Monday, January 31, 2011

Talking New World, New Age System Blues

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.”

Well, my friends, I probably shouldn’t be feeling as good as I am; slammed by physical problems (not my usual métier) at the moment. And I probably shouldn’t be looking forward to all of the things that are coming, when they mean bad news for the majority but the majority have backed all the bad things that brought us to these terrible imperatives and also persecuted the minority that only had their best interests in mind. Meanwhile they supported the minority that did not have their best interests in mind. I probably shouldn’t be in an expectant and sometimes gleeful state of mind (probably just trying to distract myself-grin) about what’s coming for the minority that, as I write this, is promoting revolutionary changes, in order to give the impression that things are changing as they maneuver to take control of the new systems.

Here’s what needs to be changed, regardless of any and all secondary needs; the construct of central banks, Federal Reserves, must end and laws made against their return. Corporations must be taxed and controlled to the degree needed. Public servants must adhere to things they say as opposed to what they actually do under severe penalties to the contrary of serving the very interests they were elected to protect the public from in the first place. Laws can’t be laws if they are so easily compromised by the ability of money to provide the lawyers to do so. This is all very general and the reader will not be satisfied with my vague embrace of what needs a tighter specification and interpretation. That’s not my job. That’s someone else’s job.

TPTB are working behind the scenes to instigate what is inevitable because of their general policies of governing. It’s coming anyway, so they’re trying to control the direction of the flow. Some numbers of their fellows are earmarked for sacrifice to the illusion of justice. It’s like the Nuremburg trials, where they tortured the accused to get them to admit to lies, in order to set the groundwork for massive lies that followed in the aftermath and this came about because the neo-Pharisees controlled the Russian agenda, due to their authorship of the Bolshevik Revolution. This worked in tandem with the neo-Pharisee cabal that instigated the war in the first place from the American side. All of this was greatly assisted by the money men in London who funneled financial backing through any and every proxy at hand; simplistic again, but so.

It all comes down to money and who controls it. They can switch it on and switch it off. They did so in The Great Depression, in order to take ownership of a great many things and it is a carbon copy of the same happening today. Goldman Sachs needs to be torn to the ground and utterly destroyed. They’re as anti-human and devilishly intent as The Vatican and no less of a religion. You can argue all you like about unnamed shadowy figures pulling their strings but if you destroy the agency of their operation then you have reached these men in any case.

The pharmaceutical companies are also heavily engaged in this multi-pronged war against humanity. You can no longer buy so many of the natural Chinese herbs and many other truly healing substances, not only because they work, where the pharmaceuticals do not but because what they make also renders the population docile and disoriented, making them easier to herd and control. Inexpensive natural healing substances cut back on the profits that are made by the butchers of the allopathic medical/pharmaceutical combine. That has to stop. I cannot order, basic and healing items from other countries, because the pharmaceutical empire controls what passes through customs into this country. It’s the same thing with food. Good and nutritious foodstuffs and the ability to grow and sell them, are being systematically legislated against for the benefit of Monsanto and other agri-business interests. They cynically shoehorned the new laws into a bill dealing with Veteran’s concerns (if I remember correctly) and everything else in the bill was threatened if this one, courtesy of Harry Reid, was not also approved. Monsanto needs to be pulled to the ground and destroyed and their agents imprisoned for murder and fraud.

There’s no wiggle room with any of these things. They have to be attended to. If peaceful means do not serve then the alternative is unavoidable. Much is made of the peaceful revolutionary styles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It must be remembered that despite the intent of these efforts, a lot of people got hurt and a lot of people died. The concept is the right one and can insure an enduring success but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs and you have to be prepared for the worst they can throw at you. After all, you are threatening their illegitimate position from which they are abusing you. They have no conscience; otherwise they would not be behaving as they do.

The Constitution was designed by people who understood the things it was created to defend against but the authors warned repeatedly that it would not be long before more revolutions would be required, to reaffirm what these principles defined. I know that some amount of the readers think that The Founding Fathers were a bunch of Luciferians and what not. Years ago I read about The Hellfire Club and Ben Franklin’s escapades and the like. Secret societies have always been with us but they are not all satanic. The good guys have them and the bad guys have them. Read the Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and please refrain from telling me bad things about Manly. He was a good guy, end of story. I’m going to bet that not a single person who downloaded this book some months ago has finished the whole thing yet (grin).

The most powerful thing any of us can do to help what is coming to arrive, with enthusiasm and power, is to believe in it and see it as a reality. Think of it as a collective, revival house prayer. Live with the understanding that it’s already here. We need to be peaceful because that is the position of true strength. The position of peace acknowledges that the universe is under benevolent control. However, our position has little effect except as a good example and as an assurance of our continuing good karma. Cosmic forces, including Mother Nature, have their own agenda to make double damn sure that the predators who have inflicted such misery upon us get their due reward. This means powerfully destructive agencies, coming to bear upon their designs and machinations. It may be hard viewing but so has been the viewing of all their heinous efforts to this point.

In the process of these changes, Israel and the empires she has corrupted, are going to be destroyed. That’s just how it is. That is not the true Israel, not the real Israelites and their existence has been permitted to show the nature of their behavior. That is not the true, nor the New Jerusalem. This is not even the real world. The real world is going to appear, out of the ashes of the destruction of the false world, just as our real selves are going to be revealed to us through the vision of our real eyes, as the veils slip away from them. For some of us these veils will slip away, or be burned to nothing, by the power of our efforts to awaken. In other cases these veils will be ripped away but... going they are. They are going and no personal or externally controlling force can maintain them any longer in their state of enforced deception. Freedom may be a welcome condition but it can be truly terrifying as well. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and not knowing from one minute to the next, whether you can restrain yourself from jumping against your will.

I try to look at my life and what is coming the way I look at dental visits. I look forward to them with positive anticipation because I know the result is greatly desired as opposed to the circumstances that required the visit. This is a true story and I assure you that it militates against the worst features of the event.

Folks, it’s here and all bets are off on everything. Don’t let the primary or initial appearance of conditions and events, determine what you should believe about what is and what is happening. If you want to know the meaning of what is happening outside yourself, look inside yourself, because that’s where the answers are. Just as major changes are taking place in the surrounding world, major changes are taking place within you and you can amplify and accelerate this, to the degree that you cooperate with and seek after the force responsible. To get an idea of how transformative this is all going to be and how rare the opportunities are, keep in mind that this is not just the turning of an age but the turning of a complete cycle as well. We can’t really imagine it but it does grant some perspective. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation for the winner’s court. May the winds of fortune be at your back.

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Talking New World, New Age System Blues

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

The general publication date for the forthcoming books is set for around March 1st. I mention this so that people, hopefully, will stop asking me when they are going to be available (grin).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fire, Fire Burning Bright with the Tigers in the Night

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

As soon as I heard that a young Tunisian had set himself on fire, I felt an awareness of something ominous rising up from the uncertainty of these times. It wasn’t too long before others elsewhere, had also set themselves on fire, or so I heard anyway. It looks like Egypt is going to toss Hose-me Mubarak out of office; especially once news of the massacre at Suez comes out. This isn’t about Egypt though, as important as Egypt might prove to be. This is about Saudi Arabia, where the threat of revolution has been in the air for decades.

When I heard that Putin had discounted Chechen responsibility for the Russian airport bombing, I thought, he knows it was Israel with their ICTS security that permitted and/or, planned the event. I thought that this might be that 'Israeli mistake' predicted by Clif High (the new ALTA report is out). I was very surprised to learn that they were there. It didn’t sound like Putin to allow ICTS into the country but... it could be I know very little about the man. I know what he did about the vampire oligarchs and I know they serve Israel because the western press is full of support and skewered details, concerning the oligarch that just got more prison time; his poor sainted mother, weeping in the courtroom for her blue-eyed boy.

The game is on. One place they won’t be doing the revolution shuffle is in Iran. Little Georgie Sorrows and his dance of a thousand scarves had to move on from that location. Once Putin gets to the bottom of Israeli involvement in the Russian airport bombing, I imagine there’s going to be some interesting reactions.

It could well be that the CIA and Mossad are behind all of these revolutions. They’re behind just about all of the trouble in the world at the moment, which invariably leads back to The Satanic, Lizard Clan of Corfu, which, according to all the Hasbara and Sayanim operatives, is just an affiliate of the Vatican and a forever, unnamed group of the truly powerful in the shadows. I don’t doubt that all roads of iniquity lead to the cloven hoofed one but the individual satellites of evil are all a darkness unto themselves, beneath the wide umbrella of unrelenting, atavistic evil. It’s a Baskin and Robbins kind of a thing; 38 flavors of evil with two or three of them more popular than the rest.

It’s possible that the industrious agents of The Dark Lord are at work in every country in the world, securing everything of value for the chosen few, whose pleasures come in equal measures of possession and the enjoyment of want in others. At a certain level of evil, a great deal of pleasure is taken, just in the knowing that vast amounts of humanity are suffering at your hands and being denied by your edict. When I think of Kissinger and David Rockefeller, this comes to mind.

Intrigues and backroom, provocateur actions aside, something is rising up in the people and neither the fuel nor the food shortages have gotten to any serious extreme yet. There’s an energy of unrest and compulsive change in the air. It’s radiating from the inside out. It’s unpredictable and unmanageable and we can only hope that when they go looking for targets of opportunity; a canvas upon which to express their rage, that they take that madness of an enraged and drunken Jackson Pollock and visit it upon the bankers and all their helpmates, wherever they may be.

It won’t do to have the masses turning on each other, as the vicious and venal intend. The masses have a common enemy, nearly as great as their ignorance, which is the ancient enemy of all masses over the course of time. They have a subtle and powerful foe that can be tracked and discovered, simply by following the money and its influence. You will see bloody footprints and discarded body parts, marking the tracks of the money to wherever it has gone.

We now know that banks engineer wars for the purpose of profit. They take the savings of the people and use these funds to manufacture conflicts, in which the common man is translated into canon fodder on his own dime. You won’t get very far with any new world and it won’t be new for long, if you don’t make banking (as we know it) a capital crime. Politicians and religious figures, along with the financially powerful and the celebrated across the continents, are secondary to the mind of money, which merely purchases or rents them for its needs. They’re just cigar store Indians; no offense intended. They’re lawn jockeys for the boys in the back who need them waxing industrious in the front.

I would personally have them breaking rocks on Devil’s Island for the rest of their lives. I think quarantine is the answer. I think the whole island should be a wired, reality TV show that is broadcast like Big Brother across the airwaves each day, as a reminder of what kinds of influence you used to have to live under. I think specific individuals should be interviewed about their behavior on TV and tasered when they lie. The tazer could be set up to operate in sync with a lie detector machine. Of course, sometimes the machine might not be 100% accurate but; what difference does that make?

I think humanity would learn a great deal, watching these types interact with each other. They’d learn which characteristics to weed out of their children. I also think there ought to be a traveling exhibit of the very worst of them that goes around the world in cages, with a legend printed on the cage, describing the occupant, just like you see at the zoos. It could list their propensities and crimes and the various dangers of contact. They are as unlike that which they prey upon as a flamingo is from a crocodile.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s some kind of a cosmic ray; some kind of high tech spiritual weapon that is going to beam across the surface of the Earth and have two distinct effects on two distinct types of people. As I’ve said a time or two, I believe the fire that the wicked allegedly burn in, is the very same fire that the saints rejoice in, it’s just a matter of your relationship to it.

I also believe that with all of the dramatic social and political changes, actually in progress right now, that the most dramatic of them all is going to be Mother Nature and whatever she intends. I suspect she’s going to upset a whole lot of apple carts. I think about those islands for the rich off of Abu Dhabi, sinking back into the sea, and all the cloistered and gated communities that will suddenly become prisons, for those who’ll expire in their lock boxes... in their safe rooms. I’ve been reading about the enormous expenses the rich are engaged in, in order to survive the coming depredations caused by their behavior.

I imagine there is going to be thousands upon thousands of events that out picture an amazing irony in times to come because, after all, this is a scripted event. Everything that’s been happening has been scripted; the pedophile priests, the genocide of the Palestinians, the wars and false terror, the behavior of the bankers and their house pet politicians, the dreary entertainments and the pandering of the marketplace to every excess and indulgence. It’s all scripted. It’s all according to an eternal plot from which few escape in any given time.

Day by day, the revelations around the world, about what the bad guys have been up to, keep increasing in number and intensity. It gets more and more irrefutable and indefensible and when people start setting themselves on fire, you know that the main act has begun and that the train has left the station. There’s something about people setting themselves on fire that galvanizes a whole lot of other things, e cosi.

There’s nothing particularly revelatory in this posting. It’s just a screen capture of the way the river ran through my mind as I was writing it. It’s just the way the landscape looked and whatever was happening in the sky and in the Earth; all according to the summation of my eyes which, no doubt, might have looked entirely different to someone else. If you’ve made no effort to this point, you had better get a move on.

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(based on a true story)
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The New Shangri-La.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real Deal doesn't Need to be New and Improved

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Back in the 60s there was a book called “Morning of the Magicians”. It was a bit sensationalist and lacking in real scholastic backup (whatever that is), as well as hard and credible research. It was a little like the T. Lobsang Rampa books and the film, “They Live”. All of these grabbed the attention of a certain strata of society, whose critical facility was compromised to the point that they want to believe more than they want to prove the integrity of the foundation of what they believe in. People don’t like disappointment, so they cut corners on the important things, in order to create some kind of temporary coat rack in the unknown; something to hang their weather gear on. In most lives, that weather gear only gets used during the early period of life, where idealism and spiritual hunger still make for some competition against the compromises that comfort and imaginary protection demand.

Whatever the shortcomings of these examples may be, they had certain things in common that do rest on a foundation that can be proven to, and by, anyone willing to take the trouble. I know this to be true because I did and so have others. Many of the things that a person can prove to themselves cannot be articulated in any common way. They don’t relate to a common way, which reflects the general mass appreciation of and desire for a world of objects and opportunities; for the expression of common passions that replicate in an endlessly returning series of ghost bodies, looking for death in all the right places.

Truth is not truth until it has been convincingly proven, to the one claiming to be in possession of it. Anyone can go into the acclaimed great books, of any tradition or individual path, and become a parrot of something they were too lazy and timid to risk their lives and reputations to authenticate. If it’s true it can be proven and, even where the most obscure and elusive tenets may elude, enough can be acquired to allow faith to carry the rest.

“Morning of the Magicians” introduces us to the impact of secret societies and occult ritual upon political and social constructs. All wars are magical wars, I don’t care what excuses you are given. Self-interest driven representatives of temporal power serve an invisible intelligence of dark intent. Selfless and compassionate souls serve an invisible intelligence of animating light. In times of darkness the intelligence of dark intent ‘seems’ preeminent and the reverse is true in opposite times.

T. Lobsang Rampa spins fantastic tales about unique individuals possessed of remarkable powers and talks of third eyes beings opened by surgical means; ridiculous stuff but... unique individuals with remarkable powers do exist, both for good and ill, with the good always being stronger though less perceptibly present at certain times.

“They Live”, introduces us to subliminal programming that allows monsters to control the lives and destinies of the peoples of the world. It was a ham-fisted and sophomoric effort with very real principles behind it. We actually live in a very similar world today and it explains why it is so difficult for people to wake up and why they are so resistant to the truth that stares them in the face.

Before a certain carpet-bagging race appeared with a book of tales, that were adapted from previous cultures, we had the Chaldeans and the precursors to the Egyptian dynasties. We had cultures, whose presence is now obscured by the mist of time and relegated to myth and fancy. These cultures possessed a knowledge of the true magical arts. They understood the relationship between letters and numbers, as well as the science behind vibration and the application of things like electro-magnetism and adapted sunlight. Much can be made via the intuitive mind, concerning the Great Solar Disk of Lemuria and the Brotherhood of The Seven Rays. Remnants and even representatives of these modalities still exist in the high mountain ranges and hidden valleys of the world.

The present composition of these magics is what was stolen from the worlds of light and then perverted for a use other than what they were intended for. All bad magic is a travesty upon the enduring and original forms. However, the original forms are still around and can destroy all the perverted formulations without any trouble at all. You’re going to see this at some point and wonder why you ever thought differently, or lived in fear of a large shadow cast by a tiny form.

War is made against humanity across the span of every Dark Age and even in ages of a greater light. War is made and the technology of conflict improves and improves until the real goal of all these wars begins to emerge and that is the war against Heaven itself; however you may define it. It is at this point that Shambhala finally appears out of the hidden clouds that conceal it, here. You can understand this literally and you can understand it figuratively, if it’s true it’s true and these are the days in which it comes to pass and is proven one way or the other.

We are all born into certain times for a reason. The greater the opportunity of any particular time, the greater the darkness mustered against those opportunities, because the whole point of existence on this plane is about souls and who will harvest them, nothing else is relevant. Some of us can walk out into the world and see it in living color on any given day and some of us see only what ‘they’ are projecting upon the human mind with their magical arts of concealment and illusion. Awakening comes with risk. You can’t un-know certain things. You can’t get your virginity back once your ignorance has been violated by the lingam of revelation. This is why people hide so desperately from exposure to the truth. The truth is like acid. It will eat away all the foundations upon which people have built their false lives.

The truth destroys the veils which hide you from yourself. The truth sears its message upon the soul and it cannot be unwritten. Most of us would never risk the comfort of our illusions for the bright and initially painful light of what actually is. This is why it comes for us at regular intervals, breaks down our walls and gives us the chance, if we so wish, to rise to our real potential or go running in panic back into the warm darkness of attractive dreams and certain death. In most ages there are only a few souls with the courage to penetrate these veils. In this time we are all given this opportunity in varying degrees. “How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Not bad enough!!!” Don Henley channeled a lot of interesting points in his time. Truth leaks into our world continuously through music and the various arts ...and history saves the best examples for us to ponder at will, but most would rather read crap like Cosmo because the camouflage of cosmetics is the passport to appetite satisfaction, until you’re not attractive any more.

If you want to know the state of your culture, look at the art. If you want to compare the awareness of one time against another, compare the art. Is the art reaching for a more refined state of being; regardless of what the population may be laboring under? Is the art pulling the general consciousness into the cosmic toilet? Is Kanye West a modern Goethe? This brilliant lady, whose work will endure, says it all. When things fall apart, when they threaten to come unglued, you get redundant evidence that is pretty much the same no matter at what time it is happening. These cultures don’t just wake up and go, “Oh, that’s the wrong direction, let’s all turn around and go the way we should have gone and undo all this bad landscape”. That doesn’t occur. It’s kind of like trying to put the genii back in the bottle or reverse a pregnancy. The world of the moment is like a drunk who wakes up the next morning with a feeling of apprehension. He knows something happened last night and, even though he can’t remember what it was, he knows it wasn’t good. I think a lot of people are nodding their heads at this image because most of us have been there at least once.

In all cases the drunk says, “never again’. In some cases they actually make the change. The cost is the life that the alcohol fueled and all the acquaintances in it. You find out sooner than you might expect that you can’t remember any of those people anymore. It’s no accident that alcohol is the authorized lubrication for existence, during these thousands of years. Alcohol creates conditions of behavior that result in guilt and guilt is the whip used by those overseeing the chain gang. There is a practical reason for this and both the religious and social controllers use it to their advantage.

Imagine that you are in your house and you can hear a clock ticking. Your awareness of the clock comes and goes. If you look for the clock, you can’t find it because the sound of its ticking is always in the room you just left. The clock has an alarm. You can’t remember what you set it for; neither the event nor the time. Somehow you know if you can locate the clock, you will also remember why you set the alarm and what time you set it for. That ticking clock is your own heartbeat and it should remind you of something you carry with you everywhere you go. You carry it but you don’t exercise it fully, if at all. If you did, the power to truly rule yourself and the world would be yours in every moment.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Those people setting themselves on fire is the signal of introduction for massive change. This is a truly significant feature of what's coming and the sound of horns in the distance.

The New Shangri-La
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Strange Days and Strange Dreams on the Frontier

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I had wanted to go on a little about new age practitioners and their time release relationship to old age, snake oil salesmen but some things have been happening on the personal plane and I thought that might turn out to be of a greater interest to the reader; given how it might impact upon and relate to the reader, than my getting back on the word trampoline about something most readers already know, sans some unexpected examples. We'll save that for the next Origami.

I’ve been getting a lot of astrological readings, courtesy of different readers and they’ve all been pretty enlightening, without nailing my actual experiences in these times. That changed recently when a UK astrologer named Barbara did my chart and began working on the transits and progressions.

I should add a disclaimer. I’m not the sort of person who seeks out astrologers or other predictive analysts (hey; a new title for an old job!). However, I’ve felt something coming in a large, pervasive and transformative sense these last several years and the astrologers just sort of showed up at the same time. I could see that everything they were saying was relevant, though often obscure. That’s how it is a lot of the time. It’s like trying to figure out what Nostradamus was talking about, except that he’s talking about you. There have been about five astrologers so far, give or take and it’s been interesting. They come and go and then they don’t come back (grin).

Across the last several years, I kept thinking that what I was feeling was imminent but that’s according to my time and my time is not cosmic time, yet. Now I see that it has all been leading to the present day.

Prior to my first transits for this year, Barbara had given me a lot of insights without pinging dead center into what I know about myself, which might not be much but last night she sent me some of the indications for this month as an introduction to the coming year. Although much of it is personal, it also applies to the rest of us by degrees, according to what sort of person we are and the depth of our sleeping or awakening state.

In the week before I got this projection from her I had begun to have powerful dreams. In the first one I thought I was in or near Israel but it couldn’t have been the Israel we are familiar with because it was a very different place. This all appeared in an HD dream format with brilliant detail and colors, like some cutting edge, video game landscape. There were very high, impossibly green mountains and valleys way, way down below so that I got vertigo. I was high up but there were mountains rising a great distance above me. Near the top of some there was what looked like winged Sphinxes but that is just an impression. The whole landscape was alive in a way I’ve not seen on this Earth. It occurred to me that I was in some part of The Devic Realm.

There was a man near me who was playing a kind of South American flute and a number of people who were all of noble cast and moving about here and there. I had some experiences with these people but that’s too much to get into at the moment and the memory has faded. When I awoke from this dream I was exhilarated as if I had recently had some of the very best psychedelics. The vibration lasted all through the day.

The next night, in the next dream, I was sitting with a lady and talking about these books of mine that are going to be published soon and, at this point, they already had and one of them was about to become a best seller. While we were talking, I felt this indescribable rush of awareness. It was of an immensity that I had not previously encountered. I knew something but I didn’t actually know it. It was beyond me. Suddenly there was this green, electric fire all around my body and I rose to my feet and said, “Oh my god! Something incredible is about to happen to me! It was the most amazing feeling. It was too much to contain and it was very, very positive. I turned and started walking quickly away and the lady was calling after me. I was holding my hands as if there were reins in them. This has been a feature in my life since my kundalini rising, years ago. The power of this dream was so great that I awoke right then and was brimming with force. The impact lasted all that day and is still with me.

Over the last week or so I have been hearing sounds. Often they sound like voices. At first I thought I was confusing ordinary surrounding sounds as something else. After about the 6th or so time that it happened, I realized that something else was going on. Then a few days ago, I was meditating on my terrace (the sun has been magnificent here for several weeks) when I began to hear these shimmers of sound; voices at a distance, arriving and then receding. I thought it was perhaps the wind in the olive trees or the sound of distant workmen. It got stronger, like ocean waves and I could make out the language of the voices and it was American accented English. We don’t have that around here (grin), unless you count me. This went on the whole time I was meditating and I was transfixed by it.

The voices arrive now, sometimes like bursts of static, without the static; if I am walking in the evening. I am looking for them. This is a whole new reality. My friend, Dr. Glenn Dormer from Sweden was visiting me here until Sunday morning. He was here through most of this and it is another oddity because these things don’t usually happen with other people around. These things don’t usually happen unless I am on psychedelics or some arcane comestible but now they are happening without any of that. I might not need them anymore (grin). This is why I take them to begin with.

I have felt for some time that the barriers, the veils between the worlds, were going to part or dissolve. I have felt for a long time that Shambhala was going to appear from behind a veil of clouds or deep mist, right here on Earth and this is all connected somehow to the time in which we live. Here now is what this woman sent to me last night, following all of these things which have been happening and none of which was mentioned to her. You will have to admit, there are some uncanny, spot on, relationships between my experiences and what she had to say;

“Hello Les,

You doing all right? I saw on your blog recently that you've had an inner fire blazing through you. You know I said I'm doing your progressed chart for the year, and it'll take a while? If I mail that in late January or early Feb., anything in it about January will be redundant! And you have a lot going on this month. So I'll write this out now. (Incidentally, if you want another perspective than mine, just Google the relevant aspects, eg "Transits" + "Neptune opposite Sun", & you'll find all kinds of pages on it).


Your chart during January is going batshit! I don't know where to start. It's not that it's all "bad" or difficult....just a bit unnerving even to look at, so it must be doubly so to live through it.

For most of the year, transiting Neptune conjunct transiting Cheiron, opposes your natal Sun in 7th (relationship) house. I think you're expressing energies at a higher level than 99% of the population, just going by a review of this aspect. (like giving a knife to a surgeon or a toddler, you get different results, though the knife is the same). In most people, a Neptune opposition ushers in a period of confusion, self-doubt, and the rose-tinted glasses are put on where other people are concerned. In rare cases, it can be a man (the Sun) collaborating (7th house) in an artistic or musical venture (Neptune). Inspiration pours in. This transit can literally make people clairaudient. A creative collaboration is just what you've been having, so I think all the other transits will similarly be operating on a higher than normal level.

Pluto is moving slowly towards a square to your Neptune, kindly opposing your Moon en route. You'll already be feeling this, although its first point where all those 3 planets line up in a square is Jan. 29th - 31st.

Here's the short version of what that transit does. Like all the post-war generations, you have an easy, sextile aspect in your birthchart between Neptune & Pluto. These two planets show the - potential - level of spiritual consciousness. When one of these planets aspects the other in your chart, whether by progression or transit, that development is activated; you go up another stair-step. (when the opportunity is ignored, as it is with most people, then the energies go downwards into the personal life, where they were never intended to be used, & they manifest as chaos). When triggered by an easy aspect, say a trine or sextile, the advancement comes about in a nice harmonious way. Eg, you meet someone, or read a significant book which changes your view of the world. When it's a hard aspect like the square or opposition, the results are the same, but they generally happen through shocks or painful events. (I once lost just about everything I owned, in what seemed at the time like a domestic disaster! It wasn't very pleasant; but I've never since been attached to material possessions).

As you progress, you move up on the spiral, so instead of these things coming to you from the outside, all your battles now take place on the inside.

What this early 2011 aspect is doing (a T-square between Neptune, Pluto & the Moon) is destroying anything in you which is holding you back. It will 'kill' any dreams and fantasies that are holding up an illusion in place of the real spiritual world. (Hence the fire: anything negative is literally burnt up. Energetic 'blobs' or accretions that you may have picked up from others are detonated, too). This is probably not going to be feeling very comfortable. If anything in your diet is having a disharmonious effect on you, you'll become aware of that, too.

This isn't a time of introspection, 'looking within', blah's just an acid-bath of anything in you that will hold you back if allowed to stay there.

This is a generational aspect, and everyone about your age will be going through it, now or pretty soon. However, it impacts people more if, as with you (Venus and Mars conjunct Neptune) they have personal planets there too. Most of these people are approaching retirement, expecting to live contentedly for another 20 years on a fat pension. It ain't gonna happen. This mass aspect, *alone*, points to a global financial meltdown, coming to a theater near you soon.

You don't have these illusions. So for you, this will work on a spiritual level, as the divine fire sweeps away anything unreal within you. It can bring about weird supernatural experiences, very strange soul-states; experiences you can hardly begin to tell people about, because a), they wouldn't understand, and b), you could never, ever convey successfully the details, the coincidences, the sheer *weirdness* of it all. During this year, it's as if you're sucked into a vortex of high strangeness.. You have bizarre things happen to you the way other people have Cheerios for breakfast. "Enjoy!" might not be the right phrase, but it's interesting all right. : )

I've been having some very thought-provoking dreams and things, and am starting to think that never mind '2012, 2012', big change is coming a lot sooner than that....maybe very soon indeed. I try to reality-check my perceptions with those of other sensitive/clairvoyant people, though, and can't find anyone else who's started picking up increased 'stuff' in the last two weeks, so maybe, as often, it feels imminent but will take a year or more. I dunno...”

I dunno either... heh heh. In any case, so many readers have been writing to me about their experiences that I haven’t even been able to answer a lot of them. As a result and because I know it’s about to get extra-dimensional, I thought I would write about this for the interest and reaction of the readers. Barbara is supposed to be sending me more details shortly and I will place them in the comments section when they arrive.

We are sailing into the lands of what might have been called Myth and Legend. I think we are soon going to find out that they are neither. I can’t begin to describe the changes I am experiencing, except to say that parts of me are disappearing and without pain (grin). It’s good riddance I must say and in conclusion, I feel like a kid in a candy store who’s never tasted any of the goods, or at least they didn’t look like they do now.

End Transmission.......

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a Long Hard Highway and I don't know Where it Ends

Planetary awakening; the shifting of poles, the catastrophes of a generation of vipers, indifferent to the needs of others, it’s all here in some form but no one knows what shape it will take. There’s a lot of humor too, though it’s bitter and ironic a lot of the time; Sarah Palin and her dumb parrot act about ‘blood libel’, even though it’s not libel anymore than Leo Frank was innocent. Now there’s a wonder of vicious disinfo, turned inside out on itself and birthing the ADL.

People are saying that violence is the result of right wing rhetoric, of course it is but, it’s also because the left and right are two wings on the body of the same vulture who pretend to argue against each other but are both necessary for the bird to fly. Like the cartoon says, “Screw patience, I’m going to go kill something” and, that’s what they do.

It’s a source of sad amusement to me that Bill O’Reilly gets all incensed about the New York Times and that hack, Krugman ...and they both work for the same bank. I saw O’Reilly doing a caricature of his bombastic, all knowing self in a movie recently. Was it Red? Or Iron Man 2? How could he not know he was making fun of himself and making a mockery of all the things he’s so hypocritically passionate about? He has to know. He has to know.

I’ve heard Michael Savage and no one can tell me that that vicious demagogue, like Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Bachmann and so many others aren’t stoking the hate fires of the people stupid enough to listen to them. They pander to the lowest common denominator and don’t give a shit about anyone or anything except their imagined self importance and the millions they rake in, raking everyone else over the coals. Beck and Bachmann are especially loathsome, although I still can’t tell if Bachmann is real or some kind of Bride of ‘Leo’ Frankenstein. Somebody is going to start shooting these people soon. It’s only a matter of time. O’Reilly whines about having to have 24 hour security. Does anyone see any reason why this shouldn’t be the case? Bill thinks it’s because he’s a man of principle. Some of us are just made differently. That’s all there is to it.

They want to make laws that you can’t have a gun within 1,000 yards of a politician. What kind of sense does that make in these times? (grin). It’s pretty clear that someone staged this latest caper because you can always tell by the follow up and direction taken by the people who spend all their time abusing the public and expect to be protected from the inevitable fallout. Goldman Sachs employees can all carry guns but not the people seeking to protect themselves from them. The governments are crime syndicates, so is the media and most religions. They get caught at it every day but it’s not wrong, you’re just misinformed and you will stay that way if you keep listening to them.

Bachmann talks about revolution and quotes Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson would have pointed her out as one of the reasons for revolution. This is why the liars, shills and demagogues all seize the high ground and co-opt all the slogans, quotes and rhetoric because they are the one’s doing all the things that no decent person would engage in.

I told myself I wasn’t going to put advertising on my sites or charge people money because I don’t want to be like them. They got no problem with it. If we could see them in real life they’d all be dressed up like Payton Manning in NASCAR suits, as if commercial success were somehow the measure of integrity, when it is just the reverse.

I’m not going to suggest that there should be a bounty on these people but it makes a lot of sense from the point of survival. I’m not going to suggest that the international banking cartel and all those Wall Street scum should be strung up on lamp posts but it makes sense from the point of survival. If someone started giving BP execs what they have been giving everyone who is suffering from what they did, there would be Biden and Obama, perched on the gutted skull of the culture they slew, talking about reasonable discourse. Sometimes revolution is the only answer and these are one of those times.

In a reasonable world there would be a game preserve with Bush, Cheney and all the other ass clowns that killed a million people or more, acting out in a modern version of The Deadliest Game. That makes perfect sense and that is why they talk like they do and make criminals out of everyone else. These are the people that keep making new laws so that the private prison industry doesn’t run out of fresh fish, like all the Gulf residents. BP has a new commercial out about how the seafood is fine, so come on down and get some shrimp. It’s uncanny. It’s unheimlich. It’s strango. It’s business as usual with you on the business end.

In a sane world, the last argument anyone can make with a straight face is that justice applies only to those who practice injustice and its open season on everyone else. Bullshit!!! To the 10th power. You can’t keep doing this and keep getting away with it and if the human race is too stupid to do something, well, Mother Nature isn’t. It’s like Velikovsky said; “expect the unexpected”. You are definitely looking at ‘worlds in collision’.

I don’t want to play Savonarola or H. Rap Brown but if you haven’t heard some of Eldridge Cleaver’s great quotes, maybe you’re watching too much TV. If you never heard Huey Newton speak, or don’t know who he was, then; what can I tell you? I can’t tell you much because history happened while you were jerking off to Brittany Spears or Marie Osmond.

This is the year of dynamic change. You will not know your world when 2012 arrives but what you will know is how much you did about it. Just because they have all the guns and money which they stole from the rest of you; are you going to let them tell you what to do? (grin) I’d rather be dead to this world and back in my bright home than to know I was a coward who thought I could protect my place by giving in over and over to maintain it, until there was only about a square foot of ground to stand on. Obama and all the rest of your leaders, with very few exceptions, are lying psychopaths and I would rather spend my life like Bahá'u'lláh than the shit for brains killers of women and children who, along with their husbands in the hills, at least had the sand to show you where empire winds up.

I guess it’s just easier this way isn’t it? I guess you go along to get along until there’s nowhere to go and then you can shake your fist at the razor wire, knowing you put your ass and your loved ones behind it. It’s not for me. I can’t do that. Homey don’t play that shit; sorry, I couldn’t resist.

In the end, you are the ones who did it to the rest of us because you just had to protect everything you were guaranteed to lose, by bending over and dying by inches. That’s no kind of life. That’s not life at all and a whole lot of people that you held in contempt for holding on to the dream of freedom, died on your behalf. The annoying people that wouldn’t shut up just made you bristle and blush. The bristle I have seen little of but I know why you blush.

I don’t have the words to give these carrion crows that you serve, out of fear, the treatment they deserve but as long as I’m here I’m going to give it my best shot. I don’t have much but I got one thing and that’s the certain knowledge and satisfaction that I’m not you. I couldn’t wake up in the morning and see myself in the mirror if I were you; much less in the eyes of those I love. I’d get rid of myself first before I even went looking for the rest of them.

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Endless Tragedy of the Clueless and Manipulated

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It’s not easy being me. Manifesting multiple personalities, in order to survive early horrors, leaves one with a clan of various characteristics, not all of them harmonious with all of them.

I just finished reading David Icke’s recent article on Rothschild Zionism. It seems like that’s the most serious problem in the world. Inbreeding Satanists have taken control of the world in large measure; I used to wonder, when I would see The Forbes List of the richest people on Earth, why weren’t The Rothschilds on the list?

Another thing I wonder about; no one has ever taken control of the whole world and, invariably when they try, the angry mob, the headsman, the gibbet come to claim them. They’re trying it now, once again. What part of ‘this has never happened’ don’t they get? It’s kind of like marching into Afghanistan expecting different results. That pipeline is never going to be operational for long.

The Rothschilds and their brood remind me of something from Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed”. They’ve been successful for a long time, ever since Amschel made his pact with the devil and set a place at their table for him to dine. I wonder if he ever shows up? Usually he shows up inside people, not outside. The same could be said for all the good influences too.

I have to hand it to the American public and let’s not leave out the Canadians and The British and the ambulatory, perambulating toadstools (your government) in Oz. Goldman Sachs is right there in your face and you don’t storm the building? They are behind just about everything you are suffering from but you can’t get it together. I am sincerely glad I left the US. I would be in chains by now if I had not gone. I used to get thrown into chains back when the place was halfway sane. These days... how do you manage?

I manage by having multiple personalities. Some are more capable of certain tasks than the others. One of them wouldn’t hurt an insect. One of them takes no prisoners. Getting them to suit up in extremis can be a humorous vignette. So far, so good. I’ve had some number of people promise to rearrange my features and several times they were nearby and could have shown up at the rendezvous but they never did. I’m waiting around and thinking why does this not happen over and over? Are they waiting for me to get old? I guess you could say I already am but all of that is relative to something.

I’m six hours by ferry from Corfu, where the Rothschilds disport themselves like crazed satyrs by virtue of pharmacological advances. I was going to go to Corfu; until I found out they were there. I know someone who owns property there and would like me to drop by but I suspect that’s not a good idea now. So I won’t be going there.

You can see who your enemy is people. It’s more and more apparent every day. Are they going to back off and ease your state of being? I don’t think so. There’s only a few of them and so very many of you. Sure, maybe I should go to Corfu but I’m not Daniel Craig playing James Bond. I only play James Bond in my head, where I am neither shaken nor stirred. I guess that means you’re getting old too, when nothing that once seemed so important attracts you any longer. Well, I have one main attraction and it just gets stronger by the day so maybe that’s why the others have diminished so much.

It surely is The Synagogue of Satan that is behind all the bad things of the time. Some would argue that The Vatican is responsible but I think there are a number of nogoodnicks who each have their niche. I don’t know who is feeding off of whom and who is serving who. I do note what Icke says in his article and it’s hard to make an argument against the names and details being just what they seem to be; whores and scoundrels serving themselves from the plate of the larger misfortune of the rest of you.

Sooner or later something has to be done about the bankers. As you can see, all those attorneys general around the US have cut a deal not to press charges. It’s just confusion over process and practice, they say. New guidelines have to be instituted. The American public should bend over and grab their ankles and whatever happens after that is whatever happens after that. The Supreme Court gave corporations the right to buy the government. They are laughing at you. They think you’re a joke and can you actually argue otherwise? You cannot, not very effectively anyway.

No country is your enemy. Politicians are your enemy but they work for the bankers. The bankers are the enemy of humanity and until you do something about them, everything is just going to go on like it always does. I don’t doubt that something will happen shortly but it will probably be something ignited from something else; an economic Sarajevo, or some final capitulation on the part of your leaders that goes too far and arouses the military, ex-military and some of the personnel in the intelligence game.

I’ve no idea how it will play out. Here’s another gatekeeper pushing Wikileaks and not offending or mentioning who’s responsible for the shit going on. Him and all of his, birds of a feather, just want to be left to rub leather elbow patches in the ivory towers and pristine meadows of academe.

What’s so hard about telling the truth? Is it that difficult? Sure, it’s costly. You might have to get pleather elbow patches. Anyone defending Wikileaks is a troll, period because Assange says that 9/11 was a non event, according to alternative views on the matter. How can anyone above the IQ level of moron not see through this?

All kinds of so called leftist sites are featuring Wikileaks. Every time you see this, you know that one more self-satisfying fool has outed themselves. Nothing that appears in the main stream media is true when it concerns political and economic matters. They got control of the media and everything else by printing counterfeit money and then loaning it out. You need to break the stranglehold of the bankers. I don’t know how you’re going to do it but you must do it. It’s either them or you.

Here’s how they work, divide and conquer and then consolidate and rule. That’s what they are doing now and when you see systems starting to crash, you will realize that they are getting your attention before seeking to herd you into the direction they want you to go. Will you catch any of this? Will you just react, when reaction is what lies between the problem and the solution both orchestrated by them?

You can do a lot the change all of this. You can step away from the system and not support it. In fact, it is your support of the financial life-lines of your oppressors that gives them the power to do what they do. Your willing contributions to empty lifestyles, in the pursuit of plastic shit you don’t need and which fill up all the closed off portions of the self you present yourself as, is the dark side of your self indulgent nature, known as the basement and the attic and the garage and closet space. All those unlived and unsatisfactory choices, made from the impulse of appetite and the seduction of advertising, are all laying away in the haunted mind gardens of our susceptible nature.

We see what’s happening to us and we know what we have to do. We see it getting worse and we know what we have to do but we don’t do it. We think the people raping and killing us and maintaining us on a treadmill of forced enslavement are suddenly going to stop doing the things they’ve been doing ever since they got here. The only way to distract a psychopath from pulling the wings off of flies is to show them a bigger, better and more satisfactory target. If you don’t get that then you don’t understand psychopathy. Bankers enter the game because money is supreme above all they value and possesses more importance than anything else. Corporations work to maximize profit. They invariably cut labor costs and benefits and anything else they can find to increase profit. Then they cut product quality to the sharpest edge that provides the maximum profit. They squeeze the last bloody nickels out of the whole affair and then it gets sold to one of those companies that cuts the whole thing up and parcels it off for junk.

Still talking about it because that’s what I do and hoping that that long awaited mass awakening will soon suddenly appear and transform this world into something closer to what it should be, some long distance from all the things it presently is and never had to become.

End Transmission.......

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