Monday, April 04, 2022

"The Same Parts, Refurbished, and With a Fresh Coat of Paint, Glistening and New in the Early Morning Dew."

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When God is not central to your life. When you are an atheist. All you have is your sexual (carnal) nature, and you understand life through that particular lens. As you can see in The World at this time, everything is about sex... and the conflict between cultures and countries, that is about sex too. In some places the prurience is excessive. In others, it is a reaction against it, and all over, there is a concerted effort to pervert it into a cannibal buffet of moon-walking necrophiliacs, hanging around the morgues in hope of dead children; just like all those Hungry Ghosts that haunt the men's rooms in the park.

I hear trash-talking about Mr. Putin, and have been hearing it since I first heard of him. Whenever I went looking for corroboration, I found there was no there-there. It was all rumor, speculation or... an informed and anonymous source said, “yadda yadda.” I look at those opposed to him and I KNOW they are thoroughly corrupt. I saw what they did to Saddam, and Qaddafi, and many others who would not bend to the moneychangers currency games.

The Truth is that I don't know about Mr. Putin, not really, but... that is also good news because all I have are rumors, speculation, and anonymous sources. What I have seen of him is positive. I KNOW he did not start the conflicts he has been in. I KNOW that Soros and OTHERS are constantly engaged in creating a fifth column (in search of a color revolution) in Moscow (like they had in Maidan). Given that all of those in power who are opposed to him are catamites of the moneychangers, I will have to say... Thank God for Mr. Putin! I am grateful for his opposition to the Satanic scum. I admire his love of his country. I respect his manliness and that he is NOT at war with God. All of the others in the opposing alliance... ARE.

What I do not get is him buying into the mask-wearing game. I knew the whole thing was BS from the giddy-up to get rid of President Trump. They have far more hard evidence available to them; these world leaders. Something is wrong with that picture. It seems like everyone, except for us outlaws, is in on it. Is this more of that, “Trust the Science” nonsense? I trust The Science myself; the Hermetic Science. The rest of it seems to be a marketing device for The Crony Market.

Regardless, I cannot get my head around this and it makes me distrust all of them unless some are playing the Long Con. In the game of Risk, on the real board; deception, subterfuge, feints, dark backward dancing, and sundry are all utilized for advantage. It's not my department, however, and I am probably rusty now, given my long departure from The Game. The only warfare I know anything about is Spiritual Warfare. The enduring principle that I apply to all of them is, “by their works ye shall know them.”

Who among these world leaders is, OBSERVABLY on the side of protecting children from Satanic pedophiles? Which of them are true patriots who love the people and the country they represent? Which of these is being isolated and threatened by a cabal of whores who serve The Moneychangers? That narrows it down considerably. I do not see Mr. Putin as a stainless white radiance of undiminished light. I see him as a pragmatist, working for the greater good of Russia. Politics is a dirty business. It is like the similarities between the law and sausage makers. Good luck to anyone trying to do the right thing in these depraved and morally bankrupt times.

I try not to be a cheerleader. I don't know what these people are up to, so... I incline in the direction of whoever intends the greatest good for the greater amount of people. This leaves The Usual Suspects off the playing fields, in the meditations of my mind, and all of those who they finance or cause to fear them. Most of the United States Congress is Honey-pot-compromised by photoshoots with live boys or dead girls. Only a fool believes that they operate according to any kind of conscience. They operate from FEAR. This has been going on for a long time. Now... the technology is unbelievable, and nano-tech is on the doorstep of a damned tomorrow of endless servitude and suffering... so it appears, BUT... take heart...

I was told recently, by one of Heaven's step-down transformers, (yesterday actually)

“Do not be concerned, Visible. All of this is under my design. I want them exposed before the eyes of The World, with their own technology employed to that end, and their own intentions constructing the petard they are hoisted upon. I'm coming for them. I am coming for you too, and everyone... according to what you spin; of that is the tapestry composed. You are all weavers of your own destiny, but... the finest work is accomplished when you do not hinder my part in the composition. I am the hidden hand. I am the first force of all force. I built the roads you walk upon and... you either walk toward me or away from me. No one stands still.

“I want them to be confident beyond reason. I want their arrogance to spin out of control. I want them to convict themselves beyond all arguments to the contrary. Visible, I want them having pushed too far beyond their supply lines, with winter on their tail. I will be waiting for them in that moment of reckoning at their... own... private... Waterloo.”

If you make war on me, you make war on yourself. You cannot win. You are doomed to fail. Being at war with me is like playing chess with Death.”

Sometimes... given that it is a Grand Apocalypse, attended by a Great Awakening, thoughts of the anti-Christ will begin to percolate in the less comatose quadrants of the dreaming mind of a fast asleep humanity. I haven't heard anyone state the obvious yet, that it could well be Elon Musk. At the same time, my feeling is that it might be anti-Christ by committee, just as it might well be The Avatar by committee, given the size of the population. The Internet comes to mind, as a serious player, in the glistening spiderweb of sandman consciousness that is our collective lack of awareness here in Material Culture.

When you consider that this new age we have entered, The Age of Aquarius, has long been referred to as The Age of Brotherhood; meaning... more than one of us, joined in a unity of purpose... when you consider... all of the common associations that are needle-pointed into the endlessly transforming sampler of the moment, ALL you can see is disunity. All you can hear are the snorting of The Horsemen's Horses, stamping and blowing in some cosmic Aegean Stables. They're ready to run! They are ready to................................. rumble!!!

It can be hard to find any purchase in the sliding landscape. There seems to be no solid ground;
♫ standing on shaky ground, ever since you put me down ♫
♫ I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky come tumbling down ♫

Everywhere... the archetypes and infrastructure of government and religion are tumbling. The times are brittle and nitrogenic, like that later model, body-fluid Terminator, AND... NOTHING IS REAL! Well, that's always been the case. We just didn't know it previously. It is being taken apart or allowed to come apart for the purpose of reassembly. It will, basically, be the same parts, refurbished, with a fresh coat of paint, glistening and new in the early morning dew.

However... it accounts for the rising hysteria, the lawless grasping for garbage and glitter, the sexual perversity in search of any way... ANY WAY out of here, like The Lawnmower Man when he gets trapped in The Virtual World (access denied!). There is something dark in all of us that is trying to get out. You see it everywhere, as people are POSSESSED by one thing or another. Much of this is caused by the fell intentions and negative actions of The Dark Side upon our weaker brethren. In urban-speak, 'people are losing their shit.'

This is how a Summing Up, and how the wheat and chaff thing works. There is one door for the carnal mind and another door for the spiritually guided. You go where your passions lead you, IF... your mind allows and the spirit is walking blind. God uses us to experience The Material Plane. We are voyagers of discovery, analyzing and cataloging every particle of matter. It stands to reason that The Sensitive Life would capture many of us... AND... as that progresses, they are driven mad in the pursuit of comfort. Twas ever thus.

Fox News is twitching like a Meth-tweaker in demonic rapture about Ukraine; War Crimes! WAR CRIMES!!! They scream. Boy! The Usual Suspects and their banker kin want this next Banker World War BAD. It's an end-of-the-world neo-con festival. They are frothing at the mouth like Cujo. This is way past that lampshade-on-the-head thing. They REALLY sound desperate. What are they hearing from the imp on their shoulder? “Those whom the Gods would destroy they first drive mad!” You are seeing this EVERYWHERE.

From top to bottom they are losing their minds... and I don't really want to talk about any of this, but I write what I get while I'm writing. There was this other fellow, Mikhael Aivanhov who never wrote anything down. He just went off-the-cuff extemporaneous about all manner of things and other people wrote it down (much like Guru Bawa). I got his latest book, oddly titled, “Alchemy, Astrology, Magic, Kabbalah- Aspects of esoteric science.” I'm sure he didn't come up with that one. Anyway... on page 38 he starts talking about some VERY INTERESTING features of existence.

The subject matter was about talismans and pantacles. He says that we are all some form of talisman and pantacle. I'm guessing it is different than a pentacle. I don't have time to write it all down but I will give you enough to reinforce the idea that we ALL create The World we live in;

“Already, while in the womb of their mothers, people work on their own pantacles, they prepare their mouths, their nose, their eyes, their limbs. If anyone suffers from any infirmity, it means that they are a poorly prepared, poorly constructed pantacle, and they did not have the virtues necessary to correctly create it. People may say, “that woman does not have beautiful feet.” It is because she has no kindness, for kindness is connected to the feet. Those who are kind will one day have magnificent feet. You will say, “we know people who have magnificent feet and they are not kind.” This is not a contradiction, because they built those feet with kindness they had in other incarnations. Currently, they are spending their inheritance, their capital, and later they will have twisted or sickly feet. We can also say that we know people who have sickly and crippled feet and are very kind. Yes, at the moment... but when they prepared their pantacle, this element of kindness was lacking. Now that they have acquired it, they will improve their feet.

Others may have hands that are very ugly or sickly. This signifies that they were not righteous in the past. Eternal justice now punishes them in their hands, to show by this sign that this virtue was lacking.

Those who have ugly mouths have abused love. They did not have spiritual love, and now, as a punishment, they do not receive love anymore because their mouths are repugnant to others. How much success depends on the mouth! If you have a magnificent mouth, many questions are immediately resolved. I do not only mean a mouth whose lips are well-formed, but a mouth from which exit only words that are beautiful, educational, and instructive. Imagine that you are in front of someone on whom your future depends. If you say an unfortunate word, all is broken between you. While, with well-chosen words, you can succeed. And it is not only the mouth that is so important. There is also the nose, the ears, and the eyes... Now, I will speak especially to women. You are not aware of the significance of all the signs that are in the human face. And one sign of this lack of awareness is the shaving of the eyebrows. You do not know why the eyebrows are placed there, above the eyes and the eyelids, and that they are special signs of the living pantacle. Each hair of the eyebrows is an antenna that attracts special forces, and the line of makeup that replaces them cannot have the same effect. I also see some using false eyelashes and mascara containing all sorts of products without realizing the dangers. You must never put anything on your eyelashes, because they become bad talismans that prevent certain beneficial forces of the invisible world from entering us. Some women make their faces horrible with such artifice; we wonder how they can like themselves when even those with little aesthetics find them a simply appalling sight.

You claim that Nature did not make you as you desire. Yes, but by using all this makeup, you do not realize that you begin to rely on what is artificial and external, that you do not work on yourself to develop the best qualities of character that are the only true ways to have charm and attract friendship and love from others. The artificial lines transform you into a false talisman that is not vibrant. By those actions, a woman intends to say, “See, I am now a talisman with great hopes of success. I have become very pretty.” Yes, but unfortunately it is also a talisman deprived of light. It will attract a lot of men, no doubt, but who? Con-men very often! And for how long?... And what will be the final result?... It is normal for a woman to want to be attractive, to want to be loved, but she does not know, by such actions, she will attract a wolf, a pig, or a hippopotamus. It is not the sons of God who will approach her.

Those who wish to attract higher beings must make their faces a living pantacle, not penciling it or painting it, or putting black and blue around the eyes. To have black around the eyes signifies that they want to communicate with the astral world. A woman who paints her eyes says, “I really like the astral plane, that's where I live.”

He goes on and on and I do not have the time to copy it to the blog like this. He goes into detail about all the body parts; much in line with what we have been saying here about physiognomy. It is riveting stuff. It is flat out amazing to me that as my interest is drawn to certain aspects of spiritual science, all relevant resources appear... as if... as if by magic. (grin) Okay... moving right along.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

I'm glad you do not think much of Musk. My instinct has told me from day one that he is NOT who he presents himself to be. Much like little Billy Gates. Never could stomach him either.

In any case, Musk will expose the thing behind the mask (musk mask?) eventually.

I'M following you on GETTR. Give it time, others will too.

One more thing:
Last year, I dedicated this day to my Best Friend and Familiar who passed away December 2019: Diego, my Panther Boy. He and I shared the same birthday (April 4) and we were inseparable.

So to ALL felines, black and non-black, may the Goddess protect you and those humans who care for you, rescue you, heal you, protect you from harm, and love you with all their hearts.

Visible said...

I don't necessarily dislike Musk. He strikes me as a carny. I don't know what his role is going to be but it is probably significant in a relative sense within the dreamscape. There is a forced likeability about him that is carefully crafted. None of these people wind up as a mover and shaker by accident.

Then again, he's got a lot of the features that the anti-Christ would possess. I don't know that he is that. I don't even think that he is that. I don't know, but there is much more going on there.

M - said...

"There is a forced likeability about him that is carefully crafted."

Exactly. He's a phony.

I definitely do not like him. My insides go "Ewwwww" at the very sight of him. Time will tell all...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. I hear Tesla is a crappy place to work. Glad I make enough to get by on my part time dishwasher job, thanks to a landlord who rarely raises rent and charges 80% market for newbies, bein' vegetarian, my flatmate who pays 40% of expenses, and knowin' where to shop.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Brilliant article, from own personal Point of View.

But whatever pov is there?

God Bless and Protect Vladimir.

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.10.16
"A sweeper woman commanded the respect of many respectable gentlemen simply by manifesting a lady's shyness. Half-naked ladies in the street do not command any respect, but a shy sweeper's wife commands respect from all."

Dodgy One said...

Corporate beasts of Armageddon, the inevitable end game of capitalist worship of greed rather than sharing our creators gift of life and abundance where greed should be seen as a crime against life.

Dodgy One

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Girls and women in the West really ought to stop wearing make-up. Half the population is concealed.

It is very disturbing, their hair colour is almost always false as well.

The thing that would really liberate western women- to go out in the world as they really are - they refuse to do.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Do You Know What Happens When You Twist Early Sexuality Like a Soft-Stool Ice Cream Cone into Tempered Rebar?"

Tyler Vincent said...

Sorry, this was meant to be posted here.

Its a calculated and orchestrated attempt to shift public anger away from failed COVID policy onto Ukraine/Russia, and further the depopulation / Net Zero agenda through austerity. It was the WEF that said "climate change" will freeze the Truckers, and Russias bank accounts. Because Humanity and civilization is the ultimate expression of Mother Nature, which they despise.

If they had the same faith in themselves that they have in mother nature, they won't get anywhere in life. She in all her resilience has given us this opportunity not to undermine human civilization, but to reach the stars in the heavens.



Joseph Brenner

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