Friday, January 23, 2009

The Gyroscope with a Broken Leg

It is true that if you mix ‘pure’ blue and pure yellow you will not get green. You will get black. However, you can’t get pure blue and pure yellow so, for the sake of our argument, if you mix blue and yellow you will get green. If you add two quarts of a certain chemical to two quarts of another chemical you will not get four quarts but... two and two do add up to four otherwise. There are always exceptions but they are not to be relied on for normal operations.

The idea that you can get a different result from combinations and behavior that always result in the same thing is a form of madness. Madness could be thought of as the presence of imbalance. That’s how I think of it. When something goes out of wack you get problems. If nature goes out of wack or political, social or financial systems go out of wack you get problems. Something goes wrong with human nature when it gets exposed to certain conditions. History provides us with many examples.

Look at Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution. Look at France before the French Revolution. Look at the United States today. Yeah ...I could come up with a lot of illustrations but I’m counting on you to get my point.

O.J Simpson killed his wife and her boyfriend. Phil Specter gunned down a woman at his home. Robert Blake killed his wife. All of these men went free. Did Klaus Von Bulow kill his wife? Did that rich guy in Virginia kill his wife? It depends on who you ask. The rich and the powerful have been doing this sort of thing for a long time.

Bernie Madoff is sitting in his penthouse after stealing over fifty billion dollars. Many others like Bernie have done some version of the same thing and went to a country club of a prison for a few years or months and came out of it well off with an improved golf game.
George Bush and Dick Cheney and assorted neo-cons killed over a million people. The leaders of Israel are exterminating a race of people while tormenting them and stealing their land for over sixty years. The people they are eliminating are Semites. The majority of the Israelis are not Semites but their clarion call for everything from a hangnail to a criticism is the cry of anti-Semitism.

The western financial system (and possibly the world’s financial system) is in the hands of a small group of bankers who print and withhold money at will and use it to control the destinies of entire populations. They manufacture periods of prosperity and want according to the situations they wish to create. This isn’t a big secret. It’s called, ‘business as usual’. The control of a country’s money and information flow grants those with these powers an extraordinary position. They can get away with murder and they do. They can get away with nearly anything except opposing their fellows. The majority of them are groomed from birth for exalted position. They are to the manor born.

There is a financial and socio-political tsunami on the horizon. It’s not just the residential values that are sinking into a pit. Commercial real estate is now tumbling after and being accelerated by business which has lost its consumers. Those who control the flow of information and who are also hand in glove with those who print the money and then do not print the money are providing a message at odds with reality.

At the high end of the spectrum are those who live on a scale unimaginable to those they are oppressing into ever more intolerable circumstances. It’s no different than France before the revolution. These dissolute freaks with their rouged cheeks and stables of young boys and girls proceed with an arrogant disregard that is incomprehensible to a sane mentality. These people are not sane and their sense of privilege and entitlement makes them capable of anything.

Cultures have seasons. They have periods of grand emergence and periods of decline. They are mixing yellow and blue and getting green as is to be expected. Along the course of this decline there is no sudden unpredictable transition that returns them to grand emergence as it bypasses decline. It doesn’t happen and it has never happened but we are told it is going to happen and we want to believe that. If someone comes along and tells us we are dreaming it makes us angry.

When too few have too much which they obtained by fraud and other means and when too many have too little... you do the math. The man behind the curtain trots out yet another hero and the population swoons. For all the heroes trotted out to save the world in the final reel without achieving it... you would think the people would learn. The people never learn. They finally just explode.

We should consider the words, ‘hope’ and ‘change’. Hope is what forces people to endure beyond what common sense should tell them to. Change, which is a constant, implies that change is going to be good. How can change be good when the same people, except for the center stage hero, are running the show?

Timothy Geithner cheats on his taxes and blames it on software. Timothy Geithner employs illegal immigrants. Timothy Geithner was formerly the head of one of the most powerful criminal organizations on the planet. Caroline Kennedy wants to be senator and we hear she demurred because of something having to do with taxes and illegal immigrants. Neither of these people ever needed to cheat on their taxes or hire illegal immigrants. Its greed and arrogant indifference which says that one set of rules apply to them and one set applies to everyone else. Meanwhile, the hero makes a few changes in the display window and ‘hope’ and ‘change’ are all dressed up to party down.

If the same people are still sitting there can we reasonably expect things to be different? If Mossad agent, Rahm Emmanuel is Chief of Staff and Gates is still Secretary of Defense and Geithner is Treasury Secretary then how can we expect things to be different? How can we expect things to be different when the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there?

When everyone in a position to know, knows that Bin Laden is dead why should people who know this be talking about Bin Laden? When people in the know in various governments unequivocally state that there is no Al Qaeda then why are people who know this to be true talking about Al Qaeda? When a mountain of evidence shows that Mossad, the CIA and certain other intelligence organizations were responsible for 9/11, why are those who know this still talking about Arab terrorists? When you close down Guantanamo as a bad symbol and merely relocate the people held there (none of whom could possibly belong to an Al Qaeda that doesn’t exist) to another prison and when it is known that many of these people were sold for large bounties by entrepreneurs and had little or nothing to do with anything well... what does that mean?

When you have a guy like this as Vice President then Barack Obama had better check to see who is watching his back.

The more things change, the more they remain the same... somebody said that. You don’t change things unless you change things... I said that. I’m not going to go on any longer. I’ve reached my word limit. I want you to expand upon this and see if you don’t come up with a boatload of connected realities and supporting evidence.

Make no mistake; I would dearly love to see Obama succeed. I would love to see the American people and the peoples of the world wake up and seek to recover the balance that has gone missing. I do not see how you can expect to see what is promised just by changing the name of the circus with the same performing acts. Look at the personnel. Look at the same lies; a dead boogeyman who didn’t do what he was accused of, non-existent terror groups, known perpetrators of business as usual where hope and change should be seated and assorted band-aids applied to sucking chest wounds. You can’t get there from here.

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kikz said...

costume changes, scenery changes,
the play continues...

Skye said...

Nothing's going to get better. Barrack's been groomed for far to long to be a good puppet.

The change needed is to get rid of the puppet masters.

psychegram said...

Like it or not, Change is coming. Big change, and in the short term not for the better. The constitutional order that has defined the US since the revolutionary war has been eviscerated over the last several years, and with the economy coming crashing down and WWIII on the horizon the hollow shell that's left will soon be ripped asunder.

They'll reap the whirlwind with that, I think. Sheltered in the illusion of the old constitutional order, They were able to derive legitimacy with a minimum use of force. With the veil torn aside, the only tool left to them will be naked violence. For a short time their rule will be absolute and unquestioned ... but no regime based solely on force can long survive.

Ever notice how in the movies the bad guys always rely on the help of idiots? And not just in the movies: Billy Joe's helpers weren't exactly rhodes scholars. There's something about evil that ultimately repels good people, and I don't just mean 'good' in the sense of 'moral', more in the Renaissance sense of virtu. You can see this sorting process going on now: corporations, the military, government agencies, they're all having increasing problems recruiting quality people. Getting warm bodies in uniform isn't a problem, but getting good people ... they're having difficulty with that.

That'll start to wear on them, after a while. Going to war with the whole world, their uniformed troops pudgy, malnourished, and half-retarded ... flabby cops gibbering orders they barely understand themselves at the public ... managers who require computers to do all their thinking for them.... Whilst meanwhile, the smart and the capable have exited the system and are quietly building a better world for any who care to join them. Of course, the NWO could just round up everyone who might conceivably be a threat, by virtue of capability rather than intent ... but such sweeping mass arrests would tip their hand, which even at this late stage in the game could lose it for them. That's the other thing about evil: it must always conceal itself. Always.

Anonymous said...

'Scuse me if I keep banging the same drum, Les.

What you have described so succinctly as always is pathocracy; the ruling of the many by a tiny minority of psychopaths. What we have ruling over us are psychopaths, and these paople have no honour, no integrity, no compassion, no empathy, NO CONSCIENCE! Quite literally! They have none of the saving graces we would consider to be 'human', such as compassion, kindness, honesty etc.; these traits are completely missing from their emotional and spiritual make-up. They gain the top echelons of power because they can behave without any concept of fairness; they are capable of doing things which no sane man or woman would do. And there is NO cure for it! It is not a 'medical' condition that can be remedied or held in check by drugs or therapy. Psychopaths are born the way they are. And that is really scary, because how do we get rid of them without becoming just like them?

Pathocracy is why these evil bastards always stay in charge, precisely because they are evil bastards with no compunction about any acts of atrocity they commit; acts that make any sane man or woman blanch in horror. They do not think or feel the same way ordinary sane men and women think and feel. In fact, many of us all over the world have blanched in horror quite a few times over the past eight years, at the acts of various national rulers.

This is not just happening in the US, despite the relentless chauvanism of one or two posters who believe that only America matters because only America exists in the world. It has certainly happened in Britain, and it has certainly happened in the EU countries and it has certainly happened in some of the Middle East countries.

And the questions remain; how can sane men and women change this status quo without becoming just like 'them'? How do we rid our national governments of these people? It is obvious that voting no longer works because votes can be (and are!) rigged! (Bush in the US twice; Blair in Britain; Harper in Canada; Merkel in Germany et al). Gordon Brown UK was just handed the office of PM; no chance for any citizen to vote at all!

Anyway. Les, thanks for this article. It is so just true. And, to make you grin, the word verification for this post is 'fockshi' - pretty nearly what I say whenever I see our dear leaders' faces on the tv! Any one of them, you choose!

Stay well,

nina said...

Psychegram nailed it in the second para. Civil unrest and its nuclear family of confrontation, violence, racism and calamity have to be fomented to occur, foment being the seed and the root of false flags. Lao Tzu had this covered under "Know your enemy", the required strategy when your survival depends on victory. Animal and plant species depend on camouflage for survival and in this way display intelligence the human brain generally does not fully appreciate. Nature has under control the only solution possible, predators exist, predation exists, good and evil co-exist, Alphas and Betas co-exist, they all survive and regenerate together over and over ad infinitum without lying about it. Interference with natural harmony is the true enemy. We could just take our cue from Nature, but its not held in high enough esteem by predators and is therefore subject to clearance and taxation. People apparently like living within a state of conundrum.

Anonymous said...

Like so much that we have become accustomed to in this fine land;
"New!", "Improved!", "More Powerful!", turns out to be the same old crap, The new packaging made it so tempting, but once we bought it, and, all sales are final, we find the same old same old, but less of it, in a bigger box.
How many times Charlie Brown?
How many times?

Anonymous said...

I have known or sensed this charade for a long time and have chosen to abstain from the game, because there are no winners. Kind of in the duh factor when you really see whats going on. Thank you for your blog. I enjoyed reading it. There is also another blog you might want to check out. Its called It is not my blog, just a blog I came across that reveals the truth of what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Vampires versus humanity equals play with your meat...This statment contains lots of meanings and they are all true.

quilbilly said...

Good stuff! The way I see it people DON'T revolt. If they do it was in the script. If the script calls for a "revolt", the directors will engineer one. They will have a brand new shiny "government" full of opportunistic scum ready to go, just with a reduced population of "useless eaters".
Does anybody ever ask themselves just WHY somebody who has hundreds or even "tens" of millions of dollars NEEDS A JOB? I know, it's because they're into "public service" (right!).
No, things are not as they appear. Just because nobody hung a sign that says; "Prison" out on the street doesn't mean you aren't living in one. It may be "minimum security" (for now), but if you get too jiggy they can ajust the terms of your incarceration.
In the end there are only those who "have eyes to see" and those who don't. If you think you are not free and complain about it they will prove you right.
Having great expectations for anybody who comes from the ranks of the "Kool Kidz" of establishment politics is silly indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
I always enjoy reading your posts, thanks for keeping it real.



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