Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trying to Outrun the Hava La Gila Monster, Zombie Apocalypse Express Train, with Satchel Paige.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you are WATCHFUL. If you are a careful and focused observer of life, you can see things coming from some distance away. It's like being on the highway. There is the highway of cars and trucks ...and there is the Highway of Life and they are the same, except the latter is more comprehensive. It's a life and death thing, to pay attention on the highway but... many people do not and with the pandemic of cellphone hypnosis, there is a plague of cyber-junkie monkeys on the loose. The only real difference between cyber junkie monkeys and real monkeys is that they don't (yet) throw fecal waste at you and then masturbate... um mm, upon reflection I am going to have to say that, increasingly, there are more and more exceptions to that.

Those who don't pay attention on the highway of motorized vehicles, are usually even more inattentive on the Highway of Life. They seldom monitor their thoughts, words or deeds. Introspection has gone the way of objectivity.

Being one who IS WATCHFUL and carefully attentive to what is coming and going on both of those highways, including other highways, yet to be mentioned, I am seeing some disturbing trends. What is even more disturbing is that they are simply part of a gaggle of trends, cluster fucking for position at the entry gate to the Perfect Storm.

Before I forget, I did want to mention that darling Johnny Yaniv is a Tribe Member. It is said that God works in mysterious ways. I believe you will find that he is going to become less and less mysterious, as we pass deeper into this Grand Apocalypse. You've heard of the straw that broke the camels back. There are many other metaphors for that. Yaniv is going to prove to be Patient Zero, in more ways than one. He is going to find that, yes... there is such a thing as bad publicity. Wait and see.

Back to the trends. You've probably seen this. You've probably run across this as well. This form of activity is happening in multiples. Then there is this sort of thing. Events of these kinds are taking place all over the nation. Take a look at this!

I could keep adding links for a very long time; much longer than you would eventually pay attention to. Though I added only one of the recent attacks on police, there have been several. Then there is ANTIFA, who are our modern day equivalents of Jacobins, emergent Khmer Rouge and... there are a number of previous examples, having to do with political correctness run amok, under the banner of Communism in Russia, China and other nations and striving hard to happen here. The rhetoric of the Democratic presidential candidates and The Squad and the mayors and city council bots of the bi-coastal urban squalor, ALL give testimony to a bad moon rising. Mind how you go and Katie? Bar the door!

Do not be fooled by the tactics of street thugs abusing law enforcement. There is a method to this madness and it IS BEING ORCHESTRATED, by a cabal of dangerous agents of The Dark Lord, who are very determined to plunge the world into a cauldron of chaos and disorder. It's happening folks.

Look! Look longer and deeper. Look at the multiplying homeless, deranged, drunk, despondent and drugged, dysteleologists; the crepuscular feeding of the zombies, in the advent of the long and agonizing fall of western cisgender-vilization. Two headed troglodyte misanthropes, are fellating the milk carton children, who only went missing fifteen minutes ago, after corkscrewing like a pig's penis, into the puckered butt cheeks of all that might have been, sliding down the behavioral back slope of a Darwinian nightmare, to a soundtrack of clicking mandibles.

It may be that Kalifornia, shaking in the boots of its own abysmal destiny, is the only thing that saves us as a culture and what stymies me, what puzzles me beyond endurance, is the large numbers of decent, caring people, who make up the vast backdrop of everyone not saying anything and standing around like movie extras, while all the wild eyed lunatics fill the world with obscene noise. Why are they just standing there? Has courage and conviction left the building, leaving only shameful cowardice and confusion in its wake? This can't be!

Furthermore, how did tens of millions get swept up into this freak show carnival of immigration hysteria and perverted sex acts, with everyone willing and unwilling? Since when did everything from Arachnophilia to Zoophilia become not only tolerable but desirable? How is it possible that Communism is even considered as a workable social construct, by so many people, doomed to repeat a history that apparently they have forgotten? Is it because the ones promoting it are the ones who own the airwaves and every media porthole on the information highway? Last time, they had to create a holocaust fantasy to distract from their murder of 60 million Russians. What will they do this time, simply kill all the witnesses?

I see them revving the headers on The Anti-Semitic Express. The lead engine has the face of gargoyle, where the cowcatcher usually is and flames and black smoke stream from the nostrils. Hava La Gila Monster is blasting through what look like twin 70th Anniversary Floor Standing Klipschorns, where the ears of the gargoyle would be, except they appear to be much bigger. Open your mouth AT ALL about Dead Palestinians, False Flags, Live Fags, Holomodors, Armenian Genocides, Orthodox Trannies or Syrian Incursions and you will Rue Paul the day.

What is going on cannot continue to go on for too much longer. The anger, frustration, hunger, flaming appetites, resentments and all the rest of the unrestrained emotions, courtesy of helicopter parents, are coming to a head. Cowards who wouldn't even think of arguing with an angry, sexually frustrated girlfriend (on the slim chance there is even one around) think nothing of attacking anyone, once they are in a large mob of black outfitted, kerchief faced losers, that have every real outlaw from the last ten thousand years, turning over in their graves.

I am waiting here in the desert silence, the spirit of Edward Abbey is slipping in and out of the shadows of the late afternoon cacti. What's is gonna be? Will Lady Nature finally articulate the wrath that has been boiling in the subterranean caverns of the Earth for what seems like forever now? Will lightning bolts flame out of the sky, down upon these modern replicas of Sodom and Gomorrah? Will ever greater disturbances break out in the lawless cities, now that the barbarians are on the other side of the gates? It is an 'any day now' kind of a thing.

I pray for an awakening. A tilt of a few tens of millions would be a game changer. We wouldn't have to see, the formerly invisible demons, materialize on the new battlefields of everywhere. Have you ever been in a mob that has lost its mind? I have. It's not a pretty sight.

I'm no stranger to the ratcheting suspense of imminent conflagration. I spent near four years in some of the darkest hellholes in this country, for nothing more than not cooperating and they nearly sent me down forever, the second time. I will NEVER cooperate with the evil that men do. I will not go down like a beast to the grave. I will not let my heart be silenced by fear of what are only shadows. I have seen this to be true, up close and personal. I can only hope that in the desperate hours to come, enough of us still have some grit to stand and say, “You shall not pass!”

It is never enough for these monsters to accomplish mere subjugation and servitude. They are after torment and anguish at 11 on the volume dial of the Marshall amps. They want cries and screams unending, which they weave together for their enjoyment. Few of us have any idea of the level of depravity that the wicked engage in during that interlude following the fall of an Empire. One would be better informed to read about the Rape of Nanking, the Night of the Long Knives, the 90 day Reign of Terror and what followed after, ...the Gulags, The thousands of screaming men that Tamerlane had embedded in a concrete wall, the delicacies of Vlad the Impaler and the time of the Khan's and that period of shunned history which tells of what happened to the German people ...after the Russian Cheka came to town.

Oh... that's all been swept under the rug, in order for it to happen again. Not for no reason are phrases like, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” remembered. “To the victor go the spoils.” and “History is written by the victors.” Better you don't find out what that means AND the stage is being set this very moment for more of the same. It doesn't have to be that way. A golden age waits on the doorstep of tomorrow. Surely there will be rough highway for some but it will not be so everywhere. So long as we are strong in faith, that which is ever unseen will manifest in the hearts and minds of humanity. God has no other hands but ours.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

The Backwards Flying Oozlum Bird Dancing and the Disappearing Dancers and Broken Musical Chairs.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Everything is, more or less, where it was the day before yesterday, except for the usual linear progressions, from the unknown to the unknown, relative to whatever point in the process it was at, or... is at some point in the tightening gyre of its Oozlum Dance; now you see it and now you never see it again. The phenomena of the extreme leftists of our time, will prove to be much like the Oozlum Bird, when the moment comes right.

Would you like to see how real and how intense the war against sanity, normality, morality and humanity has gotten? Do not look overlong upon this abyss! Indeed, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against corporations, against Satanic powers, against the wealthy rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places.

Whatever it is my friends, it is getting closer by the day. Whatever the center was that we had, it cannot hold much longer. I can see, in the holographic future presentations of my mind, incandescent whirlpools that are being generated out of the physical being of each and every one of us and the whirlpool is spiraling upward, or corkscrewing downward, depending on the inclination of that portion of mind that is resident in each corporate form.

I have maintained, for as long as I can remember... that Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth and the same can be said for the entrance to the Hellish regions. Like water swirling down a toilet bowl, with each rotation, the water passes into another level of being, until it disappears into the unknown nether lands.

Did you ever imagine the day would come when we would enter the realm of Kiddie Frottage and the powerful and wealthy among us would be promoting it as a legitimate human enterprise? Look at these photos my friends. We are in a Grand Guignol of ever widening depravity; a flaming and explosive hog lagoon of perversity, a burbling and infectious sexual cesspit, far more toxic than the Ebola outbreak in The Congo.

Yeah... nothing happened yesterday, earthquake-wise but... wait a minute, wait a minute... what I have noticed about all the expected events, waiting off stage in 'the green room' or round the never bending end corner is that everything is nearly always late. Sometime this could well be due to divine compassion. I can see Abraham pleading with the lord about righteous men, as the number diminishes. Lot got out. His wife didn't. For those with some acumen in Gematria, the pillar of salt thing, like everything else in the Old Testament, resolves into a different meaning once the juxtaposition of letters and numbers is effected. Some might well say I have too great a fascination with dead sciences, including Phrenology. My response is; never pass judgment on what you don't know anything about. At least give it a cursory look see. Then you can provide an informed- “I don't know.”

Here is a personal peculiarity of mine that I invariably exercise every time I run into something I don't know, or feel incomplete in my understanding of. I stop whatever I am doing and head off to a search engine and look it up; whatever 'it' is. Then I will study several reports on whatever 'it' is. This can happen many times in the course of a day. I am ALWAYS in school. I am always learning. The internet is the greatest educational tool (besides the intuition) that has ever been invented. AND... what do people use it for? and social media. Few things will destroy a life and all of that life's potential like PORN will.

We are so close to something world shaking taking place! Look at the replicating absurdity that Rolodexes through our days and nights. Reality has been turned upside down and sodomized by troglodytes, while CNN and the rest of the false narrative junkies, film it with attendant commentary. The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone in a filth ridden alley behind a Chinese restaurant. If you weep, you weep alone. The corpse has been stripped and the parts sold off by cartoon auctioneers from Goldman Sachs.

Look at what is going on that most of us haven't even heard about! Meanwhile... remarkable and touching events are taking place as well, in counterpoint to all of the outrages of our times. God is real!!! So is Lady Nature!!! The actual existence of everything else is questionable ...but on those two accounts, they are as real as real gets.

As Materialism intensifies, the degree of spiritual darkness concentrates. As materialism intensifies, the heat increases from the friction of desire bodies in passage; doomed ships in the night. Ah... the temporary nature of manifest existence! I really should be wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck as I perambulate through this open air mental institution. The primary by products of materialism are; insanity, garbage and then you get confusion, despair, a pervasive disbelief in anything that the senses do not report, attended by ennui and weltschmerz and all kinds of bad behavior.

The author of it all has said, “'Whenever virtue subsides and vice prevails, I manifest Myself, for redemption of the virtuous, annihilation of the vicious and for the establishment of Religion in every Age.” Can anyone doubt that we are in such a time now? What a tale of stunning arrogance this is! How far divorced was this person from the responsibilities of her position? We have stated over and over here that Mr. Apocalypse is present and accounted for and he is increasing the force of that presence by the day. He told me that he was going to show up “in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of the world.” Can anyone doubt this is taking place? Look at the public behavior of certain politicians and business people. The manner in which they are acting out is inexplicable. But wait... wait for it. Wait for the ineffable, or an unreasonable facsimile, to show up inside their heads and begin informing them of their situation. Think this won't happen? I assure you it will.

It is going to be much like the Battle of the Morranon. Remember how all of the servants of The Dark Lord lost their minds and went running off in all directions? What is the weakest link that we have? Our minds. This is how the spiritual battle is won and why it is over before it begins. The Lord of Hosts is resident, in some fashion, within every one of us. It is the life in us. Otherwise there would be no life. It is the motive power of all action because it is the source of all power! How about that? How about that? “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil.” Why would that be? Right.

My suggestion to everyone is to get right with master of all things or... you will be gotten right. Life is in a constant state of adjustment to the divine equilibrium. It depends on how far out of balance you are and on that depends how intense and dramatic will be the force bringing you back into balance (shudder).

For reasons I can't account for, other than the hypnotic spell of the dream state, whose belief system is manipulated by desire/the attractive force; desire being the agent of God's will... people are out of wack and some, seriously out of wack. When that gets to pronounced, the divine will is engaged and Lady Nature is set into motion and at every point on the vast web of existence, that which is relative to the circumstance is made operational.

The whole spectacle of life is a movie. It is a movie that is played on a backing screen and when the movie ends, all that remains is the backing screen. In this movie, life lessons are learned on the playing field of Time, Space and Causation;

“Time, space, and causation are the three conditions through which mind perceives. Time is the condition for the transmission of thought, and space for the vibration of grosser matter. Causation is the sequence in which vibrations come. ... Anything therefore, beyond mind must be beyond time, space, and causation.”

We are here to learn to be in tune. As Rabindranath Tagore once said, “God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing.” or as visible says (grin); the spirit of God sings through everyone but sometimes it carries a tune. All of our suffering is caused by being out of touch with the ineffable and is the product of ignorant desire; not wanting the right thing. There is one true objective and that is Self Realization, everything else is some form of delusion, all of which ends when Self Realization occurs.

If you want SR with all your might, or more than anything else, it will be yours, guaranteed! ...and then what happens? “seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Sounds like a plan. I reflect, not infrequently, on how stupid I had been, in former times, not catching the 'visceral' truth of this. Following that, I am floored by the magnanimity of the ineffable at forgiving me for all the errors of my previous ways. It is good to remember, that every master has a secret life of shame. We don't usually hear about it because it gets erased (unless it is a needed teaching moment) by the all encompassing love and forgiveness of the divine.

Consider in times to come, that link in the beginning of this post, about the abnormal sequencing of all of these after-shocks and see if that doesn't feel a lot like someone shaking your shoulder and saying, “wake up... wake up” Sooner or later though, the more impressive shaking will begin.

End Transmission.......

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(you're proof that God loves me!)

Monday, July 08, 2019

The Strange and Curious Tale of Kalifornia. Will there be a Whole Lotta Shakin Going On?

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Well now... 6.4 on the one day and 7.1 on the next. I suspect most people (most people... heh heh) do not understand the progressive factor in Earth temblor measurements; each following level of magnitude is 33 times larger than the last. A magnitude of 8.0 earthquake is 33 times more powerful than a 7.0 temblor. A 9.0 shaking is an increase of 1,089 times and that is 33 x 33 times more powerful than 7.0 speaking of exponential!!! Logarithmic considerations need not apply (grin).

So... my take away from these 'natural' events reminds me of the way the divine works when it wants to get your attention, whether to awaken you or perhaps inform you that you are going the wrong way, or doing the wrong thing; he will gently shake your shoulder. If you do not respond, he shakes you harder ...and if you still do not respond, he picks up a two by four.

It's possible that these temblors in Kalifornia are a prelude to “a whole lotta shaking going on.” I have had this feeling, increasingly more and more by the day that Kalifornia is in line for a MAJOR temblor event, many time greater than this recent activity. This has not come to my mind because of the San Andreas Fault. This has come into my mind, as I have observed the effect of Hollywood on society and the way it mirrors scriptural events from long ago. I AM NOT hoping for such an event. Many fine and decent people live in Kalifornia but... Kalifornia is Ground Zero for all the Soros/Satanist financing and subliminal programming, gender bending, sexual deviancy war criming against Nature.

It could be that 'the message' is being sent out, for those meant to receive it, to get out of Dodge for a few days, or longer. I'm sharing this because I am getting a really STRONG feeling about it. I hope I am just proven to be an over imaginative fool. That would surely be the best case scenario. At the same time... what has been going on with Kalifornia and the lunatic liberal governance, resulting in shit slick streets and indications of plague pandemic among the homeless cannot go on forever without dire ramifications.

Strange rumblings are coming out of Yellowstone. Bizarre news of flesh eating diseases is appearing, there is that situation on Skid Row in LA where beat cops are catching diseases and the filth and squalor of this location and the hundreds of others across the country are redux conditions of what set off the Black Plague in Europe. This came about because waste products were not being attended to in a sanitary manner. This brought the rats, which brought the fleas, which brought the Bubonic Plague. People were literally shitting into their basements and on occasion, the floor would give way and people would drown in it. I read this in historical reports from those times. It smelled quite bad in London back in the day.

The reason for the custom of men walking on the outside of women was to protect them from the contents of chamber pots and other things being tossed from windows above; as well as carriages going by. The times were filthy beyond what you probably imagine. We are now reversing, going backwards into similar things.

You might want to keep in mind the thought that Soros and others are slipping certain groups of people into the country who are infected with deadly diseases. No... I am not a victim of dark fantasies. I stop, look and listen because a train is ALWAYS going by. There are people who are ACTIVELY engaged in the attempt to destroy America. They are doing all sorts of things and REMEMBER... historically they have already done worse some number of times! Look at the poisoning of the Palestinian wells during the time of Israel's creation. Look at the whiskey and yellow fever blankets traded to the Native Americans.

Certain locations now are not safe and the danger mounts in relation to the greater density of the population and it increases to an even greater degree in some locations. If you are getting constant taps on the shoulder, you had better start paying attention. It's not just the politicians and the corporations. It's not just the masked and wild in the streets anarchists. It is summed up here, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

We are in a Grand Apocalypse and all that means is that it is a bigger and more intense apocalypse; greater by far than anything previously experienced in this period of 'recorded history'. It also means that invisible forces are intensely and relentlessly operating from both the supernal and infernal realms. This is a Grand Harvesting. It is a cosmic summing up and a perspicacious individual will avail themselves of the REAL opportunity for a quantum leap, spiritually. My friends, it is all about the 'degree of difficulty'. The irony of the cellphone pandemic should not be lost on you. The ubiquitous insanity of social media; the violent political polarities, the corporate greed...

...the total loss of a moral compass- all these things can be seen far and wide.

We are in times of great transformation but there is good news to be had, if... what I have been told is true. In The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar, we are told that the Kali Yuga is over and we are in the initial moments of Dwarpa Yuga, which is the finest period of time one could hope to be living in. We are also in the Aquarian Age, whose signature meme is- Brotherhood. If you have ever seen a drawing by M.C. Escher you get an idea of the times in which we live, a time of optical illusions. Things are not what they seem but certain agendas, with deep pockets, want you to not believe your lying eyes.

The power which is the source of all power, is in control of everything at all times, no matter what it looks like. Regardless of appearances, we are living in a time of broken eggs making omelets. Some things have to happen or we don't learn otherwise. It can seem like the dark side is winning but what is really happening is that the dark side and its proponents are being exposed before the eyes of the world. The main byline of an apocalypse is 'revealing', 'uncovering'. We are being 'shown'. What we make of it and what we do about it... that's up to us.

All sorts of people, many, many people are waking up and seeing and speaking out. The major art forms had been hijacked by agents of the infernal realm. Now... others are using these mediums to tell righteous and inspiring tales. I am not a Christian but Jesus Christ is my biggest hero. Several times I tried to read, “The Pilgrims Progress”- it was just too dense and archaic for me to get through. Now someone has made an animated film of the book and it is amazing.

When you think of it in the context of things like The Drag Queen Story Hours and such like. Yes... there are things that could have been done better, or differently, but the result is truly impressive as a film for children. Here is the IMDB page on the film.

Here is another inspiring film which also happens to be a true story.

Changes are in the wind my friends and Mr. Apocalypse is on the stroll with his walking stick, uncovering and revealing. All over the world, people are standing up and telling a very different tale. A great awakening is taking place. Please take the time to watch this video from The Candace Owen Show.

Nothing has anything to do with you, unless you have something to do with it. You've heard of the 'attractive force'. Usually people will associate it with romance. It is a cosmic power that acts upon ALL OF US. It can also attract you into all sorts of mayhem and chaos because you have an internal affinity with it. DON'T! Don't have an internal affinity with anything that isn't joyful and bliss driven. In these times you have the opportunity to evolve rapidly into an entirely new and wonderful consciousness. It is there for the taking. It is the waters of the spirit freely given. We sell no religious affiliation here. We sell nothing actually but we are of a mind to promote 'Self Inquiry' at every opportunity. Study yourself and still the reactive mind.

If you can just still your reactive mind you will find yourself a resident of a new and remarkable country. Nothing will be what it formerly was. You will learn that you had previously been a prisoner of your own mind, locked in the penitentiary of your misguided thoughts. Often these were not even your own thoughts. You got them by way of telepathic invasion. You will be made free if you simply still the reactive mind.

Try an experiment. Start to watch other people... carefully. Pay attention! See how the reactive mind rules most people. Very few of us are really self aware. Once you become self aware you are going to discover an amazing truth, you are not alone in there. Of course, you never were but there was so much noise... now the noise and static are gone.

My prayers are with you Kalifornia. Let us hope I am wrong.

End Transmission.......

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I have to put this link in again. These people are a breath of fresh air!

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Monday, July 01, 2019

Oh what a Torturous Road Indeed... is the Way of the Reactive Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Good afternoon dear friends! Today I want to talk about something we carry with us everywhere we go. It influences what we think and say and do, often to our detriment. It acts on its own accord... if we let it do so ...and most of us do. It accounts for a great deal of the unfortunate events we read about or hear about every day. It is a part of us. We can't get rid of it, despite the fact that it torments us and accounts for so much of what makes us unhappy; fearful, worried, poor... if we think we are poor, a failure... if we see ourselves as a failure and so on and so on because it accounts to a great extent for how we see ourselves. I am talking about the subconscious mind.

What did you think in the initial moment when you read those words, subconscious mind? I ask that because 'most of us' have a very confused idea of what the subconscious is. (I say, 'most of us' a lot because 'most of it' often applies to most of us.) It's simple really. It's that part of the mind, the LARGER part of our mind that is just below the surface of our 'self conscious' mind. If our mind is a house and it certainly is in a particular sense, which is why The Magician Card of The Tarot is defined by the character Beth, which means 'house', the basement would be the subconscious. The ground floor would be the self conscious and the second floor would be the super conscious or... higher self.

Bethel is 'house of God'. Those who are prone to reject all things with Hebrew connotation, due to the perversion of the Kabala by a certain group of people, should know that this was not their alphabet originally. They took it from The Chaldean Flame Alphabet.

Kabala is a system. It can be applied according to the intent of the practitioner. Used in one direction it will invoke conversation with angels (The Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage.) When it is reversed it can be used to invoke conversation with demons. I recommend we do not mess with these things in either direction, given that prayer will achieve the same result.

The means for control of the subconscious is pictured by the card, Strength.

Tarot Strength card

It shows the method whereby the lower energy forces, the animal nature, are to be controlled. It is preceded by The Chariot.

Tarot Chariot card

The meaning of that card is, 'triumph in the mind'. This sets the stage for the control of the subconscious and this leads to the state of consciousness symbolized by The Hermit.

Tarot Hermit card

A simple definition of that state might be termed, Wisdom.

In the right hands and with the right intentions, one can wonderfully reprogram the subconscious mind. The intention of this spiritual system is to build and experience the divinity within. Perhaps 'uncover' is a better word. This posting is not about this system of thought. We mention these examples in the hope that they might create associations in the mind of the reader that could lead to revelations of a certain order and thereby galvanize inspiration. ♫oh happy day♫

What this posting is about is... (drum roll) the reactive mind. If there is any one thing that plagues any of us; one thing that hinders us, that holds us back, that sends us in the wrong direction, that misinforms us, it is the reactive mind. The reactive mind takes its reacting orders from the subconscious mind, is, in fact, the subconscious mind.

We are in a position to transform our life and every aspect of it. First, let me give an example of what makes this kind of action difficult for most people. I'll use diet, though I could find an example in any habit pattern common to all of us. We enjoy what we eat because of the way it tastes. Our tastes and our likes and dislikes are all programmed by our previous behavior. For many people, their dietary patterns are formed when they are children and are the results of what their parents put on the table and what they experienced on their own, whether eating in or eating out.

A large number of people are obsessed with their diet, just as much as they are ineffective at doing anything about it. Many people are critically concerned about their diet because of its effect on their appearance and the state of their health. We live in a time of expediency. We live in the time of, “I want it now!” We live in a time of immediacy and convenience. Many of us are paying for this in varying measures of pain and lack of energy, as well as a seeming inability to do anything about it. The key player in this whole affair is our taste buds. Millions of people have attempted to change their diet and are having a difficult time of it because of their taste buds. Their biggest problem is being unaware of the unavoidable time line that comes into play. No matter how you may want it all to go, it takes a minimum of ten days for your taste buds to adjust to a new diet.

Initially it can be very difficult because the subconscious rebels against change. Negative serendipity comes into play when items and opportunities seem to magically appear in the moment that conflict with our best intentions. This should be a clue to something but I won't go into it. It's better if it comes to the reader on their own. After ten days, the taste buds, remarkably, begin to accommodate themselves to whatever new behavior patterns were brought into being. In two weeks it seems like one has always been eating this way and this principle comes into play NO MATTER what you are engaged in or trying to change. You have to tough it out. The good news is that you can.

I consider myself very fortunate that diet is something I have been fairly disciplined about through my life. Presently I eat once a day. I don't snack. I will occasionally have fruit or something at an earlier part of the day but USUALLY it is once a day, period. This means that my digestive process only comes into play every 24 hours. This has a powerful impact on one's well being and also one's mental state of balance and its processes. ALSO... having a discipline of this kind in place, something that comes into play every day, as certain events do... sleeping... evacuating wastes, etc. makes it much easier to apply disciplines to all the other routine events.

People talk about meditation. Most things are easier to talk about than to do. The same principle applies but the time frame is longer. If you will consistently meditate at the same time(s) every day, within two to six weeks you will see substantial improvements in your life across the board and you will find you have become unable NOT TO DO IT. The same applies to physical exercise. It is hard in the beginning and then you find, you are unable NOT TO DO IT.

I am getting older. It hurts in the morning when I get up. I observed my body losing strength, mobility and agility. Once again, I have been fortunate. I have mostly been disciplined about working out, whether it was in the martial arts, or in the more ubiquitous aerobic and anaerobic methods of which we are all familiar. I have learned that if I do not work my body in a regular fashion I soon pay a serious price that is far too costly for me to endure.

All the changes you might wish to implement in your life first begin in the mind. This is why we adjure you here to, 'stand guard at the gateway of your mind'. It is in the mind that it is made possible for us to do anything and also to protect ourselves from the unfortunate results of the reactive mind. You MUST win at this. You MUST subdue the reactive mind and bring it to heel or it will make you its slave. This mind can be imaged as a monkey or a dog. It is an unthinking violation upon ourselves and others that we permit, to varying degrees, each day.

I am going to introduce you to a gentleman with whom you may be unfamiliar. He was a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. His name is Swami Kriyananda. Here he is speaking on the subconscious...

...and here you can find MANY short discourses by him.

He is easy to listen to. There is a book that you can download for free by Yogananda, which is about the subconscious mind and what you can do about it. NO ONE who takes the trouble to avail themselves of the information mentioned in this paragraph is going to walk away empty handed.

The most terrible things we are experiencing in these times are being caused by Materialism and its byproducts. As materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies and proliferates. The religion of Materialism is Atheism. The applied philosophy of materialism is Satanism. Satanism is the religion of self interest and Self Interest is the prevailing mindset of Materialism. It goes round and round and tightens like a noose around the necks of the unwary. NEVER has it been more important than to seek after the indwelling divine. Never has the possibilities of a quantum spiritual leap been so great, due to degree of difficulty.

One does not have to concentrate to any great degree to see that the people of these times are running pell mell, often out of control and... out of their minds, in all directions after material objects and experiences. One does not have to look to any great extent to see how people are treating each other in their mad scramble after meaningless acquisitions. One does not have to look too hard to see the evidence of perversity and depravity being engaged in on all sides and being elevated and validated as not only legitimate pursuits, but recommended behaviors, with the imprimatur of government and many religions upon them. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?”

Today's song is, appropriately enough-

♫ Materialism ♫

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