Thursday, September 08, 2022

"The Manipulative Little Offspring of Helicopter Parents Living on a Clickbait Assembly Line, to The Cosmic Thresher."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was at the gym yesterday. I like to sing along with the songs streaming by. Often the playlist is crap. Sometimes it's okay. Some of the ladies at the desk like that I do it. Some of the curmudgeons from the Pleistocene era back around the time of The Bridges of Toko-Ri don't seem to like it as much, BUT... they don't like anything from what I can see, Anyway...

“Walking in Memphis” comes on and it's one of my favorite songs. I'm singing along and they get to the part where “the Reverend Green be glad to see you when you haven't got a prayer,” then the next line arrives with “You got a prayer in Memphis.” Immediately into my head there comes this thought... well, that poor lady jogger didn't.

These are harsh times where Compassion and Pity are shaking coffee cups of meager change at the passersby on the mean streets of advanced-material-culture. The violence is being done, near exclusively, by a particular demon-graphic. However... the media reports it as being all committed by right-wing pale faces. There is a DELIBERATE effort to turn this country into a war zone.

Meanwhile... the vaccine manufacturers and their catamite PR people in every area of government... entertainment... and religion are murdering countless people around The World, and... it... just... keeps... happening! They are killing them in the moment, and... they are ALSO killing them slowly.

I got this big question that keeps coming into my mind; why doesn't Donald Trump acknowledge what is happening? What... has... happened. What c-o-n-t-i-n-u-e-s to happen. This is straight-up murder beyond anything the Nazis got up to. This is THE VERY THING they accuse the Nazis of having done, and... the people who made up those lies are the people doing and facilitating the killing now. It... is... visibly... and... provably... evident. Talk about irony.

Why is NOTHING being done about George Soros? Dear God... please hear my prayer. Lord... bring justice for all the victims of this man and his fellow travelers and financial backers. Please, Lord... OPEN THE EYES OF THE WORLD and make them see what these monsters are doing. Lord... shut... them... down, I pray. Take away their sense of self and leave them bewildered within their minds.

Lord... I pray... reveal to all of these miscreants the consequences of their deeds. Appear in their minds! Show them the cost of their actions. Confront them with the certainty of retribution by themselves upon themselves. Shame them and freeze them in place, Oh Lord! Thank you!

Their note has come due. Their time is at hand.

I just went to Fox News to be confronted by reports of a live-streaming gunman in Memphis, and... around the corner at the Memphis Tranny Friendly Target, a woman tried to steal a baby from someone's shopping cart. Perhaps it was below sticker price and she couldn't resist a bargain. Not much is cheaper than stolen.

Looks like Memphis was having a bad hair day, then I started tracking the Egyptian history of Memphis in my mind; hmm... Serapis the Sun God... Ptolemy... Alexander the Great... sigh, good time... good times. Heh heh.

I should point out that the secret government programs at their Fort Detrick, Tavistock-like labs have an army of Manchurian Candidates ready to go, and... it might be that we are seeing more of them now; like in Memphis. It could be one of those trial runs. They did the whole country in Australia. The open borders is another source for mind-controlled killers to be loosed upon “the blood-dimmed tide.”

On top of all that... a not inconsiderable number of people are already lost in the empty spaces of their minds... indifferent to the lives of others... focused entirely on the satisfaction of their own appetites... manipulative little offspring of helicopter parents... now living noisy lives on a clickbait assembly line... headed for The Cosmic Thresher.

Okay... enough of that. I could go on and on, and on, but... I am not Stephen Bishop. There does seem to be a matter of perspective to clear up... however. One might ask... “Well, Visible... how is any of this relevant if everything is under control? What difference does any of it make? Whatever it is... no matter what it is... it will, at some point, no longer even be in the rearview mirror and we will have forgotten all about it. Right? Right?”

Yeah... okay... that's the thing. ANYONE can get caught in contradictions who engages in the act of conversation, even if only with themselves... should... they... be... an... honest... person. This is why one should not engage in debates with clever fools and scoundrels, media people or anyone who is only engaged in it for the harm it will bring you. With Wisdom comes the ability to spot these people before they get in the same room.

Anyone can get caught in the appearance of Hypocrisy or... even Hypocrisy itself. (shudder) I KNOW it all works out. I KNOW there is nothing I can do. I KNOW, there is nothing that I do... do, (God being the motive force in all action) BUT... I am here to play a role. I am an actor bound by his engagements.

I am a persona in transition... toward a personality non-independence expressed in transparency... like a window. (wind door) Like a mirror too. I am here to reflect the best in you... if I can only hold the mirror steady and be still.

I am a niche player. I am here to communicate with a subset of The World. I represent someone on The Other Side. He is the head of the firm that I work for. I am of no importance to anyone else, and... if you don't get it... keep moving... it's out there somewhere... maybe; depends on what you are looking for. No... it's still out there or in there, one way or another.

I get no salary. I have no job... family... or fortune that you can take away from me. I have nothing to lose because what you find important is of no importance to me, AND... vice... versa. I do not have to account to anyone but the one I work for. It has been set up this way on purpose. I cannot be canceled. I have ALREADY been canceled. I had to give it a lot of thought.

Fortunately... I was not the one doing the thinking. Yeah... if you are independence-minded, you will certainly wind up on The Highway at some point because of the “my way or the highway.” strictures down here. You might have to sleep outside. You will certainly be materially skint at some point. You might even have shit thrown at you. It comes with the territory. AND THIS IS WHY... THIS IS WHY people make accommodations. They make deals. They make arrangements. It's the quid-pro-quo thing by the arm-twisting specialists.

If you can't be bribed and you can't be bought, they send the Honey-Pot Patrol to see you. Failing that... and... they... can... secure... the... necessary... permissions; they kill you. They got tiny cameras... and... that... is... why I live my life as if the whole world were watching. I do nothing that I care if it is seen or recorded. So... you are either living in bondage to a company... person... or people... or situation... or thing, or you live on The High-O Silver Highway.

Look at the dramas being played out there every day. The stories change, depending on who is making them up. Sometimes they didn't even happen. Sometimes they did happen but you can't say that. I don't concern myself with the tsunami wave of bullshit that is indicative of these times. I surf it. What else can you do? You don't want to go under. People literally drown in shit and then blame it on something else.

It's like those killer vaccines. I... am... here... to... tell... you, this is all set up to see who sells out... to see who is intimidated... to see who is compromised, and... to see what we're made of. This is a massive life play of generations coming and going. It is here that people demonstrate the cut of their jib. It is here that you can pick your companions. I'm not after all that other stuff. They are welcome to it, AND... since I am not after any of it, I... don't... get... in... their... way.

They will rough you up... touch you up... tune you up early on, and... in... some... cases. (like mine) it can go on for a much longer period of time. HOWEVER... the time arrives when (magically) you are no longer in their cross-hairs, then... if you stay out of their business... they will stay out of yours.

This is one kingdom here, and those who have settled for this can live on High Street with... conditions. Others are drawn to a land more fair, a land without conditions or... let us say, only... one... condition. This is another of the virtues of The Impersonal Self and Impersonal Love, living an Impersonal Life; with mercy toward all, and judgment on none. You are ONLY dealing with yourself, no... matter... where... you... are.

God be with you, my friends.

End Transmission.......

They are messing with my posting here. I see the signs of it as I go about my business. It might be that I can't write here anymore. We'll see. Should you not see me, you can get news at GAB.

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M - said...

You've frightened them. Hoo-mans can be dangerous when they're frightened, but they also make mistakes. Big ones.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

W are forever. If we're not here, we're somewhere else. Quite frankly, I have little patience these days for those focused exclusively on here. In fact, I have none. I have HAD it with this place, and awaiting the Cosmic Parole.

Nostrils up.

One Too Stupid to Live said...

"The sage can look out the window and see the whole world." -- Lao Tzu

"Nostrils up!" -- LTPTB

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." -- Ben Stiller

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"EVERYTHING Rotates Around Something Rotating Around Something that Rotates Around The Perfect Stillness of God."

Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned walking in Memphis. I’ve had that song in my head for over a week now. Even flew my Airbus A320 there in Microsoft Flight Simulator. And then… all that happened. What a world! Hope you are well friend!! Sounds like you are. Good!!


Guldur said...

Enormous synchronicity here! Enormous thanks! Slava tobě, Visíble. Guldur

Anonymous said...

"I got this big question that keeps coming into my mind; why doesn't Donald Trump acknowledge what is happening?"

I think the reason is because the power shift has not happened yet. The groundwork is constantly being laid and strengthened, but Trump and the White Hats cannot take the beast head on yet. They still control the bullhorn and "government". That will come after the mid-term blowout and congressional reversal. Probably still some months after that, March-April. The timing and execution of this phenomenal plan to liberate the world of international central banking is critical. It is not about pleasing the onlookers who are impatient for results. Timing is everything. The Art of War.

As always, thank you so much Les for your many life affirming posts.
Vaya con Dios.

Anonymous said...

Bill, remember the last Presidemnt who threatened to bust up the (cia)?
Yeah, JFK..

Anonymous said...

My point exactly. JFK took the beast head on, without the people understanding there even was a beast. needed for the purposes of demonstration.
Trump and the White Hats have planned this for decades, they do not attack the beast head on, constantly exposing the beast and it's extent, till finally critical mass arrives. That will not happen till sleepy America experiences a "near death experience".
We've come a long way these last two years, another half year is not much to endure if the return of the Constitutional U.S.A and the elimination of private central banking is achieved.
Kind Regards,

Visible said...

I hope you're right. This WILL NOT be the case for everyone.



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