Monday, November 29, 2021

"The God Within, Expressed THROUGH The Personality- Brought to Heel by Love, and Yoked to The Everlasting."

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They have misled entire generations into believing pseudo-science, pseudo-history, pseudo-sexuality, and... well... there are a lot of pseudos. Let's see... Materialism intensifies, people get more and more sedentary. Every appetite they might wish to indulge in is either there for the taking or at the flash of a credit card or DL cash exchange. I didn't know what DL meant until recently; probably because I am not motivated to go 'down low'. I'm not much for acronyms. That's another example of the pandemic laziness that is one of the offspring of Materialism, along with Selfishness, and Insanity. Materialism ALWAYS winds up in a downward spiral ...because of the general level of awareness... of the people experiencing it... and the venomous nature of the ones preying on them.

Big summing up coming. That thought keeps appearing in my mind. With some things, you don't really catch on until they are right on top of you, because of the small increments of change that take you there, like the frog in steadily heating water. I heard, long ago, that that doesn't actually happen; the frog and the boiling water thing... BUT... the concept DOES apply in other situations. Look at the seriously negative changes in social perceptions and conditions; no doubt due to Social Media... under the control of exactly who? Well... yes, Sauron-Satan-Mammon-Prince of Darkness, something... at the core level... feeding into the human mind from the nether locations, via subliminal programming, and telepathic invasion, but...

Who are the field agents? Who are the Cheka of Commissar Beelzebub? I think we all know the answer to that. Our knowing doesn't make any difference. They are being PERMITTED to march under their own power (they think) to Perdition. There are rules and there are laws. Sometimes they don't seem to be enforced very well, and then the day arrives. It might have been thousands of years in the making, but it comes.

However, The Usual Suspects are not the only culprits here. They have minions aplenty that far outnumber them in the aggregate. There are plenty of people who will commit questionable acts for money. There are even more people who will commit them out of Fear. Fear can take as many shapes as The Imagination is capable of giving birth to. That is one of the tools of The Enemy; Fear. There is, however, no fear unless you are compromised somehow, in your life or in your mind, and Love is absent. It is always best to live with nothing to lose, especially when you can lose far more than your life if you are not careful. There are some people who get sent all the way back to The Beginning of The Line. That is an actual place and the reason I have capitalized it.

You can look at life from many perspectives. That is self-evident after only a cursory look around at The World, and what goes on there. One can see it as a game. One can see it as a contest. One can see it as endless opportunities to increase one's share. One can see it as a world of flesh. One can see it (and experience it) like a dream, which it will be in any case... merrily, merrily, and not so merrily. The dream of life is like a movie that you get sucked into. Your desires and intentions shape your role.

People get trapped in Materialism as if it were an adhesive sludge. Everything is there to be begged, borrowed, or stolen. Hunger has thousands of faces, The Beloved has only one, and it is your own face seen as a reflection in The Perfect Mirror. In all these many thousands of faces there, NONE OF THEM can assuage the hunger. One limps and crawls ...or not at all toward the next disappointment. Unity and Freedom are found in only one location and that is The God Within, who is permitted by the host to express freely through The Personality, brought to heel by Love, and yoked to The Everlasting. What unspeakable bliss it is to have The Supreme Enjoyer present within you.

A lot of the terms and images that I use are common to The Sri Prabhupad Krishna movement. I have never been a member for reasons best illustrated in the book, “Monkey on a Stick”. I had great love for the founder and various individual members, BUT... the ruling junta? Not at all. It is a problem common to all ashram environments. The worst characters scheme and compete for the highest position. I was always happy to be the cook until I had to move along.

Regardless... the idea of The Supreme Enjoyer and the uninterrupted celebration of The Divine seems to me to be a truly legitimate construct. One night I was in an altered state and I was chanting Hare Krishna. I had this ability that would increase as my concentration did so that I could have as many as 8 different chants going on in my mind simultaneously. I cannot do this in ordinary consciousness, but I suspect I will someday. While I was immersed in this experience, which is a lot like juggling, Lord Krishna peered around the doorway of the room I was in, and he smiled... and left. It was so quick, but it left a lasting impression. He has been the most elusive of entities. He was blue, with a smile to light up The World.

The World is in a state of frightening descent at present. The Aethers are filled with a giant sucking sound. It can be truly intimidating for those with no strong anchor in The Invisible; now that we see that The Globalists intend to manufacture an endlessly mutating virus, followed by ever more ingenious Kill-shots. HOWEVER... that is The World Outside. It is a reflection of your internal state, BUT... who really considers that? Only a very small sample size of Humanity makes that association. We have been made prisoners of The Senses, in the Penitentiary of The Mind. We are doing time, Literally... in our thoughts, and assisted by our manipulated emotions.

I know a simple technique that will free anyone from this level of collective suffering. It is... unfortunately for many, a 24-7 responsibility, and hardly anyone, in these Times of Material Darkness, wants to commit to anything like that. For the intrepid and determined though... this WILL see you through if you meet the primary entry requirement, which is to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind.

I have brought this up before. I will probably bring it up again. It is what I do, and it is not so egregious as one might think, ESPECIALLY if the primary requirement is met. That gives an ease and a confident certitude to the whole affair.

When you eliminate waste from your body, through the solid and liquid waste channels, and through the skin, you are freeing yourself of all that is of no further use. Some of it never was. The disease of anal retentiveness includes the opposite reaction to being freed. IF... we Consciously eliminate the negative aspects of our being, AND eat in a Conscious manner with an appropriate mindset, within a short time you will begin to experience a freedom previously unknown to you. This is a form of Practical Spirituality and WILL lead to one realizing the one thing worth having, which is present within you at this very moment, though in a quiescent state.

If one takes command of these simple procedures that one MUST engage in, in regular fashion... ANYWAY... their lives will... sooner or later become spiritualized. Everything one needs to know about getting to the only thing worth having is there written into one's own being and is demonstrated in those acts we commit daily; breathing, eating, excreting. If one can spiritualize these, Liberation is certain. What one is doing is connected to their spiritual path, which is an inner journey through an exterior landscape.

Look at the casual manner in which people eat, seldom with any Gratitude, but as if it were their due. They eat while walking down the street. They eat food from fast-food outlets where it is prepared without Love and where dark thoughts and negative emotions are a part of the ingredients. Of this, I am certain. We put our energy into everything we do, whoever we are, like it or not, and whether we intend for it to be so or not. We affect EVERYTHING we are engaged in, and we are affected (if we permit it) by everything else.

There are laws in the universe, whether you like it or not. Just because you don't know what they are, does not mean you are exempt from them, you are not! CONSCIOUSLY... breathe in Love and CONSCIOUSLY breathe out Love. There are other options and techniques, true (you'll figure it out). Sincerely bless your food, and think heavenly thoughts while you prepare it, or are fortunate enough to want to. When you process waste, do it CONSCIOUSLY. Acknowledge that you are being freed of old material bondage. Let everything leave you easily and gracefully. Hold tightly to ONLY one thing.

I could have gone into greater detail, but that is for you to accomplish on your own, with help from above and within. You MUST make spiritual disciplines a part of EVERYTHING you do. The rewards are considerable. The rewards are past telling. The downside is not at all.

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Probably more links than you might wish. Most of them are signals and indications of what is to come. Why do you think they call it The Event Horizon?

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The radical fringe, who are being given way to in this period of time, is actually pushing the ideas we want manifested. They are wrong about many another thing, BUT... the very people they looked to, to be their foot soldiers, are now their antagonists=

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Since we were discussing psychics (off-mic- shut up!) Here is a little more about this fellow that I have gone into no detail about=
Alois Irlmaier:

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

"Yes, It Might get Tight and Trepidatious in Places, Up a Notch, Down a Notch on The Dial."

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Things are going up a notch in places and... down a notch in others and mostly staying the same, however... the same uneasy peace that is everywhere in The World today and the common apprehension of a world falling into disorder... continues. The fabric of society has been torn again with this Plandemic. It can be easy for timid souls to believe the worst but... God is the champion of humanity and he appears when he is needed. He comes in all colors and languages and other garbs. He looks like everyone looking back at him... as they really are.

Yes, it might get tight and trepidatious in places, up a notch, down a notch on The Dial, but WE ARE radiating stations of energy, just like a power plant and capable of immensity. A purpose-driven life SHOULD BE to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, and the ONLY way you are going to accomplish that is to behave as if you are already there and sharing it. This radiates outward from you and calms the waters of life. It stills the troubled heart. I find it hard to imagine any other occupation. Once again, as Lord Krishna said; “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Gratitude is of great impact on Heaven. It is one of The Qualities of God, like Fortitude, and Patience. These qualities are the most precious treasures in the universe but... the self-interested mind cannot see this. They are components of The Kingdom of Heaven, like what forms the walls and shapes the valleys of that land and... Heaven is such a land. It is also a subtle thing. One might be resident there and another not and yet be in the same supermarket or park, go right past one another. Love is contagious too. I'm talking about Higher Love. They already have the other kind.

Heaven to me is very personal. I visit certain friends there, such as Lord Vivasvan. He has other names too but he is the present resident of Lord Surya's seat... a personification of The Solar Divine. The evidence of God is there to be seen each and every day by most anyone who cares to. Without The Sun there would be no life on Earth. What does that tell you? He is the source of all life, but he's a front-man for the more central core, so he is Personalized. He has a persona.

The reach of The Mind is tremendous, and you can visit with The Sun in real-time. So... I go out each morning around 9 and visit with the Sun because I consider him to be one of my friends. One morning it went deeper and I found myself inside The Sun, in a room of many shades of gold, each distinctive enough to form a location of objects and such from density and hue. There was Lord Vivasvan (as I call him).

The room was large and I thought of a drawing room or a French kitchen, but it was nothing like that... more like classic Greece because of the way Lord Vivasvan was dressed. He looked like a Roman centurion with a Trojan helmet; not unlike the Indian posters you might see, but a lot of the detail is missing; the presence of The Real Thing. He was also... almost in bas relief... apart from everything else. All the energy around him was passing through him. He was also around 9 feet tall. He was imposing and commanding as you might expect, but with such a cheerful and positive way about him. Many times in my altered states I have had brief interactions with him. Often it was no more than a “Hi-ho Silver!” Aloha, as I was passing by. The Sun doesn't rise and fall, we turn around into and away from it; which is fine because I have no problem with The Night, which is also provided by the one who shines through a million suns, and beats in the hearts of everyone.

When we find commonality with our fellows, there can be no problems that are not easily brought to solution. In this world, there are those who choose disorder so that they may profit from it. This is a terrible affliction to have because of the cost of it. Still... in times of Material Darkness, it is present. These are times of a Great Summing Up. You could call it Judgment, even The Final Judgment... though... there is no final judgment in the mercy of God. That comes of the lies that religious leaders have been peddling for years. God's Mercy and Love are immeasurable. I TRY NEVER TO FORGET... “There but for fortune goes you and I.”

There was an amusing radio evangelist some decades ago called Billy Sunday. He used to say, “throw your money up into the air, and all that stays up is God's, and all that comes down is mine.” Heh heh. He actually believed that too, and demonstrated it, in his fashion. A lot of people were around in the early decades of the last century who brought a powerful message, whether you believe their message or not. There are renaissances in the human spirit, in the community of life. There are doldrums too, like recent decades when culture and art are in the emergency room and have been there for years because the patient is still alive but not well enough to go into General Care. Thank God for the pharmaceutical companies.

I don't want to blow smoke up your ass. It's probably going to get bad in parts...of course, I ALWAYS hold out the hope of Global Awakening, when collective humanity comes to the fore. That might be why certain natural disasters occur, to compel people to consider their common struggle, instead of contending with each other.

This massacre in Wisconsin is getting seriously low-balled by the media. I couldn't find any news today that was not already yesterday's news. I don't know if it's Bread and Circuses, The Apocalypse, of course, or... something else I don't know about. As I have heard, close up, “No news is good news” There is something going on in The World at this time. It is a big deal because major power struggles are going on among The Worldbeaters, Master's of the Universe set, BEHIND the scenes. Lots of nudging, some pushing.

I don't know the content or the context. It's none of my business in any case. On the Fallout side, however, we are at some point in the line of fire. You have to let it pass through or around you. The Martial Arts are all about this... if you are; same with Feng Shui. The key to Life is harmony with all life through the power of a Higher Love. I don't get that most people don't get, that God... AND all sorts of other creatures see EVERYTHING you do. When you do things they like, they hang around you and feed on the experience. It is your responsibility what companions you attract. It is CERTAINLY your responsibility... who and what it is that continues to hang around.

This is one of the ways that The Kingdom of Heaven is built, by attracting the right entities from The Supernal Kingdom to assist you, and without whom... you wouldn't get it done anyway. Heaven is NOT a place of discord. That is somewhere else located, at least from where we stand. You carry it with you. You are what you encounter coming back on you from previous engagements. Get your affairs in order! That's what I say (grin). It most definitely improves as you do. We have the opportunity to age like fine wine. Some of those wines are drunk by The Gods themselves. When I say Gods, I mean personifications of The Qualities of God... interacting. God socializes with himself by talking to an endless line of reflections that reflect ALL the conditions of The World but apart from each other like a wall with a hidden door. God walks among us in various guises, his wonders to perform.

Of course, you are free to believe as you wish. In my experience, God walks among us. I have definite proof of that to my satisfaction, and... isn't that all that counts; since it's a memory of events and not a pattern of bad behavior? Heh heh. I have no trouble being convinced myself. I have been convinced again, and again, beyond the remembering... since the evidence kept appearing in Real Life, just the way everything else happens to everyone else, according to their disposition about what they consume, and what consumes them. I have chosen, irrevocably... to be consumed by God, in whatever fashion he chooses. Where have I gotten on my own?

It is flat-out amazing how The Media... and I mean the alternative media as well... has backed off of this carnage in Milwaukee. Yes... six people were executed, but... 61 more were injured. That's a big deal anywhere, especially given the circumstances. I am amazed at the way God plays existence, like a conductor in front of an orchestra. Human emotion rises and falls. The baton goes up and down. Thoughts take wing and descend to The Earth. The baton waves it all into accord.

In altered states, I have seen angels in a spiral coming down from The Sun. I seem to remember this being depicted in paintings or sketches. It was very much the same. I have seen The Goddess on many occasions, more often in valleys with high grass, and at the wood's edge. I have felt her tasting me with mosquitoes, and caressing me with The Wind. My Heaven is populated with a group of entities who circle about or stand still before The Light of Lights; the Lord of Light. It is a simple thing that gets complex in the explication. Best to not talk about it unless you can talk around it, and work with allegory and analogy, because... what are you going to say that hasn't been said before? My only defense in the involvement is that I believe it needs to keep being said. All of the other things are being said, and there is so much of shadow in these times.

The Light of God within can illuminate us. We CAN shine with an interior light. We are stars in the making... however far away that might be... heh heh... “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

End Transmission.......

Not many links=

Via revolver
I'll be darned.
It seems that Lenin is referring to the moneychangers when he describes the Kulaks, when in fact... they were the ones killing others for being them=

Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?


Xi Jinping with Joseph Kabila

Friday, November 19, 2021

"It is a Truly Strong Individual that can Ride These Forces Instead of Being Driven by Them."

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There is not a whole lot that is different that happens here, even over great spans of time. The instruments used and the conditions created may vary from crude to very fine, however... people's treatment of one another can transform rapidly when anyone doesn't get their way, depending on the degree of moral relativism in the atmosphere. Then the weapons are more surgical and... inventive.

THEY... are trying to take over The World. That is their big mistake. NO ONE is allowed to take over The World. It NEVER happens. So now it only remains to be seen how Mr. Apocalypse intends to take them down, once the blueprint gets to him from above... or within, as you prefer. Yes... my friends, you can give up your dire and dreadful dreams of The World as a concentration camp. You can just let go of your fears that the zombies, being armed by The Usual Suspects, are going to break down your door. Bad things... really bad things will take place where the stage for that has been erected. It will not even come over the horizon line in other places, and they don't have enough fingers for all the holes in their dikes. They will be swept away in a flood of their own design.

I should point out that there is no cohesive THEY. There is a loose association that exists between them, similar to what you find in criminal organizations. This is fitting because they are almost all criminal organizations anyway. Think about all those alphabet agencies... CIA... NSA... FBI... In its own category is... The Vatican, and the exclusive clubs; The Masonic Hierarchy... The Club of Rome... The Trilateral Commission... The Committee of 300... Bilderberg... Davos... Bohemian Grove... The (nudge nudge wink wink) Illuminati... There are many others.

Some will say they are all part of the same club. In a single sense, this is true because ALL of them are under the sway of The Prince of Darkness (he has many names). Otherwise, they are only loosely affiliated and in competition with each other. The Prince of Darkness sows dissension, even among his own. You have to get away from the idea that he is some independent entity out there doing his thing. He has a commission from Heaven to do what he does. Otherwise, he doesn't do it. Otherwise, he can't do it. Even now there are places he can't do anything at all; certain human hearts and minds are invulnerable to him, certain locations as well.

There is ONLY ONE source of power. There is ONLY ONE ruler over all. He has more than one name also. Within your choices is the one choice of the greatest importance. Do you serve The Light or do you serve The Darkness? Then you can find a version that suits your speed and abilities and... God willing... you will improve and evolve beyond the petty disputations that go on in the marketplace. You will be able to marry Love and Wisdom and see The Unveiled Truth.

“Anything you need to know, just ask me.” You've heard people say that, right? There is a department in the Supernal Realm that loves to hear things like that. They get in touch with their opposite numbers in the under realm and draw up a Purpose of Demonstration scenario for the man or woman who said that so that they can find out that they do not know what they think they know. This life-cycling is an all-inclusive trip. Some would call it immersive, the Spirit exploring Matter. It can go on for a REALLY long time or... you could get off the loop. That is seldom easy, even in the best of times, BUT... as long as one realizes they cannot make it on their own, much of the difficulty goes away. A competent guide steps in.

What MOST people don't get is that every move they make is witnessed and has an echo in the conscious fabric of real-time Karma. IT RESPONDS. Surely you know that Nature responds to you? You get from her exactly what you give her, and it is as poorly or as sharply designed as your imagination made it. SHE is what brings your thoughts into being and clothes them in garments that allow them to be seen.

There are 3 woven strands that interpenetrate the whole of manifest existence. In India, they are called The 3 Gunas.

3 Gunas

In the Western Tradition we use the elements Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt, which can be understood to mean, Intelligence, Passion, and Inertia; meaning the same thing said another way, which is the source of much of the confusion out of Singularity and Unity in this world. The 3 Gunas amount to the same thing, though they add a lot more detail to cover all the variations you see out there.

We are present as a vehicle through which unique combinations of astrological forces are expressed. Here it is, on this stage of demonstration, that the whole scripted drama plays out, and it is a truly strong individual that can ride these forces instead of being driven by them, especially in times like these. People have had it soft and have lost their steel. This is what happens when attention is not paid to eternal vigilance being the price of Liberty. Things like this happen when you fall asleep, and that usually happens because you are satiated with all the good things in life.

Relative Good and Relative Evil. I watch them dance through The World, doing the old doe see doe, switch your partners, spin them round. At the moment, this Prince of Darkness, known by many other names, and who ALSO appears in human form, as himself or one of his minions, has put his shoulder to the wheel. This is one of the big moments of transition so... there is lots of action hither and yon. It doesn't concern you unless it concerns you. Is there such a thing as a Triple Entendre? That last sentence would apply.

So... there is a school of thought, maybe more than one, for all I know, which says that according to arcane science, there are twelve pure personality types (you seldom if ever get one though) which can be subdivided into three sections or decanates. So... the whole world is populated by 36 subsets of Personality in a very intricate proliferation across Time and Space. Depending on the particular relationships of the planets at any given time, some personalities do better than others, and that changes, and changes again. HOWEVER... if you are not operating out of your personality, you can harmoniously reflect impersonal love wherever you may be.

Not everyone is in conflict with each other in the wider world. Not everyone is in conflict with themselves, which is what brings the other about. What is taking place in The World at this time is for The Purpose of Demonstration. All over The World, those with a common destiny are gathered with the rest of the players in those locations where whatever the drama may be... is played out.

Surely you can see the storm coming? There is a war of ideals taking place and some of life's most persistent villains are pushing certain tedious ideologies that led to mostly mass murder the last time they were set loose. They WILL NOT prevail, but it might get a tad dicey here and there. I don't know what's on the menu. The Prince of Peace could come down out of the Heavens, while simultaneously rising in the human heart, and a time of Universal Brotherhood could come into being. Conversely... cities could be set aflame in a more wide-ranging display than was seen last year. World War could occur. We've had Pestilence, though it was a false one. Famine is another string they pull. MEANWHILE, it is ALWAYS... and Eternally... and Forever under the control of The Most High.

People delude themselves about all sorts of things, and when The Personality is in charge, Reason and Logic can go right out the door. The ancient conspiracy of The Mind is to intrigue and scheme, and walk in whatever way is necessary to get what it is after. Of course... there are laws, especially unwritten laws that cover everything The Mind tries to get up to. It can be a VERY useful friend and a powerful ally as well, or a dangerous enemy, IF... an understanding is not reached about who is in charge.

Yeah... I don't know what shape it is going to take. It will probably take every possible shape... somewhere. HOWEVER... The World outside ALWAYS depends on The World within, if the one abiding in The World within is conscious of that; even if it is not conscious, it still does so, but the outcome might be less than ideal.

It is important to remember that this is all a magic show. The object is to get your attention, and then to deceive you. Most modern business techniques depend on this. Everything is an advertisement for the thing that is missing within, which isn't even missing. It's simply misplaced or mislabeled. THEY promise you everything. None of it is in their possession to begin with. This is one thing I do know because I found the thing they promise to deliver and cannot provide. I had it with me all along.

End Transmission.......

I think I have some links. I'll have to check and... if there are any you will find them below=

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Here is one more big not a surprise from the vaccines=
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Via Wayne Dupree
Mr. Apocalypse is coming for all sorts of people now.
It's sort of a reverse on what they have been pulling on everyone else. Astroworld now has a 2 billion dollar class action suit that purports to represent 280 clients. Yikes!!!

Alec Baldwin and Wife Caught Fleeing NYC Apartment After Second Lawsuit Hits

Alec Baldwin

Via Washington Free Beacon
As I said...
all kinds of people=

Yale Law Students Sue Administrators for Violation of Harassment Policies

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

"By the Day. By the Day!!! What I See is Percolating Madness at the Periphery of a Full Toilet Boil Flushing Backwards."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A palimpsest is not a tabla rasa and reincarnation is not a palindrome. That said... the Rittenhouse Caper is ready for the next episode, in which the street crazies demonstrate that some angels have wings and some have horns; speaking of horns, which parses nicely into Horny, let me point out that that is what the horns are all about. You can do two basic exercises with the sex force. You can do what the 90% do, which is, mostly, a get your ya ya's out thing until the energy pool is drained or... you can channel it into other areas of endeavor, because that is the force you will be using, and that is what ALL exceptional people do, though few of us are exceptional at any time. It is probably due to being locked up in a supermarket inside their minds, and unable or uncaring of finding their way out, where they wind up two corpses short of a casket.

In the links below, you will see how far Insanity now extends in our panoramic, surround-sound world. Some of it comes to us courtesy of the British Press; principally The Guardian. What they are the guardian of, I could not tell you, since they appear to be at least four scores short of seven years ago (which is probably where the itch comes from).

By the day. By the day!!! What I see is percolating madness at the periphery of a full toilet boil flushing backwards. The World of the moment is two avatars short of an anti-Christ. People are either, already, stark raving nuts or well on their way. Speaking of avatars, let me say that Krishna and Christ are the same persona, separated by an age, AND... the same one is reappearing again. Rama preceded Krishna. The Sun King IS The Sun King... ageless and ever young, filled with the essential vitality of life abundant and for the sharing. God gives himself away. You might want to try that, if... you expect to get any of it back, AND... how will you be getting it back?

Observe the competitions of Nature; the stags in rut and the combat prior to. Gays will tell you it is the denial of their desire for each other that causes the anger (grin) or... it DEFINITELY sounds like something they would say. Wait till you read the arguments and diseased logic, employed in the articles below. I am always surprised to find that they are much crazier than I originally expected. No way they survive beyond this lifetime. Observe the frenzies of the animal kingdom in their drive to replicate themselves. I don't know how hippos do it; probably in the water, I would think.

Yes... the horns, and the creatures with horns... and the concept of Horny... doesn't Pan have horns? Aren't devils pictured with horns? They are red too, aren't they? Red is the color of passion, of sulfur, of Rajas Guna. It is also, interestingly... the color of fire. Passion is a fire. So... here we have the degenerate human construct that Materialism has given us, wherein... the legitimacy of being intimate with ANYTHING that draws (and no longer draws) breath is coin of the realm in this time. Next... is the de rigueur deconstructing of one's own truth to fit every attractive lie they seek to couple with.

Real men and women have sex with The Divine. The idea that every pore of your body is a vagina, is something that has not escaped those who know how to breathe... and surrender. It is ALL so simple when you know what you are looking at. Do we know exactly what it is we are looking at? I submit that... in the main... we do not. Of course, I am only speaking of that which is germane to myself and others like me. Most will find this difficult to understand, even more of us WILL NOT WANT TO.

I'm not saying anything against romantic love. I am speaking to the ideals of what it should be, as opposed to what it is. These people (in the articles below, and in life all around us) who believe that sexual license is not only the way to go... but a human right... ARE... most certainly ARE... going to, by increments, frustrate themselves into an unbearable agitation. Their lives will get emptier, and emptier, and emptier till they are spinning like a top in a froth of viscous sexual fluids from which they cannot free themselves. Give it a little time and you will understand how they got the fly in the amber. Of course, since they at least two rats short of a lab experiment dinner, some will go hungry. They will starve... not from a lack of food, but from a lack of what gives and maintains life in the first place.

The hump and dump mentality of our present culture comes about due to those empowered to define it for us. I've got some new slogans for you. They are far more accurate than what we have at present; Diversity is Perversity, Inclusiveness is Abusiveness, White Supremacy is Leucophlegmacy, Living your own Truth is a Wolverine in a kissing booth. I COULD go on, but... I suspect you would prefer that I don't. Some of you are feeling that I am already two screwdrivers short of a cocktail.

It's SEX, my friends. It is ALL about SEX... even the 'above as so below' applies, though... not in ways those trapped in pedestrian hungers would understand, given that biological imperatives control their narratives. You see, it comes down to WHAT YOU WANT! What you want defines and gives meaning to your existence. You explain and understand EVERYTHING in that context! Your imagination produces the products that line the shelves of that supermarket in your mind.

I am constantly amazed at the lies people tell themselves and then... are not shy about telling you. Certain flavors of the month on the internet, who persist far past their sell-by date, tell us that we are all trapped, doomed, fucked; according to how they describe it. They tell us that everyone in power is a servant of some mysterious cult, though they can hardly be in power if they are a servant. These writers are as popular as sidewalk hookers at a New York political convention. They spin these tales out of pure conjecture and fabrication so that they can MAKE A BUCK. They are lying scoundrels constantly on the make... because that is all about SEX too. Someone is screwing and someone is getting screwed. Time and Karma reverse the roles... perpetually. Going up? Going down?

The gullible are caught up in a hornswoggle of horseshit, three or four graffitied cinder blocks short of a Berlin Wall. That's what this material culture has done to the mass of us. That is where the Palimpsest Syndrome comes in. THEY overwrite a new faceless identity to conceal the formerly unexplored.

When The Imagination is trained, the SEX force becomes a dancing bear, AND... the animal nature is no longer your adversary. It leads to higher forms of intercourse known only to those it has been revealed to. A great deal is about to be revealed, cause you ain't seen nothing yet from Mr. Apocalypse, The Great Awakening, and The Avatar. All of these live in your head with The Sugar Plum Fairies ONLY... they are real. The Sugar Plum Fairies are not.

The Crazy you presently see is all the result of Bad Parenting. The lack of completion and true intimacy is the fruit of Bad Lovers who don't understand the process. Now we have every derangement under The Sun being extolled as the new Walk this Way of The Promised Land. My advice is to stay away from crowds and avoid idle conversations. When the shit hits the fan... given the sheer amount of shit, and the size of the fan... well, you do the math. Lies are flammable. That is good to know.

By now, you should KNOW that the vaccines are killing devices, and where they do not kill they incapacitate, and turn the victims into zombies, tuned to whatever frequencies they want you to dance to. You need to be able to control The Dial or else THEY WILL. They have no power. They have the APPEARANCE of POWER, and they are fading as I write these words. A new dawn is coming upon The World as we formerly knew it. You will either dance in its resplendent light OR... you will go in search of somewhere to hide. Some will cry out for the mountains to fall upon and conceal them from the terrible light, which they cannot bear. REAL POWER comes from a single source. You are EITHER in resonance or resistance to it.

All spiritual discipline and aspiration, is an arrangement of your being, as preparation for The Investiture. Who you think you are is NOT who you are, yet people lose their minds over the threat of the loss of their treasured illusions. You MUST let go of who you think you are so that who you really are can shine and illuminate your existence...; draw you up into an ever-intensifying intercourse with Heaven. You reside in the kingdom that you serve. If your nature finds expression through your carnal persona, you achieve the certain destiny of beasts, and might well become one. If your plumbing answers to a higher calling, the chatter of The World will fade into an inaudible echo of itself.

You might well wonder why these posts appear five days a week, week after week. Surely, I have said enough in the last 20 years at this, in the 50 million words it has taken. Go to all the alternative and mainstream news outlets you visit on a regular basis and take a headcount of how many of the writers talk about God. It's hardly anyone, is it? Even locations devoted to religious commentary, seldom mention The Creator. It is mostly always about ancillary concerns, NONE OF WHICH you would have if your main concern had been addressed, however... we are several lifeboats short of a drowning world at this time. Someone has to talk about The Main Player in this life drama, however ineffectually I might accomplish it... I do my best.

I don't care what name you give The Divine. I don't care what particular and peculiar clothes you dress it in, what funny hats it wears, or what dreadful creatures go bump in the sacristy of perpetual night. God is ALWAYS... indefinable and incomprehensible... A-L-W-A-Y-S and forever. The furthest and deepest you can reach in understandable terms is LOVE. Find LOVE and your suffering and fear are gone. Even a child can understand this. Even a moron can respond to it. The animals know immediately if LOVE is present. It pacifies them. FEAR smells like ANGER to an animal. Our problems begin and end with our Selfish Nature. Let go of it and see what happens.

End Transmission.......

Some links INDEED=

Via The Guardian
Once the sexuality gets twisted, it continues to twist until it is bound tighter than a drum head.
The pounding brings the migraines=

Goop’s sex therapist on her radical approach to sexual pleasure

Via The Guardian
He said, “I do miss those days,” he says. “Men were creating a space for themselves.” Oh... did I mention he's REALLY into men? It shows you where it leads; Damon and Pythias it is not.

Men unzipped:
Me and My Penis, the TV show where masculinity goes commando


Via npr
Mr. Apocalypse dancing with the djinns=
3 dead, hundreds injured after storms rouse scorpions in Egypt



Via Victory Girls Blog
Just to show you how far Reason has gone in these times=
Kyle Rittenhouse Case Rests, The Haters Don’t

Victory Girls

Via The Mad Truther
It seems that the streets are meant to explode when Kyle Rittenhouse is found innocent.
BLM is threatening to ignite them. Oddly, no black people were shot, only a couple of representatives from the demographic that uses blacks in their efforts to destroy society, and who pocket the majority of their profits in the areas they labor in.
The most surprising thing is that they STILL don't know this. The owners of the slave ships STILL control them.

All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories

Kenosha rioters

Thursday, November 11, 2021

"A Great Amount of the Real Luster and True Beauty is Obscured by its Passing Through the Carnal Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All the many lives of people... famous for a brief hour. Then they are gone; actors and actresses all. Politicians, Industrialists, Hookers, and depraved followers of The Back Door Process of Reversed Kundalini; perhaps they believe redemption may come sooner if they have a lot to regret. They take themselves so seriously, and... after many a trip to the high tower, the petals fall and they are no longer here at all until they return for the harvest in the next life... and what will they harvest?

Why would people chase that hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes called Fame?

The seasons of a mortal coming and going here, inexorably and relentlessly go through their paces; the sadly redundant, endless occurrence of mistakes. When you stop being a child, Time becomes a factor. That factor intensifies as it passes... until you are passed.

You get to play any role you can think of here. Keeping in mind that your previously incurred debts will follow you in and add their color and commentary to what comes after. So it is that one can become famous and infamous at the same time. One can be remembered through many seasons for their works, but what of the life the works were created in? Sometimes the conditions were terrible indeed, because all of what you were, factors into what your present experience exhibits... and what you are becoming.

All of it is irrelevant... beyond the moment all traces of your works have gone away. Who do we remember from Atlantis now? Who do we remember from Lemuria, and what came before that, and before that, and before that? What an endless reach of time it is. There were, of course, heroes and villains; the odd genius who sang through a few centuries. We have no record of them now. Fame and accomplishment are overrated... unless they come as testimony to a sincere devotion to the ineffable.

What is the point of being remembered by people who will soon not remember any of this at all? It is far, far better to be remembered by The Sun... at whose command the Wind and Rain do dance. The Sun works through the moon, to move the tides and the human moods. That is the realm of The Personality. The Sun is the realm of The Individuality. One light shines through them all. It is present in every star in the sky. It is present within all life because there is no life otherwise. It might be useful to note that The Moon is a dead planet, and The Sun is the very source of life.

We've heard of being moonstruck. We see why Hecate and others have been associated with The Moon and what their characteristics are. We know there is a false light, and a true light, and that ALL light comes from one source, but as it moves from the most rarefied and sublime of sources to ever denser expressions, some... maybe a great amount... of the luster and true beauty is obscured by its filtering through the carnal mind.

It is not that so many things are wrong in life. If it is true that Woman was the cause of The Fall From Grace, it is also true that ONLY through woman shall we rise again. In other words, the whole thing was a set up for The Purpose of Demonstration, in order that life might have an enduring drama, as it moves through all the costumery and buffoonery of the performances. God doesn't like being alone, even though a part of him is eternally so. Another part is deeply and intimately involved in life. He wants playmates! That we do not know the rules of the game does not make him a bad playmate.

God wants to have fun, but much of what humanity gets up to is no fun at all. EVERYTHING has consequences and that is what teaches us The Rules. HOWEVER... when you want something that carries a lingering and unpleasant aftertaste, you will be sure to get it. It is not God's fault that you don't know what to ask for. He does his level best to give you everything you ask for. Are you now happy with your earlier requests?

Ask for what is worth having. Pay no attention to the pain and pleasure that visit, due to previous errors in judgment. They WILL pass away, and if you don't spend your time pursuing the one... you won't wind up with the other.

One of our biggest hindrances is that we do not know how to properly visualize and imagine. We are also far too much invested in the temporary dances of matter. This binds us to unpleasant experiences. LITERALLY, and I do mean LITERALLY... want nothing and see what happens. Conversely, want something to the exclusion of everything else... LITERALLY, and see what happens. There are principles of Magic that are there to be had, but no one seems to want to pay attention. When someone says that “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” What do you think that means? When someone says, “All Magic is in The Will.” What do you think that means?

According to a source that I trust, The Tarot was invented in the 12th Century in Fez, Morocco. Wise teachers of men, from the far reaches of what passed for civilization in those days, had gathered to discuss The Coming Dark Age, and what they might do to preserve The Initiatic Teachings UNTIL the Light of The Avatar arrived. As legend has it, one of them took a stick and started drawing in the sand. As they were all wise people, they immediately understood his intention. They took the cosmic principles and archetypes and put them in pictorial form, for the same purpose that symbols and sigils are used.

They, perhaps... discussed in whose hands they should leave this device. Someone suggested the gypsies who were known for fortune-telling and gambling. They were also known for traveling through the lands. They were nomads, as many of them still are today. The Tarot was concealed as playing cards, because The Wise KNEW that Vice was not going anywhere, and... what better place to hide Ageless Wisdom than there? Perhaps... this is all artifice and happened differently. As we have been at pains to mention here... there are two sources for History. There is the folded, spindled, and mutilated revisionist version of History, and there is Occult History.

There has been a big shift in the climate of life. One can see much evidence of Doom and Gloom in The Event Horizon. All over The World, you can hear the horses of The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse stamping their hooves. That is not the shift I am talking about. That is the climate being shifted. All sorts of events that should not have happened, and conditions that should not have appeared, are now happening and appearing all over. The Light is breaking upon The Darkness of The World. The plots and schemes of the agents of Darkness are unraveling. One of the ways in which Evil destroys itself is that it trusts no one. It is always projecting that others are as desperate and untrustworthy as it is... so they are endlessly hedging their bets and betraying one another. The metaphor of rats abandoning a sinking ship is most appropriate.

What you imagine is likely to happen, according to your observations, may well prove to be wrong. We have to remember that many of the politically correct-minded, the social justice warriors and similar types... are not wrong in their desire for a more fair world. Unfortunately, The World IS NOT FAIR, not by any stretch.

You know? Let us rather say that The World does not appear to be fair. This is because we NEVER have more than half the story. We don't know the events that set up what we see in the present. They might have happened a long time ago. It is also QUITE LIKELY that those pressing for wider equity, diversity, and acceptance-without-exception, were the greatest offenders in the past against what they are now promoting, as they try to clean up their messes, using the same stupid tactics that got them into this sequence in the first place.

The power of “I don't know” is PROFOUND. Few realize this because their understanding is Intellectual, not Visceral. A lot of The World's problems will be solved when more people have a gut understanding of what they only give lip service to now. When great change comes upon a society, USUALLY... the rabble-rousers and murderous misanthropes are pushed to the margins, or done away with, in the secondary stages of change. It is The Middle that holds the extremes together, and the best government comes out of understanding this. This is why the revolutionaries are now seeking to destroy The Middle Class.

And who is it that is behind the terrible policies of these times? Who owns The Media? It is The Media that brings everything to our attention that is not word of mouth. Who owns the entertainment companies that make the films and music we see and hear? Who composes The Central Bankers? Who FINANCES all of the alt-sex organizations? Who created Communism and were its major players? Who ran the show? Who is NOW promoting it through CRT and all sorts of other vehicles? Who is behind BLM and Antifa? Who was Saul Alinsky? Who heads the teacher's union and The CDC? Who is financing these massive immigration movements? Who controls the flow and content of information? What is The Frankfurt School?

Who manufactured the vaccines that are not vaccines???

There is a reason I call them, The Usual Suspects.

If you take a morning or afternoon to get the names that are the answers to these questions, please let me know if you came to some other result than I did. I checked who all the players are in these areas, and many I have not mentioned, that are ancillary to it all. It's like 2 and 2 equal four. Every time I add them together it comes to the same sum. Some people like to serve The Darkness, and some to serve The Light, regardless... they are all birds of a feather.

End Transmission.......

I saw a mini-series called, “Hidden Japan.”

Because I liked it so much, I kept looking for similar, and so I found, “Wild China” which is a six-part documentary.

If you like Nature films I will be listing many examples in coming weeks.

Some few links=

This guy can be truly brilliant. He's firing on all cylinders here. I had a falling out with a Facebook reader who thought I was addressing mixed marriages in life itself. I felt really bad about this because I really like the guy, but in this age of Woke, there is nothing you can say. What I was actually talking about is amply portrayed in this video (timestamped from 7m 9 seconds)=

He is also very good here. He's actually pretty consistently good and one of the few that I watch because he isn't selling me something=

I had a trial very much like this. I was facing a life sentence, or... let me put it this way. I was facing 60 years mandatory. The same thing happened. God showed up in the courtroom. My trial had much funnier events and it had NEVER happened in that state before, where someone facing 3 Class A felonies was acquitted due to entrapment. It has not happened since. Here is VINTAGE Mr. Apocalypse at work=

Unz is Tribe-monitored, but this spells it out regardless=

Mike Whitney; The Unz Review-
Via The Truthseeker

Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

Jewish Slave Owners

Monday, November 08, 2021

"Change with The Best of what Perpetual Change Makes Happen and You Will Be Perpetual."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My name is Les Visible. I try to identify as whatever is human and aspirational in the company I am in, and I choose the company... since he IS in everyone. My pronouns are 'who' and 'why'.

Mr. Apocalypse certainly has the joint jumping. What is not as evident... as you might think it would be, is how he (AND not world events and general incompetence) is handling the lives of the president and vice president, and all kinds of famous people these days. In all directions, the masks are coming off, revealing what lies beneath or above. This is why the bad guys cannot win, besides that they are competing with each other, and Heaven... Heaven is in accord with The World and each other. That's good currency in an age of Brotherhood. Change with the best of what Perpetual Change makes happen and you will be perpetual.

Always remember that the thoughts expressed in these blogs are acts of Faith and not meant to appear to be The Truth, which cannot be spoken or written. These blogs are an extenuation of my conversations with God, imperfectly expressed through me. I'm not selling anything. That kind of thing doesn't work for me. I have to love it to do it or I find something I do love. Whatever that is, it always works out cause there is no drama here other than the celebration of the certain and eternal victory of Heaven over all things. If this is not happening in your neighborhood, you should make it happen. It's easier than doing anything else. Just give yourself away the way that Nature does with her abundance.

I am talking about the love in our hearts.

Marvel Studios has this new film out called, “The Eternals”. I won't see it for the obvious reasons, and because I seek to be either entertained or educated, preferably both. I suspect I would find neither... there. Yes... that means I avoid a lot of poorly done films. I usually do not need more than 5 minutes to tell if I will like something, though I will usually... give it more time if I already know what the general composition is going to be.

Let me explain HOW I watch movies. I watch from several perspectives at once. Yes... I can do this, and so can you. I can also chew gum and pat my head at the same time, though I do not practice it. I watch from The Director's Perspective. This tells me if the director knows what he is doing IN THAT CONTEXT with that CONCEPT. I also watch from the Audience Perspective; your Joe Popcorn Perspective. This tells me if it hits the buttons for the general appreciation level of the film, provided there is one. Often, there is not. Then... I watch from the dispassionate, Objective Perspective. In these days, not as many people have this as we would hope. Most do not even know what it is. It makes you (or SHOULD make you) careful of who you have conversations with.

Why do I watch movies? Isn't that a frivolous waste of time for a presumably... spiritually aspirational individual (grin)? I watch movies because they tell me all I want and do not want to know about the programming of Humanity. It is NOT a major occupier of my time. It is the same reason I used to read books of fiction, and watching football games. Now, mostly, I seek to spend my time with God. So... if I am watching a film, God is watching it with me. That changes everything. God is, of course, present in all of us. It is up to us who we spend our time with. I'm telling you, if you are determined to have an invisible friend, you will, but you have to act like he's already there, CAUSE HE IS! Speaking of films. If you have not seen the film with Jimmy Stewart, “Harvey,” you most certainly should. He had an invisible friend.

Depending on who your invisible friend is, certain events and conditions are possible. However, if God is your invisible friend through the medium of an angel, then... all events and conditions are possible and one has only to imagine themselves there to be... on... their... way.

Sometimes I am amazed at the cultural decline, engineered by a combination of vile corporate interests, helicopter parents, sexual deviants, and last... but CERTAINLY not least, The Usual Suspects, who are amply represented in EACH ONE OF THOSE GROUPS. They all play a part in this, whether it is passive stupid or actively too clever by half. How did we get from Joni Mitchell to Taylor Swift, and from there to Cardi B and Billie Satanish? How did we get from Bob Dylan to Kanye West, and then to Little Naz?

People do not understand how powerful Culture is. The level of a civilization is built in it. It contains the arts and is defined by the degree of inspiration contained in the arts. It is then either rich or impoverished by that... accordingly. The music or pornographic nonsense we hear is the soundtrack to our lives. The films we watch are a shaping of values or the lack thereof. The books we read, and NOW ESPECIALLY... the books we do not read. Most of the youth today cannot spell, and cannot add. The hope of the future is always the children. If you do not protect them then the future can be lost.

There are forces of chaos and disorder loose. A couple of rappers played on for some time while people died at something called Astroworld. A lot of people got hurt. Alex Baldwin; one dead, one injured. Mr. Apocalypse is shakin it here and there, Boss. Everywhere you are seeing a shift in human consciousness. This is not good for the present class of politicians, and entertainers, and The Usual Collection of those with the appearance of material power in the moment. They are aware of this and that is why they are collectively engaged in this extermination program that is going on.

They know the light is coming. They can feel it, but not like you and I do.

There are bad agendas afoot, but do they include you? You have to include your own self in the agenda, either through interest or fear, or even an appetite for it. I recognize the possibilities that would emerge given certain scenarios, BUT... I have no part in those affairs. I do, however... work for the one who controls all affairs, at all times, and who sees all destiny and fate outworked by his will. You can see how God might be difficult to understand. God is incomprehensible. That is one of the most important truths anyone can learn; then to learn that he is a God of Love. The Sun is the best exemplar of that.

600,000 die each year from cancer, but the government doesn't force chemo and radiation on us. 600,000+ die each year from heart disease, but are they forced to exercise or change their diet?. There is no pandemic. Since they collected all flu, the Common Cold, pneumonia, and related ills into one thing called COVID... the numbers don't really change. About 400,000 people died with Covid. The ones who died from it are said to be around 6%. I have heard it is closer to 1%.

The force of the vaccine mandate, though still not actual... is astonishing. Witness the treatment of Aaron Rodgers by the media. Another feature in this whole operation is cellphones. Everyone has one. If you have the vaccine it's the activator... the trigger via 5-G (perhaps). It could well be to kill off a population. Wars and the usual attrition usually do that. It is going to be something to watch this house of cards fall. They are playing catch-up with themselves. What they are after does not exist, and they will be UNABLE to construct it.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to want less and to live with less, as far as your essentials go. You will then have a greater ease through good times AND bad times. Certain of The World's hypnotics are VERY POWERFUL; money... sex... fame... People tell themselves that they will handle it, though... if you are paying any attention you see that few of them handle it without losing their humanity, and the reasons and portions of your being... that make life worth living, as well.

It is okay to be wealthy and it is okay to be poor. Whatever it is, it is something you drummed up for yourself or you wouldn't be doing it. Learning this changed my whole life, and it has gotten progressively finer as time goes by. I changed my way of drumming and I did not have to learn to play the drums. I did not have to become fluent in Italian to appreciate the beauty of Italy.

Spirituality is not about watching movies or not watching movies, listening to music or not listening to music... fasting, not fasting. It is about finding God, and... once having found God, learning to listen in an interior sense. More than that need not be said or can be said. People either do or do not know certain critical truths about life. The way they live demonstrates this. Certain truths are (or should be) self-evident.

You can either play at it, with religion or whatever particular rituals you have replaced it with or you can live it. It's a 24-7 reality. Not everyone is up for that. They give it what they feel it is worth. It is priceless to me so I give it everything I have. We are only capable of what we are capable of ourselves. It is God that makes us exceptional because God is the most exceptional of all. If God rings your bell then... ring it he will!

People have their heroes. What you emulate you become. It's scary when you think of who it is that has all the social media clout. Poor parenting is responsible for all disorders here. I have made God my hero, and my parent, in all the ways that I know he has walked here. I love the strange, syntactical parallel between the words, Krishna and Christ. I find much to explore in the lands of parallels and polarities.

When you know that God is real, in a direct and experiential way, you develop a relationship and you are shaped thereby. Nothing more needs be said.

End Transmission.......

I have just been re-watching “The God's Must be Crazy”, parts one and two. Three is waiting in the hopper. This came about because I saw another film called, “Animals are Beautiful People.” It was highly amusing and informative, astonishing even. Then I saw he had done these others at the same time, and it appears he borrowed from one to the other as well. These are silly but have a unique originality to them. I find it hard to imagine you would not like them.

A logarithm of links=

Here is proof that Rap brings people close together;
really close together=

W/ Needle, Says Houston PD

Via In5D
Why I am not a fan of New Age mumbo jumbo. Not that I do not believe all of these things are possible, but I doubt they're occurring for people who present themselves in such a manner. Ancient technologies have ALWAYS been around. You have to attain to certain levels of consciousness to access them. You can't be lacking in both focus AND articulation=
MedBeds Coming By 3rd Week Of December!

Med Beds

Via Breitbart
This is the ex-quarterback, shilling every Sunday about giving away his money in a briefcase, with a tasteless reality tv show.
He has decided he will be the moral arbiter of another quarterback who decided he wasn't going to be murdered by The Usual Suspects and their vaccines=

WATCH: ‘You Lied to Everyone’:
Terry Bradshaw Blasts Aaron Rodgers over Vax Comments

Via Michael Tracey
For the more intelligent readers. Here are the sort of low-jinks that go on in the endless power struggles of The Personality=
Unprecedented Abuse Of Power:
What The Media Still Isn't Telling You About The Cuomo Debacle


Via Breitbart
When Stupid and Crazy get a room, this is what the maid finds the next day=
‘I’m a Caucasian Woman:’
Microsoft Event Highlights the Future of Woke Capitalism

Via iOTW Report
This is how sick people have become with their thirst for celebrity=
Parent won’t let boy identify as 7 years-old-
but encourages him to identify as a girl