Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zen and Back Again; travels Between the True Light and the False Light; blind and Perfectly Illuminated.

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You haven't heard from me because I saw no point in posting anything until the access problems were solved, concerning Smoking Mirrors and the consideration that it could have, or might have, migrated to other blogs. I haven't said anything about it but I have been being messed with across the Internet via some pretty sophisticated methods. They're either governmental, agenda driven, or corporate ...because nothing else makes sense, given the complexity and (lack of) access that has been at work. I don't care. I haven't thought about it much. I just walk away until it starts working again, either through the fine efforts of 'the elf', or the ineffable and since all things proceed from the ineffable, or are permitted by the ineffable, well... do the math.

I don't care if I get messed with or I don't. I used to but it doesn't matter anymore. Everything that happens is a particular dealing of the divine with my soul. Everything that happens is related to whatever my level of awareness is at the moment it happens ...and is directed to raising my level of awareness. Anything that happens, whether it is experienced as or appears to be good, bad, or out for clearance, is a part of the ineffable's intention to bring me to godhead as rapidly as whatever resistance I express will allow for ...and in respect of the degree of intensity that I exercise in cooperation with the divine imperative; no matter what I might think otherwise, at any other time, has any meaning, or relevance, regardless of any delusion I may be suffering temporarily.

This simplifies everything for me. Sooner or later you have to get your mind right; “You got your mind right yet, Luke?” I got my mind right. We will all be getting our mind right at some point. It might be lifetimes from now and it might be this afternoon. It might be at some point between lifetimes ...but it will happen. I can't take the suffering anymore; not when I KNOW what I now know. Suffering is pointless to me. I no longer want anything that depends on suffering for the acquisition of it and everything material does. Suffering is not entirely the agony of desire and the pangs of loss. It is also resident in disappointment and other states of mind.

I threw away my sphere of influence on the Internet by not continuing to play the game required of me to be linked by self important webmasters. I've made myself seem to be a mind hijacked fool, by making the ineffable the basic subject of all my writings, with occasional forays into comedy and diminished outrage. I don't experience much outrage anymore. Anything that can happen will happen at some point but not everything will happen to everyone. You get out of life what you put into it, in every case. Everything is an experience invested in a return experience which, nearly without fail, does not live up to one's expectations, or else is a manifestation of something one might hope to avoid, were it not that everywhere is Samara, when you have an appointment scheduled. You can blow off agreements and dates in 'this world' and suffer no consequences, or little consequences but you cannot blow off an appointment with the Lord's of Karma, or the inescapable consequences that are the results of such appointments and all of manifest life is a strand of sequential beads, of which each is a moment of consequence, brought about by events from the unremembered past, unless it might be an expression of Instant Karma or... any one of a variety of vicissitudinal possibilities of experience; you like that word, vicissitudinal?

I apologize for using myself as an example or an object lesson as often as I do. The only details I am most completely certain of are the one's that have happened to me. Many historical events that we commonly and collectively accept as truth, are mere analogy or fabrications, created by those victorious in the conflicts -which granted them the power to write a fabricated history.

God is real! This is what I know; god is real! Everything else may be a lie, or only partially true but that God is real... is a certainty. I'm not concerned about anything else. I'm not interested in anything else and there is nothing else I depend upon for anything upon which I might depend and from which, in truth, I do depend... or extend from. God is light, of which our solar systemic sun is the physical expression and we ourselves are an expression of frozen sunlight, or light in extension... divine light frozen in form but only as time is a force involved in our presence ...because we are fluid and in a state of continuous change. “According to your faith be it unto you.” This is testimony of the absolute freedom of being and our true immortal status. We might forget who we are across lifetimes but... the ineffable, that divine indwelling consciousness, never forgets us and will find us no matter how cleverly we attempt to hide from it, or from ourselves.

God is real and you are free to believe this or to believe otherwise, this is not a concern of mine. My only concern and my only duty is to tell you this. What you do or do not do about it... is up to you. I am not responsible for the level of faith or denial of anyone but myself. I implore you to accept this as truth. I beg you with all my heart to believe and live accordingly but whether you do or not is not in my hands. It grieves me that any of you should suffer. It pains me exceedingly that you should live without that joy and certitude which is your birthright. God is real and God loves you. It's at points like this that I realize that there is nothing further to say but... somehow I find something, especially when there's a lot of post left, according to the usual-routine length.

I don't live up to what I know is the most direct and straight course. If I did then I might have to cease a variety of behaviors. Upon closer inspection, I realize that I don't know the impact of some of those behaviors so... maybe I'm wrong about any number of things and circumstances that I imagine myself to be informed about. As much as I know that I don't know so much, it could be that I know far less than I think I do, even though I'm already certain of the limitations of my knowledge. Even in the areas where I know a considerable amount, by comparison with rank and file humanity, I still don't know that much.; Ah Visible... what are you going to do? What are you not going to do? Neither of those are clear enough to me to know what they are. Funny... funny hah hah and not funny hah hah. Takes it all back to Zen in a way and validates the mechanism as well, at least it does if you are standing in several locations where looking at anything results in that perspective.

There are none of the links I was going to put in because the link to that set of bookmarks has been removed from my browser. I can save them but I can't find them, unless they are in the last 5 or so. Surely that means something. I did find a couple of things that I believe are very interesting efforts on the part of the psychopaths seeking to maintain their grip. As you read this hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, you see it is only incidentally about what he's been accused of and which can't be proven. It's more about fear-mongering the danger associated with what he might do to the celebrity victim pools that the psychopaths have said must be considered more important than any other possible, real or fantasized, victim or created victim icon victims or avatar morphed victims, or victim memes.

You also get to study certain connections and ironies that exist in the departure of this fellow. Maybe the implications of some of the biggest musical hits might indicate something. If you go back in time you come across interesting connections. Then you can discover all sorts of showbiz and music-biz connections to Angus and Malcolm Young. Finally you can study the last years of Malcolm's life and the state he was in ...but you can find that on your own simply by putting his name in a search engine. This is all a part of 'the trends' that I study. Everything, really, is a snapshot or an album, a screen capture or a movie of a trend. Think about it. By accident, I had put on Rock Dog near the end of this post and they keep talking about someone named Angus; interesting given that it is about a real cartoon Tibetan Mastiff who wants to make it in the music business and is from Tibet.

Someone said to me recently, “You know that I love you, right?” And I said, “Yes, of course.” Then I was asked how I knew and I said, “because... how can you help yourself?” The reaction was, “Really? You are a piece of work.” I said... “Hey... I can't help loving you... PERHAPS THAT PUTS IT INTO CONTEXT?” I shouted. Heh heh. You see how it is? You see how it can mean different things depending on how one takes it and how all of us, because of 'our' insecurities, can often see certainty as arrogance when it is not. It all comes down to intent in the end and self awareness in the end and intent in the end defines the quality and level of self awareness and also defines the nature of that self (whichever it may be).

I truly do not see how people could help but love me because... essentially, I sincerely love them. This is just as obvious to me that people who have emotions toward me that are other than Love and other than positive (setting Neutral and the 'jury being out' aside for the moment) are those who do not love themselves and just as importantly, do not trust themselves. I trust myself because it is that which resides in me whom I trust and not any particular version of the endless replicating versions of my temporary selves, who all kaleidoscope out of the false light of others and myself. Now the mentioned character is 'Dingus'. Did I simply not hear it correctly to begin with. Not seeing or hearing something correctly 'to begin with' sets the trend for something that can only be resolved in certain ways.

You can more easily find what you are looking for if you are sincerely looking to see through everything and find that your judgment of and values according to anything, are shaped by what you can see through and what you cannot see through... keeping in mind that this can 'be seen' in two diametrically opposed ways and, what do you know? We are back to Zen again. Zen Again? Zen and Back Again? Perhaps I will shortly change my name to Zen U, or Zen You but not, I suspect, Zen Ewe (grin).

Much love my friends.

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zoob said...

I love you :)

zoob said...

I love you :)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Visible prabhu, Glad you're well and in good humor.
Your missive quickly reminded me of the Ramayana story where Rama makes a joke at the expense of Hanuman. Hanuman you see, puts on waaaaay too much reddish makeup to please Rama as Sita does (no doubt for His attention). In reality he looks like a damn fool but everyone is afraid to say anything because hey, it's Hanuman! (lol)
So in front of the entire Royal Court, Rama makes a joke at the expense of the greatest strongest and most valorous Hanumanji! One so powerful and brave even Yamaraja/Death is afraid of him!
Everyone then sees Hanuman blushing so hard as to be seen through the reddish makeup!
Blushing with both embarrassment and love for Rama! It's a wonderful moment for all.
Hanuman has a lot of wonderful moments.
Thanks for reminding me of that..

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

No... reference to an appointment in Samara; John O'Hara wrote a book with that title but it is based on an old Sufi tale about death having an arrangement to meet a client in a certain town. The tale involves Death running into a friend who knew he was trying to avoid Death and Death mentioning it was odd that the client went to where the friend alleges he did because they have an appointment in Samara in a few days.



Anonymous said...

Dear Visible
Why did the ram run over the cliff?
He missed the ewe turn.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Had to key in Samara, and came across the book. Sounds interesting. . .if I can find it online sans price. We're treading water right now, ifn ya ken what I mean. But hey. We're still here, not that I approve of that fact; not that I have a choice. I'm a stickler for fulfilling obligatory contracts these days. Especially ones to another aspect of myself.


Visible said...

That book is just a novel and readily available in any library. It is the Sufi tale you want to read. Here it is I NEVER have a problem finding these things (grin). And if you want some bulk and also Somerset Maugham wrote a version and he is a far better writer than John O'Hara-


The V

Visible said...

RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first link for the original story is not working. Somehow an 'm' attached itself to the URL. Here is is and I'm even going to hotlink it; Original Appointment in Samarra It also seems that I trusted the spell check in Open Office (which I use for writing the blog entries) and Samarra is spelled thusly and not with a single 'r'. Hopefully this works or I will have to stay with it until it does (grin).

true self said...

I am not what i am not, I am what I am. I am not a momentary expression of a movie or an image from from the past, I am here now, i am not that; i am not that. i am not that.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thanks. Will read tomorrow due to long shift today that I will have to go to in an hour and a half. Much appreciated.

God said...

"No one knows what God IS" - Les Visible "God IS real!" - Les Visible

"God is a thought, God is a name, God is an idea, but its reference is to something that transcends all thinking. The ultimate mystery of being is beyond all categories of thought. The best things can’t be told because they transcend thought. The second best are misunderstood because those are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to what can’t be thought about. The third best are what we talk about and a myth is that field of reference, metaphors referring to what is absolutely transcendent. What can’t be known, or can’t be named, except in our own feeble attempt to cloth it in language. And the ultimate word in our language for that which is transcendent is God.

~ Joeseph Campbell.

Existence is beyond the power of words
To define:
Terms may be used
But are none of them absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words,
Words came out of the womb of matter;
And whether a man dispassionately
Sees to the core of life
Or passionately
Sees the surface,
The core and the surface
Are essentially the same,
Words making them seem different
Only to express appearance.
If name be needed,
wonder names them both:
From wonder into wonder Existence opens.

~ The Way of Life according to Lao Tzu

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of
Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things
Thus, constantly free of desire
One observes its wonders
Constantly filled with desire
One observes its manifestations
These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders

~Tao Te Ching

Anonymous said...

“The V”

Perfect signature.... less and less letters!

Kazz said...

Vis - 'I don't live up to what I know is the most direct and straight course. If I did then I might have to cease a variety of behaviors.'

Love covers sin in that it is willing to forgive. I forgive others, not because they deserve it, but because God forgave me when I did not deserve it. “Father, forgive them,” says it all (Luke 23:34).

Forgive and ye shall be forgiven. One cannot persist with bad behaviour once spirit has highlighted said behaviour, because you either continue to grow with spirit or you ignore spirit and it withers away. The more destructive energies are keeping everyone busy, and providing them with hoards of distractions, to keep people from discovering the truth of the reality in which they find their self, and who they really are.

To have been awakened by God and shown what most of us here have been shown, is a bestowal of mercy and grace that none of us are worthy of. In the face of such kindness, love and compassion how could any of us be anything but forgiving to others. Forgiving someone does not mean you forget what they have done, or even condoned it, it means you have acknowledged the state of your own human condition and are attempting to remove the log out of your own eye to make it easier to see the speck in your brothers (Matthew 7:5).

Love and forgiveness are prerequisites of the Holy Spirit, because love, forgiveness, and compassion are the tools which open up one's heart chakra. Those who attempt to approach Heaven through their own works and Will fail to realise that ego is the tour guide on that bus, and the only destination ego leads to is hell.

Luv Kazz

_0_ said...

went to church today. I had nothing to give. I told God, I'm here. Is that enough? God said, I'm here is that enough? I said yes, and God said yes. I said, so you hear me? God said, So you hear me? I said yes, God Said yes. So I said Good talk. God replied yes, good talk. He smiled and said, don't worry about it. I said what? He said exactly!

Church was about Gideon. I just close my eyes and listen. Got nothing.. But im there and so is God.

So I came down to this local pub and had some nachos and read your latest. God is also here.

You can not escape that which is present within. We find ourselves as outlaws in an hour and a half of years ago always looking outside of ourselves for what is always present within...

Like the old song the southern cross. We never fail to fail it was the easiest thing to do.



Anonymous said...

Well Kazz guess you called it because your ego is extraordinarily HUGE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The ending of that story on Samarra cracked me up. I suggest everyone else check out the link.

and God said...

Some of the symptoms of PTSD that I have experienced as a Kundalini awakened being are as follows; they come and go and are not constant; when I was finally entering into a state of calm and peace, trust of someone or something, (like falling in love) or comfort there is a sudden "emotional upheaval" or feeling of bottoming out, abuse, violent impulse that seemed to act out in the mind towards those I loved: these feelings appeared to have no connection to me at all, a feeling of abandonment, or being kicked out from under, sinking into a state where I felt it was not possible to trust, or love, or enter into a state of comfort with someone or something; that keeps the body and mind and emotions in a constant state of tension; being driven by emotions; gut churning; like an emotional roller coaster; this my be caused by emotional trauma and abuse by others; when the person(s) you thought you could trust or love abused you when you were at your most vulnerable and trusting; This can happen to people in war zones where the comfortable feeling of falling asleep is associated with the threat of death; this forms a trauma bond between the two polarities; trauma may stick long after and these people may associate any state of nodding off into comfort with one of insecurity, or associating falling asleep with fear or death; hence night terror and all kinds of other issues. Pray that you will be released from PTSD. If I felt I was being abused by the Kundalini or God him/herself, and my ability to trust was being intentionally abused or challenged; I learned to immediately trust myself and to play the role of being what I needed, and nurturing myself; to trust what I know is true to be; instead of lying to myself or relying on those who's advice contradicts my experience and what I know to be true. To understand if these are "entities" the divine is orchestrating and allowing it anyway. To understand that if I am doing something wrong, I will find out and make the necessary adjustments. And when I am able I trust the divine and the fact this is a natural biological process; it will happen; and I will find a way. To stand up for my own rights and boundaries, and to be willing to express my anger and frustration towards the divine or anything and anyone where I felt there was abuse taking place, without guilt or shame. Not to allow the steam to build up and destroy the vessel; but to allow it to vent and express in some way; emotionally and otherwise. HEALTHY levels of forgiveness. Not to scrub the pot so hard you break it. To do the research and to understand PTSD. See the video "Beating CPTSD In The Face With A Big Zen Stick (Pete Walker Style)" ON PTSD 1 On PTSD 2:

torus said...

Greetings! Malcolm Young of AC/DC...Yeah, they took some pride in being belligerent, but it's all an act. Those damn guitars better be in tune when the house lights go down at 9:00 pm as specified in the contract. Rules, receipts, and royalties. Nobody over the age of 16 should be an AC/DC fan. To his credit, when Angus Young was told in an interview that, "you've made a career out of playing four chords."
Angus replied, "four? I thought we only used two!!" Keep It Simple Stupid.

Kazz said...

Dear torus,

The Highway to Hell spoken of was a strip of highway that many died on speeding to their Friday night out at the pub, which was dubbed 'the Promised Land'.

Spirit has shown me that all I needed to say has been said. In closing I AM leaving everyone with this wonderful article. My hope is that it will assist those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, because the countdown has begun.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

To "and God said...":

I see/feel two things going-on in your post. First, purely inner-stuff being forced-through your system, whether because the planet is rising or practices you have done. And second, outside 'entities' having fun with you.

With the first, as you indicated, you just have to ride it out. It helps to know that any natural emotion has a finite lifespan. So, though it may seem like forever, it will onset, peak, and diminish. It is also important to go-through the (literal) pain beneath a negative emotion. That will break the cycle. One can be 'trapped' in a cycle if one refuses to follow the negative emotion through to the pain which birthed it. Sometimes the pain is as simple as a rejection; sometimes it is an unfelt-through death rattle from a previous life. Nevertheless, just like natural emotions, natural pain will onset, peak, and diminish. Then, that 'episode' is done, permanently.

On the second, look for sudden onset (out of nowhere) of emotions and physical pains. Or, never-ending, almost dreamlike roller-coaster rides of intense emotions. Or, being 'fogged up' or not able to concentrate (assuming you have not just pulled an all-nighter). Any of the above can indicate some negative entity (human or not) is having 'fun' with you.

Over time, one can 'discern' whether it is inner stuff or outer stuff. It is important to develop this discernment ability, because - if it is entity-based - you can feel-through emotions all day/night long and they will still keep coming. They are not natural emotions. Someone has just stuck a 'stick' in you, and is stirring old experiences. Hence, no 'conclusion' to the experience. And, you may even be 'feeding' an entity who subsists off of negative emotions...

(Once one can identify an outside 'attack', that is half the battle. After that, each person evolves methods to push back or even to return the compliment. We all have Friends...)

It is a shame that our culture does not have public-school classes, just like music or math, in this kind of basic 'discerning'. Of course, that would make it more difficult for the baddies...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero are intelligence assets, both have lost what little influence they may have to begin with. Stop looking for the Weatherman to see which way the wind blows. The Ineffable is the One that got you out of there, saving your soul. Yes God is Real. Bible literalists are the most dangerous people in the world.

Visible said...

I don't really understand these recent comments. I went back and looked over all of the comments and then I went back and reread the post. That gave me a degree of insight. Maybe I am not as clear as I should be. Part of the reason for that is that every posting is within 100 words of equal length and I also write in a flow; often not knowing what I will say and often not knowing what I did say until I proofread it.

I get messed with, sure... everyone in this line of work does. I don't pay much attention to it beyond noticing it happening. I am absolutely sincere when I say that it is my belief set that EVERYTHING occurs by divine fiat or is allowed to occur according to divine permission. This takes me out of reactive or apprehensive mindsets.

I don't understand at all the mention about ACDC. My 'inference' that they are satanic in perspective and assorted is based on a lot more than a song or a song title. I've seen them in action and been told all kinds of things over time. I suppose if someone comes from your country and you are a fan, for whatever the reason, you... like any of us, makes allowances for them in order to give them a pass. I give Satya Sai Baba a pass for various reasons based on my direct awareness of him in totality and not based on reportage of this that or the other. I don't have his name and image tattooed on my chest but I respect him. I don't promote him but I have a long history of interaction with people who knew him a lot better than me so... I can understand why people do things and why they think a certain way.

The point is that I am not reacting here at all, I'm just clarifying me. I could be well off the wall here because I don't know what someone is trying to say about these degenerates. In the meantime, the world needs degenerates. They are part of the big movie in which we all play a part.

I appreciate when people have certain takes on the why and wherefore of me and what I may or may not be experiencing, based on takes from things I say. In the meantime, I just keep moving, pray for inspiration and take all my positions and reactions or lack thereof from my love of the ineffable and in all honesty, don't pay much attention to anything anyone says. This is NOT out of disrespect or arrogance, honestly ...and I pray there is no reaction that IGNORES what I am saying. I don't pay much attention, not because I think I know it all or that others are uninformed but simply that everything I believe and trust in is interior. It could be that everyone is right to a degree in everything they say but it still wouldn't matter, I only consider what I hear internally and everything else... I go, "oh, that's how it looks to them. Okay"

I guess I'll go and write an Origami (grin). People who come here should understand that I write a voluminous amount of words which seek to convey one single idea; all of which can be found in some way by relation to The Greatest Commandment. My job is not to be right all the time or to get anyone to accept anything I say but simply to inspire thought, be that pro or con. My job is also to seek to awaken others to the definite certainty that god is real and is the single important objective in life and everything else is just us trying to come across as graceful while we bumble across the stage. God bless us one and all.

Ginnie said...

“The V”.... very cute with the Tiny Tim “ God bless us one and all!” Crutches and all! How is your foot coming along!

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

And you do what you do so well. I love you Vis, because you are you. kiss, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, hug

I love you brother, warts and all.

You haven't rocked until you go to an AC/DC concert. One of the most fun concerts I have been to. I danced my little behind off and so did everyone else.

The reason I am so fond of you Vis is because you handle spirituality well. You don't go thinking you are better than others because you are so well informed, you don't lord it over other people, you welcome others opinions, even when they are completely adverse to yours, and you do so with a heart of love, peace, and acceptance.

To anonymous, who said, 'Bible literalists are the most dangerous people in the world', I say, they were dangerous long before they read the Bible. Blaming the Bible for people's actions is no better than blaming a gun when someone gets shot, but guns don't kill people and neither do books, people kill people, and anyone who blames books and guns, rather than the individual, is looking to pin that individual's crime on something other than the criminal. What that reveals to me is that you, anonymous, have a bias towards the Bible. It says nothing about the Bible or the millions, perhaps billions of people who read it, but it tells me much about you. The fact that you choose to lash out at others, whilst you cower behind a veil of anonymity, also tells me much about you.

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...


Just to clarify, I did not mean literalists who read the Bible are dangerous, but rather that people who are dangerous were dangerous before they ever read the Bible. My apologies to you anonymous, if you thought I was agreeing with you, because I was not. I am a Bible literalist and the only thing that is dangerous about me is my cooking :o).

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have provided this article so you can better understand my position, because some things require a deeper understanding, as not all questions and answers are clear cut. I hope you enjoy the read.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis, in the early 80s, I met Satya Sai Baba at his ashram in Bangalore, India. A group of us from the Seattle area combined to 'warrant' a face-to-face with him. What was interesting was that it was a random-availability meeting, and I was way back in the crowd, meditating quietly. All the others went in, unknowingly to me. Sai Baba stuck his head out, and gestured for people to rouse me and get me inside. He had no ordinary way to know exactly where I was. I was touched at his generosity and 'vision'.

During the satsang, Sai Baba was approached by my then-relationship, who appealed to him to help a relative in Canada who had a degenerative disease. Sai Baba told her not to worry; it would turn-out to be a minor thing. And so it did, by the time of her return.

Sai Baba made a few small manifestation gifts, and I could hear the psychic 'pops' as the items came into existence. And I was watching, engineering-wise, for trickery. Nope. Cool.

Some of the other gurus I visited during that trip had so-so energy. Sai Baba had kind, loving energy. I was impressed.

(One of the things I remember-about my stay at his ashram was a daily line-up of people with various sicknesses or disabilities. Sai Baba would walk that long line, and gesture for a few people to come inside for healing. I asked a long-term disciple how Sai Baba made his choices, and he replied that Sai Baba made it based on karma. If a person had already worked-out the karma which had been the reason for the illness, then a healing was appropriate. It would just be a form of 'cleanup', and was just accelerating the return to normal. Contrariwise, if the karma was not yet satisfied and Sai Baba fixed that illness, the person would manifest some other 'unfortunate situation' to finish that karma. I was quite impressed by the higher 'logic' involved...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Those of you seeking to send me donations should send it to I changed the email and at the wrong time I guess because several of you are having problems and Christmas is the worst time for me (grin). Thank you all so VERY MUCH for thinking of me. You are such wonderful people and I am very, very grateful!

Visible said...

Thank you Ray! I thought and still do that he was and is a real sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen Kaz Kazinski or the normal woe-man, or as Christ Jesus would say of you the "lukewarm water" the fact that you do not agree is another blessing from the Almighty. For if you did I may have to rethink everything. And you a Bible literalist?? Shocker!! We know you interpret the Bible literally and also anyway you see fit. You think Christ Jesus was a woman for Heaven's sakes. Enough said about that.

Karen what is plain as day is you have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear and we have been warned about casting pearls before the likes of you lest you trod on them. So by all means keep thumping that Bible, from your pulpit of coco-puffs, like there is no esoteric meaning and when the wheat is separated from the Karens (or should we say Tarens?) of this world those that are truly blessed will pray for you, that you FINALLY see the light. And maybe then you will turn away, from missing the mark.

Kazz said...

I see the mark anonymous. It is the one that tells me to love God with all my heart, and to love my fellow Man, which includes you, and I do. It is the mark that tells me to forgive others, so that I may be forgiven. It is the mark that tells me not to judge others, which it would seem you have me. I see the mark that shows me our journey here has but one goal, and that is to reach Christ consciousness. I see that the embodiment of Christ was as a Man, but the Holy Spirit is feminine. You must not have being paying attention anonymous. That can be deadly on this journey. I see the Kingdom of Heaven, and I see the road that leads to hell.

I also see that the path I have chosen is very overgrown and hard to make out because it is hardly ever travelled upon. I see that it is not I who is the one who is lukewarm, because I AM at one with my Father. I see that what shall be done unto me is what I have done unto others, as it will be done unto you, and I see that this is good, for I live within my Father's commandments, as I do not bow down to Man and his institutions, and I do not harm others, because I love God with all my heart, and do unto others as I would have them do unto me, as God commanded. I see where there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and why.

I clearly see the esoteric meaning within the Bible, which was why I likened this journey to the AC/DC song, Highway to Hell, because just as many people lost their lives careening off the road hurrying to get to the pub, dubbed the Promised land, so it has been in this world with those who sought the Kingdom of Heaven with only knowledge to guide them, because they blindly denied the Holy Spirit.

I only have love in my heart anonymous, so are you sure that it is not you who have missed the mark? The path that leads to Heaven is the path that is least trodden, because it is a solo path. How many tread the path you walk upon? As Vis always says, time will tell. God bless you. I will pray for you, because when one is truly in the Kingdom of Heaven they know better than to judge another. That is something my Father has been driving home to me for some time now. I forgive you for judging me, because I listened to what Jesus said, and I know well enough to know that I am in no position to be casting stones, as I am not without sin. Are you?

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen/Kazz: "...our journey here has but one goal, and that is to reach Christ consciousness."

Got it in one. Exactly! Good-on for you, if my 'dialect' is right. Love from the other side of the great pond, and Happy Thanksgiving (although that is an Americanism).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Gratitude from the Heart of the Center of the Everlasting Residence of THE LOVE

Kazz said...

Luv You Ray B.

You are one heck of a guy, big guy.

Luv Kazz



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