Friday, September 16, 2022

"Heaven Has a Form of Castor Oil for Those Times When Being Full of Shit is No Longer a Tolerable Condition."

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I practice an unusual form of Mind over Matter and that is that I don't mind and it don't matter. On The Carnal Plane, this is demonstrated by a cavalier disregard for the rights and peace of others. On a higher plane, like The Causal Plane, it demonstrates as... an... independence... from the blandishments of The World. The World's primary objective is to break your heart. Well... you don't get far with Heaven until it does. As Materialism intensifies, there are more and more among us with no heart to give. It is promised to... other... things.

The decadent and atheistic, Leftist nonsense players are getting a taste of their hypocrisy spoon-fed to them by the governors of Texas and Florida. Heh heh... now Governor DeSantis has sent the first planes of migrants to Martha's Vineyard, where one of the primary vehicles for the troubles of our times has his residence; it's the precious. Massachusetts... New York... Illinois... California, these are some of the sanctuary states. Martha's Vineyard is in Massachusetts.

This sort of thing can't go on, BUT... what are the hypocrites supposed to do? How does their domesticated, but not housebroken media handle the spin, when The Cotton Candy Machine gets broken or... the one operating it winds up in the cotton candy? What happens when the people find out that that... is... not... cotton... candy; no my preciousssssssssss it is not. Paracelsus called it The First Matter, BUT... I think he was being allegorical.

As we have said any number of times here, EVERYTHING you encounter in the material bandwidth, AND... a great deal that lies outside of it... is created or caused by The Sun. In a way, The Sun is like The Divine Mother. You might not think this at first. The Sun, traditionally, has a masculine atmosphere, and The Moon is feminine, BUT... as the entirety of This World... and all we know about it, are constructions of Prakriti, AND... since The Divine Mother is Prakriti; you do the math.

EVERYTHING is female to God. That includes The Sun... because it is made by The Spiritual Light of God that is too bright to see, which accounts for the power and light that is channeled through The Sun. As you can see by this simple explication, things are not as they first appear to be; not even on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th look.

To see things as they really are, you have to get to the level of Magus and Ipsissimus. Master of the Temple gets you close, BUT... even at very high levels... unless you are seeing through the eye of God, you are not seeing things as they really are. I SHOULD POINT OUT HERE that God... can and does look through every set of eyes if... he... so... chooses, and can light up the consciousness of the user and possessor of that eye, any... time... it... pleases... him... to... do... so.

Just because it is a long and winding road does not mean you cannot be transported to the finish line, ANY TIME God wills it so. It is only long and winding because of you anyway. It only SEEMS to be long and winding. It is straight as an arrow as it... really... is. The road within is winding because it is a spiral. The road without is direct because there... is... no... other... thing that can block it. It's kind of like the aether. Everything you see has precipitated down from it, and none of that can do harm to it. Nothing can harm the aether, for... good... reason.

There is more to it than is gotten in the first impression... when you read... “Success is speedy for the energetic.” It could take a REALLY LONG TIME to make the conscious connection to Godhead, BUT... once this has been accomplished within you, the... whole... dynamic... changes.

God does not USUALLY transport common souls to the highest region, by the snap of his fingers, BUT... HE... MOST CERTAINLY... CAN.

It would be a good thing to forget everything you think you learned from cant and dogma. God is a living thing. Why would you look for a living God in dead relics? In ridiculous drag-queen outfits? In preposterous funny hats? If any of them had the answer, then why are they all fighting with each other? Why are they all competing with each other for sheep to shear? Why do they oppress and confuse their flock with absurd and contradictory jargon? Why did they leave reincarnation and karma out of The Catechism?

Why do these religions have so many John Calvinator murder machines and so few temples of healing? They are like a couple of soused gay, art critics at a MOMA opening. “I think what God was trying to say here was... ah... jabber... jabber... jabber.” Or somehow it became an act of faith to, “Kill the infidel!” How about... “Burn the witch!” I look at the colorful history of The Church and its lineage of Borgias, and Torquemadas. I look at the John Calvins and Brigham Youngs... I'm not going further with this.

I could list pages of names of those who dishonored their profession and perverted their 'calling', and so very few who were honorable. It's the same thing in the political theater, though the religions and political theaters are a quid pro quo arrangement of scoundrels, in... any... case. For every Sir Thomas Moore, there are a great many Oliver Cromwells. For every Jesus Christ... there are legions of Legion.

People love their places of shelter, their dependable income, and their reputation in The World. They make all kinds of compromises to protect them. What The World does (at the behest of The Creator) is to force people into conditions of compromise. There is only one dependable shelter, income, and reputation that sustains for any length of time. It is far better to have the coin of the realm for every realm there is... than to have an overabundance of the coin of only one realm. They ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE across the realms.

Love is the ONLY coin of the realm that is negotiable everywhere. Everything comes out of The Sun... The Sun is also the center for Love in this solar system. A tiny personal sun is present in your solar plexus this very moment. The key is to bring your sun into resonance with The Sun. All your troubles in this or... any... life are caused by being out of harmony with The Doctrine of The Sun. The Sun is the living embodiment of God on this plane. It is itself, a projection of a secret sun that is too bright to see with mortal eyes.

When you begin to vibrate in harmony with your sun and The Sun, you come to the attention of The Minders. That's one name for them. They are also called Shepherds... Initiates... various terms are employed. When you come to the attention of this Fellowship of Light, everything turns toward an ever-elevating deeper resonance with The Sun behind The Sun. You are fast-tracked. You are hot-housed. Not everyone is up for this. You... have... to... be... up... for... it. You have to be into it.

Perhaps you get the sense that I am being allegorical here, that I am being picturesque and... running a whimsy with the poetics. These things are directly so. The... way... that... we... understand... them is how the differences appear. No one describes it the same. Everyone is standing at a different angle, forming a different perspective. What is the point of argument? Best you find it! Best you find it!!! Everything else is a... waste... of... time.

The idea is to let God see through your eyes and hear through your ears. The idea is to not hinder this. The World is filled with people who hinder the passage and presence of The Living... Conscious... Light within. This is what The World is all about in the first place; to act as a distraction from The Divine. There are times that come when Humanity... en masse... moves away from God because Materialism... Mammon... is permitted to prevail over The Hive Mind FOR... A... TIME. It is a Season of Trial for those Heaven has found to be worthy of the effort.

If God loves you, he prunes you... and improves you. There's no getting away from it. You can spend your time squalling in the tub because your mom got soap in your eyes, but... you're better off learning to enjoy the process or... become indifferent to it, through detachment and proper identification of the nature and meaning of form.

With Mr. Apocalypse at the helm, Hypocrisy's days are numbered. It is the same for all of vices and perversities that Hypocrisy considers business... as... usual... for the self-serving. There is going to be a whole lotta shaking going on. Count on it. I couldn't begin to hold forth on the possibilities that may... emerge... soon... now.

Heaven has a form of Castor Oil that it uses in those times when being full of shit is no longer a tolerable condition. You have to stop seeing it all as random and inexplicable events. There is a cohesion and symmetry to the whole of it that reflects Intelligent Design, even where Stupidity is in full flower.

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Anonymous said...

The last sentence is a winner! That's what I would call seeing with God's eyes.

Thank you for another week of what you do (smile).

Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. It blows me away how people are acting like it's still 1966 or something, and they have no clue what's just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Your last 2 weeks of posts have given me goose bumps. You have a way with words, my friend, and I’m starting to write them down in my journal. Thank you. God has blessed you with wealth beyond measure.

robert said...

Obrigado Visible!

If God loves you, he prunes you... and improves you. There's no getting away from it. You can spend your time squalling in the tub because your mom got soap in your eyes, but... you're better off learning to enjoy the process or... become indifferent to it, through detachment and proper identification of the nature and meaning of form.

Except there is no conditional love in the One!

The ONLY differential is how we are choosing to respond

Ultra patient parent, even the deviates who gang up to serve the butt hole surfer pole are being loved; loved to death if that is what it takes to come out of the darkness in the end

The perception of parental favoritism is just human:
those who learn to love are given more love to shine
those recalcitrant resisters are given more time in the line

Perfect justice enforces Karma as love penetrates every event to advance conscious order

Why those who have half a clue still resist being loved into life is the mystery!

There is little confusion about those taking the dark side to hide their unrepentant selves...

What appears to be the long way home can, by selfish momentum, bounce off the bottom and head up at light speed at any time is proves the power of love!

Where is our commitment to being more than we can handle?
Have we not all lost our way enough times?
Why we cling to suffering as if it is life
While our patient Parent loves us nonetheless
Is the conundrum of human noise making

Rather die than handle being beloved?
The One does not let you leave the party long
When our will melts down to nothing
We meet our will to live more than half way
What is left of pain constructs our assurance

When we see through it all, there is nowhere to go
Personal feeling cannot contain the Passion
So we must break our hearts to give up trying
Shred our shroud to begin our true life
Realize regardless to the One we are wife

Observe the Mother serve all matter
Unconditionally flow Her energy forth
Let the Decider watch the chips fall
As we chop wood and carry water for the day
Restless spirit will have all the way

We will feel the One all about us
That day dawning when illusion crumbles
Revealing what we forget we knew
Giving reinforcement to our reason to live
Our hearts refill from the relentless reservoir

Gregory said...

"Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.

If we were born to paint, it’s our job to become a painter.

If we were born to raise and nurture children, it’s our job to become a mother.

If we were born to overthrow the order of ignorance and injustice of the world, it’s our job to realize it and get down to business."

“The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They're Dancing Like Candy Cane Hookers in The Carnal Mind, with The Lord of Darkness as The Ringmaster."



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