Friday, July 30, 2010

Nice Girls by Day and Hookers by Night

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Let’s look at the two main features of any country; even if there are a few exceptions about what’s permitted, some of the citizens will still engage in a private way and if you just go back some years you will find is was there too. I’m talking about religion. The other one is government. You get governments because people want certain things handled by an organization that represents their interests.

The basic unit of any society is the family. You get a certain amount of families together and you get towns and cities, counties and states and a nation. It’s the same in any country, although they may have different names for the segments within segments of the total. All of these segments have some kind of government and some kind of churches that represent some different way that the members try to celebrate and worship the same thing in a different outfit. The present historical memory of what’s happened on Planet Earth contains a number of major religions that were created here or there at different times and have been around long enough that each one of them has a pretty good number of groups who formed out of the central faith for one reason or another.

Around the world and over time there are and have been different types of governments that promise to provide basic needs according to a system they follow that makes these things happen or not happen, depending on what the government wants for itself and depending on the people’s ability to compel the government to see to their needs instead of filling its own. Government and Religion are the big guns of a society. Ideally, one sees to temporal needs and one sees to spiritual needs.

Let’s just talk about America because it is the main super power but you can think about England and the other countries she owns like Ireland; Scotland, Canada and Australia too. It’s been said that England owns America but it’s really money that owns all of them and whoever wants to do business with them too. Let’s talk about Christianity because that’s the main religion in all of these countries and let’s think of the American government as a couple of sisters that dress up every few years and go out on the town to see which one of them gets to be in charge of the country for awhile. One of them poses as the soul of business and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is going to be okay and she’s just get smaller as the business gets bigger and the dance gets wilder. The other sister poses as the soul of the people and she says that if you let her dance all over the place, everybody in the country is just going to get happier and she’s going to get bigger and everybody is going to start dancing with her. Both of them say they are going to take care of everybody if you just let them dance.

Christianity is a woman who is all chaste and clean and she’s everybody’s mother but we don’t know how it happened because she doesn’t have sex. She dances too and she raises her hands to the sky and she says that if she can just keep dancing she’s going to build a stairway to Heaven so that everyone can have a piece of pie. All three of these ladies are modest and sweet and they travel around all over the place handing out candy and wearing long skirts and they each have a torch so that they look a lot like the lady that comes on the screen when the movie is made by Columbia. All of this happens in the day time.

Every day when the sun comes up things have gone through a little change. People find needles and condoms in the alleys and conditions are different than you expect they would be. Days turn into months and months into years as decades come and go and the sisters keep changing places while everything winds up in the hands of some people who belong to a tiny little country that suddenly appeared in the Middle East. Along with some other folk it turns out that 1% of the people own the majority of things and everybody else lives on chicken lips and deep fried butt rings.

What happens is that all three of these ladies change into something else when the sun goes down. They put on real short skirts and halter tops and paint their faces like a clown. They head into the alleys where there are these secret little clubs that stay open all night long and all three ladies are the main entertainment for the one’s who print the money that makes everything work and all they have to do is anything the money men want. The money men make movies and take pictures of all the things these ladies do and they show them to them in the day time so, after awhile, they’re doing the same things they do at night. They don’t mind about the movies and the pictures because they really like their work. It doesn’t matter who the men are and the money is nice but they would probably do it anyway because of what they are.

All 3 of these ladies live in big important houses that have a lot of rooms for all the people that want to see them dance and the houses are made of wood. The money men move into the supporting beams, rafters, the walls and the floors and they eat it all up like termites but you can’t see where anything is wrong. The houses have to keep standing until all of them get out of town. It’s time for them to move to India and Georgia, Brazil and other places so that they can find some new dancing ladies and a new important house.

It’s a pretty simple system that these money men perform. They find a couple of countries and they provoke them into war. They loan both sides some money with a heavy interest charge and they got money loaned out to all the businesses that provide the tools of war. When the war is over they have backed the winning side. They also have the losers in debt and they’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years. The first thing they do with the governments of either side is to arrange to print the money and not have to make their transactions public. That means they can make the money available to own the media and every business that has to do with music and books and teaching items so that they can control what people say and learn about them and request it too.

It’s pretty simple really and it explains how girls and women who can look so modest and fresh and chaste can turn into whores who will do anything for money. Christianity was a little different thing. They had a lot to do with what went into the book like changing the fact that one of the main players was a Syrian. They were doing the same things back then and the Syrian got annoyed and called them on their money thing so they nailed him to some boards. The second half of the book was full of all kinds of things you weren’t supposed to do and all of these things were businesses that the money men favored and controlled, like pornography and gambling and many more.

For years they’ve been financing things that are designed to destroy Christianity while convincing the Christians that they were chosen by God. Here’s a little history on how that sorts out. A whole lot of Christians are going to be dead soon enough because of that oil spill. All three of these whores have so many diseases now that they have to have sex in total darkness so that none of the clients can see them and in the day time they have to keep disappearing into backrooms over and over until they’ve been screwed into shape and then they can come back out like Nancy Pelosi and do whatever it takes to keep the termites happy and keep the tired dancing whores on their feet.

It’s money that hookers need to keep doing what they do. Nobody is trading them eggs or vegetables or fruit. Governments and big religions need money or they can’t be the one dancing in your head, somebody else will be dancing there instead. So, whoever can print the money and keep the books secret can control the system at every point and all you need to know is who that is and that’s not hard because who it is has been doing this for a long, long time and the only thing that might interfere with you catching on is that the whores and the money men are pretty powerful and strong. As long as they can keep most of the country believing in what they do, or at least afraid of them, you can’t do much on your own. You can’t go on TV unless they make you a freak. You can’t make a movie. You can’t write a book and have it go in all the stores. You can’t record music about it and get it on the radio. You can’t get the newspapers to report it. You can’t get the government to investigate it or the church to speak out against it.

Well... I know this was kind of loose and unbalanced like the hookers coming home at dawn but I never know what shape it’s going to be in and I got something else on my mind. Here’s a new Visible Origami about the subject we’ve been on and maybe that will take your mind off the termites and the whores.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Peculiar Disconnect of Sex

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There are certain things I talk about that create no controversy with my readers in my statements concerning them or anything else for that matter but when I mention sex or drugs you can see it light up. Things which are far more dangerous than drugs don’t even arouse concern. Sex is more commonplace and on people’s minds than any other single thought or practice on the planet. Think about it. Think about that. But generally you don’t hear it considered or discussed. They don’t want to talk about anything outside of conventional morality which is hypocrisy and selectively enforced and censured. I say some pretty controversial things about sex which people object to, can’t dispute but can certainly try. If they can’t dispute it then that’s something else I don’t understand.

I did use an amount of profanity in discussing it and was intentionally excessive in my presentation but that was by design because people have some reaction to what they call dirty words. Apparently words like cocksucker are dirty. That’s interesting considering the amount of people who think about and rely upon them. Here’s an interesting feature. There are many examples of this. Say there’s a woman who is very giving and free spirited who loves to provide whatever there may be available in the satisfaction of her partners (oops, partners might not be permitted). Say she sleeps with some guy and does all kinds of things for him and now he has contempt for her for providing what he wanted in the first place and is now out looking for again. Why cocksucker is a bad word when it is one of the most thought about, requested and desired services?

There are so many examples of this that I need not go into them. There are no doubt people reading this who just thought, why did he have to say ‘cocksucker’ now he’s gotten prurient about it and I don’t think I will appreciate what he’s got to say. I’ll bet you’d appreciate a blow job though. The interesting thing is I don’t care about them at all any more as an attractive thing but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and I think it should be applied across the board by more people but it might also be that the type of men they are with don’t deserve them because sex is bad to begin with even though it is an integral part of manifest existence.

I could say so many things about sex and give so many examples of misunderstanding and hypocrisy that it would take awhile to example them and even if I did a lot of people would still have their reservations. But here is one of my points, a lot of these people believe that they are aware of all kinds of spiritual truths and cosmic moral codes and what is right and wrong in the temporal world. How can they know so much about so many things and so little about sex which is more pervasive and more connected to more things on more levels than anything else or I think so. It’s on people’s minds more than any other thing more of the time. The suppression of it and the profaning of it is the cornerstone of most religions as far the application of temporal forms of so called divine edicts.

Why is this is hardly talked about? Even more peculiar, why is it that no religion besides the Hindu talks much about or explains the process of transmuting the sexual force for the purpose of liberation from the suffering of the material plane. Why it is that so few people consider the waste of a certain vital force in relation to its cost? This waste of the force is actually celebrated in many ways in the general understanding and you have to consider that I mean more than masturbation or that that applies to more things than the direct definition.


Because sex is so subliminally negative and historically and culturally negative, the actual positive performance of it by most people is less artfully and considerately applied in action which results in enormous tragedies that are never discussed. You should wonder. Why is the attractive force which is also Love in terms of its higher expression and that which holds the planets in space and the molecules in objects together so demeaned and misunderstood? If you can figure this out you will know the main vehicle for negative temporal control on every level. Why is the reality of God as a serpent the most rejected of possibilities when it is obvious in a metaphysical sense and why is the serpent vilified considering the particular coiling state that is the definition of basic truth about the universe? If you don’t think this is true because you already know everything about the divine because you read it in a book whose purpose is largely social control, I’m not going to explain it. I’m not going to explain a lot of things any more. I’m just going to state them if I know they are so and not worry at all whether people don’t get it because if they won’t go through the trouble to look into in the first place who cares.

Let me explain something about an aspect of Love and an incredible feature of its being and one of the major reasons for its power, endurance and so many things that almost no one knows in a regular way of understanding and which is not talked about in religions and by most spiritual masters because it relates back to the thing about sex. Let’s just think about this in terms of the force itself and not the few individuals that consciously apply it. Let’s also consider it in relation to divine sacrifice and there is the possibility here to think about it and come up with some very deep meanings of the mystery and power of Love. Let me also say that the general understanding of Love is not the essence of Love to my way of thinking and is part of the problem in understanding and definitely the greatest problem in understanding its reality as the power, perfection and identity of God as Love.

Please do not ask me how God can be a serpent, Love and other things as well. Go look and find out in those places where one can learn these things and you might want to consider finding out what those places are as well and they are not books or religions except for the Hindu.

Back to the thing about Love; in the last post I discussed this but I used the word ‘fuck’ so people probably didn’t pay attention because this critical and no doubt extremely rare feature of Love was less important than a word considered profane while it is generally the most comprehensively descriptive of the ways most people perform the act. Fucking is the non Love motivated application of the sex act.

Here’s the aspect of Love. The reason that Love is the greatest power in the universe is that it tolerates, permits, and transforms all the perversions and violations of it. Love says, okay; if you just want to gain some kind of release go ahead. However, wouldn’t you like to know how to actually master me and get me to do things beyond your imagination? You didn’t hear that? Then you were probably F**king. Why is it okay to write it that way? There are people who are solicited to have sex with people who have no intention of performing it in any way but as a compulsion and which they also consider wrong subconsciously, even though it is justified in more ways than genocide and war, while considered illegal and immoral at the same time. These people will freely give themselves for the opportunity to instruct these people in what they are actually looking for. And I’m real sure about this. That’s something not usually known because those doing it don’t talk about it. Is that wrong? These people engage in various degrees of considered general wrongness for the purpose of healing something which makes more sense than any religious prohibition or any other approved charitable, educational and sundry effort to fix something that doesn’t get fixed ever in terms of having much of an impact on ignorance or practice of sex ever. Think about so many things that some people do that never really get talked about and ask yourself who are these people and consider the general behavior and prohibitions of all the known expressions how its supposed be but never is.

Possibly you can imagine a lot of possibilities where something like this might occur where illegal or immoral behavior is taking place where someone went into all kinds of things and did something similar. I could bring up the scriptural mention of Jesus Christ hanging out with publicans and sinners. Think about that. Think about whatever possibilities might exist in this way regarding all kinds of things. Most people have no idea of these people who do these things, or of a whole lot of other things going on around them that have to do with physical reality and all the veils and deceptions operating at so many levels.

This posting is intended to suggest an enormous amount of considerations and meanings concerning sex, Love and the interpretation of what the divine does, disapproves and approves of, is composed of and probably a whole lot more having to do with the real truth about life and Nature in all of its deeper implications and which are not only nearly always wrong and unknown but intentionally deceptive for some kind of reason. Why is it that spiritual masters and religions and society conceal the actual truths? The reason is that general society is not allowed to know these things because of the effect on the construction of existence for whatever its purpose may be.

I am hoping that it is understood that I wrote this in such a way so that it would provoke the reader to think about how all of this relates to just about everything; what they think is real, even about a lot of so called higher spiritual truths in terms of what is forbidden and the possibility these prohibitions and laws or whatever they are do not apply to a certain level of individual. I would also hope the reader will be inclined to consider things not even mentioned and possibilities beyond all of that and maybe make a connection between all kinds of things we think we know and what may be otherwise.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Impending Dimensional Shift

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When my friend Imron was here last week all kinds of weird events were taking place. The last night he was here we were going to watch a movie, listen to some music; songs he hadn’t heard from an era he wasn’t around for. I cued something up and an image came on the screen which announced, Les Charbonniers. It looked like the beginning of a film but it wouldn’t play. It didn’t matter what media player I used. That was all that would come up, over and over. It didn’t relate to anything I’d ever looked for or come across and it was all I could get. There was no sound and no other file would open. The next day it was gone.

There’s a local pub here where I’ve played a few times but not recently. Sometimes I don’t go there for six months or more and sometimes I will go down there every night for a few days. It’s always the same people. For ten years it has been the same people having the same conversations about the same things. While Imron was here I went there on several nights and had gone there a few times the week before. All of a sudden there were new people each night sitting with the same old crowd, including the fellow who invited me to the rave. Most of the new people spoke to me and if I would sit alone, which was generally the case, they would come over and sit and talk with me. For ten years I seldom saw anyone new. It’s a small town. Now, half of the people were new and everyone seemed to know each other.

I had a rare K session while Imron was here. This sort of thing doesn’t come around more than a couple of times a year. I didn’t know Imron very well. I did know the kind of things that happened when I engaged. Imron comes from a Muslim background and his people are from India. He lives in Texas and works as an IT consultant. On first viewing you would take him for someone straight and normal; not the sort of person I would have around for this kind of an event. Generally there is no one around, period. I told him what was up and I engaged. Due to the reactivation of my Kundalini over recent months there is no telling what might happen.

I didn’t think about it much. Right off the bat I was being thrown around in my chair and I can tell you, if you haven’t seen this kind of thing before it can be pretty shocking. I thought with him being descended from Indian parents he might have some kind of ancestral precedence for my behavior. I can’t really describe how off the charts my symptoms were on that first day and he had just flown in from the states on a long plane trip into the environment of someone he’d never met except online. Later, when a more normalized mindset arrived I saw just how off the charts the whole period must have appeared. There were times when it looked like what we call reality was going to melt away and something wild and powerful was going to replace it, more or less permanently. On several occasions I came back into the usual frequency to find that some things just weren’t the same anymore and then it would happen again. He just sat there and never said a word.

I had already planned on taking a shower prior to his arrival on the first day. I was finishing a post when he called from the airport which, as I have already recorded elsewhere, is over a half an hour drive away; given his having to connect with a ride and whatever else needed doing before he was on his way. I hung up the phone and went into the shower and he arrived a few minutes later. I still can’t get my head around that.

Why I’m talking about this is because we are about to enter into the fullness of a particular astrological phenomena that hasn’t been seen around here in a long, long time. Bholanath has already commented on it very recently on the last post that appeared here. Robert Hitt has been talking about it too. I’m not going to detail the configurations. I’ve got a background in esoteric astrology but it’s better if someone who has an actual savvy with the nuts and bolts says something and I encourage any of you who do to say something in the comments.

Here’s what Bholanath said at the last Petri Dish. This is a followup to something else he said in an earlier comment;

“An addendum to the Full Moon weekend of the 24-25 July: 1)Saturn-Uranus & Jupiter opposition peaks 2)Mercury-Neptune opposition peaks 3)Jupiter square Pluto peaks = big-ass T-square. Then the following weekend (wait for it!) MARS joins the fray (conjunct Saturn)! Mars is in this instance considered a 'malefic' trigger for the larger configuration of slower planets. Holey moley! Keep clear of the collective madness.”

This brings me to mention the power of collective belief; mass hysteria, long accepted fundamentals- material and spiritual, extended mass accepted reality of color and tone, general view of Nature and long standing institutions in cultures. You can extrapolate from all of this on your own. I’ve been saying it for awhile and we’ve been seeing the encroachment of it but let me say it again; the old world is passing away and the new world is coming.

For the new world to generate; and it is unstoppable by any force, because the cosmos is generating it, the old world must be broken down and the power of its influence taken away. Those dependent on it are doing all they can to maintain it. That’s not going to fly. More informed manipulators are seeking to transplant themselves into the new age. That’s not going to fly either, not for some time. It’s ours to celebrate or compromise. The only power the manipulators will have is the possibility of corrupting those who have avoided corruption within their old matrix. The chances are slim.

The breaking down of the old order will not be exclusive to those institutions and organizations that are causing so much distress at the moment. It is going to affect everyone and everything. Supposedly good guys are going to find that their motives have been more selfish than they admitted to themselves. People who have enriched themselves on being heralds; muckrakers, accusers, revealers and the like are going to find themselves judged by their profit motive and will find their support and audience moving on to more authentic representations. We’ve already seen the revelations made public about the influential and high powered gatekeepers. They are often convicted out of their own mouths and certainly by the exposure of their heretofore unknown bankrollers and shadowland associates. Several names come to mind and you know who they are.

We need to get our ya ya’s out in some cases and discard those features of our personalities and mindsets that we’ve used for protection and defense in this passing matrix. We need to confront what we are, take inventory and be rigorous in what we no longer need and can do without. This can be uncomfortable and frightening but we can’t rely on our internalized Star Wars defense systems anymore, because that also forbids entry to the invisible helping hands. We never were protecting ourselves with any of these constructs in the first place. We were being protected by those amounts of the higher qualities we possessed; our integrity, our honesty, our compassion, our selfless service in the seemingly unseen ways we performed it. Here you may extrapolate again and... don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

We need to become more impersonal about the people and things that outrage us. They are only unconscious players in a drama that is coming to a close. Their reward is written into the schematic of what they allowed themselves to become out of the predispositions of their karma. What I am saying here is more important than it might appear so it bears a penetrating scrutiny by the one’s reading this.

In a very short time we are all going to pass another demarcation line and enter into a reality shift. This is imminent. Other shifts are coming in The Fall and they are going to be even more transformative. All of the shifts are important. Those with less arresting features are not less important to you than those that are world shaking in appearance. We are talking about a progression here and every part is integral to the whole.

Everyone should have no greater concern than letting go and doing their laundry. In many cases the universe is going to do your laundry while you are in it. Let it happen and open up to the mainline positive download that is being readied for your ascension. I say ascension in terms of consciousness. Embrace the awakening of your higher self as it seeks to integrate and change you. Do not presume to know what those changes are or what they mean. If you had known you would have already done it yourself. Okay then... are you ready? Well, ready or not, here it comes.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ZioNazis, Time Fugues and other Anomalies

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Things just keep getting stranger and stranger, in the world and in my house and in my life. For many this would be disconcerting. People like routine. Sadly, in too many case these days, so many people are unaware of anything going on beyond their regular entertainments. There are people in The Gulf of Mexico area that are not aware that anything has happened there. International corporations and the Zionist plague of psychopathic bankers and simpering politicos have destroyed the American infrastructure. If you don’t hear about it on TV, it didn’t happen even though the effects of it are everywhere to be seen.

Despite the wider ignorance of what is taking place, more and more people are waking up to what has been going on and it is making the ZioNazis very uneasy. This is why Mel Gibson is being pilloried. They think they’re pretty slick. They paint Gibson as a racist who is slandering the black race. The point of this is for the ZioNazis, arguably the most virulent racists on the planet, to jump to the defense of the black race as if they were the most righteous, compassionate and caring of groups. They’ve been co-opting civil rights and sundry organizations for years so as to give the impression that they are the ones who care about the downtrodden; never mind that the downtrodden are in the position they are in due to the ZioNazis.

As readers of this blog know, for about a year my blogs have been only rarely appearing at Whatreallyhappened. Before this I had sent them in to Michael Rivero and he had always linked my articles without fail. I thought we were friends and we often would exchange pleasantries or information. One day he did not post my submission and then it went to a week and then another week. I wrote him about a dozen times to inquire why this was and never got a reply. I said, “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore.” I went my way and that was that. Then I saw the other day that Michael needed donations because CBS had cancelled his participation in a Hawaiian filmed TV show. I wondered if this was something similar to the Gibson thing. Michael has been relentlessly exposing ZioNazi chicaneries for some time.

The ZioNazis are running scared because they know what is coming in this time of The Apocalypse. This is why Zio-Joe Lieberman wants to shut down the internet and why people are losing their media jobs when they say the wrong thing that the ZioNazis don’t like. I wanted to write about this but realized that I couldn’t assume that Michael’s contract was cancelled for the reasons I suspected and I wanted to help him if I could since I believe he does critical work. I was more or less forced to write him and ask and I said that despite how he might feel about me I did want to be of assistance if I could. Michael wrote back to ask me what thing I was talking about. He had no knowledge that this had been going on for a year with my posts and made a comment about how much he liked my work. How could he not have gotten my letters?

Last night I get a letter from a regular reader at Rense who wanted to tell me that the reason my work wasn’t appearing at Rense was because he had been away. I had no idea who had been putting it up. I’d never sent anything in. Then I get a warm letter from Jeff Rense telling me how much he liked my work and that I should send him my posts directly and he will put them up. The Dog Poet Transmitting dialogue box is back up again and now I have also suddenly received emails from other people showing me letters they wrote and comments they made.

I had a visitor from Texas over the last several days named Imron and he called from the airport to say that he had landed and we arranged for him to be driven here. It’s at least a half hour drive. I was just going into the shower so I went into the shower and he arrived at the door a mere few minutes after I went into the shower. There’s been a lot of this kind of thing. It’s becoming commonplace for the unexpected and inexplicable to occur. I could have said more about Whatreallyhappened and Rense which highlights the strange but I’ll leave that be. I could add a number of events that have been taking place here but I’ll leave that be too.

In the recent Visible Origami, I issued a series of commands. One of them was that “time go all funny’. That’s happening and I had to rescind the command because it was causing real problems (grin). While my visitor was here we were invited to a rave. It was announced on the internet and I was personally invited by a person connected to it. We got ready to go and were told it was cancelled. I went down to the local pub to talk to the fellow who invited me. Some of the other people who were putting it on or providing the music were there. A little while later we were told it was on again and the fellow told us the location. We went there and there was no one. We went back to the pub where all these people had returned and looked like they were waiting for us.

Susanne thought they were a Mossad hit squad. That’s not like her. They were now going to have the rave at another location. I told the fellow that I would follow him. Susanne did not want to come and was sure she would never see me again. I was following them when they floored the gas and took off at high speed up into the mountain and even though I was going very fast too, they disappeared. There’s more to this story too. There are more stories also. Something very strange is going on. Those of you who are familiar with what happened to me in Italy know that exceedingly strange things have been going on for months now. I find all this very entertaining but I can’t say I understand it.

It’s been two days now with no significant events. This post has been sitting on the desktop, waiting to see if there’s something more that’s supposed to go in here but it appears not for this little while.

The world appears to be hanging in a kind of gelatin suspension. It’s a time release containment gel, which lets slip certain occurrences but suppresses the activities of others until some wide reaching internal clock comes to the right moment. Meanwhile, in some places, time is moving faster. In other locations, time is moving slower and it could be that in some locales, time isn’t moving at all. Physical time and mental time are not moving at the same rate and in special situations; time is herky jerky following no pattern at all.

Somehow, a lot of things that were meant to be in sync are not and some coming events have to play catch-up and some have to wait on these laggards. It reminds me of the movie, “Mr. Nobody” cross shuffled with “Benjamin Buttons” like a canny card dealer inserting another deck inside the one in his hands. A year ago, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the possible sequencing of pending events; the year before that I had a different view. Today I have no real view at all. I’ve had to admit to myself that I haven’t got a clue as to how this is all supposed to sort out. There are any number of dimensions that have a time code much different from each other. Something happens in one place on a virtual level and then something that should have already happened or was meant to happen later is happening, or not happening according to means and methods beyond my ken.

I operate as if containing myself was the solution and the next day I act as if any containment at all is the source of the problem, at least for me. It’s not uncomfortable or angst making. It just is, or isn’t, depending on how you look at it. It could be that the new world that is emerging and which is antithetical to the old world and the New World Order is rising invisibly to one clock and the old world is falling back like dead leaves into compost according to another clock. In the interim, we have one foot in the old world and another in the world that is coming. That’s the best I can come up with at the moment; if this is the moment and not some other moment (grin).

It could be the amalgam of free will that’s the culprit or some mysterious outworking of cosmic forces that were always in charge and are now in active mode. One thing for sure, the bad guys are parading around on the world stage with huge LED screens and talking sandwich boards, announcing to us all just what sort of people they are. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for this except to establish guilt and culpability. By the time they come before the eternal court there isn’t going to be much doubt about who is who.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I suppose I have to open every post now (for awhile) with this mantra, “BP is Rothschild and the Queen of England and they killed The Gulf of Mexico”. If you want an informative excursion through the veil of the conceal of the real, you would be either profited or much dismayed by the discovery of what Rothschild owns and does around the world, besides controlling the flow of money and the bestowing of poverty and the conditions of war upon selected environments.

About 40 or more years ago, Nelson Rockefeller made a good will tour of South America. The response from the public was so negative that he couldn’t exit his limousine or other means of conveyance anywhere near any collection of locals. Stones and all manner of items were hurled in his direction along with various suitable epitaphs. Was this just the result of commie inspired, workers unions or was it a direct recognition by the people of what a monstrous vampire bat had been at work among the livestock and populace? Somehow they knew.

Well, Nelson’s gone, long dead between the legs of Meagan Marshalk. Nelson had one of those early penile implants which gave the impression of a hardon pointing south, due to it being a metal rod. A later innovation was the vacuum pump that was surgically inserted and involved a certain specific squeezing in the area of the perineum, to inflate the Hindenbergs, that had become as dead as the present day Gulf of Mexico; accomplished by Rothschild, the Queen of England and sundry players. Commiserate with these indefatigable men, who knew the necessity of the perfunctory performance of a natural imperative to put the rutting imprimatur upon their unnatural affairs.

Yes, I could tell you many tales of these movers and shakers in the Court of the Submissive ‘Booteah’ and that would include Supreme Court justices and the like but what do we need of such unattractive digressions when we have this? “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog” with a lifetime membership at “Paddles”, conveniently located in the heart of New York City (if it’s still there). What tales some private dungeons could tell of the private torments of those who met their master in his less attractive forms?

We find ourselves in “The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously”, midway through the long preface and but a mere turning of a page away from Chapter One. It’s a short book, a Cliff Notes speed read of time, collapsing like dominos, inverted at ninety degrees away from everything else for a dimensional shift. “Damn! I could have sworn this was solid ground a few moments ago. Hector! What is the fucking ocean doing on my putting green? Well, I don’t care whose fault it is do I? Fix it or start packing your bags for Zihuatanejo! I’ve got Chuckie Schumer coming in for Bloody Maria’s in half an hour! Carlotta, put that six pack of middle school girls and boys on ice... next to the cold, shell fish buffet.”

The minute hand of the cosmic clock moves in short, uniform jerks as each increment is finished and another begins. It’s business as usual most places. Wharf rats in tailored suits move through color coordinated cubicles over at Goldman Sachs. They’ll be off to the Four Seasons for a two hour lunch shortly, where Corexit is picking up the tab. Should they change the name to Noexit? Will there be problems with the French office of Copyrights? It’s not really existential, if it’s not making you money, whether you’re paying attention or not.

Word has it that the Pentagon has 10,000 targets picked out in Iran, hard locked for aerial assault in the ‘sooner rather than later’ category. 10,000 targets! Imagine that. There’s no word on whether Odigo is slated to text message those hundreds of thousands (snicker) of beleaguered, green scarfed revolutionaries to bend over and kiss their ass goodbye. One month later we’ll all know, without knowing how, that the Revolutionary Guard murdered those 25,000 Iranian Jews, moments before the attack; now martyrs all.

Last night I went to a party hosted by a dear friend who, for reasons of her own, insists on making all of her events a costumed, theme party event. This time it was jungle themed. This does annoy me a tad. So last night I dressed in black sneakers, black pants and black silk shirt with a black head wrap. I put the ‘coffee’s ready’ red dot in my forehead and some crimson lip stick on my kisser. When I was asked what my costume was, I said, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash (easier now that I blew my voice out... recovering) and last night I was in an ashram outside of Delhi. I had this massive Kundalini event and I’ve been lost in the jungle all night thinking I’m a woman.” A lady in a leopard skin body dress that had to come out of a spray can asked me, “Shouldn’t your name be ‘Sue’? “Maybe”, I said, “Can you do anything about these burning rings of fire?”

This precipitated one of those androgynous boys, that seem so ubiquitous these days, to sit down next to me with a “Hello, Sailor” vibe. Invariably, with me, the conversation came around to 9/11 and whodunit; “Mossad and rogue elements of American intelligence and the administrative branch”, I said. The reaction was shock. I thought. Man, is this kid brainwashed. He even asked me what they payoff was for Israel. I explained that but it didn’t do much good. They’ve upped the programming between the generations. The older people around me knew very well the truth of what I had just said. At least the kid moved away from me.

Sometimes I let them explain to me what happened about six decades ago. I can hold off for about 2 or 3 minutes before I start flapping my elbows and going, “Bwak! Bwak!” I’ll admit to a whole lot of hard won converts over time, not that they feel better about knowing. Usually I feel like Socrates after (well, I don’t know how he felt do I?) he did that complicated physics thing with the illiterate 16 year old boy (some of you people have polluted imaginations, or else you don’t know what I’m talking about). You just keep asking the right questions in the right sequence and before they even know it and... even after they are unaware that they know it, they know it and you don’t get into trouble, which is an art in this world where one’s personal outrage makes it so hard to keep one’s mouth shut.

Let’s face it, I don’t know the actual truth of anything except for what the real facts conclusively prove and I freely admit that I don’t know because I wasn’t there. So how can I deny anything if I haven’t stuck my hand in the hole in his side?

A reader is at pains to explain to me about the ‘red tar’ situation in The Gulf. I like the guy and I’m open to anything, so long as it’s the truth but... until I know what I don’t know, I don’t know. Here’s what I do know, this is “The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously” and it’s only strange and dangerous if you don’t know who the author is. People seem to think the author has to be the obvious- and sometimes hidden- protagonists because they are operating according to a perceivable schematic. Well, I could say something about the location of the cheese and the rats in the maze. Just because the rats are moving convincingly according to routes and motives does not mean they built the maze or put the cheese there. It might mean a whole lot of other things you ought to be able to put together from this simple illustration.

I like you people, I really do. I’m even going to be temporarily inconvenienced on your behalf once or twice on this highway, to the gateway, to the hallway that leads to a near unbearable and transformative light. Do me and yourself a favor, just take it on spec that all is not what it appears to be, no matter what it appears to be and... recognize that when you are in a situation where all earthly means fail, you have the supreme opportunity to grasp a heretofore, unseen, floatation device. I used to put myself in extremis, just to prove this to myself. I even convinced myself that it was me doing it... heh heh.

Sex and death have a very close and oft mysterious connection to each other. What isn’t so commonly known, or presented, is that so does sex and immortality. This could mean that certain forms of mutual frottage are more dangerous than they seem or... more beneficial than one can imagine, depending on who is stroking who (might be a whom in there but I’ve still got to do the radio show).

No more than a few years from now, I and some of the very people reading these words will be sitting by an outdoor fire (not of necessity but of choice) and someone is going to say... “You know what makes this all so incredible? Even though it happened, it’s still hard to imagine it.”

End Transmission.......
(By popular demand we will stay with this persona until such time as we find that dog won’t hunt, which may never happen).

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wondering What's Going on Behind the Curtain

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been thinking about the things that have been going on and... knowing that the string pullers do all sorts of things to get the public moving in a particular direction and getting the public to believe certain things, I’ve been wondering and wondering and... wondering. I realize that there are some who might think my abilities to be rational, objective and deeply inquisitive might have been compromised but who knows what I’m really up to with all of that anyway?

One thing no one can doubt is the increasing presence of more and more officials with uniforms and weapons. There’s also been a major decrease in legislation that protects individual rights of movement and expression. There’s also been more and more evidence of provocateurs at major protests and... there have been increasing displays of local police abusing and injuring really old people. Why would they be attacking so many people in their 80’s and so many prepubescent children? Is it just the press that is calling attention to what might only be anomalies within a public composed of hundreds of millions of people in many locations?

I am hearing all kinds of things about The Gulf nightmare being an illusion; being worse than it appears to be, being so many things. I hear about hospitals filled with people suffering from all kinds of respiratory problems and then I hear nothing about it, depending on where I’ve got my ear turned. I purposely live in two particular locations where I don’t see much of anything that reflects the things I hear about and where I have the benefit of invisible and temporal protections. The former travels with me regardless and the latter is a matter of knowing where certain features are more likely to be present. The world is a place of pockets that have their own characteristics among the aggregate of everything happening somewhere at all times.

I keep being reminded that no one has ever taken control of the whole world at any time. I also have the words of Lao Tzu and others who say that it is never going to happen. I also have the benefit of ‘occult history’ which goes back much further than recorded history and which also shows the same thing.

I’m hearing about information concerning Dutroux and his child abuse ring surfacing among the papers of a Cardinal in the Catholic Church and breakdowns in fealty among the bad guys. Meanwhile, as Israel/Rothschild Crime Syndicate Nation acts more and more like the full bore psychopaths that they are; major strategic nations are breaking with long term arrangements and agreements to shift the balances of power in surprising directions. Turkey and Brazil are among two of the most economically successful nations on Earth. Others are also joining into a new coalition of the unwilling. Iran has got defensive measures in place that are not generally known and the cost of doing something stupid is giving pause to the intentions of those who are needed to make Israel’s dreams of power and plunder come true.

Because there are so many stories out there it becomes as hard for me to figure it out as it must be for the forces behind so many of the stories. I know by now that there is a lot of conflict in the ranks of those who are trying to run the table. There are a lot of things that don’t make sense. Consider chemtrails; doesn’t whatever is in these chemtrails fall on TBTB as much as they fall on anyone? Why would those versed in history and seeking to change history not know what invariably befalls people like them. Of course they do but... they are insane and doomed to fail and this leads me back to what I have long believed to begin with.

As I wonder and wonder, many things are eliminated from my considerations. The more I look at the whole scenario, the more it looks to me like TPTB are running scared and that is why there is such an effort being put into convincing the populace that there is so much military and domestic police presence available.

One of the things I noticed after 9/11 was the rise in the conservative mindset among the stupid and clueless. There was suddenly a huge population of right wingers using the term ‘libruls’ to be a catchall for the ‘enemy within’. 9/11 brought forth an army of mouth breathers who waved the flag and came together as a massive cheerleading section for every kind of evil behavior abroad, including torture factories for people arbitrarily chosen as terror agents, directed toward the destruction of all the good things in the west. They hate our freedoms is what it is.

Huge efforts are being made to corral the ordinary mind into believing that they need to be protected at the expense of previous freedoms, now gone missing. Demonstrations are being made all along The Gulf Coast, that long standing constitutional rights no longer exist. These things are done with no explanation at all and it seems that no matter what happens it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to the people affected. They stand around their boats and shops and beaches as their lives crash and all they can say is, “Well, that’s too bad, we’re ruined now” or “How come BP isn’t hiring us to clean up this mess that ruined our lives”? The important thing seems to be just to get some money out of the thing and not the thing itself.

I wonder about so many things; how things look and how they are and how they are could be almost anything. I keep getting the feeling that TBTB are aware of something that is completely out of the sight of everyone else. It’s something big but I don’t know what it is. You see where Goldman Sachs dumped two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of BP stock just before the well blew and Tony Hayward dumped his stock too.

There’s a massive effort now underway to compromise the internet, if not shut it off entirely. I don’t think that’s possible the way the thing is constructed and even the idea of shutting off particular sites makes no sense, given that one can constantly create new sites with very little trouble.

As I sort all of the things I see and don’t see, along with what I feel, it seems increasingly clear that TPTB know all about the new age coming and also about what happens to the forces that get cleansed every time, because they are the least desired feature to be carried into the new age. I can see some effort being put into shell companies, so to speak, that will slip into the new age like marker cells. I note the sudden and ubiquitous appearance of formerly silent, or previously Zionist AshkeNazi interests turning up in opposition to their former selves as if they were the good guys trying to stop their former associates from bad behavior but mostly engaging in photo ops designed to show them as the good guys who went down to Mississippi to save the black man or any and every of the downtrodden that they always show up representing as if that were the primary concern of their self sacrificing lives.

I am definitely noticing the mutating of certain ‘genetically out for personal gain’ types as well as getting the sensation that any number of former cannibal rats are changing their outfits so that they can march into the new world with whoever makes it out of the old world. I could tell them how effective that’s going to be but that’s not my job at this particular moment.

What I’m trying to say is that everything we are seeing and hearing about might just be a distraction for those working to make themselves appear as if they were always the good guys, or just got noticed as the good guys or suddenly appeared out of the ranks of the victimized as the new voices of parity, honesty and positive change. It could be that they now know they are dealing with something that they can’t fight or manipulate and so they are rearranging their appearance and... all of what is happening is that the stage is being set to unveil then as being washed in the blood (irony alert).

As is typical for me in these short pieces, I didn’t explain myself very well and am reduced to working with innuendo and the like. It’s just that I’ve been noticing certain things and wondering if they might not very well know what’s coming because of certain communications recently presented by the living sun god as he makes his way into the prison world as liberator. Since I got told any number of times about how he was going to show up in the middle of things, I am wondering just how much of that might have already happened; just me wondering.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'm Free and Freedom is Reality

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have the strangest life, I live in my heart and my imagination. As strange as I am and there are several personalities to choose from, I am not as strange as the people I meet and hear about. I was standing with a woman that I had been talking to for some hours. We were standing on the street and she had shown me a place where I could wait for the dawn. I saw hundreds of people. I had seen very few people for months. So I studied people’s body language and their faces.

Often I was doing this while this woman talked to me. I was in a bar area that is only open on Tuesday. There was a big park and people were standing there and sitting there and not dancing. It was Switzerland and Switzerland is about the money, no matter where you are. It’s the reason that most of them don’t have any fun. They have their pension and their latter years but life is gone by then. Some of them are friendly and some are not and it’s about half and half. Usually the women are much friendlier. Most people speak English. I don’t go to Basel much because it depresses me.

When I dance people stare because they are not doing it. In Italy you can sing in the street and I do, and people laugh. In Switzerland they just look at me like I’m crazy. I walk through the malls and traffic-less streets and I sing loud and I smile and I look in their eyes. The foreigners understand. This woman was a foreigner from Ost bloc. She had been through a lot and it had changed her but she had a confidence and drive that was infectious.

A crazy person came into the park and everyone got tense. There were a hundred people there. The woman said that there were some Spaniards and Portuguese who were angry with each other, she was apprehensive and said, “I hope he doesn’t come over here.” I saw another guy. He looked like he was high on speed. It was at a carnival and he was intimidating the people around him. For some reason I didn’t go over there. He was a big guy in good shape but he was crazy. I would see the person yelling in the park wasn’t coming over to us and I told her so. I’ve seen this several times. They let these people do their thing but everyone seems to be afraid. When it rains only a little bit, thousands of umbrellas bloom; it’s the money.

She said, “I hope so” and I could see she had experiences. Once I was locked up in the Nogales jail for smuggling. I wasn’t smuggling, the guys with me had left their pot and pills on the other side of the border. After tearing the van apart for six hours they let us go, followed us and lost us and then got a car in front that braked fast. I told the guy to drop it out the window. He waited for the car to stop and then he did.

So I was in the Nogales jail with a couple of other people. One was a white guy who had been around but was small. Another guy was one of those genial Mexicans that you always see in jail. They let this black guy in. He was big and for all I know he was frightened, crazy sure. We were sitting at a table and he was standing and yelling about kicking people’s asses and then looking at us and glaring and daring us to say something. This was a period where I had two altercations and wasn’t afraid of anything. It isn’t always like that.

This guy was getting menacing and it was a matter of time before he called for either fealty which might have gone anywhere or submission. No one was going to do anything if I didn’t. He was moving on the white guy who was cringing in his chair. Like I often do I acted without thought and I jumped up and told he if he didn’t shut up I was going to shut him up and I walked around the table and then said, “Cut your losses, no one’s going to bother you.” Like the Fonze said when Richie asked him why no one ever challenged him He said, "At some point you have to back it up. He started yelling and swelling up and I just looked at him and he went away and there was no further problem. There could have been but often there is not. I got moved to the Maricopa County jail and there was this white trash, southern boy who keyed on me. Part of it had to do with meditating on my bunk and part of it was personality.

He kept on taunting me and I ignored it. The fellow I was sitting with said, “You’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later. I nodded and went on with my business and he did something and I said, “The next time you do anything to me I am going to fight you. Stop now and you won’t be sorry.” I didn’t know what he knew but bullies are mostly hot air; not all of them though. Later I was sitting on my bed and a roll of toilet paper sailed in front of my nose. “Okay, that’s it I said, I walked down the aisle to him. He has backed up and was holding his hands in a way that didn’t inspire confidence and he had a gleam in his eye like he knew me and owned me. I said, “We can end it right here, I’m giving you a chance. Otherwise I have to kick your ass.”

He sneered and I went into a boxing stance. I had won several medals as a kid mostly because my hands have always been fast. Susanne remarked on it the other day. No, we don’t spar but I do stay in some kind of shape. Rick Glover is always out there and fixated on me. Anyway, he threw a punch, I blocked it and hit him with a three punch combination and he went down with a bloody mouth. I stood over him and said don’t get up. If you fuck with me again I’ll give you to one of these guys as a sex toy and I meant it.

I never heard from him again.

When I was young people used to pick on me all the time and sit on my chest and torment me for hours. Eventually they would do something and I would get angry and beat them up but I always forgot and people would be sitting on my chest again. The Kundalini changed it and the instant martial arts, which didn’t get fluid until recently.

I realized what I saw in people’s faces was fear. Fear of intimacy, fear of others and fear of social situations. I saw all sorts of people who wanted to have sex and all they had to do was announce it and they didn’t. Back in the past I would just get up sometimes and say, “Look, I see all of you people looking at each other and you want to be naked in a room. Tell someone and get it on. You’re pinging in my head and I’m trying to enjoy my high.

Most of the time what we fear is bogus but if we face it, even if it kicks our ass, for some reason it goes away. I looked at this lady and she was genuinely afraid of this screaming guy. I said “don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.” “How” she asked. “I’ll just be louder and more crazy.” You see it in prison all the time and there’s nowhere to go either. The guy quieted down and that was the end of it.

She walked down the street to a place that wasn’t open (I’ll tell the rest of the tale at Smoking Mirrors comments today). Then she said, could she hug me and she would have that even if I didn’t communicate like I said I would. I hugged her and looked down the street and I said, “I’m free. That’s the one thing I’ve got. I can go anywhere and I don’t have this thing lurking over me like most people.” It was profound at the moment and I expanded on it but couldn’t remember what I had said.

Some of us have friends as our wealth and some of us are free too because that’s how we lived. It isn’t easy in the beginning that’s why few do it. They opt for the job and the security. I was in my forties and the producer of the dinner theatre I was acting in said, “Visible, you have to get it together. You have no savings, no insurance and no pension. What are you going to do?” “God will provide”, I said and he always has. He’s fed me and sheltered me and been the courage inside me when I didn’t have any of my own. God can kick anyone’s ass and he’s inside us. You have to go through a lot of shit but at least you get out of it instead of deeper into it.

I said yesterday when I was ragged, “You know Susanne, I didn’t do too bad. I’m free like few people are and I have friends. If it all fell down, I have dozens of places to go where people will take me in and help me up. How many people can say that? I gave myself away and I put my hope and trust in God and people. All the shit I went through and it worked out in the end; just like it can for anyone who puts their effort and coin into the human experience. Sure I’m crazy and I do things that may not be safe or wise but I’m not afraid of that screaming man and you don’t read in my face what I was reading in all those people’s faces. You can question my judgment but I jumped right in and I’m not afraid of being close to others or loving the human race. That’s why I’m singing when I go down the street. I’m letting people know that they didn’t get me. There’s one of us still loose and I suspect there’s more.

I run into bullies of all types all the time but I sing to them too and they go around me to find someone that’s afraid of them, just like anyone does. That other night, I told this lady, “I could go anywhere from here” and I meant it. There were no borders or boundaries, I was free.

End Transmission.......

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