Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"People with Evil Intentions are Going to Step in Their Own Shit and Panic-Slide Right Into The Flaming Dumpster."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I think most of us find it rather strange that conditions in The World have gotten to the stage they are at. You would think that simple evolution might have soothed some of the more bestial aspects of rank and file humanity. You would think we should really be at a better level of understanding in respect of one another. We seem to be going backward.

This is all the result of Materialism. It is materialism that has rendered the common mind into a hotbed of Trivia and superficial interests.

You must go crazy in order to contact God. Besides having experienced it, I was told so. Even when you go crazy, you still don't know God, and... you... never... will, BUT... what you do know is that... he... is... there. You have proven his existence by going mad, and that is where he found you, and... you've been inseparable since, though... you have only been realizing it by degrees. It's one of those things that can take a considerable amount of time to dawn on you.

True awakening is.. coming into the awareness of a never-ending day that goes on forever. You learn to make time stand still. These are all part of the priceless inheritance of one who comes back into an enduring sense of The Indwelling. God shows you his kingdom and it is large... and ever more intricate and colorful than life on Earth, which is narrow and confined to endless demonstrations of desires and appetites. You can step right out of that, then you are still in The World... just not of it.

So... you get to host The Supreme Enjoyer. He lives The Divine Life in... and through you.

The legions of The Infernal Kingdom have been driven down from the planes, and unleashed here... to see... what we... individually... and collectively... do OR do not do in reaction to it. Still the reactive mind. Good AND The Appearance of Evil return to a single source; an indefinable, conscious unity... whose wisdom commands them both. In order to talk about God, you can only infer him... via the mindscreen... on which duality dances OR... be silent.

It's like the light of The Grail, seen by Galahad, but Lancelot was only able to see the light reflected because of his Guinevere escapade. There is a purity factor involved. That's why it is that with God... you have to be ALL in. It isn't satisfying otherwise anyway. You have to let The Divine inhabit you and play through you. Isn't that the point of this whole life-drama thing to begin with?

So... observable trends indicate that Materialism has reached the stage where threads of madness begin to run through the whole of it entire. This next stage of the advancing hysteria can appear quite grim, given that it was not dinner in The High Tower beforehand, nor before that either.

It is disturbing to see what people are running into across this land. The images shift back and forth like ferns in the rainforest. The light that comes through the old growth is spotty at best. You have to find one of those patches of sunlight. God has a remarkable way of showing up in time of need, if you already have a working relationship, or... are... about... to. Yikes!

Life stories play out in these collective dramas... comedy... tragedy... comedy AND tragedy...

People grouse about life being boring. “C'mon! We have to do something.” Then... something exciting comes around and... it is not too long before one is wishing for something other than “interesting times.” It's never what you expected. It often does not add up as a memorable series of events, BUT... nothing has any real savor unless God is present. God IS... the Supreme Enjoyer. That means... if there is any real enjoyment taking place, God is the one having the enjoyment.

Many things are not enjoyable, but... people pretend that they are. Many jobs require you to sell the lifestyle or items being offered to provide an experience that ONLY... GOD... CAN... PROVIDE. This is a mystery hiding in plain sight. It is also ALL directly linked to your five-pointed form of the upright pentagram that you are the embodiment of as... The Microcosm. Your ONLY job is to come into a resonance with The Macrocosm. This is accomplished by surrender and... an utter reliance on... The Indwelling.

To accomplish this you must step outside the bounds of Reason... go mad... let go completely... however it goes for you. In some fashion, this is required of you. It is the only way to get in step with that which resides PERMANENTLY beyond the bounds of Reason; in the heart actually, which... according to its nature, has no grasp on Reason. The Heart must swallow The Mind. This is why the course of Love is the best option in Times of Material Darkness.

Let me insert a song here that I found in my travels. I hope it lifts your spirits.

The tensions afoot in the world at this time are trembling at a cliff's edge. One of the many drawbacks about Pride is the Siamese Hubris that attends it. Doing something stupid comes naturally when Pride is involved. Nothing says being in charge like forcing your will upon others. It's something you keep having to prove to yourself, and to others. America has been behaving like a bully for a long time.

For some reason, it deliberately weakened itself, and now is not a match for the foes it is creating. Who will blink? The saber-rattling is coming to a fever-pitch between AGENDAS. The most important election in the country's history approaches. People with evil intentions, in their panic... are going to step in their own shit and slide right into the flaming dumpster. Let me AGAIN remind you; this is an apocalypse. It is a time of uncovering and revealing.

We are in the middle of a culture war, a clash of fading traditions against rising anarchy. Crazy people are... momentarily, giving the appearance of having seized the reins of power. They're going to get a taste of The Cosmic Bullwhip. This is what happens when amateurs seize the reins. The reins turn into a bullwhip. God loves moments like this. It is why he arranges for them.

Cosmic changes come in regular fashion. They may be decades, even centuries apart, but... they come. Then it is that one sees what a foundation they do or do not have. The whole of it is a test to see what the measure of your faith is, and... the stability of what you put your faith into. Now... we are at one of those moments of profound change, both external and internal. People without rudders or foundations are being blown about like whirligigs.

People with a chronic-reflex belief in old traditions are seeing those traditions crumble. The Letter of the Law is meeting The Spirit of the Law, and there is no question of what the outcome will be. The Spirit is supreme in all things. Duh... does it not seem logical to align with The Spirit on ALL matters? It does to me.

The World is a magic show. It keeps spinning illusions, and gaining, and maintaining your interest by misdirection, as well as bread and circuses. It can create alarming scenarios and people buy into them because of their fear of loss, and hopes for gain. For years... they fall into pedestrian fascination at every opportunity. Later they can regret at their leisure. People consistently fail to understand that in the process of using The World up, The World is using them up in similar fashion, and... it hollows them out inside;

“We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar.”

I have learned these things through observation... direct encounters, and... via The Intuition. It is the last of these that I rely on for confirmation of anything and everything. I am not... as yet... utterly reliant on The Divine, BUT... I will be, and so will anyone who wants it badly enough to go through the process of it coming about. It's a timeless enterprise, sometimes called, the Great Work. Sometimes it is called, The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Sometimes it is called The Operation of The Sun.

It is something that happens when you don't interfere in it. All life is naturally and natively moving to that end, then... it... is... distracted. It is distracted over, and over, and over, and over again. The World gets between your vision of The Supreme Personality of God. It takes a conscious effort to turn your attention inward... toward the source of ALL that is outside of you.

So... there will be wars... and rumors of war. There will be multidimensional battlefields. Some are in The Mind. Some are in The Heart. Some are often between The Mind and The Heart to begin with. Some are before or around you; even behind you, IF... you see the enemy; perhaps you only imagined it. The objective is to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Everything else is whatever else it is, and someone... somewhere... is creating, destroying, or... tolerating it... somehow.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Some people need to look up Dunning-Kruger Effect. Or maybe not. They wouldn't recognise they're suffering from it if it bit their nose off.

Another masterpiece to add to you other thousands. Nostrils to the sky!

robert said...

Buíochas, Visible!

It is the only way to get in step with that which resides PERMANENTLY beyond the bounds of Reason; in the heart actually, which... according to its nature, has no grasp on Reason

When experienced warriors attain the thousand yard stare, they are seeing through the illusions of the moment to the end of the battle.

Heart-swallowed minds gone mad attain a stare which focuses on infinity, eyes fully relaxed and no longer tracking what others may deem important to see

Why contract vision down to a point among time-bound illusions, leaving the center of consciousness to dally with a dolly?

If someone compulsively needs you to see what they see and fear, so that they have an excuse to abandon balance and have you do the spin twirl with them, they will hurl epithets that you are the mad one, not they!

If you truly see, you must be corraled by the blind with labels such as "conspiracy theorist"

If you see through the matrix, to the basic powers behind life, you are condemned as "blind" or uncaring.

A heart with no grasp on reason allows reason to be a superlatively selfless guide, conducting the heart's journey only mindful of not transgressing the spirit expressing through all others

Does a secure queen need to micro-manage or macro-nag her King to reign serenely?

The mind has one job: to mind our manners as motion and in stillness
To translate the intuition into inner beauty radiating without burning out or burning in hellish standing orders

How would a child guided by pure spirit appear to those driven by consumptive chains?
Too independent to be trusted to get in line for ritual slaughter?

Soon the children will be free to lead with their hearts and all minds will follow!

Unknown said...

Hoping that I'm ignorant, rather then stupid. Your posts always inspire me to seek a better self. Problem is, with an action based personality being still is very difficult. Searching for a way to be "quiet" enough to hear the better angels. Wish me luck in finding the way there and thank you for your words of inspiration.

Kazz said...


I could see what you were saying in my mind's eye. I see it unfolding. Amazing is all that comes to mind. We have to ride that wave. It will take us all the way home. What a rush :o)

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Nature Gets Herself All Gussied Up to Draw in Potential Candidates for Long Enough to Get The Pollen from A to B."

Iyou said...

"People with Evil Intentions are Going to Step in Their Own Shit and Panic-Slide Right Into The Flaming Dumpster."

On the world stage..what is the king and queen


The seed and the fruit of the seed..bitter or sweet.
no one can escape it..



Joseph Brenner

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