Wednesday, April 05, 2023

"Their Orders Come from Renegade Principalities and Powers Who Get their Orders from The Dark Lord Himself."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It has been some years now since we have been talking about the spread of Insanity across the country and around The World... due to the increase of Materialism. Surely it has been more than a decade and possibly two decades. I know I have been seeing it for longer than that.

It first came to my attention in the 60s. Anyone who was present for them can agree with me that they were pretty crazy times. Certainly... a big part of it was the drugs. Drugs open areas of The Mind that were previously inactive. It was a time of spiritual awakening, AND... it was a time of sexual awakening... because we have a material body, AND... several immaterial bodies.

A lot of what happened had to do with the stage of collective human evolution that was present at the time it happened. A great many people were deeply asleep and did not wake up the whole time. Many of them have not awakened since; have even bred children who haven't awakened either.... and who have also had children who have not awakened.

The Dream Manipulators have been around for a long time. Until technology made a wider material reach possible, they worked through telepathic invasion and social conditioning that was built around laws created by the lawmakers to keep everyone in their own grazing areas. The metaphorical wolves in sheep's clothing have been around for ages. They are part of the dramas that make life interesting.

When The Sexual Revolution arrived they were Johnny-on-The-Spot. The Spiritual Awakening was also a revolution in thought. On the one hand, you had sensory exploration. On the other hand, you had extra-sensory exploration. The force of Materialism accelerated the sexual dynamic and it hasn't stopped to take a breath since.

The sexual experience is a limited engagement. The satiation period is brief and it eventually leads to the desire to go deeper... to go further... to go off the beaten path. Two drugs played a big part in the escalation of serial sexual activity. They were Cocaine and Ecstasy. Cocaine amplified the diabolical aspect of sexual encounters. It makes whatever you get up to okay. It makes evil and depraved behaviors magnetically attractive. There was a fake spirituality about Cocaine initially... until the depravity angle hit full-bore.

Cocaine and Disco dovetailed and opened the saloon doors that swing both ways. The Gay Thing took off, especially in the cities where Nature had already been beaten within an inch of her life. That was the 70s. Coke went mainstream in the 80s among the moneyed set; most notably on Wall Street and Hollywood. I had a front-row seat for all of it, even if I was a bit off to the side, I was still able to move around the fringes of the action.

Also in the 80s... Ecstasy ran over the borders of The University of California laboratories, and into the hands of those informed about its presence... it was being developed to treat problems with intimacy and alcoholism; at least that was the story. The compound was very clean in those days. I had as much of it as I wanted and it was a remarkable substance.

Then it was made illegal and slowly but surely, The Israelis cornered the market on it and changed the composition. This became the go-to chemical for blurred boundaries with blurred genders... where anything goes. They call it Molly now, probably cause Molly is who you wind up as.

It was Cocaine's touchy-feely little sister, and if you weren't paying attention, it would turn you into one. I could see what they had done to it because I had the whole before and after thing. One feature I noticed... big time... was that it created a feminized mindset in the male consciousness. I always pay attention to what something does to me in my head, and I tried every drug there was on my way to figuring out what I liked and did not like. So... I saw the whole sexual culture being manipulated through chemistry. I saw it happen right in front of me.

The government and certain vested material interests have been working the scene for years, modifying human nature and trying to wash away the boundaries of good conduct... into a Good Time Charlie-Dr Feelgood, Big-Tent perversity game; the hot and sweaty rodeo of different cowboy and cowgirl positions where... if it feels good, do it became the mantra for more and more freedom under the guidon of unbridled license.

They spread crack-Cocaine through the ghettos for crowd management, via a government agency that is prohibited to act domestically.

Now... you see where we are. The whole sexual mutation and mutilation thing is and always has been, a government psy-op; keeping in mind that the government is owned and operated by The Bankers. The government is a tool wielded by those who control the money supply. It... does... what... it... is... told, and all of the other industries; The Media... Entertainment... Education... Religion... Finance... Manufacturing... ad infinitum; they do what the government tells them to under orders from The Banks.

If they don't do what they are told, the regulator agencies come into play to ENFORCE the will of The Bankers through those agencies.

The Bankers are agents of Hell World. That is where their inspiration and marching orders come from. Yes... EVERYONE takes orders from someone, even if they are at the top of the pyramid, that's only the material plane. Their orders come from renegade Principalities and Powers who get their orders from The Dark Lord himself. I've met him on several occasions. He is a very charming fellow.

Even he takes orders from someone because The Devil is an employee of God Almighty who... is... the... only... one... who... doesn't... take... orders... so far as we assume... BECAUSE it is all incomprehensible to you at that point, and likely well before that. It's all for The Purpose of Demonstration, here in this dream world that is God's playground, where he entertains himself.

You may not appreciate my saying that. You might think, “Who the Hell is this God that entertains himself with my suffering?” He is not the one who makes you suffer. You are. You could be playing with him right this moment and having a fine time of it; I am.

There are Heavenly Realms and there are Hell Worlds. How your sexuality expresses itself determines which of these you will eventually be visiting. Obviously... The Kingdom of Materialism, overseen by Mammon, or whatever names he is going by now, is a Hell World. Anything that makes you forget The Creator... automatically directs you to a Hell World. It might take a while to get there or... it could happen in an instant, but... Hell World is where True God is absent and False God is present.

Here is one example of the state of the times concerning sexual identity and the cluelessness that exists below the surface constructs made from tissue paper and glue.

There are thousands of delusional characters like this, from which the new legions of Manchurian Candidates are being forged. What's the point? The point is to make you weak... confused... and controllable. The point is to rip the fiber from the American spirit and make it an obedient slave by first making it a slave to its appetites and attractions.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we've stated that Insanity was going to get more and more wack and widespread for years. Some of us have seen this coming for a long time now. Surely you have had ample time to see that this is true and growing in ever more fertile ground.

Fortunately... I say, FORTUNATELY... God is Real and he knows what he's doing, even if no one else does. This is the means by which he brings us to a more enduring awakening, and... yes... he's got a Hell of a way of going about it. That's not God creating those conditions. These are the extremes we have ALLOWED ourselves to be guided to by Appetite and Desire. We walked there on our own.

Angels are standing by at all times to lead you out of this. Unfortunately... for many... they have too much of themselves invested in castles made of sand, AND... they want what they want and they don't care what you have to say about the matter, so... usually, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't have that luxury.

Bless indiscriminately. Bless everything and everyone. Operate from the high end of the mental plane, and let your thoughts be expressions of a harmony with all things. Thoughts are more powerful than feelings and feelings are more powerful than actions. You can control yourself and The World around you by your thoughts BECAUSE... as a man thinketh, so is he.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The banking system is broke. A world running on debt guaranteed that outcome. I don't think it's gonna last much longer.

The way the world is, I'm tempted to refer to everyone as 'it'. Then again, members of The Holey Order of the Septum are technically 'its' in English speaking cuntries that don't assign a nose a gender, and these individuals are not in our league, so maybe not.

Oh dayam. Just looked some stuff up. I was born in the Land of the Cabbage People. That would be Germany. I mean, they call us Krauts; so. . . I read they refer to a nose as a feminine noun, so I used to be a twat until age 6.5, then became an 'it' after I moved here, though I was at the time unaware of my nosculinity. Then again, considering the garbage that I lived with at the time; I suppose this is a good thang. I didn't become aware of my nostriline inclinations until I was 20.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a dull nor non luminescent time reading your work Les.

Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

mas and mas Visible
'usually, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't have that luxury.'

luxury is a modern word for the sin of 'lujuria'. Some, as in your case and some few others in these modern times, seem to have been kept from that temptation. Is it due to fervent and reverent application in the 'Lord's Prayer', providing a response from Our Father?

If that is the case, no need to ask 'Who's your Daddy?'

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

0 said...

Its interesting to wonder about ones behavior and why one does or doesn't do what one chooses.

I've tried to take the tact that any who Ask for something from me, I try to make allowance and do what is asked. I don't really do it so much for those who show up as I do it so that when I am in a position of no power or authority, if I ask of the all something, perhaps it will treat me as I treated all they who came to me. I don't know what will result, but I'm trying to hedge my bet in that regard. I've certainly asked the all for things, things that the all delivered frequently enough that I could learn that I didn't want all the things I asked for. Really what I sought was understanding, I just hadn't experienced enough situational contexts to realize such at my younger age.

I like the bit about blessing people and such. I had a little chiweenie doggle that was my pal for about a decade and when it came time for her to leave form, I spoke softly to her and then to the all asking the All to grant her a human birth. I'm not to sure what prompted that but I acted on it and said it out loud on the off chance that perhaps such would be honored if all things lined up. And why not really, the little doggle was more friend to me than most People. Perhaps the all just needs one to make the request while in iteration of form for it to then be able to act as potentially contextualized. I now have a much larger brindleweiller who is my friend and have already asked the same for her as well. I wonder how it will work out.

May they who seek to understand be blessed with flashes of insight in the moment of need so they can address that which shows up in a way that benefits themselves and they who acted to show up.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

I made the same requests. People would be amazed at what Heaven will accommodate, especially if one indicates a desire for service in exchange for something else on the divine barter system. Usually, those who give it all away and are devoted to selfless service can have anything they desire. Usually, however, their chief desire is to be of greater service.

There's that Biblical exchange rate of casting one's bread upon the waters and receiving tenfold.

0 said...

Yep, I remember telling the all when I was in my 20s, use me, Ruin me if you gotta, but make me of use.

Who knew when I was 47 that my spine would suddenly go to shit and have triple spine surgeries which, in the midst of, I thought I'd be left crippled from. But I was looked after by the unformed thru the formed. 6 months of healing and I'm mostly back to my curmudgeon self. No pain pills no gabapentin and have most mobility back too.

I suppose if one has been granted an iteration of form and thinks to gift that iteration of form to that which formed it, things can happen.

Thanks for being a pal.

Asil said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"It Is Out of This Hum that All Things are Materialized into Specific Vibrations for Their Singularity of Being."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

All of the stuff Les writes is very very good indeed.

Possibly other people are saying the same thing, but I don't really see it.

Les is a VERY good writer.

Visible said...

Did you figure out that Budweiser thing yet?

Julie said...

>> it created a feminized mindset in the male consciousness

I'd appreciate it if you would expound upon / explain what you mean by this. You make it sound as if a "feminized mindset" is somehow wrong, or "lesser than", and that's definitely not true.

As a male, how would you even begin to know what a "feminized mindset" feels like?

As a female, how would I even begin to know what a "masculinized mindset" actually feels like?

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the mindset you encountered while doing the drug in question was quite different from the one you normally have as a male, and leave it at that?

Perhaps the mindset people have while doing that drug is actually more of an "androgynous" mindset - something neither male nor female. Alien basically, to the human condition.... Isn't that what the "cabal" wants to turn us all into anyway - trans-human monstrosities?

Visible said...

Obviously, you don't come around here much because these things have been explained in detail. Also, it is not possible to explain anything to people who already insist that they know the meaning of everything. Thirdly, I don't interact with mindsets that are in a combative posture. Since you already have this all explained to you by you, as is evident in your comment, why would you ask me about what should already be self-evident, if you had any intention of being understanding or agreeable in the first place?

You have no interest in a free and nonargumentative exchange of ideas because all of this was clearly explained. You simply disagree with the point being made. I'm not at war with the people you are at war with. I'm not up against some cabal. They have no power that I need to be concerned with.

What I think is best for you in this situation is to just realize that not everyone sees things as you do, and further... that does not make you right or others wrong. It's just another perspective. Some people just like to argue. I am not one of them.



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