Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Unprotesting Virgins.

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Ummmm... why hello there. I'd like to announce a shift in policy that I hope the general reader will take the opportunity to ignore, as they do most every other announcement, regardless of how precise or comprehensive it may be. This means that next time there is a shift in the blog locations and some amount of time is involved to achieve transitions, I won't be announcing it. Subsequently, when emails pour in with some permutation of, “I know you said the sites might be down or unreachable for a short time but I can't find them now, where are they?” Yes, that is very close to what was being asked on me in a good portion of the dozens of emails I received concerning our temporary hiatus in into nicht gefunden land. “Do I detect a touch of sarcasm in this portion of your posting, visible?” Hmmmm, you know what? Now that I think about it there is every possibility that that is the case. I wouldn't swear to it but I get this sense, I get this sense that maybe... just maybe, that might be the case. It will pass though. It's sort of like when women in the Victorian Age would get 'the vapors' because their corsets were pulled a little too tight on the back end. I don't know if that's similar to what happens to ballerinas with their pony tails. It might explain why Natalie Portman got a Oscar for that piece of execrable dreck; “The Black Swan”. I'm thinking the Academy Awards committee might have had their pony tails pulled a little too tight, especially The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Protesting Virgins.

Did we call it here or did we call it? I believe we mentioned the sophomoric Photoshopping efforts by mass media in placing Russian spetznaters all over the Ukrainian landscape. This time it took all of a day for it to be debunked. This fantasy was brought to us courtesy of the same rag that the loathsome Judith Miller worked for when she ran the Iraq WMD scam on the public.

The most worthy Mr. Apocalypse is working the crowd in all the best of ways. Whether it's exposing the head of the Injustice Department or blocking the First Lady of Botox from using an Oklahoma High School for a public relations stunt. He's floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

We had a powerful sunspot go off yesterday but as has been usual, things like the just passed Cardinal Cross, amounted to less than zero in the scheme of things; or so it might appear at first sight. We've mentioned before that when cosmic forces align in a certain manner, indicating the arrival of conditions for massive change that it is not to be expected that events have to go down in that specific time period. What it means is that, like the sunspot, a certain energy configuration vibrated outward and then inserted itself into the precipitation machinery as an indice of things to come. No doubt I have used 'indice' improperly but that is the nature of things around here when it comes to bending words to fit a projected image of something that you are not going to find in the places where the word is properly used but doesn't really amount to much. I hope that's clear, or at least as clear as our having mentioned that the visible sites might be down for a period of time, as we did recently (grin).

Well, aside from the New York Times attempting to insert the Duck Dynasty patriarch into the Russian special forces operating on the Hollywood set version of the Ukrainian Zio- hijack problem, reaction, solution thing, we don't have a lot to talk about, unless it's the mysterious appearance of motor vehicles crashing into crowds, stores and people's bedrooms, which has happened a lot recently, or sinking ferries or remotely hijacked planes sucked away on a cellphone tractor beam, operating out of some guys colon in Diego Garcia. Like they say, “It's quiet... too quiet”.

Pedophile coverup artiste John- Paul- Ringo- George- the Second got all glittered up in a sequinned saint jumpsuit and in perfect symmetry, a gigantic crucifix dedicated to him, jumped off of its pedestal and crushed some guy who got too close to the action. This is to indicate that lies can hurt you if you believe in them and we're going to see more and more inexplicable events of this nature and the number of those victimized en masse is going to get greater and greater because if you refuse to wake up you are going to get woke up by any means necessary.

I read a well written commentary of Joe Biden by a fellow writing an op ed piece in Pravda. As clear as it all must be to an uncompromising mind, it's incredible, at this point that people are still being taken in. I suspect that giant, metaphorical cruci-fictions are falling on all kind of people at the moment; shattering both the statuary and the denial of the ones they are falling on. A wave of mass awakening can happen with amazing speed, watch for it. I tried to post a comment there and the result was there was no button that allowed me to post it and as often as I tried to refresh the page... the comments never came back either. Interesting.

In the tradition of Mr. Visible's Nostrildamus projections, you will remember that we predicted that the hunger strike by the Mossad spy and agent provocateur in Cuba wasn't going to go on for very long and a few days later we were proven to be correct. It's an interesting article if you are the sort to read between the lines as we like to do around here. Maybe Netanyahoo can set up a prisoner swap of Pollard for Gross?

Here's a fascinating phrenological profile of yet one more upper class sort engaged in ostensible charity philanderings. He looks like a real sweetheart, yeah? And... if you appreciate some Marks and Spenser cheesecake, you won't want to miss this. Look closely at the medallion around his neck.

Yes... this is one of those all over the map postings; sort of incoherent and lacking in the sort of depth one comes here hoping for but I'm a little out of my depth at the moment and reduced to snatching a moment here and there to cobble together some kind of a communique before people begin to yell at me (grin). I've having to do a lot of juggling at the moment; trying to budget for all the things I need to acquire, besides what I can get for free by being sagacious and inquisitive; which can take a lot of time and, meanwhile, working through the day and being probably ten days away from having my own internet so... please bear with the paucity of articulation and insight that might be the case here for ' a short time', which I'm not going to announce but I've already dealt with that... sort of.

Sometimes it can be a labor when you're not a government operative and/or in tight with Bryan Singer (pun intended). You have to get very creative about the way you go about things because most doors are closed to you and so you have to troubleshoot your needs and dreaming operationals in an arcane manner. Still, you know? It doesn't really matter, any of it. We take it as it comes and we go about in the mind set that it is all being taken care of, or will be when it needs to be and day by day it all comes into being and one day you look back on it all and it's on to the next thing and that's life, basically, doing whatever it is you do until you get called before the higher court to answer for it all. Most people don't go through their days with this understanding uppermost in their minds but... I do; mostly because it is inescapably and unavoidably so, like it or not. That's the thing about existence... you can like it or not like it. That doesn't make any difference except in the way you feel about the inevitable; whether you actually consider it in that regard or prefer to ignore it because thinking about something in that way can very often compromise your ability to carry it out. This is because the writing on the wall begins to glow in flaming neon colors and you more or less have to pay attention.

Look for more and more weird stuff. You ain't seen nothing yet AND... look for the Ukraine situation to explode any day now.

I saw a photo yesterday of the California farmlands. There was this vast stretch of symmetrical dirt rows and no sign of green anywhere. Food prices are rising daily into ever greater levels of public discomfort and this is going to get much, much worse. Once again, the general public is tra la la ing it down the garden path singing, “row.. row... row your boat etc” Just imagine all of the conditions converging on future moments and once again, 'perfect storm' comes to mind. The Ring of Fire is agitated and I'm not talking about Henry Kissinger's haemorrhoids. I'm talking about inevitables that may not be on the clock, so as you could notice but are most definitely on the clock regardless.

Be alert and... if there is any one thing I could share with you that I think is important, it's to make the effort to tune into the intuitive side of your nature and act accordingly.

End Transmission.......

We will try to get a radio broadcast up tomorrow evening.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dirty Harry Sunbathing at the Dead Pool.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings all. This will be the last posting for a week or so; the sites need to be relocated to another host and I need to be relocated as well. So... as soon as these details are settled, you will hear from me again, unless I do an Ambrose Bierce. It's possible that the whole world can change in a relatively short period of time. We've no real indication that this is one of them. As far as I know, my car does not have a black box. It is not listed in the Golf manual that came with it.

There are those who think the missing plane may have landed at Diego Garcia. I wonder how many readers know about Diego Garcia and how we went about the acquisition of it. You know, America is not quite what it likes to present itself as, is it? In a story directly related to nepotism and selling the country out to foreign interests, it's been disclosed that Uber-Corrupt Senator Reid and his son want the Bundy ranch land in order to install a massive solar project in concert with the Chinese. Senator Reid is no stranger to dirty doings as evidenced by his mafia connections. You can Google all of the known facts and it's not just one mobster that makes the same claim, The real question of the day is why isn't Reid generally referred to as 'Dirty Harry', in an ironical sense that is?

Live stream at the Bundy Ranch. I guess it didn't stay live for long. Anyway, while I'm gone, if you need something to occupy your mind, I don't think you can work your way through this before I return. there will be a test at the end of the term.

Here's the sort of individual that Dirty Harry has carrying out his powerful, behind the scenes, will. The militias are mustering and either someone backs off, or Ruby Ridge is going to look like a Sunday picnic. It has to be understood that the rage and resentment in certain locations has been building and building. By this time anyone who isn't stoned or stupid knows that 9/11 was an Inside Job. They may not know that Israel was behind it but... many do. There was the murder of Posse Comitatus and The Constitution. Then there's that whole Homeland Insecurity thing along with the TSA frottage cabal of Local 101 of the Sexual Perverts' Union. They're an affiliate of Local 504 of the Rump Rangers Union for NAMBLA snacking in tandem with all the other Tribe sponsored sex circuses, for the purpose of political to and fros, for the purpose of discord and enmity, for the purpose of carrying out the wishes of their Horned Headmaster. Though it's not on the present menu, paddling will definitely begin making its appearance at some point. Surely you remember these people. Proof of their perspective on us is easily found.

A little digression in the nature of assistance through these troubled waters. It isn't going to appeal to everyone but if one person gets the benefits then the mention is justified. I've been making "The Science of Mind" available on occasion to the interested (not at present though because I am busy for a bit), in any case, here is some resource to the works of Ernest Holmes delivering his own work of video. You might have to pick and choose but what he teaches works and such practices and techniques are invaluable in times like these.

Now where was I? Right! Dirty Harry was sunning himself by The Dead Pool, Bin Julip in hand with a radioactive twist. Mr Apocalypse is coming! Oh yeah! There is an ineffable and he has his/her agents and nothing pleases them more than giving evidence to cynics. I can never quite get my head around how it is that ordinarily intelligent and even brilliant people can consistently confuse religion with the existence of the ineffable, as if the two were connected. It should be readily apparent what religion connects to. As bad as some of us know these people to be, they always prove to be significantly worse than we imagined. Well, we've got religion on the one hand and science on the other. Of course, there's no question this is a useful application but there is also no question where certain business interests intend to go with it.

Mr. Apocalypse is the John Riggins style running back of cosmic change. Not a day goes by when he isn't working it right up the middle. Hopefully Mr Bollyn knows enough to stay out of small planes or cars with computers. As Mr. Apocalypse roams the countryside with his front loader, the other guys are busy running around in all directions with dumptrucks full of shit, which they then dump on any groups of people foolish enough to congregate together, as you can see, one of their favorite dumps of the moment is to fabricate fraudulent blame for the Zio-CIA/Private Contractor bombing of the Boston Marathon on to the shoulders of patsies.

They are most certainly gearing up for a new world war, along with digging bolt holes for themselves in countries around the world. In Russia a massive underground project is taking place in the Urals (they hardly have a choice given that they are under attack from ZATO and Wall Street). In the meantime, the U.S. is selling military technology to Russia and China. This is all the result of corporations running the country; profit at all costs, no matter what the result may be. One of the main attributes of greed is that it is blinding.

This is the most troubling aspect of change pending; when in consideration of having that change exercise itself in the most comfortable manner for the majority of us. The minority of us are intransigent and hate any change that does not bear an attendant material profit for themselves. An unfortunate side effect of this is that some portion of the majority have come to believe that this is how things are done, so they either join in, in their own way, or they tolerate it so as to be left alone (they hope) in their lives of 'quiet desperation.' What this leads to is en masse resistance to change. The problem with that is that change is irresistible. There's some law of physics that relates to this; what happens when the inevitable meets up with someone who is opposed to it making itself present. As a result, Mr. Apocalypse has to lean ever harder and harder upon both circumstance and consciousness, until the proper level of awakening has taken place. In extreme cases this means that the proper level of awakening can't even take place on this plane and has to be effected at some further location. One might note there is an admonition, hopefully 'ill concealed' in this statement (grin).

I'm guessing, since the universe is benevolent and benevolent beyond what we are capable of that this law of physics, whatever it is, is applied on a case by case basis. I don't see the lot of us being binned for the acts of others. It's probably something like the story of Lot with a few pillars of salt along the way as historical markers for posterity; should such a state be on the following horizon; in the aftermath, as it were, after whatever it is that we are getting closer and closer to finally takes place.

I suppose I ought to conclude this closing post with a taste of optimism; some positive reinforcement against the banshee howls of the harbingers of doom that attend the passing of a disreputable age. It's hard to be heard against the volume of their shrieking. I see them now, like massive raptors and steroid infused crows; harridans and harpies of the scavenger multitudes waiting on the dinner bell. Hmmm, I seem to have surfed right past the Exit to Optimism and find myself still on the same highway I was on. No matter, we'll just try again, shall we?

Things come together and things fall apart. Things go up and things go down. People arrive and people depart. People behave well ( not so often as they once might have) and people behave badly. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. Spring is filled with promise and Winter...? Winter is filled with the hope of Spring. Best to make the best one can of Spring before it's completely sprung. Hmmm... that's not entirely positive is it; not quite so foreboding as the last attempt however... perhaps one final effort-

It's a given, should one be a follower of authentic spiritual paths- and there are some number of those- that as one progresses in their efforts, there is an increase of light within, accompanied by a greater illumination upon the darkness without. In the opposite direction, quite the reverse is true. The simple clarity of this and the simple math that invariably adds up to one's destination, equating with ones predominant intention, should not even require further commentary. It is what it is. Now... this might not have been entirely positive either but one certainly has the freedom to make of it what they will. I will point out that these options remain in place the life long, should one ever feel inclined toward some alteration of their former purpose.

End Transmission.......

There won't be a radio broadcast this Sunday due to other considerations. We will attempt to return next week but that remains to be seen.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Mr. Optimism at the Worm Food Sushi Bar.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Onward we go... passed 700 Smoking Mirrors posts a few days ago. Will the internet still be here when number 1,000 rolls around in early 2016 or even before? Mr. Optimism says, "Yes." Mr. Optimism also tells me that quite a few other things won't be around then. Of course what this amounts to is my talking to myself; not the same as discoursing with invisible friends but more like creative schizophrenia. Unbridled schizophrenia is not a good thing cause the horses get out of the pasture, being as parts of the fence are broken down and then, you've got what? You've got rustlers and rattlesnakes, gopher holes and people with horse trailers and bad intentions. Managed schizophrenia is like dual carbs, of course some us us have a four barrel and that's pretty ultimate.

You knew it was just a matter of time didn't you? I did. It is seriously amusing (can I say that?) to watch the western catamite impotents (I couldn't say 'western powers' could I?) accuse Russia of all the things they are doing themselves and there they are. There they are; the lying hypocrites, with their hired mercenaries doing that SAS phony Arabs with Bombs in Basra thing; utilizing the same serial killers that mowed down that crowd in Baghdad (was it?) and after which they did that Prince thing with their name. Hmmm... isn't there some cat called 'Prince' connected with that pack of psychopaths? Yeah... gotta love those coincidental ironies.

Given that there absolutely, positively, unarguably is a divine being, one can readily (if capable) imagine the kind of brier patches he intends to lead these despicable fiends into. Mr. Optimism says, "it won't be long now." My memory consistently draws me back to one of my perambulations with Lord Ayahuasca in Italy, where the ineffable informed me that he was going to show up in the midst of them and catch them with their pants down and how he was going to get diabolically ingenious and followed up with,"and I think you can imagine just how ingenious that might be, given that there are no limits on my capacity or power. No, you can't but you probably have some idea. Wait and see." I'm definitely into 'wait and see' and there's where Mr. Optimism comes in, cause he's critical to that moment to moment, day to day thing. He maintains the attitude necessary for negotiating the crumbling infrastructure of this, 'look what they did to it!' world. Oh right, I'm somewhere where that isn't happening anyway; probably a good idea if I keep mind and body in the same geographical location more often.

What would a posting be without yet one more example of an endless, swishing battalion of professional whiner-speak troublemakers? Yes, it is yet another Zionist spy, caught working on the Mossad dime, to undermine someone else's country. We know this is a gratuitous and self serving fast, which means he'll back off soon enough when he realizes that Cuba is not amused by these predictable antics on the part of the Anti-Gentilists.

Another amusing trend these days is when people decide they are going to push boundaries because, after all; who says you can't play in the NFL if you are a woman? We know it's just a myth about our bodies being different and... and... I don't think I've been so inspired by something like this since the Amazons were amputating a breast so that they could use their bows more effectively.

The behind the scenes pressure from the liquor and tobacco lobbies is fierce when it comes to the federal government AND given who, yet again, owns the former, it's no surprise about how heavy that pressure can be; then you say to yourself; "Well, that can't be true of the tobacco industry too can it?" then you see some of the names and... oh well; back to wait and see... wait and see.

I wonder if that red moon actually means anything? I wonder about a lot of things but not in any kind of a way where it turns out to matter a great deal what's next because everything... winds, by however serpentine and Byzantine route, to a conclusion where it serves the interests of the ineffable. Either we believe this or we don't, or we believe it on Tuesday but not on Wednesday, or we believe it in the afternoon ...but once evening arrives we've slipped back into a state of uncertainty. Ergo, consistency is another major problem that holds hands with self deception and both of them like to sashay down the garden path for an afternoon swim in the septic tank. There's self deception sunning itself on a plastic raft, dreaming of Bin Julips; shark fins are cutting the surface of the water. It's an exciting time.

It should come as no surprise what is going on these days and it should further come as no surprise who is responsible.

And so it goes... what is there for me to talk about that hasn't been sifted and sorted through thousands of similar vignettes, like the one I am presently writing my way out of at this very moment? What is there to say in this realm of worm food that comes and goes? It comes and goes? That's not precisely true, the theater of operations remains ...but the worm food comes and goes. If we had access to real, wide angle, time lapse photography, we'd know a lot more about the things we know all too little about because those things reveal themselves in the consistency of lifetimes and over the course of lifetimes, separate from and unknown to each other and not in particular lifetimes, unless that lifetime is truly exceptional.

It stands to reason, were reason even part of the equation anymore, that any sane person, were sanity a general public trait, would look at the way things are and seek to separate themselves from it as much as it may be possible; to divorce and separate themselves at a wide divide from the insidious darkness of these times. Unfortunately for many, they can see no way out and lack the means, in any case, to effect such a thing. The only ones in a position to take advantage of this option, are those who have been already living apart, according to whatever outcast methodology they came up with that made doing so possible.

I've been living that way most of my life, drifting from one temporary sustenance providing scenario to another. This granted a certain amount of creative freedom but it granted near nothing in terms of amassing assets beyond immediate needs. I've been okay with that. It got me this far; this 'wing and a prayer' way of going about doing things. What I've found is that it gets easier as you go, if your heart has been in the right place all along and if you don't mind adjusting to the adjustments made upon you, when it might have occasionally not been in the right place... and so it goes.

I keep thinking that there's got to be some stage of awareness right around the corner that suddenly makes sense out of all these abstruse conflicts and conditions, which ought to be transparent and easy to understand because they keep cycling and they don't show many anomalies, in the process of their redundancy ...but something isn't right, is it? Something can't be right because it keeps mystifying us; most of us anyway. It's the same thing repeating itself, sometimes in a new shape, with a different coloration ...but nothing else is different. So it seems to me that there must be some time sensitive awareness in waiting, hovering there on the borders of the cloud of unknowing, some few meters beyond the sightline of the saucer pods windshield.

When hope seems but a far off memory; like some kind of faded flower pressed into an old book, you turn the page and there it is. Forgotten scents waft their way upward and you recall other times and climes when things were a great deal different than they are now, or at least they seemed to be. Maybe it's just that you didn't know then what you know now. As I was saying, when hope seems but a far off memory and all the world has gotten gray, like a steel mill town in winter, in those years after that steel mill closed down, when it seems like nothing would ever be right again and all you find yourself capable of to move aimlessly forward toward the possibility of an easy death. It's something you would have hoped for back when hope and you were an item. It is in times like those that serendipity rides in on an out of town bus and you find yourself sitting next to it at a lunch counter, while patches of sunlight dapple across the Formica, like some promise from an elusive benevolence.

I've read so many tales of grueling circumstance and desperate scenarios in which people have found themselves and then... somehow they were on the other side of it and the sun was shining again and all of that, whatever it was, is just a departing memory. How did you get from there to there? Often people can't trace the actual steps. I've found myself engaged in the attempt to do it and come up short. That's because the magic hands of the unseen were at work, as I believe they are now; right now as a matter of fact ...and... all I can say to that is, "we'll see".

End Transmission.......

Sunday's radio broadcast is still available for streaming and so are the angels of the ineffable.

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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Rat Singers, Sirens and Flaming Dumpsters.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I came across this, this morning. These days I also then check the source and the result of that was ; now what am I supposed to think?  on the other hand, during my hyper reality 6 week mega-Kundalini event of a few years past in Italy, I had some experiences with the Rat Singer that closely parallel what's being said here.

The bison are, in fact, running down the road (trying to loosen their load?) but details are sketchy as to why. The Park officials say they are seeking food. That doesn't ring the truth bell in my head. Would they be running? It must be good eats. My personal theory is that they are running to hook up with the woman who used to breast feed them. Leave it to the American Justice System to reward dysfunction with Draconian punishments.

The mystery of the missing jet has been solved and I did it all by myself. Sometimes, if you want something done right, or figured out with accuracy, you got to do it yourself. So it was that I entered into my usual trance state, the one where I can tap into Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos and discovered the real what's what.. You would have access to these mysteries via my paid web site but... since I don't have a paid web site, I guess you're out of luck. Anyways, here's what was revealed to me. When the butt guy retrieved his cellphone from the nether regions, there was a moment of opportunity in which the plane was then flown up there in its place. So... it's unlikely we will ever see the plane or its passengers again, unless the guy with the plane in his butt happens to attend on of those Queer as Folk reunions.

In the interest of seeing as much out there as I can manage and not lose my lunch, I watched some seasons of Queer as Folk and I have to tell you, I was impressed and not in a good way. I had no idea they would go to the extremes that they did to portray the lifestyle. They celebrated certain aspects I would not have expected from them. They counterpointed the unreal sleaze with all the topical considerations of the day. It was very professionally done and I suspect that was intentional as well. I don't bring this up for any particular reason except maybe to showcase this gem of intellectual theoretics.

For some time we have been in a period of full tilt, full on propaganda via nearly all of the media vehicles. As Mcluhan noticed in, "The Medium is the Massage";  he was pretty 'right on' (as they used to say during the time when the book was written). The people behind this phenomena are the same people who used money stolen from you to purchase all of these vehicles for two fold purpose; to control what got proliferated and to deny proliferation to those whose ideas were unseemly to these creatures. That meant, anything which might be critical of their industries. There is very often dual purpose in their antics. It is the same with the slur of 'Antisemitism'. Not only was this created to support the manufactured victimhood of those, whose predatory ways, brought them into conflict with everyone else. It was also to establish a genetic claim to a certain region of The Middle East which they, in fact, have no legitimate claim to, as has been established by DNA testing. Forensic science has put the lie to many of their fabricated claims and Mr. Apocalypse is hard at work bringing the truth through revelation to the sleeping masses. The actual, now displaced, inhabitants of this land do have the correct DNA and so it served the purposes of The Satanists to give the impression that they are the people they displaced and are presently engaged in genociding.

It's past questioning that they are now involved in fomenting World War 3, just as they were the motive force behind all recent holocausts and massacres visited upon Muslim lands. This is INCONTROVERTIBLY SO. No legitimate argument can be lodged against this fact. It is yet to be seen whether their plans come to some amount of fruition or die on the vine. This remains in the hands of the ineffable and upon the collective intentions of all of us in these times.

Here is a classic example of the level of depravity afoot these days. This fraternity has been suspended and it was suspended for this and attendant actions. Scroll down to the phrase, 'evidence locker' to see what was circulated among them. Here's a list of former members of this illustrious fraternity. Nothing of what is going on these days is by accident. This was no more the result of some individual corporate decision than this was Is the public this stupid? It is to be supposed that some portion of them are. Would the fading powers of the day expend so many transparent and sophomoric efforts of the kind if they were not?

Meanwhile, it goes on and on and on.

For those with eyes to see, the hand of the cosmos is visible in all things, whether it be leading or directing to their appointed ends. The nature and quality of evil things are measured out against the acceptable level of ignorance. What does that mean? It means that there is a point near abouts bone deep stupid, where salvation is no longer possible. Above that there is always hope. Some might say that there is always hope for all. This may be true ultimately but... not in any particular life, or even in those periods that demark a turning of the cosmic clock.

This is why the human heart must yearn for higher things and the mind contemplate the visions, brought about by that inspiration, generated through industry in pursuit of it. If ones sight is taken up by the common garbage generated by fiends, one will find themselves in the dumpster there with it. This garbage is most exceptionally flammable and so... spontaneous combustion is a certainty at some point and that is the origin of flaming dumpsters.

It's in our moment to moment that we define ourselves. There is no set scenario in which we are scheduled to show out metal. There are no manhood rites for the truth of one and through which each of us must pass. It is in the moment to moment. It is the right now of forever and always. We are all lashed to the mast of the ship on which we sail. We boarded that ship. We signed on for passage. Did we climb aboard that ship with no recognition of its final port of call? This is not something I have any full knowledge of. Are some eternally doomed to the depravity of their appetites? I have read chilling tales on the matter but... as I believe the universe is essentially benevolent and that there is a great mercy in it for any willing heart, I will not accept the surface evidence of unremitting darkness. If it is true that we carry the light within us, then it is also true that we shall either reveal that light and bring forth the wayshower in the higher chambers of the heart, or bury it in the smoke and sulfur of the lower regions. It is for this fatal attraction that the world now spreads its fan like some diabolical peacock in rut.

I was told some while ago that for some of us, the burdens and struggles that we bear are so great because it is not only our own hopes that we carry with us but the hopes of many another, should we win on to the goal. It's been fantasized that our burdens become lighter as we go. This is not so. The weight of what we carry increases, as our capacity to bear it increases, however, our awareness and attitude make the whole lighter than ever it was when it was a good deal smaller. This is especially so when we are not pulling against ourselves. Our fiercest and most cunning adversary is ourselves and triumph over the self is our greatest victory. Those short of this condition cannot know how fine and glorious this state is. It cannot be said often enough; if we only knew what awaited us outside of this vale of tears, which is so defined because we weep for dead things of no value, we would have no other motivation in this life, or rather, any attending motivation would be tied in with this one or in cooperation with it.

Most certainly the clock is ticking. The clock is ticking now. The cassette is playing. The cassette has a specific length to it. Besides all of this, the opportunities that come and go, are varied with the passage of time. The knocking at the door is fainter. Is it fainter or have we become increasingly more deaf? Faith is that condition which knows intuitively that the light is shining, whether it is visible or not. We come into the light when we depart from our area of personal darkness. Then, all the forces of good will rush to our sides and we will hear angels rather than sirens singing. One can imagine the result of this should one be so inclined.

End Transmission.......

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

An Age of the Miraculous and a Gathering of Perfect Storms.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the world devolves into an ever more broken, spiral of chaos and confusion, those not well anchored, are going to find themselves spun away into outright combativeness or a consistency of venomous passive aggressive low jinks. This is to be expected. The pressure keeps going up and it's starting to turn into the kind of mass disturbance that will soon be routine. The crowd got out of control in Arizona yesterday as well. The joint is jumping in Turkey. You know about all those other places.

The idea of a perfect storm keeps coming to mind; the water drying up in The West, the Earth rumblings. Absolutely crazy shit has become the order of the day on Main Street, Middle America. It's Down the Up Staircase in Topsy Turvyville.

I wasn't all that bright and intelligently objective in earlier times. I'd take off into the wind at the least provocation; friends in need (but they weren't really; not so that anyone but themselves could alter anything), romance, pursuit by Federal and State Law Enforcement (in these cases, there was reason enough) and sundry.

In these later days, I am objectively intelligent, having finally, finally, gained a deal of control over personal drives, passions and desires; with the exception of occasionally acting out and that's necessary, for the purpose of maintaining parity and preventing certain collective impressions from having opportunity to coalesce and prematurely put me in a position, yet to be brought about... if ever. However, being intelligently objective, one of the things I pay attention to (and what has been paid attention to for me) is to reside on islands of safety. When Bush came on the horizon, I was soon after, snatched away to Europe. as the present chapter, in its present permutation, comes to a close (very amicably), suddenly there appears, through what one can only call supernatural circumstances, a new island of safety, even more so than here, if such a thing were possible.

To the extent that you fall back, fall back deep and into the warm darkness, filled with unseen light, until is can been seen; to the extent that you do, the progress and direction of your life will be taken over by agents of The One. Prior to this; prior to one's intentional acquiescence, in some cases, this is still in effect, but one is working at cross purposes to it. Once that resistance is done away with, there is an indescribable ease of living.

I have mentioned Thomas Cole (of the Hudson River School) and his four part series of paintings called, "The Voyage of Life". Today I call attention to the last picture, in which a man is standing in a boat with his hands in prayerful pose. Note the condition of the sky and water. I conjoin this with Yogananda's admonition; "If you don't look for god in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter." I'm bringing this all back up again because of the area of time in which we find ourselves. This year will stand as a demarcation line between before (whatever it is, singular or multiple that comes to pass) and after. If one has not been diligent in pursuit of the divine, one should be so now because, as relates to the temporary 'window of mercy'... it is temporary.

As you can see, The Jim Stone website is still hot and heavy on this case, which I have been told he has nothing to do with and he's claiming that websites were hacked to get rid of photos and all kinds of other yadda yadda. See... claims like this up the woo woo and give that fearless fedora hatted reporter thing. Now he has a newly worked ass-cam photo that looks like some video snapshot from a Donovan song in the 60s. He mentions you emailing him if you can get through the censors. There's a whole lot of drama queen going on there; just my impression.

People may, or may not, be aware of the big flapup between Henry Makow and Jeff Rense over Jim Stone's Fukushima theories. It certainly looked to me like the whole conflict was orchestrated ahead of time (of course I don't know for sure) for the result that followed and in order to create a certain kind of celebrity. One need only consider the source as far as the likelihood and credibility might go; who the players so engaged were. This has been followed by one sensational claim after another and this was followed by the usual "my phone is tapped, my emails are bugged, they are after me and I fear for my life, send money', kind of thing. There is a marked similarity between this writer and Sorcha Faal. I'm guessing he's an operative but I don't actually know. What I do know is that there is far too much contention and sensationalism afoot around this individual.

I took my time over the previous week, analyzing all relevant data. I can't know what is intentional and what is amazing coincidence. Maybe it's a product of the stars. What is certain is that there are ways around it and I am taking one of them, which is why I'm going to 'disappear' myself from the comments section. If you need something answered by me (and I'm in a position to do so), email me. This way I can close down a certain venue for conflict. I don't belong there anyway. I belong here. Should something seem imperative, I will post it at the bottom of the post.

One thing we can be sure of as we go through our lives and especially if we have any measure of success, is that we are sure to stir resentments for all the obvious reasons. It's also certain that you don't have to worry about being paranoid because, for sure, people are out to get you. You might be wrong about who ...but vigilance beats indifference any day of the week. Sometimes it's just the kind of rivalry where a person thinks they'll make a reputation off of controversy with someone else. Sometimes it's cause you stepped on their sacred frogs, or wounded their vanity, or diminished their areas of expertise; for no other reason than that you don't take that end of things seriously. It doesn't mean what they are into doesn't have merit, at least for them it does.

A lot of life is personalities. Some are okay with just being themselves. Some are not and they need to be stroked and made to feel important, even though none of us are, or all of us are. A lot of people think they can do things better than you do and don't understand why life hasn't tapped them on the shoulder for whatever it is; it never occurring to them that they have to do something in order for it to happen. It's the easiest thing in the world to snipe from the sidelines and to be a Monday Morning Quarterback. There are a lot more of them than there are real quarterbacks.

I should mention that none of what's said here is directed to anyone here. It's just a snapshot of routine human behavior, which I have noticed in my travels.

The truth is that all the knowledge in the world won't save your soul and God doesn't care at all how much you think you know or how intelligent you think you are. We're blind, naked and uninformed is what we are, all of us. The fundamental difference between the wise and the fools, is the wise know how little they know. The wise live in an awesome regard of the awesome. They are utterly reliant on it. Some of them are considered crazy and run around naked in the jungle. Some of them will throw rocks at you or chase you with a stick. Some won't talk to you at all. Some of them are more normal appearing and they clean up well. Perhaps they are the front men for the others. I don't know.

Like most of you; I make my way the best that I know how. I read things according to my own antenna and my experience has been that my antenna is near one hundred percent. My other faculties are not. What I have found is that you can't reason with the unreasonable and the self involved. You'll wind up wounded or frustrated if you try. You can trust everyone, or no one, or think you've got the eye to tell when and how much. What you learn after a certain point is that you just do what you do and let the chips fall where they may. Everything gets sorted at some point and all motives, agendas and the like are revealed at the proper time.

We've said it here many times but it doesn't register with certain people. I made it very clear, regular like, that I would treat with comments in exactly the way they struck me, on purpose and at the level that I perceive the intent to be, to maintain a particular persona. As long as there is a danger I will be taken for someone I am not, that is going to continue. The good news is that I hold no resentments whatsoever. Something gets said, it's done, that's it; at least on my end. So far, that has seldom been the case on the other end but it's not my problem.

The sun is shining today in celebration of a perfect spring. Spring is a fact of Nature, so it can be said that there is Spring within us too, should we care to tap it. Winter is there as well. If you look at elderly people, for the most part, they are elderly. They are bent over, slow, predictable in their actions and pursuits. If they are ahead of you in the supermarket line, when it comes time to pay, you can rest assured that once the paper money has been given, they will painstakingly extract coins from their coin purse and count them out to the penny. Sometimes this involves more than a dozen coins. I've never seen it be less than six, that is, "if six were nine" (grin). They are old and their consciousness cooperates with this perception. This does not have to be their condition but they embrace it as they do all attendant delusions that are broadcast for their enslavement.

When I bought my car from this fellow, he of course, needed my passport and so he saw my age. I heard him say, "Wow". Somehow I knew why that was and I said, "It's my age right?" He said, "Yes, you look very much younger." Now, truth be told, I may look a little younger than I am. Before I had my experience in Italy (which drained me good... or is it bad?), the common perception around here was that I was around thirty five to forty five. I'm guessing that's not the case any more. I'm hoping to return to my former form (grin) in time. The point is, the reason that fellow thought I was much younger was not due to my appearance. It was due to my energy and the way I move. I don't have any of that slow and bent over kind of thing. Maybe I wasn't bent over enough along the way (grin)? This is one of the perks that comes with hosting the ineffable, to the extent that you can. And you can keep getting younger, literally. Look at this picture of Guru Bawa...

Guru Bawa

...and he was well over a hundred years old at the time. Well, how about one more:

Guru Bawa

He looked that way when he was discovered sitting in a tree in the jungle and he looked that way 60 years later, which was the last time I saw him. I don't have what he has but I am gunning for it.

This is an age of the miraculous and a gathering of Perfect Storms. It's all location specific, both within and without. Intensification can come any minute, both within and without. Here's an analogy. Let's say that there appears in the sky one of those big round magnets on a crane that lifts cars, only bigger. Let's say that some people are magnetic for this and some are not. Some have been seeking to be magnetized and... in accordance with, "seek and ye shall find" and "knock and it will be opened unto you." that magnetism will occur if you should sincerely seek it. At some point that magnet switches on. Maybe it's a little like "The Rapture", only it's as dissimilar as it is unlikely, that those fixated on that interpretation of the experience will experience it. It's like that fundamentalist disconnect in Islam that fast tracks insane mindsets. All fundie creeds do this and that makes them easily manipulated by Satan's agents on Earth. If you don't know who that is then you probably think it's those permanently unidentifiable, shadow cats in the background because you are either too compromised, ambitious or fearful to see it as it is.

You can be filled with energy because the spirit is just that. The living expression of the ineffable will channel through you, if you will permit it to. All that is required is to put the personal will in subjugation to the ineffable. This process can and will take place through seeking and allowing. Of course, surrender is no walk in the park; bad as you may want it, it's not easy. I spend all day in the attempt and contemplation of it. This occurs when it is supposed to, despite all your efforts otherwise. Effort seems to be an incorrect term, or at least ironic to a certain magnitude. There's nothing accidental about these things being said, or your reading them. Time will tell if some non accident will happen, or it just be an ongoing accident.

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