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The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously

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I suppose I have to open every post now (for awhile) with this mantra, “BP is Rothschild and the Queen of England and they killed The Gulf of Mexico”. If you want an informative excursion through the veil of the conceal of the real, you would be either profited or much dismayed by the discovery of what Rothschild owns and does around the world, besides controlling the flow of money and the bestowing of poverty and the conditions of war upon selected environments.

About 40 or more years ago, Nelson Rockefeller made a good will tour of South America. The response from the public was so negative that he couldn’t exit his limousine or other means of conveyance anywhere near any collection of locals. Stones and all manner of items were hurled in his direction along with various suitable epitaphs. Was this just the result of commie inspired, workers unions or was it a direct recognition by the people of what a monstrous vampire bat had been at work among the livestock and populace? Somehow they knew.

Well, Nelson’s gone, long dead between the legs of Meagan Marshalk. Nelson had one of those early penile implants which gave the impression of a hardon pointing south, due to it being a metal rod. A later innovation was the vacuum pump that was surgically inserted and involved a certain specific squeezing in the area of the perineum, to inflate the Hindenbergs, that had become as dead as the present day Gulf of Mexico; accomplished by Rothschild, the Queen of England and sundry players. Commiserate with these indefatigable men, who knew the necessity of the perfunctory performance of a natural imperative to put the rutting imprimatur upon their unnatural affairs.

Yes, I could tell you many tales of these movers and shakers in the Court of the Submissive ‘Booteah’ and that would include Supreme Court justices and the like but what do we need of such unattractive digressions when we have this? “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog” with a lifetime membership at “Paddles”, conveniently located in the heart of New York City (if it’s still there). What tales some private dungeons could tell of the private torments of those who met their master in his less attractive forms?

We find ourselves in “The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously”, midway through the long preface and but a mere turning of a page away from Chapter One. It’s a short book, a Cliff Notes speed read of time, collapsing like dominos, inverted at ninety degrees away from everything else for a dimensional shift. “Damn! I could have sworn this was solid ground a few moments ago. Hector! What is the fucking ocean doing on my putting green? Well, I don’t care whose fault it is do I? Fix it or start packing your bags for Zihuatanejo! I’ve got Chuckie Schumer coming in for Bloody Maria’s in half an hour! Carlotta, put that six pack of middle school girls and boys on ice... next to the cold, shell fish buffet.”

The minute hand of the cosmic clock moves in short, uniform jerks as each increment is finished and another begins. It’s business as usual most places. Wharf rats in tailored suits move through color coordinated cubicles over at Goldman Sachs. They’ll be off to the Four Seasons for a two hour lunch shortly, where Corexit is picking up the tab. Should they change the name to Noexit? Will there be problems with the French office of Copyrights? It’s not really existential, if it’s not making you money, whether you’re paying attention or not.

Word has it that the Pentagon has 10,000 targets picked out in Iran, hard locked for aerial assault in the ‘sooner rather than later’ category. 10,000 targets! Imagine that. There’s no word on whether Odigo is slated to text message those hundreds of thousands (snicker) of beleaguered, green scarfed revolutionaries to bend over and kiss their ass goodbye. One month later we’ll all know, without knowing how, that the Revolutionary Guard murdered those 25,000 Iranian Jews, moments before the attack; now martyrs all.

Last night I went to a party hosted by a dear friend who, for reasons of her own, insists on making all of her events a costumed, theme party event. This time it was jungle themed. This does annoy me a tad. So last night I dressed in black sneakers, black pants and black silk shirt with a black head wrap. I put the ‘coffee’s ready’ red dot in my forehead and some crimson lip stick on my kisser. When I was asked what my costume was, I said, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash (easier now that I blew my voice out... recovering) and last night I was in an ashram outside of Delhi. I had this massive Kundalini event and I’ve been lost in the jungle all night thinking I’m a woman.” A lady in a leopard skin body dress that had to come out of a spray can asked me, “Shouldn’t your name be ‘Sue’? “Maybe”, I said, “Can you do anything about these burning rings of fire?”

This precipitated one of those androgynous boys, that seem so ubiquitous these days, to sit down next to me with a “Hello, Sailor” vibe. Invariably, with me, the conversation came around to 9/11 and whodunit; “Mossad and rogue elements of American intelligence and the administrative branch”, I said. The reaction was shock. I thought. Man, is this kid brainwashed. He even asked me what they payoff was for Israel. I explained that but it didn’t do much good. They’ve upped the programming between the generations. The older people around me knew very well the truth of what I had just said. At least the kid moved away from me.

Sometimes I let them explain to me what happened about six decades ago. I can hold off for about 2 or 3 minutes before I start flapping my elbows and going, “Bwak! Bwak!” I’ll admit to a whole lot of hard won converts over time, not that they feel better about knowing. Usually I feel like Socrates after (well, I don’t know how he felt do I?) he did that complicated physics thing with the illiterate 16 year old boy (some of you people have polluted imaginations, or else you don’t know what I’m talking about). You just keep asking the right questions in the right sequence and before they even know it and... even after they are unaware that they know it, they know it and you don’t get into trouble, which is an art in this world where one’s personal outrage makes it so hard to keep one’s mouth shut.

Let’s face it, I don’t know the actual truth of anything except for what the real facts conclusively prove and I freely admit that I don’t know because I wasn’t there. So how can I deny anything if I haven’t stuck my hand in the hole in his side?

A reader is at pains to explain to me about the ‘red tar’ situation in The Gulf. I like the guy and I’m open to anything, so long as it’s the truth but... until I know what I don’t know, I don’t know. Here’s what I do know, this is “The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously” and it’s only strange and dangerous if you don’t know who the author is. People seem to think the author has to be the obvious- and sometimes hidden- protagonists because they are operating according to a perceivable schematic. Well, I could say something about the location of the cheese and the rats in the maze. Just because the rats are moving convincingly according to routes and motives does not mean they built the maze or put the cheese there. It might mean a whole lot of other things you ought to be able to put together from this simple illustration.

I like you people, I really do. I’m even going to be temporarily inconvenienced on your behalf once or twice on this highway, to the gateway, to the hallway that leads to a near unbearable and transformative light. Do me and yourself a favor, just take it on spec that all is not what it appears to be, no matter what it appears to be and... recognize that when you are in a situation where all earthly means fail, you have the supreme opportunity to grasp a heretofore, unseen, floatation device. I used to put myself in extremis, just to prove this to myself. I even convinced myself that it was me doing it... heh heh.

Sex and death have a very close and oft mysterious connection to each other. What isn’t so commonly known, or presented, is that so does sex and immortality. This could mean that certain forms of mutual frottage are more dangerous than they seem or... more beneficial than one can imagine, depending on who is stroking who (might be a whom in there but I’ve still got to do the radio show).

No more than a few years from now, I and some of the very people reading these words will be sitting by an outdoor fire (not of necessity but of choice) and someone is going to say... “You know what makes this all so incredible? Even though it happened, it’s still hard to imagine it.”

End Transmission.......
(By popular demand we will stay with this persona until such time as we find that dog won’t hunt, which may never happen).

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As a child I was often hungry yet life was full and wonderous. One of my favourite things was to sit by an open fire.

During the occasional (cold) snap here in Siam it is a common sight to see local farmers sitting by an open fire during the early hours of the morning. Reminds me of when I was a young boy. I know they are never hungry - how wonderous can life be.


Anonymous said...

be back in a little while,got some things to do..neil

Anonymous said...

Neil. you really are mentally ill aren't you? Is this blog your refrigerator door? Who the fuck cares if you'll be back in a little while when you weren't/ never mind. Do you have no shame at all? Are you so out of touch that you don't see what a retard you look like? What the fuck is wrong with you? I know you meant well Visible but you should not encourage this cretin.


TheSparkle said...

G: Fuck off. Whee!

TheSparkle said...

Whether or not the BP spill is crude oil("fossil fuel"), tar, asphalt or non-fossil fuel abiotic proto oil and its constituents, one thing is pretty clear.

THEY ARE KEEPING IT FLOWING PURPOSEFULLY in order to "let no crisis go to waste".

Pick your poison: Martial Law? Carbon Credits? Cap and Trade? Tighter control over the oil industry? Food shortages? Mass relocation and diaspora? Bigger government? Mass die off and harvesting of souls?

Laugh and be happy, and the world will laugh with you!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pics of the gulf dog. If you will notice that stuff is red not black. Pointing this out however reminds me of trying to discuss building seven around the year 2000. Why cars are melted 12 blocks away but passports appear in pristine condition at ground zero.

Getting it in early, Ahrooooooooooooooooo

I don't have all the answers either but I am coming around to this guy's way of thinking.

Anonymous said...
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Django said...

G, was it any skin off your nose that you needed to say that? Why pee in the pool? One line and you lose it and decide to viciously attack. Your input is worse than that which you are putting down so stridently. Try to have a little more control.

Anonymous said...

stench of stinking fouling hate
pollute my energy line
fouling up the winds with evil
playing lower mind
sounds like could be gotter damm
what ever he calls himself
who agrees with rapes and peadophiles
and ethnic cleansers taking wealth
to play with golden toys
receptors all messed up
transmitting from a point
where hatred rules not love
i will take the middle road
dont play with psychopaths
they seem unable to move through heart
cause theirs is dead and its trapped
so g who ever you are
what ever you say I really dont care
I learned to control my temper
whilst yourself your in despair
and whilst you cultivate your hate
I will cultivate my love
but you ever come to my doorstep
I'll cut your pig out from above..

now can we stop fighting its boring your welcome to your opinions g who ever you are,I only wrote that last comment because I thought les may be expecting a poem straight away as goes the wave,
get off your pig it'll just foul the air,I am not your enemy you are your own enemy as I can see through your petty put downs.
where I live their are many people like yourself,practising artificiality,them days are over.
so get off your pig and play nicely..peace neil

p.s sos pigs the animals,no offence to yourselves

Visible said...


I'm not.

The only thing I'm waiting on and anticipating is contraband.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,

Someone posted your quote about ignorance and a cold dead mind up on


Anonymous said...

peoples I think les has to deal with a
lot of people like this all the time,
multiplied by a 100,it dont really bother me much I can deal with it,the person who wrote it maybe sort of stuck or something.
who ever you are g come on sit down get them universals out,and have a good think up.I'm your brother nothing else..neil

Anonymous said...

open fires star lit skys
stories through the night
lifting hearts with energys
that just simply feel right
thats the place for me
helps the thinkings of the ways
nourishing enterprising
harmonizing waves
I suspect theirs some good story
tellers here
but they've never had a chance
this shambala place definately
needs to be advanced
and if I was invited
I would stay as long as I could
as this to me sounds like paradise
in the ancient wood.


nina said...

Anonymous said...
Neil. you really are mentally ill aren't you? Is this blog your refrigerator door? Who the fuck cares if you'll be back in a little while when you weren't/ never mind. Do you have no shame at all? Are you so out of touch that you don't see what a retard you look like? What the fuck is wrong with you? I know you meant well Visible but you should not encourage this cretin.

Remarkable, but not shocking, John Wayne Gacy and Joseph Fritzl reincarnates in to one insignificant leach living in the lower toilet pipes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

that's uncalled for Nina. You cant possibly be unaware of how juvenile it is for someone to be announcing that theyll be back without even commenting the first time. No one is improved when you stroke their ego and it isn't deserved. That kind of personality soaks it up like a sponge and winds up as a public embarrassment instead of checking themselves out to see if there is truth in whats being said. Im really doing the cat a favor. If hes paying attention it will save him a lot of suffering later on.


Anonymous said...

ohh g for gangster eh,and no,no ego just whipped out the air on the charge of the moment.think what you want to think,I'm still learning,to many peoples playing gangster round here
its alright if you want a swearing competition or you want to sound tough
neither of these things do anything for myself.neil

Nayon said...

''Just because the rats are moving convincingly according to routes and motives does not mean they built the maze or put the cheese there.''

Have you seen the movie ''Dark city''. We could well be the subjects of such experiments conducted by the Divine and the collective of angels, in a mind matrix desinged for our enlightment. If the devil is an angel wearing a suit, couldn't a Rothchild be one of them too? The world is a stage, a grand illusion and the bad guys and the good guys all work for the same producer.

Anonymous said...

g suffering,I doubt you know what suffering is.neil

Visible said...


That is so in a relative sense and in respect of players identifying with one of two options in terms of personal performance, self interest and not self interest.

In this case I was discussing entities of another order. Devil's which are the appearance of the angel according to self interest and otherwise appearing as its enduring being.

In the case of human players, regardless of what may be possessing them and regardless of any possibility of shape shifting and otherwise, we are dealing with entities of another order who are expressions of a certain kingdom of being and a certain expression of consciousness that is not the same as devils and angels who are an expression of another kingdom of being and consciousness.

bholanath said...

damnit!, Les -
I hope you finally realize that these aren't your personal blogs. We only let you post here because you mostly adhere to the protocols and rules we set out, and praise and condemn according to the official list of VIPs and bad apples.
If you continue to break the rules, we will have to send over the Samoan brothers to kick your ass and bend your wrists.
Supreme Council Of Les' Domains (S.C.O.L.D.)

The Cosmic Player said...

I'm still waiting to find my priestess in order to continue the " Great Work". I get the feeling that maintaining these blogs are interfering with your spiritual practices (probably annoying), very few people will understand the level of consciousness that you are attaining and you'll reach a point where you can longer nor wish to relate to others. This is just another test on path of initiation.

Anonymous said...

Here's to Dublin Mick: I agree with you that this "oil spill" might be a controlled release of an asphalt volcano. My biggest concern, like those of Jane Burgermeister (been to her blog lately? she's really under attack and needs help), is the suspicious lack of independent media confirmation. Those pictures of oily birds, etc., could have come from any spill. The poison ('noexit' - great one, Les) is, however, very real. Those fuckers.

I wish I could think of better epithets (not epitaphs) to hurl at them. I hope that their epitaphs refer to them as the monsters they obviously are.

E Vero

FromBeyondOmega said...

No matter how dazzlingly distractive, man does not thrive on kundalini and spiel-out-one's-angst bullshit alone. Where the truth undoes imprisonment, the infinite divine and the eternally mundane become one:

Yes: it is from out of the divine that literally EVERYTHING else that exists comes into existence. Hence, no good guys no bad guys - only the truth.

Human kind came into existence to experience the divine's infinitely diversified singular nature, of which all human organisms - no different than everything else - are integral components.

Moreover, as specific devices of the divine, humankind came into existence to experience the entirety of the divine's nature in order to investigate and articulate our and the divine's experiences and findings thereof hereof such words as these and yours and ours.

Heretofore it has been our ignorance of such as this that has caused us our follies and sufferings, all of which necessarily have also ensued from our myriad self-debilitating ignorances, to also be experienced in order to eventually also understand and achieve eventual freedom from even them, of course, and thus fulfill humankind's raison d'etre on behalf of the divine.

None of us and them and it good or bad; just a myriad of organisms and things and happenings wrought of the divine to serve and perform in response to the divine's impulses to grow human kind, specifically, into fully conscious oneness with the divine; and thereby have us freely feed in equal upon the divine, and accordingly live life exceedingly well in accord with the nature of our species' selves in oneness with the divine.

That's all.

Nayon said...

Les, thank you for the ajustment. I just wish there wouldn't be such a need for obscurantism all around us. So many questions unanswered, so many mysteries to solve, so few reliable sources. It is a stroll thru the darkness indeed. At least my hope tells me that some day there will be light, and in the mean time, it is good to have any piece of the puzzle you generously share with us.


Anonymous said...

g lets make our peace,this arguing doesnt really help anyone or anything
I am who I am,I am part of you as you are a part of me I have my thought stream as you have your thought stream
due to the time,it seems we are far away from each other but really we are we always was,peace neil

Visible said...

From beyond Omega;

That's all very interesting and would be relevant, I guess, if it were not for the observable and checkable fact that those very things get said here all the time and in some cases almost word for word.

How kundalini enters into it I don't know. It's not the same as a position or belief system. it's a condition so, I wouldn't know how to process something that was anything but clear to begin with; in this one respect.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Vero. It is hard to tell what is going on when nobody can get near the place. I am sure there are dead creatures everywhere and some oil but I am willing to bet it is mostly asphalt tar all over the place and they don't want that known. It is a much easier clean up. But that doesn't matter to the sea creatures who could have probably been wiped out with 2 million gallons of noexit placed on them without the emissions.

I am more afraid of noexit than I am tar or oil. The stuff contains mercury, plutonium and arsenic for starters. It is also in the clouds now. They can spray it anywhere and say well it came from the gulf.

I have noticed another thing, mention asphalt tar and you can get anonymous posters circling like zombies. I really am getting the feeling you are not supposed to notice that part of the script.

I am not sure I will ever eat another fish again at this point.

Rothschild destroyed the gulf
He did it with red asphalt tar and corext!

bholanath said...

A story of some of that 'land coming back into the hands of the original rightful owners'.
"Native American Tribe reclaims slice of the Hamptons after court victory"

"On the reservation, some roads are dusty and unpaved. The houses can be ramshackle. Unemployment can be a problem for many Shinnecock members. Outside it on the streets of Southampton, stretch limos and black Lexus prowl down streets lined with shops selling Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg. A real estate agent on Southampton's main street happily advertises a local house going for $12.2m."
"Winonah Warren, 71, remembers being taken as a young girl to see a Shinnecock medicine man. She sees the deer that she spots in her garden as a spiritual sign. She practises a Native American religion in which she takes peyote. It is about as far from the Hamptons scene as it is possible to get. 'I love being on the reservation. Even when I am not here, I feel that my heart is,' she said, touching her chest.

Wow - the Hamptons -, can you imagine the wailing and chest-pounding goin on from the "settlers'" descendants!!?


Anonymous said...

That is all very flowery omega and yes there is only one light. Unfortunately there are still those who rebel against this light, one portion of them being the arkangel Lucifer and his his legion which have wrecked one planet after another and are doing a good job on this one.

Some of us silly people just try and point this out to check the destruction. If you feel it is all just a learning experience check into the church of satan and tell them you want to put your head under the guillotine and have your organs sold later, we are all one anyway.

Offer your children as sacrifices. To me your line of reasoning is is kind of a cop out and spiritual turn on and tune out. As a matter of fact if the other arkangels Gabriel and Michael as well as some Brahmins had adopted your lackadaisical attitude Lucifer might rule heaven now.

Visible said...

Wow Bholanath;

As Mowgli says, "We be of one blood you and I".

Anonymous said...

While we are on this subject as referenced in another area as far as Buddha giving advice to watch dogs devouring children as if watching a movie, under this pretext Jesus should have let them stone the prostitute as if watching a movie. I don't know where this came from I have never seen it attributed to the Buddha.

There have been many enlightened beings thoughout history and I don't recall many pacifists outside Ghandhi but even he said that if peaceful resistance fails defend yourself with the sword.

Krishna urged Arjuna to fight and do his duty. Sidhartha also indicated the knot of war was the cosmic knot of Krishna and he indeed felt the most worthy enemy was within, he did not disparage self defense among monks. Monks are taught to defend the temple.

Rasputin aided the czar in an attempt to defeat Germany, Tecumseh rallied the native Americans against the Europeans, Mohammed rallied the Arabs against invaders, the monks of Anghor Wat attempted to fight off the invaders, Monks in China are trained to protect the temples, the Analects clearly show Confucius to be a Knight and scholar, the Delphic Oracle urged armies to fight fairly, Ancient Sumerian kings were not averse to war, the great spirit itself, Wakan Tanka told Sitting Bull when Custer would arrive so he could kill him and King Arthur himself had a round table.

No where do I see any signs of anyone showing enlightment encouraging others to stand there and bleed other than the long standing corporate religion out of Nicea. Of all the amazing things handed down by the masters, it is amazing how many people will seize on the turn the cheek mentality over all others. Perhaps the programming is simply engrained.

Anonymous said...

LV 2:42
Is there any point in or necessity for ethics, kindness, compassion, justice, on this plane, if we're just the Divine experiencing Itself in various ways?
No good, no bad, ergo no right no wrong? Ethical neutrality on this plane.

The atheists I know (all highly principled, kind, helpful), argue that because of the seemingly an-ethical conditions displayed on this plane, there can be no Originator (since they say they cannot imagine anyone with any kindness or humaneness creating such a mess), nothing beyond the material world. The material universe has always been and will always be. Somehow consciousness developed from the material. There is no other plane beyond this, to them.

If we humans, by and large, have an ethical sense, and some animals seem to as well, is that simply an unnecessary development in
individuals, on this plane? Whether or not there are other planes.

Eat, drink, and be merry, (if you're able to do any of them) for tomorrow we die, and there's an end on it? No need to postulate a Soul/ Spirit, Karma, Reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, etc. This model has a certain appeal.

The eternal question - why should some experience great suffering, and others not? Is there a purpose or meaning in individual suffering?
A Unified Theory of the Metaphysical is needed especially if one is a theist or deist non-dualist.

The Dvaitas, and dualists, (Gnostics, Cathars, Zoroastrians, etc) of course, attribute evil and suffering to the doings of the Evil One, who is either as an equal with or under God (Christianity seems to straddle the fence, I'm not sure), whatever name they give the Evil One in the different traditions.

Perhaps that's why the Buddha avoided the issue of God, and just proclaimed that all life is suffering, and taught how to reduce that in our living.

Could you please give your take on this? Thanks.

abe said...

I always hate picking sides in things like this, but here goes-

1.Neil is cool with me and I wish I had the courage to post my poetry here instead of sending a piece or two into Les without letting others in on it. Blogs like these are all that of us got in an insane world.

2. I got to go with Dublin on this oil thing as well. I've seen the jews use natural, economic, terroristic, and military "disasters" to steal land before. It's like Lex Luthor said in that original Superman movie: "It's the only thing they aren't making more of!"

The American housing collapse happened when jewish loan sharks signed unqualified minorities up for misleading loans, took some payments, jacked up the payments, then took the house back. Same thing with The Bay Area after that eathquake in '89. I also mentioned Guatemala in an earlier post. I'm not denying the ecological nature of the disaster, merely the motive. Right now there are whole lot of Black folks in the Guld, Caribbean, and western Central America that are sitting on land way to valuable in resources, logistical significance, and future development potential to be wasted on the descendants of slaves. One way or another they WILL be moved. I think this may be one of their trump cards. Agenda 21 calls for not only depopulation but relocation to "smart cities". I think this is like a giant game of monopoly and the jews are putting the squeeze on all the squares they don't own yet. If ecological means fail, we may see a return to the CIA diplomacy of the 70's and 80's. I believe it's cause the zionists are getting desperate. Today's nations will not go in to the night as easily as Timbuktu and the Algonquins. They already knew that, but the public declaration of such resistance has to be giving them pause.

Visible said...

L.V. 242

The mind is a powerful thing. It makes us into gods who, thinking we know, behave in ignorance according to ambitions and appetites. So long as we know, the divine within is made ignorant. As soon as we fundamentally are made aware that we do not know, then the divine does know and lights us up with illumination so long as we hold to that position.

In this radio show coming up in about (15 minutes now- grin) half an hour, I define how it has defined itself to me. I can speak only for myself and I can say that I observe it working every day and that in a fairly short period of time there are going to be certain demonstrations that will put various minds at ease about so much that has been a mystery for so long.

As far as I have seen to this point, what I say in the broadcast is what the divine has communicated to me and it is not at odds with The Gita or any number of other texts I have encountered. I do not experience the despair that I note here lately. I do not experience the nihilism which looks to me like negative advaita. I do not experience the doubt because I do not think that I know and therefore there is nothing for me to doubt. Doubt comes out of thinking you know. This is one of the meanings of The Christ saying "you must become as a little child."

More and more I am feeling an unshakeable calm assurance which is not intimidated by circumstance and location. I imagine that any situation I would be put in would be for the purpose of demonstration.

Unblocking the ability of the divine to perform on our behalf is one of the most important acts anyone can perform and that only involves removing the opposition of the separated self from the potential of the miraculous.

The idea of being separated from that which essentially animates and composes us is the origin of suffering that is itself a road mark on the way back.

This plane of existence is just what it appears to be but it is only a frequency on a much larger bandwidth. Looking for answers that are made inapplicable by one's faith in appearances is an unending affair. Eventually the soul exhausts itself of such pursuits and turns its attention to considerations more in tune and more relevant to the souls natural course.


Visible said...

This all seems as clear as crystal to me. I know that that which animates me can alter my circumstances at any time but what I have found is that it does not choose to do so unless I depart in my understanding of what I believe to be real and it will only alter them to return me to the course.

It doesn't have to make such adjustments now because I do not give it cause to do so. Even when my behavior may seem mad there is no change in my understanding. It just happens to be manifesting outside of accepted coordinates.

I can only speak for what has happened to me and where it has put me and how it is and has been for a time. Consonant with this is the voice of guidance that seldom lets a day pass without some interplay.

What others have made of it is their own business. The mind is incredibly powerful and able to convince one of anything. Here lies the controlling power of "I don't know" over the potentially terrifying and uncertain world of thinking that one does know.

If I am wrong so far in what has revealed itself to me it is a marvelous and consistent wrongness and one which seems to resolve every difficulty that arises.

FromBeyondOmega said...

Dear Visible,

Your response to "[n]o matter how dazzlingly distractive, man does not thrive on kundalini and spiel-out-one's-angst bullshit alone...[t]hat is all" reveals to the free that your ego sometimes still operates in advance of your intellect, in conformance with the truth that man cannot see into the future or there would be no will to live; all of which further informs the free that another world is - indeed - at hand. We thank you for your excellent work.

Words from these quarters are adversarial to none, given exclusively in understanding, acceptance, and love of all.

Visible said...

From Beyond Omega;

Deceptive disclaimers aside, I suspect you know that assumptions made from a distance with no contact tend to refer one's judgment to the plane of the imagination and then one has to wonder at the direction it's pointed in.

Also, presumptions of this order imply one is on equal footing with God because this would be required for one to be correct in one's analysis of that which lies outside one's framework of direct experience.

This is not a quote of mine-

"[n]o matter how dazzlingly distractive, man does not thrive on kundalini and spiel-out-one's-angst bullshit alone...[t]hat is all"

and it renders your argument spurious. It is also incoherent and doesn't make any sense, even though it is deliberately couched in such a way so that one can fudge the lines. I pay attention, by the way.

I have noted in your particular case that this particular persona of yours tends to surface when there is a certain excess of libation.

Hopefully you will take to heart what I am saying here and if you wish to actually affect people's endeavors in a positive way you won't resort to tactics that are ineffective on some, regardless of the footwork that might occur in another person's mind.

TheSparkle said...

Les: James, your radio host, stated matter-of-factly that the oil spill is an asphalt volcano, just fwiw. We shall see.

TheSparkle said...

Sounds like the show is going down for a bit... Les, you should be able to record and post them somewhere in the meanwhile...please.

Anonymous said...

ah, help, do i find this radio show of Les's?

E Vero

FromBeyondOmega said...


As it must be, so it is: your words are yours, mine are mine.

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for another dish of Visible's Food For Thought. I think you're really hitting your stride these days. I'm a long-time lurker, seldom commenter.

Okay, so here's my take on how things should go down here in Chez Les: 1)Les writes about something, 2)We read what he has written, 3)We choose not to comment, for whatever reason, or 4)We choose to comment - but NOT JUST FOR WHATEVER REASON. For goodness sake let's show appreciation to the man for what he so generously gives us by at least FIRST acknowledging what he's written, before commenting on anything else! The pervasive and seemingly oblivious indifference to the host's main course is, to me, very bad table manners.

I, another letter of the alphabet.

charmian said...

Mad dogs and helpless children:

One can focus on the dogs. Scream in outrage. Find a weapon and murder the dogs. Kill them before they kill anymore children.

One can focus on the children. Perhaps feeling quite noble, intervene. Take drastic action. Save them from certain death or harm.

One can expend precious energy wondering what drove the dogs mad enough to tear helpless children apart. Recruit scientists to examine the dogs. Discover a new disease. Develop a dog vaccine and sell it to dog owners. Create dog laws. Produce dog collars and leashes.

Or focus on the hapless parents. Track them down and punish them for child endangerment. Of course that would require courts and judges, police and prisons. Laws and more laws. Actions and more actions.

Sound familiar?

Laozi explained it this way:

True mastery can be gained
by letting things go their own way.
It can't be gained by interfering.

Visible said...

The link for the radio show was placed at the end of the post with the link for download as well. You can download it shortly.

My shows will be engineered and posted each week. They won't be aired for a few weeks but they will be there to be heard by the interested.

Next comment... doesn't tell me anything but it's my hope that everyone is happy with what they have wherever they are.

I think everyone agrees there's some kind of a volcano in the mix. For what is hopefully the last time, I don't know what's going on there and I am not inclined like others to declare something that I heard from somewhere nor am I inclined to take anyone's word who is not technically informed and on the spot and possessed of a first hand awareness of the situation.

For some reason I have given the impression that I believe something concerning this event. I don't believe anything except that there is massive loss of sea and air life as well as the loss of livelihoods and ways of life and outbreaks of sickness from whatever chemicals are causing it.

I am neither supportive of or opposed to any of these ideas being presented and not influenced by them no matter how often or vehemently they are presented. I don't know. I stand by that. I don't know means I don't disagree with what someone else knows. What it means is that I don't know.

One of the things I think I do know is who owns and controls BP, what their track record is and what they are doing among the populace and with the police in the states affected. What I think I know is that BP doesn't give a shit about safety measures and has been caught avoiding them and compromising the applications of safety inspections.

I realize that for some reason people want me to embrace their arguments and the conclusions they have come to. I can't do that. I can't know anything that I don't know. It's hard enough knowing that I don't know, much less knowing what I don't know (grin.


Visible said...


Once again, this just confuses me. Quoting Lao Tzu confuses me because the way of life is my bible, if I have one.

There's this tendency lately to co-opt the things I say and then apply them as if I didn't say them and should have said them.

All this listing of possibilities and directions of action has no application to me which is where I'm confused as I'm not doing any of these things. There seems to be a desire to teach within the construct of what I do here. That's perfectly fine and there's a large audience for doing so. It's up to those reading to make their judgments on the quality and veracity of what is offered.

I'm pretty clear on what's going on here but I'm not going to comment on it except to say that using words to define or communicate what cannot be expressed in words is a futile endeavor. It is an especially futile endeavor when it's being used to create a companion envelope of instruction that for some reason needs to contradict or discredit something that doesn't make the claim that words are useless because, as I said and as Lao Tzu says, water finds its own level and to be useful is the highest state to which one can aspire.

So long as people take some good away from coming here, for that long I will take some satisfaction in being of service in my small way. As it stands, most of the people who come here gain something from coming here; whether it is from me, or each other, or just hearing themselves talk in this environment is unimportant to me.

I don't see the point of presenting odd listings of dogs and all the things that can happen (as if there were some argument to that effect going on) around them when the subject never comes up here and no one here is engaged so far as I know in any of these things. The people who come here are like myself, seeking fellowship and the possibility of some light during those times when we manage to get out of our own way.

Certainly anyone can develop a following if they have whatever it takes to do that, be it positive or negative. Anyone seeking such a position can certainly apply themselves to the trade. I'm not sure about what appears (on the surface) to be the motivation here, although I can see how it might look practical from a certain standpoint I'm pretty sure it won't work in this environment and direct proclamations from an absolute position don't seem to go over very well here for very long.

TheSparkle said...

LOL. I guess I should have listened first. I'm glad you are able to keep the shows up when the radio station is down. ;)

Visible said...

heh heh. I operate by the grace of the divine. That will keep me going or shut me down. It's reassuring not to have to rely on myself to know what's going on because I don't.

Well, friends and... others? (grin) I've business in the realm of Morpheus so I'll step over to the other side for a few hours and see you in the morning... if not before- given that all of us pass in and out of that plane and given that distance means nothing there.

charmian said...

I appreciate your candor, Les. And confusion.

Thank you for approving the mad dog post - even if you did not understand it. It reached its destination - albeit one stuck in complexities - and that was enough.

As a devotee of Laozi, you are probably well acquainted with the abiding love of the Dao that dissolves confusions and separations in an instant.

This is not said as some teaching or a comment upon your person.

It is given as a reminder about the Real and True -- a topic worthy of discussion with anyone, anywhere in times such as these.

What is coming to this world is so Grand, so Glorious, I can never comprehend why anyone endowed with even one droplet of genuine spiritual acumen is not shouting about it from the roof tops.

m_astera said...

I for one think the preface has gone on long enough, and can we turn the page and begin chapter one now? Please?

Yeah, I know, just because I'm ready doesn't mean everyone else is. Things were the same back in junior high; I would read the interesting part of the textbooks the first week of school and then sit there bored out of my gourd for the rest of the semester. (hidden poem alert :-)

So what are we waiting for? Are there a few more players that need to get into position before the curtain rises? A few millions that are finally going to get it and wake up and remember those promises they made about not falling asleep and fucking up this time? Maybe it doesn't look the same to you, but to me it looks like everyone has made their choice; everyone that I come in contact with anyway. The knowledge has been spread like a vast banquet across the world; who could possibly have missed it by now? I say no one could have; try as they might to ignore the obvious they are smeared with it, wading in it. If they have chosen to remain determinedly ignorant that is the choice. I think all have at least decided which side they will support or chosen not to decide.

Speaking only for myself, about those whom I and others have taken the time and trouble with, not to convert or recruit but to inform, and who have repaid that effort by attacking the messenger, some may decide at some point that they should have paid more attention. They may come around looking for assistance or wishing to be on the winning side once the battle appears decided. Whether they will be found to be of some use at that point, who knows? One thing for sure is that they will not be trusted.
Switching tracks, let's take a look at the Great Australian Vegetable Kill. Seven million innocent vegetables, their lives cut brutally short. Enough tomatoes, melons, and aubergines to plant a few hundred acres, grow a few hundred tons of food, feed part of Sydney breakfast and lunch for one day, perhaps. One could ask just why is this such a big deal? How many vegetable seedlings succumb daily? Why should this story be big news worldwide?

The first clue is the word "aubergine". The second is a descriptive adjective that is mysteriously missing from the story, and my hunch is that adjective is GMO.

I'm guessing with a pretty strong hunch that this was Monsanto's planned big entry into the vegie biz in Oz, and some caring souls didn't think feeding their children GMO eggplant was such a good idea. There was another similar story last week, thousands of papaya trees cut down in Hawaii. The media gatekeepers weren't careful enough there and the GMO word leaked out.

We'll have to see if I'm right about this, but I'm thinking some brothers and sisters are taking the sort of actions that make a difference, and I support them and bless them for that.

Something to keep in mind: The bad guys aren't the only ones with hidden assets in positions of power.

Visible said...

Well Michael;

There's one thing that hasn't happened yet and which I personally expect to happen but since I'm not to be considered sane by any measuring stick with normal on it, it could be that I don't know what I'm talking about but...

I expect the divine to announce his presence in a very direct way (for those of us paying attention) and in a most confusing manner for those looking for a different form of presentation or not expecting anything like it.

I expect it to be startling but undefinable except by those of us waiting for it. I expect it to be really startling in the way that it precipitates a lot of crazy behavior and shocks the shit out of TPTB.

I feel pretty good about this happening and I expect to see it within two months on the outside and two weeks on the inside.

I think that's the big game changer. Since he told me he was going to show up right in the middle of them and catch them out I expect him to do that.

Last night he took me out for a walk. It looked like I offered to go for a walk but I was informed that was not the case. He said, I want to explain that thing I keep saying about, "You have no idea. I know you have some ideas about what that means and I want to clear that up a little. You have no idea what kind of a sense of humor and irony I have and that is one of the things that is going to surprise you as much as anyone else. The way I plan on going about things is a whole lot different than anyone is expecting. I can be seriously creative and innovative as I am sure you know. Since we are getting into that zone when I'm going to reveal myself I want to do it with some powerful ingenuity.

This is one of the things you have no idea about. There are other things but it's all better than good from your standpoint so I expect you to have fun and be righteously entertained. It means a lot to me for you to enjoy the Hell out of it.

Anyway, proving that normal is not on my particular yardstick, I will leave you with that. I did paraphrase a bit but I would have been alerted or stopped if it were not an accurate compilation of the gist of the thing.

Visible said...

I was going to say Michael that you keep the same kind of hours I do, no hours at all. I'm only waiting on one thing so everything else is just whatever is going on on the way.

Anonymous said...

Everything is here:- Ignorance and knowing, war and peace, love and hate, freedom and slavery, illusion and reality, poetry and malediction.

All well and good reaching out in an attempt at "educating" those floundering in a quagmire of perceived ignorance, yet forgetting that this space here is reflecting, in a microcosm, what is happening on a macrocosmic scale, on planet earth.

The "stuff" being thrown at our heads as we bow towards the light or dance a dance of gratitude, are meant to confuse, anger, frustrate and deflect, so that we forget who we truly are.

There is an ongoing harvesting of souls that have lost their connection to the source from which they came. Each attempt at trying to understand, with the mind, the goings on on a 3 dimensional level, snaps or breaks a string on the lute that plays heartsongs about infinity.

Yes, one cannot help but be deeply saddened and profoundly angered by the actions of a group of inhumane beings, but all of THAT is a part of THIS....your own cosmic dance through the universe.

The one thing we as humans have is choice. How lucky!

Here is an ode by Rumi, who speaks words with my mouth.

Those who don't feel this Love
pulling them like a river,
those who don't drink dawn
like a cup of spring water
or take in sunset like supper,
those who don't want to change,

let them sleep.

This Love is beyond the study of theology,
that old trickery and hypocrisy.
I you want to improve your mind that way,

sleep on.

I've given up on my brain.
I've torn the cloth to shreds
and thrown it away.

If you're not completely naked,
wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you,

and sleep.


Anonymous said...

could it be possible peoples that what we are doing is actually collecting the energys,or strands of vibration still at the moment,myself through the writing poems,I have learnt that sometimes the energy is strong sometimes the energy is weak due to the star patterns and also due to my own falling off the waves,and I cant help but wonder about a passage I read in the gita something about the using of the forces that are around us,also on old lao tzu and an old tai chi person I knew,to use there own forces of attack on them,as les said I cant remember when though
when they strike with a punch all that maybe needed is when they are stretched to their fullest we just give a little pull and that body then will fall ,
with the alta report aswell we were expecting an attack of some kind over the weekend but this hasnt appeared,maybe tptb have realised that they are up against something invincible and are beaten already and they are making plans to some how retain some sort of the rothchilds have been putting pages of how lovely they are out.,
so I suspect they realise they have been exposed,and also its not the rothschild we are after it is the energy that retains rothschild and the rest of them that is what needs to be dealt with.
put back in its place.
I dont really know and as les says we work upon the energy that we retain as individuals,sometimes its huge sometimes it is weak,and if any of us had any control well we would be all charged up to full potency all the time,but we cant so we have to work with what we have and utilise that to its fullest potential.peace neil

ps just thinking out loud

Anonymous said...

also people we have crop cicles,I am not sure where they come from,but the feelings contained when studied are sometimes electric,I dont know if this is my self delusion,or just the whole mystery of the thing,
it could be tptb messing with us
or aliens or the earth
or just the great all,realigning
the energy patterns
but through my wonderings I find them a positive thing on an individual scale.peace neil

Anonymous said...

we could really do with rumi
valmiki,vyasa,shakespeare budha old lao jesus muhammad ramakrishna and all of them with that extreme connection to the loves now.
I didnt like saying that to g yesterday he sort of worked it out of me.I hope he is in a better sort of condition today..peace neil

Pstonie said...


As for the lack of shouting you hear from the rooftops, I can only speak for myself, but say that perhaps some or most of those people had shouted about undeniable proof coming through on certain dates. We had these dates on good authority, and when they came and went, deep down we weren't really surprised that nothing happened.

I'm talking about dates like 25 Nov 2009, 7/11 July 2010. I missed the ones before. We don't know whether we're right, we're probably all just looking for some invisible force to free us from something that we can only free ourselves from, but won't. I'm willing to keep believing because I don't value anything that's at stake any more. But I have been wrong many times and I don't want to risk pulling others into what may well be just another level of control.

Shit, did anyone feed the Millerites yesterday?

Anonymous said...

here you pstonie,I think cliff also said it maybe just on an emotional level and may materialise at a later date,also this whole thing is experimental and that old monkey mind gets in the way,myself I definately felt a higher vibration on the friday saturday sunday so from that aspect I think he definately got that right.
I think I may of knocked myself of of the wave by saying that to g yesterday as today I dont feel so good,the learnings carry on.
and also I swear I can hear les humming away to himself wherever he is,also he was saying some amazing things last night,well all weekend really.neil
charmain..I here you

ps what is a millerite?

charmian said...

Empathize, Pistone.

There was something within watching the clock yesterday. It is still present this morning -- not yet able to relinquish hope that WebBot might be off by a day or two.

It's been such a long wait.

Lately, any word about the coming avatar is welcome news.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, I had forgotten the story of Nelson Rockefeller and Megan Marshak. Interesting that there is little info on this girl ( a NY reporter). There is only one picture on the internet. And very strange that not one article mentions that she was Jewish. What is it with these Lewinsky, Marshak, Chandra Levy. Why is it these powerful white guys like Rudy Guliani get sucked into extra marital affairs with young jewish girls. Is there a training school for these girls?

paolocaruso said...


Roman Polanski is now a free man, thanks to Elie Weisel, the US Media and the power of Hollywood.

Pstonie said...

Les, in response to your question (went in the Dick and Jane thread): The Millerites are the followers of William Miller, who predicted the imminent second coming of Jesus on specific dates. Also the originators of the Seventh-day Adventist church. I don't imagine they're terribly well-known. Just something I picked up while lost.

Neko Kinoshita said...

As far as the 7/11 date thing is concerned, be patient. Not every thing manifests in real time on a schedule you expect.

There is too much overlap from the latest smoking mirrors. And I just can’t leave bullshit unanswered, a failing I know.
I understand there are Asphalt Volcanoes in the Gulf, even if they are about as far from the oil well as you can get.
The platform commenced drilling in February 2010, I am sure it took two months to drill into the side of an asphalt volcano. Those things are so deep after all.
Just like I’m sure that everyone on the rig was in on the scam, right?
After all it all went according to plan and they didn’t drill very deep at all.

You can tell people anything at all, and they will buy it, but the one group who really do know what they drill into are the people operating the drill.

Now watch the “pod people,” spam the hell out of this post.

gurnygob said...

Les the link for the radio show.
the latest one i can find on the list is for last week. 5/7/10
any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Neil, I suspect your not for real. You know I know visible. I met him in Hawaii at a place called Charleys. the first time I saw him was in the later part of the eveninig. I was sitting at the bar and the waitress was telling him how much she loved his T-shirt. His tshirt said, Les Visible world tour Tshirt and then there was a jagged line at about the pubic region which said, only authorizzed personel allowed below this line. How I noticed him was that he said you want the shirt and she said yeah and he took off his black leather jacket and he took of the tshirt and all the locals in the place started screaming at him and he didn't seen to care at all and th waitress came from around the counter and said shu the fuck up.l I want this tshirt. I was sitting right next to him. Her looked at me and said, time to flus this toilet and we went out to his car and up to his friends house and we took some MMDA and all I really remewmber is dawn coming up over Kahuilui Harbor and him telling me that something happened there in some book he wrote. I was hidiing from my wife and I wound up going back to mainland with her. I went to visit him in Munich when he first went to germany. My life was really fucked then because I was and am an alcoholic. If you go back in the files you will find a guy named Bruce and that's me. I haven't said shit around here in nearly five years because I've been sober all that time and no Im not. When I got to Munich my wife was divorcing me and I had lost my job. I lost all my savings in the divorce and it took me three year to climb back up to where I felt food about myself. The one thing I remember visible sai to me was, see all tghese people everyone of them wants to fuck somebody but they dont know who it is I don't want to fuck any of them and I know who they are tht struck in as has othr things. I wanted to be a poet it I figured it came with being drunk but once yo uhace seen someone do shit off the cuf that you couldn't do if you thought about it for ten years it kinda goes away. visible once said to me that poetry is something you love more than your life because it will be asked of you. he said that the proof of the success of poetry could be seen in two men who were Richard Lovelacew and Rod Mckuen. I wont say anything about lovelace but he said that rhis ERod fruit made six million dollars in one year and that was probably more than all the poets of that century made put together. He said she's got to like you and if she does you don't worry about money. Now I see you doing a Tinker bell here and Im drunkas a lord and it hits me in places I dont like to feel I am really tryinig to do you a foavor you look like an idiot three different appearances that sound like you havnt got a clue back to back sll kimfds og proplr want to be poets and theres a guy namesd escheban here who has some chopsd but you domnt wanmt to be a poet because that will rip the skin from hour body and kick your fuckign ass and you have to be made out of steakl and hearttbreakj tio make it there. Now people are lookin for me becaue I m troasted an i will come back you knmow visible wrote that song for me i'm coming back I was real sharp yesterday and Im duller than a spoon now I'm trying to do you a fovor you sound like a nitwit and you just aren't very good I was better thqan you will ever bee and I wasnt very gfood you got to either have more balls trhn sense or you got to blow th ritht peiple. visible told me avbout meeting aln ginsberf he met him three times and every time ginsberg refused to see him visible waid his breath smelled like a dead body this is what happemns to poets tjhey are the one sure thing that ius celebrated afte cant foool her and your nothing if she cant see you./ vids i'm at ricos in front royal and im going to come back as soon as th toot shows up i'll be mor mkanjafeble then man i am teally fucked up. getr a life you top sid skimmer

paolocaruso said...

Les, Its absolutely amazing.

The same day the media announces that Roman Polanski goes free, NPR runs a feel good story on how Poland is curing its historical anti-semitism by ordering polish prisons to clean up Jewish cemeteries. They go on to say that this is a way for the inmates to learn about jewish culture.

Keep in mind Les, that I do not hate jewish people. I really dont. But for the life of me, when I follow the media, I am just amazed of the outragious things I see.

Are these things just a coincidence, ala David Mamet's Wag the Dog, or intentional show of playful arrogance.

Certainly, polish criminals are not going to embrace jewish culture by having to scrape moss off of grave stones. Probably only resentment.

I actually think they (zionists) are intentionally trying to provoke anti-semitism, as they did prior to WWII. What I think they are doing is trying to keep Jews in Israel from going back to Poland.

Visible said...


There's a read me file and that's all for that date. Get a gmail account and I will send it to you as a file or anyone else too.

Sometimes James has a backlog situation and he's got a lot on his mind right now, as do we all, well, not me but I'm too cool for school. Get an account that will take megabyte files and I will reduce it to a reasonable weight. It's not a big deal anyway. You already know all of this.

I'll figure it out for you.

Pstonie said...

I felt something too, more so yesterday, although I'm not able to tell whether I felt something because I was expecting to. The mind is the only thing I know of that can beat itself into oblivion.

Watching the last minutes of the world cup final (expecting a false flag) was kind of a microcosm in its way. The ball goes this way, it goes that, nothing actually happens. It's grown men who should know better running themselves tired after a ball. The end keeps getting postponed because nothing happened. Then one team scores a goal and wins. Nobody who played gets a real trophy, except FIFA, and the taxpayers get left with the bill. The media will tell you it's the most amazing happening to ever grace our mortal hearts, but really it's just Sunday with soccer.

Somehow I knew today would be like any other, but I had all this information telling me otherwise. I guess we should learn from this that words are easy, and to trust our feelings more than our minds.

If there is any hope for us it's in action. It may already be too late. If you fill up your car (like I do) then you're responsible for the BP disaster as well. It's not a crime of intent or irresponsibility, but one of apathy. I get the feeling that maybe they're sacrificing BP to the public. Like Shell or Texaco is any better.

Visible said...

I wish you people would quit punishing yourselves like somehow that's the answer. Any one of these fuel delivery systems would work, if it weren't so important to destroy the other systems in order to have a monopoly, so you pull up the train tracks and bend over and it isn't even satisfying after all the time you took to think about it and decide that you might even like it.

Very shortly you are going to see the man himself step right out on the stage and do it with that strange elegance that makes believers tremble and assholes start punching themselves in the face. It's like that film "White Lightning" which is supposed to be true, more or less and I guess the soundtrack and the gruesome intervals is something to be proud of.

It's really simple and I get tired of breaking it down. Stop using the mind to arrange some kind of deal with the future. zit doesn't work like that. We're either like the bumpers or the pinballs but we are not the guy standing at the table with the front feet lifted on our toes. That's what god does and he doesn't like us getting in his way anymore than I like stepping over my dogs at two AM in total darkness trying to negotiate my way past the drum set and the guitars and god knows what, to the horizontal state of reflecting on what I already forgot.

There's only one thing that I bring to the table. It's not the drinks or the willing wait staff. it's not the better seats for a performance that has no meaning except how it inflates your idea of your own importance. It's the fact that the force itself is about to show up and catch the good guys and the bad guys with their pants down and like Micheal Jordan just ran around them three times before they figured out that they are on defense. The game is over. I hate to tell you this but the game is over. We won. End of story. Could you please at least pretend to enjoy it. It happens to be true.

Arguably it requires events that have yet to occur but Jesus Christ, you knew didn't you? If you didn't then you definitely owe me big time; just kidding because I seriously doubt you have anything I want but at least be a little nicer to yourselves.

TheSparkle said...

King Tut’s DNA is Western European

Wow. I suspected this very strongly.
Zahi Hawass is going to be extremely angry.

TheSparkle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
charmian said...

Awww, Pistone. If I owned a car, I would boycott BP too rather than give more food to the murder brokers. But I haven't owned a car in years. Prompted long ago to prepare for this time. Essentials only. Slim threads.

---- prognostication---

I recall the disappointment engendered by Benjamin Creme's promises of a divine appearance on TV. Like others, it failed to materialize.

A timely lesson to heed intuition above all else.

A bit of a jolt (isn't it?) to feel a grasping reaction to portents, signs, and man-made prophecy when one knows better at a deeper level.

Brings up a deep appreciation for the Christian admonition:

"But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

FromBeyondOmega said...

sometimes words induce smiles warmth grateful tongues disparage and discount the words of others seem to make no sense are paragons of circumspection duplicity affirmation hypocisy assistance guidance ridicule diversion blasphemy subterfuge obfuscation revelation motion and change

With literally EVERYTHING being produced of the divine which is God and as such is Source of literally EVERYTHING that exists, it is then for those who know at least this - whether knowing everything or nothing else notwithstanding - that all words including these and yours are therefore also produced of God.

That which exists does so in service to good purpose; which purpose is to defy non-existence:

Any mind which would issue forth words in defiance of these will be taken apart and scattered to the wind. For it is that these words issue forth from the Mind which gives forth the existence of EVERYTHING as readily as it eliminates the existence of that which no longer has need of existing.

The divine which is the God of existence has no respect for persons, for they are one and all nothing more than physiologically specialized devices whose sole purpose is to function in service to the Source of their existence. If and when the personal body is deemed by their Source to no longer be useful, it, like the no longer useful mind, is likewise evacuated by the eternally living Spirit which is God's essence and scattered to the wind.

There is work to be completed here on Earth in service to the Source of existence. You are being called upon to be a part of it. There needs be 144, 000 persons to complete the Judaean-Christian prophecies, as the words of all religions of the Singularity which is the one living God of everything that exists is immediately in the process of entering and being received by its/His/HER physiological servants on Earth. Once this prerequisite is fulfilled, the others will quickly proceed.

Consider these words for what they say and are; then respond to them in kind.

Anonymous said...

I dont really want to make it as a poet either bruce,I tried to keep my name out of it just signed with peace anonimously,I do not want to be famous I dont realy want anything other than true peace which I only really feel when I write poems but I know I wont ever feel true true peace until every one else is at true peace,the pain of the world and all that effects us all or it does me.
no doubt you are a 1000 times better at writing poetry than myself as I am not very well educated my palete of words is limited so is my knowledge,I have never really read any of them other poets.
this all came about in about 1994 after a couple of years of traveling and reading various books bible koran being with muslim people and also jews and christians
and rastas I loved them all
and I really loved me bob marley
the whole experience stirred something in me.
I experienced a huge what les calls kundalini event,whilst in the middle of this one of the people I was with said I should be a poet
for a while I wrote,then put it all down then picked up again,and evrything has gone on from there really untill now,I just write what I feel at the time on the moment I dont keep any of the poems.
I forget about them and move on immediately,all trying to lead to that kundilini event again as it seemed everything in the world connected up for about 3 days until I fell off due to all of the wrongs I had done.
maybe bruce you should write your poems ,and yes there are much better poets than me hear I know that,but I am not in competition with any one
I am just trying to add just a small piece of what I went through
and hope to attain again.
so poets the real real ones you should come out and do your bit
and get these people filled with life..I am sorry my poems are not up to your standards bruce and if the people had a vote and decided I am just a nuisance I will move on
straight away,no questions asked.
as there are adventures to be had

and snorting coke dont really get anything done really..bruce get your self together...

gurnygob said...

Hi Les, I would like to address this comment to poor Neil who seems to be getting a bit of a battering at the moment.

Neil’s poetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, fuck sake, give the guy a break. Not everyone likes Van Gogh’s paintings, but just you try buying one and then tell me he was a crap artist/painter.

If Neil is guilty of anything it is his innocent nature as in the way he left a comment saying he would be back later. Granted, some people may have found this somewhat childish but that’s innocents for you. If you ask me, and even if you’re not asking me, what Neil was expressing when he said what he did, was nothing more than a friendly gesture as if to excuse himself from his company momentarily. Maybe he just felt that he was among good friends and forgot that he wasn’t actually in their physical presents.

Neil, remember this. “Everything is acceptable in poetry except a blank page”

This comes to you from the. ”Give Neil a break campaign” SHOW YOUR SUPPORT NOW!

Odin's Raven said...

Mr. Visible:
1. Thank you for your continuing blog posts and radio broadcasts. You clearly know whereof you speak.

2. What is the ending of your introductory song? I can't quite make out the line after the one about the waves still pound upon the shore.

3. What evidence is there that the Queen of England had any involvement in the management of BP, or any prior knowledge of whatever they or the other companies did in relation to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Have you any evidence that she or her financial advisors were more than passive investors in this company?

DaveS said...


I must say, the comment sections of your blog have been pretty damn interesting... as a study of human nature.

I think it's funny how we all want to define the undefinable. Human nature I suppose.

Keep educating the educated... none is so helpless as he who thinks he knows the unknowable. Better to remain flexible so you can roll with the punches that come unexpectedly and from odd angles. :)

Just remember the harder a person tries to belong to a group... the less use they are to the group. Ideas that challenge the group are much more important than a host of heads nodding along in agreement.

Just my two-cents worth of nothing.



Pstonie said...

"Calm your mind. Cease countdown, cease countdown."

"There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force."

No better than a parrot to be sure, but "there is no invention, there is only discovery."

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article that shows BP benefitting from the American political manipulation of Georgia.

But, according to The Guardian, «the first telephone call made by the acting interim president [...] was to BP [the Anglo-Dutch oil company]. She called them to ‘guarantee that the pipeline is OK’, pointed out an important Georgian official». This first act showed the real purposes of the coup d’état that ended on Sunday, January 4, 2004 with the election of Mijail Saakashvili (Washington’s favorite) as president of the republic.

Anonymous said...

I felt a deep profound sense of peace and love come over me on Saturday. It felt like we had bumped up a notch or two - above all the frenetic energy that we were in. My husband also noticed a difference the same day. He's not one to comment on such things, but he felt a calming down, so to speak, that felt universal.

I also noticed the animals and birds I rehabilitate were very much attentive to me. Almost human like in their interactions with me. I hesitated to respond to them at first, because I don't want them to become too tame. But on Saturday, I got this feeling to enjoy it, to let go and have fun with them because this is the new world we are living in now. They're showing me - us.

A dove I released a few weeks ago, landed on my shoulder when I was putting out more seed and fresh water. She always hung around me, but this time she landed on my shoulder and stayed there for a long time. We nuzzled and she pecked my cheeks lightly and I kissed her back. I sat down to enjoy every minute with her and it brought immense feelings of joy. I started to cry over the intensity of the feelings of love between us and knowing how much we are loved. She pecked at my tears as if to wipe them away.

It is true what Les has said. Game over, we won! It is true!!

I am also feeling stronger in the need to trust my inner guidance 100% over things like the ALTA report and reports on the Gulf. I live 50 miles inland on the TX coast. I keep hearing to say h'oponopono prayer for each and every being who calls the Gulf home. I try to remember to do that every night before I go to sleep an upon awakening. I include myself in this prayer as well. Time for deep forgiveness for ourselves.


Visible said...

Well, let's see, Crown property belongs to the queen since that is the ruling regent. J.P. Morgan has been a Rothschild front since Woodrow Wilson bent over and said, "Can I have another, Sir."

You know I'm no one's research assistant but I will promise and predict this... there is nothing I declare that you can't find in your own underwear. Myself, I don't need underwear, that's what toilet paper is for or as, George Ohsawa said a long time ago, A healthy man needs no toilet paper which, makes you wonder why animals don't wipe their asses unless you are familiar with the joke about the rabbit and the bear. Don't be shy, ask me.

One more time out of so many times and this is guaranteed the last time I am going to say it. Inside track, two weeks, outside track two months, within those parameters comes the man himself and there won't be any argument about whether it be or not unless of course you are inclined to be the Earth beneath our feet, not a bad job when you think about the other options.

Side bar; (for you lawyers out there) one truth for the masses, one truth for disciples and one really cool truth for those who don't fit into the format and never will. I suspect that is the high end of free will turned over.

You know, I think some of you are frightened. I'm going to tease you unmercifully about this afterwards.

m_astera said...

When I first started some serious schooling in spirit, the one who was to become my teacher gave a talk about the image and the essence or spirit. I don't recall the exact terms used, but the "image" meant the human personality, a product of the chemical brain and society. The image is limited to the chemical memories stored in the brain; it can re-arrange them and figure things out, but what it can't do is create.

In order to make this point clear, this teacher said, I am going to cut you off from spirit, from your real and divine connection to source, for three days.

I was pretty skeptical of the whole thing, and went home not expecting any difference in my life. What power, after all, could this teacher possibly have to affect the audience in such a way?

At the time I was finishing up an important project; I had decided I wanted to get into the fine furniture biz and had gotten my first good-sized order, for a dozen child's beds made of pine. The buyer had asked me to put a simple scroll cut on the bottom of the head and footboards. I found I could not do it; I couldn't even imagine a simple thing like that; all creativity had shut down. The order was due, I needed the money. I ended up having my wife draw a simple scroll, which I copied onto the beds, cut out and made the delivery.

Another thing this teacher said later was that genius was not something one had or was or could learn, genius was something one accessed.

Such it is for creativity; it does not come from the chemical brain or the monkey mind, it is inspired. It hits in a flash, often arriving full-blown and complete.

Such it is with writing as well; when the muse has control the writing flows effortlessly, clearly and inspired. Other times the muse isn't available and one is left with memory and craftsmanship. My earlier comment on this thread was one of those that took work to write, not inspiration. Simple as it is, and poor as it may be, I still didn't let it go without putting all possible effort into it.

I believe the words we are putting on the internet these days will remain in the history of humanity, probably forever. These words and works from the earliest days of what will become our electronic collective memory are setting the foundation of what we, humanity, will become. They will be our legacy to the future of our race and our planet; what we create with them will endure. For that reason it behooves us to do our very best.

Yesterday on a far-distant blog a commenter was trying to ridicule me and make me look bad, trying to show that I was a loony and a wacko conspiracy nut, so this person had done a web search for m_astera and pulled up what he/she thought was proof of what a fool and lunatic I am. I read through the excepts posted there without shame or regret. Yes, some of them were outrageous, but in each of them I had done my best and there was nothing untrue to myself or what I believe in.

Something to think about, perhaps. Imagine that, centuries from now, scholars of the history of humanity during these times will be searching through and reading what one is posting today.

Visible said...

Michael, you are a wack job and more than half the time you don't make sense and that is why I would trust you with my life. Keep in mind that it's not in your hands to begin with but it feels good to say it.

You're doing what I've been doing lately... Neil in his way has been doing and garnering a good fellows wrath. We are on the verge of something where we really feel, I mean really feel that there has to be something we haven't said or done that could have made a difference.

That's what sets the heroes apart. You know... no one ever even notices when you do that? I can remember several times when I died and no one remembered or understood why I got in the way of a bus that wasn't going anywhere. It really does come down to forcing you to prove you give a shit. and you only have to do it once which makes me about as dumb as they come.

m_astera said...

Speaking of the hours people keep, I liked this very non-PC article from Psychology Today:

IQs and Zs

Night owls are smarter than other people, and now we may know why. The modern world contains many features our slow-to-evolve brains still find unfamiliar—cars, TVs, hot dogs on a stick. But the world has always thrown new stuff at us, and brighter humans may adapt more ably.

Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at The London School of Economics and Political Science, argues that, while we have specialized mental modules for navigation, social interaction, and other age-old tasks, general intelligence is its own module handling only evolutionarily novel circumstances. And he has data showing that people with higher IQs are more likely to have values and preferences that just didn't make sense for our ancestors to embrace. One of those is staying up late.

A previous study found that evening people are smarter than morning people. In a new paper, Kanazawa replicates the finding and provides a theoretical grounding. Because the nocturnal lifestyle allowed by electricity didn't exist 10,000 years ago, we must now rely on general intelligence to override our early-to-bed instincts. So those with more of it stay up later. How much later? See below.

Night Lights

Bedtimes and wake-up times for Americans in their 20s by IQ.

Very Dull (IQ < 75)

Weekday: 11:41 P.M.-7:20 A.M.

Weekend: 12:35 A.M.-10:09 A.M.

Normal (90 < IQ < 110)

Weekday: 12:10 A.M.-7:32 A.M.

Weekend: 1:13 A.M.-10:14 A.M.

Very Bright (IQ > 125)

Weekday: 12:29 A.M.-7:52 A.M.

Weekend: 1:44 A.M.-11:07 A.M.


DaveS said...

m_astera @10:46

Very well put.

Thank you.


Dave Klausler said...

So, a bear and a rabbit are shitting next to each other.

"You ever have any problem with shit sticking to your fur?" says the bear.

"Why no" comes the reply.

"Good" says the bear as he picks up the rabbit and proceeds to wipe his ass with him.


Visible said...


Even better joke. Hawaii is the only state where battered males outnumber battered females. I was in this bar in Paia where i used to have breakfast back in the days when I ate other people's cooking; went there for breakfast and would have a drink on my way home (sometimes two); wild west sort of place called Charley's. It was named after Paul's Great Dane. Paul was a good friend of Willie Nelson's and used to be in the CIA.

I came in there one afternoon and the bar was empty except for this Jimmy Buffet sort of a guy that I knew from playing here and there; nobody there but him and me. he says, "I heard this great joke and he proceeds to tell me but I can't remember the joke now. It takes awhile and the bartender, whom I know is ripped out of his gourd, which he always is on that sensimilla that they are all smoking.

He finishes his joke and I go, "I've got one for you." and I say, "This couple get married and they are married about 6 months when one day the wife turns to the husband and says, "I have to get some breast implants." Her husband looks at her in shock and says. "I love your breasts, you don't want to mess with those."

She says, "Honey. I've known you for five years and I married you but every time a woman with large breast goes by you are riveted."

He says, "That's not true."
She says, "Spare me the bullshit. I'm getting breast implants."
He says, "Honey. we can't afford that. We just got married. Be reasonable."
She says, "I am being reasonable and I am getting implants."
He sits there for a minute and a light bulb goes on over his head. He says, "Darling, I know how you can get larger breasts and it won't cost us a dime."
She says, "Yeah, how?"
He says, "Just take some toilet paper and rub it between your breasts twice a day."
She looks at him and says, "That's total bullshit. How am I supposed to increase my breast size by doing that?"
He says, "Look what it did for your ass."

The bartender is cracking up. The guy I am telling the joke to is cracking up but I feel a colds dead wind at the nape of my neck. I turn around and there are these two huge titas sitting right behind me. Either one of them weighs twice what I do and they are not smiling. I turn around and wait... nothing happened. I was lucky.

Rebel 4E said...

Big Brown Bear taking a dump in the middle of the woods.
Finishes then looks around for some leaves to 'clean up'...
Waddaya Know! No leaves to be found anywhere.
Big Brown Bear spots a little white bunny wabbit hopping along..
"Hey Mr bunny wabbit! Do you ever have a problem with crap sticking to your fur?"
"Can't say I do (twitch twitch)" says the wabbit.
"Good!" says Big Brown Bear and proceeds to wipe his Big Brown Butt with the the little white wabbit.

That the one Vis? (O__o)


Rebel 4E said...


Sorry Vis, just noticed that Dave got the joke in first...

Nevermind...note to self, Must be more observant.


Anonymous said...

mr visibles,and the rest of you lot are top quality,these attacks on the ego I suppose are some sort of measurement device to see if you actually have one left,I bit yesterday. I hope bruce sorts himself out quickly,and gets his poems out.
and how is this for a weird thing,apparently they found king arthurs table the other day 1000 people could sit round it.
the knights of the round table,I loved that story when I was little,
my father always told me there was never a good king ever in the world and they were myths,I never believed him,tommorrow hopefully they will find robin hoods bow and arrow with feathers inlaid by the hopi indians and the tips made by the divine inefible himself or something, actualy me dad thinks that the rothschild hippy impersonator,the one with the boat made of plastic bottles and the vampire squad are doing a really good job and iranian people are evil,he cant help it,god bless him,I try to tell him its a scam,but he just cant work it out.neil

Odin's Raven said...

From the Crown Estate website

The Crown Estate belongs to the reigning monarch ‘in right of The Crown’, that is, it is inherent with the accession to the throne. But it is not the private property of the monarch – it cannot be sold by the monarch, nor do revenues from it belong to the sovereign.

The Government also does not own The Crown Estate. It is managed by an independent organisation – established by statute – headed by a Board (also known as The Crown Estate Commissioners), and the surplus revenue from the estate is paid each year to the Treasury for the benefit of all UK taxpayers.

To explain further, one analogy that could be used is that The Crown Estate is the property equivalent of the Crown jewels – part of the national heritage and held by Her Majesty The Queen as sovereign, but not available for her private use.

In 1760, George III reached an agreement with the Government over the estate. The Crown Lands would be managed on behalf of the Government and the surplus revenue would go to the Treasury. In return the King would receive a fixed annual payment – what we call today the Civil List.

Visible said...

Yeah, for about the 4th or 5th time. It ever occur to anyone how really strange it gets around here?

Two weeks to two months and we are going to see hairs raised on the backs of necks that have forgotten what it's like to be in awe. I'm just whistling past the graveyard myself; that Ichabod Crane thing; long gone for some reason these days.

I can't even tell if people are messing with me anymore. I actually have to make phone calls I wish I had never made and explain to people who believe that the fences come with the flowers- stock-, that everything is propped up with the same two by fours required to wake people up.

It's not like you get directions. I figure that the divine just makes a habit of contacting people who know how to get out of the way because, given what's on his mind, clumsy dancers are his last concern.

I've got this hard to suppress sense of joie de vive that I cannot repress. It's getting me looks on the street and I am afraid they'll be setting up my own personal road blocks soon. The thing is that it just never happens. For myself I've finally adjusted to the fact that it's going to happen, is happening and nothing is going to stop it. I pity the fuckups.

I remember God using my voice to say, "I know I seem stern but I have a list of grievances that only I can process through the payout but, I'm the nice guy. Once I'm gone there's this other guy and he hasn't got a nice bone in his body. All he knows is fire and pain."

I used to wonder about that because this isn't something new. I used to wonder why it couldn't work out for everyone and I was told in no uncertain terms that if these conditions were not dealt with then things far worse than I have already seen would become the norm. I can't do what those born to the task can accomplish. Even though I could eliminate an entire country; depending on the country, I could not actually feed the torment back upon the people that performed it. That goes beyond my job description. I can take out a knee when I know that foot is bound for greater harm on my part but I cannot scientifically feedback in real time the torments delivered by those who have no restraint.

Whatever it is that brings us to lakes of fire and eternal damnation escapes me. I am too much like Rodney King and... look what happened to him. I'm okay with a close up situation where I know that hurting someone is what it takes for me to be able to perform as a useful tool but to be a mirror for what has already come to pass is beyond me. I don't know the history. I never get told anything. I haven't the faintest idea how I got from here to there. I don't know who I am and I don't know anything else either. I realize there is a reason for this but the cold systematic extraction of justice so that it matches up time wise with every hurt delivered is completely beyond me.

What I have seen ahead is that there are blessings that are coming forth to give stability to the foundations of a world that must rest on feelings and ideas as opposed to molecules playing with magnets. All that makes sense. I don't get vengeance or reverse serendipity quid pro quo. I don't get the blowtorches and the eyes that mirror the eyes that were squatting down in exactly the same way and saying, "No one is going to help you now."

It is probably just as well. I can't be trusted with this. I would let the bad guys go and I know that's wrong.

Visible said...

Let's put it this way, I don't give a fuck what the lawyers say about no one being in charge and it's just out of our hands. Any member of the crown could stand up and disown the system at any time. Anyone anywhere could take the high ground and lay their body down if blood would delay the suffering that their indifference portends. The difference between me and you and those princes who like having their lack of a personal life made up for them is that we have too much class for that. You really have to be a dick to tolerate that shit. You have to lack human depth to become a poster for nothing. And human depth is not something you need waders for; not these days.

Lukiftian said...

Another bang-on excellent post. You're firing on all cylinders again, it must be the deitic additive working through the machina.
All for the best.

Lukiftian said...


A blog as a refrigerator door... I like that one. I guess you'd have to be prepared to open the blog for a cool draught of something sweet? We do need a place to store the lemonade made from the lemons life gives us, don't we?

FromBeyondOmega said...

Wow! Such delightful responses from all of you!! And all of them in kind, as well, even!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

(Now let me see.....? hmmmm......? What's next?)

Javier R. said...

Les. I just keep coming here everyday to understand and to get a little bit of knowledge everytime. I really hope about that we all could share a bonfire in the next years.
Your words reflect the being you are and for have known someone like you I feel grateful.
I am glad to found this place on the road.

Odin's Raven said...

Here is more bad news about the Gulf of Mexico situation from Gerald Celente and Jeff Rense.

Also here is a story showing that 'progress' in Afghanistan consists in having doubled the extent of corruption, (to roughly a third of the average income) between 2007n and 2009. American rule, sorry 'Democracy', really seems to benefit the criminal class and their political stooges at the expense of the people.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"I can't be trusted with this. I would let the bad guys go and I know that's wrong."

You are a better man than I am Gunga din.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Odin's Raven said...

It's an interesting comment on the virtues of Democracy, that after a couple of centuries experience of it, some Americans seem to think that their corporate and constitutional rulers would combine to treat them like bugs and actually gas them. Holocaust,anyone?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

It's beyond me and that is all I know. I went to the local pub tonight and I was talking about Bjorn who has made love to every girl in town twice. I know because I saved his ass at least twice when he got himself in trouble with waitresses. Little did I know that the present waitress was his wife. Little did I plug in to her being pissed off at me and then she was flirting with my friend Oliver and I said to her, "Oliver is a really nice guy" and little did I know that her husband was sitting at the bar.

You would think I would pick up on things like this and then it hit me and I saw her peripherally catch my awareness in the mirror and I hit myself in the head and I felt her forgive me because I genuinely didn't know. This is the kind of stupid shit we do when we are not paying attention. I go in this bar about twice a year and I spent most of the evening talking to this young bass player and not once did anyone hip me to the mistakes I was making just enjoying the fellowship of people I haven't seen this time in almost a year. See, you never know. Even when you are saying what everyone knows you never know. For almost 3 hours, someone could have said something but no one ever did. It's just more proof that no matter what we think we know we don't know shit. I walked all the way home feeling really stupid before I realized it was just par for the course. I get these lessons every day.

a GrebBear said...

Hey Cats )

Mr. Vis,
... first the ego; Hope I'll be at the fire, looking forward to a 'live' show.

Second, another big thank YOU ... I'm only on page 50 of 'the way', pdf, ... I got to a place (pg.35 ??), said something about reading with the mind or the soul ... and my intuition said, mind ... Had to start again, to insightful reward. I'm certainly on the path, and yet today was struggling (the mind found some fear to hold on to), then I listened to the 12-07-10 recording )) ... that and Y-OUR replies to this post completely dissolved my struggling; I'm actively looking for the Divine in everything (I'll be watching for my monkey mind to wander; currently caged in this moment)). I'll sit down to an invigorated meditation, later tonight.

A projected Thank you to Mr. Goenka, wherever he may BE, for teaching me the Buddha's meditation technique. ))

Les, Thank YOU ... for Y-OUR honesty, and especially Y-OUR patience. It would seem to me, repeating Y-OURself must be trying ... and yet, you are able to approach the same subject from multiple perspectives, while maintaining Y-OUR cool. Its in some of these 'repeats' that have garnered me the most energetic resonance and insight.

The effort is appreciated here, Merci. ))

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. I'll try to remember to smile, when 'the hair on my neck stands up'

TheSparkle said...

The individual tree, each with its own form and colors, is important of course. The forest as a whole is important but in a different way. I don't care if it's an asphalt volcano, Gaia shitting, Vulcan farting or Mother bleeding, but something important has happened, and it's not useful to twit and twat about semantics.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

Thanks, Les. I feel the same way about you, including the wack-job part, and it's good to know. When a person has been tested enough to know what they will or won't do...

Your quote about what the prosecutor in Hawaii said about you not co-operating reminded me of Puerto Vallarta in 1975. My girlfriend and I were camped on Punta Mita at the top of the Bay of Banderas above Vallarta. Camped next to us was a Puerto Rican guy, Cisco, who was selling pot. While my GF and I were miles down the beach hunting puka shells, the Federales showed up to check him out because he'd been camped there for months. He had a kilo of pot hanging from the front pole of his tent in an orange plastic bag. I didn't find this out 'til later, but when the Feds showed up, he showed them the pot, told them it belonged to me, and told them where to find me. Linda and I had our puka hunting rudely interrupted by getting arrested and tossed in a paddy wagon for the ride to Vallarta, where we spent the night in jail; well, me in jail, she had to spend the night in the cops' day room as there was no women's jail. Pretty nervous-making for her with almost six grand in cash and traveler's checks shoved down the front of her pants.

The Puerto Rican guy was arrested too, and his girlfriend, and a young couple from somewhere in Georgia who had been camping in the same spot.

Next day we were all hauled out to the immigration offices at the airport and grilled separately and in small groups for most of the day. No one was lying except the Puerto Rican I don't think. For some reason no one wanted to question me. Mid afternoon I was called out to a hallway by the Jefe. He told me that the people from Georgia had said that the pot wasn't mine and wanted to know if I would finger the Puerto Rican guy. I asked him what would happen if I did, and he said that he would get five years in prison. I told the Jefe that I thought the pot was Cisco's but I wouldn't testify against anyone if it meant them getting five years in prison.

I guess that honesty on my part messed the whole scenario up so we all walked across the street with the Feds and sat down at a big table in a restaurant and had lunch together. After lunch we worked out a deal to pay off the cops and get deported. I was the only one with much money, so I had to pay the bribes, buy Cisco a plane ticket, and give his girlfriend gas money so she could drive their truck back to the States.

Really, I wasn't even pissed off about the whole thing, not like my girlfriend was. Just glad to see it over with and no one in jail.

Which, I guess, is why I'm not in charge of the karma payback machine either, because I'd probably let the bad guys go with a rap on the knuckles too.

Visible said...

We got some real comedians around here as well as some serious blog historians. Whoever wrote that letter attributed to Bruce deserves an academy award. That was top notch, state of the art tomfoolery. It took me quite a while to find Bruce who was still laughing ten minutes later and while I was hanging up. Luckily I was able to back browser to find it because I don't know where it is now.

Somebody even knows details about my personal history that I don't remember posting. Someone from Hawaii? Now I've lost the page that had the comment; a priceless artifact has gone the way of all flesh. This is right up there with the channeled transmission from my dead father and the paternity claim.

Sharp as a tack.

My antenna went off when I saw at what speed the intoxication increased. It sounded like Bruce too.

Someone said I was getting pedestrian and that I ought to cultivate my mystery; up the woo woo factor. I realize it can be difficult to take someone who often acts like a sixteen year old boy seriously but I'm not sure how to maintain a stable persona. I though about getting a uniform and talking like one of those plant people from Galaxy Quest.

I like humor and spoofing can be very entertaining. Given the slop that the prison cooks are slapping on our plate lately we can use the mirth.

I think I'll write about that today at Origami. It's hard not to take things seriously when things look serious. I'm waiting for the divine to do that Jack in the Box thing.

Used to visualize the Warner Brother's cartoon with Lord Shiva as Elmer Fudd, "bu bu bu bu bu u that's all folks!" dancing The Tandava. Comedy and reality walk into a bar with this chick Tragedy and....the bartender from Cheers asks me if I'm slumming. I think that is how it starts.

I think I got it now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I like to talk about the Illuminati and their evil ways with my daughter 20 and son 18. Most of the time, they were just being polite. Listening on one ear but I guess going out the other ear.

Once I talked about the Lady Gaga being the sex object of the Illuminati and advising them of the evil in her kind of music but they did not show much response. A few weeks back this young man of mine, told me animatedly about many of his college friends who are aware of the evil of this Zionist Gang and also how satanic the music of Lady Gaga. I told him that I am glad you young people have now woken up to the evil and lies of the world.

My daughter who is a trainee teacher once scolded her young pupils when they were singing Lady Gaga's song.

She told them that this song is evil and if they do not believe it, ask their parents to search in the Internet. That was the last time she heard the song in her class.

The sheeple is now slowly waking up. Hopefully they are not knocked down again before they are fully awake.

Nur Ilahi

Freddamedgjedda said...

Les tells us to "stop fighting" since the "battle" is already won. i read and listen to a guy named Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the message is the same at this moment.

Drunvalo has been to several key places on earth performing rituals together with indignious people to heal the conciousness-grid of the earth and also assist the kundalini of the earth. This earth-kundalini is now active in the south-americas, making this the "birthplace of the new teachers".

We have made it and the process is irreversible, so go forth in peace and know that you helped this birthing of a new age.

BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES, also the trollers, We have all made this together!!! Humanity is now going thru the most important and exiting times in all of human history, embrace it!!!

Neil: I am glad to having read your poems, and your other posts. You are a poet!!! Maybe Bruce don't even recall writing his post, and as we all know alcohol clouds your judgement! Not saying anything bad about Bruce, cause I have seen good men turn to violent infants because of drugs. Myself included. I sincerely hope you manage to control your addictions! That goes for all of you!(grin)

I keep coming back for the "realness" and love of this place, it has to this point been quite unique, but I think we will see a explotion of "realness" and love all over this beautiful earth-plane!!

This has been one hell of a journey, (he) but we made it, we are the strongest of the strong!!!!

melis edna said...

i don't want to fire anyone up but, stand back, i'm a geologist.

the discovery of deepwater asphalt volcanoes is interesting but:

1. More than half of the north american continent is underlain by a significant oil and gas formation, which extends well into the gulf of mexico.

2. light sweet crude can expected to be red. it's sort of akin to beer. the color is no indicator.

3. Geologists have known for years that reservoir existed, it was thought (and rightly so) to be too volatile to exploit.

4. deep wells blow out. happened at 15,000 feet back in 1999 at Lost Hills.

5. even if an asphalt pool underlies the Macondo, they drilled to the top of the formation...where the gas and light sweet is.

Now, about the asphalt volcanoes. it's no great mystery, they're made of hydrocarbons. its essentially a tar seep like what is found in la brea. this sort of material theoretically should be found at the bottom of most oil and gas reservoirs. the reason we don't find them on land (we do, but they're pools of asphalt instead of "volcanoes") is because of depth and pressure.

those asphalt volcanoes in the gulf are likely to be a part of that large oil and gas deposit under north america. it's essentially all the same material, just separated into layers.

something happened in the gulf (fractures? displacement faults? meteor strike?) that stripped the overlying gas and oil formation away...leaving pools of tar that were eventually overlain by sedimentation and compacted. underground chemistry. time, pressure and heat...what's the big deal that so many arguments have to be made about it?

Visible said...

melis edna

Ho! Thank you very much.

tim said...

So it is true that trillions of barrels of light, sweet crude oil are under Colorado, Montana, and the Dakodas? I'm not getting confused with the Colorado shale oil;I know what that is. This sweet basin under North America has not been exploited because of the depth?

Anonymous said...
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tim said...

Dublin Mick;
I see you're interested in Sitchen and the 12th planet. I read his first 3 books and have been very confused about his timeline. He said Niburu came close to the Earth in 11,000 BC, 7400 BC, and 3800 BC at 3600 year intervals. Did it come in 200 BC? And should'nt it come around 3400 AD not 2012? While it supposedly causes gravitational destruction, Sitchen says mankind evolved at these intervals. This has always confused me to the point that I don't take it seriously. Can you or anyone else explain this to me?

Visible said...

I would think there is a time to be engaged with ideas. And also a time when ideas manifest This is when ideas manifest. Sometimes you have to make things happen. It just so happens that this is one of those times. And it just so happens that it happens. Well it proves that telepathy is a fact and we shall see shortly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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presence said...

NICE link!
the research papers linked at end of article contain pretty interesting info.

Anonymous said...

Visible 1:21 AM
'...I expect you to have fun and be righteously entertained.'

m_astera said...

A source I trust more than most tells me that Anu has been "taken out" of the picture and Nibiru is not coming around this time.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Why is the news today not news that makes me happy?

As the new news has it today, BP has stopped the “leak” all together,
has finally capped the well and halted the “spill” and spreads this good news
far and low.

CNN plays it skeptic and shows a Jew, by the name of Feineberg, appointed
by Obama, (who else?) trusted with the job, talking to a congregation of skippers,
fishermen, workers, business owners, wives and other affected pawns.

Everything is now set up to calm the heated minds, to cool off and appease
the ones, many of which are still suffering the aftermath of Katrina….

Jew Feinberg, in his very savvy Jewish way now promises his desperate audience,
that he will make sure that BP will not get off the hook, before not the last claim is satisfied, but threatens in the same breath, that the work offered would not be the one they’re used to, but rather cleanup work and other jobs of similar nature.

And if you were dealt a claim of $5000.- per month, you would just have to do the work offered instead and not the job you are used to…. and oh… needless to say, that you would only receive the promised reimbursement once against your month of work and NOT twice (i.e. $10,000.-)!

Psychology, right out of Jew Frum’s repertoire.

The ignorant now knows, that all the danger is over and it’s on to cleaning up the “spill”.
Obama saved us from the worst. As far as he’s concerned, they can now do Iran,
he couldn’t care less, he now has a job and a new perspective in life and... he is at peace with himself and the world.

Meanwhile, back at the switchboard the party continues.

Two flies were flattened with one swat; The pee-ons are happy and go back to watch the Simpson’s before they go to sleep, and a mandatory evacuation of 20 to 40 million slaves, has just been successfully prevented and all there is left now is to wait for the Gulf to blow, which will assure, that all these useless eaters will be eva(por)cuated and taken care of automatically, without spending another dime on logistics, FEMA-camps and the disposal of all that unwanted human material. Oh… and the 500,000 coffins, stored in Georgia can be spared for another batch…..

Remains the question, if what BP did during the past 3 days took care of the “spill”, then why was this not done 2 months ago?

Hunkering down in Florida

R. Zuercher

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

<a href=" Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order.></a>



Joseph Brenner

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