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Talking New World, New Age System Blues

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.”

Well, my friends, I probably shouldn’t be feeling as good as I am; slammed by physical problems (not my usual métier) at the moment. And I probably shouldn’t be looking forward to all of the things that are coming, when they mean bad news for the majority but the majority have backed all the bad things that brought us to these terrible imperatives and also persecuted the minority that only had their best interests in mind. Meanwhile they supported the minority that did not have their best interests in mind. I probably shouldn’t be in an expectant and sometimes gleeful state of mind (probably just trying to distract myself-grin) about what’s coming for the minority that, as I write this, is promoting revolutionary changes, in order to give the impression that things are changing as they maneuver to take control of the new systems.

Here’s what needs to be changed, regardless of any and all secondary needs; the construct of central banks, Federal Reserves, must end and laws made against their return. Corporations must be taxed and controlled to the degree needed. Public servants must adhere to things they say as opposed to what they actually do under severe penalties to the contrary of serving the very interests they were elected to protect the public from in the first place. Laws can’t be laws if they are so easily compromised by the ability of money to provide the lawyers to do so. This is all very general and the reader will not be satisfied with my vague embrace of what needs a tighter specification and interpretation. That’s not my job. That’s someone else’s job.

TPTB are working behind the scenes to instigate what is inevitable because of their general policies of governing. It’s coming anyway, so they’re trying to control the direction of the flow. Some numbers of their fellows are earmarked for sacrifice to the illusion of justice. It’s like the Nuremburg trials, where they tortured the accused to get them to admit to lies, in order to set the groundwork for massive lies that followed in the aftermath and this came about because the neo-Pharisees controlled the Russian agenda, due to their authorship of the Bolshevik Revolution. This worked in tandem with the neo-Pharisee cabal that instigated the war in the first place from the American side. All of this was greatly assisted by the money men in London who funneled financial backing through any and every proxy at hand; simplistic again, but so.

It all comes down to money and who controls it. They can switch it on and switch it off. They did so in The Great Depression, in order to take ownership of a great many things and it is a carbon copy of the same happening today. Goldman Sachs needs to be torn to the ground and utterly destroyed. They’re as anti-human and devilishly intent as The Vatican and no less of a religion. You can argue all you like about unnamed shadowy figures pulling their strings but if you destroy the agency of their operation then you have reached these men in any case.

The pharmaceutical companies are also heavily engaged in this multi-pronged war against humanity. You can no longer buy so many of the natural Chinese herbs and many other truly healing substances, not only because they work, where the pharmaceuticals do not but because what they make also renders the population docile and disoriented, making them easier to herd and control. Inexpensive natural healing substances cut back on the profits that are made by the butchers of the allopathic medical/pharmaceutical combine. That has to stop. I cannot order, basic and healing items from other countries, because the pharmaceutical empire controls what passes through customs into this country. It’s the same thing with food. Good and nutritious foodstuffs and the ability to grow and sell them, are being systematically legislated against for the benefit of Monsanto and other agri-business interests. They cynically shoehorned the new laws into a bill dealing with Veteran’s concerns (if I remember correctly) and everything else in the bill was threatened if this one, courtesy of Harry Reid, was not also approved. Monsanto needs to be pulled to the ground and destroyed and their agents imprisoned for murder and fraud.

There’s no wiggle room with any of these things. They have to be attended to. If peaceful means do not serve then the alternative is unavoidable. Much is made of the peaceful revolutionary styles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It must be remembered that despite the intent of these efforts, a lot of people got hurt and a lot of people died. The concept is the right one and can insure an enduring success but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs and you have to be prepared for the worst they can throw at you. After all, you are threatening their illegitimate position from which they are abusing you. They have no conscience; otherwise they would not be behaving as they do.

The Constitution was designed by people who understood the things it was created to defend against but the authors warned repeatedly that it would not be long before more revolutions would be required, to reaffirm what these principles defined. I know that some amount of the readers think that The Founding Fathers were a bunch of Luciferians and what not. Years ago I read about The Hellfire Club and Ben Franklin’s escapades and the like. Secret societies have always been with us but they are not all satanic. The good guys have them and the bad guys have them. Read the Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and please refrain from telling me bad things about Manly. He was a good guy, end of story. I’m going to bet that not a single person who downloaded this book some months ago has finished the whole thing yet (grin).

The most powerful thing any of us can do to help what is coming to arrive, with enthusiasm and power, is to believe in it and see it as a reality. Think of it as a collective, revival house prayer. Live with the understanding that it’s already here. We need to be peaceful because that is the position of true strength. The position of peace acknowledges that the universe is under benevolent control. However, our position has little effect except as a good example and as an assurance of our continuing good karma. Cosmic forces, including Mother Nature, have their own agenda to make double damn sure that the predators who have inflicted such misery upon us get their due reward. This means powerfully destructive agencies, coming to bear upon their designs and machinations. It may be hard viewing but so has been the viewing of all their heinous efforts to this point.

In the process of these changes, Israel and the empires she has corrupted, are going to be destroyed. That’s just how it is. That is not the true Israel, not the real Israelites and their existence has been permitted to show the nature of their behavior. That is not the true, nor the New Jerusalem. This is not even the real world. The real world is going to appear, out of the ashes of the destruction of the false world, just as our real selves are going to be revealed to us through the vision of our real eyes, as the veils slip away from them. For some of us these veils will slip away, or be burned to nothing, by the power of our efforts to awaken. In other cases these veils will be ripped away but... going they are. They are going and no personal or externally controlling force can maintain them any longer in their state of enforced deception. Freedom may be a welcome condition but it can be truly terrifying as well. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and not knowing from one minute to the next, whether you can restrain yourself from jumping against your will.

I try to look at my life and what is coming the way I look at dental visits. I look forward to them with positive anticipation because I know the result is greatly desired as opposed to the circumstances that required the visit. This is a true story and I assure you that it militates against the worst features of the event.

Folks, it’s here and all bets are off on everything. Don’t let the primary or initial appearance of conditions and events, determine what you should believe about what is and what is happening. If you want to know the meaning of what is happening outside yourself, look inside yourself, because that’s where the answers are. Just as major changes are taking place in the surrounding world, major changes are taking place within you and you can amplify and accelerate this, to the degree that you cooperate with and seek after the force responsible. To get an idea of how transformative this is all going to be and how rare the opportunities are, keep in mind that this is not just the turning of an age but the turning of a complete cycle as well. We can’t really imagine it but it does grant some perspective. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation for the winner’s court. May the winds of fortune be at your back.

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Talking New World, New Age System Blues

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The general publication date for the forthcoming books is set for around March 1st. I mention this so that people, hopefully, will stop asking me when they are going to be available (grin).


Anonymous said...

Every day I look forward to reading your words.

Thanks Les, feels good.

Walking Hawk

Visible said...

Once the primary books are published we are going to do a best of series from each of the blogs so if the reader has any favorites from any of the blogs, you should send me the title of that entry for consideration to be inserted into the book. Thanks

Anonymous said...

old mother loving
heal with a truth
vibrate compassion
deep hearted root
reach on a whisper
fly through the door
brush inner essence
lift up the poor
lift up the people
upper up rise
tiger heart brave
roar to the sky
weaving a high
chase on the wind
the warmth of the fire
liberating within


Pete said...

"This is all very general and...."

I think being general, or keeping it simple, is what we really need. What imprisons us in the system as it exists, is its complexity. The money world, the political world and the other 'worlds' of oppression, confuse and baffle most people into submission. They (we) don't fully understand the mechanisms of control, as is intended, and we are forced to look to the mainstream media for 'explanation', but all we get is more entwined in the subterfuge and control. I think we need to pare down so much, back into simple and understandable amounts, so that people can get a handle on what's important and what's not. As an example, the legal world needs stripping back to common law - 'cause no harm' and the nature of 'legal identity' as in the corporations needs erasing completely. We get lost in complexity, and could do with a lot of simple, easy to understand, concepts put out to the 'ordinary' people of the world, to help guide us towards love and life, instead of the opposite that we're up to our necks in. Keep up the good work, Les, you're doing a good job.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Pretty sly, grasshopper, or I mean dog: "Read the Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and please refrain from telling me bad things about Manly. He was a good guy, end of story. I’m going to bet that not a single person who downloaded this book some months ago has finished the whole thing yet (grin)." Of course I've read, have just downloaded it and will commnence reading it.
Soon as I have a nap.
To hell with a nap. I'm reading it now.

Anonymous said...

OK I certainly don't intend to nitpick or criticize your writings, not this one either. I won't spout off more of the masonic stuff cuz nobody is listening or caring about that anyway. I will admit I have seen wisdom from Manly Hall and I admit to not ever having read that book - but he's a PROVEN 33rd degree mason, I dont want to hear anything he says, because quite frankly all I've ever seen or heard from any mason is lies and agenda, and that agenda is anything but "free" and anything but wisdom for the masses. Anyway thats not what I want to write about and I don't want to argue. I don't want to say that there's absolutely no possible way that there might be one decent mason out there (I doubt it but still). After researching them enough, I know what their doctrine is, and yeah maybe their belief system outdates the biblical lucifer, but it is indeed worship of the darkest order. Were there also white priests and white magic going back to Atlantis (if it was real?) I don't know. But I'll say that these folks and the fruits of their hands are anything but works of love or real light.

Anyway thats enough about that. I actually wanted to post something that may (unintentionally) annoy you even more. I just want to post one simple example thats still up of my point of view for the mild criticisms I have stated in the past about Michael Rivero. I am not going to go into a bunch of details, i am not telling others to avoid his site, I don't badmouth him at all unless I see people worshipping his infallibility or giving him undue credit. Least of all I am not trying to get you in trouble with him by posting anything but I just want to use this opportunity to try to explain my issue.

On WRH front page, he has a story about Mubarak and how ISRAEL runs this guy. How ISRAEL runs the US. Now thank you very much Les for including at least that london is the banking center. Anyway not even halfway down the page from where he says Israel runs egypt, theres a glaring article, that just like ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DICTATOR propped up by the "west" all GET ASYLUM IN ENGLAND and so will Mubarak. Hmm I wonder why that is? Could it be that they control USA and Israel? Could it be (how can these dictators feel so safe all in the same exact country?) Every day I see more and more evidence of this, but we're still hearing about Israel being in charge for crying out loud. Look up their stats, no money, small population, barely enough infrastructure to put out a fire. Sure they have grown a lot and their intelligence services are 2nd only to the UK but theres just no possible way they have as much power as England who has had their hooks in over half the world for centuries (England royal family are khazars too you know and also the main seat of rothschild wealth and power came in ENGLAND during Napoleonic wars that they also funded both sides). And yes they could never do it without the wannabe kabbalist masons whom mostly follow even more false ideologies than they accuse the other religions of. (They give the other religions lip services until after you take the secret oath). I know what they are about and its slavery and ignorance for everyone but ther little secret club, led by royalty who thinks God himself put them in charge of us forever no matter how much they abuse that.
1 of 2 (character max exceeded)

Anonymous said...

2 of 2

Anyway, sorry end of rant, I see this every day on WRH, he totally is oblvious to Englands role, and its really annoying because people look to him with trust and if he isn't saying it, they arent hearing it. I'd guess probably 1/5 to 1/4 of the online english-speaking "truthers" go there, at least according to his published page views. I can promise you this much, with absolute certainty and I would bet almost anything. Today, January 2011 if there was no Israel today, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would be different about the way the US is a colony and the rest of the world wouldnt be any more free at all (Ok the Palestinians maybe but before that they were an ENGLISH province for a long time). Thats my point. So we can fight back or whatever but unless all secret centers of power, and yes that definitely includes manlys buddies, are removed or neutralized. Maybe someday I will look at his book but I would eat something nasty if I could even make it through one chapter of your choice without finding glaring lies and ommissions. Thats just how they do things, they take a death oath to not let out the real secrets. Sure there are some published but how many are really true if the authors lived to be old age? Sorry for ranting, everyone is going to do or believe what they r going to. My voice has no impact at all despite rampant evidence of hundreds of years of power of the masons and of course ENGLAND. Everyone falls for the queen is just a figurehead thing, the perfect lie. (Besides that, the masons also believe this royal line is descended from David and Jesus and their "real messiah" will also come from it - Merovingians. Yes if you people knew what these bastards believed while calling "conspiracies" crazy - you'd probably faint from the shock of their audacity and chutzpah).

Keep up the good work, though I sometimes fear you put your trust in the wrong places due to the "enemy of my enemy" thing even though your real enemy might have made you think that in the first place. I do wish you and your readers the best and I always like reading your stuff more than almost anyone. You should scope out the vigilant citizen site. Its not indepth like your "secret" texts you referenced a few weeks ago, but I'd say its pretty clear their fingerprints are on almost everything, especially the BAD STUFF.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"I'm going to bet that not a single person who downloaded this book some months ago has finished the whole thing yet (grin)."

Careful, I represent that remark.

Thanks for yet another reminder of how I let the dusty illusion get in the way.

(Ahchoo! out dust!) Nose Still cold and wet.


wv: cherpi - The sound the bird makes outside my window (it sure does keep a cat's attention focused).

nina said...

Nomination for Best of:
Waves on the Ocean and Worlds in the Sea

Also, the two Tookie Williams pieces on Reflections. You hooked me there Pup.

Love, nina

nina said...

Forgive me, I've liberated the Tookies from Smoking Mirrors archives.

Quo Vadis, Tookie Williams?

Tookie Williams Goes Free

Visible said...

You're welcome to your opinion, just remember, that's all it is. There's a lot of people out there who think everything is evil; every organization, all the members etc. Most of the people who criticize the Masons don't know anything about what takes place in their rituals or what they are about. It's a wide huge landscape that contains both good and evil and I do know something about what takes place on the inside and it's just about learning the contents and applications of a system.

It's like carpentry. You can build a house or you can dismember a person with the tools of the trade. The structure itself is not evil and many fine people have been members.

I don't care one way or the other whether anyone reads the book and I don't care one way or the other what anyone thinks about the Mason's or any of the other groups that they dislike by name but know nothing about the practices. I only care what I think and I'll leave that open to change as I go.

abe said...

True words cousin Les.
When I read the gospel it seemed clear to me that we are to turn the other cheek for ourselves, not for others. In other words - fighting is forbidden for selfish, or Selfish, reasons. Ghandi was no pacifist either. We call him peaceful because his violence was spiritual, but it was spiritual because it was more effective. That, I think, is the key: to be effective, to use what works. Just look at Jesus in the temple, was he a pacifist then? No - he took the whip to those demons and destroyed their shit. We need to do likewise and be effective.

Visible said...

Good example and it is the descendants of those original pharisees, the neo-pharisees that are responsible for the same problems on a much larger scale today. The return of the master, as the latest avatar, will address that issue.

Lukiftian said...

Yes, The Secret Teachings of All Ages is an excellent book, and quite a work of scholarship for a kid in his twenties to produce.

I have it on my bookshelf, the PB version, the enormous HC version was too big to carry around and I gave it to a friend a couple of decades ago for Christmas.

Yes, I have read it. Several times.

Visible said...

I had the original hard cover. it's a monster.

chuckyman said...

Many thanks for the Manly P Hall book Les. From first quick look it taps into a road of thought I have been travelling on lately.

As for favourite post – no chance. I’ve never read a duff one.

laurel said...

@anonymous....about the masons and such.......interesting point, about england. perhaps, just perhaps.....could israel have been created as a frontline headliner "whipping boy" for the usuk alliance? nothing works better than deviation from the source, and confusion to guarantee success of the work being done off to the side. plain sleight of hand. it could be. so the "israel" we all go after, is the USUK we all live in. everyone knows it, except the usuk people?

Jody Paulson said...

George Washington was a Mason. He could have been king (many were pushing for just that scenario) but he chose not to. In my opinion, that speaks volumes about his character.

Jesus had a simple litmus test -- "Ye shall know them by their fruits." The early Christians were good people, but as an organization they were co-opted and infiltrated, and I'm afraid much the same was done to the Masons.

I believe that many of the Founding Fathers are walking the Earth right now, and the ones that had real integrity (they did, after all, pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the noble idea of "liberty for all," however imperfect their notions about what that actually meant ...) continue to fight for truth and social justice to this very day.

Visible said...

I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was this bad. This pretty much says it all.

Visible said...

A professional web builder is redoing all of the blogs appearances which I think will please some of the readers no end because I hear about it every now and then. I think you're going to be suitably impressed by what I have seen so far. That's not why I mention it though. I cannot remember the name of the fine gentleman who did the Nakba graphic in the right sidebar. I am genuinely sorry about that. I know I had written the name down but where? If anyone knows who did that graphic or if the person who did it sees this then please get in touch with me. I'll re announce this at the next two postings so it is likely I'll reach him.

Everyone who has an interest should let me know what their favorite blog posts from any or all of the blogs are because we are publishing a best of book of the four of them. There will be about forty or so per book. It's the reader that has the best idea of what hit them in best sense.

Noguru said...

Right on, Les. For those who don't have the time to read Manly P Hall, there's a great archive of his lectures over on

Thomas said...

Yes, Les, truly, our minds on the new, most glorious and wonderful world makes it so. The more the merrier!

The winds of change are truly upon us... 2011. Damn! Already the whole pot's cookin', and we just started the 2nd month! - meeting every day with a mixture of apprehension, curiosity and utter calm. The monkey is dead, somehow... Or sleepy and disinterested, feigning and ready to attack again, perhaps? :)

Hope to survive to see this fantastic show to the end. Also I look forward to seeing some cosmic butt-kicking of the psycho-gang, although I try not to feed it too much intention or do it too often... Mix with pity for their lost ways (because, FFS, those jokers must be both blind, deaf AND dumb!), and maybe we'll be forgiven our little digression, hmm?

Good for you with the books, mister! I'm looking forward to a (or more?) full-length crystal & wise rambling.

Thanks for it all, Les. You're doing great job, IMHO.

And may the Beauty behind it all be with you all.

Anonymous said...

One wonders if any single secret organisation has that much control. Maybe in trying to manipulate certain things, they don't allow for divine providence stepping in, and changing the outcome. I'm of the opinion there's little loyalty among the wicked, they,re just as likely to turn on each other when the chips are down.

siamsam said...

I mentioned in a previous post that my wife found a very difficult underground water leak by meditating and drawing shapes. The plumbers knew where to go on being shown the shapes, having spent all day digging holes in and aroung the garden.........

Anyhow, as I was reading your post she told me of the 'very clear' (Her words) dream she had last night. She said we had returned to England. Houses and cars were burning everywhere, people were on the streets with suitcases, people rioting.... terror and despair everywhere.

A lot of serious people seek my wifes counsel on personal matters. She is often very reluctant to say what she sees - as doing so zaps here phisical energy.

Believe it or not she is more often than not accurate in her realizations. I know having been with her for almost 20 years.

For what its worth.....

Peace, love, truth

PS as I said before she never uses the net. She spends her time designing ladies bags and taking care of our home. So her head is in a different place than mine. And she sure doesnt get these ideas from me!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:05, you said - Every day I see more and more evidence of this, but we're still hearing about Israel being in charge for crying out loud. Look up their stats, no money, small population, barely enough infrastructure to put out a fire. Sure they have grown a lot and their intelligence services are 2nd only to the UK but theres just no possible way they have as much power as England ...

When people say Israel is in charge of everything, it's usually not referring to the proper nation-state itself, but the zionist entity, globally speaking. The control long predated the creation of the state of Israel, hell it long predated zionism(you'd only have to go back to the treatment of Eisenmenger and his work to see this, as one quick and easy example, though it long predated him by centuries too), so what's really being said is judaics, with the help of judeo-centrics and shitty little sycophants of judaics, being in charge. But we're not really "allowed" to say the latter, so most just say Israel, it's an inadequate matter of convenience, or not wanting to disturb the disturbed any more than they already are. (or even erring on the side of "better a foot behind than an inch too far ahead") In any case, I think there's a generally common understanding of what it means when it's said.

chuckyman said...

This first bit will sound weird.

To Anon@4:05 PM – Anon@10:05 is spot on. The Zionist movement surfaced about 1850ish. The Balfour Declaration from the British (perfidious Albion after all) was signed in 1916 and the Brit Mandate came into being after WW1 – what a coincidence.

The cover of a separate state gave the Banksters far greater leeway in their activities than what they could pay for or bribe anywhere else. A mafia statelet with flexible borders and a ‘make it up as you go along’ constitution.

Many of the tribe have been methodically brainwashed, bombed, threatened and scared witness to get them to move to Palestine – the Holohoax was a part of that. Can’t have a country without a population can we?

The Rothschilds have spent a king’s ransom since the end of the 19th century buying land and building there. Check out the new Israhelli Supreme Court that they - and they alone – built.

None of this excuses or waives the behaviour of the emigrants to Palestine. We Mick’s have centuries of experience on the enduring viciousness of non-native planters. Same hand on the tiller you will notice – the British Crown AKA the City of London.

GTRman said...

Drop your guns
and hear the news
The war is won
and we've called a truce
The key is found
and the circle complete
and the higher ground
is beneath our feet

Like the turn of a page
or a change of gear
a brand new age
is already here
and even while
men pursue their doom
a magical child
is kicking in the womb

I'm preparing for birth
I'm not the only one
I'm a part of the earth
I'm a drop of the sun
I'm in step with the stars
I'm in league with the land
I'm a functioning part
of the Master's plan !
Written: Glastonbury October 1990 / Dublin June 1991
Appears: On "Dream Harder"
Mike Scott/ Waterboys

"The New Life"
"Glastonbury Song"
"Preparing to Fly"
"The Return of Pan"
"Corn Circles" –
"Suffer" –
"Winter Winter" –
"Love and Death"
"Spiritual City" –
"Wonders of Lewis" –
"The Return of Jimi Hendrix"
"Good News" –

GTRman said...

Interesting ( to me at least ) in the light of what has been said about UK above :

"Glastonbury Song" was released as a single, . Scott, discussing the song in 2003, described the song as "one of the most commercial, radio-friendly songs musically that I've ever produced", and ascribes its lack of success to its theme, "..the chorus is 'I just found God where He always was'... In many countries it was successful, but in Britain, they wouldn't play it because of the chorus."

Please watch this horrible vid of a gloating settler coveting Palestinian houses :

Remember Brendan O Connell? He just got 3 years :

Anonymous said...

Here's the talking version for those too terminally lazy to read;)



siamsam said...


The law is the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

siamsam said...

tim said...

I read The Secret Teachigs of all Ages years ago. Essentially it's the Egyptian and Hindu Mystery schools. Jesus probably attended some school like this. The Masons were originally the skilled craftsman who knew the secrets to building castles and other engineering, including weopons. That's where they got their power and were against the tyranny of the Catholic Church during the Inqusition. Their "scientific" view had to be low-key and underground. Eventually,the Animal Farm syndrome occurred and the tribe now exerts all control over them.

siamsam said...

soem very wierd shit happening when i try to post this link:

See what happens this time

siamsam said...

same again (wtf). Ok search this and should be first or second link:

Men avoid Koran-burning charges

I posted the full link each time

Anonymous said...

now thats weird. the first 3 times i posted that link and i viewed the post from my end it was cut short - last word being 'void'.

Not it appears in full on each posting?

Anonymous said...

got it Les, when i go to 'post a comment'the link appears to be (is) cut short, but when viewed from original page it is shown in full????

check it out ;)

Anonymous said...

Egypt's Troubles Galvanize Protesters


Galvanized by popular uprisings against authoritarian leaders in Tunisia and Egypt, hundreds of liberal opposition activists chanted for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's ouster at a sanctioned Triumfalnaya Ploshchad rally that ended peacefully Monday evening.

But police, who have broken up similar rallies over the past year, did detain opposition leader Eduard Limonov and about two dozen of his supporters as they headed to the square to stage an unauthorized rally of their own, RIA-Novosti reported. Many of the activists with The Other Russia group, which split from the liberal opposition late last year, were detained as they exited the metro near the square.

Now who is Mr. Liminov?

Now what happened in moscow a few days ago?

kikz said...

i just finished Buck's Mystic Masonry this wknd.. it was good.
it let me know that my years, studying unc' al's Morals & Dogma were not in vain. Buck's MM serves as concise review of M&D.

the knowledge files has both of these tomes and many more online, in entirety.. for free. :)

it really tickles me, to see the myopia of detractors of freemasonry yammering on. it would seem to utterly consume them.
also notice - that by almost all of them freemasonry is touted as the 'singular' face of evil incarnate on the planet.

free thought and well reasoned use of the freewill always does cause apoplectic fits among the mentally straitjacketed... :)

knowledge files
Buck's Mystic Masonry

kikz said...

p.s. i have the large softcover of Wisdom. acquired it some 15 or so yrs ago.

good luck w/your publishing efforts, hope your health returns soon!

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

Les i think you will find that the chap who did the Nakba design is named Mammoud.

TheSparkle said...

Les, I haven't finished Manly's book yet even though I have a nice illustrated hardcover version. I'm reading about a dozen books at a time rotating them in and out lol!

Is your esoteric library still online?

Here's another esoteric collection, very large (2000+? docs), and I haven't looked through it all:

TheSparkle said...

@anon 10:06

You will appreciate this website.

The ZGR will forever oppose the satanist of British-Israel which is to say the entire lot of you in England, just about. Your a bad and evil lot and the Gospel of Christ you will just not abide by. Shame on you English you're a nation of cowards and reprobates and pirates. History indicates you taught your Hebrew cousin witchcraft while they taught you the craft of Usury."

He's certainly cutting no slack for the royals.

Les, I don't want to spam with this other blog, but he is very interesting.

I don't think the English royals are Khazars, but they are definitely one of the tribes. And whether they are or not in reality, they believe and act as though they are. Whether genetically or idealogically connected doesn't really matter to me.

Not all members of any tribe are bad, but the evil ones certainly are. And they are so easy to recognize. They are the ones with all the money.

duey crim said...

Hi Les,
My name is Duey. And I just can't read anymore without posting my appreciation for your writing. When people say you convey what they are thinking but only you have the ability to write it down effectively, all I can do is shake my head and strongly agree. I found your site by stumbling on to Truth Seeker figuring out the five sense reality. Now I have moved on to bigger and more spacious things. But now when I read your daily post it seems five sense quota has been filled so to speak.

Thanks man

Pstonie said...

Well I did always like those National Treasure movies. That may have been all Diane Kruger though. They know just how to speak to a losery pervert like I.

There is this, though:
"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
-Rabbi Isaac Wise

"Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?"
-Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927

Of course it could just be slander, but are we allowed to know anything about their rituals and goals without being a member?

Not saying one way or the other, but it sure makes me think about what's generally accepted about the masons, which I haven't been too sure of lately to begin with.

Doesn't really matter to me though, since the lies are so pervasive and so finely crafted that you are sort of forced to reinvent the wheel of spirituality for yourself. We're each on our own here. No help.

Being an organisation also paints a huge target on your back, and it sort of connects to a thought I've had about the New Shangri-la. We're so few and scattered across the globe that seem to get it. Maybe it was supposed to be that way? Living all in one place is just way too easy to bomb and say the terrorist flavour of the day did it. Maybe we're spread out so we can start telling the people what we know when the teevee stops working.

bholanath said...

Again recommending the book "The Golden Thread of Time" by Crichton E.M. Miller.
The subject of this book was mentioned in the latest Clif/HalfPastHuman report.
Ancient pre-deluvian world culture, pre-christian christianity, world sacred-site grid, Celtic and Egyptian traditions, "freemasonry", and more.

Visible said...

Covkid. Thank you!!! Yes, that is it.

Most grateful.

Anonymous said...

pig sty in glitter
rothschild stone dead brain
with the crowned whore of defication
leaking insain
the containment not working
the pig farm going wild
slaves getting hearts up
warriors reconcile
brotherhood rising
sisters aswell
burning off the shackles
of a falsified hell
the bell tolls for the victims
of starvation and genoside
their is no where to run beast
your trapped within your lies


bholanath said...

Al Jazeera English is "Invalid URL" now on all links I've tried.
god fucking damnit I hate this fucking country.......
I guess the "revolution won't be televised".

Visible said...


This is working for me Aljazzera.

bholanath said...

AJE back up for the moment. Read where FCC/govcorp has been trying to slow it down, etc.
Very poor reception, mostly buffering.

Anonymous said...

forgot how much I love the egyptian people,some of the finest people anyone could meet..

if they need supplys though,we need to organise a method of getting food and stuff to them...anyone got any ideas,maybe a convoy from turkey or something..

new world order you have failed

peace and respects to the people...neil

nina said...

Al Jazeera Offers Up Egypt Coverage To Anyone Who Wants To Use It Under Creative Commons License

license to know

Anonymous said...

and to top it all off,the egyptians are having the time of their lives,what a story to tell the children and grandchildren....

peace and respects.... neil

Mike Rivero 01.02.11 said...

"They don't even bother to hide it any more that US candidates must grovel before Israel, which rules the United States through puppets like they ruled Egypt through Mubarak. We are all Egyptians now.

No government can serve two masters. A government that serves Israel cannot and does not serve the American people. A friend of Israel is no friend of America.

Get rid of them."

Mike Rivero, editor
What Really Happened


Anonymous said...

I will remain cautiously optimistic for Egypt. I do think this is another blow to the NWO giant, but it ain't dead yet.

As for humanitarian aid to Egypt -- just don't give anything to any group anywhere with Clinton or Bush's name on it. NEVER!

I find people in my city who have family living in the affected area, now Egypt, and send money or help them get supplies and aid to their families another way other than through USA groups.

kikz said...

pstonie, sorry but your rabbi source if full of shit.

freemasonry does indeed utilize concepts of mystic judiasm (kabbalah), it also utilizes concepts of many other religions and cultures; it's a study in comparative religion/science/politics/philosophy of every age of the world.

what your sources fail to mention...

freemasonry (particularly us scot rite) transcends ALL religious creeds, in that it neither proscribes/prescribes any.

although some world lodges are more creed leaning - some are 'flavored by' the indigenous religions of their geo-regions.. and in the us, the york rite, is specifically xtian.

simply, it's universal deism.

kikz said...

@bholanath; crichton miller... boy i sure do miss his website.. and his work concerning the 'working celtic cross' as terrestrial/celestial clock/navigation tool, was some really great stuff! so much good info there, now poof'd.

only place ya can still find it, the 'wayback machine'...


al jazerra in english on youtube live feed


@sparkle, thx for that issuu link!

Erik said...


Just watched Mubarak's speech; they don't seem to get it, do they?

Ouch, let's see what's going to happen, not much good (for him)I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, they need a leader down there in Egypt. I nominate you. :)

That is the missing component. Curious why some charismatic figure has not risen. Still locked up I imagine.

"Stand tall, walk like an Egyptian"


Erik said...

Who Am I ( Know your self)

Terrance said...

Hello LV...You do us all a great service with your insights, even though you say you don't know shit! I beg to differ, you know a lot more useful information than the average Bear and thank you for sharing.... On the middle eastern situation, I recall reading years ago, the agenda for the new world. Number 1) A complete irresolvable collapse of Middle Eastern peace. 2)a Vatican city and Jerusalem will be destroyed by religious terrorists. 2)b World-Wide Crack Down on all religion. All religions will be banned. Religion cannot be practiced or preached outside the home. 3) United Nations will establish an interim one world government state, followed by a declaration of worldwide peace and security. I bet that this all goes over like a dry popcorn Fart! ......Good on you all!

Anonymous said...

oh les, you anti-neo-pharisee you.

just finished reading umberto echo's faucaults pendulum. lots of stuff in there re Templars and secret societies.
now reading mein kampf. so far (only 1.10th into it) its about J*ws and filthy disgusting things (like Eva Braun intimated Hitler did with her, or so I was told). Id like to see a map of my countries biggest city, and WHO owns WHAT. like the cancer map in the Oz movie Bliss, known only to elites. that might tell us something.
also watching that wonderful propaganda piece de resistance, the world at war. (winners version), with my "they live" glasses on. better than 3d. not a mention of WHO owned WHAT, let alone who owned WHOM. lovely Laurence Olivier Queens English accent though.


TheSparkle said...


Thanks for the book. I had read about the Solar/Celtic cross being used as a precision navigation device after Clif mentioned it in the latest web bot report, but I didn't follow up on it. I will read the book and I am glad that you posted it.


Oh Ancient Egypt. Light of the World. The Patriarchs in the Bible were actually mostly or all Egyptian Pharaohs.

Pstonie said...

I wouldn't be surprised, kikz. He is a rabbi after all. Seems like 95% of the time anything a zionist says is a perfect inversion of the truth, like accusing palestinians of being ruthless murderers after strafing their ruins with fighter jets. Maybe they meant "roofless".

Everything is messed up beyond recognition, though. What we don't divine from within is always something we're told, and even what comes from within sometimes was planted in the night. To hell with it all, I say. We can and should do our best to find the truth, but most of it will turn out to be an unforgettable lesson on what not to do. We'll see what's left standing after the storm's passed. Let God sort it out, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike Rivero...

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les! I read The Secret Teachings of all Ages years ago. It's a book BY a mason, but not an exegesis of masonry itself. I imagine that are some masons that are interested in esoterica, but I've yet to meet one. Then again, perhaps the masons to whom I have spoken can deduce that I'm not one so they chose to not cast pearls.

Thank you for your pearls of wisdom Les, which are not dependent upon your readers offering the correct grip or password.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Yep. Yep. Peace.

GTRman said...

Dogs for the Disabled

GTRman said...

Friends For Life - Sam & Josie

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people where i live dont like the masons due to tony blair and tptw,also a lot of them drive round in great big poseur cars with private number plates usualy with a 22 11 33 on them,think the masons were sabotaged a long time ago in england,thats not to say there are not true masons,but this is a rare occurence......manly p seems top quality though and no havent read the book yet,but will..........

was once tricked by a girl years ago,she may have come from a mason or zionist family,not sure if her and her lover killed my dog for some insain satanic ritual or something,as she recently gave details on the whole matter of which I had not ever told he....hmmmm weird........neil

Anonymous said... ...Bravo Ken O'Keefe...Free Egypt, Free GAZA.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now-

Wild Forces and Wild Times.

Emily said...

Aww, I felt the love at the end, Les! It hit me in that special place. lol

This is one of my favorites for its poignancy (pertaining to my life at the time) among other things:

Which Part Of This Are You Reading

One of the very first I read and it made me laugh like a madwoman -had to actually get up and breath-, so I figured at that point that I was reading the right person.

Something about God fucking me so that I could do everyone else, and the whole world being horny to help me, and on and on... I think the ones I like most come from Origami.

And this one because it's encouraging:
In the Kingdom of the Hungry Ghosts

And because I hope I can give them a place too.

*Our real selves are going to be revealed to us through the vision of our real eyes...look inside yourself, because that’s where the answers are.*

kikz said...

@pstonie :)

one of the best lessons, among many, i learned frm unc' al.. in Morals & Dogma..

dante's divine comedy - nutshelled, it is commentary on all religious dogma/creed.

pg 822 (by sacred texts version) Knight Kadosh

Faust - escapes from that gulf of Hell over the gate of which the sentence of despair was written, by reversing the positions of his head and feet, that is to say, by accepting the direct opposite of the Catholic dogma; and then he reascends to the light, by using the Devil himself as a monstrous ladder. Faust ascends to Heaven, by stepping on the head of the vanquished Mephistopheles. Hell is impassable for those only who know not how to turn back from it. We free ourselves from its bondage by audacity. :)

Anonymous said...

I spent 25 years as a Mormon of the Salt Lake tribe. To the knowers, the claim is that Mormonism is a restoration of what Masonry lost, but the main crops haven't much knowledge about that. After that stint, I grew to not like it, so I quit, but they said I couldn't quit, rather that they would have to kick me out to make it official. You know, authority and all that which they said they had, but I didn't.
In my travels, I found most Masons to be just another version of Mormons where the good ones are ok to be around, but after a while one gets to feeling that there ought to be some challenging folks to hang out with... not so much blown by that pushy wind that has agendas. I have yet to find a knower in the group that I would want as a neighbor, but I still cling to the hope that such a person might exist.

Anonymous said...

PoTai, that's honest and simple.

Often I feel the same way.

"He was a great guy, until I got to know him.."

If you do find someone worth hanging with, he'll likely be pretty broke, but not even close to being broken.

Anonymous said...

victorius failures
powerless unkind
hateful and spiteful
deleriums blind
redefining purposes
regenerate root
resonate empathy
flowing on truth
desecrated mindset
trail of pig squeal
fallen profanity
need to self heal
in streams of compassion
rise and vibrate
shining of essence's
of innocense wake


maurice said...

those i loved the best were/are basic, simple people - not poor - but no way rich - independent - believe/d in God - not into organized religion and not a member of any secret society - a pilgrim traveling this earth has no need of secret society - and by and large they did not pay much attention to what the bastardized ptb were up to - now that could be a mistake - i used to (years ago) read some writings of edgar cayce - and guess what??? he was a mason (so was truman) - so imo - he has no standing - why have secret societies??? to manage, grow , consolidate power - they exclude not include - i won't be reading the book - but have read your post and the comments - as always - interesting

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up, in every sense of the word-

Holocaust Porn, I Know it When I see It.

Visible said...

We've all got doors we close and doors we open of our own volition. I'm waiting for the door to my heart to be blown off the hinges. Then I won't be concerned about much else.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Our common law heritage is one way to ward-off the spirit of sharia and postmodern statutes. Although white protestant supremacy is not an option -- we still in spirit and application by our very personality observe that wich Christ delivered on Mount Sinai to all Protestants: The Magna Carta.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Manley Hall, I've not read him but I've read Charles Leadbeater, (33o SR) and though admittedly he claims to have ascertained certain Masonic mystical truths through "clairvoyance," thus is instantly deniable by the Masonic orders -- he says some troubleing things. In so many words, he speaks of part of the great sublime mysteries of Masonry, and hints that Masons particularly at the Templar degree , believe they are instruments of divine judgement to mete out good and evil upon the world. Is this so? And if it is, who gave them this job?



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