Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Peculiar Disconnect of Sex

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are certain things I talk about that create no controversy with my readers in my statements concerning them or anything else for that matter but when I mention sex or drugs you can see it light up. Things which are far more dangerous than drugs don’t even arouse concern. Sex is more commonplace and on people’s minds than any other single thought or practice on the planet. Think about it. Think about that. But generally you don’t hear it considered or discussed. They don’t want to talk about anything outside of conventional morality which is hypocrisy and selectively enforced and censured. I say some pretty controversial things about sex which people object to, can’t dispute but can certainly try. If they can’t dispute it then that’s something else I don’t understand.

I did use an amount of profanity in discussing it and was intentionally excessive in my presentation but that was by design because people have some reaction to what they call dirty words. Apparently words like cocksucker are dirty. That’s interesting considering the amount of people who think about and rely upon them. Here’s an interesting feature. There are many examples of this. Say there’s a woman who is very giving and free spirited who loves to provide whatever there may be available in the satisfaction of her partners (oops, partners might not be permitted). Say she sleeps with some guy and does all kinds of things for him and now he has contempt for her for providing what he wanted in the first place and is now out looking for again. Why cocksucker is a bad word when it is one of the most thought about, requested and desired services?

There are so many examples of this that I need not go into them. There are no doubt people reading this who just thought, why did he have to say ‘cocksucker’ now he’s gotten prurient about it and I don’t think I will appreciate what he’s got to say. I’ll bet you’d appreciate a blow job though. The interesting thing is I don’t care about them at all any more as an attractive thing but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and I think it should be applied across the board by more people but it might also be that the type of men they are with don’t deserve them because sex is bad to begin with even though it is an integral part of manifest existence.

I could say so many things about sex and give so many examples of misunderstanding and hypocrisy that it would take awhile to example them and even if I did a lot of people would still have their reservations. But here is one of my points, a lot of these people believe that they are aware of all kinds of spiritual truths and cosmic moral codes and what is right and wrong in the temporal world. How can they know so much about so many things and so little about sex which is more pervasive and more connected to more things on more levels than anything else or I think so. It’s on people’s minds more than any other thing more of the time. The suppression of it and the profaning of it is the cornerstone of most religions as far the application of temporal forms of so called divine edicts.

Why is this is hardly talked about? Even more peculiar, why is it that no religion besides the Hindu talks much about or explains the process of transmuting the sexual force for the purpose of liberation from the suffering of the material plane. Why it is that so few people consider the waste of a certain vital force in relation to its cost? This waste of the force is actually celebrated in many ways in the general understanding and you have to consider that I mean more than masturbation or that that applies to more things than the direct definition.


Because sex is so subliminally negative and historically and culturally negative, the actual positive performance of it by most people is less artfully and considerately applied in action which results in enormous tragedies that are never discussed. You should wonder. Why is the attractive force which is also Love in terms of its higher expression and that which holds the planets in space and the molecules in objects together so demeaned and misunderstood? If you can figure this out you will know the main vehicle for negative temporal control on every level. Why is the reality of God as a serpent the most rejected of possibilities when it is obvious in a metaphysical sense and why is the serpent vilified considering the particular coiling state that is the definition of basic truth about the universe? If you don’t think this is true because you already know everything about the divine because you read it in a book whose purpose is largely social control, I’m not going to explain it. I’m not going to explain a lot of things any more. I’m just going to state them if I know they are so and not worry at all whether people don’t get it because if they won’t go through the trouble to look into in the first place who cares.

Let me explain something about an aspect of Love and an incredible feature of its being and one of the major reasons for its power, endurance and so many things that almost no one knows in a regular way of understanding and which is not talked about in religions and by most spiritual masters because it relates back to the thing about sex. Let’s just think about this in terms of the force itself and not the few individuals that consciously apply it. Let’s also consider it in relation to divine sacrifice and there is the possibility here to think about it and come up with some very deep meanings of the mystery and power of Love. Let me also say that the general understanding of Love is not the essence of Love to my way of thinking and is part of the problem in understanding and definitely the greatest problem in understanding its reality as the power, perfection and identity of God as Love.

Please do not ask me how God can be a serpent, Love and other things as well. Go look and find out in those places where one can learn these things and you might want to consider finding out what those places are as well and they are not books or religions except for the Hindu.

Back to the thing about Love; in the last post I discussed this but I used the word ‘fuck’ so people probably didn’t pay attention because this critical and no doubt extremely rare feature of Love was less important than a word considered profane while it is generally the most comprehensively descriptive of the ways most people perform the act. Fucking is the non Love motivated application of the sex act.

Here’s the aspect of Love. The reason that Love is the greatest power in the universe is that it tolerates, permits, and transforms all the perversions and violations of it. Love says, okay; if you just want to gain some kind of release go ahead. However, wouldn’t you like to know how to actually master me and get me to do things beyond your imagination? You didn’t hear that? Then you were probably F**king. Why is it okay to write it that way? There are people who are solicited to have sex with people who have no intention of performing it in any way but as a compulsion and which they also consider wrong subconsciously, even though it is justified in more ways than genocide and war, while considered illegal and immoral at the same time. These people will freely give themselves for the opportunity to instruct these people in what they are actually looking for. And I’m real sure about this. That’s something not usually known because those doing it don’t talk about it. Is that wrong? These people engage in various degrees of considered general wrongness for the purpose of healing something which makes more sense than any religious prohibition or any other approved charitable, educational and sundry effort to fix something that doesn’t get fixed ever in terms of having much of an impact on ignorance or practice of sex ever. Think about so many things that some people do that never really get talked about and ask yourself who are these people and consider the general behavior and prohibitions of all the known expressions how its supposed be but never is.

Possibly you can imagine a lot of possibilities where something like this might occur where illegal or immoral behavior is taking place where someone went into all kinds of things and did something similar. I could bring up the scriptural mention of Jesus Christ hanging out with publicans and sinners. Think about that. Think about whatever possibilities might exist in this way regarding all kinds of things. Most people have no idea of these people who do these things, or of a whole lot of other things going on around them that have to do with physical reality and all the veils and deceptions operating at so many levels.

This posting is intended to suggest an enormous amount of considerations and meanings concerning sex, Love and the interpretation of what the divine does, disapproves and approves of, is composed of and probably a whole lot more having to do with the real truth about life and Nature in all of its deeper implications and which are not only nearly always wrong and unknown but intentionally deceptive for some kind of reason. Why is it that spiritual masters and religions and society conceal the actual truths? The reason is that general society is not allowed to know these things because of the effect on the construction of existence for whatever its purpose may be.

I am hoping that it is understood that I wrote this in such a way so that it would provoke the reader to think about how all of this relates to just about everything; what they think is real, even about a lot of so called higher spiritual truths in terms of what is forbidden and the possibility these prohibitions and laws or whatever they are do not apply to a certain level of individual. I would also hope the reader will be inclined to consider things not even mentioned and possibilities beyond all of that and maybe make a connection between all kinds of things we think we know and what may be otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, pussy pussy pussy, cum cum cum, cock cocky cock cok cock, dick dickity dick dick, squirt, cunt, la dee dee daa daa dicka doo pussygallore ann hummm. etc etc etceTettie
Ha ha!
Love you Les, Debs.

Anonymous said...

The significance of the serpent is shown because that is mentioned "in the beginning" and it is the first thing they lie about. It is all turned upside down because it is very important. To know good and evil is somehow bad and will lead to your death etc etc. but it did not lead to death so that in itself was a lie.

People are led to believe it was a real serpent in the garden and not a luminous serpent of energy. It is the key to whole phony deck of cards. You are right in that there is no sense trying to explain it to people who are unwilling to do some of their own research or contemplation of the matter. Some are never going to get behind the idea that Hindus are people who worship cows.

vixen said...

It’s tough to escape the restraints placed on us by the illusionary world we are interacting with. If you operate outside the norms of this restrictive society then you become an outcast or worse. Our freedom is for the most part restricted by society and the narrow thinking that permeates it instigated by the controlling powers that seek to enslave us. There was a comment on visible origami about cursing being some kind of negative energy. How can that really be when most words if said in anger or hatred can become negative? Simply using fuck as an adjective or the occasional verb in a positive sense shouldn’t incite that type of reaction. Why take a few words and put some kind of obscene connotation on them. To me, that kind of thinking goes along with the wearing of ties by men. Who in the world would require that a man put a noose around his own neck to be considered acceptable? Talk about negative energy……

Anonymous said...

i just started reading this and only got this far before i choked and dribbled pineapple juice on myself. really.

"There are no doubt people reading this who just thought, why did he have to say ‘cocksucker’ now he’s gotten prurient about it and I don’t think I will appreciate what he’s got to say. I’ll bet you’d appreciate a blow job though."

that´s fricken funny, man ! ...and the use of prurient...classic. mainly because I don't know what it means.


Anonymous said...

this has got something to do with that yin yan symbol the laws of attraction and magnetising and the various forms on the material plane,which moves the vital fluids
between the two opposites
just on varying differing degrees and scales,I suppose due to the balance of the masculine and feminine forces in a quite complex being like ourselves dominates the attractive aromas that attract our opposite's male or female.
we as beings love sex as at the moment of orgasm we unify with each other,but after we have lost some of our vital fluid so a shift in our awareness occurs this may have something to do with the feeling that it is such a taboo subject
if we keep doing it with out stopping due to the loss of the vital fluids we become stagnated and loose interest.needing again too reenergise our selves ready for another round.I noted when I was young that one night stands were not really that great,that part of the whole thing was the opening of the emotions with the partner,of which became awkward the next day.
other than having sex with a partner that I loved and was emotionally attracted to,it was far more unifing than some one night stand that wasnt really known on an emotional level.
but since now my girlfriend lives abroad I go for long periods without sex and find it better to try not to think about it,this also stirs up the creative juices for writing poems also have noted if doing the tai chi palm thing a lot more energy is released through the hands also get huge love feelings charging through the heart more ready available than what I would if I had sex,now the kundalini sex thing I have never experienced so I dont know about this.

peace and love to all neil

Anonymous said...

Celibate for 5 years now. Initally it was quite "hard". greater mental and physical clarity has come in buckets with abstinence. NOT here to moralize! I KNOW what works for me and what doesn't. Slept with some MARVELLOUS women!
Lived with one for many years.
Now, I'm free from any spells...self-imposed or otherwise.

P.S. guys? if you want women to start noticing you...IGNORE them. works like a charm...a charm that for me holds no power. reduce sex to its primary function. be a mensch!!!

and everybody else? GO FUCK YOURSELVES SILLY!

abe said...

This is what happens when you take a few days off. Anyway, it's pretty easy to figure out, if God is Love- then the reverse is also true, regardless of our resistance to saying so. The only alternative is the Old Coyote method...

Burnie said...

Okay, first of all fuck, cocksucker, or any other word like these are just fucking words and I for one use them a lot. They have no negative connotation except with some who find them offensive for some reason I don't understand.

Vixen said some of it. I mean for fucks sake move on to the good stuff. Sex absent of real connection was always empty for me, my partner only had real meaning when I loved them, and in those instances it was sublime, love is the key and the connection, the open door you enter and find something so incredible that the sex is almost secondary to the tender connection.

Fuck society, fuck the moral popo's and fuck anyone who would put a limit on anything I choose to do. The only requisite is to not hurt someone with whatever it is you choose to do.

Finally seeing some of the devine, and the gut level understanding that we are all one thing is only the beginning that has taken me all my life to get to, I am not sure I will ever get it all, but there is no other way for me.

Trying all things, all drugs all of everything was my path, pure hedonistic wallowing, covered in the seeking of pleasure. But something happened, I am no different but took another road that led me in pursuit of that which I tried to find in more negative endeavors only to be lost and strung out. This road is much richer, and discovering that richness of mind and spirit has been my driving force, and I am grateful for my transgressions, and pain as well as my successes, it all is a teacher, as are all of you..fuck yea.
Thanks all

Burnie said...

I wanted to say one more thing of many things I could say. I am older now, I could be a grandpa to some of you. Sex is still a driving force sans actually doing it. But what happens to me is that it gets channeled. Not by me purposely, it just seems to happen. I put it in everything I do creatively and even non creatively. It is a beautiful thing. I also have to be honest and say I would still love to find someone and get down but it is tempered by the knowledge of what happens after the act which has become more important to me than the act itself. Without connection of mind the act is empty.

I use the word I a lot but it isn't about me, I am just trying to communicate experience and don't know what else to do to describe it.

Visible said...

thank you for those fantastic comments!

Anonymous said...

what about christopher bollyn. Surely you know you are implicated in his kidnap?

Unknown said...

Yessssssss!!!!! To all of it!

I never got all those negative connotations on all those words either. That alone exposes the hypocrisy of it all, for me anyway.

I even took words with positive connotations and attempted to expose them for what they were. Take the word lady. I’ve always requested that I not be referred to as one. This shocked and/or confused many and few ever groked what I was attempting to convey; I don’t follow social mores and you’d better be real if you wanna play in this sandbox.

Thank you, Les. I love it when you’re real! (and you always are)


Anonymous said...

A one night stand is like a short story. it takes expert writing to make it worth something. I have very few of those due to my wanting the connection in spirit before the connection in physical.

In honesty I did have one 'one night stand' that was powerful, like watchinga good movie. Just liek what comes out of hollywood, it only puts out a good one once in awhile. :)

Love is a powerful, ultimate, power in our lives. Yes, the PTB have manipulated sex for use as a control mechanism. Its beauty lost in the packaging.



Boulderdash said...

Couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane with George Carlin, RIP...


wv - hedli (I think it somehow relates to the subject at hand)

Anonymous said...

Id like to call you a son of the serpent myself?

So Im still lost in the world of the flesh and your "fucking" words help tons.

Still, not to be talking out of school, but Im pretty sure Ill master this darn sex thing someday.

Whats next?

Love Your Life

vixen said...

There is a special feeling and connection made during sex that was only experienced a very few times and to be honest I long to feel it again but in doing that one becomes extremely vulnerable emotionally. To invest yourself that deeply is opening yourself up to much pain if the other person is not coming from the same place you are and you trust the wrong person. Maybe I have shut myself off from the capacity to truly love for fear of being hurt or maybe I have learned not to trust others since it is my experience that most are not trustworthy and only interested in their own ego needs. I’m not discounting mind blowing fucking and the pleasures and sensations one receives, but that feeling of sublime tenderness and caring for your partner seems to be the essence of love and for me that doesn’t manifest with just casual interludes. I suspect that during the act more than bodily fluids are exchanged. Thoughts, emotions and feelings from not only the two involved are exchanged but also from all the others both parties have had sex with. Maybe what I seek is first love where both parties had limited contact with others and the emotions exchanged were pure and unadulterated. Maybe it has to do with the pure love intentions of both yourself and the one you’re engaged with regardless of how many previous partners are thrown into the mix. Or maybe I could equate it to chasing that first high. At this point I should have figured it out, but I haven’t.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a comments thread not long ago. Does anyone remember it? What I'm getting is that we are channels for energy and one of our functions is to manifest sexual energy, build it up without releasing it in the normal fashion,and by channeling it up through our chakras and projecting the energy out from the heart and up through the crown, the whole while focusing on the divine...and then something happens...or we become more healthy and happy, or we become more attractive and people want to do us because we radiate sexual energy and we get special powers and people get horny just by being around us.. and other things happen too. As we get older how do we change diminishing base sexual energies into enough higher sexual energies worthy to be offered up to the divine? Does Viagra help? Does it help if you're young and horny? So I guess my main question is do we need a knowledge of tantra to understand reality? And if so do we need a partner? Is it necessary to mix essences with another person or can you focus on the divine and do it yourself simply by withholding release? We have been told that release is good and masturbation is bad (until pretty recently), but the focus is on the release not on building of energy by withholding and channeling it. Is this one of the big deceptions? Is that why the "money shot" is emphasised so much in the flicks? after all, it's gotta be in there or the "work" is incomplete...i don't know. I always thought God was formless but a personality at the same time that we can communicate with. If I accept that God's/universe's form is a serpent..but still a personality..what then? what are the implications in accepting this and how does it change the game? Sorry, just some questions that came to mind. Where should I look for this info? in Tantra?


Anonymous said...

BTW, the Taoists have also always known about sex transmutation, but it is very rare that any of them will talk about it, much less teach about it.

Use of sex energy ways predates even the Old Testament. But Judeo-Christian books aren't about knowledge, they're about mind control. And don't they do a pretty good job on most folks?


Anonymous said...

What about Tibetan Buddhism? Deities are mostly portrayed in the Yabyum position, or in other words, in union with their consort. There is much emphasis on the union of wisdom and compassion, the female and male counterparts.

FromBeyondOmega said...

Luv ya bro. Bigtime.

The serpent yer talkin about is the m/fm thing itself.

All that negative energy is the message to your questions.

Do ya really think cocksucker might not be a prurient word!?

Etc etc etc

There's purpose & objective to why it's been this way. Luvvin it counts.

bholanath said...

Thanks and praises, Les.
All of this is crucial, of supreme value to humans, and long suppressed. Funny, though, that despite millenia of "serpent/kundalini: bad", and "folks, simply insert and squirt; be fruitful, etc" - many human beings on experiencing kundalini rising cellularly remember their bodies' tantric wisdom. Tantra/shiv-shakti/yin-yang/yab-yum is interconnectedness and interpenetration of all life and beings. Separation is illusion. Simply "the way it is". Some experience tantric mastery as a result of the rising, with zero training in this life. Mysterious, eh? Or maybe not.
Twice in this life I've been graced with partners with whom we experienced this "shared memory", and it is something so different that it's hard to categorize it even as "sex". Identification of "male" and "female" goes out the window. As does "time", "species", "space", and pretty much all definitions and labels, including "gods and goddesses". This shit is our birthright, and the liars need to get the fuck out of our world (grin). Also, the pure tantra land can't be "polluted" by the past, guilt, samskaras, or anything temporal and mundane.
Any more ranting on this is more than welcome, sir. Carry on.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,...The essential prerogative of any being sentient or no; is procreation - if we were not being encouraged to fuck; why did our creator make it SOOO enjoyable? HHmmm? Choices, choices, choices – having choices, now that is truly liberating – the power of choice!

I have mates that are nothing more than Cougar hunting party animals and are also free-thinkers aware of the NWO zionazis and they will fight if and when the time comes, because they are anarchists and will not be bullied – they work hard; they just don’t care about playing a role in the rat-race – like a Buck Deer – they are only concerned with dominating some pretty amenable bitch for the purpose of rutting.

Sex is fun and desirable – I personally have never wanted for a pretty sexual partner EVER! Once upon a time ‘I’ was a pretty young man with an attitude, a quick wit a trim waist and ‘pecs’. I have known periods of celibacy, that were just a series of contemplative moments that had me listless and without desire for months (I achieved quite a lot professionally, heh heh heh): I was miserable and lonely – then I got over that bitch (grin). I aint so pertee no mo’ but eyz still got luvlee long legs and tight buns!

Contrived prudishness and enforced celibacy are two of the most powerful weapons that the tribe has to use against us.

The quality of a man is known by his actions – do as you would be done by. Good men that conspire to form communities for mutual protection, nourishment and the facility to keep the genes clean are the salt of the earth – these cooperatives are about SEX. They are about the longevity of the species – Our Divine Creator made sex enjoyable and a driving force in our motivations BECAUSE IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR US TO FUCK AND LOVE IT/HER!(grin)

And God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth." 23 And there was evening and there was morning, a fifth day. 24 And God said, "Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds." And it was so.

None of this will happen sans a good BONK!

Right on the money Les.



Masher1 said...

Sex is just an example of the world that awaits the seeker. A clue to the prize that awaits a successful seeker. How is one to know the prize without a few personal way points to confirm its real origins. One without knowledge is inexorably educated in God's special classroom. Sex is a taste of Godliness to prove the prize is there and you are meant to seek and earn it. We are Far more than flesh. A true quote "Luminous beings are we,Not this crude matter" And the fact that it came from a fake Hollywood movie and from a painted rubber puppet with Frank Oz's hand up its ass will never be able to tarnish it's truth.

You are here to be educated in being g(o)od.

Do your lessons (Sex is just one) well and listen to the good voice that has no language and return to your home as a graduate.

Earth is hell. We all should seek the path to the prom at the end of the universe (heaven) with a tad more veracity.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the very concept of sex was designed in such a way as to guarantee the survival of all forms of Earthly life. The natural cravings that normally occur are meant to be so powerfull that they cannot be ignored or left unfulfilled. The rush experienced during orgasm is meant to be a small sample of ecstasy. Even the beasts of the Earth are given these cravings and will "FUCK LIKE WILD DOGS" to "BUST A NUT". Many Human animals perform in the same manner, However, there are some who have chosen to live in a caring, and sharing World. They have the same base desires, but see the beauty in the thing and want to share the experience in a truly loving manner with another like minded soul.It's just another act we are required to partake of in some way or another according to our widely varied imaginations. And finally I suspect that since it was an orgasm that fired the shot, that hit the mark, that triggered my beginning in this realm, that as I'm exiting this realm It will again be an ecstatic orgasmic departure that fires my Spirit into the next World. I hope that in that world True ecstasy can be experienced and shared with others on a limitless basis and can be triggered simply by the thought of IT. JMHO, Jimmy

a GrebBear said...

What ..the-fuck ..was that ??
Chekov, wherrre the-fuck-ar WE ??
CapTain ... WE are on the other side of the anomaly ... 12,369 light years from where WE ..were ??
Chekov, was-I ..just in ..Y-OUR dream ?
Yes CapTain ...
Spock ..what do-you make ..of this ... (turning in Spock's direction)
Spock YOU-were ..every ..EVIL ..FUCK, through-my ...whole-fucking Dream !!

Logically Captain.(lifting eyebrow)

I realized very early on ..Captain that OUR predicament in the anomaly was due to OUR LovevoL Drive ... the anomaly made US feel separate from it.
but ..Spock, that's im..posSible, to-be sePERate from-the LovevoL Drive ???

Exactly Captain.(lifting eyebrow)

It was only an illusion, Captain, albeit a very Believable one (lifting eyebrow) ... you see Captain, WE were always given a choice, giver or receiver, although WE were always had to be both, to have the choice ... the dream appeared to have no ending, until I discovered 'group belief' and the key. I just had present enough 'darkness' to convince enough of the crew to choose 'love' the key ... at tipping points I'd switch sides, to try and tip the boat ... but you, Chekov, Bones, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and of course Uhura mmmmmM Uhura ... Captain, you always proverbially, fucked it up (lifting eyebrow)!! WE could have ended the experience long ago ??!! I had to load the boat with every fucking dark piece of imagined shit storm I could find, even then you demanded to be fucked harder ... I've got to say, it was quite 'liberating', and intriguing, (lifting eyebrow)... why 'humans' are so easily convinced to choose pain. It is no wonder Y-OUR capacity for Love is universally renowned ... at the core, you are a bunch of 'well connected' masochistic heathens (lifting eyebrow)!!

Fuck-off Spock, ..you made-me ..suck ..Y-OUR ..cock ..through-out the 8th ..centuryy
Bones ... ??
(through small speaker) Yes Captain ??
Bones, WE ..need-you ..on-the ..bridge ...bring-the ..elephant-sized ..ass-ripper.
(through small speaker) Captain ??


Surrender to the giving and receiving ??
Its just me and the Divine and WE're fucking OURself/eachother ??

... With every IN & OUT hallelujah

Love you Vis, thank YOU
and to everyone else ...
I Love YOU too ))

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

long john said...


i had wanted to respond to you in regards to your comment to me over on Les's other blog. the thing is, right now, i am not able to say all that i would like to say. today i just got some very sad news that one of my oldest and dearest friends just recently died, someone who was like abrother to me and who i loved very much... so i am terribly bummed out at the moment.

but let me just say for now, that i apologise if i gave you any sort of wrong impression in my previous comment to you. i did not mean to offend you. i did not intend to appear critical of you in my initial comment to you. i was'nt trying to direct any criticism at you personally. i was just venting about the bad vibes from some of the more fanatical christian types that post here. so i am sorry if i gave you the wrong impression.

and thanks for responding to the question i asked you. also, it sounds like you and i have a lot more in common than not. and i can sense your sincerity and good will. so i hope you did not read me wrong.

anyway, i will try to get back to you sometime very soon, when i feel in better spirits. until then, my best wishes.

Chiron said...

Taoists talk about it, and some slips through in esoteric Buddhism as well.

But even from the available texts and websites on tantra it is hard to get to the "nuts and bolts" stuff that really works.

For example some authors will just say something like "when your kundalini is awakened and controlled you'll be able to have dry orgasms". Etc etc.. but these sayings are useless unless you give people an actual realistic technique they can try.



Chiron said...

Its really amazing how much confidence a man acquires once he is able to have sex without ejaculation. Emotions become rich and positive. Sexual lust reduces considerably where one is no longer controlled by impulse. There is no longer any need to get back at the female for her sexual domination, because the relationship becomes balanced. There are other numerous benefits which occur at deep levels beyond the physical.

Ofcourse sexual practice by itself is not enough, I think? At least of the raw phisical kind. One has to at least establish oneself in silence in order to create a space for energy to move through. "Be still and know I am God" etc..

Though, I find that most people tend to skip the basics and jump straight to the advanced practices. But one cannot build a house without a good foundation.

One needs to become established in one of the sacred sitting asanas (ie. padmasana, siddhasana etc..) in order to meditate effectively. It is a painful process which may take years or even decades. But without this, 'spirituality' will not go much further than idle curiosity can allow. There are exceptions, but those are few, and their work was mostly done previously.

Chiron said...

Oh and by the way, words are not just words. Words shape the future of the universe.

So if you want to be peaceful and joyful then make your speech truthful and kind.

Anonymous said...

Fuck can be used in very many ways to express both positive and negative thoughts and intentions.

i.e. Look at her isn't she fucking lovely

Fuck me i'm late

I'm fucking hungry

I'm fucked (tired)

I think I will fuck off home now

Would't mind fucking that

For fuck sake

Fuck off

Thats efuckingnough for now

Get the picture?

No, well fuck off.


Anonymous said...

...my new bumper sticker.
The previous was:

Anonymous said...

Me thinks having to cleanse fuckstains is tiresome but not as tiresome as the 'act' itself having refrained for 7 years and never having a one night stand.

There has to be more to it, right?

I'm especially amongst friends here today, thanks Les.

Awesome comments!


Anonymous said...

Long John:

Thanks for your kind words, brother. And sincerely, no need for apologies. I didn't take any offence and meant it when I said I try to stay away from judgement. We are all fighting our own private battles and no one knows where anyone else has been, what motivates people to behave a certain way or even, these days, if they are really humans! We are all grains of sand rubbin' on the same oyster hoping that it gives us a pearl. Or something like that. Lumps of coal waiting to be...no wait..cow pies wating to be the bearers of good tid...never mind.

I'm honestly sorry for the loss of your friend. I know something like that really hurts and it can be confusing. Take the time to confront it and work through the process. I Wish you the best and look forward to seeing you around when you are feeling better.


Pstonie said...

Some extra info on what Chiron said: The PC muscle, I've found, is generally very underdeveloped, so much that even isolating the muscle is difficult at first. You will need to work it out quite a bit before it can be used effectively.

Never thought that this could be beneficial to meditation.

Anonymous said...

good good people hear,my hearts with you long john always hard losing someone,vixen I know what your saying its hard to give your all,when someone has taken your trust and love and sort of tried clubbing it to death,I have experienced this aswell
in a really nasty manner,hurts and I found it difficult to truely open up in a relationship after,but I eventually mended over time...neil

Zoner said...

Long John, sorry to hear about the sad news that has visited you, Brother.

I got nothing else, as this fucking subject is a tad too close to the target at the moment.


Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Maybe they are Right, Despite the Evidence, Is that True.

FromBeyondOmega said...

Anonymous MercedMarie;

Not to discount or impugn your worthy findings re Judeo-Christian books being about mind control and not knowledge, my current wife and I each, before and since coming together 21 yrs ago, used and still occasionally use the J-C Bible as a resource for conjoining information we've independently & collectively gained and continue gaining into an ever progressively-affirming understanding of existence.

But, a thorough flushing from our brains of what we had been indoctrinated to believe about 'religious matters' (a la thoroughly Satanically infected status quo forces, churches etc) when youngsters and young adults - was essential to freeing us up to begin understanding & appreciating STRICTLY BIBLICAL INFORMATION.

(Merced, CA?)

Anonymous said...

To FromBeyondOmega -

It's really too bad that what is now known as the Bible is but a fraction of the original writings - - the rest having been edited out to suit whomever was in power at the time of the editing.

So we must use caution in even trying to evaluate what is "strictly biblical information" because there is actually so much more we are not aware of.

MercedMarie (yes, CA)

PS - Plus the Vedic, Taoist and Tibetan writings make so much more sense.

Visible said...

I'm busy with other things but I people are asking me about transmuting the sexual force for awakening the kundalini and I see things being said about sex without discharge and how this and how that. I can only speak for myself and since I actually accomplished it it would be useful for those inclined this way.

Desire, passion, whatever you want to call the force that attracts you into wanting to express yourself in physical contact with someone else and the basic reproductive generative urge of any life form can go in two directions.

Nearly all the time it goes out because the world in which it exists is so powerful that it's not going in any other direction unless there is a concentrated effort to go in another and that has to mean you want something else with more passion and desire than anything you can sense in what is outside you.

The idea of doing physical practices to raise the kundalini is a bad idea. The best thing is just to want the divine so much that all your energy goes there. Your passion for the divine takes every attention of an attractive nature and creates and drumming and a pressure that sooner or later causes the kunda to release the force in the only direction it is allowed to go.

My position has always been that I should seek out the origin of things before I tried to empower myself because that is precisely the mistake anyone makes in their efforts to learn anything.

What I found was that I could have any and all of it as a result of just simply turning all of my desire toward the source. In my case it was not just the understanding that everything else was going to disappoint. I was in love with it too. I didn't have much use for all of the rest of the things I got and I usually forget they are there. For me that is the best place to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, for that answer. I agree that it is and must be more important than anything else. Nothing else makes any sense without it.


tom g. said...

It's news to me & blasphemous news at that, that God is a serpent. And here I was thinking the serpent was a symbol of satan, God's (and mankind's)implacable enemy. Sex is for procreation (as in "be fruitful and multiply"). But must be used responsibly. You can spout all that pseudo-mystic claptrap you like about "...transmitting the sexual force for the purpose of liberation from the suffering of the material plane..." (whatever that means anyway...)but the fact is that suffering is good for the soul if used correctly & worthily. There is a mysterious connection between suffering & salvation. Who suffered more than Christ..?? St Paul tells us that celibacy is better.....because it is harder to be that way.


m_astera said...

Tom G: What's really cool to me is that we have free will. What that means is that we get to choose which path we will take to get there. What it doesn't mean is that we get to choose the destination.

In the long run.

OT and just for fun, the WV is angszed. Should be a word, says me. Woke up this morning feeling angszed. You too?

John C (UK) said...

"St Paul tells us that celibacy is better.....because it is harder to be that way.


Well it would be wouldn't it ;)

Anonymous said...

m astera
Yes,I've been having periods of angszed alternating with spells of jubinence. Must be something in the air. :-).

Pstonie said...

I should probably have mentioned that the PC muscle hasn't been much use to me outside of physical sexual gratification. It is very good for that. I've also found though that generally the better I feel the less I need that stuff.

Tom G:
Blasphemy to me has always seemed like a fear-based tool so that people will not challenge the generally accepted view of God. I don't like that word because to me it still conjures images of that church-imprinted twat. I think that the church may well imprint you with a false image to turn aware people from a similar entity.

Personally, I don't like the serpent imagery much either. I prefer to think of the source of life/the force more as an imperative or a rule, being the ring that runs into itself, continues itself and feeds itself. The differing views of the source we can all have strikes me as probably being the reason, or one of them, for us all being here.

Suffering may be good for the soul, I don't know. I know that for a long time I loved it, like sticking a knife into my soul and twisting it. After a while though I'd had enough.

"Sometimes when you have to take the hardest way, that don't mean that your star is leading you astray."

And who suffered more than that guy who allegedly got nailed to some wood? I dunno, pick a Palestinian, any Palestinian. Or someone who died being dragged behind a car. I don't get how being whipped and nailed to a cross cuts it for all the shit that goes down here. Not to raise the Palestinians to sainthood or to discount Jesus' contribution, but shit, man.

"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration – that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather." -Bill Hicks

FromBeyondOmega said...


Your points are well taken, and are points with which my wife & I agree. Also, our perspective fbo reveals that not all human souls are necessarily motivated by Biblical information.

Our purpose for emphasizing giving heed to "strictly biblical information" - rather than accept either the doctrines or the teachings of preachers, churches, or our current status quo's field of mere stereotypical attitudes and beliefs about the Bible - is to point out that this generationally protracted literary compilation, even as it exists today, inevitably somewhat battered and bruised, is the only readily accessible trustworthy source of "Judaean-Christian Biblical information" by which the human prospect is directed toward advancing itself beyond the onerous conditions to which Earth and its life forms are now being subjected.

There are many vectors aimed at distorting, obfuscating, and otherwise subverting the Judaean-Christian Biblical messages, not the least of which are manned by unwitting Jews and Christians as well as zealous atheists and anti-Christs. Nonetheless, no human beings are to blame for the perpetration of any evils presumed caused by human kind. Evil has but one source, and that is God, alone, Whose necessarily evil work is conducted through God's agent of evil-doing, "Satan".

Once human kind produces the prerequisite minimal number of human kind's individuals who recognize the veracity of such words as these - and assimilate their messages into themselves as their own - is when God initiates finalization of Satan's removal from existence.

The prerequisite minimal number of human kind's individuals is 144,000.

CarissaC. said...

The more I've researched things the more I tend to think there is something to spoken language in terms of frequency/vibes of words and their power. The words themselves mean nothing of course until we give them meaning, and then collectively agree to that meaning. After that, the word gains a particular power. It's akin to spell casting, you could say, and I've seen this talked about in various books.

I know I'm not the only one though who finds society's hypocracy amusing in terms of its fear of sex and the nude human form and "dirty words," versus its acceptance of violence and killing. A pair of boobies or a "dirty word" illicits a reaction and moralizing. Violence in movies or TV shows where people are being blown up, beaten, tortured, shot, stabbed, run over, decapitated, gutted, etc. and people barely bat an eye, and even cheer along. Such is our society. ;)

Anonymous said...

"And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb [a typical symbol for the Divine or an incarnation of the Divine] stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads.


Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick,

You wrote:

"To know good and evil is somehow bad and will lead to your death etc etc. but it did not lead to death so that in itself was a lie."

Well, actually, the Bible refers to a death in the realm of spirit. As an example, read Romans 6:23 – “The wages of sin is death" and proceed thru the next chapter. Such as: “The commandment came, sin revived, and I died."

The author says he died, but he is physically alive.

The death referred to in Genesis is burdensome feelings one naturally and un-arbitrarily experiences as one perceives his own immorality - such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

Whether allegorical or not, when Genesis refers to "knowing evil," it is referring to becoming immoral to some extent, perceiving this to be so, and thereby experiencing those feelings.


Anonymous said...

"Well, actually, the Bible refers to a death in the realm of spirit. As an example, read Romans 6:23 – “The wages of sin is death" and proceed thru the next chapter. Such as: “The commandment came, sin revived, and I died."

You can read Romas I prefer Essenes where Jesus also says the wages of sin are death, improper diet, living in opposition to the law of nature and satan consumes your body much faster with a shorter life span. It is all a matter of perspective. However the luddite/constantinians wish to forge the view that sex is evil and sinful if you do not have a certificate to engage in it offered by the church of Rome and the crown. See there is a difference. The creatures of the natural world are not that brain washed.

No the knowledge of Kundalini serpent leads to greater cognitive awareness which is not the goal of the religious authorities who do not even remind members of the dangers of toxic garbage they are fed at most every meal. The goal is stupidity and blind allegiance and it is working like a charm.

It is why the Gnostic gospel of Thomas disappeared for a very long time. Be wise like the serpent, (coil together) and remain motionless. Be born again, re-enter the birth canal and practice tantric methods. Western society is 180 degrees away from this but most real religions of the world are not.

the proprietor said...

I understand the ANALOGY of kundalini to a charmed snake, because of the back-and-forth weaving motion -- heck, I'm feeling it right now -- but I look at that as a convenient metaphor. You could just as well compare it to the ebbing and flowing motion of waves. If it had a bouncing-up-and-down motion, then you could call it a rubber ball, but that doesn't mean God is a rubber ball. I don't believe God is actually a serpent, or that (in case this is what you're getting at) God plays double duty as the devil or the tempter or the serpent. I don't pray to a serpent, or a serpentlike being, I pray to the Creator of all things.

the proprietor said...

FromBeyondOmega said...

my current wife and I each, before and since coming together 21 yrs ago, used and still occasionally use the J-C Bible as a resource for conjoining information ...

But, a thorough flushing from our brains of what we had been indoctrinated to believe about 'religious matters' (a la thoroughly Satanically infected status quo forces, churches etc) ...


You said a mouthful.

I've met many a critic of the Bible who never actually read the book. Generally I've found that people think they have a problem with the bad bad Bible, with a little digging you find it is not the actual text they have a problem with, it is sermons, creeds, pronouncements of theologians, popular interpretations, misappropriations, mistranslations -- or a lack of context.

Like the whole "hell/hades" thing for instance. Horrible evil has resulted because certain churches taught that God is a torture demon who loves to fry people for eternity. That's not in teh Bible, not even if you read it literally. Especially not if you read it literally -- if you are talking the literal Hebrew or Greek.

As one might imagine if the scenario painted in the Bible itself is true, then there must of course be many, many deceptions and false doctrines and false churches and false Christs, because that's what the book said we would see. But it is all for the good -- it's a test. (What would school be without tests?) .

I used to be very curious about apocryphal books, and WOW! GNOSTIC "SECRETS!" but with more knowledge and growth, you realize that everything important is all there in the 66 books that practically nobody reads. Hidden in plain sight. It's like it's in code, or locked up. But what did the Master say? Ask, and you shall receive.

the proprietor said...

The best thing is just to want the divine so much that all your energy goes there.

I agree. Just really intense prayer -- borne of desire -- did it for me. It puts in perspective for me, because it's not the kundalini per se I was ever going after (I had no idea it was going to happen; I had had one tiny bried initial episode, 10 years prior, but I had forgotten all about it), it was a union with the Divine.

Visible said...

God as serpent has to do with waves of radiant energy. All religions emerge out of the Hindu. Go to any site where you can look at pictures of the hindu god; personified as various representations of specialized activities of the divine and note the cobra-hood over the head.

I had no idea of kundalini or what it meant and no idea of what my hands indicated by the positions they went in until I passed by an antique shop and saw some statues.

It doesn't matter what anyone insists on or demands or says is so because that is how they want it. What is is what it is and one adjusts to that or is adjusted sooner or later no matter what.

E-bee said...

All this socalled secret knowledge is readily available for the ones who are seeking for the Truth. One can read them on the internet today. In all kinds of (poisoned)versions, including the authorised ones. I think that once the True seeker for truth frees himSelf from many illusions, not only regarding sex, this knowledge will automatically comes on his path by his progres in intuition. To me there is a great difference between Hindu religion or Vedic Civilisation. Not mentioned here in the article is the personal and impersonal aspects of God. If the devotee worships perfectly on a personal level, one can have all kinds of relationships with God. Some of them are hard to think of in a artificial hypocrit society that is corrupted with pornography.
By the way, the socalled Illuminati never stopped worshipping on a personal level, for milennia.

Anonymous said...

At other times Lord Vishnu is seen resting on the coils of the serpent Shesha, also called Ananta. Sheshanaga is the expansion of Lord Balarama, Lord Krishna’s brother, and serves the Lord in this way as the Lord’s support and paraphernalia. Shesha has a thousand heads swinging to and fro over the form of Lord Vishnu, creating a shelter and couch for the Lord. Ananta means endless, and Ananta is endlessly singing the praises and glories of the Lord from His thousand hoods without ever reaching the end. His hoods are also supporting the many planetary systems in the cosmic creation that are orbiting throughout the universe above His heads. Ananta also means endless in terms of the endlessness of cosmic time. This is also represented by His thousand hoods as divisions of time. The material worlds are created within the element of time, and are thus sustained by time. During the process of the universal annihilation, time ceases to exist, in which case the material planets are also forced into obliteration.

Anonymous said...

144,000, 72, and other numbers
72 and its multiples 144, 144000, etc occur world-wide in myths. See The White Goddess, Hamlet’s Mill (the authors say there are 144,000 verses in the Rg Veda), Heaven’s Mirror.
72 is a key number in Precession, the number of years it takes to move through one degree in the 25,920-year Precessional cycle around the.

This cycle is what the Earth will be completing to start a new cycle on 21 Dec 2012.

Precession and earth-catastrophes involving the heavenly bodies often go together in myths and legends.
key numbers are
12 = the number of constellations in the zodiac
30 = the number of degrees allocated along the ecliptic to each zodiacal constellation
72 = the number of years required for the equinoctial sun to complete a precessional shift of one degree along the ecliptic
360 = the total number of degrees in the ecliptic
72 x 30 = 2160 (the number of years required for the sun to complete a passage of 30 degrees along the ecliptic, i.e., to pass entirely through any one of the 12 zodiacal constellations)
2160 x 12 (or 360 x 72) = 25,920 (the number of years in one complete precessional cycle or ‘Great Year’, and thus the total number of years required to bring about the ‘Great Return’)



Pstonie said...

The author:
I did actually try to read the whole bible once to gain a deeper understanding of my then Christianity, but when I got to Leviticus I was forced to admit that the bible, or at least some parts of it, is very much of its time. It's useful but it has also been twisted, so I trust it about as much as anything else written down.



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