Friday, March 27, 2020

Moonwalking with the Shadows on the Walls of Plato's Cave.

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Wandered around the news sites this morning and then scrolled down the lineup at Pocketnet. It seems that these are the days of 'the same old same old' and becoming reminiscent of the Idiocracy garbage avalanche.

I don't mean to demean anyone trying to provide insight and information, concerning the state of the world and the causes of those states in these uncertain times BUT... it just made me more and more tired and I learned nothing that I wasn't already misinformed about.

What I know about the world is that it is composed of appearances and appearances are a lie. It should come as a surprise to no one that there are those among us who work appearances to their advantage; who deliberately misinterpret appearances and who generate appearances, all for their own profit and it should also be noted that there is no length to which some will not go, to see that their intended ends are met. Consider that there are those who engineer wars in order to turn a profit. Think for a moment of the terrible events and conditions of war and that these profiteers think nothing of the suffering and loss they cause in their pursuit of personal gain. As Gutle Rothschild once said, “if my sons did not want wars, there would be no wars.”

The presence of Good and Evil in the relative world is a mystery for most but it should not be. The world is a stage for the purpose of demonstration. It is a theater set for the presentation of dramas and the reason for it is LEARNING. The objective is evolution in consciousness and as the consciousness evolves, so does the environment of the residents. This is why we see some living in total abundance and a complete lack of want and others living with very little and in a state of constant want. Nevertheless, the average resident of this world in this time is better off than the royalty of previous times. We have become a world of self-indulgent and spiritually lazy people, in dire need of an awakening and... that awakening has come.

As I view the wide world before me, I see millions engaged in countless pursuits, each of which are quite important to them and at the same time, meaningless in any real sense; geologists study their sector of the world, looking for meaning. Archaeologists study their sector, looking for meaning. Sciences abound and in most cases, nothing of lasting value is learned. Some build and some destroy. Some harm and some heal. Some teach and some confuse and it is all a riotous discord of unintelligible voices, crying out to be heard and acknowledged. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not but in nearly every case, it doesn't matter and they are soon forgotten and never remembered beyond the short period in which those who know about them still remain.

Statues are raised for heroes and statesmen and for anyone with the power or support to have a statue raised and they exist as evidence of former times, incorrectly and incompletely remembered and as a perch for pigeons to shit on.

Everyone reading these words and everyone not reading these words, will be gone after a brief passage of years, or less. They will be forgotten in this world, along with whatever they did and... after a longer passage of time, the entire world in which they lived will be gone and forgotten. They will return to some later version of this world, or some version of another world, not recalling having been here before and they will do this over and over and over and over, resolving quarrels from another time, with no memory of having been engaged in them, fulfilling dreams that were dreamed in former times, doing one thing or another and... across the vast stretch of time passing, a few will become Self Realized and they will understand what the reasons were, as well as who they once were, in all those lives previously.

I've been told that some will never know why they were here. I don't know if this is true. We are in an exceptional time and there is an opportunity for any who wish to awaken to awaken. Some few are actively engaged in this. The majority are caught up in pedestrian adventures, caring not at all about it. They're dancing with the shadows on the walls of Plato's Cave. Sometimes they are running from them but they're just shadows. Coronavirus is a shadow.

This present manufactured emergency is a test run to see how people respond to it. It allows them to computer program scenarios of 'what if's. To see all those people hoarding toilet paper really made me sad. My friend was at Walmart today and asked the cashier when a new shipment of toilet paper would be coming in. She told my friend that they stock the shelves full up every morning and within a couple of hours it is all gone. This has been going on for weeks and a whole lot of people still don't have enough toilet paper. I know there is an irony meme in there, somewhere, about Materialists being full of shit and anally robotic. I think about the FEAR that is nestled down in the base of their Medulla; how it ticks away... any little thing could set it off. I'm convinced that the Materialism virus is far more dangerous and fatal than Coronavirus.

I've been watching people for a long time now. They are nothing if not predictable. They literally give their lives for trivia and will purchase any lie, so long as it is a comfortable lie. They've done this with their religions. The founder of every genuine religion was an oracle of truth and spoke of the power and force of Truth and the essential integrity of it, as well as the critical importance of its presence in life; almost as if to suggest that it was the centerpiece of any real existence. Now... the truth being uncomfortable, when measured against the insane drive for pointless acquisition, is buried in an unmarked grave, along with all of the qualities the possession of it gave birth to. It should come as no surprise that they crucified Jesus Christ; though some say that never happened. One source I know of said that, in the wink of an eye, Judas was made to appear as Jesus and they crucified him instead. Mohammad was poisoned. I doubt most people knew that. Krishna was killed with a poisoned arrow but... he was/is God, so.... There are a lot of mysteries about all of the watershed moments of spiritual history.

As one proceeds spiritually and one's life comes to reflect the dynamic of the teacher or teaching being followed, something magical begins to happen that never makes it into the daily news. The practitioner becomes transformed by the practice and ceases to walk on the common byways, even while appearing to still do so. They are actually walking in another land that begins to materialize around them, because the force that moves them acts upon the landscape through which they are passing. Heaven begins to appear as an extension of the one who carries it at the core of their being. It's been there all along so... it's more a matter of uncovering than of materializing. Because Heaven is, by its nature, a state of abundance, the one bearing it is able to liberally extend it in every direction. Johnny Appleseed, whose real name was John Chapman, was a follower of Emmanuel Swedenborg. I'm pretty sure almost no one knows that. It wasn't only 'cider; apple-seeds that he distributed on his journey.

The real mystery of the mystery of life is that it takes upon itself the nature of the one living it. Since most lives are pedestrian and unremarkable, life is made to seem that way too and those who make their prosperous livings, through the manipulation of appearances, have a vested interest in the pedestrian being the be-all and end-all of existence. The higher beauty and greater marvels that are present in life are concealed by those with a keen investment in having them hidden. Still... they are only doing their job, building the paddocks and stock pens that they house humanity in. They wouldn't make such a good living if they didn't have a captive population to feed upon.

There is a reason why the howling unknown is called the howling unknown and why that which resides outside the borders of the ordinary is so terrifying for most people. I've been there any number of times, deep into the wilds while powerfully psychedelicized and it is not as threatening as common fear alleges. There is a reasons that certain wild places remain uncivilized and that is because of who and what resides there. I can safely say that in these locations, just as it is in your neighborhood bar, you bring the danger with you. Once you have encountered the sum of all your fears who lives inside you, there is nothing for you to fear ever again.

There are those who have intentionally set out to confront this monster, this Minotaur, who dwells in the dark subterranean chambers of the mind and in many cases lived to regret it, or did not survive the encounter. It is not I nor you, who triumphs over this shadow self, but rather the one who has ever and always been its master and that is the wiser and saner course, as I have discovered, BUT... that... that is you too, so... something to think about. Until one has brought this night terror to heel, one can only go so far and no further and that accounts for all the unexamined lives that surround us and who seldom mark the passage of the strange anomalies who briefly appear in their midst, usually as an object of scorn or suspicion and who routinely disappear at some point. “Say... whatever happened to so and so?”

IN THESE TIMES... opportunities abound. A wise soul would give this some deeper consideration, here in these days of advanced cultural decay. There are ALWAYS escape hatches and portals that appear in times of apocalypse. There was another time of transition during the French Revolution where the Comte de St. Germain and Cagliostro briefly appeared. Bulwer Lytton, often made fun of by pedants of literature, wrote a curious book called, Zanoni that illustrated the perils of messing with cosmic forces. I have an original printing of it.

There is a great deal more going on than what there seems to be and all those things causing such a racket at the moment are complete nonissues by comparison. A simple pausing for reflection, perhaps even taken as a regular discipline, might well reveal those things that are the real point of an apocalypse to begin with.

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Today's Song is-

God is the reason that the things so many people fear never happen or turn out to be different and not dangerous at all.

Pocketnet has hit a sluggish period and some contributors are working overtime putting up one pointless article after another. The lack of response by the readers says it all but they don't stop. I'm hoping there is an improvement soon and the fluff bunnies wind up in some form of Rarebit. It can't come too soon. Anyway, here's Pocketnet, or what's left of it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sweet bed time story, since that's where I'm going now. A lot of this post had synchronisities with aspects of my life regarding past conversations and more, and the second to the last paragraph of the post floored me.

G said...


robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Thank you for your offering!

A perspective not unlike that of Ecclesiastes, pulling us out of our pedestrian adventures long enough to take in the bigger picture, from a higher viewpoint!

The majority are caught up in pedestrian adventures, caring not at all about it

Out of compassion for all souls trapped in time, we note that, by design, the people harvesters to which you allude have turned up the cook stove top to 11, making physical survival challenging enough to distract from all other pursuits.

This assumes that those so caught up, have not sought and found the Eternal within and are following directives from within wherever they lead.

It is no longer a game of trivial pursuit, but of being put to the question, to live or die for what one truly believes.

As prophesized, were it not for the Apocalypse revealing the grand deceptions playing with our minds and the Avatar returning, no single person would survive.

Even this madhouse cannot stop us from being compassionate, to others and to ourselves.
Life or death testing cannot fail to reveal our true purpose or none, as long as we show up and pay our attention.

Would ANY soul choose to embody into this grinder knowing in gory detail the gauntlet to be walked at this time?

Only the select few with no doubt to shadow their personality, who could see all the way through to the end from the beginning...

jpow00 said...

i am constantly impressed with just very important it is to stop fooling myself. Self deception is truly the root of all evil!

Sukh said...

A new Visible Origami:

Somewhere Between Hunky Dory and Gotterdammerung Lies the Eternally Vibrating Resonance of Truth

Thomas said...

Beautiful post, Visible.

I've been deeply saddened to see the people embrace the hysteria, toilet paper and all... The upside of that is the mellowness and non-attachment that can come of it, I suppose.

God is good.

dave1010 said...

Mr. Visible, thank you for the quote " God is the reason that the things so many people fear never happen or turn out to be different and not dangerous at all." I know this to be true and have experienced it many times in my life but still slip back into doubt and fear only to be encouraged back up to slip down. Repeat. I'm grateful my helpers don't lose patience with me. Thanks for what you do.

toxyczny said...

Aggressive truth
 It seems that these are the days of ‘the same old same old’

not much, something has changed. people opened their eyes. something that started in 2014 was the beginning of the end. just as I promised old man.
Judgement Day
A period in which God makes accounts with different groups of people, nations or all of humanity.
a lot has changed, only you are too blind to see.
I will mix it up a little more. I hope you don't get angry when I introduce a new chaos in the psychonautic program?
Real tragicomedy.



Joseph Brenner

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