Thursday, April 13, 2023

"Why Not Get Ahead of The Curve? Why Not Catch Yourself Before The Inevitable Junction of a Rock and a Hard Place?"

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Occasionally, when doing a scientific experiment in a Petri dish, you have to throw the dish away. It's not reusable. This is one of those times.

Via Not the Bee:

Mike Lee Demonic church

Given the nature of Change in recent periods, it is recommended by the author that... unless you have an unavoidable reason for being in the middle of it... you step as far back as possible without falling off the cliff behind you.

A few decades ago, someone made a film called, “Escape from New York.” At the time, it probably seemed like one of those far-fetched nightmares of dystopia. It now seems likely. Another film called “Rollerball” was eerily prescient. Artistic efforts from the dark imagination now reflect the coming reality, when reality becomes whatever The Makers of Illusion say it is.

It's easy to think... these days... that everything is out of control. The pandemic of individual freakouts is a good indication of that. People are either becoming incapable of self-restraint under the pressures bearing down on them OR... they are programmed to that end.

All these lone gunmen do not appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes the government does a reasonable job when it functions in the areas appropriate to it and otherwise stays out of sight. Times are best (as Lao Tzu said) when the public barely knows the government exists. It's worse when people fear it, and it is at its absolute worst when they make fun of it and laugh at it. We are presently in a combination of the last two stages.

Someone... or something... exploded a dairy farm in Texas and killed 18,000 cows. They're saying it's a methane gas build-up. That would play right into the fantasies of The Climate Change Brownshirts... wouldn't it? They are, I presume, partly right about the methane angle, given that they are full of shit.

Strange things are happening, and bizarre culture wars are at the point of continuous ongoing skirmishes. In the midst of it all, are people jabbering about their rights to do anything they please, regardless of the fact that no one has that right except the rich and powerful. (snicker) However... those who are financing the massive brainwashing that precedes the obvious sexual free-for-alls are only interested in absolute control, and this they accomplish by making everything out of control.

There is a simple solution to the male trannies in sports thing; whenever trannies are set to compete against a female or a female team, the females objecting... or the team... should simply refuse to show up; game... set... match. It will soon be over once they focus some intelligence on the matter.

Look what happened at Anheuser Busch where The Usual Suspect in charge... associated an awful beer with a ridiculous character; almost 6 billion dollars in value has been lost since she/her did it. Despite the level of tastelessness required to drink that carbonated urine, entire demographics are now refusing to buy it. Decades ago, we were saying this; don't show up... one way or the other... and the whole thing shuts down!

Do you know what Communism is? It's where a group of criminals preach equality for all, and it is then enforced by those who apply it in a country they have taken over and for which no further remedy exists... except for flight or violent revolution. You can see it in operation right this moment in The United States. The waves of immigrants being intentionally routed across the borders are all people familiar with these forms of government... and desperate to oblige The Overlords.

Communism is when a group of sociopaths are able to take over a country under false pretenses, and then force their will upon all the inhabitants who are not part of their group or who are otherwise willing accomplices that get a small piece of the action. It doesn't work, except in its pure sense in Heaven. It does not work on Earth because life here cannot be arranged under that system unless Hell-on-Earth is the desirable end. Why is everyone who can leave, leaving Venezuela to come here? Venezuela is a beautiful place with many resources. Why is it now a shithole country?

Short of a spiritual awakening, America is doomed. Yesterday... I went to the gym, as I do every other day at that time when the fewest people are present. People would go from one machine to the other, and then they would check their cellphones each time. People on treadmills and other aerobic devices were immersed in their cellphones while engaged in the action. These are older folk. You would think they would know better.

What it comes down to is pathological sensation-seeking. Sensation-seeking is the reverse of self-inquiry. Without self-inquiry, the mirror of reflection soon becomes incapable of giving a reflection, and... step by step... one no longer knows who they are.

They drift further and further from their center until Nature's centrifugal force tosses them into utter darkness. This is not a possible result. This is the predictable result; get immersed in... get lost in externals... and soon you are lost indeed.

Children now spend all their time thumbhumping their phones or traversing violent, imaginary worlds. Their own actual world will come to reflect this. It is Cosmic Law. Imagination generates what holds its attention.

It's not as bad as it looks, and... it is even worse than it looks, due to the obvious pending results that anyone with a brain could see, if... they... wanted... to... see. Global... national... and individual Karma is working out in real time... this very moment.

I know I have been talking about these conditions and events for some time, and also in a very regular fashion. Part of the reason is that it is easy to forget what the mind is not regularly directed to. The force of The World, in the stages of advanced Materialism, is extraordinarily powerful. This is why people are hammering on their cellphones, getting immersed in virtual worlds, changing their moods and sexual identities as often as they change their clothes, and likely even more often than that.

They are doing everything besides confronting themselves, and as for religion... which used to fill that area of concern... you are now getting what is shown in the link at the beginning of the post. The thing is... Materialism is a religion, and God... so... loves... The... World... he's going to have to send someone again... and is sending someone again... or The World is lost, and that may well be true here and there anyway.

People know... in that place inside them that they refuse to look at; they know The World is headed South at the rate of free-fall. You really need to have an anchor or... utter darkness is a very likely result. Those who cannot hear must feel, and at some point, God really does pick up a two-by-four.

Why not get ahead of the curve? Why not catch yourself before the inevitable junction of a rock and a hard place? The Story of Life... the long tortured saga... is easily predictable; you do this, and that happens. You do that, and this happens. You do this consistently, and that happens consistently. You fail to do certain things consistently... yadda yadda.

In Times of Material Darkness, the critical actions require a superhuman effort. I don't care how you compute it... you need help. You cannot do it alone. That was what a community used to provide for kindred spirits, but... both community and kindred spirits are getting harder, and harder to find.

Both a sense of community and kindred spirits exist, but these days it is often at a further remove. Bad things are swirling in the invisible and looking for a place to land. You can see the places where they are landing... in the news every day.

Human evolution... due to the blindness created by Materialism... is going in reverse. Many people no longer know how to read or write. They cannot do simple math. Their worldview is being formed for them by perverts. Entire demographics no longer are able to communicate without endless streams of invective, and violence is often the reaction to anything that does not indicate complete compliance.

Those who are behind encouraging and implementing all of these devolutionary trends imagine that they will be able to control those that they are reducing to the level of livestock. They imagine they can stuff their bags with viable currency and head out of town... once they have set the towns on fire. Maybe it worked like that in times previously, when they did what they did for reasons best known to themselves. It's not going to work that way this time.

When the winds come up and the ground begins to tremble because The Voice of God is speaking, you are going to need an anchor. You are going to need something you can append yourself to. This is the reason we say the same things over, and over, and over again. It's too late to prepare when it comes upon you unprepared and there is no safe harbor to be found.

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M - said...

Yes, lone gunmen do not appear out of nowhere - nor do the guns they carry.

I'm also very happy to NOT own a cellphone, thank you very much. I had a flip-phone (burner phone) for many years but with 3G no longer being "supported" it never gets used. Don't really want or care to replace it.

I did a one card Tarot reading this morning. I've been feeling a disturbance in the force. Not sure if it's a general disturbance or something more centric. I drew Justice:
"Karma. Centering, balance, and equilibrium. Impartiality. Composure. Healing. Cause and effect. Clear and objective perception.
Justice shows how we choose our circumstances at any given time based on our past thoughts and actions. What we project out returns to us. In relation to the query, the card counsels us to pay close and objective attention to the situation in question. Like the scales above the Vampyress, we need to be vigilant about our centeredness. Subtle adjustments must be performed constantly so that we might navigate the eternal flow of Life with purpose and serenity."

Message received, Universe! (Although I knew beforehand I probably needed to do some centering, the cards never lie to me. LOL.)

BTW, "Escape from New York" is a favorite of mine. Written and directed by John Carpenter - who also composed the music (which I loved). Snake Plissken ("I heard you were dead.") Kurt Russell at his finest. The movie is full of great one-liners and wonderful actors. One of my favorites? Frank Doubleday (R.I.P.) as "Romero". Never get tired of viewing it...hmmm...tonight would be a good night to revisit the film, and I DO have a DVD copy. ≋;>

- and perhaps a Post in the near future...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Cell phones. I read about EMFs a while back, and I'm not a fan. This stuff takes time for monst, but it's faster for the more 'sensitive':


I never had one in my life. Never will.

Everywhere I read a financial collapse is expected by this Summer. I also read multiple post expecting a major population drop next year when the toxin they call a vax hits full force, allegedly. Not too long to wait, but will I see 2024? I rather hope not, but that's not my decision now. It was before I got here, and I can't remember that.

Nostrils to the skt!

0 said...

I read this too:

"Someone... or something... exploded a dairy farm in Texas and killed 80,000 cows. They're saying it's a methane gas build-up. That would play right into the fantasies of The Climate Change Brownshirts... wouldn't it? They are, I presume, partly right about the methane angle, given that they are full of shit."

It drew my mind back to the CA fires when Paradise burned from what looked like Plane or Space based Directed Energy Weapons. I even had a clip I pulled from the paradise CA documentary that clearly shows a beam moving in the background.

The part from the Escape from New York and Escape from LA movies that was flagged by the indweller was in regards to that virus they injected him with and made him believe he needed an antidote or would die.

Interesting stuff. I wonder if they pumped some sort of gas into the dairy farm, theres a reason those buildings are open so they won't accumulate methane. Its like a flour mill not filtering the flour dust out of the air in the mill and it reaches a particular density that allows for instant combustion of it all.

I wonder if that means all the cows that died are not able to be used as Beef? Maybe they could just hold a Monster BBQ and turn it into a Texan unifying event...

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

about being anchored... i met a very interesting guy. He's from Bangladesh and a tantra healer and has been on semen retention (brahmacarya) for 8 years now. He basically is what I would call a modern day Vatsyayana, the guy who wrote the kama sutra. He's a pretty cool guy and seems pretty grounded and anchored. He's given hundreds of women tantric climaxes, so it's pretty impressive from that point of view but it's his mindset. Like he doesn't have the exploitative masculine mindset, he actually is basically a lesbian in a male body.

There's a growing community of people who do not reject the body and nor do they reject the soul or the kundalini. I don't know why there has to be this duality between the so called "material" and "spiritual". Now blind materialism, where all you care about is money and being a psychopath, well yea that's evil and inhuman. But tantra is about being human, and spiritual, at the same time. And the tantric people are the most kind and humble and down to earth people. It's no wonder religion has waged a war against tantra for the past thousands of years.

0 said...

A film I bumped into recently is called "Harrison Bergeron", had never heard of it and it has Sean Astin in it. Samwise from the lord of the rings movies. It was produced in 1995. Ordered a hard copy of it since I couldn't find it online to buy. Its coming from Greece of all places. Nowhere domestic had it. Should be an interesting film.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World Cries All Around You with Bleeding Mouths of Longing. It Wants to Suck You Down Into a Hole of Darkness."

Poisoned Water said...

Escape From New York or Rollerball, huh? How about 1984 and Brave New World? Psychopaths can't create so they have to get their ideas from somewhere. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the movies and books come about because of the schemes of the psychos or did the schemes of the psychos come about because of the movies and books?
Btw, I think it was 18,000 cows, still a horrific number. Psychos feel they are entitled to blow up stuff if they own it, which is what we are seeing all around lately.
I agree with the sentiment of this post and the disappointing nature of our fellows during this time and this reality, such as the people you describe at the gym.

Visible said...

Doesn't it say 18,000 cows?

Heh heh...

When the news first came out it said 80,000 cows in the mainstream media where I saw it. Then it shifted to 18,000 and was changed in the post early yesterday. Did you read this somewhere else? I'm always curious about things like that.

Well... on the plus side... we're not like that. (grin)



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