Thursday, September 29, 2022

"Aspiration Keen and Sustained, The Kundalini Rises into Godhead in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara."

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The deeper you look into events, the more you see that all is not as it appears. (well, we already knew this) I am referring to Signora Meloni. Some links have been appended in The Petri Dish, Link Locker.

It can be difficult to believe in change when every time the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. The simple fact is... you can't get into a position of power (at this time) unless you bend the knee to the appearance of power and that means, Fealty to The Bankers. It is ONLY in times of the most intense materialism that the long-term plans of certain infernal workers, can come to a SEEMINGLY successful fruition. Once again... these are only appearances.

Everyone is being knuckled under to support Ukraine, and the effort for Ersatz Israel's, Black Hearts on The Black Sea agenda. It doesn't matter if you are coming from The Left or The Right or The Center, you will not get far in the pecking order if you don't bend over for The Pederast Elite.

People hear the word... Kundalini, and... they might know or not know what it is. Either way, their eyes USUALLY glaze over and they move on because... they... have... no... context. It is similar to having a conversation with someone who has heard about swimming but never seen or done it.

Kundalini is a force that USUALLY lies coiled in an invisible pool called The Kunda at the base of the spine. It is NOT something that is visibly evident. It exists, none... the... less. USUALLY... the power that drives The Kundalini up the spine is dissipated by Sex. Abstaining from Sex in the physical body, AND... in The Mind, for... the... necessary... timespan will generate the necessary pressure to DRIVE it upward. Sex and Death are cellmates, depending on the kind of sex you are having.

If you are a carnal creature, death is your soulmate, so to speak. If your INTEREST and INTENTION is to elevate your thought and attention to a higher state of focus, and your aspiration is keen and sustained, The Kundalini rises into Godhead... in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara. This will be of little interest to most. Many will be offended by my presentation of knowledge that has existed since the beginning and does... not... originate... with... me. The Usual Curmudgeon Mind will get angry and sputter, mostly because they have a broken alternator OR their distributor cap is no longer distributing OR their starter has burned out.

This is not about the mysterious workings of The Kundalini. This is about the Reversal of The Kundalini which is accomplished by Back Door Sex... a reversal of the natural order of things. The reason that The Dark Order is pushing the whole sexual alphabet of disorders... is to lead people to hate themselves. They are much easier to control and less attention is given to hating The State. You are invoking angels or demons with everything you do.

Materialism pulls the collective attention down into The Whirlpool of Things. It creates confusion... divided loyalties... Fear... and Rage. Once again, it is easier to control people who are spinning in this whirlpool. Fewer and fewer of us are living a directed existence. We are mostly driven by impulse and made the hapless victims of poor impulse control.

There are 3 states of mind that we simply MUST avoid. They are Lust... Greed... and Anger. They are actual doorways that lead to Hell. You CAN get to Hell while you are still here in Middle Earth. It is said that a quarter of us are in Hell at this time. I don't know if this is statistically true or not. It comes from an ancient source. If one wants more confirmation of the existence of Heaven and Hell, one can discover a great deal by observing Tibetan Buddhist religious art. They out-pictured it well.

Tibetan Religious Art

Then there is the Tibetan Wheel of Life. You can have these explained to you if you seek it out.

Tibetan Wheel of Life

You walk into Hell on your own. No one sends you there. You created every one of the conditions you are living in and with at this moment. You can create new moments from this moment. One day you will get to The Never Ending Moment, IF... THAT... IS... YOUR... INTENTION.

I delve equally into various traditions for specific reasons. Buddhism tells me how to live my life, and schools me on matters of The Mind. Christianity tells me who to model myself after, and schools me on matters of The Heart. Hinduism gives me strategies and techniques. Sufism gives me a particular form of mysticism. Occult teachings show me how things work on the technical end from Western Perspective. I don't need any of them anymore, but they are like old friends, so... sometimes I like the company and the reassurance.

I can get all of these from any one of them. Each of them have mystery schools that burn away the mystery, and which are concealed under the blackout curtains of bogus mystery schools.

Once you have made contact with The Inner Voice, you don't have to go out for anything. We all have that voice. Most of us simply ignore it. It interferes with carnal pursuits and the possibilities of material gain. I have never understood the drive for material gain... if you don't know how to enjoy it in the first place. For that... you need The Supreme Enjoyer, AND... if you follow The Inner Voice, you will encounter The Supreme Enjoyer.

Back Door Sex is a spiritual activity that heads in the opposite direction. It is similar to upside-down crosses... reversed pentagrams... saying The Lord's Prayer backwards... spitting on The Host, etc. You can find God going that way too. HOWEVER... I would recommend against it. Of course... some of that is nonsensical. That direction takes Faith too. Faith is integral to success of any kind. The Key secret is the... ability... to... concentrate. It's like going from a flashlight to a laser... and then to a weaponized laser. Both Love and Hate can burn a hole through you if you force the issue.

The Dark Side is ALWAYS on the bottom and it NEVER rules... except in a mind given over to darkness. Everything you see playing out here in The Field is under the direction of The Knower of The Field, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. You can go down. You can go up. It is UP to you, or DOWN to you. Get down! Move on up! Yadda yadda.

Each Kundalini experience is Subjective. No two are alike. For some, it is a torturous affair as it was for Gopi Krishna. For some, it is a shock and a delight, as it was for me. I don't care what you heard from who and where you heard it, authentic Kundalini experiences are very rare, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness. You cannot activate it on your own and trying to can be problematic. It is not a good thing to suddenly have forced awakenings, without the discipline and internal fortitude to weather them, and... they... are... a... form... of... weather.

History occurs in periods. In the 60s there was a mass revolution in consciousness, attended by a sexual revolution. This was a great opportunity for The Dark Side and you can see where they have taken it... since. The 70s brought effeminization of The Masculine Principle... and the rise of The Metrosexual. The 80s brought the culture of Greed. The 90s brought nihilism and angst. It's been a collective progression toward The Dark Side.

This is all appearances and The Hive Mind's education, in the approach to apocalypse and awakening. Things have to get fucked up before they can be reversed on the reversal. This has ALL been a guided experience toward The Divine who is cloaked in a cloud of unknowing, behind a veil of ignorance. You have only one effective option, and that is to surrender utterly to The Divine. Elsewise, life WILL... EVENTUALLY... put you where you have no choice but to do so.

If you ALLOW God to manage your life. God WILL manage your life, BUT... you have to trust him, and so... you are subjected to a series of tests and trials that purify you of your previous errors. Everything is a matter of Desire, AND... Desire is the agent of God's Will. In The World... that is represented by Carnal Desire. Alternatively, you have what St. Augustine said; “The entire life of a good Christian is nothing less than holy desire,”

Aspiration and Intention... Aspiration and Intention driven... by... Love. You become what you Love, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y. That is The Godhead arrived at, when Lady Kundalini reaches The Bridal Chamber. Kundalini is a feminine power. For a man, it makes you both male and female in harmonic accord. I can attest to this. For a woman, it makes you a personification of The Divine Mother. I should add that there are stages beyond this. There are forever stages beyond.

Yes... it is a genuine shit-show at the moment. It WILL NOT remain so. Better we give less attention to The World and its persistent disorder, and more attention to the status of our soul. Onward and Inward, Pilgrim!!!

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Monday, September 26, 2022

"You Think They are Listening to You Speak, BUT, They are Hungry Ghosts. They are Looking for Something to Eat."

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I am astounded by the paranoid, make it up as you go, bullshit that passes for news from The Sensation-Mongers, who... give us the news that the mainstream doesn't give us, and is just as fabricated, with a different slant. I used to follow the comments section at many sites so as to study the pulse and complexion of the readers there; sort of like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Now... I go to very few places, but... even the places I still go to have these collectives of spoiled children, agitating for things they don't understand, and hammering away for all they're worth on everyone else. I suspect that many of you are not going to make-the-cut when the leap in consciousness commences.

Over the weekend, I went all over the place, and what I saw... was argument and invective, whining and moaning, and fear... always The Fear. They do make a vaccine for that. It's called... Love.

From this cursory wandering, I can tell that most people are mentally ill and also out of harmony with their physical (and other) selves. All they seem capable of is yelling at each other... and accusing them of the crimes they commit themselves. Hypocrisy seems to be the main item being manufactured in these factories of perpetuating misery.

EVERYBODY is not in the Illuminati! EVERYBODY is not a Masonic Satanist. EVERYBODY is not controlled by The Usual Suspects. EVERYBODY is not hooked on Adrenochrome, with a six-pack of elementary school kids as a chaser. EVERYBODY is not Evil! EVERYBODY is not a dupe! EVERYBODY is not doomed! You... are... a... doomed... fool if you believe such things.

Yes... The World is in a state of emerging chaos and critical mass. That is observable truth (in the relative sense).

All of you who know so damn much are pretty damn stupid. Have you ever heard of cycles? Are you aware that The World passes through them as... an... inflexible... aspect... of... cosmic... routine? Things go up... things go down... ring a bell? Anyone? Don't hold your hand up and answer with a question. this... is... not... Jeopardy, BUT... you are, I assure you... in jeopardy... because ignorance... obtuse arrogance... all the visible aspects of badly drawn personalities... attract negative attention by their heat signature. It turns you into a tin duck at a shooting gallery... real... virtual... and imagined.

There are far more of you worthy of a Darwin Award than will ever receive the due recognition you deserve. You are like watching slow-motion suicide, through the medium of time-lapse photography. It's actually kinda tragically beautiful, once you get into the feel of it... as a spectator sport. I mean... it's not something I would do, BUT... I am VERY grateful for the life lesson you provide; there but for fortune and... all... that.

Do you have no self-awareness at all? Can you not see that this serial whining about every fucking thing that crosses your sight-line, makes you look like a colossal failure at life? Do you do anything constructive? Weave baskets? Play blindfolded Jenga? What have any of you accomplished, except to be a discordant and anonymous voice in the vast reaches of the space between the thoughts in your mind?

You seem to be in a room of ghosts that you have taken for real people. You think they are listening to you hold forth, BUT... they are Hungry Ghosts and they are looking for something to eat. They're similar to the invisible creatures that follow chronic masturbators around.

How did this happen? Did some girl from somewhere sometime break your heart? Did you get let down by a friend? Have you been victimized by this cold... cruel... world? Did you get even by gaining two hundred extra pounds? Has your sexual capacity packed up and left in the middle of the night?

Something (whatever it is) has made you very angry, and all you do is go from one news site to another, frothing at the mouth with impotent fury, yelling at people you never met... you must be fun at parties. When is the last time anyone invited you to a party that didn't have a bunch of people just like you yelling at each other?

If you hate everyone else it is because you hate yourself first! All this talk about so-and-so is a puppet of The Usual Suspects, which... according to you, control everything on the face of the Earth is... BULLSHIT! Evil operates on a bandwidth. If you are not on that bandwidth, what... does... it... have... to... do... with... you? Yes... certain groups, AND vocations have evil intent, BUT... they are all coming from a source WHO USES IT (evil) to teach the practitioners (of Evil)... the meaning... and... the cost.

There is ONE SOURCE OF EVIL with countless faces and it comes, coiled up inside The Lower Mind of every... single... one... of... us... it's up to you if that atavistic life form takes over, DEPENDING on what you do. It is the resident authority of The Carnal Mind, and... it is in every single one of us. You master it... or... it masters (and uses) you to reveal itself.

This whole idea of a concentration of evil sonsofbitches in accord with one another is MORE BULLSHIT. They WILL and DO turn on one another at the best opportunity, AND... are waiting to do just that! Evil destroys itself because there can be no harmony between the players as there is with those who do good. ALSO... Life... this thing you are living, exists to show the eternal triumph of The Light over ALL darkness.

What the Hell happened to you people? Why are you so miserable and angry? I've been watching your work for some time now... across the internet... and also at locations that I visit every day... where my own thoughts are posted. Why are you so... so... fucked up? This IS NOT a life as life is meant to be lived.

Some of you have had a good education. I can see that in the things you say, BUT... the vituperative nature of your commentary is of the mindset of pub-brawlers. Do you know what all this mean-spirited misanthropy is going to bring you? It's going to bring you chronic intestinal distress. It is going to bring and maintain the tension and stress necessary to bring you to heart-attack... stroke... and Cancer. Your body is an extension of your mind and you fertilize it with your thoughts and feelings.

Your body is like a plot of land and your feelings and thoughts are the seeds impregnating the subconscious, where the body building and maintenance work takes place. If you inflict your body with poisonous thoughts and feelings toward others, you will harvest the result in your own form. THAT... IS... HOW... IT... WORKS! I will guarantee you this!!!

It gives me real distress to see you abusing yourself through the mirror reflection of hating others without even knowing why... according to facts you made up inside your own head... to support a perspective based on... based on... BULLSHIT! I KNOW what this leads to. I am not making any of this up. If you don't wise up, you are headed directly for The Zone of Self-Perpetuating Suffering. Take it to The Bank of Karma.

Everything The World is telling you, is... a... lie, so why are you arguing with everyone else about something that is ephemeral and a creation of delusion that show it... as... it... is... not?

Even if you are looking right at it, it is lying to you inside your head because of your narrow perspective based on prejudice (and your lying eyes)... whimsy... and BULLSHIT! If you don't know anything about yourself, like... where you came from before you got here, AND... where you are headed when you leave here, how can you know much about anything else?

It seems like what people talk about in general, based on what they get from people flat-out lying to them, and colored by what they want to believe in response, is a ride on The Death Train. They're like fans at a sporting event... screaming for their side, and... capable of about as much Higher Reason and Impartiality as these head-butting Neanderthals. I like life when seen from a distance. It's the same way I feel about cities... concerts... crowds of any kind... shopping malls... political or religious events... and the list goes on.

Everything we see in Humanity is a permutation of Humanity's war against their internal Heaven. ALL conflict... sorrow... and suffering come from this. Times of Materialism breed collective celebrations of our carnal nature that results in Babylon Rising, AND our appetites... take... us... down. It happens again, and again, and again, and the record for all these failed experiments lies under The Sea... somewhere. How come we find so little of it... and what is found is interpreted by the uninformed? Maybe it's all made of dream dust and it melts back into the basic mindstuff everything is made of.

In darker times... conditions are one way. In times of greater light... they are another. We are moving from darker times to greater light. Everything will adjust accordingly, AND... none of those arguments will be worth a simile's damn to the ones whose cheese is sliding off their cracker... where the wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead.

I read these nasty things, every day... from people who are made mean by the core of loneliness at their center. You can lead a whore-to-culture but you... can't make it think. There is a finer... more beautiful garden... in the mind and heart joined in the common appreciation of it. If you want to wander The Hard Luck Highways or sail The Sea of Troubles, you... can... do... this. I do not get the point of it. You don't even know what you are angry about. Let... it... go.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"People with Evil Intentions are Going to Step in Their Own Shit and Panic-Slide Right Into The Flaming Dumpster."

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I think most of us find it rather strange that conditions in The World have gotten to the stage they are at. You would think that simple evolution might have soothed some of the more bestial aspects of rank and file humanity. You would think we should really be at a better level of understanding in respect of one another. We seem to be going backward.

This is all the result of Materialism. It is materialism that has rendered the common mind into a hotbed of Trivia and superficial interests.

You must go crazy in order to contact God. Besides having experienced it, I was told so. Even when you go crazy, you still don't know God, and... you... never... will, BUT... what you do know is that... he... is... there. You have proven his existence by going mad, and that is where he found you, and... you've been inseparable since, though... you have only been realizing it by degrees. It's one of those things that can take a considerable amount of time to dawn on you.

True awakening is.. coming into the awareness of a never-ending day that goes on forever. You learn to make time stand still. These are all part of the priceless inheritance of one who comes back into an enduring sense of The Indwelling. God shows you his kingdom and it is large... and ever more intricate and colorful than life on Earth, which is narrow and confined to endless demonstrations of desires and appetites. You can step right out of that, then you are still in The World... just not of it.

So... you get to host The Supreme Enjoyer. He lives The Divine Life in... and through you.

The legions of The Infernal Kingdom have been driven down from the planes, and unleashed here... to see... what we... individually... and collectively... do OR do not do in reaction to it. Still the reactive mind. Good AND The Appearance of Evil return to a single source; an indefinable, conscious unity... whose wisdom commands them both. In order to talk about God, you can only infer him... via the mindscreen... on which duality dances OR... be silent.

It's like the light of The Grail, seen by Galahad, but Lancelot was only able to see the light reflected because of his Guinevere escapade. There is a purity factor involved. That's why it is that with God... you have to be ALL in. It isn't satisfying otherwise anyway. You have to let The Divine inhabit you and play through you. Isn't that the point of this whole life-drama thing to begin with?

So... observable trends indicate that Materialism has reached the stage where threads of madness begin to run through the whole of it entire. This next stage of the advancing hysteria can appear quite grim, given that it was not dinner in The High Tower beforehand, nor before that either.

It is disturbing to see what people are running into across this land. The images shift back and forth like ferns in the rainforest. The light that comes through the old growth is spotty at best. You have to find one of those patches of sunlight. God has a remarkable way of showing up in time of need, if you already have a working relationship, or... are... about... to. Yikes!

Life stories play out in these collective dramas... comedy... tragedy... comedy AND tragedy...

People grouse about life being boring. “C'mon! We have to do something.” Then... something exciting comes around and... it is not too long before one is wishing for something other than “interesting times.” It's never what you expected. It often does not add up as a memorable series of events, BUT... nothing has any real savor unless God is present. God IS... the Supreme Enjoyer. That means... if there is any real enjoyment taking place, God is the one having the enjoyment.

Many things are not enjoyable, but... people pretend that they are. Many jobs require you to sell the lifestyle or items being offered to provide an experience that ONLY... GOD... CAN... PROVIDE. This is a mystery hiding in plain sight. It is also ALL directly linked to your five-pointed form of the upright pentagram that you are the embodiment of as... The Microcosm. Your ONLY job is to come into a resonance with The Macrocosm. This is accomplished by surrender and... an utter reliance on... The Indwelling.

To accomplish this you must step outside the bounds of Reason... go mad... let go completely... however it goes for you. In some fashion, this is required of you. It is the only way to get in step with that which resides PERMANENTLY beyond the bounds of Reason; in the heart actually, which... according to its nature, has no grasp on Reason. The Heart must swallow The Mind. This is why the course of Love is the best option in Times of Material Darkness.

Let me insert a song here that I found in my travels. I hope it lifts your spirits.

The tensions afoot in the world at this time are trembling at a cliff's edge. One of the many drawbacks about Pride is the Siamese Hubris that attends it. Doing something stupid comes naturally when Pride is involved. Nothing says being in charge like forcing your will upon others. It's something you keep having to prove to yourself, and to others. America has been behaving like a bully for a long time.

For some reason, it deliberately weakened itself, and now is not a match for the foes it is creating. Who will blink? The saber-rattling is coming to a fever-pitch between AGENDAS. The most important election in the country's history approaches. People with evil intentions, in their panic... are going to step in their own shit and slide right into the flaming dumpster. Let me AGAIN remind you; this is an apocalypse. It is a time of uncovering and revealing.

We are in the middle of a culture war, a clash of fading traditions against rising anarchy. Crazy people are... momentarily, giving the appearance of having seized the reins of power. They're going to get a taste of The Cosmic Bullwhip. This is what happens when amateurs seize the reins. The reins turn into a bullwhip. God loves moments like this. It is why he arranges for them.

Cosmic changes come in regular fashion. They may be decades, even centuries apart, but... they come. Then it is that one sees what a foundation they do or do not have. The whole of it is a test to see what the measure of your faith is, and... the stability of what you put your faith into. Now... we are at one of those moments of profound change, both external and internal. People without rudders or foundations are being blown about like whirligigs.

People with a chronic-reflex belief in old traditions are seeing those traditions crumble. The Letter of the Law is meeting The Spirit of the Law, and there is no question of what the outcome will be. The Spirit is supreme in all things. Duh... does it not seem logical to align with The Spirit on ALL matters? It does to me.

The World is a magic show. It keeps spinning illusions, and gaining, and maintaining your interest by misdirection, as well as bread and circuses. It can create alarming scenarios and people buy into them because of their fear of loss, and hopes for gain. For years... they fall into pedestrian fascination at every opportunity. Later they can regret at their leisure. People consistently fail to understand that in the process of using The World up, The World is using them up in similar fashion, and... it hollows them out inside;

“We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar.”

I have learned these things through observation... direct encounters, and... via The Intuition. It is the last of these that I rely on for confirmation of anything and everything. I am not... as yet... utterly reliant on The Divine, BUT... I will be, and so will anyone who wants it badly enough to go through the process of it coming about. It's a timeless enterprise, sometimes called, the Great Work. Sometimes it is called, The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Sometimes it is called The Operation of The Sun.

It is something that happens when you don't interfere in it. All life is naturally and natively moving to that end, then... it... is... distracted. It is distracted over, and over, and over, and over again. The World gets between your vision of The Supreme Personality of God. It takes a conscious effort to turn your attention inward... toward the source of ALL that is outside of you.

So... there will be wars... and rumors of war. There will be multidimensional battlefields. Some are in The Mind. Some are in The Heart. Some are often between The Mind and The Heart to begin with. Some are before or around you; even behind you, IF... you see the enemy; perhaps you only imagined it. The objective is to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Everything else is whatever else it is, and someone... somewhere... is creating, destroying, or... tolerating it... somehow.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 16, 2022

"Heaven Has a Form of Castor Oil for Those Times When Being Full of Shit is No Longer a Tolerable Condition."

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I practice an unusual form of Mind over Matter and that is that I don't mind and it don't matter. On The Carnal Plane, this is demonstrated by a cavalier disregard for the rights and peace of others. On a higher plane, like The Causal Plane, it demonstrates as... an... independence... from the blandishments of The World. The World's primary objective is to break your heart. Well... you don't get far with Heaven until it does. As Materialism intensifies, there are more and more among us with no heart to give. It is promised to... other... things.

The decadent and atheistic, Leftist nonsense players are getting a taste of their hypocrisy spoon-fed to them by the governors of Texas and Florida. Heh heh... now Governor DeSantis has sent the first planes of migrants to Martha's Vineyard, where one of the primary vehicles for the troubles of our times has his residence; it's the precious. Massachusetts... New York... Illinois... California, these are some of the sanctuary states. Martha's Vineyard is in Massachusetts.

This sort of thing can't go on, BUT... what are the hypocrites supposed to do? How does their domesticated, but not housebroken media handle the spin, when The Cotton Candy Machine gets broken or... the one operating it winds up in the cotton candy? What happens when the people find out that that... is... not... cotton... candy; no my preciousssssssssss it is not. Paracelsus called it The First Matter, BUT... I think he was being allegorical.

As we have said any number of times here, EVERYTHING you encounter in the material bandwidth, AND... a great deal that lies outside of it... is created or caused by The Sun. In a way, The Sun is like The Divine Mother. You might not think this at first. The Sun, traditionally, has a masculine atmosphere, and The Moon is feminine, BUT... as the entirety of This World... and all we know about it, are constructions of Prakriti, AND... since The Divine Mother is Prakriti; you do the math.

EVERYTHING is female to God. That includes The Sun... because it is made by The Spiritual Light of God that is too bright to see, which accounts for the power and light that is channeled through The Sun. As you can see by this simple explication, things are not as they first appear to be; not even on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th look.

To see things as they really are, you have to get to the level of Magus and Ipsissimus. Master of the Temple gets you close, BUT... even at very high levels... unless you are seeing through the eye of God, you are not seeing things as they really are. I SHOULD POINT OUT HERE that God... can and does look through every set of eyes if... he... so... chooses, and can light up the consciousness of the user and possessor of that eye, any... time... it... pleases... him... to... do... so.

Just because it is a long and winding road does not mean you cannot be transported to the finish line, ANY TIME God wills it so. It is only long and winding because of you anyway. It only SEEMS to be long and winding. It is straight as an arrow as it... really... is. The road within is winding because it is a spiral. The road without is direct because there... is... no... other... thing that can block it. It's kind of like the aether. Everything you see has precipitated down from it, and none of that can do harm to it. Nothing can harm the aether, for... good... reason.

There is more to it than is gotten in the first impression... when you read... “Success is speedy for the energetic.” It could take a REALLY LONG TIME to make the conscious connection to Godhead, BUT... once this has been accomplished within you, the... whole... dynamic... changes.

God does not USUALLY transport common souls to the highest region, by the snap of his fingers, BUT... HE... MOST CERTAINLY... CAN.

It would be a good thing to forget everything you think you learned from cant and dogma. God is a living thing. Why would you look for a living God in dead relics? In ridiculous drag-queen outfits? In preposterous funny hats? If any of them had the answer, then why are they all fighting with each other? Why are they all competing with each other for sheep to shear? Why do they oppress and confuse their flock with absurd and contradictory jargon? Why did they leave reincarnation and karma out of The Catechism?

Why do these religions have so many John Calvinator murder machines and so few temples of healing? They are like a couple of soused gay, art critics at a MOMA opening. “I think what God was trying to say here was... ah... jabber... jabber... jabber.” Or somehow it became an act of faith to, “Kill the infidel!” How about... “Burn the witch!” I look at the colorful history of The Church and its lineage of Borgias, and Torquemadas. I look at the John Calvins and Brigham Youngs... I'm not going further with this.

I could list pages of names of those who dishonored their profession and perverted their 'calling', and so very few who were honorable. It's the same thing in the political theater, though the religions and political theaters are a quid pro quo arrangement of scoundrels, in... any... case. For every Sir Thomas Moore, there are a great many Oliver Cromwells. For every Jesus Christ... there are legions of Legion.

People love their places of shelter, their dependable income, and their reputation in The World. They make all kinds of compromises to protect them. What The World does (at the behest of The Creator) is to force people into conditions of compromise. There is only one dependable shelter, income, and reputation that sustains for any length of time. It is far better to have the coin of the realm for every realm there is... than to have an overabundance of the coin of only one realm. They ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE across the realms.

Love is the ONLY coin of the realm that is negotiable everywhere. Everything comes out of The Sun... The Sun is also the center for Love in this solar system. A tiny personal sun is present in your solar plexus this very moment. The key is to bring your sun into resonance with The Sun. All your troubles in this or... any... life are caused by being out of harmony with The Doctrine of The Sun. The Sun is the living embodiment of God on this plane. It is itself, a projection of a secret sun that is too bright to see with mortal eyes.

When you begin to vibrate in harmony with your sun and The Sun, you come to the attention of The Minders. That's one name for them. They are also called Shepherds... Initiates... various terms are employed. When you come to the attention of this Fellowship of Light, everything turns toward an ever-elevating deeper resonance with The Sun behind The Sun. You are fast-tracked. You are hot-housed. Not everyone is up for this. You... have... to... be... up... for... it. You have to be into it.

Perhaps you get the sense that I am being allegorical here, that I am being picturesque and... running a whimsy with the poetics. These things are directly so. The... way... that... we... understand... them is how the differences appear. No one describes it the same. Everyone is standing at a different angle, forming a different perspective. What is the point of argument? Best you find it! Best you find it!!! Everything else is a... waste... of... time.

The idea is to let God see through your eyes and hear through your ears. The idea is to not hinder this. The World is filled with people who hinder the passage and presence of The Living... Conscious... Light within. This is what The World is all about in the first place; to act as a distraction from The Divine. There are times that come when Humanity... en masse... moves away from God because Materialism... Mammon... is permitted to prevail over The Hive Mind FOR... A... TIME. It is a Season of Trial for those Heaven has found to be worthy of the effort.

If God loves you, he prunes you... and improves you. There's no getting away from it. You can spend your time squalling in the tub because your mom got soap in your eyes, but... you're better off learning to enjoy the process or... become indifferent to it, through detachment and proper identification of the nature and meaning of form.

With Mr. Apocalypse at the helm, Hypocrisy's days are numbered. It is the same for all of vices and perversities that Hypocrisy considers business... as... usual... for the self-serving. There is going to be a whole lotta shaking going on. Count on it. I couldn't begin to hold forth on the possibilities that may... emerge... soon... now.

Heaven has a form of Castor Oil that it uses in those times when being full of shit is no longer a tolerable condition. You have to stop seeing it all as random and inexplicable events. There is a cohesion and symmetry to the whole of it that reflects Intelligent Design, even where Stupidity is in full flower.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

"Ocean Liners Packed to The Gills with Cannibalizing Lampreys, Badly Emulating The Snake with Its Tail in Its Mouth."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is not a pleasure for me to speak about what I am going to speak about today. I hope I am wrong. Appearances tell me I am not; however... appearances are a lie. I am speaking (writing) from, and about... more than appearances.

The pressure to not only legitimize... not only celebrate Evil... but also press to suppress all dissenting perspectives, is so powerful it is most certainly being managed from the invisible by supernatural means. Depravity is the objective of the sponsors of the gay marriage act, passed by The Bathhouse President. SINCE... THAT... TIME, Normality has been under siege. The transgender hysteria is pumped up past the red line and a new wave of transsexual psychopaths is loosed upon the public.

It has infiltrated the education system. It has reached high levels in government. It is yet one more of the tenets now of the feckless, and thoroughly corrupt United Nations. It runs corporate policy. It has completely compromised the medical community that... PALPABLY... does not know its ass from a hole in the ground. It has transformed religion into flamingos being sodomized... while bobbing on a drinking glass. If you can't see it at this point, you... do... not... want... to... see... it.

Law enforcement is in turmoil because laws have been written by compromised politicians, caught in honey-pot schemes, which forced them to cooperate, regardless of the matter at hand. This is the case from top to bottom in government.

Some years earlier, Israeli law enforcement was invited by itself to introduce ordinary law enforcement in America to brownshirt, bully-boy tactics. This indirectly led to the rise of the Communist-inspired BLM and Antifa by the staged events, most conveniently recorded and publicized by the people who arranged for them. From Floyd... to Breonna... and since.

The Internet has provided a playground for every fetish imaginable. Entire generations have been hijacked in short order by... sexual fantasies... video games... celebrity worship... political agendas... new age infernos of hijacked minds, burning with strange, hypnotic fires, AND pulling unicorns out of their asses... a pandemic of cos-play... stolen and invented identities... bad drugs... alcoholic escapes into private rooms in Hell... orc armies unleashed on the cities... pandemic cowardice and confusion... AND... the specter of world war... plague... famine, and whoever the other horseman is; death? He'd have the pale horse... right?

They are stamping and steaming in the stables. They... are... ready... to... go.

These are all the components of an apocalypse, as seen through the distorted mirrors of appearances. There is another side to an apocalypse and we will get to that in due course.

Fools... terrified into a defensive stance of studied indifference... too stupid to understand and... bred... for... that... very... lack... of... intelligent purpose, ride on ocean liners packed to the gills with cannibalizing lampreys, trying to emulate the snake with its tail in its mouth. To add spice to the congregation, all of the passengers are in a state of panic and confusion; hunted in their minds by a predatory fear.

Something unseen, and moving beneath the surface of the waters, is announcing in basso profundo, “Abandon ship! Abandon ship. Remain calm;” sounds like Jagger at Altamont. It must be feeding time. Heh heh... it's ALWAYS feeding time.

In every impoverished country in The World, agents of The Soros Group are filling the minds of the inhabitants with tales of the golden lands of Europe and the United States. They are arranging transport. They are arranging ID. They are marching... sailing... and flying them along assigned routes and... feeding them along the way. They are giving them t-shirts. I AM NOT DECEIVED ABOUT THIS.

The Usual Suspects... in control of the money supply, created the wars and conditions that led to the financed... and manipulated migrations. The Usual Suspects are the possessed workers from The Infernal Realm. Scripture contains many references to this. They have been at this for a good long while. For centuries, they would be caught out at trying to control and destroy different countries... and sent on their way. OVER A HUNDRED TIMES this happened. It HAS NOT happened to any... other... group... of... people. These are PROVEN FACTS.

They were deeply engaged in committing 9/11. They founded and continue to head up Homeland Insecurity. They are the architects of our disorder. They run the intelligence services, AND the internet. They... and creatures like them... become numerous in Times of Material Darkness. It is the same thing that happens in the kitchen at a crack-house.

They have seduced the willing and the weak. Others, they have compromised and rule by threat. Oh... Kay; If... you... see... Kay. Let's segue into another perspective;

None of what is happening is accidental. This ALWAYS happens in Times of Material Darkness, For The Purpose of Demonstration. This is The Plane of Life Lessons. This is Spiritual Boot-Camp. Now comes The Howling Chaos of Transition where... we... are... each... routed and guided... to... our... destinations.

When God is rejected by the masses, Sex replaces worship as the purpose of existence. As time passes, the sexual practices become more and more twisted because The Thrill escapes... and must be pursued into ever darker, and darker regions... until one arrives at The Land of Despair. Babylon rises and then The Culture collapses on itself. It implodes. This is cyclical. This is biorhythmic. Whatever may be happening all around you, does... not... have... to... happen... to... you!

It is recommended that you find kindred spirits. It is recommended that you reside in less compressed locations. It is recommended that you actually Stop... Look... and... Listen, WHILE paying attention. It is recommended that... you... find... yourself. It is recommended that you cut back on senseless cravings, and... stand in an amused regard at distractions, and... let Love and The Intuition guide you. If you are not moved enough to respond in any of these fashions... I suggest you fuck two doctors and call me in the morning. No... you do not have my number. Yes... it was rhetorical.

The culture is in a state of senescence... in search of entropy. The masses are wearing their earbuds and thumbhumping their cellphones. They seem to be in lockstep to Perdition. Is it just a phase? Of course, it's a phase! It's a temporary trend in the endless patterns of change, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION.

Think of the word, 'demonstration' and the presence of Demon in it. Let's put aside that demons are, reputationally... historically... evil. Actually... demons are energized entities from one side of The Dial. You turn The Dial up and... you get angels. Demons are passionate about one specific desire or appetite and ALWAYS looking for a vehicle to provide the enjoyment of it. They are part of a complex pecking order and are... necessary features of existence, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness.

Change... Cosmic Change... however it is coming, is... our... friend. This might seem a peculiar thing to say, considering the patterns of recent change. Tension builds in the atmosphere. Pressure builds, AND... you get a storm. After the storm... the air is fresh and new. There is a lightness to being. It's going to be like that, BUT... on a scale you have not seen before. These changes are going to blow the depravity and perversity into the gutters and down into the sewer drains, which... is their natural habitat.

I feel for those who cannot learn the lesson, AND... must have it visited upon them. It is scripted this way, so... what can I say? Also... unlike just about everyone else, I... DON'T... KNOW. There are experts to the right of me... experts to the left of me.... onward I journey into The Valley of The Unknown; guided by Faith... empowered by Certitude, and... driven by Determination to...? We'll see.

What you read here each weekday is what The Intuition speaks into my mind. I don't know how long I am meant to continue at... this. I am certain I will be informed concerning... that. Each of us are used by forces outside our ken, for reasons seldom made clear to us. You must discover a course for yourself and stick to it, come Hell or High Water. You will know when you have found it because... the way will be made open, and a greater clarity AND assurance will come upon you in short order.

Change is the one constant we can count on in this material visitation. Change is the cornerstone of relative Eternity, where nothing else continues beyond its appointed time. It just keeps changing, and changing, and changing, in an orderly continuance that is not always... or even often... apparent.

Sooner or later, what was is no more. HOWEVER... there is a kindred fellowship that endures outside of time and the clash of cultures. Members of this order appear here, now and again. May you be fortunate enough to come into contact with one of them;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 08, 2022

"The Manipulative Little Offspring of Helicopter Parents Living on a Clickbait Assembly Line, to The Cosmic Thresher."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was at the gym yesterday. I like to sing along with the songs streaming by. Often the playlist is crap. Sometimes it's okay. Some of the ladies at the desk like that I do it. Some of the curmudgeons from the Pleistocene era back around the time of The Bridges of Toko-Ri don't seem to like it as much, BUT... they don't like anything from what I can see, Anyway...

“Walking in Memphis” comes on and it's one of my favorite songs. I'm singing along and they get to the part where “the Reverend Green be glad to see you when you haven't got a prayer,” then the next line arrives with “You got a prayer in Memphis.” Immediately into my head there comes this thought... well, that poor lady jogger didn't.

These are harsh times where Compassion and Pity are shaking coffee cups of meager change at the passersby on the mean streets of advanced-material-culture. The violence is being done, near exclusively, by a particular demon-graphic. However... the media reports it as being all committed by right-wing pale faces. There is a DELIBERATE effort to turn this country into a war zone.

Meanwhile... the vaccine manufacturers and their catamite PR people in every area of government... entertainment... and religion are murdering countless people around The World, and... it... just... keeps... happening! They are killing them in the moment, and... they are ALSO killing them slowly.

I got this big question that keeps coming into my mind; why doesn't Donald Trump acknowledge what is happening? What... has... happened. What c-o-n-t-i-n-u-e-s to happen. This is straight-up murder beyond anything the Nazis got up to. This is THE VERY THING they accuse the Nazis of having done, and... the people who made up those lies are the people doing and facilitating the killing now. It... is... visibly... and... provably... evident. Talk about irony.

Why is NOTHING being done about George Soros? Dear God... please hear my prayer. Lord... bring justice for all the victims of this man and his fellow travelers and financial backers. Please, Lord... OPEN THE EYES OF THE WORLD and make them see what these monsters are doing. Lord... shut... them... down, I pray. Take away their sense of self and leave them bewildered within their minds.

Lord... I pray... reveal to all of these miscreants the consequences of their deeds. Appear in their minds! Show them the cost of their actions. Confront them with the certainty of retribution by themselves upon themselves. Shame them and freeze them in place, Oh Lord! Thank you!

Their note has come due. Their time is at hand.

I just went to Fox News to be confronted by reports of a live-streaming gunman in Memphis, and... around the corner at the Memphis Tranny Friendly Target, a woman tried to steal a baby from someone's shopping cart. Perhaps it was below sticker price and she couldn't resist a bargain. Not much is cheaper than stolen.

Looks like Memphis was having a bad hair day, then I started tracking the Egyptian history of Memphis in my mind; hmm... Serapis the Sun God... Ptolemy... Alexander the Great... sigh, good time... good times. Heh heh.

I should point out that the secret government programs at their Fort Detrick, Tavistock-like labs have an army of Manchurian Candidates ready to go, and... it might be that we are seeing more of them now; like in Memphis. It could be one of those trial runs. They did the whole country in Australia. The open borders is another source for mind-controlled killers to be loosed upon “the blood-dimmed tide.”

On top of all that... a not inconsiderable number of people are already lost in the empty spaces of their minds... indifferent to the lives of others... focused entirely on the satisfaction of their own appetites... manipulative little offspring of helicopter parents... now living noisy lives on a clickbait assembly line... headed for The Cosmic Thresher.

Okay... enough of that. I could go on and on, and on, but... I am not Stephen Bishop. There does seem to be a matter of perspective to clear up... however. One might ask... “Well, Visible... how is any of this relevant if everything is under control? What difference does any of it make? Whatever it is... no matter what it is... it will, at some point, no longer even be in the rearview mirror and we will have forgotten all about it. Right? Right?”

Yeah... okay... that's the thing. ANYONE can get caught in contradictions who engages in the act of conversation, even if only with themselves... should... they... be... an... honest... person. This is why one should not engage in debates with clever fools and scoundrels, media people or anyone who is only engaged in it for the harm it will bring you. With Wisdom comes the ability to spot these people before they get in the same room.

Anyone can get caught in the appearance of Hypocrisy or... even Hypocrisy itself. (shudder) I KNOW it all works out. I KNOW there is nothing I can do. I KNOW, there is nothing that I do... do, (God being the motive force in all action) BUT... I am here to play a role. I am an actor bound by his engagements.

I am a persona in transition... toward a personality non-independence expressed in transparency... like a window. (wind door) Like a mirror too. I am here to reflect the best in you... if I can only hold the mirror steady and be still.

I am a niche player. I am here to communicate with a subset of The World. I represent someone on The Other Side. He is the head of the firm that I work for. I am of no importance to anyone else, and... if you don't get it... keep moving... it's out there somewhere... maybe; depends on what you are looking for. No... it's still out there or in there, one way or another.

I get no salary. I have no job... family... or fortune that you can take away from me. I have nothing to lose because what you find important is of no importance to me, AND... vice... versa. I do not have to account to anyone but the one I work for. It has been set up this way on purpose. I cannot be canceled. I have ALREADY been canceled. I had to give it a lot of thought.

Fortunately... I was not the one doing the thinking. Yeah... if you are independence-minded, you will certainly wind up on The Highway at some point because of the “my way or the highway.” strictures down here. You might have to sleep outside. You will certainly be materially skint at some point. You might even have shit thrown at you. It comes with the territory. AND THIS IS WHY... THIS IS WHY people make accommodations. They make deals. They make arrangements. It's the quid-pro-quo thing by the arm-twisting specialists.

If you can't be bribed and you can't be bought, they send the Honey-Pot Patrol to see you. Failing that... and... they... can... secure... the... necessary... permissions; they kill you. They got tiny cameras... and... that... is... why I live my life as if the whole world were watching. I do nothing that I care if it is seen or recorded. So... you are either living in bondage to a company... person... or people... or situation... or thing, or you live on The High-O Silver Highway.

Look at the dramas being played out there every day. The stories change, depending on who is making them up. Sometimes they didn't even happen. Sometimes they did happen but you can't say that. I don't concern myself with the tsunami wave of bullshit that is indicative of these times. I surf it. What else can you do? You don't want to go under. People literally drown in shit and then blame it on something else.

It's like those killer vaccines. I... am... here... to... tell... you, this is all set up to see who sells out... to see who is intimidated... to see who is compromised, and... to see what we're made of. This is a massive life play of generations coming and going. It is here that people demonstrate the cut of their jib. It is here that you can pick your companions. I'm not after all that other stuff. They are welcome to it, AND... since I am not after any of it, I... don't... get... in... their... way.

They will rough you up... touch you up... tune you up early on, and... in... some... cases. (like mine) it can go on for a much longer period of time. HOWEVER... the time arrives when (magically) you are no longer in their cross-hairs, then... if you stay out of their business... they will stay out of yours.

This is one kingdom here, and those who have settled for this can live on High Street with... conditions. Others are drawn to a land more fair, a land without conditions or... let us say, only... one... condition. This is another of the virtues of The Impersonal Self and Impersonal Love, living an Impersonal Life; with mercy toward all, and judgment on none. You are ONLY dealing with yourself, no... matter... where... you... are.

God be with you, my friends.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 05, 2022

"MEANWHILE... The Absence of Spirituality Leads to Pandemic Insanity. It's What's Known as a Conundrum."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Modern culture, in the East and the West, is all about the sexual fluids being milked from humanity by invisible creatures who are made powerful thereby. The Plodding Unconscious are energy cows that feed the invisible overlords. The World has been turned into rows of flashing billboards, all up and down Perdition Way. That which liberates us is the elevation of the sexual force through continence and use of The Imagination. That which enslaves us through myriad attachments to the external world involves the same sex force.

The God Force is The Source of all action and existence on every degree of The Dial; the Good, the Bad... and the no longer present but... soon to be arriving. Intention defines you. It manifests your destiny. It takes you where you think you want to go, as well as where you wind up... despite that.

Passion is a fire. It will burn you. It will warm you. It will also keep you strong. It will warm others too or... it can leave you out in the cold... spent... and empty.

I'm no sexual puritan. Even those who seem to be have been many things in other lives. This is why it is never a good idea to cast aspersions on others. It is a tricky thing... to see things AS THEY ARE, and... not pass judgment. Something I read somewhere has never left me; “every master has a secret life of shame.”. I am certain this is true. HOWEVER... once one sees the error of their ways, they can then make an informed decision not... to... continue... in... them.

I was a wild character. Dancing with God in your mind, while being more than a tad unbalanced, while in the search for balance, will... inevitably... bring you into conflict with The World, and its ever-changing standards and protocols. I refused to be made into a slave of anyone but... God. I willingly am a slave of love for The Supreme Lord. I serve no other. It is good to understand the default result in this.

If you love God... with all your heart, you are in one camp. If you serve another... any one... or many... of thousands of EXTERNAL faces of the false gods of this world, you are in another camp. If you are indifferent, you get the default, which is in the camp of the false gods.

I think I once mentioned what Manly Palmer Hall said about Magic. This is not verbatim. He said something like, “there is white magic and black magic, and... there is gray magic. Gray magic is simply an unconscious subsection of black magic.”

There is the God Unseen. There are The Gods of This World. ALL OF THEM work for The God Unseen. This is a bit of a blind because... there are some who see God in everything manifest and unmanifest. Job One; Love God with all your heart, so that your passage onward is, c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-a-b-l-y eased. You might think the two are not connected. I am here to tell you they most certainly are.

Arthur E. Waite once said, “with white magic, you may have something that is only foolish. With black magic you have something that is truly dangerous.” That too may not be exactly verbatim but the point, from both perspectives, is the same.

Perhaps this will be an anecdotal posting; I remember a story I once read about a Christian monk who was clearing out the stables. A vision appeared to him claiming to be Jesus Christ. The monk looked at it and said, “Begone! Lest I fill your mouth with ordure.” Apparently, he has a shovel full of shit as he said this. In... other... words... there is no external Christ. It is an interior station.

If you meet The Buddha on the road, kill him. A Buddhist monk from over a thousand years ago said that. It's the same thing. These are all cute, and maybe edgy little bon mots that are both true and untrue simultaneously. It is better all around simply to love God and not get into arguments about who put what where when.

I should point out also that there is no 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in the publicized sense. There have already been some number of comings where Christ has been REALIZED; that is The Second Coming.

That which Jesus Christ demonstrated was the personality of God AT... THAT... TIME. What Christ was, is, and will be is a perpetual coming of The Personification of God, ADAPTED to the needs of the time of his appearance. Various traditions speak of The Coming One, who has been called, Kalki... Maitreya... Mahdi... Li Hung, and... more.

The Second Coming refers to the spiritual baptism of kundalini fire or Heavenly Grace.

I would not presume to say who is who, and what is what in... this... regard. All that I know is he... will... come. I rest in the... unchanging... certitude... of... that.

Now for the segue; what are THEY going to come up with next? They ran the 9/11 scam on us. They turned all the sexual outlaws loose upon the town folk. They've been whipping up race-hatred. Then they created COVID and the Killer Vaccine. Now Biden is posturing as a demagogue... wanna-be dictator with a mouth full of marbles and a head full of wet sand.

You will know when the final act has started. It will come when the public knows their leaders are sold-out whores that are mocked on all sides. It will come when the distinctions between man and woman have become completely blurred. It will come when Cannibalism goes mainstream. It will come just as soon as everything falls apart, and there is nothing to hold on to when The Whirlwind comes. It will come when the despoliation of innocence becomes a religious rite.

All of those are or... nearly are... present at this time.

WHAT... ARE... THEY... GOING... TO... COME... UP... WITH... NEXT?

We can see the Halloween characters that they have put in the display windows of The World. We can see the specters of War... Famine... and Pandemic, dancing to the press of the invisible winds that are blowing in the display window. All... force... comes... from... off-stage.

One CRITICAL thought you... must... have... in... mind, is to... not... be... swayed... by... appearances...You must be rooted in The Invisible and detached from The Externals. You CANNOT expect to accomplish this mindset on... the... very... day... of... need without preparation. You have to ALREADY have been working on it, AND... you wouldn't have been coming around here for so long if you have not ALREADY been working on it.

Do you REALLY want to help someone else? Then you must pray for them. This is the MOST powerful force you can employ because it sets the angels to action. Whenever someone sincerely prays for another it... WILL... BE... ANSWERED! They might still die or have grief to come, depending on how hard-headed, and hard-hearted they are, BUT... the prayer will be answered. Wherever Impersonal and selfless Love is being expressed, the forces of Heaven will fly to your side.

YOU... DO... NOT... LIVE... ONLY... ONE... LIFE! One of the primary forms of mind control is organized religious programming. It starts early, in... every... sense. It travels the course of centuries, becoming ever more twisted with time, and it gets into the common heart/mind from the cradle on. MEANWHILE... the absence of spirituality leads to pandemic insanity. It's what's known as a conundrum.

It could be said ten thousand times ten thousand... and it would not matter until an awakening took place, BUT... let's say it again anyway. EVERYTHING in the external world is caused and controlled from The Invisible. PERIOD... PERIOD! You can align yourself with that timeless controller, and you will be in... the... sanctuary, no matter what external conditions might seem to be.

There is no actual Evil. There is relative evil. There is apparent evil. To see evil as a personal polarity is to be missing the necessary perspective that sees the good it can be worked into. The enlightened-informed... love it when they see evil. "Oh Great!!! Raw materials to work with!” They are like passionate composers weaving a symphony out of diverse movements. They are painters under a painter's sky with God's own palette. They are story-tellers returned from The Great Unknown, with the inspiration of The Sun and Moon shaping the thoughts in their mind.

The thing that mystifies me most is, why... do... people... put... up... with... this... shit? Why do they chain themselves to torment and agony via attachment to temporary things? If you do not take command of yourself and hold still... while The Mother forms you into finer shape, YOU... WILL... BE... A... SLAVE; a slave of something external to you or... a slave of something internal driving you; a beast of burden for The Palanquin of Appetite and desire; be quit of mindless craving.

Only the mercy and goodness of God, through his stalwart servants and friends, are responsible for this apocalypse and awakening. Strive to arrive at... the... beginning.

End Transmission.......

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