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The Real Deal doesn't Need to be New and Improved

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Back in the 60s there was a book called “Morning of the Magicians”. It was a bit sensationalist and lacking in real scholastic backup (whatever that is), as well as hard and credible research. It was a little like the T. Lobsang Rampa books and the film, “They Live”. All of these grabbed the attention of a certain strata of society, whose critical facility was compromised to the point that they want to believe more than they want to prove the integrity of the foundation of what they believe in. People don’t like disappointment, so they cut corners on the important things, in order to create some kind of temporary coat rack in the unknown; something to hang their weather gear on. In most lives, that weather gear only gets used during the early period of life, where idealism and spiritual hunger still make for some competition against the compromises that comfort and imaginary protection demand.

Whatever the shortcomings of these examples may be, they had certain things in common that do rest on a foundation that can be proven to, and by, anyone willing to take the trouble. I know this to be true because I did and so have others. Many of the things that a person can prove to themselves cannot be articulated in any common way. They don’t relate to a common way, which reflects the general mass appreciation of and desire for a world of objects and opportunities; for the expression of common passions that replicate in an endlessly returning series of ghost bodies, looking for death in all the right places.

Truth is not truth until it has been convincingly proven, to the one claiming to be in possession of it. Anyone can go into the acclaimed great books, of any tradition or individual path, and become a parrot of something they were too lazy and timid to risk their lives and reputations to authenticate. If it’s true it can be proven and, even where the most obscure and elusive tenets may elude, enough can be acquired to allow faith to carry the rest.

“Morning of the Magicians” introduces us to the impact of secret societies and occult ritual upon political and social constructs. All wars are magical wars, I don’t care what excuses you are given. Self-interest driven representatives of temporal power serve an invisible intelligence of dark intent. Selfless and compassionate souls serve an invisible intelligence of animating light. In times of darkness the intelligence of dark intent ‘seems’ preeminent and the reverse is true in opposite times.

T. Lobsang Rampa spins fantastic tales about unique individuals possessed of remarkable powers and talks of third eyes beings opened by surgical means; ridiculous stuff but... unique individuals with remarkable powers do exist, both for good and ill, with the good always being stronger though less perceptibly present at certain times.

“They Live”, introduces us to subliminal programming that allows monsters to control the lives and destinies of the peoples of the world. It was a ham-fisted and sophomoric effort with very real principles behind it. We actually live in a very similar world today and it explains why it is so difficult for people to wake up and why they are so resistant to the truth that stares them in the face.

Before a certain carpet-bagging race appeared with a book of tales, that were adapted from previous cultures, we had the Chaldeans and the precursors to the Egyptian dynasties. We had cultures, whose presence is now obscured by the mist of time and relegated to myth and fancy. These cultures possessed a knowledge of the true magical arts. They understood the relationship between letters and numbers, as well as the science behind vibration and the application of things like electro-magnetism and adapted sunlight. Much can be made via the intuitive mind, concerning the Great Solar Disk of Lemuria and the Brotherhood of The Seven Rays. Remnants and even representatives of these modalities still exist in the high mountain ranges and hidden valleys of the world.

The present composition of these magics is what was stolen from the worlds of light and then perverted for a use other than what they were intended for. All bad magic is a travesty upon the enduring and original forms. However, the original forms are still around and can destroy all the perverted formulations without any trouble at all. You’re going to see this at some point and wonder why you ever thought differently, or lived in fear of a large shadow cast by a tiny form.

War is made against humanity across the span of every Dark Age and even in ages of a greater light. War is made and the technology of conflict improves and improves until the real goal of all these wars begins to emerge and that is the war against Heaven itself; however you may define it. It is at this point that Shambhala finally appears out of the hidden clouds that conceal it, here. You can understand this literally and you can understand it figuratively, if it’s true it’s true and these are the days in which it comes to pass and is proven one way or the other.

We are all born into certain times for a reason. The greater the opportunity of any particular time, the greater the darkness mustered against those opportunities, because the whole point of existence on this plane is about souls and who will harvest them, nothing else is relevant. Some of us can walk out into the world and see it in living color on any given day and some of us see only what ‘they’ are projecting upon the human mind with their magical arts of concealment and illusion. Awakening comes with risk. You can’t un-know certain things. You can’t get your virginity back once your ignorance has been violated by the lingam of revelation. This is why people hide so desperately from exposure to the truth. The truth is like acid. It will eat away all the foundations upon which people have built their false lives.

The truth destroys the veils which hide you from yourself. The truth sears its message upon the soul and it cannot be unwritten. Most of us would never risk the comfort of our illusions for the bright and initially painful light of what actually is. This is why it comes for us at regular intervals, breaks down our walls and gives us the chance, if we so wish, to rise to our real potential or go running in panic back into the warm darkness of attractive dreams and certain death. In most ages there are only a few souls with the courage to penetrate these veils. In this time we are all given this opportunity in varying degrees. “How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Not bad enough!!!” Don Henley channeled a lot of interesting points in his time. Truth leaks into our world continuously through music and the various arts ...and history saves the best examples for us to ponder at will, but most would rather read crap like Cosmo because the camouflage of cosmetics is the passport to appetite satisfaction, until you’re not attractive any more.

If you want to know the state of your culture, look at the art. If you want to compare the awareness of one time against another, compare the art. Is the art reaching for a more refined state of being; regardless of what the population may be laboring under? Is the art pulling the general consciousness into the cosmic toilet? Is Kanye West a modern Goethe? This brilliant lady, whose work will endure, says it all. When things fall apart, when they threaten to come unglued, you get redundant evidence that is pretty much the same no matter at what time it is happening. These cultures don’t just wake up and go, “Oh, that’s the wrong direction, let’s all turn around and go the way we should have gone and undo all this bad landscape”. That doesn’t occur. It’s kind of like trying to put the genii back in the bottle or reverse a pregnancy. The world of the moment is like a drunk who wakes up the next morning with a feeling of apprehension. He knows something happened last night and, even though he can’t remember what it was, he knows it wasn’t good. I think a lot of people are nodding their heads at this image because most of us have been there at least once.

In all cases the drunk says, “never again’. In some cases they actually make the change. The cost is the life that the alcohol fueled and all the acquaintances in it. You find out sooner than you might expect that you can’t remember any of those people anymore. It’s no accident that alcohol is the authorized lubrication for existence, during these thousands of years. Alcohol creates conditions of behavior that result in guilt and guilt is the whip used by those overseeing the chain gang. There is a practical reason for this and both the religious and social controllers use it to their advantage.

Imagine that you are in your house and you can hear a clock ticking. Your awareness of the clock comes and goes. If you look for the clock, you can’t find it because the sound of its ticking is always in the room you just left. The clock has an alarm. You can’t remember what you set it for; neither the event nor the time. Somehow you know if you can locate the clock, you will also remember why you set the alarm and what time you set it for. That ticking clock is your own heartbeat and it should remind you of something you carry with you everywhere you go. You carry it but you don’t exercise it fully, if at all. If you did, the power to truly rule yourself and the world would be yours in every moment.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Anonymous said...

Everytime I think you can't get any better you outdo yourself. You've gone from seriously gifted to outright genius. You remember back when I was a serious alcoholic a few years ago I told you that in my worst dispair I would listen to your songs and they would lift my heart. One of the songs with the most power at that is When Darkness Falls. It hit me along with this incredible act of writing with a flood of feelings from a time that's gone and I thank god for that. What I'm trying to say is that anyone who is criticizing the framework of your music isn't listening and their heart is closed. You will have a band one day and then the world will see how truly good and inspired these songs are.

with Love,

Mark said...

If you follow the metals markets and are shaking your head, check this out...

Best regards to all

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


the time has come FOR




Neko Kinoshita said...

Sing it Dog,

“Most of us would never risk the comfort of our illusions for the bright and initially painful light of what actually is.”

Truly, it can be quite painful, to have the divine sear that message.

Whether it is wise (probably not) I have allowed myself to suffer the depression of knowing that my best efforts will not save my eldest from herself. She is so wrapped into the illusion of the world as she would wish it that I must acknowledge the cost she will be forced to pay.

It hurts to know that you cannot save those you love so dearly.

With the Kitten to protect, and the care that their Mother will require, I can no longer afford the luxury of my despair, and have turned back to the light for the guidance I require.

And once again Les, here you are.

Howl on Dog, cool wet noses are pointed in your direction from here.

Deep in the alley,

Visible said...

Here is some riveting work from a master. with a link in it to one of the co-founders of this awful fraud.

Anyone still defending this soulless creep is definitely in bed with him. Some of you know who some of these people are. I wonder if they will still maintain the integrity of Assange with the price being the total loss of their own.

Visible said...

Neko, imagine how God feels and we are all God's children. There's no difference between God's love for us and our love of our children except in terms of understanding and possibly the types of intensity and so on. Being that God is love, God is that part of us that feels those things that affect us when we are loving in a selfless way but incapable of complete detachment.

Strange as it may sound, God is attached to us in ways similar to our attachment to those we love. Some say attachment is bad but actually it is our understanding of it that is misleading and I've seen some pretty selfish people come out playing the non attachment game with spiritual pretensions.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thank you Les,

Your words always resonate.

I come here and feel the love as often as I can. The members of this family you are gathering here are all dear to me and I love you all.

Thomas said...

thanks Les, beautiful, beautiful. And inspirational :)

Living in these times really is a crazy ride. Most people here wince at even the slightest mention of truth (their thoughts being filled with only the most transient and airy of matters), and one is condemned for uttering it... but behind their eyes it is obvious that they recognize something amiss... It's getting easier by the day, though, with all the skeletons spilling out of all the closets, even in the MSM, reports of uprising and whatnot. Like the proverbial canaries in the coal mine, even the brick-ignorant are beginning to smell the smoke... And, then, a few who lap up reason and truth like thirsty animals. Not too much at a time, or they will explode or kill themselves... It really is an internal process, and needs to go its natural course.

anyways, thanks Dog, Kanye's got nothin' on you ;)

Peace to you all, and may the light of creation shine on your paths. :)

Visible said...

I love you too and know what you are going through, I've seen it many ways.

It's a signature dish of the times.

I'd have to say that the chief enjoyment I get from doing these blogs is the quality of the reader that I encounter. This would be a poor place if all we had was me talking about whatever I talk about. It would be like pasta without Parmesan.

It's the visitors that make these sites what they are and I warrant you would have to look very hard to find another place with a similarity to this singularity. I have to shake my head on a regular basis at how unbelievable I find all of this to be.

I know people say a lot of nice things to me about my work. I see it but it doesn't have the sort of effect you might expect. I just pass the compliment on. The thing that really hits me and makes me feel good is the fact that these people showed up in the first place and then they come back.

I can't tell you how many times a reader has said something and turned the lights on in my head. Daednerd (god rest his soul) used to do it frequently and the Village Idiot is a marvel. I don't hear much from him anymore which is a shame.

There's a number of people that used to come by that we don't see these days but the quality of what we have overall, has never been higher. I thank god every day for the evidence of humanity that I see showcased in the people that show up here. It is very faith affirming and proof to me that what I believe is real. I owe them all a debt of gratitude that, for the most part, they are probably unaware of.

Anonymous said...

Les thanks for the voice and will. You are trying a bit harder and its showing. Thanks for the simple reminder. Cant remember the poets name, but its goes like this. No act of love or kindness ever so small is a waste of energy.

Moreover u move with inner truth
that helps others see their own light, when u just let it out.
Anyone could gain by just repeating your thought path and thats a real gift of a loving soul.
You know all to well that truth is within and yet you keep trying to share it. We would loose soo much if you stopped but I wonder why you try sooo hard on certain topics?
More is less and its all under control.
The SQ isnt changing nor will, but we can change and move on. This becomes hard on others around you and to social systems. Dont worry if change isnt before your eyes, it only needs to take root in our own hearts.

Long is the road one walks and with much risk to the norm you create. That half the deal about these cosmic times. More risk now equals more gains later. The doors are opening and its a free for all, no ideas or struggles are left out. What we do now will help create more or less karmaic load for later events. The rate is picking up even as many are slowing down. The mythmogers of old are trying hard to close the thrid eye of human creation, but they cant get us all

Love Your Life

kikz said...

i'd read darkmoon's article a few months ago. i thought of it as i read, then ... there was the link :)

nice one today :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
You always seem to hit the sweet spot.
And I agree with your assessment of your readers.
Both you and they have provided me with many avenues of exploration with comments and links.
You provide a true oasis, a place of peace and thoughtful reflection.
A place where old wounds can be washed and redressed and spirits refreshed for the next leg of the journey.
Thank you all.

siamsam said...

How does it feel Les, to have such a rare - in fact unique in many ways - disposition. I think it must feel good to know that you write from your very soul with no other agenda than truth, peace and love.

How rare is that - in historical terms!

I also wonder how it feels for those that spend their time writing from a different place with some warped sense of duty. They use all their devilish energy to sound sincere so as to entrap their intended victims. The sax player comes to mind. So sincere and sym-pathetic.

With me truth resonates and this post rendered me bell like. Someone here once said the I sounded gullible. Well that may be so, but I have spent a lot of time at the usual places here in WWW land and I can only say that I can now, more than ever , the wood for the trees. It is all in the senses :)

kindest to all

Visible said...

I'm just grateful to be of use. I don't really have a value judgment on myself. Mostly I'm just grateful. I think that sums up my feelings on pretty much everything, including the suffering I've been through lately and which has been around in recent times more than I've seen before. I assume it's a purgative.

siamsam said...

PS I always (well nearly) post my comments after reading your post Les. I then go back and read comments. This helps me know if I am in tune. It is quite surprising at times to read the thoughts of fellow posters. Singularity springs to mind:)

Cognitive Infiltration a la Sunstein said...

Thanks for the Redacted News link.

Ass-ange/Wikileaks being the bastard child of Sunstein's warped Judaic Communist mind puts another piece of the puzzle in place.


Cass Sunstein Present at the Creation of WikiLeaks


This is the same Sunstein who today heads Obama’s White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. In his January 2008 Harvard Law School Working Paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” Sunstein infamously demanded that the United States government deploy groups of covert operatives and pseudoindependent agents of influence for the “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups” – meaning organizations, activists and Internet websites who espouse beliefs which Sunstein chooses to classify as “false conspiracy theories.”

WikiLeaks = Cass Sunstein’s Program for Cognitive Infiltration In Action

It should be clear that Assange and WikiLeaks are precisely the practical realization of Sunstein’s program for “cognitive infiltration” shock troops to counteract and overwhelm any real mass understanding of oligarchical domination in the modern world, and any discussion of what kind of economic policies are needed to secure a recovery from the present world depression.


Professor David Ray Griffin's latest book, "Cognitive Infiltration" does a good job of exposing Sunstein for what he really is.

Anonymous said...

Hi les,
Waking up is a tough lonely business, and trancending this seeming reality presents all sorts of difficulties. So it's comforting for one to know you're not alone in how you see things. I often read your excellent posts and am astounded how they uncannily relate to recent thoughts I've had. Thankyou for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

For this dog, in this year of the Tiger, your writings have been an inspiration. Lord Shiva is on his way and the time for the Siva-Shakti dance with Kali is about to become obvious to everyone. Love is the path in a new geometry of the Merkaba field. David is old story as is Ruth, the deception is at an and.
Another dog, chinese astrology type, told me this joke:
A neighour steps out to go to the butcher shop at a an unusual time of day for her and finds that the dog of her neighbour is entering the same store just a moment before she does. Th dog has a bag which she puts down, sticks her nose in it and produces a paper which she puts on the counter.
The butcher reads out "two kilos of chicken breast", the dog shakes her head affirmatively, the butcher weighs out the meat, packages it, and the dog puts the package into the bag. The neighbour watches surprised. Butcher reads out " half-kilo of lean ground meat", dog shakes her head, butcher weighs the meat packages it, dog puts i t in to the bag. neighbour now is amazed. Butcher reads out "six pork- chops", dog shakes head affirmatively, butcher weighs out and packages the meat, dog puts in bag. Butcher calculates the cost, informs dog of total, dog affirms with head shake, reaches with head into the bag, produces money from her teeh, puts on the counter. Butcher makes change. dog checks it out, grabs between teeth and places change into the bag. Grabs bag and heads out of the shop. Fascinated, the neighbour follows the dog, having forgotten completely her own reasons for the visit to the butcher shop. As they are neighbours, the dog passes the home of of the neighbour, reaches the doorstep of her house and puts the bag down. Dog lifts head and presses the door-bell. A few moments pass, no answer, dog presses the door-bell again. Suddenly the door opens, the dog's owner is clearly upset and starts to beat her dog with the rolled up newspaper in her hand. The neighbour tries to stop her exclaiming " but your dog did not eat the meat, brought back the change, did not even drool on the bag!" Dog's owner yells back " True , but it's the third time this week that she forgot the keys!!!!"

This dog is changing owners and loyalty.

bomshiva said...

War is Love!
Let me count the ways...

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Peru recognizes Palestinian State


Court throws Rahm off the Chicago mayoral ballot

the gardener said...

EVERY single time I've needed you the most-here you are.

EVERY single time I've needed you to validate my own reality-here you are. :)

I spent so much of today with the ponderings of WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE IN POWER OVER MY MATERIAL LIFE? Zombies? Walk-Ins?

I have never experienced so many bad actors playing their parts like I have in the past few years-though I've never been involved to the degrees that I have with the ones I've been interacting with either in my life.

Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance, Feds, Bankers, *SCREAMS*!!!!!!

The suits are losing it! They are barely able to keep their thought forms together... one lie, one play, one game after another but it all catches up with them eventually.

Just playing the parts of 'doctor' 'lawyer' 'judge' 'cop'... all those who wear costumes to work... all with the power to kill you-physically and financially to their profit.

But they're tweaking... maybe drugs are getting them out of whack where they can't keep up their performances enough...

They've all broken me down to the ground... they've all had me at my breaking point as they refused to do their jobs regardless of how much work and money and time I put into resolving my issues involving many who've done blatantly and documented criminal and deadly actions...

I didn't die, didn't give up, have never felt more calm or grounded after having been broken by the systems these puppets play in and call home.

And what my main lesson I think that this was all about? was the FAITH that I thought I had, but really didn't and didn't know I didn't have until I had it. The real stuff, evidenced to me so many times by so many miraculous saves, so many angels in so many forms coming my way...

JUPITER is now into ARIES... ARES-god of war... fire, cardinal action...many will combust-self combust. The spotlight is on them all-it is getting rather HOT for them... no where to run, no where to hide from that light.

When URANUS also goes into ARIES-soon... we'll really see some big weird cardinal fire happen.

And whatever comes our way-Yellowstone blowing, the sun going ballistic-if that's what it takes to burn out the wicked that has taken over this world and is perpetrating more and more everyday-so be it. You CAN'T take nothing with you but your soul. Guard it-protect it with everything you have in you.
1. name the victim(s)
2. name the crime(s)
3. visualize the brightest light you can-or use the sun... visualize this ball of light and visualize your turning this light over to the Creator of all and asking that it be used to shine down on ALL the perps...

it works. The more people utilizing this easy to do experience which is very strengthening to our spirits the better.

thank you les and to everyone else here.

the gardener

The Funky Walrus said...

Think for yourself, question authority, think for yourself, question authority.
Throughout human history as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are or where we're going in this ocean of chaos has been the authorities the political, the religious, the educational authorities who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rule, regulations. Informing forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of
vulnerable open mindedness chaotic confused vulnerability to inform yourself. Think for yourself question authority, think for yourself question authority. Timothy Leary

Anonymous said...

the horn in the distance is right next door now i give thanks everyday for the thrashing i've been given well everything happens for a reason and also has made me strong enough to look into the face of evil till it looks away for easier prey some in this country are awake but most continue on the same as it ever was i can go weeks without food and continue working and after awhile you realize the endless eating is just bullshit like everything else they train you with in some ways i think i might be luckier than most here who i think are mainly in the northern hemisphere in that my country is mostly empty mostly desert of course but livable if you try people have done it here for god knows how long the most recent arrivals here will tell you these people are animals but if you knew them you would know the truth is far different to the mainstream story ps are the hard copies of your books close?what you give to the world is immeasurible

Anonymous said...


I Love this place.

Walking Hawk

Anonymous said...

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves; we are underlings. ~William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Horse Latitudes Lyrics
Artist(Band):The Doors Review The

When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters
True sailing is dead
Awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned
Legs furiously pumping
Their stiff green gallop
And heads bob up
In mute nostril agony
Carefully refined
And sealed over

JIMBO SEZ the birth pangs have begun



The idiot mist that clouds the true light


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

In The Kingdom of the Hungry Ghosts.

Olive Farmer said...

Hi Les,
I can't work our if you welcome the appearance of Shambala or not.
There is such a concordance between much in the new age, aquarian, truth and conspiracy "movements" and the spoutings of Blavatsky, Pike, Manly Hall, Crowley, the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust and Share International whose philosophies underpin those that steer the world towards Armageddon that I am slowly coming to the conclusion that they are twin towers of one and the same evil.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer

Anonymous said...

I suppose anybody hanging their hat on the rock creek news was bound for a let down at some point. Perusing it I noticed the lithium piece. It is good for the brain but not lithium carbonate of the type normally dispensed but lithium orotate. as it appears in nature. There is a town in Georgia called lithium springs and the town motto is where everybody is happy.

I am still convinced Rampa was on the level though. Those were fantastic books, riding a stallion along Tibetan sea shores and all.

Visible said...

I am afraid there is too much evidence to the contrary about him being on the level (you can find it in any search). However, more me, the part about opening the 3rd eye with a bamboo or wood splinter, whatever it was, was too much to swallow.

Anonymous said...

[Before a certain carpet-bagging race appeared with a book of tales, that were adapted from previous cultures, ]

Beautiful. Although I'd take issue with the 'race' part of the statement, I think they're more like a sub-species. But well put. VERY well put.


Anonymous said...

old mother multicolor
harmonize free
reverberating unity
reach over sea
far over distance's
calm gliding trails
resonating frequency
feather tied tails
a wail of the universe
rush through the cold
warm of the fire light
wild river roll
old living peaceful
true rythm hum
intensify the heart
of all is all one


DaveR said...


Can you speak to us regarding Love?

I just ran into it headlong again. I could use some focus here.

GTRman said...

One of your very best Les ,thanks.

HoneyBee said...

There is a secret that will make you all stop worrying and feeling despair... The only law of this and every universe as it is, I won't say it by name you all know it. Your sons and daughters will be fine and the pain is natural let that light guide you... I like what our Dog friend is saying, but lets chill and remember how simple it is... This has been every life no different. We have stepped into the same river even though the tide may be coming in, it will eventually go out. Concrete your allegiences, mine is the highest bidder, but the currency has no economic value only true knowledge of light.

Peace needs chaos to meet itself occasionaly.

I hope we all enjoy this journey and help each other on the way.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types.

Hans Schatten said...

A piece of peace to appease - now that is a classic Susan.

And when the dragon slayers look into the mirrors of the eXchanger, what do they see - they see dragons looking back at them.

Those young evil Dragons of Thuban are here, those verocious beasts;
in their caves they hide a lot and plan to don their many dire feasts.
Then when a swiftfooted and armoured dragon slayer comes along;
the poor fiends become frightened and forgetful whereto they belong.

The swords and knives are drawn by the warriors of honour and renown;
never before did such gallantry prevail in the kingdoms of all then known.
Young dragons perished one by one not knowing what evil they had done;
So all the dragons were no more but in folklore, their memory just gone.

Then an old wise dragon mother awoke from her long and peaceful sleep;
this cannot continue she said to her beau; where is my children's keep?
And Maria's beau went forth to show the slayers the folly of their ways;
with magic words and keys of deliverance he caused them many sighs.

Would the slayers learn who the young dragons were before when old?
Could the slayers see themselves in the ancient wisdom of oaks so bold?
When the nightingale sung her song of love to the elves of the moon;
and then as the foxes gathered about to ask the wise owl, how soon?

How long will it be, before the humans awake to remember their past?
Slayers of their own ancestors they are in many a zest to be so vast.
A young dragon is nought but a slayer having returned from the grave.
They are destroying themselves and their memories, the ones so brave.

Maria's beau found some old souls who could remember the new past.
Many others remained steadfast in their knowing better of an older path.
And so it continued in the common playing grounds under the sunny sky;
until the old wise dragon father of all joined the party to give it his try.

Abraxas Anthony



Joseph Brenner

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