Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Really Happened? I Really Want to Know.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable man. I question things. I question things because not questioning things can get you into trouble. It can also leave you with faulty perceptions about what is real. As we have seen for these last decades you can also get into trouble for questioning things. This thing called holocaust denial is a good example of that. You can’t deny that this thing called, “The Holocaust” happened but... that’s not the whole story. It appears that you can’t question any of it which makes me wonder.

I wasn’t in Germany during the war so I have no idea what happened. However... there is this figure of six millions Jews being murdered in concentration camps. Strangely enough, this figure was being thrown around for decades before the war even occurred. In 1919 this figure was being discussed.

In 1934 World Jewry declared war on Germany. Here we have the Daily Express front page headline and there follows many quotes by powerful Zionist Jews about intention and policy. This is curious stuff. Then you have the official Red Cross figures about how many Jews actually died in the camps and you have all of the other information from their report. What can we make of this documentation by the Red Cross? Further... why is the Red Cross not in prison for holocaust denial? Once again, I wasn’t there but these people were. So what do we make of this? Where is the specific documentation that refutes this?

What do we make of the testimony from the senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum concerning the existence of gas chambers? You will note the specific sources that I am using in regard to claims that have been made.

I’m not going to load this essay with links. These links are merely to show that there are some valid questions about what did and didn’t happen and that brings us to the aggressive push to imprison people who question what happened. There is no other condition where a person can be thrown into prison for anything similar to this. One is not imprisoned for questioning the Ukrainian holocaust and the murder of millions in Russia yet... these events were carried out by The Cheka which was composed mostly of Zionist Jews. Their role in the horrors of this time is not in dispute. The names and dates do not lie.

What is the purpose of silencing dissent? If you are a reasonable person you would say that the presentation of awesome horrors and numbers was to the purpose of establishing the state of Israel. In fact, this can be found in the writings and statements of all of the leading Zionists prior to and after the establishment of Israel. Why would they need Israel? Why would they need a Jewish only state? It appears that they wanted a base of operations for what has followed and the protections granted by having their own sphere of influence as a sovereign nation.

Since the establishment of the nation of Israel there has been a tireless effort to make the world accept and believe something that seems to be very much in dispute and by making it a crime to consider alternative possibilities they have been able to blackmail the nations of the world. This should be obvious. If what we are told is true then it doesn’t matter if it is questioned.

The obvious conclusion that any reasonable person would come to is that it is a crime to investigate this subject because of what an impartial investigation would expose and bring to light. What other conclusion can a reasonable mind come up with? This same suppression is now rampant in terms of who actually carried out the 9/11 attacks. You will find some startling correspondences and coincidences here that apply directly back to the subject under discussion.

It appears that the prevailing impression about what happened in the holocaust is for the purpose of justifying a freedom from all criticism of Jewish activities and a justification for a presently ongoing holocaust being committed against the Palestinian people. A further benefit is the extortion of huge sums of money from the nations of the world as recompense for suffering. There seem to be more holocaust survivors now than there was at the end of the war. How is this possible?

Here is a very curious thing. It was being reported after the war that six million Jews were exterminated in the camps. This included the four million who were supposed to have been killed at Auschwitz. The number was then lowered by three million. How is it now possible that six million is still the presented number? The article cited here is loaded with strange and unusual reports. This is the sort of thing that is repressed and made into a criminal act for investigating it. When you study the information and the sources you really have to wonder and it is understandable that some would want this information suppressed.

How was it possible for Ann Frank to have written her diary with a ballpoint pen? Once again, I wasn’t there but... what are we to make of these official documents from official sources? What are we to make of actual court proceedings? Why is it a crime to note glaring disparities between what certain people claim and the evidence that refutes it?

What do we make of all the recent exposures of fraudulent holocaust memoirs? What do we make of the sudden appearance of so many holocaust films appearing in tandem with the genocide committed in Lebanon and Palestine? Wouldn’t a reasonable mind wonder at the timing of these things? What do we make of the use of illegal weapons by the Israelis upon the Palestinians? What do we make of the eyewitness accounts of the execution of innocents lured from their homes and then murdered in the streets? There are dozens of news reports on this sort of activity as well as the proven use of white phosphorus and the shelling of schools and UN centers where Palestinians fled to seek protection.

A reasonable mind would conclude that the holocaust industry exists for the purpose of justifying inexcusable behavior on the part of a people who claim to be history’s biggest victims.

Common sense reveals a common thread moving through all of the events in recent time. It is extremely hard to come up with a reasonable explanation for what seems to be a landslide of lies devoted to the suppression of any and all criticism. Once again, I wasn’t there so I don’t know. It does seem to be far beyond all reasonable doubt that there is more to what happened than we have been and are being told.

When you look at the whole picture it is impossible not to question this situation and so we have the Swiss Army knife of holocaust denial and anti-Semitic labeling to cover any and all eventualities where the truth might raise its ugly head. You tell me. Don’t jump up and down and scream about how this is anti-Semitic. Explain it to me. Be reasonable and explain it to me. Explain what all this means and explain how none of this applies. I’m a reasonable guy and I would like some answers. After all, people are dying every day because of what is assumed to be true. People are locked up in jails, including the lawyer who defended an accused, simply for defending the accused in court. How crazy is that?

Something doesn’t add up. Therefore I ask in all honesty... explain it to me so that I can understand because I don’t understand. I don’t understand at all.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Gyroscope with a Broken Leg

It is true that if you mix ‘pure’ blue and pure yellow you will not get green. You will get black. However, you can’t get pure blue and pure yellow so, for the sake of our argument, if you mix blue and yellow you will get green. If you add two quarts of a certain chemical to two quarts of another chemical you will not get four quarts but... two and two do add up to four otherwise. There are always exceptions but they are not to be relied on for normal operations.

The idea that you can get a different result from combinations and behavior that always result in the same thing is a form of madness. Madness could be thought of as the presence of imbalance. That’s how I think of it. When something goes out of wack you get problems. If nature goes out of wack or political, social or financial systems go out of wack you get problems. Something goes wrong with human nature when it gets exposed to certain conditions. History provides us with many examples.

Look at Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution. Look at France before the French Revolution. Look at the United States today. Yeah ...I could come up with a lot of illustrations but I’m counting on you to get my point.

O.J Simpson killed his wife and her boyfriend. Phil Specter gunned down a woman at his home. Robert Blake killed his wife. All of these men went free. Did Klaus Von Bulow kill his wife? Did that rich guy in Virginia kill his wife? It depends on who you ask. The rich and the powerful have been doing this sort of thing for a long time.

Bernie Madoff is sitting in his penthouse after stealing over fifty billion dollars. Many others like Bernie have done some version of the same thing and went to a country club of a prison for a few years or months and came out of it well off with an improved golf game.
George Bush and Dick Cheney and assorted neo-cons killed over a million people. The leaders of Israel are exterminating a race of people while tormenting them and stealing their land for over sixty years. The people they are eliminating are Semites. The majority of the Israelis are not Semites but their clarion call for everything from a hangnail to a criticism is the cry of anti-Semitism.

The western financial system (and possibly the world’s financial system) is in the hands of a small group of bankers who print and withhold money at will and use it to control the destinies of entire populations. They manufacture periods of prosperity and want according to the situations they wish to create. This isn’t a big secret. It’s called, ‘business as usual’. The control of a country’s money and information flow grants those with these powers an extraordinary position. They can get away with murder and they do. They can get away with nearly anything except opposing their fellows. The majority of them are groomed from birth for exalted position. They are to the manor born.

There is a financial and socio-political tsunami on the horizon. It’s not just the residential values that are sinking into a pit. Commercial real estate is now tumbling after and being accelerated by business which has lost its consumers. Those who control the flow of information and who are also hand in glove with those who print the money and then do not print the money are providing a message at odds with reality.

At the high end of the spectrum are those who live on a scale unimaginable to those they are oppressing into ever more intolerable circumstances. It’s no different than France before the revolution. These dissolute freaks with their rouged cheeks and stables of young boys and girls proceed with an arrogant disregard that is incomprehensible to a sane mentality. These people are not sane and their sense of privilege and entitlement makes them capable of anything.

Cultures have seasons. They have periods of grand emergence and periods of decline. They are mixing yellow and blue and getting green as is to be expected. Along the course of this decline there is no sudden unpredictable transition that returns them to grand emergence as it bypasses decline. It doesn’t happen and it has never happened but we are told it is going to happen and we want to believe that. If someone comes along and tells us we are dreaming it makes us angry.

When too few have too much which they obtained by fraud and other means and when too many have too little... you do the math. The man behind the curtain trots out yet another hero and the population swoons. For all the heroes trotted out to save the world in the final reel without achieving it... you would think the people would learn. The people never learn. They finally just explode.

We should consider the words, ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Hope is what forces people to endure beyond what common sense should tell them to. Change, which is a constant, implies that change is going to be good. How can change be good when the same people, except for the center stage hero, are running the show?

Timothy Geithner cheats on his taxes and blames it on software. Timothy Geithner employs illegal immigrants. Timothy Geithner was formerly the head of one of the most powerful criminal organizations on the planet. Caroline Kennedy wants to be senator and we hear she demurred because of something having to do with taxes and illegal immigrants. Neither of these people ever needed to cheat on their taxes or hire illegal immigrants. Its greed and arrogant indifference which says that one set of rules apply to them and one set applies to everyone else. Meanwhile, the hero makes a few changes in the display window and ‘hope’ and ‘change’ are all dressed up to party down.

If the same people are still sitting there can we reasonably expect things to be different? If Mossad agent, Rahm Emmanuel is Chief of Staff and Gates is still Secretary of Defense and Geithner is Treasury Secretary then how can we expect things to be different? How can we expect things to be different when the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there?

When everyone in a position to know, knows that Bin Laden is dead why should people who know this be talking about Bin Laden? When people in the know in various governments unequivocally state that there is no Al Qaeda then why are people who know this to be true talking about Al Qaeda? When a mountain of evidence shows that Mossad, the CIA and certain other intelligence organizations were responsible for 9/11, why are those who know this still talking about Arab terrorists? When you close down Guantanamo as a bad symbol and merely relocate the people held there (none of whom could possibly belong to an Al Qaeda that doesn’t exist) to another prison and when it is known that many of these people were sold for large bounties by entrepreneurs and had little or nothing to do with anything well... what does that mean?

When you have a guy like this as Vice President then Barack Obama had better check to see who is watching his back.

The more things change, the more they remain the same... somebody said that. You don’t change things unless you change things... I said that. I’m not going to go on any longer. I’ve reached my word limit. I want you to expand upon this and see if you don’t come up with a boatload of connected realities and supporting evidence.

Make no mistake; I would dearly love to see Obama succeed. I would love to see the American people and the peoples of the world wake up and seek to recover the balance that has gone missing. I do not see how you can expect to see what is promised just by changing the name of the circus with the same performing acts. Look at the personnel. Look at the same lies; a dead boogeyman who didn’t do what he was accused of, non-existent terror groups, known perpetrators of business as usual where hope and change should be seated and assorted band-aids applied to sucking chest wounds. You can’t get there from here.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Walrus and the Carpenter do Lunch

Lewis Carroll wrote a wonderful poem called, “The Walrus and the Carpenter” which has come to be the definitive expression of what we call, ‘crocodile tears’. It’s a compelling mix of cynicism, hypocrisy and psychopathic indifference. You could find many a parallel in the Gaza situation reflected in things like this.

It’s the sort of circumstance that is repeated every day of every year across the span of redundant history in the clinical operation of politicians and diplomats. It expresses itself through the Mount Blanc fountain pens of bankers and corporation heads when they consider the collateral damage attendant with all of the necessities of doing business. One way or another it’s some kind of a Bhopal moment.

It is clearly so... that Israel wanted to take advantage of the time window in the new year, between Bushligula going and Obama coming. The idea that this punishing act of genocide would have something to do with toy rockets being fired into mostly empty landscape is pathetic. It is as if some Scarsdale matron broke a nail while trying to shoplift a box of truffles and decided to take the sales lady who caught her to court; seeking damages for her injury because the cellophane wasn’t sealed correctly. It could have been that whoever did the manicure was culpable too or... maybe it was a calcium deficiency. It’s all good though because the more complicated it can be made to appear, the more money goes into play and the more lawyers get employed.

Here we have a nice box of evidence truffles that you can enjoy at your leisure as you commiserate with the injured matron. Some of you might want to take a moment to whip the illegal immigrant that cleans your house and lives in the basement. I heard on Ophrah that it does wonders for the sinuses. We’re not talking about the immigrants sinuses.

“Will no one free me of this turbulent priest?” Yes... it’s one of those inconvenient situations. There’s this piece of land that you want which has people living on it. People have been living on it for many generations. You’ve made massive investments toward getting into this land. You labored to help engineer a global conflict that would set the stage for a public relations demonstration of your relations getting hammered on wide screen TV. You put tremendous effort into seeing that conditions would be as hard as possible by blocking all efforts at aid. Then you did that Hollywood thing which involves non-existent soap and lampshades made out of your relatives.

Sure... you made a lot of money in the meantime but you really want this piece of land and there are these people. There are these no class people who have the temerity to be living on this piece of land like they had some kind of right to do so. Have they no shame?

So you drive them off for the most part. You’ve got all kinds of good will going and the murder and sacrifice of your own people in order to get this cachet is the very definition of blood money and blood money spends as good as a hard dick that has no conscience.

Yeah... you poison their wells and you murder whole families as a lesson to those who want to remain. You jackhammer them baby but... some of them still won’t leave. They go right on living in abject fear and misery in their homeland and reproducing like rabbits at a turkey shoot; which is what you have planned for them. You’ve got a more serious mole problem than Bill Murray had in Caddyshack. But you got respect, as you pull on your tie... as you eat your oysters... as you ponder what to do about your turbulent priest.

On and on it goes. You get more and more of this piece of land that you want for office space from which to have a manufactured perspective of higher ground in which to continue the extermination... the cleansing and so on and so forth.

One oyster follows another as you ponder your broken nail. As the story continues and the land shrinks the oysters continue to proliferate. They are proliferating all over the place. They are proliferating in Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran and where was I? Let them eat cake while you consider the oysters.

Here we are in recent times and you’ve come up with a dandy. Now everyone is going to be eating oysters.

Today the beach is crowded with walruses and carpenters bemoaning the circumstance. Whatever shall we do about it? The impudence of the oysters that won’t go away is a real problem.

I guess if there is a crime here then the crime is how the unacceptable is acceptable. Or maybe the crime is the terrible inconvenience of these people who won’t go away... die... disappear... something... something. “You there, could I have another glass of sherry?”

It’s just so damned inconvenient. Everything would be okay if we could just get rid of these people who are in the way of this piece of land that we want which has no real borders. This piece of land is a work in progress. It wants to stretch and expand which I think is the basic tenant of that thing called Zionism. Give me a little Tigris and Euphrates while I have a chat with the ladies.

As the greater portion of the world involves itself in the pursuit of appetites it is not hard to imagine beautiful oysters appearing in supermarkets across the land. I don’t know if we are talking about oysters or barnacles or anything that attaches itself to anything. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I see people burning and bleeding and screaming and dying on disappearing land and I really wish there was something we could do about that fingernail. Oysters and fingernails and “Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot fighting in the captain’s tower while Calypso singers laugh at them and fishermen hold flowers.”...

Well... it’s just too bad. It’s just inconvenient. I hope it works out before any more dogs eat any more children. I don’t want to compare children and oysters. I don’t want to consider the varying palates of people as opposed to dogs. I don’t want to think too deeply because I might start worrying my nail again.

If this is how it is and... across a wide space and in so many places where it counts it does seem to be the prevailing perception then I don’t quite know what to say now. If I were to say that I feel your pain I might be lying. I don’t know if I will ever get over this condition of caring about what happens to other living things.

I can’t help myself because there but for fortune... goes you and I, for now.

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