Monday, November 29, 2021

"The God Within, Expressed THROUGH The Personality- Brought to Heel by Love, and Yoked to The Everlasting."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They have misled entire generations into believing pseudo-science, pseudo-history, pseudo-sexuality, and... well... there are a lot of pseudos. Let's see... Materialism intensifies, people get more and more sedentary. Every appetite they might wish to indulge in is either there for the taking or at the flash of a credit card or DL cash exchange. I didn't know what DL meant until recently; probably because I am not motivated to go 'down low'. I'm not much for acronyms. That's another example of the pandemic laziness that is one of the offspring of Materialism, along with Selfishness, and Insanity. Materialism ALWAYS winds up in a downward spiral ...because of the general level of awareness... of the people experiencing it... and the venomous nature of the ones preying on them.

Big summing up coming. That thought keeps appearing in my mind. With some things, you don't really catch on until they are right on top of you, because of the small increments of change that take you there, like the frog in steadily heating water. I heard, long ago, that that doesn't actually happen; the frog and the boiling water thing... BUT... the concept DOES apply in other situations. Look at the seriously negative changes in social perceptions and conditions; no doubt due to Social Media... under the control of exactly who? Well... yes, Sauron-Satan-Mammon-Prince of Darkness, something... at the core level... feeding into the human mind from the nether locations, via subliminal programming, and telepathic invasion, but...

Who are the field agents? Who are the Cheka of Commissar Beelzebub? I think we all know the answer to that. Our knowing doesn't make any difference. They are being PERMITTED to march under their own power (they think) to Perdition. There are rules and there are laws. Sometimes they don't seem to be enforced very well, and then the day arrives. It might have been thousands of years in the making, but it comes.

However, The Usual Suspects are not the only culprits here. They have minions aplenty that far outnumber them in the aggregate. There are plenty of people who will commit questionable acts for money. There are even more people who will commit them out of Fear. Fear can take as many shapes as The Imagination is capable of giving birth to. That is one of the tools of The Enemy; Fear. There is, however, no fear unless you are compromised somehow, in your life or in your mind, and Love is absent. It is always best to live with nothing to lose, especially when you can lose far more than your life if you are not careful. There are some people who get sent all the way back to The Beginning of The Line. That is an actual place and the reason I have capitalized it.

You can look at life from many perspectives. That is self-evident after only a cursory look around at The World, and what goes on there. One can see it as a game. One can see it as a contest. One can see it as endless opportunities to increase one's share. One can see it as a world of flesh. One can see it (and experience it) like a dream, which it will be in any case... merrily, merrily, and not so merrily. The dream of life is like a movie that you get sucked into. Your desires and intentions shape your role.

People get trapped in Materialism as if it were an adhesive sludge. Everything is there to be begged, borrowed, or stolen. Hunger has thousands of faces, The Beloved has only one, and it is your own face seen as a reflection in The Perfect Mirror. In all these many thousands of faces there, NONE OF THEM can assuage the hunger. One limps and crawls ...or not at all toward the next disappointment. Unity and Freedom are found in only one location and that is The God Within, who is permitted by the host to express freely through The Personality, brought to heel by Love, and yoked to The Everlasting. What unspeakable bliss it is to have The Supreme Enjoyer present within you.

A lot of the terms and images that I use are common to The Sri Prabhupad Krishna movement. I have never been a member for reasons best illustrated in the book, “Monkey on a Stick”. I had great love for the founder and various individual members, BUT... the ruling junta? Not at all. It is a problem common to all ashram environments. The worst characters scheme and compete for the highest position. I was always happy to be the cook until I had to move along.

Regardless... the idea of The Supreme Enjoyer and the uninterrupted celebration of The Divine seems to me to be a truly legitimate construct. One night I was in an altered state and I was chanting Hare Krishna. I had this ability that would increase as my concentration did so that I could have as many as 8 different chants going on in my mind simultaneously. I cannot do this in ordinary consciousness, but I suspect I will someday. While I was immersed in this experience, which is a lot like juggling, Lord Krishna peered around the doorway of the room I was in, and he smiled... and left. It was so quick, but it left a lasting impression. He has been the most elusive of entities. He was blue, with a smile to light up The World.

The World is in a state of frightening descent at present. The Aethers are filled with a giant sucking sound. It can be truly intimidating for those with no strong anchor in The Invisible; now that we see that The Globalists intend to manufacture an endlessly mutating virus, followed by ever more ingenious Kill-shots. HOWEVER... that is The World Outside. It is a reflection of your internal state, BUT... who really considers that? Only a very small sample size of Humanity makes that association. We have been made prisoners of The Senses, in the Penitentiary of The Mind. We are doing time, Literally... in our thoughts, and assisted by our manipulated emotions.

I know a simple technique that will free anyone from this level of collective suffering. It is... unfortunately for many, a 24-7 responsibility, and hardly anyone, in these Times of Material Darkness, wants to commit to anything like that. For the intrepid and determined though... this WILL see you through if you meet the primary entry requirement, which is to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind.

I have brought this up before. I will probably bring it up again. It is what I do, and it is not so egregious as one might think, ESPECIALLY if the primary requirement is met. That gives an ease and a confident certitude to the whole affair.

When you eliminate waste from your body, through the solid and liquid waste channels, and through the skin, you are freeing yourself of all that is of no further use. Some of it never was. The disease of anal retentiveness includes the opposite reaction to being freed. IF... we Consciously eliminate the negative aspects of our being, AND eat in a Conscious manner with an appropriate mindset, within a short time you will begin to experience a freedom previously unknown to you. This is a form of Practical Spirituality and WILL lead to one realizing the one thing worth having, which is present within you at this very moment, though in a quiescent state.

If one takes command of these simple procedures that one MUST engage in, in regular fashion... ANYWAY... their lives will... sooner or later become spiritualized. Everything one needs to know about getting to the only thing worth having is there written into one's own being and is demonstrated in those acts we commit daily; breathing, eating, excreting. If one can spiritualize these, Liberation is certain. What one is doing is connected to their spiritual path, which is an inner journey through an exterior landscape.

Look at the casual manner in which people eat, seldom with any Gratitude, but as if it were their due. They eat while walking down the street. They eat food from fast-food outlets where it is prepared without Love and where dark thoughts and negative emotions are a part of the ingredients. Of this, I am certain. We put our energy into everything we do, whoever we are, like it or not, and whether we intend for it to be so or not. We affect EVERYTHING we are engaged in, and we are affected (if we permit it) by everything else.

There are laws in the universe, whether you like it or not. Just because you don't know what they are, does not mean you are exempt from them, you are not! CONSCIOUSLY... breathe in Love and CONSCIOUSLY breathe out Love. There are other options and techniques, true (you'll figure it out). Sincerely bless your food, and think heavenly thoughts while you prepare it, or are fortunate enough to want to. When you process waste, do it CONSCIOUSLY. Acknowledge that you are being freed of old material bondage. Let everything leave you easily and gracefully. Hold tightly to ONLY one thing.

I could have gone into greater detail, but that is for you to accomplish on your own, with help from above and within. You MUST make spiritual disciplines a part of EVERYTHING you do. The rewards are considerable. The rewards are past telling. The downside is not at all.

End Transmission.......

Probably more links than you might wish. Most of them are signals and indications of what is to come. Why do you think they call it The Event Horizon?

Via Conservative Choice Campaign
Wow! Lookey here! Why... it's Mr. Apocalypse=
Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID-19:
Vaccine Death in India’s High Court–
Death Penalty Sought

Bill-Gates and Adar Poonawalla

Anthony Broadwater

The Bernician Via The Truthseeker
The darkness gets deeper and deeper=
Wayne Smith:
The 1st Midazolam Murders Whistle-Blower

Via The Real History Channel
That dead horse they have been beating is no longer recognizable as a horse=
Mike King:
Keeping the Anne Frank Hoax Alive

Anne Frank

Via Breitbart
Weird shit is the rule in these times=
Notre Dame Cathedral to Become a Woke Disneyland ‘Theme Park’

Plans for revamped Notre Dame

Via Fox News
We know there are bonafide assholes in this world. However... every now and then you get a 24-carat rhinestone-studded asshole like this=
Buttigieg responds to criticism over racist roads comment:
‘The point is not to make America feel guilty’

Via Fox News
This is very organized and will increase until the intended numbers are dead=
Smash-and-grab thieves attack stores around the country, California security guard shot dead as crime rages

Colma Police Officer Kevin Nishita

Mary Beth Pfeiffer Via RESCUE
Well... what do you know???
I say... I say... what do you know?=

A Judge Stands up to a Hospital:
"Step Aside" and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin

Sun Ng

Via Breitbart
You do see what is going on here.
The radical fringe, who are being given way to in this period of time, is actually pushing the ideas we want manifested. They are wrong about many another thing, BUT... the very people they looked to, to be their foot soldiers, are now their antagonists=

Internet Trolls Attack Actress Helen Mirren for Playing Israeli Leader Golda Meir in Upcoming Film

Via eugyppius: a plague chronicle
A well-written perspective=
Ignorant and Afraid

Via Breitbart
Like I keep saying, the worm is turning, and given that this is a Grand Apocalypse, that worm is probably Ouroborous=
Pedophile-Defending Old Dominion U. Professor Resigns

Allyn Walker

While we are on the subject of psychics (off-mic... we weren't?) there is this=
Alois Irlmaier’s Scary Prophecy About World War III

Alois Irlmaier

Via The Great Catholic Monarch
& Angelic Pontiff Prophecies

Since we were discussing psychics (off-mic- shut up!) Here is a little more about this fellow that I have gone into no detail about=
Alois Irlmaier:


Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, in terms of Gratitude, I better start by thanking your good self for this, Mr. Visible.

Anonymous said...

Well Dog Poet you missed a few significant revelations that came out recently.
The graphene hydroxide in the 'serum' acts like razor blades in the victim's internal tissue.
And, the graphene is a 'tag' that creates a MAC address for the 'tagged' individual.
You know a 'mark'. Check these links out. Btw, that fellow is tot now.
convert to english...
and how about Dr. Andreas Noack? Dead after posting his 'razor blade' video about graphene hydroxide. So what do doctors know about 'chemistry'...nothing!
We were all 'shaghaied' 'kidnapped' early on. I jumped ship a long time ago and made it to shore. Even when pronounced dead at sea, they still come after you.
Live long and prosper.

Visible said...

No... I did not miss that. I have seen the video with the doctor who died the day after he went public with it. Likely it is in the links section of one of the posts. There are MANY things I do not mention. I do not have time or space for most things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry I just didn't see a reference to these items in your list.
Kind of significant though, well I think so because it explains a few things like why the incessant push for jabs and footballer deaths. The MAC address guy is Pablo Campre whom Andreas Noack refers to also. Tagged like...animals? Treated like...animals?
The covid appears to be the leading cause of coincidences, at least lately.

Visible said...

Not a big deal, you were just trying to cue me to the item. Because I go to Truthseeker most days, I find that just about everything that doesn't get mentioned in all the other places winds up as a headline. Between Whatfinger, Revolver, and a few others, I usually get the latest items purposely avoided by the mainstream. I especially like Revolver which SEEMS more honest than the rest. I still have to filter it all through the intuition, especially people like Hal Turner who pulls his news flashes from where the sun don't shine, and you never see his links and comments corroborated anywhere else, at least I don't. Mike Adams is like that too.

Steve said...

I met Krishna in an aya journey some years ago- he came down and swept around me, then I was in his 'environment' but the light was too strong for me, so he turned it down so I could adjust- he handed me his scepter and I saw the universal creations come alive as it spun. I have a lot of love and respect for Krishna, my friend. The Hara Krishna movement in my view have Krishna all wrong, they put him on such a pedestal that they and he cannot get close.

Anonymous said...

No worries mate. I don't get my info from those sites and actually never even heard of them.
My info comes from or through the ether via my creator, he/she/it directs me where to look, its always different. But your site is a constant somehow and I don't know why. Okay with me cuz you have something to say. Pretty sure alot of people are directed to you, you are a beacon of some sort or relay station passing messages along. Good on you.
Those yurts being advertized look very comfortable, are they expensive? I could see myself living in one.

Leesa said...

Weighed, weighed, divided, measured....
That keeps appearing in my mind Vis..
It's a great sifting and sluce box process
to get to the gold nuggets hiding in humanity.
I KNOW they will appear soon enough.
I am so very grateful for your wisdom.
I can't wait to meet you on the other side,
Love Leesa, Australia

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"For Those Whose Hearts are Open to The Sun King, It Will Be Like Bathing in Luminous Ecstasy."



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