Thursday, February 27, 2020

"The Truth Echoes through Eternity but there are None so Deaf as Those who Will Not Hear."

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Nothing happens without a reason and if it's a big deal that's happening, like the strange case of pandemic sexual perversities and gender confusions, as well as all manner of dysfunctional behaviors getting VIP treatment, ahead of all NORMAL lifestyles, there is a reason. On the face of it, it seems irrational that tiny demographics would get such precedence over everyone else. The truth is that powerful, invisible forces are acting through human agency to bring it all about.

Most people USUALLY don't look deeper into things. If anything... they look at them, through them, or around them. In order to understand how certain forms of behavior have become preeminent in our lifetimes, you have to employ the knee bone, leg bone, ankle bone analogy. Unfortunately, for anyone to even be able to enter the conversation, it is a requirement that they have a preparatory education in Occult History and related curricula. You have to have an idea, at least, of the background and intentions of the larger forces in play. Because “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

There is a state of war that has existed on the invisible planes for an extended period of time. This is a blind however because this war was lost a long time ago. It has been over since its inception but... the appearance of this war continues for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. There is the appearance of 'good guys' and 'bad guys' and our own life experiences shows us that there are Good Guys and Bad Guys, at least according to our judgment of events. All of us have memory of people who have helped us and people who have hurt us. It gets more complicated when you consider that some whom we might call bad (at the time) were actually good because they hindered us in our efforts to hurt ourselves and others... and some we considered good could well have been responsible for bad consequences coming back on us.

The whole idea of Good and Bad, is an eternally fluctuating dynamic, where the parameters and borders are always shifting and changing, according to cultural mores, personal dispositions and WHATEVER.

Let's just say that there are two main groups, with diametrically opposed perspectives, on right and wrong. One group is engaged in an effort to free humanity and the other group to enslave humanity. It is a game is what it is and it is going on behind the scenes at all times and is the invisible directive for most of what happens in manifest life. These forces are in ALL the corridors of power. They are Uptown and Downtown. They are in the sybaritic and libertine playgrounds of the super rich and in the ghetto alleys of the desperate and despairing. The ENTIRE MOTIVATION for the drama is, THE HUMAN SOUL. You can think of it as a competition, or a contest. There are rewards for both sides.

Vast swaths of time pass. Cultures rise and fall. There are wars. There are times of plenty and times of want. There are great and small natural disasters. The scale of human misery is incalculable and the one side works to intensify this and the other to ameliorate it. All our petty little lives come and go on this wide game-board and we are subject, according to our dispositions, to both of them by larger or lesser degrees. In times of material darkness, those termed EVIL 'appear' to have the upper hand. Back and forth the pendulum of human events moves, just as day follows night, just as the seasons circle. There is an ebb and flow. There is a bio-rhythmic swing of upward curves and dips. It is a natural pattern of supernatural origin.

At certain points, few and far between, comes an apocalypse. It is in these times that the truth of the matter is revealed, to those so inclined or empowered to see it. The majority of us are too deeply caught up in the dream web to see much else, BUT DEPENDING ON THE FORCE OF AN APOCALYPSE... people are awakened, whether they will or no and THIS PARTICULAR APOCALYPSE is a Great Apocalypse so... it is going to intensify and continue to intensify, until the supreme orchestrator is satisfied that every effort has been made to reach the reachable. Depending on your willingness to SEE, on that depends what you will see and that means 'portals', ingress and egress to all sorts of planes of being, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.

As we said in the beginning, 'nothing happens without a reason'. It may puzzle you as to where the power is coming from that is promoting such an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and depravity. It is coming from the invisible astral regions, where a certain group has consolidated and been entrenched for a long period of time. They are resident in EVERY AREA OF LIFE. They are in the minds of the lawmakers and those engineering social trends. They are in the minds of legislators and educators world wide. They are responsible for the kinds of teachers that are being hired to pervert the youth. It seems to have the force of an enormous steamroller and it is operating in EVERY AREA OF HUMAN ENTERPRISE. It is operational in your daydreams and your dreams at night. It is a powerful influence in your thoughts and feelings, while you are engaged in sexual activities. They LITERALLY feed upon the discharged fluids and they have grown very strong.

All would have been lost long ago, if this (these) group(s) were not countered by another group. You should not see this as some battle between the forces of Good and Evil, although it certainly is. It is better to see it as simply for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, as a series of TEACHING MOMENTS and a scenario where the outcome has NEVER BEEN IN DOUBT, except... of course... in the individual mind, WHERE THE BATTLE FOR POSSESSION OF IT is taking place. God is triumphant over all lives, things and conditions; over Time, Space and Causation. If you are in alignment with the Supreme Being... nothing more need be said or considered. This is what I would (and do) call, a 'fait accompli'. If there is confusion otherwise. If there is uncertainty... well, that is your affair and what the Purpose of Demonstration is all about in the first place. You get it or you don't. It WILL come round again and again and again and again ad infinitum... until you do get it.

Pedophilia is a big deal because it involves Satan's biggest delight; the despoliation of innocence. It is rampant in the higher orders of Religion, Politics, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Law Enforcement and many another. It is a rite of passage for the 'downwardly mobile'. The idea is to fuck life up beyond all recognition and to put the righteous and God fearing up against the wall and see what they are made of... see if they have... The Right Stuff. That is what it's about and that is all it is EVER about and your soul is the currency. Of course... that's all an illusion BUT... IF YOU CAN BE LED TO BELIEVE IT... there you jolly well are, aren't you?

Obviously, lines have been drawn and the internet has put the whole world before all of our eyes and is also the chief engine (manifestly) for revealing the truth and exposing the lies and there are large camps of people, engaged in the one or the other and they will all be rewarded for their efforts. Observe how few of us are involved in higher efforts of revealed truth, liberating the human mind, inspiring the human heart. HOWEVER, a single drop of Truth, is like Cosmic Holy Water and can dissolve unbelievable amounts of darkness. Also remember the principle of REVERBERATION. Truth echoes through everlasting. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.” The degree of intensity that you employ in this regard, determines the speed of your arrival AND the strength of your position. NOW... NOW is the appointed hour!

There will come a time... and scripture is full of admonitions to this end... when the hour is upon you! Too late then, to fill the air with protestations of not being ready, or excuses for not having done the due diligence. How best can I put it? GOD IS NOT IMPRESSED. You see... God knows he has all eternity to play with. He knows all about forever and ever AMEN! He has no problem sending you over to wardrobe to be suited up for a whole new series of lives, after which, hopefully... you'll be ready next time. Right.

YOU HAVE TO PROVE your sincerity and your passion MUST BE ON DISPLAY. As soon as you make any sort of an indication “YO LORD! Can I come with you?” He's going to throw the whole works at you. If you're still standing (unlikely) but you get back up, well... Every case is different. You might get knocked down OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I did, but sooner... or later... you will be taken at your word because... by then... your word will have the necessary level of integrity present.

It's not like out there in the (snicker) real world, where you can bullshit your way through H&R, or trade on your lineage or connections. None of that plays with God. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. Listen... my friends; GOD IS REAL! Do I have to say more than that? Do I have to elaborate on the meaning of it??? Get up and get on with it or... fall back into the couch and change the channel.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

By Whatever Name it May be; Christ, Kalki, Mahdi or Maitreya. The Avatar is Coming.

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The Petri Dish it is today and... it is steaming and burbling, with the collective smegma of the 'Four Horses' of the Apocalypse. We put the Petri dish under the laser-electron microscope and there was Michael Bloomberg, sitting with his Wonderland associates and having a cup of mystery Equine Tea. It's bedlam in The Democratic Parties Madhouse... twitches, tics, Tourette's outcries and machine gun like outbursts of colorful profanity, were on display. I felt like I was with Ed Norton in Motherless Brooklyn, with 'stop and frisk' stutters and jerks, in a Tango themed moonwalk to the tune of ♫ Who let the demons out ♫

It is rapidly getting to the point where ABSURDITY is the order of the day. You can see the signs and wonders of Epidemic Stupid on all sides. I do not know what to make of this accelerating tsunami of Crazy that is street-side at this time. It is all a part of The Apocalypse, I suspect.

Before I get into a personal oddity that is playing out at the moment, I wanted to offer a metaphysical point of observation that I am certain enough about that I will state it with no equivocation whatsoever. And that is that, the sacrifice of God in the body of Jesus Christ, is what paid for the age we are now leaving. Everything costs something. The subject is far too complex for me to address with any detail but I call your attention to the mention of 'sacrifice' in the history, scripture and tales of every religion. Whether it be Jesus, Krishna or Zoroaster, they all met with death; however temporary it may have been. Even Buddha ran into some bad food that was given to him as an offering and he felt he could not refuse it.

The blood of martyrs waters existence with life. It's been said, from a single drop of the blood of a martyr, hitting the ground, many warriors are born. The blood of the righteous fertilizes existence with virtuous force. It is just one of those things that is part of the grand tapestry of life. Then there is the matter of the woman drunken with the blood of the saints. Nothing is ever what it appears to be. The Piscean Age was the age of sacrifice. We are now entering The Age of Brotherhood. What you see around you, the dissolving infrastructures, the cultural shifts, the breaking down of traditions that had become hopelessly bound by dogma and cant, this is all a part of the new age, the dawn of the new age of Aquarius is breaking.

These changes seem sinister to many, especially to those who have bought into the dire warnings of End Times, Armageddon and the like. Fear not. The stage is simply being broken down and then reassembled, according to the new archetypes. This does mean though, that there is going to be all kinds of confusion and weirdness as it gets 'sorted'.

Some say the Avatar has been and gone. They were claiming this about Meher Baba and Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh. These two should not be mentioned together in the same breath. It's been stated about a number of others who have come... and are now gone. Benjamin Creme (he's now passed) said Christ had returned and was going by the name Maitreya. Others have spoken about the coming of Kalki, the Inman Mahdi and others. I see no evidence of Creme's claims. I have found that ALL OF THOSE CLAIMING this that and the other, have been wrong and that is how it should be because, “of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

I do know that we are IN THE TIME OF THE AVATAR because world conditions, the state of society, the rumblings of Nature... ALL GIVE WITNESS OF THIS. Now we come into the area of what I do not know, which is a vast and undiscovered country. It is my belief and what I have been told internally that THE AVATAR IS TO APPEAR IN THE HUMAN HEART, in those hearts where a place has been made. I do not expect him to appear as a single individual, speaking on youtube, or anywhere else. That is more the province of the Anti-Christ. I am not saying that there will not be, or is, a single avataric being. There may well be. I do not know but I do not expect him to be appearing in large stadiums, although he is perfectly capable of presenting in multiple forms simultaneously, all over. His power is limitless and there is NOTHING HE CANNOT DO.

My recommendation to anyone who may wish to hear it, is that you, (if you are not already doing so) pray often and unreservedly and extend a welcoming heart and mind to the appearance of The Lord of All Beings. When it happens, it could happen all of a sudden with no warning and those who have closed their doors, knowing or unknowingly, will, perhaps, not even be aware that anything has happened, although the evidence that something did happen, will be abundant.

When the avatar comes, you will not only receive the benefit of his presence, which should be more than enough, regardless... BUT each... according to their merit, will receive all manner of abilities, awarenesses and heretofore unguessed at knowledge. There will be need of many hands to minister to the world and no 'willing hands' will be overlooked. Opportunity favors the prepared mind and heart. Hindsight is not going to serve anyone after the fact. It will be far, far better to be proactive in this respect and be earnestly seeking for the coming of the light. Readers are welcome to see me as mentally unfit, deluded, or whatever the uninformed opinion may be. I've no problem with that and bear no rancor. I am only trying to be helpful. What I say here may apply to some and not at all (in their minds) to others. I offer Pascal's Wager as something to think about. I do not hold with eternal punishment in Hell. This does not exist, although Hell, most certainly does and there are meters in both Heaven and Hell, depending on however long one is required, or permitted to park.

In this case, whether you park or not is not an option and whether you wish to stay longer or go sooner is also not an option. It's like being born a certain color, or sex, or any condition that remains for that lifetime. That is what you are until you no longer are; all fashionable butcheries aside. The same applies to one's tenure in Heaven or Hell. It's on the meter.

Now for the personal oddity. There is a fellow I have known for about a decade, maybe longer and aside for him having times of trouble, which have been periodic, we've gotten on well enough. I was only in his company for a brief time once, in London, at a conference I attended and spoke at. I liked him well enough. Lately he has become more and more incensed at me, resorting to imprecations and slurs. His anger is obvious. It all seems to stem from what he sees as my support for President Trump. Like many in these times, he suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is a real thing, by the way.

I have tried to explain to him that I AM NOT a Trump supporter and if I am it is nominally. If I am a Trump supporter at all, it is because those who would replace him, are as equally dangerous and disturbed as the other. There is NO SANE REPLACEMENT. I abhor his shenanigans with Israel. I do not care for his buffoonery. He does not act presidential, often... BUT... what he has accomplished has been good for the country and it's populace. He is doing all the right things. One has only to look at what that female hyena and Tribe psychopath, Sotomayor just said about her perception of Supreme Court bias, which happens to be WRONG, by the way. There is a cabal of literal vampires, carrion feeders and ghouls, who would love to get their hands on the reins of power and who will lie, cheat, steal, torture and kill to get it and especially so afterwards, if they do. I am FAR MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THESE CREATURES than I am about Trump.

I am trying to operate with common sense; something I was rarely accused of in earlier times, BUT I Have LEARNED THE HARD WAY. I mean this fellow no ill will but... whaddya gonna do? He is not alone in his anger at me, as if... somehow I work for them, or they pay my rent, or I owe any of them. None of this is true. Ever since I said I was going to vote for him, there has been a hue and cry; “bring me the head of Leslicio Francisco Visible!” What I said was, “vote for”; not campaign for, lobby for, or any of whatever other actions might be taken. This country could turn into A LIVING KAFKA MOVIE and it could do this in an unhappy heartbeat. Democratic Socialist is just a term. What Bernie Sanders is, is a COMMUNIST! The rest of them are bought and paid for, except for a couple, who are buying and paying for the presidency.

I wouldn't mind living in the USA for a bit longer but I won't be, should one of these treacherous wretches come into power. The country would be a war zone. I don't want that. Along with the wackos and entitled and spoiled brats, as well are the privileged and clueless, are a lot of good decent people. I would not like to see what would happen, if the rest of the country turns into Kalifornia. Donald Trump may have all kinds of character flaws but he's the best we can do under the circumstances and Soros and the Rothschild's and their footsoldiers, are actively working to bring about Hell on Earth. It is clear to see the truth of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

I truly apologize for upsetting any of you but... this is how I see it. I wish it were otherwise but I don't live by wishing and hoping.

The Avatar 'may' already be here. I doubt that he already 'was' here but what I DO KNOW is that he WILL BE HERE. Mr. Apocalypse is his advance guard and the awakening he is bringing is the groundwork preliminary to his appearance. I recommend. I PASSIONATELY RECOMMEND, if it is not already the case... that you prepare a place for him in your heart... NOW.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Kayaking Through the Minefields of Genus Homo Ordinarius and Round the Rocks in the Stream."

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The descent of the Divine Feminine through planetary aspects... the powers of The Planets, express through the lenses of The Houses. Because of the pressure of materialism, the expression of the feminine force is more often manifesting SEXUALLY instead of on the higher plane as it should. Some of us are channeling the force properly but they are in the minority. All of us are being helped over the course of time and events but the big gears turn slowly. Still... that shining city on the hill is being built a stone at a time and time is the cornerstone of eternity.

The descent of The Divine Feminine brings the finer qualities of The Divine Mother into being; compassion and empathy, humility and Unconditional Love, creativity, justice and... most importantly= The Intuition. There are more. These are some of the more powerful examples. The Goddess Kundalini is a feminine force. It awakens from its slumbering (dreaming) residence from a mysterious, triangular, indigo pool. It's first port of call on the up elevator is the survival chakra... our most primal and atavistic concern. It stands to reason that the next stop would have to do with perpetuating the species. The stations of awareness of each following stops, are more and more refined and great powers reside in them. Usually... humanity is expressing through the states of play that are in the nature of the first 3 chakras. When the concern of the individual is in the dance reproduction and its dramas across the gamut from Rape to Romance... the evolution ends there and after a brief flurry of soon forgotten and wasted motion, mortality comes to claim the player. Alternatively, one could (and some do- rarely) channel the Kundalini force upward to the end result of Godhead and Immortality. Reproductive Fixations= Mortality. Self Realizing= Immortality. That's the short and sweet and bitter of the whole thing.

The key to understanding the universe is in understanding change. We look at conditions and events as they appear before us. Sometimes we can see the causes and the context and sometimes we cannot BUT EVERYTHING in this material world is a manifest expression of planetary forces, as they form their transitory relationships with one another, coming and going. The conflicts and affinities, that happen between the planets, due to aspects defined by the degrees of their proximity to each other, are ALL DEMONSTRATED in human relationships. You can think of an age as being like a surround window in a single roomed dwelling. You are sitting in a chair, watching the window rotate from its starting point to its finishing point. There is a color and a tone to the whole panoply that is unique to the age, through which it is being filtered and which defines the character of that segment of time; which is 2200 years. As each age transits into the next, the coloration and tone change. The period of change from one age to another is greater than that of any 'normal' human life so... we do not see the greater significance of what is happening to and around us, except in hindsight.

We are presently in a state of tumultuous change. Few realize how comprehensive and remarkable these changes are going to be. It is all part of the evolutionary press of human evolution, through seeming material life, into an indescribably more refined state of being. Unfortunately, the human race has not evolved to where the greater number are aware of what is and is not real and what is and is not important. At the lower end are the Brutes. Then come the 3 stages of genus homo ordinarius (grin). That would be the slow, the average and the above average. As the definitions move upward in expression, the population becomes dramatically less dense; double entendre intended. Then comes Genius, Saints, Sages and Prophets. The terms and rankings might vary but these are close enough for the point being made.

Some of you are reading this on a forum or larger web presence and you see examples of the lower states of awareness in routine frequency. You have some amount of Brutes in most locations and the next 3 stages of genus homo ordinarius ...but precious little of anything else, most of the time.

With the Brutes you get individuals who assault you and each other with ad hominem. They call you and each other things like 'fags' and 'pedophiles'. These are supposed to be insults but they are usually a thin deflection from attention being paid to them, being the very thing they accuse another of. They are, without a doubt, harboring those tendencies within. They are usually of a brutish nature and given to coarseness of speech and generally deal in poorly executed ridicule of others as a self defense mechanism. This is a difficult world of the moment for them to navigate, where alt-sex types are taking over the cultural landscape and they are both terribly threatened and attracted against their will at the same time. Such men have little defense against telepathic invasion and control of their own subconscious. They tend to populate their lives with a running series of epitaphs, which attack the sexual being of others. They CANNOT, under any circumstances, allow their poorly developed masculinity to be questioned. I've encountered their kind across the decades, often by seeming accident or unintentionally, or where I could not come and go in an environment, having been incarcerated for being an unknown. (Nothing terrifies authority more than than those they can't identify).

The low brow men have poor communication skills and are generally entertained by perverted humor in which women are demeaned and vilified. These men are extraordinarily sexually insecure and intimidated by men who are comfortable in their skin. They are the canon fodder, social drones and lumpen proles of their times. They live in an uneasy panic at all times, fearing that evidence of their cowardice will be revealed and that accounts for all the false bravado and the bullying nature. They often identify themselves through guns and trademark, over the top testosterone symbologies, pit bulls and other attack dogs, motorcycle boots and leather jackets, motorcycles and muscle cars, rendering them a kind of cigar store Indian, drugstore cowboy. They often have a fictitious military history, usually special forces and some array of military medals they got through Ebay or pawnshops. They love camo and are not above package stuffing their jeans, which... unwittingly puts them on Gay Radar as their subconscious betrays them at every turn. They are violent to women and on guard at all times against slights toward their manhood.

I DO NOT mean to include all men who might ride motorcycles or engage in any of the other paraphernalia. That would in error. I mean those for whom riding a motorcycle would be the only time they had any real power between their legs. I am talking about arrested development and juvenile, self erotic types. Wherever it is that penis substitution is involved.

Then there are the 3 versions of genus ordinarius and the brutish tendencies become more and more sublimated in the upward swing.

Personally, I have nothing against people of the Gay persuasion because I KNOW it is simply a process through a particular lifetime, perhaps more but ALWAYS more observable in the decline of a culture when Nature has been bent out of shape and the feminine aspect perverted in expression. This is why there is so much of it in urban settings, as opposed to rural environments. At some point- ALL OF US will have some measure of experience in this regard. Every man will have a female life and the reverse is also true. Some of us are decidedly more one aspect than the other. Out of the 3 garden variety genus ordinarius, are people who are always correcting other people on the minutiae of doctrine that they do not understand themselves and are pedants who hold forth among their peers that hold still only long enough for their chance to speak and argue; how they LOVE TO ARGUE. Some people never get past wondering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I'd be (and am) far more concerned with interacting with those angels and I do. Anyone could, should they not mind the vetting process.

Love is the most unique of the Divine qualities. It is simplicity itself, while also being intricate and subtle beyond the mind's capacity to interpret; only the heart comes close because the heart experiences it and doesn't need any explanation. For wisdom to awaken, the heart must swallow the mind. Otherwise you are no more than a chipmunk chattering on a dead log, about subjects you know nothing about. Otherwise you would be living and demonstrating what you have learned, instead of always calling attention to the motes in someone else's eye.

I have a great admiration for many Gay individuals that run the gamut of history; Socrates, Michelangelo, Somerset Maugham, E.M. Forster, Merchant and Ivory, Oscar Wilde, Gore Vidal and many another. I've had many friends of that persuasion and it NEVER interfered with our friendship. My ONLY concern is when it crosses certain lines, such as indoctrination of the youth and political arm twisting. It is the same with Jews. I have lifelong Jewish friends and many of my heroes were/are Jewish; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and a host of others. I don't want to get into listing because it might not end BUT... I do not care for psychopathy and venal obsessions. I don't care for Satanic behavior and mistreatment of humanity and that's been well demonstrated across history and it well demonstrated today.

I have said the same things over and over and the same goes for all the other COLORS and CULTURES, with their predilections and tendencies, of which ethnic jokes are so often true and very close for comfort. You may not like Ethnic Jokes but there is a there there. I care when groups of like minded band against the rest of us, prey upon or profiteer off of us, or seek to pervert us and especially our children to their ways. This is when I am aroused (grin). This gets me called all sorts of names but I care not a wit. I KNOW what I am and what I intend. I realize I've said some very strong things that are going to be quite polarizing. No 'secure' individual needs be troubled by ANY OF THIS. Only those to whom it very much applies are going to be running about with their hair on fire over any of it.

We've all sorts of strange and often amusing; sometimes not amusing things... going on these days. We have a Communist running against an Oligarch, for their parties presidential nomination and both of them are Jews. Pete Buttersnigger is not an accident. He is a culture doll that was bred in a vat, a Chatty Cathy for the metrosexuals and a VERY SIMILAR but progressed version of Obama. All sorts of cabals are trying to take over the world and they are at war with one another and none of them mean well for the rest of us. Thank God that God is in charge of everything. We would be screwed otherwise. In truth... none of us needs be concerned should we KNOW that God is Real. Align yourself with God; through the relevant scriptures and disciplines and acknowledge the indwelling and all will be well and you will receive instructions as you go. Otherwise THERE WILL BE REASON FOR CONCERN and you WILL BE one kind of object lesson or another. You will have a role in The Purpose of Demonstration.

We are about to see things we might not have even imagined earlier on. We- SOME OF US- are in a position to profit considerably from the opportunities of these remarkable times. Otherwise... it's just one life in a stream of lives and perhaps one will seize the moment at some later date.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

"It's no Time to Play Musical Chairs when Push and Shove do the Death Tango."

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Once again... ONCE AGAIN!!! I have to point out that Materialism gives birth to Insanity and as Materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies. It is happening everywhere now and examples like this are in the multiples every day. In an age where Celebrity trumps the need for talent, more and more individuals with zero qualifications for celebrity are being celebrated and getting crazier by the day! Amber Rose is kind of like Cardi B but she doesn't have Cardi B's talent and Cardi B doesn't have any talent.

There is an invisible force that is PRESSING relentlessly down on the unconscious masses... yearning to be... uh... yearning to be less free with every passing day and this force is generated out of the currency of perverted psychopaths with billions of dollars. You'd probably not heard about this entity until it appeared in that Russia Insider article and you might not have seen that, if you missed my last mention of it or the article itself.

Crazy is now mainstream. Observe that 'dancing chicken' Elizabeth Warren, as she announces she is going to vet her choice for Secretary of Education through the perspective of a 9 year old transgender. I was watching the audience as they heard her. They looked like they'd all been introduced to Anton Chigurh's Captive Bolt Pistol before they arrived. Witness Pete Buttjig, awash in Silicon Valley money, as he proves that one can Literally be all things to all men. He didn't appear out of nowhere. He's been groomed for years, in a fashion EERILY similar to Bwak! Obama.

It is getting crazier and crazier and crazier every day. Here is a brief composite on a recent cultural trend.

Some of us are relatively immune to this relentless invisible force. This is because we have been through trauma and transformation enough to displace the impact of the force. It can also be due to OUR FAITH in something greater than cultural and peer pressures and it could be simply GRACE that sustains us outside of the whirling hypnotic pull of influences, designed to the end of destroying our sense of self. When your sense of self is not grounded in anything real, it is easily morphed into any one of many many other false presentations of being anchored to nothing.

If you don't know who you are, someone... or 'something' else will inform you of who you are. You will wind up as 'occupied territory'. There are timeless methods of persuasion available. This is how voting blocs are constructed. This is how armies are created. This is how trends and styles become the shapers of your values. There is a way that so much of this can be seen as relatively harmless, unless you happen to be in that army, or an endangered member of any movement, where the mass of it, is canon fodder for the enforcement of an idea, where collateral damage is simply factored into the cost of doing business. "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." This was stated by one of histories greatest humanitarians to a member of the establishment elite. He's the same person who asked how many divisions The Pope has.

For years I wanted to form a community of kindred spirits. Through my work I had met so many good people, it seemed like a fine idea. Each time I was close to accomplishment, some terrible event would occur that would discredit me and set the majority of subscribers fleeing to other shores. I didn't realize at the time that God was protecting me. I now understand this much better than I did. Even so... I know there is a solid group of solid people 'out there' who would love the opportunity for such a sanctuary of fellowship. I know of places where this could be made manifest with a dependable efficacy. I don't know if that is meant to be but I do now see that the best way of materializing it is to simply allow it to form out of its own mysterious volition.

It comes into my thoughts now and again and... often while I am looking at the day's latest examples of Crazy. I've been a member of several working communities and they flourished. It's the vetting process that is the most critical feature. You have to be fixed and unrelenting in that regard. All successful ventures of this kind have come about through the efforts of a Core Group. This country was founded through the collective energies of a Core Group. The most telling thing I noticed about each of the ones I was a part of, was that it was ALWAYS ten percent of the members who accounted for 90% of the results. This isn't something one should whine or argue about. It's just as it is. The ten percent never concern themselves with any seeming disparities. It is in the nature of the ten percent to effect that percentage of outcome without even thinking about it.

I've gratefully resigned myself to the virtual existence of this community. WE ALREADY HAVE THIS. We are united in our hearts and our objectives, at whatever location we are resident in and we act accordingly, within the matrix of our areas of enterprise. Eventually... the mysterious workings of the universe... one of it's many generally unknown laws, WILL bring us together. If not here, in the hereafter. One of the really hidden mysteries of the universe, is that everything is connected in a sort of, conscious electromagnetic way, so that if you connect to that you can attract and repel at will. All technologies are adaptations on the human body. A good example is plugs and outlets. We are 'literally' surrounded by opportunity and possibilities of magical wonder, but our imprisonment in comatose material slumbers, blinds us to the beauty of ourselves, each other and the universe.

I keep bringing up the connection between Materialism-Insanity- Satanism and the end result of this dynamic, as both indicator and warning of where conditions are headed. 1 and 1 is 2. Night follows day. Actions have consequences; good and bad. Destiny is both collective and individual and CAN BE manipulated. Dreams can be choreographed and edited AND ALL OF THIS AND EVERYTHING ELSE can be learned from luminous friends, from The Bright Ones, should you be so inclined as to cultivate a relationship. The Bright Ones have been watching us since time and causation began. They are naturally suspicious, based on what they have seen but THEY CAN BE REACHED and one can achieve both a working accord and communion with them. I KNOW THIS because I HAVE SUCH RELATIONSHIPS.

I strongly recommend seeking to cultivate a 'conscious relationship' with Lady Nature via the 'upper' reaches of The Devic Realm. Once you have demonstrated your sincerity, you will see results. Any legitimate religious tradition is fine as is none at all, for those, like me, preferring DIRECT CONTACT.

Crazy only ends up so many ways... More Crazy, Dead, or in some institution. When larger numbers of people go crazy, social conditions develop. You do not have to be the victim of any of this. When serious chaos and uproar occur... and all the signs point to this happening in a variety of locations, there MUST BE ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS OF THE OPPOSITE KIND. This is a LAW OF NATURE.

There are several boltholes I consider to be very attractive (I am not recommending them. I am simply having a conversation here) when Push and Shove start their Death Tango. Varanasi comes to mind, as do the foothills of the Himalayas; NOT all of the foothills of the Himalayas. I will go where I am put but that might not be a working solution for everyone. The benefits of living somewhere like India are several; spiritual climate... pervasive English speaking... cost of living- remarkably cheap... great food and... spiritual climate. Of course there are the perpetually cynical and dissatisfied and I always recommend they pay no attention to me. In the context of what they consider to be real and desirable, my view would prove unsatisfactory.

There will be any number of trustworthy locations in the USA. Generally the rural zones but especially Western States like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the like. If you are a fan of The Heartland, there are numerous options. It bears thinking about because conditions on the ground can change surprisingly quickly and the usual Infernal Agents and their associates are stirring up all sorts of hatred and resentment right this minute.

It's not easy to say what I am trying to say here. I wind up shooting around corners and expecting the reader to draw their own conclusions. That said, this posting concludes.

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Oh where oh where can my Pocketnet be... oh where oh where can it be? With it's hair cut short and its rudder bent, I'm sure that's not what I meant.

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Saturday, February 08, 2020

"We Probably Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Said what We Said Better, BUT we Did Not."

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Well, this is difficult so... let's jump right into a controversial statement and maybe then the rest will be easy. I hate it when I am right. No! Really! I hate it when I am right. It is much easier to be wrong. You can apologize, in all humility; take the left hand side of the bargain and move on but... when you are right, it give birth to resentment. We've all seen the anger that can be generated when a person's ego is injured. I'm surprised, given the nature of the things I sometimes say and the frequency of my postings that I don't offend more people than I do. This is even more so the case when we consider HOW EASILY PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED THESE DAYS.

Yesterday... I think it was yesterday, I 'casually' grouped The Theosophical Society in with a small listing of secret societies. I don't actually think of them as a secret society but I will now CLARIFY why I tossed them in with a handful of examples. This organization, LIKE ALL OF THEM, have a PUBLIC PERSONA and a PRIVATE PERSONA. ALL OF THESE SOCIETIES have a backroom area where the movers and shakers set policy and this is true of The Theosophical Society as well. I NEVER indicated that this was a bad thing. I like The Theosophical Society, even though many do not. They've had their share of scandals through the years; accusations that H.P. Blavatsky was a trickster and a con artist, That C.W. Leadbeater was a gay (and a con artist) and that slept with his students, that Annie Besant was a fraud and a woo woo peddler, who twisted the teachings of Blavatsky to suit her own preferences. Here is a short and sweet statement from a man whose acumen and truthfulness I hold in high regard.

I've nothing against Secret Societies. If there are bad ones then there must be good ones. Logic... friends. I myself belong to a Secret Society. Ironically (and I am being serious) I do not even know which society that is. Numbers of times I have heard in internal discourse about The Brotherhood to which I belong but it has NEVER been identified (to me) yet. I'm not surprised, given that I have yet to discover the identity of my spiritual master, whom I met on the beach in Big Sur, decades ago. Secrecy and Mystery are at the core of all that I do not know about myself.

There are many sources I could draw from to make my case, which is that EVERY SOCIETY with a public side has also a SECRET SIDE; a pecking order of those who know and those who do not know. The result is likely that none of them know but we can take that up at another time.

Yesterday... a fellow who has been reading my work for some time, took offense via his perception that I was maligning one of his sacred cows. I don't mind people disagreeing with me. Often it is not that what I said was wrong but that I presented it in a way they did not like. THAT HAPPENS. However... this fellow went overboard and down-voted me as well, without even a cursory inquiry of polite concern, such as, “Well, Visible, could you explain why you said that?” The thing is that this fellow has been coming round my sites for years, well before my appearance at Pocketnet. We'd exchanged emails. He had invited me to come and live with him in the land where he resides AND... I ALMOST DID. That would have been a serious error, however... God sent a true friend to intercede and bring me instead to another location, which has proven to be THE BEST LIVING SITUATION OF MY LIFE.

I commented to the fellow that I was sorry for having to block him but I did not want to be at his mercy in future times, every time I said something he didn't like. He is FAR TOO ATTACHED to personal icons and has a great deal of himself invested in them. I don't have these affinities to material infrastructures. I am very familiar with what happens when people find they have made a mistake and they can't admit to it. They get quite enraged and you wind up paying far beyond whatever the non existent insult amounted to in real money.

He is also a big fan of Ramana Maharshi (as am I). I have been to the temple constructed to celebrate Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai Arunachala. There I learned that FOR SOME TIME the Jesuits have been in possession of and operate this shrine. I found out because... while I was walking round the place, I kept getting this DEAD AND OPPRESSIVE vibration. There was no life in the place. It so happened that I was living next door to a fellow who knew, pretty much, all about everything that happened in the area and he gave me chapter and verse. THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY APPEAR. APPEARANCES LIE!!!

I did not want to fall out with this fellow. Even before this happened, I sensed, as I often do, that somehow... some amount of static, might be generated by my posting, so I even inserted a term I have coined; MINUTIAE POLICE. These are those who cherry pick and scrutinize every word for something they can jump on. It turns out that I was, unfortunately, prescient.

This brings me to something I am loathe to state because, no doubt, someone will take it the wrong way but here goes anyway;

Even when I was a child, I was drawn to the invisible side of life. After my Kundalini Awakening, I developed a passionate attraction for Occult and Hermetic teachings. It was so strong that I even got a bookstore in Woodstock, New York JUST SO I COULD READ THE BOOKS. I had prayed, previously (on a bench in Palm Springs, outside a bookstore) that I might get just such a bookstore and God responded by dropping it in my lap. I named it the Ajna Bookstore and it became a source for occult and spiritual literature in Upstate New York. Later a friend bought into it and we ran it together.

If I wanted to learn about something, I bought the book. I had the bookstore for several years. Then... once the internet came around and with the bookstore long gone, I was able to read The Alchemists, like Thomas Flamel, Basel Valentine, Thomas Vaughn, Cornelius Agrippa, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, Hermes Trismegistus and many... many others. I have an enormous PDF library of these works. I've been reading in this area of study for a LONG TIME. Even so... I make no claims to be informed but I do suspect I am better informed than those who do make such claims. I am not usually challenged on things I say and that is for a couple of reasons. I thoroughly research whatever I do say AND... I don't say anything unless I am convinced of its authenticity and have proven it out to my satisfaction. When I am not convinced, I say that I do not know. AND... when I am wrong... and it does happen... I promptly admit it and engage in whatever bowing and scraping may be required (grin).

I have devoted the larger portion of my life to metaphysical inquiry, via informational resources and DIRECT EXPERIENCE. Perhaps I have been aware of a particular thing all along BUT... it was more peripheral than central. It is only in the last couple of decades that it has come central and this has caused me to put much less value on what others have written, what others have said and do say. The whole of it has become inconsequential, because I have discovered THE MAIN ISSUE. I have found what was hidden in plain sight... Gnothi Seauton! (know thyself). This is the TRUE FOUNTAIN of all ENDURING WISDOM. I contain within myself (as do all of you) the whole of the wisdom of the ages and ALL SECRET TEACHINGS. ACCESSING THIS IS THE KEY and for that...? For that... YOU NEED THE GOOD OFFICES AND MINISTRATIONS OF THE ANGEL. You WILL NOT get it otherwise.

I am no stranger to people contending with me. It comes with the territory. At this point it is 'water off a ducks back' with me. I DON”T ARGUE. If you don't like what I have to say... move along; no harm done. There is no gain to be had in disputing with people. The most furious of arguments are generated with people who do not know what they are talking about... so... how can any good come of that?

What sort of person tosses another... (someone they have known in a positive fashion for several years) upon the rubbish heap, over a simple misunderstanding as to the meaning of a term? This, my friends, is the nature of the world and it is especially the nature of the world at this time. People are seething with anger and resentment over... over... well they don't even know what they are angry and resentful about. THEY JUST ARE. The Devil has gotten into them and all sense of fraternity and decorum have gone right out the window. These are perilous times. I AM NOT JUST SAYING THIS. All over the world people are losing their shit, picking up weapons and blowing others away. They are killing their 'perceived' enemies, their families, their work associates. It is a daily thing. The stress in the atmosphere is palpable. People are going gonzo over the most trivial things. OF COURSE, ALL OF THESE SOCIETIES HAVE BOTH A PUBLIC AND A PRIVATE FACE. I cannot parse and tailor my syntax to the satisfaction of all. Please one side and YOU WILL offend the other. It is how it is.

I don't expect everyone to like me. I would be offended if that were so. I can't tell you how many times someone has come along seeking my friendship and then turning on me the minute I don't behave as they would prefer. Unlike most people, I have no hostages to fortune. I have no job or fortune to lose. There is little anyone can take away from me. I PURPOSELY DESIGNED MY LIFE THIS WAY, knowing the consequences of stating unpopular truths AND running counter to conventional wisdom and conventional mores.

I'm a niche player. I am not fitted or empowered to communicate with the masses. Much of what I hold to be true, runs directly counter to the prevailing fashions of the times. I see big trouble down the road. Those committed to the fashions and styles of the times do not see this, do not care to see this and MOST EMPHATICALLY do not want to see this.

I am not here to tell people what they want to hear. Far from it. However... from the deepest regions of my heart, I have no desire to be in conflict with anyone. That some will make exception to that, I suspect will occur, but it is not my desire that it does. However imperfectly I may perform it, my consuming passion is to serve God and this I will do to the last breath and beyond as well. God's opinion alone is my concern. So long as I acquit myself in God's eyes, all will be well with me. Should I err at any point, I will be informed of this immediately and whatever adjustment may be necessary, will follow accordingly, directly after.

We take ourselves FAR TOO SERIOUSLY. We are not nearly as important as we think we are. We could become very important, if we come to terms with that. GOD IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR HANDS OF SERVICE. There are never enough willing and dutiful servants, not by half. We shall find ourselves in The Kingdom, the moment we switch from SELF SERVICE TO SELFLESS SERVICE. The Kingdom of God is a State of Mind. It is also WITHIN and ACCESSIBLE AT ALL TIMES. The waters of the spirit are freely given and run from everlasting to everlasting. Give yourself away at every opportunity and see what happens. I can say no more than that.

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Pocketnet, Pocketnet, where do you roam? Pocketnet, Pocketnet, far... far from home. Welcome to the hardscrabble playing fields of Pocketnet. Welcome to the rough and tumble land of Pocketnet!

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Sunday, February 02, 2020

"Alien Mucoid Slithers, in Gender Neutral Condom Ensembles, Sing Old Town Road (with Billy Ray Cyrus)."

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♫Searchin... I been searching everywaieiaeeaee♫ for something materially meaningful to talk about, inasmuch as this is Petri Dish and... under the microscope lens, in the Petri Dish, I observe the mucoid slithers of an alien life form of no discernible origin. It could have come from anywhere... from under the broken sink in an abandoned trailer, in a post Katrina wasteland, where bad dreams go to die but can't even manage mortality, so they keep twitching, like a dead frog in a high school lab does, when an electric current hits it. It doesn't really have life so... that does make it hard to kill.

Where did that just come from? It came from a brief foray into the jibber jabber about upcoming Super Bowl commercials. We'll be getting dueling, billionaire, presidential candidates, a Whitman's sampler of sexual degenerates, various grades of celebrities, hawking all sorts of products, composed of mucoid slithers being poked with stun guns. There is a vague sense of dis-ease that the game could turn into a Kobe... Las Vegas style tearjerker, with the attendant apprehension that someone will say something about the Kansas City fan's tomahawk celebrations. What it all is... is a subliminal commercial for upcoming forced culture change, where the mucoid slithers do a runway fashion walk, in gender neutral condom ensembles, while gray aliens (with Billy Ray Cyrus) sing Old Town Road.

We are going to be treated to what we should expect in the coming year, through all kinds of efforts to induce shame in those of us, who are not taking the other .05% of the indefinables seriously enough. I can definitely see teen suicide clubs competing with the Coronavirus, for top billing in the paranoia sweepstakes. After all... FEAR is the number one motivating force, when you live in a culture where the sense of loss and disappointment is the biggest fear. The glue of Materialism is Object of Desire Magnetics. It's holding everything together against itself and the will of the widening gyre. Things may well eventually fall apart, due to an aggressive disgust with everything we are attracted to.

Yes... I can see it now, Ennui and Weltschmerz, like Bert and Ernie, marching arm in arm to a Billie Eilish video that got filmed in the Vatican catacombs, as billions of people, faced with an ever intensifying sense of WTF?!?! look for a way out and... all the exit doors are chained. It won't be pretty. It can't be pretty when people have lost their faith and worse when they never had any. Once the disco ball and all the pretty things and pretty people begin to melt on the dance floor, because whatever had been previously holding them together no longer wants any part of it... well... what do you do? What do you do when legions of hallucinations emerge from the sidewalks to caper about and drugs were not responsible? It's something to think about but... no one is going to do any of that. It's just going to happen and then? Then we shall see.

I guess I had better start thinking of some new direction to take this post in. I get short bursts of toxic images that stagger across the mind screen whenever I expose myself to the mass media. It calms down after I engage in casting out all thought and is replaced by the interior sunlight, which is what I prefer to be seeing. There was a time when I warred against the Satanity and Insanity. It was a Sisyphean thing. It got me exactly nowhere. You don't make the world a better place by fighting it. You always lose. The world that you see is a projection of the mind. It's better to re-purpose the imagery; turn Chucky Schumer into a cartoon Gila Monster in a pink tutu on a skateboard. Turn Nancy Pelosi into a big, drunk, purple rabbit with Oriental features (you're not supposed to use the word, 'Oriental' anymore. I don't know why) singing in a Karaoke bar.

I was once told- or I read it somewhere- that if you want to render a powerful figure with less power, you should imagine them naked. I suppose I have taken it a few steps beyond that with Chucky and Nancy. Well... they are just puppets anyway. They do what they are told to do by the snake coiled up in the back of their minds. This is what most all of those important power figures and talking head celebrities do. They do what they are told and usually don't even register that they are being told to do anything. They think they do and say what they want to but this is not the case.

I REALLY DO want the world to be a better place but I am one soul in the midst of billions. I KNOW that the WILL OF GOD prevails over everything and everyone and that all WILL otherwise, is borrowed from that WILL, to play a part in the drama that God directs, as if it were a movie, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. It seems like the common sense move then... a real no brainer actually, is to align your/my will with the WILL OF GOD. This seems like what any sane person would do. However, as materialism advances and intensifies, people are rendered less and less sane with every passing moment.

I expect San Francisco to win today because I believe that Defense wins championships but... I don't want them to win. I don't want San Francisco to win anything but an all expenses paid trip to another planet. It stands for everything that is going south at a high rate of speed. I AM CONVINCED that God is going to appear soon. It could be that he is already here. From what I see (and I could be wrong, of course) conditions have gone sideways to the point that divine intervention is required.

European birth rates are declining but they are accelerating in Africa so... from what I know of the people who 'arrange the things that happen', something very bad is going to happen in Africa. That's pretty much the way it is there anyway. I AM JUST MAKING OBSERVATIONS. I AM NOT ROOTING ON THE SIDELINES. World conditions have come to the point where, with the breakdown of religions, the runaway train of sexual deviancy, the disparity in wealth, the press of the populations, the social class anger and general frustrations, due to NOTHING PERFORMING OR APPEARING AS ADVERTISED that... that... Haywire, Chaos and Confusion will be appearing on the main stage shortly. It will NOT resemble Woodstock.

The Super Bowl should be an almost precognitive event; should you be paying attention (fingers crossed). All manner of weather fronts are converging now and the conditions for a Perfect Storm are optimum (if I can use that word). Whatever it is going to be, I suspect, is going to come upon us suddenly. It won't be there and then, Shazam! There it is! I'm not a high end clairvoyant. I'm not getting a stream of prophetic images, BUT... I find the general pulse to be erratic. The temperature is up, along with the blood pressure, although that could have something to do with the chicken wings and all that alcohol. The Iowa Caucus is soon to be doing a moon-walking, mucoid slither, across the national consciousness, as The Impeachment manifests a pervasive embarrassment, for those who engineered it. Relentlessly, the presidential election marches to epiphany. Vested interests are screaming for attention from all sides. Spiritually bankrupt analysts and announcers, who work for the media, are doing everything in their power to cast a pall of angst, anger and despair across and throughout the general atmosphere.

In forums and in the comments sections of articles about... pretty much anything, people are ALL CAPS yelling at one another. If you want a fairly close assessment, without any real details, I suggest you ponder the mindset and attitudes of the last couple of generations, that were supposed to leave home and make their way in the world but... have yet to get around to it. I suggest you look at the points of view being expressed, the percentage of uninformed parroting, the lifestyles in action and the overall sense of (lacking) awareness that is being presented to you. This 'should be' an indicator of the generations to follow; mind that you factor in the level of materialism they are going to be exposed to, as they develop and fail to mature. Take a panoramic snapshot and then ponder the implications at your leisure. At the present time, you still have a degree of leisure (time wise) to ponder in.

Given the appearances that are manifesting before you, in real life, in the media, at a close and a further reach, in entertainment and in politics, as well as what now passes for spiritual quality of life, it seems to me... as I try to take it all in... it seems to me that the number one concern that anyone SHOULD HAVE is to GET RIGHT WITH GOD RIGHT NOW! If this is something you are not entirely sure of, I urge you to get sure.

Providing you can put aside all anthropomorphic projections, let me state that God is LOVING AND FORGIVING, FAR BEYOND YOUR CAPACITY TO IMAGINE IT. God is welcoming and PRESENT and waiting for you. At no time in recent memory (I think) has God been as accessible and PRESENT as he/she presently is. A lot of mistakes and wasted time and effort can be transformed and washed away now, if... if one takes the opportunity to seek out the Supreme Being and say your piece; humility and sincerity both being a real plus in this effort.

Seek out the attention of your creator now, before your creator insists (in whatever fashion it may take) upon your attention.

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