Friday, March 31, 2023

"What a Joy It is To See The Citadels of Evil Begin to Crumble... as The Rays of God's Living Light Fall Upon Them!"

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So... Tranny Oakley left behind a manifesto and certain powerful cabals of perversity do... not... want... it... released.

I'm guessing that before the Nashville police turn it over to The Federal Bureau of Infernals, something along the lines of Hunter Biden's laptop is going to take place. Here in the time of Apocalypse, no lie is safe.

They are losing it!!! What a joy it is to see The Citadels of Evil begin to crumble as the rays of God's Living Light impact upon them! Who can stand against The Almighty? The clue to that can be found in the word...Almighty.

They are shooting up these sexually confused young ladies with Testosterone, and... it is making them ANGRY, and AGGRESSIVE. Testosterone is an anabolic-androgenic Steroid. Reflect upon the rage that anabolic steroids cause in men. Of course, the psychopathic monsters that run the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine know this. The Materialistic mindset that drives the engines of contemporary science cannot fail to create monsters.

Our Catamite government is a sort of gimp-masked submissive, (made tumescent by shame) writhing under the spiked leather heels of Madame Diabolically Craven. The government as the plow, with The Media and Big Business as The Backdoor Man, and His Satanic Majesty as the possessor and manipulator of all conscious and unconscious entities so engaged, represent the oppressors of Humanity in their present form. They are the force behind all the transsexual and otherwise abnormal practices of Seppuku-by-Materialism.

There are several motivations involved, but the chief motivation is having a greater control over all of us. Also, their delight in the performance of evil... for the sake of evil, and the confusion and chaos that operates in the minds of those susceptible to the influence of their subliminal and surface-mind invasions. It entertains them to destroy people... whose sense of self and tenuous grip on identity... are made even more screwed up by putting it on a wide spectrum of tormented gender distortions.

Another motive is seen in their desperation to survive. These once human, free-radicals, can only continue by means of that which results in the death of their host. Then it must look for a new food source. Finally... never let us forget... they are driven by the very power they remain in denial of. God weaves Evil and Good to form the tapestry of unfolding existence, in which can be seen the life lessons intended by The Creator of All.

It is glaringly apparent to any sane mind that what these mesmerized monsters are promoting, is an ever more and more deranged, sexual dysfunction... juxtaposed with all the other insanities that result in the madness in the streets, and the destruction of The Family Unit.

They are manipulating all of this while being themselves manipulated by The Puppet Master of all life, whose TWO opposing hands control the dancing marionettes. What is the objective of this waltz of opposites? It is FREEDOM!!! Freedom for those who aspire to the same... and bondage otherwise.

Meanwhile... it is a cartoon of absurd depravities in search of annihilation.

My friends... even in the chaos of these transforming times, the opened eyes of the open heart can see the light breaking upon the shores of darkness. He will come as living light through a portal of light in the human mind. In those places... where a vision of his presence is sought... that vision will be granted. Those who seek the light WILL find the light. Those who seek otherwise will find otherwise.

I take no joy in talking about the lost and deluded. I pray that The Grace of God somehow awakens them before the meter runs out. I know they will awaken in some life to come, no matter how many aeons that may be. In time... every soul will find its home in the greater body of God.

Let us move on to more profitable environs. Yesterday, at lunch, I finished Master Aivanhov's book, "Cosmic Moral Law".

I read a portion of his work every day at that time. I believe this was the final volume of his Complete Works that I had not yet read. On one of the final pages of the book, I found this;

“Christians will never get out of the morass they are in if they do not learn to work with divine methods. The very fact that they neglect The Sun and attribute no spiritual power to it, proves that they have not got the means they need to overcome Evil. But once they realize that they have disdained and neglected The Sun, they will humble themselves and The Sun will forgive them, and when that day comes, they will be all-powerful and the reign of Evil will be over and done with. As long as Christians refuse to recognize that The Sun is a gateway to God, they will always be weak. They can pray as much as they like and fill their churches with the smoke of incense, but they will never put anything to right; The World will still be devastated by catastrophes, and disorder and chaos will continue to reign. But the day that they recognize that The Sun is the visible image of God and a doorway that gives them direct access to him, it will be much easier for them to reach him.”


This morning I finished Book 3 of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which I think I only began listening to on Wednesday. It is not a long book. An hour or so will suffice to hear it all. I cannot remember when I have been moved and shaken to this degree. It must have been decades ago. All I can think of are, The Way of Life... The Rubaiyat... The Bhagavad Gita. There have been so many outstanding works that The Spirit has gifted me. Most lately it has been the work of Mikhail Aivanhov.

I don't wish to diminish any of them by comparison. Some of you will see what I mean. Most especially those of you who consider yourself Christian. I will never be a Christian, but I have always been a follower of Christ. No seeker who sincerely seeks The Truth can fail to walk in his footsteps.

What has happened in this book, which is now over a hundred years old, is that the author has taken Patanjali's work and translated it into the Christian mindset according to Christian scripture. I have... literally... never experienced anything like it. My heart soared to the heavens this morning as I listened to the last half of Book 3.

The certainty of the promises that are made will shore up the faith of anyone who cares to have it happen. This is... truly... a Godsend. Several times he has mentioned, The Great Companions, who begin to appear to the seeker at a certain point... and I clearly heard the ringing of the term... my invisible friends... as The Great Companions was spoken. It was a powerful confirmation of their existence; not that I needed any.

Each book in this single book is more powerful and profound than the one preceding it... or so it has been to this point. In times past, I would have inhaled such a thing in a single sitting. I do not want to be the glutton here. Let me savor this work that I am sure I will now listen to dozens of times yet. It follows The Bhagavad Gita in my morning rituals and supplications.

The reader knows that I do not lightly recommend anything. However... as I was listening... really listening... it came to me over and over again, how much... certain of the readers... were going to enjoy this and find comfort therein.

I don't usually listen to audiobooks. This is new to me. I suspect that my starting this, which began only a few weeks ago, was a preliminary to my finding this work. I can see myself setting aside regular 15-minute intervals... where I focus on the contents of this remarkable effort. As one listens, one hears the amazing clarity of mind that was present in the author; Charles Johnston.

Oh my God, heh heh. He was married to a niece of Madame Blavatsky! And W. B. Yeats was one of his classmates, AND... he is the one who introduced Yeats to Blavatsky. Holy shit! These are his collected writings;

The Mukhya Upanishads: Books of Hidden Wisdom
The Tao Teh King: Lao Tse's Book of the Way and of Righteousness
The Vedanta Philosophy of Sankaracharya
The Bhagavad Gita: The Songs of the Master
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Book of the Spiritual Man
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. I
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. II
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. III
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. IV

Boy! He was VERY specific to my personal wheelhouse. I will definitely be getting a couple or so of those. Well... my friends... wheels... within wheels... within wheels...

May God guide you one and all to The Promised Land of your most inspired imaginings. May you find the inviolable sanctuary that is hidden in your heart, and there dwell for the countless ages with your own invisible friends... your great companions. Since I know... this will come true... it is with a great and ever-present joy that I write these words.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

"Led Around On The Choke Chain of Life; A Mindless Graduate of The Obedience Training of Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick."

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The species of Trannysaurus Bimbonius Phonius appears in human evolution when the female nature is perverted through Materialism and men are transformed into Bitch Portals through the appearance of the virus, Metrosexualis-68, which leaves the human psyche in a constant treadmill state of, “Now I owe you one;” given that it is one less than 69. It is a time of endless wanting and never getting because of never giving and always taking.

This causes a reversal in the sexual nature of both men and women and brings them on their knees before each other in the temporary religious posture of drive-thru sexual servicing. It is what happens when Materialism becomes Religion and Twerking becomes a Communion ritual. It is what happens when Nature stops being trees and meadows, mountains and streams, and becomes sidewalks and buildings, highways and billboards.

It is what happens when those who made the cities into giant cauldrons of suffering, migrate to the beautiful lands beyond the torments they created and try to claim them for themselves.

When everything that is advertised to the human senses is concerned with the satisfaction of the senses, God the Ineffable is kicked to the curb, and life becomes a turnstile affair of mechanical functionality... devoid of fulfillment... and ruthlessly ritualized into meaningless protocols that MUST... BE... FOLLOWED... or else. Or else what? Or else, “kiss my ass,” is my response but that appears to be an anomaly.

The State of; do as I say but not as I do, is concerned only with your obeisance and willingness to be led around on The Choke Chain of Life; a mindless graduate of the obedience training of Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick; “Can I have another, Sir!” They are most pleased when you come to them of your own accord... seeking a ration of punishment... whether it has been earned or not. Ultimately... you pay them to punish you.

Look at the sewer scum, and slithering... mucoidal bobbleheads who make up The WEF. You remember how in Middle Earth the orcs were perversions of elves? This is the objective of trans-humanism; a godless regimentation of programmed degeneration. It is the idea of taking the evolving perfection of God's creation... and making it a mockery unto itself. It's turning life into a hall of funhouse mirrors embedded with razor blades and then turning out the lights.

Man-made Climate Change is bullshit. COVID is bullshit. Transsexualism is Tavistock-MKUltra bullshit. Educationally programmed racial hatred is bullshit, designed by the people who owned the slave-ships that brought the Africans to America.

This is the same kind of diversion and misdirection they pulled after the last World War that was meant to distract from what they did in Russia during The Bolshevik Horror.

Who is financing the coast-to-coast, daily fodder of racial hatred? It's the same people that are in the WEF. Diversity is Perversity. It is a state where the mentally ill are convinced they are sane, and then they are set loose on everyone else, according to standards designed by the people who programmed them to that end.

The most mentally deficient among us... are being elevated by the most craven among us... to create endless states of dissension and the ever-ratcheting tension of a... house... divided and gone batshit.

It is well-known to the ones promoting the process that transsexuals are ticking time bombs. It is the construction of barely contained rage in search of a target, AND... which will inevitably be blamed on the still sane among us. Cold-blooded psychopathic Satanists are behind all of this, AND the intention is to make you fear them, and to submit to ever more insane forms of madness, to be concealed within, living... your... own... truth, and living... your... best... life... no fucking matter what the cost of it to the people around you.

They figure they control the economy because they control the banks. They control the printing presses where the money gets made. They control the technology, so they control the means of production. They control the education systems so they control the curriculum. They shape the minds of the young toward a perpetual godless servitude. Their intention is to destroy everything previously identifiable about this country... and then move on to their next victims.

It would be a desperate state of affairs if they really were in control, but they are not even in control of themselves, and the way they are going about trying to accomplish that is backwards... by the way... and won't work. They think they can bring about an immortal and omniscient state of being through... heh heh... ah... heh heh (sigh) technology. This is not the first time that fools have tried to accomplish this. Immortality does not come out of a can.

They are all gone now and forgotten, as are the ones before them, and the ones before them, and so on ad infinitum. Pride most certainly does go before a fall, and spectacular pride precedes a spectacular fall. They really should have read The Tibetan Book of The Dead. It is ALL clearly explained there.

When poor deluded fools pass on... such as the ones we see presently on The World stage, they are immediately transported to The World inside their heads. It is here that all the monsters of their former thoughts and emotions are unleashed upon them, and which hound them unmercifully... and tear them asunder again, and again, and again.

This is the place where thoughts and feelings are THINGS. They are actualized, and whatever you gave birth to... in your efforts on this plane of existence... is there to greet you on the next plane of existence.

What I am telling you here is REAL. It may look like all kinds of twisted dirtbags get away with all kinds of ugly behavior in this life, BUT... THEY... DO... NOT. No, they do not. They go to The Land of Conscience, and if they didn't have one while they were here, they will assuredly be provided with one there. Following their sojourn in The Lower Astral Land of Payback, a suitable womb is provided for them to return here and continue in their torments.

I don't care one wit if anyone believes this. I KNOW it to be true. I did not construct the rules of engagement here. I have only been compelled... through the cosmic reactions to my own previous behaviors here... to follow these rules. This is where the real, OR ELSE, lives.

You see, they are not in charge at all. They are the willing captives of a terrible delusion, which Heaven is reinforcing in their minds, and driving them to a particular outcome. They are being compelled by Divine Fiat to an appointed end For The Purpose of Demonstration. None of us have ever been in danger of them, EXCEPT when we believed their bullshit... when we through fear submitted to them... when our hunger for glittering garbage led us astray into their webs.

Even now they feel the approach of their own doom. It is why they are suddenly reckless and aroused. If they really were in charge, why are they in such an all-fired hurry now? And what strange hubris has caused them to rush forward on the stage before the eyes of The World? They really think no one can stop them. It reminds me of Macbeth and how no man born of a woman would cause his demise. God always has some terrible irony on hand... some ingenious plot device.

I must say, my heart is filled with pity for them because I know what awaits on the other side. My friends... the whole of existence is a profound orchestration of something that is forever beyond our comprehension. I have met exceedingly wise souls who were incandescent with Divine Light, and they were utterly humble and forever prostrate before the altar of The Divine... their life is a testimony of endless surrender and giving way before it.

What mortal achievements can contend with the incredible beauty and splendor of The Everlasting? No tongue nor pen can tell... even in a small way... of the wonders that await those who love The One... who is the source of all unity... all harmony... all love. Within us is an overflowing wellspring of wonder and joy... accessible to every seeking heart, if it would only keep seeking.

My God... these poor benighted fools, bathing in the darkness of their own ignominy. What terrible destinies have they woven for themselves? May God awaken them to their dreadful state before it is too late.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

"What's Important is to Center The Mind on The Moment at Hand in The Pursuit of a Finer Moment... in a Finer Land."

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In one week, famous prancing-pony atheist, Richard Dawkins, who isn't even smart enough to know that it is religion he doesn't believe in, and not God of whom he has no knowledge, AND... The Catholic Church that only showed up 300 years later... to run the first Walmart-style international department store religion... have both publicly declared that there are only two sexes.

It is past obvious that there are a whole lot of mental illnesses hallucinating imaginary cartoon genders that have nothing to do with reality; not that that will even slow them down on their way to Nowhere Real.

In St Louis, the short-bus District Attorney, Kim Gardner, has been shut down hard for performing sex on The Ectoplasmic Ghost of George Soros in the public square about a hundred times. In New York, The Grand Jury, which is usually a slam dunk for the prosecution, can't agree on an indictment for Trump. Strange changes are on The Wind and welcome they are indeed.

I'm trying to make an arrangement with Heaven, where I can direct an invisible homing ray at everyone messing with the weather... so that they void themselves from fear... and lay trembling in their own excrement for 24 hours the first time I send it after them. The second time would be a bit more severe, to the extent that there would never... no way... ever... be a third time. I realize that this might mean a little additional Karma for me, but... some Karmas are worth having.

I'm talking about every kind of weather; the physical climate... the emotional climate... the mental climate... and the spiritual climate. Just as soon as some malefic-minded, Fisher-Price sorcerer starts monkeying around with Nature... Human Nature... or any nature in its natural form, my radar would pick up the intention, and the siren and the hazard lights would go on at the same time, and the necessary ordinance would automatically rise up out of The Subconscious and fire into the scheming mind of the moron taking liberties with the well-being of others.

I KNOW there are angels that handle this sort of thing who are on call, and I know that The Lords of Karma handle the end-of-life assessments for all souls being processed on their way up or down, depending on the next form that's been generated by their past actions, and... following whatever spell of time they had to spend at some level of The Astral Plane... where thoughts and feelings are things.

However... I know also... that Heaven permits those qualified- and with the necessary experience- to play certain roles for which they have been prepared over the course of previous lives. That's where people like Apollonius of Tyana and Mehmet Karagoz (a real-life Zanoni) come from. There's been more than a few over the centuries; St Germain also comes to mind.

Even now... in places out of physical sight... training seminars are taking place for those being prepared for Light-Magic work on The Material Plane.

I've not been drawn to that sort of thing. There are too many flashing lights and points of exposure that I am not attracted to, BUT... if no one else is going to step up, I do have certain qualifications and I won't lose any sleep over doing what has to be done... in case anyone in a position to facilitate and empower this happens to be reading this post.

I am more drawn to lose-yourself-in-total-Bhakti, BUT... I am hoping The Lord of Hosts might consider staffing a cosmic sanitation department for restoring sanity to The World. Ruthless shitheels have been trashing the place for too long in my estimation. God's patience is far more extensive than my own, I am sorry to say, though I have been very patient by my yardstick.

I realize that everything which is happening is the result of former activities on the part of the people that bad things are happening to now, and that it... is... all... always... perfect for those with the eyes to see. Also that this is a time of settling debts. That's a lot of what Kali-Yuga is all about. A lot of debt builds up over the previous yugas... and notes come due.

In “The Way to The Kingdom”, the author talks about a time long ago when Evil... greater than anything we have seen at any time in this cycle of recorded history... took place... and infused every particle of existence with the memory of it. The Kingdom of Heaven is working to purify these particles but... apparently... it's slow going. I don't know the details, because that's part of my Karma, such as it is or isn't.

Some of us know more and some of us know less. I don't know much more than the brief flashes that come upon me now and again. That's not important anyway. What's important is to center the mind on the moment at hand... in the pursuit of a finer moment, in a finer land. It will all get sorted eventually.

So... I'm not looking to create Karma for myself; Bad Karma or Good Karma for that matter, BUT... in this one area, I'm willing to be the channel for instant karma. I'm looking to throw fear into the hearts of those seeking to harm others in the moment they set out to do it. Call it a friendly reminder to not do that; whatever 'that' is.

Then... once the trembling and involuntary evacuating ends... maybe they will think long and hard about the same intentions in the future. I know I'm being simplistic, and that I'm probably not pure enough to be settling people's hash on a case-by-case basis, but... I'm not talking about thunderbolts and vaporizing. I'm just talking about sending a stern warning for which... no doubt... down the road, they would thank me for stepping in their way... so that their bill is nowhere near as heavy as it might have been.

Let's just consider this posting a passing and momentary rumination on all these sociopathic doings in this Time of Material Darkness. George Soros and his NGOs would no longer be in business. ZATO would be routed to Seppuku-Disneyland. The Bankers would get those nightmare visitations in the darkness before the dawn. The Trannyland Express would have left the station for points unknown with a one-way ticket. Drag Queen story hour would turn into a follow-the-bouncing-ball sing-along with snarling, bat-winged creatures, providing a story hour or two for drag queens in a Clockwork Orange setting, minus the Beethoven.

What I'm talking about is the activation of a force within the minds of the manipulators of The Hive Mind that is automatically activated in response to evil intent directed at others. It would result in an increasing sense of resistance in the minds of the perpetrators, and... if they failed to get a clue, the force of their evil intent would slowly turn upon them... until they saw themselves in the crosshairs of their own gun-sights.

Somewhere in The Emerald Tablet, Hermes says, “It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors.” That means the powers of The Supernal and Infernal kingdoms are at your disposal... because the one inexplicable force wields both of these as it pleases him.

Yes... I know that this is... perhaps... unlikely. It may even give the impression I am getting borderline unhinged. However... sometimes speaking statements upon the aether can generate change. It's worth a shot, and... just maybe someone in a position to authorize this is listening... and maybe one of my invisible friends will carry the word... through a high-flying-bird... to the place where things get done by just thinking about them.

It's a good workable idea and would immediately bring remarkable changes in the quality of life here. All is pristine where I am, though I do not expect it to remain the same. I expect it to get better, and I'm convinced that it will, BUT... dear lord... anything I can do, I'm on call 24-7.

This is The Petri Dish, so... you have to expect this sort of event now and again. (grin)

In just a couple of days, it has gotten very strange. Random and seemingly unrelated events that indicate sweeping change are about to happen. Freakish shifts in direction are taking place around The World, and... getting very tense in certain parts of it; speaking of depleted uranium.

This is the #1 song in the country today, replacing The Clueless Pop-Tart Twit and Ho-Cyrus; not the ancient Egyptian mummy.

God bless you all. A change really is gonna come.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 20, 2023

"There is More Than a Difference in Appearance Between Processed Potato Chips... and An Actual Potato."

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We do not regularly expound on every area of interest that enters our mind; even those areas of interest that have been present in our mind for decades, such as Permaculture; Electromagnetics... Solar Metaphysics... (which has great similarities to Electromagnetics) and Hermetic Science. Sometimes though, something seems to be worth mentioning.

On one hand... the complexity can be intimidating, and on the other hand, there is an ever-greater chance that I won't know what I'm talking about when I go outside the range of my knowledge... which is... heh heh... extremely limited.

Being interested in a subject is not the same as knowing anything about the subject. It's similar to one fronting for something... not being the same as... actually representing it; like Taylor Swift and Inspired Art being mutually exclusive.

There is more than a difference in appearance between processed potato chips and an actual potato. Here too... Taylor Swift might serve as an example for those able to make the connection. Even though most people might not associate Taylor Swift with potatoes, she has a lot in common with them... even if only metaphorically.

Before I've segued right off the table, let us return to subjects of interest off the beaten path, and forget about our reference to common items found on the common path.

This brings me to Electroculture, which I think most readers might not have heard of, and which most people who are not readers here... are definitely unlikely to have heard of.

I only bring up Electroculture because one perspicacious fellow has found an ancillary use for it (sorry about the big words).

As with many other sciences, just because someone has an incomplete knowledge of a science does not make that science invalid. Dowsing works, even if dowsers are a peculiar lot. Astrology is a legitimate science, even if most astrologers are nuts. Tarot is a system for understanding the connections between The World and the human mind. Just because Lady Clementine Bubastis-Scat is running a fortune-telling scam does not delegitimize what is not a fortune-telling device but rather a fortune-changing device.

We don't like to include links in the actual post anymore, trusting that the reader might be inspired to travel to GAB for relevant articles. However... we doubt most people can be bothered to do that, and many will be off-put by tweets having to do with deranged examples of a culture in decline, which we often refer to. In this case, we will make the effort to engage the reader's attention more directly.

We've mentioned changes in the weather at my location in recent times... since the new year began; most especially the appearance of steroid-enhanced Chemtrails. Today is another example. If the second link is a real thing, we shall soon see the same results here too, because I will be headed to Home Depot soonest. I rarely go anywhere outside of my immediate neighborhood. That's how important this is to me.

Sometimes... the challenges that we experience, happen for reasons other than to simply torment us. Sometimes they are actually incentives for our growth in the scheme of things... to lead us out of the scheme of things OR... into the real scheme of things. I'm hoping that is the case here. Failing a complete and comprehensive cure... we hope that... at the very least... we have revealed something useful for future consideration.

In the chaos and confusion of global change, which we are smack-dab in the middle of... and with so much of it being negative... it can be easy to overlook the wonderful advances that are soon to burst upon the scene. Much good sometimes comes out of negative events. War is a good example. It can lead to all sorts of advancements that were not the original intention of the inventors. Sometimes it was the original intention that got demonically twisted for use as a weapon of war.

Sometimes an innovation in one area becomes a commonplace asset in another area... like what will soon be a dramatic connection between nature's batteries and solar collectors that involves the process of magnification and an extension of storage life that is similar to the longevity of information on hard drives of smaller and smaller dimensions.

I'm sorry if I am getting complex with this. I generally try to avoid complexity, especially for the sake of complexity... which is another form of masturbation engaged in by people with poor social skills. However... in this particular instance, I don't know how else to talk about it, except to talk around it, and my left brain skills have only recently been more regularly employed. I'm just not that good at it yet.

It's like what happens with academics and religious scholars in the areas of philosophy, where they communicate via gibberish... that is only understood by others of their kind... who don't understand anything of importance to begin with. This is great at wine and cheese events on a campus, but useless in real life, which they have no familiarity with anyway.

If you can't converse about spirituality and metaphysics in simple language, you've missed the point of the exercise. We've had real adepts at that, like Jesus Christ... Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha, who have made their messages clear to the masses. Unfortunately... when the out-of-touch pseudo-intellectuals got their hands on the teachings, complexity became the point of the issue for the material enrichment of The Priest Class.

You know by this time that all of these temporal agencies of politics, religion, and sundry are connected by a certain flim-flam machine that distorts human perception for their material advantage. Their day is coming to an end (for a while anyway) and they are losing their shit, which is amusing in one way and should be a caution to you in another.

Those of us with an appreciable amount of intellect are able to understand what the obfuscators have been up to; even to the point of knowing that they don't know what they are talking about OR... what they are doing, and... who are hoping their use of complexity will conceal this from others.

Ah well... since language evolved to a particular level, there have been... and always will be... liars and charlatans out for their own material gain. We've never had so many as we have now.

A TRULY skillful artisan is one who can present the timeless and ageless truths to others without needing to be remunerated for it. These are the ones who USUALLY know that there is an intelligence behind the whole of existence. This means that no good deed goes unrewarded, no matter how often the point of it goes missing in the short term... and it feels like you are being punished instead.

The unskilled and uninformed poseurs work complexity for the sole purpose of confusion and misdirection because the point is to pick your pocket any way they can. Marianne Williamson and her co-conspirators know all about this... and as long as there is a core constituency of materialism-besotted rubberneckers... the traffic of real change will remain intentionally bottlenecked... unless you are talking about Bwak! Obama's kind of change which goes in reverse.

It's like that thing that happens when the train outside your window starts moving and it looks like your train is moving. This is another way appearances can be deceiving.

Intelligence is NOT the result of evolution. Intelligence is the cause of it. Of course, those playing God evade this understanding at every turn... and they never imagine they will be caught out at it... until the one they are making bank off of shows up... directly or indirectly, which... I... assure... you... he... will.

All fraudsters working the make-believe angles for personal profit off-of-the-unsuspecting, DO INDEED run into God on the way.

Here is something you might consider for yourself, I know that I was formed as an idea in The Mind of God for his mysterious purposes and amusement, and I am guided and inspired by those of his angels that are assigned to fields I operate in, AND... whether that is the whole of it or... whether it came about in concert with my free will (such as it is) in search of God, doesn't... really... matter... does... it? It winds up with the same result... AND... this could well be the case for each and every one of you.

Whether God engineered you to a specific end OR... your own efforts led you to fulfilling God's will through your hindering or not hindering his will; his will is done no matter what. Look at this as a variation on Pascal's Wager, if you will. In my own case, I know God is real and have no need to prove it to myself. It's not the same for everyone, BUT... the result... the outcome... eventually is the same... over whatever length of time the exercise requires.

My point in this strange and convoluted effort has to do with the simplicities of technology, and the fatuous distractions generated by those who have been running The Smoke and Mirrors Machine for long enough. Everything comes from The Sun or travels THROUGH The Sun. With that understood and with the inclusion of electricity and magnetics one might presume there is more to be found than has so far revealed itself to The Mind.

It's possible to fix things BEFORE they happen... and once you understand this a remarkable freedom may come upon you and you will no longer be traveling sideways on an elevator with bad music playing. Sorry... this is as close as I was able to get. You'll have to permit the ineffable to blanks.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

"The Flat Earth Movers at The Demolition Derby Were Plowed Under so God Left Them a Rose on the Grave of Their Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They came out from under a rock somewhere and are dancing like stick-figure Meth-heads in their torn underwear. They pay no mind to the rest of The World that pays no mind to them. Except when they trip in front of your car... while screaming at invisible creatures from another dimension; “Do... you... know... who... I... are?” They burn incandescent for a minute or two, then fizzle out like a cigarette butt in a can of beer.

They drive Flat-Earth movers at The Demolition Derby, where they plow themselves under & God leaves a rose on the grave of their mind. Is it because so many people have collectively become so dumb that they think they can turn the clock back to the day before Pythagoras, and... no one will notice? When college grads can no longer find the rest of The World on a map, they might be right.

Then again... their world might be flat. Mine... is... not.

You see certain financial and political forces... that are trying to regress humanity back to the primitive tribal mindset, with their tattoos and nose rings.. their pierced privates... writhing by the firelight of bad-drumming circles; calling out Lovecraftian rhythms to their poisoned bloodstreams... dreaming of the halcyon days of human sacrifice; soothsayers dismembering children and reading their entrails, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF The WEF butt bandits, who are liking them to be as dumb as they come so that they can get away with whatever they please.

Is it any less soul-killing to be spending their hours in skyscraper towers, and juggling numbers in the hope that possibly... just maybe... it will all add up to enough to pay off their indentured enslavement to the company store? That's not even their real bondage. Their real bondage is to all the nasty habits they picked up trying to forget what they have to go through to afford them.

Yesterday... in honor of the flat Earth junkies, someone said that Space isn't real either. I told them that neither is Matter. Matter's just energy that woke up and had to pee and it can't find the bathroom. Then there is a period of reasoning it out, and an emergency decision gets made. Then the peeing takes place and it turns back into Matter... until it has to pee again... it's a creeping somnambulism thing. This is where Karma comes from.

So it takes countless forms... shape shifting... appearing to be and then not being; a sort of "to pee or not to pee, is that the question?" You'll understand it better once you see Schrodinger's cat in the litter box. Then... the answer to your own personal existence will be explained when the cat does or does not disappear. Your problem is not being in two places at once. It's being all over the place with no filing system for the multiple personalities you have to create in order to stay ahead of The Game.

Lying to yourself is a full-time job.

It's a slick treadmill on a conveyor belt to nowhere. Sooner or later you run out of juice and... Will. You can't keep pace, so you fall into the cracks in the moving sidewalk, and it's old home week for you and the hungry shadows like that guy at the end of Ghost, and... all along you were hoping he would take Whoopie with him. Now it requires a forklift to get her from her chair on The View to the VIP room at Golden Corral.

She's still living off the residuals from her Whoopie Cushion shares.

The Flat Earth goofball theory is just part of the whole raging dementia thing... going full tilt through imaginary genders and holes to stick your oar in so you can row somebody's boat. See... the people behind this garbage KNOW about The Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse... though they might not name it like I do. They know the gig is up and an accounting is coming and they are... full tilt... trying to stay ahead of the posse... the villagers... and the headsman.

They know all that fake history nonsense they came up with... to cover what they did in Russia just previously is... all... about... to... come... out. If The Awakening don't get them then the algorithms will. They built the engines of their own destruction. They didn't know it at the time... but now...The Potato Famine and The Holodomor... The Armenian Massacre... 9/11... The Scamdemic and The Killer Vaccines are all going to turn into liver-eating Pterodactyls that will MATERIALIZE as the hungry offspring of their own runaway imaginations, turned to blood-curdling fear.

So what they do now is to create all these straw-man fictions they're gonna blame on you, in the hope that the misdirection will create enough red herrings for them to escape into the foliage... only the foliage has red eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

Every race has been enslaved. Every race has been abused by the races that preceded it; who owned The Slave Ships? This is one of the reasons they hid the living realities of Karma and Reincarnation so that they could manipulate our perception of The Past... control our perception of The Present... and generate our perception of The Future to favor their ambitions.

We are living under a tyranny of youth from a generation of vipers, who... know nothing about themselves and feel free to lecture others without knowledge or restraint. Cease to respect your elders and you won't live long enough to become one... but, I guess we are seeing that, aren't we?

How come beads of water on a flat surface are curved? How come the sky is a dome? Do we live in a snow globe? You might think so... shortly, only the snow is more likely to be volumes of ash traveling on those wind currents that CIRCLE the planet.

If the Earth is flat... and nothing is stationary in space, so that we are moving through it at appreciable speed, how come the oceans don't wash back and forth over the land? Most importantly... what's on the other side where The Sun never shines?

I know these questions are stupid. I created them to match the level of Stupid found in The Flat Earth bullshit.

All these things are connected; the gender tortures... the fake science... the inability to distinguish fantasy from reality... the porn and the video games. It's the latter-day... Old Testament judgment hour of Materialism twisting in its death-rattle pratfalls like Bush on a Segway.

Now the banks are failing and the sirens are calling and you don't see any of it until it's right on top of you because you haven't been paying attention in the first place. Now Kalifornia is flooding, and... that's ♫ only the beginning ♫

Whatcha gonna do? Is science going to save you? Science is now blocking The Sun on most days, due to skywriting chemtrails... where the carbon output of the planes... completely offsets whatever the chemtrails are supposed to protect us from. It's... not... about... that.

It's not about ANYTHING that they tell you it's about.

Can you not see a cosmic pattern here? Look at the pandemic insanities encouraged by those who are trying to keep the villagers from stringing them up. Look at the horrible entertainment... the terrible soundtracks for the day-to-day... the rising prices in The Land of Plenty... the poisons in the food, the water, and the air. Look at the migrating hordes in search of The Great Cheeseburger in The Sky.

I could go on and on here... listing all the notes coming due... and the invisible leg-breakers, waiting in the wings... the mop-up crew of battlefield ghouls, but... why? None of it troubles me, and the people it should trouble aren't even paying attention, and... they will kill you if you point it out to them.

I KNOW that The Divine has it all under control, and all the appearances of life being out-of-control are... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Lessons are required learning now. Those who refuse them will have them delivered in a more palpable and telling fashion, and... if they still refuse to learn? Oh my... oh my.

Massive... globe-shaking transformations are closer than you think. They hope to hide their evils from the eye of The Sun... but The Angels of The Sun are everywhere. How are they going to fight what they cannot see? Let... there... be... light!

End Transformation.......

Rest in Peace; Bobby Caldwell.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

"It is The Fatal Attraction of All Doomed Love Affairs... Singing to The Dragons Underground; Shake The Earth!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I think sometimes about what Abraham asked God, concerning Sodom and Gomorrah; “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten can be found there?” This was after he already asked if he could find fifty... forty-five... forty... thirty-five... thirty... twenty... righteous men, would he spare the cities, and... then... there... were... none; Sayonara Sodom and Gomorrah.

So... what we are witnessing. This is not the first time it has happened. Certain sexual behavior was so 'common in Sodom' (grin) that the name of the town became an ever-after identifier for the practice. It comes round again, and again, and again. It is the fruit of Materialism. When the idea of God departs from the human mind, all that remains is the sexual angle... and because lasting satiation is not to be found there, the celebration of the act becomes more and more perverse because ♫ the thrill is gone ♫

It astounds me how easily professionals will sell their souls for reputation and money; how quickly they will pollute and prostitute the science... if science it even was.

They reflexively legitimize EVERYTHING because of what will happen to them if they don't. Once again... it brings us back to The Emperor's New Clothes. I can't do it. I'm sorry... (no, I'm not sorry) I can't. I know I am not alone in this. As e.e.cumming said in that remarkable poem, “i sing of Olaf glad and big,” “there is some shit I will not eat.”

Remember when I mentioned the root races of Humanity in the last posting? Well... here is something; I think is mostly from HPB about all that, which I ran into later in the day.

For those of you who get that far, take note of what gets said about the Semitic race. Also, take note that I didn't say it.

By... the... day. By... the... day, I wonder... how long? How long can this madness continue? The culture is starting to look like a massive... festering... boil; a pimple... some kind of excrescence. Something that is pressing... being pressed to the surface by systemic force; perhaps it is the leeching of the by-products of Materialism to the street-side, public locations?

Materialism has overflowed its containers and released a cannibal darkness upon the poisoned urban dream of no-exit cities. Once human creatures... lurch in and out of the deadly fog.

It is as if some steaming... toxic substance that has long been percolating below the sight-line, is now... no longer contained by whatever barriers there might have been, and is overflowing like broken water mains. It is not only coming up from the subterranean reaches below the surface. It is also overflowing from human forms into acts of psychosis...into temporary and not-so-temporary acts of insanity.

Entire cities are being overwhelmed by the phenomena. Portland and Seattle... every major urban center on the west coast... is now a minefield of the creeping dead. Step on the wrong section of sidewalk and flesh-eating zombies appear. Truly... a darkness is upon the land. It is eating the minds of children, the way primitive cultures scoop out the brains of monkeys and consume them. I am not exaggerating here.

Homeless... and hopelessly insane people are receiving messages that only they can hear. Different and competing personas, well up in these hijacked minds. They all think they are on alien space cameras, performing in front of unseen audiences. On one corner a vagrant is possessed by the spirit of Al Pacino... waving his arms at invisible bugs, he screams, over and over, “I'm in the dark heah!”

On the next corner, it's Pacino channeling again. This time it's in front of a Bank of America branch and he's doing Dog Day Afternoon. A porcine man in a pink tutu... hirsute and unwashed... goes by on a skateboard, flashing his privates at some Catholic middle school students who are talking about opening a joint, Only Fans account.

Up the street... a drugstore cowboy is humping a wooden Indian outside a cigar store. A good dozen budding auteurs are catching the action on their iPhones. They trade these snippets at the end of the day like Pokémon cards. There's a sidewalk preacher every hundred feet (much be some zoning thing) screaming about The End Times, while hookers laugh at them and throw discarded syringes.

Something that looks like two Lizzos duct-taped together is twerking to sounds coming out of a boombox with flashing lights, and I am on a street corner in my mind, talking to the future where... hopefully the laser force of intense visualization will wipe these images from The Surface World of The Hive Mind... or at least my own.

Do I exaggerate? No! I do not. Something is pressing with irresistible force upon the collective and individual subconscious, and... you get what is appearing... worldwide... in every urban center of intense human concentrations. They are outnumbered only by the roaches and rats.

This force is the cosmic identifier of what's inside. It presses all that is hidden within before the eyes of The World. One either channels it into something of beauty or... the resistance to it results in abomination... whatever the weakest link is... thar she blows! It is the force of apocalypse and revelation. It is the wind in the withers. It is the fatal attraction of all doomed love affairs singing to the dragons underground to make The Earth tremble.

The Bitch Queen Regent of The Underworld is riding her mount, Nightmare. She is bound for the Gog-Magog Rodeo for The Barrel Race Competition. What dark dreams have unleashed this madness upon The World?

Somewhere... in the places where The Filthy Rich count their money and drink the blood of children, they plot the overthrow of The World as we once knew it. This is not hyperbole or fiction. This is real. This is what they do because the madness has gotten them too. Everything within everyone is being exposed for what it is.

It... does... not... have... to... be... this... way!!! Some dream of the lemon groves of Ithaca, like Ulysses, wandering in search of his homeland. Some dream of Saruman's foundries from which howling orc legions come, brandishing terrible weapons. These creatures were once human, but now the video games have come to life. What made them so? Materialism made them so. It is the tragic love affair with dead matter and animated dust that made them so.

It is the Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu, running like a wildfire across the empty plains of vacant minds in search of someone to possess and rule them. They will not have long to wait. Will the streets clean themselves? Will the crazy make themselves sane? Will the stupid technologies run forever when there is nowhere to plug them in?

Somehow they have all lost their minds. Wind power is no answer, better to harness the wind of all the hot air coming from the mouths of the helium heads, blown completely out of proportion to their actual size by the delusions of arrogance. They are men drunk on power. Do... they... not... see... themselves?

This is God's doing. This is the answer to the vanities of those not equal to the task of self-mastery. This is the final demonstration of how things do not work... and all the bobbleheads nodding in accord with their paymasters will get their just rewards. The men who count their money laugh; crying, “who can stop us?” Oh... they will cry too.

Now they dream of wars they are no longer capable of fighting. They have reduced their potential armies to feckless... intoxicated... cross-dressers. They have failed us and they have failed themselves. We all bought a ticket to The Next Act... to commence soon. That is why and how we come to be here...

Here is their legacy... a blasted landscape where nothing sane remains; ♫ oh terrible for chem-trailed skies, for endless fields of pain, from purple mountain's travesties, above... the... looted... plains ♫

Hey... it's not all doom and gloom, BUT... you had better mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

I see where the Absolutely Linear... Cinderblock Heads are now back again with their CIA-conceived cointelpro... mind abortion... Flat Earth bullshit. Here's my reply; over the course of thousands of years... when once there were sages and illumined rishis, far wiser than any today... there was NEVER one who said anything about The Earth being flat. NONE of the great minds of history; Socrates-Plato-Aristotle... the realized yogis and Hermetic scientists and alchemists... Apollonius... Pythagoras... Paracelsus... Hermes Trismegistus... Copernicus and Galileo... my dear friend Giordano Bruno, and scads more... none of them indulged such nonsense, and... neither do I... who am not even fit to be in their company.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

"It's Quite Simple. This World is Barely Managed Chaos... Maintained in that State by Runaway Appetite and Desire."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every one of us is like a giant office building. The average human body has around 30 trillion cells. So... maybe an office building is a severe underestimation, since a billion is a thousand million, and a trillion is a thousand billion.

Every one of those cells is alive and is also specialized. Every one of those cells lives in a specialized subset of a system, and they all have to get along. Otherwise, they go to war. That is what cancer is. It is warfare that starts in a system and could... theoretically engulf the whole body. Usually... it dies before that happens.

The body is filled with superhighways and smaller routes... going out and coming back in. What would you say is the most important quality a body can possess? That would have to be Harmony.

The World too is a body. The same things happen in The World that happens in a body. What would be the most important quality that could exist in The World? That would have to be Harmony too. The same applies to a solar system, a galaxy, and a universe. The word universe seems to almost have the word Unity in it.

So... technically... you are the ruler... should be... could be... of a vast collection of systems, composed of individual components that all interact with each other in the systems where they are resident. How amusing is it that there are people who seek to rule The World around them, and yet... have no control over The World within them?

From my observations, The World external to our individual worlds, seems to go through phases of change that cycle through periods of growth and decline; up you go... down you come. The same thing happens to us. We grow to a point and then we begin to fade away. Eventually... we do fade away as if we had never been here at all.

Harmony... the most desirable element that can be resident in The External World, and The World Within... is an elusive quality; is it not? Some people seem to possess it, but most do not. Especially in these times. Why... it seems that people are falling more and more deeply into inharmonious states of being with every passing day. One of the most dramatic indications of this is that they are going crazy at an ever-increasing clip. That is the fever of Materialism.

Most of the craziness seems to emerge from only a few sources; our sense of identity... our desires... and our appetites... and mostly has to do with our lack of command over any and all of them. We are being dragged hither and yon by them, like a team of runaway horses. Most of us are trying to control these forces, BUT... most of us do not fully... or even a little bit... understand these forces. So we do not know how to control them.

When you go into periods of extreme grief... a sense of loss... a continuing state of fear and apprehension... frustration and anger... stress... any of the NEGATIVE states that can come upon a person... it is first present in your mind and emotions... and then... inevitably... it will find its way into your body... as a condition... a state of physical distress and discomfort... disease... and... and... all of which... is a symptom of disharmony.

As you sow... so shall you reap. Your body is the field that displays the fruit of your efforts. It is inevitable. It is inescapable. You have to get it right from the get-go or... you will experience the educating pain whose intention is to put you back on course... to bring you back into a state of harmony.

It all seems pointless, does it not? You arrive here, not knowing where you came from. You go through a series of changes over the course of a brief period of years, and then... you are gone, and every evidence of your having been here... eventually goes away as well. None of what you acquired materially departs with you. It stays here, and it disappears as well. What's the point? Sooner or later, the whole world that you once knew is no longer present either.

There is nothing constant about The World except the constant cycling of changes, and suffering is everywhere, regardless of one's station... one's possessions... one's abilities. Suffering finds its way in somehow because of attachments to the sources of suffering.

If Karma and Reincarnation were more widely embraced, one could see that there might be a greater purpose to all of it, but these cosmic constants are constantly veiled by... someone or something... here in The West. Even in The East where they are part of the collective perspective, they aren't always rightly understood.

WHY ARE WE HERE? Oh... many books have been written. Countless souls have pontificated upon this enduring question. How could I hope to clarify any of it in such a short format?

I'm going to give you my simple version. Maybe I am right, and maybe I am not. Certainly, I am not going to be comprehensive.

You are here to learn to get along. That is why you are here. Once you learn to get along here, you can move to a finer world of residence. Until you do learn, you will just return here over, and over, and over again. You won't be permitted to move to a higher plane of existence until you do.

You have acquired debts from previous inharmonious behavior. Acquiring spiritual wisdom acts like a fire upon your obligations and burns them up. This is a VERY IMPORTANT detail. Get Wisdom at any cost!!! As Guru Bawa once said; “Steal it if you have to.”

Existence moves on a spiral, and Harmony is the key to being upwardly mobile. Love is the fuel that feeds the engines of your progress. First of all... you have to get along with yourself. You have to learn to bring all of your interior systems into accord with one another. Then you will radiate this to the World around you. You will come to the attention of agents from higher planes of existence and they will shepherd you there.

It's quite simple. This world is managed chaos... maintained in that state by runaway appetite and desire. Stop Wanting!!! That is key. Start Loving!!! That is key. Act Harmoniously!!! That is key. Finally... serve as you go. Everyone in the higher planes of existence does this or they don't stay there, and they certainly do not move to even higher planes of existence, and I can tell you with real conviction that there are more stages of being above where you presently reside than you can possibly imagine.

Everyone does not want to do this. Those who do... look like fools to the snatch-and-grab armies that live here. Some are quite content to remain here and never move on. Well... I shouldn't put it that way. No one is content who lives here without Harmony.

There is a music that is generated by the planets passing one another in space. You must learn to dance harmoniously to it because the music is always changing and you have to adapt. Adaptation is the key to The Operation of The Sun. This music is heard internally... once the cacophony of The World subsides. You come into resonance. You come into Harmony.

The World as we know it does not move in harmony with this music... not at this level of existence. As Boehme said, “you must... in all things... move contrary to The World.” This you accomplish WITHOUT coming into conflict with it. When you don't want anything, you don't get in anyone's way. When you don't want anything that is here, both Peace and Sanctuary come of their own accord.

Tomorrow we will explore more deeply... the utter simplicity of the whole affair.

End Transmission.......

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I know that sometimes the links are disturbing. They are indications of Trends and Patterns that one... if they are of the intention to remain sane... should avoid at every turn.

Thursday, March 02, 2023

"The Divine Mother ... in All Her Endlessly Changing Colors and Shapes... is What Obscures The Divine from Our Sight."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

These are the days of very strange and inexplicable events. As anyone who's been around more than once should know, days of very strange and inexplicable events INEVITABLY lead into days of much stranger and even more inexplicable events. What to do... what to do... tap... tap... tap... rinse... repeat.

Pennsylvania goony-bird and occasional troll-dancer, John Fetterman; Peter Principle extraordinaire, has gone into the hospital... never a good idea unless it is unavoidable... for a period of weeks; several weeks... because of some form of depression. I have NEVER heard of this sort of thing before, except in rare instances. Depression is an out-patient thing, BUT... we know that's all bullshit, don't we? Ninety percent of what's going on these days is bullshit. The other ten percent is window dressing; bullshit in shiny haute couture.

That's The World of Bullshit, glitter, and cosmetics under indirect and favorable lighting. A world of wannabees among the temporarily spotlighted, all as hungry as ravening wolves for The VIP Groves of Celebrity; “pick me!!!” “No! Me!!!” The suitors and the suited, (grin) in blindfolded snatch-n-grabs for the things some clueless brigade of taste experts said were must-haves above all else.

Welcome to The Land of Terminal Disappointments.

So... what's the story with Fetterman? We know it's not depression. Is he being refurbished at Fort Marlene Dietrich? Is he rehearsing for his spot on Dancing with The Clumsy? Is... he... dead? Is he going to be the new headliner on Geek Patrol? (brought to you by Proctology and Satan?)

I thought it was a stretch to put Biden in The White House. Shoehorning Fetterman into The Senate was over the river and through the woods. The guy couldn't talk and chew gum at the same time BEFORE his stroke... so... okay... he couldn't be The Receptionist; maybe put him far enough up the food chain where no one has to run into him up close? What do I know? I'm speculating.

It looks to me... it looks to me like the whole ball of Fantasy Wax is melting and Mammon is pirouetting in the smoke. Fantasy Wax is worse than burning tires for smoke... or even that false flag vinyl whatever it was with ♫ ??? Dead in Ohio ♫ It really looks like the less than Wonderful One-Horse Shay is about to come down in dramatic fashion.

Here's what I think is happening, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are... a lot of the time... with their front-row face-personas... on automatic pilot. They are going through a series of previously agreed-upon stages that are irresistible. In other words, they can't be stopped or altered by anyone. Behind the scenes, they have a lot of individual autonomy. In other words; “well... we saw that one coming,” and... “didn't see that one coming.” Both of these are happening simultaneously.

In All cases, and at all stations and landings, the force of their impact is different. The pressure changes. The pressure intensifies. What used to go slightly wrong in years past... is now going way wrong in the moment... and certain to go much more wrong around the corner and up the street. Sooner or later comes the straw that breaks the camel's back. Sooner or later, Critical Mass occurs.

It accounts for the progressive advance of our worst fears coming upon us, AND the jack-in-the-box surprise factor that no one was expecting. The combination of these and all the rest of what we have mentioned so far, has put a real kink in the plans of The Pretend Masters of The Universe. You would think... as much as they are into kink... that this would be no problem. For some reason... it is.

Their Disney castles are melting into the sand. Conditions are getting worse and worse for the transsexual lab rats. No one is really liking the aftermath of the processes. This is why all the drag queens and pedophile clowns are running around with those rictus smiles on their faces. It is why they keep going to greater and greater extremes to engage children in fantasies that have not been reworked from popular fables. They had better get enough of those generations programmed or projectile vomiting WILL BE on the menu. The pressure is on.

THE HEAT IS ON. If you dance too close to Infernos you will... get... burned.

What the people trying to control The World do not get is that it is ALREADY under control and that they are just being used for The Purpose of Demonstration by the one who is actually in control; was in control trillions of years ago, and WILL BE in control trillions of years from now.

How cool and in control is the one who is in control? He set up The Opposition Party from... the... very... beginning. The Opposition Party is ALSO manned by The One in Control, BUT... they are wearing costumes and fright wigs.

They are angels in disguise. They represent carnal appetites and desires. They are the shapes the illusions take in the smoke of unclean fires... The Other Angels represent Love and Aspiration... sublime qualities and specific functions. They are tools from The Toolbox of The Divine.

These recent interlopers and ambition junkies who are playing The Villains of The Hour, have convinced themselves that The One in Control does not exist and that The Opposition Party is on their side. Well... half of that is true, but only for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The half that is not true is that there is no Supreme Controller; just... because... you... can't... see... him... doesn't mean he isn't there. The Divine Mother in all her endlessly changing colors and shapes is what obscures The Divine from our sight. Radha interposes herself between you and Krishna on The Path. One needs to see with The Inner Eye.

That is why one must look within because... The Outer World is ALL Display. It is all a display... of non-stop changing shapes in The Department Store Window of Time.

The leaders of the (cough... cough... snicker) Free World are visibly degenerating into ever more absurd cartoon characters, that are travesties to be laughed at, rather than listened to or followed. Once it gets to that point... revolution is inevitable. When this happens, the false system goes into free fall.

Here is a truth that is relentlessly hidden from public view... these world-shakers and would-be world-shapers have no idea of what they are doing. They are merely following instructions inside their heads from sources unknown to them... BUT identified as someone familiar to them.

There is no randomness to ANY of it. There is no unpredictability factor. There is no chance. There is no luck. Once you get this hard-wired into your head, the whole thing gets much easier to handle; given that you are no longer DRIVEN to handling it. The World Entire... is people handling things to the best and worst of their abilities. It is all a clumsy dance of colors and forms on a gradient of Time... that also doesn't move in a straight line or at any consistency of speed.

Everyone is working out personal dramas in their head. Mortal personalities come and go while Destiny plays Wack-a-Mole. Behind The Mortal Personality is an impersonal watcher that can be called The Individuality... The Real Self... The Higher Self... and it is the same in every single one of us, BUT... we want to express, interact, and contend with mortal personalities doing The Dance of The Separated Mind. We want recognition for all the things that would embarrass anyone who understood what was really going on.

History is the record of The Process of Demonstration according to The Purpose of Demonstrations; “You're nothing but a pack of cards!” Ergo... The Tarot.

Why am I talking about all of this? What is my point? My point is that all the conditions and circumstances you worry about are not what you should be concerned with. You should be concerned with what is going on within you that accounts for how you routinely (and often unconsciously) behave in the ebb and flow of existence.

You cause your own pain and misery by putting your attention on the wrong end of the process, where the result has already been determined. Far better to catch yourself in mid-flight and work at The Source. Then it really does become rose petals in your path. Each petal is a glance or portion of the directed flow of Love passing through you... strewn as evidence of your passing and also...where you are headed.

Mess with the other passengers, and... get messed with, or... sit back and enjoy the ride while being useful when the need presents itself.

End Transmission.......

I should mention that I almost never check the messages at Facebook. I often do not respond to comments at other locations. A good portion of the time I don't even see comments directed to me. It's not that I don't care, I'm just not that self-involved and looking for affirmation. If you want to reach me, you can do that here or via email. I also don't do chit-chat so... after a period of toleration (grin) it might be a while before you hear back... if at all.

A fellow... (I think it was a guy) got incensed about his perception that I was promoting Hinduism, and also ISKCON... which I don't. I am less collegial than I might be sometimes... because of anonymity. I am sorry for the confusion and appearances of conflict that sometimes emerge. I know everyone is struggling in their own way in these times of greater tension. Please do not think you are censured by me or unwelcome. Things have a way of smoothing out over time.

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