Thursday, July 27, 2017

Slicker and Quicker than any Metaphorical Liquor at The Chimera Cafe.

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They're coming out of the woodwork with power and force and a whole lot of subtlety. They closed down one Dark Web market, then they closed another and before they did that they took over the logical next location that the vendors and buyer were most likely to migrate to and then they ran the show as buyers and seller went about their business. I picked the right time to stop sniffing glue.

Something about the Fentanyl epidemic smells bad. I had some of the patches once and recently I had a bad experience, health wise and the doctor slapped one of the 3 day patches on my arm. I tore it off after I left the clinic. I really don't like that stuff. I had revelation concerning it about five years ago. It struck me as a 'prepare for death' easement chemical. I think this Fentanyl crisis is like the CIA engineered crack plague in South Central LA back in the day. Of course the black ops side of government is involved at some level in the proliferation. Someone once said something to the effect that, “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

They really don't want people to get high on anything, which is obvious, given how they fight tooth and nail about marijuana. In part it's the liquor and tobacco industry lobbies. In part it is that when people get high; not stoned stupid or wasted, but high, they see through things and become a problem for the Slave Master Overlords. It's the same thing with crypto currencies and vaping. It's the same thing with holding a valid opinion on cultural memes being shoved down our throats. Control is what they are all about. Power is one of the ultimate highs. Didn't someone once say something about Power being the ultimate aphrodisiac? This is how it is. They are the most real, chronic and dangerous junkies ever to lurch and stumble up and down the sidewalks of life; nodding out on overdoses of blood, destruction and greed in various stalls in the corporate bathrooms.

And Oh My! are the going after Trump. I have never seen the like before and I think we can be pretty sure that come the fall the Deep State will pull one of their programmed, deranged assassins from the rotating automated dry cleaner hanger apparatus, where they are hanging on hooks in an environmentally controlled humidor-type room and they will send their Manchurian Candidate out to do his business. It could be a tranny in wolfs clothing. It could be a documented radical who hangs out at the Virginia gun shows. It could be anyone with the right labels sewn into their clothes and all the necessary evidence in their pockets and apartment, with diagrams and raving polemics written in small print on the walls of every room in their living space. They got plenty of them. Now that Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet you can be sure you will be able to order your own assassin and get free shipping if you have a Prime account. Ain't life grand?

Given that the American public has a problem making their way from Point A to Point C, it is an unfortunate truth that most of them do not look at who owns the media and then conclude that the Fake News Masters of the Universe are the ones going Gotterdammerung on Trumpledee and Trumpledumb. Maybe he's slicker and quicker than any metaphorical liquor and I don't see it. I'm guessing it's the White House Tweet's for Twits program that makes me think he's dumber than a bag of prophylactic socks, which we know would not be effective birth control tech., but that's how government works, especially when it is no longer a government but simply a business arm of Zio-Globoctopus Corp. As smart as these demons think they are there is a reason that military intelligence is an oxymoron.

There are some, literally 'ungodly' forces at work these days. We've got high ranking military officers coming out in support of transgender rights, as well as Republicans who don't want to lose their jobs, since Israel controls the purse strings and media perception of them and they are the ones behind this agenda, same as the migrant agenda and so much more. We're hearing ludicrous statements like, there are 15,000 transgender benders presently serving in the American military. WHY IS ALL THIS SEXUAL NONSENSE the primary obsession in all the corridors of power? It is because when you can mutate the general sexual mores of the public you can control the level of dysfunction necessary to manipulate it. It's something like 'grab them by the balls and the rest of the body will follow.' Sexual energy is the basic ubiquitous force that exists and expresses everywhere. Sexual force is the medium that when properly transformed and channeled leads to spiritual enlightenment. When you consider the archetypal bull that when harnessed pulls the plow that furrows the world and that it is an icon of sexual power translated into all the forms of industry and enterprise that exist, you can get an idea of what it means to force deviation upon the general public. By the way, everything is generated by the sun and the sun is generated by the spiritual sun and that is generated by the ineffable who powers everything under the sun. All force is borrowed force.

Let me be very clear about something. Guilt is the most powerful prison app for the control of humanity that exists on this planet. It is why alcohol is the drug of choice around the world and has been since whenever. People do things when they are drinking that they regret later on and the guilt that generates is a control panel for everything you see around you. It is the singular daily depravity that whips and drives the populations toward enslavement and it all takes place in the mind.

Yes, we have been talking about Sex and its applications on a regular basis around here and that is because, ONCE AGAIN, sex is the primal force. The various permutations of it account for everything that takes place here and most especially within the bandwidth of the senses that the majority of people believe are the actual parameters of existence which it is not. The sex force operates well outside of that bandwidth. It is what drives one into perdition and which also leads to liberation. It's what gets used by Lord Ganesh with the snare in one hand and the ax in the other. It is what confines us and what also sets us free. Once again I speak from personal experience and had not my sexual force, under the aegis of my master/teacher, led to my Kundalini awakening, it wouldn't have happened. I saw the results first hand. My getting dumped back into the cauldron of fire has nothing to do with it. That was simply rubbing my nose in certain things so that I would never forget the cost of them.

We are about to see lightning quick changes go down so fast it could well take your breath away. What I am hearing is that come the fall the economy is going to do just that. I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time but all of the trends that I observe in the day to day speak to this. It has something to do with the attempt that is going to be made on Trump's existence and a lot to do with banker mechanics toward that end. Savvy individuals will clearly see what this means for the value of crypto currencies. I must add into the general ingredients of this shit souffle, the possibilities of action from Lady Nature and especially the ineffable as he turns everything to the ends that his will has determined they shall go. Everything is under control and always will be. Do not let the chaos of the carnival be the determinant of your destiny. Sound and fury is as Shakespeare said, something that is signifying nothing.

I am no prophet, as T.S, Eliot once said in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock...

“But though I have wept and fasted, wept and prayed,
Though I have seen my head (grown slightly bald) brought in upon a platter,
I am no prophet — and here’s no great matter;
I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,
And in short, I was afraid.”

Well... I'm not afraid and you shouldn't be either; rely on the ineffable. Take the reins! Everything is under control. Think on this... if... and physicists have already presented this as a mathematical fact, the universe is created by and composed of the ineffable and everything is made by him and without him nothing is made and he permeates every particle of existence with his consciousness and he rules it absolutely then... the only problem is us. Our faith falls short of what is necessary to be made immune to appearances. We shudder and shake at apparitions. We tremble at the invisible presence of ghosts. We let chimera dictate our movements and lack of movement. Here is one of the definitions of chimera, “a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy.” Uh huh.

The things is that it is routine that makes us routine victims. We have made certain things so familiar that we do not question them. Our subconsciousness is programmed and one really needs to study what the subconscious is and what it does. The dark side knows all about it and has an army at work on the collective and individual unconscious. Meanwhile the dark side works for the light. It has no choice. So... though on one hand it looks like we are up against one force on one side and deaf Heaven on the other. It's really only a performance stage with two masks above the door. One is smiling and one is sad. That is the dual persona of life, going from one to the other, as satisfaction comes in through one door and disappointment enters through the other. There is a place where one does not have to live in the hope of the one and the fear of the other. One can transcend duality by making themselves whole, or rather permitting it to be done by... wait for it (drum roll)... relying on the ineffable.

Rely on the ineffable.

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Last week's radio transmission is now belatedly there to be seen. I keep forgetting for some reason but not today.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Rockabye Baby in Woo Woo Land with the Monsters of the Deep.

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I feel that this posting is bound to upset some people but I feel it is absolutely necessary to write it. Subsequently I wish to apologize ahead of time for offending anyone. I don't offend just to offend. There's no upside to that. At the same time I know of no one from Jesus Christ to Paracelsus to Guru Bawa who hasn't pissed people off and I witnessed the latter more than once and he was a saint, which I was able to see first hand and anyone else can confirm this by simply speaking to those who were there and that includes a good number of people, some of whom I am still in touch with. That said, it is a fantasy on the part of many to think that so many really good people are not seen as they are or were; people who can create or be engaged in conflict with others. Where they differ is in how they handle it. I have recommended here for a very long time that the reader should study the lives of memorable people and perhaps read some biographies; legitimate biographies ...and certain pictures of them might flesh out in a more comprehensive way.

Since the inception of New Age influences on the consciousness of so many of us, many ridiculous fables have come to be accepted as the truth. I would wager that the vast majority of everyone writing in this particular field at this time is either woefully misinformed or full of shit, if not agenda driven in a specifically pernicious way. I read enough of what they have to say to form an opinion and I know, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but still, given what I've seen and encountered and by comparison with the works of ancients and illuminated mystics and yogis I am going with the latter. My assessment of these modern writers is that they are all about the money and their personal importance. I'm sure there are exceptions but none come to mind at the moment.

History is being rewritten these days and that includes basic truths that have endured since before the beginning of the last age and even before that. This is what I see. I see it every day. I move through this world and not a day goes by when I do not marvel at the degree of human stupidity and the lack of curiosity in important things. It is as if being curious about the right things will endanger their pursuit of what they want and believe me, what they want is so important to them that you don't want to get in their way if you can help it.

I've heard a ton of Loony Tunes tales over recent times. One of them I want to address with caveats. A lady came by to say that Professional Football is entirely fixed. First off, I doubt she ever watched much of it but it is something that got into her head and not only that, it upsets her to the point that she feels compelled to get vocal about it. I don't know why it is even that important to her but it is. To back up her position she sends me to a webpage which was an opinion piece with no factual data at all. What was both interesting and amusing were the comments that followed the article, all of them were opinion and boy were they outrageous. They cracked me up. I admit, I watch football and the World Series and the basketball finals. I don't watch sports every day. Those are pretty rare occasions. Still, I don't like to pass myself off as some dude in a white sheet who has forgotten his name and maybe you should toss roses in my path when I walk by. In many ways I'm a regular guy, someone you can have a beer with and talk about most anything. I'm also a pretty amusing fellow. I used to do stand up comedy and one might say I still do but in real life. That said, I am also not a regular guy. There are things about me that are not normal (according to what passes for normal these days) and I can't do anything about that and I don't want to either. I really do have invisible friends and any number of visitors can attest to that and events that have occurred in my life can be explained no other way. The result of this is that I get told certain things and I have come to trust the sources of the information but... I digress.

I do not doubt that there are members of professional football who get compromised and do the wrong thing because of pressures exerted on them. I am not a stupid person and I have damn good observational skills. I can tell you that football, like baseball and basketball, overall are not fixed. Basketball would be the easiest to fix. I can't prove that professional sports are not fixed but others cannot prove it is. I'm well aware of the black sox scandal and any number of college incidents and if any sports can be altered they are much more likely to be at the college level. I played sports all my life. I was traveling around with a pickup baseball team in Virginia in my late 30's playing black teams in the area. I've been an athlete my entire life. I still am in a limited fashion. I know something about competitive fire. I believe the truly great among us are immune to compromise. I doubt Jim Brown would do something like that. A man's reputation is a sacred thing. Sure, these days probably there are fewer of us that think that way but some of us are still around and when you put your body on the line and risk life changing injury and all that blood sweat and tears they leave on that field and all the pain they take into the locker room with them? I've played these games and suffered all of that and I played to win, period. Sure, I wasn't at the level that anyone offered me money to throw a game but somehow I know where a large number of these guys are at.

9/11 is one of the most tightly wrapped events I know of and a hell of a lot more important than professional sports yet we have an enormous body of evidence these days on what really happened. There is more we don't know but we still know a lot. I am unaware of a single athlete who has come forward to expose professional sports. How is that possible if the sports are fixed? I'm not saying incidents haven't happened. They probably have but overall, no way and I'm not going to go into the multitude of reasons for this. Maybe it is childish of me to watch football games but I love to see the best in the business go up against each other. I love the strategy because I took the trouble to learn it. It's my little departure into entertainment and I am not so realized now as to be above it all. I'm a human being and that's all I can say about the matter.

Now lets address another fantasy going around and that is the tendency on the part of a large slew of Internet numbskulls who think everyone is a member of some secret organization. People have been accusing me for some while of being a Mason. I am not a Mason. I am a member of a brotherhood. I do not know the name of it and except on rare occasions have I met another member and they've told me nothing that identifies anything. For some reason it is supposed to be that way. I am supposed to be in the dark. Every famous person who has walked on this planet is NOT a member of some nasty secret organization. Some of the bullshit I hear blows my mind and people actually believe it. They have no information. They have no facts but it is fascinating for them to live in 'Woo Woo Land'. That is the most dangerous thing they can do because as soon as you venture into the world of making unproven illusions a part of your mindset concerning what is real and what is not, you become vulnerable to lie after lie and soon you are buried in them. These are dangerous times and that is why I encourage the reader to rely on the ineffable. You can't make it on your own. You might think you can but you can't. The dark one is moving among us all the time now as the harvesting is in process. The agents of the dark one are all over and I speak not of just the conscious agents but the unconscious agents that make up the large majority of agents.

When you are in the hands of the ineffable you don't have to worry about your own shortcomings or watching your back, that's taken care of. This might seem preposterous to most. Isn't that a little precarious? Isn't it dangerous to put your faith in something you can't see? Common sense says. “pay attention”. I never said, “Don't pay attention.” What I know is what I can tell by personal experience. More times than I can count, I have been reckless and stupid. I have put myself in harm's way for ignorant reasons and for noble causes and in every case, the hand of the ineffable magically appeared in one form or another. I've done things to myself over protracted periods of time that with anyone else might have left them dead or permanently disabled and certainly with specific health concerns that do not exist and there is no logical explanation for this. I know I am protected. It's been proven time and time again.

I flat out denied the holocaust, in the one country where that is most likely to result in serious consequences, for 15 years and I was told I would be fine all the way through and I was. It did cause my divorce and exit from the country but that is another thing and just life. Rely on the ineffable. I'm not saying every situation will work out in similar fashion or that anyone might not have to suffer to a real degree to get to the necessary place where certain features kick in. Before one can pass beyond the reach of fear, fear is something that has to be understood and experienced before it can be dismissed. All kinds of hoops have to be jumped through before the hoops stop appearing. Until the ineffable knows someone is serious, the ineffable doesn't get serious and if someone gives the impression to the ineffable that they are serious and they are not, the ineffable will make sure that person understands the meaning of it. It sounds like a double bind doesn't it? What it is is that there is no easy way.

I'll close with this poem from Stephen Crane;

The wayfarer,
Perceiving the pathway to truth,
Was struck with astonishment.
It was thickly grown with weeds.
"Ha," he said,
"I see that none has passed here
In a long time."
Later he saw that each weed
Was a singular knife.
"Well," he mumbled at last,
"Doubtless there are other roads

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Friday, July 21, 2017

These Times are Shit Brushed with Rainbows in the Ghost Light of a Neon Nightmare.

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I've been in a kind of isolated and confused state; not isolated from what I care about and not confused about anything that has any lasting meaning to me, just isolated from the world around me and confused at what I see taking place. As is usually the case in my life, I get leadings that I may not recognize as such until I've taken the necessary steps and am involved in what I got led into and the reason for it surfaces. Sometimes I think that I came up with something on my own, or there was some kind of accidental serendipity that came to pass when I know there are no accidents but the mind is a funny thing and it serves a dual purpose so long as we are divided against ourselves for whatever the reason may be and sometimes the reason is divinely scripted for the results that are yet to come to pass so... sometimes we are limited and in situations we would not have put ourselves in because we didn't put ourselves in that situation. We got put in that situation because of what is meant to come out of it and because we will always be limited by comparison with what is leading us... depending on what is leading us. If it is the ineffable then... yeah. If it is not then we are in trouble sooner or later.

So... I've been watching the world go by and seeing the level of ignorance and depravity, sycophancy, celebrity worship... bad movies, bad music, so many features of the present manifest world that have degenerated to such a degree that I am stunned and amazed that it is still holding together Stage 4 of course but the sense of limbo has gone on for so long now, I had no idea that the fall could go on and on and on like it has and simply hover over the abyss as if it were waiting for some command to drop out of sight... Right... of course.

That leading led me to Manly Palmer Hall's “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” I've read portions over the years but never read the book comprehensively. It's a big book and it is extremely dense. I picked it and opened it to around Page 173 and a lot of it comprised some of the denser portions of the book but I just kept on reading and got to Page 205 (was it 205?) and the chapter on Pythagoras and his theories on Music and Color. The profundity of Pythagoras never dawned on me before. I knew about him but he was labeled and filed in my mind with 'the music of the spheres'. I hadn't known what a giant he was in the minds of all the deep thinkers who came after. I hadn't known so many details and incidents in his teachings and his life.

I learned that the music and movies of the times are no accident and I learned how deeply the state and composition of the music of the times affects the minds and behavior of the people who occupy it. I learned that architecture is crystallized music as Goethe once said. I see the world formed out of the affecting elements of the culture. I can see this so clearly now and not being able to see it is what was responsible for isolating and confusing me. I'm still isolated by choice but I am no longer confused. The amusing thing is that I already knew these things but not from a workable perspective. I knew them but yet I did not.

So many truths and perspectives flowed into my mind out of the images that were born out of this leading. What I learned about the ancient cultures in just a few days is astounding to me. We are really in a dark age and that might come across as depressing but I suspect it is not. It is in times of darkness that the light appears and that is what I thirst after more than anything else. It is horribly depressing for those who are so caught up in the thralls of the Satanic press for dominance but there is yet the possibility of light for all who will avail themselves of it.

I hesitate to attempt to write about what Pythagoras and his imitators and interpreters have said. The beauty and complexity of it is so great that I am quite sure I would fall short, certainly at this moment without a further absorption and distillation of what I have read so far and not even read yet.

For years I studied in the occult and metaphysical fields, actually it has been decades. It used to be my whole world. When I fell into the realms of matter because I made a few bad life choices, much of what I lived by and pursued with a tremendous passion, fell by the wayside. It dropped out of view. I still had these following along with me in the back seat but they were no longer riding shotgun. I've blamed myself for a long time for certain departures in thought and behavior, never realizing it was all set up to happen for good reason; reasons I wasn't privy to because I wouldn't have suffered as I did or learned what I needed to learn. I would have skated on the knowledge that I was covered all along and that what I was passing through was not orchestrated by me but is all part of the story that is roadmap left in the passage, just as is the case with each of us. The only difference in my case is that years ago someone took responsibility for me. I don't know the details and I have yet to put a name to the persona, except that it was most assuredly an expression of divinity. As good as that may be in an eternal and cosmic sense, it came with a lifetime of suffering to a calculated end. Be careful what you ask for.

It is perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever attempted; what I am attempting now; to explain something without further confusing the issue because certain things are becoming crystal clear to me and they were already clear and that is what makes it so difficult. I could say it was only a simple adjustment in perspective and that would be correct but it is much more than that.

A couple of weeks ago the ineffable came into my mind, or it was an agent of the ineffable? It doesn't matter, a clear channel is a direct line. The ineffable said, “I want to tell you ahead of time that I am going to be coming more fully into you and that is going to mean a lot of change and I want you to be aware of this ahead of time.” I thought this was wonderful because it has been the single condition I have after all my life. There have been any number of things wrong with me. My unpredictable behavior comes to mind as does my massive intake of comestibles to create circumstances of contact that I hadn't yet earned and which I would only get a temporary taste of anyway but I am a junkie in that regard, even a taste for me is like water in the desert. This may be hard for many to understand but it made perfect sense to me. When a thirst for God is awakened in the human heart it becomes unquenchable. It becomes a fire that consumes everything until nothing but the flame is left. I should have been more disciplined but something tells me certain features of my undisciplined behavior are appreciated if not approved at the highest level.

In the time that followed my being told what was going to happen, a sense of great unease descended upon me. Everything in my heart and mind went sideways. I could not believe how difficult the simple act of every day life could become. I went through it. This was all internal shit. Nothing was happening in my outer life. That is important to say. For whatever the reason, probably divine interference, I didn't go to the ineffable about it. I just went through it. Then the ineffable came to me yesterday and said, “How is it that my telling you I was moving in more fully meant that everything was now going to start coming up roses for you? If I am moving in then things that have been long in residence must be evicted or consumed. Even things you wish were not in residence or seemingly a part of you will cause pain on their departure because of attachment. Your life gets turned upside down. Yes, after this has happened, everything gets better than it has ever been but there is no easy way on the way.” Since this happened, the looming dread has gone away. I can't communicate how scary and uncertain this had made things and I don't usually experience fear. I went through so many stages of paranoia that it's pointless for me to go into it now. In the past, most of my unease and discomfort has come from the world outside me. Within it's been mostly good because of the constant reassurance within. During the transition period that got removed and I suppose that is the point that was being made.

I'm not sure why I'm even telling you any of this except that human lives bear remarkable similarities in makeup and experience but differ widely in the way they respond to them. I learn from my own experiences, hopefully and from the experiences of others.

We're still astounded at what we are learning about ancient cultures and how advanced some of the souls of that period were. The technologies they came up with are fascinating. I can see now the impact of the Satanic on everything going on these days. It's in the infrastructure everywhere and the populations are enthralled by it. It's all shit brushed with rainbows in the ghost light of a neon nightmare.

It is easy to be dismayed and depressed in these times and to be led into despair, which is the intention of those who have the appearance of power in these times. We MUST REMEMBER this is all a play. This is God's Lila. This is a movie with ONE DIRECTOR. This director controls the plot and the actors and even their re-act-ions. You might say this steps on Free Will but... free will involves limited choices and all of those are programmed and even when the unpredictable occurs, one situation follows another and inexorably leads right back into the original intention. It's all under control. Take heart and faith from that and put yourself in the way of the one and the one will make your way.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Every Now and Then he Writes Something Useful, in Parts ...Perhaps even Memorable.

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Various high level political appointees take their marching orders from the Satanic-Zionist-Banker financed cabal who put these particular individuals into these positions for that very reason. Here's a good example of that kind of person, whom I am guessing probably vacations several times a year with John Podesta at various local day care centers, where they work to educate the young into the needs of the old and then everyone goes out for Human Body Parts Pizza (the kitchen sink edition).

"Homage! Tara, swift, heroic! With a glance like flashing
lightning, born from a blooming lotus sprung from the tears on
the face of the Lord of the World!"


They say she sprang from the tears of Avalokiteśvara. Because of meritorious and generous acts on her part she was granted enlightenment but, like Amitabha, she said she would hang around until everyone else got sorted. It was arranged for her to be born a man but she said there is no sexual identity in reality so she would stay a woman. She is reputed to be very, very beautiful. She is green (no surprise there) and presents as a 16 year old girl. I've been visiting with her a lot lately; advised to do so by the ineffable, whom she refers to as 'the ineffable' too. I'm guessing that means he's beyond all of us, including Gods and Goddesses. That might seem to be confusing but even Gods and Goddesses have to come from somewhere.

Jeez Visible, what kind of a segue is that supposed to be? There you go jumping from 'human body parts pizza' to the ethereal Tara. “Om tare, tuttare, ture soha”, means, 'joy swiftly liberates'.

Truth is that all these fecal freaks, child murderers and vile perversities of what once was human... they make me very tired and I don't like thinking about them. I can't seem to shake this 'kid who saw the emperor's new clothes posture'. It is part of my makeup and I guess it comes with this particular model, The Visible i800Z. I guess I can't complain, it's got all kinds of amenities that make passage through this plane a lot easier than it might have been. It's got all terrain drive. I guess if it was a car instead of a body it would be a Volkswagen... or something that takes a licking and keeps on ticking so, if it was a watch, then it would be a Timex.

Trump talked to Putin... Trump Jr talked to some Russian. It's one non starter after another these days- ho hum. One load of shit after another rolls into the nation's capital. They're stacking it high up, right next to the satellite offices of every Zio-Media outlet in the city and conveyor belts feed the ripe ordure through the access plates in the backs of the heads of the reporters. Then the shit bleeds into the presses and is also converted in a way similar to how solar energy is transformed into electricity and then it broadcasts through talking heads and a variety of low vibration life forms whose business it is to deceive the public for whatever the going rate of filthy lucre may be; shit in and shit out.

My heart is flushed with gratitude. Why is that? Because I am not employed in these fashions; because the ineffable thought more highly of me than to give me the pedestrian fruits of wasted lives. Someone who has never met me just said to me in an email that I am possibly being led astray by the devil because I am preparing for regular musical performances at a nice club not far from here. She questioned my doing it in pursuit of financial gain when I made it a point to tell the owner I am playing for free, unless I can't avoid it. My songs are among the purest fruits of my interplay with the ineffable. I've a number of guests here at the moment and they seem to appreciate them and I was told a long time ago that when the time came for me to play again, I would know. It's going on 20 years since I put down my guitar. I was told the time was at hand and now I can't put the guitar down. It seems like I am playing more often than I ever have in life. I wish I could tell you some tales of what has happened in recent time but it is better I do not. Suffice to say that these days my mind is near completely blown.

Don't worry about the world or what it promises or threatens you with. In all the world's, the solar systems and the galaxies, throughout the entirety of the universe there is none greater than the ineffable. I promise you this upon my life and the fate of my soul that if you seek the ineffable you will not be disappointed. You may be tried and disappointment may dog your heels for a time or two but eventually, you will come over that last hill and see the endless fields of glory stretched out before you, glistening with inextinguishable light.

If any of us knew by any measure, some portion of the degree to which the ineffable loves us we would be humbled until the end of time. I have never met a real master who was not. In fact, that is the yardstick I measure them by. It could seem to be mere fancy at this point to some of you. It could appear to be a reach, or something with a dreamy gauze like haze overlaid upon your eyes, like a gossamer silk but... the truth is that the infinite and eternal light of the divine is a reality and one needs only to persist in the pursuit. Let me make this as clear as ever a man might do at any point in any back and forth from the extremes of that which Socrates did with an illiterate 16 year old, to prove a complex mathematical theorem, to the resonating, light filled communications that exists between the silent wise.

In all your life... in every life you will live, there is one thing of cardinal importance and that is to come into a recurring conversation with the ineffable or one of his agents; you won't know the difference anyway- unless you are arrogant and get burnt to a cinder and... that has happened. The last time I talked to a burning bush, it was some redheaded girl I met in a bar in Tulsa, lo these many years and, I never was in Tulsa. You see how I try in my clumsy manner to weave together the sacred and the profane? God isn't offended, or impressed by any of that. He distinctly said 'fuck' several times in my presence, jut to point out the controlled and enforced hypocrisy of the sanctimonious, holier than thou, whitened sepulchers, who like to pass God off as some outraged old white guy with a beard and no dick but definitely a poker up his ass, hmmmm... thinking... thinking. God likes sex. He created it for a reason. Learn to see everything in a righteous perspective. You might be surprised to see how it really is. I'll say this much. You have to run up against it. That is the only way you'll get the real impact of it.

Nothing is more important than the position the ineffable occupies in your life. I am speaking to you directly here. If you have ever heard a single word I have said, hear this; Nothing is more important than the position the ineffable occupies in your life, NOTHING. You can amass and lose, over and over again, everything you put any amount of value on but all of it and I mean all of it... will leave you incomplete and with ashes in your mouth. That is not metaphorical. It is literal; ashes in your mouth.

I have tried in diverse ways and through every arcane mechanism at my disposal to say this same thing in some new fashion. I have tried over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... well, you get the picture. It's not cause this is what the pro forma religions say. It is not cause it makes you an upstanding (and clueless) member of society. It's not cause you get out of the shower to take a piss and you never did nothing wrong, cause you were some kind of goody two shoes... uh huh... trust me, the angels know what it is that burns in that cauldron of repression that you call an unexamined life and it ain't pretty.

I know that if there are one thousand of you that come around here over the course of so many hours, there are a thousand perspectives on me. In all truth and with the most brutal honesty that I can wrench out of my being with a cold rolled crowbar, I found it. I made that connection and at any point in my day I can step out of this whirling dervish of a carnival distraction and speak to the ineffable (or his agent) and he and she will speak back to me. A few days ago I spoke to Tara for the first time in years and she was right there answering me. Sure, I could be delusional, or insane, or whatever you want to call it but... it was Tara alright, just as it has been the ineffable, since that six week period in Italy and the ONLY reason I am telling you this and the only reason I say these things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over an over again is because... I want to share it with you and if you will just take under consideration what I have been saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and simply practice it, you will have it and there has NEVER been such a fortuitous moment as there is now.

God gave me what he gave me, through the vehicle of Lady Nature what I got for one reason and that is to pass it on to you. If you reject it, my feelings are not hurt. If you accept it then all the forces of good will fly to your side the moment your sincere echo reaches the heavenly shores and God hears it first hand. Sincerity cut through all the static and intrusion of other stations encroaching. It cuts through everything. It makes time and distance irrelevant and non existent. It takes your knowing the difference between the speed of light and the speed of thought and the real possibilities of electro-magnetics. We are on the brink and precipice of multiple breakthroughs in technology, thought and what have you. However... love alone rules the day and it is only with the possession of love that one becomes really capable of devotion and dedication. Without that I suggest you don't quit your day job.

Please get the meaning and intent of what we seek to share with you here nearly every day. Please make my efforts meaningful by taking the useful in them and making them useful for you. That said, you have my love and sincere affection for all the days of your coming and going, no matter what a reach of time that may encompass...

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Friday, July 07, 2017

Gimmie that Old time Holocaust that Makes the Cash Register Ring.

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You got to hand it to these guys, when it comes to total bullshit and the hubris to defend it, as if they had any right, they just don't quit. Even though there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz, until '49 when they stuck one in for cosmetic defense of their outrageous and indefensible Hollowcost lies, they did have a swimming pool, theater groups, a brothel and their own currency and the resident Tribe ran the place. Of course you won't be interested in this unless the truth matters to you. Most people get intimidated by the screeching and howling of those using this fabrication to extort billions of dollars from any nation they can make vulnerable enough.

Once again, though I hate repeating myself, I will post the Red Cross document from the camps. This is getting harder and harder to find and now most all of the pages that come up are fatuous arguments about how the Red Cross documents don't apply. I wonder how they are going to spin the numbers of their own almanac that shows the Jewish population increased during the war years? What isn't known to most people, besides their efforts to create 6 million victims in World War 1 AND playing the victim card for centuries, is that this fabrication is very important as a cover for the tens of millions of Russians that they killed during the reign of Stalin when the Cheka was two thirds Jewish. There are many many links concerning this greatest holocaust in all of history.

I'm glad I'm not a sniveling coward. I'm glad I am not a boot-licking opportunist or a genuflecting sycophant. I'm glad I'm not a brain washed minion. I'm glad I'm not a flunky, or a vassal or a stooge or a toady. I”m glad I can see what I see.

How can anyone be more Satanic than Abe Foxman? What is brutally ironic is what the Anti Defamation League was founded on. Tribe member Leo Frank raped and strangled a 13 year old girl. Once again, it is now much harder to find unbiased reporting on the matter, link after link is exoneration of Leo Frank and putting the blame instead on a black man, Jim Conley. How outrageous is it that this powerful organization was put together on the back of a brutal murder committed by one of their own? Then there is the Southern Poverty Law Center that now focuses on making lists of Hate Groups. There's plenty of links about what odious characters they be; most especially Morris Dees. Once again, it's a Tribe operation.

I bring these things up because their control of American intelligence services, the State Department and the White House, among many another agency and branch of government, most especially both houses of Congress... is near total. When you throw in control of the media and all of the entertainment and information portals, not to mention the Federal Reserve banks and other international banking houses well... do the math. This is what comes of being Satan's little helpers.

Of course, if you point out certain 'irrefutable' truths, you are labeled an anti-Semitic and this is because the truth is anti-Semitic (a term we coined here a decade ago or so). As George Orwell so brilliantly stated, “in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Now when you try to find what the founding father's (and so many others) said about them it's been scrubbed. I guess you're going to have to use Yandex. It is remarkable how quickly so many resources of information have suddenly disappeared from the search engines. Interestingly, their culpability for 9/11 is still very much available.

As I have said many times here, my commentaries in this area DO NOT include the whole of the Jewish people. They are directed at a segment of them who have been responsible for more evil in this world than any other group of people and make up the smallest population at the same time. I have often stated that when the time comes that I get noted for my position in this regard, my defense will come from members of the Jewish race as well as others. I've had enduring friendships with people of this persuasion throughout the whole of my life but one must be, by turns, blind, a fool and a coward not to see what is prominently visible. Israel was created to give the power of a national sovereignty to a criminal cabal and their actions since it's inception provide more than enough proof of this, with the inclusion also of mass murder and genocide.

I'm going to point out a certain truth and the positions for various types change as is happening for people of color at this very time. Each color has a destiny in given times and all races have been enslaved; all of them. As far as the Jews are concerned, being born a Jew means being given the keys to the candy store, due to a total and comprehensive awareness of the mercantile realm. Each Jew is given an opportunity to express in various ways and it is a given that the greater the power of Materialism, the more likely they are to behave in ways that others may find less than attractive. This is a simple matter of inclination as it is influenced by the state of the times. They may go in any direction but the wind is steady out of and toward a particular direction. History records what has happened for centuries in nearly every country in the world. You might say, though it would be greatly lacking in depth and clarification that... they are always... potentially ...a principal cause of the destruction or salvation of the world. A great deal of responsibility rests on their shoulders and they have, for the most part, failed miserably at meeting that challenge. The exceptions remain.

I always find it amusing that most of my heroes are people of color and often Jews, though... in entirety, they are drawn from every color and kind. Many of my closest friends are people of color and Jews. The irony is relentlessly ticklish. In prison I was saved and protected by black men with nothing asked in return except for the friendship given. On the street I was often saved by Jews. I can hardly avoid seeing the truth of this and have no disposition not to see it.

Regular readers here are well aware of how I feel about having to say what I say, when it comes at such a cost to me professionally and personally and how very dangerous it could be, were it not for the ineffable. Still... there is that choice I have been faced with all my life, either I call them as I see them, or I don't. So... there really is no choice because the other option is to turn away from the ineffable and that is not an option. I am stunned these days at how well conditions are going for me and I am told that will continue and manifest beyond any and all expectations. I am told that the world as I have known it is going to change beyond what most anyone imagines. An apocalypse is a time of utter unpredictability and this is a really big one, as far as apocalypses go.

The bottom line comes down to whom you have befriended. It comes down to the direction given to your heart and mind. It comes down to your intentions as they are expressed in your thoughts, words and deeds. Basically, it 'comes down'- metaphorically speaking (grin). Unless you are fearless you cannot serve the ineffable effectively because you will be incapable of possessing the necessary amount of Love. It also implies a lack of faith and you HAVE TO HAVE FAITH because of the conundrum of the visible and invisible worlds. It is a given that appearances are a lie and so you have to believe in what you cannot see because, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen!” If you possess the requisite fearlessness, Love and Faith then the ineffable can reside in you and express through you. The ineffable can transform you with his presence. You can be changed and how quickly that occurs, well... there is a mystery to that because of the importance of Grace and Grace is truly a mystery.

Some things just have to be said. Otherwise lies can block out the sun; not really of course but... in many cases, yes. You are a 'spiritual being having a material experience'. You must proceed in life as if you were an eternal spirit in temporary clothing which makes it possible for you to see and be seen here. You must live with the Love of and for the ineffable being greater than any other force or motivation in your life. There is a reason that this is called, 'the greatest commandment'. This should be the primary motivation of everyone but it is not and their lives reflect this. When the Love for the ineffable is greater than any other condition in your existence, the most remarkable events will become commonplace. The ineffable is the cornucopia. The ineffable is the light and the life. The ineffable is salvation and eternity. The ineffable is the wellspring of Love and the source of every good thing. Our minds deceive us so it is all important that we are properly informed. Where is that supposed to come from?

I apologize for the redundancy of this post and for the extreme nature of the contents but seeing the article in that first link kept me awake into the previous night and I cannot let pernicious fantasies rule my day. A new day is coming and they know it too. Nothing can stand in the way of the approaching light and every destiny will be sorted according to the nature of its quest. We will all find what we seek but we will not all be pleased with the result.

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One last time. If you haven't gone by here and given me a vote and a comment I would appreciate the effort as there are very good reasons for it. I thank you in advance should you find yourself so inclined.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

To Ride the Wind over the Blinding Dust Storm of Materialism.

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I watched “Platoon” today and it really shook me up. I know I had seen it before but there were only a couple of themes that I remembered and some scenes I didn't remember ever having seen but which hit me hard. It wasn't just the film. It was my state of mind about life and the forces at work in it and the level of Evil. I had so many flashes of man being bestialized and the kinds of intelligence that were behind the conflict and what their goals and intentions were. It is so hard to grasp the degrees of man's inhumanity to man.

Never before in my life have I seen things so clearly. Never before have I felt so liberated from the confinements of my own person, to where I can simply look and listen and really see and hear. Our lives are progressive. We move from one stage of being to the next and the pattern is determined by our intentions and objectives. There is little doubt that I have gone mad on occasion. The desperation of emptiness, one's life devoid of God in the fullness of his possibility within us. It is impossible for me to be unaware of the ineffable and the imaginary distance between us that is a construct of my mind but that is passing. The madness broke down the fence line of personal boundaries in my imagined, personal mind and was absolutely necessary for that to happen. As the ineffable seeps into us; as our resistance decreases, our awareness widens and widens to encompass understandings that were previously impossible but... now I see that nothing is impossible and... to the extent that we accept that as literal truth and one of the eternal realities of the divine, as the divine becomes more and more present in us, this truth and so many others become features of our own being.

Watching that film today was such an experience. I thought about how pointless and unnecessary that was... all of the wars and conflicts really. I thought about the 50,000 dead over the years of its continuance and how 50,000 died in only 3 days at Gettysburg. Then I thought about the cultural war taking place now and conditions like this and how casual they are about it. I thought about the kind of minds that can think this way. I am astonished at things like this and then how the trend just gets worse and worse. I thought about the incredible hypocrisies that exist in certain people. How can such conflicting disparities reside in the same person?

The most troubling consideration in life to me is how such a large number of people can be so accommodating to conditions that will most certainly destroy them. How can people allow particular ideas to curl up in their minds and become comfortable and familiar with them? The greatest dangers are not the mortality that attends these ideas but the spiritual cost further on. Some people believe you have only the one life, or that there is nothing beyond but... nothing, you are extinguished and that is all but this is not so. You do not have just the one life and there are most certainly states and environments beyond this one that you pass into upon passing. Observe the cyclicity of Nature. Because of our immersion through the senses in the blinding dust storm of Materialism we are losing our objective capacity. Subjectivity is now the order of the day and in response to this the twisted fiends who manipulate appearances are destroying human intelligence and the critical sense. We are told what to think and even a surface observation of this brings distressing news.

Most distressing about people being told what to think is that it leads to their minds being hijacked and their humanity exiled from their consciousness for the purpose of the commission of acts of this nature. You might not want to read the article as it contains nothing but disturbing things that are now a daily event around the world. We only hear about a small amount of these events and like The Shadow is reported to have said; “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

Weather can come out of seemingly nowhere, although meteorologists can track the origins and even predict the occurrences with an increasing precision, as the technology to do so, continues to be refined. For those of us not so informed, tornadoes and the like can just appear. There are always reasons for it but we often don't know what they are; wildfires, floods, earthquakes and sundry are all expressions of Nature when certain conditions are right for the occasion. Civilization (if we can call it that) also has weather and for those paying no attention, events and conditions can seem to have come out of nowhere; how did that happen?

These are times of great and tumultuous change and if you want to see where certain trends are headed then look critically and analytically at what is in front of you (and to the side) and behind you. Keep in mind that anytime the general perception of the family unit and the interpretations given to the expression of sexual practices become increasingly more confusing and perverse, that society, overall, is going to enter into periods of STRANGE and stranger, with more and more appearances by the Bad Stranger. When diversity and perversity are redefined as inclusiveness and freedom of expression you are looking at certain kinds of weather seeming to come out of nowhere. Freedom is not license. Now they have all this cleverly shaped language and an endless stream of newly coined terms, backed up by credentialed experts and people with an array of initials after their names. It is no accident that representatives of these origins of strange weather are employed in the educational and political arenas. It is no accident that the entertainment and media theaters highlight certain behaviors as perfectly normal and desirable. It is also no accident as to who controls the ingress and egress to and from these fields of endeavor.

A spiritual war in in progress. It is a war for the harvesting of souls and this is something that takes place in an apocalypse. This is the essential motivation behind most of what is taking place all around us and is the source of strange weather that seems to come out of nowhere. The bottom line and unassailable truth, despite all appearances to the contrary is that the divine is completely in charge of everything and that things happen that are certainly not divine for... the purpose of demonstration. There is a reason that there are so many billions of people here. Their souls knew the reason before they arrived, even though nearly everyone forgot upon arrival.

Those paying attention will know that the time is here, according to the usual timeline, for the appearance of the latest presentation of the Avatar, clothed in the appropriate garment for the times; whatever that may prove to be. Those paying attention are also aware of how many people are presently here. Those paying attention know about the huge disparities in the control and possession of the world's resources and assets. Those paying attention are aware of what has been happening in and to the organs (literally and metaphorically) of the world's major religions. Those paying attention are aware of the world wide expansion of Satanism, militant atheism and new phenomena like Scientology where the author of this piece is listed as a 'suppressive'. Those paying attention are aware of strange murmurs from the realm of Lady Nature. Those paying attention are most assuredly aware of the incredible force being brought to bear in the area of human sexual expression. The force is so great that it bends to its will nearly everyone in a position of power and influence around the world, with a few notable exceptions. Those paying attention are paying attention, everyone else is doing whatever it is that they do.

You will notice the series of links earlier on, some of which refer to teachers engaged in certain forms of subversive, guerrilla activity of the sub rosa sort. You will notice how prominent this subject line is in the media each and every day and you will, of course, be aware of who owns the media. Though the centers for evil in this world are, obviously in an always uneasy alliance with one another toward the destruction of all that is good in this world, they are always at war with one another in some fashion and this is one of the primary reasons why evil destroys itself. I should point out at this moment, as has often been the case of late, that the ineffable is, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES, always in control; “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And one of them will not fall to the ground without the knowledge and consent of your Father.” Everything is under control. The question is, are we under control? Control is in the mind and... there is only one mind. Put yourself in the understanding that you are a center of that one mind and let guidance come to you at all times. Stand guard at the gateway of the mind and let no thoughts enter in that you know are not the thoughts of the ineffable.

The trials and tests to this end; to the successful performance of this state of being can be grievous but though this is the case, not at all impossible. Certainly it is impossible to accomplish on your own but not impossible with the assistance of the one who has already accomplished it many times in the souls of the willing; those capable of the dedication, quite simply for those who want it more than anything else. That is the sole feature that is absolutely necessary. Everything else is personalized according to the nature and composition of the one involved.

For some reason and though it may seem at odds with where we find ourselves in this instance, I am reminded of the words of St. Augustine, “Oh lord, grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.” Perhaps I mean to say, “Oh lord, grant me chastity and continence and do it now for I am in need of what it will make possible for me.” Maybe, here in the midst of all those conditions that we have mentioned today, I wish for that to be my answer to whatever the challenges of the times may bring my way and I wish this for all of you who share in this commitment. I can see no other direction that will make possible for me and anyone what it is that we most sincerely desire.

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