Saturday, December 30, 2017

Aloha 2017 and Welcome, Welcome 2018; Reflections and Predictions.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's that time of the year when, at any moment it could be next year and you are looking at last year in the rear view mirror, even when, moments before, it was still this year. Just like that! We are in a new time zone. Time zones; not the geographic kind, are more like a state of mind than anything else. It's what you think it is because 'thinking makes it so'. As Descartes once said a few hundred years ago; “I think, therefore I am not a retard.” Now, that might not be verbatim but it's close enough for metaphysics. My point is that the year is going to change and your life will change but... maybe not because it is often a case of wish in one hand and shit in the other. They say hope is the last thing to die and I think that is because it is the most questionable of emotional weather fronts. ♫wishin and hopin♫

Hope and faith are not the same. There is always more potential delusion in Hope than in Faith. A little known secret is that it is less important who and what you have faith in than the level of Faith engaged. Anyone who has studied or applied The Science of Mind knows that Faith is a power unto itself, devoid of icon or archetype. It also explains the parity between the seemingly simple minded and the complexity of a genius intellect.

What did we have last year? We had a full cycle of Boobus Presidentus, counterpointed by the biggest aggregation of lying weasels that the western world of skidmarked, yellow journalism has ever known. We had a plasticized Louis the 14th, iron pyrite gilded, numbnut, representing the Wal-Mart, every day all day, Black Friday, feeding frenzy of Materialism gone full Berserker and we had a regiment of which gave birth to the Fake News Meme.

Trump played them like a violin when it seems most of the time that he couldn't play a Formica table top. He did become extremely proficient at the Jew's Harp, though we suspect more than a little Milli Vanilli was involved. He did things like declare Jerusalem as the capital of Rothschildlandia. As you know, Rothschildlandia was a criminal enterprise that got sovereign state immunity, in order to rape and pillage at will around the world. That continued to go on throughout the declining year.

The George Soros funded Wack Lives Matter went turbo, or nova as you prefer and resulted in Soros and sundry busing in Antifa Thugs from around the country to Ferguson for some good old fashioned rioting. Tranny-speak and Gender viscosity was in the news every day and sexual parasites were unmasked throughout Hollywood in order to create an opacity over the spread of rampant pedophilia. This has resulted in hysterical Invasion of the Body Snatchers finger pointing by anyone with an axe to grind or a payday in mind and is now completely out of control. I have so far not been accused so... there is that.

There were a lot of violent false flags engineered by the usual MKUtra, Tavistock psychopaths.;

Some people had an appropriate take of the year in review.

There were hurricanes aplenty from Houston to Puerto Rico. ♫my heart's devotion, let it sink back in the ocean♫ Hey, don't blame me for that line, blame Stephen Sondheim. Trump went after the asthmatic kid down the street with the sunken chest and the mental problems.

Kim Jong Un

Actually... I think this is a better picture.

Trans Kim Jong Un

Chuck Berry checked out and so did a whole lot of others as is always the case across the span of a year. You can now buy a Pussy Hat on Ebay and... for the adventurous they got the battery operated multi use kind but I think you got to go to another site for that.

Trump took a Trump-Dump on the Global Warming Illuminati Carbon Tax scam and stepped out of the Asia Pacific Trade agreement or whatever it's called and he said bad things about the Israeli run NATO_ZATO but over the course of the year they snapped his slot car ass back onto to the rail and he's good to go wherever that may lead whether to Doom or Perdition, both of which I think are towns in one of the Bible Belt states.

Suits alumni Meaghan Markle or whatever her name is got engaged to the goosestepping Prince from the UK. It was a rough and tumble year- Israel's effort to destroy Syria with their captive American military might and head chopping mercenaries went belly up thanks to Putin, who was pilloried in the vulture press even more than Trump-Dump. AND...

It was the year of Virtual Currency where a whole lot of those formerly closed out of the economic spectrum made a whole lot of money and hardly anyone sent me any donations (grin) on this my worst year- by far- ever... so someone must suspect I did well too. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! I never have relied on anyone but the ineffable and ONE WAY OR ANOTHER he/she/it has taken good care of me while kicking my ass at the same time (grin) again and again.

And that leads us to our vain predictions for this coming year as we look into the magic 8-ball and I really do have a real crystal ball which I can't see anything in.

There will be a major war. Isn't there always? It will be the brain child of Deep State Zionist Atheist Satanists and the public will go along but they are going to get found out.

There will be at least 3 major false flag mass murder events and very likely some shit will get blown up. Highly placed individuals are going to be exposed in really unfortunate ways and the whole world will gasp at a few of them.

Virtual currency is going to go through the roof and get into a helicopter and fly out of sight and a lot of a few people are going to make a lot of money and walk away with it... if they do it at the right time. There is going to be a terrific financial crisis, engineered by the fiat ghost money monsters as a defense on behalf of their ongoing control of the wide world which is now seriously challenged by Digital Currency and other things.

Aliens are going to be big news and there is likely going to be attempts on the lives of some of the most powerful men in the world.

Mr Apocalypse is going to get flat our serious about exposing all kinds of hinky and kinky things that have been fornicating under the radar for a long time.

The stupidity and profanity of social justice warriors and minority sex junkies is going to force its way into the mainstream and become a total embarrassment all over the place. The push back from organized Christianity is going to be fierce and it will be more and more clear who is behind all this nonsense.

A time will come when a lot of people are in fear that the world is going to end.

Corporations are going to be full steam ahead with sexing up prepubescent children and what passes for music is going to lower the limbo bar to the point that the soundtrack will have Chinese subtitles. The evils of manufactured infernal culture are going to be epic!

New technologies are going to change the world as we know it. Someone is going to try to do something about Amazon. Really amazing inventions are in the event horizon. There has never been a year of inventions like the year ahead.

There is going to be a spiritual revival and possibly a charismatic personality or two are going to attract droves of bobbleheaded Nimrods. It's going to be a new kind of chaos with cellphones and social networking and the health concerns of the former are going to be revealed as never before.

Have I covered everything? Not hardly. There are going to be plenty of surprises you may be sure.

I wish you all the most prosperous and fulfilling of times to come and may the ineffable richly bless you with all that there is to understand, that might be revealed ...and that can be enjoyed.

End Transmission.......

In recent times I have been the recipient of nasty little efforts by the usual anonymous; more so than has been the case in a long while. We aren't concerned with it and after the initial introduction we don't even bother to read any of it. We also bin it automatically as it shows up. Anonymous has no rights here when it comes to slander, ad hominem and general garbage mindedness. If anything we are flattered to awaken such reactions among such types. We must be doing the right thing!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And God Bless you to the limits of your gratitude and beyond.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Digital Currency is the new Woo-woo WTF! ...and it is Here to Stay.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am not a financial guy. I make no claims in that regard and I am not about to. I am an intuitive guy and I would be willing to match that particular feature with anyone. I was told not that long ago that things were going to change for me in many ways and I can literally see where that has been true. Bit Coin came to my attention a few months ago as a viable thing; suddenly, just like that. Someone then asked me for investment advice and if you are reading this, consider what I am about to say as a portion of that advice updated ...and use your common sense and use you own internal radar. I promise and guarantee nothing except as affirmation of promises already made by the ineffable and which you should be familiar with and if you are not then you are in some kind of trouble.

When I first started telling a particular person about Bit Coin, it was at just over a thousand dollars. They farted around and then they and certain other people all said, “Okay, let's go.” By that time it was at $4500.00 meaning they lost a substantial amount that could have led to them, today, having made 16 times their investment. As it is they are between 3 and 4 times.

Two nights ago I got an internal memo saying something should be done about Bit Coin Cash. I did not even know what that was. Apparently, Bit Coin Cash is some kind of a 'fork' that took place a short while ago in the Bit Coin structure. Two nights ago Bit Coin Cash jumped about 30%. This morning I saw that it had gone from $3500. to $4000+ the day previous it was at $3100. Someone who paid attention to me did very well; like thousands and thousands of dollars to the good. I have gotten another internal memo that said, “put some eggs in the Ethereum basket because it will never be around $700.00 again. Then I got another birdie in my head that said a soon to be released virtual currency called EOS, which is presently around $5.00 (just looked and it is over $12.00) is going to multiply exponentially over and over. I was told to look into something called Privacy Currency and of course, the just released Peer Play which will be using the app engine; Bookie is... I think, going to go through the roof! Especially because 2018 is World Cup year and I suspect that world wide it is the biggest sustained sport betting period that there is. Peer Play is a platform that levels the sports betting field and is unshakably honest and 'cannot be' corrupted. It gives you an even chance to prosper and not get ripped off by the house because the odds always favor the house and the house cheats. I do not doubt that for a minute. The house cannot cheat with this.

How can it not be that Peerplay is going to be worth many fortunes in time to come and that time not far off. Virtual Currency is here to stay.

Listen up!!! This is an apocalypse! This is a grand apocalypse!!! It comes once every 26000 years {whew!}. An apocalypse is a time of change. An apocalypse is a time when the reins of power change hands. A time of apocalypse is when long standing infrastructures are set to tumble to the ground and be rebuilt according to the prevailing tenets of the new age that we are now in. A time of apocalypse is when the living force and light and teachings of the ineffable are redefined in concert with the coming age(s); religions crumble and are reconstructed into something more precisely reflective of what is and not what was. The corruptions, perversity and decadence of recent centuries and centuries before are stinking up the joint, are permissive of anything the sold out sluts in Halloween outfits want permitted. Everything has become a whore's gallery.

Look at journalism. Journalism has often been a questionable source of information because most of the time it is owned by those who use it to promote and justify their agendas. There must have been a time where they were more honest and truthful than they are now because now they are out humping all and sundry in every dark alley all the way up and down Sunset Strip, Ventura Blvd, Broadway, Colfax Ave and what have you; Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd. You don't want to try to walk these and they are doing their business in every alley all up and down the way.

If all these other things are changing and everything else I haven't mentioned are changing then... aren't the financial systems going to change? And... if the internet is the biggest Woo-woo WTF going and cellphones are the digital prophets of the deus ex machina machine, doesn't it stand to reason that virtual currency will be the next big thing and can most assuredly transform the quality of your life? ...and if you get in on it now and especially if you got in on it before; holy shit! Of course you need to know what you are doing because there are allegedly, over a thousand digital currencies.

Let me intrude here and say, NOTHING is more valuable than to Love and seek the Ineffable, Period!

There are, according to someone, 6 important currencies and Litecoin keeps appearing all over the place and I have said nothing about it (don't know why- besides that I know little about it and that extends to all the rest of them too). The critical point is that, if everything else is changing then why not the financial system? Twitter Junkie Warren Buffet is seriously down about Bitcoin Cash and wailing on Ethereum.

He seems to be behaving like an arrested development Ritalin Clown and pogo sticking through the room like a pregnant woman who has to pee, going on and on about giving away truffle like slivers of Bit Coin, if you do this or you do that. Warren Buffet is a big time mover and shaker, so is Jamie Dimon and all kinds of other investment bankers who do not and never have had our best interests in mind and I don't care what you say about Berkshire Hathaway and how we all get to feed at the big automat downtown. Mostly none of them like digital currency. Why? Because they don't control it. Yes, there are arguments that the NSA-Deep State came up with all of these. I think that's horseshit, or some variant of excrement. Of course, I think the ineffable is behind everything, either through initiating it or permitting it for the purpose of demonstration and educated evolution.

The international bankers have fucked up the world, created all those gruesome wars, impoverished people, created famines and grasping, paranoid robot cultures, forcing the populaces to march in regimented sequences or huff and puff their way to an early grave on one treadmill or another. They are crocodile swine. They eat everything and their single by-product is waste, stinking waste. They are losing their grip. It's granted that they will engineer a financial crisis asap, or whenever it is likely (in their minds) to profit them the most. It is going to bite them in the ass.

The #metoo movement, headed by the fugly tandem of Tarana Burke and Rose McGowan makes me shake my head at the irony of this woman being the face of the movement.

Tarana Burke

I don't know the details but on what planet are they lining up to sexually harass this woman? I don't want to be cruel. I do not want to be mean but... this is really bizarre. Then there is Rose, who is the modern day incarnation of Madame Dufarge and who is supposedly an actress but if that is the case then so was Vanna White. I watched this whole thing happen and saw her opportunism manifest like something flowering out of the loam of the fruitful soil of this sanctimonious and hypocritical age. She and Colin Kaepernick are Siamese Twins of shameless self promoting figureheads who recognizing that their best days were behind them (or never existed in the first place), made the leap into another kind of celebrity. In NO WAY do I wish to diminish the actual suffering that so many women have experienced at the hands of brutish and rutting troglodytes like Weinstein and ilk. My bone of contention is with these two raging amoralists who are only about being front and center stage and nothing else. As for Tarana, I just find it strange. It is very strange, the appearance factor and I am not about judging anyone for their looks, I am no Tom Cruise but... given the particular context of the nature of sexual harassment... how... how did Tarana become the face of the movement? This is another of those cosmic in your face ironies that is too close up for the rest of us to see with any clarity.

Okay, I probably stepped in it good with that particular digression but it's been hammering at my head for some while now and I thought I would just allude to it in passing... as we are now passing (grin). In any case, Rose McGowan comes across as a hysterical (hopefully) metaphorical knife wielding Fatal Attraction type who we had better hope never gets any real power because the Madame Dufarge comparison is truly eerie; keeping in mind how the planetary alignment of the last eclipse mirrored the alignment of planets during the French Revolution. Madame Dufarge was not a nice person. She was also not a real person. I am guessing there are many who did not know this.

It will get bloody and messy as the currencies collide. The world is changing, at every level and not least so at the conscious level. It's all burbling to the top. It is all percolating out of the sub conscious because the great sea of the collective unconscious is tranformatively restless. There is going to be ♫a whole lotta shakin going on♫

I am not trying to tell anyone what to do with their investments. That is not my field of enterprise or endeavor. It is simply that, of late, the ineffable has opened this area of industry to my awareness and for whatever the reason, I have been spot on, spot on and some people have done very well accordingly. It is my hope they know when to get out. Even given that you have to pay taxes on what you made, you are still going to walk away with a pile, if you took my advice back when- and some of you did- because you are now tens of thousands to the good. How long it will continue to go up I do not know. I do not know what is brewing in the background. I do not believe the world of virtual currency will collapse because I have looked at the way it is put together and it's solid. If you are looking to maximize your potential, now is the time. Even if it goes up and down for a bit, it will not, I do not think, drop too far below where it presently is and it won't stay there if it does.

You have been warned, or advised, as the case may be (grin).

End Transmission........

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Fiat Currency and Ghost Money got Bit in the Literal Ass by Bit Coin.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Dong! Dong! Ding! Dong! Bring out the dead! Bring out the dead! It is the death of fiat currency. It is the shuddering corpse of the international banker! It is the gasping, oxygen starved, equity starved body of the centuries old, vampire slavers of humanity, with tubes coming out of the nose and tubes in the arm, tubes of new waves curling, left breaking, surfing avatar, coming into shore. “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound”- of world shaking change.

The hot breath of Satan curls the hairs at the nape of the neck of the Baron Rothschild's and ritual child killing George Soros, laughing in their brief hour, plunging the sacrificial knife into the chest of despoiled innocence. The weeping, tormented children writhe and squirm on the black altar of dancing demons, drinking their blood. They are like goats pissing on themselves before the rut. Their hour has come round at last and they are in a frenzy to tear and rend, until the final tortured seconds of this passing age. The thresher toothed mouth of Hell opens and the siren call of the apocalypse sings them home.

Well here it comes! Dan dan da dan dan... here comes the light...Whoa whoa... here comes the light♫

Bit Coin is past 15,000 dollars. Venezuela has taken their national currency and is about to turn it entirely into crypto-currency. South Korea is riding the Bit Coin Train. They don't care that they are paying a premium, Bit Coin will amortize that in a few days! They'll pay whatever they have to. Japan is riding Pullman on the Virtual Currency Train. Two months ago, the talk was all about Bit Coin sinking because China was closing down the virtual currency exchanges. It's been three months since that was so present in the news and now... I haven't heard a thing.

Wait a minute... at one point China had 90% of Bit Coin. They closed the market and Bit Coin is still climbing. WTF???

What has been running this manifest world for a good long while? What has made America so rich? Why are smart people saying, “Get out of cash now?” This is a spiritual war and the invisible as ever, pulls the strings of the visible. The money monsters have been using debt based currencies to create depressions, famine, wars and any tragedy one can imagine to keep the public in line and hungry. When they aren't hungry, new hungers are manufactured. Desire is whipped into a frenzy. Black Friday is the true holiday of runaway Materialism and Wal-Mart is its prophet.

When you look at the doom-sayers and nay sayers of Crypto-currencies it turns out to be the sleaziest bloody pulpit, financial Elmer Gantry's going; like Jamie Dimon. Meanwhile as the hypocrite rails against Bit Coin, he's working to create his own blockchain currency. Bwahahahahahaha!!!

I am not a financial wizard, nor an eminence grise, without portfolio or association with any particular system of thought. What I do know is that they can't shut down Bit Coin, or any of the others without destroying themselves. They can't shut down the Internet without stabbing themselves in the vitals. So they are trying to control access and fast track the bullshit and marginalize the truth into the slow lane. No matter what they try to do, they aren't going to be able to succeed at it.

In the background behind all the manufactured hoopla about serial female abusers and moving the embassy to Jerusalem (proving that Sheldon Adelson owns Donald Trump) and the obvious hot spot wars and terror incidents that are going to come out of it; despite profane entertainments of dumbed down talentless hacks who aren't even old enough to drink. The video is there to be astounded by; are they really promoting this kind of thing?

Uh... yeah, they are. ALL OF THESE hooked claw hands waving in your face, while you are trying to text while driving for one reason; stop Mr. Apocalypse at all costs. Once the money power has been routed away from the grasp of the international bankers, it's going to be open season on the biggest lies in recent lifetimes. I call your attention to this one and most certainly, of course, to this one. Along with these pending exposures (and we are already seeing the hydra heads of this perverted Leviathan rising from the subconscious ocean up to the surface mind) is coming the twisted sex and death rituals and routines of the elite and which will turn Pizza Gate into a mere side dish.

They know it's coming. They feel that hot breath at the back of their necks. They feel the cold chill at the ear lobes as the voice of the crypt whispers... “You are coming with me. You are coming with me. Your time is ending and judgment is at hand.” It is as clear as crystal to see. They have, or did have, two primary advantages of manifest force and power until now; one is the money and their appearance of control and the other is the occult practices that they have going full time to the end of public hypnotics and the impress of Fear. Both of these are having their water cut off. On the one hand is the death of their financial sway and on the other is the fact that the devil works for God so... and let me point out, “all things work together for good to those who love the lord.” So... this means that whatever they have been up to is actually being routed to their own devastation and the power they had over truth tellers speaking out because of their currency control is vaporizing... disappearing in thin air because it was only GHOST MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Mr Apocalypse is here! The avatar is here. Is the avatar a single great soul, embodied in flesh that conceals from the unawakened eye the glorious light of the power of God, which it is an incarnation of; or is it the incremental surge of realization coming to life in the collective human heart? Is it both simultaneously? That it is, in some form, is the important thing. The force is with(in) us and it's not a Lucas Production. It's been coming and coming for longer than most anyone besides The Logos has been watching. We are neither pro nor con with the Theosophists. What we do know is that they have access to occult history. Try finding occult history. It's very hard to locate. I spent years finding the amounts that I was able to study from Plato to any number of writers and visionaries, most of the evidence of which got burned to cinders in the library of Alexandria but it's there is you go looking and you look hard enough and you know where to look. Often, one source leads to another source and another source ...and occasionally to an entire compendium of what may or may not have occurred.

It is changing right in front of our eyes but it is difficult to see because the claw hooked hands are waving wildly in front of our eyes and crying out, “Look here, no look there, how about this? How about that? It's a wired talking sex toy, something like Amazon Echo, working out of a functioning dildo. It is increasing levels of manufactured distraction, whose purpose is to keep you from seeing that it is changing right in front of your eyes and it is changing at every level. Viewed from the surface it looks one way, seen in the gears and pistons and compression chambers behind the scenes it looks very different. When you look even behind that into the realm of numbers and symbols, which are in certain cases reservoirs of potential power for those who know the formula for setting it into action, then... then it is something different again. When you move even further past that, into the consciousness of angels and the mind of God, well... heh heh, you can't. Some can experience the consciousness of angels but to be aware in the mind of God you must be God. Of course there is a mystery there.

As far as accessing the mind of God, there is a way that can be accomplished in a purely personal way, according to your talents and awareness and that is through inspiration and intuition. These forces flow down and you can put yourself in the way of them. It's like standing under the shower. You do have to put yourself in the shower to begin with, however...

My friends, there are reasons to be giddy with excitement and to be filled with positive expectation in these times of transition and transformation but... that has always been the case. My friends, that has always been the case, forget about the incredible possibilities of the moment. The moment has always been at hand for those who practice the Greatest Commandment and know what the implications are because through faithful performance of this, you make any time into a time like this or any time where the potential is off the charts ...because for those who love the ineffable it is always off the charts because it is outside the box, it is beyond the parameters and artificial boundaries of this sensory perceived stage of existence. As much as the almighty is wedded into the fabric of manifest life and as much as manifest life is composed of the body of God, the ineffable is still always distinct and apart from all form and transition in and out of... matter into energy and into matter again and whatever. Swedenborg rightly said, "the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith" because... because? Otherwise it would have to descend.

In other words, no matter how much appears to be in manifestation, there is always more that is not manifest than is manifest. This is yet more evidence that the divine is all powerful. The divine has more power in reserve than has ever been in expression.

Carpe diem! Carpe momentum! Carpe aeternum!

End Transmission.......

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Computating the Algore-Rithims, Danced to by Ronald McDonald Clowns.

In case you missed it Geek-Tech-Visible has produced another WTF about block-chains and hoping it doesn't look like pasta made by squeezing the product through a chain-link fence.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There he is, sitting atop the writhing, big teeth, spirochetes in the Petri Dish. I am reminded of the Buddha, in asana on the lotus. The lotus being my 'focused indifference' (is there such a thing?) to the animated murk of toxic frustration, seasoned with rage which burbles in the cauldron. “Let me out of here!” They scream, while burrowing deeper into the pornographic compound of lifetimes worth of slobbering hungers, coiling out of the black hole stomach of insatiable appetite. The more they eat the more they want, as the consumed devours the consumer ...from the inside out. Why do you think people get so bent over as they age? That is the sucking inward force of runaway gut famine; 'hai fame?'. If that doesn't translate well, I've got a few algore-rithms to help you with that global warming heartburn, acid reflux which, I can tell you, is caused by not adding honey or maple syrup (forget sugar) to your tomato, pasta sauce while it is cooking, so that you can skim the purple scum. This is exacerbated by eating too fast and not allowing the 50% of digestion that is 'supposed' to take place in the mouth to take place. If you add in the general stress of having to be here, you're looking at an exponential perfect storm... in your belly. Go ahead, ask me anything! It doesn't matter if I have the answer, I know someone who does.

Of everything of an esoteric nature that I possess, friendship is definitely on the fingers of one hand. I don't have much exoterically and I am guessing that is because I am not burning out my own stomach lining, with the fire of desire- for shit brushed with oil slick rainbows, fake sun bathing in the neon glow of some Blade Runner nightmare. It's kind of like being in bed with Steve Martin or John Candy and asking, “how about those Bears!” when you wake up out of a dream with your hand between two pillows; it's worse because it turns out to be Bruce Willis and he's telling you about how he and Morgan Freeman are 100% behind George W. Bush, who green lighted the Israeli death troops that orchestrated 9/11.

There is no question in my mind that it is not the full blown psychopathic Satanists like the Rothschilds and their front man, Soros that is the biggest problem. It's the rank and file, dumber than a rock, sycophantic genuflectors who don't even know what they are genuflecting before and who would really like to meet Kim Kardashian and who think Kanye is as talented as Dylan or that he's some kind of Back to the Future talent agent. It gets really crazy at a certain point. Here's what I know, Kanye and Kim and a collection of others all made a deal with the the conscious darkness; literally/ and so the untrue accolades, roll down the hill like a tsunami wall of shit. I've heard some of Kanye. I had to go and listen to confirm what my eyes already told me and which my ears did not require for confirmation and he is one of the most talentless and self absorbed Ronald McDonald type clowns that I have ever encountered. I can, off the top of my head- ...and I don't do rap- blow him right out the door, with no prep or crib notes of any kind; without thinking about it. And lest anyone thinks I'm doing Charlie Parker on my own horn, I think this wouldn't be all that difficult for an autism candidate with a stutter problem.

For years, occasions would occur where I had the woeful opportunity to see Ellen Degenerate perform comedy. Not once did I smile, much less laugh. She was so incredibly not funny that I couldn't believe she was allowed to do it and certainly was mystified at those who thought she was hilarious. I didn't know then what I know now. She's in that aforementioned collective and do not pay yourself the disservice of not believing that certain ceremonies take place among the willingly and desperately seeking damned and those pushing their way to the gibbet. Is she a concern of mine? Then why even bring her up? It's complicated (grin). They say, “in the Kingdom of the Blind, the one eyed man is king.” So... if you can only see half of the action, the totally blind are guaranteed to blind side you with a frequency... enough to provoke you into making commentary of those who are engaged in poking their eyes out which, brings us back to Fairellen and I know the majority of you appreciate my cobbled together Frankenstein creation of digressing metaphors walking in a circle.

Now for the spiral; This just in- God is real!

Then there is the latest hit n' run. Seriously... a hit n' run? Meanwhile, he was hitchhiking? Good God. Mr. Apocalypse is holding his sides, silent laughter spirals upward, interdimensionally; it's set on 'vibrate'. He is not laughing about the hit n' run victim but at the consternation confoundment of those watching the infrastructure of their manufactured illusion, where the public gets whiteboarded. Waterboarding is more of an RSVP thing. Yes... their entire Lego construction of bloodstained burlesque has got invisible Rockettes kicking them between the legs. We've mentioned a time or two that conflict known as The Battle of Morannon; reason we bring it up is because of what happened immediately following The Ring taking a ride with Gollum into the lava inferno of Mt. Doom. The armies of Sauron lost their minds. This was because the focus of Sauron was taken off of the battle and it was his will that held his soldiers in the performance of their roles, just as it is the borrowed force of another will that presently directs and paces all sorts of undesirable drama on the brightly lit stage of life. The ne'er do wells at The Morannon went running off in every direction, even though they outnumbered the good guys ten to one. What have we said here about the 10% factor? Given also the amount of those being subliminally motivated through the subconscious, via telepathic invasion, one could say we are vastly outnumbered as well; hoping that 'we' actually applies to all and sundry 'here' on this Sunday ♫Sundry Sunday, I trust that day♫

Yes... Mr. Apocalypse told me that also, that he would drive them mad; “those whom the God's would destroy they first drive mad.” Let me turn up the amp a tad here by mentioning also that the end result of Materialism is insanity, moving in increments, by degrees, until it is full on batshit crazy, 'abandon hope all ye who run screaming through here.' Edvard, we hardly knew ya, until we knew ya more than we are presently comfortable with. “Is that your phone or mine?” “Oh right, sorry, it's theirs... reaLLY sorry actually.”

Okay, he told me he was going to show up right in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of the world; a little double entendre irony there? As lambs in vengeance suckle at the teats of irony. That's happening in hi-def right now. It's looking like a Jacobin Thanksgiving dinner. Don't matter if “j'accuse” is legitimate or not, with the PC inoculations looking like the crowds on line outside Wal-Mart on Black Friday- ♫I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky (yikes!) I wanna see it painted, painted-painted, painted black♫ They are presently lining up for the going mad sequence just as soon as the pants down polka and a few other necessary interludes take place. Okay... maybe I got lucky (don't believe in luck, don't believe in Yoko either, just believe in the ineffable) with the first one but... the second one too? By the way, it is happening right now also, it's just not being recognized as such and certainly not as an incipient plague, smoking the tires on metaphorical macadam as prelude. Trends are a thing of mine, probably because I have someone in my inner ear. The external jury may still be out about 'who' I am hearing but not... from where I am sitting and listening.

The ineffable has radio stations; some AM some FM and I suppose some subscription stations as well and there is one on one radio too. You have to be able to dial it in and you must be aware that any breaks in the reception, any difficulty with understanding the audio, any problems at all, are because of you. There are no problems on the other end. Of course, you're not supposed to be able to hear it until you have cleared up the static and distractions. There is variety in the stations. There is an angelic station or two. There are Rishi stations and several realized master broadcasts. The Sun has a channel, every 'heavenly' body does. If you put in the time and effort, you will locate the stations and always remember that “success is speedy for the energetic.” Trauma and shock, as well as Grace can also instantaneously make it possible for you to hear in Beyond Dolby. They got some good headphones and earbuds around and you can pay a lot for some of them but nothing beats the acoustic setup inside your head, already wired for sound and light.

It's all good if you are good and if it doesn't seem that way right now, simply continue on and it will be, the same way when you prime a pump, rusty – dirty water comes out first but it clears up after awhile and at that point you can even take your hand off the pump and the water will keep on flowing.

The ineffable is RIGHT THERE. Sure there are sound checks and rehearsals, there's some amount of schooling required and experience is a must. Where do you get that experience if you've never had any experience? You'll figure it out or somebody will whisper the way in your inner ear. And on that note; why not a little more gratitude where it really belongs.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Out of the Dust and Mortality of the Dust of all the Temporary Cities of Fire and Chaos and Loss.

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Gratitude... gratitude... gratitude. I measure my wealth in the quality of my friends. I always have. How well off is a person to have both visible and invisible friends? How fortunate is one to have friends when one has very little tangible or material to speak of and can then be certain that their friends are real, as is the friendship?

We have so many reasons to be grateful and most likely are unaware of how fortunate we are. I remind myself that every hour of every day, there are tens of thousands in terrible crisis; in unbearable pain, suffering heartbreaking loss, living on the street, locked up in a jail, terrified in an abusive situation, being sold for the pleasure of psychopaths. I could list one after the other, until I ran out of the appointed space. At the other side of the spectrum, there are those whose lives are filled with continuing live streaming blessings. In some cases they seem to be the most undeserving among us. There is no explaining Karma, just as there is no way of them getting; that even in the midst of great karma, you can easily be creating bad karma for succeeding rounds.

Yesterday they murdered over two hundred people in a SUFI mosque. Sufi! They let you know that certain conservative sects, like Islamic State, do not like Sufis. Sufis are the ones I appreciate the most. Then we are told that Coptic Christians, another sweetheart group of people are also under assault. I find it very odd that the Sufis and Coptics are being attacked. There is nothing bad that I can say about either as they both capture the very best of their traditions. Of course it is no accident and of course this is all being engineered and precisely because of who and what they are.

I'm sitting here with my broken foot. I'm not even aware of it unless I have to crutch from one room to another and the inconvenience is nothing to me, when I think about all those sub-groups of suffering souls we gave only a small portion of mention to. Right in this moment, it is going on everywhere, in almost every nation... in so many places. Right now, truly conscienceless and evil men and women are doing unspeakable things to children. Eastern European and Asian women are being trafficked across borders for the soul-dead pleasure of rutting beasts once human but human no longer. They're walking all the way, partially under their own power but with borrowed power to spare if they need it and the same applies to those of us climbing mountains, only to find an entire range of more mountains stretching out afterwards and beyond. It's all banking. It's banking 'down here', as money flows to industries and agendas that serve the interests and profits of the ones investing and it's banking 'up there' as grace and inspiration flow into dreams of liberation for all and at some point, cease to be a dream ...because a dream is only the imagination in pursuit of validation, of what has been imagined. Once validated, it is no longer a dream. That which flows down is made real the moment it is visualized in the mind of the ineffable, all one has to do is walk the length of necessary experiences to flesh it out enough so that it can be left as both a lesson and a path to walk for those who come after.

It's all perfect though it may not look that way. Time and Gravity, consciousness and imagery, bodies at rest and bodies in motion, all conspire and engage in the necessaries of every plot, be it Tolstoyian or vignette, to bring about every jot and tittle, so that 'the whole of the law' might be expressed and experienced and left as testimony for 'how it goes.' There are sad tales, far too many of them in these times of the appearance of more darkness than light and there are heartwarming tales as well.

In these times, humanity as a whole, is painted as zombie marching dullards, thumb-fucking their cellphones in search of an epiphany that has never been, nor ever shall be, battery operated ...but... humanity is a great deal more than this. I have the evidence of personal experience that there are many wonderful souls working, diligently, in every small and great way to bring a better image to replace poorly manufactured templates, set in plasticine caricature of what shines in its essence beneath the cartoon surface. A master is someone who throws nothing away and a master is one who is regent on all planes and so, at least according to Gurdjieff, should be able to take care of at least 30 other people besides themselves with their own efforts before they call themselves a master; not that one should ever think of doing so at any time. Lady Nature steps forward to speak on the behalf of every true master.

It is exceptionally difficult to hold fast to the truth, when you do not know what the truth is, when it is at right angles to everything else, when it is out of sight and forever around the corner and only those who know that light bends are in any position to see it. Perhaps one of the best ways to know the truth is to know what is not the truth and that is probably best described as, 'everything else'. Some part of true can be seen in its perpetuity, because the truth outlasts everything but Love. The greatest handicap to being able to see the truth is the degree to which the observer is not true. The truth is something that cannot be found but which reveals itself when the witness has acquired the awareness necessary to see it when it is shown to them. Let us consider the legend of the Holy Grail, where only Galahad, who had remained pure (and true?) was able to see The Grail. Sir Percival who had one sin could only see it in visions and Lancelot could not see it at all because of his adultery with Guinevere.

It stands to reason if the truth- as much as can be contained in legend and expressed in allegory- substituting that for The Holy Grail (which may be no substitution at all) can only be seen by one who is as true as the truth itself. From this I take it to mean that every legitimate and enduring state is holistic and an expression of gestalt. Anything enduring and real must be self contained, as if it were a universe to itself; a Microprosopus, if you will. Is the world a numinous expression or is it aleatory? I know for certain it is the former and only crass opportunists and selfish, self interest junkies give any credence to the latter.

Let us consider the generosity and mercy of the ineffable. Surely there are few of us that can see ourselves in a fashion similar to Galahad but... imagine, if you will, the tale of Paul of Tarsus, or Ignatius of Loyola (this is why I implore the reader to make biographies a part of their studies). It was he who founded The Jesuits. Did he know what would come of that? Did the origins of Masonry anticipate the hijacking of the system by psychopathic Jews? Here is what I remember about St Ignatius. He told his followers to go out and see God in all things. I can't argue with that, because of the mystic mirror of the self and self reflected. Buddha had a lot to say about that and the function of the mind. I often think about quicksilver and its relationship to the mind. The reason why love is such a powerful force; one of the chief reasons is that we are everything. We are the microcosm, a miniature of the ineffable... potentially a reflection of the Macroprosopus, a mirror image. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I refer you again to The Greatest Commandment. Forgiveness by the ineffable washes the slate clean and leaves one with a tabla rasa;

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Why has it got to be so goddamned hard? It isn't hard. Making up our minds is what is hard. Convincing ourselves beyond argument, so as to give over every aspect of our existence to what cannot be comprehended or defined is what is hard. Knowing without any confusion, resistance or doubt and having the faith, certitude and determination to live it with every breath is what is hard. Following that state of transforming conviction, it is the easiest thing in the world. It's a piece of cake, literally and... you get to eat it too.

Dear Lord, you have blessed me beyond the possibility of measurement. You have lifted me out of the dust and mortality of the dust of all the temporary cities of fire and chaos. You have granted me what I find myself incapable of believing is true and you remind me, every day, that it is true and that you will enforce the absolute certainty of that upon me when it pleases you to do so and that I need not concern myself one way or the other; thy will be done AS IT IS DONE on Heaven and on Earth, forever and always, regardless of any and all appearances to the contrary, for ever and ever, Amen.

Yes... everywhere on Earth, every hour of the day, tragedy and depravity and every other permutation of gain and loss, are celebrated on their separate altars in torment and blood, in laughter and glee. Right this minute, lives rise and fall. The appointed hour has come to thousands upon thousands in their coming and going and the hiatus point between them. One has only to Love the ineffable and honor the ineffable, in every meeting and greeting, expected and unexpected along our way. To the extent of the extent of the intensity and force of focus upon this, to that degree is it expedient or slower than a bad day at the Motor Vehicle Department. A day in prison and a day at the beach exist in what passes for a good interpretation of a continuum. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Gratitude... accept no substitute.



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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zen and Back Again; travels Between the True Light and the False Light; blind and Perfectly Illuminated.

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You haven't heard from me because I saw no point in posting anything until the access problems were solved, concerning Smoking Mirrors and the consideration that it could have, or might have, migrated to other blogs. I haven't said anything about it but I have been being messed with across the Internet via some pretty sophisticated methods. They're either governmental, agenda driven, or corporate ...because nothing else makes sense, given the complexity and (lack of) access that has been at work. I don't care. I haven't thought about it much. I just walk away until it starts working again, either through the fine efforts of 'the elf', or the ineffable and since all things proceed from the ineffable, or are permitted by the ineffable, well... do the math.

I don't care if I get messed with or I don't. I used to but it doesn't matter anymore. Everything that happens is a particular dealing of the divine with my soul. Everything that happens is related to whatever my level of awareness is at the moment it happens ...and is directed to raising my level of awareness. Anything that happens, whether it is experienced as or appears to be good, bad, or out for clearance, is a part of the ineffable's intention to bring me to godhead as rapidly as whatever resistance I express will allow for ...and in respect of the degree of intensity that I exercise in cooperation with the divine imperative; no matter what I might think otherwise, at any other time, has any meaning, or relevance, regardless of any delusion I may be suffering temporarily.

This simplifies everything for me. Sooner or later you have to get your mind right; “You got your mind right yet, Luke?” I got my mind right. We will all be getting our mind right at some point. It might be lifetimes from now and it might be this afternoon. It might be at some point between lifetimes ...but it will happen. I can't take the suffering anymore; not when I KNOW what I now know. Suffering is pointless to me. I no longer want anything that depends on suffering for the acquisition of it and everything material does. Suffering is not entirely the agony of desire and the pangs of loss. It is also resident in disappointment and other states of mind.

I threw away my sphere of influence on the Internet by not continuing to play the game required of me to be linked by self important webmasters. I've made myself seem to be a mind hijacked fool, by making the ineffable the basic subject of all my writings, with occasional forays into comedy and diminished outrage. I don't experience much outrage anymore. Anything that can happen will happen at some point but not everything will happen to everyone. You get out of life what you put into it, in every case. Everything is an experience invested in a return experience which, nearly without fail, does not live up to one's expectations, or else is a manifestation of something one might hope to avoid, were it not that everywhere is Samara, when you have an appointment scheduled. You can blow off agreements and dates in 'this world' and suffer no consequences, or little consequences but you cannot blow off an appointment with the Lord's of Karma, or the inescapable consequences that are the results of such appointments and all of manifest life is a strand of sequential beads, of which each is a moment of consequence, brought about by events from the unremembered past, unless it might be an expression of Instant Karma or... any one of a variety of vicissitudinal possibilities of experience; you like that word, vicissitudinal?

I apologize for using myself as an example or an object lesson as often as I do. The only details I am most completely certain of are the one's that have happened to me. Many historical events that we commonly and collectively accept as truth, are mere analogy or fabrications, created by those victorious in the conflicts -which granted them the power to write a fabricated history.

God is real! This is what I know; god is real! Everything else may be a lie, or only partially true but that God is real... is a certainty. I'm not concerned about anything else. I'm not interested in anything else and there is nothing else I depend upon for anything upon which I might depend and from which, in truth, I do depend... or extend from. God is light, of which our solar systemic sun is the physical expression and we ourselves are an expression of frozen sunlight, or light in extension... divine light frozen in form but only as time is a force involved in our presence ...because we are fluid and in a state of continuous change. “According to your faith be it unto you.” This is testimony of the absolute freedom of being and our true immortal status. We might forget who we are across lifetimes but... the ineffable, that divine indwelling consciousness, never forgets us and will find us no matter how cleverly we attempt to hide from it, or from ourselves.

God is real and you are free to believe this or to believe otherwise, this is not a concern of mine. My only concern and my only duty is to tell you this. What you do or do not do about it... is up to you. I am not responsible for the level of faith or denial of anyone but myself. I implore you to accept this as truth. I beg you with all my heart to believe and live accordingly but whether you do or not is not in my hands. It grieves me that any of you should suffer. It pains me exceedingly that you should live without that joy and certitude which is your birthright. God is real and God loves you. It's at points like this that I realize that there is nothing further to say but... somehow I find something, especially when there's a lot of post left, according to the usual-routine length.

I don't live up to what I know is the most direct and straight course. If I did then I might have to cease a variety of behaviors. Upon closer inspection, I realize that I don't know the impact of some of those behaviors so... maybe I'm wrong about any number of things and circumstances that I imagine myself to be informed about. As much as I know that I don't know so much, it could be that I know far less than I think I do, even though I'm already certain of the limitations of my knowledge. Even in the areas where I know a considerable amount, by comparison with rank and file humanity, I still don't know that much.; Ah Visible... what are you going to do? What are you not going to do? Neither of those are clear enough to me to know what they are. Funny... funny hah hah and not funny hah hah. Takes it all back to Zen in a way and validates the mechanism as well, at least it does if you are standing in several locations where looking at anything results in that perspective.

There are none of the links I was going to put in because the link to that set of bookmarks has been removed from my browser. I can save them but I can't find them, unless they are in the last 5 or so. Surely that means something. I did find a couple of things that I believe are very interesting efforts on the part of the psychopaths seeking to maintain their grip. As you read this hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, you see it is only incidentally about what he's been accused of and which can't be proven. It's more about fear-mongering the danger associated with what he might do to the celebrity victim pools that the psychopaths have said must be considered more important than any other possible, real or fantasized, victim or created victim icon victims or avatar morphed victims, or victim memes.

You also get to study certain connections and ironies that exist in the departure of this fellow. Maybe the implications of some of the biggest musical hits might indicate something. If you go back in time you come across interesting connections. Then you can discover all sorts of showbiz and music-biz connections to Angus and Malcolm Young. Finally you can study the last years of Malcolm's life and the state he was in ...but you can find that on your own simply by putting his name in a search engine. This is all a part of 'the trends' that I study. Everything, really, is a snapshot or an album, a screen capture or a movie of a trend. Think about it. By accident, I had put on Rock Dog near the end of this post and they keep talking about someone named Angus; interesting given that it is about a real cartoon Tibetan Mastiff who wants to make it in the music business and is from Tibet.

Someone said to me recently, “You know that I love you, right?” And I said, “Yes, of course.” Then I was asked how I knew and I said, “because... how can you help yourself?” The reaction was, “Really? You are a piece of work.” I said... “Hey... I can't help loving you... PERHAPS THAT PUTS IT INTO CONTEXT?” I shouted. Heh heh. You see how it is? You see how it can mean different things depending on how one takes it and how all of us, because of 'our' insecurities, can often see certainty as arrogance when it is not. It all comes down to intent in the end and self awareness in the end and intent in the end defines the quality and level of self awareness and also defines the nature of that self (whichever it may be).

I truly do not see how people could help but love me because... essentially, I sincerely love them. This is just as obvious to me that people who have emotions toward me that are other than Love and other than positive (setting Neutral and the 'jury being out' aside for the moment) are those who do not love themselves and just as importantly, do not trust themselves. I trust myself because it is that which resides in me whom I trust and not any particular version of the endless replicating versions of my temporary selves, who all kaleidoscope out of the false light of others and myself. Now the mentioned character is 'Dingus'. Did I simply not hear it correctly to begin with. Not seeing or hearing something correctly 'to begin with' sets the trend for something that can only be resolved in certain ways.

You can more easily find what you are looking for if you are sincerely looking to see through everything and find that your judgment of and values according to anything, are shaped by what you can see through and what you cannot see through... keeping in mind that this can 'be seen' in two diametrically opposed ways and, what do you know? We are back to Zen again. Zen Again? Zen and Back Again? Perhaps I will shortly change my name to Zen U, or Zen You but not, I suspect, Zen Ewe (grin).

Much love my friends.

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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Rose McGowan, Colin Kaepernick and Noam Chomsky Snoffling at the Trough.

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Readers that come here know how I feel about Noam Chomsky. I had the honor of being able to tell him how I felt. Today's posting is about frauds and impostors but mostly about crass opportunists of which there is no shortage in these times. Chomsky once tried to charge a reporter $35.00 for an interview. You can hardly be more venal and grasping than that. He's the man who said it doesn't matter if 9/11 was an inside job. He was singing a different tune before he launched into that melody. History will remember him as an oily, smarmy opportunist, a liar and a traitor, among other things.

A little while ago there was an NFL quarterback named Colin Kaepernick. He had some success with the San Francisco 49ers until the defenses figured him out. He was a one dimensional player and it doesn't take long for the opposition to neutralize that dimension. He was informed by the head office that they were going to let him go. He was getting paid around 16 million dollars a year. However, his lack of versatility rendered him obsolete in their plans for the future.

Here's what I think happened after this, according to what I saw. Knowing that his playing days were doomed in San Francisco, he sought another avenue of expression and started taking a knee during the singing of the National Anthem before the games. Here and there one or two others joined him and he managed to turn himself into an iconic warrior for social justice issues. He was protesting the police shootings of black men in Ferguson and other locations. He wore a pair of socks to the game that depicted the police as pigs. He put on a Fidel Castro t-shirt. He did a number of things that were very offensive to the general type of individual who enjoys professional football. He had a chance to take less money and keep playing but he refused to do that and left professional football. He has a girlfriend who is a social justice activist.

The kneeling before games increased. The fans became uniformly angry and attendance at games dropped and the number of people watching games has also dropped dramatically. A crisis has ensued. Trump came out and called Kaepernick a sonofabitch. Kaepernick indicated that he wanted to play in the NFL and sleazy lawyers turned sports reporters like Mike Florio began cheerleading for Kaepernick at every turn. He is a regular reporter at and his constant commentary on Kaepernick began to annoy the readers of his articles. The negative responses were running about 40 to 1. This did not dissuade Florio who continues to this day. Other reporters have joined in. All I will say further on that portion of the matter is; you know who owns the media.

Kaepernick got tryouts with several teams. He wanted too much money and his skills were not good enough to offset the baggage and distraction that came with him. Trust me, if you can play at a certain level, you will have a job. He was offered back-up money but wouldn't take it. Then he was granted a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens. His girlfriend proceeded to make a comment that associated the Raven's owner with characters in the awful film, Django Unchained. The tryout was rescinded. Today an argument rages about there being a plot to exclude Kaepernick from professional football. Kaepernick has filed a lawsuit against the NFL for collusion. That, I think, is the last nail in the coffin concerning his ever playing in the NFL again. Football is about money. Money comes from the fans. The fans, in a significant proportion hate Kaepernick. Any team that did hire him would feel the financial wrath of the fans and the locker-room would be a scene of conflict and dissension. The bottom line really is that Kaepernick is not good enough to warrant what he insists on being paid, along with the great distraction that he would bring with him. Kaepernick is a crass opportunist. Ironically he was raised by a white couple. His own, adopted mother has even spoken out against him.

I am no fan of Harvey Weinstein. He is an evil and ugly man and I have known about his behavior for some time. It was never much of a secret but he was a very powerful man. As we have mentioned a time or two, Mr. Apocalypse is on the scene. All sorts of interesting developments are at hand. Weinstein's principal accuser is one Rose McGowan who had a brief career as an actress but like Kaepernick is now past her sell by date.

What is not generally known is that Rose McGowan is a crass opportunists who doesn't give a shit one way or another about sexual abuse. Harvey's people offered her a million dollars to keep her mouth shut. This was after she had already signed a non disclosure agreement for money previously. The million dollars was not enough for her, she demanded 6 million to shut up. This renders that impassioned speaker on women's issues a crass opportunist. She was formerly the girlfriend of Marilyn Manson. Manson is a Satanist whose music inspired the Columbine Massacre. I'm not one to argue guilt by association but there it is in any case. I could bring up a number of interesting stories about McGowan and Manson. For whatever the reason, certain information seems to find its way to me. I don't really see the point. I study events for awhile before I form my impression on them, or the people involved. Being precipitate is not a good thing if it means you have to back off, or apologize for having been misinformed and even slanderous. God knows, I don't like it when it happens to me. It is even worse when you wax disingenuous and connive with farcical logic to justify what you have done or said.

Once again, let me state that I am no fan of Harvey Weinstein and also that I think Trump and the forces behind him had something to do with what happened to him. Look for more startling exposes to come in the moments before us. Look for the lid to be ripped off of international pedophilia and its presence in Hollywood. Look for information about Pizzagate and Hillary Clinton to come front and center. At this moment, some very powerful people are trembling in their positions of influence. This is all due to Mr. Apocalypse, not Trump or anyone else. They are all pawns in his game.

Today starts the countrywide drill about an attack on the National Grid System. It is also the Day of Rage for the Antifa Thugs. It should prove to be a very interesting day. Meanwhile Trump is off to Asia on what, to some, appears to be an unnecessary trip. He'll be gone for eleven days. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say there are some interesting implications here. I am not a conspiracy theorist however because there is nothing theoretical about what I know or believe. I should point out that if I don't know or believe it, I don't know or believe it and I'm not going to bring it up unless I label it speculation.

As you know, we live in interesting times. Anything can happen but... it will not happen unless the ineffable permits it for the purpose of demonstration. It is good to remember, in trying times, that the ineffable is always at the helm of the ship of existence and we are on that ship. Either you are sailing with the ineffable or you are sailing under the power of your own resources, or at least this is what you think. Having seen the outcome of imagining I am sailing under my own power, more than once, is more than enough to convince me to never do something like that again. Life has humbled me. My own existence has humbled me. I can't do anything on my own anymore and I now understand that I never did. I was confused about a good many things. I may still be confused on occasion but not about those things that I have had the benefit of learning painful lessons about. Some lessons you don't forget and that is one of the astounding features concerning the grace of the ineffable. At any given moment you might feel that you are one of the most miserable and unfortunate creatures on the planet. Time passes and you see that what put you through it was a love and an understanding far beyond your own comprehension. I am a living testimony to that. Now I am grateful for everything I got put through. I never thought that would happen but, so it is.

Just in case they shut down the Internet (grin) and we don't have the opportunity to meet again, I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to enjoy this back and forth. May the ineffable guide and protect you all, now and forever.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Primer on Investment Banking for Dummies.

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I'll tell ya, it's hard to make your way in this world if you have any kind of a public profile. I have several people who want to talk to me on the cellphone. When I refuse, it becomes like a personal issue to them; “I thought you are supposed to be helping people? Why won't you talk to me on the cellphone about my problem?” The reason is because I have email and I HATE, absolutely HATE cellphones. One friend wants to talk to me on the cellphone. I don't 'think' he's angry with me for not being willing to do so but... I don't know, do I?

Another person wants to debate Karma with me by email. I don't debate. I state. Take it or leave it. Now she tells me I am a 'cruel man' because I won't accede to her importunate demands. She refuse to believe that Karma is karma. She insists that what she refers to as all those 'beheaded and crucified children' and all the other unfortunate things we hear about can't be karma. I don't know where she's getting her information about beheaded and crucified children but I assume it is an agenda driven false news outlet. I tried to explain to her that children grow into adults who commit crimes against children and all sorts of life forms and that would explain their coming back to get a dose of their own contributions. Karma is not a reflective conscious entity. It is a mathematical certainty that is only usurped by the grace of one in a position to do so and the karma still has to go somewhere; meaning it is processed by the good karma possessed by the entity taking it away from you. I am a beneficiary of a form of this.

For some reason, some people feel if they can convince me to change my mind then that magically fixes the issue. It doesn't. Or maybe they just want an endless dialogue with me about all that is unfair in this life. This life, in the manifest is about only a few things; the pursuit of experience for the purpose of understanding, the pursuit of objects of desire and the outworking of Karma and various minutiae that I don't feel like going into. In essence, life is about our having shattered out of the whole from the body and being from which all life is made and then existence is the process of being reunited with the author from whom we separated for the purpose of experience and demonstration. It is a complicated game of hide and seek. We are looking for God, whether we acknowledge it or not and God is looking for us. That's all there is to it; all the variations of existence, all the trials and tests, all the drama; the rising and falling of cultures and societies, of nations and every form of infrastructure in which people experience life is a game of hide and seek and in most cases we do not know what we are looking for or even that we are looking but we are.

'All life is suffering caused by ignorant desire'. Everything disappoints and so we continue to look with an ever greater awareness of what IT IS NOT, until we have refined our search to the pursuit of the ineffable which is the be all and end all of life's quest; however we might imagine it to be at whatever station of awareness we are present in and which is dramatically or most subtly altered with every event in our lives.

Everyone is free to believe otherwise, however it is that they tailor their world view to prove and justify the legitimacy of whatever it is they think they want--- until they find out 'that' is not 'IT'. Everyone is free to live lifetime after lifetime, chasing after whatever they have told themselves they just have to have or be, until they find out it is not and they are not whatever the hell they think it is and they are. This is what free will is about, to imagine that you are free to do whatever you wish, until you see what a tragedy you have made of it all. Free will is the right to oppose the exercise of the ineffable's will in the sure and certain direction of what is really best for us and we will come to understand what is and what is not when our pain has simply become too much to bear in the process of scheming and conniving and striving to have all the things we don't want. Does it sound insane? It is.

The beauty of it all is that once we discover what it is that we are really after, such a love and passion will fill our hearts that regardless of anything that comes to pass on the way it will surely be worth it when everything before that proved not to be. The reality is that everyone will, at some point come to understand the truth of this and until they are in a position to be willing to entertain the certainty and truth of it there is no point in talking to them about it. They won't listen. They always know better and they are going to do it their way. Have at it.

I don't doubt that I was just like any and all of it once and I am certainly not free of erroneous thought and behavior in those times when I am not paying attention or lying to myself about what I think I want. Luckily such periods of derangement do not last long and their occurrence is always to reinforce my determination not to repeat them.

If I am not willing to do something that another insists I do, it is not because I am cruel or heartless, or indifferent or selfish. One of the good things about working for free is that I don't have to do what anyone else wants me to do because there is no contract that exists which forces me to fulfill any obligation. My father tried to force me to do what he wanted. The military tried to do that. Law Enforcement tried to do that and certainly the government has had its hand in there at different points and NONE OF THEM have been successful and never will be. Inasmuch as I am able to hear the words of guidance from the only authority that I recognize, I will strive to adhere. I will fail and I will try again and so on. Sooner or later I am bound to fail my way to success.

I know there are people who are mystified at the peculiarity of my thought processes that involve an invisible being at some indeterminate location. “How”, they wonder, “Can someone who is that intelligent believe in something that has been so badly interpreted by so many warring creeds?” You are approaching it all wrong. I've got nothing to do with any of that. I can't tell you what it is and all I know of it is what has occurred in my experience of it and I suppose that would have to be called 'subjective'. I take the ruling authority over my life and my actions from the statements given by the great teachers who have come here for brief periods and left the evidence of their passing. I believe what they had to say and I believe what they had to say is far, far more important than what anyone else has to say, except for certain mystics and illuminated poets. I don't care what the world has to say, I'm only passing through here and closer to being Les Visible today than I was yesterday. So are you. So are you. If you'd bought Bit Coins when I first started writing about what a good idea it is you would have tripled your money as of today and following Japan's lead its value is soon going to jump into the stratosphere. It is not impossible that every Bit Coin could come to be worth a million dollars. It's nice to fool with the world on occasion but less enjoyable when the world fools with you.

A few months ago a woman got in contact with me and said she wanted to leave her hundred acre property in upstate New York to me. She said the house had just been appraised at 350,000 and that a lot of the property was landscaped, basically that it was very nice. Certainly there was a time in my life that this would have looked very attractive to me; the wide privacy, the surrounding presence of Nature, the snowbound solitude of winter. I thought about it and then I contacted a friend about it and his sister was very interested. I thought I would work in that direction but she wanted to leave it to me. That wasn't all. In communicating with her I started to experience a good amount of Old Testament criticism about the most picayune things. I began to wonder why someone with no health problems wanted to leave their property to me and when that would happen. Mostly... I realized that my life really is in the hands of the ineffable. I don't care about what the world may offer me and from what I hear that may be considerable at some point. I realized that this person wanted me there to be a feature of her existence and after one particular chiding at her hands I told her I didn't have the time for this sort of thing and I never heard from her again. That's too bad because if she wanted me to be a part of her life she could have had that, just not in the way she might think she wants it. Anyone could, keeping in mind the limitations of time and space when it comes to access and availability.

The more I lay my existence at the feet of the ineffable, the more everything is there for me and the less I want it. I am trying to communicate one of those mysterious principles in life. Treat the power and hypnotic appeal of the world as lacking in any importance and it will pursue you all over the place. Chase after it and it will mess you up. That is as simple as I can put it. I could go into intricate detail about how the primary elements of the manifest world operate; the ineffable, the world, the devil and the deep blue sea; how they interact and what the pecking order is and what the most important feature of all is... you. It would just be a lot of words. I'll say it again; feel and express love. This is the true currency of life, not wealth, power or position, not Bit Coin and not celebrity... none of these things! If Love becomes the supreme expression of your life, it will be your life and the destiny of love will be your destiny.

There is a reason that it is said that God is Love. Put aside all the romantic and noble interpretations. It's a mathematical truth. In unity are all things held in place. The 'attractive force' is the most powerful force. If you want something, love it. I say “love it”. I did not say desire it. Where your heart is, your fortunes will be as well. It is not said, in the greatest commandment that you should love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind because God is a demanding and insecure megalomaniac. It is because God represents the highest expression of what you yourself can become, that which, in your essence you already are. If you want something, love it. If you want God, love God. The attractive force is the most powerful force. God will be compelled to come to you. God is the source of every beautiful and enduring thing. God is immortality in the best way. God is the reservoir of the qualities of god, which are the most desirable things in all of existence. God is all powerful and the very best friend you can have. Simply decide that God is your friend and act accordingly.

You are always on the precipice of life changing decision. You can muddle about here for countless years, chasing after that which disappoints you without exception or... you can pursue the one that understands and controls everything and who is the supreme enjoyer and who can transfer that capacity to you. Suddenly, a miracle occurs, you begin to enjoy everything and at no cost because your real love and appreciation is reserved for the greatest of all and... you can believe this or not. It might take a million years but you will come to believe it. It doesn't have to take that long.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This is a Fading Age of Darkness, in a Full Approach to the Everlasting Light

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It keeps on going; the relentless Satanic putsch is right out there in the open these days. According to the spokesthings for this no longer underground movement- “the goal of homosexual activism is to normalize all forms of perversion and sexual deviancy.” It's moving across the country along the greased wheels of Tribe librarian promotions. They've attached their names to it right on the site.

Behind the scenes... behind the scenes a long walking and stalking agenda has been shoehorning obliging zombie replicants into positions of varying levels of authority in order to make de rigueur every violation of normal that can be imagined into cornerstones of the coming age. This is not remotely possible. What it is is the last gasp of the passing age, now polluted beyond recognition.

I'm going to paraphrase here just a little and borrow imagery from scripture and attempt to provide meaning at the same time. During one of his inspired talks, which much of the time involved allegory, Jesus Christ was speaking about vines (grape vines) and husbandmen who tend the vines and he made reference to 'the life' that moved in the vines and the vines that no longer carried life and which were cut away in a pruning exercise and then cast into a fire. I think I have this right generally. There is another line in The Bible that says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” I am guessing that this refers to spiritual vision. In these times we can clearly see that this collective vision has departed. It certainly exists in the hearts and minds of those who hold to the understanding that there is no true inspiration that does not come from the giver of all good things. At this time, whatever passes for inspiration is the GMO fruit of perverted templates which the general consciousness is being forced into and shaped by. In other words, you are no longer what you were and if you were a child you didn't even get to be what you were before you became something else.

The mind and being of the creator interpenetrates all things. It is often not acknowledged, especially in these times but it is there none the less because there is no life absent from the ineffable who is the source of all life and who ensouled the dust of the ground in the first place, so that we might possess animated shapes, in order to be present on the manifest plane for the purpose of demonstration. Those who have made the effort to seek out the indwelling spirit that is the life within them, have come to an understanding of the truth in residence as it flows through the vine that they are. In times of transition, such as we presently find ourselves in, the living energy of existence is being routed through those hearts and minds that are living in accord with the will of the divine. It is being withdrawn from those other vines that have ceased to draw the power of life from the creator and sustainer of life. This is a truly sad thing and I do not possess the necessary gravity of words to express how very sad this is.

In the beginning and... one might say there have been many beginnings and ends, when we, or those like us took up residence here, we were much less materialized than we are today. Existence moves through set stages, through times of mostly light, a time of more light than not, a time of less light than darkness and a time of mostly darkness and the latter is the time we find ourselves in. It must be said that there is not less light overall. There is indeed always more light than is manifest and always will be because the divine never expends into manifestation even half of itself. As Swedenborg once said, “the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith.” In times of greater darkness, the light concentrates in those locations where it is welcome to reside, or those untouchable locations where it waits upon the dawn.

I wish I could convey to you the real and serious importance of holding fast to the ineffable in times like these. The costs are great, as are the possible rewards. Let us look at the whole of this segment of manifestation as a drama set across a reach of 26,000 years. During this time, every possible permutation of life makes its entrance and exit. A wardrobe exists and in it are all the costumes that clothe the lifetimes that we collectively experience. At the end of such a cycle it is all recycled, a new wardrobe appears to clothe the lifetimes coming in the following cycle and those who did not succeed in what was required here, over the course of their comings and goings are sent back to the wardrobe for another cycle of opportunity and this repeats and repeats until the necessary number of cycles has passed and the ineffable then gathers it all back into itself and sleeps for a time; a long time.

For those who did succeed in any particular cycle, portals open for a specified period and depending on the soul present and the state of awareness that soul achieved to, the portals differ but they are there to be entered through and can ONLY be seen by those permitted entry.

As has been said here a few times, it is no accident that nearly 7 billion of us are present in this moment. There is reasons for this. Whether we see or know what those reasons are has nothing to do with them existing. They are a fact.

We had thought for a long time that a community of kindred souls was the way to go in these troubled times. The ineffable put the kibosh on that as far as this writer is concerned but... we do have a community and time and distance are both illusions after all. We are most certainly together after a fashion and share in all the privileges that such a community affords, be it virtual or otherwise.

We apologize for writing in a particular language and mood today. This all happens of its own accord. It is what it is and we have no real control over that. Sometimes the language might seem to come from a more doctrinal resource, lacking the folksy tone, lacking the sarcastic and humorous tone. Sometimes it is necessary to get near Biblical in tone.

Nothing said here runs contrary to the teachings of the New Testament and corroboration for any of it can be found in the teachings of the Rishis (who were not Biblical but that tradition came directly from the teachings of the Rishis). We aren't putting out anything new here. We do not know enough nor do we possess the power to chart some new variation on old themes. We feel that those who authored the old themes were and are far more informed than we are. Certainly... ideas are presented, often, in a new manner but they are drawn from old wells.

We not only believe in God here but we KNOW that God is real. There is not the slightest doubt in our hearts and minds concerning the existence of the divine. Having said that, we also know that the divine is beyond comprehension and interpretation and we make no efforts to accomplish the impossible here. The nature of the times breeds a kind of arrogance into the hearts and minds of those who think they understood what they read and know what they are talking about. I make no such claims. The new age movement comes directly out of this arrogance; claiming that we are gods. We may be gods in the making but we are not presently gods. There is no such thing as 'discovering your own truth'. That is more poppycock that works in tandem with the absurdity that we are all gods. Certainly the truth of that would be in the demonstration of it; no? The lingo used by the charlatans and hypocrites of the new age movement is the same lingo used by the sexually and politically degenerate.

It is possible to read the truth. It is possible to encounter someone in possession of some amount of the truth but the truth in its essential nature can only be apprehended within through the agency and good intentions of the one who has authored the truth and that comes through the medium of revelation and revelation comes through grace or the performance of spiritual austerities and might still only come through the former, regardless.

My friends we are ♫standing on shaky ground♫ unless we have encountered that firm foundation; that rock of certainty and perpetuity which is unassailable by any opposing storm generated out of insubstantial darkness. One of the most powerful expressions of what is possible for us has been most effectively impressed upon me by walking into a dark room and lighting a candle. That says it all and we all have a light within and that light can grow exponentially according to the persistence of our expression of love at every opportunity. True light, true love and the ineffable are inseparable.

Take what moments of reflection are possible for you at this time and think deeply about what is and what seems to be. Think about what is real and everlasting and what is temporary and ephemeral. Do not spend useless hours attempting to define the ineffable, rather spend that time seeking the ineffable because all you seek to know and all that you can ever know will be conferred on you by that which you seek, if what you seek is true.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Voodoo Dancing Zio-Communist-Atheist-Gay Raptured Army at the Gates of Doom

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If we were as aware as we like to think we are, we would watch carefully the actions of our senses, what is impacting on them and the manner in which our minds process the information. What most of us do not realize is that we live in something like an aquarium. That aquarium is what defines the parameters of our awareness. A better way to put it would be to say it is the defining limitation we exist in based on the given reach of our understanding. This is what we know of reality; the totality of what we have convinced ourselves is true.

We literally live in a mental institution surrounded by mental patients, most all of whom are medicated in one way or another. There are people whose entire existence is based on making outrageous claims that suit their own self interest and scheme of self promotion. Obama and Bush just came out in synchronicity concerning the present state of American life and the administration supposedly in charge of its policies. Both of these ex-presidents are war criminals and social deviants who spent their time trashing the well being of the citizens they were elected to protect. They are both odious low lifes, living the high life, at the expense of everyone else. Both of them were mass murderers and possibly still are. Anything they say are calculated lies, written for their presentation of them under the orders of their master(s). Who knows what is really going on with these men and the rest of the icons who set the pace and direction of the culture? I don't know if what is said in that article is real. It certainly is curious.

There is so much going on these days that amounts to efforts being made by certain groups of people to enhance their manufactured victim status and which is drafted by agents of the most successful manufactured victim class that ever was. It has become routine now, so you know that whoever put out this poster will turn out to be the people the poster was created to be offensive to. Please note at the bottom of the page there is the term, 'Fascist Solutions'. In the double speak, disinfo whirlpool of these times, it is pretty much guaranteed that it was members of the Zio-atheist-gay raptured-communist faction that put out the item. As was stated in the last posting, the extreme ends of both fascism and communism are indistinguishable from one another. A very tiny portion of the country is behind all of the current ills and they have the power and ubiquity of the Crass Media and other major corporations behind them. These is extreme pressure being generated in every area of enterprise to push every tiny demographic of abnormality into the mainstream. Here is a quote from the article that says it all; “No one deserves to be a woman more than those [trans women] who routinely suffer abuse and are treated like they’re less than nothing.” How does that make any sense whatsoever?

Events like this expose very clearly how much force is being brought to bear on American life. At the same time, there are those among us who comprehend the necessity of recognizing the authority of the divine in all things. We are in a war and the moment we are in is the battleground. Those of the tiniest and most vocal demographic, who have made it their life's work to be the greatest victims of them all and which they have been accomplishing through ceaseless historical revision, are presently strengthening their case, by promoting every other tiny demographic and especially those whose interests are sexual in nature, so that we have the certain result of the tyranny of the minority over the majority. We have already had that for some time but now it is being promoted and enforced with two main objectives; the destruction of the family unit and an all out assault on one's spiritual being. This is self evident to the eyes of any rational human being with enough intelligence. Here is the telling face and form of this world wide agenda;

Grotesque creature from the black lagoon

Do you get a sense of mercy and compassion in that face? I'm guessing, given my orientation and physical form; not to mention my color, that Uruguay is likely not to be (or should not be) on my bucket list.

We've been on about these issues for some time here. It is not that we find these issues that compelling. It is because these issues are the primary issues of the day and... if permitted to continue to rise in prominence and power, will shortly threaten all of our lives in ways we may not yet even imagine. Death would be the kinder result and a swift death kinder yet.

The force of demonic enterprise has accelerated in a startling fashion. It has become exponential in its pervasiveness and aggressiveness. The power of Satanism is directly proportionate to the prevalence of materialism. As materialism rises in force 'in the minds of the populace', the power of Satanism will rise in tandem. One might say that the two are basically the same, differing only in that one is a conscious form of worship in hope of acquisition and the other is an unconscious immersion in the sensory realm. Both are in the same place really and can expect similar results, which may differ only in the cost and intensity (not grinning).

Here we come to cellphones again. They are the most ubiquitous and disturbing of all the creations extant on the material plane and seem to be imbued with a hypnotic power. This I can readily observe, though I don't know what it is since I am immune to it, apparently. One has only to go to YouTube and as much time as you have to expend on the examples, you will never have enough time to see them all. The amount of tragic and painful occurrence is astounding. I don't know if you have to be stupid to begin with or if you just become stupid through prolonged exposure but you eventually become or already are, dumber than a rock.

I don't know how it is with anyone else but I keep seeing some very disturbing trends (disturbing to me) and they keep increasing in both presence and power. The sexual lunacy is off the charts, as is the frantic and frenetic efforts to keep the variants of type ever before the public eye. The Satanic intensity from the highest corridors of power, working at the legitimizing of ever more and more perverse expressions is IN YOUR FACE. The rising hordes of mindless and barbaric foot-soldiers of Antifa type is alarming to say the least. The vicious slandering of anyone who speaks out for the rights to free speech and the groundless association of so many as being Nazis and supremacists is frightening.

The Harvey Weinstein story came out and now there are legions of women claiming they were raped 20 years ago, or touched by this person or that person, inappropriately. There are book deals and television interviews in their future. There's more going on here than is presently in evidence but the one feature that is in evidence is, 'divide and conquer', set everyone against each other; create a climate of fear and intimidation and most of all blame it on that bumbling troglodyte Trump.

We are in a state of upheaval and uproar. Vicious psychonauts are sailing in the forefront, standard bearers of cruel revolution with harm intended for all who might oppose them. A casual study of historical precedence reveals that these firebrands are usually put to the sword or forced to the sidelines once some amount of change has come to pass. That's a good thing since people of this type are not assimilable after the fact. They are rampaging harridans who generate ill will to one and all. They're like Trotsky with an ice axe in their future.

It looks like chaos at the moment and it is on surround sound so great as to be intimidating to people of faith and good will. This should never be the case that appearances can dictate your emotional climate. Either you are secure in the certitude of the ineffable or circumstances will tell you in no uncertain terms that you are not. Who does the ineffable live in if not in us? Whose hands and hearts and minds does the ineffable employ? There are jobs gone begging for anyone who is willing to serve the greater interests of us all under the command of the divine.

We are not going to be called to the position of COO simply because we consider ourselves fit and able. We probably are not and as with any successful organization or operation, with the exception of nepotism you have to start your climb somewhere in the lower ranks and gain experience and expertise as you go. You have to demonstrate commitment and loyalty and it is the same with the ineffable. You are groomed from the moment you begin and you are tested all the way. You are tempered in the fire of trial and made capable in the crucible of experience There is no scut or demeaning work in the service of God. It is all of critical importance. At no time are there enough of us employed in this manner. Outside of heaven the numbers are always greater in the ranks of the ignorant, the indifferent and the self serving. That is the nature of the world. However...

at some point the mists will fall away from the battlements of Shambala and the gates will open and the cavalry will come forth. The gates of Heaven will open and the angels of the almighty will descend and triumph as they ALWAYS do. Then, time will pass and the memory will fade and we will have only legend and fantastic tales. Life will go on in whatever fashion has been determined to be best for the purpose of demonstration.

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