Thursday, October 31, 2013

Drunk and Stupid, with Doomsday in the Event Horizon.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

What weasels some men be. Some men be lying sacks of shit that should be set on fire and then they should be commanded to stomp themselves out and make soup out of their shoes. "No, I didn't lie. You simply heard it differently than I said it." Oh! That's clear.

Enough about the porchunden amongst us. As I have been 'permitted' to experience an evolution, an upgrade in my behavior and state of mind, I am now given to these flashes of insight that occur periodically throughout my day. My dreams have changed and the empty state of my mind has expanded in emptiness as a result of the absence of tobacco and other things. It's gradual, not how I usually like it (grin) but... the changed state of mind seems to allow for this.

Okay then, the point is that I was standing in the supermarket today and I migrated into one of those hyper states when it dawned on me that there were only women and men moving around in the supermarket. There was nothing else. Everything stationary that I saw around me and everything I saw when I stepped outside was a support environment for all these fragmented expressions of what,  these days, is euphemistically called humanity. All the items in the store were there because they are products of one of the floors (chakras), one of the elevator stops and each floor is lit up by the electro or magnetic force of the Kundalini, that potentially can run all the way to the top floor, when encouraged or permitted to. If it hasn't gotten to a particular floor, the lights are not on.

These days, the greater mass of humanity operates on the bottom three floors. That is because we are in the Kali Yuga, on the outskirts (for whom it may apply) of a taste of Satya Yuga. First, all the decadence and debris has to be cleared away. The darkness must recede and that includes the darkness in the collective human heart. For those who will not permit this transformation, they will recede with that darkness and dwell in the darkness, with a lot of bass and drum accompanied by wailing and gnashing of teeth; sounds like a good environment for primal scream therapy, ♫Oh Joeko, yadda yadda♫ You might think of it as a Rave of sorts when seen from a distance; all those writhing forms, grooving under the light of the perpetually spinning, twilight disco ball, at The Overlook Hotel.

This world that surrounds us is what we have collectively created. Mostly we are inspired by bad appetites and pedestrian desires and it shows. It's not all our fault. Our fault lies in our susceptibility and willingness to be mislead, due to the promise of a carrot just out of our reach. Thankfully (grin) we do get the stick. Satan's Little Helpers, who have their workshop at the metaphorical opposite of The North Pole, have been busy as can be, churning out excrement and awful garbage to delight the palate and the mind. I was being facetious, just in case a member of the general public walked in here by mistake; Fox and Friends is down the hall to the first stairwell and you just keep going down, until there are no more stairs. From there you can just follow the smell.

Through the ages, exceptional souls have come here and channeled symphonies from the higher planes. They have written books saturated with ageless wisdom that have echoed across the centuries. They have spoken the truth in every language, somewhere at some time ...and generally been either summarily ignored, or abused by those too steeped in their sick appetites and perversions. Is it any wonder that the truly wise keep out of sight in these times? If you're looking for them, they know it. As has been explained here a number of times, if you want to see your town councilman, that's no big deal. If you want to talk to someone who does summer stock theater, that's should be no problem. As the individuals become more famous or powerful, it becomes increasingly harder to meet them, though, why you would want to meet any of these people says a lot about you. When you want to meet those who are in possession of things more valuable than anything on Earth, it can be even more difficult and only persistence and determination will win out. Most people don't want to meet these people. Most people are content to give hundreds of dollars to people like Ekhart Tolle, whose nostril placement should be a clue to something. People are more comfortable hiring former dance and massage practitioners who now call themselves 'life coaches'.

One of the reasons for the ubiquity of Reiki practitioners is the ease with which one can get a certificate saying they are a master. I'm not saying Reiki doesn't work. It's like anything else, it depends on the practitioner. I went to school some years ago to one of the best schools in the world, if you go by the price of tuition. I was there for most of a year and while I was there I saw about 3 or 4 people who were going to be any good. The rest of them were either going to keep looking for something to do or migrate into what is called, "stress release management" in New York City. There's a lot of stress in New York City so... it stands to reason there would be a constant need for "stress release management". Now, I'm not sure if that was "release" or "relief". It's been awhile since I heard the term. Apparently that is how it is described in those city hookup and meet up newspapers that are all over the place and about the size of the New York times. If you ever get a chance to read one of them, you'll see where it's at and how late in the game it is. I was really surprised to see the things people were into. "How do you spell relief? Release? (grin)"

Winter is coming. That statement has a Game of Thrones kind of ring to it. It will certainly prove to be our "winter of discontent", or at least one of them. The debacle of Obamacare is much more ominous, will be much more unfortunate, than it may appear at the moment. If you factor in the suicidal decision to cut food stamp benefits and the other assorted offenses against humanity, by the fiends of the moment, we are looking at a perfect storm.

Cutting Food Stamp benefits, while many large corporations pay no taxes and enormous sums are wasted on The NSA, Homeland Insecurity and other Police State industries AND with the prominence of the 1% and their obscene profits at the expense of everyone else, the gratuitous wars for Israel and all of the other outrageous and ridiculous chicanery by the court jesters in the king's seat, even Ken and Barbie should be able to catch a clue at this juncture. that is if Ken can get over staring at himself in the mirror, with his Freddie Mercury mustache and the motorcycle hat. We expect Barbie to be staring at herself though there is a point where one becomes so ephemeral that they no longer cast a reflection, so the concierge at the Overlook Hotel has to insert one.

Under no circumstances would the airheads of the hour be in power were it not for the awesome stupidity of the general mass but Mr. Apocalypse is banging on his drum and Vox Populi is coming though the speakers. Day by day the volume and the number or participants is going to go up. So will the hypocrisy. Here's a vampire sucking machine, red to the armpits with making blood wine from  the blasted bodies of these very soldiers, either too dumb or too desperate to get out of it. The public needs to make the connection between the majority of their afflictions and THE BANKS, especially THE CENTRAL BANKS. The banks are behind the cutbacks on all social programs. They are behind the police state. They are behind the wars BECAUSE they chose what and who they finance. One can get a powerfully lyrical experience of THE BANK by reading John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath".

If they don't like what you do, the money will dry up or never arrive. If they want something to happen or they want something done, they provide the money. Their most ideal setup is when they get to print the money. Use your imagination as to what that means. They've been shooting American presidents for some time in order to hold on to this power. They've been creating World Wars behind the possession of this power and to protect their interests in places where a populist leader comes into power and does away with their setup. The ones who own the Central Banks also own The Media and many other industries because they are critical to the mind control of the population. Irrefutable evidence of this can be seen in all of it's embarrassing agony (for those of us watching) here. It could be that there is no cure for Stupid. The most combustive of the possibilities is 'drunk and stupid'.

I've watched a lot of movies and series recently, while working on other things (like this) and it appears that the actors are drunk throughout. Hardly a scene goes by where they're not pouring down the shots or something. They're really pushing the doomsday lifestyle as Doomsday comes up in the Event Horizon. They're pushing doomsday too, for you, unless you are one of the drones they intend to keep around as fluffers, felchers or something really unpleasant. Lampposts are not just for illumination anymore; come to think of it, variable use of lampposts would imply some amount of illumination, as in things dawning upon the collective consciousness. The bankers are not going to just go away. They are not going to be willing to accommodate. The 1% are not going to be inclined to support wealth redistribution. The politicians are not inclined to want to surrender power. It is their obsession with them that got them where they are. It is the 1%'s obsession with wealth that got them wealthy.

This is one of the problems we have, that any detached (and halfway intelligent) layman has, in understanding why some people are the way they are. We're not like them and if we are lucky or careful, will never be like them. Ergo, it is hard to understand why they are the way they are. If you're not greedy, it can be hard to comprehend what it is like to be completely possessed by greed. If you're not possessed of any number of dark attributes, you can't know what it's like to be under that particular spell. If your criminal nature is your dominant nature then it stands to reason you should have a place to flee to when you get caught out.

It is amazing, beyond words really, how corrupt the system and those who serve it have become. You pretty much have to laugh as you read that. Every time you think you have a ballpark assessment of where things are at, you read something like that and you realize they're way past any latitude you might have given them.

Way past.

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There is a concerted effort at work at the moment between former commentators and new entities. Some of them are government affiliated and some from other sectors. They are coordinating so you will probably be hearing about me at other sites as they attempt to marginalize, deconstruct and generally mess around with the public's perception of me. Someone wrote to tell me something is going on at some site.. anagirifan or something like that. Some are really pissed that I won't spin the desired line that The Vatican is behind things and well... do the math as far as the rest of it goes. I haven't been to these sites, I'm only hearing about it, just as I didn't read Steve's blog posting or the comments. Anyway... this is to tell you that disinfo is about to ramp up concerning me so... enjoy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity.

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What the fat cats want, the fat cats get. What I don't get is how they imagine they will be able to continue to fleece the public when there's nothing left to take. As usual, we find, once again, not The Jesuits, not Opus Dei and not any of the cloven hoofed popes, engaged in aggressive monkey business. We find, the usual suspects. Of course there are some things the former are engaged in. How's that celibacy thing working out? Anyway, the guys wearing the Big Satan Pants, consistently lower the bar below that of any other group active at human distress.

Israel and the demons they worship are getting very antsy. It's like certain serial killers and the full moon. If they haven't killed and dismembered someone for more than a certain period of time, the compulsion becomes very intense. This is why Israel is sodomizing members of the American Senate, in order to convince them to pass legislation legalizing an attack on Iran. In those cases where they have not been successful in the strong-arm rape of congressional representatives, they have the videos of them doing it to underage children set up in a honey pot sting. Of course they also use people of legal age when any simple scandal will destroy them. However! Never let it be said that this kind of behavior does not go through channels to gain even a divine imprimatur on the business. Absurdity piled on top of absurdity is the catchphrase of the day. The living, breathing, inhuman jokes, as perverse and unfunny as they are, have reached a point, even though tragi-comic where you can't help but laugh because they are so ridiculous. It's things like these that bring tears to my eyes. Ever since Russell Brand shoehorned the word 'lachrymose' into a YouTube conversation with a seriously red faced, alcoholic talking head... I haven't been able to use the word. Of course that was only a couple of days ago and the need for that word is not as great as say, 'and' 'but', 'the' and so on. Anyway, about the number one pimp nation being the planetary winner in the highest prostitution sweepstakes, one can readily assume that it is also number one in human trafficking, just as it is in illegal organ harvesting. Isn't the internet wonderful? Despite the fact that it takes near one college semester to learn how to effectively use a search engine and even so... some people remain forever mystified by them, when you figure out the complexity of the act, you're on your way. I compare it to being able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics. funny thing is, I can do one but not the other.

Anyway, it's too funny that pretty much every dastardly and illegal thing taking place has its home office in the same little country in the Middle East. It's flat out amazing how many things they have their snaky little fingers into. Is there any other possible conclusion to all of this information than that some kind of justice is on its way? Day by day, Mr. Apocalypse is bringing evidence of the crimes of the few to the eyes of the many. It's all scripted. The rise of the Roman Empire was scripted just like the Fall of the Roman Empire. I used to enjoy reading Tacitus. You get such a deeper look into how things worked and how things happened. Things make a lot more sense when you possess the details. The same holds true about the truth.

Many people hear the truth, often as a direct statement, such as ISRAEL DID 9/11 but... without the details, people, given that they are genetically programmed to be knowitalls, are suspicious of sweeping declarations, especially when those declarations force them to take positions that might harm their economic status, given that Tribe Central Bankers own the currency presses and the money supplies and can apply pressure in all kinds of ways, if you don't get down on your knees in front of them, metaphorically and literally. When you see things like this, it ought to wake you up, unless it is preferable to sleep in a burning bed.

There goes Visible, talking about the same thing again. They are out to get you. That's why he's talking about it. They run the banks and Wall Street, both of whom are stealing from you 24/7. They run your government which is doing so many things to you, getting ready to do so many things, or thinking about and planning so many things to do to you that I don't have space here to list them. They control what you read, what you see on TV and in the movies and what music you hear through any of the usual mediums. They are poisoning your food supply, stealing your water, corrupting your police AND guarding your nuclear facilities. They've ruined your medical care. They are serial racketeers. It's not Iran that should be bombed. It's not Iran that should be boycotted. It's not Iran that should be censured. It's not Iran that is an aggressive predator. It's not Iran that is attacking all of her neighbors. It's not Iran who is setting up false flag chemical attacks. It's not Iran who is committing genocide. It's Israel, Israel, Israel. They ARE out to get you. Things like this are all over the place but no one objects. There's scads of evidence. They are on record saying that they hate you, are going to destroy you and at the very least will enslave you.

If they did not have control of the financial system they could not do this.

The facts don't lie and the reason for this repeating action is always the same thing. It's what is happening today. Money is changing hands. It's simple, financially back the most flexibly malleable and corrupt politician in every race, from dog catcher to the dog in the White House. Following that you can pay them to do what you want or you can threaten them, or set them up in a honey trap with underage boys or girls, depending on whether they are Republican or Democrat. Since they are corrupt and flexibly malleable, this is not hard and there are things you can put in drinks that inflame the libido and loosen the inhibitions like GHB and meth.

Once it enters into the wider gentile mind, what these monsters have in store for them, once they see the formation of the Soviet Gulag on the streets of their town, the force to do it will dissipate to nothing simply by the awareness of consciousness. My job and the job of all heralds in this time is to proclaim the coming age, expose the enemies of humanity and generally tell anyone and everyone to be optimistic despite appearances. "A change is gonna come."

In every book of lasting impact, regardless of how convoluted or doctrinaire, it is stated that the enemy of humanity will fall. I have a personal theory about the coming of the Avatar this time. I believe this time and because of the size of the population that the Avatar will come in the hearts of Humanity, speaking in every language, that universal language of love and brotherhood. It will come in a rising rushing roar. Time will stand still as the hairs rise on the backs of every neck... for one of two reasons. As of now the worm has turned. All the whining, sniveling and patently transparent lies no longer work.

I'm waiting on that rising rushing wind of living song; Dreams of Appetite (scroll down for it).

Alright people, still hammering on that same point but that same force is hammering on us. They are the gray cloud on a sunny day. They are that sense of menace. They are the source of the rising crime index due to the financial hocus pocus. Check out the statistics! Here's the game plan. They say that 50% of America lives in the city at the moment and they say in a few years it will be 80% They are actively working to drive people into the cities where they are easier to control. They are taking over the family farms and turning all agriculture into massive agri-business. They are taking possession of the drinking water. This effort is spearheaded by Nestles but municipalities all over the country are passing legislation to take control of the public's water, even if it runs off your roof. Meanwhile, fracking companies have free access to all the water they desire because they paid off the politicians. Most of this is backdoor stuff. A lot of cash is changing hands. They are militarizing law enforcement. Behind all of these efforts is the enemy who is pushing for that Soviet Gulag. Look what they accomplished in Russia. This time they are going to be exposed. This time... well. we'll see.

Let's end on a football note, sanctimonious, holier than thou, the ever prissy and anally retentive Mike Florio; Mr. Rectitude from the poker up the rectum zone, is running with his Savonarola meme. Few things bug me so much as high salaried, white lawyers getting all humanitarian and PC about something they have no ethnic connection to, simply to make themselves look good. I see this kind of thing every day, people jumping the fence from one side to the other from reading the power swing. Why is there only ONE Native American tribe worked up about this, at least publicly? Obama, who is as big a hypocrite and double dealing, conscious-less creep as has ever come down the pike but who is still a tad historically short of that other application of the pike, is in favor of changing the name, so following that, send in the clowns.

End Transmission.

There will be a radio broadcast tomorrow, check the comments section here on Monday.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boston Stupid and... Working for the Man in Afghanistan.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Where were we? Right! Absurdity piled on to absurdity. We might add Arrogance piled on to genetically infused and cultivated hubris. I walk outside, I look around. There's not much to see that's any different from yesterday or 15 years ago. This is the town that time forgot; probably why I'm here. I go on the internet and it's the same as it was yesterday but not 15 years ago. It's pregnant with Mission Creep and seriously pregnant with creeps but I am daily astounded at the amount of good souls out there. My personal experience is running about 50 to 1, clear eyed to cross-eyed, regular to constipated, forgiving to resentful and seemingly, not much change looming on the horizon for either type, except more of the same, albeit with an upgrade of intensity. Isn't that what you would expect? Getting stunned like an ox on the road to Damascus is not a common feat. Millions of Big Macs and Pink Slime Shakes go down the galloping gullets of the nutritionally screwed every single day ...but epiphanies are a Blue Moon rare kind of a thing.

Collective epiphanies are near unheard of but bear a certain resemblance for those residents of Mississippi, Alabama and neighboring states to that rapture they're waiting on ...and will need an industrial forklift in order to attend. Yesterday I had it explained to me how the shift in consciousness will go down, as opposed to all of the conflicting religious and new age scenarios, waiting on directory assistance. Now, no doubt about it, there are those who may disagree with this and we'll find that out tomorrow. Today we've got to see what's in the Petri Dish. Along with absurdity piled on to absurdity, there is corruption piled on top of corruption. Hmmmm, o---kay... what ethnic cabal of born and baptized Satanists, seeking to turn the United Sates into a Soviet era gulag, would be engaged in efforts to repeal the Second Amendment?

Most of Europe and- let's face it- most of the world is seriously pissed at serial voyeur, Howdy Doody Obama and his Zio-NAZI handlers. This qualifies as the most epic embarrassment in a century. This damage cannot be undone and the way this impacts on all previous alliances from economic to mutual defense is catastrophic in the long run AND... the heads of all of these countries KNOW who is controlling the US Govt and they also know WHO did 9/11.Since Obama don't know nuthin about nuthin, it stands to reason he wouldn't know anything about 9/11, right? Wrong! He knows. He works for the people who did it.

Yesterday, the World Series started and they're talking about that 'Boston Strong' thing. It should be called 'Boston Stupid' or 'Boston Big Brother' (in da house!). After that brief mention, they paraded 3 medal of Honor winners out on to the field and talked a lot of bullshit about supporting the troops and their powerful service and sacrifice 'working for the man in Afghanistan'; making the world safe for heroin and all opium by products. There ain't no opprobrium for opium in the US. Meanwhile, Hillbilly Heroin (see Breaking Bad if you haven't already) is creating serious competition and taking money out of the hands of the CIA and it's minders in Tel Aviv and New York. Well, we know who's deep into those markets. Others also know.

Yes, there they were, those vacant brained Medal of Honor winners, celebrating their service in one of The Banker's Wars. All wars are Banker's Wars! When you go to a search engine to get a list of the heads of the Central Banks, they don't want to let you have that. What you get is a list of Central Banks and when a link says something about Central Bank heads, you'll get five or six head shots of safe players with Asian names. Possibly someone out there can provide a list of the Central Bankers so that I can put it into this post? The heads of the majors would be fine. I noticed a few years ago that they stuck a gentile into one of the positions. Before that there were none but I suppose it has happened 'occasionally' before.

It's time for that approximation of the 7th inning stretch, blog-wise. Actually this is more like a fifth inning stretch but I'll take them when they come up out of the subconscious. And... in our version of the premature 7th inning stretch, let's give a shout out to the Breast Cancer Industry! It should be a fortune 500 company! If most of the bucks are in the intentionally extended, allopathically invasive, dark ages medicine techniques, it stands to reason that it makes serious good financial sense to treat everyone as if they had breast cancer whether they have it or not. Just tell your victims (Remember your payments for that condo in Boca! Remember that bracelet for the bimbo you're banging out of the student nurses pool! It's always Christmas at the hospital when you got those Candy Strippers!) that there's an indication  they have a malignant life form (and that would be true because a malignant life form is standing or sitting right in front of them. D'accord?). Tell them, "better safe than sorry." "The tests are inconclusive and that's not a good sign." Crank up that chemo! Disco with the Chemo! Get down with the Chemo!

Want to see Cancer! Want to see real Cancer? Here you go! Don't miss the part about dating in the 6th grade. There's your cancer. There's a small portion at the heart of the black rot that permeates the materialism that sucks you down, pound for pound, round and round the drain of that infected culture of Petri Dish Poetry. Time for a short commercial and... here you are (manifesting) again! Just like it had eyes.

The real problem is not all the Tribe cheerleaders and manipulators of matter into meaningless shape. It's not their banker wars, the utter depravity of the government and all of it's sections from the IRS to the FBI, both of whom are totally corrupt and so is every agency in between and on either side. The REAL PROBLEM is in the complete lack of sensitivity and awareness in such a large body of the population. The real problem is what materialism does to an otherwise sane consciousness. By degrees it draws the mind down into a pit of madness. Those manipulating this force know just what it does. They know it splinters the will and the focus and it narrows the will and focus in terms of appetite and the satisfaction of that vast variety of low brow desires.

Walk into a supermarket. Walk into a supermarket as an intentional observer. Walk up and down every aisle and note what is available. Chances are there are several aisles with nothing but soft drinks. There has to be an entire aisle of potato chips. There is probably an entire aisle of candy. There are many aisles of processed food, in freezers, coolers, packages and cans. There are poisonous, death dealing energy drinks. There are stomach churning coffee drinks. Where's the food? This is the area of confusion I used to enter into often. I had to hunt all over the place for the things I eat; rice (when they have brown rice), fruits and vegetables, nuts, juices, other grains. Most of the time I have to go to the health food store for things I can't get in the supermarkets. The same applies to so many things in life; walking out into the world into a blizzard of things and life forms of which about .0001% percent elicits my interest, or... is that illicits?

They've turned the industries of the world into a gigantic garbage manufacturing machine. Toxic smoke comes out of the chimney pipes, plastic nonsense comes out of the hoppers. This is reflected in the birth canal as well because whatever you are thinking about during the act of conception has something to do with the being who arrives. As Mikhail Aivanov said, "if people could only see who shows up to have lunch when they are having sex, they would be a lot more careful about how they go about it." He's another brilliant fellow, a student of Peter Duenov. I read that link for the first time today. I knew  P.Duenov only peripheral to Mikhail Aivanov. I was struck by how what he says is so often reflected here, especially about the nearness of that Golden Age. I was floored by the comments from well known sources of wisdom. Well, that was not a bad digression, given where this paragraph started out (grin). There is very important info in that link for those to whom it applies. The rest of you can just present yourself at the recycling center. Oh right, never mind. It will appear right in front of you, if you continue to be deaf to the urging of Nature within and outside of you. If you are harmonizing there, everything else will come into sympathetic and protective resonance. If not... so be it. No one can say they haven't been told and warned over and over and over and over again. The telling and the warning are about to get much more dire.

Mid November is coming; to be followed by what follows ...and everyone is being slotted and routed toward whatever their vibrationary matrix directs it to, by virtue or vice of what it is. You are what you are, whether you are yourself or not. You are as you are and that is the determinant of the magnetism that acts upon you. Nothing is set in stone, though for many of you, it may feel as if your feet are because of your incredible disinclination to change in the face of so much evidence, indicative of a pressing need to... change. Change or die is the rule of existence and it is a reservoir of deep truth for those curious souls who are inclined to turn things over in their hands and consider them from all angles.

NOW is the time. NOW is ALWAYS the time. Consistency and determination on the course is all it takes. We've no problem being consistent at all kinds of things we would be much better served being more inconsistent at. It's that force of dream.

Bank of America bought a bunch of Marine's tickets to the World Series. I don't see that as much of a payoff for fighting their wars. Then, after the camera was done grazing over them hooting in their dress uniforms, the camera moved to this ridiculous fool of a Marine Sargent, singing God Bless something or other. He did some kind of opening drama queen thing before he launched into voice. I don't know how that went cause I fast forwarded; just like they do, if the truth shows up and they have to think about it in terms of what they do.

Nobody much likes to point out the visible horror, of military personnel, killing countless men, women and children ...because bankers ordered them to. Nobody much likes hearing about depleted uranium or white phosphorous, while the monsters responsible for their proliferation, are screeching about Syria and that phonied up chemical attack, also set in motion by the same bankers. Nobody wants to hear about the rapes and the suicides in the military ranks, or the alcoholism, binge drinking, drug use and pharmaceutical addictions. Nobody wants to hear about the increasing incidence of vets going nuts with guns, killing their families, or simply being routinely shot by police, usually former soldiers, who taze or kill everything that moves or opens it's mouth; something they've been doing ever since the Israelis took over training the police. They shoot the family dogs as a departmentally approved greeting, whenever they show up; shoot the owner too if they object.

Yeah... if you can't see what's going on, with all the access you got to what's going on... if you don't see how it might relate to you and those you tell yourself you love, as we like to say here, you don't want to see it but... you will see it. It will intensify and intensify and intensify, until you damn well do see it, at which point, it may or may not be... too late.

End Transmission........

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cheetos of the Mind Sector of the Universe.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today, I want to start off giving an example of the kind of thing I have to go through around here (grin). Probably well over a hundred times, over the course of time, someone writes in asking me to do research for them. In the past, I would put the simple question in a search engine and instantly come up with whatever they asked me for. This got tiresome. It's not enough I work for free, relatively, or that all my ads are free, or that I answer several dozen emails every day but... I have to be someone's research assistant too. Then, when I politely inform this fellow that he can just go to a search engine, he gets nasty and insulting.

First I get this email; Hi Les, Fascinated by the Zeitgeist film. Tried sharing the video with family members and friends, but they want to deny it on the ground that he doesn't cite his sources. To a larger extent, this is the attack point for all critics of the blogosphere. Can you point me to some sources that will confirm Mr. Peter Joseph Mercola's assertions? Particularly on the Jesus/Horus Piscean Avatar info.I sense he is right. Now I want to get to primary historical documents (papyrus would be ideal)

Any help much appreciated.
Paul Cope

I reply; I have no idea where to send you but I would imagine you can find everything you need and more than you can read via any search engine. I've only seen the film once and that some years ago.



Then I get this; "Okay, but you're referencing a YouTube video that makes challenging assertions about the centrality of Jesus as some prime avatar, when he is in fact just one of many. You, Les, who have studied Chaldean writings and M Blavatsky can't give me one source? This is not a challenge. I am curious, I want sources  and I think you should point me to at least one source. Why? Because you post 4 blogs. You should know primary sources for what you claim or allude to, not just provide hyperlinks to some 
trashy article that supposedly proves your point that evil destroys itself because Mr. Apocalypse is whacking people upside the head. You oscillate between someone who has it together and some bloviating, Birkenstock-wearing hippie, ex-army brat. I'm certain though that you will live to be 106. The good die young.

Paul Cope

What makes this whole thing so ironic is that this arrogant and insufferable fool is asking about a spiritual matter. I now find it understandable why he can't find anything because it is a hard and inflexible fact that the truth and the higher mysteries are hidden from the eyes of the profane.

I haven't seen that film but once and it was near a decade ago. I don't keep an accordion file of everything that relates to everything I ever wrote. I hardly remember what I wrote shortly after I write it.

Another thing that happens around here is that anonymous is seriously jealous and upset that people say so many nice things about me. They rage and fume about this. It could be just one person, not that that matters. I don't solicit people to be affectionate toward me. I even purposely get a little cranky and curmudgeonly on occasion so that people will note that there are scratches on my CD. I'm going to cut that out as there doesn't seem to be a point to it anymore and I'm not like that generally anyway.

When you become a presence on the internet, due to some single action, like your dog does the Macarena, or... you get there by working every day for some years, you become a target. Some people think they own you, that you are another free resource and have no say as to how you serve or when.

I've been subject to all kinds of negative events since I got into this, sometimes it's been engineered over an extended time, just to put me in a situation where someone can fabricate a perspective on me about things that never even happened. When I offer proof that none of it happened, none of these people take me up on it. They WANT to believe the worst. Other times I have acted out in order to avoid getting deeper involved with certain people when I saw that they wanted to glom on to what I have and elevate themselves into a position that I refuse to occupy myself in the first place. Then, instead of simply telling the truth, they make up wild and impossible things about me that are absurd on the face of it. Why wouldn't they just stick with the truth? It would certainly have been enough.

My general state of being around here is that I get up and I say good morning to my friends, then I meditate, have a few cups of tea (thank you Jeff! Your email has disappeared) and go to work. This goes on until I head to bed with brief interruptions to eat and engage in some form of brief socializing. That's how it is every day. I don't spend my days getting high, as my uniformed critics like to believe. I don't drink, though I have occasionally and except for difficult circumstances, very moderately. I don't smoke. I don't do much. It's true that sometimes I like to ingest a comestible so I can see what's going on on the inner planes but that's not often. If anyone has any concrete proof otherwise be sure and make it visible. Since that's impossible we'll just move right along

I'm not here to live up to anyone's standards. I purposely have lowered mine on occasion in order to not be taken for something that a certain portion of the audience wants to label me as. This, on reflection turns out to have been a stupid move but I shudder to think of where I might be now if I hadn't done what I did.

It's impossible to please everyone and there's all kinds of resentment and laborious ego dancing going on out there. People want to be something, be important but refuse to put the work and sacrifice into it to get there. They want the instant, 'just add water', "I'm a Reiki master" thing. Also, the option of anonymous, allows mean spirited, small minded and generally impotent and frustrated individuals, the license and latitude to snarl and sneer with impunity. None of this has any appreciable effect on me so they're wasting their time but it all bears mentioning. I'm only concerned with approval from one source and that generally accounts for whatever similar returns I get elsewhere. You can't do this kind of thing if you're going to be knocked off center every time someone who wants to be in your position gets outraged that they're not. Anyone can be in this position, just do the work. Just do the work. Eventually the source will readily leap forth whenever summoned and the water will run clear, for the most part (grin).

Sometimes I wander around (not often) to other locations on the internet and study the comments being left by people on any number of things. I'm amazed at the amount of vicious commentary going on. A lot of it is also just uninformed opinion, masquerading as a legitimate read. I watch people tear down anyone and everyone. Some of the subjects are deserving of the effort and a visit to Madame de la Guillotine as well ...but some of these people, because they are noted for good works or public service, are the object of all kinds of smear campaigns, based not on any proven facts but rather on what someone said and that's used as if it were fact.

So much of all of this is ludicrous and should be embarrassing to the people engaged in it, were they not immune to embarrassment, so that everyone else can see it except for them.

I am not the reader's research machine but I do assure you that I have researched whatever I write about, recently or at some point in the past AND- if you are such a loser that you can't even work a search engine, you don't deserve to know anything. You need to migrate away from here and head over to the Cheetos of the Mind sector of the universe. If you are the sort of person who becomes outraged when your needs (demands) are not met, you can look forward to being perpetually in that state, given the planet you're on. If you are going to go around in a state of conflict with people you don't know and who are only barely aware that you are out there and that, only peripherally, you can expect your frustration to be a regular state of being in the future.

One of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite writers, Omar Khayyam, is "the dogs bark but the caravan moves on". If you don't have a body of work, it's likely you're not in a position to comment on someone who does. Critics are generally people who can't do what they criticize. This accounts for much concerning them. We all get our due, if not here, then somewhere further up, or down. History and the cosmos will eventually set the measure of any man or woman. Time will tell. I'm comfortable with that. Some of the most popular writers of their time are not remembered at all now. Others who got short shrift while they were around are giants presently. As much as The Tribe fools with history, there are some things they can't change. Those who are slavering to see me hammered or massively disgraced, can rest assured that I'll get what's coming to me either way. I have, in fact, been assured of that many times; probably to keep me marching into the teeth of the wind (grin).

I don't expect everyone to like me. I wouldn't be doing my job if they did. There are all kinds of weak, dishonest, duplicitous and craven individuals out there. There are some fine, true and noble sorts as well. Hopefully it is the later who appreciate my work. It appears to be so. Usually I average about one negative comment a month. As the tensions have gone up in the world- and they have- it's more like once a week now. That's still a fantastic percentage, given the amount of comments that come in each week.

These are very difficult times. It stands to reason there are some very difficult people around. Instead of working on themselves, these poor souls have allowed the force of materialism to amplify their arrogance and egotism to a ridiculous size and so they spend their existence like a huge zeppelin, bumping into everything around them. They are very uncomfortable with themselves, as they well should be but... they don't see the solution which should be obvious but it is never obvious when such shortcomings so completely block one's line of sight.

Well, this is something a little different and no doubt we've all got some position on the variants presented here. For now, this is where we step off.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Joker is Twerking with Bobby Vinton's Hair.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are so many criminals loose in these times, organized and disorganized that you nearly have to strip search the universe to find an honest man. Dishonesty is so rampant that even people who are commenting on the dishonesty and using their commentary to trumpet their own generosity toward the public good (something we really, really need to know and god forbid that should go under the radar; Yeah, I'm cynical, you spend your days researching the internet and looking under rocks and see what happens to you- grin) and who also support financial and promotional engines in human form, who are not afraid to tell you that the Saudis own Hollywood. If you don't mind the extended reach, that is true, indirectly, since the Saudis are Tribe Members, if not actually, which I suspect they are, then certainly they are honorary members who have had their integrity and humanity circumcised in a neighborhood, Satanic Temple. You do not get to blow your way up the ranks, (PLW-grin) or... later on, down the ranks, unless you leave that particular be-foreskin at the entrance. Generally you have to toss it there afterwards, so that it can be trampled on by the growing number of converts after 'some of this', or 'some of that'. Requests come in for everything from Bobby Vinton's hair to what's her name's Twerker; obligatory ♫kazoo solo♫ as a shadow slut dances on the white sheet, hanging on the north wall. The Tower is behind the sheet but you can't see it; not that anyone knows what the Cube of Space is anyway (grin).

Corruption is like oxygen when it comes to politicians. This is how I define clueless, whether it be politician, or any of their victims. Clueless is when you do shit and you are a public figure and you just take it for granted that no one is going to find out. On the pedestrian level (meaning the great unwashed that the politicians walk on as if they were a living, breathing sidewalk) it's kind of like cheating on your wife or husband. There is a vibrational synchronicity that exists between a man and a woman, with telepathic undertones, that outs you eventually. Also, the subconscious, in all of us, is programmed to screw up whenever the self conscious is operating in a deceptive way; Lying to yourself, lying to others, one follows the other and Bob's your mother. I'm upgrading that Brit saying to conform with contemporary mores.

A thought went across my mind just now, like one of those single clouds crossing a cerulean sky. Bear with me. We know that the government and corporate Hell servants have been messing with the food and water and because, they are, pretty much, all corrupt, allowing Nestles to steal people's water and then sell it back to them. Nestles owns a lot of other companies because Nestles is a vampire coven. Don't buy ANYTHING made by Nestles. Anyway, I was thinking about all of the ways that the government, the corporations and The Tribe Bankers are screwing over the human race. Nobody here is stupid enough to believe they are going to stop, until they ARE stopped and speaking only for myself, I hope they get stopped hard and permanent and never see anything beyond reincarnation as a shit fly for the whole of the next cycle, unless they are sent all the way back to being a rock.

Okay, we know that the government recently fired a whole lot of doctors for some reason. I don't usually pay much attention to any of the reasons given by the government, corporations or Tribe Central Bankers because it is a given that they lie without exception. Now we are seeing this. Government Mormons... more precisely, government morons, are out with the old door to door. We know that Obama (I don't fucking) Care was the main sticking point during the shutdown and probably the one thing Obama and Co. was not going to budge on. Why is Obamacare so important? Yes, we know that Obama is a corporation and Central Banker butt boy, so it is important to his employers (What? You thought that was you? ...dumbass). We also know that since Obama (I don't fucking) Care was put together by industry lawyers and lobbyists, this means some kind of annuity payback for Obama and his Hollywood family but, he has all kinds of swag coming in for later anyway. He abused the American public so much that he will never have to worry about income. He will have to worry about the Karma for it all but since he is a full on Satanist, he doesn't see what's what anyway. He only sees what he's allowed to see, as he makes his way to lasting perdition.

Yes... it is taking me awhile to get to my point and that is intentional. The bigger the windup the more impactful the pitch. Okay, we know that Obama and the hideous slime that he serves, are capable of anything. They are devoid of conscience and incapable of remorse. We know they've been poisoning the Earth with fracking and fracking isn't even necessary. We know they've been passing out the depleted uranium like candy from the neighborhood pedophile's house on Halloween (No doubt his Halloweenie is in costume too). We know about The Tribe poisoning the Palestinians wells and whatever they can get to, including their leaders; which is why they no longer have leaders. We know the Tribe is in control of the American government. We KNOW that the medical establishment has been poisoning the public via vaccinations. We know that a whole lot of micro-biologists were killed by the government a few years ago.

Okay, take all of this into consideration, as well as the mentality of the Tribe Owned monsters so engaged, and think about it. What if Obamacare is the new government agency for national, selective euthanasia? What if it is also the agency that provides the chemical cocktails that turn the public into even more completely controlled drones than they already are? Yeah, they can manage the whole thing right out of the government run health clinics.

The Tribe offspring, of The Tribe Monsters, who organized The Bolshevik Revolution, for the purpose of performing the greatest mass murder in history, is looking to outdo themselves by making it happen again... in the United States first and then, anywhere else they can make it happen ...because they worship death and the one they serve hates the human race, which is why he picked a people that have no sense of humanity.

Obamacare might well be the Elite's Death Factory. They can put whatever they want into whatever they prescribe. Of course, this might all be simple coincidence. There's a lot of that going around these days. However, the degree to which they are poisoning the Earth and already poisoning humanity with toxic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, commercial foodstuffs... the list is impressive once you spend a little time looking it over... all of this indicates to me that everything they come up with has something to do with an increase in enslavement, an increased body count or... increased complexity and confusion.

It is very interesting that the online infrastructure of Obamacare doesn't work. Who would have the power to make all thing go 'aft gang agley; for the gang that couldn't think straight? In times of relative peace the Joker is around but seldom seen. In times like these, the Joker is Wild and directly engaged in everything that happens. It's going to get wilder and crazier and more comical with each passing day. World shakers, religious leaders, Gleem smiling entertainment androids, shit talking Feds, commercial warlords in pantyhose and all the rest of the animated embarrassments, who are a travesty on the human race, are all in line for some form of serious public humiliation. They're going through it at this very moment, in the milder stages, although they are probably unaware of it. They probably think they are really important, really valuable, really suave, really sexy and really connected to 'what it is', instead of what they are, which is so pathetic that laughter is hard to come by ...but... it's not going to stay that way. Laughter is coming because the cosmos is going to provoke such a sequence of comedic events, while awakening the spirit of mirth within 'many' of us. Of course, there's a lot of us who quite possibly will not be laughing but those are the ones among us who have been doing all the laughing for quite some time and are laughing now, no doubt and... no doubt, that would be nervous laughter.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Pursuit of Hope, beyond the Lizard Skins in the Flame Room

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a given that we would much rather be chest deep in Love than knee deep in shit so... since this is Petri Dish. we'll have to just hope for a happy medium ...but put on our gum boots all the same. Since this is the cultural vortex, with all that implies, the degree of inanity in the most insane nation on Earth just keeps on truckin.  Not to be outdone in terms of malice, mendacity and shit for brains, is the New York City police department, for arresting a homeless man and stealing his laptop. The man was a student of a programmer named Patrick, who gave him the laptop and was teaching him coding. He was supposed to appear on the Today Show (today), which adds quite some irony to the affair. I'm not posting the link from Activist Post because the programmer is saying how the police are only doing their job and how much they sacrificed themselves on 9/11 and I, I refuse to play patty-cake with these thugs who belong in the jails they are putting everyone else in. It's a known fact that they selectively seek out people of color for their stop and frisk program. Meanwhile, human bulldog, Raymond Kelly, the NYC police commissioner, is being considered for heading up Homeland Insecurity. Anyone being considered for this post must be a known Satanic sycophant by the Lizard Skins in the Flame Room.

How ridiculous are the police in these times? they systematically search for the most dysfunctional and brainwashed individuals they can locate. They don't want people who can think or reason. They want people who follow orders and over react on a regular basis. I can understand what Patrick the Coder was trying to say but... kissing their ass doesn't work!

Something the police don't do is go after the real criminals. No... they protect them. They protect the political serial killers while the system, in the hands of the banking serial killers, is geared for a continuously tightening pressure, like the tightening of screws driving wooden planks into a body, in order to crush it. This article tells a part of the story. What I don't get is how the author can say that 100 million people are out of work and yet also say the unemployment % is at 8%. I hate shit like this. It messes with my barely operational sense of math. Theoretically I get math. Binarily I get math but then there's that math I see used a lot these days that I don't get at all. It's sort of like 2 and 2 adds up for me, you later, maybe.

To see the degree of insidious, being perpetrated by THE 'particular' TRIBE, you don't have to look far or in any particular direction,l cause it's going on everywhere they can get it on. It doesn't mater how transparent the lies are, how erroneous the lies are or how many lies there are. This was the essential motive in taking over the media in the first place and preceding that was taking over the currency presses, in order to finance the purchase of anything they considered useful toward turning society into a steaming cauldron of resentment, hate, murder and all things Tribe pleasing, which includes shit.

Now that the courageous governments of Iceland and Hungary have tossed the Tribe banking scams out of their country, the move is on. The main factor delaying the desired kneejerk reaction in places like Greece, Spain, Italy and others, is that they are still in the hands of corrupt politicians, who are in the employ of the bankers. Once these clerk mind scoundrels have been ousted, it will occur very swiftly. Want to solve all the problems in your country? Throw out the international banking cartels and their functionaries in the seats of power. WANT TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR COUNTRY? THROW OUT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTELS AND THEIR FUNCTIONARIES IN THE SEATS OF POWER! WANT TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR COUNTRY? THROW OUT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTELS AND THEIR FUNCTIONARIES IN THE SEATS OF POWER!!! Everything else will follow.

Yelling at the government is fairly pointless because it is the bankers and corporations that own them who are responsible. Replacing their representatives is a simple affair, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." It is basic policy that has to be changed. Neuter the bankers!

What are we seeing on the outrageously concocted laws front? There is more and more legislation along the lines of granting person-hood to corporations and taking all limits off of what can be spent to put a shit-golem in office. Lawyers are not in the business of determining right and wrong. they are in the business of blurring the lines and making one appear to be the other. Judges are supposed to be in the business of interpreting the law but that is no longer their job because so many of them are Tribe Members and the rest of them are coerced by the Tribe, or got into office on a Tribe Bribe. This is why they are so dedicated to getting those Noahide laws into ubiquitous operation.

There's a curious phenomena that is going on at the moment and you can lay the blame for that at the door of Mr. Apocalypse. For a long time, the Satanic Tribe and associated affiliated and unaffiliated Satanists have kept out of sight. They've skimmed the cream; convinced us that the real mob was Italian, shoehorned their lackeys into positions of power, traded off kids of both sexes like Pokemon cards, set up financial disasters and horrific conflicts, for the purpose of personal gain. They were in the shadows. They trumpeted their victimhood up and down main street and took over the educational system in order to control what people learn and don't learn. This also allowed them to revise history in any way they wanted to.

Then, over recent decades they have slowly come out into the open. They have let themselves be seen doing all kinds of ugly things; bragging about them, laughing about them. When they fucked up the economy, they strong-armed their bought and owned representatives in government and made them bail them out with public monies, sneering all the way. They are not going to get up tomorrow any differently than they got up today. They are not suddenly going to have an epiphany and say, "Oh, my God, I've been doing a lot of very bad things. I'm going to have to stop that right now." They are not made that way and their minds don't work that way. They are psychopaths, devoid of conscience and remorse. They can only be disemppowered, quarantined or sent on to their reward. They are like rabid dogs. You don't take a rabid dog down to the clinic and get him treatment for his condition. It doesn't work. One of the basic assessments every person should make before engaging in anything is, "Does this work?" in respect of whatever effort they are taking.

Of course, if you are lying to yourself to begin with, then you're beyond help until you stop doing that. If you've built up a thick and strong wall of denial, then it also becomes very difficult to stop lying to yourself. This is what composes the walls we build around ourselves. This is our cocoon of ignorance and isolation.

The world, as it exists at this moment, is tailored to encourage you in all the wrong ways. If you follow the ways of the world you are doomed. There is no positive exit. If you do not  then, expect difficulties up until you find the way in and around, or acquire the assistance that takes it all out of your hands; provided you will allow that. That's no small thing. Many a powerful and highly intelligent individual has doomed themselves by being incapable of seeing clearly or... being unwilling too. Being smart or clever is not always an asset.

Yes, there's a full court cultural press going on as one can see in the construction of that article. On and on it goes and what is waiting in the wings is ever so much darker than what is presently on stage. Why did they come so out in the open and not bother to conceal their connection to so many of the great crimes of the times? They know that time is getting short and also, they've been forced out into the open, while at the same time, Mr. Apocalypse is making sure they get connected to all that they have done.

Yes, time is getting short and they are learning what every world shaker before them has learned without exception. No one ever takes over the world because... "the Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes."

So it goes and on and on it goes. I love the argument given by the New Mexico Supreme Court. That constitutes a legal argument?

I suppose the relentless, heavy tread of these recent years can be seen as some of the agonizing worst; certainly for some people. For many people, it definitely has but it's all a part of the movie and it's all been scripted a particular way for maximum effect. No doubt a great many of us disagree with the span of latitude allowed and the amount of time consumed. That's because we can't see all the ends of it. It's frustrating, I know. The insufferable hindrances placed upon so many of us in our pursuit of a simple existence and on our freedom to come and go are very difficult to bear. Things and freedoms that were once an accepted norm are no longer accepted or allowed. Mean spirited bureaucrats, mindless flunkies and thugs have proliferated across the landscape. It's not the case everywhere but the atmosphere of collective depression serves nearly the same purpose.

One of these days... one of these days, the barriers and blockades will fall. The evil among us will be radically awakened and see the full extent of their crimes as judgment takes place within the core of their being, where it cannot be denied. I'm waiting on the skies to open. I guess I can wait a little longer, maybe that's all being held in reserve until the hearts open first.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bread and Circuses and The Toxic Elite

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Keep on trucking!

The Slim Shady Satanists are not happy. As has been stated often enough, one of the guarantees for evil destroying itself, is that the practitioners turn upon each other at some point. I often think of Evil as a Tarot card which has a guy sitting in a wasteland, gnawing off his own foot, with a few skeletons littered around the landscape.

If we ever needed more proof that the Crass Media is the propaganda arm of the government and the corporations that run it (and we don't), their lack of coverage on everything presently going down is something else. I can't seem to find anything about the truckers or any of the rest of the outraged populace. I haven't looked that hard cause I don't want to find out what happened between the Dodgers and The Cardinals, which game I am watching as I write this posting. Usually I have a movie or a sporting event going on because most of what I do is channeling of a sort and occupying one portion of my mind tends to free up that other portion; the sounding board. This is why there are such frequent mentions of, "Wow! I was just thinking about that today." or, "I dreamed about that last night.", or "I was just talking to my partner about that." This and many another modality occur now and again far and wide but since it's metaphysics it doesn't generate pervasive curiosity. In times of material darkness, people's attention is on the banal and superficial. That's how they got into the mess they are presently in.

Here's a secret to most. If you get your operational info from appearances and since appearances are deceiving, where does that leave you? If, on the other hand, you get your marching orders from your intuition, you are accessing source overview material, with some amount, depending on you, of source internal view. How many times have every one of us gotten a feeling, a hunch about something, acted on it and then found later that it was the smart thing to do? I have a few personal mottos. The one about to follow has been of great service to me on a number of occasions and an object lesson at those times I didn't pay attention; If the way before you is cloudy, don't move. If it's clear, you're not asking. You're dealing with weather and what is the primary quality of weather? It's change. If we only possessed a certain amount of patience, most of our problems and difficulties would not occur.

The month of October has played host to some number of degenerate schemes over the years. The toxic elite have a real attraction to certain time periods and particular numbers. Since they are into all kinds of voodoo and since the universe is composed of letters and number arranged in different ways, depending on what the object or environment is, they like to think of themselves as being tuned in to those particular mechanics. Of course, since they are Evil, their understanding is flawed at various points and their success inconsistent as a result. Eventually they negotiate themselves into a tight place they can't get out of.

A vast expanse of thinkers. whose minds are occupied by the force of materialism, like to purport that the universe is random and influenced by happenstance. This kind of thinking also allows for them to elevate themselves as the source of rational perspective. People like this are cultivated by the Toxic Elite, just as are bad writers, faux musicians rappers, who can only talk about bling, booty and Versace and actors who have made arrangements to serve the interests of the Toxic Elite, like Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, the Pitt Family Hobson and most of them, in any case, for the purpose of career enhancement and elevation. Though many might think of 'making a deal with the Devil' as some kind of fantasy construct, you only have to hang out in Hollywood for a short time, with the right access ...and you will see that there are a lot of people that take this seriously. Brett Easton Ellis is deep into this kind of thing. This is the great allure of Scientology. They promise you success in exchange for submission and a whole lot of money. There's little difference between Scientology and Satanism. They are the SS of the entertainment world. Scientology has this state called 'clear'. What that is is, 'clearly compromised'.

If you are able to suspend the force that drives most people on a relentless treadmill, thereby making penetrating focus a difficult art, you can see the varieties of programming that are operational all around you. You can see them at work in people while they talk to you, which is why intelligent communicators will not interact with those areas of any individual. You see these programming venues at work in religion, social intercourse, business, pretty much anywhere the mass of population spends its time. They are blatantly operational and it takes a good deal of denial to keep one in the usual restraints.

You can see this in all its gruesome glory in the state of permitted influences over consciousness. Alcohol, the biggest chemical killer and generator of the most violence, IS LEGAL. The degree to which they push it in movies and elsewhere is ridiculous. I just watched a piece of shit film called "The Internship". They inserted gratuitous low brow sex and alcohol vignettes all though the film. It ended with one of the actors yelling at another one who was departing about how they were going to drink some amount of beers and get 'drunk'.

Alcohol and commercial tobacco are mass killers . The latter is engineered for that. You would think that those selling commercial cigarettes also own substantial shares in the Bad Health Industry. Useful comestibles, far, far less dangerous than the aforementioned are made seriously illegal and the majority of people in prison in Amerika, are there for drug offenses and 80% of those are there for simple possession. Anyone who supports this agenda is firmly in the pocket of the aforementioned, or the private prison industry, It's the same thing with the military industrial complex. War is a necessity for their profit margin. They vigorously lobby for this sort of thing and everyone who gets elected is vetted by the monsters. Ever wonder why the world hasn't changed into a peaceful and fantastic place? That sort of thing goes counter to the agenda of the Toxic Elite.

The good news is that the Toxic Elite is rotting from the inside out. The good news is that their access to the power of temporal control is receding by the day. Their fear and uncertainty is going up. Their obsessions and compulsions are amplifying by the day. Their propensity for embarrassing mistakes is also on the rise. It's a lot like the court of Louis the 16th. They are mentally and emotionally disconnected from what is manifesting all around them. They are in an insulated bubble of illusion. How could anything go wrong for them? "Let them eat cake." It's no accident about the widespread use of SSRI's, nor is there about the conditions created that make people want to take them. There's no accident concerning the economic collapse, the gratuitous wars, the endless lies and all the rest of the day to day strategies of the Toxic Elite. The key to an optimistic state of mind is in realizing that they are in a state of panic and that that accounts for the uptick in crazy behavior. If they are in panic mode, they are aware of something coming, even if they don't know precisely what that is. They do know that it bodes them no good.

The Bread and Circuses thing is moving at maximum speed. I marvel at the packed stadiums that I see during the football games and the baseball playoffs. I thought the economy was in the toilet. They look like ordinary people down there in the box seats. Some parts of the economy are pumping, or else they're all living on credit. It's not the same in Europe. People are very much into savings here. Work-people are paid significant sums. The guilds are still very much operative. Food and lodging are subsidized so that the poor can maintain. At least that is the case here. They've even given me a pension. It's only 47 Euro a month but it does pay for my health insurance, which is seriously comprehensive. I get that very low price because I am an artist. I imagine such things are long gone from America, if they were ever in place at all.

When you go contrary to the natural order of things, you instigate a cosmic resistance. It grows and grows until it reaches critical mass, which is where we find ourselves today.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Rectal Dysfunction Rats from Lodi with the Darkside Blues Again.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is a long concealed mystery about dolphins and what they represent behind the scenes. This is known to some and unknown to most. Other mysteries are now manifesting out of Nature, as the subconscious end of the manifest; that which lies and thrives below the surface, comes forward to engage those industries whose unseen hands pull at the death knell bell, now ringing in the ethers where only those with ears can hear.

These days the main focus of prognosticators, for-soothsayers and traveling carnival fortune tellers, of which economists make up the larger share, are also representatives of this Day of the Triffids jellyfish thing, as that substance inside their cranial cavity is exactly the same as the underwater revolutionaries lurking about the power plants and who are especially drawn to Isra-Hell. Unfortunately for the host bodies, they are not revolutionary in this location but rather expressions of the 'feeding upon' parasite sector. It makes sense that they would be most attracted to the greatest bipedal parasites on the planet.

I've been getting a lot of messages lately of coming attractions scheduled for the main stage of existence. You can tell where that is because it has the most lights, the biggest speakers and the most powerful smoke machines. You'll also note in the VIP grassslands back of the stage that there is a frightening collection of stretch limos because... the bigger the asshole the longer the limousine. It was Henry Kissinger who first make this fact widely known during the Paris Piece of Ass Talks. Portions of exploded posterior flesh were all over the place, the result of Central Banker IED's that had been placed in population areas throughout South East Asia, wherever desirable power sources had been located. Tim Burton's twisted sister, Halli Burton was the early prototype of turbo skanks like Susan Rice and Samantha Powers. These are the train pulling sluts for the bareback demon riders, ridden hard and put away in flames They're all members in bad standing of HHS, which stands for Hecate Humping Stations. Like the earliest exponents from The Land of Pimps and Psychopaths. If you don't know who that is, you're probably turning tricks and are unaware of it, given that the initial pain of intrusion goes away, leaving you only with that empty 'needing to be filled' condition known as Jim Baker Syndrome.

Sometimes things are funny but not amusing, like when they are ridiculous and evil at the same time. Such is the easily observable state these days of the figureheads on the sunken ships of state. As often stated here, evil goes through certain predictable stages, finally it becomes an embodiment of the absurb and ridiculous. This is the point where all power is being drained out of it and mostly resembles that of limp party lizards after a long weekend of GHB and gin. The only sure defense aginst forgetting to take off the cock ring prior to crashing is to not put it on in the first place. Everywhere we are seeing signs of this absurd and ridiculous, like the undercover cops at the SUV beating. Following this sort of chicanery we get a million marchers here and a million marchers there and soon enough you find yourself paraphrasing Everett Dirkson with, "pretty soon you're talking about real crowds." Oh, they've got to be having a lot of night sweats, waking up cold and damp in the early hours, those feckless frauds, who've tried to squeeze the life out of every one and everything around. Judgment is coming. I can see the aperture of patience closing as I write these words. Some of the plug uglies, like Kissinger, David Rockefeller, assorted Rothschilds and other bloody fiends have been kept alive for their moment, now swinging a weighted bat in the on deck circle. There's been time enough given for all of these hoodwinking hollow men and women to make their positions known in triplicate and more in the collective consciousness. They've descended the dark stairway from every profession. They've been confident that down is up until they're all the way down, right at the great flaming gates, so to speak.

I am guessing you now see why it's taken so agonizingly long to get to the moment of epiphany where we now find ourselves. Yes, these rectal dysfunction rats are about to shit themselves out into another dimension where the soundtrack is all wailing and gnashing of teeth. There's going to be a lot of chattering teeth as well. They armed themselves to the teeth and put into action all manner of repressive technologies, so as to be in readiness for the inevitable force of revolution, which they brought about by their Draconian tactics and ball point pen perversions (makes me think of the archetypal ball point pen perversion but... why digress?). The one thing they didn't expect was the mounting fear, coming out of nowhere to curdle their entrails. They didn't anticipate the sudden appearance of overwhelming confusion. Their hands reach for the controls but are trembling so badly that they can't carry out what they had initially planned. They're stuck in Lodi with the Darkside Blues again. It's like what happened at The Battle of Morannon. Believe me, that's just what it will be like. All power comes from one place. All power is borrowed. All avenues through which power courses can be switched over or reversed at any time. Despite the absence of their appearance, there are rules. There have always been rules. That period known as the Kali Yuga is notorious for obscuring the operation of certain rules. It's a bit of a free for all, as long standing karma finally gets addressed and doesn't look anything like it was expected to because of all the Halloween characters dressed up as someone else. From oil lords to Montgomery Wards, it's all on the conveyor belt, headed for the long awaited light of day or... the crematorium.

♫I feel pretty, pretty shitty. I feel pretty much like it's all a lie and I pity anyone who doesn't get to die♫ ♫Rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let's go out and burn a native village♫

It should be pretty clear how it all got to be like it is. When materialism rises preeminent over the capacity for objective reasoning and the capacity for clear and unbiased observation, one is inextricably caught in a web of delusion and from that point, one step follows another, right off course, right into the rough and then into the werewoods, driven by strange and uncontrollable appetites, further and further it goes as the band stretches and stretches until it can stretch no more and then is whipped back to the point at which it was diverted, making serious havoc of all the illusions it gave birth to on the way. Everything unnatural, everything extant in opposition to the rules of Nature, which can only be violated at the peril of the violator, has emerged out of the womb of materialism. There's a reason that communism is called Dialectical Materialism. There's a reason that insidious political correctness comes out of communism. There's a reason that alternative sexual drives become more and more perverse until the closest associate of sex is death. Twisting the force which interpenetrates all interactions is the key to transforming the world into a flaming dumpster. One step follows another until you arrive here -  - . Soon enough, that too is in the rear view mirror. Who makes things like this possible? Who is that in the background that arranges things like that? In the same country you get all of the other operations with a common goal, like this lovely psyop. Some of us might think we know where they are ultimately directing all of this. Think of the worst possible permutations, south of Jeffrey Dalmer, complete with religious trappings and you're in the neighborhood. Welcome to Sick Shit Central, brought about by tiny steps, a passage of increments; point A, to point B, to point C and then point D and on and on. They counterpoint all of this with the music, publishing, art gallery ownership and all areas of entertainment, which they own and operate. It's morphed into a 360 degree environment, a large self contained bubble of noxious circumstances,odors and weird tastes that seem perfectly normal, once normal has been dragged out of the building and burned at the stake for not accepting the worst as the official template of existence.

One of the reasons for the relentless war against Islam is that the majority of the practitioners are reasonable souls, which is why the extremists birthed out of Zionist Saudi Arabia are held up as an example of the whole, which it is not. On the opposite end is the Synagogue of Satan, rearing its demented head out of the borrowed power of the penultimate zone of materialism at its zenith. It's time is fading fast. It's captive religion of christian fundamentalism and the Pederast Sacristies are restless and matriculating toward inevitable rebellion. Nothing generates so much anger as the dawning awareness that one has been manipulated and lied to over a long term. Right down the middle of it all comes the Long Train Running; ♫without Love where would you be right now♫?

Because so many of us are trapped in that bubble of total immersion in a delusionary environment, the collective force of the larger body of the population keeps Shit County on the map. Some number of us are now living only in the echo. We're coming out of it, as the numbers increase, which they will, the power of this surrounding fabricated environment is going to start to disolve; good news for most of us, should we catch on and bad news for some who depend with all their might on maintaining the garbage world that has enclosed so many of us for so long. Day by day, the words from Yeat's "Second Coming" become more valid. It is precisely as he said. Yeat's was a member of The Golden Dawn which, was cutting edge at one point and then, like all such efforts in the Kali Yuga, turned into something else. There's a little island in a lake in Ireland where Yeat's Castle is located, it was for sale for half a million Euro for awhile. I wanted it but... I suspect there were serious limitations on occupancy and what one could do there and even more serious limitations on my financial access. Still, it was a nice fantasy while I had it.

Oh well, here we are, ever so close to what is yet to be formed but is already existent in the unseen, precipitating bit by bit until it is right there in front of you. No matter how much power you imagine to be in the hands of the reprobates, it is all a vanishing phantom. Regardless of it's enterprising run in the Kali Yuga, it's course is about to end. Evil ALWAYS destroys itself. It's a law. Fasten your seatbelts.

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Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Collapsing Empire of the Zio-Ogre

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The surface confusions of the moment are spectacular. The unconnected events, all of them crazy and devoid of common sense, are seven steps past strange. Some things seem to be purely malice driven, without any rhyme or reason whatsoever. This evicting of people on private lands located next to Federal lands is going on across the nation. It's the next step up from the robot mortgage assault on the private homeowner. The other day, zombie killers from the government murdered an unarmed woman and no collection of absurd evidence concerning the event matches up with any other evidence. Obama wants the Redskins to change their name because political correctness is is rampaging across the country like Morella Faya and Kudzu. Political Correctness is one of the most sinister forces the world has ever seen. It's the driving energy behind hundreds and thousands of expensive and freedom stealing laws and the majority of the effort is 'Tribe engineered', just like all the alternative sexual juggernauts that rule the reversed Kundalini media. They just went after the governor of Pennsylvania, applying heat beneath his seat.

It is an eyeopener to see the race going on between fascism and communism. The later is the signature dish of the Tribe's long term intent at enslavement and murder of whole nations. Sometimes, when you set up multiple enemies, it is only in order to promote the growth and power of a particular enemy as the best of your Hobson's Choice. As painful as this whole affair is at the hands of the Junta of Darkness, the unintended humor is intense, along the lines of, "it only hurts when I laugh."

Now, to take the public's mind off of the outrageous government stalemate and bankruptcy created by The Central Bankers, they're sending in mercenary murder teams to middle eastern countries, rounding up individuals, targeted as performance artists, engaged in alleged blows against the empire, presently known as The Empire of the Zio-Ogre. When you're neck deep in offenses against anyone and everyone who gets in the way of the corporate fascists on one hand and the communist Zio-vermin on the other then, misdirection and Wack a Mole become your daily agenda.

It is a cosmic truism that grasping beyond your reach is the skeleton key for the graveyard of empires. Their usual course is to double time the canon fodder as far beyond the supply wagons as they can get. It doesn't make sense does it? Of course it doesn't. They are certifiably insane and right about here you need to mention yet against that sage statement by Nietzsche, "Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad." Given that they are stark raving nuts, you can expect their next false flag to be the most difficult to conceal that we have ever seen. Not to be outdone, the powerful figureheads of the Synagogue of Satan are congregating for daily prayers and appeals to their Satanic masters to kill off the peace process; not that there ever was one. Can they possibly be more exposed and transparent in respect of their motives and paucity of character? I've been looking for as many ways to say it as it can be said, they are demonstrating who and what they are to the widest audience ever reached. They are the poster children for, "by their works ye shall know them."

We've got to get up every day and celebrate the pending end of evil as it cuts it's own throat. We have to accentuate the positive as it relates to the red handed nailing of the negative. We've got to believe that the cosmos is alive and aware and step by step, leading the emissaries of the darkness by the leashes of their own perverse desires and ambitions. I don't care how it looks. I only care how it is.

The most positive force in the solar system is the sun. The moon is often, though incorrectly, associated with evil and illusion. What needs to be understood is that 'the moon is reflective'. What does the moon reflect? It reflects the light of the sun. The moon is in a constant progression of redundant change. The sun is not. One of the main characteristics of evil is that it is always changing and it's by products are confusion and the temporary application of appearances over the unchanging. Sure, I could be a lot more concise here at the moment. If I'm not, there's a reason. Of course, the moon is not evil but... certain phases of the moon are often associated with moments of opportunity for the undesirable; should you be mostly sane and rational as some portion of us are.

It's a given, these days, that the more sane and rational you actually are, the more insane and irrational you are made out to by those shitting where you eat.

A million veterans are marching on Washington on the 13th of this month. This sort of thing is going to increase in size and frequency as we go. These next two months are going to tell us all kinds of things. Their days of getting away with everything they do are over; OVER. Sure, they're Treasure of Sierra Madre mad but... they are also terrified as to what might happen, once they make that significant mistake which, they will surely make. Very powerful forces are at work in the background. The bad guys can feel it. They're running scared. Don't be deceived by their confident smiles and pompous jackass dances. But... why is it taking so long? Everything is on a timer and the pace is aligned with the movement of critical mass.

Make no mistake, the penalties that will be paid, once the window closes, are severe indeed. If there is mercy in play, it is in play now. It will not be in play later. That's why it is taking so long. We lack the imagination and strength of vision to comprehend the cost of being sent all the way back to the mineral kingdom, or unmade entirely. You can think of it as something like one of those year long around the world cruises but covering a much vaster stretch of time and distance and also containing set experiences of a most unpleasant kind. It's a bad day at Black Rock only the day goes on and on and on. Do these fiends know what awaits them? Some do, most do not.

I know all too well how frustrating and tormenting these days can be. For several years now my mental and emotional state has become ever more heavy and oppressive. The weak side says, "give up. It's all too much". the strong side says, "Give up but... give up to the awareness of everything being under control." We all know about gravity but we can't actually see it. This is true of a great many things we take for granted but have never actually seen. We see the effects. We do not see the cause. It's like the wind. We never see the wind, we only see what the wind affects. Why most of us can accept so much we cannot see and yet not accept other things, that leave a trail of effects in their wake, escapes me. That was always the thing with me and psychedelics. Then... I could see the causal forces.

I must say, it's amusing to notice the rage and anger that comes around every time I mention psychedelics. There's a certain contingent of seriously frightened individuals, whose darkest apprehensions get tweaked every time I mention the items. Even though I haven't mentioned Ketamine in some time, these impotent hayseeds start screaming at me about horse tranquilizers. Of course, their knowledge of John Lilly and all sorts of pioneers of consciousness is non existent. I find few things to be as tragic as the cases of those with zero experience on certain matters, becoming so violently oppositional, in defense of their real and obvious ignorance. This world is filled to the bursting with the Cliff Note junkies of our times. Somehow they think if they yell at me and try to insult me that it has some kind of effect. It has none whatsoever.

I've never encouraged others to take the path I took. I merely comment on things seen and experienced. I have often said that many find their way, never having or needing recourse to these sacraments. Different strokes for different folks and many ways up the mountain, If you don't know that, you are definitely in self hindrance mode. Okay, enough for today.

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