Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Kayaking Through the Minefields of Genus Homo Ordinarius and Round the Rocks in the Stream."

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The descent of the Divine Feminine through planetary aspects... the powers of The Planets, express through the lenses of The Houses. Because of the pressure of materialism, the expression of the feminine force is more often manifesting SEXUALLY instead of on the higher plane as it should. Some of us are channeling the force properly but they are in the minority. All of us are being helped over the course of time and events but the big gears turn slowly. Still... that shining city on the hill is being built a stone at a time and time is the cornerstone of eternity.

The descent of The Divine Feminine brings the finer qualities of The Divine Mother into being; compassion and empathy, humility and Unconditional Love, creativity, justice and... most importantly= The Intuition. There are more. These are some of the more powerful examples. The Goddess Kundalini is a feminine force. It awakens from its slumbering (dreaming) residence from a mysterious, triangular, indigo pool. It's first port of call on the up elevator is the survival chakra... our most primal and atavistic concern. It stands to reason that the next stop would have to do with perpetuating the species. The stations of awareness of each following stops, are more and more refined and great powers reside in them. Usually... humanity is expressing through the states of play that are in the nature of the first 3 chakras. When the concern of the individual is in the dance reproduction and its dramas across the gamut from Rape to Romance... the evolution ends there and after a brief flurry of soon forgotten and wasted motion, mortality comes to claim the player. Alternatively, one could (and some do- rarely) channel the Kundalini force upward to the end result of Godhead and Immortality. Reproductive Fixations= Mortality. Self Realizing= Immortality. That's the short and sweet and bitter of the whole thing.

The key to understanding the universe is in understanding change. We look at conditions and events as they appear before us. Sometimes we can see the causes and the context and sometimes we cannot BUT EVERYTHING in this material world is a manifest expression of planetary forces, as they form their transitory relationships with one another, coming and going. The conflicts and affinities, that happen between the planets, due to aspects defined by the degrees of their proximity to each other, are ALL DEMONSTRATED in human relationships. You can think of an age as being like a surround window in a single roomed dwelling. You are sitting in a chair, watching the window rotate from its starting point to its finishing point. There is a color and a tone to the whole panoply that is unique to the age, through which it is being filtered and which defines the character of that segment of time; which is 2200 years. As each age transits into the next, the coloration and tone change. The period of change from one age to another is greater than that of any 'normal' human life so... we do not see the greater significance of what is happening to and around us, except in hindsight.

We are presently in a state of tumultuous change. Few realize how comprehensive and remarkable these changes are going to be. It is all part of the evolutionary press of human evolution, through seeming material life, into an indescribably more refined state of being. Unfortunately, the human race has not evolved to where the greater number are aware of what is and is not real and what is and is not important. At the lower end are the Brutes. Then come the 3 stages of genus homo ordinarius (grin). That would be the slow, the average and the above average. As the definitions move upward in expression, the population becomes dramatically less dense; double entendre intended. Then comes Genius, Saints, Sages and Prophets. The terms and rankings might vary but these are close enough for the point being made.

Some of you are reading this on a forum or larger web presence and you see examples of the lower states of awareness in routine frequency. You have some amount of Brutes in most locations and the next 3 stages of genus homo ordinarius ...but precious little of anything else, most of the time.

With the Brutes you get individuals who assault you and each other with ad hominem. They call you and each other things like 'fags' and 'pedophiles'. These are supposed to be insults but they are usually a thin deflection from attention being paid to them, being the very thing they accuse another of. They are, without a doubt, harboring those tendencies within. They are usually of a brutish nature and given to coarseness of speech and generally deal in poorly executed ridicule of others as a self defense mechanism. This is a difficult world of the moment for them to navigate, where alt-sex types are taking over the cultural landscape and they are both terribly threatened and attracted against their will at the same time. Such men have little defense against telepathic invasion and control of their own subconscious. They tend to populate their lives with a running series of epitaphs, which attack the sexual being of others. They CANNOT, under any circumstances, allow their poorly developed masculinity to be questioned. I've encountered their kind across the decades, often by seeming accident or unintentionally, or where I could not come and go in an environment, having been incarcerated for being an unknown. (Nothing terrifies authority more than than those they can't identify).

The low brow men have poor communication skills and are generally entertained by perverted humor in which women are demeaned and vilified. These men are extraordinarily sexually insecure and intimidated by men who are comfortable in their skin. They are the canon fodder, social drones and lumpen proles of their times. They live in an uneasy panic at all times, fearing that evidence of their cowardice will be revealed and that accounts for all the false bravado and the bullying nature. They often identify themselves through guns and trademark, over the top testosterone symbologies, pit bulls and other attack dogs, motorcycle boots and leather jackets, motorcycles and muscle cars, rendering them a kind of cigar store Indian, drugstore cowboy. They often have a fictitious military history, usually special forces and some array of military medals they got through Ebay or pawnshops. They love camo and are not above package stuffing their jeans, which... unwittingly puts them on Gay Radar as their subconscious betrays them at every turn. They are violent to women and on guard at all times against slights toward their manhood.

I DO NOT mean to include all men who might ride motorcycles or engage in any of the other paraphernalia. That would in error. I mean those for whom riding a motorcycle would be the only time they had any real power between their legs. I am talking about arrested development and juvenile, self erotic types. Wherever it is that penis substitution is involved.

Then there are the 3 versions of genus ordinarius and the brutish tendencies become more and more sublimated in the upward swing.

Personally, I have nothing against people of the Gay persuasion because I KNOW it is simply a process through a particular lifetime, perhaps more but ALWAYS more observable in the decline of a culture when Nature has been bent out of shape and the feminine aspect perverted in expression. This is why there is so much of it in urban settings, as opposed to rural environments. At some point- ALL OF US will have some measure of experience in this regard. Every man will have a female life and the reverse is also true. Some of us are decidedly more one aspect than the other. Out of the 3 garden variety genus ordinarius, are people who are always correcting other people on the minutiae of doctrine that they do not understand themselves and are pedants who hold forth among their peers that hold still only long enough for their chance to speak and argue; how they LOVE TO ARGUE. Some people never get past wondering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I'd be (and am) far more concerned with interacting with those angels and I do. Anyone could, should they not mind the vetting process.

Love is the most unique of the Divine qualities. It is simplicity itself, while also being intricate and subtle beyond the mind's capacity to interpret; only the heart comes close because the heart experiences it and doesn't need any explanation. For wisdom to awaken, the heart must swallow the mind. Otherwise you are no more than a chipmunk chattering on a dead log, about subjects you know nothing about. Otherwise you would be living and demonstrating what you have learned, instead of always calling attention to the motes in someone else's eye.

I have a great admiration for many Gay individuals that run the gamut of history; Socrates, Michelangelo, Somerset Maugham, E.M. Forster, Merchant and Ivory, Oscar Wilde, Gore Vidal and many another. I've had many friends of that persuasion and it NEVER interfered with our friendship. My ONLY concern is when it crosses certain lines, such as indoctrination of the youth and political arm twisting. It is the same with Jews. I have lifelong Jewish friends and many of my heroes were/are Jewish; Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and a host of others. I don't want to get into listing because it might not end BUT... I do not care for psychopathy and venal obsessions. I don't care for Satanic behavior and mistreatment of humanity and that's been well demonstrated across history and it well demonstrated today.

I have said the same things over and over and the same goes for all the other COLORS and CULTURES, with their predilections and tendencies, of which ethnic jokes are so often true and very close for comfort. You may not like Ethnic Jokes but there is a there there. I care when groups of like minded band against the rest of us, prey upon or profiteer off of us, or seek to pervert us and especially our children to their ways. This is when I am aroused (grin). This gets me called all sorts of names but I care not a wit. I KNOW what I am and what I intend. I realize I've said some very strong things that are going to be quite polarizing. No 'secure' individual needs be troubled by ANY OF THIS. Only those to whom it very much applies are going to be running about with their hair on fire over any of it.

We've all sorts of strange and often amusing; sometimes not amusing things... going on these days. We have a Communist running against an Oligarch, for their parties presidential nomination and both of them are Jews. Pete Buttersnigger is not an accident. He is a culture doll that was bred in a vat, a Chatty Cathy for the metrosexuals and a VERY SIMILAR but progressed version of Obama. All sorts of cabals are trying to take over the world and they are at war with one another and none of them mean well for the rest of us. Thank God that God is in charge of everything. We would be screwed otherwise. In truth... none of us needs be concerned should we KNOW that God is Real. Align yourself with God; through the relevant scriptures and disciplines and acknowledge the indwelling and all will be well and you will receive instructions as you go. Otherwise THERE WILL BE REASON FOR CONCERN and you WILL BE one kind of object lesson or another. You will have a role in The Purpose of Demonstration.

We are about to see things we might not have even imagined earlier on. We- SOME OF US- are in a position to profit considerably from the opportunities of these remarkable times. Otherwise... it's just one life in a stream of lives and perhaps one will seize the moment at some later date.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever even ridden a motorcycle Les? How about actually worked on one so that it would run? What are your thoughts on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? What is Zen to you? Curious minds would like to know. Just maybe some of us motorcycle types appreciate the art, technology, freedom, power, thrill, control, and evolution mix. Maybe we are all 'Hells Angels' wanabees too? Not all of us were created to sing songs and dance in a chrous. Appreances are deceiving. Brutes indeed. Video link attached please watch these brutes in action. This is a sport not a game. The music is very good too. Your best friend from far away.

Visible said...

I was very clear that I wasn't talking about everyone on motorcycles or any of the rest. I specifically indicated who I was talking about. Why is it that people do not pay attention to what they read? Why is that? Not doing so REMOVES any right to complain or comment. So... I won't even answer. I'm a big fan of "Zen and the Art of paying attention to what you are reading." Furthermore... unfortunately for those who did not read and chose to react instead, subtle mention was made that probably reflects in an unflattering way. You are assuredly not my best friend but you could be the same person who keeps trying to get under the radar. That only happened because of what has been expressed in this comment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

????????????? (#2) Ye gods, what the post brought to my mind was Sean Connery. . .uh, 'Zed' in the beginning of Zardoz. Though if I had to dress like that, I think I would have turned the role down.

Anonymous said...

Bill C.
So much said and implied with so little words! This tome is far and above anything I've read and is worthy of praise, though you are above that and would just say you are doing your mission!! I know when you are speaking for Spirit when you use double words like that that!!!. Your newest, in this tome is 'where where' and a 'where' added before the double. That you so much for you time and effort in educating a humanimal like me. God Bless Les!!!!
Bill C.

Visible said...

I suspect Bill that you will REALLY like the Visible Origami that just went up. Sorry I couldn't hotlink I am being called to go out the door. Thanks for the good words!!!

Visible said...

Anonymous... no one who even knows me casually calls me Les. In the meantime this passive aggressive thing and the undertone of nastiness doesn't work for me and you are in no position to banter with me, provoke me or anything else. I'm afraid your lease here is up. It's clear to me what your intention is and you're not going to peddle it here.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'rising' column. Appreciated.

Vis: "For wisdom to awaken, the heart must swallow the mind."

My friend is still watching the Finding Your Roots PBS series. Watching the featured guests, your observation is apropos. Some guests remain firmly in their head, watching their ancestors' sometimes-painful lives with almost total detachment. Other guests literally have their heart chakras pop-open, with or without personal pain-release. You know they 'grokked' something. Totally different experiences...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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