Monday, September 05, 2022

"MEANWHILE... The Absence of Spirituality Leads to Pandemic Insanity. It's What's Known as a Conundrum."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Modern culture, in the East and the West, is all about the sexual fluids being milked from humanity by invisible creatures who are made powerful thereby. The Plodding Unconscious are energy cows that feed the invisible overlords. The World has been turned into rows of flashing billboards, all up and down Perdition Way. That which liberates us is the elevation of the sexual force through continence and use of The Imagination. That which enslaves us through myriad attachments to the external world involves the same sex force.

The God Force is The Source of all action and existence on every degree of The Dial; the Good, the Bad... and the no longer present but... soon to be arriving. Intention defines you. It manifests your destiny. It takes you where you think you want to go, as well as where you wind up... despite that.

Passion is a fire. It will burn you. It will warm you. It will also keep you strong. It will warm others too or... it can leave you out in the cold... spent... and empty.

I'm no sexual puritan. Even those who seem to be have been many things in other lives. This is why it is never a good idea to cast aspersions on others. It is a tricky thing... to see things AS THEY ARE, and... not pass judgment. Something I read somewhere has never left me; “every master has a secret life of shame.”. I am certain this is true. HOWEVER... once one sees the error of their ways, they can then make an informed decision not... to... continue... in... them.

I was a wild character. Dancing with God in your mind, while being more than a tad unbalanced, while in the search for balance, will... inevitably... bring you into conflict with The World, and its ever-changing standards and protocols. I refused to be made into a slave of anyone but... God. I willingly am a slave of love for The Supreme Lord. I serve no other. It is good to understand the default result in this.

If you love God... with all your heart, you are in one camp. If you serve another... any one... or many... of thousands of EXTERNAL faces of the false gods of this world, you are in another camp. If you are indifferent, you get the default, which is in the camp of the false gods.

I think I once mentioned what Manly Palmer Hall said about Magic. This is not verbatim. He said something like, “there is white magic and black magic, and... there is gray magic. Gray magic is simply an unconscious subsection of black magic.”

There is the God Unseen. There are The Gods of This World. ALL OF THEM work for The God Unseen. This is a bit of a blind because... there are some who see God in everything manifest and unmanifest. Job One; Love God with all your heart, so that your passage onward is, c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-a-b-l-y eased. You might think the two are not connected. I am here to tell you they most certainly are.

Arthur E. Waite once said, “with white magic, you may have something that is only foolish. With black magic you have something that is truly dangerous.” That too may not be exactly verbatim but the point, from both perspectives, is the same.

Perhaps this will be an anecdotal posting; I remember a story I once read about a Christian monk who was clearing out the stables. A vision appeared to him claiming to be Jesus Christ. The monk looked at it and said, “Begone! Lest I fill your mouth with ordure.” Apparently, he has a shovel full of shit as he said this. In... other... words... there is no external Christ. It is an interior station.

If you meet The Buddha on the road, kill him. A Buddhist monk from over a thousand years ago said that. It's the same thing. These are all cute, and maybe edgy little bon mots that are both true and untrue simultaneously. It is better all around simply to love God and not get into arguments about who put what where when.

I should point out also that there is no 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in the publicized sense. There have already been some number of comings where Christ has been REALIZED; that is The Second Coming.

That which Jesus Christ demonstrated was the personality of God AT... THAT... TIME. What Christ was, is, and will be is a perpetual coming of The Personification of God, ADAPTED to the needs of the time of his appearance. Various traditions speak of The Coming One, who has been called, Kalki... Maitreya... Mahdi... Li Hung, and... more.

The Second Coming refers to the spiritual baptism of kundalini fire or Heavenly Grace.

I would not presume to say who is who, and what is what in... this... regard. All that I know is he... will... come. I rest in the... unchanging... certitude... of... that.

Now for the segue; what are THEY going to come up with next? They ran the 9/11 scam on us. They turned all the sexual outlaws loose upon the town folk. They've been whipping up race-hatred. Then they created COVID and the Killer Vaccine. Now Biden is posturing as a demagogue... wanna-be dictator with a mouth full of marbles and a head full of wet sand.

You will know when the final act has started. It will come when the public knows their leaders are sold-out whores that are mocked on all sides. It will come when the distinctions between man and woman have become completely blurred. It will come when Cannibalism goes mainstream. It will come just as soon as everything falls apart, and there is nothing to hold on to when The Whirlwind comes. It will come when the despoliation of innocence becomes a religious rite.

All of those are or... nearly are... present at this time.

WHAT... ARE... THEY... GOING... TO... COME... UP... WITH... NEXT?

We can see the Halloween characters that they have put in the display windows of The World. We can see the specters of War... Famine... and Pandemic, dancing to the press of the invisible winds that are blowing in the display window. All... force... comes... from... off-stage.

One CRITICAL thought you... must... have... in... mind, is to... not... be... swayed... by... appearances...You must be rooted in The Invisible and detached from The Externals. You CANNOT expect to accomplish this mindset on... the... very... day... of... need without preparation. You have to ALREADY have been working on it, AND... you wouldn't have been coming around here for so long if you have not ALREADY been working on it.

Do you REALLY want to help someone else? Then you must pray for them. This is the MOST powerful force you can employ because it sets the angels to action. Whenever someone sincerely prays for another it... WILL... BE... ANSWERED! They might still die or have grief to come, depending on how hard-headed, and hard-hearted they are, BUT... the prayer will be answered. Wherever Impersonal and selfless Love is being expressed, the forces of Heaven will fly to your side.

YOU... DO... NOT... LIVE... ONLY... ONE... LIFE! One of the primary forms of mind control is organized religious programming. It starts early, in... every... sense. It travels the course of centuries, becoming ever more twisted with time, and it gets into the common heart/mind from the cradle on. MEANWHILE... the absence of spirituality leads to pandemic insanity. It's what's known as a conundrum.

It could be said ten thousand times ten thousand... and it would not matter until an awakening took place, BUT... let's say it again anyway. EVERYTHING in the external world is caused and controlled from The Invisible. PERIOD... PERIOD! You can align yourself with that timeless controller, and you will be in... the... sanctuary, no matter what external conditions might seem to be.

There is no actual Evil. There is relative evil. There is apparent evil. To see evil as a personal polarity is to be missing the necessary perspective that sees the good it can be worked into. The enlightened-informed... love it when they see evil. "Oh Great!!! Raw materials to work with!” They are like passionate composers weaving a symphony out of diverse movements. They are painters under a painter's sky with God's own palette. They are story-tellers returned from The Great Unknown, with the inspiration of The Sun and Moon shaping the thoughts in their mind.

The thing that mystifies me most is, why... do... people... put... up... with... this... shit? Why do they chain themselves to torment and agony via attachment to temporary things? If you do not take command of yourself and hold still... while The Mother forms you into finer shape, YOU... WILL... BE... A... SLAVE; a slave of something external to you or... a slave of something internal driving you; a beast of burden for The Palanquin of Appetite and desire; be quit of mindless craving.

Only the mercy and goodness of God, through his stalwart servants and friends, are responsible for this apocalypse and awakening. Strive to arrive at... the... beginning.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...


Do you REALLY want to help someone else? Then you must pray for them. This is the MOST powerful force you can employ because it sets the angels to action. Whenever someone sincerely prays for another it... WILL... BE... ANSWERED!

THIS! (grin)

What is the highest form of reason?
The mathematical certainty that addressing reality at its origins is the most efficient way to be effective!

Using our given capacity to communicate, to commune in consciousness with the Unified Mind, the COnsciousness of the One, is the highest power we have.
To use our Love power to create union, to spend our love in harmonic common union!

Vain to try “direct” human intervention if we comprehend spending our attention where most useful!
The habit to “do it ourselves” comes from childhood experiences (replicated into adulthood) of other people's interference in the expression of our Spirits' will and desire.

Finally we learn that the One Will cannot be thwarted when we allow creativity to direct us to adapt, to discover the way through us for the pressing light…

Until then, we waste our energy and suffer from frustration trying too hard to realize what we do not even wholly perceive

Buying the compulsion to “try too hard” is how the churners direct their death dirge demonstration with our complicit energy!

So just stop and let the love flow right on through!

Even notice how hard it is just to stay in the moment, not stray into memory or mental diversion?

Practice toning and listen to our Spirit come through us second by second
Nothing matters but what we give our love to, passing it back through us to the One who needs nothing from us:
It is for our abundance of life that we are commanded to love, to be more one with One

Give to Live
Be above to Love

Simple logic, when the illogical is purged from our vision along with the doubt in our hearts!

M - said...

"Raw materials to work with!"

LOL. I love it!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

T said...

You know what rats do when there are too many of them in an entirely human created, human limited environment? yas yas, thats man too! they rape boys. yas. therefore, you vill own nosing and bee happy. Thats gods vey.

Visible said...

Life is what we make it. Our perspective is formed by the judgments we put on The World around us and the names we give to each thing. I am not in a maze filled with rats. I am in a dance with angels who sing in the God-fed silence of my unshakable joy that GOD IS REAL. Everything else is just whatever mirages The Separated Mind is painting. From where I sit ♫it's getting better all the time♫

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Their Minds are Captured by The Sugar Plum Fairies of Sexual Fantasy. God, Apparently... Has Been Usurped."



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