Friday, February 11, 2011

Globoctopus Tightens its Grip

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The Egyptians are doing what is necessary to force change. The workers are striking. This is the key action necessary to bring down a government when you lack the guns and the media. No government can endure a protracted shutdown of the economy. It was through the economy and the currency that corporations and a certain criminal banking country took over control of so many governments in the first place. I believe it is a principal law of most countries that the government cannot be ruled by a foreign power. Trafficking with influence for gain is a form of treason. It is widespread now, throughout the western world and the reason the economies are crumbling, due to the activities of corporations and banks.

The predictable behavior of corporations is what led to the definition of fascism as being, ‘government under corporate control’. In America, the single biggest evidence that this is so, came about when the highest court in the land ruled that it was legal for corporations to buy the government. A decade earlier they were the last gasp fixer, for a stolen election. Nothing has been the same since and quality of life is in the toilet, except for the few who are living it up at the expense of the many. When an economy shuts down, by the will of the people who turn the wheels, everything comes to a halt.

Now, it seems that the Egyptian government is torturing the protesters in rather large numbers. This defines them as demons in the flesh. They are doing this at the behest of Israel and The United States, who had previously used Egypt in its extraordinary rendition program; just in case you want to know who the bad guys are in all of this, it’s not the Egyptians. It is their government acting under the requests or orders of a foreign power.

Just now, word is being given that Mubarak will step down and also that Suleiman will not replace him. So far, this is a beautiful blueprint for all nations presently laboring under dictators or corporate and banking fascism. What may surface is something else. My belief is that revolution is meant to sweep the planet and nothing intended by the ruling elite is going to work out the way they want it to. The time has come and they are all meant to fall but… the fact is that I don’t know. I don’t know.

Now Mubarak says he won’t step down but will transfer his power to a man, every bit as psychopathic and ruthless as himself. It all comes down to the army and what they will and will not do. Mid level commanders of the military are deserting to join the protesters and I have heard that some in the army have said they will train their guns on their commanders before they will train them on the people. Anything can happen at this point. The people are not going to back down, so that means some incidents must surely occur and they will be the indicators of what will follow. I suspect that any collision between forces, that results in any significant loss of life, will cause the army to stop and turn against the government.

What we are dealing with here, is nothing short than the transformation of the world as we know it. It is going to sweep the Arab world and from there it will sweep outward in all directions. In the meantime, Israel is trying to plug the leaks in the dike but has only so many fingers. Members of her illustrious nation are calling for a Tiananmen Square scenario to bring the Egyptians back into line with the will of a xenophobic, misanthropic little country in the Middle East. Nothing is going to stop the wave of change that is sweeping over the world and those who are seeking to restrain and resist it will be engulfed in the tsunami.

The ruling elite of psychopaths; bankers, corporate high rollers, aristocrats and political and religious whores are all in the crosshairs of history. The change is impacting from without and impacting upon the change within. The nature of each creature is crying out the shape and intent of the identity of its being, as the force of the cosmos lights upon it and illuminates it with the ray of revealing truth. We’re all going through the scanner and there’s no lying about what you are powerless to conceal.

All of what we are seeing at the moment is the exposure of those plotting to route and rule the world. They’ve had a game plan in action for a long time. Not long ago they ramped up the speed but, make no mistake, this has been in the works for awhile. They are ‘all in’ as the saying goes and there are no possibilities of action that are being overlooked. They are determined to keep the demon ship on course, for an empire of the few over the prison planet of the many. Of course, they intend to reduce the overall population by at least half or more.

They’ve got their big blueprint for world enslavement laid out on the boardroom table constructed of endangered wood, which is polished to a high gloss from resins made from human blood. You can’t imagine the thoughts that move through their heads, or the degree of treacheries dreaming, behind the half-shuttered reptilian eyes. Some of them know what they’re up against but most of them don’t. It’s being hidden from their sight, because the movie has to play out to the final scene. There it will remain as testimony for the coming age, against the return of these horrible fiends

Look upon the world at this time and marvel. You can see the plans hatch and fail in real time. You can see the wave, as it rises up from the plains and sweeps around the world into the hearts of every living thing, causing them to vibrate and cry out the truth concerning themselves. We are all in a state of continuing revelation. It is all coming out and it is all being uncovered. There has never been a better time than now, to be stalwart and possessed of a true heart. That will be uncovered too.

Overlooked, ignored or badly planned against, comes the shifting of the poles and the outrage of Mother Nature, whose patience has gone beyond her will to contain herself. Civilization is 180 degrees off course. Corrections must be made according to a mathematical imperative. The bowstring is overdrawn and repenting of the pull. The days of prophecy are upon us.

All of the external changes are being mirrored by internal counterparts. The grand dance has begun and everything we have known is in transformation. Meanwhile, in Sleepyville, the TV churns out its unending cycle of mind rot. This is also a part of the design of those bent on global enslavement. They not only want it all …and for you to have as little as can be arranged, they want you to suffer too. It makes them feel privileged and powerful. The plug is about to be pulled from the wall and some real entertainment is in store for when they immediately turn upon each other. We are going to see some very unscheduled programs inserting themselves into the airwaves, without commercial break.

My heart goes out to all of those caught up in the turmoil of these times. I am powerless to affect it and can only affect myself. It is my hope that all of us will focus on what we can do and be about it with a will. It’s just going to get stronger and swifter by the moment, until one stands aghast at the power and the speed of it. The masks are going to come off.

All of the public preening and jockeying for position has a point to it. We are seeing our oppressors at work on the stage. They are defining themselves to the nth degree. They are exposing themselves and even accelerating their bad behavior, as if they could somehow catch the wave that is destined to plow them under. It’s not going to happen but a great many other things are going to happen and where you wind up is going to have a lot to do with where you were headed all along. If you’re off course, you had better get on course, because the margins are unforgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Good day Sir.

I look back over the past 17 days of relatively peaceful protests of people in Egypt, and I look at the disinformation carried yesterday intentionally or unintentionally on Al Jazeera TV and I can't help but fear the people of Egypt were deliberately set up to riot.

By repeatedly promising the democracy protesters that the government was going to "meet the demonstrators requests" and then five minutes before Hosni Mubarak's speech on state TV saying the president will not be stepping down - that he will only delegate some of his authority to his vice president.

In other words; same old, same old.

The globalists want a riot in Egypt so they can show what happens to any and all who resist the evolving new world order.

Egypt is a "test" to see what happens to a 'peaceful' revolt if it is allowed to run it's course.

The Egyptian regime is the cat and the Egyptian people are the mouse. The people are deliberately being played with.

We will see if the government caves to industrial strikes in Egypt. I'm not so sure it's in their game plan.

Wet and cold<


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Do you expect me to adhere to a neoconservative orginized protest with no political vision. Comparable to calls from democracy in South America where the culture is incapable of applying liberty. Pretending ceremonial ballot casting and commie defiance against the owners of industry? Let authoritarian cultures have their dictators.

Dog poet transmitting...

Anonymous said...

Les --

The Egyptians are clearly hip to the gambit being played to get them to violently erupt. Within one hour after that ghoul got done spitting in their faces once again, instead of the pre-scripted cars being set on fire, etc etc. --they were digging latrines and playing guitars...

This morning the whole square knelt down and prayed... No booga booga for the ghouls to prey upon..

Now if they unload on them there is no question -- if there ever was -- who the real bad guys are, although Izzie & Americrazy are so far getting off light -- which also works in the Egyptians favor as there are no "Kill America -- Kill Israel" signs to wave in the face of the gullible viewing audience.

Looks like this leaderless revolt is following its heart to the center of truth and no false flags, or false "leaders" over there are going to fool anyone --


wv begas -- What happens when beggars take over Vegas

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I simply cannot believe what I’m reading here. Someone please tell me I’m just dreaming. You’re one of my favorite political sages on the internet so I plainly am unable to understand why you are saying “What we are dealing with here, is nothing short than the transformation of the world as we know it.”

Have you been smoking a different brand of wacky tobakkie or something?? What in the name of Sam Hill has you believing that this ‘revolution’ in Egypt is genuine (and not entirely orchestrated by outside forces, hint, hint, by ‘us’ as in the US of A and the US of I)?? Please don’t tell me that you too are also an agent of the ‘Empire’! Ha, h, now I don’t really believe that, you’re too genuine otherwise, especially in your music. You’re voice is an absolute give-away that you are sincere.

Look, it’s plain as day what is going on in Egypt. It’s a preparation for the Empire’s attack on Iran. Mubarak is seen as an obstacle to this operation, so he’s got to ‘go’. He must be somehow unwilling to fully go along with this imminent enterprise – the conquest of the Iranian oilfields and the Litani river in Lebanon and perhaps the Sinai peninsula as well. I’m guessing here. But most certainly it’s not the people of Egypt running ‘the show’, it’s us (anyone living in the western world).

Please do keep writing Les, and please find your way back (to your normal wisdom).

Kindest regards,
Ciao anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just as in Vietnam where the war ended when one large factor manifested itself.

Of course the protests helped immensely.

Public opinion helped.

Time helped.

But the one factor which eventually arose and made it stop was...

"Sir, no sir."

Visible said...

I've been very clear for some time that TPTB, knowing revolution is coming anyway, have determined to co-opt it by initiating it under controlled circumstances but THEY ARE NOT in control. I am unwilling to grant them any power except what is superficially apparent. The whole thing is coming down and I am tired of all the suicidal resignation that seems to be going around just like I am about the Jacobins screaming that all Masons are evil.

I not only believe in God, I KNOW God exists and is in total control. This should become more apparent as events escalate and time speeds up.

Erik said...

Hi All, here's an free e-book version of Les latest Origami post combined with Nina's magical Artwork to feast your eyes on, enjoy ...

The Love and how to Reach it

unanymous said...

Anonymous 6:41--

An attack on Iran is off the table. That moment has passed.

As les said, some of the stringpullers have grasped the significance of what's happening. They will, predictably of course, throw their less-aware fellow parasites under the bus when the moment is optimal for them to do so.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Les.

Love, Peace & Inner Enlightenment!

amarynth said...

Yes, we have the cat and the mouse and the backroom orchestration and the setups and the midnight dealings to decide how to share the spoils.

But we also have a force that is making these deals turn out differently than what we all have come to expect. Creator has sneaked in and is playing the role of the cat. The mouse? tptw ... The game is afoot and we do not know how or why Creator orchestrates the game.

But let us recognize the game. I think this time it is going to have a different end. We see a unity amongst the people that is unprecedented. I just hope that they do not all have to die for displaying this strength.

john said...

Mubarak gone according to Al Jazeera

Boulderdash said...

The Egyptian domino has fallen...

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigne.d Vice President Omar Suleiman said in a brief televised statement. His statement in full: "Hosni Mubarak has waived the office of presidency and told the army to run the affairs of the country. "

Boulderdash said...

Mubarak's resignation reminds me of this scene from V for Vendetta.


Anonymous said...


Can Americans get off there knees now?


Anonymous said...

I used to a be Masons Helper, funny term though, cause I did most of the work.

I carried bricks and mortar up and down a scaffold all day long. But in the end there was a beautiful fireplace there. I liked looking at them when they were done. Even though I was dog tired.

Some of the masons I worked for were certainly evil and some certainly weren't.

Recently I've learned I wasn't free and neither were they, so technically we couldn't be called Freemasons .

Pheww what a relief , I hear they are bad ? The free ones I mean.

Hey Les I've been trying out the "mic God" feature on my Bio Cell Phone and it's a heck of a cool feature. Best of all it's unlimited airtime ! Thanks for the tip ! I owe ya one.

I guess I can put away that 1200 + page manual I used to use with the old system. All the transmissions were garbled anyway no matter how many times I went through that manual. And those Tech support people , well I won't go into that.

Also today I'm donating my "How to Ride a Bicycle" book to charity. Turns out I didn't need it. I just knew how to. Go figure.

Regardless of who's behind the Egyptian thing I'm sure proud of those people. Makes us western folk look a little dainty don't ya think ?

Thanks for your blog Les

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

I can't see that this benefits TPTB. The best 'They' can hope for now is damage control.

But what has happened is Revelation Indeed

I feel more hope now that I have for a very long time.

"People have woken up, and found that they are strong"
as Tolkein didn't say.


kikz said...

from out of
the oldest civilization that has ever called to us
to acknowledge and claim our 'sovereign freewill'

no longer simply whispered in its books or temples
but in its people
the call is refracted and amplified
this song of sovereignty has reached the ears of the world and despots tremble

Anonymous said...

"I not only believe in God, I KNOW God exists and is in total control."

Bless you for your faith Les Visible.

Hosni Mubarak has indeed resigned.


wv: preproi
Preproi like hindsight is always 20/20.

Jody Paulson said...

Personally, I think both Anonymous 6:41 *and* Les are right, in that the CIA helped instigate the protest in the first place, hoping to get their guy Suleiman in charge, but the Egyptian protesters are reacting much differently than expected. They're too smart to go for Suleiman or start rioting. I think we're seeing some major blowback here, something none of the "social engineers" predicted ...

Anonymous said...

WOW, to think that 97% of Egyptians voted for Mubarak and now they have kicked him out. What finicky people those Egyptians.

Great post Les, your writing skills are unmatched. Obongo is giving a speech at 1:30 eastern. He doesn't write his speeches. You ever see video of him when the teleprompter conks out? He doesn't even know what he is saying. Wouldn't it be great if you could write that speech. Talk about a world changing event. Well that's ok, as you said things are going change anyhow.

Wonder what it is like on the streets of Tel Aviv? Maybe one of your trolls can give us a heads up.

Yep, there is nothing like fascism. It is really tough for most people to get their arms around. Kind of like telling them our foreign policy is controlled by an alien organization. They don't believe in ETs. If they only had eyes to see. I can't help thinking of those three buildings blown up on national TV. The pancake theory, tremendous heat, the Harley guy explained it to them.

GO EGYPT, Gerald Celente thinks we will get our turn. Can you imagine millions of guns on the streets. Make that tens of millions, we already have millions on the street. That is how we can get eleven cops shot in one day last month. Our polyglot makeup won't help matters any. I don't even want to think about it.

GO EGYPT. With the size of our people we could fill Tahrir square with half the bodies. Doubt we could hold out as long on short rations.


Anonymous said...

This day is ALL about Egyptians -- their courage, their endurance, their intelligence, their faith, their non-violence and also their martyrs. We can see their dignity, pride, joy and we have heard their voices all over the globe. They deserve this celebration and our total admiration. Viva Egypt!
M. Rocknest (Em)
wv - grate - Damn right this is great!

bholanath said...

Just watching the fireworks, the millions hugging each other, dancing, singing, beautiful smiling faces - I can't even express how proud I feel for those Egyptian real human beings, men, women, children, elders, religious, secular, businessmen, workers, peasants - OMFG!

Les, you are absolutely correct about the Wave beginning to course its way around the planet. You are also absolutely correct about the Forces, divine and Earthly, that are actually In Control. There is zero doubt that this is in fact what is the situation, despite the above comments by anonymous coward mental masturbators, convinced of their all-knowingness through intellectual analysis and belief in the illusory temporal "power" supposedly in the hands of the wetiko demons in their backrooms and apparent grips on 'reality' for thousands of years. These cowards' very ignorance of greater forces at work in this time is part of what keeps the demonic false 'reality' veils in place. Its sad that some imagine that folks like you and others with a broader view are 'delusional', but that's another element of the times.
This Wave will spread uncontrollably through the human collective, and the imposter freak-outs will be massive and obvious to all. Its just too bad that it will only reach UZA as the final act, and will take some more extended time of patience and perseverance.

This is the hour for the true human race to take back the planet.

Dammerung said...

Your commenters are morons, Les, you should have kept me instead. Of course the revolution in Egypt is genuine, it's not part of the plan. Never was. Apparently your folks think the devils have infinite power and subtlety, when really they're rather blockheaded aren't they? Regardless, this movement against the Archons can't be allowed to stagnate, it must start pushing against a new front immediately.

European American said...

Hmm, a thermonuclear warhead releasing its wrath in the streets of the city known as "Hill of Spring" juxtaposed to millions of arabs descending from all directions, charging with curved saif's pointed forward overhead, riding camels and horses like the scene in Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence and The Bedouins defied the odds and took Aqaba. Blood and guts and slow death.

When it comes to the fate of the Chosen Ones it would have to be the latter; a befitting script if one believes in Karma, IMHO.

LeoEight888 said...

Hi Les, Love and Peace IS prevailing - WE MUST NOTICE THIS PEOPLE. TPTB never counted on this. Their best laid out plan has BACKFIRED me thinks. Wow Les - you did say as much! The drawing board is working overtime at the mo! Wonder what their next attempt will be? Egypt got great assistance from the land of the flea, was the Egyptian military ALSO in their pockets? My gauge. If Gaza border is opened without restriction to Egypt - Egypt Military is clean. If Gaza border to Egypt is NOT opened without restriction, then the Egyptian military are still in the fleas pocket - we wait and see. LeoEight - RSA

laurel said...

".......The globalists want a riot in Egypt so they can show what happens to any and all who resist the evolving new world order.

Egypt is a "test" to see what happens to a 'peaceful' revolt if it is allowed to run it's course."...... are right. i wish you were not. my daughters and i were talking about this a couple days ago when the egypt thing started really boiling. we have been trying to find maybe any other answer, but i am afraid what you say is what is going on. this whole current world event is like a pot of bubbling gumbo, all heads and feet and tails bubbling up and around in the pot, no way to know which part belongs to which ingredient.

laurel said...

"......Look, it’s plain as day what is going on in Egypt. It’s a preparation for the Empire’s attack on Iran. Mubarak is seen as an obstacle to this operation, so he’s got to ‘go’....."

this would be fine, except mubarak IS ONE OF OURS. he is compliant and has his part memorized, and hasnt skipped a note yet. he is not in any way caught off guard. he is a stage actor. he is CIA. has been for his whole presidency.

Anonymous said...

Les, If I have ever read anything more beautiful, I just can't remember.
There it is there, in a nut shell.

Anonymous said...

wise old rainbow
feilds are green
heart's wonder
feather the seams
straight unstoppable
roar the sky
hum the earth
swift and high
like eagle charging
light in rolls
union resonate's
nature revolves
brush's rivers
flows the seas
spins the flowers
grows the trees


Anonymous said...

I would just like to be in Egypt right now singing and dancing.
Praise love and praise God and praise the power of the human spirit, no matter why this is happening, i just want to embrace myself in the joy of it.

Anonymous said...

'...government by corporate control...' sums it up quite well. Good article!!

Neko Kinoshita said...

Nose is still cold and wet Les,

Still watching, I feel it's only beginning. This still looks like a script, and it may be about to go improv.


Anonymous said...

mr visibles and mr kirwan respects, both never seem to tiar with their writings,out their every day battling away.sorry and mr rivero,mr icke,mr high,
mr stewart,sottnett team,mr james all the blog writers journalists community and aid workers indigenous peoples struggling to hold their cultures together,
well respects to everyone who
does their bit for a fair respectable world,

respects to you all...neil

Anonymous said...

Les --

Glenn Beck is making himself into a blithering idiot as we speak -- No more hiding behind the Tea Party -- He is doing the booga booga frothing at the mouth routine like there's no tomorrow --
Compared 10 million people celebrating their freedom to Bush's Mission Accomplished speech -- Saying there's no plan for transition -- Chaos is gonna reign --

Put a fork in him -- He's done -- I mean this seriously -- He is finished... Even an insane person couldn't swallow the swill he's selling -- Truly ugly and crazier than shit --

Anonymous said...

"I am tired of all the suicidal resignation that seems to be going around "

right on Les !!

I am in the tv news business and we must, simply must bend the meme in a positive fashion so that we - the people of peace - can prevail on this beautiful blue planet !
remember people - what is in the mind manifests itself !! (so keep that in mind -grin.)
we need, therefore to be active, be on the streets, blog, organize and keep the meme positive.
we can cast off the shackles of these lizard predators !
Peace to all, and God's love
Hail Egypt ! Hail the courage of the great Egyptian people ! May we all learn from them and follow their example ...

M. Rivero at WRH said...

The people of Egypt just freed themselves from a government controlled by Israel.

When will Americans have the courage to do the same?

siamsam said...

I wrote this some time ago, but I think it is more appropiate by the day. (sorry for repost Les :)

Wax work dummies
Talking heads
Paid for whores
Satan’s men

They spew their evil
On live TV
Vile and putrid for all to see

We pay their salaries
They steal lots more
Reviled by many
Despised by more

Their time will come
To pay account
With interest due
The pressure mounts

These empty shells
Who sold their souls
Must pay the price
The story goes

Their names are know
Throughout the land
When karma calls
They’ll stand - not grand

Pay heed to those
That join the fray
They seek what’s owed
But can you pay!

PS here in Siam people are starting to fight over limited food products. Cooking oil is actually limited to 1 liter per person at supermarkets and stores. Coconut milk has doubled in price. People I know that run restaurants have told me that they have to shop around many suppliers for basic food stuffs.(10 here 5 there etc.)

Kindest to all, and remember the old boy scouts' moto!

Steve De'ak said...

Up the Revolution!

I'm with you, Les...

I think this is their final gambit; TPTB appear to believe they've reached a stage in the plan where their actions can no longer be denied. 911 was more than a wake up call, it looks like it was a declaration of war...the gloves came off in 2001.

I'm also hopeful the Egyptians are savvy enough to redirect the CIA's latest color revolution to suit the needs of the people. The only way to play that game is by non-violent non-compliance.

Talk about Apocalypse! Imagine the symbolism of the Egyptian people sparking a true world-wide revolution of awareness by poking an Egyptian stick into the all seeing eye on the pyramid capstone.

Can't make this stuff up...hopefully we'll live to see the day.


DaveR said...

I'm afraid the co-opting has begun and slyly. Already the talking heads are saying that Egypt must form "political parties" and CNN was saying they must do this quickly so they can have their "democratic", "fair and open" election in "September". When did God command that elections have to be between "political parties" and occur in "September"?

The old divide and conquer. That's why Mubarak had such a quick change of heart. The boys in Langley just figure to let him get out because he can't stay, then use the "Giant Wurlitzer" to usher in the same backstabbing, two-timing "political party" system they manipulate so well here. Then they can go right back to buying politicians left and right and it's a game they already play anyway.

How about this instead. No political parties in Egypt. No geographical political subdivisions. Everyone running for national office runs in the WHOLE COUNTRY.

More next post....

DaveR said...


Selections from Heinlein's the Moon is a Harsh Mistress:

Heinlein gets into the idea of a new government being formed, and a constitutional convention being assembled to set it all down. This is where he really gets going!

“Government is a dangerous servant and a terrible master. You now have freedom -- if you can keep it. But do remember that you can lose this freedom more quickly to yourselves than to any other tyrant. Move slowly, be hesitant, puzzle out the consequences of every word. I would not be unhappy if this [constitutional] convention sat for ten years before reporting -- but I would be frightened if you took less than a year.

“Distrust the obvious, suspect the traditional... for in the past mankind has not done well when saddling itself with governments. For example... a proposal for setting up a commission to divide Luna into congressional districts and to reapportion them from time to time according to population.

“This is the traditional way; therefore it should be suspect, considered guilty until proved innocent. Perhaps you feel that this is the only way. Surely where a man lives is the least important thing about him. Constituencies might be formed by dividing people by occupation... or by age... or even alphabetically. Or they might not be divided, every member elected at large -- and do not object that this would make it impossible for any man not widely known to be elected; that might be the best possible thing.

“You might even consider installing the candidates who receive the least number of votes; unpopular men may be just the sort to save you from a new tyranny. Don’t reject the idea merely because it seems preposterous -- think about it! In past history popularly elected governments have been no better and sometimes far worse than overt tyrannies.

“But if representative government turns out to be your intention there still may be ways to achieve it better than the territorial district.”

“...Suppose instead of election a man were qualified for office by petition signed by...” a minimum number of citizens. He would then represent those citizens affirmatively, with no disgruntled minority, for what would have been a minority in a territorial constituency would all be free to start other petitions or join in them. All would be represented by men of their choice. Or a man with twice as many petitions might have twice as many votes.” The key is to “avoid the chronic sickness of representative government, the disgruntled minority which feels -- correctly! -- that it has been disenfranchised.”

DaveR said...


"Can you imagine what it would be like if all members of Congress could only vote on the basis of the percentage of voters who had voted for them in the last election? Those being elected with only 5% of the registered voters -- a typical occurrence in “off-year” elections -- would have very little power. In effect, all of Congress would likely have only twenty to thirty percent of the registered voters, and thus would not constitute a quorum! This has the effect that unless the people are interested in government doing something, then the government does not have the quorum to do anything! This is very appealing!]

“Whatever you do, do not let the past be a straightjacket!

“I note one proposal to make this Congress a two-house body. Excellent -- the more impediments to legislation the better. But, instead of following tradition, I suggest one house of legislators, another whose single duty is to repeal laws. Let the legislators pass laws only with a two-thirds majority... while the repealers are able to cancel any law through a mere one-third minority. Preposterous? Think about it. If a bill is so poor that it cannot command two-thirds of your consents, is it not likely that it would make a poor law? And if a law is disliked by as many as one-third is it not likely that you would be better off without it?” [There is also jury nullification as part of Trial by Jury in order to get rid of poor or bad laws.]

“But in writing your constitution let me invite attention to the wonderful virtue of the negative! Accentuate the negative! Let your document be studded with things the government is forever forbidden to do. No conscript armies... no interference however slight with freedom of press, or speech, or travel, or assembly, or of religion, or of instruction, or communication, or occupation... no involuntary taxation.”

“What I fear most are affirmative actions of sober and well-intentioned men, granting to government powers to do something that appears to need doing.”

As for how to pay for things without taxation: “I can think of several ways. Voluntary contributions just as churches support themselves... government-sponsored lotteries to which no one need subscribe... or perhaps your Congressmen should dig down into their own pouches and pay for whatever is needed; that would be one way to keep government down in size to its indispensable functions whatever they may be. If indeed there are any. I would be satisfied to have The Golden Rule be the only law; I see no need for any other, nor for any method of enforcing it. But if you really believe that your neighbors must have laws for their own good, why shouldn’t you pay for it? I beg you -- do not resort to compulsory taxation. There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”

“You have put your finger on the dilemma of all government -- and the reason I am an anarchist. The power to tax, once conceded, has no limits; it contains until it destroys. I was not joking when I told them to dig into their own pouches. It may not be possible to do away with government -- sometimes I think that government is an inescapable disease of human beings. But it may be possible to keep it small and starved and inoffensive -- and can you think of a better way than by requiring the governors themselves to pay the costs of their antisocial hobby?"

siamsam said...

Does it not say in 'revelations'(paraphrasing) that:

'Of the great military men, kings and politicians; their gold and super chariots and refuge under mountains will be to no avail'.

Thing that is obvious to see is the fact that most of the political class and banking lizards are blind to the reality of current events. It is 1 minute to midnight and the ball is about to end.

Any person that understands basic math will inform you that the last minute will be more eventful that the previous several hours.
Kindest to all

DaveR said... closing:

Before the party is over, the Egypians are being manipulated by insidious language. I wonder how many even now are thinking of how to break their unity into "political parties" because CNN says that "of course they must".

Sadly, now the really stealthy ones will creep in. The political campaigns run with money from where? Slogans, colorful signs for "US" and against "THEM". Maybe if it goes really well, by September they'll have had big party-like "conventions with ballons! Maybe they'll even call themselves Democrats and Republicans.

Just watch the language develop over the next few weeks. And don't even think about getting rid of the usury and the IMF.

I'm going to watch more CNN so I can see the Egyptians being led into what to think. I wish I knew a bunch of people over there so I could throw out the warning.

Anonymous said...

clap of wonder
hum of earth
rainbow high
rumble verse
sharpen spear
bolt inspire
rolling wind
shaking higher
nature bristle
brush the trees
climb the lifts
nature weaves
a mighty breeze
of union roll
swift precise
freedom blow


chuckyman said...

As a grumpy old fenian I’m as happy a pig in sh1te. By god they have earned it so far and may their efforts be sustained. Nothing comes for free.

Battle won, lets see how the war goes.

Richard Shropshire said...

Somehow you and all of your posters seem to think that is revolution in Cairo is going to be different from all the others since our own.
The same people who were disappointed by Lenin, Mao, Castro, etc., are going to be disappointed again when the Muslim Brotherhood takes charge.

Anonymous said...

collected intentional
national frustration
death cult elite
withering nations
enslave men to turmoil
and desecration of the ground
crashing equilibrium
worsening the sound
with vibrations of disharmony
dynamic disrespect
conditioned inconsistancy
by psychopathic elects
with projects of disfunctional
down the low below
manufactured hell
sold their hearts to cold


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was in Nordstroms on an errand today and everyone was giddily buying trinkets.

Meanwhile, 20% real unemployment and hungry illiterate people all around.

Something tells me this can't last.

Anonymous said...

WOW...that about sums up my thoughts exactly. Excellent job!

Other noticeable remnants of the decay include Congress members suddenly leaving the ship (Boxer, Kyl, among others) and the massive amount of insider selling that has been occurring for a year now.

They are "getting" when the getting is good...or so they think.

My motive for wanting to be involved? Payback!! They fucked with my life for no reason whatsoever and nearly destroyed it. So, I will do the same to their corrupt asses.

Stay tuned.

Jazzblogger said...

For years I have been arguing that Palestinians are at the forefront of the battle for humanity; alone, they faced Zionist evil. However, the time has changed, and it isn’t just Gaza or the West Bank anymore — Today it is Cairo and Amman, and tomorrow, as energy prices sore beyond affordability, it could well be any Western capital.

We are all Palestinians, because we share the same enemy. We are all tired of Zionist driven expansionist wars. We don’t want ‘Israeli officials’ to preach to us about Western interests. We don’t want to see our elected politicians dancing to the Jewish Lobby’s irritating tune. It is time to emancipate humanity from the Zionist grip.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet said...

"Suppose you had a country that invades other countries because they think they may be in some danger. This strong country just happens to be the biggest arms dealer in the world, the runner up not even close. This country has over 800 military bases...around the world and 0 foreign bases on its territory.

This is a rich country that got its start by slaughtering the inhabitants and taking control of the vast lands. This country tortures its prisoners, jails more citizens per capita than any other nation. This country will lock up those who cry for peace but honor those who lie, cheat and try to destroy all its freedoms.

This country makes millionaires out of scoundrels and liars and the press is bought and paid for. The leaders say that we must go to war but stay back in their air conditioned halls of government and watch as millions of poor people are murdered or injured beyond belief.

This country is not Germany of the 1930s or the U.S.S.R. of the 60s...this is the United States of America of 2011. My country! I did not serve in the US Navy for this!

The people of the United States approved the "State of the Union" address by Obama a few weeks ago by a margin of 92% to 8%(sic)...These are just words that have already been forgotten, what the hell is the this country?

Gitmo is still open, DOD is considering pushing the withdrawal dates back in Iraq, we are still killing women and children in Afghanistan and now Pakistan.

People are losing their homes at alarming rates, unemployment is at 9-26% depending on who you are and where you live. We are out of money in Oregon and will cut vital services to our schools and our most vulnerable citizens and say, "We just don't have the money."

The cost of our occupations and war for Portland is over 1.4 BILLION dollars, the cost for Oregon is over 9 BILLION dollars, yet not one politician has pointed this out during any budget discussions. We should have a counter in front of our City Hall telling people how much we are wasting supporting this corrupt empire; maybe people will begin to understand why we are going broke...

Peacemakers are being arrested or their files, computers and papers are being stolen by Obama's FBI and Portland is about to rejoin a taskforce that will be run by the FBI...

Demonstrations against the occupations have seen their numbers fall as the Obama Administration has done a number on the unions, national peace groups...

We only protest on Saturdays and we do beg the authorities for permission by requesting a permit---what a sad bunch of weenies we have become. We challenge no one, we pressure no one, we are losing our republic and all we are worried about is who got nominated for some award in the movie industry. We must do more--

92% approve of what Obama had to say indeed!
War is failure, occupation a disgrace!
An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, 'Henry, what are you doing in there?' Thoreau replied, 'Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?'"


William Freeman said...

The opening of the Gaza strip will be the litmus test for Egypt.
Let's hope they pass it.

"Overlooked, ignored or badly planned against, comes the shifting of the poles and the outrage of Mother Nature, whose patience has gone beyond her will to contain herself."

The shifting of the poles?



William Freeman

Anonymous said...

BBC et al. are reporting Fri. night that the psychopathic Mubarak family may have squirreled away $70billion in stolen money in various safe havens. About $850 bucks per capita egyptian looted? I wonder how much of this came from the American taxpayers? Of course the Mubarak klan are probably pikers to the amount of thievery that has gone on in that little sandbox in the mideast to Egypts northeast...
Wonder how many pairs of shoes Ms. Mubarak had in her run-into closet?
wv: andiesm

nina said...

Mubarak assets frozen ... the freezing of Mubarak’s assets is part of the efforts by the Swiss government to clean up the country’s image as a haven to hide ill-gotten wealth stolen by political leaders...

Your essay is beautiful, sincere, honest and genuine. I harbor a concern for the exchange of one tin pot African dictator for a military dictatorship which seemed to be the case suddenly at my most recent check. It feels like a window of opportunity may be closed as any leadership that does not by whatever means rearrange the system in a beneficial and obvious manner favoring the people will continue to exist, especially with food prices taking 80% of the people's budget.

If I was to plan how this world should operate, it would be the removal and destruction of the money noose collaring human beings. When you dive deeply into the ocean of other people's motivation, its very often the driving force behind all behaviors. That applies to every scale of the socio-experience, the individual or the masses. And you are right on the money Visible, when you say "its all sex." It would be wonderful if everyone on the planet understood their primary motivation came from Nature's endlessly repeating patterns. Humans are no different than birds with showy feathers strutting in the quest for biological successful partners.

long john said...

Bismi-Allāhi, raḥmāni, raḥīm

"In the name of Allah [God], the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful"

The Six Kalimas:

1. Kalimah Tayyibah

Lā ilāha ill-Allāhu

"There is nothing other than Allah [God], and only Allah [God] is Allah [God]."


2. Kalimah Shahaadat

Ašh-hadu an lā ilāha il-Allāh, wahdahu la sharikalahu

"I bear witness that none is worthy of worship but Allah [God], the One alone, without partner."


3. Kalimah Tamjeed

Subhān-Allāhi, wa-l-hamdu li-Allāhi, wa lā ilāha il-Allāhu, wa-Allāhu akbar, Wa lā hawla wa lā quwwata illā bi-Allāhi, wahiyul-azīm amin ya rabb il-Allah amin

"Glory be to Allah [God], and Praise to Allah [God], and there is none worthy of worship but Allah [God], and Allah [God] is the Greatest, and there is no might or power except with Allah [God], the Exalted, the Great One."


4. Kalimah Tawheed

La ilaha ill-Allahu wahdahu lā Sharīka lahu la-hul-mulku wa lahu'l-ḥamdu yuh-yi wa yumītu wa hu-wa ḥayyu-llā yamūtu abadan abada, zū-l-jalāli wa-l-ikrām, biyadihi-l-khayr, wa huwa ʿalā kulli shayʾin qadīr.

"There is none worthy of worship except Allah [God]. He is only One. There are no partners for Him. For Him is the Kingdom. And for Him alone is Praise. He gives life and causes death. And He is Alive. He is Eternal. Possessor of Majesty and Reverence. In His hand alone is the good. And He is on everything powerful."


5. Kalimah Astaghfar

Astaġfiru-llāha rabbī min kulli danbin adnabtuhu ʿamadan aw khaṭāʾan sirran aw ʿalāniyyatan wa atūbu ilayhi mina-ddanbi-lladī aʿlamu wa mina-ddnbi-lladī lā aʿlamu innaka anta ʿallāmu-l-ġuyūbi wa sattāru-l-ʿuyūbi wa ġaffāru-ddunūbi wa lā ḥawla wa lā quwwata illā bi-llāhi-l-ʿaliyyi-l-ʿazīm.

"I seek forgiveness from Allah [God], my Lord, from every sin I committed knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or openly, and I turn towards Him from the sin that I know and from the sin that I do not know. Certainly You, You are the knower of the hidden things, and the Concealer of the mistakes, and the Forgiver of the sins. And there is no power and no strength except from Allah [God], the Most High, the Most Great."


6. Kalimah Radd Kufr

Allāh-umma innī aʿūḏu bika min an ushrika bika shayʾaw-wwa-anā aʿlamu bihi wa-staġfiruka limā lā aʿlamu bihi tubtu ʿanhu wa tabarra'tu mina-l-kufri wa-šh-šhirki wa-l-kidhbi wa-l-ġībati wa-l-bidʿati wa-nnamīmati wa-l-fawāhiši wa-l-buhtāni wa-l-maʿāṣī kullihā wa aslamtu wa aqūlu lā ilāha ill-Allāhu.

"O Allah [God]! I seek protection in You from that I should not join any partner with You and I have knowledge of it. I seek Your forgiveness from that which I do not know. I repent from ignorance, and I reject disbelief [kufr], and joining partners with You [shirk], and of falsehood and slandering [gheebat], and innovation in religion [bid'at], and tell-tales [nameemat], and bad evil deeds [fawahish], and the blame and the disobedience of all of them. I submit to Your will and I believe and I declare: There is none worthy of worship except Allah."

est said...

i think the lesson here
is it can be done

violence is over
the people said so

the tanks didn't fire
they turned away

this is the morning
of a truly new day

Anonymous said...

Back in the 90s TBTB made it so corporations legally have "personhood" and therefore all of the rights of a person. Just part of the who FUBARed "evil plan".

I'm stickin' with Love Rules.

Thanks, Les, for this latest.

With love, MV

kikz said...

speaking of the globoctopus... deep reading frm foreign policy journal...

hopefully there will be subversion of the globalists' agenda by the people of egypt.

they can use this transition to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I'm not feeling the celebrating mood like so many of my cage-mates. Celebrate today, mourn tomorrow. Party all night. Sleep all day.

It' ain't over till it's over. And, it seems, when it all goes good, it will be that I have changed, not the world... not Egypt.

The world spins and spins. It all goes around then it comes around, only to go around again. Today the sun rises... tonight it sets.

Egypt... a metaphor for the world. Has it changed? No... it seems to be Egypt still. What will be tomorrow? Look to yesterday and the day after.

With all that drinking, I am expecting a big hangover. And, methinks, there will be a lot of pissing in the alley before morning.


Anonymous said...

All the world's a stage...

Let the show begin...

The show must go on...

Is this the begining of the end?
Hope so.

this post is fuckin awsome!!!

Walking Hawk

wv. nogre (what you got when you get rid of the ogre)

TheSparkle said...

900 Trillion, not just 70 Billion $$

Mubarak-linked assets......

Anonymous said...


I like your stuff, but where in the world did you get the idea that Krishna and Christ were the same personage? Look back through the Hindu texts you have already mentioned.

The Sanskrit word kṛṣṇa is primarily an adjective meaning "black", "dark" or "dark-blue".,[1] sometimes it is also translated as "all attractive".[7] It is cognate with Slavic čьrnъ "black". As a feminine noun, kṛṣṇā is used in the meaning "night, blackness, darkness" in the Rigveda, and as a demon or spirit of darkness in RV 4.16.13. As a proper noun, Kṛṣṇa occurs in RV 8.85.3 as the name of a poet. In the Lalitavistara Sutra, Krishna is the chief of the black demons, the enemies of the Buddha.[8] As a name of Vishnu, Krishna listed as the 57th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama. Based on his name, Krishna is often depicted in murtis as black or blue-skinned.

Visible said...

It's very clearly stated in the sacred texts that there is only one god and that all personifications and all demi-gods are projections of the one. Therefore, without putting too much of an intellectual spin on it or bowing to the conventions that breed all the wars and dissensions, all personifications of God are expressions of the one.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World.

European American said...

@ M. Rivero at WRH said...
The people of Egypt just freed themselves from a government controlled by Israel.
When will Americans have the courage to do the same?

They just "freed" themselves? What could possibly lead you to such an absurd conclusion?

Sorry to disappoint you or anyone else here who considers that the case, but no people on the planet are presently in any close proximity to the that picture postcard world called Freedom (except maybe a select number who remain to be unseen)

Our descent into the depths of Hell is far from over before we can even give any thought to the arduous task of climbing out. We have yet to reach the pain threshold necessary for we humans to "get the picture". This is nothing, man, we're still in the lobby, the waiting room. The wake up call for the masses will only just begin to take place when we can no longer endure the stench of our own vile, putrid, toxic life-styles, especially in America.

It may have appeared that the Egyptians made a great leap towards Heaven, but they're still firmly rooted in the bowels of Hell, as well as everyone else.

It's going to take years, for the vast majority of humans, who aren't buried or burned in the upcoming great die off, to grasp the true meaning of freedom. In the meantime, FYI, when Saturn and Rahu enter into Libra January 2013 and Conjunct September 16 2013 it not going to be a pretty picture. Especially if one lives in Israel or that region. (Of course that depends on ones point of view)

January 2013 to July 2014. Catastrophic turbulence enveloping the entire planet. "Wind, wind and more wind, scattering (nuclear?) atoms into all parts of the Universe."

Did someone say "2012"? That'll just be the primer.

IMO this will be the most exciting time in human history to BE alive. Best show in town.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

There's no Easy Way around the Stones in Your Path.



Joseph Brenner

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