Thursday, April 28, 2022

"They are About to be Greeting a Real Feature of The Climate Con. Let Me Introduce You to The Boomslang Boomerang."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Toxic and ill winds blow around The World. Aligned creatures of darkness, travel in flocks, seeking perches in unattended minds. The Culture itself has become a poison, and Insanity is the symptom. The ghosts of Oliver Cromwell and Maximilian Robespierre, walk through the mist like Rick Blaine and Captain Louis Renault, recreating their own “beautiful friendship,” which does not bode well for the rest of us.

When COVID-phony lurched onto the scene, first as Corona, and since... has become every seasonal malady one can imagine or remember, and is now part of a huge wedding party under the big umbrella tent of FEAR... I did not pay a lot of attention. I think I might have worn a mask, very briefly, twice during the whole Plandemic of Stupidity that came and went, and transformed into an economic bonanza for The Few. It seems like every antagonist they drum up, winds up... on a shelf at Walmart. You take it home and it winds you up, and your imagination does the rest.

For years, I would notice the constant adverts and reminders about flu shots. I never got any. I seldom if ever catch anything of the kind. It's been many years now since I was last under for any of these. God lives on the Farm of My Body. He sits on the porch, in the shade of the afternoon, and he watches me labor with his borrowed force, as he acts through me, and around me, and everywhere all at once, all the time. Thank you; you wonder of all time, you singular beauty from which all beauty proceeds. You are the love of my life.

Sometimes he'll stick a length of straw in his mouth, and then he counsels me in agricultural language, and appropriate metaphors, about the meaning of life... about wolves and sheep... about The Seen, and... The Unseen. It can take a while for God to speak to you in a way where you can hear him. Sure... he is speaking all the time, through time, and beyond, but... one either hears The World or its author. In Times of Advanced Material Darkness, it can be especially hard to hear God speaking. In early times, he speaks through many vehicles that come and go in a life. He is ALWAYS speaking through Nature, but that is an acquired language.

The Crazy among us are... POSSESSED. They REALLY know not what they do. In many cases, no one is home, except for the squatters who took up residence, once the original inhabitant flew into the cuckoo's nest or the candle's flame, or... washed away with scuttering leaves, down the storm drains and off to a bottomless sea (someone already used sunless sea a long time ago, talking about Kublai Khan.)

You'll see some strange matters in the links below, reflective of The Times. That's what they are for, I think. What we are here for... is what we came here to find out. How many of us do? In Times of Material Darkness, the thirst for God turns into other hungers... of various colors, refracted through a poisoned prism. It is harder in these times to seek God than at any other. He is also easier to find if you know where to look. In times of simple agricultural communities, God can be found in the presence of others.

As we said, it can take a while for God to speak to you. First, you must learn to listen... attentively. You must be more patient than a mother with a wayward son. You must REALLY want it... more than ANYTHING else. If you can accomplish these simple tasks, the outcome is assured. You assuredly find out, that those simple tasks... can be VERY HARD to manifest.

Here's another way of putting it. Let us say you are like anyone immersed in Material Culture. You have to step away from the mind's attachment to it, WHILE in the midst of it. You have to shut down The Attractors, much as you must Still the Reactive Mind. You have to reweave the attractors into a single-purpose rope, and pull yourself upward; all the while, noting that you are not the one doing it. When God gets the impression that you really want him, he WILL come to you. He is ALREADY bringing you to him. Everything I am saying comes out of my own experience.

I traveled through serious Hells for extended periods of time, ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. One thing I KNOW; if you do not give up you cannot fail. Eventually, whatever is tormenting you, goes away when you fail to respond for a period of time. Probably, they poke you with a stick... then... they go off to find a live one. You just have to out-wait them. A large percentage of life is ENDURANCE. Endurance leads to prevailing. Prevailing leads to Celebration.

This searching for God thing is THE classic example of Enduring and Prevailing. Wimps and Simps need not apply. It WILL take everything you have, mostly because everything you have is not worth having, and lie like sandbags... in the basket of your balloon. They HAVE TO BE tossed or you WILL NOT rise. There is an emotion that acts very much like yeast. It is VERY GOOD to have an ample supply of it.

Searching for God does not mean wandering in uncharted territory, except when applied to yourself. Everything is very familiar after a while and you have guides and companions aplenty, once you get outside the city limits. I asked God why he wasn't in the city where he could do more good. He said, emphatically... “I don't like being pushed around.”

The Master on the Beach did not say a great many things to me. Over the years, as I pondered what he said... I was puzzled and did not get the context or the intent. My fault in perception was that I thought he was talking about himself. It took a long, long time for me to understand that he was talking about me. Suddenly... many of the pieces came together. I also discovered that this trek of mine is not the result of a single life's motion. It has been going on for some time. You really do have to be patient, BUT... don't ask God for patience... or he will give you something to be patient about.

A great many constructions from former times are going to fall apart this year. A collective of seemingly VERY POWERFUL psychopaths... have a calendar of events set up for the public. They could not sustain the traction of The Scamdemic. Ukraine has turned into a... very hard to spin adventure of cynical enterprises. Now they intend to hit us with a lack of The Basics; food, and other comestibles.

They are having serious credibility problems. This is Mr. Apocalypse's doing. Soon... a good deal of their oomph is set to be transferred to other vehicles of expression. Their wires are being crossed. Their mediums of distraction are being diminished, witness Netflix and Disney. Now Musk has bought Twitter. Oh... there is a great deal more.

Woke is a failure at the box office. This means there is not enough money to grease the wheels, and so the engine seizes up. REMEMBER... it is ALL about the money... here at The Carnal Carnival. They are about to be greeted by a real feature of The Climate Con. Let me introduce you to The Boomslang Boomerang. This is when the attack dog you trained to intimidate others, comes around and bites you in the ass.

Nature... beaten into submission or disciplined to serve... is not really under your command. Nature can, and will... turn on you if you upset the balance, which is easy to see in the sexual dances of the era. This factors into EVERYTHING ELSE. It is why the Bad Guys are so devoted to messing with it.

This has all been a test of your emergency broadcast system. It has all been designed to paint each of us into a corner of our own creation. It has been designed to show us to ourselves. This has only marginally happened so far. It is about to become unavoidable. It is going to be in-your-face unless you do an about-face. People are being driven mad in the vehicles of their passions and appetites. All was well and good until they went off-road. This is why YOU MUST find that hidden and long trodden road through the portals that close behind you.

The Degree of Difficulty in these times is extreme. That implies that the riches to be gained are very significant; “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, Neither has it entered into the heart of man, The things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

People might have all manner of perspectives on The Great Souled Ones, such as Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others. It is all based on one's level of faith, counterpointed by the level of one's material distractions. I KNOW they are real. This changes the dynamics of my existence. This sets me on the path of discovery. Otherwise... Perdition awaits at the end of the wide highway. It seems to be many highways, but they are all going to the same place.

Some are longer and slower than others, but they still wind up in the same place; entropy or vitality, transcendence or mediocrity; "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop...” You'll have to tell me what it says. The message is different, depending on the road you are traveling.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 25, 2022

"Woke is A Defense Mechanism for Those Who do not Want to Awaken. It is a Kind of Sleepwalking Denial."

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It's a funny thing about going crazy; not funny hah hah, At first... it might seem quirky and eccentric, and it's fine if it stays there, but... where it is... is not a real place, so... off they go deeper into the complex psychosis of their tormented mindscape. For a while, since they are powerful individuals, they pick up a lot of people in their tailwind. The countryside gets more and more menacing in appearance. Then it becomes alarming. They spin right off the table. They don't know where to go, so they keep on going nowhere that they are familiar with. They become unhinged, which means to have broken your moorings.

This is what is happening in the halls of power, in the glitter-graffiti world of celebrity, in the area of sport's competition. Some will hold on and weather the interior sunspot activity, that activates the archetypes of the changing age. Some will never be the same again, and some? It is goodbye with no forwarding address. MEANWHILE... Mr. Apocalypse has struck up the band. Like the maestro that he is, he waves his baton (or wand, as you prefer), and he highlights sections of the orchestra; sometimes he highlights individual instruments. The spotlight follows the direction of his will, and... you see what is happening in The World, due to The Awakening taking place within. Woke is a defense mechanism for those who do not want to awaken. It is sleepwalking in denial.

It is also... also, a form of programming... the massage of the medium... the lulling to sleep of the siren's singing... Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid... the wind through your withers... like a hook in the mouth of a fish. There are better mindsets for survival in this world; not that you can put it off indefinitely; no matter who you are, you would have to change because all that is physically manifest is subject to change. There is the matter of The Body of Glory, however. I could see where The Sun might have something to do with that. At least Hermes Trismegistus thought so, and he's one of my favorite people.

Yes, my friends, The World is going mad, by increments, and... at an increasing speed. There are principles of physics that apply to this, and metaphysics gives you a perspective on it. The most important feature here, is... you do not have to go mad. This sort of thing tends to sort itself out, if you stay at a reasonable distance. Think of it as warming your hands before the fire, but not trying to dance in it until you are invited to. That sort of a thing is by invitation ONLY. You have to be at a particular level. Anything less will leave you with lasting memories.

There are people who can do these kinds of things, but you would not likely know you had met them until they had moved on. Still... if the meeting had remarkable after effects, you can be sure they will be back by again. They don't just tattoo you and leave you on the free range, without cover or protection. You become an obligation that they have assumed, on your behalf, in a conspiracy with your higher self.

Tremendous occurrences are directly ahead. In some cases... dead ahead. That which is being composted WILL BE recycled. That which is to reflect our new reality, generated by the harmonizing of the archetypes, in accord with the Will of The All High, is going to rise from the composted Earth. It's always been done this way. The confusion and lack of faith come because most do not possess the VIRTUE needed... to generate the acting presence of God through focused intent, also known as concentration, wherein lies the secret of the magical art.

Okay, visible, catch your breath and think about it. Eternity lies ahead in a shining repose. A beckoning ever after, come-hither... of a spiritual romance. One can be that Mystic Traveler. One is that mystic traveler, under the spell of pervasive dream. Awakening is the greatest of dreams, given its follow through and everlasting echo on the way out.

Well... we now know what happens when you take the leashes off of a pack of sexual degenerates. Everything good and decent becomes a threat to their appetites. The Family Unit, which is the building block of civilization, has been slaughtered on the altar of excess, by green-haired, gender-twisted obesity priests, who fellate the Prince of Darkness as a performance art, religious ritual.

I am not here to be a voice of morality. I KNOW that people get up to all kinds of things, and it is not my business until someone insists on making it my business, by leading the following generations off to captivity in Darkest Egypt (metaphorically speaking); if there is such a place. It might be called something else, and probably is by the people who live there.

You have to understand that demons take human form when INVITED to. Many who are not possessed are influenced. In this world, at this time, in The Advent of the Avatar, this kind of thing goes into high gear. It always gets super hot prior to The One who comes to Cool their Jets. Kids can go batshit when the teacher is out of the room, BUT... when The Teacher comes in, a change comes over the room; depending on the teacher, of course.

The perversion and degeneracy that is front and center in these times is not something new. It is yet one more effort of The Infernal Realm to take over the material plane, AND... this they can do in specific, AND collective minds, to their lasting distress. They don't even get to enjoy it. That is reserved for whoever is doing it through them in the first place. That happens in reverse fashion as well. You can become a habitation of angels, if you are persistent about it, and are willing to embrace the changes required for it to happen. Most who work great and beneficial change in The World are habitations of angels.

Angels do not stick around, however, if you stray from the requirements. It's like a marine who gets out of shape and leaves himself behind.

Those who wreak great destruction on The World are visited by the force that accomplishes it. Both sides work for God. That is a small idea of how powerful he is, AND... what a sanctuary that can be; a mighty fortress is Our Lord. This is one of the reasons you should not concern yourself with Good and Evil. They change shapes and definitions all the time; in a relative sense. One side most certainly does because that is one of its chief features. The other falls victim to moral relativism, which is a constant quality of the weak at heart. They have no fire to forge and temper their character. They make concessions where one should not; reminds me of Cardinal Wolsey again.

Sometimes I think of Will Smith. I was aware of him early via Six Degrees of Separation. I never saw his TV show. TV stopped being a thing when I stopped watching the Saturday kid's series in the morning. I never got the feeling he was a nice guy, but... he's a big name entertainer. You wouldn't expect him to be. He made his biggest mistake when he got married. It is an odd karma that follows entertainers. There is Yoko, and Amber Heard, and Angelina Jolie. They can destroy a man's life, and distort his work. Of course, once again, the reverse is true as well. Many a Lothario has been the downfall of a lady. I call them star-crossed lovers. I know it well.

Anyway... I was talking about Will Smith. It was terrible, watching his peers turn on him. I'm not trying to minimize what he did. It wasn't that big a deal anyway. The way they turn on each other. That is what got me. I was not fond of Will Smith. I quasi-enjoyed half of his films and not the other half. So... I have only seen so much of what he has done... but the feeding frenzy! The self-righteousness of the hypocrite industry! What really goes on behind closed doors in that town is the fruit of a poisoned imagination.

I wouldn't turn on someone like that. I despise Schadenfreude; there but for fortune... goes you and I. Why is it that so many people do not get that they are movie actors in the film that is their life? “All the world's a stage!” The dream web is very strong. However... it is fraying in particular locations, and losing its sway in certain instances. This is one of those times of waking up because a whole new stage is being erected. Yes... The Crazy are out front racing toward their date with reality. The more reasonable minds are minding how they go, watching where they put their feet. It will all smooth out up ahead, but... not everywhere.

As the needle red-lines, it would behoove the attentive to mind their situational awareness. I have seen demonic entities squatting over urban jungles of compressed souls. Dark archetypes... shadow archetypes are embodiments of our lower nature, drawn to locations where the behavior is celebrated. You see the press for programming children with perverted sexual mores. Who can be so insane? Their belief system is generated by these entities who overshadow areas where an intense diabolical harvesting can take place.

Think of it like this; all doubt, all fear, all lust and anger... all negative qualities GO TO FEED SPECIFIC ENTITIES. Just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not there. If millions of people are paying a soul-tax into the coffers of spirits most foul, they are making them powerful indeed. They are NOTHING next to The Sun... BUT... there are places where The Sun does not shine.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

"Look at The Force of Pedophilia, as It Rises like Baal Rampant on a Field of Ravaged Innocence and Despair."

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Before we go off in whatever direction this post will start going off in, I wanted to add just a couple of details that were omitted from the last posting.

About the links. We are not without method to our madness here, and the articles that are linked are nearly always relevant to the atmosphere of the times we write about. No one should be concerned (usually-grin) with the content of them, because The Elf gives you plenty warning about what's involved, via pictures and intros. So... you can skip the ones that seem too dark for you. Also... I've gotten considerably more support for including them than for not including them.

Today's links are classic for the illustrations they provide, and some of them are mind-blowing. Wait till you see what some people are up to under the cover of the uncertainty of the times; in Ukraine, in Hijacked Palestine, with Johnny Depp, Elon Musk and the cartoons over at TMZ (which we mostly spare you). Some of these I have not included because I know you have seen them. This is ALL noise. The whole of The World is a distraction from The Real World, which... you could be living in, if you wanted to. I am quite serious about that.

Including the links at the end of the posting means I don't have to hotlink them in the text here, as we used to do. I'd be glad not to make any reference to the surround-world, but it is there. We are all aware of it. In any case, these links are ONLY for the people to whom they apply. Hello? Is this the party to whom I am speaking?

Also... your idea about how God put it all together may well not be the same as mine. That is perfectly okay (or it should be). Unfortunately, people polarize over their absolute certainty that they know what they are talking about, and... they do not. I was very fortunate to have The Cosmos point out to me in unforgettable fashion, that I did not know.

What you get here is a broadcast... on a certain wave length, which is being transmitted THROUGH me. I myself, OFTEN do not know what I am going to say next. I myself, OFTEN hear something at the same time as I am writing it. It is all coming from a place I trust ABSOLUTELY. The reader will have to make up their own mind about that.

The beauty is that no one has to come here. Unfortunately, in this world, there is a vast population that does not even know who or what they are without the vehicle of argument. They define themselves by what they oppose. Many... these days... take it to an extreme. People are going mad in exponential fashion. AND... some are getting more and more sane. That's up to you.

This is not addressed to those of you who have been coming here for years. This is for the new readers who are coming in, in more recent times. I am saying these words now because there are going to be changes coming down and none of us will escape being affected by them. Like anything... it can go either way. Since I KNOW that God is real, I have no apprehension at all about any of it. It's one of the reasons I don't get outraged here or anywhere (not anymore). I have been brought to a place where I am able to have a degree of certainty about something, and it has put all other concerns to the side. There is only one concern now.

Not everyone shares the desire to meet God. They do meet The Devil at every turn. If... that is who they are looking for, AND... angels unaware. That comes with the territory. A person's character determines what they become and what they see, and... most importantly, HOW they see it. Character is built. It is something you construct in the process of making countless errors. Oh! What an exhausting road it is for those who insist on playing God and being constantly reminded that they are not. God will occasionally allow people to manufacture situations where they are treated like gods; get away with murder... freely frolicking in the carnage they have orchestrated. Nothing is missed.

In scripture, you occasionally see a “woe betide” reference. Let me add my own here; woe betide the wrong-doers, and the callously indifferent... in times of apocalypse. I pause... in speechless awe... for some moments now, as I watch the carousel of pending change go round and round in my mind. I do not know what shape it will take but I have seen some amount of the coming attractions.

When I see such pervasive darkness as I see now, the rampant depravity and violence, the rampaging appetites of The People from Crazy Town, I am thrilled with expectation... because I know that The Divine must be close by. I KNOW he's going to make an appearance in MANY forms... and fashions suitable to the needs of the moment... the time... and the place.

It used to be that I would talk in detail about goings-on in the wider world. How can one find any significant or singular condition... or thing now, which is not being outshouted by a dozen others? The clamor and crazy-person talking nonsense... the transparent lies from the mouths of grinning jackals; those who indeed, cause massive harm to huge numbers of people; what are we to make of all this? It has REALLY gotten toxic.

Where did these freaks come from? Here we have the helicopter parents, who chose not to discipline their children, but rather spoiled their nature. They let the twisted perverts have access to them, while they read each issue of Parenting Magazine and listened to Offal Winfrey, and Ellen Degenerate. All in the name of protecting their children from harm, they delivered them into Harm's Way. Oh generation of vipers! I see scripture coming to life in the events of our times.

There is an army of green and purple-haired Pillsbury Dough Incels, throughout the school systems and government. There is an army of people who cannot spell or write their names. They are now heads of department. Look at the force of Pedophilia, as it rises like Baal Rampant on a field of ravaged innocence and despair.

I mentioned not talking about these issues, but here they are. Try to remember that this is a world of shadows; transient, materialized illusions. Remember what life was like before cellphones? Now it is the biggest addiction in The World. They are mainlining toxic information that their other colon cannot evacuate. If we are all building ourselves... then we must transform into whatever is the object of our devotion. If it is resident in The Lower Nature, the future does not look bright for you. What you aspire to, you become.

Remember that you live in a carnival that reaches so wide that customs and languages change entirely in different sections. There are booths and displays for everything that is in The World. Where do you linger most? You'll be working there next time around. What arrangements are you making? What relationships occupy your thoughts? What are you doing???

It is all coming up in the Event Horizon faster than I expected. Of course, I do not have The Avatar's Day Runner... but signs, and trends, and patterns, are telling me that objects in the future are closer than they appear, IN THE MIRROR.

Given what I can see of the whole sad and tawdry affair of incestuous evil, replicating itself in monstrous forms... all I can say, is “Whoa!” They... it appears, cannot say, “Whoa!” and they REALLY... REALLY should. They are like, Mr. Creosote... unable to refuse the mint. Interestingly... the very people who were capable of such revealing comedy, later became proponents of what is not funny. Angels sang through inspired hearts, once upon a time, before it all turned to shit; meaning the arts and culture.. Still... there is beauty if one knows where to look, and the angels are still singing on other planes.

I'm guessing there is going to be some amount of Last Hurrah, False Flag action on the way to the mid-term elections. They REALLY cannot afford to lose. The waterfall of overflowing circumstance continues apace, while miscreants reach for what is beyond their grasp. As the clown car goes off the cliff, we see the waving handkerchiefs from shore. The foghorn blast shatters the air, while we disappear over the horizon line.

Somewhere a Flat-Earthpalegic is twisting in their restraints, while the probes vibrate at either side of their temples. One hears the cellphone ring, and the DNA-MRNA activates, and sends the signal through the system; “Zombies! Forward march!!!” "Zombies! Parade (without) rest!"

Hieronymus Bosch (not the Amazon Bosch) sends his regards.

End Transmission.......

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Family sex show cast

Friday, April 15, 2022

"The True Object of Desire is The One That Puts an End to Wanting and Sets You Free of Desire. We'll Leave the Light on for Ya."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Zelenksky gambit, in which a Tribe gangster keeps the Holocaust theme park in operation in the human mind, and... The Usual Suspects, front and center, as the most maligned and- “we never done one wrong thing” people the Earth has ever known... continues; pawn to pawn 3, rook to some place over there on the board.

How did over a hundred countries over the course of history get it so wrong? The Usual Suspects had their moment in Soviet Russia where they murdered tens of millions of people. They made it happen for the whole world to see, and NOW??? Now they are in control of The World money supply, and the access to it, so they intend to turn America Communist, which is a strange thing... when your whole thing (their whole thing) is about controlling MONEY. How does the philosophy of communism embrace such a conflict of postures that are antithetical to one another?

How did all this vile 1984 PC rhetoric get here? Well, who was behind it in Soviet Russia? Who wrote the playbook to begin with? Who are the bankers that can lean on anyone who... at some point... is going to need money from them? Why would a banker demographic promote a Communist perspective that is the opposite of their standard-operating-procedure? It is ALL about CONTROL. With Communism, there is only one political party that the bankers make the rules for; the rules that apply to you, and the rules that do not apply to them.

It's not enough to tell people that things are screwed and shouldn't be. You have to further screw things up so you can blame it on the competition, and sell the comatose on the idea that your toothpaste is better than their toothpaste. When you control the money, you can pay the crowds to show up and make noise as if they were really there for that. Pulling off scams like Sandy Hook, and the election theft, 9/11, and sundry... is not the problem you think it might be, when such a large group of people are in dream land, or bone deep stupid in a Tamasic miasma.

You've heard of The Homeless Problem? That is not the actual problem. The real problem is The Mindless Problem. When people are unable to think in a logical fashion, life does not unfold logically. It is not just a residence they are lacking when no one is home upstairs. I've been at street level. I've DIRECTLY seen what the situations are and what THEY say the situation is. The two are remarkably different. Confuse people and promote disorder; who does that sound like? Who is it that goes around like a raging lion, spreading fear and discord? “Door #3! It's door #3! No! Wait! Is it tomorrow yet?”

A long time ago, the gods... the impersonal divine archetypes... the several serpents behind the heads of the personalized presentations for the good of all... realized... possibly through trial and error... that the manifest plane... the central plane of Karma... realized and repeated without end... was, and is... how it has to be.

Desire runs the wheels of engagement and the soul learns the meaning and value of everything. One is then in a position to be set free from it... and... that is there for everyone. That promise is everlasting and always being fulfilled somewhere. This place... this plane... is where people come to TEMPORARILY live in the physical senses. It is here in the carnal realm, where one can further immerse The Mind, OR.. where one has suffered enough, or learned enough, to want to move on, and then? The way appears. I KNOW this to be true.

This is The World. This is Material Culture. Yes... there will be times of great light and luminous civilizations, but darkness comes too. It replicates. It relocates. It is always shifting into the appearance of the object of desire, but... that is not it. The true object of desire is the one that puts an end to wanting and sets you free of desire. I know how that sounds. I also know that is how it is.

Learn to move in The World and... MOST IMPORTANTLY... have powerful invisible friends. Nothing is better than that... and you never get anywhere worth going to without them. And this is especially important in Times of Material Darkness. We are at a BIG moment in the turning of the age. A lot has to be processed before the quantum jump is effected. On a personal level though... it is ALWAYS present.

Each of us moves at our own speed. Some flowers bloom earlier. Some fruit appears first. Some buds never open. That fragment of life that you are, is... in this moment... at some point on a torturous journey into the light. All those stations of gray and shadow are where the negative emotions live, and they actually lead to places on the planet where most of the people are like that.

There are bardos beyond counting. We populate our Hell(s) and our Heaven(s) through a shared commonality. I am through with abusing myself, and loving God has taught me that no other agenda is worth the pursuit. I do not know what it will look like when it flowers, but I do know that it goes on blooming forever. It is the flame of immortality dancing in the soul, but the mind comprehends it not. The darkness comprehends it not.

It has been explained so many different ways, in different times and places. It has come in profound simplicity and it comes in an intricate ever unfolding wonder. It cannot be described. It can be experienced.

How do you acquire powerful invisible friends? It is quite simple and ANYONE can do it. One simply represents the interests of The Invisible Hierarchy, in visible fashion. You go around in the mindset of The Creator's Presence. This attracts those entities who serve that presence, and repels those who do not. There are witnesses to all you say and do here.

There are little beings in the underbrush. There are elementals that move in the air, that dance in the fire, that swim in the water, that are industrious in The Earth. There are malign spirits associated with negative human emotions. There are benefic spirits who are resonant with positive human emotions. Find the level and quality of friendship you seek.

Some of us are meant to have a working relationship with The Supernal Realm, and some of us are meant to have a working relationship with The Infernal Realm. Each will learn the cost, and in many cases... the limitations of The Carnal Mind. They are like romances. There are good boyfriends and bad boyfriends. There are virtuous women and town pumps. It is all in the nature of the arrangements you have made. Is it fair? Well... you are the one who put yourself there. That can change. Everything phenomenal is subject to change. Lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas.

In The Emerald Tablet it is said,

“Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world.”

Superiors and inferiors means the Supernal and Infernal kingdoms. All kingdoms have their concerns and their duties to perform. Make yourself known to The Invisible World. Oh... wait a minute, you already do, with everything you think and say and do... and by your works? So you are known to them.

You will see below that there is mention made about what the real deal is in Ukraine. I will highlight the link. These goosestepping psychopaths are dancing to the tunes of Mr. Apocalypse. EVERYTHING is being exposed, revealed and identified in the court of public opinion. Yes... it seems that the stupid will go on being stupid forever. Some are not just stupid. Some are afraid.

None of what is happening is by accident and the same people who destroyed Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Libya, and Syria, are now seeking to destroy Russia. Only... it is not just Russia alone. There is China... and India... and Brazil... and the cushioning satellites around The Motherland.

The psychopaths are flushed with their success and their control of public opinion, via The Information Highway. They've ruined everyone else who got in their way. Why should it be different this time? The affairs of humanity are ALWAYS under the control of The Supreme Commander who made the whole thing out of himself; who is both mother and father, who has a Left AND a Right hand. Two great rivers run, and from each are spawned countless tributaries. It pleases some to reside in The Carnal Mind. Certain rules apply there. It pleases some to aspire to a higher state of being. Certain rules apply there.

Eventually, everyone will learn what is and is not. They are here for that very purpose. God explores The World of Matter through human experience. How long you must suffer is entirely up to you. You want to blame someone else? Have at it. This is like a patient telling his doctor that his lifestyle is not responsible for his physical condition. That doesn't change the truth. You can lie to yourself all day long. It changes NOTHING. At some point, the dams of denial and resistance are blown away, and one is no longer able to deny or resist. Then... then we shall see, and more importantly... so will they.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

As per the usual, here is GETTR.

Via goddamnthewest@Twitter
I'd say this is interesting.
Some of us already knew this... but nonetheles(visible). It's going to be impressive when it all comes crashing down=

Via... visible
Here's the latest acronyms.
Remember when we would joke about this? LGBTQQIP2SAA. This one; LGBTQIAPK includes Kink. Isn't that delightful? Someday we will all be able to live our own truth, right up until we walk off the cliff. (yes... I know there is no link) Here are some of the other perversities= LGBTQI2A - LGBTQI2A+ - LGBTQIA - LGBTQIA+ - LGBTQIAP - LGBTQIAPN - LGBTQIAPN+ - LGBTQQIAAPP - LGBTTIQQ2SA - LGBTTQ

Via The Real History Channel
Yeah... I don't think about it much, but...
obviously there is a point at which coincidence implies something other than its dictionary definition=

Gilbert Gottfried:
Another Hollywood Pervert Dead

Gilbert Gottfried

Via UndercoverDC
Didn't he say he wasn't going to interfere anymore?=

Via Kuam News
What about equity and fairness?=

Via NewsWars
Mr. Apocalypse is inside of EVERY human mind.
He is revealing what is secreted in the madness of the mind awash in materialism=

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

"If You Walk the Path of The Flesh, You Reap Corruption. Walk the Path of The Spirit and You Reap Eternal Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Who brought the slave ships to America? A certain demographic has been manipulating black people since before then. Nothing has changed except the degree of subtlety in application. For decades they owned the pawnshops and were the slum-lords of the inner cities. Some of that continues to this day. They owned the music business and ripped them off with impunity. They still do. Now they manipulate them with equity and diversity, which set the urban streets on fire. They are behind this. They organize and finance the violence. One of their arch demons is pushing an army of defund the police zombies, and they destroy whoever gets in their way.

All of this is EASILY researched. They founded the NAACP AND the SPLC. They have an ongoing relationship with The Prince of Darkness; the left hand of God; the 'lead into temptation' meister. The ruler of The Carnal Mind. It is a province and he sees to its parameters of operation. It is its own world and these are those who celebrate and promote it. We each have the right to the pursuit of our desires. Desire is the agent of God's will. How that pursuit works out for you is in The Coin of the Particular Realm. It is another destiny, with its perks and liabilities. If it is what works for you, then... who am I to stand in your way?

It is not up to me to say what is good or bad. What I can say is that if you walk the path of The Flesh, you WILL reap corruption. If you walk the path of The Spirit, you will reap eternal life.

THEY control the money supply via their fractal, Federal Reserve scam. EVERYONE on The Inside KNOWS this, and they adjust accordingly. If what you want is to be found in that theater of operations, it is there for you. It comes at a cost, BUT... many are okay with that. It is one of the tenets of Rakshasa Culture. The people who are regulars there operate on a loop. The loop goes round and round like the seasons; birth... life... old age... disease, and death, round and round and round. Sometimes it lands on the red and sometimes it lands on the black. Sometimes... even... your number comes up. If you walk the other road, the road I call, The King's Highway, it is a spiral.

Scripture talks about those who are habitations of demons. Every tradition has references to it. In the Buddhist tradition, you have Benefic and Wrathful deities, as well as The Hungry Ghosts. They operate within their own sphere of enterprise. If that is where you find yourself, you brought yourself there, AND... you can BE BROUGHT out of there, once the taxes and duties are paid... unless you are the recipient of Grace. You can ask for Grace. You can negotiate a pay later plan, and this works in either realm. Yes... there are levels and levels within each realm. It depends on how low or how high you want to go... until you are happy treading water... until you are not.

If some are habitations of demons, and... in Times of Material Darkness you see more and more of this, then... it stands to reason (does it not?) that there would be those who are habitations of angels. That is the choice I have made for myself, AND... the scouring... the purifying that attends that; it can be painful for those who are not up to the transition phases. People are desperate for Comfort and Security. Both of these are fleeting, (except for the real thing) AND... with the pursuit of comfort comes... (ominous drum roll) discomfort. If you chase Pleasure, then Pain WILL follow you.

If you are accustomed to Ease, then Disease is on the calendar. You may not like this. You may insist it is not so, but that is akin to saying The Sun is not in the sky. The hard carapace of Denial causes the intransigent to close their eyes. I don't care what you tell yourself. I don't care what your arguments are; What is... IS.

Day follows night. Winter waits around the corner from Summer. Age follows youth and puts paid to all your delusions of Beauty. It fades because you have based the appreciation of it on temporary things. Fortunes fade... manifest existence fades, according to the cornerstone of existence, which is endless change.

Humanity is going to need a lesson. I sincerely wish it were otherwise, BUT... they've gotten entitled, selfish, and dangerously deluded. (you will note the link with Lizzo in it... below). Look at the strange twisted presentations that the sexually perverse have made of themselves. Everyone is the architect of their cycling returns here. Everyone inscribes upon their being, in an invisible magical language, the packaging and shipping details of their onward course. I did not orchestrate this. I did not make the rules. I ONLY seek to follow them. This I did not do so well at other times. I was as willful and impulsive as anyone, and... I had to pay the freight.

I am not okay with the cost of such follies anymore. Everything I have is invested in God's Bank. I have no interest in what comes and goes here. Yes, I enjoy my meals (probably more than most). I am a Tantric in many ways, having to do with how I experience Life. I have all manner of engagements that come and go, but... as the old saw states, I eat to live. I do not live to eat. This is all a passing and temporary charade. Why give it such importance? You can hold on to none of it, BUT... it seldom stops the efforts to.

Any fool can see what is coming, especially in the cities. Those who cannot hear must feel. I do not know what they have planned for this summer, BUT... I suspect it is not good. Most people did not want to listen to Jeremiah. Well, Jeremiah happened to be correct, and... as you can see (unless you have your eyes closed) the worship of Baal is right back again, along with Babylon Rising. Jeremiah did not have a happy life, nor should he be confused with the converted brigands from AshkeNAZI-Land, where war is presently underway.

One has to understand that there is good and bad in every demographic. What makes anything good or bad? That would depend on whether it was for the common good or... otherwise. The thing is... in Times of Material Darkness, the trend is toward self-interest, and those to whom God gave the keys to the Candy Store (for the purpose of demonstration) are more likely to be in service to The Dark Side than at other, more illumined times. People play roles. In times of frontier justice, you have lawmen and outlaws. Being an outlaw can be romantic (in your mind). Being a lawman can smack of anal retentiveness and no fun. Yeehaw!!!

You want to be rich? You'll get there, and people will steal from you, and covet your wealth. You won't know who your friends are. You will be lonely in crowds. You want to be famous? You will wear a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. You want to be powerful? You will have to take all sorts of steps to retain it. You want to be beautiful? Then you will hear the clock ticking. You want to be a cartoon, like Dolly Parton or a Kardashian? Help yourself. It's all there to choose from, AND PEOPLE DO!

This is why one should get Wisdom by whatever means necessary. To learn what is, and is not worth having, is of far more value than having it all and being devoured (literally) by it. Those who THINK they are running the show, living it up... having it all, are... assuredly in for a big surprise. If not here now, then here later or in-between times where time is very different than it is here. Time is like gravity, AND... how it weighs on or affects you, really does depend on what you get up to. That is another way to get Wisdom, though I don't recommend it.

I am an optimist and I pray for and hope for a finer world to rise out of the ashes. I am also a realist. I can see that there is no good outcome to be had in many cases. If you stab yourself over and over in the head with a fork it is going to hurt. A great many people are attracted to this. Perhaps they saw it on Tik-Tok? I've never been there, but... I've heard about it. All of what you see; the homelessness, the insanity, the crime epidemic, the political corruption, the depravity, and aimless wanderings of Je Suis Perdu; the threatening specter of The Four Horsemen (it is an apocalypse after all.) NONE of this is accidental, neither will be the absolute, surgical precision of Karma-seeking missiles in the aftermath.

I'm not going anywhere. I could become less visible, but I will appear somewhere else, as shall we all. I have something to say about that next appearance. We all do. I don't care for a lot of locations so... I won't be going there. I'm following in the footsteps of another... we all are.

Yes... the ships could come out of the sky. The gates of Shambhala could open. Those whom the gods would destroy may well be driven mad, to their own distress. The Awakening could be remarkable beyond expectations. The Avatar could appear very soon. There are so many possibilities, some harder to imagine than others... or... it could go up in a planetary conflagration; why I mentioned rising from the ashes. What I am more certain of than anything else... is that particular destinies will outwork in particular locations. However dark and tragic it might get in one place, it will be the opposite of that in others. There are rules and principles that apply to the Yin and Yang balancing act. Paramount in this is... you can't avoid winding up in Samara; unless you have no death to die.

End Transmission.......

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The Saker Via The Truthseeker
All you could wish to know about the superiority of Russian tech over Ukraine's Nazi brigades=

Ukraine military map

Via Breitbart
That would have to be a wide-bodied jet.
I know where those shoes in the middle east, those Aladdin slippers with the curled toes come from now. Seeing this made my toes curl. It is seeing something like this and knowing you have to run... NOW. No... she can't catch you, but... that doesn't make the fear go away=

Via Russia Insider
My God! You don't say.
Why I... ah... well, uh... yeah=

Jews are behind gay marriage

Via The Real History Channel
Very interesting details to be found here, though I am not in agreement with all of it. That is not to say it is wrong. It is to say that I don't know, and I don't. That may change at some point. It has not so far=

Zelensky and Merkel

Via Breitbart
Coming to a city near you... soon=

Via Fox News
But wait, he's an artist, fluent in orc-speak, with an unhealthy hatred for the feminine self=

Via Fox News
♫ imagine I am braindead. That isn't hard to do. The hypocrisy is stifling, and so is Yoko too. She's got all the money but death has come for you... Ohh ohh ohh ohh you might say I'm deluded, but I'm not the only one ♫

Via Gateway Pundit
And still... they do nothing=

Via ZeroHedge
We already knew this=

Via Dr Vernon Coleman
Well-spoken. I don't know about this guy.
I always get a bit tingly when people feel the need to remind me that they are prophetic, and? There's something a bit off about the tone. God is all-powerful. NOT appearances. But this... this I like; "For the record, this channel has not been monetized – none of my videos ever has been because I don’t want ads on my videos. There are no ads, no sponsors, and no requests for funds on videos or websites. I’d have only spent it all on ice cream."=

The thing is... it's too grim for my perspective.
I assume it will be like that in places, BUT... I happen to know, according to the laws of metaphysics that the opposite will be true in other locations.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

"My Point Here, What I am Implying, is the Incipient Press Toward Madness... by Tiny Incremental Footsteps."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Craziness is intensifying by the day. People with an already tenuous grip on reality, are in danger of being utterly swept away on a sea of madness. The neo-con vipers, running the promo scam for a wider war in Ukraine, seem unaware that they have run the very same scams several times in recent years. They really do think people are Stupid; that is hard to argue against. I think it is that a sizable amount of the population really is near unconscious in so many ways and that is why the shit that happens to them happens to them. If they can keep control over, and manipulate their core group of zombies, they have a wide influence block of blockheads, to get in everybody else's way. Bread and Circuses really help.

The lies are all badly constructed to begin with. Now... with The Awakening, by the day... the lies become ever more transparent and ridiculous. There are all kinds of things that have been going on in Ukraine. Think back to Biden, and Hunter, and the people operating them. They were up to all kinds of bad actions there. It is one of the centers for human trafficking and porn. It has been for some time. Who knows what's been going on over there behind the curtains. We are likely to be finding out. We are going to be finding out about all manner of mysteries and the like. Many will continue to sleepwalk, and many... are well on their way to going stark, raving mad.

It's like the frog being slowly brought to a boil in a cooking pot. (I understand this has been exposed as a hoax; the idea still applies) It is also like the seasons changing. It was hot. Now it is cold, but... you didn't actually see it happen. You put a seed in the ground. You water it. In a few days, you note a green shoot. You did not see that shoot appear. Not everything happens in increments, but... I believe... most of what happens, happens in stages too small to see. Usually... when a person goes wrong, they don't suddenly go sideways with astonishing speed. They incline to The Dark Side, and... day by day, it slightly swerves to the sinistra. Sinister? Sinatra?

The same thing happens when they lose their minds.

My point here... what I am angling for, and about, in respect of... is the incipient press toward madness, by tiny incremental footsteps. Imagine a Chinese concubine with bound feet walking to the icebox and back. You say, “They did not have iceboxes then.” Yeah, they did. They called them refrigerators, but wait! They actually called them 冰箱. Do you see what I am trying to say here? While people are arguing over pointless and irrelevant side issues, everyone around them is going mad. At first... it is a slow process. Then it speeds up. It is like the difference in time... between modern industrialized Materialism, and... how it is in more rural and timeless spaces. Why do you think people say, “In a New York minute?”

Time is not the same everywhere. I have been in prison for considerably more than a week or two. I have been in solitary isolation for extended periods. It is not the same as a day at the beach. The closer you get to the hot core of Material Culture, the more rapidly time passes. Temperature trending toward cold, slows down time, the way water freezes. Temperatures trending toward hot, speed time up. What I am trying to say in an impossible and roundabout way, is that people are going nuts at a much greater rate of speed now.

Events... conditions... anything... do not just appear out of nowhere overnight. This is why I am a student of Trends and Patterns. I watch the parade going by. I am paying attention. I get the drift of what some of us are up to, and... what everyone else does in response to that. There are different camps from which responses come. Then... they argue about it. Mostly it is because so many people want a piece of the action. Then... they want a bigger piece of the action. It works them up... THEY GET HOT ABOUT IT!

Back to Lao Tzu again; something I posted already... in recent time. “If you want to be hot, keep stirring about. Be still if you want to be cool, and in all The World, one day... no doubt, your way will be The Rule.” Do you see how all of these features of Time, and Hot and Cold... do whatever it is they do... in The Dance of Opposites that is the Dvaita window through which we view The Material World?

Speaking of Trends and Patterns... have you noticed the number of dogs attacking their masters in recent times? Did you note the fox on The Capital grounds? They discovered it had kits (offspring- grin) One can easily see that the Fox had very little native environment to move around in. The latest report says the fox had rabies. Usually... animals with rabies DO NOT look like the fox in the cage. Strange.

It had to give birth and there it was. Getting to the underbrush around the Potomac was a dicey consideration and it could not rely on public transport. So... it was pressed. The situation is a little too close for comfort, for a fox with little ones. It is understandable that it would attack half a dozen people coming and going. That slides around the real issue of the fox pressed up against it and not having the skills of self-restraint. MEANWHILE... it had to feed. What was it going to live on there?

The fox went crazy for the same reason people are going crazy. They are pressed up against each other, and being bombed by invisible rays; the invisible spectrum of the variable frequencies of light. There are all kinds of radiation poisoning. MEANWHILE, the Two Minutes of Hate have been extended to pretty much all the time. Target groups are identified and talked up within the factions. You have the REALLY crazy cotillion of Joy Reid's and the quadrille of Joe Roganites.

When you lose control over your animal nature the balance of power is destroyed and you are lost in a jungle that intends to eat you alive.

On the Right, there is a modicum of discipline effected through self-restraint. On the Left, it has gone violent wacko. Almost all of the chaos and insanity is the result of overcrowding. It's rats reproducing in a confined space. MEANWHILE... there is the impact of Heavenly Force upon The Human Condition, which meets The Demonic Wave, rolling up out of the subconscious... because the hook was baited to catch a poisonous fish. If this seems confusing, it shouldn't. It is just the various alliances and tag teams in The Dance of Opposites going at it on the big dance floor of The Material Plane.

For the sane; the most endangered species on the planet at this time, the only (sane) option is to resolve the conflicts within yourself. As Lao Tzu said, “before you attempt to fix a bad man, you must first find what is wrong with the bad man in yourself.” Buddha approached it by another method; “only pursue an offender to show him the way.” What I am trying to say is that you are in NO DANGER from the ever-intensifying swirl of violence moving on the slipstream of contemporary life. If you have resolved the conflicts within you that serve to feed the conditions you see, there will be nothing to magnetize you to the out of control. They won't even see you.

Lao Tzu again;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

It seems to be his day, BECAUSE... he lays out the best behavior PATTERNS by which to get through, over or around ANYTHING. The bottom line (it seems to me) is to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! and serve (as you are permitted to) as you go, without thinking about it one way or the other.

Most of us would like to help each other. Anyone who has been around for a while and may have made an attempt to do so, will... probably... tell you it is not all that easy, and it can come with many complications. Here is something I know to be true; There is a fine line between encouraging and enabling. You really do need to know the difference, otherwise, you might find yourself in the same situation as the fox, and which so many people are now experiencing in their own life, and which is driving them slowly, and also rapidly... INSANE. Take a look around you.

End Transmission.......

So... I finished the post. Then I went to the kitchen to make my next cup of tea and I started singing “Sea Of Heartbreak” for no particular reason. Then I decided I wanted to hear it. So I told Alexa (grin) to put it on, and... next thing I know, I am dancing around the kitchen and singing the harmony part. It went quite well and I was in a splendid mood at that moment. It has a joyful feel, that song, but... God! It's called Sea of Heartbreak!

Yeah... I know and it ties into the intentions of the post. It's crazy, but it makes sense, once you understand it.

Yes... I know they are listening to me. I make it a point of addressing them and have had much amusement as a result.

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The news keeps getting worse which means things will sooner get better. I have been saying this for years, and palm oil is much worse and in all commercial pastries now cause... it's CHEAP. Use Coconut Oil and Olive and watch who you get it from. Most of the rest of the article is questionable=

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She is REALLY out of her mind, having gone from has-been actress to has been royal=

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OH... Judgment is coming. Karma is coming. You bring it upon yourself=

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Holy Kamaole!
That is some blunt speaking=


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Now, Israeli catamite, Breitbart is calling Mr. Putin a dictator=

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I think this creature is a poster thing of the times=

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