should come as a surprise to no one that there are those among us who work appearances to their advantage; who deliberately misinterpret appearances and who generate appearances, all for their own profit and it should also be noted that there is no length to which some will not go, to see that their intended ends are met. Consider that there are those who engineer wars in order to turn a profit. Think for a moment of the terrible events and conditions of war and that these profiteers think nothing of the suffering and loss they cause in their pursuit of personal gain. As Gutle Rothschild once said, “if my sons did not want wars, there would be no wars.”

The presence of Good and Evil in the relative world is a mystery for most but it should not be. The world is a stage for the purpose of demonstration. It is a theater set for the presentation of dramas and the reason for it is LEARNING. The objective is evolution in consciousness and as the consciousness evolves, so does the environment of the residents. This is why we see some living in total abundance and a complete lack of want and others living with very little and in a state of constant want. Nevertheless, the average resident of this world in this time is better off than the royalty of previous times. We have become a world of self-indulgent and spiritually lazy people, in dire need of an awakening and... that awakening has come.

As I view the wide world before me, I see millions engaged in countless pursuits, each of which are quite important to them and at the same time, meaningless in any real sense; geologists study their sector of the world, looking for meaning. Archaeologists study their sector, looking for meaning. Sciences abound and in most cases, nothing of lasting value is learned. Some build and some destroy. Some harm and some heal. Some teach and some confuse and it is all a riotous discord of unintelligible voices, crying out to be heard and acknowledged. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not but in nearly every case, it doesn't matter and they are soon forgotten and never remembered beyond the short period in which those who know about them still remain.

Statues are raised for heroes and statesmen and for anyone with the power or support to have a statue raised and they exist as evidence of former times, incorrectly and incompletely remembered and as a perch for pigeons to shit on.

Everyone reading these words and everyone not reading these words, will be gone after a brief passage of years, or less. They will be forgotten in this world, along with whatever they did and... after a longer passage of time, the entire world in which they lived will be gone and forgotten. They will return to some later version of this world, or some version of another world, not recalling having been here before and they will do this over and over and over and over, resolving quarrels from another time, with no memory of having been engaged in them, fulfilling dreams that were dreamed in former times, doing one thing or another and... across the vast stretch of time passing, a few will become Self Realized and they will understand what the reasons were, as well as who they once were, in all those lives previously.

I've been told that some will never know why they were here. I don't know if this is true. We are in an exceptional time and there is an opportunity for any who wish to awaken to awaken. Some few are actively engaged in this. The majority are caught up in pedestrian adventures, caring not at all about it. They're dancing with the shadows on the walls of Plato's Cave. Sometimes they are running from them but they're just shadows. Coronavirus is a shadow.

This present manufactured emergency is a test run to see how people respond to it. It allows them to computer program scenarios of 'what if's. To see all those people hoarding toilet paper really made me sad. My friend was at Walmart today and asked the cashier when a new shipment of toilet paper would be coming in. She told my friend that they stock the shelves full up every morning and within a couple of hours it is all gone. This has been going on for weeks and a whole lot of people still don't have enough toilet paper. I know there is an irony meme in there, somewhere, about Materialists being full of shit and anally robotic. I think about the FEAR that is nestled down in the base of their Medulla; how it ticks away... any little thing could set it off. I'm convinced that the Materialism virus is far more dangerous and fatal than Coronavirus.

I've been watching people for a long time now. They are nothing if not predictable. They literally give their lives for trivia and will purchase any lie, so long as it is a comfortable lie. They've done this with their religions. The founder of every genuine religion was an oracle of truth and spoke of the power and force of Truth and the essential integrity of it, as well as the critical importance of its presence in life; almost as if to suggest that it was the centerpiece of any real existence. Now... the truth being uncomfortable, when measured against the insane drive for pointless acquisition, is buried in an unmarked grave, along with all of the qualities the possession of it gave birth to. It should come as no surprise that they crucified Jesus Christ; though some say that never happened. One source I know of said that, in the wink of an eye, Judas was made to appear as Jesus and they crucified him instead. Mohammad was poisoned. I doubt most people knew that. Krishna was killed with a poisoned arrow but... he was/is God, so.... There are a lot of mysteries about all of the watershed moments of spiritual history.

As one proceeds spiritually and one's life comes to reflect the dynamic of the teacher or teaching being followed, something magical begins to happen that never makes it into the daily news. The practitioner becomes transformed by the practice and ceases to walk on the common byways, even while appearing to still do so. They are actually walking in another land that begins to materialize around them, because the force that moves them acts upon the landscape through which they are passing. Heaven begins to appear as an extension of the one who carries it at the core of their being. It's been there all along so... it's more a matter of uncovering than of materializing. Because Heaven is, by its nature, a state of abundance, the one bearing it is able to liberally extend it in every direction. Johnny Appleseed, whose real name was John Chapman, was a follower of Emmanuel Swedenborg. I'm pretty sure almost no one knows that. It wasn't only 'cider; apple-seeds that he distributed on his journey.

The real mystery of the mystery of life is that it takes upon itself the nature of the one living it. Since most lives are pedestrian and unremarkable, life is made to seem that way too and those who make their prosperous livings, through the manipulation of appearances, have a vested interest in the pedestrian being the be-all and end-all of existence. The higher beauty and greater marvels that are present in life are concealed by those with a keen investment in having them hidden. Still... they are only doing their job, building the paddocks and stock pens that they house humanity in. They wouldn't make such a good living if they didn't have a captive population to feed upon.

There is a reason why the howling unknown is called the howling unknown and why that which resides outside the borders of the ordinary is so terrifying for most people. I've been there any number of times, deep into the wilds while powerfully psychedelicized and it is not as threatening as common fear alleges. There is a reasons that certain wild places remain uncivilized and that is because of who and what resides there. I can safely say that in these locations, just as it is in your neighborhood bar, you bring the danger with you. Once you have encountered the sum of all your fears who lives inside you, there is nothing for you to fear ever again.

There are those who have intentionally set out to confront this monster, this Minotaur, who dwells in the dark subterranean chambers of the mind and in many cases lived to regret it, or did not survive the encounter. It is not I nor you, who triumphs over this shadow self, but rather the one who has ever and always been its master and that is the wiser and saner course, as I have discovered, BUT... that... that is you too, so... something to think about. Until one has brought this night terror to heel, one can only go so far and no further and that accounts for all the unexamined lives that surround us and who seldom mark the passage of the strange anomalies who briefly appear in their midst, usually as an object of scorn or suspicion and who routinely disappear at some point. “Say... whatever happened to so and so?”

IN THESE TIMES... opportunities abound. A wise soul would give this some deeper consideration, here in these days of advanced cultural decay. There are ALWAYS escape hatches and portals that appear in times of apocalypse. There was another time of transition during the French Revolution where the Comte de St. Germain and Cagliostro briefly appeared. Bulwer Lytton, often made fun of by pedants of literature, wrote a curious book called, Zanoni that illustrated the perils of messing with cosmic forces. I have an original printing of it.

There is a great deal more going on than what there seems to be and all those things causing such a racket at the moment are complete nonissues by comparison. A simple pausing for reflection, perhaps even taken as a regular discipline, might well reveal those things that are the real point of an apocalypse to begin with.

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God is the reason that the things so many people fear never happen or turn out to be different and not dangerous at all.

Pocketnet has hit a sluggish period and some contributors are working overtime putting up one pointless article after another. The lack of response by the readers says it all but they don't stop. I'm hoping there is an improvement soon and the fluff bunnies wind up in some form of Rarebit. It can't come too soon. Anyway, here's Pocketnet, or what's left of it.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

"The Diamond in the Rough will Eventually Burn Thru it."

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In just a few short days, so much can happen. I hesitated to produce a blog entry for two reasons; I could only use the one hand until now, but it seems I can limp along presently. The other things was the VERY strange events at the hospital(s) during which my arm got put back into the shoulder housing.

It took 9 hours for the shoulder to get fixed and so the pain went on consistently across that span. It would not have been so painful BUT... I take Suboxone, which renders ALL opiates ineffective. I do not take it because of any opioid addiction. However, coming off of heavy duty painkillers after a protracted period of use can be VERY uncomfortable. I had been taking them because, during the course of a single year, I had a broken hip, a broken ankle and several gall bladder attacks, culminating in its removal. Then there was the persistent painful aftermath of each, so I was taking a large amount of Oxy-analgesics. When I tried to stop taking them myself, it resulted in excruciating withdrawal. My doctor gave me Suboxone AND... very quickly, the withdrawal ended and was even accompanied by a state of mild euphoria.

I had enough of these Suboxone, sublingual films for a week or so and over that time, I noticed that my previous pain, for which I was taking the painkillers, was much reduced and was also proving to be a far more effective, with zero negatives, mood elevator than any of the commercial garbage that is handed out like suicidal candy by doctors, who 'used to' attempt to practice medicine but are now only employees of the pharmaceutical realm.

My doctor said she could prescribe me with Suboxone, since it was rendering me these benefits. It was not as effective as the painkillers but much less physically taxing and I can handle some amount of pain, all life being pain anyway. This was not the original intent of the medication but I tend to 'use what works.'

I told the doctors at the hospital that the painkillers would not work. I told half a dozen people. I was also a bit out of it from the pain. They ignored my telling them the painkillers would not work and gave me two injections of Dilaudid, two injections of Fentanyl and two of Morphine. None of them worked. I hadn't previously ever experienced or heard of anyone else experiencing anything like this. It was supernatural. Finally they put me under and put the shoulder back and DID NOT give me any prescription for pain following. Heh heh... Well... it's a few days short of a week since this happened BUT... because they hammered me with so much pain medication, I experienced horrific constipation and nothing I took would work and I took and did everything. This was because the gas, which could not pass, was causing a significant amount of discomfort and then, the 'dark matter' impacted on my urinary canal so that I could not piss. It gets worse. I was NOT going back to the hospital and these Satanic incompetents.

I wound up LITERALLY having to pull it out of myself, simply- at first, so I could piss and then a continuation of this awful but unavoidable activity, along with some sort of Magnesium compound that I drank, which... apparently people drink prior to having a surgical procedure. I had already tried everything else. I thought I was going to die at various points of this and I did not mind that. It was the great confusion that attended it all, which troubled me greatly; the why... the warp and the woof of it. Was this (because the original event was inexplicable and seemed forced on me) the result of psychic attacks from certain locations? I am no stranger to this sort of thing and those who do engage in it pay a heavy price and NOT from any reaction on my part BUT sometimes I still suffer the initial event.

Was this a teaching moment, where, once again, I am being told to 'slow down', because I generally caper about like I am much younger and... even with all that has been directed at me, since the slowing down events began to happen, it is still not all that easy for me to understand that I am not much younger than it sometimes seems I am? (nice sentence structure, visible)

In any case, that way lies madness and I don't spend time trying to find out the why and wherefore of events. I 'expect' to be told; if there is a need for me to be informed and otherwise, I let it go by because ONLY ONE THING concerns me and all else is unimportant.

I apologize for some of the graphics that might have appeared in the reader's mind about this but it seems important to me to tell the tale because; what health professionals would behave like this? Why would they then CONTINUE, given that the painkillers didn't work? It can't be just that they were idiots. There is something more going on. It has resulted in a new spiritual discipline that I now perform through the whole of my conscious times and before I react to anything, or do anything, or say anything, or feel or think anything and where that is not possible prior too, I do it immediately following. I won't go into that at the moment but I will give analogy sufficient to understanding. It is something like praying without ceasing, or saying, “who am I?” over and over, or mentally repeating, “be still and know I am God.” I am doing this because I was told that if I did, certain kinds of life experiences would or would not, thereafter, occur. If you can figure that out then you are supposed to know it and otherwise, not.

There is OBVIOUSLY far more going on with this Coronavirus than is apparent. The results, I believe, are dependent on one's perspective; it is all about an awakening. It is a precursor for Armageddon. It is just one of those things, brought about via the expected perils, resulting from overcrowding and bad behavior by far too many of us. There are 'other' perspectives, of course, feel free to indulge your whimsy on that account.

Here is how I see and shall CONTINUE to see it, regardless of whatever may yet happen, or appear in The Event Horizon; EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL and... ALWAYS WILL BE. At no time, is anything, not a part of the divine plan. All of our problems are the result of our personality (the vehicle of the ego) calling the shots. Our single duty is to assist our Individuality (simply one of many terms of description), our true self, in taking over the whole of our existence and calling the shots. We CANNOT dispose of the personality- the ego. I DON'T CARE what anyone says on the matter. You would effectively dispose of yourself.

Once your true self takes over, it immediately looks for the most expedient route out of the rat maze. You will HAVE TO experience certain events on the way. Call it 'paying your dues'. Call it whatever you like. It is the nature of the personality to take the longest possible route, because its main concern is the luxury to do as it pleases for as long as it can. It DOES NOT WANT to go into harness but... it must. The tarot card, The Chariot, stands for, Triumph in the Mind.

BOTA Tarot deck, The Chariot

This is followed by, Strength, which has to do with the complete sublimation of the animal nature. This is what follows Triumph in the Mind.

BOTA Tarot deck, Strength

What follows Strength is, The Hermit, the natural and logical progression, where the true self has been victorious over the Personality.

BOTA Tarot deck, The Hermit

Then one is rendered into being a Wayshower and that explains the illuminated lantern that is held forth. The Hermit's cloak, which is gray; is the color of Wisdom. The staff is the cosmic will, upon which The Hermit is utterly dependent and it is in the Left hand, meaning this reliance is automatic.

One could, if so informed, hold forth, near endlessly, about the meanings implicit in any one of these cards. Ageless Wisdom, of which these cards are an exponent, contains all the answers ANYONE could EVER need. These things do not attract the personality, unless it is to use them as egoic accouterments. Most people DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It gets in the way of what they are after. It oft compromises the aspirations of appetite and desire. People go on and on about wanting to know but they don't want to know, not really. This road is NOT for the timid, or merely curious, who very soon find this out. This road can be costly and painful, due to the intensification of suffering, which comes along in the process of the individuality taking over from the personality. If you get there quicker, the road can be harder.

So... I ALWAYS attribute what happens in my life to having made a particular decision. This is a decision that could have been made much earlier and as one comes nearer the objective, or higher up the mountain, the force of the winds increase, as does the potential for greater error, a longer fall. It behooves the cautious observer to then place their thoughts, words and deeds in the hands of one who has already traversed the expanse. It then becomes imperative to have something like unceasing prayer, “who am I?” or “Be still and know I am God”, ALWAYS present and before them. Memory is KEY because the subconscious holds the secrets and it is in recall that they are discovered. It is not so much about anything one learns, as it is about what one comes to remember.

We are and were perfect. We simply forgot and some of that was on purpose, so that we 'closed off' areas of awareness. They got relegated to that vast dumping ground of the subconscious, where many a sunken treasure chest lies buried in the Subconscious Sea bottom sands, along with Davy Jones Locker.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"I Got my Salad Tossed at The Holocaust by the Low Man on the Scrotum Pole."

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After last night, especially after stampeding to a tie in a state where he had every expectation of a win; that being Washington, you can stick a tuning fork in Bernie Sanders and he will be out of key. His day is done. Coming up in a week are four populous states with around 600 Democratic delegates. Biden is even more favored to win these than the ones he won last night. If The Bern continues to that point, the embarrassment will be amplified significantly over what it is today when, as I expect, he concedes. IF he does not concede it will be a week of serious low jinks to come.

No doubt The Bern is mortally wounded by the tuning fork, but Communism and wildly waving your arms and screaming, "The bridge is out." is not going to fly. No way Communism EVER harmonizes with this country. That is what sets America's teeth on edge from the dissonance. Pardon my syntactical excesses, I am flushed from the near certain acquisition of The Bulwer Lytton Award, the culmination of a lifetime effort that will bring me to par with Zane Grey. Where was I? (that's my Smokin Joe Biden) impersonation.

Here's the deal, they either dip The Bern in a beer batter and fish and chip him, or he is going to begin to stink up the joint. Behind The Bern are legions of Helicopter offspring, with busted gyros and no tail rudder. When The Bern heads off toward the curtains of obscurity (I'm really getting this Bulwer Lytton thing down!) there is going to be a stadium wave of voices, rising in those sections of the country seething in liberal torment. The Freebies are sailing off to parts and ports unknown.

AOC is not going to be AOK. The Sandernistas are going to massing for a summer long flash dance of gender fluid obesity, like Walmart on Black Friday. It's going to be a mosh pit of bullfrogs copulating in Jello. Honey Badgers and Wolverines are going to be slam dancing to ?My Corona?. Drag Queen Story Hour will morph into a four day intensive, as Marianne Williamson crosses the stage in a Waffen SS, neoprene skin suit and machine guns all normal people.

The tidings are not good. All the stops have been pulled by the boys in the back. This is the last gasp for the Alien Gray Annunaki, Zio-Ogre, goosestepping into eternity, slave masters who brought you the Bolshevik Revolution and Holocaustianity. If they don't win, Normal can be taken off life support. MEANWHILE... WATCH CLOSELY for who is picked as Joe's running mate. This is THE KEY ELEMENTAL. Joe is losing it in real time. He cannot win and the reptile overlords know this so WHO IS THE RABBIT THEY ARE GOING TO PULL OUT OF THE DUNCE CAP?

We're in for a long hot summer, a volatile Spring and a thundering fall of collapsing infrastructure between now and the big day. There's no telling where we'll be then. It might feel like ten years went by instead of 8 months. I don't know if this is the normal incubation period for the Anti-Christ or something else. Sometimes eight month is just eight months (to paraphrase Groucho)

We hold these truths to be self evident as, Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here between God and The Devil to make sure it's all on the level. Some of us are going to get our salads tossed at The Holocaust by the low man on the scrotum pole, or Harvey Weinstein's cellmate.

As Jimmy Stewart said in Harvey, "Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be," - she always called me Elwood - "In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."

As you move inexorably toward your denouement with death, remember this; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones."

As you proceed in this life and, as happens, hope, sometimes, seems to have abandoned you, remember this; "Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me."

We are at the mid-morning point of this pivotal year. It's going to be a long night. Practice the Presence of God and the meaning and purpose of your life will be revealed accordingly. These are the days of Mr. Apocalypse so... revealing is going to intensify by ever shorter increments of passage.

Try to be well, surely you should mean well and as the Divine Feminine rises like a star upon the sky of this new age dawning...

She is the light behind the stars in heaven
she is the mother of light
she is the truth for the truth is the mother
that lives in the gods who walk in this life

she is the humble womb of all creatures
and into her arms we return again
if we impress her with our devotion
our suffering here will end

I think that sums up what is passing through my mind at this time. Never forget that she is The Protector, IF you acknowledge that you are her child.

End Digression...

Yesterday's song is today's song.

And don't forget Pocketnet.

Yes... I was/am in a hurry and I had to (wanted to) get this out before I left for wherever today. God Bless you ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Talking bout Sephiroth and Kliphoth and Kabbalah GOING UP and GOING DOWN."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Good day my friends! Ah well... the dark matter, The First Matter (according to Paracelsus) is hitting the cosmic fan. I hear complaints from friends who have money, money invested in stocks. I don't know how much money, I don't ask. I have no money invested in stocks and that puts me in an amusing position. I realize that, with that being the case, I got nothing to lose. My life will not change dramatically one way or the other but... others? We are looking at a complex dynamic that is going to play out in many different ways.

I saw today where someone said “approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.” Most of these people were hoping and dreaming right up to the event. Some died in terror. Some died in an altered state. Some knew it was coming and some didn't. A few died in a state of blessed surrender. I look forward to death. I'm not pressing for its arrival, I just have a joyful expectation on the matter. I am going to see my invisible friends and have access to The Halls of Learning. That's a big deal for me.

I don't expect to see God. I don't know that any of us actually do see God. It's said in Psalms (somewhere) that mountains melt like wax before The Lord. We would surely be rendered into cinders if we got too close to God. This means that God has intermediaries. Just as in electricity we need transformers to step down the power. As you advance spiritually and become more pure, you can handle more power and the nature of your intermediaries may change.

These intermediaries bring your prayers to God; not all of your prayers. Many of our prayers are not something God wants to hear about, or that angels feel are worth taking to God. Only pure and selfless prayers make the cut AND... if you were ever wondering about that, God hears all those prayers because God is present on EVERY LEVEL of life. You might think of angels as being an aspect of God. Angels have no will of their own. They are, each of them, an exercising of the will of God.

Of course there is a celestial hierarchy and there is a pecking order of angels in that hierarchy. It wouldn't be true to say that, because of this, some angels are greater and more important that other angels. They simply have a different job description. Some are closer to the throne, this is true, but importance is measured differently in the blessed spheres.

Master Aivanhov made an interesting analogy concerning the 32 paths on The Tree of Life. He compares them to the 32 teeth with which we chew our food. One should chew carefully and thoughtfully but, in these times, few do that. I see people eating as they walk down the streets, in their cars, on buses and wherever. I would NEVER do such a thing. Eating is a sacred act for me. All of our common, daily actions, that we repeat again and again, are sacred, but few, all too few, acknowledge this. And the sort of food they eat; mentally and physically, yikes!!!

I was once on mushrooms and walking on a woodland path in Germany. There was a glass covered plaque at the forking of the way, which gave something of the history of that location, as well as brief mention of the local flora and fauna. As I was looking at it, a presence came into my mind. It was a less constant presence then than it is now. It told me that whatever I read, whatever I study, I should do so carefully, because it was the same as eating and that the mind digests information the same way that the body digests food. One ruminates and fletcherizes information and gets the whole of its value. The presence was referring to spiritual readings and reflections as the real intent of the mention, as well as the deeper considerations of life.

It is here that I must, perforce mention, Jews. This will also allow me to be abundantly clear about my relationship in this area, with details attendant. I have nearly as many Jewish friends as I do Gentile friends and I consider myself a friend of the Neturei Karta sect of Jews. In my second novel there was a group based on them and one of the detectives is an orthodox Jew. How is it then, that I am visibly opposed to another group, the group composed of AshkeNAZI Khazarians, who have not a drop of Semitic blood?

I am a student of ancient Jewish mysticism, through my studies of The Tree of Life and The Tarot. As for whether these traditions originally were Jewish, or Chaldean, or Sumerian, is obscured by the fallen dust of history. It matters not. That there were Jews who took these teachings to some of the highest possible levels should not be doubted. Of course, one is inevitably led then to The Kabbalah and The Gematria of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. I went some distance into the studies of these, enough to discover that THERE ARE TWO KABBALAHS and one can make comparison between the raising of the Kundalini and Reversed Kundalini.

Just as there is a Kabbalah of Light there is a Reversed Kabbalah and in the Kabbalah, it is also mentioned about the Tree of Life that... along with the 'positive' Sephiroth, which are the ten circles or stations on the Tree of Life, there is also the 'kliphoth' which are the ten sephiroth of darkness. This is the inverted reflection of the Sephiroth of Light. This is the same as Satan being an inversion of God. One of the basic principles of the True, Divine and Angelic Kabbalah, is the language of the angels and being able to speak with the angels. The reversed Kabbalah works to converse with demons! This explains the blood sacrifices of the Israeli attacks on their neighbors on their holy days.

Opposing the behavior of these monsters is not Antisemitic because THEY ARE NOT SEMITIC. They are poseurs, pretending to be legitimate and they are not. This Shadow Kabbalah is kind of a Devil's Abacus and it makes possible the acquisition of immense material fortunes and also gives a power of veiling and confusion that deceives the unwary. Those who are too cowardly to speak Truth to Power will never come into the possession of either.

Herein is The Sticky Wicket because, on the one hand you have illuminated Chassidim and... on the other hand, you have psychopaths, who conceal themselves much like the Aids Virus. A kind of these Chassidim that I speak of came out of Poland in the 18th Century and seek to exist in an atmosphere of joy and prayer. They also hearken back to BC... long ago. I should add that most of those parading around in this guise are not illuminated and it takes a discerning mind and heart to see into the matter. There are NEVER more than a few of the illuminated but there are decent people from EVERY race and of every color and I've met examples of every one, employing my Trust but Verify axiom.

In this world... in ANY life you may be passing through, there are always two options and ONLY two options and I don't care how you may seek to convolute or complicate it. Usually the convoluting and the complicating are all the fruits of self deception. When you are lying to yourself, all sorts of embellishments are necessary. Self deception involves you getting in your own way and also hindering the expression of God's Will upon and through you. It is all the art of a spiritual dance and we inhabit a world of clumsy dancers, who are also bad toreadors. It is a kind of 'wrestling with God. I have experienced inspired Sufi Dancing, dervishing with the consciously directed winds. It is a real thing AND EVERY religion, in its essential true being, possesses similar and ALL OF THEM celebrate THE SAME GOD. Argue as you like. It changes nothing. I prefer not to argue but to assent, to give in to The GREATER MIND of which we are all a part, consciously or unconsciously.

God expresses through us, or upon us. Which would you prefer? I suggest reading the except from Swami Vivekananda that I am putting in at the end of this posting.

I am not recommending a study of the Tree of Life, or any of the ancillary forms or teachings. I did this for some decades but I no longer do. It is not necessary BUT it can be very informative. One does need to be careful and one ABSOLUTELY MUST BE OF PURE INTENT. Fuck around and see what happens. I don't recommend it. Humility must be a mainstay as well. You are dealing with cosmic forces that have been around far longer than your brief visit, at any of the times you are here. They take a jaundiced view of the prideful and arrogant BUT they are ALWAYS WILLING to help the dedicated and sincere.

As I said, I no longer engage in any of this because it isn't strictly necessary and I MUCH PREFER the path of Love and Adoration. I MUCH PREFER the path of worship and surrender. I'm not smart enough for the other way and not designed right for it either, being so much right brained.

Yes, this is all too brief. However... before you start nitpicking and contending with me, READ what got said. There are good and evil applications that can be put to anything. In Times of Material Darkness, there is ALWAYS more of one than the other. Still... even if you can't see the good that is there, it's still there.

End Transmission.......

Let this be the song for today;

EXCEPT from: The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda- Volume 2 Chapter 2; “The Real Nature of Man.”

“What is the force which manifests itself through the body? It is obvious to all of us, whatever that force be, that it is taking particles up, as it were, and manipulating forms out of them — the human body. None else comes here to manipulate bodies for you and me. I never saw anybody eat food for me. I have to assimilate it, manufacture blood and bones and everything out of that food. What is this mysterious force? Ideas about the future and about the past seem to be terrifying to many. To many they seem to be mere speculation. We will take the present theme. What is this force which is now working through us? We know how in old times, in all the ancient scriptures, this power, this manifestation of power, was thought to be a bright substance having the form of this body, and which remained even after this body fell. Later on, however, we find a higher idea coming — that this bright body did not represent the force.

Whatsoever has form must be the result of combinations of particles and requires something else behind it to move it. If this body requires something which is not the body to manipulate it, the bright body, by the same necessity, will also require something other than itself to manipulate it. So, that something was called the soul, the Atman in Sanskrit. It was the Atman which through the bright body, as it were, worked on the gross body outside. The bright body is considered as the receptacle of the mind, and the Atman is beyond that It is not the mind even; it works the mind, and through the mind the body. You have an Atman, I have another each one of us has a separate Atman and a separate fine body, and through that we work on the gross external body. Questions were then asked about this Atman about its nature.

What is this Atman, this soul of man which is neither the body nor the mind? Great discussions followed. Speculations were made, various shades of philosophic inquiry came into existence; and I shall try to place before you some of the conclusions that have been reached about this Atman. The different philosophies seem to agree that this Atman, whatever it be, has neither form nor shape, and that which has neither form nor shape must be omnipresent. Time begins with mind, space also is in the mind. Causation cannot stand without time. Without the idea of succession there cannot be any idea of causation. Time, space and causation, therefore, are in the mind, and as this Atman is beyond the mind and formless, it must be beyond time, beyond space, and beyond causation. Now, if it is beyond time, space, and causation, it must be infinite. Then comes the highest speculation in our philosophy. The infinite cannot be two. If the soul be infinite, there can be only one Soul, and all ideas of various souls — you having one soul, and I having another, and so forth — are not real. The Real Man, therefore, is one and infinite, the omnipresent Spirit. And the apparent man is only a limitation of that Real Man. In that sense the mythologies are true that the apparent man, however great he may be, is only a dim reflection of the Real Man who is beyond.

The Real Man, the Spirit, being beyond cause and effect, not bound by time and space, must, therefore, be free. He was never bound, and could not be bound. The apparent man, the reflection, is limited by time, space, and causation, and is, therefore, bound. Or in the language of some of our philosophers, he appears to be bound, but really is not. This is the reality in our souls, this omnipresence, this spiritual nature, this infinity. Every soul is infinite, therefore there is no question of birth and death. Some children were being examined. The examiner put them rather hard questions, and among them was this one: "Why does not the earth fall?" He wanted to evoke answers about gravitation. Most of the children could not answer at all; a few answered that it was gravitation or something. One bright little girl answered it by putting another question: "Where should it fall?" The question is nonsense. Where should the earth fall? There is no falling or rising for the earth. In infinite space there is no up or down; that is only in the relative.

Where is the going or coming for the infinite? Whence should it come and whither should it go? Thus, when people cease to think of the past or future, when they give up the idea of body, because the body comes and goes and is limited, then they have risen to a higher ideal. The body is not the Real Man, neither is the mind, for the mind waxes and wanes. It is the Spirit beyond, which alone can live for ever. The body and mind are continually changing, and are, in fact, only names of series of changeful phenomena, like rivers whose waters are in a constant state of flux, yet presenting the appearance of unbroken streams. Every particle in this body is continually changing; no one has the same body for many minutes together, and yet we think of it as the same body. So with the mind; one moment it is happy, another moment unhappy; one moment strong, another weak; an ever-changing whirlpool. That cannot be the Spirit which is infinite. Change can only be in the limited. To say that the infinite changes in any way is absurd; it cannot be. You can move and I can move, as limited bodies; every particle in this universe is in a constant state of flux, but taking the universe as a unit, as one whole, it cannot move, it cannot change. Motion is always a relative thing. I move in relation to something else. Any particle in this universe can change in relation to any other particle; but take the whole universe as one, and in relation to what can it move? There is nothing besides it. So this infinite Unit is unchangeable, immovable, absolute, and this is the Real Man.

Our reality, therefore, consists in the Universal and not in the limited. These are old delusions, however comfortable they are, to think that we are little limited beings, constantly changing. People are frightened when they are told that they are Universal Being, everywhere present. Through everything you work, through every foot you move, through every lip you talk, through every heart you feel. People are frightened when they are told this. They will again and again ask you if they are not going to keep their individuality. What is individuality? I should like to see it. A baby has no moustache; when he grows to be a man, perhaps he has a moustache and beard. His individuality would be lost, if it were in the body. If I lose one eye, or if I lose one of my hands, my individuality would be lost if it were in the body. Then, a drunkard should not give up drinking because he would lose his individuality. A thief should not be a good man because he would thereby lose his individuality. No man ought to change his habits for fear of this. There is no individuality except in the Infinite. That is the only condition which does not change. Everything else is in a constant state of flux. Neither can individuality be in memory. Suppose, on account of a blow on the head I forget all about my past; then, I have lost all individuality; I am gone. I do not remember two or three years of my childhood, and if memory and existence are one, then whatever I forget is gone. That part of my life which I do not remember, I did not live. That is a very narrow idea of individuality.

We are not individuals yet. We are struggling towards individuality, and that is the Infinite, that is the real nature of man. He alone lives whose life is in the whole universe, and the more we concentrate our lives on limited things, the faster we go towards death. Those moments alone we live when our lives are in the universe, in others; and living this little life is death, simply death, and that is why the fear of death comes. The fear of death can only be conquered when man realises that so long as there is one life in this universe, he is living. When he can say, "I am in everything, in everybody, I am in all lives, I am the universe," then alone comes the state of fearlessness. To talk of immortality in constantly changing things is absurd. Says an old Sanskrit philosopher: It is only the Spirit that is the individual, because it is infinite.

No infinity can be divided; infinity cannot be broken into pieces. It is the same one, undivided unit for ever, and this is the individual man, the Real Man. The apparent man is merely a struggle to express, to manifest this individuality which is beyond; and evolution is not in the Spirit. These changes which are going on — the wicked becoming good, the animal becoming man, take them in whatever way you like — are not in the Spirit. They are evolution of nature and manifestation of Spirit. Suppose there is a screen hiding you from me, in which there is a small hole through which I can see some of the faces before me, just a few faces. Now suppose the hole begins to grow larger and larger, and as it does so, more and more of the scene before me reveals itself and when at last the whole screen has disappeared, I stand face to face with you all. You did not change at all in this case; it was the hole that was evolving, and you were gradually manifesting yourselves.

So it is with the Spirit. No perfection is going to be attained. You are already free and perfect. What are these ideas of religion and God and searching for the hereafter? Why does man look for a God? Why does man, in every nation, in every state of society, want a perfect ideal somewhere, either in man, in God, or elsewhere? Because that idea is within you. It was your own heart beating and you did not know; you were mistaking it for something external. It is the God within your own self that is propelling you to seek for Him, to realize Him. After long searches here and there, in temples and in churches, in earths and in heavens, at last you come back, completing the circle from where you started, to your own soul and find that He for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries shrouded in the clouds, is nearest of the near, is your own Self, the reality of your life, body, and soul. That is your own nature. Assert it, manifest it. Not to become pure, you are pure already. You are not to be perfect, you are that already. Nature is like that screen which is hiding the reality beyond. Every good thought that you think or act upon is simply tearing the veil, as it were; and the purity, the Infinity, the God behind, manifests Itself more and more.”

And then... for the pedestrian and manifest in appearances (DRUM ROLL) you get- POCKETNET!

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Friday, March 06, 2020

"The Warp and the Woof of the Thing Entire, Unlike the Other to which We Aspire."

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There are several trends, visibly present at the moment and which are also visibly intensifying. One of them is domestic murder suicides and familial killings, across the country and around the world, for any number of reasons. These are happening daily and in multiples. Another is the curious departures from previous norms, in the behavior of known players, on the world stage. When I say behavioral norms, I do not mean they are normal, but that where their behavior was, formerly, consistently controlled, or operated within particular parameters, they are now uncontrolled and operating outside of antecedent forms. Chuckie Schumer's recent exposure of his real self comes to mind as well as the behavior of the Democratic candidates and their followers, the ever more and more wack outbursts from Pedowood, Kalifornia and the whole Left Coast. Then there is the ever, more and more insane capitulations of corporations and big business, as well as corrupt politicians, to wokeness and perversity diversity.

People are actually getting criminally charged for no more than commenting on the mental illnesses of sexually dysfunctional people. Highly placed world leaders are losing their shit and becoming enraged, beyond what we have previously seen, witness, Ty yiy Yippee Kai Yay Erdogan, unleashing the hordes of fighting age migrant men, upon the decimated fields of Europe. There's the escalating conflicts in the legislative halls of The Crown Colonies, where laws now have to pass through particular filters to gain approval. They HAVE TO BE minority and diversity friendly. They have to be oppressive. They have to be on the borders of bat shit lunacy.

It sometimes seems that more frivolous laws are passed, daily, in Kalifornia than in the rest of the country combined. I am trying to find the real reasons for what is going on in certain places. Formerly sane lawmakers, at least they used to appear to be reasonably so, are now, lockstep approving things that no sane or normal person would countenance. This is happening all over the world. To see how stupid AND dangerous living among the barbarians has become, you have only to view this recent video from Finland. Finland actually has the best schools in the world, where you can still get a good education.

I've thought about it and thought about it. We've illustrated the equation of Materialism= Insanity and that is certainly applicable, but there is something far less apparent and far more insidious at work in the world at this time and it is operating on every level of human activity AND the intention is the DESTRUCTION of all infrastructures and former social norms. It is as deceptive and pernicious as it can be. It is attacking every institution whose mandate was to educate us, protect us and prevent harm. Obviously... the reason you cannot see the culprit and source of all this mischief and malice is because it is invisible.

Because people are willingly trapped, within the bandwidth of the physical senses, due to the magnetics of Materialism, they are USUALLY... unaware that everything we see and hear or register by any sense, has its origin in the invisible. EVERYTHING that exists was, once upon a time, AN IDEA on the mental plane, which precipitated down into the realm of material form. There are four planes of being down which everything precipitates; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. They originate from Aether. Quite simply you can see them as Ideas-blueprints-processes-material form. You imagine sitting. Then comes the image of all the types of chairs one could sit in. Then comes the physical exercise of force in the construction of a chair and then... voila! The chair! Everything gets here like that.

Good Guys use this process and Bad Guys use this process. As human forms we do not all have the same degree of material density. There is a vast difference between The Brute and the Master of their Form. The one has less light and the other the greater amount of light in composition and between them are all of us at whatever our place is in the mix. There is intelligence in light; less at the one end than at the other. Those at the upper end are vibrating at a much higher rate than those at the lower end. Most of us cannot even see those at the highest end unless they want us to.

There is a force loose in the world that wants us to be all reduced to the same level of mediocrity. This force also wants to control us completely. Communism is their preferred vehicle of political expression and there is a certain genetic group among us that creates and employs this system, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. They like this system because you CAN'T VOTE THEM OUT. Those resident in places where Communism is present, are under the power and control of those who run the system. So far... all that Communism has achieved is horrific suffering and mass murder, as well as a scarcity of goods. It has no other accomplishments.

We call the King of the Fallen Angels, Satan and there are also, Samael, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Azazel, Mammon, Ashtaroth and sundry. There are quite a few of them and they have their rankings, just as does the celestial realm. There are periods of time when these infernal angels are unleashed to freedoms of wider expression. Such a time we presently find ourselves in. It is also true that in these times the higher angels draw closer to us for assistance, instruction, guidance and protection. If you have the right perspective, you never see the infernal workers, only the celestial entities of divine light.

Therein we find the causes of all of the ills affecting humanity at this time and the explanation for WHY... WHY are certain things happening? What is it that is motivating people all over to support changes that are dangerous to their own well being? Demons are expressions of particular appetites and various behaviors, as well as expressions of excessive indulgences, in certain, generally normal appetites. They take up residence in people who are given to excessive engagement in appetites and behaviors. Some of them encourage mental states and preoccupations. Usually, their duties are to lead or entice the unwary, or entranced, to perdition and ruin. That IS what they are about. You have two sorts of angels, those who encourage the virtues and those who encourage the vices and just because you can't see them does not mean they are not there because they most certainly are.

Because this is a time of Material Darkness and the exercise of excesses of appetite and other behaviors, humanity is more inclined to the pursuit of physical pleasure. This is why it is said that, “wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction.” I know there are many people who are indifferent to the truth of life and don't want to hear about it. The truth is often a hindrance to the pursuit of pleasure and the objectives of self will run riot. However, this is surely true; You can find the truth and if not... the truth will, at some point, surely find you.

It is a given that people engage in all sorts of things simply because they can. They also think that they are unseen at what they do, except for their fellow participants or victims. This is not true. At no time are any of us unseen in the acts in which we engage. All actions have consequences. There are people born into this world every day, in order that the consequences of their former actions can be visited upon them; good and bad. Then there are those, in present time, to whom the same applies, WHO ARE ALSO engaging in actions for which yet more future events are being, presently arranged, for them to experience the fruits thereof further on. People can cry and scream and pull their hair about it, deny it, scoff at it. It matters not. IT IS WHAT IT IS... to the last jot and tittle.

If you find it hard to understand why and how it is that things are getting so out of hand, it's all explained- Cliff Notes like, in this posting. You can fill in the blanks. You can extrapolate on your own. It's not Rocket Surgery. The reason what is, is often unclear to so many people, is because this is how they want it. The truth is very often an annoyance and a hindering force, for the pursuit of personal objectives. The truth gets in the way of gratuitous behavior. Most people don't want to hear about abstemious living, austerities, being in the world but not of it. It's a pain in the ass when you want to go to KFC, or out on the prowl. There are plenty of things that are no good for you but you want them anyway.

You live in a shadowland of dueling intelligences. One wants to take you one way and one another. You have to decide which way you are going to go. Both come at a price. The one comes at a certain price here and hereafter and the other comes at a cost here, considering the inhibitions to what you can and cannot do. Those who want to pitch and moan about not being able to live a life of riotous excess and give up all the flesh pleasures of the manifest realm, obviously have not been to the higher regions, or don't remember having been there because the pleasures of the higher realms are far, FAR beyond the pedestrian fare you get here. It's the difference between prison food and the finest cuisine one can have. Actually, it's a much wider reach than that.

One of the biggest problems in life is that people don't like the way things are and they bitch about it and take it out on each other and never acknowledge that they are responsible for the way their world is. The truth is EASY to see but people don't want to see it because it is inconvenient and gets in the way OF WHAT THEY WANT. Ageless Wisdom has proclaimed the why and wherefore of everything for a very long time and it hasn't and doesn't change. THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED 'AGELESS' WISDOM. You want to play? You got to pay. One way or another and it doesn't mean jack to me if anyone doesn't like how it is CAUSE IT IS HOW IT IS and let me add definitively that THE WAY IT IS doesn't care what you think or how you feel about it. Better to meet it at the marrow than to be driven to wit's end arguing about it.

Life is SIMPLE. We make it complex when we RATIONALIZE and Scheme and plot to have it our way. We can be devious little shits but it will cost us in the end because we are compelled to lie to ourselves to have it our way. IF... one is smart enough to place their lives in the hands of their creator they will get everything worth having with no effort and be spared all that is not worth having but looks good in the display case.

And for anyone who gets tripped out about all the duality that appears in these posts cause they are 'above it all Advaitist's; real Advatists wouldn't get tripped out, only delusional pretend Advaitists get tripped out. The heart of the matter is that I am TALKING TO DUALISTS, or dwellers in dualism. I recommend all the pretend Advaitists return to the book with nothing but blank pages, or join hands and hum a few bars.

I could have phrased this better and tied it together into a neater bundle but part of this interplay is the reader filling in the blanks.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

I took a trip on The SS Pocketnet and when I reached Jamaica I got robbed in Kingston Town, so I'm sad to say I'm on my way, back to the safety of the USA (for the moment) and of course the Elysian environs of Pocketnet.

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Monday, March 02, 2020

"Fear and Anger and the Law of Polarity. Change your Mind and Change your Life."

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My... My... I can't remember a time when I have seen so many angry people; so many sad and depressed people, so many fearful people. The angry and the fearful parts seem to feed off of one another. Of course... Fear and Anger have a long enduring relationship with one another and as you should know by now, Fear and Anger smell the same to an animal.

I 'think' I know why people are so angry and... once again, like so many things, it comes back to the presence of Mr. Apocalypse. He IS THE FORCE OF AWAKENING and if you don't want to wake up; it's going to make you angry. All round the world, the force of awakening is pressing down, in and out, upon the human mind. It's been percolating in the subconscious for some time now and as the gradients of necessity progress, the force of awakening increases and IT SCARES PEOPLE and it MAKES THEM ANGRY.

People are afraid of what awakening can result in, especially since awakening has such a close connection to 'revealing' and 'uncovering'. There are past events and secret drives that are resident in most of us and WE DO NOT WANT THEM brought out into the light of day; certainly not to where everyone else can see them. I've spend the major part of my life, sorting out all the secret passages of the mind's interior. I'm certain I haven't been everywhere but I've seen enough to know that there are Minotaur's and other creatures that reside within and YOU HAD BETTER come to terms with them OR they will use you to their ends. YOU MUST confront 'the Dweller on the Threshold'. The good news is that it will not be you doing the confronting but rather the indwelling angel that does this.

Anyone who has studied The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and The Operation of the Sun OR the implications of The Great Work, OR The Pearl of Great Price, OR The Philosopher's Stone OR... the same thing by another name; as it is with The Quintessence, The Spiritual Fire, Telesma, Spiritual Sunlight, Fohat... know that these are all different terms for the same thing. Anyone who has studied these events and forces knows that the initiate does not himself do anything other than bring himself to the requisite state of purity for the event to occur... it is THE ANGEL who accomplishes the transformation. This is why you NEVER SEE person's of wisdom and spiritual accomplishment taking any credit to themselves. This is why Jesus the Christ said, “Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works.” Could it be any more clear?

The changing of an age is a REALLY BIG EVENT. The cusp period itself is more than twice the length of an ordinary human life. As with ALL cosmic forces, the power of them is far greater than anyone's ability to resist them. This is another reason that so many people are angry. They are being forced to change and they don't want to change. They are being forced to see and to hear and they do not want to see or to hear; it is an intrusion upon how they wish their personal illusion to be. Too bad. None of it is open to negotiation. A wise soul bends with the will of Heaven. As Lao Tzu says, “Heaven prefers no man but the wise man prefers Heaven.”

Wherever there is a great deal of Fear there is also a great deal of Anger. This, of course is to be expected in times of Material Darkness, because so many hearts have been hijacked into a love of temporary things. This generates its own Fear; Fear of loss and the attendant anger that follows loss.

Unfortunately for those who are predators and profiteers on humanity, the AWAKENING is REVEALING their tactics and duplicities, more and more with each passing hour, so they are scrambling in a veritable panic to cover their tracks. This is why false histories are waved before our eyes without respite. This is why the tedious lie of The Holocaust has its own TV channel in the human mind. This fantasy of a holocaust, exists as a cover and a distraction from the tens of millions that THEY KILLED during the Bolshevik Revolution. This is why THEY, who qualify as WHITE, are the shrillest and loudest voices calling for the genocide of The White Race. This is why there is such a press of force and money for the elevation of all sexual dysfunctions and Climate Change. These are ALL DISTRACTIONS, cobbled together to divert the attention from THE EXPOSURE of their crimes.

Mr. Apocalypse is the revealer of all things hidden. He is not The Judge, nor The Punisher. That is another department. It is all too easy to become Fearful and Angry in these times. Unless your Faith in the Supreme Being is solid and your Certitude of his unassailable power is solid, the possibility of Fear is never far off.

Biblical scripture can often have more than one interpretation. Experts argue all the time about pointless minutiae. Not only can scripture mean more than one thing but it can IMPLY many things. For instance; “Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” Love displaces Fear and the reverse is also true. Regardless, they cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Love creates an environment where toxic emotion cannot reside. It stands to reason that the stronger the Love becomes, the wider and more comprehensive is its ring of protection.

There is an occult law of polarity. The anonymous writers of The Kybalion (one of whom was Paul Foster Case) wrote; “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

Take a original polarity. Between them they propose a third and the third supposes a fourth by polarity and on and on and on until we get the incredible complexity of the material world. Just suppose you were to engage in Self Inquiry. In the process of the performance of it, you would go deeper and deeper inwardly, from the grosser to the finer, just as all of the myriads of force are finally resolved into Prana and the myriads of substances are resolved into Akasha. You will have traced your steps internally to the indwelling Divine Presence and that is THE POINT OF SELF INQUIRY. At a certain point Spirit and Matter are the same. Polarization is also an art and you can resolve EVERY DIFFICULTY IN YOUR LIFE THROUGH THE APPLICATION OF IT.

Here is someone with whom I am so much in agreement that I find his arguments and statements to be nearly the same as what passes in my own mind. This man is a member of the same school of thought that I have long been a member of. If it is possible for your mind to become attuned to what is in that article, you may find the solution to ALL of your SELF CREATED PROBLEMS.

There is no need for Fear or Anger. Why did I find myself writing about these things today? I took a walk through the supermarket and studied the faces of the other customers. I saw a great deal of Fear and Anger, as well as sorrow and regret etched into the faces. The memory of it stayed with me for some time after I left and came along with me on my walk through the neighborhood later.

Through the Law of Polarity you will discover that Wisdom displaces ignorance and not just in your mind. As you ascend in consciousness, the field of your influence expands and all of the states of consciousness below yours, come automatically under the command of your awareness, just as is the case with awarenesses ABOVE YOUR OWN. This is why we seek to come into resonance and harmony with the divine consciousness, which also frees us of any threat in the environment from states of awareness below our own. Knowledge of these laws is not restricted only to those of us with good intentions. The bad guys know about this too; SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND.

A great deal of the Fear and Anger, Resentment, Despair, Hatred and so many of their kindred emotions do not originate in our own hearts and minds, but are being BROADCASTED by cabals of infernal entities who serve The Dark Lord. There is a collective effort among various groups of people to keep humanity in harness and the best way to do that is to control what is thought and felt by the populace; certainly to influence it. This is why it is critically important for you to keep an optimistic and positive mindset and to always be generating Love and Compassion for others as you make your way through them.

Most of us have no idea of the good that can be accomplished by a single person, who is determined to spread light and joy among their fellows. You may be sure that the angels are aware of this and lend their power to these efforts. All of creation is affected by the the spread of cheerful and confident vibrations. The Sun is the primary exponent of this activity and the one whom all of us, with good intentions, should emulate.

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