Friday, March 31, 2023

"What a Joy It is To See The Citadels of Evil Begin to Crumble... as The Rays of God's Living Light Fall Upon Them!"

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So... Tranny Oakley left behind a manifesto and certain powerful cabals of perversity do... not... want... it... released.

I'm guessing that before the Nashville police turn it over to The Federal Bureau of Infernals, something along the lines of Hunter Biden's laptop is going to take place. Here in the time of Apocalypse, no lie is safe.

They are losing it!!! What a joy it is to see The Citadels of Evil begin to crumble as the rays of God's Living Light impact upon them! Who can stand against The Almighty? The clue to that can be found in the word...Almighty.

They are shooting up these sexually confused young ladies with Testosterone, and... it is making them ANGRY, and AGGRESSIVE. Testosterone is an anabolic-androgenic Steroid. Reflect upon the rage that anabolic steroids cause in men. Of course, the psychopathic monsters that run the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine know this. The Materialistic mindset that drives the engines of contemporary science cannot fail to create monsters.

Our Catamite government is a sort of gimp-masked submissive, (made tumescent by shame) writhing under the spiked leather heels of Madame Diabolically Craven. The government as the plow, with The Media and Big Business as The Backdoor Man, and His Satanic Majesty as the possessor and manipulator of all conscious and unconscious entities so engaged, represent the oppressors of Humanity in their present form. They are the force behind all the transsexual and otherwise abnormal practices of Seppuku-by-Materialism.

There are several motivations involved, but the chief motivation is having a greater control over all of us. Also, their delight in the performance of evil... for the sake of evil, and the confusion and chaos that operates in the minds of those susceptible to the influence of their subliminal and surface-mind invasions. It entertains them to destroy people... whose sense of self and tenuous grip on identity... are made even more screwed up by putting it on a wide spectrum of tormented gender distortions.

Another motive is seen in their desperation to survive. These once human, free-radicals, can only continue by means of that which results in the death of their host. Then it must look for a new food source. Finally... never let us forget... they are driven by the very power they remain in denial of. God weaves Evil and Good to form the tapestry of unfolding existence, in which can be seen the life lessons intended by The Creator of All.

It is glaringly apparent to any sane mind that what these mesmerized monsters are promoting, is an ever more and more deranged, sexual dysfunction... juxtaposed with all the other insanities that result in the madness in the streets, and the destruction of The Family Unit.

They are manipulating all of this while being themselves manipulated by The Puppet Master of all life, whose TWO opposing hands control the dancing marionettes. What is the objective of this waltz of opposites? It is FREEDOM!!! Freedom for those who aspire to the same... and bondage otherwise.

Meanwhile... it is a cartoon of absurd depravities in search of annihilation.

My friends... even in the chaos of these transforming times, the opened eyes of the open heart can see the light breaking upon the shores of darkness. He will come as living light through a portal of light in the human mind. In those places... where a vision of his presence is sought... that vision will be granted. Those who seek the light WILL find the light. Those who seek otherwise will find otherwise.

I take no joy in talking about the lost and deluded. I pray that The Grace of God somehow awakens them before the meter runs out. I know they will awaken in some life to come, no matter how many aeons that may be. In time... every soul will find its home in the greater body of God.

Let us move on to more profitable environs. Yesterday, at lunch, I finished Master Aivanhov's book, "Cosmic Moral Law".

I read a portion of his work every day at that time. I believe this was the final volume of his Complete Works that I had not yet read. On one of the final pages of the book, I found this;

“Christians will never get out of the morass they are in if they do not learn to work with divine methods. The very fact that they neglect The Sun and attribute no spiritual power to it, proves that they have not got the means they need to overcome Evil. But once they realize that they have disdained and neglected The Sun, they will humble themselves and The Sun will forgive them, and when that day comes, they will be all-powerful and the reign of Evil will be over and done with. As long as Christians refuse to recognize that The Sun is a gateway to God, they will always be weak. They can pray as much as they like and fill their churches with the smoke of incense, but they will never put anything to right; The World will still be devastated by catastrophes, and disorder and chaos will continue to reign. But the day that they recognize that The Sun is the visible image of God and a doorway that gives them direct access to him, it will be much easier for them to reach him.”


This morning I finished Book 3 of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which I think I only began listening to on Wednesday. It is not a long book. An hour or so will suffice to hear it all. I cannot remember when I have been moved and shaken to this degree. It must have been decades ago. All I can think of are, The Way of Life... The Rubaiyat... The Bhagavad Gita. There have been so many outstanding works that The Spirit has gifted me. Most lately it has been the work of Mikhail Aivanhov.

I don't wish to diminish any of them by comparison. Some of you will see what I mean. Most especially those of you who consider yourself Christian. I will never be a Christian, but I have always been a follower of Christ. No seeker who sincerely seeks The Truth can fail to walk in his footsteps.

What has happened in this book, which is now over a hundred years old, is that the author has taken Patanjali's work and translated it into the Christian mindset according to Christian scripture. I have... literally... never experienced anything like it. My heart soared to the heavens this morning as I listened to the last half of Book 3.

The certainty of the promises that are made will shore up the faith of anyone who cares to have it happen. This is... truly... a Godsend. Several times he has mentioned, The Great Companions, who begin to appear to the seeker at a certain point... and I clearly heard the ringing of the term... my invisible friends... as The Great Companions was spoken. It was a powerful confirmation of their existence; not that I needed any.

Each book in this single book is more powerful and profound than the one preceding it... or so it has been to this point. In times past, I would have inhaled such a thing in a single sitting. I do not want to be the glutton here. Let me savor this work that I am sure I will now listen to dozens of times yet. It follows The Bhagavad Gita in my morning rituals and supplications.

The reader knows that I do not lightly recommend anything. However... as I was listening... really listening... it came to me over and over again, how much... certain of the readers... were going to enjoy this and find comfort therein.

I don't usually listen to audiobooks. This is new to me. I suspect that my starting this, which began only a few weeks ago, was a preliminary to my finding this work. I can see myself setting aside regular 15-minute intervals... where I focus on the contents of this remarkable effort. As one listens, one hears the amazing clarity of mind that was present in the author; Charles Johnston.

Oh my God, heh heh. He was married to a niece of Madame Blavatsky! And W. B. Yeats was one of his classmates, AND... he is the one who introduced Yeats to Blavatsky. Holy shit! These are his collected writings;

The Mukhya Upanishads: Books of Hidden Wisdom
The Tao Teh King: Lao Tse's Book of the Way and of Righteousness
The Vedanta Philosophy of Sankaracharya
The Bhagavad Gita: The Songs of the Master
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Book of the Spiritual Man
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. I
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. II
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. III
Hidden Wisdom: The Collected Writings of Charles Johnston, Vol. IV

Boy! He was VERY specific to my personal wheelhouse. I will definitely be getting a couple or so of those. Well... my friends... wheels... within wheels... within wheels...

May God guide you one and all to The Promised Land of your most inspired imaginings. May you find the inviolable sanctuary that is hidden in your heart, and there dwell for the countless ages with your own invisible friends... your great companions. Since I know... this will come true... it is with a great and ever-present joy that I write these words.

End Transmission.......

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

Awesome -

And what a beautiful closing paragraph!

0 said...

"The reader knows that I do not lightly recommend anything. However... as I was listening... really listening... it came to me over and over again, how much... certain of the readers... were going to enjoy this and find comfort therein."

Yes, I too started listening and got thru book 1 last night and started book 2. I will have to listen to it again as well as the way some of the things are phrased put a dent in me. :) Something around 13 minute mark in the first book about how to see oneself properly embedded in this iteration of form within the context we share struck me. Thank you very much for sharing. (I also don't typically listen to audiobooks, tending to prefer to read so I can reread and commit the bits that ring me to memory.)

Just from the first book it seems like much of how I've lived in my life was outlined by the various points noted. Like I had no idea, but even without idea, I acted inline with the things being expressed. Quite curious.

Take it easy pal!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Tranny Oakley. LOL. Been reading about it, and there's so much wrong with the story. Another staged psy-op. Wondering if anyone is even dead? I dunno.

Testosterone. As if chicks on the rag ain't bad enough. Combine the two, and ya got sumthin' worse than the H-Bomb.

Expectin' all Hell to break loose next month some time. Interestin' times these are, indeed!

Nostrils to the sky for another great post!

Asil said...

Dear Les Visible, You are the only person in my seventy-three who "blows my mind away"... brilliance like the sun at midday. Anyway, my dear friend I appreciate and am grateful for all you share. I first read your blogs on Rense and it was strange how so much of my life at those many moments, fell in sync with you. And, at some time past you mentioned you were going to write a biography - is that going to happen? - for some reason I doubt it - but I would enjoy reading it.
Love, joy and all the very best wishes to you

Visible said...

Yeah... not likely. I don't think I can.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It's Like a Fire Hose in Many Ways, and Easily as Powerful in The Hands of Those... Who... Cannot... Control... It."



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