Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bitches, Ho's ...and our Man in Pakistan

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It looks like Gaddafi is due to go riding in Dolan’s Cadillac any time now. The Iranian ships have gone through the Suez Canal and it turns out Our Man in Pakistan was deep into a massive false flag operation. My, how the dominoes are tumbling... Meanwhile, the Koch Brothers have stirred up a hornet’s nest in Wisconsin.

The dumbest move possible at this point is to engage in class warfare, which amounts to the rich against the vanishing middle class. Ever since Reagan went to war against the air traffic controllers, there has been a systematic dismantling of benefits and opportunities for the base metal that holds American society together and that is The Middle Class. When a society is going great guns, the middle class is doing well. When the opposite is the case, the middle class is going down the tubes.

Who is the antithesis of fair play in America (well, there are many, it’s true)? That would be Wal-Mart and what does this little item say? Is this a coincidence, given the right wing corporate push against unions? Why is Wal-Mart experiencing problems? Because they went in the opposite direction of the founder’s motto; providing ‘everyday low prices to the American working class’. Irony alert!!!

As that brilliant madman said some years ago, “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad. There are a number of definitions of insanity, depending on who is doing the diagnosis. Some say that it is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Some might say it is any radical departure from the behavior of the norm. Some might say that it is when you get information from someone who is not actually there. How can you get information from someone who doesn’t exist? My diagnosis of insanity is when you go against your own best interests and destroy the medium of your own sustenance; that can also include cutting yourself off from reasonable intel that goes counter to what appetite and greed demand.

In my definition, that makes Wal-Mart insane because, however indirectly it may be taking place, they are engaged in destroying the customer base that made them successful. The United States government is directly engaged in destroying the country because they permitted the corporations to avoid paying taxes and did away with the manufacturing base, in order to bring their cheaper products more cheaply to market, in order to maximize their profits. Wanting more and more when you already have more than you can possibly use, is definitely insane and it is the business model of the present day. Insanity is epidemic at the moment and it has taken many forms of expression. It is driven by basic passions which are inflamed in a world devoted to material concerns. You know these passions; greed, lust, anger and all of their siblings. These negative archetypes are ‘walking tall’ with a big stick through the landscape of the collective human mind. These motivations always fail in terms of global control but those so engaged are blind to all the examples of the past and motor on regardless. They are insane.

One of my invisible friends said to me (he was either the Big Kahuna or his agent) that he was going to show up right in the middle of the criminal affairs of those engaging in predatory acts against their fellows and catch them with their pants down. He is going to show up among them, encourage them to even greater acts of depravity and then put the video on YouTube, metaphorically speaking. This is happening to nations as it is happening to individuals. Raymond Davis is an example of this as an individual. Israel, the US and England are the major examples of nations that are in the hands of crazy people. Technically, the US is only a cum dumpster for Israel but you get the same sentence for participating in an armed robbery, whether you shot the teller or not. You are all equally responsible.

We are on the verge of a perfect storm. Israel is mounted on the US from behind and, though we can’t hear the words she is whispering in the ear, we can intuit the various possibilities. I’m not talking about the terms of endearment like, “You filthy little whore, you know you love it” or “Who owns this ass”? “You do (gasp, whimper)! “WHO OWNS THIS ASS”? “YOU DO (oh god, oh god)!!!”. I’m talking about the likely plans of operation, once the sad acts of violation are complete.

We have revolutions all through the Arab world and they are headed to Saudi Arabia and everywhere else they may not have gotten to yet. We have shrieking victims with head wounds beginning to scream that Iran did whatever it was. We have the Gaza Strip opening into the Sinai. We have trepidacious rumblings of global, economic collapse. We have oil about to go through the roof and the very kind of people engaged in its transfer and valuation that are the most equipped and motivated to squeeze the last drop of blood from that stone. We have an American CIA operative engaged in a false flag attempt against an ally; this is known as an Israeli gambit. He was nailed red handed and also killed two Pakistani intelligence agents. Here is why this sort of thing is going on and why the US is trying to get the taste out of her mouth after the recent kneeling, public fellatio performed on Israel in front of the United Nations by Susan Rice.

The United States government is no longer in a position to maintain any credibility with its citizens concerning just about anything that has gone on in the last years; BPee in the Gulf, the robo-mortgage scam, the banker bailouts, 9/11, the gratuitous wars going bad. The list is very long. Critical mass is just now pulling into town and it won’t be long before it all starts to come out like a backed up toilet, where the septic tank is being hit by torrential rains (been there). Old shits and other excrescences, believed to be long gone, are about to flood back into the house as most compelling evidence. “My god, that stinks!” “Who’s responsible for this”?

The awakening is about to go into overdrive as the scales fall from people’s eyes and governments and dynasties fall right along with them. Israel and her ho, the US need a major event. They need a war where they can make a serious statement and get the attention off of what the awakening is presenting and what cosmic forces are engineering. Whatever they do, no matter what it is, it will only make it worse for them. I was told that everything that is attempted by the deluded and psychopathic, will turn on them with a vengeance.

People say, “You say change is coming. Where is it”? I get variants of this from people who poked out their own eyes with a sharp stick. My god... you can’t see what’s happening? Well, very shortly it won’t matter how blind, stupid or how deep in denial you are because a hard rain is about to fall on those who have been seeding the clouds all this long time past. It’s not going to rain hard everywhere. Interestingly, I saw no sign of the winter that was in the news these last months. When I was in Italy, it was in the upper 60’s and sunshiny beautiful nearly the whole time. When I got back here it went sunshiny beautiful as it is today (looking out my office window). I’m not attributing that to my being there. Hundreds of thousands experienced this weather along with me. Your state of mind and your intentions have caused every one of you to be where you are and up to whatever you are up to and you can change it any time.

We are on the verge of ‘any moment now’. Panic is streaming through the corridors of power along with the insane hubris that anything can be fixed with money, guns and lawyers. For those who live in a wysiwyg world it can appear that way. However, it’s what you can’t see that’s in control, as you are about to find out. Evil is rising like curdled cream to the surface. Dead bodies and stinking turds from across the ages are bobbing like poisoned apples. Dead mouths are speaking in forensic tongues. We are now finding out that most of the Old Testament is bullshit, except for what is written in Gematria code. It’s all being revealed. It’s all coming out. Be prepared to be astonished and remember that it is all under control. The Light Brigade is here, accent on ‘light’ and forget about the plot of the poem. This time will be different.

If you are only watching and listening to neo-Pharisee network news you are hearing only spin. What this means is that change is going to directly impact on your lives because you can’t be reached otherwise. Everyone is going to hear and see and that moment is right around the corner.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Coronation of Trivia and the Headsman's Axe

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet”

What we are seeing in the world at present and especially in that Reality TV show of a nation, America... is injustice writ large. We are being gifted with a hearty fuck you from TPTB. We are seeing it in this Matt Tabbi article. We are seeing it in the Countrywide whitewash. Possibly the only one who will go to jail in that matter will be Angelo Mozilo’s plastic surgeon, “they made me look like a pig”! Well, it wasn’t plastic surgery after all was natural character development.

We’ve seen millions die from the policies of the nation that runs America through the AIPAC/ADL matrix; what Israel wants, Israel gets. We’ve seen tens of millions bankrupted by the actions of AIG and Goldman Sachs. The nations of the world are saddled with unbearable debt so that the bankers and corporate lampreys might live in baronial splendor.

Around the world we see those unable to buy food, rioting before the guns of corrupt monarchies. Whatever they are calling themselves, they are all monarchies.

Still, ignorance is its own reward and those celebrating the nuptials of well bred Kardashians like William and Kate, are celebrating the perpetuation of enslavement and penury at the hands of people whose sole talent lies in having been born in line to a reptile throne. They only wish it was them and something deep within tells them that day will come, in some far distant, future time, in a world as jaundiced and dark as the one they find themselves in today; it would have to be.

Everyone rioting around the world did not miss a meal today. Some are hungering for other things. All of them are living under the bootheels of the bankers and their favored instruments.

It’s no accident that Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne did a commercial at the Super Bowl. It’s no accident that Justin Bieber is world famous. It’s no accident that the Kardashians are either; or Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton or the rest of them. We are viewing the world wide coronation of Trivia. What church do you think Sharon Osbourne and Kris Jenner attend? The ‘why’ of it all runs a little deeper than the general attention span can accommodate but that’s showbiz! The whole thing is scripted and it’s all as sensational and glitter driven as it is, to take your attention off the most important consideration there ever was or ever will be.

Of course they’re playing with you. They were playing with you when they got you to vote for someone called Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama) just to show their level of control. They were playing with you when they brought down all those towers with controlled demolition and gave you absurd explanations for how it happened. They were playing with you when they destroyed The Gulf of Mexico and with all of the other efforts they have engaged in. So long as nearly half of you can’t chew gum and pat your heads at the same time, it shouldn’t matter what the rest of you think. Paris Hilton wasn’t an accident, none of these things are. They are tactical engagements where all that is good and noble within you is sacrificed on the altar of Trivial Pursuit. That wasn’t an accident either.

Once you can see that everything that is thrown in front of your attention is scripted, you are on the way to getting a clue. Keep in mind that the one who rules this world is merely one mask worn by the one who rules it all and that everything going on here, has to do with a single commodity, the fate of which, is the sole purpose for existence. The whole drama and your place in it have to do with how you react and adapt- or do not react and adapt- to the script.

Yes, you truly would be screwed it what you see is what you get. You would be screwed if the ones in power were the sole arbiters of the use and possession of power. You would be screwed if the ones who had the money and guns were the determinant of what happens. On occasion and for certain periods, this impression is very much maintained but these times are different. The masks are going to come off to reveal what lies beneath.

I can understand the concern of those who are very much a part of the ‘what you see is what you get world’ but who also hunger for change and a new world. I can see your concern that all of these revolutions are just more orchestrations on the behalf of TPTB. Nothing, at any time, is solely due to the directives of TPTB. They are herded just like they herd you and that’s going to come out shortly. It’s been a long dry spell as far as truth and justice go but the rains are on the way.

The Lord of the Rings was a great analogy for what’s taking place (up to a point). The betrayal of Boromir, Saruman and Denethor are well reflected in our present day. The one thing the rings trilogy didn’t bring out was that there is only one power with two main applications. Both the fellowship of the ring and the servants of Mordor serve the same force based on their understanding of what is desirable, otherwise, the good guys wouldn’t ever win. It hasn’t seemed like the good guys have won for awhile but that is because you are never seeing more than half of the equation. Half of The Mobius Strip is hidden from the physical eyes. A lot of that is about to change for this dramatic portion of human history.

There is a quotation in The Bible that they are trying to phrase out (pun intended). It goes something like this, “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment”. A study of how this line has been changed and/or eliminated over time will reap certain rewards.

Many of the religious texts have met the same fate as such temporal documents as The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is why a literal interpretation of scripture plays right into the hands of those who think they are running the show. Religious texts meet the same fate as any text, when they pass through the official filters of meaning, whether it is by way of those dressed in coffin bound glitter suits or the black robes of The Supreme Court. Those who set these principles into motion warned against the very state you presently find yourself in. This is why the Tea Party was created to co-opt the natural revolution that is inevitable when corruption has reached a certain point.

The Muslim Brotherhood is reputed to be as much of an Israeli creation as Hamas was but things change as do priorities and ones level of perception in a time of awakening.

They’re attempting to do the same thing around the world, in order to take control of what will replace the old order of things. This is why it has to be pulled to the ground and why certain terrible judgments upon the darkness in the human heart must come to pass.

It’s all going to be sorted and there must be no question about who is who and what they intend, as a prelude to what follows. The hypocrisy has to be irrefutably evident, as in the case of Roy McGovern and Hillary Clinton. It’s also got to get really bad or most people would never be motivated to change the conditions. Because humanity has gotten wide and complacent and lost touch with what it important, they must be shown how truly bankrupt all of their institutions have become. Help is on the way in that regard.

When you can’t make sense out of something it is, most likely, because it doesn’t make sense. Our, lost in the woods on the way to nowhere good, day to day, has to come up against reality and it’s going to do just that. Everything you see happening is all a part of this. The reality shows and their talentless goons; the endless commercials for useless crap, the horrible acts of government, the indifferent postures of your sold out religions, are all a part of the evidence accumulation for a moment in approach. Injustice cannot go on forever, it only feels like it.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dream Time on the Road to Shitville

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Maybe 13 years ago or so, I saw part of one episode of MTV’s Big Brother. That’s been the extent of my exposure to reality TV, which joins the short list of great oxymorons, like ‘military intelligence’. The last time I watched network TV with any regularity would have been before I left home; that place you can’t go again and may not have had in the first place. Probably “All in the Family” was on then. I’ve seen regular news, like CNN, a half a dozen times since the stolen election of 2000 and Fox News for a couple of minutes on the night I check into my hotel room, at the halfway point between dreaming Italy and the apneic northern realms.

I left the mainland USA twenty years before I left the country entirely. I was going back to Maui in the winter (after I left the USA) and thinking it might be a trend, until they played games with my passport and I realized I was on a kind of a list from something like The Mikado. I’ve spent time with friends for a total of about two months in eight years, maybe less. I have no friends close by in Europe but I do have some too far away to drive and visit.

I get mail from all over the world and probably piss people off when I forget to answer because the page rolls up and life has moved on and I didn’t mean it. I even get mail from a military attaché kind of a guy in Mongolia. I wish he would write again. I like hearing from him. I get mail from Patagonia, Iceland and by now I’ve gotten mail from everywhere except North Korea and Greenland, I think. My world is a planet inside my head that rotates in virtual space and includes close personal friends I may never see in this life (cue Bob Marley). I compare my life to that of an astronaut whose only social life takes place over satellite communications.

I was looking at a page in the neo-Pharisee media last night and I saw some photos of people arriving at The Grammys. All of them were from reality TV shows, with names like The Fashion Police, The Jersey Shore and Laparoscopic Butt World; no musical artists, just reality TV people. Modern culture has a devastating technique that they use during the times they are not chanting ‘Hail Satan’. What it is, is they create a need and then fill it with a product. This leads to interesting speculations on my part during those times when I am not inundated with visitors or hanging out with close friends. I wonder what people did before they got cell phones.

Unreality moves in segments. This is important because by the time you get to where there is nothing real whatsoever, there is also no invisible means of support. It’s all material constructs that the divine leaves up to see how long it can remain standing. You’d be amazed at the amount of bets that go on around the divine, purely for entertainment of course.

We have been moved from one unreal station of being to another, in a gradual way, over the course of a number of years. In the process, massive portions of history have been rewritten to please the people who used the fiat/fractal currency scam to provide the funds to purchase all of the avenues through which information comes to you. The Devil is what happens to God when he gets involved in the material world. That’s what happens to you too. The Unreal burns just like anything else or they wouldn’t have lights in Las Vegas. Les Vegas.... Hmmmm.

Reality cannot be adjusted and neither can the truth. That is why they are what they are and everything else is not. Reality is a bad fart in an elevator, which is why it’s not too popular. And… because very few people have any real talent these days, unreality is necessary in order to produce the appearance that they mostly do. That’s what makes reality TV what it is and it’s all part of the grand dumbing down, pedestrianization and trivialization of existence.

It is an important feature of this world to trivialize humanity and make existence into a sick joke because it makes it much easier to kill large amounts of people and also because the whole point of manifest existence is a war for your souls. That’s one of the things they take bets on. The gods do gamble and there are odds, degrees of difficulty and all sorts of things. There are a number of tales concerning God and the Devil taking bets about the integrity of one or more people in a landscape of corruption and so forth and so on.

One of the biggest and best kept secrets is that we are gods sleeping and there is a whole side to existence that is deeply invested in keeping us sleeping and in a state of controlled dreaming. Then there’s another side that is involved in waking us up. This is the main reason for pissing on human dignity and human potential, while painting us as fucking and fighting meat puppets, strung out on crap, which the very appreciation of, stands as proof that we are hairless apes in polyester with no redeeming qualities. Everybody is waiting to go on stage, while few have put much thought and effort into what they will do once they get there.

One of the things that are going to manifest shortly is cannibalism. That’s one of the big demarcation points along the road to Shitville. It’s going to manifest out of desperation but it’s also going to morph into a hip thing to do. There are a few things that are evidence of how close to Shitville we might be. Another one of the things is the rape of innocence and the torture of children as a means of promotion through the ranks. Making life pointless is a protracted affair. It was already in motion before Jean Paul Sartre got his dick caught in his zipper because he was paying too much attention to Jean Genet’s ass. Had he been able to penetrate the matter, instead of toying with it as a philosophical masturbation, pregnancy might have ensued and Andy Warhol would have been born in France. I’ve linked this recently but it is such an important work that it needs to be mentioned again and... it is another sign of proximity to Shitville. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon is proof that not all of us are going to Shitville because we’ve already been there through the coming attractions.

In a better world, in a better time, heroes would be slaying dragons (metaphorically speaking) to lay at the feet of this splendid lady. (bankers will do) These, however, are not better times. These are the days of Reality TV. These are the days when we can watch someone who is tone deaf sing an aria to Taco Bell and scratch his ass while the critics parse the deeper meaning of it. These are the days when you are invited to watch the odious and execrable commercials from Super Bowl, after the fact and then vote on your favorite. You can download the whole package for future viewing. These are the days when an adult with arrested development can have eight kids at one time like a brood sow and get on TV …and where Michelle Bachmann is not pelted with vegetables and jailed for the crime of being who she is. She’s seriously thinking of running for president and other people are seriously thinking about supporting her.

These are the times when lies become truth the moment they are spoken and the providers are celebrated for their candor. It makes you very tired and saps your will and… that’s the point. I see it all around me. I feel its hands trying to pull me down and we have no strength to fight. We do have strength but the weariness is the point. Perhaps we do not have the strength but someone does and you can get a loan from his/her bank any time. Your following efforts are the repayment …and the interest on the loan is your interest.

All you have to do is pay attention to the authentic reality TV, which is broadcast in your head all day long and which you can fine tune into a visual, once you discover that concentration is the secret of the magical art. It’s not up to you and me to save the world. It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving. Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were. Our job is not to dazzle but to lead and that becomes both effective and possible when we know who we are following. All of a sudden this posting has come to an end but the inspiration for it will continue to echo in my head because of all that empty space; the result of throwing everything else away.

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Patrick Willis speaks one of the first pieces from the upcoming Sacred and Profane CD:

Mystic Musing

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How many of you actually looked up the word 'apneic'?

Last night’s radio show is now available for download.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Globoctopus Tightens its Grip

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The Egyptians are doing what is necessary to force change. The workers are striking. This is the key action necessary to bring down a government when you lack the guns and the media. No government can endure a protracted shutdown of the economy. It was through the economy and the currency that corporations and a certain criminal banking country took over control of so many governments in the first place. I believe it is a principal law of most countries that the government cannot be ruled by a foreign power. Trafficking with influence for gain is a form of treason. It is widespread now, throughout the western world and the reason the economies are crumbling, due to the activities of corporations and banks.

The predictable behavior of corporations is what led to the definition of fascism as being, ‘government under corporate control’. In America, the single biggest evidence that this is so, came about when the highest court in the land ruled that it was legal for corporations to buy the government. A decade earlier they were the last gasp fixer, for a stolen election. Nothing has been the same since and quality of life is in the toilet, except for the few who are living it up at the expense of the many. When an economy shuts down, by the will of the people who turn the wheels, everything comes to a halt.

Now, it seems that the Egyptian government is torturing the protesters in rather large numbers. This defines them as demons in the flesh. They are doing this at the behest of Israel and The United States, who had previously used Egypt in its extraordinary rendition program; just in case you want to know who the bad guys are in all of this, it’s not the Egyptians. It is their government acting under the requests or orders of a foreign power.

Just now, word is being given that Mubarak will step down and also that Suleiman will not replace him. So far, this is a beautiful blueprint for all nations presently laboring under dictators or corporate and banking fascism. What may surface is something else. My belief is that revolution is meant to sweep the planet and nothing intended by the ruling elite is going to work out the way they want it to. The time has come and they are all meant to fall but… the fact is that I don’t know. I don’t know.

Now Mubarak says he won’t step down but will transfer his power to a man, every bit as psychopathic and ruthless as himself. It all comes down to the army and what they will and will not do. Mid level commanders of the military are deserting to join the protesters and I have heard that some in the army have said they will train their guns on their commanders before they will train them on the people. Anything can happen at this point. The people are not going to back down, so that means some incidents must surely occur and they will be the indicators of what will follow. I suspect that any collision between forces, that results in any significant loss of life, will cause the army to stop and turn against the government.

What we are dealing with here, is nothing short than the transformation of the world as we know it. It is going to sweep the Arab world and from there it will sweep outward in all directions. In the meantime, Israel is trying to plug the leaks in the dike but has only so many fingers. Members of her illustrious nation are calling for a Tiananmen Square scenario to bring the Egyptians back into line with the will of a xenophobic, misanthropic little country in the Middle East. Nothing is going to stop the wave of change that is sweeping over the world and those who are seeking to restrain and resist it will be engulfed in the tsunami.

The ruling elite of psychopaths; bankers, corporate high rollers, aristocrats and political and religious whores are all in the crosshairs of history. The change is impacting from without and impacting upon the change within. The nature of each creature is crying out the shape and intent of the identity of its being, as the force of the cosmos lights upon it and illuminates it with the ray of revealing truth. We’re all going through the scanner and there’s no lying about what you are powerless to conceal.

All of what we are seeing at the moment is the exposure of those plotting to route and rule the world. They’ve had a game plan in action for a long time. Not long ago they ramped up the speed but, make no mistake, this has been in the works for awhile. They are ‘all in’ as the saying goes and there are no possibilities of action that are being overlooked. They are determined to keep the demon ship on course, for an empire of the few over the prison planet of the many. Of course, they intend to reduce the overall population by at least half or more.

They’ve got their big blueprint for world enslavement laid out on the boardroom table constructed of endangered wood, which is polished to a high gloss from resins made from human blood. You can’t imagine the thoughts that move through their heads, or the degree of treacheries dreaming, behind the half-shuttered reptilian eyes. Some of them know what they’re up against but most of them don’t. It’s being hidden from their sight, because the movie has to play out to the final scene. There it will remain as testimony for the coming age, against the return of these horrible fiends

Look upon the world at this time and marvel. You can see the plans hatch and fail in real time. You can see the wave, as it rises up from the plains and sweeps around the world into the hearts of every living thing, causing them to vibrate and cry out the truth concerning themselves. We are all in a state of continuing revelation. It is all coming out and it is all being uncovered. There has never been a better time than now, to be stalwart and possessed of a true heart. That will be uncovered too.

Overlooked, ignored or badly planned against, comes the shifting of the poles and the outrage of Mother Nature, whose patience has gone beyond her will to contain herself. Civilization is 180 degrees off course. Corrections must be made according to a mathematical imperative. The bowstring is overdrawn and repenting of the pull. The days of prophecy are upon us.

All of the external changes are being mirrored by internal counterparts. The grand dance has begun and everything we have known is in transformation. Meanwhile, in Sleepyville, the TV churns out its unending cycle of mind rot. This is also a part of the design of those bent on global enslavement. They not only want it all …and for you to have as little as can be arranged, they want you to suffer too. It makes them feel privileged and powerful. The plug is about to be pulled from the wall and some real entertainment is in store for when they immediately turn upon each other. We are going to see some very unscheduled programs inserting themselves into the airwaves, without commercial break.

My heart goes out to all of those caught up in the turmoil of these times. I am powerless to affect it and can only affect myself. It is my hope that all of us will focus on what we can do and be about it with a will. It’s just going to get stronger and swifter by the moment, until one stands aghast at the power and the speed of it. The masks are going to come off.

All of the public preening and jockeying for position has a point to it. We are seeing our oppressors at work on the stage. They are defining themselves to the nth degree. They are exposing themselves and even accelerating their bad behavior, as if they could somehow catch the wave that is destined to plow them under. It’s not going to happen but a great many other things are going to happen and where you wind up is going to have a lot to do with where you were headed all along. If you’re off course, you had better get on course, because the margins are unforgiving.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

The Fundie Flu and the Chosen People Too

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There’s been a certain amount of hubbub about that blank, black rectangle in Google Sky. It turns out that it was caused by a processing error in the image stitching program, used to display the Sloan survey images and that its now been fixed. Over the last several years, I’ve heard dozens of tales about anomalies in areas all over the map of human interest and concern. There’s the shifting of the magnetic poles. Various theories are coming out of this which also explains other phenomena.

I’m picking up a wide net of depression and incipient despair that has its roots in too much information, juxtaposed with too much change. People handle change differently. The smallest group embraces it for whatever their reasons may be. The larger group exercises some degree of denial concerning the meaning of change and whether it is even happening. They intensify their focus on the material end of things. They think as long as they can see familiar things that these will protect them from all the unfamiliar things that have started popping up.

This is one of the reasons that Fundie religion has become so widespread in recent times. It used to be that people were a little more easy going about the religious section of their lives; take the family to church and then it’s either football games or the golf course, where those favored by God, go to commune with what Nature is supposed to look like, once she understands the duties of a submissive bottom. Golf courses and cemeteries have a lot in common and I’ve long believed they should be combined in symbiotic interplay for the best of both worlds.

Fundie Flu is a direct result of God not behaving according to plan. When our version of the big guy in the sky stops favoring every excess we are engaged in, you have to put your attention on literal translations. You have to put your nose right up against the print in the book in order to dispel those disquieting peripheral intrusions, as well as all the bad behavior by those who explain the meaning of everything literal, to those who didn’t know what anything meant, until they were told by the people using it to control them.

The idea that religion is used to control the masses is not a new one. Before The Bible became the record of a people, who hijacked the histories of an earlier people, in order to set the stage for control of history, they knew all about this sort of thing. That is the reason they employed it. The currency value of the meaning of a ‘chosen people’ was understood. Once again, that is the reason they employed it.

Some guy named Jesus Christ is supposed to have shown up and then accused these ‘chosen people’ of being usurers and six kinds of attendant scoundrels to the disadvantage of everyone else in the neighborhood. The history manipulators noted the trend of this new religion and promptly rendered the main character into one of their own; despite mounting evidence that he was not one of their own.. You can read about this for days, if you want to. This allowed them to piggy back their chosen people scam into the following centuries, where they continued to behave as they always did.

Due to the force of The Apocalypse, uncovering so much of what has been hidden, altered and suppressed over the last age, those profiting from the herd factor of the opiate of the masses syndrome, have found it necessary to use a red highlighter to showcase all mention of Israel, as one of the cornerstones of manipulated prophecy, and to substitute the criminal banking syndicate, operating under that name, for the spiritual Israel mentioned in the much redacted, hammered, spindled folded and mutilated King Jimmy edition of The Official Manual for Crowd Control.

The chosen children of the horned adversary of the salt of the Earth, invaded this land and drove the actual people from the Bible into death, dismemberment and refugee status and have since been eliminating all record of their enduring presence, because it is their intention to supplant these people, as if they had always been these people and these people were never really even here or anywhere at any time ever and ‘we don’t need no stinking DNA’.

These people, if people they be, have been at this venture of historical revision and the suppression of damning evidence for a long, long time; despite being thrown out of every country in the world at least once for the same general reasons. This chronic repetition of bad behavior is now chalked up to an enduring victimization of the chosen issue of God by a series of unwelcoming and intolerant hosts. Despite commanding and owning a large portion of the slaving ships, they are painted as the courageous and tireless workers for civil rights in all the countries, where they caused the disparities in treatment in the first place. This is the reason for co-opting all of the civil rights organizations and every organization that deals with every new sexual predilection that comes along. This is also why they are in charge of defining art and controlling who succeeds in that area of endeavor. This, naturally, has led to controlling the majority of the media, entertainment and publishing empires of the world. All of this is proof positive that the truth is anti-Semitic, although they are not Semitic, in the main, but simply engaged in genociding and replacing the people who are. All of this was accomplished by controlling the flow of currency and charging interest for its use.

These facts are indisputable but have been hidden from the mind of the general population. Unfortunately, The Apocalypse is not permitting that to endure any longer and there is a mad scramble to contain a force of revelation that cannot be contained. These are the circumstances in which we find ourselves today. The spontaneous revolutions that are manifesting like an outbreak of acne in all the parts of the world, where they have previously ruled, from behind the scenes with an iron hand, are all evidence of the force of The Apocalypse and it will not be denied.

All of this makes for dicey possibilities in the near future, as the turning of the cosmic wheels gets ever more deeply engaged in the sorting out that is necessary for the entrance of a new age. Given the predispositions of these people, if people they be, and the bread and butter mindset of those serving them, we’re looking at all sorts of potential for mayhem and madness. Jesus’ own Michelin Tire Man, the redoubtable John Hagee, is only one of the corollary priests of disinformation who are busier than African killer bees at the moment.

If it were up to us to solve and settle the hash of this planets enduring criminal class, presently being headed up by The Rothschild banking empire, we might have cause for despair. Unlike ourselves, they possess no restraints of conscience and are deeply imbedded in the woodwork of all of the institutions of the old world. They are the driving force behind all of the Draconian laws, gratuitous wars, phony terror concerns, economic failures and just about everything that makes living here, in this moment, such an unpleasant prospect. However, it is not up to us. The cosmic wheels have got the matter in hand and will prove inexorable in respect of the needs of the time. No pun intended but, ‘you can take that to the bank’.

The personal requirements of this period are to concern ourselves only with interior efforts to reach a higher understanding and leave the external details to the forces who know what needs to be done according to that higher math and ‘mysterious workings’ of which we know very little. It’s all happening right in front of your eyes and it’s all very much about redressing ancient wrongs that have been secured against this moment from the moment they first began to happen. Alpha and Omega are about to do the tango. It may take two but there is only one.

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Friday, February 04, 2011

John's Boner is a GOP Guidon, Flying at Half Mast

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The first thing I noticed about John Boner was that, despite being a traditionalist, as in traditional hypocrite and traditional sanctimonious, talking out of both sides of his mouth; “I am above all laws both moral and otherwise”, is his breaking from tradition. Generally Republicans are attracted to young boys or male prostitutes, seasoned with drugs, they’ve made illegal for the rest of us. Boner is actually, at least in this case(s) attracted to women, plural, or so we hear. Not only that, but the main pump is a lobbyist, so he gets to screw the country at the same time as he is screwing her. Don’t look for this to be reported in the main stream, neo-Pharisee media, because I couldn’t find it at MSNBC or Fox News. You’d think this would be a big deal.

The Israelis are famous for blackmailing members of congress, residents of the White House and anyone whose position can be milked to their advantage. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that they want to put Eric Cantor into the speaker’s position. Eric is the guy who said he puts Israel first, above the interests of his own country and that he would defend Israel against the United States. This is treason but treason is the status quo of our times.

Daily, the force of The Apocalypse is bringing the epidemic corruptions of political leaders to the attention of the greater world. This phenomenon is accelerating and impacting on the centers of evil around the world. The main centers would be Tel Aviv, London and Washington D.C. It’s going to get more and more outrageous, comical and ironic as it goes. All of these revelations about despicable behavior are for the purpose of bankrupting the policies and pretenses of the terminally corrupt.

This is the drawback to being a politician. The worst people apply for the job because of the opportunity to advance their self-interest and make important contacts. As a result, they bring all of their vicious and indifferent qualities with them. John brought his Boner. John’s Boner is his totem animal but he’s going to be low man on the scrotum pole for a good long while now. For most of his life he lusted after power so that he could exercise it and swell his self importance. Since he isn’t actually very important, in the same way women who rely entirely on their looks disappoint, after the trampoline act and possibly before and during, John’s idea of his importance is far greater than that of any bonafide important person, who contributes to the lives that he/she touches. Some give, most take, some give and take. John’s a taker.

So John spent his life pursuing power and position, only to go contrary to everything he preaches and becomes an object of ridicule to his enemies, an object of scorn to his public and an object of shame to his family. John’s Boner is a GOP standard. Politicians are always fucking somebody and thankfully, occasionally they fuck themselves. Well, or Israel fucks them, when they see an advantage they want to take. Israel knows about The Apocalypse. She knows that her true nature is going to be revealed along with her revisionist past in a big way. She wants to offset that by solidifying this schematic that I linked at Visible Origami the other day. It’s impressive, isn’t it? It’s also anti-Semitic to draw any conclusions based on it.

John’s Boner is living proof that Israel has no friends, only marks and tools that can be broken or misused any time there’s a need. John’s Boner is the majesty of John, rearing up over the trembling, violated landscape. John’s Boner goes before him, perfectly lined up with his out thrust chest, both chest and dick extended to comparative exactness. John’s Boner is the mascot of congress and they should put a little knit cap on it to humanize it. You’re not going to humanize John. John traded his humanity for a pole position a long time ago. John sold his soul so that his Boner could have diplomatic immunity, except that didn’t work out so well. Basically, John is in the way or unwilling to do something and whatever that is, it must be pretty severe if John doesn’t want to do it. So John gets the Eliot Spitzer treatment.

Now, John’s wife will have to stand up for him and show the world what a gallant lady she is and John’s daughters will have to hear all kinds of jokes about John’s Boner. If you watch the daughters closely, you will be able to see them wince, when unbidden images creep up on the mind screen. In John’s mind, his Boner has a mask and a cape. It’s a super Boner. There’s an interesting irony here. They say a stiff dick has no conscience. Interestingly, neither does John. John’s a power player. There’s no question but that there is a line of bodies back down the highway behind him. It’s the nature of the kind of person who gets to be Speaker of the House and invariably they are among the most corrupt, like Tip O’Neil and his sexual escapades in D.C. Nancy Pelosi and her able assistance on behalf of her husband’s fortune, when she was in a position to do something. Tom Delay is the archetype and John and his Boner possess some number of the qualities possessed by them all.

Well, John can always comfort himself with the fact that he’s not Larry Craig, with his ‘wide stance’. It’s truly said that “those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad”. That was coined by a madman but a legitimate philosopher none the less. He was no limp dicked poseur like Sartre or... the list is long.

If I decide to go down to the 7/11 that they don’t have over here and pick up a six pack of high school girls, no one would say a thing. I’m free to do as I please, because Love’s not love if you let societies rules steal the magic. Now, I’m far less likely to take advantage of my freedom than John’s Boner. I just like that it’s there and that I have the blessing of my consort and the universe should I want to drive a golden spike somewhere. Quite often, it is lacking that freedom that makes violating conventions unavoidable. I note that the freedom protects against the need for its expression. In the process of The Seven Ages of Man, one is supposed to come to ever new understandings about how certain forces work and how they can be applied. John’s Boner isn’t particularly interested in those aspects though. John’s Boner just wants to show John how powerful it is and that rank has its privileges. Then what went wrong John?

Just like they nailed that presidential candidate during the campaign, sooner or later some muckraking dirtbag is going to get you in the crosshairs and do an impression of the shit fly in “Meet the Feebles”. Do not watch this film with your children in the room. I told a friend about it but I guess he figured, How bad could it be? I always chuckle when I think of my friend Gerald, sitting there watching it with his 12 year old daughters as the general aura dawns on him. It wasn’t my fault. Don’t these very important persons know that they are being watched? Don’t they know about discretion and attendant cautions? Heck James Gannon was in and out of the White House hundreds of times and a whole lot of those times, he didn’t sign in or out and we still don’t absolutely know whose Boner or behind was getting celebrated with that. It never fails that people who set themselves up as pillars of rectitude turn out to have feet of clay. Those of us who know that sex is a part of life and who don’t let anyone make any rules for us, that we don’t plan to live by, do not run into these situations. We can be Jason Stratham in Crank 2 if we want to, but we don’t have to, because the pipes aren’t under that kind of pressure due to hypocrisy and repression.

I guess I feel a little sorry for John’s Boner, but at the same time, John’s Boner has no self awareness. I don’t feel sorry for John because I know that John is a nasty piece of work, with dark crimes against his soul that we don’t know about. Whatever happens to John that’s bad is good for the rest of us. It’s like when something bad happens to Neo-Pharisee land. That is generally good news for the rest of the world. John’s Boner isn’t the Lone Ranger, even if it does wear a mask. Congress is full of Boners and plots to bone; fevered imaginations that run the gamut from a pile of crystal meth and a sixteen year old boy to a VIP pass for the runaway shelter with a “Who’s your Daddy”?

I am so grateful for The Apocalypse and its relentless exposure of the fell deeds of the worst of us. It’s going to get increasingly more dramatic on the way to complete transformation. We’re on the doorstep of one of the greatest adventures of all time. Geez, it only comes around every 26,000 years! I imagine it’s going to be quite a bit more impressive than The Super Bowl and everyone’s a winner, if you want to be. As we take our leave of John’s Boner and reflect on all the boners and boneheads in Congress and wherever they gather, I think we can, for the most part, breathe a sigh of relief that we ain’t them and are not likely to be; all those sad, out of control, bloodstained clowns, dragging their asses in estrus toward wherever the money is sleeping, under the belly of the dragon/beast.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

"We are standing on an endless horizon
With our faces turned into the blazing sun
And we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find that the battle has been won"