Thursday, December 02, 2021

"Love IS the Most Powerful Shield and Weapon on Earth. He Who Channels Love is Invincible."

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We all encounter situations where someone reacts to us and uses their interpretation of what we said... to define the meaning of it. Wouldn't the author always be more familiar with what they meant; unless they were gin-besotted or horizontal? Which... honestly we can say, some of them are. I was, on occasions, among their numbers (grin).

I didn't say that. That's not the way I said it and that is not what I meant”. There is no avoiding your hearing this because people hear things through filters; what they want, what they fear, who they wish to be, who they think they are; so whatever they encounter, they see through the lens of the personality and they project what they would be if they were you. If they are a thief, they see a thief. If they are a liar, they hear a liar. Lao Tzu once said something like, I trust all men if I am true enough. That's means you are convincing enough to change them into a positive projection of themselves; their best friend, their parent, whatever it is that they seek most, you reflect that because “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

You can win people over with a warm and engaging manner, and then take them for something because you are on The Con. Most businesses are a form of The Con, so are most religions. But... when you give people back themselves... AND you back it up, why... my friend, you could change The World. You could certainly change your world and you can include the others if you only change yourself.

People are obsessed with money; real money, virtual money, precious metals, and gems. HOWEVER, spiritual currency trumps them all and the precious metals are His Qualities. This is a currency both real and effective, at all times, and in all places. People may not see it change hands but they do see the effect of it (passing from one heart to another), even though the cause is a mystery to them. The answer lies in the realm of self-inquiry; in the land of the undiscovered self. How can I possibly further emphasize the value of it? Virtues are spiritual currency. The Qualities of God are spiritual currency. When you carry them with you they are both armor and weapon, but we do not think of them as weapons. Compassion is one of them. It can overcome armies without firing a single shot.

I love to talk about The Avatar but he is so far beyond the parameters of human thought; what can you say that is not an understatement ...and an incomplete one as well? Love is the most powerful weapon on Earth. He who wields love is invincible. I am talking about Higher Love. When I am talking about other expressions that some call love, I identify the emotion by its level of operation. Sometimes I call it Carnal Love, but at any time when I am talking about a love I might not have identified, Higher Love is what I am talking about. I only talk about the other because of the comparisons that can be made, and hearing about it can attract people to Higher Love. I can think of no other profession worth following.

It doesn't matter if you are not very good at something in the beginning. People who are just learning the guitar are not very good at it. One thing you can say is, “thank god it's not the violin, the saxophone or the drums.” BUT... he who persists will succeed and “success is speedy for the energetic.”

You note the level of heavy-handed authoritarianism that is flitting about as if it actually were the thing it was pretending to be, which is not The Genuine Article. One of the reasons I love working for God is that you can always work it out with God; the other side? Not so easy. Sometimes God sends people to The Other Guys for a lesson. Sometimes he sends you and you come as a lesson... for good or for ill.

There has been another shooting. The face of the shooter speaks volumes to the Phrenological perspective. Some sciences run too close to the truth. THEY shut them down, over the wider reach, but they can't stop you from knowing these things. A lot of my Phrenological perspective is spiritual. Then you can see angels and demons, once you have been set free of pretending to be either. Of course, we can host either of them and... what do you know? We do. I prefer Heaven. Heaven is not such a stern taskmaster. Heaven rules with Love, not Fear. This is NOT to say that the ways of Heaven do not lead through strange countries, (they can) laid out before you and in your mind, which is where the journey begins.

It often amuses and puzzles me that there could be any doubt to the certainty that God is real. It also astounds me that people do not realize that God is the fountain of all Love and Prosperity too. Unto the generations it is... if it is truly founded on real substance. God is THE True Cornucopia of all that is right and beautiful in this world... or any world.

Krishna says, in The Bhagavad Gita:

“those who are attached to personal rewards, will reap the consequences of their actions: some pleasant, some unpleasant, some mixed, but those who renounce every desire for personal reward, go beyond the reach of Karma.”

Go beyond the reach of Karma? I like the sound of that. This is the key to spiritual liberation; selfless service, and forgetting yourself in the act of giving, but... giving yourself away in every moment, ♫ give yourself away, each and every day, and yourself will be returned to you ♫ THAT is the way to do it; to be anonymous is best. I have seen his name attached to many things. The key is to move THROUGH The World, without running into anyone, but always graciously passing them by, wanting nothing, leaving the incense of your passage in your wake.

This is what Initiates do. True Rosicrucians are the same. They dress like everyone else. They wear no special uniform... and they serve. The Rosicrucians heal. There are different departments that handle particular tasks. Each is representative of a quality of God. They don't announce their presence, but... if you elevate your heart and your thoughts and keep your eyes open; who knows what you might find?

As you can see, in certain locations, events proceed from bad to worse. People at the top are seeking to force vaccination upon the public. This they cannot do, but... they will frighten into submission those who are not firmly anchored. Be watchful! Someone said that once and meant it in every sense of the word. Peril, and times of danger, are not new in this world, but they must begin in your mind and take root like a tree, but it is a tree of ignorance that shadows the truth from your mind. Letting The Light in is no easy task in these times of enforced compliance to abnormal norms.

Chaos is the intention of those crying out about race and gender. Much of it is patently insane, as so much is in Times of Material Darkness. If your homing signal is beaming out particular locations and you are in resonance with it, even if it is dissonance, you can find yourself in troubled waters. Triumph in the Mind is a precursor to control of The World. The World is an extension of you. Make beautiful scenery. Carry beauty with you wherever you go. You have a great deal that is beautiful about you that is concealed under a curtain of fear. They try to tell you that you can only be beautiful by celebrating ugliness and the Thug-Mind. They lie.

They present an appearance of power, but they misrepresent themselves. Real Power is in one location and then it differentiates into colors or qualities. These qualities also replicate a shadow world that is a mockery of Heaven and is populated by people who, for whatever the reason, want to be there; are afraid to leave, share common appetites that can be enjoyed there, share common desires that can be explored there, seek to rule there. Whatever their reasons... there they jolly well are.

There are several large waves of unrest moving through The World at this time. Horrible lies are being told, and events that should not be allowed to happen, are permitted and even encouraged. There is a war for human attention, and a desire to control that attention, taking place. The Shadow is ALWAYS advancing its cause, BUT... at the mere appearance of The Light, it is vanished. It is unfortunate that so many people have chosen the course of self-destruction. It is a shame that Higher Love is such a rare objective and that Carnal Love, whose intention is to consume the one who is loved, is so rampant.

If you want to understand Free-Will you can see it exemplified in the countless errors committed each day. It all comes down to one thing. Either you are under the sway of Heaven... or you are resistant to it and set yourself against it. On the one hand, you will arrive at The Conscious Everlasting. On the other hand, you will be like the rocks on the shore that the waters wear away into sand.

Find God. In the moment is always the right place to start.

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ChrisD said...

"Those at the top want to force vaccinations on people",
This they cannot do.....well, it seems they've declared their intentions in Austria and Germany, and are sabre-rattling in Australia/NZ. It is quite terrifying what they are getting away with and I would be lying if I said I wasn't unnerved by their seemingly unblockable progress. Yes God has control of it all; it is at such times that I have to struggle the hardest to keep that in the forefront of my mind.



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